Security Squared covers convergence unlike any other industry media. We realize converged security is becoming a business process. So to give you the information and insights you require to champion real and effective convergence, we filter news about access control, identity management, IP video and storage, mass notification/life safety, PSIM, wireless/mobile security, vendor strategy and more.

We understand convergence from business, IT and physical security perspectives in a way few journalists do because of our producers' extensive reporting and technical backgrounds:

Steven Titch, Executive Producer

Steve has built on a career on understanding the business impact of disruptive technologies and industry forces, from telecommunications deregulation to the IT/IP evolution reshaping traditional security initiatives. He has a deep background in telecommunications technology, with a particular interest in wireless and mobile technologies. In addition, Steve is an accomplished public speaker, moderating industry panels and providing public testimony about technology issues to state and federal agencies. 

He has held executive editorial positions at Network-Centric Security; Security Latin America; Data Communications; Global Telephony; Telephony and Electronic News. Steve also provides technology policy analysis as a Senior Fellow for the Reason Foundation.

Sharon J. Watson, Senior Producer

Sharon's strength is researching and analyzing complex topics and technology, distilling their potential business benefits as well as their implementation challenges. She has provided management-level insights into technology topics for the healthcare, state government, banking/financial, retail, telecommunications, and physical/logical security markets.

Her work has appeared in Network-Centric Security; Information Technology and Telecommunications News; Computerworld; Computerworld's Healthcare Journal; Healthcare Data Management; Telephony; and the Chicago Sun-Times.


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