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ASIS 2009 Round-up: Beyond Video Management

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With IP camera interoperability largely established, vendors now look to integrate security management at a higher level

San Francisco International Airport has 1,880 surveillance cameras. Only three people monitor them.

For Robert Allen, director of business development for Abeo Technical Solutions, this fact encapsulates the growing management problem video surveillance presents to large organizations. "There's no way they can monitor that much video," he said. "No one can."

Once interoperability is established, physical identity and access control systems have proved relatively easy to correlate with logical IT-based identity and access management systems. Video, by comparison, has always presented a spate of management problems, even to organizations that are embracing security convergence. Now, as more companies deploy more cameras at higher resolution, in addition to issues of platforms, interoperability and architecture, they are running into the human limitations of managing hundreds, if not thousands of video feeds in what has become, as observed by Dave Tynan, vice president-global sales and marketing for Avigilon, "the million-pixel world."

At the 2009 ASIS International Seminar and Exhibits, several companies showcased solutions designed to organize huge surveillance video files so they can be correlated with events and alarms triggered by other systems fast enough for security staff to determine an appropriate response. To some degree, the concept resembles physical security information management (PSIM), but is far less customized and aimed at a broader market. Indeed, while many of these solutions can connect into a PSIM system, and many use video management as a starting point, all are designed to be an umbrella layer for management of a variety of other security tasks.

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