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ASIS 2010: Some Initial Impressions

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The article below appeared in yesterday's e-newsletter, Convergence Callouts. Subscribers have a jump on the material, but we opted to make it available to all readers.  Look for more ASIS coverage this week.

I've been writing about the transition to digital and IP video for several years, and after spending three-and-a-half days at ASIS International in Dallas last week, I'm happy to say that the market is at last truly grasping the significance of this shift. This is largely due to the fact that the industry now has something more than sizzle to sell.

Up to last year, when it came to communicating the benefits of digital, vendors had little more than concepts and the occasional prototype to offer. Like any disruptive technology, appreciation comes through actual use. Users who have deployed megapixel cameras certainly knew they would see the difference in image quality. They also knew that digital video could be transmitted and managed across multiple platforms. The value proposition of the benefits, though, remained elusive until they had product in their hands.

In short, jargon about pixel counts and lines of resolution takes a back seat when you can view and manipulate real time surveillance video on an iPad.

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