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paul novak_02.jpgMarch Networks has unveiled a set of analytics and case management tools that banks can use to better detect and prevent fraudulent activity, particularly at automatic teller machines (ATMs). Combined with March Networks' standard digital IP cameras and video surveillance systems, these tools, designated Searchlight Skimming Detection, let bank managers derive  greater business intelligence from their video surveillance, allowing them to cut losses due to theft and fraud and operate more efficiently.

The software, to be showcased next week at the ASIS International Seminar and Exhibits in Dallas, is another example of the way video surveillance can be combined with IT processes to extract strategic information that can bolster the bottom line of an enterprise.

Searchlight SD, which March Networks claims is the industry's first data analytic able to actively alert banks to potential crimes at ATMs, monitors ATM video and transaction data simultaneously and alerts investigators to suspicious and potentially fraudulent activity, such as the installation of illegal card skimming devices or cash "harvesting" at an ATM using multiple stolen cards. Searchlight SD offers more than 50 customizable search parameters and a web-based dashboard that provides investigators with daily, filtered updates that would typically take days to assemble.

In this podcast, Paul Novak (pictured above), general manager, Global Financial Solutions for March Networks, discusses the RoI tools like Searchlight SD offer banks by increasing their fraud detection and reaction rates, improving investigation productivity and cutting investigative costs by as much as 50 percent.

You can stream the 19-minute podcast by using the playback tool below or download the file by clicking on the link beneath it.

Recently in Podcasts Category