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Security Squared Examines PSIM

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Physical security information management (PSIM) began emerging last year and stands to be a hot topic at the 2010 ISC West Conference and Exposition this week in Las Vegas.

But what does the term really mean? Who really has PSIM solutions and how do those solutions compare? Security Squared interviewed integrators, analysts and vendors to get a better picture of PSIM and other unified management concepts for security systems in a series of articles we are publishing today.

Here is a summary of each article with link.

Picking a PSIM Platform
By Sharon J. Watson
All major physical security information system (PSIM) solution vendors promise to correlate data from a potentially limitless universe of systems, devices and sensors to reveal emerging incidents in real time, then help users respond to them faster and more effectively.  So how do integrators and their clients determine which PSIM platform will be the the better fit for them over another?

PSIM, Near-PSIM and Models for Integrated Management
By Steven Titch and Sharon J. Watson
If physical security information management platforms (PSIM) are the industry's Cadillacs for integrating platforms, correlating data, managing events and forensic follow-up, is there room in the market for a lower end model, maybe a Corolla, that does enough integration and command-and-control to suit potential enterprises of a certain size?
That's essentially the question emerging today in the marketplace, being pushed in part by a group of vendors with strengths in video management and access control. These companies see a growth path in being able to not just integrate these platforms, but to also act as their central management point. Meanwhile, some "classic" PSIM vendors also say they scale down functions and price points for less complex implementations or even offer products directly designed for the small-and medium-sized business market, all of which can scale up when needed.

Critical Connection Questions for PSIM
By Sharon J. Watson
"Only Connect!" E.M. Forster's exhortation is especially apropos to the world of PSIM, in which the number of systems a PSIM vendor can connect to is a key criteria for integrators and users evaluating vendor offerings.
Yet figuring out how many connectors a PSIM vendor has completed and has available is like reaching for a cozy English mystery and picking up Howards End instead. What seems like a straightforward question quickly branches into a tangle as it becomes apparent connectors can be counted in several ways, leading to totals that range from a handful to the thousands.  

How Real is the PSIM Market?
By Steven Titch
The PSIM idea makes sense on paper. Yet given that the recession has slowed the change-out of legacy analog cameras, card readers and other edge devices to IP, integrators are wondering if real demand for PSIM-like solutions at the enterprise level will emerge in the near term.

Unified Management for the Low-End
By Steven Titch
How low can unified management go? Next Level Security Systems, the latest venture of serial entrepreneur Pete Jankowski, will make its debut this week at the 2010 ISC West. The company is developing an enterprise-class, networked security appliance designed to manage video, access control and voice systems from one interface.

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