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Cloud-Based Access Control Right Location for Property Managers

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Brivo Systems Finds Commercial, Multi-Tenant Residential Real Estate Great Space for Hosted Services

As research for a look into best security practices in commercial real estate, Security Squared's Sharon J. Watson had a conversation in late December with John Szczygiel, executive vice president of business development for Brivo Systems, which offers cloud-based (a.k.a. hosted, or Software-as-a-Service) access control and video services. During the last year, the company has announced a number of deployments of its SaaS solutions via systems integrators serving large commercial and residential properties throughout the U.S. and Canada.

We talked about how property managers perceive the value of security, how access control can affect tenant relations, and growth areas in the real estate market. What follows is a transcription of our conversation, edited for clarity and length.

Sharon J. Watson: I'd like to chat about security trends in commercial properties and large residential developments and how some of those security trends might be linked to some of the business opportunities and challenges those sectors are facing. What would you say is the big security and or business challenge driving that sector at this point?

John Szczygiel, Brivo Systems
: Any time you think about property management, they look at everything through one lens, which is tenant retention and the ability to attract new tenants. So occupancy is really their primary concern. That's what they're selling, 100% occupied buildings. In the sense of tenant retention, they are definitely interested in making sure their operations are flexible enough to accommodate the needs of their tenants and that they're running smoothly. Because if their tenants are unhappy or feel constrained by the building's system, then they are less likely to renew, are less likely to be happy.

Then, as it relates specifically to having the facilities secure, there are probably two key pieces. One is risk mitigation, the protection of people and property and their own liability. The second goes back to the tenant retention and lease potential: when new prospective tenants are looking at the property, they like to understand how secure the property is and compare it to other properties. The security is pretty important both from a convenience standpoint and from a physical security standpoint for the tenant. That's a big factor in some of their leasing decisions.

SJW: In terms of security issues, are they thinking about video cameras in the parking lot and public areas or is it controlling access to building?

JS: Speaking from a property management perspective?

SJW: Yes.

JS: I think the big issue for property management is access control for the majority of properties. There are many, many properties that have video but the main elements of how

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