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Access Control Meets Intrusion Detection

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We've been wondering when U.S. government security mandates would start influencing enterprise/commercial deployments. The latest version of AMAG Technology's flagship Symmetry access control platform offers one path.

At Security Squared, we don't typically get too excited about iterations of products unless they signal a major technological or strategic shift. What intrigued us about the Symmetry Version 7.0 announcement at ASIS 2010 was that this version is currently available only in limited release to government customers. So we spent a few minutes recently talking with Matt Barnette, senior vice president, marketing, for AMAG Technology. He discussed the features developed for federal users and how those will find their way into enterprise versions of Symmetry 7.0, due at ISC West next spring.

Here are some of the highlights of our conversation, edited for clarity and length:


Sharon J. Watson, Security Squared:
Tell me a bit about what's in the latest version of Symmetry previewed at ASIS 2010 and why you're initially targeting government customers with it..

Barnette: What we found over the last four or five years is there were a few product lines in that space where those companies maybe hadn't been investing in current technology and for one reason or another, with the changes in the economy and buyouts, mergers and acquisitions, those product lines are really kind of stagnant.

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