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Podcast: ADT Nurtures New Skills and New Friends

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JohnKenningADT.jpgWhat steps is ADT taking to ensure it retains its leadership position among security integrators in an environment of convergence? As John Kenning (pictured), president of the commercial business unit for ADT North America outlines in this podcast, the company has reorganized its advanced integration, technical support and consulting skills around an emphasis on creating security solutions that demonstrate return on investment.

The new security goal is holistic: Protect the organization - its people as much as its information assets, Kenning says. ADT integrators are being trained to take access control, video analytics, IT identity management, building automation (BA), and other technologies and link them together to help clients run their businesses more strategically.

Compliance requirements are driving much of ADT's business now, but as the economy recovers, Kenning sees more and more large enterprises approaching security from a strategic perspective, To prepare, ADT is recertifying its project managers not simply in conventional security technologies, but with major IT vendors such as Microsoft and IBM. Kenning mentions that ADT has been able to partner with IBM to deliver more unified security solutions to the IT company's customer base.

For more, download or play the 13-minute podcast below. 

Recently in Security Business Intelligence Category