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March Networks launched a new line of ONVIF-compliant video management software designed to provide scalable support of up to 128,000 cameras from a sophisticated, Web-based interface.

The Command video management platform, available in two versions, runs on any commercial off-the-shelf server or in a virtualized environment. It's Intuitive Command interface runs on Windows and Mac operating systems, and can work with Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox and Chrome browsers.

The software has two versions, Command Professional, for mid- to low-end single-server installations, and Command Enterprise, for high-end users. Command Professional handles up to 128 cameras, while Enterprise can manage up to 128,000 with multiple servers, said Net Payne, chief marketing officer for March Networks.

In the accompanying video, produced by Security Squared and sponsored by March Networks, Payne discusses the benefits of the new Command software for security and IT professionals, its compliance with the Open Network Video Interoperability Forum (ONVIF) specifications, and its third-party integration partners.

Also, Jammy DeSousa, product manager for IP video management solutions, provides a demonstration of the Intuitive Command interface, highlighting some of the features of both the Professional and Enterprise versions.


April 2011 Archives