Physical Identity Management Streamlines University Business Processes, Access Control

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Roger Williams University saves time, money and improves service, accuracy, workflows with Quantum Secure's SAFE middleware for physical identity management

At the same time Roger Williams University was growing into new academic and residence buildings, it was outgrowing its physical identity and access control solutions.

It was clear two resident locksmiths would be no match for two new academic buildings, a new admissions and alumni center and a new, 347-bed residence hall plus existing facilities at the university's 140-acre campus perched above Mount Hope Bay in Rhode Island.

This "massive physical growth" was highlighting the limitation of the university's manual processes for issuing hard and soft keys to faculty, staff and about 6,000 resident undergrad and graduate students. "The operational efficiency just wasn't there," said Joseph Pangborn, vice president and chief information officer for the university, speaking during a webinar presented early in August by Quantum Secure

The key issuing process was completely manual, Pangborn explained to listeners. The university's housing, registrar and badging offices each sent their own Excel spreadsheets of student, staff and faculty data to the locksmiths. The locksmiths then compiled their own data sheet based on this input for upload into the university's physical access control and key management systems. The data had to include such specifics as what student would receive the keys, for what areas of the university and for how long.

Not only were those processes inefficient and unable to support the school's growth, the fact they were manual went against the university's goal of being a 21st century all-technology-driven campus, Pangborn said.

Getting Smart about Identities

Pangborn reached out to the university's public safety department and together, they researched solutions, settling on Quantum Secure's SAFE suite. SAFE is physical identity management middleware sitting between the university's DataTel enterprise resource planning (ERP) software and a variety of hard "assets." SAFE associates these assets--hard and soft keys, credentials, doors, equipment, documents--with a specific identity. It then manages the relationships the identity has with those assets.

For example, a new engineering student enrolls at the university. The enrollment record, plus information such as meal plans, class and dorm assignments, and account status, is contained in the DataTel ERP. SAFE is integrated with the ERP, so it can act on that information about the engineering student based on policies and rules created by the university. SAFE can immediately assign the student access to her specified dorm--and shut it off on the student's last day of term. It can also authorize 24-hour access to the school's engineering labs. SAFE pushes this data out to the key management and PAC systems automatically.

Pangborn said the school's SAFE project is under way in phases. Residence hall and classroom access came first. New policy and workflow possibilities are developing too. "As we dig into this a little deeper, we're finding more and more things we can do better," he said.

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Roger Williams University saves time, money and improves service, accuracy, workflows with Quantum Secure's SAFE middleware for physical identity management

At the same time Roger Williams University was growing into new academic and residence buildings, it was outgrowing its physical identity and access control solutions.

It was clear two resident locksmiths would be no match for two new academic buildings, a new admissions and alumni center and a new, 347-bed residence hall plus existing facilities at the university's 140-acre campus perched above Mount Hope Bay in Rhode Island.

This "massive physical growth" was highlighting the limitation of the university's manual processes for issuing hard and soft keys to faculty, staff and about 6,000 resident undergrad and graduate students. "The operational efficiency just wasn't there," said Joseph Pangborn, vice president and chief information officer for the university, speaking during a webinar presented early in August by Quantum Secure

The key issuing process was completely manual, Pangborn explained to listeners. The university's housing, registrar and badging offices each sent their own Excel spreadsheets of student, staff and faculty data to the locksmiths. The locksmiths then compiled their own data sheet based on this input for upload into the university's physical access control and key management systems. The data had to include such specifics as what student would receive the keys, for what areas of the university and for how long.

Not only were those processes inefficient and unable to support the school's growth, the fact they were manual went against the university's goal of being a 21st century all-technology-driven campus, Pangborn said.

Getting Smart about Identities

Pangborn reached out to the university's public safety department and together, they researched solutions, settling on Quantum Secure's SAFE suite. SAFE is physical identity management middleware sitting between the university's DataTel enterprise resource planning (ERP) software and a variety of hard "assets." SAFE associates these assets--hard and soft keys, credentials, doors, equipment, documents--with a specific identity. It then manages the relationships the identity has with those assets.

For example, a new engineering student enrolls at the university. The enrollment record, plus information such as meal plans, class and dorm assignments, and account status, is contained in the DataTel ERP. SAFE is integrated with the ERP, so it can act on that information about the engineering student based on policies and rules created by the university. SAFE can immediately assign the student access to her specified dorm--and shut it off on the student's last day of term. It can also authorize 24-hour access to the school's engineering labs. SAFE pushes this data out to the key management and PAC systems automatically.

Pangborn said the school's SAFE project is under way in phases. Residence hall and classroom access came first. New policy and workflow possibilities are developing too. "As we dig into this a little deeper, we're finding more and more things we can do better," he said.


The university can use SAFE to help enforce student judicial conduct rulings, Pangborn said. If a student's punishment is to be sent home for a weekend, the university housing office can go into a SAFE web portal and quickly lock out the student for the prescribed time, with auto reinstatement of privileges afterward.

The university is reviewing whether to offer online requests for hard and soft keys, so that a request could flow to a supervisor for approval and then to the locksmiths. As this process develops, Pangborn noted the university would call back all the hard keys it's previously issued.

He emphasized two benefits there: one, with the new system, if a high risk soft key is lost, SAFE could automatically shut it off when it's reported so there wouldn't be a need to re-key a facility. Or if a hard key is lost, SAFE would have associated it with an individual so that person's access rights could be reviewed immediately, making it clear what areas would need re-keying and what other key-holders might be affected by that process. Similarly, it will be easier to track who received what keys and take appropriate security measures if keys are not returned when requested.

Speed to Value

Pangborn said it took about two months to implement the first phase of the project. He said it can be difficult to integrate other systems into the DataTel ERP. but "the folks at Quantum Secure did an awesome job answering our concerns there," he said.


The integration is key because it's what enables SAFE to communicate identity data to other systems around the campus so the university can expand the implementation. "We're going to bite off little pieces where our ERP system is capable of delivering information to SAFE, which can then apply policy rules and deliver that information to our access control system," said Pangborn during the webinar.

SAFE comes with policy rule templates included, which can be customized by clients for their specific needs. Pangborn said an upcoming project is designing access rules for areas like the student programs office and the school newspaper office. 

Even without these additional functions in place, Pangborn is expecting the system to pay for itself in about six months--mainly because he didn't have to hire an army of locksmiths to manage the new dorm and other facilities. Other than that fact, he didn't spend much time up front calculating return on investment.

"I didn't have to be sold on ROI," Pangborn told listeners. "The cost avoidance, the fact of getting stuff done on time with better customer service, having more accuracy and an audit trail, meant more to me than calculating ROI."


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Additional information: If the school list is empty, that is not the school you are looking for how to do that? Click the lower right corner of the Of course, the newly created school needs 24 hours later before they can activate. This time tomorrow in accordance with the

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Note: The characters in win2000 + QQ0825 tested by

but under Win98, unable to get ALT30 characters in a text document, copy the following quotes hidden characters. a ALT30 characters (mentioned above); completed using a QQ number to view additional information on the numbers, a column of numbers in the city that you choose the picture corresponding to the number (it must be a multiple of 3).


specific modification method below box is not ALT30 character is to play a marked role in the black box:

to copy the New stuff above your personal home page where QQ, OK, and then let users see your information more

its key value format:

[personal homepage] ■ [authentication options] ■ ■ ■ [picture code] ■ ■ ■ [ ,],[Item Value Description:

※ 1 ※ authentication option, the value of advisable 0,1,2, representing the Verify ......2, representing the are: 1 Aquarius 2 Pisces 3 Aries, Taurus 4, Gemini 5, 6 crab Block, 7 Leo, 8 virgin Block, 9 Libra, 10 Scorpio, 11 Sagittarius, Scorpio
12 magic
※ 4 ※ zodiac, it is desirable from 1 to 12, representing the 12 zodiac; 1 Rat 2 Rabbit cattle 3 4 5 Dragon Tiger Snake 6 7 8 Horse Monkey Sheep 9 12 10 Chicken Dog Pig 11
※ 5 ※ blood, preferable 1 to 5, representing the blood of the five options; 1A 2 B 3 O 4 AB 5 other
replace the black box of the first special character, and then modify those items is their OK, very simple, I will be a multi-study.

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first proposed setting to his QQ number, then this number onto the next, Registration Wizard again with the log (note must use the registration wizard!), You can see his picture has been in the list, and it also can

17, view hidden folders

Sometimes we need to see some of the Internet in Internet cafes folder, frustration management software, yet they had to hide, how open . With QQ easy to handle, you can use it to an alternative to open these folders. Method is: Open the machine A and B two QQ numbers (if not two numbers, you can use the Registration Wizard, in front of their own number a In a B picture, click and select documents have been received, whether to file directory? Now free to view the folder, right!

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qq main file we use to change the software is 16 hexadecimal file editor Ultraedit, run Ultraedit, click , click the The code to 85c05fe98a00000090, then save the changes the result. In the run offline qq, qq numbers in the list box to find the number you want to view, in the others can view or export the chat record. Note that this skill through in qq200c build1230. This technique in Internet cafes or public places such as schools, the best room, through which you can view anyone's free to chat! For qq2000c build 0825 version of the friends, you can find: 0f8564010000a1f0 found later changed e96501000090a1f0, the results can then save the changes. For still using qq200c build 0630 version of the qq friends, you can use Ultraedit to open the main program qq, find 8500f854c010000, found later replaced 85c0e94d01000090. Run qq, do not need a password to get into a qq!

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19, so invisible, the collapse of

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In addition, if the other invisible, you can not click on the Because this time it is grayed state. At this point, you can download and install hex file editor Ultraedit, use it to open the main file qq qq.exe. Then click Next, and then install the cqqapplication.dll qq Ultraedit open file, note the file is a hidden attribute, you must set the system to In the pop-up window, Close Ultraedi and save the file. Then try to run qq, qq friends have been trapped can transfer files to a. In this way, even if you want to attack that person is invisible, you can use to send 0 byte file he fried him, cool!

20, QQ password stolen just after the rescue measures

If you qq number was stolen, how do you do? If the application password protection, and will definitely go back Teng Xun service area password. Did not apply password protection to a friend how to do it? Do not rush to find expert help, if you just qq number is stolen, we ourselves can solve this problem, the qq number back.

theory: we all know, Tencent qq provide us with services and community services to provide services to the community Tencent qq server and the server is not the same machine, which means that passwords and Tencent qq community when the password will not sync. Let us together make a test: first, the qq change your password, and then use the old password landed community, you can even log on success! This proves our point of view: qq password and password Teng Xun community when there is not synchronized! The use of this feature can retrieve your password qq.

on with examples: password stolen shortly after they did not apply password protection, and the other has changed your password qq him, but he did not have time to apply password protection. Teng Xun as quickly login password-protected service area web application OK, now go here to retrieve password:

worth saying that, if such a method being used, such as people know your password, and you fear that other people use this technology to deal with you, apply password protection is the most simple prevention methods. If you do not want to apply password protection can do the following work: change the password, and then to the Tencent community with a wrong password, the system prompt: password is wrong, ok so it. Principle: password error causes the server to another server community password authentication, so you can sync the password, the password on all servers on all the same.

21, Free QQ Show Mall

recently QQ Show is show Open QQ Show Mall, and many goods are charged QQ Show, and QQ show the image of a six-month period only, a bit sorry. In fact, QQ Show Mall has prepared for us a

QQ main menu, click on will also open two browser windows: one window has been automatically log on to your QQ number of QQ Show Mall, another window is the first Home page QQ Show, the first time must fill in here, nickname, gender, etc. and click on In the button. In the following list lists many commodities priced

from the list of goods free of QQ Show, select an image, click on the Appropriate, then click the Here click on Now, you have free access to a product of the QQ show!

22, to create personalized voice

QQ QQ provides four sound files, namely the message; voice prompts you; These four files are WAV files, if you want to modify them, according to the following method:

First, will produce a good sound file (WAV format) stored in a folder Programe files oicqsound , of course, can also be put into other folders, which is easy to find. Click the System menu in the Find all QQ users in an empty nickname

23, pretending to be cool QQ picture

your own head you want a more personalized, more beautiful you? To, and I do together! Let's look at the picture of the relevant knowledge QQ: QQ QQ picture are stored in the directory Newface folder, these basic picture for the 32 × 32 matrix size, 16-bit true color to bmp in the form of storage. Each picture has three states (one color, one black and white, a blink of an eye), so be prepared 3 avatar picture is a must.

① First, choose a favorite images, use the Similarly, making a picture black and white pictures and blink (can not do both, but that would make your head look is only one state).

② into Newface folder, find the current representatives of your own head, assuming you are using a The picture file is renamed as

③ start QQ, QQ right-click the icon, select in. Select it, you can use it as their new head, then you can update the information.

24, to quickly locate a friend

QQ Riga now has several hundred people is not surprising that a good thing, but the Q will give his friends more trouble in yo! Think about it, so a lot of people to be found in certain MM is not an easy task. How to do? Me do it! First, activate the QQ panel, switch to a certain group where the MM, then press on the keyboard the first letter of friends nickname (such as The first letter published online on the Internet

your QQ / TM online status posted on the Internet; Click QQ online, do not add friends you can chat; looking for opportunities to make friends. interactive state

many of my friends like to use the camera and friends face to face chat, so that other friends QQ in his head next to it is automatically added to a small camera symbol, it is very special. may be that this small small camera brought a lingering worry: as long as the installation of the camera, QQ will be each time you log on to install a camera to automatically detect and send this information to the server QQ ; any one of QQ's users can numerous video chat request, do not install a camera that has no choice but to accept other people on the video request harass you?

when QQ 2004 release, this problem has been a very good solution! as long as the QQ, a simple setting on the camera you can hide the secret, as follows: Download and install the latest QQ 2004, QQ panel click dialog box, click on never afraid of the QQ recovery

Tencent official website said that a friend inside the general number of information gaps, or too little if no landing Tencent three months without the right to withdraw numbers. So what is taking away the QQ number? Tencent is a professional computer program to scan numbers you sweep away.

1. Tencent master to download an English version of QQ

2. After landing you install those do not want to waste management number

3. Remember to choose a sex selection data, raw data is the choice of F male raw data is a woman choice M

4. and then the information inside : This guy is lazy and nothing left to delete, recall readily marked with followed by the data in the copy marked -

6. is the most important one: setting 16-digit password, the letter combination of numbers and then add Chinese version Log in to check number information Age 34 Sex No

so OK, never afraid of being recovered, can safely escape before, Tencent computer system scan recovery, useful for large numbers, so the trouble landing a regular basis.
28, with the most simple way to make friends on the QQ show itself eventually

now friends with QQ, more and more attention to protecting their personal information, if the other set of personal data the confidentiality of your information will not be able to see each other, while the friends if they have the bad habit of changing the nickname, then with increasing QQ friends list, over time, you can separate who is who ? Here's teach you to use a relatively simple way to quickly view information about friends, open the IE browser, in the address bar / cgi-bin / friend / user_show_info? ln = 000000, 000000 of them on your behalf want to see Friends of the QQ number, press the Enter key, the information in front of friends.

29, QQ level, I teach you count!
QQ2004 added level of this stuff QQ, QQ, to use the longer, the higher level, from small to large order of the stars, moon, sun, the moon for a four star, four moon for a sun!

accumulate to levels required for N-line length can be calculated as follows: the N level required for cumulative Rep = 5N2 +15 N
30, describes the methods to watch TV with QQ

First, you have to QQ2003 version of QQ over, then landing QQ QQ sidebar click on the Click OK after you can enjoy the QQ-TV Highlights of the event the

31, QQ send SMS for free

Under normal circumstances, you can apply for QQ numbers and bundled phone, so will be able to send text messages through QQ, and fees from your cell phone charges deducted, but if your mobile phone as arrears down, resulting in cancellation phone number is (of course you can take the initiative to cancel phone number), Because Tencent data do not synchronize the data and telecommunications sectors, resulting in no honking QQ silly not know your phone has been canceled, and you can still use the QQ that previously bound to other cell phone text messaging, and fee but do not you dig, so long as it was the phone number and his QQ bound, then log off cell phone number, you can use the QQ number to send free SMS! and send amazing speed!
32, hide my QQ, it disappears!

in the unit to work, because it bored so want to go online and chat with friends, but fear of the boss found how to do it ? Although the main interface of QQ in the default settings can be automatically hidden, but the task bar icon does QQ? want to hide it is pretty easy, is: Right-click the system tray icon QQ, select the pop-up menu selected, then hidden stronger. when they want to open how to do? to use shortcut keys ; the other side of the QQ blacklist failure

some cases, because they do not care one thing wrong, or said something wrong, leading to the other side because is onto the blacklist, so that we can no longer speak with each other in this, to tell you a way to blacklist failure. use this method, even if he joined us to You can also re-joined the other side to their friends list, can still continue to send information to each other. principle that white is also very simple, is to use the QQ's a Bug, the Bug in this part of the system through certification. ;

talk about in detail below, if you drag to the other party will that as long as we in the will you delete or add to your Oh!

why men and women get married? Because men figured out, women want to open. -

10, do not imagine the tired looking Cecilia Cheung or the so-called well-known beauty Michelle Reis, because you do not is Chow Yun Fat. -

24, not high income, do not high consumption, not to jump out before consumption, otherwise, you have to ask for money to become the sad swelling of the liver was four men. At that time, your old girlfriend will tell you a joke. -


19, the last thing on it in the past, do not just throw her over the end of the root question, asked rather not ask, cicadas as I do not know .-

21, not old marriage to his girlfriend stressed filial to your parents, relations between people, between reason Yes, as long as you obey her parents, and she will obey your parents. -


This is a woman to the gentlemen of the noble words -

7, the bar recognized the woman, it is best not left her phone, and do not leave her phone. -

12, do not wait until Valentine's Day, before they agree to spend three hundred to five hundred to buy flowers, usually a small gift, or you can let your woman wreathed in smiles. -

2, not to dine casually and did not feel the woman to bed, please carefully think about it, but man coolies live ah. 3, a woman, do not be greedy, do not sleep a bed, eyes to see one, want a heart, you are just a small missile production plant, you can not life up to ten thousand made missile production , a million rounds of missile to a target all the hair Xie, they can not blow through the earth, in order to blow all over the world in every corner of the lake even more Nights. Moreover, scarce raw materials, missiles, not recyclable, man, or pay attention to sustainable development it! -

good burning carbon, beauty loss Han. -

16, bid farewell to the red, yellow, blue, green hair, it will only make you look nondescript. -

27, a man tears can flow, but men do not cry easily, often in tears man, will only make a woman feel like vomiting. -

men often seize a woman's two outstanding advantages, with their own strengths to make up a woman's vulnerability, called seamless. -

23, a woman can water boats sailing, men such as steel can build a boat, water can carry a boat can capsize, -

18, to give more respect for his girlfriend, especially when many people, just call his girlfriend to drink, will make people think you are very tasteless. -

13, do not believe women like AA, for the most attractive woman is readily pay the man. -

11, not to find more than five years younger than their girls, if you are not a lot of money. -

29, was not a virgin may not be all slut, a woman always belonged to her sweet sex period, and do not find a fantasy virgin. -

why men divorce? Because men know the depth, the length of a woman to know. -

6, his girlfriend more than you can be proud of capital, will be considered Laodabuxiao not a serious thing. -

22, do not get along on a marriage began, and do not mention marriage at less than a year. -

Dear Sir, automatic arms do not kill the woman. -

15, your shoes polished bright or some of it, even if it is not famous, but also pleasing to the eye than a pair of mud feet. -

1, and women do not think you go to bed an advantage, in fact, a man's semen out of much more than the woman's Yin Ye. You know: the relative movement of the piston and the cylinder piston and the cylinder is more than durable results than the cylinder before the piston damage. -

who do not read the words of this life will not turn happy!


and women every night only a ham, two quail eggs. -

28, to marry his wife's girlfriend, one must be loyal, and second, to be responsible. Specific point on the right woman, nothing bad. -

9, and his wife have trouble, do not use force to solve every turn, that would make people think you are grossly unreasonable fanatics. -

thinner, more familiar to the more cultivated. -

17, most women think a man seriously when the most attractive, whether it is work, play, or the joy with a woman in bed together. -

`I was forced to turn it drops ```

The more cattle farming

8, do not fight with his girlfriend a red face, she was wrong, you are tolerant her, she will be grateful to you, in fact, she knew she was not unreasonable. -


why smart men? Because men have two heads, a woman Why good? Because women have two mouths. -

4, do not think you are playing with a woman from the feelings of many women than men playing women playing men's tricks is much higher. -

26, there is money to buy blocks of a good table, hanging over the neck of a thick gold chain refers more to taste. -

men have two bags of milk every night, a bird's nest, two abalone pieces. -

not bad farming land, only the exhausted cattle. -



cattle men and women is the ground. -

20, asked his girlfriend do not start to get along on the laundry, cooking and well versed in, married her naturally as you do these things. -



14, do not think you can not pay attention to the image of a man, a woman is not blind, like most is pretty cool guys. -




experts found that married men and women lost fat causes: -

25, smoking, drinking in moderation, blocking Bo, ecstasy or away from it, then it's no fashion, called run the risk of a dead end. -


5, do not think you go to bed a woman in the consumer, the results of your bed is against a woman consumed, returned to the woman paid the money. In fact, women also want a man to accompany her to bed, you fight the physical, or even pay a tip, just in a woman wants. -

30, can not do something for his girlfriend do not promise, the promise will certainly be hard to do, man's reputation is particularly important. -

woman has two outstanding advantages, but there is a loophole; man Although there is no advantage, there is a strength. -


A, found his wife's phone often a stranger's message, and the contents of each message is the same: the derailment of his wife and that is sexual immorality, after capturing the men, cursed: TMD, you think I do not understand that message? read upside down is

Academy of body class, a girl painted painted with the pen on the floor angrily rebuked the male model: while great while small, in the end also allows people to draw it!

son returned home in fear: Dad is very angry:

young woman reported:

someone asked the doctor: Jiese. / p>

day, my brother went to play basketball Normal Primary School, heard a low-grade girls in the playground while a low-grade boy asked: I have 3 dollars, of which five are you two take snacks, you say I love your !!!

The most important thing

wake up one morning and found his wife dead in bed. He quickly jumped up, his face pale, stumbled, ran down the stairs and shouted: Chinese victims of history's most historical joke (^_^)

One day, Zhu Zhi Shan told Flirting: the mountain there lived a widow, widowed three years, as the chastity of life, just keep an eagle each other. If you can get the woman, then I wish you Chih-shan five-body cast. Flirting think about it a few days to wish Chih-shan come listen to the message. Two days later, the skies. Middle of the night, Flirting climbed the mountain, to the widow's door. Flirting knocked on the door, asked: Flirting at the door, again and again thanks, and then asked: At this time, Flirting asked:
Flirting drinking water, to see late, the widow asked: , Flirting into the room, but also rude, fell down to sleep. The next day morning, enjoy a display of get up early, quietly into the yard, she saw the eagle bird each other. Flirting seize the eagle, the hair is pulled down; then, and the widow did not say hello, then went back home.
a few days, Flirting, and Zhu Zhi Shan playing chess at home, heard someone knocking at the door. Zhu Zhi Shan opened the door, turned out to be the widow, the widow saw Flirting on the use of Mandarin yells: let you in. You have to rain, I'll let you shelter from the rain; you off, I'll let you off; you have to scoop, I will give you scoop; you want to spend the night, I let you stay overnight you say! you Why is my hair is plucked out of the eagle?

day suddenly found my aunt, Er Yi, four aunt, five aunt, but did not Sanyi. So my dad would ask: Why did not I Sanyi? My heart also thought for a moment: Is when the Sanyi in the small dead? My dad angrily: You Sanyi is your mother!

a buddy next door to a new child moved a foreigner, foreigners night knock on the door for help, said: TV from seven to half past seven in the evening will be like.

men classic

Forum landlord: you women bra is not big summer hot?
Forum Re: We do not take you will be hot ... ...
landlord: I put my dog ​​to beat it! It does not tell me the earthquake, usually screamed so love, just nothing like an earthquake feverish sleep in the nest!
Re: Well, after all, not natural ... ...
landlord: his wife gave birth to a baby girl, very cute, find you have the momentum to help her daughter from a name, I surname into.
Re: chicken into Chinese thinking.
landlord: Give me a woman, I can create a nation!
Re: ah, to give you a sow, meat prices could fall next year!
landlord: I skipped classes in college, hanging over Branch, extraordinary rejection, being left off, a fight, demerits too, breaking off at the ... ... hey, I have done a competent ~
Re: you died before?
landlord: please use a word to describe China's national earthquake.
Re: hindsight, like pigs in advance!
landlord: a beginning all in terms of KB, the middle of funny, tragic story. For example, there is a ghost once, put the ass, and then died.
Re: Sister Furong met, fell in love with Sister Furong, Furong sister married ... ...
Ya landlord: a day in front unit of the group of idiots talking makes me feel the future is very slim ... ... Re: Are you happy now - because casting pearls before swine is not terrible, terrible day in front of a group of cattle you are playing!
landlord: Shenzhen, south end of a female street vendor selling pineapple so he bit off a small city managers Uncle JJ ... ...
Re: Hmm! You will not let me live, I will not let you enjoy life! ! !
landlord: In fact, Newton's law of gravity is just lucky enough to find, if Early three hundred years, I can!
Re: It is indeed lucky, because he hit his head on a Mac, and hit his head on the poor landlord is not a durian coconut ... ...
landlord: they are being called Uncle miserable or call his brother badly?
strong storm response: Uncle your brother out.
landlord: the city manager to add new weapons came for stray dogs!
strong storm response: This is the same root, to fry.
landlord: Why do more and more people do not want children?
strong storm response: Beijing sent officials said, to start with children.
landlord: see today has been hinting to the other male friends to go to bed, ask: Is it to meet anyone is to go to bed?
strong storm response: to meet friends not to go to bed? Are you kidding, we all so busy.
landlord: a student, grades every year countdown to the first, often with a fight, according to the requirements of the teacher leading the students nicely to a final comment, how to write ah?
strong storm response: the student performance and stability, strong hands.
landlord: the dead through the Hainan incident mineral water to drink, you can see China's food safety worrying, drink mineral water is also dead? Not a QS logo?
Strong storm Re: Weak weak ask, QS is not meant to die?
landlord: a man you have to Li or Zhang Ziyi?
strong storm response: a rooster, a pheasant, not chosen
landlord: a dog and a man which support cost-effective?
strong storm response: ladies, even if you can make a man a dog, but you dare not take the dog when a man makes?
landlord: Sister Furong Li and out of the water at the same time, there is a brick in your hand, you hit who?
strong storm response: Who hit who save.
Forum landlord: I have a million, buy a car, we Geigejianyi it. 21:
Forum landlord: Chen Liang, Wang Xiaoya with marriage, please use the words comment.
Forum Re: Ah from good!
Forum landlord: you say I look a lot like Wu Bai?
Forum Re: Only half like! (Two hundred and fifty ??!!)
Forum landlord: Men last night, walking the dog mastiff big and small woods side of a bald wild dogs up. Dry! Tibetan Mastiff actually did not expect a big loss to grass dog! ! !
Forum sofa :****, bald before God, they call me the lion!
Forum landlord: Guess which country's mixed blood ^ _ ^
Forum Re: Chinese + deformed magic!
Forum landlord: girlfriend always says he's a small chest, I think you can, ah, please help identify what GG Forum ~
Forum sofa: two of his back after the acne!

wife spent huge sums of money to do plastic surgery, a few days into a beautiful home! Door, the husband of a look of doubt, said:

male students travel to a place, look at his female students, they chat about wages, male students asked: Han mention money, you first go to bed, I take a shower.

1 nurse to see patients in the ward to drink, and went over quietly told said: to a man about to fall off a pack of cigarettes on the pedal, so quickly for the man said: Comrades, you smoke out! Man furious: only castrated out!

3. a male toilet constipation, suddenly saw a man flying into the room the instant the wind and rain. Secretary of attempting to use machines show off his English, shouted: hi! That is called

5. on the bus, standing beside women sitting on a strange man said: You do not know what I pregnant? I saw the man look very nervous and said: can not my child it!

6. people: prostitutes in the military do? Army: Well, you know, there is no discipline how OK! Man: Really! To pay for it? Army: This is also what the money Yeah, we are unified discipline handed down from above.

7. female secretary:
8. Wang wife was pregnant with the quadruplets, and everywhere to show off to neighbors, pregnant with quadruplets is not easy to say, an average of sixty thousand times before the occurrence example. Mrs. Lee was surprised: that you have space to do housework?

9. children are considered Mother interrupted: this question is very simple thing, we all know that if children like his father, and that is genetic; as neighbors, and that is the environment.

10. woman said: Why do you look so old-fashioned it? Man said: If you like, then the yuan, but also care about what year it was released it

classic mistake

a small three leaders to set the phone in his hand, trip. Pro out, his wife later told:

once to the hotel to stay the night, I was confused and suddenly heard someone knocking at the door for questioning. Woman: Hello? I: What things? Woman: I would like to ask the next guy, Kunming, Kunming how to write ah? I: Oh, above a day, following a more than .....( Khan)! Woman: So we Queensland please? I fainted, Miss is not terrible, afraid Miss literate. Weighs.

elderly deathbed points heritage. Of the eldest son, said: Finally, the younger son, said: There are more than 300 young girls and the number is ******。

boy told the girl: I see you and your family together in school, you wear special dress beautiful!!

Forum landlord: If I have a million yuan, I can loan to buy a house in the Tomson Riviera has!
Forum Re: ah, but you have to borrow money to pay property charges ~
Forum landlord: he vows that today, I was part of his life, I was part of his body, If not me, he can not live 啦 ~
Forum couch: My ex-boyfriend said so, but then I realized, I was his appendix, Aberdeen ears, six refer to such non-essential stuff children!
Forum landlord: his aging mother I am so rich, what should I buy a car to the nanny do?
Forum replies: That depends on the development of her husband to tell you anything to do with the ~
Forum landlord: damn barber cut my head bad! We point out Sunzhao require destructive bigger the better, the smaller the movement the better, because I go alone.
Forum Basement: middle of the night, a dark and stormy, quietly, gently, a man hanged in the barber shop door ... ...
Forum landlord: how do I got amnesia?
Forum Re: Would not it be cool? Woke up every morning to sleep in their own side are a different woman ~
Forum landlord: you have a child grow up what kind of fantasy scenes will make you in front of stole the show ?
Forum bench: pick a load of manure to the streets to see who dislike him throwing a spoonful on the head!
Forum landlord: Why should Zhuahuai Ren Ming when the siren? Is not afraid to hear bad boss ran away?
Forum couch: higher-level units to check the advance notice before the usually lower-level units of ~
Forum landlord: Why is the father of a child born to keep family name?
Forum couch: Because ATM card where people spit all the money go.
Forum landlord: handsome ass with - Death is not the end of the day to eat!
Forum Re: Shuai have disabilities to accompany, a gun fight, there might ride, a car seat, have similar secret crush ... ... handsome how bad? ! !
Forum landlord: Call curse of the most ruthless and does not reveal dirty word. 31
Forum Re: when your mother is not a man to throw, and the placenta was raised up?
Forum landlord: Why is President Hu's visit to Japan, Japan more distant, and even the airport with welcome sign hanging?
Forum couch: how linked? Warm welcome to old friends of China to Japan?
landlord: I like a little 6-year-old than my girl, still in junior high school, really commit a sin ah.
strong storm response: Remove the word like that is really sin.
Forum replies: You can sell 30 QQ, set a team to open, one will be arranged S-type, one will be arranged B-type.
to work on the 101 bus, overcrowding. close the door and a woman, a man wearing glasses, carry a bag, look Okuma Suo, woman standard OL look. They brazenly talk: M: this night your husband is not home, right? (look around much quieter ...)
F: ah, he this week are in the field.
M: playing tonight? (next door to uncle turned over to see ..)
Female: Well you want to play Zage? (next door to the aunt also turned over ..)
men: the old way Caesar, I opened the room (next door to high school students also turned over ...)
female: cut, you I did not open the room to it, or I drive (everybody surprise ...)
M: good spread, you drive, I came to death you (the people around suck down a cold lump ...)
woman: that I bullied said, I do not know what get what, too much not to beg for mercy (the people's eyes light exudes BS)
M: You then fierce and I can only accompany you to an hour in the evening I would like to accompany my girlfriend ( car in a murderous ...)
women: call her Laishua Caesar (Faint ...)
M: She Landlords will not play mahjong. ... (all runaway)

scripts: just joined the Office of the Secretary, Office of the Director's wife rushed in, waving a women's briefs of the Secretary, said: . Secretary nodded yes yes, dig the briefs into the pocket. Home at night, when the Secretary found his wife do the laundry pocket briefs the Secretary, the Secretary said:

1 Cyndi
Comment: not so complicated now!
2. Faye Wong
Comments: Can you return it?
3. Jackie Chan
Comments: You need to melatonin!
4. Elva
Comments: good, ripe!
5. hackberry not let a man tired.
Comments: What a thoughtful husband and wife ah!
7. Heng, not afraid of anything.
Comments: I am really more courageous people!
8. Dong Wenhua,
Comments: Little Red Riding Hood, to! Listen Lang Waipo tell you the story!

a girl bought a brand-name children after moderation package, excited to partner dignitaries: Companion said:

leadership asked him: dissatisfied?

Li immigrated to the United States to

7-year-old niece and I insisted the 20-year-old adults with a bath, while washing also says:

on the plane, was shocked to see a beautiful women sitting in my position. So I asked a gentleman: I ask you 36A it? mm actually blushing to be said: I ... I ... I 36B Khan ah: sister ... I think ... I think you misunderstood, I mean my child is a window seat 36A for!

Somali Pirates: three million! but the invoice to write seven million!

to marry a dog, Bear said: marry a cat, I was born after the Panda!

case of a girl gang of late. Vicious criminals Q: Stop! Why go? Girls want to be robbing, then piteously and said: to borrow money. Vicious criminals still ask: Why go to borrow money? Girls fear of being Jiese, sidewalk: a sexually transmitted disease no money rule. Criminals roar: Go!

secretly saying a small bank, finally forced open the safe and found not a penny inside, it touches put a few jelly, thieves puzzling, but not like white Come on, put jelly to eat. The next day Mr. thief bought a newspaper specifically to see their money from a bank can bring much of an impact, hey - as a headline on: The only one sperm bank in the city last night and stolen!

each wife and her husband quarrel, his wife ran to the bathroom on a half-day stay, so several times, her husband is very curious and asked his wife:

a woman's husband said to the derailment: If you dare to divorce to marry the young fairies, goblins I married her father, since then, my son called you brother, you have to call my mom! Husband fainted, from sticking to ... ...

clinic sitting in front of three children - boy, boy, girl. The nurse asked: children, where the trouble? Boy: I swallowed a glass ball. The nurse asked another: you? Girl: That glass ball is mine. Nurse asked: What about you? Little boy: Then I play!

priest playing golf, watch the nuns, the first shot missed, the priest shouted: You as a priest of God to punish the bad language. Father wonder: Why is my curse, why nuns hack it? Then just listen to the sky came the voice of God:

Chinese leaders and U.S. leaders are more loyal than anyone else's bodyguard, U.S. leaders command bodyguards jump from 10th floor, kneeling bodyguard, said: Then U.S. president relented. Chinese leaders bodyguards jump command, the Chinese guards apart from anything else we should jump. U.S. President scared quickly pulled him. Chinese bodyguards, said:

college humor funny spoof of the classic song

1. towel sticky how to do a funny smell?
towels to use for a long time, will be distributing a funny smell and sticky. Usually people used to wash with soap, but more viscous the more washing. At this point, can rub brine (a towel to put a teaspoon of fine salt), then scrub with warm water hot look again, and finally washed with water. This towel is no smell, not sticky. Also, wipe her face with a towel a long time to return to the soft look, the best way is with a pot of water add detergent to thirty minutes.
2. how to prevent taste lychees get angry?
like taste lychees but was worried about hot people, while the taste lychees can drink salt water, can also be used 20-30 grams of lean meat or pork soup pot habitat, drinking, or honey pot with water to drink, can be prevention of angry. Also immersed in the salt water in the litchi skin, into the freezer and then after eating the ice, not only will not get angry, but also understand lag, but also increase the appetite. If taking a dip in a cup with lychee leaves (dried) fried lychee tea, fresh lychees may understand more and diarrhea resulting from stagnation. Warm dry litchi properties, Yin Huo-wang of the best people to eat less (preferably 0.25 kg less than once). If you are acne, sores, colds or acute inflammation, are not suitable taste lychees, otherwise it will increase the symptoms, but the body Deficiency, Wei Han is appropriate to eat. We should pay attention to not eat the delicious things too far, but the capital of revolution body oh.
3. easily stripped of grapefruit skin tips
delicious grapefruit peel the skin is difficult. Many people like to eat crisp grapefruit, peel because the skin is not good to give up delicious, is not our style! People are smart! Can be used with tips to solve this problem it! Next time I remember the grapefruit on the table on the smooth hard, hard rubbing a few, so grapefruit with the desktop to a
4. how to make new sheets become soft?
As used in the production process of chemical substances, whether how many of the new fiber sheets are a little hardness. Want to make the greatest softness response sheets, can be less than usual with hot water and 1 / 4 cup servings of detergent washing, rinsing process in a cup of white vinegar added to wash residual chemicals, and finally washed again, to ensure clean clean, then a mild to moderate intensity drying, dry out immediately after it becomes.
spring and summer mosquito tips boxes of openings in the room put the wind spirits, cool oil, or painted on the wall point of mint.
the body or sprinkle some perfume on the pillow.
The mothballs ground, and threw in the house corner.
planted in pots indoors twelve tomatoes, tomato leaves odor will drive away mosquitoes.
lamp hanging in a spring onion, spring onion or a few bags of yarn, all kinds of insects are not flying.
or silk with orange cellophane sleeve on the bulb, mosquitoes are most afraid of orange-red shade.
6. summer glasses slip of Lotus
summer sweat more, glasses, very easy to fall, it is desirable to use two rubber bands, the legs were wrapped around the bend in the glasses, and then try to wear, rubber band wound position to frame a little later with the appropriate junction ears, a rubber band function is to increase contact with the Ministry of friction, so glasses will not fell
7. to prevent sweater shrink tips
Many sweaters a washing will shrink, how to prevent sweater shrink it, here is a tip: wash water temperature should not exceed 30 degrees, with a neutral soap or detergent washing, over the last add a little vinegar water again, can effectively maintain the elasticity and shine sweater.
drive cockroaches Lotus fresh oleander leaves three measures put cockroaches activities of the Department, cockroaches will no longer close to here.
the fresh cucumber on the food cupboard, away from the cockroaches that will.
in the room to put a cut onion slices, cockroaches will immediately smell the odor to escape.
Busan umbrella tips decontamination silk umbrella and splashed muddy water after the open to dry, then use a soft brush scrubbing with alcohol solution. Busan application brush dipped in dark water or tea tea ivy wash, wash with ammonia color Busan, can maintain its original color. Busan do not use gasoline, kerosene, acetone and other organic solvent wash.
10. placed a small coup
clothing wrinkle-free leather and silk and other senior clothing, the more can not be placed in the more slender plastic bag. Because things in a sealed case, unable to contact with air, moisture will of course send the plot in which the enzyme on the inevitable. So back from the laundry clothes, the best to remove plastic bags, covered with tissue paper in the above, only store up.
wear, in the crease a little vinegar on the coating, would not be so obvious. In the ironing before coating with an old toothbrush that thin vinegar on the crease, then low-temperature hot a hot, almost can not see out.
11. 17 magical uses toothpaste
clear enamel cup of tea left in dirt and coffee stains can be coated with toothpaste in the cup wall after repeated scrubbing, while it can be bright as ever. easy to stay under the water faucet
rust and scale, applying toothpaste to scrub, clean up soon.
pen to write words, such as the wrong word wiping point toothpaste, a rub on the net.
with a long iron will leave a burnt rust at the bottom, the bottom of cast iron can be a little toothpaste, gently wipe can be removed.
home without silverware for a long time, there will be a layer of black surface oxide layer, using toothpaste to clean as long as can get silver white light.
clothes infected animal grease, squeeze some toothpaste applied to the above, graze a few times, then washed with water, grease can be cleaned.
shoeshine, it will be a little toothpaste and shoe polish in the cleaning, leather shoes more bright.
cleaning fish, the left hand always difficult to remove Xing Weier, wash hands with soap, toothpaste and then cast repeatedly rubbed, washed with water Xing Weier is easy removed.
flashlight black mirror the course of time, with a fine gauze dipped a little toothpaste graze, you can make it look like new.
scratches the surface of the watch can be removed. Watch with a little toothpaste applied to the surface, wipe with a soft cloth repeatedly, you can draw small lines will be removed.
stains on the mirror to the wardrobe. Wipe available flannel point toothpaste to clean, stain is removed.
ink on the clothes if not, can be used repeatedly rub toothpaste, rinse, can be removed.
sticker with toothpaste, both solid without damaging the walls. To remove, wet with water as long as post position, it can be easily taken down.
use toothpaste to clean the surface of stainless steel utensils, you can make it look like new. Home if naughty children, little attention will be on the carpet, walls, graffiti on the sofa or door, unsightly. As children, most of them are using crayons, colored ingredients such as wax or grease mostly. Therefore, as long as the toothpaste with a wet cloth to wipe moistened point, will be able to remove graffiti.
stew something accidentally overflow the pot often dirty stove, then you can rag soaked in hot water, wring the focus of dirt cover on the stove, let it boring for a while, and soon the dirt will be will soften the float. After just wash cloth dipped in toothpaste with a hard nylon brush in addition to dirt, then wipe clean cloth.
grapes, the pedicle acquire a pair of scissors to cut part of it intact particles, and soaked in diluted salt water, to eliminate the effect of bacteria, rinse the grapes also left a layer of white film surface, can squeeze some toothpaste, hand placed between the grapes, plus light rub, over water, they will make the grapes completely crystal clear, eat up even more peace of mind!
12. how to remove bathroom odor
summer will open a box of oil cooler cover , on the lower corner of the bathroom, the smell can be removed. And a box of cool oil used for 2-3 months, economical and practical. Can also be in the toilet lighting a match, burning match, after the phosphorus composition can effectively remove the toilet odor, but to ensure safety conditions.
kitchen tips to reduce the smoke verification, according to experts, the kitchen when cooking oil fumes and the temperature has a direct relationship: when the oil is heated above 200 ℃, the main component of fumes generated acrolein, which has a strong The spicy taste, the nose, eyes, throat mucous membranes have a stronger stimulation, can cause rhinitis, pharyngitis, bronchitis and other respiratory diseases; when the oil burn acrolein, it will also produce condensate, leading to chronic poisoning, likely to cause respiratory and digestive cancers.
change Do not overheat the oil temperature, oil temperature should not exceed 200 ℃ (with pan smoke as the limit), so not only can reduce the
best not repeated frying oil. Some housewives in order to save a little oil, fried fish, fried pork ribs repeated use of used oil is not discarded, not knowing that which also contains many carcinogens. Repeated heating of cooking oil, deep-fried foods such as edible oil is used repeatedly, not only in itself contains carcinogenic substances, it produces smoke containing carcinogens are more and more dangerous.
must do the kitchen ventilation. Natural ventilation to keep the kitchen, but also installation performance, the better hoods. In the cooking process, to always open the hood, fried vegetables finished off after 10 minutes hood.
water heater water heater scale of small ideas (gas water heater, electric water heaters) are used up, turn off gas or power in, then open the water valve to allow circulation of cold water through the pipes (tank) 10 seconds so, within the heat exchange water discharged from the hot water and water vapor, the cycle water (storage tank) will not end scale, but also enables the cooling per unit time, to extend the service life. Remain in circulation because the hot water pipes or water storage tank is easy to produce precipitation scale, easy to remove, lack of scale thickening, will inevitably result in poor drainage.
temperature regulation in appropriate between 50 ~ 60 ℃, when the water temperature exceeds 85 ℃, the scale generated increased.
15. remove the finger tips on the soot
most effective way to apply lemon juice scrub, the effect is not significant at first, but after the patient clean, the color will gradually receded. If still valid, it can add a little hydrogen peroxide in the lemon juice, the effect came out.
16. how to wear
used electric shavers electric shaver for some time, not so fast if you can find a bottle of royal jelly saw a small wheel in the electric shaver grille inside (with the blade contact surface) along the direction of rotation on the ground a few minutes, and then to cast the net cast a thin layer of oil, bottles and shaving will be much faster.
17. tomato juice three magical life
plastic container deodorant. Plastic containers for holding food items as equipment is generally more complex types of food, easy to odor or smell, in which case you can use tomato juice to deodorant. Method is to pour some on the sponge tomato juice, tomato juice and then rub the sponge inside the container, then add the detergent and warm water container lid, then wash with water and placed in the cool air dry naturally. Two days later, the smell of plastic containers will be gone, you can always re-use.
remove refrigerator odor. Power outages caused by bad food in the fridge, odor will occur, you have had this experience? Try tomato juice to get rid of corruption in the refrigerator taste. Dispose of spoiled food first, then soak in tomato juice over the sponge or wash cloth, thoroughly wipe the inside the refrigerator, then rinse with warm soapy water, then dry. If you still have a little odor, repeat the process; instead of tomato juice or vinegar to repeat the process.
relieve throat pain. Half a cup of tomato juice, mix together half a cup of warm water, to rinse throat to temporarily relieve the symptoms of sore throat.
shoes deodorant method techniques have bactericidal effect of alcohol, with elimination of shoes smell, very useful. Can go to the drugstore to buy a bottle of medicinal alcohol, pour in a small dish, diluted with water to towel dampened, then Kouqing blow towel, alcohol blow on the insole. Charcoal can also be deodorant, do not wear shoes, put a charcoal inside, you can remove the smell. In the shoes before, to little lemon juice stained cloth or perfume into the shoes, the shoes can also remove the smell.
gas pipe, gas pipe odor idea after prolonged use, will emit foul smell.
Material: loading milk, tea or biscuits with foil bags;
steps: the bag cut a long root, and then wrapped around the gas pipe. Note that, when wound, above the circle to hold the circle about one-third below, in order to seal the gas molecules do not tend to spread out. Wrapped around the gas pipe wrap, then use transparent tape can be fixed packing slip.
Magical wrap tube running out of plastic wrap, leaving the inner cylinder what use is it, and now teach it a magical idea. The refrigerator door beverage storage tank placed after the switch is easy to drink when the refrigerator door toppled. Methods: white towel folded up on the refrigerator door at the bottom of the storage tank, fresh membrane tube and then cut along the gap, after the hair cut fresh membrane tube, you can thrust like spring. Put it in the refrigerator door storage tank, and can effectively withstand the bottle, making it both fixed, and easily removed.
21. collection a good way to
mat mat before collection, to wipe away perspiration gallery, then a small amount of alkali or soap dissolved in warm water, along with a wet towel until I wipe, then wipe along the horizontal seats , front and back finished with the mop, after dry. Collection, use mothballs twenty-three into powder and talcum powder and mix well, sprinkle the surface of the seat, wrapped in paper rolled up, stored in a dry place, do not put heavy pressure on the mat.
22. how to wash your socks scientific method
ordinary cotton socks, to frequent change and wash, that is replaced on the 清水中浸泡 2 hours, then rubbed with rubbing soap to wash with hot water, so dirt easy off.
net stockings, artificial silk stockings, nylon socks, wash should be placed below 40 ℃, soapy water or washing liquid synthetic rub in gently and avoid rubbing fierce force. Socks to be washed, dried, roasted and non-exposure.
washing wool socks, you should first few neutral alkali soap cut into flakes, melted into the hot water, such as water cooling, and then put socks, a little dip a moment, then gently scrub . Head of dirt and socks more socks heel can rub and then rub some soap to clean. Socks after rubbing, rinse with water, a little squeeze dry, smooth hands flat on the desktop, overcast air in the ventilation, or covered with a white cloth to dry in the sun.
23. to make a big loose sweater narrow way
sweater to wear for a long time will become baggy, very fit and beautiful effect. to make restitution, the sweater can be blanched in hot water, Water temperature is best between 70 ~ 80 ℃ Water overheating sweater will shrink too small, such as sweater cuff or hem lost flexibility, the parts can be soaked in hot water 40 ~ 50 ℃, 1 ~ 2 hours remove and dry, its flexibility can be restored.
24. cola drink in addition to other beauty
can be used to clean burnt pot. Then boiled down into the Coke, you can remove the bottom of the pot burned material.
hair colors and find a little heavy, with the first point of Coke to wash it can help you make the color lighter number.
Coke throw your jewelry inside, then clean with a toothbrush, and can reproduce the luster to your jewelry. Of course those with a diamond or expensive jewelry can be like do not do it.
the Coke into your water bottle inside, put one day. This can remove residual dirt inside the kettle, so that the internal clean up.
to a Coke into the toilet can also play the role of clean toilets, work is inside the acidic components.
the cola and ketchup to one to one mix ratio, be able to make a delicious barbecue sauce. Prior to the pulp in the brush on the barbecue, you can make mouth-watering delicious.
25. so that the new non-stick pot tips
something is: the new pot brush clean, lit pan, add a little cooking oil, turn the pot, so that even by the fire, with the pot's rotation , is also the pot of oil flow around the pot and continue to increase the fire, so smoke from the surrounding oil, half a bowl of pot, add water, boil the backboard with a straw broom force, half the time until the water evaporates, the cease-fire , the water drained, re-change the water, scrubbing pots clean, then it will not stick after a pot.
26. life clever four law
salt brine frozen fish the same dry: frozen fish in the fridge, often become dry and hard, if placed in salt water in the freezer, the fish will not dry.
salt cleaning vegetables: When cleaning vegetables, sprinkle some salt in the water can wash the vegetables in the insects out.
salt can return to the green vegetables yellow leaves: spinach and other vegetables of leaf, if some (mild) to turn yellow, when Billy put a little salt, the color can be from yellow to green.
should salt tomato salad: salad tomatoes with sugar, the salt will put a little sweeter, because the salt can change the acid sugar than tomato.
27. enjoy the barbecue will not cause cancer first and then bake
tips: Use the sauce over the meat in advance, especially in the compound you add olive oil, not only add flavor, but also let the meat The taste is soft, and dramatically reduce cancer-causing HCAs material up to 90%. Want to make barbecue taste better, so a lower health risk, I suggest you then add some garlic in the compound, these condiments to make you eat more at ease.
prepared kebabs: small pieces of grilled short time required to produce the large pork roast HCAs than when the material is much less. Since your kebabs, you can select the ingredients, adding a delicious and health index. I suggest you may wish to string together the vegetables, such as tomatoes, green peppers, mushroom, pumpkin, onion, kebabs are excellent choices. Barbecue, baked until just cooked is just right.
add secret ingredients: to point to the American style in the backyard barbecue, hamburger row is absolutely essential if the protagonist. Prepare materials, add in 1 teaspoon per pound of ground meat of wheat bran, it will discharge juicy hamburger, but also reduce the production of HCAs, but you do not like the starch and will not increase.
speed stripes and the temptation to taste, as it will not have lost. Even better, this way not only healthy, guys do not have the grill next to the hungry to wait for a century.
cover foil: cutting a hole with aluminum foil cover on the grill, this way, there is no flame does not drip, and no HCAs in distress, but also let your grill a good clean good wash. I remember frequent flip your meat, taste better, but also reduces the scorch of health concerns.
to oil peel: part Feiyou for the first processing of meat, drop of oil can reduce the problem caused by PAHs. For example, when you barbecue chicken, with grilled meat first with the belt, then remove the chicken skin, do so, you lose only fat, calories and carcinogens, and not tasty.
with iced tea: eat a rib roast flavors, after a cup of refreshing iced tea how? The tea contains a large number of antioxidants that can help in the generation of carcinogenic substances and barbecue.
not only the barbecue: a bunch of kale usually cook food left? There are a bunch of fruit did not finish the refrigerator? Throw them all right on the grill! Fruits and vegetables will not produce carcinogenic substances, and many things such as pear pineapple, the taste was actually after a barbecue after the surprisingly delicious. Need some inspiration? Read these ideas, maybe you no longer miss the beef.
28. polish silver jewelry tips
alternative materials: paper towels, lipstick
steps: Fold a few paper towels; the lipstick painted on a paper towel; in silver, black rub a few times where it is repeated more than easy to polish up.
principle: silver sulfide is the reason that black silver jewelry, lipstick contains emulsifiers, emulsifier enables small silver sulfide and other pollutants floating, and that usually contain lipstick in brightly-colored tiny particles of titanium oxide, It will go up the dirt removed. So, no matter what kind of lipstick can help us all to silver polish.
Tips: a. If your silver jewelry is oxidized very serious, you can turn over the paper towel, apply a one o'clock lipstick, more than wiping a few times to ensure you are able to jewelry polished.
b. silver jewelry black layer is very thin, so the general use of silver products is no problem with this approach. But if it is silver plated products, or some specially processed products, we recommend that you do not use this method, it is best to place a professional cleaning.
29. black wool fabric by Black Law
black wool fabric wear a long time, fatally bright, as look washed with boiled spinach can make it clean as new.
30. sugar lips dead skin to the muscles of Magical
thin lips soft, coupled with the climate dry, drink, eat, talk, etc., can easily be generated affects the crack. Went to bed every morning and night before with a hot towel lip 3 to 5 minutes, gently brush lips with a soft brush to remove dead skin. Here we recommend that you use soft white sugar instead of the soft brush, rubbing back and forth on the lips, until completely melted, because sugar is safer and works well.
remove dead skin, apply a layer of lipstick do not think that just finished nursing. In fact, you can wipe a thin layer of eye cream first, because the eye cream rich in nutrients than the lipstick, but there are wrinkles function. After gently massage lips with a finger to help promote blood circulation, so the lips get nutrients, increase nutrition, skin moisturizers quickly to the lips. Massage a few papers and then erase, then coated with a layer of colorless lip balm, lips can become moist.
In addition, we must get rid of the habit of licking the lips, saliva stay in the lips, can only bring short-term moisture. When the lips of the water is evaporated, the lip is also within the evaporation of water, and feel more dry. Peeling lips, do not hand tear, the best selection of lip balm contains Vitamin E, calendula and chamomile essence ingredients. Has taken away some of the lipstick composition of water, long-term make-up are also prone to peeling.
31. Using fruit to remove the new car smell
This method is very simple, especially for summer car smell generated, such as sweat smell or the taste of air inside the issue. The two apples into the car, Apple will issue a very strong fruity, this fruit overwhelm the flavor of the original car, up to natural breathing much easier. If you hold the apple, then you can place the lemon, put the lemon the best pre-cut lemon, the fruit so that it will evaporate very good, to resist the smell inside the car.
vacuum cleaner collection of magical items. Change bedding collection season, down jackets and other items take up storage space because, properly maintained and easy mold bore, most housewives headache. If they are placed in custom-sealed plastic bag, then vacuum sealed truss will be deprived of the air bag not only saves storage space, but also easy to damp moldy.
to find small items. Home life will inevitably fall accidentally, such as buttons, pills, bottle caps, needles and other small items, with the vacuum cleaner can easily be found. Before use, the suction mouth can be the first vacuum cleaner with a layer of muslin cloth tied up, and then select the appropriate size according to articles of wind, then power on the mouth with a straw in the litter at around paddling back and forth, the items will soon fall adsorbed to the gauze.
appliances clean dust. Vacuum cleaner can also be used such as televisions, DVD players, computers, stereos, air conditioners and other appliances for routine maintenance to remove dust from inside and outside the appliance. Dust should first unplug electrical appliances, according to the instructions to remove the electrical enclosure open, choose the appropriate shape of the straw inserted into an electrical appliance to the dust cleared, and then use the hair dryer get rid of moisture, and finally a good resume and then attach the cover the status quo can be.
33. to the new furniture to paint fumes tips
new furniture paint fumes if too thick, you can boil the milk on a plate, then put the plate on the furniture, furniture, doors closed, a few hours later, there is no paint fumes.
34. so that clothing, zipper bags easier to pull
If clothes, bag zipper is too astringent, and are usually painted to look for candles, but now the family is sometimes not really looking for candles easy task, but it does not matter, my mother can cast to get the baby powder, and then zip it Shunliu friends.
35. washing techniques
nets with nets after a long time, will become obsolete, yellow, it is difficult to wash with a detergent wash. 100 Kocse piece if ginger into the water, and cook for 3 minutes, then the mosquito nets soaked in ginger water, plus a few grains of oxalic acid and a few drops of clear blue ink, by hand pressure several times, and then scrub as usual in the water, drift net so that the old yellow nets will become translucent as new .
36.502 glue get in the hands of how to do?
solve Tip: Pour in the transformer insulating oil in your hand, quickly softened glue 502, 502 glue quickly and easily to rub out.
homemade closet dehumidifier to save money and agents to have the dehumidifier function, available in supermarkets to buy a packet of barbecue charcoal to go home, put out several pieces of old socks, the wardrobe may be due to their how many pieces the size of the placement.
38. to save live fish can be two ways to fish mouth filling
3 to 4 drops of white wine (a few drops of white vinegar and better reperfusion), then in the shade, can improve the corrosion resistance of fish, dressed containers of live fish to breathe. Such as tap water kept raising, not with the release with the use of water, preferably every other day and then, changing the water once a day, fish can survive for at least a month or so.
The wet tissue sheet attached to the fish's eyes, can buy live fish to live three to four hours one back into the water, and can jump. This is because the fish optic nerve which has a very important linear organization, once away from the water, linear organization will be broken, the fish that died, the wet paper fish eyes blindfolded, can delay this linear organization of the fracture time .
39. how to remove mildew on clothes
into the rice washing clothes soaked in water overnight, then scrub routine, mildew can be removed.
net with a soft brush, then alcohol wipe, mildew can be removed.
will add a small amount of clothes on the water, vinegar and milk scrub one again, will be able to remove the mold ignorant (if the collection of clothing or bed linens with yellow areas, can wipe put some milk, put a few under the sun hours, then wash it again to the usual method).
repeated scrubbing with concentrated hot soapy water, mildew can go.
rub with green bean sprouts, then rinse with water, but also remove mildew.
40. quick defrosting refrigerators skills
no automatic defrost refrigerator unit, the following method can quickly defrost.
first disconnect the power refrigerators, food out of the box. Then the size freezer, one or two aluminum boxes will be installed into the freezing water on the interior. A few minutes later, the wall of the freezer frost began to block off the block (not yet off, and can be hand-light pull). If the cold room at the top there is no metal evaporation plate, lunch boxes, water blossom should cover, to avoid low temperature plastic deformation of the inner wall due to a sudden warming. In this way self-heating of the cream than the power saving much more.
Magical salt soap handle to give the bike put the plastic sleeve, or put the foot on the rubber sheath, are very strenuous task. Or rubber in the handle kit, dip coated with soap look, you can play the role of lubrication, set stocking more effort.
in hardwood wood screws screwed on very laborious. If a screw screwed into the wood before the first scratch on the soap, more effort will be able to screw screwed into the wood in the wood.
hacksaw at home with metal materials, can be applied to the saw blade on the first soapy water, then saw, will and effort, and the saw blade is not easy to break.
soot fouling the most difficult to remove the bottom of the pot. If you use the bottom of the pot coated with soap before using them after cleaning, can reduce soot fouling bottom of the pot.
watch metal shell coated with soap after, then wipe clean cloth to prevent sweat erosion.
42. electric shaver can be trimmed underwear
imitation gabardine trousers, wearing a short-lived, especially after washing, will play a lot of small ball, and more and more; if washed together with other clothing, but also glue a lot of hairs, very beautiful. Shave with electric razors, like, like, shave off the pants again, the pants actually flat, such as electric razors can also glue the hairs, dust absorb, and then test other clothing, that can not only trim pants , all clothing and other similar material are applied. But with the electric shaver repair, it is best to just play the ball when the big ball is not very good repair.


on life

1. in a clean bed naked
2. menstrual period does not eat chocolate, because it will increase dysmenorrhea
3. to develop the habit of recording menstrual cycles
4 through movement rather than the adjustable underwear to shape the curve
5. not Alice his legs to avoid nerve
6. personal clothing does not dry
7. pull the thong style suitable for daily wear
8 last year's clothes can be worn after exposure to the
9. unless absolutely necessary, do not use sanitary pads
10. regularly check the shelf life of cosmetics
11. and then one hour after the bath make-up 12, even beauty, but also not in the outer edge of the upper ear cartilage piercing site
13. know their family medical history, especially the mother and grandmother's history

6, a love one person.
7, to remember the birthday of the person you like, including your family, of course, himself.
8, wear textured clothing, looking for a quality boyfriend. He may not be very rich, but be sure to make you feel secure and happy.
9, love the people that love you. If only you love him, or just that he loves you. Separated as early as possible. Women do not need to pretend to love others, you do not need to pretend to love someone.
10, if a person decided to leave the action to be faster, cut the Gordian knot; If you decide to love a person, over time the point, look right for you.
11, the leisure time to cook their own tea to drink coffee or tea do eat, put some tenderness music, read a few pages of books, and then sleep Lanjue, Yoshiya.
12, serious about your work. Maybe not as good as the work you love to heart, but at least you can guarantee food to eat, a place to live, and uncertain love can not give them, so, serious effort.
13, Ningquewulan. Do not be lonely grabbed a man, this is not fair for you and him, and too lacking in responsibility.
14, you do not like the pursuit of those who show concern for good and firm and refused to say. If he had said, it's none of your business.
15, if no others to follow suit, learn a person to complete.
16, any occasion, to maintain proper conservation. Learn to say thank you, your hard work, I'm sorry. Wrong thing to know how to apologize and to turn over.
About Love:

do not think after that there are better, because now have is the best. Do not think you can still young and later married, love is the age range. Do not give up too far away, love can take the train with you. Do not rich because they do not give up, if not incompetent, hard-working can make you rich. Do not give up because their parents object, you will find that because of this reason to give up the anti-love, the regret of your life. In fact, for love, the more simple the more happiness. Talk about life, love is the best time, too much experience, will numb; separation more, will be used; for more than a lover, would be more; the end, you will not believe in love; you will give up on themselves; you will zombie; you love with people you do not get married, so over a lifetime.

about love:

Maybe love is a sad fairy tale, although its distant and true. Give a person does not love you the pain, to give up a loved one that you only pain. If space is not destined to the distance of time, if missed can not always meet desirable; not too concerned about everything, but without the need to insist, let all revel. Escape does not avoid them; face is not necessarily the most difficult; alone is not necessarily unhappy; be not long; not longer have to lose. Love is a pleasure, even if the pain will feel happy; love is an experience, even if broken will feel sweet; love is an experience, even if broken will feel beautiful; Do not be lonely and indulgence, not because of indulgence and lonely life.

About partner:

partner than non-married swear you do not marry or not marry the person you are, but that your body has many shortcomings still choose your man ; partner is not a life you love to eat cucumber cucumber ta also love to eat the man, but you eat the egg yolk ta eat the man; partner is not dark and into the hotel arm in arm with you man, but look forward to your dinner back at the door of that person; partner is not, and you talk about love, that person. In a happy marriage, the partner is not a specific person, but you and a few years in the ta settle down in the years: a tacit understanding, a warmth, a dull, an understanding, a tolerance. Ta ra love will make happy, this is the companion ........

on commitments:

in the ancient Greek legend, the couple will ring on the other side the middle finger, because they believe there are a vessel through the heart. So promise rings mean that the heart! But how much love can be life and death on earth bald, how many of the feelings can last forever? So you choose to spend his life was not necessarily your favorite, your favorite may not be able to spend a lifetime with you. How many lovers do not go into each other's life, only hard to go off to the afterlife; and how many men and women came into the marriage of love but no longer cherish each other's pay. So remember the treasure the people you love, to every plain dependent of each other today as the last moment, a good grip the hand of love, even if the face is old ta, ta sounded even the vicissitudes of life, that is the eternal memory of your warmth. Do not forget to hold promise for ta, ta do not forget to just hold hands, whole life life .....

on diet

1. in between milk and soy milk, the latter
2. that when you can eat half-bowl too , leaving the table
3. If the body does not feel hungry, drink 4 glasses of water a day just
4. more yogurt
5. Whatever the reason, do not smoke
6. In the recipe to add grains and vegetables
7. drink green tea than black tea
8. attention to breakfast more than dinner
9. control the amount of salt
10. get up after the first brush, and then drink plenty of water
11. often chew gum
12. early in the morning one night, two apples can improve constipation
13. pure vegetarian may cause abnormal hormone secretion, resulting in infertility
14. eat at least once a week fish
15. away from the cola and other carbonated beverages
16. do not drink for a long time to cook the hot pot soup
17. there is no such thing as milk, fruit juice, which is a natural enemy
18. before eating fruit better than the meal
19. bedtime glass of red wine can come
20. a cup of coffee may cause female osteoporosis

on movement

1. 8-9 points more than to enjoy the morning sun
2. running, biking and other sports can keep the beautiful legs Ministry of lines
3. hot foot bath can be effective in preventing varicose veins
4. the spirit of extreme fatigue when decompression is not appropriate to exercise, rest is more important
5. do less in winter outdoor sports
6 10 layer below, do not take the elevator
7. once every three months to change your fitness menu
8. half an hour exercise a day, rather than weekend exercise three hours
9. do while watching TV calisthenics
10. often walk
11. lunch is a good time for fitness, not necessarily wait until the evening
12. light wearing comfortable shoes of course, but ignored the adverse health
13. sleep half The bed is more conducive to hard cervical health
14. go to a regular hospital rather than beauty salons massage
15. non-motion state drink functional beverages
16. half an hour after exercise, rest and then bathing 17. not too noisy gym
18. correct posture than a special trip to the gym more effective

about love

1, send text messages if you like, he did not return. Do not send.
2, do not miss the same person 24 hours. Can be divided a little to the family and friends.
3, if a man in his busy ground, not to explore your condition, do not return your e-mail, do not care about your situation, you can not bear the burden of life, can not give you courage. Courage, automatically leave. Nothing is more concerned about their own.
4, learn to bear the pain. Some words, for rotten in the heart, some pain, for silent forget. When experienced, you grow up, they know enough.
5, not to torture yourself any person anything. Such as not eating, crying, self esteem, depression, these are a fool to do. Of course, sometimes silly look at the need, life need not always smart.

about life:

life is a dream, years of relentless. I look back, only to find people alive is a feeling. Poor Ye Hao, Fu Ye Hao, Ye Hao too, lost 也好. Everything is gone. Think about it, regardless of yesterday, today and tomorrow, is a beautiful day can suddenly see the light. Regardless of family, friendship, love, to cherish forever is a good mood. I remember a classic text reads: Do not forget that once had; has been more cherished; their own do not give up; has been reserved for the lost memories; want to get must strive; tired dock to the heart; options the do not regret it; suffer only know how to meet; pain just to enjoy life; hurt only to understand the strong; there is always windy in the morning; there is always gorgeous evening; always meteor of the night. Life is like one-way ticket one-way ticket, no rehearsals, every game is broadcast live. A good grasp of every performance is the best treasure of life. Grasp now and enjoying life!

about friendship:

day, friendship and love met. Love asked friendship: the world has me, why are you there? Friendly smile: love to make people cry, and the existence of friendship is to help people wiped away tears! Friends is: occasionally worried about you, to your care for your heart, want you happy, make you happy, please rest assured. Friends, caring is rare ..... sad time and I might say; suffering do not forget to tell me; not forget to inform me sick; difficult to remember to ask me; disappointed when you think of There I; happy when not forget me. Friends of the definition, this is it ..... we are friends, which is enough .......

on a smile:

been misunderstood when to a slight smile, which is a literacy; wronged when to calm smile, which is a generous; can suffer when the happy smile, which is a open-minded; at the dilemma of when to self-deprecating smile, This is a kind of wisdom; helpless when to philosophical smile, which is a state; critical moment to calm smile, which is an atmospheric; was contemptuous smile, when to calm, which is a self-confidence; lovelorn When can gently smile, which is a free and easy. No matter what it is, for what reason ..... we smile every day happy ...........

on life:

Sunrise East China Sea off the sun, unhappy even a single day, joyful day; failing into a dead end, people are comfortable, comfortable heart; daily living receive the money, more like, less like; less meat and more Suri three meals a day, crude also sweet, sweet fine also; old and new clothes are not picked, but also good cold, Ryan is also warm; often chat with friends, but also talk about the old, now also talk about; whole family each Weimian, peace and quiet is also poor, the rich have peace and quiet.

of happiness:

legend Happiness is a beautiful glass ball, broken to pieces scattered in every corner of the world. Some people picked up more, and some people picked up less. No one can have all. Love you love you selected option, cherish everything we have now. People alive is a feeling, seize today, tomorrow, set, storage forever. As long as the heart feelings, happiness will always be there.
------------------ people always cherish what they have not, until no longer have the time missed will be doubled, and in that their fast losing their possessions but do nothing, to refuse to let go on Xunsimihuo, hysteria often occurs at this time, and for the dedication of life to death is really just let go

2009-4-21 Tuesday
did not think yesterday of the night , and he actually punched a sudden the phone , on the like his back , like , really surprised. There the day before yesterday , before the last day before yesterday if he does not give me a call , I really do not want to reason him. Result, he was playing , so I though that a lot of angry words , but received his call, my heart still forgive him , he determined to count . Well ...

wanted to do really good happened, I would like him to come back before the good tidy little home , and also happens to be someone to help , finishing clean , thank you, determined , and distressed my sister ! ! ! Well, now I have some of the nest looks spacious , and just ran hard the trip for my sister to do the finishing . But did not think he came home early , and all seem to have a good clever ah. So before all of the unpleasant are dispersed. Not worry about my own ! ! ! In fact, think about it, so many incidents have gone to see , now why little things like a bit extreme , maybe I am a bit emotionally unstable right now is easy , but merely to add to his concerns. Two days at home reading a book element black book , like to see her writing a lot of people looking for her to do case studies of psychotherapy , see our situation more than the unacceptable suffering and life , many people have experienced was , in fact, think about it, I am perhaps the situation is much better than they , at least he always unexpected determination, so never had much confidence and I expect , see and believe from my heart began to worry about and his efforts .

nothing to regret the ...... Anyway, I have to adhere to finish this paragraph.

A young couple were becoming anxious about their four-year-old son, who had not yet talked.They took him to specialists, but the doctors found nothing wrong with him.Then one morning at breakfast the boy suddenly blurted, Mom, the toast is burned.

Recently saw a Japanese TV.
hero to his girlfriend, to say this line: ; could see, the hero of his fiancee, said these words, the heart is full of regret; marriage, will not give you happiness, will only make you suffer with me.
I appreciate this line.
life Jieku.
no knowledge of the suffering, there is no moral suffering, suffering no money, no freedom of pain, there is no hard feelings, knowledge of school hard, hard job seeking industry , having children of bitter, bitter pain of aging, death, suffering. If life itself.
marriage, such a link to two people live together in the form itself does not change the nature of life, the essence of life is bitter, married life can be changed appearance, form, can not change the nature of life.
So, married, with the other said,
so, than What reason? The implication is that you love me, let me happy? , and noodles. not because you have someone you love, it will reduce the ah.
I have a friend who recently divorced, I asked, why the divorce it?
he did not say, only that long away from.
I said: two people knocked unconscious with hardship, and think if you get married, I knew I should not get married; if married, because two people will not want to take from the marriage. happiness Oh


1, the practice of fish [saliva]

2, the practice] [boiled fish

3, [practice]

fried fish 4, the practice of steamed fish [sea]

5, the practice of [Cod]

6, [practice] sweet and sour fish

7, [stewed fish practice]

8, [practice] pickled fish

9, [practice] pepper fish

10, the practice of fish [Scallion]
11, [[practice] sweet and sour crispy fish

12, the practice of [fish head]

13, the practice of the fish [wood]
14, [practice] squirrel mandarin fish

15, [啤酒鱼 practice]

16, [the practice of mandarin fish date]

1, the practice of [saliva]

fish raw material: a flower silver carp, two spoons of starch, about half of the two deep-fried peanuts, cooked white sesame two spoons, a small piece of ginger , a garlic, shallot five, two spoons of lobster sauce, three tablespoons of cooking wine, soy sauce, two spoons, a tablespoon of vinegar, a spoonful of sugar, chili marked one or two, two spoons of pepper oil, salt, monosodium glutamate amount, sesame oil one tablespoon.

1, Wash the fish pieces into pieces, salt, cooking wine marinate a few minutes, add water, mix code starch flavor, chop the crushed fried peanuts, chopped lobster sauce, onions, garlic, ginger finely chopped.

2, pot heat the oil till the Liucheng, into tempeh, ginger, garlic flavor Stir.

3, in a large bowl add salt, MSG, sugar, soy sauce, vinegar, ginger and garlic roasted lobster sauce, oil pepper, pepper oil, sesame oil, stir fried and turned into peanut sauce .

4, set each on a pan put the oil burning Zhisi Cheng hot, add fish fry slip loose.

5, remove and drain the oil into a bowl after.

6, topped with sauce, then sprinkle with cooked sesame seeds, chopped green onions and serve.

7, mix well

2, the practice] [boiled fish


1. buy carp fish, cut into fillets.

2. to fish sizing (salt, monosodium glutamate, onion, ginger, wine, pepper, or if you prefer, you can put five-spice powder or other flavor you prefer)

3. a little water to a boil, add fish boiled (to 80%), immediately remove. Parts pot, water will not.

4. will be a lot of (large) Heat the oil, add some red pepper and pepper (to taste depending on individual set) until the color a little black pepper in the pan when the oil poured on the fish above.

5. at the hotel to eat boiled fish fillet underneath there is often a lot of yellow bean sprouts. Fish shop but only the top layer of the bean sprouts. While he ate at home, then you can avoid the bean sprouts.

6. doused with oil just go, because the oil temperature is high, be careful not to splash out hot oil to your own, so the water containers and utensils must be cooked the fish bigger.


bean sprouts, ginger, or your favorite vegetables (a large, beat Songqie piece), garlic (one, a little film you can, do not cut), onion amount, watercress (or chop pepper), pepper, red pepper, chili powder, salt, monosodium glutamate, pepper, cooking wine, soy sauce, vinegar and a little oil and it takes another: cornstarch, cooking wine, salt, protein, a

1, a good wash to kill the fish, chop off the head and tail, slice into the fish, and chop the remaining fish pieces. The fish with a little salt, cooking wine, soy protein powder and a grasping uniform, marinate 15 minutes. Fish head and tail and the other plate, the same way pickled)

2, boil a pot of water, the bean sprouts washed, placed in boiling water in the hot, fishing into the big tub, the sprinkle a little salt to taste, reserve.

3, in a clean frying pan add the oil three times the usual cooking, heat oil, add three tablespoons of Douban (or chop fried) until fragrant, add ginger, garlic, onions, peppercorns , chili powder and red pepper stir fry medium heat. Joined end to end and after a taste of fish, turn the fire, turn absorbed, add cooking wine and soy sauce, pepper, sugar amount, continue to stir fry a while, add some hot water, but salt and monosodium glutamate seasoning (to try the salty ). Until the water is to keep the fire, put a piece of the fish with chopsticks aside powder, 3 to 5 minutes off the heat. And all the cooked fish soup into the large bowl of bean sprouts just filled.

4, the other to take a clean pan, pour half a catty oil (oil depends on the specific size of the container ready to pour in large bowl when all the fish and bean sprouts submerged subject, what can be visually ). Until the oil heat, turn off the heat before air it. Then add lots of pepper and dried chili (see the individual addicted to spicy level), low heat and slowly fry pepper and chili flavor. Focus on the fire is not too large, so as not to fry paste.

5, peppers change color quickly, immediately turn off the heat, the pot of chili oil and pepper together in large bowl poured the fish, careful hot!! eat!!


1, cooked the fish's water is not appropriate to put fish, has just been flooded can be. After cooked into the pot, some fish will be exposed on the outside.

2, cooked the fish and chili pepper before some of the first fried, the cooking time, you can fully extract the red pigment in red pepper, oil color to bright red.

3, pickled fish, people should not put too much salt, will be salty, but also undermine the delicious fish.

4, I think, pepper and chili are fragrant, they still have to fry and then poured the oil better.


carp, pepper noodles, pepper, red pepper, red pepper (cut into small pieces about 2 cm), sugar, salt, monosodium glutamate, bean sprouts, salad oil (preferably not peanut oil), wine knife (sharp knife), pot (iron), pots (deep basin)

1, clean the fish, pay attention to the inner wall of the fish belly black film must go to clean, and then at the end slice open the fish a profile for the two, the fish bone out, starting from the tail piece of the child, the big fish and thin is the best.

2, the film good fish add some salt, pepper noodles, red pepper, mix well. In order to provide fresh, add a little sugar and MSG, plus a small amount of wine (preferably rice wine), marinated for 20 to 30 minutes.

3, the washed bean sprouts washed in boiling water over about, picked up the spare.

4, the pot put a lot of oil (LD looked good distressed), 9 into the heat until the oil, add the marinated fish head first, after Zhashu into the basin filled with bean sprouts, and then Then, in the amount of fish into the pan, slide open to fishing after the basin filled with bean sprouts, all the fish until smooth finish.

5, 8 and deep fry the pepper into the pot when mature, into the pepper section of children, deep red and deep fry until the pepper, the oil down the entire pot filled with bean sprouts and fish to the pot , lost all the kitchen filled up on the smell of boiled fish, complete.

(d) of boiled fish, the most simple way!

1. carp cleaned, sliced ​​children. I cut thin enough, but also can be friends.

2. fillets with salt, tasty, not salty good eat!

3. make water, cooked the fish pieces to the cooked fish so far, not too old Yeah, about three minutes to it.

4. the other with a pot, making oil, many, many oil, must be able to fish it all soaked into.

5. Prepare a large pan, which put onion, ginger, garlic, bean sprouts, etc. Good copy.

6. to the cooked fish on the bowl, and finally brought into the chili from the restaurant, pour hot oil.

3, [practice]

fried fish most commonly used materials: tilapia, garlic, ginger, garlic. Cleaning the fish, add the garlic in the belly of the two, (garlic to shoot open). Stir the pan, add a little ginger, garlic. After finishing a good clean copy fragrant fish into the pot. Not too little attention to the oil, fish pot after the fire must be busy. Burst into the skin golden brown, then there is fragrance wafting. At this time, the fish with the push to the side of the pot, you can see the bottom of the pot still a little oil, chopped garlic Wash the stems down to stir the pot several times, then push to the fish and garlic together, Add salt, MSG, shoot a good number of garlic, add a little soy sauce, stir a few times, add water to cook ravioli (be careful not to add too much water, the fire is not too busy). Wait until the soup thickens, add a little garlic tail. In the light before you can stir a pot.

4, the practice of steamed fish [sea]

fish, 1, 25 g mushrooms 25 g ginger, rice wine 15 grams, sugar, salt, monosodium glutamate, bamboo shoots , cooked ham, sesame oil amount, pepper ① scraping scales to the fish gills, oral wash; ② the fish into the field plate onions, ginger, mushrooms, bamboo shoots, ham, together with rice wine, sugar , salt, monosodium glutamate, pepper, mixing with the body on the mandarin stir-steam on the cage for about 15 minutes, appeared, topped with sesame oil to

5, the practice of [Cod]

first approach: cod peeled and cut into small pieces changed, salt, white pepper, lemon mix. Brush butter on the steak, the oven, bake at 180 degrees Celsius temperature for 20 minutes, removed, with the fire, until there are golden brown. Features: cod is a deep-sea fish, high nutritional value and taste fresh, no thorns, delicious butter.

second approach: 1, from a supermarket bought chunks of Cod Fish, wash stand. 2, to stab the steak peeled, cut into one inch square chunks. Pour the juice leaking. Add an egg, a little starch. And according to their own taste by adding a variety of spices, I usually put soy sauce, vinegar, cooking wine, salt and allspice. Stir well, set aside 5-10 minutes to allow the full tasty fish, you can fry up. 4, I generally use olive oil to frying, color is beautiful. Jianhao fish outside the focus in the tender, mouth. When you can eat with salt and pepper or your favorite dip and other condiments. Try it, when the fish eat your mouth, you must also send Delightful sigh!

third approach: 1, raw: silver snow fish, yams, green peppers, onions, ginger; 2, spices: Lee Kum Kee chicken powder, cooking wine, salad oil, salt, broth, cornstarch; Method: 1. Peel the yam into pellets, cod and cut fine, green, red pepper diced. 2 pan put the oil pan, the next onion, ginger saute, then add cod, yams, green, red pepper, seasoning with stir-fry until cooked, thicken pan; 4 characteristics: color, white, light and refreshing have fill the stomach, lung and kidney benefit effect.

6, [practice] sweet and sour fish, fish species available

carp, grass carp, blackfish and so on.

very particular about Daogong sweet and sour fish, sweet and sour fish, just to play the family to do the deep knife, to open Jidao can, and should not be too particular about the knife.

a good knife fish with wine and home spices (salt, monosodium glutamate, pepper) sauce, then wash hydroplaning clean, still maintain the flavor of fish, the water drain, put the pan fried , fried until crisp up.

relatively large amount of oil, or fried fish is easy to fall apart. Then use the tomato sauce and white vinegar, sugar, with a small amount of salt, thicken sauce, pour in the fried fish.

a fragrant, bright red sweet and sour fish can serve. Sweet and sour fish taste is sweet with a characteristic sour, tasteless fish, hook juice rich, no longer have the taste of fish.

7, braised fish []

general approach can be used to roast more varieties of fish, like carp, grass carp, crucian carp, tilapia can be.

the slaughter took a clean knife to fight the fish.

braised fish of the blade is vertical cut, the fish was massive. Fry in the pan first, do not amount too much oil.

and then to the pot to the soup (chicken soup or pork chops soup) seasoning, then add soy sauce.

other pot temperature rose up, adding a small amount of vinegar (vinegar is very important, essential not only play a role in softening of fish bone, as well as the efficacy of fishy).

burn time is generally about five minutes. After burning, the pot of soup is only part of the concentrated juice, the color was dark red, because the process of stew, braised fish, so the more tasty and sour.

braised fish is tender and melt characteristics of taste, rich, suitable for any crowd.

8, [practice] pickled fish

Sichuan's famous dish. It is on the soup together, Generally with green grass carp fish species, grass carp, fat top.

Wash the fish, boneless, sliced, and salt, MSG will fillet marinated, then corn starch sizing. Then wash the sauerkraut. (Note: there is a large supermarket selling pickled cabbage).

pan put a small amount of oil, fry ginger, garlic, fried and then put the sauerkraut, add broth. First cabbage cook for two minutes, to taste fine, and then the fish into the pan, boil two minutes or cooked.

taste like to eat Sichuan Ma's friends can also put some pepper into it.

9, [practice] pepper fish

materials: meat, fish (carp, grass carp, carp, only fish), mushroom (lettuce piece) amount, dry pepper, pepper

1, pickled fish: the fish, cut into thin slices, salt, soy sauce, chicken, starch and egg, mix well and marinate for 15-30 minutes.

2, expected to do at the end: the mushroom (lettuce pieces) boiled, remove and put the soup (fish, large pots) inside.

3, hot fish: into the home in broth, salt, ginger, chicken seasoning. Until the soup boiling, add the marinated fish. Nine mature soup has been poured into a mushroom pad (lettuce piece) of soup inside.

4, do the flavoring: put the oil wok, add a little on the dry hot pepper, toss (not drag, or dried pepper black, color is not good), then add pepper, the same toss (not drag, or pepper is easy to become bitter, taste bad).

5, pot: the flavor into the fish feed on. To the table.

features: fresh fish, mouth, fragrant linen and spicy!

10, [practice] Scallion

fish a perch about a pound more than you can, wash clean and peel; ginger, peeled and cut into several pieces; onion, finely chopped , semi-saucer; soy sauce, rice wine, vinegar, soy sauce, salt, monosodium glutamate

second step, steamed sea bass body parallel to the first cut in the number of knives, not too deep, turn over also cut the rice wine, salt, MSG even put on the fish, the fish lying in the opening squeezed ginger plate to put the pot steaming pot of water, not too much, about 20-30 minutes, the amount of

third step, refueling; prominent when the fish eye is almost boiling. At this time the pot, plate will be some juice, drained some, sprinkle green onions, add soy sauce, vinegar and remaining water drained into the pot, from the hot oil, oil and gas rise of the oil evenly pour in the fish.

11, [practice] sweet and sour crispy fish, fresh fish

1000 grams, 70 grams of vegetable oil, soy sauce, 45 ml, 20 ml wine vinegar 50 ml, 2.5 pepper grams, 6 grams of salt, MSG 2 grams of sugar 100 grams, onion 10 grams, ginger 5 grams rice, garlic 15 g, starch 15 grams.

1. the fish to the scales, gills, carcass wash, peony knife labeled on both sides, with onions, ginger (Crush), salt, cooking wine, pepper, salt tasty pick in addition to onions, ginger , water, starch, a good shot.

2. 7 into a hot burning oil, fish Zhashu pot, remove. Heat until the oil to 80% when the complex and deep fry the fish crisp plate.

3. pot stay in base oil, the next green onion, ginger rice, garlic, soy sauce, salt, cooking wine, pepper, monosodium glutamate, sugar, vinegar, until the sauce thicken when open, into the boiling oil, the juice pouring Serve the fish evenly.

features: red and gold, crisp outside, tender, sweet and salty.

12, [practice]

fish head fresh fat head (also known as male, bullhead) head a Special Note: the head must be fresh, place in the refrigerator too long. Fine chopped hot pepper, ginger, monosodium glutamate (or chicken), edible oil, steamed fish soy sauce, soy sauce

1, will head cut open, to the gills wash, drain into the dish.

2, fine chopped hot pepper evenly spread on the surface of the head (can decide how much flavor).

3, adding small ginger, salt (small amount, because there are great Duojiao salt), MSG, soy sauce steamed fish, cooking oil and a small amount of water.

4, will be filled into the cold fish dish in the steamer (avoid high-pressure, hot pan), raging fire, steaming after a big steam 8-10 minutes.

5, pot, pour a tablespoon of soy sauce, dotted with small onion can.

13, [practice] the fish hot pot

fresh grass carp 1 (about 1500 grams) or flowers of silver carp (2000 grams), the pot bottom material 300 g, Pi Douban 200 grams, the end of pickled pepper, 250 grams, 150 grams foam ginger, dried chili section 15 grams, the end of lobster sauce 35 grams, 30 grams ginger pieces, soak sauerkraut 100 grams, 4 grams pepper, garlic 30 grams, onion section 100 grams, crisp beans 40 grams, chicken 20 grams, monosodium glutamate 15 g, white wine 25 grams, the amount of salt, sugar 8 grams, 100 grams cooking wine (or beer bottle), dry fine flour 60 grams, 800 grams of salad oil.

1, after the government killed the fish net, tick the next two net meat, picked off the abdominal spines, oblique blade with a thickness of 2 cm cut into tile-shaped large; fish bones cut into chunks, fish head split into 4-6 pieces, add a little salt, white wine yards taste a few minutes, washed with water to the fish fillets on the bloody mucus, then stick thin uniform dry flour. Hot pickled cabbage cut into thin slices, onion cut into 6 cm segments.

2, set each on a pot, pour hot oil till the Liucheng, first under the garlic, pepper until fragrant, then the next Pixian, hot pepper, hot ginger, lobster puree, ginger pieces saute, then the fish bones, fish were placed in the pot; be solidified forming the surface of fish, add water 1500 g speed, then add cooking wine, pot bottom material, dry chili festival, chicken, monosodium glutamate, salt, sugar , onions and other spices section, into the pot pot pot, and finally thrown into the crisp beans and serve. Fish oil with a dry dish Zhan Shi. Dried red pepper oil with a dry dish, cooked white sesame seeds, crisp pieces of broken flower-jen, monosodium glutamate, a small green onion, coriander, hot pot soup to blend.

red silver carp, tomatoes, sweet potato flour, salt, soy sauce, sesame oil

1, preliminary work: red silver carp and cut into sections (preferably 3 cm wide, 7 cm long, do not cut too short Otherwise, fish bone thin and long) washed, placed in a bowl with soy sauce marinade tasty. Soak for at least half an hour, during which to flip several times, so that full access to fish sauce.

2, when the cook: Wash tomatoes, cut into pieces.

3, first put a little oil, add a little salt and fry tomatoes look. Then placed in water, so it boil. (Some people think red silver carp and more fishy, ​​you can add ginger.)

4, when the water in the other, put some sweet potato flour in a bowl, add a little water, to melt, into a paste like. Fully addicted to the steak sweet potato powder. (Sweet potato-based powder is very easy, so be sure to add water little by little, do not look at adding a lot of water.)

5, open water, the fish piece by piece into the pot, flip, and, if necessary add a little salt. Up to three minutes, you can install the pot.

6, add a little sesame oil, taste more delicious.

13, the practice of the fish [wood]

fresh fish, 200 grams, 75 grams water, mushrooms, bamboo shoots 50 grams of cooked ham 25 grams, the amount of garlic leaves, fresh ginger 25 g, lard 50 grams of cooking wine 25 grams, chicken fat 25 grams, 50 grams of water, starch, pepper, salt, monosodium glutamate, chicken broth, ginger juice and the amount.

1. meat, cut into 3 cm long thick wire, add cooking wine, ginger juice, salt, monosodium glutamate salt tasty;

2. mushrooms, bamboo shoots, ham, ginger cut filaments are ;

3. with the ginger garlic leaves, silk ham, mushrooms, fishing line tied together, divided into 24 bundles;

4. a knife to cut the two, neat rows of into a bowl, add chicken broth, salt, monosodium glutamate, ginger juice, lard, cooking wine, pepper steamed on Ti, neat yards, the fish head, fish tail boiled water is good, reset;

5 . steamed fish net ingredient filter, into the pot boil, water, starch, starch, pour in the fish oil were poured on top.

Features: juicy and delicate, delicious taste Cuisine: Hunan

14, [practice] squirrel mandarin fish

wine 2 mandarin fish 200 g sub-Nixon 10 g pepper tomato sauce 10 g vegetable oil 500 g wet starch 40 grams (actual consumption of 50 grams) salt amount of vinegar 15 g

1. The mandarin fish to the scales, gills, fins, internal organs, remove the head of the leather, wash, the head Zhanxia, ​​spread out, shoot flat. Fish knife to cut off the back of the fish bone (do not cut the belly of the break), leaving about 1 in the rain at the tail of the spine. After the mandarin fish boneless, skin down spread out, with oblique knife cut flowers knife, meat knife depth of 4 / 5, do not cut broken skin, open a port in the tail, pull the tail from the edge.

2. Sprinkle the fish salt, pepper, wine, wet starch (small) smooth evenly.

3. Frying pan get angry, and pour into hot vegetable oil, heat the oil to the Seventy to mandarin fish dipped in a little starch, put the pan fried in a few minutes, then head dipped starch into the pan fried, deep fry golden brown remove and will take up a knife placed in the fish side dish, and put on the head.

4. In the pine nuts on the pan until cooked, remove and put in small bowl. 5. Leave a little oil in wok, add a little broth, add salt, sugar, tomato sauce, vinegar, after boiling, thicken with wet starch, add a little hot oil evenly, pour in the fish on the pan, sprinkle with pine nuts that is available.

15, [practice]

啤酒鱼 fish (tender meat is better) Accessories: green peppers, tomatoes; salt, cooking wine, peanut oil, beer, soy sauce, soy sauce, oyster sauce, ginger, chicken powder, MSG

1, will wash the internal organs of fish, tomatoes, green peppers, cut into pieces;

2, wok, pour hot oily After the fish fry place;

3, sit wok, pour oil into the Jianhao fish, add onion, ginger, green peppers, beer, oyster sauce, cooking wine, soy sauce, chicken, salt , chicken stew for 5 minutes the fire, boil after adding tomatoes, sesame oil.

16, [practice] mandarin fish

date net fish 200 grams. Ingredients: Rape leaves 150 grams. Cooking wine 10 grams of salt 1 g, 3 egg, dry corn flour 20 grams, a little flour, a little red yeast powder, peanut oil 500 grams (about consumption of 30 grams).

1. the net thickness of fish pieces into 3 slices, cut into 1-inch wide rectangular bar 3, in a bowl, add wine, salt, a little different, marinate for 5 minutes. Rape leaves washed with water, cut into filaments.

2. the egg into the dish, with chopsticks taken out was white foam, then add corn flour, mix into the flour Korea, divided in two bowls, one bowl add red yeast powder, mix red.

3. sit stir the pot, into 250 grams of peanut oil, till the Qicheng hot wire down into the rape, when the fish into pieces crimson Absolute control, scattered in the disc.

4. sit stir the pot, into 500 grams of peanut oil, burning Zhi Sicheng hot, dip the fish of the first layer of flour, and then divided into two: a full-Korea paste wrapped with warm oil into the pan, stir Zhashu remove and control absolutes; to another full of fish sticks wrapped with red yeast powder Korea paste into the song with a warm frying pan cooked, remove and control oil purifier, rape in the disc loose on both sides of the above sub-code the red and white fish sticks, fish, dates Serve duck shape.

blessed forever -

always wake up before I believe is eternal -

there is a feeling of total loss in the parting understand after -


Whether or right close to a bright horizon is always -



end to casual -




There is a fate

sincere forever -

No matter how time stretches to


one thousand cranes for you to worry away from you -

lonely when you're staring at the night sky's brightest stars sinking -


Salon is the most perfect with those friends is the most intimate understanding -

meteor to fly I do not know how long it is worthwhile to pursue -

have a feeling that when the recognition is always sleep Acacia -

dream actually shallow things are natural -

No matter how things change so

and eternal worth as star-like life, I used to keep -

lonely looking sky when you are the flower clouds recently -

cherry able to open I do not know how long it is worthwhile waiting -

spare time walking in the forest that you are rubbing shoulders green leaves -

also sweet when you actually tear the heart to do so -


fate met the most precious thoughts is the most beautiful feeling -

fall asleep when you are tired of that part of the most beautiful dream -


fact, even the sea shore on this side is not wide -

do not know how good you are neither pain nor trouble -

one thousand roses to give you want you to love yourself -

one thousand times for you to find you a good mood -

If you always wet tears on my face -

cardiac care is the most sincere greetings to the most beautiful language -

you are my best friends in life -

but I know my friendship to you as beautiful as the cherry blossoms -

have a look at the break after the total is believed to be nostalgic - -

If you are always bitter grief my heart -

one thousand Lucky for you so good luck around you -

understanding always -

know you better pain would rather prefer to worry -

Whether happy or sad to

In fact, the skies are blue and clouds

matter how far apart we wish you happy every day -

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Ctrl + - Zoom
Ctrl + left-mouse moving images Tools
space bar + mouse, left-hand tool
Tab to hide, display control panel
Esc to cancel
F1 help
toolbox (a shortcut to a variety of tools that can be shared simultaneously by [ ],[; Move tool [V]
lasso, polygonal lasso, magnetic lasso [L] [W
Magic Wand
gun tool] [J] [B] Brush tool

like leather seal, pattern Stamp [S]
history brush tool [Y]
like eraser tool [E]
; pencil, straight line tool [N]
Blur, Sharpen, Smudge Tool [R]
Dodge, Burn, Sponge tool [O ]
pen, free pens, magnetic pens [P]
Add Anchor Point tool [+]
; Delete Anchor Point Tool [-]
direct selection tool [A]
text, text mask, vertical text, vertical text Mongolia board [T] [U]
measurement tools
linear gradient, radial gradient, the symmetric gradient, gradient angle, diamond gradient [G] Paint Bucket Tool [K]
straw, the color sampler tool [I] [Hand
],[foreground and background colors [X]
switch standard mode and Quick Mask mode [Q]
standard screen mode with menu bar full-screen mode, full screen mode [F]
temporary use of mobile tools
temporary use [Ctrl] [Alt] suck
color tools temporary use of the hand tool [space]
open the tool options panel [Enter]
fast input tools option (the current tool options panel can be adjusted at least one number) [0] to [9]
cycle through the brush [[] or []]
; select the first brush [Shift] + [[]
select the last brush [Shift] + []]
establish the new gradient (in the ],[[O]
open to ... [Ctrl] + [Alt] + [O]
close the current image [Ctrl] + [W
save the current image] [Ctrl] + [S]
Save As ... [Ctrl] + [Shift] + [S]
stored copy of the [Ctrl] + [Alt] + [S]
page setup [Ctrl] + [Shift] + [P] print [Ctrl] + [P]
open the ; display the last show of the [Ctrl] + [1]
set + [4]
set line and the grid
] + [7] set editing
Undo / Redo step before the [Ctrl] + [Z]
restore more than two-step operation [Ctrl] + [Alt] + [Z]
redo more than two-step operation [Ctrl] + [Shift] + [Z]
selected image or the path cut [Ctrl] + [X] or [F2] to select an image or copy
path [Ctrl] + [C] [Ctrl
Copy Merged ] + [Shift] + [C]
sticky contents of the clipboard into the current drawing [Ctrl] + [V] or [F4]
stick to the contents of the clipboard box in [Ctrl] + [Shift] + [V]
Free Transform [Ctrl] + [T]
application of free transform (in the free transform mode) [Enter]
point from the center or the symmetry transformation (in the free transform mode) [Alt]
limit (in the free transform mode) [Shift]
distortion (in the free transform mode) [Ctrl]
cancel the distortion (in the free transform mode) [Esc]
free copy of the pixel data conversion [Ctrl] + [Shift] + [T]
once again transform the pixel data and copying a copy of the [Ctrl] + [Shift] + [Alt] + [T]
box in the pattern or delete the selected path [ ],[Fill the selected area with the foreground color or the entire layer [Alt] + [BackSpace] or [Alt] + [Del]
fill from the history [Alt] + [Ctrl] + [Backspace]
image adjustment
; adjust levels [Ctrl] + [L]
automatically adjust levels [Ctrl] + [Shift] + [L]
open curve Adjustment dialog box [Ctrl] + [M]
the selected channel to add a new point on the curve ('Curve' dialog box) in the image in the [Ctrl] plus click in the composite curve outside of all add a new point on the curve ('Curve' dialog box) [Ctrl] + [Shift] plus Click

move the selected point ('Curves' dialog box) [↑] / [↓] / [←] / [→]
to 10-point increments to move the selected point increase to 10 points ('Curves' dialog box) [Shift] + [Arrow]
select multiple control points ('Curves' dialog in) [Shift] plus Click
forward control point ('Curves' dialog box) [Ctrl] + [Tab]
backward control point ('Curve' dialog box) [Ctrl] + [Shift] + [Tab]
add new point ('Curve' dialog box) click on the grid Delete point ('Curve' dialog box) [Ctrl] plus point by point
deselect all points on the selected channel ('Curve' dialogue box) [Ctrl] + [D]
the curve mesh finer or more coarse ('Curves' dialog box) [Alt] plus point by grid
Select the color channel ('Curves' dialog box) [Ctrl] + [~]
Select color channel ('Curves' dialog box) [Ctrl] + [number]
open the ],[Adjust the red (in the Hue / Saturation ],[Hue / Saturation br> just adjust the magenta (in the Hue / Saturation
U]] + [Ctrl] + [RP [I]
layer operations

From the dialog box to create a new layer [Ctrl] + [Shift] + [N]
to the default option to create a new layer [Ctrl] + [Alt] + [Shift] + [N]
by copying a layer [Ctrl] + [J]
by cutting a layer [Ctrl] + [Shift] + [J]
grouped with the previous layer [Ctrl] + [G] [Ctrl
Ungroup ] + [Shift] + [G]
merge or merge join layers down [Ctrl] + [E]
Merge Visible [Ctrl] + [Shift] + [E]
seal or stamp link layer [Ctrl] + [Alt] + [E]
stamp visible layer [Ctrl] + [Alt] + [Shift] + [E]
layer of the current layer down [Ctrl] + [[]
Bring on the current layer [Ctrl] + []]
the current layer to the bottom [Ctrl] + [Shift] + [[ ,],[[Alt] + [[]
activation on a layer [Alt] + []]
activate the bottom layer [Shift] + [ ],[(The current tools for the non-numeric parameters, such as mobile tools) [0] to [9]
retain the current layer of transparent areas (switch) [/]
projection (in the [Ctrl] + [2]
outer glow effect (in the effect (in the > apply the currently selected effect and bring the adjustable parameters (in the
cycle through mixed-mode [Alt] + [-] or [+]
normal [Ctrl] + [Alt] + [N] threshold (bitmap mode) [Ctrl] + [Alt] + [L]
dissolved [Ctrl] + [Alt] + [I ]
behind [Ctrl] + [Alt] + [Q]
clear [Ctrl] + [Alt] + [R]
Multiply [Ctrl] + [Alt] + [M]
screen [Ctrl] + [Alt] + [S]
superimposed [Ctrl] + [Alt] + [O]
soft [Ctrl] + [Alt] + [F]
; light [Ctrl] + [Alt] + [H]
Color Dodge [Ctrl] + [Alt] + [D]
Color Burn [Ctrl] + [Alt] + [B]
dim [Ctrl] + [Alt] + [K]
brighten [Ctrl] + [Alt] + [G]
difference [Ctrl] + [Alt] + [E] [
exclude ],[[Alt] + [T]
color [Ctrl] + [Alt] + [C]
luminosity [Ctrl] + [Alt] + [Y]
to color sponge tool + [Ctrl] + [Alt] + [J]
add color sponge tool Ctrl + [ ] + [Alt] + [A] reduction in light dark
/ Burn tool + [Ctrl] + [Alt] + [W]
intermediate reduced light / Burn tool + [Ctrl] + [Alt] + [V]
High Light Dodge / Burn tool + [Ctrl] + [Alt] + [Z] select
Select All [Ctrl] + [A]
deselect [Ctrl] + [D ]
re-select [Ctrl] + [Shift] + [D]
Feather selection [Ctrl] + [Alt] + [D] Invert [Ctrl] + [Shift] + [I]
path variable selection of the numeric keypad [Enter]
; Load Selection [Ctrl] + click the layer, path, channel panel filter
shrink about Figure
by the last argument to do it again the last filter [Ctrl] + [F]
receded last made the effect of the filter [Ctrl] + [Shift] + [F ]
repeat the last filter made (adjustable parameters) [Ctrl] + [Alt] + [F]
selection tool ( In the tool (in the trackball (the ; view action
display color channel [Ctrl] + [~]
display color channel [Ctrl] + [ ],[Open / Close Gamut Warning [Ctrl] + [Shift] + [Y]
enlarged view [Ctrl] + [+]
narrow view [Ctrl] + [-]
full canvas shows [Ctrl] + [0] [
actual pixel display ],[br> scroll one screen to the left [Ctrl] + [PageUp]
Scroll right one screen [Ctrl] + [PageDown]
Scroll up 10 units [Shift] + [PageUp]
scroll down to 10 units [Shift] + [PageDown]
; scroll 10 units left [Shift] + [Ctrl] + [PageUp]
scroll to the right 10 units [Shift] + [Ctrl] + [PageDown] to move the view
upper left to move the view to the lower right corner [End]
; show / hide selected area [Ctrl] + [H]
show / hide the path [Ctrl] + [Shift] + [H]
Show / Hide Rulers [Ctrl] + [R]
Show / Hide Guides [Ctrl] + [;]
display / hide the grid [Ctrl] + [']
Snap Guides [Ctrl] + [Shift] + [;]
locking to the reference line [Ctrl] + [Alt] + [;]
snapping grid [Ctrl] + [Shift] + [']
display / hide ],[; show / hide all panels [TAB] command to show or hide the toolbox other than
all palette [Shift] + [TAB]
; word processing (in the > align [Ctrl] + [Shift] + [C]
right-aligned or bottom-aligned [Ctrl] + [Shift] + [ ],[] + [↑] / [↓] to select all characters
[Ctrl] + [A]
Select from the insertion point to mouse click point [Shift] plus the characters click
left / right one character [←] / [→]
down / move 1 line [ ],[2-point decrease text size pixel [Ctrl] + [Shift] + [ the selected text increase text size 2-point pixel [Ctrl] + [ ],[will increase the size of the selected text text 10:00 pixel [Ctrl] + [Alt] + [Shift] + [>]
The spacing reduce the 2-point pixel [Alt] + [↓]
will increase the 2-point pixel spacing [Alt] + [↑]
reduce the baseline shift 2:00 pixels [Shift] + [Alt] + [↓]
will increase baseline shift 2:00 pixels [Shift] + [Alt] + [↑]
The kerning kerning or reduce 20/1000ems [Alt] + [←]
The kerning kerning or increase 20/1000ems [Alt] + [→]
The kerning kerning or reduce 100/1000ems [Ctrl] + [Alt] + [←]
; the kerning kerning or add 100/1000ems [Ctrl] + [Alt] + [→]

teach you how to wash down jacket
Began the season wearing a down jacket, down jacket a lot of friends to worry about cleaning, washing down jacket recipe described the coup:
Down counted is essential clothes at home, cleaning up is not always easy, If properly cleaned, there may be damage to clothes, and did I will have ugly white stains exist, no matter how dry wash always have such a situation, a lot of sisters who would choose a dry cleaning, we can look down jacket standard washing, dry cleaning generally is not, warm clothing may be influential, and now I am here to teach you a way that he can be easily completed at home, cleaning down jacket, and there is no white stains Oh, now ready to record the Ha:
1. first of all to prepare a pot of warm water, and the temperature of your hands can almost, not too hot, and placed in the water the right amount of detergent.
2. Down on the inside to soak for 10 minutes after cleaning, be careful not to rub the clothes by hand, dirty place, or do not have to use a soft toothbrush to brush washing can, focusing the Ministry of places that are dirty and do not brush under the

3. brush clean after time not to tighten the screw to squeeze the water twist, along the can down the backlog, the first had finished with water again
4. and then washed 2 times the first time, now is the time for tips, drops of vinegar in the water, home The vinegar can be consumed, the amount of cooking almost normal, and Down on the inside to soak for 5-10 minutes, roughly the rub, in the air when the note must not twist twist twist to the same water, along the lines hands facing the squeeze can, hang dry
5. and must not be placed below the sun drying, ventilated place you can, dry, and sisters will find clothes very flat, not fluffy, Oh, now and then to teach a little trick, take the clothes down on the bed, with a large area of ​​clothes hangers beat, everywhere should beat, and soon you will find that Down clean and restore the original appearance, and there is no smell and the unsightly white stains Oh!

Honey, I want to tell you a lot of beautiful sisters, we walk on the road, we must learn to let go of their very fine.

number of your clothes closet can be small, like not very pretty, is not famous, but must have good texture. Can not wear jewelry, or on
great texture, or it is very characteristic. Makeup can be, so, if the technology, then, it must be dignified and gentle, remember not to put herself dirty seventy-eight worse, beyond recognition.

you beautiful is your capital, but not to show off, and beautiful can not eat, you have to learn their own based on the community, to maintain economic independence, do not think to rely on others, remember love yourself, let yourself stronger, you can appeal.

remember, go out, bring your wallet, I remember rushing to pay. Do not think that men spend the money for granted, only you use your own is the most comfortable, provided that you must learn to economic independence and self-reliance.

you love love a man, but he did not remember all of you, you love to stay a part of yourself, do not be led by the nose of any person, you is not no need of his servant obedience to men, but you must be considerate.

If you fell in love with a man, you have to remember to gently love him, do not always vexatious, capricious extreme. Men are also very fragile, he more often also need your care, like a baby if he will self-willed, tweak his nose, holding Hong Hong, even if he shamelessly skin, learn to gently like a mother to him, You know it is because his heart was warm, he also needs to rely on, it was his greatest trust in you.

If a man loves you, his eyes shining, his spirits because of love, always with you if he is depressed, then think about what you are not conflicts between, If not, then please leave him, he only reluctantly perfunctory you.

remember to learn to say sorry, you can feel that they are the glory, but to learn to admit and bow.

If you are single, please do not sigh, you just waiting for him on the road, you will come to him, to have confidence in ourselves, full of happiness waiting. Do not self-esteem, to believe in yourself, before he came to learn so that they are beautiful. You do not feel all around together, and find themselves just one Well, it really is irresponsible on their own.

If you are single, remember not to go home late at night, if a person lives, safety is first. To learn self-protection, self-defense.

If you have a lot of time to learn the harvest, much larger than you see those soap operas and go shopping, remember, no one likes to girls, do not feel impatient, I believe that knowledge will make you are very elegant.

to learn to filter, filter your thoughts, your circle of friends filtered, you filter your weaknesses, learn to make their very clean and very comfortable to show in this wonderful community, learn to calm, very calm, than your looks more people like.

Even if you furious, it must be stable in a lot of time to learn and not chaos, not to hand herself panic panic feet, mess, and learn cool thing is located. If you're temper is slow, then learn it is a piece of land of thinking and learn to do things efficiently and on it, learn to walk is usually is get rid of the habit of walking on it, if you are anything Zuohuaibuluan, then is a very troublesome thing.

remember keep time, remember that keeping promises, to develop good habits that will make your life more depth.

believe in yourself and learn not to feel inferior, I believe he will give himself to create a better life, learn to rely on their own, creating their own happiness.

other people's men do not easily touch, unless you love love him, or he really worthy of your love.

night, I know you will be very afraid, you can hold your Big Bear, pick up your favorite pillow, his head buried in, the kind of security is also very warm, and tell myself, everything are good, bright day soon.

broke up, cry, do not try again and good, hard round mirror broken, even if the round has not hurt the record in addition to touch, unless we really cure my drink to forget yesterday, good sleep a few days, a few days can make their own decadence, but must not allow themselves to mold, I want you to use the time to think and forget a few days, then move forward with ease and begin again.

If you fall in love with a man, then you do not have to be very passive, waiting for him to come to you, the opportunity to grasp, this is not the same words can be used in love, to know that there is no missing the.

to learn to understand him, love him to believe he is the best and support him, at ease with him, and on with him, you have to learn to make their own satisfaction, and peace of mind, do not turn off His betrayal, the last is that you lose badly. The vulnerability of men, need only the most pure love, though he rarely lips love, but he did not carefully bit by bit you realize?

all listen to his advice, you have to be very stubborn as to think he is right, in fact, his views are often very real and practical, often it is the best shortcut.

remember to keep a good sleep, smooth skin young and beautiful woman is the most obvious, when you are holding a lot of snacks when eating habits, take a look at his waist, is still very slim, remember good body and mouth of the thrift has a lot Oh.

do not feel good is a brand of cosmetics or expensive, keep in mind is the best for you.

you can follow the latest fashions, but to learn to keep their demeanor that some, not 30 years old, but also to non-mainstream, as is a very funny thing.
learn shallow laugh at any time; anger makes you ugly, when someone offends you, remember to hit back at him with your wisdom, do not curse, even if you are very angry, but also learn very beautiful, but mean people do not hesitate, do not use dirty can.

you can grumble, but do not remember too much, and the rest to digest their own emotions, I do not want to see you and Xianglinsao like to become sad.

remember learn responsibility, whether it is work or love, remember, your responsibility is very important.

you stupid, but remember that good quality is a kind of beautiful, if you're a good girl, you must maintain, because you good, in this society is almost extinct. But you must learn to recognize right and wrong, do not let yourself be bullied.

remember not to spend money on something that does not make sense, so that sufficient back-up their own savings irrigation is the cornerstone of your success, good work, it is having peace of mind, the love of your work, do work you love, on your life and your business as you will be very exciting.

Do not marry too late, to a certain age, remember yourself in a quiet place where you can drift, but remember that alone will make your life such as the dry yellow land, always have a home.

often to remember my mother calls, greeting my father, they love you, they will always be your most powerful backing.

If you really like to make friends, it must learn to filter what a friend can not pay, do not learn to make their lives less chaotic, learn self-love.

learn well behaved, even when you are staunch many very stubborn. Learn not to hurt each time out, then learn to make their mouth filter text, because people know you, more often through your mouth, learn to make their mouth very clever and very gentle, I believe, is the most mess with you people love.

vanity you can, but remember, you have to learn to satisfy their own vanity, for if a man deliberately hello, then if he really likes you to pursue you, you are very Italian, he learned very clever to accept. If it was a malicious man, tell yourself, there is no free breakfast, learn to skillfully refused.

if the ex-boyfriend come back for you to figure out what he wanted, if he just wanted to make up for his guilt, then you can only save his QQ, a stranger in your friend, he In the heart of everything you do not read, his eyes on it, he said, you just listen to it, do not mind, if he really loves you, how can you not give you happiness, unless you were wrong If he wants you to be his lover, tell him I'm sorry, I do not play this game. Then close your eyes, then opened his eyes, telling myself, I finally reborn.

you sure they were crying, then cry, do not just help themselves and even the rain, as no long term, do not expect you get people to pity you, learn to stand up, smile, go of a makeup, go for a walk , eat a big meal, sleep happily at night.

temperament can practice, you can, from now on, you can also elegant, such as deer. When you see an even very fond of you beautiful women, remember not to look at Baba, Aung your head, light to pass, learn to sublimate their own realm.

is necessary to study philosophy, and you will understand that many people living the truth, you will find the views of philosophy is very interesting thing.

believe he is the best, is the most happy, beautiful hearts, delicate as you. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Today is the twelfth lunar month XVI New Year approached, year after year , the New Year has not let me feel excited , there are not friends I do not know how to spend this New Year will be , sad 2008.
Masters have said that I have --- this year will transfer wealth have both , I hope it is true

Bitter melon, also known as Ganoderma, is the stomach of poor, poor liver function effects of people. The elimination of summer, have superior fitness effect. In the south cuisine, bitter melon is an indispensable dish, he is bitter to eat fry oil.
Vegetables in general, he ordered the C content of more than imagined. Bitter melon in a large one hundred grams of 120 mg of his life C, content can not be without one.
How Jane's natural that he take vitamin C to save, not to break to take down, it is best to be aware of local cuisine.
Outside the summer before, eat a bitter melon can be caused by various diseases, sunstroke, bitter melon also contains his life E, especially the bitter taste and have used material in the body mid-stream, to help others transition crisis period.
There is little food in general bitter. The bitter stomach, liver is very good. With, in, it was also made an aphrodisiac spring.
For example: do the stomach and liver in Japan, is doing fine in use. In Africa, the end of the wine bitter orange and bitter melon also has the same effect. Japan's Kyushu, can go to the new bitter.
Bitter melon, and a small one, the skin has a protruding lump, green white and blue with black, if you want to cook with the best color depth of the bitter, the effect is good.
Mentioning that in Japan there are three refreshing food that is raw goat meat, snake gourd dishes.
Body, mosquito bites, tonsillitis, research into the bitter gourd juice on the cloth, in the affected area.
[Health Xiangshou: 15] bitter for the way
That model is not bitter water, recruit people like vegetables. But the dry summer, you played it well. Hi do not like it because of the taste, which you can not live in poverty and into the stomach, body feeling much better. Bitter melon can with the meat and vegetables of a number of dishes, collected 15 of them, we can do Oh!
Bitter melon on 4 major reasons:
1. Bitter melon has a clear refreshing, beneficial blood, spleen, nourish liver eyesight, cure dysentery, heat stroke, prickly heat and more , meningitis and other diseases to a certain extent.
2. Bitter's high vitamin C content, with the anti-leukemia, Paul membrane, preventing hardening of porridge, increased shock capacity, and other heart-protecting effects.
3. bitter active ingredient can inhibit cancer cells and normal cells to promote the original conflict, a certain anti-cancer effect.
4. momordicin be bitter in the Ingredients: bitter gourd 200 grams, lobster sauce 15 grams.
Ingredients: minced garlic 5 grams, sesame oil 5 grams, 3 grams, less refined.
1. bitter to the flesh, wash, cut, placed in boiling water cooked out; then dip into the water, a dry, placed use.
2. set the fire, put oil, add black beans, minced garlic, stir-fried black beans, bitter gourd pieces into the stir fry, topped with sesame oil,, fine, you can stir all .
Special: Taste Yu, Qing Jiang Huo.
Ginkgo melon
material: 5
cooking: 5
material: bitter melon, ginkgo.
material:, MSG, cornstarch.
1. ginkgo wash, wash bitter diced.
2. fried lit into the oil, put the ginkgo, bitter gourd and fry flavoring.
3. Finally, hook thin gravy with cornstarch.
※ Tip: Ginkgo should not eat more than once.
Special: Sichuan flavor dishes, into a dish full, melon Tsui meat, slightly bitter, with pure heart and eyesight effect.
Ingredients: bitter gourd 750 grams to 300 grams of flesh, egg 1, mature oil 1,000 grams.
cooking methods: bitter melon cut into 4 cm segments to the flesh, cooked in cold water to the water. Chop meat paste, mushrooms, chopped. Add eggs, flour, cornstarch into a fine, stuffed bitter melon segment, capped with cornstarch. Surface into the deep-fried to a pale color, on the bowl, sprinkle with garlic, oil on steamed. Steam into the oil of bitter gourd juice, MSG, cornstarch, starch, bitter melon juice can in turn buckle.
Cuisine: cuisine
Material: bitter one, large 1, 1 hot pepper, minced garlic 1 tablespoon
taste Ingredients: 1 tablespoon of wine, 2 tablespoons sugar 1 teaspoon pepper less powder, sauce and a half tablespoons
for methods:
1. bitter wash, split after the seeded, cut three small pieces first, then straight cut.
2. great to wash, cook and then removed, split and cut, diagonal cut pepper pieces.
3. with fried minced garlic 2 tablespoons of oil first, then add Datong fried, then put the bitter, add all seasonings (except sauce).
4. small fires tasty, with the pepper into pieces, to the sauce slightly dries, starch can be sung out.
heavy Tip:
1. color white, grain thick bitter, bitter taste, to tender.
2. may well become, or is more than one cook, cook and then packing the fridge cold, with out of the box.
Ingredients: melon, meat, eggs, cornstarch, garlic.
1. the meat slices, put the egg white, cornstarch, soy sauce, a water-marinated, meat with the clutch was slippery enough.
2. speculation put the oil, oil way is to look at the meat into the oil before the oil, making the meat very, very tender. The law is the very, and then put the oil, the oil should put some more meat only. Other candidates for the oil to the holders is down to the meat together, then use the chopsticks to slip loose, after the white meat. Oil to the fire house because of very small, but the meat is, if the oil is not a place of meat, drop down on the degree, Stir the vegetables on the not delicious.
3. Rouchao good to put a later use, put the fried oil, saute garlic oil after the release, and then put into the meat and fried bitter gourd, and then put under their own taste taste. The past with very dilute cornstarch in a thin layer of water due to hook enough.
dish looks, but very to the basics, do not fry too old and bitter, crunchy was delicious.
Ingredients: 2 hooves, bitter gourd 300 grams, ginger 20 grams, 20 grams, the amount of MSG.
for the method:
1. hoof after the boil for a short cut, bitter washed, seeded, cut into, Ginger, film break.
2. Petroleum, add, stir Stir the fragrance, put shoes and cook.
3. hoof cooked, put Shaozhu bitter, taste of monosodium glutamate.
Special: shoe containing protein-rich, easy to digest and Zi fluid. Bitter melon blood clearance, a clear hypoglycemic achievements. The dishes do not, salty and refreshing, in common.
Special: juice clear, fragrant with dried shrimps.
Ingredients: 6 points
cooking: 8 minutes
material: bitter melon, dried shrimps.
1. bitter gourd cut cooked, dried shrimps, soaked.
2. plus, put Ru Haimi and taste.
3. shrimps cooked in bitter melon can be.
※ Tip: Use the cooked bitter taste better.
Special: clean pure taste.
material: 5
cooking: 8 minutes
material: bitter gourd, clam.
sauce:,, MSG, sesame oil.
1. bitter wash slice, clam water to the sand.
2. in place, adding bitter gourd pieces, clams, boiled with flavoring.
3. you can cook until thick.
※ Tip: be sure to check whether the new pick, who co-mouth living products.
1. Bitter one, seeded and sliced ​​profile, with a little less, that is to remove some bitterness, but also the end of a first taste.
2. leg boneless cut, use, soy sauce, oil, sesame oil, cooking wine, pepper, cornstarch, one egg white, pepper, dried chili marinate for 5 minutes.
3. bitter wash away the excess with water, the water, and soak the mushrooms and mix.
4. covered by a protection film, put the microwave, high heat 10 minutes, turning once removed, Serve.
Ingredients: bitter gourd, egg.
operation: 1 small bitter root, cut, to the flesh, each half cut three small, bitter melon and then cut to small slices, a little water, put the wine, The small, boiled put bitter gourd pieces, boiled down to the color in after the dry water.
4 eggs, plus the amount, pepper, wine, broken up, adding bitter melon slices, then mix.
flat-bottomed non-stick plus, pour 1 tablespoon of the oil, shaking the child, so that at the end of the oil on a cloth, into the bitter gourd, egg, low heat and slowly fry until the underside of coagulation, the use of to help turn it over, fry the other side, sides fry cooked, was golden, pour in the ready meal case of the board, a small fan-shaped or diamond-shaped with a small knife, dish.
Ingredients: bitter gourd, chilli at the end, the end of mustard, fine, MSG, alcohol.
1. bitter wash, a cutaway and a half, to the flesh, cut into diagonal slices and put it into boiling oil, fry until half cooked, add pepper at the end, the end of fried dry mustard water.
2. to be fried dry water, add fine, MSG taste, pour the wine less, poured into branding.

material: 5
cooking: 8 minutes
material: bitter gourd, ears, wolfberry.
Ingredients: sugar.
1. bitter wash, ear foam.
2. sub bitter melon, cut into desired size of the ear.
3. will add wolfberry, rock sugar, to be bitter, familiar to.
※ Note: The candidate also add some flavor very Sydney.
Material: bitter one, mustard greens 1 (190 grams).
flavoring: ½ teaspoon, 1 teaspoon sugar, 2 cups water, 1 tablespoon sauce.
1. bitter wash, split, seeds removed, cut small, with seven of the first oil boil it.
2. mustard greens soak, wash, chop, first with 3 tablespoons fried, then add the bitter melon, Canada, Tang Wei, add water, Gaixiao tasty.
3. juice quickly dries, starch, fried is filled out.
Ingredients: bitter gourd, ink base.
material:, days Tim, milk, cooking wine, white pepper, water, sediment (Bai) powder, olive oil.
1. ink, made of dried meat, add wine, garlic powder, add day, white pepper, olive oil, mix.
2. dried gourd filled volume, Jise volume, made of shape.
3., into the sea roll in, pour olive oil, slightly fried, add water, add Shaozhu out.
4. into the milk, add sugar, thicken, pour on the volume in the sea can be.
Test dishes one:
Material: bitter melon 2 (weight 400 grams); pepper 2; 3 cloves garlic; Yongchuan lobster sauce 2 teaspoons (10 grams); spicy lobster sauce 2 teaspoons (10 grams); oil 1 spoon (15ml); white sugar 2 teaspoons (10 grams); fine 1 / 2 teaspoon (3 grams); white pepper 1 teaspoon (5 grams).
1. bitter wash cut the pedicle, the average plane along a half, dig out seeds flesh, sub-level set, a knife slice into 3cm bitter fruit wall square, 3mm thick slices. To wash the roots of garlic cut into thin slices. Pepper seeded Diqie. Lobster with a knife blade loose.
2. fried bitter gourd pieces and add pepper, stir-fried to medium fire, stir dry after sub-surface moisture, the skin slightly on it. Filled out.
3. in the discharge oil, garlic until fragrant, stir well into the bitter melon, pepper, spicy tempeh and tempeh into the causal.
4. into white sugar, refined speculation can be.
Test dishes two:
material: bitter root seed cut. Pepper root, cut.
for: oil after adding pepper, stir fry, add the bitter melon, fried after a period, less sugar, more than one can not avoid sugar, plus. And then after a little under speculation.
To: stir-fried stir, if the fire is small, or fried for a long time are hard

people who do not like to eat bitter melon, a healthy body, his mien to accept bitter it !!!

bitter melon, stomach is unhealthy, bad special effects liver function

bitter to lose weight is to eat raw in order to achieve a slimming effect, and two to three a day can be eaten raw. Because bitter melon contains a lot of clear Lignans, which is well-founded. Friends do not want to lose weight anti-try! Bitter melon is bitter, but for our weight-loss purposes, try it together! Cheap! Based on the following:
bitter gourd, bitter because of its name, also known as Bitter Melon. Bitter melon is also used to Qingshu to hot summer vegetables. Bitter gourd is rich in vitamins B, C, calcium, iron, Li said, bitter melon has a According to the study, it has obvious hidden blood sugar, have some effect on diabetes. It also has some anti-virus capabilities and anti-cancer effect.

bitter and warm cooked food, raw diet cold, so cold stomach, spleen should not be eaten raw. In addition, pregnant women should Shensi.
obesity in today's world like a plague, from one country to another, from one person to another spreading, However, the pace of obesity has never stopped. However, in the province of Hanzhong, some people eat not eat fat, slim fiber beauty, skin smooth and delicate, this is why? What are their secrets?
CCTV 'life and health So just so slim. Interview at that time, directed by Miss Lu Di also tried a bite, have a look soon suffer the pain, it appears that although the effect is surprisingly good bitter to lose weight, eat well every day but few people really can not stand. Of course there are exceptions, there is a named Sun's aunt, before the cameras to eat five bitter breath, she said, the original weight of 174 pounds, high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, arteriosclerosis tortured her great pain, a raw In bitter gourd, reduced body weight 96 kg, those sick all good.

bitter gourd, bitter, bitter taste that can not swallow, but you know what? Bitter melon contains a 0.4% weight loss effects of your ingredients, such as gold --- high definition Lignans. A day to eat a few bitter, no matter how to eat, how to sleep will not get fat.
bitter melon is the best weight loss summer vegetables. You can put bitter to go nuclear, the salt water about, so you can eat, there is, you can eat with milk, very little heat because of bitter melon can help you lose weight.
several bitter melon dishes:
A bitter almonds

; Second, the cold bitter
Third, the cold bitter

IV mixed with bitter melon silk


six tofu stuffed bitter melon, fried bitter gourd
seven, bitter melon pork

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----------------------------------------------- ----------------

◆ Parents birthday toast
Distinguished leaders, all were older, all have friends and family: Hello, everyone!
In this happy occasion, we are pleased to welcome the beloved father (mother) XX birthday. Today, we gathered at my father (mother) XX birthday celebration. Here, on behalf of our brothers and sisters and our children are the size of a total of XX people to visit my house for all to participate in our father (mother) longevity of all the leaders, elders and friends who extend a warm welcome and heartfelt thanks!
Our father (mother) for decades endured sufferings, frugal, pull one of our adulthood. The diligent work year round, they face years left depicts the ring, a spring mounted head to create the frosting. Therefore, in this happy occasion today, we first want to say is, thank the old couple's upbringing!
We believe the joint efforts of our brothers and sisters, our family business will be booming, thriving prosperity! Our parents will be long and healthy life, old, old music!
Finally, once again thank all the leaders, elders, friends and family visit!
once again wish the father (mother) in his later years happy, healthy and long life no end! Cheers!

◆ mentor birthday toast
all the leaders, the old students:
occasion of the XX anniversary of the respected teacher, we gathered to celebrate the teacher health and longevity, talked about the situation Parting from, one another career to take off, the good times, will always remain in our memory.
Now, I propose, first of all to the teachers Sincerely, three glasses of wine. The first glass of wine, happy birthday to congratulate the teacher, the second glass of wine, thank a teacher affectionate re-ex; third glass of wine and wished the teacher hundred senior citizens!
One writer said: teacher's career is a poem. beautiful poem.
teacher's journey in life, ups and downs, vicissitudes XX set, his life, when not only the flower spray flame flash, but also in the twilight of aspiration Liu Xia Yi Cai.
teacher's life, depending on the fame and fortune Danru water, to see the cause heavy as a mountain.
recall - the year that benefit sowing spring teacher, likes to watch - Yan Tao Li at the present competition in Kyushu.
Finally, my sincere wish that teacher welfare, such as the East China Sea, many happy returns! Cheers!

◆ leadership birthday toast
dear friends, ladies and gentlemen: How are you!
Today is the birthday celebration, Mr. XXX was invited to participate in this event and delivered a speech, I am deeply honored. At this point, please allow me to XXX and in my own name, to Mr. XXX extend best wishes! Mr.
XXX XX company is one of the important core of leadership. His dedication to this company's products have been obvious to me, his share of
his dedication to the cause of man's lament peers, his career even more successful peers, the proud man.
In this, we wish him the youth are always there, forever young! Hope to see him into the autumn, the snow will continue to fight Aoshuang, flow Sunny color!
vast sea, we just drop in the ocean, from strangers and friends, from the meet and know each other, who said this is not a fate? Way to go, years passed, not what the world is more precious than this. I sincerely hope that we can always hold this valuable.
In this, let us toast, let us work together for Mr. XXX XXX birthday and cheers!

◆ love birthday toast
all their friends: Good evening!
thank you to my wife's birthday party tonight! I suggested we say a few words, the spring really has nothing to talk about things. You from my face bright enough to see the happiness in my heart. Please allow me that my dear wife said a few words.
wife, you
We are so vibrant, with love and trust in marriage, I want to thank you for giving me now have everything - the world's only love and attachment to the warmth of my small house! Many people say, and then warm fire of love, after a few years will gradually fade away, but we stick to stick like a fool off each other's love, we hook the little finger had the promise of the agreement, now in the 11 to achieve and experience.
my life destined to be your only, you are my favorite, because we are intimate love, so even walk hand in hand with the way of life, growing old together! Love you forever regret this life!
Finally, I wish you sweet love, career wishful, Cheers!

◆ friends birthday toast
ladies and gentlemen, dear friends: Good evening!
candlelight shine with our smiling faces, singing our upsurge of waves. Follow the golden sun, accompanied by beautiful melodies, we welcome Mr. XX's birthday, here on behalf of a friend I wish you a happy birthday, Mr. XX, happiness forever!
In this world, people could not do without their parents, the same can not no friends. Life without friends is like a cup of coffee without sugar, bitter Nan Yan, as well as a little touch of melancholy. Because of loneliness, because intolerable, life will become no fun, no longer a real presence.
friend is standing at the window to enjoy the snow when winter wandering hands holding of a hot tea, friends, we walk in the summer when the downpour in the hands of an umbrella propped; friend is spring comes blew open our hearts that touch of winter's depressing spring, friends, is the harvest season, we revel in the Autumn Whispers in the cup of wine ... ...
Come on, friends! Let us reach for the intoxicating fragrance of wine, as Mr. XX blessing! I wish you a legitimate career afternoon, the body as strong as the tiger, numerous money, do not work hard, laid-back like a mouse, like romantic music, you are happy Mo, Cheers!

◆ full moon dinner toast
Ladies and gentlemen, friends: Hello, everyone!
At this moment, my heart is very excited and excited for the expression of my feelings at this time, I would like you bowing three times.
a bow, is to thank. Thank you to gain hands-XX restaurants to share with us the joy and happiness.
two bow, or thanks. Because everyone's attention, my wife and I have a baby, upgraded to do the parents, this is our home a landmark event. Although only a month's time parents, can we, In addition we would like to thank students, raising our parents, but also thanks to our friends, colleagues in the leadership of the unit. It was with the support of their care and help can we find life more sweet back, back to work more smoothly. Sincerely hope that we continue to support even have to help us, concerned about us.
bow three times, is to send our most sincere good wishes to all. I wish you happy forever, happy and healthy.
Today, we prepared a simple XX restaurant food and wine, I hope you eat well, drink well. If ill call, please bear with me!

◆ full moon dinner guests toast
Distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen:
side over festive, happy event and temporary. Today is the daughter of Mr. XXX full moon day of rejoicing in this, on behalf of guests and friends, to Mr. XXX sincere blessing.
time in the past, when our perception of life brought to us all, we are becoming increasingly clear the most important things in life than life. Mr. XXX at work, a survey like, progressive, good people, I believe he created a new life. Dedicated to this beautiful life, it certainly is a fantastic song.
Let us wish this new life, I wish Mr. XXX's daughter, to wish our friends the next generation, in this peaceful community grow and become the pillars of the country! Also to wish you good health, happiness again and again, the whole family happy, everything is complete.

◆ birthday dinner toast
Leaders, distinguished friends:
first of all to visit my son's birthday today banquet warmest welcome and most sincere thanks!
At this moment, a scene, three of us standing here, and I feel very excited.
parents, we know the hard work. XX just turned one year old today, in the past 365 days, my husband and I tasted the new mother, a father's sense of happiness and pride, but also real insight into the child-rearing healthy growth without Bi Xinlao. Here today are my parents, as well as her in-laws, three decades of our upbringing, we are not to return. Today, four to take this opportunity to say with deep emotion the elderly: Thank you! And sincerely wish them health and longevity!
In the past days, all of you friends have given us many selfless help, I feel very warm. Here, allow me on behalf of our family of three, said friends and family to all of you 120,000 points grateful! Present and future time, we still expect you to teach family and friends for constructive criticism.
today to my son's first birthday you loved ones gathered together the meaning of the nearby, though not abundant food, but our true feelings, vertical light wine, but we are a enthusiastic. If ill-place, also hope you beg the indulgence.
Let us toast, I wish you success in your work and good luck! Thank you.

◆ year-old birthday party toast
leaders, distinguished guests, dear friends: Good evening!
Today is my birthday the daughter of XXX big day, very pleased to have so many friends and family come to join in, so far, on behalf of our family kind of you to visit our most heartfelt thanks!
-year-old is a very good age, is the journey of life in the first milestone, and I wish my daughter a happy birthday, to learn and progress, healthy, happy and grow, I hope she can grow into a knowledgeable, have the ability, like everyone who is willing to father, mother's roads lead to wrinkles, strands of hair into a blossoming Love you, beautiful future.
the same time, XXX is also the growth of older workers in all their care and love, hope we can continue to give her encouragement and support, which will give her life to bring more energy and vitality. Finally, the preparation of a joint one, a table of friends and family you appreciate:
the joint is: eat, ate delicious world do not waste
second line is: drink, drink wine do not make the world a drunk Streamer is: Chihaohehao

◆ eighteenth birthday toast
Dear parents, school leaders, teachers, dear all classmate: Hello, everyone! Today is the third year all the students
eighteen birthday, first of all, I wish for you on behalf of all teachers, to express my heartfelt congratulations!
today, you will eagerly look forward to with parents who face the solemn national flag sonorous oath promised, glorious to become citizens of the Republic of adults, adults taken the first step foot on a new journey in life.
eighteen years old, this is wonderful, how is the envy of the age! What a beautiful and sacred words. It means that henceforth, you will assume greater responsibility and mission, think about a deeper truth, seek more knowledge.
eighteen years old, this is your life in a new milestone, a major turning point in life, but also the journey of life in a new starting point.
students: in the years ahead, we hope to see you when the full-fledged, indomitable courage! We hope that you will always be an honest man, diligent work, step by step, with courage, knowledge, beliefs, seeking to fight the sky, creating a new life! We bless you in the future of life on the road all the way and hard work, all the way to exciting!
to their prime age of 18, cheers!

◆ three-year-old birthday toast
Dear friends:
extremely grateful to everyone for coming to celebrate my third birthday.
saying goes: three-year-old is a beautiful line. Three-year-old former beauty is youth, is the face, is beautiful and will eventually grow old; after the three-year-old beauty, is the content, is the charm, the beauty is timeless.
Now, with two-year-old innocent compared to pure and lovely smile has disappeared, and 25 compared to the healthy and lively, has gone aggressive warlike Victory. However, after successive gains and losses, the result is my firm confidence, panic, patience and a forgiving heart.
three-year-old, this is a stage of life, regardless of the stage in what has happened, I still feel thankful to say Thank you parents gave me life, thank you healthy in my life, the sun of the three-year-old, I was thirty years old thank you all have!
I was lucky, and it is happy. I engaged in an extraordinary and fulfilling work, God gave me a love of her husband and a healthy intelligent child. Health care for my parents gave me a heart at ease, and ingratiate themselves with the knowledge I can really make my heart has been added to a warm. I hope that in future life on the road, he can go even more determined.
to the mature, well-being for you. Cheers!
four-year-old birthday party toast
you family and friends, ladies and gentlemen:
Today is the birthday of my beloved mother, first of all, on behalf of my mother and family to attend a birthday party for the friends a warm welcome and deep appreciation. The first glass of wine I would like to suggest we toast, a toast to our family, let us wish our between family, friendship and more concentrated, enduring, endless, from generation to generation, forever!
Although I have to work, can be everything for my mother to worry about, all the time for my sake. Mother of the children is the most selfless, maternal love is a noble love, this love is given, without asking, like a maternal high mountains, deep like the sea, pure like white clouds, selfless like fields, I learned from my mother who deeply appreciate the This selfless love. Therefore, this second glass of wine here I respect and admiration of the most venerable of you mother. As the saying goes, children worry about the parent bank a thousand miles, take a step mother worried about children, will never be enough words to express the great maternal love, hope you can understand the love of our hearts.
this last glass of wine to get down to business, back to today's theme, once again my sincere wish that my mother happy birthday, wish you in the coming years in the happiness always, always healthy, always happy!

◆ five-year-old birthday party toast
you family and friends, distinguished guests: Good evening!
Today is my father five-year-old birthday, thank you very much for coming!
lush trees due to the raising of land, the son of the growth attributed to the parents for their hard work. Broad-minded in his father's warm inside, really made me feel love and dedication. Here, let me say thank you common sense!
father's love is subtle, every harsh rebuke, each silent pay back all the interpretation of a father to his son the kind of special care. It is a noble love, just give, without asking.
five-year-old is the autumn of your life, is the Maple Leaf general color. For me, the greatest happiness than to have to understand their parents. I got this happiness, and never lost before.
Today we gathered together to celebrate your birthday five years old, this is your life on behalf of the Long March has completed the first step, like your future career in the trees bear more fruit, ready to work with the mother's feelings getting warm! I wish you good luck
, fun.
Finally, we Huanyin wine to share with us this memorable night.

◆ 60 birthday toast
Dear friends, gentlemen: How are you!
the occasion of his sixtieth year his father, the day of birthday celebrations, on behalf of my parents, two siblings and we have to move my family to visit the birthday guests a warm welcome and the most deep and sincere thanks!
we each have their own presence respectable father, I am, however, today I can proudly tell you that we siblings have an amiable, respectful, lovely, the world's most great father!
father, your old pains to maintenance we have grown up, how many times, we are sprinkling all your troubles and pain that weather-beaten, generous loving heart. Daddy's hard, Dad's tired, and my father's love, father love, our life is difficult to repay. Dad, let me on behalf of our sisters, to your bow!
In this, I wish your father the elderly, such as the East China Sea water blessing, many happy song. May we always have a happy, happy family.
Finally, I wish good luck ladies and gentlemen, let us work together for an unforgettable tonight, thank you! Cheers!

◆ seventieth birthday dinner toast
Dear grandfather, grandmother, you elders, ladies and gentlemen: Hello, everyone!
Today is my beloved grandfather 70th birthday a good day. Here, allow me on behalf of my family, out of public and grandmother send the most sincere and warm wishes! Everyone to come here to express my sincere thanks and infinite respect!
grandfather, grandmother course of several decades of life, through thick and thin, to each other, sweet and sour products full of life, in their common life, forged a rich fruits, and accumulated wisdom of countless precious life, that is, they are thrifty and simple the spirit of the character, sincerely treat the attitude of life, owe respect, love, stay together forever with sincere emotion!
grandparents are common, but in the hearts of our younger generation is always sacred, great! Our happiness comes from the grandfather, grandmother support and encouragement, our happiness comes from the grandfather, grandmother's care and love, our unity and harmony from the grandfather, grandmother, and asked earnestly inculcate! In this, as the representative of the outside public, and grandmother, said: We must keep in mind your teaching, you inherited the spirit of unity and harmony, aggressive, in their studies, careers have made a good harvest! At the same time we must honor your dignity, to a hundred years old.
Let us toast to wish the old couple blessing, such as the East China Sea, many happy, healthy and happy forever!

◆ seventy birthday birthday toast
you friends, guests:
today, busy friends and family made a special trip to come, gathered together for my birthday, I am, and on behalf of children in the family on you for that warm welcome and heartfelt thanks!
children, relatives and friends to organize this for my birthday, my heart is very happy, makes me feel warm and caring friends and relatives, caring for the elderly also understand the deep feelings of their children, so I was able to enjoy their grandchildren!
year, my father in the countryside, had spent a day of hardship. Fast forward a few years later. I went through the most raw way of life is not smooth, long-suffering self-improvement, the encouragement of family and friends help with the country's stability, social progress, and finally out of the woods, until the glory enjoying their later years.
I think, know how optimistic, unyielding, Thanksgiving, there is a happy man. Life is full of joy and happiness, it requires us to constantly pursue.
Finally, I wish you all the best friends, best for the future Cheers!

◆ eighty birthday dinner toast
Dear ladies and gentlemen, friends:
Spring Diego is easy, time cycle, we gather here, as the mother of Mr. XXX - We Dear mother of X-eightieth birthday wish.
here, on behalf of all my old classmates, all friends and family to send her mother to the X most sincere and warm wishes, I wish my mother Fu X, such as the East China Sea, many happy and everything goes well, Fuller rain, smiling mouth Normally open, longevity!
ups and downs in eight years, X mother read the best of human vicissitudes, her life savings of the greatest wealth is her hard-working, good life, character, her generous treat of the life skills, she added that there are simple and tough love family traditions. All this, along with the years she has gone through ups and downs, but she ushered in later life with happiness. Let X mother
most pleased that this valuable asset has been her son inherited by Mr. XXX. Over the years, he shook the sea, extraordinary courage and integrity to the quality of a great success.
Let us toast, bless old evergreen tree of life, life Flows, happy birthday!
bless all the guests present here good health and smooth work and good luck!
Thank you!

◆ ninety birthday toast
Distinguished guests and friends: Hello, everyone!
the occasion of celebrating the occasion of his family, friends and family come to you birthday, the birthday of his father ninety double glory. We visit you for the warm welcome and express heartfelt thanks!
life rarely live to seventy, 90 longevity is the blessing, with people mind wide, contentment along natural!
Our father deal a soft surface, with people. He was helping the poor, and friendly neighbors; his care for the young, heavy family, your friendship, so that the Lao Qin Liu friends to help maintain the contacts, from generation to generation!
Today, in celebration of our 90th Birthday Celebration on the occasion of his father, his children and grandchildren close to the side of the family, some come, some written, some by telephone, or offer money, or money, or gifts , all from the heart to bless him with the elderly in different ways: long blessing as the East China Sea water, many happy returns not old song!
Today, we celebrate the longevity of the father of ninety, I on behalf of his elderly son, daughter, daughter, son and grandchildren, descendants, relatives and friends sincerely wish you: everything go good luck and happiness as Honey!
to celebrate our father's 90th Birthday Celebration, to deepen mutual affection, friendship, let us drink a toast of wine longevity, joy into the Changle meal!

◆ centenary birthday toast
fellow teachers, ladies and gentlemen:
Today we gather together to celebrate the centenary birthday of Mr. XX. Here, I on behalf of the school and in my own name to express my warm congratulations to Mr. XX, I sincerely wish Mr. XX health! Also to the teachers of you today to express our sincere gratitude. Thank you for the XX series of development over the years, especially in disciplines XX made a positive contribution! Mr.
XX XX discipline's pioneers and academic leaders is one of China XX an important research area founder. Mr. XX, respected, knowledgeable, up to six years of teaching and research career, he has fame and fortune, brave, tireless, not only for the XX line XX in contemporary China but also for the construction of academic subjects, and made an outstanding training contribution. Mr.
XX only books that contribute to academic study after a number sufficient to benefiting outstanding academic discourse, and teaching, words and deeds, has trained many outstanding talents.
decades, XX President to their own knowledge and actions profoundly affected and infected around his colleagues and students, younger scholars to establish the moral and academic role models.
centenary birthday in the occasion of Mr. XX holding such a celebration, relive his academic experience, is very significant, will inspire you to follow the example of Mr. XX, to further promote school construction and curriculum development of morality .
Finally, once again sincerely wish Mr. XX health! I wish more vigorous development of XX series! Please Cheers! Thank you!

◆ toast the inauguration of new president
Distinguished leaders, teachers:
Good evening!
For me, today is a particularly grand day. First of all, I sincerely thank the county Board of Education, the town party committee and government and run by the teachers to develop confidence in me and, thank the teacher for my care and support, especially former president, his hard work for the school's future development and support, especially the former president, his hard work for the school's future development has laid a solid foundation. In this, I told all the leaders, teachers, and our former president to express my heartfelt thanks!
XX as a primary school principal, I know the quality of their political, cultural heritage, academic knowledge, decision-making capacity, the spirit of service still need further improvement, should be competent in this role, you must pay the arduous efforts ... ... At this moment, I would like to use a sage of the poem to describe my mood and desire, that is, Happiness!

◆ hospital leadership inaugural toast
Distinguished leaders, comrades:
Hello, everyone!
based organization, I went to City Hospital, we serve and chair work. This is a great honor for me. I am also aware of the weight and burden of responsibility on the shoulders of major.
as the leading medical institutions in the city over the years, the municipal government under the correct leadership, the previous leadership laid a solid foundation, we are both the overall appearance of the image of the hospital or in-house construction, infrastructure improvements, or both raise the level of medical care, whether to establish disciplines or ethics, has made considerable progress in all aspects. On the city in terms of their medical and service levels. There is no doubt; its status and role, can not be replaced; its facilities and technology, unparalleled.
the future, let us encourage one another, so that the hospital's work into a new level.
Finally, a happy life for everyone, work well, Cheers!

◆ Friendship Association inaugural toast
Distinguished leaders, members of the council, members:
Good evening!
Thank you very much for my confidence and support by electing me as XX County Association of foreign talent first Council president. For this award, I feel more honored, but also feel themselves a heavy responsibility. Earnest eyes from you, I see is everyone's expectations and trust. I will during his tenure along with all members of the Council, in accordance with Association's Articles of Association, dedicated to work hard to hand over all members of a satisfactory answer.
as an outsider, I have 18 years to the XX, XX period I witnessed the tremendous economic and social changes have taken place, where all are very proud achievement for me, let me more and more development of the XX confidence. At the same time, where all the foreign talent also found to fully display their talents on the stage, can be said that the establishment of our Association is to showcase individual talent and ability the opportunity to ... ...
as president, I will lead by example for the Association's development best efforts. Speak louder than words, let me use the real action to prove it to you.
Finally, I wish our club and prosperity, I wish you all good health and good luck. Cheers!

◆ studies farewell toast
Distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen:
this autumn cool, Jincheng fragrance of the day, we gathered together to congratulate XX, XX couple son of XX pass the examination, high school XX University. Thanks to the profound friendship of the guests, I on behalf of Mr. XX, XX, Ms., and XX of the arrival of the students expressed the most cordial welcome and most sincere thanks!
four so-called life happy event:
friends, bided bitter, college entrance exam in over five hurdles of XX students feel at this moment is what? Too proud Horseshoe illness, Chang spent every day look. I propose that the first glass of wine for Yingcai farewell! Students will stay away from their loved ones, away from home the challenges of life, please accept our common blessing: wide sea diving, the days of His Career!
second glass of wine, the family wishes XX smooth, two off the dragon, auspicious beginning, the four seasons peace, Five Blessings, Double Six, Seven is shining, all directions luck, ninety-one mind!
third glass of wine, I wish you the Four Seasons guests Corning, everything all along!
friends, Cheers!

◆ farewell toast to go abroad to learn
Dear friends:
Good evening!
gratifying but today is a memorable day, because after the company's decision. XX comrades will learn to leave the country. This not only allows us to XX or cheap to have this opportunity and happy, but also allows us to get along with colleagues working for many years and am about to leave devotion.
XX comrades over the years as an employee of the company, He was honest, upright style of thinking, loyalty, dedication, and comply with company rules and regulations, subject to distribution, respect for leadership, harmony and harmonious relationships with colleagues. As the saying goes no one indispensable, these words are usually right, but for us, no one can replace the XX location. Although we will miss him very much, but we wish him the best in the coming days to get the greatest happiness he deserved.
here on behalf of the company's leaders and all staff of the XX cheap efforts to express my sincere thanks. The company also hopes to learn all the comrades of the dedicated ground XX professionalism, and strive to do their work.
In this we also hope to continue to care XX cheap for our business, and a lot of contact with colleagues.
Finally, let us toast to wish XX comrades smooth journey, and coming back soon, Cheers!

◆ farewell banquet toast
old principal Comrades:
Today, we cherish the feelings of parting farewell XX where XX high school principal to president, secretary!
XX XX school comrades working in the ten-year period, work conscientiously, diligently, in charge of education, outstanding achievements in teaching, outstanding performance, the school has made great contributions to our teacher on behalf of three thousand students with a warm applause to express my heartfelt thanks XX president! At the same time, I also sincerely hope that the next president to continue to support the care XX XX school development, but also hope schools XX XX schools became more friendly with the brother of the school, hope to see you taking the time to go home, because there you are young the shadows, here is your hard work and sweat poured off the second home.
Here, I propose, to the whole family healthy and happy XX principals, to our friendship forever, Cheers!

◆ graduation dinner toast
Distinguished leaders, dear friends:
Hello, everyone!
banquet hall today because of your visit every Piper and brilliance, in this, on behalf of my family from the heart to say: Thank you for many years for my daughter's care and help, we welcome the visit, Thank you!
This is a clear and crisp, sunny season, this is a news of success, the good news of the moment of harvest. It is through the reserve in winter, spring planting, summer work, autumn harvest, only in exchange for the whole family with us today, we like the same fun. Thank a teacher! Thanks friends! Thank all the brothers and sisters! Willing to Auld Lang Syne!
daughter, mother, please remember: youth, like a silver bell, Department of the heart, only non-stop running, it will be issued pleasant sound. Based on this piece of virgin land of youth, the university hall, the seeds of scientific knowledge, hard work to do with plow hoe, will condense on the applied fertilizer, to another one this season even more than today praise the golden and aromatic.
today's feast, just a little insignificant manifestation of gratitude. Now I invite you to toast for today's celebrations, ideal for my daughter was admitted to the university, for our friendship, but also for us and our families' health and happiness Cheers!

◆ outstanding staff award toast
Dear leaders:
very grateful to all of you can give me the honor leadership, I feel very honored. Incomparable joy of heart, but more moving. Really, this recognition and acceptance, so I was very moved, I feel coming into this family. Their pay and performance has been recognized by the greatest return. I will work harder!
In this, thank the leadership guide me in the right direction, thanks to my colleagues, professors and patiently pointing. was named outstanding employees
Although, I know, I do not place too much, in particular, just contact with XX in this industry, there are many things I still need to learn. I will work hard to sustain their practical advantages, accelerate the pace, with an open mind to all kinds of older employees to learn job skills, to do every job. This honor will spur my progress, so I do better.
cause the key to success in the people. In this competitive era, you do not struggle, hard work, will be big waves wrecking, I am sure: No pain, no gain, as long as you pay, there will certainly be rewarded. From the bits and pieces of work, I will carefully accumulated experience, the skills continue to improve for the future work to lay a solid foundation.
let us join hands to work together for the XX's future, making it the largest and strongest XX. We work hard together!
Finally, I wish you all the work your heart wishful, onward and upward! I respect you!

◆ reunions toast
Dear Students:
relaxation time fly, time flies. Graduated 18 years in this together, circle each one of us students dream. Thanks for initiating this meeting the students!
back in the past, classmate IV contains, like brothers, scene by scene, as clear as yesterday.
Today, let's open the treasure the memory of 18 years, open their hearts sealed for 18 years, enjoy Well, Liaoba, tell 18 years from the situation, then talk about friendship, and frankly it might have restless boys and girls in bloom mind hazy love, let us feel to sing, dance and let the time back 18 years, let us go back to high school, so each of us the young age of 18.
snow flying out the window, the room was cozy warm. I hope our students will always love the atmosphere of the hall as it is today, like, hot, in good faith; May our love forever, like the students today, like the snow outside the window, white, crystal clear.
Now, let us toast:
to high school friendship, thoughts for 18 years, in order to meet today, Cheers!

◆ toast
Dear teachers and students meet teachers and fellow students:
10 years ago, we, with the same dreams and vision, With the same passion and enthusiasm, from across the country met together in the XX. In those four years, we live in a warm big family, spent most pure life, the most romantic time.
for our healthy growth, our class teacher and the teacher who subjects us a lot of trouble. Today, we deliberately put them back from your busy schedule to attend this gathering, on their arrival a warm welcome and our sincere thanks.
Time flies, Riyuerusuo, from graduation day, an instant ten spring and passed. Then seventeen-year-old youth, now entered the father, the ranks of middle-aged mother.
students in their respective positions on the dedication, hard work, have been taken as the backbone of all areas of society. But regardless of ups and downs of life with the rich and poor, students are always honest sincere friendship, and as we, like table wine, the more concentrated the longer the more fragrant.
Come on, students! Let us and the teachers together, to regain memories of that year review period of good times, cheerfully and endless love the teachers and students, Alumni of the friendship it
10 years ago, The

◆ family gatherings toast
beloved elders:
Good evening! Chinese New Year reunion
sip of wine, plus every family happy New Year. In today's New Year's day, on behalf of juniors, seniors speak for all of you our thanks and blessings ... ...
journey in life, thank you for your support and comfort, let us tired stay in love when the harbor, shower with warm eyes, hear the ceaseless incentive difficulties in meeting the pre-understanding indifferent beauty of harmony.
Thank you, thank you every day and night to accompany traveled together!
New Year wishes, I wish the elders in the new year in good health, happy, happy life. Cheers!

◆ toast
old party comrades comrades:
Good evening!
gathered at this moment, I feel very excited, faced with a picture of familiar and friendly faces, emotions, emotion. Military
Looking back, how can the good times in daily life forgotten, the eventful years of sharing joy, setting you my comrades in arms of love Song of thick.
twenty long years, pronto. Sincere friendship, closely linked, many years later, we re-encounter his comrades, still able to readily show the innocence of a rare, can still straightforward to answer each other, the kind of scene inspirational.
Now, as we busy with their work, labor in the family, less contact with each other, but formed a friendship green camp, there is no wind, have been deposited as wine, often unsealed, always food for thought. Today, we gather here from far apart, cheerfully and friendship, will remember this happy life.
Finally, I propose, let us toast to our happiness together, happiness for our families, for our friendship forever, Cheers!

◆ Teacher's Day forum toast
Distinguished Leadership: Hello, everyone!
fruitful in this fall season, we remember with excitement and joy ushered XX, Teacher's Day, but moved with happiness With Teacher's Day to participate in the provincial forum. As XX, a primary educator, I feel a great honor and a strong sense of mission.
in coaching XX years, I have both rural and urban areas, growing from a normal school graduates as a national model teacher, broke with the party and government to experience the care and training of teachers. The sun and rain shower party, we rejoice, self and self-motivation, and actively explore effective strategies for implementation of quality education, especially in the education of children left behind to do a good attempt, vigorously promoted the healthy growth of children.
Because love and responsibility, so we devoted a strong left-behind children's feelings; because of love and dedication, cast our boundless loyalty to the cause of education. Care students, and selfless devotion, dedication and innovation, this is our party and the people trust, but also our eternal theme of education. We will always follow the theme of triumph!
Finally, let us toast to a new level of education wish, I wish you good health, Cheers!

◆ New Year's party toast
Ladies and gentlemen, friends:
Good evening!
joy accompanied by sweat, accompanied by tough successful, unfortunately, inspire struggle, we unwittingly walked into 2008. Tonight we gather in XX company is set up the first X number of years, I and everyone's feeling the same excitement.
in the New Year approaching, the first of the company on behalf of XX company to long-term care and support career development and community leaders at all levels extend my festive greetings and sincere wishes!
to our family and friends Happy New Year! Our results bit by bit with the help of family and friends are under the care obtained, in the new year and wish them good health all wishes come true!
hard for a year to the soldiers of all employees New Year! Thank you for the sweat and in 2007 to pay. Many production line employees mind the overall situation, to give up many holidays, day and night fighting in the workplace, with sweat pouring down the XX is not a monument. I take this opportunity to the company's employees on all fronts extend cordial greetings and heartfelt thanks.
In 2008, the company has gone to a higher platform, the new year, the company will continue to follow the on the basis of last year, continue to deepen, only one purpose: to enhance the company's core competitiveness. I believe that 2008 is good weather, good harvest year, XX company would be more powerful, the income level of employees at a certain level! Road as the temperature
with big iron, CHAMC. I flash to ourselves to unite to fight hard to create a new brilliant! New year, we are fully confident, full of passion, let us join hands to create a better future! Cheers!

◆ Father's Day toast
Dear Mom and Dad, you brothers and sisters, ladies and gentlemen:
Hello, everyone!
Today is a memorable day, is an annual Father's Day! We are gathered here for our father, mother blessing, I wish my parents happiness, longevity endless!
maternal deep sea, father heavy as a mountain. It is said that, had you selected the pro-festival in June because June is the year the sun is most intense, a symbol of his father to give their children the love that hot. Father as a mountain, tall and majestic; father, such as days, wild and far-reaching; Shensui father is great, pure and without asking for anything. Father, like a tree, always blissful silence, left him a solid arm for the lush foliage of our trees shelter, making shade. We have grown up unconsciously, and the tree was getting older, and even the leaves are no longer emerging vibrant. Each year the third Sunday in June is the father of the festival, so we sincerely say: Dad, I love you!
every Father's Day, I want to wish you always keep a youthful passion, the young fighting! So, even if you hair growing full capacity, increasingly hobbled gait, and I will always have a young father!
Let us toast to his father, mother and healthy life, Cheers!

◆ housewarming dinner toast
Ladies and Gentlemen:
Good evening!
First of all, I want to represent my family, to you all for coming to express my sincere thanks! Thank you, thank you.
the saying goes, the spirit of cool people every happy event. I am currently immersed in this housewarming.
ago, the living heart of my house, living in shabby homes, it is not made wine, but did not dare invite friends to drink. Because of that my house too shabby, fear not friends, sincere hospitality owner misunderstanding; that shabby homes too simple, really afraid of pity, such as return guests.
different from today, because today I've got a really called a Although far from this magnificent home, but it is yet quiet, bright and yet comfortable and warm. More importantly, this home was filled with full of love! With such a quiet, bright, comfortable, warm home, you can be happy, serious heart can not ease it?
so, specially reserved seats under this wine, it is to move me share to you festivity, but I would like to take this wine to colleagues, friends, I express our most sincere congratulations on the move thanks, I also take this wine I wish you happiness, success in your work best for the future! You please toast.

◆ celebrate the new house hosted speech
guests, ladies and gentlemen:
Hello, everyone!
Today we are here gathered together to congratulate XX, XX celebrate the couple's new house. Thanks to the profound friendship of the guests, I on behalf of Mr. XX Ms. XX you for coming, warmest welcome and heartfelt thanks!
XX, XX couple's life hard, frugal, such as comparing past and present successful career, happy family, happy. So, here I am also on behalf of XX Hotel and guests, the couple move to the new home to express my sincere congratulations!
thank guests for the friendship. XX government set up here a little informal dinner, guests beg the indulgence of giving hope and understanding.
Ladies and gentlemen, let us listen to his hand glass, a common blessing XX, XX a plenty of money, fun! I wish you gentlemen, fortunes, Four Seasons Corning!
Now, I declare that: Gun. Open seats.

◆ wedding anniversary toast
Distinguished Ladies and Gentlemen:
Hello, everyone!
two ups and downs, all the way to love table Yongming.
Today is XXXX XX XX May Day is a day of extraordinary and ordinary. However, we cut off the couple said, but it is a special significance but memorable day: the twentieth anniversary wedding anniversary --- marriage, also known as
ancients as ice or crystal, as the ice crystal. It is crystal clear, is it considered Colorless crystal, or gem-fifth anniversary of marriage.
In summary, the crystal, it is ordinary people extraordinary symbol of marriage - transparent, pure, strong, beautiful. We stroll by twenty one years, mutual help, support, humility, kindness, love, time to love more sweet, more happy, very happy.
Finally, I wish you love sweet, happy life. Cheers!

◆ school building anniversary toast
Dear teachers, students:
Hello, everyone!
school today welcomed the thirtieth anniversary of the XX anniversary. At this festive time, on behalf of XX to XX years of secondary school to the development of all staff who work diligently to honor high school XX to all students who study hard, high respect and sincere thanks!
passage of time, years of vicissitudes. Ups and downs, XX gone through three years of high school glory days. After three decades of pioneering seed, this place has become a fertile ground, grow seedlings Zhu Zhu, Tao Li lined, Fruitful.
Looking back, we are proud and looking forward to the future, we aspire to, uh, with the shelter, we appreciate the past and, we deeply long way to go. Yesterday's achievement is a period, development is the eternal theme. In the new years, new journey, we will firmly grasp the theme of the times, pay close attention to the accumulation of cultural heritage, focusing on fine management, to create the XX brand, established characteristics of schools, nurture top talent,
I firmly believe: XX school tomorrow will be more brilliant! For tomorrow, Cheers!
Thank you

◆ witnesses toast
Today, I by the groom, the bride's trust, as Mr. XX XX married Miss witnesses, honored, In this sacred and solemn wedding ceremony, for which the perfect pair of new evidence caused Jiaoutiancheng feel exceptionally honored wedding speech is a rare opportunity.
groom Mr. X XX units are now engaged in work XX, XX position as this year, XX years old. The groom is not only handsome, but kind-hearted, talented.
bride Miss XX XX units are now engaged in work XX, XX position as this year, XX years old. Bride not only looks beautiful and generous, and gentle, mature, sensible.
ancient saying: minds think alike. Love is love is the edge or in some kind of already doomed, life's fate so that they come together, set foot on the red carpet of marriage, from a happy life together. God will not only allow the couple to love each other, but also let their children go on forever happy.
At this recall, the bride, the groom became happy couples, after the contrast from past and present, rich and poor, disease, poor environment, life and death, you have a lifetime single-minded, faithful to care for each other, in the journey of life forever soulmate, a lifetime of happiness.
please Huanyin wine, I wish the new love life, one mind forever. Thank you!

◆ introducer
toast the bride and groom, witnesses, master of ceremonies, distinguished guests:
Hello, everyone!
Today is Mr. XXX and XXX marriage to Miss, Love for All Seasons of great rejoicing as their referee, to participate in the wedding ceremony, I feel very honored. I am also ashamed because my introducer only a minute to work, is to introduce them to understanding the rest of the communication, will, drawing near the affectionate, etc., are their own completed.
It's no wonder, so you see the bride is beautiful, the groom so handsome, and talented female appearance Lang was indeed, a perfect fit.
so even with the toast, and sincerely wish that the new human earnest, which means rain, a hundred years marriage, note bath in love. Cheers!

◆ groom's parents toast
two relatives, distinguished guests:
Hello, everyone!
Today my son and Miss XX witness and bless you in a happy married, my wife and I very excited. As the groom's father, I on behalf of the groom, the bride and the whole family busy all came to participate in XX, XX wedding ceremony to express my sincere gratitude and warm welcome!
grateful to the two relatives ... ...
fate that my son and friend Miss XX, phase reports, love. To this day as husband and wife. From now on, hope they can mutual respect, mutual love, mutual understanding, mutual aid, with their wisdom and hard-working hands to create their own future.
wish the two couples to grow old, loving life, in business to a higher level, but also hope that we eat here, drink good!
to! Let us toast to wish you all good health, family happiness, cheers!

◆ bride's parents toast
ladies and gentlemen, friends and family:
Today is our X's daughter and son X at home festive wedding day, ladies and gentlemen, my presence a warm welcome and sincere thanks!
today, is an unusual day, because in our blessing, but also the formation of a new family.
In this happy occasion, I hope the two young people, with love, good, pure heart, with their hard work, courage, wisdom, hands to create a warm home, the construction of safe haven, to create glow of Canruo happy tomorrow.
In this happy occasion, I am also grateful to the wedding came from all of you friends and relatives, in ten years, decades of years, you have care and support, helped me to work and live. You are my most respected and remembered, I hope you take care of in later years, love, guide and support two children, I asked everyone bow to you! We are also grateful to the host
humor, tell the auspices of the lotus. Today's marriage ceremony to make a more grand, warm, warm and peaceful.
let me once again thank you. Cheers!

◆ new elders toast
ladies and gentlemen, friends:
today two new wedding day, as the bride's aunt, on behalf of all of you friends and family friend to the bride the groom to express my heartfelt blessing, as well as by the bride, the groom's delegate to the guests a warm welcome.
most festive moment in life, I sincerely wish them husband and wife can be mutual trust, mutual support. Enviable in this day, you should be happy, all the relatives and friends are blessings for your wedding, you will always be happy, happy life together.
Prince and princess married to face many practical problems, life is not a fairy tale, I hope you will have a psychological preparation. Meanwhile, we hope that you can run each other later in life, mutual tolerance, mutual understanding, to have lived like a fairy tale as wonderful.
Finally, I propose two new people to live a rich life, physical well-being for both parents, but also for all of you here guests destined to meet, Cheers!

◆ leadership toast
Distinguished guests, friends:
you! Mr. X is the backbone of the business unit XX, X, Ms. gentle and virtuous, is your big day today, on behalf of XX XX units and unit members sincerely wish you all: wedding happy, happy!
like loving you double knot two years, thousands of miles marriage accompany;
Haikushilan concentric forever, wide sky to take off together,
happy love each other forever, Palit concentric happy long!
blessing for you, for your laughter, because today, my heart is with you the same joy, joy! I wish you, Love for All Seasons! Grow old!

◆ new toast
all the leaders, all have friends and family:
times life can have the most memorable, happiest moment, and today I really feel very excited from within the heart, very happiness, but very memorable. Today I married Miss XX, our elders, relatives, close friends and leaders who have come in his busy schedule to participate in our wedding ceremony, to today's wedding brings joy, brings joy, brings a sincere blessing.
to take this opportunity to sincerely thank our parents, our parenting adults, thanks to the leadership of care, thanks to the blessings of friends.
I also deeply grateful to my father-in-law, you put your hands the old couple's only an apple to deliver to me, thank you for your trust, I definitely will not disappoint you. I have to say, I may in this life can not get your daughter to become the world's richest woman, but I will use my life to make her the happiest woman in the world.
Some experts say the world's male population is now over three billion, and I actually was fortunate to receive three one-billionth of a chance to become Miss XX husband, three opportunities for the equivalent of one billionth of a 500 million in the lottery even in a month, but I think this life can and XX together, is the number of 5 million yuan can not match!
Finally, I wish you every success, family happiness. Please toast with us to share this happy moment.
Thank you!

◆ best man toast
Distinguished guests, friends:
Hello, everyone! XXX
today as the best man, I feel very honored.
classmate decade, the years of growth rings recorded many of our wonderful memories. Was in class with pen as the language, for the words to paper, we are interested in talking about the topic; had asked the day of wine in the quarters, Hui Fang Qiu, who serious gaze laugh, sat. No matter how we may be the
I once and XXX chat, he said that if the love will go for XXX. Now, he succeeded, finally got his wish to marry a beautiful and soften the XXX, I and class of all the students proud of you and really pleased.
the highest power, until the white-haired, teeth fall out! Naughty tonight you will witness the bright lights tonight, shyly hiding in the clouds after you who will testify joking, the two hundred here tonight holding a sincere heart for friends and family wishes You will co-witness.
Finally, let us toast to wish this beautiful woman life together, to tie the knot!
Thank you!

◆ bridesmaids toast
Distinguished guests, friends, Hello, everyone!
XXX in its beauty and character in the popular classmates and friends, and today she finally trusts his life with her hand to the people who know and love.
XXX and I are university students, four years to get along to talk about anything we have become close friends. After graduation we are far apart, but time and space to isolate and did not affect our friendship. When will I know when to be bridesmaids as XXX, his joy is self-evident. Today, I came to this city to attend the wedding of XXX, as is to express to you my two blessings.
wish you tie the knot, handle old age, wish you love, such as lotus-like constancy, the same can be over a thousand years Wanzai; wish you the love affair in the future through thick and thin, laughter for life; wish you married to each other love and mutual respect, mutual understanding and mutual pity, years longer, deeper feelings, wishes in your future life, colorful, beautiful and intelligent children, always happy!

to see a woman drinking with a woman on the classic wine has three words: average woman does not drink, women generally do not drink wine, women do not usually drink. Therefore, a woman drinking a little wine, a little more special and more of a taste of life. For not a lot of women drink wine, red wine is a favorite of women, perhaps because of its taste, perhaps because of its color, and perhaps even a woman's body because it has a great benefit. The benefits of red wine on the human body is obvious, it can prevent stroke, cancer prevention, good vision, of course, most women drinking red wine is more a cosmetic effect its value.
woman drinking some special drink to disclose the woman's temperament. As the saying goes: drink exposed the truth. Therefore, saying: women often than usual from the wet bar point of view more accurate and clear.
wine into cups dry, generosity of a woman:
uninhibited women! Hot personality, is an excellent confidante, but it is difficult to be a good wife.
frequently persuade others that a woman not drink:
standard lady, rare animals. Although not quite understand style, but once the soul, but the absolute specificity.
drink much, but love loaded drunk woman:
smart woman! Excellent self-control, and pay attention to things means a strong purpose.
old drunk like others, I myself do not drink, but trickle-down woman:
such a woman if it looks like angel appearance, it is definitely one for the men, deadly weapons, there was no way to resist, can only stretch the neck Aizai! Oh!
should not be drunk when the partial drunk woman:
emotional too easily, it is the kind of love turned upside down, up and deserted the trouble female trouble.
impartial when the drunk drunk woman:
cool woman. Strong personality, narcissistic. And observant, able to hole through a man's soul. Hey!
when the fierce pride of a woman drinking:
Raisin, personality and emotions as silent volcano, not fat already, out amazing!
only frustrated when women drink:
fragile woman, very vulnerable to injuries. Both Nabu Qi, it is difficult to let go, like asking for trouble.

drinking woman, a woman is not a man hurt. That a man will make his woman out drunk.
drinking woman, a woman is hurt. In real life, again and again fell, full of enthusiasm in exchange for scars.
drinking woman, obsessed with alcohol paralysis, loss of alcohol the night unable to sleep anesthesia.
drinking woman, and my heart there are too many suffering, there are many, many lonely hearts.
drinking woman, fell in love should not love, they love across the bottom of the cup can see the man's tears.
drinking woman, all because we wanted to cover before the offensive, they are drunk is the only relief.
drinking women, alcohol can only understand her mind what is most needed, what is most missed most of what is no less than give.
drinking woman, know what they want, but not to pursue.
drinking woman, afraid of hurting people around the heart, made his heart full of holes.
drinking woman, not a lady, in drink, when they never reserved. They will be shouted by alcohol: a man not a good thing.
drinking woman, is a contradiction, think before drinking drunk, drunk, woke up and regret. They will never believe: Jiejiuxiaochou worry even more unhappy, something like this.
Oh. . . . Drinking woman.
average woman does not drink, women generally do not drink wine, women do not usually drink.

with four different women deal with
and beautiful women shake hands, a woman talk about the heart and profound, and more successful women exchange, and live an ordinary woman.

online woman
every woman's mind, there is a complex, eager to be understood that the desire to be gentle thought.
network - for all provides a communication platform, so the men to show their talents online, all with amazing skills. A type of humor, understanding type, type of honest, well-informed type of ... ... a woman romantic nature, which will make you accidentally fell into the tender trap. So, you came up with care, with the desire, or blue color, or roots.
across the small screen, you talk with your mind, the only type of humor to defuse a few words on your troubles, you laughed; understanding type the patience to listen to you talk, waiting for you to vent finished, always forget to tell you gentle, good sleep tonight, do not think so much, tomorrow everything will be OK; honest a bit literal-minded types, they do not rhetoric, but he will always be concerned about you You ignore him, he actually does not get mad; informed omnipotent God into the earth type, any ideas you say anything, he knows two, unknowingly, you have been confused.
From then on, your mind has been talk of an object, you pay someone to help you trouble, whether true or false, and he indeed exists. As a result, your heart with imagination, you'll be happy.
Perhaps the way to work, waiting for the green light, inadvertently, he said last night it was to take out prosperous, your sweet smile, was secretly the phrase crowd surging forward, you will wake up to God, and quickly follow up, but her smile was not erased from your face, this time you are beautiful.
sitting in the office, what was written, how they think of him, you could not help stop his writings live, close your eyes, simply think so for a while, this time you are gentle unlimited.
home, rush to do housework, rush to open the computer, searching for his name, lit, wild heart, that you could not stop the thoughts, which is of you are happy.
real network is virtual, so one day, he tired tired, or encountered favorite people, so often you see a gray head, staring, anxious to wear through the screen to find him, your heart is broken, this time you are suffering.
longing, not for anything else, just for your care, your a gentle greeting, in front of your name, gently tell you: I do

to be a woman in modern society to be a nice woman, nice.

beautiful it is called beautiful, not beautiful it is called a temperament;
brilliant call Talented, no talent does not matter, you can call lady - is a woman's moral thing.

thinner called slim, fat called fullness;
high-called slim, small and dwarf called
called gentle good temper, bad temper called pungent;
love giggle called the sun, sullenly called ice;
called stare Light and lively, is called modesty, decent .

makeup called lovely, makeup is not water hibiscus;
neatly called solemn and beautiful dress, casual wear is called the casual ease.

young and beautiful youth called, was length is called a mature and moving;
Zhongxingpengyue chase more people called, no one would dare chase called Aoxue frost.

money is called the pursuit of independence, not make money at home called sacrifice ;
called the mother of a great many children, not to have children call to respond to national plans.

not go out every day at home is called virtuous, went out every day, do not come back is called the feminist;
never divorce called the emotional specificity, often called the pursuit of happiness divorce;
whining called patience, derogatory bullying called TV drama called Ladies first;
long as the woman called the feminine, long like a woman - it does not matter even friends, is called the

---- Aquarius seven weapons of mass destruction lie ----

: 5
defense: 7
Mana: +2
apply the wisdom of the bottle object: the enemy
additional effect: confused

Aquarius, is perhaps the world's most lied to a class of people. Extraordinary natural intelligence and analysis capabilities, allows us to achieve seamless lies the realm, and sometimes we will believe their own lies, fabrications. In fact, we will not lie on every side, so at least there should be two or three people can really come to our hearts. In fact, sometimes it is not going to say something really Aquarius lie, lie most of the time we are out to protect themselves, lies just on our self-protection route.

circle is for the bottle, for friends, family, love is rarely lie. Because they know that the bottle is a good faith basis for interaction with others. People know about the first bottle has great confidence in the bottle the feeling, the fact is true. Longer communicate with the bottle, the more you treat people will find the bottle is genuine, the premise is that you must respect the bottle, to be loyal to the bottle, the bottle must be treated the same in good faith. Once the bottle is hypocritical that this friend, the bottle will be used to Peter's Road, also applied Bishen stunt. If you feel able to hide the truth through the eyes of the bottle, then give it a try myself. Perhaps you feel you could not see the bottle has been lies, because our relentless expose your lies, because we are hardcore master lying, we will fabricate your lies and lies more perfect than you, over time you They will be playing in the palm of your hand into the bottle, because we can even deceive God lies.

Aquarius seven weapons of mass destruction
---- ----
smile: 5
defense: 9
magic value: a bottle of acting +2
Suitable for: all
additional effect: None

smile is perhaps the most beautiful expression of humanity, no white words, it can also express thousands of emotions. The bottles are good at with a smile to hide the sadness, hidden beholder.

Aquarius if you have friends around, you will wonder why every day, he / she is smiling, never see him / her because of what or who the sad . Yes, we are happy every day, it is because we are too fragile, vulnerable smile had to use a mask to cover up the hearts of anxiety. We are afraid of being hurt, afraid to be seen through others.

In fact, we can smile to anyone, but the meaning of a smile is very complex.

for friends, family, love. We smile will be mixed with rich feelings, smile full of satisfaction, love, friendship, and so on and so beautiful words. We will encourage friends with a smile, a warm family, moved to love.

the enemy. Can only smile as a weapon in front of you. People will laugh that cold shiver, which mixed with contempt, disdain, in addition to hidden beholder. This smile, in fact, it is difficult to see, because we really good contact, rare in the real rival.

of betrayed us. We still laugh really brilliant, brilliant representative of this generosity, on behalf of chic. But if you have a bottle into the hearts of people over, you will feel a trace of sadness and helplessness. Because of the bottle you have opened the door, go into the most beautiful scenery you've seen, but you never cherish, door closed, never again open, the bottle also forbear a faint heart pain.

Aquarius seven weapons of mass destruction
---- ----
indifference: 6
defense: 8
magic value: a bottle of rational +3
Suitable for: strangers and people who hurt
had the additional effect of the bottle: absolute zero

have seen the Remember Camus The Guardian Shuiping Gong gold Saint, right? Wearing a Gold Cloth, using the trick is to freeze all of the

Yes, Aquarius is a very slow person. Who first saw the bottle, the bottle is always felt cold, his face wearing only a simple smile, but do not take the initiative to close. At this time, just for the bottle of cold self-protection, the bottle do not like too much to let others into their own world. Over time, you will find that the bottle is very talkative, intelligent mind is always able to bring smart ideas for simple life to bring some surprises. Over time, you and your friends into a bottle, the bottle will reward you with good faith to this friend. If one day you accidentally stepped on a bottle of the minefield, the bottle will instantly break out. Since then continue to wear the mask of indifference, and this kind of cold and cold when the beginning of an entirely different concept. This cold can and bottle your own frostbite. Bottle up all their intellectual isolation you, see you as a stranger, even if it hurt my heart will be strongly denied. Finally, the relationship between two people can recover, you will see the extent of the injury bottle. Some things, so the bottle can never be tolerated, betrayal, betrayal. If you do these things, it is Save it, then you will see is an iceberg can not be dissolved, you will be permanently be closed in the bottle in the heart of the ice coffin. But who knows, really tall iceberg tears of sorrow from the bottle cast construction.

Aquarius seven weapons of mass destruction
---- ----
tears: 10
Defense: 0
magic value: a bottle of good faith +5
Suitable for: love and care about people who bottle
additional effects: shaking, ZZZZZZZZZ.

bottle of tears, like diamonds rare, rare it becomes more valuable. If you, he / she is a bottle, if you have seen him / her tears. So, you're too lucky, because he / she is so in love with you. Stubborn bottle how it will be throwing in the towel? That tears of despair, frustration. Only sad heart is hurt fragmented when you can see the bottle of tears. And because of the stubborn bottle, we will only cry alone in the dead of night, we do not want to let others see their fragile hearts. Bleak moonlight, safe nest to create the best environment for the bottle tears. And if the bottle burst into tears in front of your face, then it would be the last bottle, crying. That is to give up everything, the final blow. At the time the bottle will not have any defenses, the most exposed to the real side of the lightning the moment, short-lived as poignant as any small injuries, and the bottle will have a fatal blow. People who have seen the bottle only two tears. First, the good faith of the bottle thoroughly impressed. Another is to never lose the bottle, the bottle will disappear forever in your world, with a broken heart silently out of your life. Cherish it! Aquarius tears.

Aquarius seven weapons of mass destruction
---- Friends ----
: 9
defense: 9
magic value: a bottle of love +5
For: enemies or people who hurt bottle
additional effect: the object to be used and will feel as if half the world against us.
friends can also be used as weapons? ! Joke! Yes, friends will be proud of how the bottle as weapons? However, the bottle is a bottle of their friends who did the most powerful weapon. Bottle friends circle the outsider is really very wide, part of everyday countless friends. Daily and mixed with different friends. Today is also vice president of the company's executives and *** have dinner in the Jin Dingxuan, mouth foreign words talk, pious, good talk about life, about business, about life. Maybe tomorrow it will go to street vendors and small fry to mingle in his mouth swearing talk, unhappy to see someone or something, the image will be a ruffian in front of passers. Proud of the bottle has never refused to turn to friends, but the bottle will talk with friends, like to bottle his own happy and trouble to share with friends. As the bottles are usually Dairenchushi sincere, generous, basically make the most of my friends have grace. Maybe just a bottle of careless words, those friends will go all out to help. So, the bottle is a bottle of their friends the most valuable asset, but most bottles are sharp weapons. Advise on the bottle up to no good guys, do not easily damage the bottle. Maybe you can easily beat a bottle. However, we must first consider whether they can really settle a bottle of that vote friends, if not, please withdraw the bottle is a disdain for revenge, at least you can get out. Otherwise, to try myself.

Aquarius seven weapons of mass destruction
---- Change ----
: 6
defense: 9
magic value: bottle charm +1 Wisdom +1
Suitable for: all
additional effect: always difficult to understand

Yichen the same bottle you seen it? The answer is certainly, of course, NO friends. Bottle is Libra, the wind come and go freely, the wind of self-advocates, wind direction unpredictable, in short, the bottle with the vagaries of the wind. The reason why changes in the bottle, we need fresh blood, we need to find life in the stimulation, we need to explore, but the more we need to feel secure enough. Bottle and broke too easily, the absolute is fragile. Only in constant change, we can always seize the initiative. In real life, often to change the bottle to enrich their own lives, we constantly change jobs, change their style constantly, constantly change their minds. This change is involuntary, the bottles are often designed to protect themselves, and yet often hurt the people around him. Because many people can not adapt to changes in the moment the bottle, the bottle will mistakenly believe that they are helping them, it is snobbish. However, this is really wrong. Our flower stems from the curiosity of the opposite sex, we will only keep the really love that person around, even if there is a moment of follow God, we will immediately clear. Our snobbish, is simply absurd, lazy Aquarius how fame and fortune back then? Only our dignity are violated, we will exhaust the means to fight for their own response. Yeah people love the bottle, do not try to control us, we are the wind, free wind, the vagaries of the wind. If you can not grasp the wind, please do not to speculate on us. Perhaps you feel you already know us, but at this moment, we have changed direction, the speed has changed. No one can understand us, because we ourselves do not understand themselves. Why to change? In order not to hurt? To the dignity of the poor? For real life? The answer can not be sure. But then we can change people, must be very important to us very important person. If you believe in the bottle, next to the bottle, it is as we go. In the end, you will find. Hot weather, we will give you a hint of cool. You overcast sky, we will disperse it can not leave the dark a long time. When you encounter difficulties, a strong tornado will you cut Jing split spine.

Aquarius seven weapons of ultimate weapons of mass destruction
---- left ----
: -
Defense: -
mana : concentration of the other six arms of the essence
Suitable for: people who give up the bottle
additional effect: never lose the bottle.
leave, not so much a weapon, but as it is moves. The bottle in desperation, frustration, use the last resort. Bottles are never easy use of such weapons, lethal too, so that will give the user (the bottle) to bring permanent damage, like In the choice of leaving, the bottle will be intense psychological struggle, once selected the left. The bottle was gone, the bottle of The However, the bottle can not come back, and broken bottles. Suidiao will own bottle melted, then re-cast to form the new sentient beings reborn in front.

This is the most potent weapon the bottle I give because I am also sure that the bottle


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closet has several pieces of clothes are yellow, always thought it was not clean! Now we finally know, and there are ways to deal with, very pleased

(1) clothes will turn yellow, mostly due to weaker fluorescent agent, you want to restore white and bright clothing, you was to find ways.
rice washing water + orange peel simple and effective:
keep rice washing water or the orange peel into the pot, add water after cooking, soak the yellowed clothes can easily make one scrub clothes to restore white. Not only simple, like the market to sell the fluorescent whitening agent on the skin side effects and does not hurt the cloth, is worth a try in a good way.
yellow sweat stains produced with ammonia to remove:
sweat produced by sweat, because it contains fat, sweat, easy to condense in the cloth fibers, so the wash was added about 2 tablespoons of ammonia , soak a few minutes, scrub it, then washed with water, according to common laundry procedures, you can remove the yellow sweat myself!
(2) sometimes, white light-colored clothes, long time, clothes or the color will turn yellow, cause yellowing of white or light-colored clothing is mainly due to the secretion of human body fat, especially polyester fabric clothing, more yellowing. There are also washing the residual fertilizer residues (most notably the end of ketones found in flax fiber), if not clean, large clothes will turn yellow. For this phenomenon there are ways to get rid of, for example, washing clothes in the washing temperature, the extensive use of cleaning agents. A traditional approach is to yellowing of clothes hanging in the hot sun exposure, but before that, should the yellow of fresh lemon juice at the last,cheap north face jackets, add some salt and gently rub.
Warning: To Avoid any use of chlorine bleaching agent. Spandex, silk, wool and other fabrics, contact with chlorine bleaching agent will make it more yellow.
(3) If you put a long white dress clothes will become yellow, the yellow stains on the main constituents of proteins, spinach after the release of soluble proteins after boiling the ingredients oh.
1. buy a spinach, after a hot water after the finish, leaving only spinach soup stand
2. will have a yellow stain where the water rub into the spinach in water for 10 minutes 3. picked up after soaking clothing, laundry procedures in a normal wash clothes. complete. White clothing and resumed a!
Laundry Tips Collection:
1, clean white, white socks
stubborn stains on white clothing is difficult to eradicate, this time after taking a lemon slice boil water put the white clothes to soak in water, about 15 minutes after cleaning can be.
2, wash clothes for drying clothes sometimes smell
shall not be treated, there will be unpleasant sour sweat, take white vinegar mixed with water, soak the clothes with taste about five minutes, and then ventilated place to dry clothes on it!
3, pen and India to deal with the clothes down on alcohol
first fountain pen scratches on the clothes, every scratch on the coverage of alcohol must be uniform, the concentration of alcohol to use not less than 75% medicine with alcohol. Down on the clothes for the release of the alcohol, try not to touch the clothes of the other side, or the imprint color ballpoint pen or may be dyed to the rest of the clothes. Washbasin with ordinary, half ready to basin of water, the next two caps full of bleach to the water down in the water, pay attention to the job must be a full two caps. Take along to do mixing, then add a little detergent, the amount of your own hands. Slightly even after mixing, so that detergent can fully dissolve in water. Well, now clothes are soaked in water, time is twenty minutes. Time to, cleaning clothes, that mark is gone!
If the ball-point pen marks and traces of heavy, using the above method if the surviving ruins, and finally add soap and gently rub with toothpaste, then rinse. (But non with open blisters!)
Clothing stained with ballpoint pen marks there is another solution: that is, do not rush to put the clothes into the water, but the first wash with gasoline touches the part of the wash.
4, washing clothes on the way to a soy sauce stain
: need to use sugar. First, where the dirt soaked with water, then sprinkle with a spoonful of sugar, rub their hands. We can see part of the track has touches of soy sauce, sugar, and then water washing can remove the stains.
Option two: the need to use baking soda. The white vest soaked in soy sauce stained the place painted soda stains, wash with water after 10 minutes, you can get rid of soy sauce stains.
Option three: the need to use fresh lotus root, lotus root with a knife to cut fresh, fresh lotus root juice applied to the track at the soy sauce, 10 minutes after washing in water, can remove soy sauce stains.
5, washing clothes, clothes rubs paint paint
how to do it? Method is to cool and wipe the sticky oil paint parts, because the cool oil soluble substances contained in the paint, after the rinse. If coated with water-soluble paint (such as water-soluble paint, latex paint) and home interior paint, a wash water that is lost in time; if the nylon fabric is stain the paint can be coated with lard, rub, and then use detergent immersion, water drift net.
6, clean grass stains
you need to prepare one hundred grams of salt, in addition you also need to prepare 1000 g of water. The water into the container, mix by hand, stained with grass stains the clothes into the pot, soak in salt water for 10 minutes. The clothes into the washing in water, then you will find easily on stubborn grass stains can be washed off.
7, cleaning stained clothes in the washer into the warm
, start the washing machine rinse, disinfectant added 84, plus about one-third water bottle Bangang disinfectant, dilute solution, into the clothes, cover cover, rinse about 25 minutes, 25 minutes later remove clothing, clothes to dry, you restore the original color.
If you want to avoid the clothes do not fade, bought back the new Yiyi, must put some salt in the water (a bucket of water a teaspoon), washed with water to rinse immediately, do not soak too long Oh! Finally, do not in the sun exposure, sun Oh will dye degeneration. Should be placed in cool dry ventilated place.
8, clean blood
just addicted, they should immediately wash with cold water or salt water (to disable hot water, because blood contains proteins, when heated, will be solidified, not easy to melt), then soap or 10% of the potassium iodide solution to clean;
white radish juice or mashed carrots mixed with salt to remove clothing Jieke blood;
with 10% tartaric acid solution to wipe at the stain, then wash in cold water;
with the enzyme detergent to remove blood stains, very good;
longer if the stain can be used 10% of the ammonia or 3% hydrogen peroxide wipe dirt Department, after a while, then wash in cold water and strong.
such as not clean, then 10-15% of the oxalic acid wash, and finally rinse with water.
whether the new track, thing of the past, can be cleaned with sulfur soap rub.
with blood smear oil paint on hand, stay about 15 minutes of time, can be cleaned with soap and water.
9, easy to wash clothes on the moldy
The weather was hot the air is humid, or when the season changed, easily washed clothes mildew points, especially the white dress, long on the moldy if it is very depressing thing.
does not matter to deal with these moldy, there are many ways:
mung bean sprouts; the tender green sprouts on the moldy, hands rub hard, is not clean and some of it? Recapture some of the green bean sprouts and then rub, hum, a lot of color and light, and then twist, Hard work pays off, no moldy, the last rinse, ha ha, so simple, problem solved;
clothing Mildew can be in the sun, after the mold clean hair with a brush, then wash in addition to alcohol;
to be visible mold contaminated clothes soaked in soapy water into the thick, remove with soap water, the sun set sun for a while, repeated drying times, until the mildew removed, then water drift net;
silk clothing available citric acid wash, cold water after bleaching;
hemp fabric mildew stains, use calcium chloride liquid cleaning;
wool can also be used mustard stains on the solution or borax (a bucket of water and add 2 tablespoons mustard 2 tablespoons borax or) cleaning;
soap with 2% alcohol solution (250 grams of alcohol within the plus-one the soft soap flakes, stir) to clean, and then use bleach 3-5% sodium hypochlorite or hydrogen peroxide to clean, and finally washing. This approach restricted to white clothing, thing of the past in the solution soak for 1 hour.
10, clean red, gentian violet
red medicine stains can be washed with white vinegar, then with water drift net;
addition to contamination at the first red syrup soaked with glycerine scrub, and then ammonia soap repeated washing liquid, if a few drops of dilute acetic acid solution, then soap and water wash, the better;
processing gentian violet stains, a small amount of hydrosulfite can be diluted with water, with a small brush dipped in the solution to clean. Repeated scrubbing with sodium hydrosulfite and water until the addition to the net (gross sticky material, stained clothing changed, silk materials and direct dye colors disabled Oh!!)
11, Yiyi cleaning plaster
sometimes rub on the plaster can be used Add a few drops of alcohol (wine or sorghum can be), on the stained plaster stains rub the place until the plaster to the net, then rinse, or rub the late alum had baked, and then washed also; can also be eaten spread on the dirt at the base surface, add some warm water, rub a few times, can be removed. If the base surface heating home Tieshao spread to dirt in place, coupled with the warm water rubbing washing, decontamination faster.
12, washing clothes yellowed
In fact, the clothes will turn yellow, mostly weaker fluorescent agent, you want to restore white and bright clothing, you have to find ways.
rice washing water + orange peel simple and effective:
keep rice washing water or the orange peel into the pot, add water after cooking, soak the yellowed clothes can easily make one scrub clothes to restore white. Not only simple, like the market to sell the fluorescent whitening agent on the skin side effects and does not hurt the cloth, is worth a try in a good way;
produce yellow sweat stains, use ammonia to remove: sweat produce perspiration, because it contains fat, sweat, easy to condense in the cloth fibers, so the wash was added about 2 tablespoons of ammonia, soak a few minutes, scrub it, then washed with water, according to common procedures for handling laundry , you can remove the yellow sweat myself!
13, cleaning beer, Jiuzi
new infectious yellow stains, put water in the scrub that off immediately.
thing of the past can be washed with water, then 2% borax mixture of ammonia and rubbing washing, and finally rinse with washing; rice wine thing of the past, in washed with water, then 5% of borax solution and 3 % hydrogen peroxide wipe dirt, the last with water drift net.
14, clean fruit juice stains can be printed
new brine wiping dirty place, or salt sprinkled in the dirt immediately at hand Qingcuo, after wetting with water immersion cleaning detergent solution, rub the soap with warm water can also be used strongly washed;
thing of the past re-trace and clear, may be 5% of ammonia and organic acids in the juice, then use detergent. Wool-containing fiber blends can be cleaned with tartaric acid;
such as fabric is white, 3% hydrogen peroxide in to add a few drops of ammonia, with a cotton ball or cloth dipped in this solution at the wet stain, a clean cloth and then wipe, dry;
with 3-5% sodium hypochlorite solution to wipe at the stain, then water drift net. If the thing of the past, it can be soaked in the solution over 1-2 hours, then scrub, drift net;
trace of peach juice, because it contains high iron, so the addition of oxalic acid solution available. Stains on the persimmon, and immediately rub with wine and brine, then warm detergent solution to clean, water drift net;
first scrape off dried tomato sauce can trace, with warm detergent. Jam can be wetted with water to get shampoo scrub, then wash with soap wine sperm, rinsing with clean water.
15, cleaning rust
chores is not often encounter this?
take fresh lemons, squeeze the juice can drip in the hand rub on the rust stains, repeated several times, until the rust stains to remove, and then soapy water.
16, cleaning of iodine tincture of iodine
stains can be soaked in rubbing the starch (starch case of iodine was immediately black), and then gently wash away the soap.
iodine stains light water or alcohol, rub swab can also be used potassium iodide solution. Stains can be immersed in concentrated 15-20% solution of soda in warm, about 2 hours, then rinse.
17, printed on mimeographed
When cleaning wool or cloth stained with ink, should be washed with hot water or boiling water, then scrub with soap and water, then water drift net, you can clean. Do not use cold water washing, because this will color immersed in fiber, very difficult to wash.
18, clean butter yellow grease for Indian
the main component of fat, alcohol or ammonia can then be washed.
needs cleaning lipstick make-up JM, estimated to fear that lipstick off clothes rubs up against friends;
contracted lipstick, to use a small brush dipped in petrol brush gently rub, grease to the net after the warm detergent solution and then washed;
gasoline can also be used if there is no bubble with mineral water or soda water cocktail, pour in a clean cloth with prints on the pat where it is Effective Oh!
20, cleaning tea and coffee stains
be tea, coffee, these drinks contaminated clothing, immediately wash with 70-80% of hot water can be removed.
old tea tracks, can be concentrated salt water immersion, or with ammonia and glycerin mixture (1:10) Kneading. Silk and wool fabrics to disable ammonia, 10% glycerol solution, rub, then rinse with water after washing detergent.
trace old tea and coffee, glycerol and egg yolk can be mixed solution to clean, slightly dry, with water drift net. Or to the spot coated with glycerin, then sprinkle a few grains of borax with water immersion. Also with diluted ammonia, borax warm water to clean.
old coffee stains wipe 3% hydrogen peroxide solution, then rinse with water, can also be cleaned with a solution of salt or glycerol.
21, remove the candle oil
first gently scrape the surface wax with a knife, and then were asked to use toilet paper two up and down the stain with iron iron two or three times the heat with the iron within the cloth fibers wax melting, melting the wax is absorbed toilet paper. Repeated several times, candles mimeographed addition to the net.
22, place gum:
chewing gum stuck to the clothes, you can use vinegar, cotton stick, the gum can be easily erased;
chewing gum on the clothing of track, first with a small Knife go, get put on the remains of the egg to loose, and then wipe them one by one, and finally washed in soapy water, wash with water;
first clothes can also be wrapped in plastic bags, into the refrigerator freezer a long time, so harden the gum on clothes taken out, gently rubbing, chewing gum out quickly, but not a trace!
23, Qiao washed white sneakers shoes
mentioned, you may also have had the same troubles hard to clean white sneakers this season have occurred after the yellow mark, really ugly ah! Miss Yu enthusiastic audience may wish to try this trick provided, so that white shoes are still washed it white as new!
first shoes with soap or detergent to wash clean, the washing shoes soaked in beer in three minutes, and then the shoes get the balcony, in the shade, and on the upper cover with toilet paper, dry! Effect is obvious Oh!
24, How to wash a towel
towels to use for a long time, often wet and sticky, can be used after the salt rub, wash with water, you can remove the wet sticky thing.
25, to remove pen stains
have friends online message asking of oxalic acid dissolved in water with clothes soaked scrub, can place marks. Since oxalic acid is weak acid, will not corrode clothing.

as people, the first five years do not say you can give me a little pay, most importantly, what can be learned in the enterprise, is not favorable for development ... ... ; always flat in the lessons learned from less suffering in the lessons learned from more than; the lessons learned from the flat light, the lessons learned from the suffering deep. A person suffering experienced at a young age, if properly look at it, out of the darkness, and that is a person worthy of admiration. The most important thing is to train internal strength, five years after graduation is the inner strength of the best period, Lianhaoneigong be possible to climb higher in the future.
way out? Lies in the idea!
In fact, no money, no experience, no experience, no social relations, these are not terrible. No money can be earned through hard work to go; no experience, you can sum up the practical operation; no experience, step by step to accumulation; no social relationship can little by little to weave. However, no dreams, no idea is the most terrible, was terrified and would like to avoid!
Must have a correct direction. No matter how high-spirited, no matter how resourceful you are, no matter how much effort you spend, without a clear direction, it had a great loss, gradually lose their fighting spirit, forget the original dream will be on a detour or even no return, wasting his talent, missed his youth.
Homer's 10 years after the panic, after 20 years of struggle, even a lifetime of mediocrity. If you can not graduate as soon as five years out of confusion, out of the fog, we really discredited in the face after 10 years, 20 years after their own. Graduated five years, we have both a lot of uncertainty, there are many possibilities.
graduated five years, we have both a lot to be determined, there are a lot of decisions.
who will experience confusion and perplexity, fear, and there have been no one to escape, but not to be confused with self-confusion as to give up, an excuse for mediocrity, not to become self-pity, and pay homage to the bitter frustration. Need to take their own life, the fate of their need to grasp. After graduating five years earlier to find direction, the sooner out of the confusion, the easier it is on the road to success in life, and create wonderful. Find direction without a head, only thwarted at every turn; a person can not find a way out, only confusion and fear.
life in the face of difficulties, we often have the feeling of desperation. Do not be discouraged, stick to it, to believe that there is no road to ruin young lives, difficulties in front of hope around the corner. As long as we have the right ideas, detours will be able to find a way out!
successful person is not to win at the starting point, but to win the turning point.
lot of recently graduated young man, always expect soon to find their ideal job. However, a lot of good work is not a long wait, you must select a job as an experience. Professional journey in the first job, no doubt into the starting point for the university community. You may find a passable job, then from here, good to precipitate themselves from the job to learn from the valuable nutrition paid off. A thousand miles begins with one step, as long as the departure, there is hope to reach the terminal.
starting point can be the same, but chose a different inflection point, the end will be much different!
graduated in recent years, our life, emotional, career and so there are many uncertain factors, the future is full of possibilities. This time, we must learn to choose, know how to give up, give yourself a clear position, so that their stable. If you do not take the initiative to locate, people and society will be
can say: a five-year graduation nurtured habits, will determine the height of his life. Our success depends in part on their own evaluation, this is the location. What is you position yourself, what you are. Positioning to life decisions, positioning can change destiny. Ugly duckling into a swan, as long as a pair of wings; Cinderella into a beautiful princess, just one pair of glass slipper.
person's life, one-third of the heavens, seven by the hard work, have a dream to They do not themselves bound in the heart of the cage, who is also bound not you go fly.
far from reality as they wish. Thus, when the superiority is turning into a sense of loss or frustration, when he was convinced by a piece of
In fact, it should carefully weigh yourself if you really gold? Is real gold, the hands have unique skills in order to have some attractions on the Caixing. Word: gold is to rely on strength to prove, only to put its own ability to practice well, horses are eligible to be considered something original
each pearl is a grain of sand, but not every grain of sand can become a pearl.
want right way, there should stand out of the capital. Combat and can not stand the frustration, to withstand the neglect and dull, it is difficult to achieve glory. Young people to get themselves to be reused, to succeed, it must transform itself from a grain of sand into a priceless pearl.
days of rain and the sunrise, peaks and troughs of life.
Mo for the clouds block our sight, the scenery long vision.

Some work, some people stay in school, you do not miss this article, see this article is a lucky, really benefited a great inspiration to me, this article will be changed my life, really good, I hope to share with a nice ring, but also want a nice ring to help! After reading a kind of

one, support their parents.
Second, marriage and children.
Third, the promotion and pay rise.
Fourth, the work pressure.
five quality of life.
some people survive excited, always stop behind the eyes, fits and starts, peter.
some human development efforts, eyes always fixed on the front, little progress every day, consistently.
graduated in recent years, can not pursue and explore, not without ideals and objectives. Life is like riding a boat behind. The status quo is no longer willing to live ahead of the ship, could no longer catch up with the pace of the times. Must seize every second of time to learn, to understand that learning is not a student of the patent. Small smart people most proud of is: What is his past? Great wisdom most desire is this: what we need to do yourself?
tactical cleverness, great wisdom and strategic; see is a small smart sesame, watermelon is great wisdom to see.
In this world, both big names, there are small roles, big man with big man living law, there is little of the chic little, everyone has their own way of life, who barely who. However, only a small small smart performance and small field of view, great wisdom and great can be accomplished in the realm. Small business owners to see, to see the system in the enterprise, large enterprises look at culture.
small companies and large enterprises are to survive, no good or bad, but at different stages of a person's impact will be different.
small companies certainly want to develop for large enterprises, which is a goal, young people have to their career development goals. You graduated a few years, how often would not feel emboldened or stage fright? Prepared is definitely not an alarmist! Nap at the moment,Outlet Coach Kristin Collection, you will dream; moment study, you will realize their dreams. In the highly competitive life on the battlefield, nap are losers!
everyone young seemed lofty, not afraid of anything, but with age, every day thinking about the house, work, feed their families these worldly thing, that no young kind of courage to We changed the life, or life change us? Our thinking more and more complex, because more and more reluctant, more and more concerns, we are always hovering, always hesitate. Graduation began a couple of years, the weight of the burden of life would we breathe, setbacks and obstacles to block the openings in all directions, we tend to play in the oppression of their own potential was only after the thrust, to find a way out. But two or three years, began to reduce the body burden, work began to be plain sailing, we relax down, gradually forget the potential dangers. Until one day the crisis came suddenly, we were defeated in a loss in the past few years ... ... graduation, is still in a dangerous period, must be vigilant awareness, good hard work, so as to have a real security in life!
Hardships for the worst. If you want to go beyond their current achievements, we can not draw to self-limiting, but to the challenge. Of timid people, the real danger is to not take risks!
under the weight of young people in society, adaptability has become increasingly strong, but they do not consciously used to being pushed by the environment. They dare not take risks, afraid to bring their own life-long regret, so comfort yourself: Stick to the existing long-term security, the will be like the frog in warm water, the ultimate loss of jumping instinct.
social life through the past few years, you should understand: there are rich in this world there are poor, there is also a negative light, there is ugly but also the United States, in the end to see what, depending on their positive or negative. Learn at a young age to work diligently, with a bright thinking approach to life, then, as long as the open palm of your hand, you will find that there are a brilliant life.
the Thanksgiving carved in stone, deeply grateful for someone to help you, never forget that this is a realm of life should be; to hate to write on the beach, forget the others lightly hurt you learn to be tolerant, so that all the hate gone with the tide, which is a realm of life.
Association pour water can hold more water. Graduation day from the beginning, learn to every day as a new starting point, work from scratch every time. If you know how to full beyond.
In short career start on the road, want to get better, faster, more useful to grow, it must be zero thinking to face the world. Not to the university of the GAO to present themselves, do not feel particularly good, but to lay down his stance, lowered his own body frame so that they settle down, holding the attitude of learning to adapt, to accept the challenge. Down
young people from campus or from one environment into a new environment, we must dare to be familiar with the original environment, habits, likes things down, and then start from scratch. We want to be successful in the workplace, we must first cultivate resilience. Conversion from natural units into the workplace are basic requirements. A low starting point, not terrible, fear that a low level. The more self-care, the more there is no prospect; the contrary, the more initiative to pay, then he will be more rapid development. Many people today made a mark in the early stages of his career from scratch, and then settling his own deposition, empty and then empty, zero then zero, precisely because of this, their life was singing along, flying all the way .
the years in school, we want the past to zero, the workplace will not be carrying a heavy bird crawling snail shell to the sky as light as a bird to fly. Please take taste of Jack Welch said the sentence: homes in order to gain, in order to empty water glass full, down to transcend.
zero thinking five performance: a mind free from me, in the eyes of money, and got in without him, no one towards life-long learning. with a somewhat arrogant young
inevitably, consider themselves all-powerful, invincible, it is not true, entering the workplace or a new . The years in school, make sure they gradually develop from the apprentice thinking, thinking, sponges, empty cups of thinking, with such thinking minds always open, ready to accept the inspiration and all the things for inspiration, they are all the time can feel the call of the goddess success.

just brushed the haze, Lang Lang will be able to reveal clear skies. If you're unhappy at work there, he will not have to believe in the life of the trough, one day to break through the heavy clouds. Tell yourself: I have not failed, but no success! As long as the inner light a light of hope, will be able to disperse the dark clouds and usher in light.
Indeed, on the qualifications, their career is an absolute rookie, is involved in is not deep, personal connections was poor, often run into a wall at work. Their pressure is not necessarily like stone crushing, but before the arrival of the sky like rain, gray low, obviously there is room, he was gray fill each gap, wait for the skies after the rain-soaked.
Although a bit exaggerated, but many of them have been really been shrouded in a gray mood - my heart will always be cloudy to overcast. I remember a philosopher once said: high level of indifferent and quiet, to gain freedom and happiness.
a philosopher, said: business is also the case, as long as work hard, succeed. You are not ready to promise all of life to others?
five years after graduation, is to change the golden age of their own destiny. In the best position to determine their own fate, if not sure, then you have to wait until when? I am the master of life, fate has not help the people.
do not live in someone else's mouth, do not live in someone else's eyes, but the fate of the grip in his hands.
not say you do not have the background, he is the greatest background. American writer Jack Kerouac made a remark: Each person's potential is unlimited, the key is to find a correct understanding of their potential and their talents, and find a stage full potential, not only inappropriate for the stage unhappy. To be objective and fair view of their ability, combined with their own situation and preferences cool options as possible to the needs of their own, the most suitable place.
in human resource management sector, particularly the popular saying that to ride him; character well, but the ability common, the old ox, we holding him; character, ability are common, is the , that is
I think you just graduated a few years, as ambitious, as was to become an appreciated ride battlefield Maxima, right? Then, a good settling down. Low on the floor does not mean inferior, low temperature today is to tomorrow's job. The so-called value of life that we value the presence of others. Can be exploited is a good thing, nobody cares about is the real tragedy!
competent work, do a good job is the job market for basic protection.
anyone to do work are a prerequisite for his ability to do the job. Able is the most basic standards of qualified staff, work hard is an attitude. A position many people can be competent, have to do a good job of basic ability, however, can do better work, depends on whether the practical work hard, suffer from a study of work attitudes.
competent on the basis of the practical work hard.
work, live more than others have done, you feel a disadvantage; other people money to get less than you think suffer; often work overtime, do you think suffer ... ... In fact, no need to care about this, suffer not a disaster, not a failure, a disadvantage is also a philosophy of life. Now eat something small loss for the success of paved road, perhaps at some point in the future, your Tai Fook suddenly came.
can suffer is a realm of life, an attitude of life is wisdom.
not do more at work or someone else is a disadvantage of living a little dry. If you jerk the leadership class, in time to catch the task, do not think they suffered a major loss, but should feel lucky, because the leadership just called you, and did not call other people, that he trust you and appreciate you. Disadvantage is a contribution, the more you contribute, the more the returns. Willing to work overtime, is such a disadvantage.
willing to be willing, there are only homes; learn to eat when appropriate loss is definitely not mentally retarded people, but great wisdom.
aggressive to others is to give their aggressive, giving people easier and more convenient to have easy, be kind to others is to treat yourself.
stupid people have stupid blessing, because stupid people do not scheming. And such people together, relaxed, not too much vigilance can be close to each other. Silly in many cases means that the dedication and loyalty, generosity and honesty also means that, people unknowingly stood in his side. Stupid people accidentally get more than smart people scheming to get more than. Graduates in recent years, you floating in the sky only a few slices of snow, so you satisfied? Success need to adhere to and accumulate, with its focus on the collection of snow, it is better to save energy to snowball. Buffett said: . Remember: scattered snow will soon melt, vanish, only the snowball is more realistic, long-lasting.
the years in school, if you pay more than others can do to a point, it means one point more than others accumulated capital, one more than the others, the chances of success.
What is it professional? Professional work is the state of standardization and institutionalization, that is, at the right time and right place with the appropriate way of saying the right words, do the right thing, the knowledge, skills, concepts, ideas, attitudes, and psychological meet professional norms and standards. I can now because when your boss. a professional who just is not enough, only professional people who can fly in front of others, makes it difficult to go beyond! For those who graduated in terms of five years, we must recognize the five will face challenges.

4. Xiaoxian: Ha ha ha! Tiger is not fat cats, I was dying when you ah!

10th set:

3. son Joe: If you do not sign your confession to the girl often be mistaken for ready to grab robbery of imported ready to borrow money to prepare for Love

1. Xiaoxian: Question! You talk about Liu Guan Peach when the supply is Who? A Philippines: heaven, Earth? Yan Huang Erdi? Lengthy: for the ... ... of course, peach it!

Wan Yu (to waiter): five that we want to

a Philippines: two child prodigy, people that are

Zhanbo: Oh, is it renamed now?

8. son Joe: Chen Yuanyuan people is that you? (Aiming chest) Chen, flat, flat!

7.Neo: Going down? Yumo:? ? ? ~ ~ Yo: She asked you go without going down (imports kinky enough swing) Yumo: Oo ~ go go (enough - enough)

Diba Ji:

3. yo: how to say a sentence, a real man can be extended to shrink.

5.Lisa: you heard yet? XX road now takes a stuffed sausage-like traffic jams!

6. a Philippines: people want to do is not the food is his wife

5. A special service imports: frank resist strict, that's your name? Little Yin: My name is Jackie Chan. A special service imports: how do you not described as an honest truth? I put the correct attitude, and that's your name? Little Yin: I am Chen true. ... I said, I said, my name was Brother, I really have called Brother, believe me ah!

10. yo: a Philippine high school broke something; but she is very happy to break what she does. (Yo head out into the mouth of small Yin Yin finished listening to a small knock on the book after playing the head of a small Yin shouting). Yo: Of course not, yes she was eight hundred meters of distance running records friends

18. son Joe: happy! I want happiness! Submitted imports do not rent!

4. Xiaoxian: Three Stooges, Xiusi Zhuge Liang

2. Zhanbo: / p>

3. Zhanbo they drove had a small yin, Zhanbo open too slow, someone behind the horn, a son Philip to come up with a sign on the back of Joe, is written with: Driving fired, self-taught, Newbie, good Jicha

4. Zhang: I finally understand that this toilet sign on who the third person in the end. Men, women, Wu Fei! Son Joe: This is just appearance, I tell you ah, intelligence sources and life, you have to know how to use your eyes to find the story. Closer look reveals that a third person who certainly is a small yin! Zhang: old imports division was, and why? Son Joe: Because he short legs ah.

Di Liuji:

3. a Philippines: good dog does not get in the way, get in the way, are roadblocks.

9. Zhang: Napoleon said, do not wants to eat the toad is not a good toad, of course, I am not saying I am a toad, I mean even if I was a toad, I determined not to marry his mother toad

3. Xiaoxian: Yu ink to remind you one: If the key is broken on the inside, you may also give up the house and the car right to use the two things.

1. a Philippines: It does not matter, failure is the success of his mother, Zhanbo: I have a lot of mother, but a pregnancy did not.

7. Xiaoxian: I now know why there are so many fake milk powder, you can do ah, first buy, then pour water will then dried, to see this is the hand- made milk powder. There is also a nice's name, called the Philippine deer milk, the words I have for you like right! Philippine deer license since drinking milk, not sour the waist, legs hurt, and even the heart does not jump yeah!

11. the horse is not necessarily a prince, monk ... may be not necessarily monks would burn incense, it could be ... a panda tattoo is not necessarily bad, there are willing energy is not necessarily Yue Fei ~ flying bird, it may be Li Ning

17. son Joe: Wait, they do not deceive me another veteran to participate in neighborhood get-together it

16. a Philippines: results after three months of her fantasy that he is a refrigerator, pick up the finger poke to the socket

son Joe: Guan Yu ah, my name is Lu Bu

7. the audience: in the Beijing Olympic Games closing ceremony in London last eight minutes, David Beckham with a straight face to the audience, out of a Bigfoot ball, you know what is it ? Little Yin: He wanted to say, you have to open Beijing Olympic Games so cattle, then we also open a London ball ah? !

5. Xiaoxian: chewing gum ... ... rumors that if the five networks together to eat, chew through the action can also create a feeling of satiety, but the key is not fat, the most suitable lovelorn people!

1. son Joe: have the small yin, you're a man, make you excited to be devil's body, not the devil's stepmother!

19. Wan Yu: I am a competent firewall should 比卡巴斯基

9. a Philippines: I use Google Baidu to help you on the line

4. Xiaoxian: money is not bad man sows become monsters on the tree

9. Xiaoxian: we can not you buy a cucumber it

8. ancient customs: wearing someone else's shoes to go its own way, so go find someone else!

4. a Philippines: We have the identity of the guests, do not confused with the team as decoration.

3. Optimus Prime ... ... dead!


eighteenth set:

2. Zhanbo: I look very happy? A Philippines: cut, you have to write the depressed Liangzi children face, the illiterate children of the really do not see

4. Zhang: counting sheep in this way is to pass over from abroad, in English have psychological implications. But the psychological implications in English, the imports people how to use it? ! I have a new, more direct, more effective is the number of dumplings. Dumplings, sleep, this is the psychological implications of imported people!

2. son Joe: how did this cup mouth? ? Mika: Do you take against it! ~ Son Joe (the cup in turn): not only did the mouth, even at the end did not ... ...

15. son Joe: old imports division was, a man to be contented. Little Yin: This is your lines do, Lu small cloth. Son Joe: can you have a Philippine ah. Little Yin: ... when the Philippines is one of the? Which are accountable to a set of the Philippines is? Zhang: I ... I could catch one of the Philippines? Little Yin: go! Children do not have doors!

7. son Joe: afraid of you, ah, I tell you, I University majoring in science is the lore.

2. a Philippines: Do not you think you looked like you? Son Joe: cool-looking all like me?

4. Love Apartment Landlords Rule number one beat of the QQ QQ 745 because only thirty or forty thousand, while the BMW 745, but expensive, oh, deep-fried shells beat 119 because of imported fire can fire ..., King played the FBI more than 911 because the United States, but very resourceful Oh. straight beat four-color cards, because the riot of color stood out how to look good than it, get 12581 Congratulations to you. China Mobile free You Zimo time (one click I can help you), congratulations girls may get 3.8, because the holiday shopping stop of a card, get a 5.1 10.1 as national holidays. stop out.

10. son Joe: this gives us a lesson: Do not get married, especially a woman. Little Yin: Do you have a better choice?

2. Xiaoxian: Maybe one day, your brain will crash, and then left the next day's pile of broken things, and a head bandage, but life always continues , because the big things will quiet, good man is me, I just have a small yin, ladies, I'm back.

10. Monica: Great! I received two birthday cards. Wan Yu: Who sent it? Mika: China Mobile and Bank! Wan Yu: at least the card is not a bill ah! Monica: They really put the bill actually made the card look like! Mika: I blame my parents was born in Valentine's Day two days now the whole world valentine who remember my birthday, Wan Yu: I ah, there are China Mobile and Bank!

XVI set:

4. a Philippines: Let me think about it, astronomical observation group, pesticide testing center, and ... the original Animals, you this, too social? Zhanbo: Association of the original animal researchers, there are many girls, you is not seen the picture? A Philippines: Eight girls, four with steel teeth, three glasses thicker than the beer bottle, a head and a large ... than you are now fully understand why I called the original Animals, and you each look on it, the province bought samples of the

8. son Joe: floating in rivers and lakes, ah, how can I not the knife, ah, my son Joe is Lu, life insurance with a trumpet.

6. yo: You know the greatest pain in life is? Is a secret sitting next to you, you do not know. Yo: You know the greatest pain in life the most is? Is that you obviously already know this secret, but can not say.

5. Moran: What is your seat? Zhang: I am made of meat!

17. Xiaoxian: You do not necessarily make everyone satisfied that all people are

9. yo: Sekiya have something magical here than all the boys are long is this what (the audience a loss of expression) a Philippines: ah! Yo: This topic is very simple to send points, ah, is ah. A Philippines: you give me some tips. Yo: Anyway, that is long and certainly older than the imports division was Joe's and sub-minimum
a long and Zhang Fei: how do I know them. Yo: ah you know you've seen. (An expression of surprise Philippines). A Philippines: I know how to say. Lengthy: one sister is the name of the Philippine name ah (a Philippine resigned look)

1. yo: my bad, I love drama, and may be afraid of not be elected. Then I thought, can not hang in a tree, so I hung up the two trees have the rope ... ...

5. Zhang: Kang, I would dare you grab a woman, I cut you!

14. son Joe:

15. the audience: I am long story short, this thing, long story, and I fell in love with my colleague Azhi, but I did not tell him, I told another of my colleagues Ahao, Ahao promise me not to tell others, but my colleague told me Ahao Adelaide secretly told another colleague Alin, Alin and the former girlfriend and Azhi Alan familiar, I'm afraid of A Lin tells Alan, and then go back and tell Azhi Alan, so I will be very embarrassed, but fortunately now Alan and Adrian are in love, so I went to Adelaide to help me solve this problem, told me that Adelaide Alan and he had parted, and he is now good with Arlington Arlington on I go, but told me that Ahao Allyn did not actually say anything to him, and now I faint in the end I should believe Who?

10. Zhang: (feather ink) the kind of smile, sweet and elegant, like spring breeze blew the lake, autumn invasion Jiuzhaigou

1. Sekiya: Honey, we eat? Snow: casual. Sekiya: then we eat hot pot, right? Snow: No, to eat hot pot face acne. Sekiya: I eat Sichuan food? Snow: Yesterday, Today, just eat and eat Sichuan cuisine? Sekiya: then we eat seafood, right? Snow: Seafood is not good to diarrhea. Sekiya: What do you say eat? Snow: casual. Sekiya: e! ~ ~ ~ Then we do not eat things first, and we do something else. Snow: will do. Sekiya: then we watch movies, right? Long time did not watch the movie. Snow: Are there any good movies Yeah, delay time. Sekiya: it bowling? Sports movement. Snow: What is the operation of a hot day moving ah, never too tired, you? Sekiya: o! ~ ~ ~ ~ then we drink a few glasses of coffee. Snow: ei ~ ~ ~ coffee affects sleep. Sekiya: how do you in the end be like? Snow: will do. Sekiya: that we simply go home. Snow: (laughs, then take the package) to see you. Sekiya: We take the bus, I send you. Snow: a crowded bus and dirty, or forget. Sekiya: play car? Snow: So close to the road, not worth. Sekiya: Well, I walk, walk. Snow: an empty stomach, and loose sort step to ah. Sekiya: Well you gonna do in the end? Snow: see you. Sekiya: that first dinner. Snow: casual. Sekiya: What to eat? Snow: will do.
Sekiya :~~~~~~~~~~ ... ... ... ... ...

2. Xiaoxian: Why Licha De dangling from it have so much stuff on the accent? A Philippines: people will not have a spoon against the flow of saliva.

nineteenth set:

3. son Joe:

6. a Philippines: call you faint-hearted are an insult to the word, you ask how to see people go after the turtle?

2 Zhang: I am such a dignified death of the Qing empire, and I can not be reconciled ah! I can not be reconciled ah!

6. small yin: Hey, is me. You do not speak, I have something to say to you. Son Joe was right, I should not escape. I do not know when you have a crush began, perhaps the last kiss you, and perhaps earlier. Leave you this time, I have been thinking, left the apartment of love, my life is lost color, leaving you, my dead body lost soul. You, I do not spit to keep decades Bai records vanished; you, I desperately flew back here. I am a fool, a fool the first universe. Honey, leave the man, back to me, okay?

Mega: your arm, Kongwuyouli, your chest, broad stalwart, your skin, invulnerability ...

9. I only kill people do not hurt the imports!

4. Monica: handsome, handsome, Party, Party, You gave me High handsome, handsome, Party, Party, You gave me High

4. son Joe: brave, rushed to go, which is like a train has stopped in front of you, the conductor asked you guys, you want the car? You asked this car go, when to the next station, car and seat? Long train pulled away, and you can only wait for the next one, but the next one comes, you still face the same problems, so for a long time, others have been to Siberia, and you are still on the station, who cares, go ah, the train is the forward open, where to go is not important, the key is the scenery, so you got off the train, you will thank me, even if a plane parked next to, apart from anything else you would rushed to the train because you are too slow.

17. Xiaoxian: you have to find opportunities to do after graduation? Zhang: Some opportunities are generally toward the rain I called and I are all avoided. Little Yin: ... you can. Zhang: But I am now a quasi-lawyer can immediately get a law license to the time of my life would be improved, small yin: you are doing paralegal, Zhang: I almost put in the IT department. Little Yin: can not tell you specifically know what IT ah. Zhang: engraved disc

16. Zhang: A Philippines, call me next Qin Yu ink. A Philippines: you know. Zhang: We are far more than knowledge! ? ... ... ... ... ... We just know

1. Xiaoxian: gossip is the fourth largest human instinct.

1. Xiaoxian: fate!

9. a Philippines: Choudao the flow of water, do not repair main speaker Jiujiu ~

6. Zhang: Fengxian, if I did the emperor, on the seal when you Prince!

4. bus master (for Zhanbo): metamorphosis ah you, or credit card, or coin, or get out, what twisted twist!

13. son Joe: I am a member of imported natural speech, I saw a beautiful young MM, eyes on a round

8. yo: right! ABCDEFG, a total of 26 English letters, if the number of letters left ET gone? A Philippines: 24. Yo: give you another chance. A Philippines: Wait, I know, 21. Because the ET is an alien, he drove off UFO!

1. Zhang: beautiful, if not permanent love, worth of diamonds have permanent teeth is a good ah!

2. Wan Yu: idiot beggar's purse stolen, was blind to see, dumb screaming to deaf shocked, hunchback to come forward, kick lame , wanted list imports to pull him to the public security bureau, Asako said, look at my face forget.


XIII set:

5. Monica: He focuses on that very very, very, very - very

small yin: Yes, a doctor knife and then a fast, full to the development of the brain Bo

3. Xiaoxian: Hello, everyone, I am your new small-yin, was a friend ...

10. Kankan: with the Saint sausage mouth, fratricidal ...

6. Xiaoxian: Lisa Yung, I curse you in this life to eat instant noodles without seasoning packets! !

3. a Philippines: Why no problem writing poetry, also wrote the shit barrier, long and stinking, the girl saw the results, finally the moment to stimulate the female hormones. .. into cholesterol of

5. imports Police Review: , also the name of the left lane change lights, he wanted to overtake!

6. the audience: beer, eat fried Gail eat, eat ravioli eat mothballs, Da Cangying hand shot on a nail, to burn incense to Ching Chung Koon, cell phone fell into the box to get merit does not come out

6. son Joe: Our man in the world, like clouds, or strongman, who imports bad star, a Philippines: But I looked around, cloudless, full Day stars



4. live life really is, only low ratings, but wages are not high!

2. Little Yin: Well, yesterday, my right eyelid jump you say I have Aventure. Son Joe: You know, the left eye jump peach blossoms, chrysanthemums jump right eye open. As the saying goes ... ... suddenly, such as spring night, the spring flowers that open!

3. a Philippines: I Zhanbo former Siamese twins, two years before the two of us is still long in my mind a piece of it

1. Sekiya: I? Lei Feng told me to it. Cyndi: You lie, how ... ... the accent of Lei Feng.

3. son Joe: Do not say someone else head is filled, head is filled with the prerequisite is to have a brain.

2. Rinpu: Hey! This is a few? Yu ink: Eight! Just one less write.

2. Zhanbo: Miss you kept a dog? A Philippines: No, but ... you are my big raise. I've kept a lot of animals, birds, rabbits, fish, squirrels, Pachira, less than three days ... all dead, Zhanbo you lucky!

1. son Joe: I guarantee that her addition to the disadvantage of all the advantages

twelfth set:

7. son Joe: When God merciless close a window, where they might open a window

6. son Joe: I was voluntary!

3. Wan Yu: This is the tractor it? I have always called it Kart ah!

in the first quarter moved

1. flash sister: not enough money, play imports member yet, scripts No.

popular Together to take stock of what one of the classic bar.

15. yo: Hey, deputy director of thing? I was a lengthy, ah, what new play Well recently, I can at any time to interview ........ Well .. this role is very suitable for me .. I play is the best of rural women during the war had ... You say, I write it down ... father and mother died, the child lost her mother crazy, they have been ruined devils, and then encountered a sunspot, the sunspots are? What is eight? Oh ~ militia ah, no culture, all right, I educated on the line ... Oh, I did not culture ah ...*..*!!

7. Wan Yu: in a pitch-dark night of the fingers

1. Mika: aunt in advance to see me, and I am now back sour, stomach hurt, Sekiya: Mika, you aunt for the very kind of you ah, or Today she slept in my room, I sleep on the sofa, Wan Yu: Sekiya, you say aunt and she said not a thing of imported code, Sekiya: Oh, Mika many aunt do? Health ah really your grandmother, I am only one, but I have three Xiaojiuma!

1. Zhanbo: downstairs pork prices, and then you go to another shop selling pork ah

16. Zhang Yin fantasy small wedding, the bride (looking at the crushed body of Zhang): he is not already spent it? Little Yin: hen ah (ah ).... do not know the bride: let it ... you come to his euthanasia, drugs ...

3. Monica: You are in the kitchen by a toilet or put a stove in the toilet ah

6. Yu Mo: I did not eat, I give my boyfriend to eat, Yu Mo: I suggest that you can eat ...

3. Yu ink: in your head really that installing a toilet, wash away the disgusting things. A Philippines: he obliterated the whole brain.

3. Little Yin: No, ah, Sekiya: But before you have seen 40 episodes of Congratulations ... you went through a woman's life!

3. Sekiya: Thirty-Six really profound, but never on the road to close the mouths of people regarded send ah!

20. Monica: This is the hand, not the web, then we should pull off

bus master (for bodyguards): hey, come back! Or credit card, or coin, or get out, see what to see! (Off guard) buses are Zuobu Qi, also posing as The Matrix, oh!

6. son Joe: is the engine hydraulic system unstable, resulting in mainstream programming board to suspend the program, so that coolant can not return to the outlet is as simple as

twelfth set:

7. Yu ink: buy a diamond ring for you though man is not necessarily reliable, but are unwilling to give you even buy a diamond ring man, he must be unreliable.

11. If the carpet long enough to own a red pants lobbied by 5 meters

11. Wan Yu: They asked me what the ideal, I said, I want to have a small house. Zhanbo: wow, great idea. Wan Yu: I may be not the same house with someone else's bar. My ideal house is marzipan piece ah roof, the chimney is roast pork rolls, the bed is honey jujube cake, pillows are all crystal shrimp dumplings, the rain under the raisins, was under snow lollipop, everywhere outside dumplings Guantang package, the river flows all 皮蛋瘦肉粥, river travel sky are cooked. I hum, they lined up to automatically jump into my mouth, the clouds are cotton candy, ground stone is Pork ... ...

Episode IV:

7. Zhang: She did not find us peep it. Son Joe: peep did not find, found two white imports crazy

3. off old: see you everywhere that read, in imports the country and a very good country people are very line in imports, the imports of Agriculture and a very good business in the country imports and a very good development is very wide line of imported East, I know that you are now a lot and a very good! But do not write it everywhere!

4. son Joe: Do not, and I am better than lazy, I do not bother with you than!

2. off old: Like father stop me and die.

5. Zhang: failure had, indeed, are common, but I never beat! I think Moran is that I was looking, she actually I'm not too wealthy!
son Joe: wealthy? Zhang: wages enough to pay the mortgage and auto loans, pay two loans!

18. a Philippines: water (sei) water (sei) know wow.

Favorite meddling. Highest educational level. Voice the most.

Huang sixty with Liu Bei, Tokugawa Ieyasu seventy conquer the world, late-bloomer eighty for the prime minister, Taijun Centenarian Commander, Monkey more than five years old Buddhist sutras, Bai Suzhen also down more than a thousand years old love it! !

12. Sekiya: this child grow up must be holy warriors. Monica: Why? Sekiya: the same moves he can not second

6. Zhanbo: Sister, you is not to say the early bird catches the worm eat? A Philippines: I found I was wrong, the early birds eat the insects are.

the first quarter of funny

10th set:

5. Zhanbo: see her (Wu Philippines) at the back I had an inexplicable urge to ~

2. Monica: If you ritual, and I ... I have to clean the floor of the ...

14. son Joe: Come on you two, and keep a distance from my ex-girlfriend

7. Xiaoxian: We are asking people to speak a little subtle. Sekiya: I know. lisa, I'm a fan of Heroes TV series reversed, I watch each episode of
lisa: really? It seems that we can consider put South Korea's market. Sekiya: This drama is really good, especially you that writer, is too talented, and he is mentally retarded school graduation, right? He wrote the story, sound worse than the sheep, touched the keyboard, even amoeba are live. The biggest difference between him and the pig is the pig can not just become a person, and he bursts becomes pig trotters I guess he is writing the script, I suggest he eat hemorrhoids medicine, treatment, look at his foot and mouth disease.
small yin: lisa, do not be angry, he ... he did not go out today to take medicine; lisa: you eat it? Little Yin: I ... I eat. Sekiya: old imports division was, I said, it's subtle, not a dirty word

3. Xiaoxian: lover's tears, drop the drunk, passionate heart, a rub on the broken. (A right provided by the Friends) Love is tired, tired hate, not love does not hate the taste. Do not say I was wrong, do not say you, life is the fans, few people can guess, love this glass of wine, who drink will be drunk, loved the people there experience. Lover's tears, a drink to drunk,
passionate people, touched on the broken. Think is also tired, forget the tired, haggard man much thought. Do not say who is wrong, do not say who is right, together inevitably hurt and sorrow and everything loose, life the fans, few people can guess, just no complaints have no regrets.

4. Sekiya: Well you are very experienced, son Joe, you have split over bombed imports bomb? Son Joe: This is no longer, but I point a lot of fried imports bomb.

5. a Philippines: playing basketball after Valentine's Day is to commemorate the Wu Fei


3. Wan-yu: dog biscuits rich in conditioner and anti-dandruff formula, to eat without a trace after the hair, dandruff more outstanding!

4. a Philippines: She may need to stay in a spare tire. Son Joe: This reservation has always been to find the spare tire, she was now looking to turn off the Valley that I not, spare tire spare tire.
a Philippines: Well, referred to as a second child.

Diba Ji:

2.Lisa: (refer to Yin's face was small) is not a software problem, you should change monitor!

5. small imports wave: I have three years from the importer to marriage, a son already six months old

12. small yin: wow, big moon ah

2. Xiaoxian: You be careful, I worry. You greedy, I fear. You are interested, I am happy. Bother you, me sick. You ungrateful, I am sad. Soon bless a heart, your moon my heart, spring is truly blessed.

2. agents A: You mean? Son Joe: Corneille group special. Agents A: If he did not come yet. Son Joe: do not come? A group of special

5. son Joe: Miss, you had a child by pro-pork ah?

1. Zhang: What can I bet with you, not see what you want, but look what I have.

2. Sekiya: Who says I will not lie? Little Yin: Oh? Try, Lie to me. Sekiya: Actually ... I was killing imports hand. Little Yin: What is the gun you use? When loading a few sub-action play imports? Spanking is used to hit his head? Sekiya: Well I am not a killer.


8. son Joe: My life is no dress rehearsal, live every day.

11. yo: I was the thirteenth sister fucking sister imports. Son Joe: She imports her mother was really my mother's thirteenth sister. Little Yin: She imports mother really scary. A Philippines: imports mother she really scary. Off old: She is the mother who imports?

13. Xiaoxian: if you are not late, you've missed you ... ... wedding

eighteenth set:

1. Zhang: Actually, I was a genius, but unfortunately Tianduyingcai

3. son Joe: Guan Er Ye ah, let so many years of friendship, and this time you can not help me ah. If you can bless the difficulties I've read, I Lu Bush vowed, after never never never never never happy on the net.

seventeenth set:

6. a Philippines: Listen, before the pattern is Zhanbo, Wan-yu and me. Now the two of them together, it becomes Zhanbo and Wan Yu (Dayton) and me. Understand? Sekiya: Oh! I know. This is what I always do the Chinese punctuation exercises.

1. son Joe: >

10th set:

9. son Joe: ladies and folks, today, this two people go to together ... ...

4. son Joe: I am not a chance, and he (Takeshi Kaneshiro) played opposite? Flash sister: when ... then not! I want to sign him your Pishi!

3. a Philippines: As the saying goes eye of the beholder, that what the eye of beauty? Little Yin: (thought for a moment) gum ah!

small yin: BREA audience: I said Azhi not BREA, BREA my colleagues in another department, BREA is Alin's brother, but I can not say I like the person he is you brother's girlfriend's ex-boyfriend, so the relationship is even more chaotic small Yin: Ati audience: A T? Audience: how do you know that we have a company colleague Jiao T? Alin any grudges against him and may he crush on Alan's relationship, but the A T and Ahao good relations.

3. Zhang: I was runner-up three legal judo camp were reelected. And almost the last term to get the third point on the.

6. son Joe: Who says a fortune must be blind, he obviously is dumb. . . . .

1. Xiaoxian: Bachelor Master body, to men only Dr. protect themselves, to win the women doctors, hum, only by the holy warriors.

7. Sekiya read said: ?

8. Sekiya (singing): dragon dragon you sent two years, forever and ever in poor years ... Sekiya (singing): I am not a grasshopper, I not a centipede, brother, I just cheap, perfect love ...

19. Mika: Lü Huyou, still in the faces and voices, through the ages asshole, a double death

5.Lisa / Judy: music, fascinating and beautiful subject-specific substantive content

Episode IV:

1. a Philippines: Oh! Spring Festival have our house white ah? Feather ink: your house white? A Philippines: One person ah.

1. a Philippines: I always thought he was among that number 1 and 3, did not think he said a combination of 1 and 3

8. a Philippines: downstairs notices, the world of pork have gone up, do you want me to buy pork on Mars?

nineteenth set:

the second quarter of funny

9. son Joe: (walked slowly toward the table first, and then one foot up, a rallying cry) God ah ~! Almighty ah ~! She realized she finally realized that friends ~! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

seventeenth set:

XI set:

3. I tell you, I do not have no problem winning Austrian imports ska, but have a few problems!

7. Yu ink: I have to do a new generation of urban women, on the hall, under the kitchen; killing a Trojan horse, turned to the wall; open from the car, buy from the house; fight over the third, playing the over-current imports rogue!

5. Xiaoxian: I am new imports come from? In the first quarter, when I'm the protagonist!

6. son Joe: Yes ah savvy kid, but also learn by analogy, really stupid than a brother Philip's much easier. Zhang: That was how stupid brother like? Son Joe: He? He had to soak away our wealthy daughter of the most beautiful apartment.

12. son Joe: the lack of organic conditioning stomach, causing digestive disorders, coupled with the rotation of the earth is now getting slower and slower, smaller and smaller gravity, hey, Burongyia

13. son Joe: you're a roots of troubles, Wait, you are not roots, is a source of trouble

1. Wan Yu (singing): ?

tractors uncle: know where from the time when a lot of young people to start small and learn from me

Wan Yu:

tractors Uncle:

2. Zhanbo: first to five

4. Yu ink: I ask, What do you do? Son Joe: I was ... I was a

2. son Joe: We think, and mice with cohabitation is not a good ...... charm

2. Monica: work account, declined to chat, to strong talk, fifty cents per word, punctuation, half-price fees thousand words or more, 20% discount on voice and video, yet open, online payment, invoice, Wanted Agents

1. son Joe: It was day or blue, the water is green, there is no bird flu in poultry, pork can be assured to eat. Time photography is to wear clothes, and debt to pay back the money, the wife's mother marry your daughter does not figure the house, the child's father ... is clear.

5. a Philippines: TVXQ? CCTV is not the Eastern time and almost ah? One person I'm going to see if there is.

9. a Philippines: If I meet again the man I let you disappear! Biology and sociology double sense disappear!

2. son Joe: Do you really TM's ingenuity ah

14. son Joe: chance, absolutely accidental, very occasionally, too occasionally a

6. a Philippines: beauty, you are a member of play imports right? Play imports Members: eh? How do you know, you read my speech of the play ah? A Philippines: this is no longer, but the conversation to see Well know ~! Play imports member (surprise): You see me spit?

1. Wan Yu: contempt he is the obligation of every citizen

7. Sekiya: After my research, different brands of instant noodles crush the voice is not the same as the previous one small voice is cracking la la la, unified instant noodles pinching The sound is broken, crashed the matter, the most powerful one, is called Master Kong instant noodles, crush the voice is that noise

4. lady: you again I do not go to the police it! Go away! Little Yin: I'm not bad, I was good ah! Lady: Hey! Where is your voice I heard it! Little Yin: Oh - you heard my show, I was the radio host, ah, man is me, I just ... have little Yin lady: That - I even have to call the police, to catch up to you, they can be a better host for it!

1. Ron Artest: imports in the country, football player fighting game to be much stronger than ability.

8. lovelorn normal ah, I often imports from the marriage!

2. a Philippines: play now play imports are singing to, and singing songs are writing a book can not go, can not write the book all go play play imports, imports play play does not work go on and sing. The entertainment is a ring it!

5. son Joe: I told her I left her because I was the Super Star, I said I need to rebuild the planet, so I left

8. son Joe: Zhang, narcissistic increase brain damage, which was the residue from imports ah

7. Director: girl, called the plight of fantasy costume drama. Now where there is light action movie to see Aunt Mom, if you do not-law, sin imports and third party debt, simply think about on prime time.

1. Zhanbo: Today is the anniversary of the death three months of occupancy apartment of love! Oh, no, anniversaries!

8 small yin: Wait, I'll give you a hint. Man is me, I just had ... ... ... ... Zhang: has brother! Jiuyang had long admired.

6. Zhanbo: you declare a younger sister to me ... ... the little Yin: I declare the ... ... ah! I declare it! Off Old: So you became engaged in this now. I would have said, what are you asking for trouble, self-defeating! Little Yin: I have to explain to her that I was really drunk! No, I can not explain, she would not forgive me. I still go! Why, Why did you no one stop me! All: We stop the ... ... small yin: Why I became engaged in something like this again! Over over, farewell Farewell all, I wish you happiness ... ... the little Yin: (just entered the room of a Philippines) do not come, I know I did wrong, I know I am a shameless bastard, I know I play But you. But I did not mean. (Knees) hero ah ~, let me ask you, I will find their own path, you do not drive people out of it ~

9. Kankan: Our sex? For ah! Zhang:? ? ? Kankan: credit and honor! ! ! !

11. Zhang: Hey, your benefits up. Yu ink: your benefits up

7. Little Yin: Yin there is a small roommate, he and a girl living in an apartment with two suites, unfortunately one is always left to go, another an elevator is always ... ...

5. son Joe: who then we were divided into 55

1. in the men's soccer victory over China imports the tenth anniversary of the Cambodian Women's

11. Xiaoxian: (panic) is Lora! How is Lora! So many people around the world, why is she my guests! ? A Philippines: The Lora is Who? ! Little Yin: She is my nightmare, my nightmare, a nightmare ... ... Zhanbo: You were not my sister What is your nightmare? Little Yin: the A ... ... God, I actually have two nightmare! Wan Yu: You know this Lora? Small yin: too know. Many, many things happened, very complicated. I keep it brief. This matter, a long story. Wan Yu: Then you slowly. Little Yin: (struggling) ... ... ... ... she dumped me. Wan Yu: Oh. Not long ah. A Philippines: (excited) This is Lora will not give you a cuckold woman bar ~ Zhanbo & Wan-yu: (suddenly realize) Oh ~ ~ ~ ~ Little Yin: See no, see no, I said they are two people are my nightmare! !

6. son Joe: Well said, you said a lot of how I did not understand

3. Zhang: There is a saying that goes, flowers, flowers are often people who do not belong, but of cow dung.

Di Liuji:

4. Little Yin: There are only a small yellow duck named Little, one day it was hit by a car on the road, 'Gua' a cry, since it is called small Cucumber

11. Xiaoxian: I want to clear. I can not get married with Lora, my family would become the United Nations! ! I want to break up I want to break up I want to break up I want to break up ... you think about this scene, you sit beside her, then she knew nothing about and you still joking. Then you open, she collapsed, and then crying, then two people holding each other tears. Finally, you need to tell her that we can not, you still buy a cucumber it! ! Too cruel ~ ~

6. son Joe: A million and one million are the same, because I did not!

6. flash sister: you now have a girlfriend, how can you red ah, how do I give you arrange sex scandal, there is no scandal you how to improve exposure, no exposure You red ass ah!

2. a Philippines: One thing I always say, but do not know should not say. Son Joe: you want to make costume dramas, this was your lines do? Too fake.

XIV set:

XI set:

4. Ron: There is this poem written on the sun ah!

Di Jiuji:

9. son Joe: We have four and a half these men, a Philippine two count, you count half.

5. Wan Yu: ugly, but ugly in particular, is a particularly ugly!

5. Zhanbo: Haha, you're dead. For female holy warriors, the deal she had intimate relations with men, only two results. Either love him or kill him. Moreover, the younger sister I, or Leo Gold Saint Seiya!

7. Xiaoxian: I am not a casual person,Outlet Coach On Sale! A Philippines: You can be up and not human!

4. Zhang: My advantages are: I handsome; but I disadvantage: not obvious I am handsome.

1. a Philippines: makes sense, I calculate how many people listen to your show. One, two, three, four ... ... 6 billion multiplied by 0 is the number again?

8. Mika: imports division was old, your room is really ... ... at a glance

1. Zhanbo: When I finally got immediate concern of the city gate, but found the whole city all flew away.

4. Zhang: I do not celebrities, I was personally flow.

4. I could not even the child's hands and feet are hard to tell, if his diaper to suffocate him how to do?

2. Mika: never heard the old saying goes it, people who only know to count the money, money can be the ultimate number.

5. Arctic freezing rain, and bears good poor Antarctic, the Arctic freezing rain, and giraffes are so poor, and the Arctic freezing rain, and the pandas are so poor.

3. a Philippines: you lack of acting! Most of the world's great acting, but your missing piece

3. a Philippines: a package of management plans. Son Joe: a basket

1. Wan Yu: Fifi to make their own chocolate gift Shen son, small yin: Really? I'm sorry he did what you do, you have to poison him! , A Philippines: I want to poison, the first poison you! Zhanbo: My sister did not die of things poisoning people, looks very attractive poison to eat would have been the last time I saw her do the chocolate, a good guy ~! ! Little Yin: Ha ha ha, I know, you do not want to poison him, you scared to death he fishes it!

14. a Philippines: man is me, I just ZHANG Xiao-bin

3. Monica: They are Eupolyphaga. Son Joe: They Eupolyphaga it, you are Eupolyphaga the monster.

16. a Philippines: the fun things you do not say it to make us happy

5. flash sister: I introduced a professional breast body to you, many, many Korean stars are there to do. What gold Xishan friends, show friends the river, driving too stuffy friends are there

10. a Philippines: no imports shame you, you mean, you do not fly! Son Joe: no imports shame that you do not, do not mean very tricky? A Philippines: Where I no shame imports, where the mean, where do not fly! ? Son Joe: Where you do not no shame imports, where does mean, where the shy! ? A Philippines: Even if I no imports, no matter how shame, no matter how despicable, how then do not fly, it will not be more than you no shame imports, more despicable, more do not fly! ! Son Joe: Well, well, scold, this battle will run for U.S. president a Philippines: had the old division of imported sub-program it started soon Joe: Do you listen to? A Philippines: ah, son Joe: cut, and said I am bored, a Philippines: Do not you listen? Son Joe: Listen! Who we are bored it.

4. Mika: seventeen were seven, 27 48, International Women's Day, May Day, Children's Day ... ...




5. Xiaoxian: If Laura to tell her little Yin dead, something burning paper (small Evocation big gravedigger) Zhanbo: old imports division was, are you going? Little Yin: Western imports Tibet Xinjiang A new imports or imports Khan rich international space station, in short, can not see a place like Laura, Wan Yu: But you still live at it. Little Yin: also live it, my skin have been stripped of her. Wan Yu: You can not just walk away, this is the escape. Little Yin: your children at home do not understand. Wan Yu: If you are afraid to face her, that you did not really forget her, now is the best opportunity to prove it all over. Little Yin: how to prove? Broadcasting: re-burn your little universe
you are rebuilding the ruins; your battle is re-opened; old imports division was, perk up your self-confidence is to reproduce; your soul is reborn; your system is restarted; you appearance is reshaping; your speed is being rebuilt; your parents are bigamy.

4. Sekiya: I only heard the host scolded the audience for the first time to hear the audience accused the host.

11. a Philippines: day wake up, do not sleep at night, bought a cheats also recited the day

13. Sekiya: I really come from the home of Altman

7. a Philippine (pointing to the sub-Lu Qiao): Today you even think about running. Yu .. ...... put small Mexican ~..... close .... Yu Mo Yin: Yin is not in today's small, you can put Zhang Wei Zhang Wei ah ... look depressed ...

8. off old depressed. Hair,, very sharp ..... Little Yin: Guan ancient past two days, a good sharp ah .... Zhang: love people, have this shape? Little Yin: It can not see it, change only this form of imported state ... Zhang: Why did he change of imported state? Little Yin: a newly sprouted seedlings were drained of water, cover the sun, but also put to very good ...

1. feather ink: Oh, it also can not blame me, Who He left a beard, too sexy, and I did not impulse ... ... Kang Zhu.

5. Zhang: the situation is even worse than expected, a guilty conscience was the traditional Chinese virtues, are now gone.

3. Sekiya: Son Joe: Ha! A look you do not understand the film! ...

9. son Joe: If your friends are playing Solitaire story, be sure to get involved, do not go away alone.


2. a Philippines:

3. can it

10. son Joe: your eye, clear and moving, your hand, gentle and delicate, your heart, crystal clear

4. Zhanbo: You masked, or is masked.

6. Xiaoxian: play. . . You or your body's first taste of the volatile on!

3. Zhang: Yes, of course, I quite like her ... but I liked the actress is generally no good end, I used to like Iijima, Later she died, I liked Sakai, and later she went to smoke a drug imports.

5. Mika: European Free double line, oh, I've seen in Hawaii it!


2. Yu ink: there are not any UPUP breast operation, all my code out. If you really need, silicone pad is king.

9. son Joe: Everyone must die, had to die premature death later

8. yo: downstairs living, please do not flute the

lonely root 3 I was afraid, I will always be the root of that number alone three. III itself is a wonderful figure, the three I's, why hide that ugly under the root. How I wish I was a nine, because nine need a little bit of computing, you can get rid of this cruel fate. I know it is difficult to see the sun I like this endless, 1.7321 ... ... ... ... I do not want my life so sad. Know that day, I saw the other root three. So beautiful flawless, elegant dance from, we multiply each other, get that dream figure, as successful as an integer. We smashed the shackles of fate, love wand gently dancing. Our square root, has been solved. Love, new life. I can not guarantee to give you a fairy-tale world, there is no guarantee he can grow up overnight. However, I guarantee you will never like a princess can live in freedom, happiness.

2. small yin: Needing, in the same room, Heavenly things impatient, misfires ... this is normal it!

2. Zhang: prospective lawyer is a lawyer, eggs, rotten eggs, is it not?

6. Dean: how do I feel that people are a bit familiar ah. A Philippines: This is ... ... probably because all the caring people are long with a good face it!

1. Wan Yu: You GRE over yet? Xiaohua: I ... no aunt, Wan Yu: That TOEFL it? Xiaohua: Who care's blessing?

3. Sekiya: I know you know people do not know what you know, but I have seen you play imports out, so you should know I know you know ah.

10. Mika: I die you spray a salt soda water.

6. Xiaoxian: I allow you in my world, walked up and down, but will never allow you to run around my world!

4. yo: Down the table imports play Rule One: Do not give your opponent the right to speak. You have to fight for their more lines, the drama is robbed. Down the table imports play Rule two: never let the audience guess the plot developments. Down the table imports play Rule Three: to create a full background story, involving two generations of the best scores.
... ... Down the table of imported rule forty performances: the audience will always expect more disputes over the relationship between the characters and story more flavors.

6. yo: you can drink this, ah, the manual said you can drink this milk year-old

3. a Philippines: No one can lie to another series of my Wu Fei

2. a Philippines: rotten, rotten to be added, ugly, ugly to the unspeakable.

9. Monica: You see that big face, every time I stand next to you, no cell phone signal, went on the road can not see the sun! I see you really believe that gene mutations will be! Son Joe: squeeze your head in the door, right? The degradation of three times a day you dinosaur!

20. aunt: I kill, do not hurt the

5. a Philippines: If you do standards, Wan-Yu and Monkey is basically at all levels. Zhanbo: What about me? A Philippines: ... you and that monkey off the furnace in the old man into the alchemy called what? Zhanbo: Lord Lao Zi! ! A Philippines: Right, right, you and the Lord Lao Zi alchemy that soot inside the furnace is basically a level!

7. a Philippines: good and evil is a man, like a call takes a small Shenyang.

6. Ron: It seems Xiongtai you are practiced, I was practicing fighting, and I question what Xiongtai large ones, Muay Thai, Luohan or mantis. . . Zhanbo: You say I do not know, but I am Pegasus Meteor Fist great deal of research, is that a second kind of boxing can play one hundred, yesterday I called to make that move. . . Lushan Thang Long Pa

1.Lisa: you! Yin was small! Yin was small: you know me? Lisa: My neighbors and classmates big Biaojiu uncle is your brother's relatives!

8. a Philip: I really want to put my shoes pia 37 yards 42 yards to your face! Vegetable than you speak, you immediately believe it or not I stop blaming your pots go! !

15. Xiaoxian: your home and have another aunt in prison ah

11. yo: the two of them Japanese, chat, why have Chinese

5. Sekiya: I can explain. Yu ink: No explanation, I'll tell you what is called interpretation, explanation is that described by observing and thinking the reason things change or things or things the link between the development of the law, you explain that to cover up, cover up the fact that evil is the fact that began, humans like to cover, it is the greatest tragedy of mankind

2. son Joe: do not listen to old words die in front of me

12. Zhanbo: Spider-Man, like Batman is fictional, but Santa Claus is true, he had a gift to send it back to me

7. flash sister: In my eyes there are only two people, one will be red, one is never red, where you pile ah? Joe: My sister .. flash: Which heap is not, because you never had in my eyes. Flash sister: canned sardines have a future than you!

8.Lora: Over the years, I have seen countless men. Although you are not the tallest of which the most humor, the strongest nor the most handsome, but not the most money the most successful and the most mature and most romantic most gentle and most mysterious of the most lovely melancholy sexiest bravest ... ... small Yin: I said, this can can not be skipped

17. Zhang's son, Joe fantasy wedding, the bride (to Zhang): Do you really back in 1977? Son Joe: Really, Comrade Zhang sister led us to the farm .., innovative technology small Yin: exceeded the target, also received praise ... (holding a small red flag)

Mika: start with the good, who is five

8. a Philip: I think children do not fly this thing completely, the Chinese men's soccer World Cup win and you almost the same level of ridiculous

6. Today my old imports division sentences, that describe a person happy, so I said

7. psychiatrist? Word

8. that you do not have culture too! Even though she did not know, Malaysia, singing (That is Fish Leong!)

10th set:

5. Sekiya: such a good girl, if not cherish, will be shortened to.

6. small yin: OK, you kind of, I'll tell to tell her, Sekiya love you long time. Sekiya: What're you talking about. Little Yin: Ha! Also install from a lengthy last to audition, when I saw it, and dilated pupils, restlessness, and then I bought 20 packets of instant noodles are molded into the flour you had!

7. Sekiya: My name Sekiya.

7. an audience: I'm sorry, to the North Pole last year, when your mother lost (original last year from the 5th floor of your mother pushed down on the balcony), this point of a Sun Nan,

2. yo: Oh! Speech of imported workers to do too much work! Yoko: You also do this trip? Yo: No! No! I ......... listen to what others say. They also said members of rehearsal to do play imports, but also back the word, the wind, the rain to go, working hours, not law, bad luck, to get Shakespeare's plays, the whole chapter is not a line of people, then there can not just change. Yoko: sentence have said that my heart. Yo: entertainment, water is too deep, we are a woman, you say, why bother difficult for a woman a woman. So, ah, good care, women must be nice to yourself, especially members of the women do play imports. Once sick, there will be another woman robbed your job, or even spend your money, live in your house, sleep in your husband, your baby is also playing!

1. Zhanbo: recall how much love left end and beginning, but drink a gentle flow of falling into complete annihilation of the mad, never stay in love or fall only by the people to bear, If she really does not care about you is not go nothing

10. Xiaoxian: Heaven, ah, that his mother can be, ah, you have no one to approach Earth ah? You acted in Altman ah!

. .

1. Zhanbo: sister, if there is a deep hurt you, how long can you forgive him? A Philippines: forgive him? God forgive him the things, my task is to send him to see God!

10. you see him, were not smart, people also learn bald!

4. son Joe: floating in rivers and lakes, how can I not the knife, my name is Lu son Joe, a life by the trumpet!

3. son Joe: I am waiting for you in heaven and earth Oh, hold on ... Table ~ ~ ~ uncle!

4. son Joe: As the saying goes, money can push the ghost mill.

13. son Joe: beautiful love you always be only a reincarnation from a distance

21. Xiaoxian: Narnia nursing home, a needle cure effect, no rash does not bother sleep early, less expensive, bargain discount for each purchase, the national promotion period, broken plate price of just 998, to be admitted immediately, you will also receive eight weeks Yatsurugi diamond knife a vegetable imports, Narnia nursing homes, the effect is good! (Yin has put a small cheat)

1. Zhanbo: Sister, I ask you a question, you be honest with me that I really did not appeal to you? A Philippines: how? Zhanbo: I had any brains, younger sister, you are most people who know me, they are a group of stupid people on earth. I did not appeal, no appeal I will do this? (Swimming position). Surprise! ! ! A Philippines: perhaps they are right, you are defective.

5. Xiaoxian: listen to people's stories, to stay their tears.

2. son Joe: That was my high school, when one day I dream about their role in the examination, then I suddenly woke up, more terrible things that happened, the original I really exam!

Di Jiuji:

4. a Philippines: I will not bow to evil forces, killing you and me nothing.

12. son Joe: I proved that there is fire on the Mercury, no, is there water on Mars

13. son Joe: Chu Laihun sooner or later have to repay

5. Xiaoxian: Do not come over, do not advocate beating, playing face Shang Zizun ah. Son Joe: We Band of Brothers heart, as long as you dare in any of our three a start, the other two will be .... Zhang: alarm

4. a Philippines: when your mother is not a man to throw, and the placenta was raised up!

XIII set:

14. son Joe: Waterproof Phelps dedicated cottage

5. Sekiya: really touching ... Maid She is so beautiful ... so do not cherish, but Yang Guo, he thought only his aunt! Zhanbo: so, Maid ... his aunt, Sekiya (scared): ah! Too evil, and his uncle Yang Guo did not view it! Zhanbo: the amount of ... exactly, there is no uncle of this man, Sekiya: My goodness! Yang Guo ... that his own uncle! ! Maid ... nephew to do her own daughter! ! Wan Yu: Maid storm was strong imports
Sekiya (crazy): na ni (something)? ! How can! Wan Yu (smiling): Yes, it is Yin Zhiping dry Sekiya (continued crazy): Do not say it! Do not say that again! ! (Suddenly calm) ... Is Zhiping Yang Guo's uncle is it?

son Joe: This is the break up of the routine. But absolutely can not happen to you. Because she is Lora! Have you ever seen iron chain with boat people seasick it? So I think that the situation is such that you speak with her, she, quietly looking at you, you crash, and then crying, then you pull her in his arms, Yoshimasa words to say sleep, but also to go to work tomorrow. do not get enough support in that nonsense up.

4. Zhanbo: fried rice, also known as rice scrambled eggs which are only three things: rice, eggs, salt. My sister has four samples, as well as her hair. A Philippines: 5 like today, I fall into a false nail.

12. Xiaoxian: Do not hang in a tree, trees and more trees to hang around a few times to try ....

1. Because Bo's car show was too slow, so the whole car people suggested that he drive faster, Zhanbo: Master said, Road to Road are Road. .... son Joe: Zhanbo, you learn to drive in the Wudang Mountains, right? !

8. yo: Do ​​not take the girl home, do you think accounted for her cheap, in fact, she was more dangerous than you think, much more. Unless she is your relative.

XIV set:

4. son Joe: My goodness! What are some things that the child Oh .... this dog days of imported hydraulic system, where oh

2. a Philippines: If my feelings if it fails, lying on the ground must be the other side.

5. Xiaoxian: You do not have to give priority to men the meaning of it? Philippines: That is the look you have these little people out of the first.


10. son Joe: My name is Lvming Bu word son Joe!


New Year SMS


along at home, outside the cis, cis-heart, meaning smooth, cause cis, cis-future, a smooth Baishun, Tiandishun, human smooth, good weather, now shun, shun the future, smooth, wish 2010 In all the best! Happy New Year!

hope you fish every year in the new year: more than money, there are fish dishes, more than the spirit, a lot more than friends, as well ----- you do not redundant! :)

Smile is a fire, wood happiness is, happiness is the pot, I wish the ribs; with a happy smile lit the fire wood, red-hot pot of happiness to give you the fragrance of the ribs. I wish you a Happy New Year!

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fact, some things we know each other's hearts on the line, but the New Year, I had to then explain ... ... ... ... my red envelopes it?

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2009 New Year's Day is coming, and wanted to give you a surprise, but his hand did not much cash, can only give you five million: be sure to happiness, never to be healthy, be sure to peace, never to be contented, Do not forget me.

☆ New Year's Day Forecast: New Year's Day will be the next large area around the notes, bills north northeast, northwest rubles, Central South Sterling, check the southeast part of the region, some areas have bars.

☆ New Year's Day New Year is not gifts, winding SMS sent to you. A long healthy and happy with you, good luck and you do not separate. Well let me tell you, the God of Wealth has to follow you.

☆ send you a coat, in front of peace, followed by happiness, good fortune is the collar, sleeves Ruyi is, happiness is the buttons, pockets full of warm, put it, let it accompany you every day ! Happy New Year!

☆ winter to catch the fast track to peace, so happy with you gently hug, so difficult for your admiration, so that worry gone down quietly, so good luck on your special care, so happy for you always smile . I wish Happy New Year!

☆ I want to Epiphyllum never fade normally open world, I want to melt the ice a sunny winter of snow, I want to meteor never disappear dotted the night sky, I want you in the new year Happy day!

☆ willing to hold your peace / hugged Health / Chuaizhuo happiness / joy, carrying / round the warm / with a sweet / accompanied by romantic / holding wealth / pulling auspicious New Year, happy every day!

day: to keep you warm; months: to give you warm; me: I wish you a blessing to you as intensive transportation weather rain! The same trouble as the clouds flew, like the dinosaur extinction of sorrow, happiness as sweet as honey. happy new year! ~

Blessing spoken tapping ears, so happy New Year's bell quietly come accompanied, always around you, although not the most beautiful words, not sentimental words, there is no fine gifts, some Happy New Year just a deep blessing!

Dingdingdang Dingdingdang, cell phone ring tones jingle. Happy smile hanging face, intimate words hidden heart. Blessing writing thousands of lines of words, a teaser message intended. New Year really want to come, I wish you a Happy Year of the Dog!

every flower bloom, each pyrotechnics ignited; the flow of time every second, every miss a transmission. Every moment of gazing, all I want to send you on behalf of every blessing: a happy New Year!

this time of year, blessing will flock to you like the ocean, I hope my blessing like a leaf boat, set your ride, you reach for happiness! Happy New Year!

edge there you have my word, there are sweet bitter love words, love words have thought there is love, love the word pregnant with sorrow, like the word has led to hang, your character will always be my best friend! Wish you happy forever! ! ! !

pull gently move your number to let you know my arrival; slowly flying my blessing, so you feel my presence; to wind sent my mind, so pass me the stars greetings; hope you well ...

Whispering voices autumn know, tears of feeling heart to know, hopefully gently vibrating cell phone, let you feel joy and happiness, do not say is not possible, do not want to impossible things, just want you to be happy.

a lonely shadow is a simple two roses is a star is looking forward to the two sky is vast, a naturally comfortable, and have trouble to see your text messages are bad guys, sometimes to I quite miss.

give you 11 hearts: am comfortable out liking; failing to patient care the way things carefully; friends carefully; treat people sincerely and self-confidence; of love with infatuation; go home happy; night at ease.

the latest reliable information: health will follow you; happy to be filling you dizzy; happiness to possess you; friends fantasy you; even more exasperating is that wealth actually crush on you; beautiful and you want to cohabitation; are even happy become your lover!

there is a distance away, one thing is called called called the missing edge there is a feeling there is a concern, but a man called the silent blessing of her in the sky in front of you wish I hope you have a little fun every day.

New Year's Day arrived, and sincerely wish you new year, good luck always things to do, colorful life, wallet Rijindoujin, working along the liking heart.

legend lavender has four green leaves: the first leaf of faith, hope the second leaf, third leaf love, the fourth leaf is lucky. Send you a lavender, wish you a Happy New Year!

If you are a man, I wish you a Happy New Year; if two people, I wish you a Happy New Year; if it is a group of people, please tell me Where are you, with you I want to Happy!

all the days are all gone, all the days are coming for all, this is a timeless moment, I kept in mind, try again.

exile level wind, no hall days, where in one thousand kinds Rouchang go thirsty and tired. Rise, clear sky spring thunder rolled loudly. Happy New Year.

this season, double the pace of our impulse to start gently. Out of the gate bar, activities covered rigid. To look shiny to carve into the depths of the season, explore the flowers of the message.

Happy New Year! I wish you never fall in love, ride a beautiful life together.

sky snow is flying notes to thoughts made into a movement, with the blessing to play the expectations to bring you joy of the year.

teacher, Happy New Year! Thank you! I wish good health! Good luck!

Happy New Year! Let the wind into your New Year's house, so that New Year's Xuefei into your house, so I floated into your New Year wishes to the heart.

in that silent moment, like the new year, there is the joy of movement every day, accompany you.

best youth, this delightful song, this lively music, to bring you, bring me. Like we start this wonderful new year.

turns warm season, there is a message from the trees on the leak: the New Year and to the sections, and placed deep wish.

If the memory is a feeling, like Yang are part of our memories are sweet. In the New Year in another brilliant release.

years of life ring the silver bell. Turned a page, open the doors of the house New Year's, pouring. Star grass in the sun's gentle obsession. We have page after page of fresh wrinkles, unexplained depression, the Associated Press.

life as our eyes, black and white, and far-reaching vast, open day and night closed, and now is an instant during the spring.

leisurely New Year's bell ringing, floating to send my blessings, lingering in your side.

Happy New Year! May you have a world of their own!

in this beautiful warm world, to listen to the blessings of the earth, so a year filled with hope, wish you happy and learning progress.

New Year's Day New Year's Day round and round, I wish you all wishes come true in the new year and good luck!

this season, have my deepest thoughts. Let the wind carry a full of blessings, encrusted you sweet dreams, I wish you to have a brighter and more brilliant in the coming year.

the whole city seems to have begun to thaw, it is only due to the elimination willow head Diminshing Yang Kai's little green. The blessing of what I desire, but also to resolve the whole winter. Your heart's cold, bring you Anna and smile.

rush one another, who knows difficult to meet, eager anticipation, the long thoughts, into the heartfelt wishes. I wish my friends in the new year and everything goes well.

heart to heart hand in hand, to accept the spring of reward. May you happily greet the New Year. We do not often have a New Year, but often have a new day. May you each year, every day, there is full of happiness and joy.

this moment, have my deepest thoughts. Let the cloud to carry a full of blessings, embellishment you sweet dreams, may you have a happy New Year!

New Year's Day, I silently bless you, may your life: pleasant summer, warm in winter, autumn harvest, spring beauties.

in the depths of your soul, the joy of singing to disperse your sorrow. Like sweet mead, away your sorrow. Like distant thoughts, opening your heart. The wave of life, awaken your passion.

willing breeze for me. New Year's bell full of memories of a year away; usher in a year full of ideals. In the new year, willing you every success, further, the cause of life is to win, success.

a beautiful song the new year, you will be good luck, the new year, you will be best. Years to a lengthy stream, leaving you and I have a sincere friendship. Would like to friendship with you an enjoyable holiday.

Happy New Year! Body good! A good mood! All good!

Rose is my passion, my taste of candy, stars are my eyes, the moon is my soul, be sent to you, my love, Happy New Year!

always wanted to ask you the distance unscarred, nimble always like to hear that the pace is still. I hope you always happy. In the New Year, do not you change too much, until later years.

New Year approaching, offer a blessing. Expect: Every day, the god of happiness are to accompany you; every moment of happiness with God bless you all.

soon to say hello, I heard blessing, a new beginning, new hope, new year will bring joy. Let us share, let us take significant steps to meet the future.

Happy New Year! Hope that in 2009, leading you down the car to you, money close to you, the public security after you, just your property, Xiaomi follow you!

New Year filled with joy this day, like New Year's bell can bring you a peace and joy, and my most sincere blessing: May your peace year after year, all the best!

Good luck, good health, hood cheer. I wish you a happy New Year.

Good luck in your new year: the cause of legitimate afternoon, the body as strong as the tiger, numerous money, do not work hard, laid-back like a mouse, like romantic music, you are happy Mo.

whispered greetings and sincere wishes for happiness often accompanied you around like you have hearts full of joy, the hope of good harvest, filled in the new year.
New Year greetings
1, New Year SMS blessing came, I wish you in the New Year: a flourishing career, and I feel sunny, wages to cover beyond all recognition, the Spring Festival greetings future fame, romantic love is still, happy games world .
2, where there is sunshine, there I am silent blessing, sprinkling the earth when the moon when I have a silent prayer, when the meteor across the moment I made a wish: I wish you a New Year's greetings safe and healthy, happy New Year!
3, give you a 100% innocent candy: component = miss + really + happy, period = life, nutrition = warm + happy + moved Manufacturer: really a friend! I wish you a Happy New Year and good luck!
4, plus blessing of many a blessing blessing blessing blessing by blessing is the starting point is the infinite blessings by blessing blessing blessing blessing is the only addition to the blessing, bless you peace and happiness, Happy New Year!
5, New Year's Day that I have to wish blessing, good luck every day, pay, live backgammon, lotteries term period, the winning times and playing cards, good taste to attend a lecture, if I dare to forget, be careful to suffer sticks
6, preferably someone else's pain, happiness is your own; trouble is temporary, and friends are always the eternal; love is the careful management of the world is no big deal. Happy New Year! How safe not thousands of miles? And sent away with the thoughts. Endless love and care, deep affection and blessings. Happy New Year!
7, Happy New Year! Xu wish I wish you a wonderful happy again and again! Xu wish I wish you a wonderful career round! Xu wish I wish you a beautiful love sweet!
8, this time of year, blessing will flock to you like the ocean, I hope my blessing like a leaf boat, set your ride, reach the other side of success! Happy New Year!
9, Happy New Year! I wish you: rich set foot on Marlboro; career board Hongtashan; lover surpass Ashima; financial resources over the step Greater China!
10, I want all the cream into a celebration, Chinese New Year greetings for all bunched up into chocolate cake is always made happy. . . Pound you! Then say Happy New Year!
11, poly Himalayas of the sun, the breeze rope ends of the earth, antagonistic Kailash's blessing, the gas suction Bill Gates fortune, as a gift to you, I wish you Happy New Year!
12, the bell is my greeting, singing is my blessing, snow is my greeting cards, wine is my kiss, embrace the breeze is my happiness is my gift! All are given to you, I wish you a Happy New Year!
13, not New Year's Day gifts this year, winding SMS sent to you. Healthy and happy with your long, happy sticking you, and I want to tell you, the God of Wealth has been eyeing you!
14, wish you in the new year, can do so all hope, all dreams can be realized, all of the expectations can occur, can pay all cash!
15, one and live in harmony, year, happy, happy life, I, in peace, the spirit of times every day, numerous festive month, year after year making plenty of money. Happy New Year!
16, the morning dawn, well-being at your side; New Year greetings at noon sunshine, a smile in your heart; evening sun, fun with your 365 days. Happy New Year! New Year's good luck! Come and good luck!
17, the first ray of sunshine is my deep blessings to you, put away the last touch of bright red sunset is my sincere greetings to you in the New Year approaching, send sincere wishes: Happy New Year!
18, Happy New Year! Good luck in your new year: the cause of legitimate afternoon, the body as strong as the tiger, numerous money, do not work hard, laid-back monkeys, like romantic music, happy for your foot! New Year's Day arrived, I asked the air as the postman, the hot greetings bound parcels, printed on really for the postmark, 37-degree temperature courier, the recipient is you really wish you: Happy New Year!
19, my dear friend: New Year's Day to, in this New Year SMS New Year wish God bless you! Goddess of Mercy cover your you! Wealth hugged you! Eros Shezhu you! Iron Chef kissed you!
20, Happy New Year! I wish you extra cash, like a fat pig; body Bang Bang, strong as a bear; love, sweet, the United States like bees; good luck, much like New Year SMS yak!

New Year is approaching, to the global environment and resources, please buy less consciously traditional paper greeting cards, you can use a pencil on a large face value of RMB insert message, send me! Thank you for your support for the cause of environmental protection! I wish you happiness!
a long time seen a little bit like the recent well-being of the body can? Year of very hard work, cold weather do not forget to add clothes! While you are supercilious look wolf, I can remember your heart! Anyway, idle is right, the whole point of grain when fed to cats!
Sunrise East China Sea off the sun, unhappy even a single day, joyful day; failing into a dead end, people are comfortable, comfortable heart; often chat with friends, but also talk about the ancient, now also talk about not owning immortal gods; wish you happiness throughout the year. Buddies! So I have money: I use the XO to you flush the toilet, you cigarette lighter in U.S. dollars,Coach bags, to buy 999 roses to your bath, you as a maid to find My Fair Princess, with Kentucky Fried Chicken to feed your fat, then send you to the slaughterhouse with Boeing ... ...
you wanted a New Year's Eve, your offense is: 1. for good friends, and enough loyalty; 2 youth face, bright smile. The Court is now ruling as follows: fine you my friend for life, without appeal!
I asked a mosquito to find you the most reliable, it will tell you I miss you, and ask it for me to kiss you, because I can not close to you, hope you do not use mosquito coils and mosquito, as it I will send for many
holiday, I do not intend to give you too much, give you fifty million it: Never to be happy! Sure to health! Be sure to peace! Be sure to contentment! Do not forget me!
happy holidays! Hello mood --- do not bother to send more water, the sea, the mountains more wei, more spider legs, hot pepper and then the mouth, and no matter how Osama bin Laden a ghost, how tired the United States, in short, you are beautiful, happy and never regret !
let me tell you seven kinds of live happy: 1. more attention to me; 2 more like me; 3 more to take care of me; 4 more pain I; 5 more common I; 6 multiple messages to I; 7. The most important thing is to recognize such a cute me! Night such as wine, wind gently blowing willow, daisy open for a long time, where you are running? Cold for a long time, do not you add clothes? City to prevent dog, the owner did not hit you? You had better call safe, free my mind miss --- owner.
my hand on Harry Potter's magic wand, sincere prayer: I want all the cream into a festive, all the blessings knead chocolate cake made happy forever ... ... flatten you! Happy New Year! New Year's drink to pay attention to four kinds of people: red cheeks, and comb Xiaobian Er, and Bu Zhisheng children, and hides the children's tablets.
in the new year, you come up with to succeed it? Do you want to become rich? Family line do you want? You want to become rich it? Do you want to oneself? Career and fortune do you want? You want good fortune it? Nobody is allowed to, and fast sleep!
the new year, people across the country I am determined to do three things: 1. to repair the lift Mount Everest; 2 to the Great Wall tiling; 3 reverse gear mounted to the aircraft; do three little things: 1. to fly wearing gloves; 2 to mosquitoes wear masks; 3 to your feed feed.
New Year with gift, surprise waiting for you. Edit the text A rare opportunity, act now!
Yesterday to pay an inch photograph, why bring a stamp. Speed ​​to my report, this new version of the monkey to retrieve tickets.
by taking into account a few days there will be overwhelming blessing messages clog the network, ideals, vision, and intelligence and the universe invincible super genius --- I wish in advance: Happy New Year!
from now on you only hurt a person, pet you, do not lie to you, promise you will do every thing, every word you say is really, do not bully you, hit you, call you to believe me, people bully you and I will help you the first time, you are happy to accompany you happy, you're not happy to coax you happy, always think you are the most beautiful, in a dream will see you in my heart Only you!
In the new year, I wish good health, teeth fall out; bon voyage, halfway missing; all the way, halfway fall; happy every day, often abnormal; smiling and laughable deserve! Because of you, I believe in fate; because of you, I believe in fate; Perhaps all this is doomed, some kind of traction we were. Previous life ... I really want to say what sin is doing it!
money is a useful thing, but only if you feel contented, it will bring you happiness. So you should put the extra money to me, so the two of us will feel happy!
wind blowing, March spring, southern grass, Jiangbei plumbing, Lingwai Meixiang, stuffed with soft willow, but also to find Fang season outing, I want to say is ... ... New Year, spring, what you When invited me to dinner? Wish you a New Year's holiday: small drink to the disowned, cigarettes pumped die, mahjong twist to the day and night regardless, dancing jump exhausted, boasting blown themselves do not believe.

intoxicating wind bells floating in the New Year festive atmosphere, I wish you peace, joy, all wishes come true!
☆ FOK movement, plenty of money! Phoenix has always been a large habitat Wu, Goodwood for the origin of the pillars of the new year, do better!
☆ joyful New Year, good day finally arrived. Friends, work harder next year! I remember I went to eat dinner at home myself! Happy New Year!
☆ auspicious wealth, year after year is more than flowers bright, Feast, Gods like, icing on the cake, Four Seasons peace!
☆ May your New Year full of warm, peaceful, happy reunion with loved ones, I wish the Chinese New Year Joy, New Year's music unlimited.
☆ Spring not only are you willing to laugh the moment, it is your happy day. Bless you, wishful Festival, Chinese New Year Jinxi.
☆ In this season of joy give you my best wishes and kind thoughts really, you would like a brighter than usual this year's Spring Festival.
☆ Spring Festival, Happy New Year, wish you happiness always fun! Willing to give you a warm and peaceful New Year with joy.
☆ I carry a warm spring New Year greetings, wish you have a happy sweet new year. Year of the Dog good luck, wish everything then!
☆ new year, bless your business was flourishing, promising! Grand plans! Financial resources prosper! Good life of peace!
☆ bunch of sincere blessing, an extraordinary mind, love riding the short message sent to your heart. Happy New Year!
☆ sweep dust are ancient New Year, may your hearts also sweep the dust a year, when the New Year, I wish you all happy year!
☆ Happy New Year! Thoughts of you as the curl of smoke hanging by a thread, and for your blessing is accompanied by the murmur of the stream for life.
☆ festival in the beautiful, send me a sincere blessing, the pace of the Spring Festival will give them all immaculate you!
☆ happy if you waved, you stomp your feet if you feel happy, feel happy if you Shuaishuaitou. Happy New Year, a madman!
☆ ah ocean full of water, all legs spider ah, ah really spicy chili mouth, ah know you do not regret it. Happy New Year, every laugh from ear to ear!
☆ my dearest friends: In this new year wish God bless you! Goddess of Mercy cover your you! Wealth hugged you! Eros Shezhu you! Iron Chef kissed you!
☆ wine, candles, dinner, what a wonderful New Year! Except on the lack of your wallet! Friends, Happy New Year!
☆ bid farewell to the old year and enter a new age, emotion, say to you: good health and good luck!
☆ give you a happy! A Koushou, two Koushou three Koushou! Kung Hei Fat Choi, red envelopes used!
☆ old saying, an increasing day by years of life, the beginning of Chinese New Year, I wish you good health and longevity.
☆ old friends, Happy New Year! Good health and good luck! Bring a gift, to come and collect red envelopes!
☆ fortune Dayun Year of the Dog! Health and good luck! The beginning of the year, longevity is to.
☆ wish your business was flourishing, New Year and more new atmosphere! In the grand plans for the new year!
☆ In this brilliant and happy New Year Festival, presented all the good wishes! All the best wishful liking!
☆ absence for several days, like in this auspicious New Year bring you happiness in countless! I wish you a happy Spring Festival flies!
☆ vintage old friend, Kung Hei Fat Choi! Away from home, but each peace! Huijia see, life is more sweet!
☆ spring snow long, Everywhere, New! Happy New Year, happy New Year! New Year, all wishes come true.
☆ sincere dedication to the blessings of the occasion of the Spring Festival, said the thoughts of love. I wish Happy New Year, Happy New Year!
☆ wish you had a happy New Year! Like the world is full of detail and, in my most sincere heart, wish you have a happy year!
☆ stepping on the wings of the wind, against a sky full of snow, falling on you a blessing: a Zhouqi Xi, Pepsi, Fanta everything!
☆ streets, a pervasive atmosphere of Chinese New Year, I wish you the deep, and floating down one, you noticed it?
☆ man child, good fortune, good luck, I wish you and your family safe and smooth work! This year a fortune, do not forget a treat!
☆ give you special wishes for New Year bring you endless happiness, wishful, I wish the Chinese New Year and Happy New Year full of happiness and success.
☆ cooperation over the past year, we are very happy, thank you for your attention, the beginning Year of the Dog, I wish you a happy family, all wishes come true!
☆ old friend, I wish you a festive season wishful throughout the year, good luck, happy wishful, extra cash! Smooth, successful career!
☆ You like a leaf boat, carrying me towards the ocean of knowledge. Teacher, thank you! Wish you a Happy New Year, students everywhere!
☆ Let's spread the Quartet New Year's bell, let us love and praise sprinkling the earth. Friends, I will always bless you!
☆ New Year to, Caishen Dao, luck with my short message to! More treasure new year, next year life of icing on the cake.
☆ dawn of the New Year, wish you peace, joy, happiness! I wish you a happy heart always have the first song, Happy New Year!
☆ Jixiang Anfu and expensive, since the new welfare wishful Hi Pro! Happy New Year: good luck, congratulations joy, rise higher and higher, Spring Nafo!
☆ every festival pro, father, mother, new year, you take care the body. The first annual fun-filled safe, but each is full of auspicious door!
☆ Qianxiang gathered more than celebrate, Zhen Pian Bedford Spring Festival! Castle is still there, blessing every year! Friends, new year even better!
☆ an enduring friendship, Zhizhe ten million blessing, I miss friends, warm sound to greetings: Happy New Year! New Year!
☆ in this beautiful occasion of Chinese New Year, Sincerely, my thoughts and wishes. Blessings friends in the new year, there were a good mood every day!
☆ affection in this season, in this peaceful New Year, I want to send you a mind full of thoughts of profit and endless blessings.
☆ willing friends peace and happiness! Will be the
☆ May you enjoy the Spring Festival, the expectations of all the joy, every small thing can bring you the sweet feelings and endless happiness.
☆ I wish you in the new year, the rich set foot Marlboro, career board Hongtashan, Valentine surpass Ashima, financial resources throughout Greater China.
☆ New Year's Eve night a messenger reported to you soon peace, so that the harmony and melody, with you through tonight. Happy New Year, good luck!
☆ longer the more alcohol the wine, the longer the more true friends intersection; more water flow more clearly, the more traffic the more worldly vicissitudes of light. Happy New Year, and always good mood!

send Chungui rain, snow welcome blessing to have received text messages ten million, still was not reached. Fu is not rushed, just waiting for Kat Times, pray until the time of realization, I laugh with firecrackers.
076 deeper in love in make friendship, family ties in the care of allowing warmer, more honesty in the heart so quiet, so the simple live in more beautiful, better in regards to the so wishes, in the blessing of allowing a happier New Year !
021 Golden Pig to send to send auspicious blessing, to help the Olympic Fuwa: Beibei Gu send your full position, send your parents house Jingjing, Huanhuan give you something smug, you are welcome shuttle body well-being, Nini give you longevity long. I wish you a Happy New Year, good luck unlimited!
095 air conditioning can not cool the flame of youth, the young can not interpret color TV, MP3 player, not years of sound, the film is far smaller than the wonderful life, text messaging was able hands of my good wishes: Happy New Year!
029 shook his head, road roads; ears fan fan, sun shiny; ass arch arch, all happiness; tail upturned, happy smile; Golden Pig hum, the pace Kengkeng; fireworks nodding, bell Lang Lang. I wish you a happy New Year's Eve!
090 a year to read the fate na year, received a send a thank you, ah, a day the United States one day self-contained it, take two steps forward two steps happy now, heaven and earth ah ah let my friends every day Happy it, Shui friends, Po friends, 2007 friends.
008 upcoming Spring Festival, I wish twist made of wool, weaving candlelight you a red sweater: formerly safe, back is the happiness, good fortune is thick shoulders, wishful worn on the sleeve , the collar bears thoughtful, pockets filled with the happy, warm and worn so wrapped you, let my heart to accompany you to spend the New Year.
093 Year of the Pig I wish you live in new houses, a new book, the main event, to help people, casting fresh air, hold the gold pig go!
027 healthy is the best gift, contentment the greatest wealth, confidence is the best character, care is the most sincere greetings, care is the most selfless thoughts, blessings are the best words. I wish you a Happy New Year! Peace and happiness!
084 elegant person, to see back on the know; progressive people, listening to footsteps to know; good people, to see a smile to know; confident person to see eye to know; lucky people, look you know. Zhu Xinchun happy!
096 Fairview Seduction body cut a few, a few glasses of tea and nectar products. Thirty-five invited friends and family, classification of species of each spring and fall of Tibet. Harvest silver dog see the old year out, New Year calendar Pig Phoenix. Sender heart sincerity clever, who notes with lingering longevity. I wish you a Happy New Year!
002 poly Everest of the sun, the breeze rope ends of the earth, dried Kailash's blessing, the gas suction Bill Gates fortune, as a gift to you, to wish Happy New Year, all wishes come true and good luck! 091 New Year's greeting to send text messages advising you point a colon, a large auspicious Year of the Pig; write a comma to congratulate you, more than New Year's celebration; draw a full stop bless your New Year family reunion; Dayton one exclamation point touched you, love the New Year together gas; describe a quotes include your New Year lucky; circle parentheses lock your New Year enrichment gas; line ellipsis concentrate a thousand words, I wish you a New Year Wanan, whole family happy!
001 days of high mountains can block away, but could not block a deep longing; latitude and longitude to distance, but can not stop sincere feelings; the passage of years can be in China, far from friends and then will close. Spring Festival wishes to send me patches!
098 future road is long, take a rest; mind is heavy, put up; affairs are numerous and complex, slowly; a lot of fun, play; Spring Festival that get together; friends and family more than walk; mountains and rivers more magnificent, around. Congratulations Happy Holidays!
007 meet, is melodious song, met a cup of mellow wine, to get along is that the geese flying south, knowing each other is the root of an ancient vine. Always silently blessing when you are calm, like happiness and peace along with your sweet sweet honey of life. Happy New Year mood!
089 solemnly reputation: this article has not forwarded messages, not seen, packaging, simple, true meaning of love strong, genuine original, a replica must be punished, any similarity is just coincidence. Happy Year of the Pig!
092 is a gentle spring wind blessing, the blessing is a cool summer rain, the blessing is crystal clear autumn dew, the blessing is the white winter snow, my blessing is 1 and 0, through time and space of steel and concrete, with you for life.
028 to the Spring Festival, New Year's morning: a good family worship; two difficulties worship less; three worship trouble canceling; four worship the same old; five children of filial worship; six thanks to being around; seven worship sorrow cast; eight thanks to income high; nine thanks to safe cover; ten worship Fest.
094 pass a message, make people ride a long time; take a phone call, let warm a long time; product pot of tea, long aftertaste; recalling a past, people worried about a long time. I just want to make you happy long, long time!

2010 New Year Happy New Year, would like to wish you a successful mid-wishful, month and everything goes, the joy of worry-free day!

2010 Happy New Year longer the more alcohol the wine, the longer the more true friends intersection; more water flow more clearly, the more traffic the more worldly vicissitudes of light. Happy New Year, and always good mood!

2010 Happy New Year this season, have my deepest thoughts. Let the wind carry a full of blessings, I wish you to have a brighter and more brilliant in the coming year.

2010 Happy New Year sound of blessing, the slightest friendship, strings of thoughts, turn into a gift, to stay in your heart, Happy New Year and good luck!

2010 Happy New Year so far away, no gifts, only your heart and I am worried about the sound most sincere wishes: Happy New Year

2010 Happy New Year Thank you for caring, thank you for your help. Please accept my New Year wish, I wish you peace and happiness!

2010 Happy New Year wish: a warm walk with you every day of the year. wish: happy day with you through every time!


Taiyuan, Shanxi vinegar Qingxu has nearly 100 manufacturing enterprises, annual production capacity of vinegar, Vinegar in more than 100,000 tons, is known as China's Nationally known production base of Shanxi Vinegar - Water Tower Group in Shanxi far away from the county town of Meng seal. Meng letters in the old Town warburg we find children Cuchang amide, where less than a kilometer away from the towers Group. Vinegar Factory in the old office of acyl children we see a factory owner, according to them, are vinegar factory production, made in September 2003, comparable

Reporter: soy sauce standard is fixed, right?
deputy director: there is a standard, use this with friends. This color can not do.
According to him, this powder by 1 to 3 ratio watered dissolved into amino acid solution on reduction. Use it for the preparation of soy sauce, in addition to the rapid expansion of production, but compared with the soy sauce, soy sauce prepared with the amino acid solution can be reduced at least half of the costs, some companies make soy sauce and the relationship.

lower body still attached dead dead sow small piglets

the meat is slotted head meat, tongue and groove behind the head meat is pig meat, the boss told reporters that they point to this with a lot of processing meat sausage with slotted head, and in the vicinity of Taixing City has a place called wild Takemura, almost every household with a slot head meat sausage.

according to the boss's instructions, the reporter came to more than 30 miles away wild Takemura. Locals told us that wild Takemura sausage is well known for. Reporters random walk into a processing point. Boss took several sausage, let reporters distinguish good and bad.
boss; you can not tell which is good, which is the NAO
Reporter: The good and bad (sausage) how the difference? Material is not the same, right?
boss: the materials are not the same to the tank head lymph gone

roots in Beihai City Road, a single processing point, law enforcement officers have found a number of good red dried fish and pickled pesticides Of these law enforcement officers immediately seized the red dried fish were sampled, and make further treatment based on test results. Subsequently, the law enforcement officers also rushed to the construction of Beihai Silver Sea Zone shrimp processing point to another village, seized a number of low-quality shrimp and shrimp used to color the chemical raw materials.

he told us that these mules and beef mixed with meat processing, production and sell out of the meat as beef, without anybody knowing it, most people simply do not see, he said, with mule meat, beef, nothing to do, the key is to look at what technology, as long as the skillful, no matter what the meat, he was here, after processing, can be made The so-called Pingyao beef.

order to understand the proud owner of the magic of technology, the third day, the reporter once again came to the point of this process, the yard filled with good meat division, part of the beef, and more mule meat is the boss in the side is to the meat filling.

A East order: in the hair before this post, the forum has made a lot of worthy of our reflection to the post, then I follow everyone's footsteps, made a post out of this. You will see this post, and you will more clearly understand what we are now facing food problems, maybe you will feel after reading discomfort, even terror (please forgive me for using such extreme words), may also be will let you view some things have an impact, but I still insist on the issue of this article, because I know that exposed the problem more obvious, the future will be addressed more thoroughly.

boss: this way, others quietly brought, caught to fines, the Salt, simply does not allow to sell.
boss: the state purchase and sale of salt, we use the salt can be said Salt.

sodium nitrite in food processing mainly as hair color and preservatives used, its maximum amount per thousand gram 0.15 grams, while the owner of 500 pounds of meat to be added 100 grams sodium nitrite, more than twice the maximum dose. But the boss know that sodium nitrite adds a well.

boss: this thing (there are) highly toxic body as you eat so much good that he died

State Food and Drug Administration issued a workshop to set his shoes room, coat room, bathroom, shower room and air blowing cleaning air conditioning systems. Reporters found in the survey, the small town of Luan's workshop production of sanitary materials do not have these production conditions, but the business has become increasingly prosperous

Reporter: What is this?

workers: Caustic.

reporter noted that caustic soda is poured into vats, the workers of these small dark particles poured into the tank mixing of inferior pine nuts, then mixed with a small number of workers but also of good quality pine nuts, two pine soon became the same color.
Reporter: What's his meal?

Axian roasted factory owner Yaoguo Song: talc.

Reporter: This allows not be allowed to you?

boss: general does not allow, add a little less fine.

introduced, according to workers, the use of talcum powder can make the surface more smooth and pine nuts. After another ten minutes of frying, the rollers of the pine nuts cracking.
workers: slowly opened.

taking advantage of the pine nuts cracking, workers and quickly put another powder poured into the rollers.

Reporter: What is this?

workers: sodium metabisulfite.

Reporter: pine nuts and other openings in order to put sodium sulfate?

worker: Yes.
According to the workers say, sodium metabisulfite, spoke of the pine nuts can make the color more white, look better.

an illegal processing of rice warehouse

Dezhou Braised Chicken with fresh meat?, Truly a mellow flavor, it's delicious and it's reputation has spread three hundred years, Texas is the old Chinese Braised Chicken , is China's traditional one of four famous chicken. In May last year, our part of Texas have reported poor quality of individual manufacturers in the illegal production of braised chicken, followed by the local government of the city so Braised Chicken producers conducted a special regulation, and on braised chicken production, processing, marketing, and so part of the implementation of a strict policy of specialty special tube, then and now has more than a year past, what would happen to the quality of Texas braised chicken it? Our correspondent has recently conducted a thorough investigation:

pot at the end of production of raw materials, mainly butter, pepper, bean, spices, etc., and some manufacturers to reduce costs, or even replaced with artificial flavors and natural flavors.

the soy sauce and not immediately filled, but was transferred to the upstairs of a large storage tank. Riga technicians went, some thickener and jar sauce flavor, soy sauce on the preparation of the so-called complete.

filling up the shelf to get a good dry sausage before, but also to put in front of large pan yard, dip, workers say that this special treatment to pest control.

workers: (sausage) is easy to stick flies
Reporter: So how do you do
workers: water treatment (flies) with a dozen of medicine to fight mosquitoes (in water) on non-stick the

According to the boss to do so is to introduce color to orange wax. This red powder is a pigment, and this oily substance is paraffin.

vehicle are poisonous rice Probably the day he entered our family kitchen

one out of the Tonghua station, the reporter saw in the underground mall at the entrance to the Changbai Mountain based specialty market, according to business owners about here, Tonghua City, a market like this there twenty-three, where the scale is relatively small. Here we see that almost every counter has a Deer cream sales, the majority of these Deer cream packaging is simple, there are simply not the box. In Tonghua City Medical Building and the bazaars of some of the Changbai Mountain specialty sales counters, the reporter saw the same situation. Here the operator told us, Deer paste is the cure for all kinds of gynecological diseases, and it's such a special effect is largely derived from the Deer medicinal value of this particular material.

6 change the taste of seafood

Reporter: Why are there so many bugs?
boss: pickled (soaked sauerkraut), when there are insects, playing a drug, there is no.
After a while, a worker began to kimchi in the pool to fight drugs.
The worker also told us that, in order to prevent insects, kimchi in the factory once every few days to fight drugs.
Reporter: This is for agricultural pesticides, is not it?
worker: Yes, (this is) and low toxicity.
this , Workers and bosses said they do not know.

correspondent in the city Puning Town, Jiexi Town on Valentine's plum wind, the production phase Simei survey found that poor sanitation, with plum plum processing lover, not the individual phase Simei phenomenon. There are two plants due to the use preservative drug too much, in the production process, workers in order to avoid bodily harm, even to wear gas masks.

correspondent: he wears the (gas masks) Why?

workers: pool smell, because the pool smell, drugging of smell.

Reporter: What is this mask.

workers: anti-virus.

Reporter: gas masks.

workers: ah.

Reporter: You're still wearing gas masks, (do) something to eat but also to wear gas masks.

workers: (pond) stinks.

workers: Who can not wear, do not wear the (gas masks) people will die in the (pool) inside

Reporter: Why

workers: stink, ah, This flavor.

boss see that we are strangers, first introduced from the high-quality Deer cream, after some conversation, he took out a few inexpensive Deer cream, recommended to us again.

But when we asked why the difference between the two Deer cream so much, the boss did not answer our questions. In our repeated requests, he began to give us from these low-cost production through low-quality Deer cream. He told us Deer cream are tampered with the raw materials.

- This article from Network A East:
Reporter: What is
Liu Xin food factory boss: This is the food (stone) wax
Reporters: wax is

Welcome to reprint

Reporter: Why add pigment?

technician: the color should be dark vinegar, and the original color is too light vinegar. Reporter: added color on the dark pigment, like vinegar-like

Reporter: Where received over?
workers: all over the country.
Reporter: every day and unloading?
workers: every day unloading.
through simple sorting, these filthy hair is no longer any treatment, directly sent to the machine to play loose, and then labeled package got me feeding.
Subsequently, the reporter followed the dray to pull the hair of the production of amino nitrogen liquid feed plant, a worker Zhengda to get over a lot of hair to put into the reactor inside.


black hearted goods Guangfu Road Sauce Sausage wholesale market is the largest wholesale market in Tianjin, where sales reached more than 100 brands of sausage products are sold throughout the country. Reporters noted that many market stalls are factory direct sales office. The love of food stalls in Tianjin Factory Direct Sale Office. The boss told us that they sell sausages are generally around 5% of the allowed rate of return.

workers: the intestinal expired, no longer marketable, (or) made out of unwanted, a detour in the factory, but put a long to die, put the peel and, disinfection, washing, blending the do back (close) stuffing.

boss also said that he was here the meat is actually quite good, in the village to do some processing sites with sausage meat, much worse than he used, and some simply do not eat .

clues provided by the boss, the reporter went wild Takemura another processing point to see the boss said, Processing point, several workers sitting in the window under the cut meat. Piled around the yard piles of meat.

Pingjiang bell person in charge of the new food plants: (Our product) that will not mildew, (package) leak case, but also over a month or two before mold.

Pingjiang stability of food production plants Founder Wang brand wax doll tendon spicy vegetarian food

Pingjiang Anding Chang An plant of Confucius brand spicy vegetarian

Pingjiang three food plant in the town of Yu Sanjiang brand spicy beef spicy vegetarian

Pingjiang bell new food plant of the new master brand wax bones cooked spicy vegetarian

these prohibited add the sodium diacetate or mildew killer, not only easy to mold, long shelf life, and most beautifully packaged, is very popular in the market.

stall: all sold well.

Reporter: are adult children to buy or to buy?

Pingjiang bell person in charge of the new food plants: (the goods) sales volume, Pingjiang raw flour a day that at least 10,000 tons.

Reporters: one hundred tons of flour to do this all the food ah?

Pingjiang bell person in charge of new food plants: Yes.

second, the fake product as the consumer does not know it was fake products, smells bad after eating, poor quality, and finally will lose confidence in this product. So how good tradition of our heritage, our history, heritage brand, has an excellent history of several hundred years, renowned at home and abroad that some good products, to be sure that we are facing a major issue.

really fragrant roasted in Bengbu City, the reporter saw factory, warehouse filled with the raw materials used to process the seeds, the top covered with dust. (Empty mirror) boss told us that they are processing the white seeds. A worker to being poured into the pot to cook the seeds of a white powder-like stuff.

Reporter: This is what you put things

workers: alum

Reporter: How much you put this pot of alum

workers: just put the number of
workers, according to this description, with alum boiled seeds is not easy to make the seeds damp soft, maintaining good taste.

drying floss

factory shipped dead sow

Reporter: What is red?

workers: pigment


the workers introduced the color by adding pigment after the sausage meat processing and the use of color is very similar. Workers quickly put a mixture of pigments and poured into ice blender,

Shuangli Food Factory of Tianjin Li: This is to take our canteens.

Reporter: take the canteen?

Li: school canteens, colleges eat this. (Bitter pit of a college student)

Reporter: This is the cook Braised Chicken soup ah?

Technician: 300 years of history in this old Tom.

correspondent: 300 years

Technician: Yes, 300 years, we have braised chicken flavor is cooked out by the original soup.

Reporter: Do you wrap your mouth the more unsanitary. Health do you wrap your mouth?

workers: health. How unsanitary.

Reporters: Health ah.

workers: health.


from bottle washing, filling, to labeling, packaging, are concentrated in this room with only seventy to eighty square meters. Workshop debris accumulation.

Reporters: how do you mix it by hand?
Technician: hand than a stick handy, stick the small size of the hand is also flexible.
Reporter: This health it?
Technician: health, what not to do it by hand, and eat things that are made out of hand.

closet out went boss and a red bottle, the bucket and pour some red powder.
Reporter: What is this?
boss: the red color of the food bucket boss
that operating room, pick up a bucket of water. Then the whole bucket of food red solution was poured on the meat to the pool. Workers quickly began to stir.

pork flies still crawling with worker said

mother does not cook pork does not taste bad, but carries it to do the floss is the best, then do with the mother of pork Floss is not more common?

also extremely disgusting! ... ... Creepy ... ...

Tianjin has more than 200 large and small sausage factory, generally allow vendors to 2-6% rate of return, and now comes the sales season, returns are quite common. Reporters followed the other manufacturers have seen a lot of recycling of sausages. Dual benefits of food plant in Tianjin production workshop, the floor filled with all kinds of sausages, workers are busy sausage casings peel. Reporters saw the basket of sausages has stood moldy, emitting a foul odor, flies flying around above. According to the workers introduced, these sausages are recycled from the market, and has been a shelf life.

industrial salt kimchi kimchi Sichuan dishes sounds like a humble, in fact, it and Sichuan hot pot, as well known. Sichuan pickles can eat, can also be made of pickled fish, as ingredients in other dishes to eat, tasty, but also go well with rice. In Sichuan, nearly every household all day without kimchi, kimchi can now have a factory owner told us: they simply do not eat their own kimchi, only to outsiders eat. Do they change the long-standing habits?

Reporter: water ye are this color it?
workers: against that is that it is anti-bad (the drugs).
boss: This is against the use of water, sodium benzoate.
according to national standards, the processing of pickled vegetables, the amount of sodium benzoate should not exceed five ten thousandths. However, this plant has exceeded six times the amount.

workers directly by hand to cut pickles, fresh ingredients and cooked in a large bowl full of water mixing, through the packaging and sealing can be on the market.


instant noodles, instant noodles are safe, health and nutrition, is directly related to the vital interests of many consumers, according to the State Quality Inspection Center of grain and oil sampling, the sampling instant noodles in 2003 pass rate of 70% If unexpected preservative project, instant noodles, the pass rate will shoot up to 99%. Preservatives has become the biggest factor affecting the quality of noodles. To this end, the reporter has to Master Kong, Hualong and other large noodle factory were investigated.

workers are against the pool water to wine. This wine can hold the pool of about 3000 kg of rice wine (the amount of empty mirror with a stick). But the correspondent measured with a stick and found the wine poured into the depth of the pool depth is less than a quarter of the wine.

Reporter: just finished the water it?
boss: just finished the medicine.
he told reporters, to hit the meat is not ordinary water, but their preparation of a special kind of medicine. Seeing the pot of syrup used up, the boss brought a bag to the pot, add some yellow powder, which he says is used to deploy the medicine, he here to do the things necessary adulterated beef.

raw rice is rice covered with mildew smell pupa silk

Reporter: What is the role
paraffin general workers: from hardness
Reporters: Hardness
workers: Food Factory of

Liu Xin, the boss, while recognizing the pot at the end to add the paraffin material for coagulant, but also explained that adding this wax is edible.

〓 〓 produced brave heart will be fine

belongs Album: Chinese taxpayers

Luan in the small town, a dozen reporters followed the production of sanitary materials processing point of an interview conducted a survey and found that these processing points family workshops, production environment and health conditions are poor. Cotton production in a workshop where the reporter saw, bamboo dress costumes turned out the pockets of fertilizer bags. Ceiling covered with cotton and dust.

operating table covered with the dust, workers just wipe trouble. This production process is completely manual. For the production of dumplings hands, the workers do not bother to wash.
Reporters: how not to wash your hands ah?
workers: they do not eat our own.

Reporter: What is this?

Expert: alum is not added, why? Alum is among the first stages of the program we have talked about, very clearly, because of alum which contain aluminum, this material impact on child intelligence, in addition to outside, this way the entire production, this water, that is (water) microorganisms, total number of bacteria, E. coli must be exceeded. So often cause our consumers diarrhea.

problem of food a day down to the ground 500
consumption of aflatoxin contaminated food after a serious fever, abdominal pain, vomiting, loss of appetite, severe cases occur in 2 to 3 weeks hepatosplenomegaly, liver pain, yellowish discoloration of skin and mucous membranes, ascites, leg edema and liver dysfunction and other toxic manifestations of liver disease, may also appear enlarged heart, pulmonary edema, and even convulsions, coma embolism.

Chu Metropolis Daily Online News (correspondent reporter Fang Lin Xiao Zhen) 300 tonnes from Lianyungang ! Yesterday, these

Reporter: What is the meat
technician: the scraps under a knife, not a butcher.

19. rice
China's Guangdong, Guangxi, Jiangxi, Hunan and other places on the market found toxin B1 levels were excessive.

shocking the poisonous rice

Moderator: This small gap is a detail, can also be used as a method of identification. So the four of China's traditional name is Shandong Dezhou Braised Chicken chicken, chicken crossing Henan, Anhui Fuliji chicken, and Jinzhou, Liaoning Goubangzi smoked chicken, then the current name of the four chicken is also facing some common confusion, common problems?

experts: they face the same problem that some of our regular business after decades of continuous development with new technologies, armed with modern technology has developed very stringent standards, strengthen the management, the introduction of modern processing technology to produce high quality products, but there are some small workshops, unscrupulous vendors to dead chickens as raw material, just what kind of chicken for the raw material processing and is not very serious, strict control of safety, quality,north face down jacket, nutrition, so he relatively low production costs, he shoddy, hitting the market, this is a, it affects our years of formal enterprises in the market.

15. Pingyao beef

1. Floss


REVIEW: 1. floss (2) Deer cream 3 black heart 4 green Dezhou Braised Chicken 5 instant noodles 6 changed the taste of seafood 7 snack Peach 11. Yiwei material murderous four volts 12 seeds 13. blending wine 14 industrial salt pickles 15. Pingyao beef 16 Vinegar 17 pot bottom material 18. dumplings 19 Rice 20. sausage 21. hair soy sauce 22. Township right guy 23 rice 24. carrion lard 25 sweet potato starch noodles - correction fluid 30. dead delicious bacon baked pork debut ------ These are a part of our daily diet.

Chaotianmen Chongqing Small wholesale food market is one of the largest wholesale food market. In this market, selling all kinds of food, there is a local specialty: pot bottom material. It is understood that, in Chongqing, the production of such bags of pot bottom material manufacturers are different, but the packaging is very similar, mostly labeled The boss told reporters here, pot bottom material quality is good or bad, it is difficult from the packaging point of view out, but you can touch it.
Reporter: What is coagulant
boss: coagulant is added hardness
boss repeated questioning by reporters, only vaguely revealed that the secret.
Reporter: What is coagulant
boss: chemicals

Reporter: so heavy, musty!

several workers to remove boxes of oranges, fresh bags.

Reporter: What was that?

workers: This is dirty, and want to change the bag.

reporters found that many are split out of the oranges grown mildew. These have been moldy oranges to do?

Reporter: This stripped Why?

workers: After peeling, dress up. Dress up.


21. hair soy
clues provided by the enthusiastic audience, the reporter in Hunan Province, Changde City, Li Zhou City, a wholesale food store, and found this is called According to the shop owner said, this popular school canteens and other units welcome soy sauce, do not use traditional brewing process, but with a special kind of raw material blending.
soy sauce is the main component of amino acids, while soy sauce is an important test targets, which is where the nitrogen content of amino acids, amino acid solution prepared using the soy sauce, soy and other raw materials not only do not need to ferment, and the nitrogen content fully able to meet national standards for soy sauce. However, they prepared soy sauce factory and the normal method of preparation is completely different, then, he showed reporters in this amino acid solution used in processing soy sauce special process.

the floss products, Jiangsu Taicang Meat Floss regarded as a well-known. Locally from the Qing Dynasty began to have such a production process, it has been described as silk Ru Xu, and into the tooth tip. Can be interviewed in Taicang, Jiangsu province, when they found two strange things, a strange in most of the floss manufacturers have not seen raw material - fresh pork; also surprising is that there is little meat in Taicang not only loose , and local initiative to persuade us not to buy also Taicang Meat Floss, how is it?

workers: our people here, to see to do this dirty, and generally do not eat soy sauce. Generally, we do this thing, and know, we do not eat! Ha ... ...

how to identify:
production technology experts Mingqiao seeds: seeds, when consumers buy, how to identify high-quality seeds and the addition of talc, paraffin seeds it? Take a watermelon seed, we first look at its appearance, quality of watermelon seeds the middle color is yellow, surrounded by black, two color boundaries are very clear, poor quality of products it is often obscure the surface color, while some increase the talc, paraffin wax seeds, what he a white crystalline surface (material), so it will be more slippery feeling. Here we do an experiment, here is the piles of seeds, when we slowly lift the plate, when the plate reached 45 degrees, when there's a bunch of seeds on talc (sliding) down, while good seeds it is not moving

Reporter: This is the flies ah!

boss: fishing ah, now this (shed) an open, on the off flies. Fishing ah, a strainer, a fishing not to over do.

Reporter: eat all right, there is bacteria.

boss: This water is 24 degrees halogen, what bacteria can not survive. You see everything all the Ying Zi died of a fall.

workshop, two machines are running. Two workers to one kind of orange powder into the machine, a strip of orange things on the surface below the constant pressure in the molding machine. Another worker sitting on the ground, forming the gluten of the pull to open.

What kind of cooking oil! Sanlu has meant nothing! Read this you have the desire to eat it?

He told reporters that hair are rich in protein, simple amino acids can be extracted after acid hydrolysis, amino acid solution produced by the factory over the years are in fact used to process the hair, the hairs are daily consumption of 10 tons so.

10 orange, peach

17. pot bottom material

corner of the shop, workers are another ingredient. He first poured into the bag of flour in a blender, then they fetched a tablespoon of white powder poured into it.

Shaoxing rice wine is a blending wine in China on behalf of the class, it mellow quality thick, taste good and known throughout the country, the reporter found that in the interview, Shaoxing, Zhejiang, where the vast majority of manufacturers strict implementation of national standards can be qualified and high quality wine production. However, Wu Tong at a local winery, the reporter found, they plant the rice wine and other manufacturers is not the same, the taste is not the same.

Tianjin Xingda Food Factory is actually a small workshop. Outside a hut, be regarded as ground meat shop, dimly lit inside, the walls covered with dust. A meat grinder and a few mouthfuls of big-block is the main equipment. (Empty mirror) The eyes of young people claiming to be wearing the factory technicians. He said they are using pork butcher waste when discarded.

in accordance with national standards, in addition to modulation wine caramel color, shall not add any food additive. However, in order to exchange the water after the bland taste to bring up the wine, but also add various additives. Reporters found that sodium cyclamate and used to dissolve the salt water was actually used to soak the bottle of water.

4 green Dezhou Braised Chicken

20. Changhong sausage
Nanjing famous food market is large wholesale food markets, the Spring Festival approaching, the sausage in a prominent position before the wholesale point, filled with a variety of brightly-colored sausages. The sausage is still a large number of constantly loading and unloading of, the business was very prosperous. But the reporter has discovered a strange phenomenon, where the sausage is not only the price vary considerably, and some pork sausage prices even lower than many


seeds Bengbu, Anhui Province Taiping market is the largest seeds wholesale market, where sales of a wide variety of seeds, much consumers love. This stall to us, these seeds are manufactured locally, with local production of seeds other than as selling a good friend, bright colors, but not easy to damp soft, it has been selling well.

saw his side of the heated liquid amino acids, while to the pot with a white flakes. This kind of thing one added, the pot immediately emits a strong irritant gas.
the foot of a wall in the shop, the reporter found a bag filled with white flakes, and screamed for industrial use

16. Vinegar

Jiexi Feng Sheng Sheng Zhendong light management area food factory owner: white it up about this medicine, as well as this will play the role of color retention, if the (plum) bleaching, and under this drug (disodium EDTA) it is laid down do not change, do not be changed.

reporter in this workshop which saw the whole barrel full bucket of white powder.

Reporter: What is this medicine?

Jiexi Wind light management area Sheng Sheng Zhendong Food Factory owner: the bleach (used) hydrosulfite, if there are guests or friends to not be drugged, had gone out quietly go on their own, generally are more confidential.

bleaching with sodium hydrosulfite solution, these plums are placed in a yard, covered tightly with plastic sheeting up. Then, the boss took out some of the pale yellow crystals, poured into a bowl, lit a fire, irritating gas basin have to take the white out.

Jiexi Feng Sheng Sheng Zhendong light management area food factory owner: sulfur disinfection, elimination of the (drug) after it (plum) not bad.

(empty mirror: the burning of sulfur into the plastic sheeting under the smoked plum) is sulfur smoked over four five hours, these plums are pickled with sugar again into the pond.

reporter noted that this dessert with a layer of dead bugs floating in the pool: This is a dead cockroach, the little animal has begun to decay, deformation, careful to see that it is to identify a dead gecko in Another sugar pond, scoop up a reporter on a spoonful of several dead insects.

11. Yiwei material murderous four volts

Luan Henan Changyuan small town known as China's However, interviews with reporters in the small town only to find Luan, where health materials wholesale deserted, many shops have closed the door.
we decided to follow the horse owner to the processing sites to see. In a small room, a woman is sewn gown.

22. Balao
Cangnan County, Wenzhou City, Zhejiang Province, famous for the production of bittern cooked food outside the province, where foods are produced Stewed chicken, chicken wings, eggs, variety. Correspondent in an interview on the local market found a strange phenomenon, where the bittern cooked food plant species although different, but the name of the product is surprisingly similar, there is no man named Hong, and have called fresh Balao There are many manufacturers call rustic. According to local people, such as the first production in Cangnan halogen products manufacturers with a
It is understood that specializes in Cangnan Stewed cooked food as much as there are hundreds of manufacturers, mainly in Shanghai and the nearby town Lingxi Hill, piers and other towns. In Lingxi, the reporter came to Huadu food factory, this factory is a medium-sized Cangnan Stewed food processing plants. Middle of the yard piled frozen chicken legs and wings, many bags have been damaged, and workers are casually stepped on to the above. Workshop in the bittern, halogen good chicken wings out in a greasy floor, but also by the workers to pick up, back into the pot to continue processing.

reporter went to Shanghai Town, visiting more than a dozen food plants, even the least to see some factory dust proofing measures are not.
Reporters: how so many flies here, Cangnan County, Wenzhou
Shanghai Jiali Mountain Food Factory
Boss: Of course there are so many flies that
Reporter: What do
boss does not affect health: It does not matter a bit There are several homes have their own flies

after lunch, the reporter once again came to the point of this process, see the workers are cooked shrimp. Pot of water is red. Workers in the process of cooking shrimp to the pot from time to time the addition of a powder.

Reporter: What is added?
workers: This is Carmine, to put it.
Reporters: Add this thing do?
workers: good-looking.

18. dumplings

alum can be added to sodium cyclamate, MSG, alcohol, water and other rapidly penetrates into the peach flesh, both to increase the weight, but also can not mature and become crisp taste of sour peaches sweet.

Beihai City, Guangxi Beihai local fish market is one of the main dry seafood distribution center, in which shrimp, dried fish selling. Reporters and SAIC investigators found in the market, some stalls selling shrimp special red color, which brought to our attention.


Reporter: Why do shrimp red ah?

boss: red meat, shrimp, just like human skin, like black with white.

boss: This is a business secret can not be said, no comment.

electrical construction of the village is located in Beihai Silver Sea area, the production of shrimp and famous.

into the village, reporters saw the street and the yard is dry the shrimp, red, and we see the same in the market.

point in this process, the workers said that market sales of color especially Hongyan of shrimp is this out of the blue shrimp processing.

Reporters: mold killer?

worker: Yes, (a) mold killer.

Reporter: (bottle) white is this you?

workers: (from bag) to tumble.

Reporter: How much you want to add?

workers: As a (small) spoon.

workers told reporters that the killer of preservative called mold powder is in the county to buy a factory. Subsequently, the reporter found this plant, this plant turned out to be a chemical plant. Director told us that mold called dimethyl fumarate school nemesis, is an industrial disinfectant, the main selling building materials, wood products and plastic products factory for mold. Because of its antifungal effect, some local small food factories used to buy from him cooked food preservative.

2. Deer cream

Speaking of Pingyao, which was the world famous ancient city, and the ancient city of Pingyao beef is among the well-known signs, it is a unique formula, a unique production process and praised, but the big woods, what birds are, there is a boss in Pingyao, where he was the processing point, no matter what the meat, it can be processed into so-called Beef can not make a beef come from? This must be enough, and we a look.

Red Star is located in the southern suburbs of Fuzhou, a fruit farm storage, warehouse piled high with boxes of oranges, the air was filled with a thick musty.

According to the workers say, in order to reduce costs, this roasted factory goods mixed with some new changes in the quality of the return. To cover this stock musty, and the other workers put some spice into the bucket, and later opened a bag of white granulated stuff.

Xiaoshan King roasted factory owner Yao Shilin: saccharin into them is absolutely excessive, sodium metabisulfite is exceeded, the entire village from house to house this Yaojiafan grab a handful, then go home grab a handful of tests, all excessive.

survey Reporters learned that Yao farm village more than a dozen plants that process out of the pine nuts are packed with big hair to the dealer, and then packed into a small fine, and then sold to some of the local supermarket.

Reporter: home goods are sold to?

Xiaoshan King roasted factory owner Yao Shilin: Shanghai, Beijing and Guangzhou.

Reporter: how do you master your mouth suck ah

workers: how to do mouth suction flow out? Liu Buchu.

Reporters: Health suction mouth it?

workers: unsanitary that have nothing to do, engage in out of wine, do not mouth suction Liu Buchu, is not.

together to build a quality of life, here is the We often say, open seven things: poor Youyanjiangcu tea. Mention of vinegar, our first reaction is acid, in addition to acid, what flavor it? Henan, a consumer even in the vinegar eat the astringent taste, but also eat a pungent feeling. What kind of vinegar do? This vinegar is where produced?

instant noodles and seasoning packet from the dough composition to produce a good instant noodles, first you need to have good flour. If the flour is likely to contain excess brightener decomposition of benzoic acid and other preservatives, seriously affecting the quality of noodles. Master Kong instant noodles plant in Wuhan, noodle shop, the reporter saw more than ten machines are roaring and the powder to work, a worker from time to time from the corner of the room in a box to scoop out some things into the powder and the powder inside.

the role of a deep-fried instant noodles taste is so good, the other role is to extend the instant noodles to save time. And individual companies often irregular with low-quality oil with artificial preservatives instead of high-quality palm oil, seriously affecting the quality of surface blocks. In the instant noodles fried shop, the reporter saw a worker to the gas tank is a liquid.

Moderator: I would like to know, in the instant noodle seasoning packet inside the bread can also add preservatives?

experts: In the instant noodles and seasoning packet of instant noodles were added, or add the required additives, such as preservatives, modifiers, antioxidants, it is allowed. But among the country's production of instant noodles, instant noodles in the sauce or the package in which the production process itself, there are more problems, that is abuse, excessive use or over regulate the use of additives in a more serious problem.

Reporter: This salt is dirty it, which you can use this salt?

boss: Can.

Reporter: What impurities are, there's nails? There are gray?

bosses: the fall of the decoration installation.

Reporter: inside a gray Yeah, lime.

boss: No ash, Well you know this side is it? This salt, sun over this way, the soil could eat things go. You like the friends we pickled mustard, salt water, mustard, cucumber friends what it anyhow.


9. preserves

light in the east Phoenix Town, Dongfeng Management Area, a lot of money honey plants are not linked to brands.

and Puning Li Town, as Jiexi Wind Town is also famous as the money honey production base.

in this factory, the reporter had the plum processing insight into the complex process of plum lover. The pond salt and preservative drugs are pickled plums.

Reporter: black is the earth, the mud is not it.

Jiexi Feng Sheng Sheng Zhendong light management area food factory owner: the mud. This is the (coarse) salt.

Reporter: (coarse) salt so dirty.

Jiexi Feng Sheng Sheng Zhendong light management area food factory owner: dirty, dirty to death.

a good soaking first to dry plums. A land of Lee's house, mingled with dog feces.

Reporter: This is just a dog pulling the dog feces.

Jiexi Wind light management area Sheng Sheng Zhendong Food Factory workers: fear does not matter, afraid it does not matter.

boss picked out a small bottle of some red powder, colorless, oily liquid poured into a pot inside to reconcile. Bowl of oily quickly became dark red, dark red oily substance that is applied in the basin of the sponge. Subsequently, dry the oranges were put into a bowl.

Pine nuts pine nuts is a lot of people like to eat snack foods, rich in nutritional and medicinal value, we used to say that hard to open mouth delicious pine nuts, now, many places sell open pine nuts, and can someone say, dry open pine experience if you want to learn it all the time at least five years, people listening to how these words is so difficult, is not open pine nuts roasted Well, what they have experience it. Recently, our reporters and investigators AQSIQ to Zhejiang Hangzhou Xiaoshan were investigated:

Xiaoshan District, Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, Yao farm village is famous open pine processing base, large large plants have more than 30 small pine, reporters and investigators AQSIQ a village discovered a strange phenomenon, as these large plump grain, color, pine nuts are not easy to sell good-looking northeast, and Another small dark particles of pine nuts sales are very good.

Braised Chicken is the city of Dezhou City, Shandong Province, cards, walking in the streets of the city, and you could see the forest of advertising signs and the sale of braised chicken shop. Recently, an interview with reporters in the German city found that some braised chicken shop impressively hit the

Reporter: This Braised Chicken is green?

sales: Yes.

Reporter: What is green?

sales: Our company has a special breeding base, chickens are free (pesticide) residue, non-pollution feed production plant is processed according to strict green standards.

Reporter: white What's that?

workers: this, flour, cosmetics. Benzoic acid.


Although the workers do not want to say, we can recognize from the bags this is the most common food preservatives - sodium benzoate.
- This article from Network A East:

7. snacks

Although the flies flying around the yard, but the flooding over the sausages on the drug, but a fly can not. A few dead flies scattered in the basin filled with syrup.
drying after a while, sausage was taken to a brick, and simple workshop for baking

order to understand the quality of these sausages, what difference, according to the address provided stall, Taixing City, Jiangsu Province, straight reporter in the near Taixing City, Nantong Rugao County side of the road, a processing point, the workers of a sudden we there was very alert.

Reporter: You can bake this day how many pounds of sausage ah
workers: do not know that you have to wait for the boss to (talk)

correspondent then went to not far from a cold. Far you can see, workers are carried out from the minced meat in cold storage. Workshop, the workers are crushed to the ground with a spade to shovel into the drum, drying yard has some sausage. In another workshop, the floor and pig meat.

old saying, Every potter praises his self-puff, the business to make money, in general, will always say their products to consumers, good quality, safe and sanitary. In Tianjin Jinghai County, a pickle factory owner said, if they see the process of curing pickles, you no longer want to eat the pickles. Businesses take the initiative to be honest is difficult to guarantee the quality of their products, which is really rare in the business field. So, read them pickled pickles, those who still dare to eat, then he is a big dare.

as watered wine to reduce the degree of alcohol, then why in the watered but after adding a lot of liquor and alcohol do? Technician finally tells the truth to us: in fact watered is to increase production, the price of water sold wine, but because of watered too much, so had to join to improve alcohol alcohol and liquor. Against the water's taste and color than the pure rice wine brewed rice wine a lot of difference, so should be a special blending. Technicians began bartending color.

belongs Album: Chinese taxpayers

in the subsequent investigation, we learned that in addition to shrimp, the local processing of dried fish in a small number of processing points in the process also have the means. Processing of dried fish in Yunnan road reporter saw several processing points, good fish to put in a wash basin for soaking pot emitting a pungent odor.


Reporters: how it taste so choked ah?

workers: medicine on the very strong Well, smell the smell afraid of insects.

Reporter: What is up?

boss: trichlorfon. Not soak the worms, and later are not insects.

Reporter: You are now shipping in several provinces where there are what?

boss: Guizhou, Hainan, Guangdong has.

powder was put into a goat embryo not see the color of dirty bags, soaked in a bucket. (Scene: water), goat embryo powder stench has attracted a few small flying insects drowned in the water. Staff to soak the water into a goat embryo powder in this container, the force of stirring. The boss told us so after a period of evaporation, to Deer cream on goat embryo production of raw materials out. These so-called

dumplings are a few workers say they do not wash their hands. Homemade stove smoke soot, smoke and dust flying into the small room and made, foul. The workers are still puffing away.
Reporter: Do you smoke soot fell into the dumplings in how to do.
workers: all right, I and, still eating

seven, constipation
busy modern life, often low-fiber eating fast food, rarely drink, rarely exercise, tend to have constipation, but not normal bowel movements, coupled with emotional instability, taking improper use of drugs or nutritional supplements, can also cause constipation.
long-term constipation, because the accumulation of feces in the colon too long, often bad-tempered or endocrine disorders and other sequelae.
In fact, the real reason for causing constipation, with the apex there is a great relationship, burning down the drive to the stomach, will cause slow bowel motility, water is absorbed, time to discharge manure, the formation of constipation. And if the creep too fast, too late the water is absorbed, it will become diarrhea. Firelight even down to the anus and rectum to form hemorrhoids. Constipation too long, there may be dry intestinal disease, colon cancer, diabetes warning.

four, stomach problems, our body will produce the phenomenon will be:
1. Possible symptoms of shoulder pain: pain in right shoulder often when Left shoulder pain when the Shoulders at the same time feel uncomfortable, stiff neck often feel when, certainly,
2. Migraine: You often feel pain on both sides of the temple of the phenomenon, although long-term treatment. Medication or not, you might also accompanied by constipation. Constipation or diarrhea and flatulence, and so on. This is as long as the cure digestive problems, troubled for a long time naturally cure migraine.
3. Most people think Abdominal bloating. Chest pressure or heart palpitations. Phenomena such as breathing difficulties and insomnia, and feeling his strength diminished day by day. Muscle wasting, and can not find the reason, the above phenomenon, you may suffer from 4. Small intestine and lymphatic system: unexplained pain often plague us, if your throat is no inflammation, but often uncomfortable or painful, and often pain on both sides of the neck, shoulders and arms outside there will be uncomfortable with the pain, but can not find the reason, after massage. Massage also can relieve the station, please take care of this phenomenon,
5. Colon: When you often feel dry mouth. I suffer, you want to drink plenty of water, and easy to nasal congestion. Runny nose; usually does not decay, but the teeth will hurt. Both sides of the neck will swell more. Uncomfortable. Can not put heavy things, telling us more than

eight, shoulder or neck pain
not pain, pain is unreasonable. Major factor that is run by the visceral blood flow, and internal organs caused by the mechanism is not perfect. Generally, shoulder or neck pain is very knowledgeable, not the so-called sports injuries, frozen shoulder, ligament inflammation. . . And other simple reason only. So, why do people spend time and money, long-term rehabilitation, trigger point injections of steroids or pain medication, less than the effect, the mental torment more painful fact, the pain may be reflecting the position of internal organs problems, such as long-term the left neck and shoulder pain, mainly because the heart is located in the left side of the body, long-term increase in Firelight, or heart problems will naturally arise out of the blood block, there will be left of the neck or shoulder stiffness, pain, rotation is not flexible, or often used to stiff neck. . . To be extended to the left shoulder blade pain.
Similarly, the liver in the human right, as hyperactivity, anger rises, just mentioned the soreness will appear on the right side of the body. Sometimes the location will be run pain, unilateral changes by either side, because none of the long-term heart and liver to eliminate anger, driving down the fire, it will cause gastrointestinal motility disorders, and the shoulder that is reflective on both sides of the stomach.
If that approach can take advantage of every day, the anger and the toxin inside the body to drain the body to maintain blood smooth, natural elimination of pain problems!

in the Chinese view, there are many toxins in our bodies, can not be excreted in any of our body and Spirit will have a material adverse effect can be called a These toxins accumulate within the five internal organs, it will accelerate the aging of internal organs, and support from the five internal organs, skin, bones, muscles, nerves will go along with senile. Although the toxins deep, but they still left in the body surface traces, representative of different appearance where the toxins hide, now, we want to find out toxins hiding place, put it out of the body as soon as possible.

If the performance of the liver with toxins in
1. fingernail surface protruding ridge, or down to depression. Chinese medicine,
2. there breast hyperplasia, premenstrual breast tenderness increased significantly. Breast belonging to the liver through the line of forts on the route, once the liver in a
3. emotions easily depressed. The liver is the organ in vivo regulation of emotions, once the drug can not be discharged in the liver, blocking the gas to run, it will have a significant negative emotions.
4. migraine headaches, acne on both sides of the face, there will be dysmenorrhea. Both sides of the face and lower abdomen, the liver through the gall bladder and its partner, the

how detoxification smoother
1. eat blue food. According to Chinese Five Elements theory, the food can be accessible green liver, play a very good liver, stagnation, relieve emotional role, are helping the liver detox food. Chinese medicine experts recommend blue orange or lemon, orange juice or green skin made of green lemonade, like drinking directly.
2. wolfberry to enhance the tolerance of the liver. In addition to detoxification, but also should enhance the ability of the liver against toxins. This food devaluation wolfberry, it has a very good role in protecting the liver, the liver can improve tolerance to the toxin. When chewing food to eat better, eat a little to.
3. press the main point for liver detoxification. This refers to Taichong Point, the location in the dorsum of the foot first and second metatarsal with the Department before the depression. Rubbing with the thumb 3 to 5 minutes, you can feel a slight soreness. Do not use too much effort, two feet alternately press.
4. tears detoxification method. Compared to never cry of men, women live longer, it must be said and the tears of a relationship. Chinese medicine has long been the understanding, but also confirmed by Western medicine. As the tear fluid excretion, as with sweat and urine, which does have some harmful chemical and biological toxins. So, uncomfortable, wronged, when suppressed altogether Kuchu come.

If the performance of the heart with the toxin in
1. tongue ulcers. Chinese medicine, tongue and heart is most closely related, so long on the tongue ulcer, usually considered the heart of the fire, or burning.
2. Zhangdou forehead. Forehead is the heart of a territorial jurisdiction, Firelight strong as fire, poison, this dependency will be boiling, so come and go to a lot of acne.
3. insomnia, palpitations. The heart is at work constantly, when drugs stay in the heart of the fire can not be excluded, the sleep is not stable.
4. tightness or tingling. There is bleeding within the heart of a toxin, like a traffic jam on the highway, some light is chest tightness, tingling occurs some weight.

how detoxification smoother
1. suffer detoxification. Devaluation lotus core, it is bitter, can diverge Firelight, although there are cold, but it will not damage the body's yang, it has always been considered best to resolve the hot heart of the food poisoning. Core can be used lotus tea, we might add some bamboo or raw licorice, lotus seed cores can enhance the detoxification effect.
2. press the heart detoxification main point. This point is less government, the location in the palm, between the first metacarpal 4,5, when the little finger and ring finger finger fist between. Press this point may wish to use some force, alternating left and right.
3. mung bean diuretic detoxification. Green beans can be a diuretic, heat the way to resolve and discharge the heart of the toxins, but to eat green beans when to use liquid form, such as soy milk or green bean soup, bean cake, the effect will be worse.
heart the best detoxification Time: 11:00 --- 13 points is the heart of most of the time, Paul can eat the heart, to help detox foods, such as Poria, nuts, soy, black sesame, jujube, lotus and so on.

If the spleen has been expressed in toxin
1. Minister of surface stain. Long women usually spot a number of weak digestive system.
2. leukorrhagia. Moisture spleen body in charge, if too much moisture, beyond the ability of the spleen, excessive moisture occurs in vivo, increased vaginal discharge is one embodiment.
3. fat accumulation. Fat in Chinese medicine, another name: phlegm, spleen due to poor digestive function, can not be promptly eliminated from the body toxins and waste produced. Effective weight loss stomach to restore normal metabolism must be built around the theme of phlegm to do, otherwise it will rebound.
4. tone clear lip Zhangdou or ulcers. Around the lips belong to the spleen, the spleen when the toxins can not be excreted, accumulation of toxins from these places to find a chance to burst out.

how detoxification smoother
1. eat acid to help detoxify the spleen. Such as ebony, vinegar, which is used to resolve elements of the best food poisoning, can enhance the stomach's digestive function, so that the toxins in food in the shortest period of time from the body. Spleen while sour food also has the effect, you can play well,
2. pressing spleen detoxification main point. This is Shangqiu hole, position the bottom of the depression in the front ankle, fingers rubbing the points, you can maintain a sense of heavy acid, each about 3 minutes, feet alternately.
3. after dinner walk. Exercise can help the stomach to digest, to accelerate the rate of discharge of toxins, but it needs long-term adherence, the effect will be better.
spleen detoxification best time: after the meal is always the most prone to toxins, food digestion, or if not promptly absorbed, toxins will accumulate a lot. In addition to walk after a meal, because the sweet taste of the spleen, you can also eat one hour to eat a meal of fruit, to help the spleen, detoxification.

If the performance of the lungs with toxins in
1. skin was rusty, dull. Chinese medicine, pulmonary management body of the skin, the skin is moist, white, must rely on lung function was good. Relatively long time when the lung toxins, toxins will be deposited with the role of the lung to the skin, so skin does not look shiny.
2. constipation. Chinese medicine, lung and colon is a system, when the lungs of toxins above, the following will have an abnormal intestinal deposition, the emergence of constipation.
3. sentimental, easy to grief. Toxins in the lungs, the lungs can interfere with the blood running, making the lungs does not ease the chest of heart, pent-up too sentimental.

how detoxification smoother
1 carrot is lung detox food. In Chinese eyes, colon and lung most closely, the extent of lung toxins on the large intestine is smooth, the carrot can help the large intestine excretion of stool, the dish can be eaten raw or Ban Cheng.
2 anti-drug lily improve lung capacity. Lungs do not like dry air has always been, in the case of dry, easily lead to the accumulation of toxins. Mushrooms, lily have a good effect Nourishing Yin, can help the lungs to fight toxins, food processing time when not too long, otherwise the juice will reduce the lily, anti-virus effect will be greatly reduced.
3 main point of pressing the lung detoxification. Hoku acupuncture is beneficial to the lungs, the location in the back of the hand, first and second metacarpal, when the second metacarpal radial side of the midpoint, you can use this part of the thumb and forefinger, press firmly.
4 sweat detoxification. Pulmonary management of skin, so frankly Chuyishenhan, so sweat away toxins, refreshing our lungs give up. In addition to campaigns, the method can also be sweating hot water bath, water bath before adding some ginger and peppermint essential oils, sweat secretion even more fun to make, and expel toxins deep in the body.
5 deep breaths. Each breath, the lungs are unable to discharge residual gas, these emissions relative to those of fresh, oxygen-rich air is concerned, is a toxin. Just a few deep breaths, the body can reduce the residual gas.
best lung detox time: most of the time the lungs are 7 am - 9 pm, when the best detoxification through movement. When the most powerful in the lungs for jogging and other aerobic exercise, can be a strong function of pulmonary toxins. If you have a kidney toxin

performance in
1. menstruation, or menstrual short, dark color. The emergence and disappearance of menstruation, is whether the strong performance of renal function, if there is a lot of toxins in the kidneys, blood will be reduced.
2. edema. Kidney management body of liquid to run, kidney accumulation of toxins, reduced ability to discharge excess fluid, edema appeared.
3. mandibular Zhangdou. Face by the jaw position under the jurisdiction of the kidney and kidney detoxification lack of excess toxins will show in the jaw area.
4. easily fatigued. Toxins within the body of energy consumed kidney, kidney provides less energy, so there is the body tired, Shenpi sleepiness, weakness.

how detoxification smoother
1. kidneys detoxification food: melon. Melon is rich in juice, into the body, will stimulate the kidneys to increase urine from the body of toxins. Available when eating melon soup or fried, the taste of some light as possible.
2. kidney anti-drug and food: yam. Although yam can nourish many organs, but eventually to kidney and regular eating yams can enhance the detoxification function of the kidney. Candied yam is a good method of eating, with caramel
3. press the liver detoxification main point: Yongquan. This is the lowest point the human body, if the body is a building, the point is that the export of sewage water pipes, often rubbing it, detoxification effect is obvious. Yongquan position in the front foot 1 / 3 (the calculation does not include the toe), more sensitive to this point, do not use too much force, you can feel a little in order to better side by side rubbing for 5 minutes can be.
kidneys detoxification best time of: kidney detoxification best time of 5 to 7 o'clock in the morning, the repair of the body through the night, the morning toxins are gathered in the kidneys, so drink up in the morning the best white water, washed about kidney

black eye, cracked lips may not be lack of sleep or lack of water caused. Japanese medical scientist, said 70 percent of health problems face is reflected. Want to know the physical condition? Look at your face to know!

eyes tell you the password
six black eye: up early, found around the eyes dull, black eyes? Be careful! This may be too much waste deposited in the blood's sake. Than in other parts of the lower eyelid skin is thin, most likely reflecting the color of blood. Recently there was pressure to think too much or fatigue? Control urinary and reproductive organs of renal dysfunction, but also make eye becomes muddy. Australian medical experts say, less late at night, eat more whole grains is the best way to eliminate dark circles!
eyelid edema: do not even drink much water before going to bed, the morning is still badly swollen eyelids? You may humoral imbalance it! Water metabolism disorders caused by many reasons, if in addition to eyelid edema, lower body still feels weak, thirsty, your kidneys may be in the Healthy kidney can successfully discharge excess water body, water is low, it will slow down the metabolic rate, the moisture accumulation in the body, resulting in mild swelling. Do not worry, drink several glasses of water quickly, and soon will be able to recover one pair of electric eyes!
fat particles: beauticians often recommended to use a non-oily cream points, to deal with the eyes of the fat particles. But medical experts believe that fat particles are a warning sign of high cholesterol. Deleted from the recipe fried foods and animal offal, eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, small particles quickly but not annoying!
red blood: clear eyes, congestion, poor blood circulation may result. Do not trouble yourself eye drops, activity head, neck, shoulders, and clear the upper limb blood flow, then a good sleep, get enough rest to the eyes, neck and shoulders can be painted in some vitamin C lotion, vitamin C to help ease the blood circulation, reduce redness quickly.
eye of a needle: Do long needle for granted! Japanese medical experts found that long needle that your immune system is on the decline, the bacteria easily enter the eyes from lash roots, causing inflammation. If repeated long needle, the best to go to hospital for a comprehensive health examination. Bu Zhong Yi Qi Tang drunk, to improve their immunity, and the eye of a needle can be completely
whites yellow: the color is not clear if the whites of the eyes may be the liver, gall bladder out of the question. Bile is a yellow-green liquid, it is secreted from liver cells after storage in the gallbladder when the gallbladder or liver disorders, the bile will flow to the blood, so that whites yellowed. Fortunately, the bile to break down excess body fat, with full of bile in the short term no longer need to worry about weight!

mouth to tell you the password
six had white lips: lips and lower eyelids, as part of mucosa, skin very thin, so fully reflect the color of blood, which is the reason red lips. If your lip color lighter, red blood cells may be insufficient, the proposed change in diet, eat liver and tofu, thereby reducing the symptoms of anemia.
lips too red: Chunhongchibai also have a limit! If your lips are too red, the first trouble yourself to cheer, you are likely to be red for a Fever medicine will be divided into When the temperature increases, the body regulating function, cheeks and lips, tongue only partially red. Eat more fresh fruit, drink plenty of water, can help you resolve the excess body heat, so lip color back to normal.
mouth break: If you feel tingling in the mouth, swelling and even rupture, gastritis is likely to be an early warning. When the gastric mucosa in a fatigue state, will lead to heat, causing mouth irritation. Do not be afraid, 80% of early gastritis can be cured. Proposed meal to chew a few more to give the stomach a little time to fully absorb and digest food. Stomach temperature decreases, mouth swelling will soon disappear.
dry lips: lips, although the mucosa, but the biggest difference with the skin is no sweat. Want to sweat and regulate body temperature and the secretion of the lips, definitely Lips can not secrete oil, save water, need moisture from the mouth of mucus, mucus is low, easy to dry lips, will also weaken the resistance, bacteria and viruses just took the opportunity to invade. In addition to drink plenty of water to maintain adequate oral mucus, the proposed multi-gargle with salt water because salt is to promote the oral mucus generated a major driving force.
More than 60 percent When bacteria invade the gap between the teeth and gums, breeding will lead to gingivitis, give birth to hate the In addition, if oral hygiene is not complete, the formation of tartar food residue will also allow you to breath odor. Recommended a thorough cleaning your teeth.
drool: Wake up, the mouth is always hanging from saliva? Drooling caused by excessive secretion of saliva, gastrointestinal function may be your weakness, can not fully absorb the moisture, causing water retention, saliva, diluted, and thus only flow mouth. If you feel pain, bowel, stomach-ming, it is best to see gastroenterologists.

tongue to tell you the password
six flutter tongue: tongue against the mirror, if quivering tongue, is likely to be nervous , signs of physical decline. Japanese medical experts in a study found that 70% of people are not aware of the early chatter, so that it is often too late. I suggest you adjust work schedules as soon as possible, do not stay up all night, proper diet, or soon will face the risk of nervous breakdown!
purple tongue: When the blood contains large amounts of waste, the body of water is in short supply, oxygen blood and oxygenated blood will be mixed together, making the blood vessels become purple. If in addition the tongue purple, you will feel stiff shoulders and low back pain, can only show you the body of toxins have been deposited too much! Light diet may wish to adhere to a week, doing a sauna, to keep the law, mild aerobic exercise, will soon be able to discharge toxins.
thick tongue: the tongue on the tongue as easily as tofu scrape, probably gastrointestinal dysfunction or overeating. If such a tongue have always been, the best to Gastroenterology, allow doctors to help you fall down stomach fire.
thin tongue: tongue dubious off, tongue color mottled uneven surface, this medicine is called South Korean physician experts pointed out that the people most likely allergies happen, especially in spring and autumn are more common.
tongue yellow: yellow fur flu virus is likely to be the signal! To keep warm, eat pumpkin, beef and other hot food, a cup of hot milk before going to sleep at night, it can form a protein film in the stomach, to prevent bacterial invasion.
pan-black tongue: tongue faint black body temperature is probably the reason! Body temperature is not necessarily a fever, strenuous exercise, can make fur angry black pan. A hot bath, do some soothing exercise, can reduce body temperature.

nose to tell you the password
nose six size: the size of the nose and respiratory status of a great relationship! Wide nose, aquiline nose, indicating the development of your respiratory organs, physiological structure good enough to breathe the air; but in polluted areas, you will be inhaling too much exhaust. If the nose petite, that your breathing function is weak, do not let you take the air where shortness of breath, chest tightness. To be 1-2 hours in the office, they should go to the corridor or the window five minutes breathing fresh air, to prevent the sudden lack of oxygen.
nose incitement: normal breathing when the nose incitement may be caused by lung capacity is too low! Do not take it lightly, vital capacity is too low to affect your normal metabolic function. Practice every day 5 minutes of abdominal breathing - breathing from the belly up, exhale tighten belly, and soon you will be able to raise a lot of lung capacity!
nose acne: acne appears on the nose, most of the digestive system a problem. More bananas, sweet potatoes like the food, to keep the digestive tract smooth, able to avoid indigestion.
red nose: nose suddenly red? Your liver is overloaded! Excessive drinking, the body to break down alcohol, the blood retention in the liver, resulting in vasodilation, will let you have a red nose, so control alcohol consumption is very important.
sometimes nosebleeds: weak stomach who can not absorb adequate nutrition, muscle and vascular tissue is very fragile and easily broken little impact on. Winter energy consumption, if the intake of food, the body heat supply, will lead to occasional nosebleeds.
stuffy nose: the nose so that brain activity does not become dull briefing. If allergic rhinitis is caused by nasal congestion, in addition may cause breathing difficulties, but also to lack of oxygen to the brain. Nasal respiratory mucosa function indicates your fragile, Japanese medical experts believe that this probably has a relationship with gastrointestinal dysfunction, do not patronize the clear

cheek to tell you the password
six red cheeks: I do not know when, cheek to climb two groups inexplicable This may be Western called If you are in addition to red cheeks, but also excessive sweating, frequent wheezing, it may be due to high fever caused by blood disorders. Wash a comfortable hot bath, eat two antipyretics, and then Mimi was sleep, soon eased, so that his face back to normal.
pale cheeks: anemia reflected in the lips, eyelids and cheeks pale inside, which is responsible for transporting oxygen in blood supply caused by hemoglobin. In addition, let the skin breathe weak functional decline, reduce the manufacturing function of melanin, also easily lead to pale cheeks. In addition to nutritional supplements, I suggest you do more jogging, walking, swimming, aerobic exercise, so as to ensure an adequate supply of oxygen.
wrinkles on the cheekbone: suddenly found on the skin at the cheekbones with a few more fine lines? May be due to liver dysfunction. If liver function can not purify the blood supply enough blood or oxygen, the blood will become turbid, abnormal blood circulation, body metabolism rate decreases, skin hypersensitivity, leading to small wrinkles appear. German health experts point out that, in addition to consulting a doctor, improve liver function and metabolic level, we must also avoid the sun, because the cheekbone of the skin is thinner, ultraviolet radiation can cause harm.
cheeks on both sides of acne: hormonal imbalance in the forehead, chin acne. If the cheeks on both sides of acne, we must first consider whether or not the reason is not completely clean. In addition, you may feel irritable, anxious life, due to excessive work pressure. Let's take a trip Tours to body to mind to put a fake!
cheek pores: increasing age, the body will gradually reduce sebum secretion, skin moisturizing ability began to decline, if when the body lacks a specific vitamin , the pores will be thick. The best solution is adequate intake of vitamin C, which contains collagen can improve the skin moisturizing, skin becomes elastic, the pores will also reduce. Foods rich in vitamin C, apples, celery, bananas and kiwi and so on.
cheek black: If you find his face black, you have to consider whether or not the kidney problems. Kidney function with a filter, can regulate the metabolism of the body of water. If, unfortunately, your kidneys filter function, will make long-term accumulation of waste in the body, as the dark black skin showing. The beginning of the performance in thinner parts of the skin pigmentation, will slowly spread to the surrounding. I suggest you try the three-day South Korean popular fruits and vegetables detoxification method: drink plenty of water, eating fresh fruits and vegetables, avoid meat, your body will soon be able to discharge the waste deposited.

list of body parts work, do not sleep too late!
any attempt to change the behavior of the biological clock, the body will have to leave somehow disease, 20, 30 years later regret, it was too late.
a night 9-11 point the immune system (lymph) drainage time, this period should be quiet or listen to music.
Second, the night 11 - 1:00, liver detoxification, need to be sleeping.
three points 1-3 am, gall bladder detox, likewise.
four points 3-5 am, lung detoxification. Namely why people cough cough during this period the most dramatic action has come because of lung detoxification; not use cough medicine, so as not to inhibit the elimination of waste sediments.
five, 5-7 points early, colon detoxification, should the toilet bowel.
six points early 7-9, the small intestine absorbs nutrients period of time, should eat breakfast. The best early treatment of patients to eat at 6 o'clock and a half ago, and health in the first 7:30, do not eat breakfast should change their habit, even onto the 9,10 to eat than not eat well.
seven, midnight to 4:00 hours for the spinal marrow, to be asleep, not stay up late! !

Call from the body, you must take.

one heart problems

1. Breathing is not smooth, the chest will be nausea tingling, tingling, time is short, an attack after a few seconds up to a minute.
2. Serious chest pain to the back Gaohuangshu will be used to place the shoulder, a couple of weeks will come once, three, five months of onset time, the shorter the time more serious.
3. Bad heart to the left arm will involve acids, hemp, pain, nerve and heart because the nerve is left with one arm, so the left side of heart problems will involve the left arm.
4. Will also involve the heart to the neck stiffness, rotation is not flexible, the neck is often twisted to get up the morning; for heart problems, neck arteries narrow, blood supply is not smooth, the natural loss of blood next to the tendon stiffness.
5. Heart problems, fire, poison (Firelight) will rise, the burning slowly rose to his forehead to stop here, can not come out from the forehead, a long residence time, where rotten sore on the president, many people would dizziness, After arriving here will be two cheeks, through the eyes, so the heart problem, two cheeks will be flushed.
6. In addition, the burning will be going down to the top, from the forehead down the two hills brow bone around the temple through our head, along the neck into the throat, into the intestines, out from the anus; it burning down, two Mei Ling will be bone pain; some friends, hyperactivity, and slowly the pressure will be large eyes, the eyes would burst forward out of the so-called
7. Burning down, along the two temples, the temple on both sides called
8. Slowly burning down from the back of the head, which began to swell, feeling strange, then wear to the neck, the neck stays too long, will be swollen lymph; slowly into the throat, inflammation of the throat, it is easy and often will feel something stuck in there, do not swallow and swallow down, spit and spit it out. Drug will enter the fire again intestines, into the intestines will be dry, more heat, the temperature is too high the water will come to ease the water to more than a fast, manure will rot in the intestines, we will diarrhea; water copies to the lack of manure will be dry, did not break out.
9. Heart problems can cause our stomach injuries, an injured spleen and stomach, the ability to reduce the digestion and absorption, can not digest the food come to eat, eventually bloating, those things will kick back, called
10. Heart problems, can not transport nutrients, always feel physically is not enough, want to eat more to add, too much food will bring a lot of sugar, sugar are excluded by the liver, kidneys, too much sugar can cause liver , renal failure, it is easy to get
11. Heart problems, people's nerves will be a recession, some things will be tight, would be frightened, not easy to sleep at night, sleep later on nightmares, nightmare will continue, so-called

Third, when kidney problems, our body will produce the phenomenon will be:
1. Kidney has two channels, springs up from the soles of the feet, go after the root of the medial foot, and then go up along the inside of the leg.
first came up from behind the waist combined with the bladder, and then along the spine on both sides of the kidney is not good when we go up, gas will be enough blood to get up the mountain; so the waist will be sour, back pain will and then further on to the neck, the neck will feel stiff; to the back of the head will feel faint bulge uncomfortable, to the head will feel Fullness, too far down to the top between the two eyebrows will feel dry eyes.
second up from the front, through the thighs and the liver with the combination of our genitals, and finally along the sides of the body to the chest and lungs combined.

kidney problems, the thigh on both sides will be sour, soft, weak, often itchy.
1. Can not be put to the chest and lungs with air, our breathing slowly is not smooth, but after a latch inside the tube will naturally, a lockout is not easy to come on the air, people will feel suffocated, must be it.
2. Gas shortage can not be combined with the bladder, causing bladder sphincter is easy to metabolism of the cell death caused by relaxation, not good urination, frequent urination, but after a slow cell necrosis, and finally urinary incontinence.
3. Part of the pupil to see things called , called
4. Morning, get up, heels will be uncomfortable because, when at rest, blood in the liver, kidneys temporarily ischemic, get the body to be sent to the blood,dre beats headphones, due to kidneys, the gas is too weak, the blood to the slow, joint bleeding naturally stiff, look at the activities, the blood circulation to the joints will be easy.
5. People will live speech, speech consuming their strength, their kidneys gas is too weak, then consume the gas will not want to speak, can not speak because of work, the sound will get out, will be hoarse.
6. Gas is not always feel you want to take a deep breath, natural breathing much faster, breathing for a short, nasal cavity will ischemia, nasal mucosa because of ischemia, the resistance will reduce the dust mites in the air will destroy it, destroy the course will be sensitive to humid weather changes, can not afford it will attack, known as , have kidney problems, to a certain age, the prostate gland will hypertrophy; women who kidneys, ovaries, uterus will be weak, cold, cold month, should have no power to discharge the blood drain, row do not stay clean and still in the womb, the blood come out every month, can not drain all stay in the womb, for a long time will inevitably result in accumulation of blood clots to form tumors, known as 8 monthly blood can not get out, hit back and forth on the inside, the uterus lining will not stand the blood will not stand the blood on the inside of the push, will be deformation, ectopic, called cold, especially in the winter particularly cold. slowly for a long time, not sit, stand is not, nor is it to go, and will definitely cause nerve injury, sleep well at night, finally fell asleep, the sound will be a little noisy wake up, even if asleep, to dream all night, sleep with sleep with the same tired every day.

five, diabetes
1. Diabetes is not just lack of insulin itself, but kidney, liver, heart health is not the case is formed, and therefore difficult to treat. And could easily lead to other diseases such as: kidney failure, stroke, blindness, amputations ... ...
2. To a certain stage of development of diabetes will obviously little more than three symptoms. More than three (eat, drink, urine) a small (weight loss).

diabetes may occur following a number of symptoms:
1. Vision abnormalities: due to diabetic peripheral microvascular obstruction can cause eye, causing eye fatigue, blurred vision, a small word not see, can cause severe blindness.
2. Fatigue: a result of blood glucose can not enter cells, causing general weakness.
3. Skin resistance is low: usually show physical acidification, peripheral vascular easy to plug, wound healing, easy to fester, it can lead to periodontal disease, Hong Kong foot.
4. Neurological disorders: lack of muscle and nerve tissue nourishment, so blocking, poor circulation, numbness fingers there, lose weight or feel.
5. Wound healing: Diabetic late, due to peripheral vascular necrosis, wound black, difficult to heal ulcers, and sometimes amputation is a continuation of life.

six, headache
headache is not a disease, pain up to life, according to the survey, Taiwan's case at least 60 million people have headaches, headache medicine more and more pills, but sharpen invalid, headache cases worse, there are some people a headache at least 15 days a month, more than 3 percent so Lan Fu, headache medicine, the result is still a headache, but to develop the bad habit of addiction medicine.
In fact, there is a certain relationship between headache and internal organs. By location for: forehead reflected the heart, near the temple on both sides of the stomach, heart and brain scoop head is abnormal kidney function, liver reflection on both sides of the ear, dizziness to kidney deficiency, but the head will stun will have to pay more attention to the liver , especially men.

heart problems. The left arm will be acids, hemp, and pain. Liver problems. Sleep easy at night leg cramps. Kidney problems occur. Sound will not get out, it will hoarse. Stomach problems occur. Migraine. Attachment: five internal organs the most simple and effective way to detox

Second, liver problems, in particular, had hepatitis, the following four phenomena can not have any recurring episodes of a phenomenon
1. Right upper quadrant men Tong.
2. Right lower back pain.
3. Acid feeling right shoulder, numbness, pain, or even result in the right hand can not lift.
4. Sleep easy at night leg cramps.

liver problems when we have the phenomenon of the body will be:
1. Like a fist, like the liver, positive, positive if there is on the back of hardening, swelling, will be pushed to our intercostal nerves, intercostal nerves will pain; if in the back will cause pain
Youyao 2. The liver is not good, the quality will be poor sleep at night, over and over again is not easy to fall asleep; wake up dry mouth, mouth pain, bad breath, bleeding gums when brushing. Usually not interested in the food, eat hungry, eat a little bit there is satiety; walk one step away leg will be very acid, the body will feel more tired, hands and feet is less and less power.
3. The liver of poor people, often twisted feet, not twisted to the good; accidentally cut, and wound healing is not easy.
4. Like drinking friends, suddenly reducing the amount of alcohol. Or a long treatment of the skin, again and again no better, must pay attention to the liver.

1. Crab fatal weakness despite a strong self-control, but absolutely can not stand the temptation. Male crabs to deal with the girls, as long as the temptation is definitely not missed. 2 Crab like the opposite sex with their different personality, while they always hiding at home, listening to Tommy's songs, it would have to enter his life, upset him, most will accept crab crab, not even the beginning like, but still acceptable, just give him some privacy on it. 3 each sign of the Zodiac Crab is not the same, depends on the specific circumstances of Zodiac countermeasures against 81 years of crab crab, if you are an ox, and then you have won. 4 crab crab sideways across the street is the past, so be sure to order soft grams of steel. 5 Crab is nocturnal, and is ruled by the moon. So a kid Zhuoxie crab, as long as the torch to a photo, crab, crab do not move. Better pay attention, energetic night Oh crab crab. 6. According to legend, the old monk and sea crab shell lying on the crab, not credible. Crab do not believe in Buddhism. 7 Crab like, like a romantic story, he was always a passive role, possessive, like a person, will be attentive too far. Crab will always be touched, to see the plot moving, the tears will be shed automatically, but also that what the eyes blown ah. Crab with motherly nature, this must be endured. Unless you do not like crab, crab, or do not tease him, she is not white crab legs long. 8 crabs do not like fake crab stuff, but alternatives are interested. Often see people like former lover and heart. 9 Crab most of the time is lonely, and want to go crab crab his friends can do first of her friends, but it is takes a very long time, good endurance crab crab amazing, even had to spend five years to recover had a Virgo JJ. But with the Virgo is not appropriate. Crab hate meddling own life, even if it is moving its own garbage. 10 basically has a sad past crab, crab, because there is no perfect retreat crab crabs were close all their hard shell, basically do not talk or interact with others, crab crab is home, and there are plans prepared long ago with a family, early crab crab very hard work, as is their dream home. So most of the crab crabs live on their own, will make friends or get married later. 11 Crab home, like books, TV, movies. 12. Like the perfect crab crab, has its own favorite star, because he saw the eloquence of her behavior and so perfect, and establish a goal to learn, even if their talent is not very high, will be very hard, even if Crab poor appearance, but inner beauty is definitely good, but most of the crab crab, have inferiority complex. This knot will be troubled life, can only try to get rid of. 13 Crab has a lofty ideals, like for the plan, there are a lot of dreams, but the intensity of the implementation of much worse, basically refers to the number of songs completed, but if it is to encourage him to her, she will be very happy that he, crab crab is like to be sure, he is her greatest comfort. 14 Crab of things is very sensitive to the judgments of things is very unique, very high appreciation of art, so it will find other people's lack of even a 81 crab, so it is in words not learn scruples, always find someone else's problems because, offended many people. Similarly, the sensitivity of crab crabs, small things make him her sad for a long time, even joking. For example, how long he was so short, ah, oh she was a big dinosaur, you see her eat a good friend strange Oh, you do not know how even the word ah. 15 Crab will not be too care about each other's past, if the two sides have established relationship, crab crab will not let you have reason to fool around, and crabs will be handed to the crab you can not stand, but if the sensitive Crab disagree, then He she will hate you ho blunt half to death, maybe late at night, he will be practicing her big clip. 16 Crab basically self-appreciation of the problems, or loves to dress up like it cool, very strong individual, has its own small living area, people easily get into. 17. Basically Crab can drink wine, and is not likely to cause trouble (Shuajiu Feng), is often the peacemaker in the party, even if usually quiet crab crab, a few glasses down, are able to talk about, but they very sensible. 18. Like the origins of Cancer, the crab crab very loyal, whether a friend or lover, or partner. Very loyal. Even if you hurt him severely in her brief that he would lose her reason, and you desperately. Broken the results of crab legs, crab crab will hide and recuperate until the new crab legs grow back, but he still recalls her all. Crab is a high emotional intelligence family class. 19. Crab is just, they face death without fear, so also is the impulse crab crab, but with age, slowly Shoulong, basically views tend to moderate, not very many national issues of concern but have their own unique views. (this mostly crab features 81) 20. Crab ideas will be very weird sometimes, but not shown, focusing on the spirit, the spirit of love is a big fan, would today like a star over a period of time there is love of course is certainly pretty handsome build good character, good and so talented. esthete itself. 21 Crab in the eyes of others, value for money is not the type of very, very straightforward kind, O blood type is especially true of the crab crab, but they are very money concepts. Can be financial, but unfortunately the money is Not many, nothing will live,monster beats by dr dre headphones, will introduce men and women rushing to pay the men. 22 Crab beauty of the naked body, with high appreciation of the idea, but the most appealing to his heart's still hazy beauty, secretive led to his fire, even crab MM is not too clear, assuming you can only wear parts white shirt, do not even charge. 23. Crab is not like the appearance of a big change, you will discover if the heart changes so subtle even seen a few years, probably still the same oh crab crabs because crabs crab will shed its shell, so ah ! crab crab mentality is always young. 24. Crab like home, they naturally became the book-loving, crab crab is like reading. If you often write letters to the Crab, I believe there is an unexpected surprise. Crab nostalgic old-fashioned things to make them the most like. 25 crab to crab gift, even the feel of life, is not enough. Even is able to raise even bastard dead crab crab. Get something memorable point very well, plants line the. Like crab crab water itself is negative, so the water can go where even the Aisi sea. 26 Crab hide things, many things will be with their friends about, so can their friends there, get the information you want of course to be careful, crab crab most feared betrayal. 27 Crab although not narcissism, but never hard on myself. To never take themselves and their families feel bad, so marry marry crab crab crab crab, at least not make their life very useless, I know more than a crab-law filial son, but also their own. 28. Overawed crab crab trick, a woman's tears. Is simply super-kill! 29 MM favorite male crab is strong enough willpower, can move forward with the kind of dogged energy, and preferably light chasing her, and spent the 35 contained a kind of love her to death . Crab MM by friends into lovers with more. 30. Crab Company is not the most annoying seat to pregnant women, elderly people, especially hateful. 31. Crab is not very high performing talent, art appreciation, or can, with little publicity crab crab crab crab the same as Tyson, but will be forced to vent it. Crab Tyson may have the same violent tendencies, oh, just self-strengths do not show it out. 32 Crab mostly dual personality, a lot of friends, but very lonely. 33. Send her a gift: sending love Cancer home, you can choose silk material, feeling comfortable, cut long and mopping the floor also has a retro charm of the elegant robe; or a treasure you and her photographs, silk embroidery fabric surface of the album, which makes her nostalgic nostalgic feel very surprise and joy. Send him a gift: home of the men, gifts for home. Full of classical and romantic music CD, a comfortable cushion or a portable home clothes, most attached to his heart. 34. Cancer is the dedication of love to pay, but forgot to learn to love is free 35 hungry problem can be difficult to see Cancer oh; because they do not think cooking is a burden, hungry to cook, eat done, finished to eat, which they often do . 36. Cancer are also like to eat people, especially for the appetite, but this kind of thing very seriously, so the crab is full of food can cause loss of focus on this issue because of the in terms of 37 Crab on the initiative of the opposite sex, it is inconsistent start, but as long as the persistent efforts, crab or crab will surrender, even if not surrender, or give them no small burden on the heart. 38 Crab do not like debts, do not like the disloyal, because crab crab can be financial, financially set, so it will live constellation 39 Crab is also a technical players, is always negative as long as the technology to achieve their best efforts to make. 40 Crab is love. Many special interest, and even feelings too. 41. There is no higher status with crab crab before, do not give in too much, crab crab instability (most of the time like a child) will hurt the hearts of their responsibilities to family members, does not mean others. 42 Crab love for children, beyond most people's imagination. Men and women are, if their own children, but love was too far. To the brother and sister is very, very good. Like to recognize some of what dry dry sister brother I have dried my sister, anyway, I have a birthday gift. even responsible for her brother will Oh. 43 Crab too good, always deceived the best candidate. To see what others poor or painful, just confused, just-do, to say. Even though it is sometimes feel cheated, but was I really was very reassuring, such as the tip points to the blind, it should be, school is for the children to the point of conscience, so they did not add to the mix, I feel that in itself is the nature of their crab crab, not with intent mentioning 44. Crab dare to accuse of evil, does not fear power. (Even have had a fight with the boss, oh, wrong place anyway, leading, even confused, they also dare to quarrel, so I still have not found horses, or grassroots workers ah) 45 Crab very generous, like to make friends, basically the money in three places 1, family 2 friends for dinner on the garment 3. The most straightforward temperament like a northerner, my friend is like Inner Mongolia, and even drinking Chat, that comfortable ah. 46 Crab does something for nothing, opposed, always diligent and do their own work can be. So, ah crab crab is really little chance of winning the poor. 47 Crab serious machismo complex, though needless to say, but feel it. Want to let my wife do not work, at home wife, mother, ability and can not do. Most of the case. 48 couples in the Crab, will warm fire, so that others can not stand the feeling. However, once that is inappropriate, have cut the Gordian knot of arbitrary, but refused to go back, like cattle, like digging and enjoy the beautiful, but also that crippled the United States even more heartache. 49 Crab allow others to feel half-hearted, not really, the crab crab attaches great importance to their love, because that would be after them all, so it is hard to find love, perhaps you have been in love, but I'm sorry, crab crab may just find love in the process. Once inappropriate, destined to the worship. To seize the Crab, it was to be a liar, Piandao Shou easier. 50 Crab processing of personal hygiene did not understand very good comrade. 51 crab crab can not let big lead, more appropriate safety and a deputy, the pursuit of the perfect crab crab on slovenly people who can not understand. Straight fast heart sometimes hurt the heart. 52 Crab in a very lonely person, but wants to have a fixed group of activities, crab crab is able to play in the group co-operation. So stop looking for crab crab team. 53 Crab always give yourself a standard icon and then press the icon to exercise their own but will stop for an idol, but not perfect crab crab feel bad even if a vertex is also greatly changed the attitude back (also lovers) even had a very I heard like Bae Yong Joon did not like that even Weng Cowboy as you can not say I still prefer to why. 54 male crab crab will not be a woman beat a man they think this is the most basic quality of the female crab crab who likes to take people think mental torture law not as good as die. 55. Crab happy mood when the talk is often unstable when the unhappy truth that lies before and after the conflict is often what has got to the house to see people that were so hell that nonsense so many successful businessmen are crab crab. 56 Crab is a very good listener so people often become close friends, because cautious able to find small details. Most concerned about their own birthday sign. Crab is crab, so I will send the most timely blessing to others, much stronger than flattering. 57 conversations with peers crab crab, like a precocious sense of all, are all out some of the major principles. So much like a monk, never-ending. Has the capability of also allows you to go along with their thinking, as is the pastor preaching. 58 lonely crab crab heart, even if it is loyal, even if the total gives the distinguished appearance. But sometimes still deviant, mostly not too guilty, they feel that they are human, very normal people, and their traditional thinking is contradictory. Coupled with their curiosity, there is no experiment ever, the total going to try. But they are able to live their own hidden secrets. To death would not say it. 59 Crab mostly not suitable for the reform of the work, step by step more compatible. Well done boss of the orders. Finance, logistics, teachers, etc. is more suitable. 60 Crab likes to laugh, 80 percent of very fake smile, only habitual smile, no special significance, and sometimes people feel very close, and sometimes people find it very annoying! 61 crab crab ass school. No no, crab, crab do not want to use the ass to describe. Crab is able to respect the older generation, the educated than their lower capacity than their low, usually secretly care, help help busy. Model of care for the young, always and colleagues at the harmony. However, the strength of a similar encounter, it began to war. Higher than for their ability, always looked up to appreciate others. As their goal. Human interaction, a friend of the total crab crab manner. Sincere towards others, always convinced that I pay very much, you return my copy is sufficient. 62 really good reviews saying, always talking about the past, certainly Cancer. Crab crab early resuscitation was always lots to talk about the past, and others began to chat with an unguarded moment when ah, then. About a very fresh, but if the same person speaking Shanghao times, even good friends will be trouble free, so ah, crab crab who should take this as a warning, Oujiu prefer, use facial expressions to express the meaning of the people. Find attractive guy's. 63 pieces of crab crab who has a grateful heart, always reluctant to pay too much attention with others, Chi Diankui always like Ah Q often ask people even Shayang beans flavored with aniseed of fennel has several writing, having fun, but unfortunately sometimes they hurt other people's heart has read the wrong word, correct others when the audacity to say, read half of the scholar. Will not be too concerned about lost something, like even a few days before losing the only belongings, a broken bike. Even that finally lost, you can buy myself a new style! 64. Do not want to write this out, anyway, even those who are the Fear of Marriage, crab, crab before marriage, it can not understand, will exchange a lot of people, the last hope in a confused married. Too concerned about the future of the family, so the requirements for marriage and love surprising exception, even if in love with who will expect a miracle, expect there who dream of, the surface is not apparent, who would know that our inner world it is only a process of growth of an abnormal phenomenon, marriage, like points, but also people sometimes possessive free of trouble. 65. And crab crab love, can really talk out of. Whether to write, phone, SMS, QQ, restaurants, cafes, street, moonlight under the trees, and crab crab can really be heart to heart communication, otherwise you'll never know just a little bit of crab crab. 66. Crab trustworthy, sense of obligation. Promised people things will definitely be best to pay, a strong sense of time, late crab crab, almost, in addition to the Crab is a poor pig Xu Xu, but towards others are not trustworthy, like a monkey, as a special dissatisfied and people will change their attitude. Is true even care about money, but also a few quick money even friends, really close as brothers. The next time through, but also generous in many, often, crab crab on such fools to begin to take less, others also, and then borrowed more, people can not find the. Little Crab to be careful, what people have in society! 67 Crab serious machismo character (Oujiu participated in a machismo club, what activities do a good mood when he told us) and the girls go out to dinner will basically pay for themselves, they think this is a man at least criteria, there is not previously talked about playing a woman, take care 68 attitude of love to add crab crab: crab crab is the kind of enthusiasm when you take the initiative but they cool (they care about process, not fancy the results) the more you cool them, if they love you if you like (if) it stick die you will of course crab crab eyes free> Business> Love (For a more comprehensive in terms of male crab, crab) Crab MM, then let them answer it yourself, even just to mention the fact that mothers are most of their lives. 69 Private weakness: even in the face of the twin who lost badly, naturally you like to pressing his cheerful personality and Crab contrast, he stole a look at other people's hearts, and let others always remembered him, And even silly like crab crab, a few years the war, the victory of reputation, and ultimately result in automatic waiver. not that afraid of Gemini, is humor, eloquence, and so long as, even so many born to win many, if the same situation Friends caution. big man in the technical aspects of knowledge than experience he and many other. 70. Crab hurt, most of them choose to escape from the way, will disappear for a long period of time, no matter how you look, as long as they do not want to appear, it is difficult to find, but wait for them to adjust, it will appear in front of everybody at this time, even best friends can not contact them, only they themselves take the initiative to contact the course can also contact their trusted friend. 71. Crab who is self-centered family class. Ugly point is from high pride. To consider the issue will be given priority when their own interests, will advance to good their escape route. Will imperceptibly Forced to others their ideas , of course, only in specific circumstances will, under normal circumstances hidden. 72. Crab family very much, they find the views of an object, often asked his family's view, of course, is very important to them. Such is the case when the crab crab moves passively when the crab crab active when, on what ignores, feels like moths to a flame. (even a crab crab friend used to have a girlfriend, his girlfriend does not know his cousin's case, the two had a fight not careful, his cousin in his complain about the meal in front of a harsh, after which he and his girlfriend broke up.) 73. Crab had not used the day too easy, if time is not fresh, it will disgust, they always do what you like or are willing to do. If do not like or not, will be very inconsistent. All in the behavior face shown! 74 bachelor's Crab fear Valentine's Day Tanabata Festival, how they think it will be this holiday, this is not discrimination did not he. Lovers of crab and crab lovers will go to a special place or at home, put forward a warm pop hoof, Singles is coming, the single most crabs will drink a cup of crab, but unfortunately a couple who left four iron. Even today's supper can not afford, the home of instant noodles are finished the job yesterday and tomorrow do not know can make a fortune out of several sub-pig goes to. there are dozens of bottles, or first purified water bucket back, to get the first drink of the deposit to say ah! much suffering have to finance not, ah, What exactly is this money spent to go ah! 75. Cancer is not only a gentle love her husband home side, they are also the best fight for the life of one of the constellations. Cancer wife like sticky, but also attach great importance to be alone. Sometimes seem eccentric difficult to close. 76. Feelings of love crab crab crab crab in a lot of problems will be considered, if that would take the initiative to plan their future if passive, it will continue to carry out ideological struggle. Crab crab is so stable is unstable, but others will never understand, even a favorite, they also have to space and distance. 77 bumps feeling on the road, leading to feelings of over-cautious crab crab. Crab selfish, very few people can see that. Perhaps they had too early from your mouth to get your plans and whereabouts for several days, and rest assured bold to do their own thing. But the Crab will not love two at the same time, low emotional intelligence points! Comrades and friends can rest assured that the feelings of mutations give a fatal blow crab crab, love them, do not hurt them, they do not love your resolute confession rejected. 78 busy crab crab who is able to reflect the positive side, but also the usually well-hidden little disadvantage, exposed to all of the things that the prejudices of the people's evaluation of abnormal mood. Are unknowingly exposed. Even stop and think it is wrong very wrong. Unfortunately, or unavoidable. Even recently, and a newly appointed foreman about crab crab, emotional instability, so much to do. Always a solution to finish things. 79 Crab Xiwen than martial arts, dominant. Crab for crab, or something good so ah fine, in addition to love, but more important is, what they are most suitable. I recently heard that many crab crab looking for a job, do not worry you, crab crab is way more than ever who was home on style. First foothold to expand its communication range, multi-Aspect information. Learn more about some of the celebrities in various industries. Look at their most desirable direction, and then start from the grassroots, faith is the biggest advantage of crab crab. 80 Crab tired, tired of the crab to crab will default name alone, will get to keep what my personal values, how can I like, how kind, then begin to prepare crab shed its shell of the crab. The couple not only to consider the feelings of the problem, but also to plan the transformation of thinking problems, and even planned to promote, a character disorder. Always feel the need to give up everything now and then new again, this kind of thing will happen in a lot of crab crab. 81. Crab take the cup to drink water, the girls naturally tilt the little finger and that was elegant gesture. Be sure not gay, remember to remember. It is beneath the image. Crab inner alternative. Careful unexpected dress. 82 single crab crab, can not withstand the temptation. One-night stand, then, if passive words. Estimates will not be concerned about. Of course, each year the crabs pull crab is not the same. Generally speaking, if you do not force him, he do not mind. After all, the careful treatment of the marriage than this. In fact, this can only be so understanding. Who would care for their own mistakes, but never see not other people's mistakes. 83. Cancer man's in love, stalker, often forcing the popular indignation, the empty state of mind based on insecurity, and dependence on super-sticky feeling, Cancer wavering on lingering lovers ambiguous, will appear in the love you the extraordinary momentum to kill you, and vinegar, sea swirls, not sparing even the tide of passers-by. It seems, there is this idea. but never was before, may be rational because of it! other comrades Oujiu is not clear. 84. Bored crab crab will do a lot of silly things the surface looks very quiet, when in fact the heart like a monkey-like, I do not know clouds turned a few somersaults. Think of the rain a few days ago, it still felt very comfortable, although the temperature suddenly dropped about ten degrees. can still feel warm, because you can stay at home do not go out. lying in bed reading, to see disc. feel like boring. but extremely calm. 85. Out of control when the Crab. Emotions will be very excited. Feeling out of control, it will make people feel strange. Thinking out of control, let them know what to do now is in an even state of mind out of control, do not know how process, so choose to avoid. find another to divert attention. 86. Crab like a continuous busy. Once stopped. Make them feel inexplicably lonely hearts Said Crab empathy, and that only favorite favorite person. Or is driven by a sense of responsibility results. Crab crabs than anyone else need spiritual support. lonely soul itself is doomed crab crab. more of a dream or a belief by to maintain. Crab every step is very robust, even if it seems as if the risk in others, but almost no crab crab thought good their escape route, even back into the abyss. 87. Heart more worries, has caused the failure, which is forecast in life in the word. Very applicable. May be prepared to quit the recent relationship between the bar so many ideas, the surface may seem calm, the heart does not get panic To consider things too much, think too much, worry about worry about that. to make ourselves into a predicament, perhaps thinking of a simple point better on their own. 88 crab crab is homely say people towards work, but also most of their lives, a lot of time because of work, ignore the family, loved ones, friends. Crab when we work, most of the time do not want to be outside the impact will occur with little crab crab office romance. This is inconsistent with their professional ethics. This is their idea of ​​extreme side. But they work really seriously. 89. Crab Never look back, is the kind of horse. At least I like that. Crab Sometimes I really can not understand is this, I do not care about each other is not very rich, is not deaf, dumb, or what of as long as there is really fate. will be cherished, but one, but later, even better, the crab's crab will not go back. willing to have good friends. if deeply loved, it is a long, time will not meet the. 90. Crab treat deeply loved the people. Still duplicity of saying I love you, thinking of you. Or make others feel Crab is infatuated, to be honest, I just have the hard shell, it was non- to be beaten, life and death, but we have the most gentle. business is not, in the affection thing. Cancer of the personality characteristics of (super-quasi-) (bottom) ^ ^ 91. to the young crab crab, we also experienced young, also experienced the beginning of the era of nothing, but remember, we sometimes do about fate, then we go to learn to observe, learn through life, learn a lot a lot. Some people say there is no love crab crab in the mood, this is true , the crab crab in KISS, embrace the very earth, a love letter written in the early years more nausea. Even the early pull of a hand like a very awkward feel like. are later exported even said they do not love, but the crab crab love is very pure, does not rule out the possibility of crab crab indulgence! 92. Sandy my colleagues now, is over 30 years of crab crab woman, who years younger than her husband, just like she said they love really pure. Feminine woman, is able to impress the opposite sex fragile soul. at last with the outsourcer to office. the road, talk to some of their preferences and views which she talked about, recently seen her in a plain English series, is about two gay love story perhaps even myself, will find not attractive, but we do have a common view that these non-normal views of tolerance and understanding things, crab crab's tolerance for all to see, perhaps in the eyes of others, many The traditional things are important, but anything can crab crab tolerance and understanding. Why Crab is a good husband, but most likely is that we can accommodate all of your ....... 93 and 1 / 2 discussed several views, including such points on the performance of favorite people, not Lackey's early years also write silly love letters, the longest had a million words, Im on the phone singing nausea love songs, the longest five or six hours, can do basically done. Now, that is, over a level, never, and even difficult to feel like opening the biggest crab crab nostalgic because that is their favorite. Through three five love on will feel silly, their Wage Keng, also jumped. but also jump several times. 94 crab crab crab crab believed to know the number of lucky numbers is useful, as well as their favorite flower. Will have a special meaning 95. Crab is very sensitive to the date, even as it wrote in the resume, I am sensitive to the number, of course, I deal every day with digital numbers WH. 96. Early some years, because of immature crab crab, with little experience, it is impetuous, unstable. Abnormal performance is always hot, always thought he set the world's most lovestruck people. Do not know, but it scared off many people. Loved a lot of people, I do not think I would be fool's fall in love with who, but I can take care of a good person. Perhaps this is the Crab transformed it! Indeed, the right, is the most appropriate! 97. Crab most annoying thing could become his favorite. When I most hate is English, but now they use all the time to study, Who's information is available in English to see it. English primary school students graduate on now, in front of him like I was talking like a ridiculous students simple English, so he told me that I, and I have over this threshold. Many say this is to tell a friend like crab crab, crab crab will not complacent, they always kept the uphill walk, do not too far away with them, otherwise you will fall behind. Crab aloof, is for the weak, respect for the strong, will surpass them after, and disappeared. 98 Crab hypocrisy, not someone else's can be seen easily. Crab lifetime to see a few hot, the kind of disowned impulse, the kind of death-defying madness. If you've seen, I believe you absolutely crab crab friend Crab reuse friends than family, crab crab is always able to handle very surface relationships rolls, even if the gun straight up behind the dark. Crab is always better than the others frustrated, I really have not heard about the Crab will be suicide. Can be extended to music, patience, good. Very poignant love crab crab, crab crab cause very tragic. Crab life ups and downs, but is so wonderful! 99 When the Crab start into a dead end, he began to just stick to their always right. Now I is like that, I do not know why that is, only to see things according to their own ideas, decided to do is to do things.









thirty-three represents the Buddha in this world to save sentient beings of 33 face .





























































































this tree is called

Go to your space , very spiritual !

After you turned in his temper, but is constantly crying

fact, you do not know,
you I never really raw gas,
because I like you ..
In fact, you do not know,
you capricious, unreasonable,
because you care about.

you know,
if you do not like,
I would not I care about how you are.

you know,
if do not like you, I will not send your spleen, will not allow you to coax you like a baby.

you know,
if you do not like,
you do not have the ability make me cry for you,
because like you,
even if you offend me, and I will not air for a long time.

And all this just because I love you.

you know? for the love of my heart had been injured, and those injured in the shadow of my heart to stay, so I can not believe in love will be beautiful.
and you so easily break into my heart, let me love on you.
I do not want to leave I need you most when I let my heart,
I will heartbreak turned into tears. let your left as decoration on my face ..!!

you know? know you've been telling me in a world apart from his family and friends, I will not for hypocritical tears of love,
because the real people who deserve my tears, not willing to let me cry.
with all your heart, to listen to the words of my heart, not my mouth duplicity turn left after the fight the moment, you can not see my tears, and written on my face feel.
so ...
if you like me like him to accompany me.
if you like me, like him to pet me.
If you are like me, I like him humility.
if you like me like him more happiness to my taste.
If you are like me, you hear me inner voice, that is to say to you ---- love me, do not hurt me ~!

in love, always hurt each other, as if to hurt each other in order to prove that he is really in love.
However, there is no right or wrong in love, even less than I love you more than you love me less.
you love me, I love you, it is sufficient.
us to each other love, what we need is happiness, is sweet, be happy, not hurt each other.

do not use silence to challenge me, I do not use the test of suspicion, not to say anything, then do not leave on the ruthless .
you know, you leave, my eyes eyes from the fog, my mouth glowing tears.
even wipe his face of tears, but also indelible in my heart the wound.
Please remember, Do not love the people declare war, because the Cold War with the injury, than you expected.
have to remember that as long as you love me do not you accept what can not as long as you like me, you will like my all.
I so wayward, so the bad temper, so bad habits, in your eyes are as was spoiled. Okay?
also remember that I love you, I need not your turn to leave, I just want you pet me, hold me like you, even if not Sorry ...!

and geese would be wrong in this confusion of in, give up just because Ed is too deep, deep love, fishes themselves not sure, use to give up a bet, lose, because the other is not enough love to love you .....
getting lost deep in the heart helpless,
Germany yesterday, dream no longer live,
too familiar with but who make up ...
alone can not explain many things, or did not explore the need to give up so secular name, too mind will only hurt yourself,
so some of the depression, or another more quirks in the erosion of their own ideas ......

13: Pachira: against tobacco combustion exhaust.
Pachira evergreen, poisonous gas through photosynthesis and release oxygen. can be more effective absorption of carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide pollution, the resistance of tobacco combustion The exhaust has a role.

2: Clivia: the release of oxygen, the absorption of smoke refreshing
an adult Clivia, one night can absorb 1 liter of air, the release of 80% of the oxygen in the extremely faint light can also occur photosynthesis. Carbon dioxide at night it will not be distributed in two or three dozen square meters of indoor potted Clivia smoke can be absorbed into the interior, especially the cold northern winter, the doors and windows closed, ventilation is poor, Clivia will play a very the role of a good air conditioning. to keep indoor air fresh.

8: Aloe: Aloe is equivalent to a pot of nine biological air cleaners air purification
potted aloe experts in the world. pot of aloe vera is equivalent to nine biological air cleaners, can absorb formaldehyde, carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide. carbon monoxide and other harmful substances, especially the absorption of formaldehyde particularly strong in four hours under light conditions .. pot of aloe can eliminate one square meter of air in 90% formaldehyde, can kill harmful microorganisms in the air, and can attract dust, of clean room environment plays a significant role when the harmful indoor air is too high there will be spots on the leaves of aloe, which is the signal for help. as long as the pots of aloe in the room to increase the indoor air quality will become normal.

6: maidenhair fern: about 20 micrograms per hour can absorb formaldehyde, it is considered the most effective biological All day and paint, paint to deal with those, or around there like smokers, should be put in the workplace at least a pot of ferns. In addition, it can inhibit the release of computer monitors and printers of xylene and toluene.

12: Lucky bamboo: the health for the bedroom
lucky bamboo plants are not always open the window can help improve air quality in ventilated rooms with disinfectant function, especially the bedroom, lucky bamboo can effectively absorb the gas, the privacy of the bedroom environment to be improvement.

7: Chlorophytum: 95% of the air can absorb carbon monoxide and 85% formaldehyde.
Chlorophytum in the faint light for photosynthesis, spider plants can absorb toxic gases in the air, a pot of Chlorophytum 8 ~ 10 square meters room on the equivalent of an air purifier. usually in the room raised 1 to 2 pots Chlorophytum, in 24-hour release of oxygen, while absorbing the air of formaldehyde, styrene, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and other carcinogens. Chlorophytum the absorption of certain hazardous substances particularly strong, such as the air in the mixture of carbon monoxide and formaldehyde, respectively, to reach 95% and 85%. Chlorophytum can break down benzene, cigarette smoke absorb nicotine and other harmful substances in relatively stable, so Chlorophytum also known as the green indoor air purifier.

14: Cactus: the best plants to reduce the electromagnetic radiation has a strong anti-inflammatory
cactus sterilization role in the fight against pollution, the cactus is the best plants to reduce electromagnetic radiation in addition cactus to absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen at night. Cactus placed inside the room at night, you can add oxygen, conducive to sleep.

9: Zongzhu: the elimination of heavy metal pollution and carbon dioxide
Zongzhu similar functionality Monstera. belong to the same large-leafed ornamental plants Zongzhu able to absorb more than 80% of a variety of harmful gas, clean air, while brown Bamboo can also remove heavy metals and sulfur dioxide pollution resistant to a certain course as a huge leaf foliage plants, the biggest feature is that they have normal plants can not match the digestive function of carbon dioxide and produce oxygen.

11: Ivy: absorb formaldehyde title.
Ivy is the most effective absorption of formaldehyde in indoor plants per square meter of ivy leaves can absorb formaldehyde, 1.48 mg and 2 pots of ivy adult leaves a total area of ​​about 0.78 square meters, while ivy can also absorb the toxic substance benzene, 24-hour indoor lighting conditions can absorb 90% of benzene, according to speculation, 10 square meters room, just put 2-3 pots of ivy can purify the air. It can also adsorbed particles of dust.

4: asparagus: the eradication of bacteria and viruses containing the protective umbrella
bears aromatic plants have antibacterial ingredients, you can clear the air of bacteria and viruses, with health care function, so the smell of asparagus with the release of bactericidal the power of beneficial bacteria in addition, bears have a high medicinal value it's fleshy root digging wash away dust and dirt above. that the use of dried or fresh backup. leafy branches as used with the mining. have a cough lungs and cooling blood detoxification.

3: rubber tree: the elimination of harmful substances is a versatile
rubber tree plant to eliminate harmful versatile. the air of carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, hydrogen fluoride and other harmful gases have a certain resistance. respirable rubber tree can remove particulate matter pollution, indoor dust Dust can play an effective role.

1: dripping Guanyin: the effect of dust has cleared the air. But the white drip Guanyin stem poisonous sap, drops of water is toxic, eating or mistakenly hit the juice, can cause throat and mouth discomfort, burning of the stomach flu. Should pay special attention to prevent children eating. but are not part of carcinogenic plant drip Guanyin.

10 Monstera: night to absorb carbon dioxide, improving air quality air purification function
Monstera slightly weak number, it is not like spider plants. Aloe Vera is versatile clean up the air, but Monstera on the clear effect of formaldehyde in the air obvious addition, there Monstera night to absorb carbon dioxide effect. to improve indoor air quality, increase the oxygen content of much help. Monstera general plants with large, elegant. Lichtung beautiful leaves and more so is a very good indoor plants. Monstera can cook the fruit is ripe. smell like pineapple or bananas.

5: Silver Queen: with its unique air purification ability is known: the higher the concentration of pollutants in the air, the more it can perform its cleaning ability! So it is ideal for dark room with poor ventilation.

steed leap, not ten steps; nag 10 drive, power in dismay. Similarly, the secret of success is not overnight, but rather whether you can persevere.
had such a story.
1987, she was 14 years old, a small town in Hunan Yiyang selling tea, a dime a cup. Because she's a bigger cup than others, so selling the fastest, then, she was always happy and busy.
1990, she was 17 years old, she moved to stalls selling tea, Yiyang City, and up selling endemic Lei Cha making too much trouble, but since selling price. That is, her small business is always busy.
1993, she was 20 years old, is still selling tea, but the location has changed again, to sell in the provincial capital Changsha, stalls has become a small shop. After the door guests will be able to enjoy the warm tea in enjoy, they will pay more or less carry on a further two bags of tea.
1997, she was 24 years old, a decade's time, she was always in the tea room with tea Gunda. At this time,dr dre headphones for sale, she already has 37 tea, are found in Changsha, Xi'an, Shenzhen and Shanghai. Anxi, Fujian, Zhejiang, Hangzhou, merchants have a mention of her name, everyone thumbs-up.
2003, she was 30 years old, her biggest dream come true.
have a story.
new school,
month later, 90% were upheld.
Then, after a month remaining 80%.
year later, the teacher asked:
These are two true stories, let's name it we remember them! Mengqiao Bo and Plato, a merchant selling tea and a great philosopher
from these two stories can be found: No secret to success, in your perseverance. Any great cause, as in the persistent, destroyed halfway. In fact, the world's most easy thing to do is insist that the most difficult, and it is upheld. It is easy, because if they wish, everyone can do; it is difficult, because really stick with it, but that is only a few people. Pasteur had a famous saying, dedication and perseverance moved. In and also to adhere to, but want to go in the end only one way.
person's life, so, too? From the people in the dim light. Only in this way, in old age, when you go to, thin retrospect, will think have not wasted a good life, who will feel that their whole life is full of value.

fact, Guang-Yuan Mar explain the credit policy and credit structure is a problem, as monetary policy, we have repeatedly demonstrated that the response to relax, have repeatedly pointed out that the interest and the limitations of preparation and reverse of the gold. Guang-Yuan Mar said the SMEs get loans, in fact more specifically, is a monopoly of credit and credit structure of the deformity. Who should get a new print money,Dre beats headphones, will come to effect in the process of printing press, to gain advantage, who got behind the new bill will come to suffer. There is no doubt that banks and state-owned enterprises and monopolies is the currency over the beneficiaries is impaired and people of other companies, they put up with usury and the pressure of rising cost of living, shrink the tragedy of the property. So, Guang-Yuan Mar did not see, he called for measures to reverse it, he confused the monetary policy and credit policy, a significant difference, the result is contrary to his expressed intention of beating the drums of the group. Small business real estate is because banks need collateral to loans, while large enterprises do not need collateral. This is very strange, kind of credit do even more worthy than the trust that is simply not the case, the bank had so many bad debts and bad debts are those owed large companies and those in power, and Lang also pointed out that a similar view.

published recently in the media before leaving office, former Prime Minister Zhu Rongji's speech: I talked about the overheated real estate, but I found that the vast majority of comrades do not realize the seriousness of this problem, always start by saying Absolutely not!

PPI 7.3% high in the circle, the final price will result in cost businesses and thrust, push up CPI figures.

National Bureau of Statistics data released on the 9th August, the national consumer price (CPI) rose 6.2% year on year overall, up 0.3%; industrial producer prices rose 7.3% year on year, up by 0.1%. Personal experience of the people most food prices are still very fast, food prices rose 13.4 percent, which of course affect the overall price level of about 4.02 percentage points.

Premier Wen Jiabao has said that Tigers have to go back only implicit. Prices will rise about a big problem, people can not hedging tool, which is sad thing. Small print money, change the credit structure, is our way out. As for Obama Willful allies and enemies and toss out more than four hundred billion U.S. dollars, by printing-degree day, sooner or later go bankrupt.

Prices jumped more serious problems facing China

overheated real estate market is associated with the currency over the currency issue has brought over land and housing prices, house prices and land prices need more money, they formed a vicious cyclone. This is the price, but also was worrying. There is also a means of currency issuance, the so-called increase in foreign exchange, and the prices of some resources, these factors added together, as reflected in various socio-economic cells, nerve endings, it was burning and pain prices: Meat prices rose at almost three times within three years, the land rose up once there is no turning back.

Therefore, a person called Guang-Yuan Mar's comments pointed out sharply, it is disastrous to ease monetary policy. institutional issues even in an unprecedented 09 years, 10 years, SME financing is still difficult, only 10% of the money went to small and medium enterprises is now a tight monetary and interest groups under the banner of SMEs on the name to call, monetary easing, to small and medium enterprises As suicide bombers blew open the currency to the hole in the dam, but it is clear that even if the relaxation, the flow of water are all just big business.

in inflation, savings accounts and the general population suffered most, mainly because of poor spending in daily life, open seven big rise on the poor at a disadvantage, more importantly, they have little means to circumvent the currency over the wealth depreciation.

inflation in China appears to have peaked, but this is only a statistical sense, for the residents, upward pressure on prices remains the same as Tiger.

In fact, China's private enterprises difficult birth, the same in 30 years, the growth process, its environment is facing brutally. Now, a variety of pressure in the pressure on them: to their employment, the main force of China, China's economic growth initiatives. At the same time, but also their commitment to high taxes, high labor costs, get loans, RMB appreciation, officials at all levels of the hidden rules of the rent-seeking. Now, run the Monitoring and Coordination Ministry of Industry, Deputy Secretary Huang Libin 9 that difficult business more difficult, especially small micro-business problems worse, the overall profit margin of less than 3% of SMEs. The name of our bank spreads on more than this number, the actual monopoly profits is incalculable, CCTV reported that the coal power shortage in order to grab high monopoly profits, while oil companies have in place more emphasis on price. International oil prices, we are faster than anyone else to price adjustment, international oil prices, slower than the tortoise price adjustment.

In fact, even the rich, how many hedge channels is very difficult to hedge negative interest rates and money-printing machine. A large number of loans were state-owned monopolies and take away even the most loose monetary policy moment, very few private enterprises to get loans. And those with no collateral but can the so-called credit, big borrowing, loan sharking, stock and land speculation, and even grabbing the money in the stock market has become they create additional liquidity and quasi-money measurement tools.

Shift key we often use, but some features you may not know, here we look at from ten in terms of the shift key magical:

one when you chat with QQ and others, is not Sometimes the information sent particularly slow Yeah, it does not matter, as long as you send message, press the shift key information will be sent out soon!

two when you face a lot of windows, have them one by one turned off. Is not annoying ah. As long as you press the shift key when you click close button, so the window will be switched off.

three letters in the input case, press the shift key, you can change the case!

four when installed a new software, sometimes starting from a new computer to be useful, as long as the first Press the shift key, you can skip the computer self-test saves a lot of time!

five selected file, press the shift key, a file in the last election, you can select a large number.

six deleted files, press the shift key can be deleted directly. Without the Recycle Bin.

seven put disc, double-click the number under the shift key, you can skip the auto-play!

eight can press the shift key + F10 instead of the right mouse button.

nine open the file, the default if you do not want to open, press the shift key, right-click menu on the right a more open way of the following do you own it!
ten press the shift key, click the hyperlink, you can open a new window

for the average user, is located in the upper left of the keyboard ESC key is not used, but you know ? In fact, with the ESC key can achieve a lot of shortcuts Oh!
1. the Internet, if a URL is the wrong point, press the ESC key to stop directly open the current page.

2. surfing the total number of users will inevitably have to fill in what name, if an erroneous, press the ESC key to clear all the contents of the box; while typing, if the wrong can also press the ESC key choose the wrong word to clear the box.

3. In addition to

4. When a program is not active and we want to restore it to an active state, press .

5. for the existence of the

· PC: Personal Computer Personal Computer
· CPU: Central Processing Unit Central Processing Unit

· CPU Fan: CPU br> · MB: Motherboard MotherBoard

· RAM: RAM Random Access Memory, the PC-code division specifications, such as PC-133, PC-1066, PC-2700

· HDD: HDD Hard Disk Drive

· FDD: floppy disk Floopy Disk Drive

· CD-ROM: CD-ROM Compact Disk Read Only Memory

· DVD-ROM: DVD ROM Digital Versatile Disk Read Only Memory

· CD-RW: Burner Compact Disk ReWriter

· VGA: display card (video card official language should be Display Card)

· AUD: Audio (the official language should sound card Sound Card)

· LAN: NIC (network card official language should be the Network Card)

· MODM: data card or modem Modem

· HUB : hub

· WebCam: webcam

· Capture: video capture card

· Case: Chassis

· Power: Power

· Moniter: screen, CRT as the CRT screen, LCD to LCD screen

· USB: Universal Serial Bus Universal Serial Bus, used to connect peripheral devices

· IEEE1394: New high-speed serial bus specification Ins *** te of Electrical and Electronic Engineers

· Mouse: Mouse, common interface specifications for the PS / 2 and USB

· KB: Keyboard, common interface specifications for the PS / 2 and USB

· Speaker: Speaker

· Printer: printer

· Scanner: scanner

· UPS: uninterruptible power

· IDE: IDE interface specification refers to Integrated Device

Electronics, IDE interface, IDE interface device generally refers to the use of various devices

· SCSI: refers to the SCSI interface specification Small Computer System
Interface, SCSI interface, SCSI interface device generally refers to the use of various devices

· GHz: (central processor speed up) Gega Hertz / second

· FSB: refers to the
· AGP: display bus, Accelerated Graphics

Port, to 2X, 4X, 8X, said bandwidth mode

· PCI: Peripheral device connection port Peripheral Component Interconnect
· ATX: refers to the specifications of the current power supply, but also refers to the standard motherboard sizes

· BIOS: hardware (input / output) Basic Setup Basic Input Output System

· CMOS: BIOS basic set of data storage memory chip Complementary Metal-Oxide Semiconductor

· POST: start testing Power On Self Test

· OS: Operating System Operating System

· Windows: Windows operating systems, graphical interface

· DOS: an early text command interface of the operating system

· fdisk: : There are several varieties SocketA, Socket478, etc.

· Pin: pin, such as the ATA133 hard drive cable is 80Pin, such as PC2700 memory module is 168Pin

· Jumper: Jumper (short terminals)

· bit: bit (0 and 1 states of these two circuits),Beats By Dre Pro Detox, the basic unit of computer data

· Byte: byte, equal to 8 bit (eight-bit combinations, 256 kinds of circuit state), 8 bit computer with a word to express

· KB: equal to 1024 Byte

· MB: equal to 1024 KB

· GB: equal to 1024 MB

1. a person always on a strange road, watching strange scenery and listening to strange music, and then in a casual moment, you will find, originally pains want to forget things really so forgotten.
One is always on a strange road, watching strange scenery and listening to strange music. Then one day, you will find that the things you try hard to forget are already gone.

2. well, not immortal, not lavish meals, not the shadow. Happiness is every desire to reach a tiny life. When you want to eat something to eat, when, when people want to be loved to love you.
Happiness is not about being immortal nor having food or rights in one's hand. It's about having each tiny wish come true, or having something to eat when you are hungry or having someone's love when you need love.
3. Love is light, friendship is the shadow, when the lights went out, you will find that you are surrounded by shadows. Friends, is the last person who can give you strength.
Love is a lamp, while friendship is the shadow. When the lamp is off, you will find the shadow everywhere. Friend is who can give you strength at last.

4. I love you not because of who you are, but I am in front of you who can.
I love you not for who you are, but for who I am with you.

5. love, or people mature, or let fall.
Love makes man grow up or sink down.

6. move can afford to put the call weightlifting, lifting load can afford to fit the name. Unfortunately, most people love, are weight-bearing.
If you can hold something up and put it down, it is called weight-lifting; if you can hold something up but can never put it down, it's called burden-bearing. Pitifully, most of people are bearing heavy burdens when they are in love.

7. We all live in their past, people would use a minute to get to know a person, with an hour to like someone, and then one day time to fall in love, to end it, but need a whole lifetime to forget someone.
We all live in the past. We take a minute to know someone, one hour to like someone, and one day to love someone, but the whole life to forget someone.

8. a person's life can fall in love with a lot of people, so you get real happiness belongs to you, you will understand the pain together is an asset, it makes you better to hold and cherish the people you love.
One may fall in love with many people during the lifetime. When youfinally get your own happiness, you will understand the previoussadness is kind of treasure, which makes you better to hold and cherish the people you love.
9. a young man in love will want to talk about a lot of times, but with age, and finally realized that love a person, even with a life time, or will not have enough. Slowly to understand the people, appreciate this person, until the love so far, is the need to have a very big mind Caixing.
When you are young, you may want several love experiences. But as time goes on, you will realize that if you really love someone, the whole life will not be enough. You need time to know, to forgive and to love . All this needs a very big mind.

10. When tomorrow becomes today becomes yesterday, the last memory is no longer as important one day, we suddenly find ourselves unconsciously has been time pushing forward, this is not a stationary train, the train is interlaced with the adjacent, like himself in the illusion of progress, but we really grow in this matter in their own into another.
When tomorrow turns in today, yesterday,Justin Bieber Headphones, and someday that no more important in your memory, we suddenly realize that we r pushed forward by time. This is not a train in still in which you may feel forward when another train goes by . It is the truth that we've all grown up.And we become different.

11. leave me, do not comfort me to know every darn will face stinging pain.
If you leave me, please don't comfort me because each sewing has to meet stinging pain.

12. once had, do not forget. Can not get, but also to cherish. Their own, do not give up. Has been lost, reserved for memories.
Don't forget the things you once you owned. Treasure the things you can't get. Don't give up the things that belong to you and keep those lost things in memory.

13. I used to like and things kept on changing the distance, this will not know what is the most time to abandon the guidelines. Such as the love a person, full of variables, I then step back, quietly watching, until you see the sincere feelings.
I love and am used to keeping a distance with those changed things.Only in this way can I know what will not be abandoned by time. For example, when you love someone, changes are all around. Then I step backward and watching it silently, then I see the true feelings.

14. a man's love is born looking down, while looking up a woman's love is born. If love like a mountain, then the men higher up you go the more you can look down a woman, while women can look up more men to go up less.
Men love from overlooking while women love from looking up. If love is a mountain, then if men go up, more women they will see while women will see fewer men.

15. good love is you see the world through a bad love makes you abandon the world to one person.
Good love makes you see the whole world from one person while bad love makes you abandon the whole world for one person.

16. in front of their own, should always leave a place, stay there alone . Then love. Do not know what, do not know who do not know how to love, do not know how long you can love. Just waiting for a love, no one may never. However, this waiting is the love itself.
We shall always save a place for ourselves, only for ourselves. And then begin to love. Have no idea of ​​what it is, who he is, how to love or how long it will be. Just wait for one love. Maybe no one will come out, but this kind of waiting is the love itself.

17. who have been in that crush and painful? We always think that love is very heavy, heavy is the weight of the world's most important. One day, Muran look back, we find that it has been very light, very light. We thought that love deep, deep, to Japan years, will let you know, it is but very shallow, very shallow. Deepest and most important love must grow up with.
Is there anyone who hasn't suffered for the secret love? We always think that love is very heavy, heavy and could be the heaviest thing in the world. But one day, when you look back, you suddenly realize that it's always light, light. We all thought love was very deep, but in fact it's very thin. The deepest and heaviest love must grow up with the time.

18. In this world, only truly happy man , can bring a woman truly happy.
In this world, only those men who really feel happy can give women happiness

19. If a woman is not sexy, it is necessary sensibility; if not emotional, we must reason; If there is no reason, there should be self-knowledge; if even this did not, she just unfortunate.
If a woman is not sexy, she needs emotion; if she is not emotional, she needs reason; if she is not reasonable, she has to know herself clearly. coz only she has is misfortune.

20. a love is not accepted, the need is not sad, but time, time period can be used to oblivion. One was deeply hurt the heart, need is not sympathy, but to understand.
An unacceptable love needs no sorrow but time-sometime for forgetting.A badly-hurt heart needs no sympathy but understanding.

21. I know that this world was waiting for me, although I do not know what I'm so who. But because of this, I am very happy every day.
I know someone in the world is waiting for me, although I've no idea of ​​who he is. But I feel happy every day for this.

22. life at the once, to a forgetting their own personal, not for a result, does not seek peers, not for once, do not even ask you love me. Love just to me the most beautiful, the face you.
In your life, there will at least one time that you forget yourself for someone, asking for no result, no company, no ownership nor love. Just sk for meeting you in my most beautiful years.

23. I do not think the human mind is more mature and tolerant cover, what can be accepted. On the contrary, I think it should be a gradual process of removing, know what is most important to know what it is not important. Then, a pure simple person.
I don't think that when people grow up, they will become more broad-minded and can accept everything. Conversely, I think it's aselecting process, knowing what's the most important and what's the least. And then be a simple man .

24. When your heart is really in pain, tears about to flow down, then quickly looked up, this piece once belonged to the sky; the day is still so broad, so the cloud is still The chic, it should not cry because my leave does not take away your world.
When you feel hurt and your tears are gonna to drop. Please look up and have a look at the sky once belongs to us. If the sky is still vast, clouds are still clear, you shall not cry because my leave doesn 't take

In the past, such a formulas: drought every Kam Yu, foreign land refresher,
wedding night, pass the examination time. Times, the environment changed,
blessing of life has also been new content. People is another matter, our blessing
new formulas are: promotion or fortune, dead wife.

career and of course, is a blessing in the first, no one will be no
behind the two. All our activities are hard to seek personal gain ultimate
for this purpose. This is the Chinese since ancient times the career. Although the general
through people to bring corrupt officials hated most, but if
own family when the officer, into power, with capital and ability, but also is mentioned to be complacent
, envy and jealousy in people's eyes
intertwined triumphantly.

fortune is included in the promoted within the taken for granted, ancient and modern alike
especially now. Past formulas are: three clear prefect, thousands of snow
dispute. Now is a good county for one year, one million yuan, the secretary also doubled.
promoted and fortune is normal causal relationship has been numerous corrupt officials dirty deeds

dead wife has become a great blessing? Some may issue such a doubt
ask, this is real life situation, caused to the environment. Is an ancient system of polygamy
, after grabbing power and money more than it wants to marry several wives, as long as they can deal with the relationship
Haojiu Hang. It is monogamous, the majority of the
are married before the officer, when the poor conditions, no sea election beauty
capital and capacity. That when on a certain level, generally the original wife
has become Although many are secretly raising Their dead, their time is equal to the
relief, they can then choose a new wife, a young beauty.
Not only that, his wife's death, under the gift, but also a rich opportunity
. Then put on a sad look, have had a good name Emotion Shigeyoshi, in one fell swoop
three purposes, is it a blessing?

each one of course is not so,best beats headphones sale, nor the

- wow, this is what I want uniforms, low profile among the trace Mensao, high-profile, much has been simple! Every time I wear it, wherever can attract the envy of others, but I feel a deep loneliness, the feeling is really fantastic! (More fashionable white-collar)

- Xuanzang uniform, although not cheap, but the price is really high, novel, simple and elegant eye-catching, too suitable for a bus! (Hand very tight high school students)

- I used to have to wear other brands of riding clothing, tight and gas-tight, yellow color also Chende face, and later with Xuanzang uniforms, was wearing a three-day, a small pot soon disappeared, his face black stain significantly reduced sleep has become law, I asked other friends, they are the same, really too thank Xuan Zang jersey it! (Female students)

- thank Xuan Zang uniforms so that we find true love! (Married couple)

- before he came home from a meal and fell down asleep, Xuanzang since bought uniforms, he is now in a group where every night to chat in the morning to steal food, weekend cycling, with a different person like,Ferrari and Lamborghini, but let me radiant it! Xuanzang jersey is my little lover! Hush, do not let him hear the secret Oh! (Middle-aged female house)

Xuanzang team's jersey is by the famous fashion designer, graduated from the Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts, has over ten years career in art and design featuring brother Ho design, by the early members of the collective group of Xuan Zang staff, provide advice, after several changes, finalized in April 2009, currently has more than 30 players have it. (Image made in the following, please refer to the physical upper body diagram of the event photos)

Xuanzang team jersey is the main pattern of LOGO, crisp lines and bold, simple and vivid style . This is what Columbia personal artistic heritage and collective wisdom, completely different from a lot of teams, or are piling up, either copy, draw a pass or is Hu.

jersey coolmax quick-drying fabric used by the CCN tailored clothing, wear comfortable, breathable, will not be posted back tight, able to adapt to 10-40 ℃ environment, whether storms in the mountainous fold, or bright sunny three loops, both riders holy Longquan, or inaccessible Mosca, and everywhere left its shadow. Currently, Heige, Po Po, Kobayashi, Xuan Zang and his party are wearing uniforms Benz 318 State Road, marching toward Lhasa. 165 per shirt (shirt, pants not included).

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Liberal arts background, seem born to love the seeds, a small act, and even a word, or a television episode, one accidentally saw the notes, will make endless emotion, not to mention it is to learn the text of MM, such as - me.

has to Michong self-proclaimed man, suddenly found themselves with the ability to live alone, even when the mother can feed the kind of happiness and excitement, fear is general body will not come. Day, I never leave the campus for their social value has always been vague, and often worried that once we leave this Taoyuan, how can we continue to survive, the future is always the feeling misty misty indistinct. However, people eventually have to face the world, sooner or later, or they are today ...

this step, for me, a bit difficult, but I still gone, the situation is much better than I imagined, others find themselves actually do can be done, and even do better. Many people will say it might faint laugh, I do that, more than parents think of the future to give much in return, because I know I will give them, but would like to buy early realization of a gift to my mother, a big, big gift, with my first real income of all to prepare. Mom and Dad really pay too much for me, much to my life after all nothing more than paid off, I know that their pay is not asking for anything, they just expect me too good, this love, I have been carrying, to finally have the opportunity today to my meager contributions towards the slightest comfort to my mother, I was very happy.

took a fancy to the best shops here a very good thing, it is beautiful, prices are not too exaggerated, in my capacity within the PP is not only a gift and still preserved, although a luxury and the like, but surely my mother will feel full worth having it. Although things are not expensive, but in mind, but compared with her mother to pay for so much, this is really nothing Suanbu Le. Rough estimate, I may take a little time to prepare for this, while also continue with school, will be tired point, but to my mother's birthday it is certainly no problem. Now I started slowly to feed themselves, have the ability to take care of her mother, ready to use someone else may need more than N times the time than I can buy the gift, ha ha, really happy to not work, these really are the efforts of father and mother results yet.

someone said to me, is not truly independent life away from home, but by living their own lives, not with the father and mother both get to the stained part of overspending, buy or earn their own gifts, I agree. And now, when I have the ability to take care of themselves,dr dre headphones, is not qualified to have that ready to gift it, may not be as simple to read so freehand, then what to do with it. My goal that great great great grandmother to give parents, all the family all the best, just like my father gave me the same, even better, that small is small, nothing more than hope that the family safely, while he be a happy little woman, desire is very good, but still nice down to earth to take care of themselves and ready from the start with a mysterious gift, ha ha, ACTION! !

1. onions washed to remove very light blue, the green onions and cut green onion, put in large glass bowl

way a tomato scrambled eggs

3. the hot wok until the entire pot of water evaporation, burning about 1 minute, put 6 tablespoons oil in wok, turn the pan so the oil covered the entire pot surface, and then into a small fire, then poured into the egg fluid.

66, with a vegetable fried peanuts no smell, the smell of delicious dishes Stir, and can do salad

materials: potatoes, 1, 2 eggplant, green pepper 1

3, In another saucepan, heat 1 tablespoon oil saute with minced meat, chili, pepper, mustard, garlic.

2, braised eggplant:

2, into the egg through the refrigerator, put out the first hour, then brought cooking.

62, soup is too salty and not watered down, can put a few pieces of tofu or a few slices of potato or tomato to the soup; can also be a handful of rice or flour into the soup up with a cloth

material: loofah eggs

58, food is too acid, will an egg smashed into

2 pork slices, chopped into mud, add 1 / 2 tablespoons soy sauce, 1 tablespoon cornstarch, 1 / 2 tablespoon oil and 1 / 3 tablespoon chicken powder, mix well, tasty marinated for 10 minutes

3 pour into the saucepan, heat 3 tablespoons oil, fry minced meat into the casual, stand-up picked up after white flesh.

6, bean curd, add a little fermented bean curd, or juice, aromatic taste

Spices: cooking oil, soy sauce, sugar, salt, green onion, garlic, cornstarch, broth, the amount

3, boiled bone soup when you add a teaspoon of vinegar, makes the bones of phosphorus and calcium dissolved in the soup, soup can be stored in the vitamin.

recapture vinegar vinegar and sugar into the same level.

4, stewed chicken: Wash the cut, stir into the hot pan, dry fry until the water, into the amount of vinegar, then quickly stir fry until chicken crackling explosion sound when issued immediately heated water (not too chicken), and then Wang fire ten minutes, you can add spices, then boiled on low heat transfer 20 minutes, topped with sesame oil to pan; should be good in soup, stew, the temperature drop to 80 to 90 degrees Celsius or salt before eating. Because chicken meat contains a higher moisture content, stewed chicken with salt first, chicken soaked in salt water, out of water penetration within the cells, the protein produced coagulation, shrink and tighten the chicken obviously, affect the dissolved nutrients to the soup, and tend to hard-cooked chicken, the old, rough texture.

47, fried sweet and sour fish, sweet and sour outer leaves, etc., should be the first sugar, then salt, or salt, light

56, placed the food too spicy chili or fried peppers add a little vinegar, spicy greatly reduced

2. into four eggs, tilting the glass bowl at 45 degrees, with chopsticks in one direction, quickly stir the egg and green onion, beat until the egg mixture was viscous.

65, rapeseed oil has an odor, can be put into the oil pan after the amount of ginger, garlic, onion, cloves, orange peel with fried moment, the oil can become fragrant

45, when the salt pork dishes too early too slow, should be cooked in salt, plus a few drops in the pan before vinegar, fresh and delicious

----------------------------------------- dividing line ---- -------------------------------------

10, boiled ham before, will put some sugar on the ham skin, easy boiled, taste even more delicious

70, boil lard: the electric rice praise by putting a little water or vegetable oil, then add pork suet or fat, is plugged in, can automatically refining the oil well, do not splash, do not paste diesel, oil pure

64, peanut oil Zhashu, poured into a dish and serve hot sprinkled with a little white wine, cooler and then sprinkle a little salt, place a few days and nights are crisp Jesus ever

42, should not be stamped when fried spinach

3, fish-flavored eggplant:

spices: salt (1 / 3 tablespoons), oil (6 tablespoons)

24, duck the hour of midnight, the smell of urine on both sides of beans, duck tail removed, more delicious

3. wok lit, add peanut oil pan, put onion blasting pot, add dried chili stir fry, then add green peppers silk, silk potatoes, stir-fry until eight mature add salt, MSG seasoning, then pour on the sesame oil and balsamic vinegar, fry.

cooking methods (two copies)

practice: 1. the green pepper, washed with water, seeded and cut into filaments. The egg in a bowl, stirring with chopsticks spread.

Ingredients: pork a spices: star anise one, spring onion, ginger and a number of films, a little wine, pepper, some pepper, rice, purple number, soy sauce, soy sauce, chicken, sugar, bean paste Method: 1 , pork slices.

2, the meat with wine, onions, ginger, star anise marinate.

practical cooking skills

38, scrambled eggs by adding a few drops of vinegar, Stir the eggs soft shiang

1. the potatoes peeled, cut filaments, bubbles in the water wash away the starch, both to avoid the black, but also to keep it burning in the fried soft white, crisp. Fried before the fish out, drain the water.

4 to plus 10 tablespoons oil, saute onion, open fire quickly stir into the eggplant, add 5 tablespoons of water, stir-fry until eggplant softens the water, about 5 to 6 minutes.

12, Feng Lin eggplant

5, boiling broth or pork ribs soup, put a few pieces of fresh orange peel, is not only delicious, but also reduce the greasy feeling.

9, when kelp add a few drops of vinegar and cook easily broken; spinach trees also line up

Materials: eggs (4), onions (3)

5 into the fried minced meat fried until after 1 minute, sprinkle 1 / 3 tablespoons salt, 1 / 5 tablespoon chicken powder and 1 / 2 tablespoons soy sauce, pot can be friends!

12, boiled dumplings, add a little salt in the pot, the pot when the water does not spill open

stir-fry sauce, you can poured into a dish.

1, pork ribs change the knife into sections 12 cm long, with water drift to the bloody

sauce: seafood sauce, barbeque sauce, soy sauce, soy sauce,North Face Down Jackets, oyster sauce, monosodium glutamate, sugar, chili, garlic.

49, make balls of 50 grams of meat 10 grams of starch ratio modulation, into a dish Ruannen

ginger, garlic, onions, spicy bean paste, vinegar, sugar.

4, into the soy sauce, lentils, stir, turn off the heat when cooked lentils, salt and MSG, stir well.

6, dry stir beans

9, chopped green onion scrambled eggs:

2. gourd peeled and sliced ​​or diced to spare.

3, after the meat marinate, prepare chili, pepper, rice, purple rice.

1, scrambled eggs, the pan must be burned very hot, so that eggs will be fried up tender point, the pot is not hot scrambled eggs prone to failure.

3, pot stay in the oil down into the ginger rice, mess, eggplant, chicken broth, salt, monosodium glutamate, sugar, soy sauce, Wang, low heat till thicken the sauce and then when the wet powder, starch, sesame oil is poured percent.

7, the green beans fried in the wok and cook quickly boiled 10 minutes, but be careful not to Chaojiao

20, cook beef and other tough, hard meat, poultry and game, add a little vinegar to soften.

4, green pepper and scrambled eggs:

7, the 6 into the marinated meat. Add soy sauce, soy sauce, sugar, chicken, a little sesame oil. Mix well.

2. After heating the oil, add eggplant fried soft segment into golden brown, picked up the oil drain.

34, fried eggs, put enough oil in the pan, heat oil slightly when the egg pot, slowly getting cooked eggs, beautiful appearance, non-stick pan

16, new shoots easily with boiling water cooked and crispy; make boiled bamboo shoots are not reduced, can add a few mint leaves or salt

22, the old with the fierce heat and simmer for poultry, meat, hard is not good; if with cold water and a little vinegar before taking a dip in 2 hours, then micro-cook the meat becomes tender and delicious

41, fried bean sprouts, the first add a little butter, then salt, to remove the beany flavor

60, food too spicy, put some vinegar can reduce the spicy

71, pickle jars put pepper or a little more than a dozen grain malt, to prevent produce white flowers.

4, 3 to put the prepared pan fried.

2. Pot into the amount of (fried eggs, put the number of oil is critical, in my experience is to put the equivalent of eggs 2 / 3) of oil, such as oil, when hot, (behind me in detail about how to determine oil temperature), into the eggs, note that this time, the eggs will naturally solidified, do not move, until the eggs are freezing time (be careful the oil dry, causing the egg paste), with rice shovel (also known as Chao Shao) from the edge of the egg gently into the eggs over and fry, and other colors are present on both sides of the golden color when the eggs taken out from the pot (you can not take, but talk about it after so skilled), this time there should be some oil inside the pot, turn the tomatoes into, toss, because tomatoes contain a lot of water inside, water will be precipitated, this time to a good fried eggs into them, add a little salt, stir a few under the pan. PS: Some people like to do it, put some water into it, I do not recommend, in fact, enough tomatoes in the water completely, and do not turn on the water. Moreover, as the poor quality of tomatoes, fried food is not out of some bitter sweet, pan when you can put some amount of sugar.

48, meatloaf and meatballs to do when, one kilogram of meat, put 2 tsp salt

55, boiled milk, paste, and put some salt, cooling taste better

39, fried eggplant, in Guo Lifang vinegar, Stir the eggplant color is not black

18, boiled tripe, do not be the first salt, then eat when cooked such as salt, or pig stomach will shrink like a tendon as hard

28, fried food, Guo Lifang a little salt, oil does not splash outside

production process:

25, cook bacon: there are many with a dozen holes drilled walnut cook, remove the stink

Description: Scrambled eggs with tomatoes that everyone will do, but to do good, hard. Mainly by the number of errors, and so will I will detail.

53, steamed buns from the base to put more yellow, as in the original pots 2 to 3 tablespoons of vinegar water, then steam for 10 to 15 minutes white

61, bitter vegetables, drip a little white vinegar

2. pan put oil (40 grams), pan, pour the beaten egg, fried poured.

4, put the cooking wine, chicken, oyster sauce, chicken breast is also good to slip into the pot, stir quickly, salt, stir fry, pan plate.

43, Pork slices: plus sliced ​​meat, soy sauce, butter, starch, into an egg, mix well, causal; other meat color, together with a few fried a little seasoning, the meat delicious, fresh

44, fried beef: chopped, salt, sugar, wine, cornstarch (or eggs) mixed look, plus health Youpao marinate for 30 minutes and then fried, tender and delicious

Ingredients: chicken breast, cauliflower spices: onion, ginger, aniseed, edible oil, cooking wine, salt, chicken, oyster sauce, gravy powder Method: 1 Wash chicken breast, cut into pieces salt cooking wine cooking oil marinate for a while, and then grasping uniform pink qian.

27, do the Pork before marinate the meat with a little bit of borax, burn fat and not greasy meat out, sweet and delicious

3, scrambled eggs avoid MSG, if MSG, MSG, after heating the egg itself will cover up the flavor.

29, the spring rolls in the amount of stuffing mix to add some flour, fried to avoid the process of filling paste pot within the juice out of the phenomenon

4. Heat the wok over high heat into the oil, fry until the oil temperature rises into the sponge, add cooked egg fry, then add salt to taste, chopped green onion to pot stir fry will eat the small.

54, a small amount of alum and salt into the water, immersed in the cut ten minutes of raw sweet potato, washed and cooking, to prevent or reduce bloating

50, make or slippery piece of pork with spicy diced, 50 grams of meat according to the proportion of 5 g starch, sizing, fresh vegetables into delicious

8, finally adding a tablespoon bean paste. Add a little water to make moist powder.

Ingredients: vegetable oil, salt. Note, do not put chicken eggs, fried tomatoes or MSG, as a tomato to eat scrambled eggs is This is done when the dish tightly Congjiang Suan reasons.

basic material crushed to 20 grams of eggplant and 200 grams, onion 10 grams, 10 grams of ginger.

19, cook beef: beef stew to make fast, too bad stew, add a handful of tea leaves (about the amount of a pot of tea, wrapped with gauze) cook, soon rotten meat and delicious .

31, pork cutlet, in a place where tendons cut 2 or 3 incisions, fried pork chops will not shrink

21, the old chicken stew: two thirty in the pot and add beans with stew, cooked fast and fresh flavor; or kill the old chicken before filling a tablespoon of vinegar to the chicken, then scrapping with a slow fire cook stew, it will cook thoroughly cooked; or put 3 to 4 Hawthorn, chicken easily broken

2, burning pot of oil, oil temperature of 120 degrees nowadays into the eggplant, fry until golden picked up.

11, loofah scrambled eggs

26, braised beef, add a little potherb mustard, meat is delicious

8, Fen Zhengrou

4. one direction quickly stir the egg mixture, about 1 minute, the egg will be frozen, then quickly pot, so scrambled eggs too old.

production process

1, hot and sour potatoes wire:

37, when a small amount of scrambled eggs, sugar, protein denaturation of the solidification temperature will rise, thereby delaying the heating time, plus the sugar with water retention, which can become bulky soft egg products

23, stewed duck: a few snails in Guo Lifang easy overripe

57, when cooking, put down the vinegar sauce, if wrong, can put a little sprinkle of baking soda, vinegar can be removed

7, chicken stir-fry flowers

3, 20% hot oil burn, the ribs into the pot, slowly fry oil system from low to high, to ribs mature skin crusts removed Drain the oil.

Ingredients: lentils, 400 grams, 150 grams minced meat sauce: chili 4, 1 tablespoon soy sauce, mustard end, pepper, garlic, salt, monosodium glutamate, the amount of practice: 1, lentils two torn off the old bars , break it into two, wash, dry control.

production methods:

1. 2-3 pieces of eggs, add a small amount of salt, cooking wine. Stir back.

seasoning: oil, salt, cooking wine, chopped green onion.

6, 3 fried with a mixer to break. Do not be too broken upsets. Easy to larger particles.

1. Tomatoes, cut into pieces, to large and small, does not matter what shape, open the eggs into the bowl, Beat, put a little salt.

1, boiled dumplings, put an onion in the water or in open water, add salt, add dumplings, dumplings and delicious non-adhesive; and faces in every 500 grams of flour mixed with an egg, dumpling skin Tinggua not adhesion

11, to the smell of mutton: the carrot and lamb with pot, and a half hours after the removal carrot; put a few pieces of orange peel better; put green beans per kilogram of lamb 5 grams, boiled for 10 minutes, the water and Pour green beans together; put half a pack of hawthorn tablets; the shelled walnuts twenty-three washed into the hole; 1 kg lamb curry powder 10 grams; 1 kg mutton cut open the cane plus 200 grams; 1 kg of water burning open, add lamb, 1 kg, 50 g of vinegar, boil, remove and then re-add water, add spices.

15, porridge or boiled beans, do not put base, otherwise it will destroy rice, beans, and the nutrients

4, and then put in the pot garlic, chili flavor Stir, then add the ribs a little fried, add spices, Zhuangpen can.

1, eggplant, peeled, cut into large thick strips, wash and cut onion, ginger Qiemi.

5, to Sam Sun

40, fried potatoes, vinegar, to avoid burning, and biodegradable potato toxins, and to color, flavor affordable


32, first, the chicken marinate for a while, sealing the cuticle into the refrigerator, to be removed again when fried, crispy and delicious chicken blow

59, food too spicy, put an egg fry

30, fried potatoes before the first cut potato chips on the water boil for a while, so that the surface layer of potato skin thin gelatinous layer, and then re-fried

68, hot wok cooking should be first, and then poured into the oil, then add the vegetables

3. Pour the remaining oil to the pot, pan, add chopped green onion soy pan, add green pepper with wire, add salt and fry a few, see the emerald green silk green peppers, fried eggs into the , MSG, stir evenly, about cooking with vinegar, you can pan.

51, to make bread, if a small rub in the lard in baking, steaming out of the bread is not only white, soft, and shiang

1. Wash and drain the eggplant, cut into small round sections alternate. Washed mince garlic, onions, cut into green onion,

52, when mixed with a little steamed buns orange Pisi, can increase the fragrance of bread

3, In another frying pan, put oil, aniseed oil warm up the place, add ginger to fry chicken breast meat are also color slip into the pot containing the backup, then put onion Stir ginger into the flavor, put the boiled cauliflower and stir well.


Ingredients: tomatoes, eggs

13, gold garlic bone

2, stew, with a few pieces of orange peel in a pot, in addition to smell and greasy and can increase the flavor soup

8, boiled water, add a little vinegar when the anti-crack the shell, add some salt can advance

5, the three put the pot with the torch and become fragrant yellow rice copied.

Chefs Tips

3. heating oil into the wok over high heat, fry the egg until the temperature rise into the filled bowl aside.

Ingredients: peanut oil 500 grams (actual fuel consumption of 100 grams), 10 grams of salt, MSG 5 grams sugar 3 grams of raw powder 20 grams, sesame oil 5 grams chicken 50 grams of soy sauce king 10 grams.

36, with fried eggs, sheep, shiang odor

3. the ginger, garlic, Scallions incense, into the pork, stir-fry and then look into the fried eggplant, then add a bowl

35, fried egg, the point spread in hot oil in the flour, eggs will be fried too nice Huang Liang, oil is not easy to spill the pot

67, blowing some of the food residue left after oil becomes cloudy and can be white radish cut into thick discs, using chopsticks to poke a few holes carrot, into the remaining oil in frying, the residue will attached to the radish slices, and remove the debris cleared, and then again into the pot, fried, turbid oil variable clear

ginger mince spare. The vinegar, sugar, Qianfen a bowl, add water back. Note: the first bowl sugar,

2. green, red peppers seeded, pedicle, shredded, dried peppers into strips.

13, noodles, cooking oil when you add a small spoon, pasta will not stick with, and prevent the soup from the foam, overflow the pot

69, when the pot temperature reaches the maximum when adding wine, easy to make the wine evaporate and remove the smell of food

basic raw materials: pork ribs

33, fried egg, the yolk will congealing in pouring a little cold water, make the egg yellow and soft

10, fried eggs, tomatoes

17, tripe cooked, cut into pieces, placed in the bowl and then add some soup steamed for a while, tripe will be thicker than doubled

eat benefits: The high nutritional value loofah, loofah contains protein, fat, carbohydrates, crude fiber, calcium, phosphorus, iron, citrulline, and riboflavin and other B vitamins, vitamin C, also contains components contained in ginseng - saponin

63, Tom was too tired, a small amount of seaweed and roasted on the fire, then thrown into the soup

1 Wash the eggplant to remove the head and tail, cut into hob-like, soak in water, picked up the drain water to sprinkle a little starch and mix well. Wash the onions to the head and tail, cut into segments.

4, if you eat too many eggs, will lead to increased metabolism and increase the burden on the kidney, eat 1-2 eggs on the line.

2, marinated with spices 2 hours (seafood sauce, barbeque sauce, soy sauce, soy sauce, oyster sauce, monosodium glutamate, sugar) or more.

practice: 1, eggplant and potatoes peeled, cut into pieces hob; break it into small pieces of green pepper and hands. 2, into the pot to more oil, Qicheng hot potato pieces into the first, golden yellow, slightly transparent when you remove and reserve. 3, then the eggplant into the pan, until golden brown, add green pepper pieces that picked up together. 4, a small amount of hot oil, saute onion and garlic, add broth, soy sauce, sugar, salt, eggplant, potatoes and green pepper pieces, stir fry. 5, by adding water to the sauce raw powder fire

2, cauliflower washed split into small pieces, take the water pot, the pot boiled, remove and had cold water, control water use. Shredded onion, finely chopped ginger, garlic slices.

2 eggplant, pork a little.

46, well after the meat cut wire on the baking soda solution dipped about fry, especially osteoporosis and delicious sweet and sour dishes no matter what, as long as the sugar by 2 copies of the proportion of 1 part vinegar to deploy, can be moderately sweet and sour

14, cook the noodles, add a little salt in the pot, cook the noodles easy Lanhu

2, Heat 250 g oil, add lentils, fried lentils skin to wrinkle, the Absolute remove and control with a strainer.

seven good enough for a lifetime of psychological allegory
(a) the growth of fable: the growth of apple trees will never do a

an apple, and finally the result.
first year, which end up with 10 apples, nine were taken away, that she was one. In response, angry apple trees, so from the off, in turn, refused to grow. The next year, which end up with five apples, four were taken away, they get one.
However, it can do: continue to grow. For example, the second year, which end up with 100 fruit were taken away 90, that she was 10.
likely, it was taken away 99, that she was one. But it does not matter, it can continue to grow, the fruit of the third year-end 1000 ... ...
In fact, how much fruit is not the most important. The most important is that apple trees grow! So apple trees grow into towering trees, those who had hindered its growth will be weak enough to ignore the power. Really, do not worry so much about fruit growing is the most important.

psychological Comments] [you are not a meridian of the work has since broken family?
beginning work, you talented, high-spirited, believing that But the reality soon hit you a few Sap, perhaps, you make a big contribution for the unit that no one seriously; may only get attention but not the oral benefits; perhaps ... ... In short, you feel like the apple tree , bear the fruit of their benefit only a small part, and falls far short of your expectations.
So you angry, you upset, you grumble ... ... In the end, if you decide not to make their own made to match their income. After the past few years, you have a self-examination and found that now you have no work, just a passion and talent.
But the essence is that you have stopped growing.
this story, around us everywhere.
reason for such mistakes, because we forget that life is a journey, as a whole, we feel that they have grown too, and now is the time of the fruit. We too care about the pros and cons of the moment, and forget the growth is the most important.
Fortunately, this is not a Jin Yong novel of cutting off the meridians. We are ready to give up doing so, the road continues to grow.
Remember: If you are a working family, having not understand management, management or mismanagement of brutal bosses or corporate culture, then, to remind ourselves about, do not because of anger and full of resentment and cutting off the meridians. No matter what, have to do an ever growing apple trees, because you will never grow important than how much money each month.

(b) the motives of the fable: the child in whom a group of children playing

frolic in front of an old, sounds and groaning. Over the past few days, the elderly unbearable.
So he came out to 25 cents for each child, said to them: happy day is still coming, as always frolic. Old people come out and give each child 15 cents. He explained that he had no income, only less to some. It also can be 15 cents, children are still happily away.
third day, the elderly only 5 cents for each child.
children with rage,

psychological Comments] [you whom the .
were two types of motivation: internal motivation and external motivation. According to the internal motivation to act, we are masters of their own. If we are driven by external motivation, we will be swayed by external factors, become its slaves.
In this fable, the old man of the calculation is simple, he will be the children's internal motivation factors, so it manipulated the children's behavior. Fables of the elderly, a lot like your boss, boss? And cents, like not like your wages, bonuses and other kinds of external rewards?
such as the external evaluation as a reference frame, our emotions can easily fluctuate. Because of external factors beyond our control, it is easy to deviate from our internal expectations, so we are not satisfied, we grumble. Dissatisfaction and complaints and other negative emotions so that our pain, in order to reduce the pain, we had to reduce the internal expectations, the most common method is to reduce the work effort. The reason a person form
**** Department of the evaluation system, the main reason is that parents like to control him. Parents too prefer to use verbal rewards and punishments, material rewards and punishments and other control children, rather than to ignore the child's own motivation. Over time, the children have forgotten their original motivations, cares about what are the external evaluation. School, he forgot to learn the original motivation --- curiosity and the joy of learning; work, work that he has forgotten the original motivation --- the joy of growth, the evaluation of superiors and income fluctuations into his work largest source of pleasure and pain.
remember: external evaluation of the system is often a family history, but you can break it, from now on cultivating their own internal evaluation system, to study and work into a

(c) the planning of the fable: the piece of paper folded 51 times
Imagine your hands are a big enough white. Now, your task is to fold it 51 times. So, how high it is?
a refrigerator? Floor? Or a skyscraper so high? No, too unfamiliar, the thickness more than the distance between Earth and the Sun.

psychological Comments] [
to now, I get asked this a dozen people a fable, only two people said that this may be less than the height of an imaginary, while others think the maximum height is a skyscraper so high.
folded 51 times the height of such a terrorist, but if only the 51 white paper stacked together?
This contrast was shocking to many people. Because there is no direction, lack of planning in life, like the 51 white simple stacked together. Doing this today, tomorrow doing that, every time there is no link between efforts. As a result, even if each work is done very well, they have your whole life is nothing but a simple superposition.
course, life is more complicated than this fable. Some people, life finds a simple direction and firmly to do so, they finally reached someone else's life unattainable height. For example, a friend of my direction in life is English, he spent more than a decade efforts, the amount of memory of the word only reached ten million and more, at this point to reach the average person can not match the height.
some people, their direction in life is also very clear, for example, start a company boss, so they need a lot of skills --- skills, management skills, communication skills, decision-making skills, and so on. They may try doing this in the beginning, but try doing that, none of them are particularly proficient, but in the end, to open the company boss in this direction will be before these seemingly scattered to the integration effort together, which is a folding of complex life, rather than a simple superposition.
Remember: the power of visible more useful than the invisible force.
Now, the popular place to find the answer from the unseen, such as potential development, such as the success of science, that our lives depend on a number of miracles to be saved. However, in my opinion, Dongguan Heng Yuan Counseling Center counselor Maozheng Jiang said more correctly, avoid the fables: cat escape the shadow of the tricks

, Tom and Toby found wherever there is sunlight, they will see that they are crazy for their own shadow.
However, Tom and Toby finally have found their own solution. Tom is always close their eyes. Toby is a way to always stay in the shadows of other things.

mental note of this fable, a little mental problem is how to become more psychological problems.
can say that all psychological problems are related to the distortion of the facts. What facts? We mainly those suffering negative **** pieces.
Because painful experience, we do not want to face the negative **** pieces. However, once occurred, this negative **** pieces destined to be with us for life, we can do up to suppress them but to go into the subconscious, which is the so-called forgotten.
However, their subconscious will still continue to play a role. And even if we forget them even more powerful for the fact that, the pain associated with these facts will still attack us, let us somehow sad, and can not be suppressed. This pain Let us further efforts to escape.
development to the end, the usual solution is to these two: either we like the same cat Tom, completely distorting their own experience of life in all the important negative real **** are blind; or, we like Toby, like cats, simply join their suffering to all of their things were very bad, since everything is so bad, sad that their most original event is not so painful.
Baiyun mental hospital consultant, said Li Ling, 99% of the **** who had a painful experience. ****, The reason they make their escape to the pain. It's like hide in the shadows, the painful fact is that a devil, the devil in order to avoid this, simply to sell itself to a greater devil.
many alcoholic adults, they have had an alcoholic and abusive father, and put the father's many torture. To forget the pain, they learn the same way. In addition to these visible
the wrong way, we humans have invented a myriad of all sorts of ways to escape suffering, Freud called these methods of psychological defense mechanisms. Too painful, these defense mechanisms is necessary, but worse, if the distortion of the facts of psychological defense mechanism is so intense, it will bring more psychological problems, such as obsessive-compulsive disorder, social anxiety disorder, multiple personality, or even Spirit **** psychosis.
really only one way to reach health --- face the pain. Face the pain of people suffering from a number of unexpected results obtained, they will eventually become the life of the party of wealth.
Remember: shadow and light, are life's wealth.
one of the most important psychological law, no matter how painful, you are not escape. You can only go brave face it, resolve it, beyond it, and it reached a final settlement. If you own a temporary lack of power, you can find help, find friends and relatives to help, or seek professional help, you trust the person accompany you to the face of these painful things.
American psychologist, Rogers was the most lonely person, but when he resolved to face this fact and after he became a true master of interpersonal relationships; U.S. psychologist Frank has a brutal and alcoholic stepfather and a bad mother, but when he challenges the fact and ultimately from the heart to forgive his parents, he became an expert in this area treatment; Japanese psychologists Morita is Mazen is a serious neurological disorder, but by challenging the facts and finally invented Morita therapy ... they lives in the most painful truth eventually become their most important asset. You can do the same.

(e) action fable --- crabs, owls and bats

crabs, owls and bats to go to cram school abuse. Few years later, they all graduated and received his PhD. However, the crab is still rampant, night owls are still sleeping in the daytime activities, bat still hung upside down.

psychological Comments] [It is even famous master
a fable,north face shoes men, it's meaning is simple: action important than knowledge.
used in mental health, this fable is also thought-provoking.
called profound knowledge of psychology. However, more even knowledge of psychology help a person does not automatically become more healthy. In fact, I know some people who studied psychology for many years, they learn psychology, one of the purposes is to rule themselves, but learned after so many years, their problem remains.
reason why this happens, a very important reason is that they do not personally, so far only the knowledge of knowledge, knowledge is not into their own life experience.
one of my friends like psychology, psychology has been more than those that are not sensitive, not suitable for school psychology. But the fact that this speculation is not correct. He is not sensitive enough, but he has a very big advantage: to know a good knowledge immediately in their own lives to do it. As a result, those distant knowledge becomes a real life experience, he does not
If ,**** sensitivity is a quality of genius, then go-anywhere quality talent is more important.
This fable can also derive another meaning: Do not expect too mysterious magic of psychotherapy. The most important power is always in your own body, the mysteries of knowledge, the potential development of mysterious, dazzling success of science, etc., are far inferior to the power of your own body has been important. We used to go outside to find the answers to others where to find the power, the results have forgotten the power in themselves.
Remember: other people's knowledge can not automatically save you.
If the punch line of some Lianzhu touched you, if some text or a new creed inspired you. So, these people's words and experience are just the beginning, more importantly, you think you really use a good knowledge of your own life to go. Jewish philosopher Martin Buber
these words, I have always considered the most important:
you have to start. If you do not go in depth with a positive love life, if you do not go their own way to reveal the meaning of life for themselves, then for you, life will remain meaningless.

(VI) to give up the fable:

bees and flowers wilted roses, the bees are still hard ****, because it takes before the **** off from this little sweet. But now in this little flower, bee venom is a ****.
bees know this, because the venom bitter, the taste is a big difference with the previous. Thus, bees anger, however, breathe on it the whole world looked up to complain about, and why the taste changed? !
Finally one day, do not know why, bee vibrating its wings, flying a little higher. At this time, it found, withered roses around everywhere is the flowers.

psychological Comments] [
This is about the love fable, a young language teacher is the true sentiment.
some time, her disappointment in love, very painful, I always wanted to talk about, I hope I can give her some knowledge of psychology help. We have some time, but almost two months later, the total time they can not happen to get together.
last time about her, she said: Pain of lost love is still bothering her, let her trance, can not enjoy the beauty of Jiuzhaigou. Inadvertently, she noticed a little bee on flower nectar is. In that instant, her mind lightning camel appeared saying: Only mankind foolish, her words in the bee, of course refers to herself. This moment, she had to give up the truth out of insight. Previously, she wanted me to help her out, but in fact the long wings in her own body, she can fly to fly.
not easy to give up, give up, especially in love is pain. Because love is young, when our copy of the parent-child relationship. Young children, no matter from which side, are inseparable from Mom and Dad. If a complete denial of his father and mother, and that means death for him, this is the ultimate harm and fear. We have experienced more or less to be father and mother no pain and fear, so when love --- of copies of the parent-child relationship once again we experience the pain and fear, our emotions can easily become very bad.
However, compared to love and parent-child relationship, there is a huge difference: a child, we can not, all parents have the final say; but now, we grow up, we have the power to choose their own destiny. It can be said, childhood, we have no wings small bees, but now we have a pair of powerful wings.
However, when caught up in love, we will return to childhood, we can forget a pair of flying wings. And so we ourselves realize that, the love is no longer automatically copy parent-child relationship, we love to get free, have to give up power.
Remember: Love is two things, two completely equal, independent personality of the person to do. You can work, but not that you worked hard on there will be results, because another person, you are not around.
So, no matter how much you care about a love, if another person determined to leave you, please respect his choice.
And also remember, you are no longer childhood, can only let the pain of torture. You have adults, you have a pair of strong wings, you can fly out of a relationship has become poison.

(g) close fable: the unique Rose

Little Prince has a small planet, the planet of sudden bloom of a blooming rose. Previously, on this planet only a few nameless flowers, the little prince had never seen such beautiful flowers, he fell in love with the rose, carefully nurtured her.
that for some time, he thought, this is a single flower on earth, only he is the only planet, other places do not exist.
However, he came to Earth and found that there is a garden just the same as 5000 of this flower. At this time, he knows that he only have an ordinary flower.
the beginning, this discovery, let the little prince was very sad. But in the end, the little prince to understand, even though the world has countless roses, but his planet tis is still unique because tis roses, he poured over, took off her hood cover, with the screen protection over , in addition to her body of caterpillars, but also listen to the Yuan Yi and her claim to listen to her silence ... ... In short, he tame her, and she tamed him, she is his unique roses.

This is a psychological masterpiece, France
face of 5000 roses, the little prince said: But now we empty the increasingly popular We are anxious to have
. As if, for each has been a rose, the value of their own lives Duoliaoyifen. Internet age, with several ten lover, is no longer too rare thing. But I know who these melodramatic, no one is empty. They do not enjoy the relationship, they just enjoy the conquest.
But once owned, they will quickly lose interest in this intimate relationship. the stronger the desire to conquer, the faster the loss. attractive.
However, the relationship between the United States, they are almost the level of commitment and the tame level. When two people are naturally going into, naturally being tamed, the relationship will become a life nourishment, so that a person's life becomes more filling and more beautiful.
However, no matter how intimate. The Little Prince is still Prince, Rose is still the roses, they are still two individuals. Rose not to travel if the little prince, little prince or non-travel carry around the roses, they have to stick together, the relationship is no longer enjoy, but will become a burden.
Remember: both a close and mutually independent relationship, the relationship is better than one thousand general. This relationship will bring us a sense of isolation from the hopeless rescue, the most important in our lives is a salvation.
If you never experienced, you can not know the relationship of the United States.


point tools - language - translation in the search box appears on the right to check the word, you can enter translated. You can choose English, translated into Chinese or Chinese translated into English. -

first selected area, hold down the Shift Jian click the ;

21 ... ... ... ... G ... ... ... ... Location -


3. in the text box by adding a watermark text, graphics, etc., right click image and select the shortcut menu in the control -

Alt + Shift + T: current time -

change the font in Word so clear -

Tel -

how tone input phonetic alphabet input -


COPY down the page there are often things that the grid, if directly attached to the WORD will be chaotic. Among the first paste it into Notepad, then paste it into WORD in, you can remove the grid format, choose Select All and then Clear Formatting, center to center and then cancel to cancel all formats. Can be carried out directly in WORD: (menu) Edit / Paste Special ... ... / plain text / OK. This save a great deal. -

Ctrl + mouse wheel (left and right keys in the middle of the wheel) can quickly adjust the ratio of the size (100%). Slide up the expansion, the decline narrowed. -

Word-sided printing techniques -

25 ... Alt + number ... ... ... area code input -

quickly open the last edited document -

If you want Word to open automatically when you start your last editing documents, you can use simple macros to complete: -

/ m: disable the automatic execution of macros. -

stepless fine -

4, selected other text (Text 2), the text and the text 1 2 format the same. -

Word document using the

click the desktop and click -


13 ... ... ... ... I ... ... ... ... font tilt -

first time may want to install. -

Tools - Options - View - Picture Frame -

the mouse in the title bar of the WORD document the left-most marker symbol at the double, the direct exit WORD (if not saved, the Save dialog box will pop up prompt );-

move your mouse over the dividing line between the two windows at a two-way arrows, double-click drag, then remove the window split; -

general constituency to establish the left mouse button can be used, or the shift key with pgup, pgdn, home, end, arrow keys, etc., when copying a rule rectangular area, it can first hold down the Alt key, then use the left mouse key to select. I generally use this to delete the first paragraph into a block of extra space. We try *^_^*-

WORD in the form of selective entry -


5. Click the -

C: Documents and Settings Administrator Application Data Microsoft Templates folder will delete all the files Normal.doc; -

(1) Select

(2) in the

(3) From the menu, select Save and exit. Next time you start Word, it automatically loads the last document your work. -

Second method, select the desired content and press Copy and paste it into Word. -

15 ... ... ... ... P ... ... ... ... Print -

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2. Select -

we can also use another, more flexible double-sided printing mode: Open the side of the paper out and put it back in the feeder, and then 'OK' button to continue printing , and then click the dialog box's -

then: -

next word will start to restore the default value .-



insert header in the word, it will automatically add a long position in the horizontal line. If you need to adjust the length of this line and its horizontal position, you can activate the first header, select the format of the paragraph order, adjust the left indent character values ​​to determine the final effect you can see it! -

quickly remove any number of spaces -

/ semi-conversion with: Ctrl +.-

then: OK (XP system) -

22 ... ... ... ... [... ... ... ... reduced -

Word, double-click the mouse Magical -

/ c: Start Word, and then called Netmeeting. -

make a Word table into two fast -


how to make the WORD document not only the first page header, footer -

38 ... ... Alt + Ctrl + I ... ... ... Print Preview -

can first select the content, and then click Tools → AutoCorrect → In the Replace box, enter the tag name (such as

Company Name -


page set -

# # # up and down the middle of thick fine for the three lines, *** for the dotted line, ~ ~ ~ for the wavy line, --- for the single -

operation -

Solution: Replace the first quote when a space before the problem is solved -

30 ... Alt + Ctrl + R ... ... ... ... ...? -

1, in the header, in the

2, above, but the border color to white (in fact, not deleted, just look no, Oh) -

3. in the text box by adding a watermark text, graphics, etc., right click image and select the shortcut menu in the control -


QQ number -

in the title bar or vertical scroll bar bottom Double-click an empty area, then the window is maximized and the switch between the original state; -

instead of Kingsoft -

such as accidentally upset the word set (such as delete the menu bar so ).-

Company Name -

mouse on the table right frame size can be adjusted with the mouse into the time -

10 ... ... ... ... R ... ... ... ... right alignment -

Underline Ctrl + U-

If you frequently use the horizontal ruler to pinpoint label, page borders, indent the first word and page location of the object, then you click on the ruler to set page borders or labels, you can only set it to 1 character or 2 characters , but not to 1.5 characters! To set more precise unit of measure (for example, a few characters per cent), hold down the [Alt] key, click and move the ruler or the border,dr dre beats pro, this time scale will be accurate with figures showing the current location for the percentage The position of a few characters. -

4. through the -

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6. to complete the above steps of operation, the watermark production is completed, so that for every page to add the same watermark. -


Position the cursor in a location separate from the form, press Then you will find forms intermediate automatically insert a blank line, so that to achieve a form into two purposes. -

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same method can also be a single horizontal line to make waves Oh !~~~~~, -

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ctrl + alt + f to enter a footnote -

three measures to remove the header piece dash -


Double-click the lower-right corner of a page, the cursor can be positioned there, and then press Enter until the feed. ctrl + Enter insertion button, separator, select the page break, and then confirm to OK! ! ! -

then create a new file to want to convert documents (press and hold the left mouse to build and hold the document) cast directly on the page -

this paper for a friend should always write a little help. -

Let the Word page quickly divided into two -

[Alt] key to achieve precise positioning of the ruler -



9 ... ... ... ... E ... ... ... ... According to the -

1 ... ... ... ... Z ... ... ... ... undo -

way to quickly enter the square -

Tools → Options → General of Click File, then click the shortcut you want to delete the line. -

Alt + Shift + D: current date -

find deleted directly .-

full-width alphanumeric


with intelligent ABC, type v9, and then select it yourself! -

addition to full-screen capture software and copy extrajudicial more simple then -


Add a watermark to each page

23 ... Ctrl + Alt + L ... ... the number in brackets -

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41 ... ... Alt + Ctrl + M ... ... ... Insert Comment -

2. Select -

5 ... ... ... ... V ... ... ... ... paste -

first want to save and exit want to convert documents such as: to save the desktop -


18 ... ... ... ... k ... ... ... ... insert hyperlinks -

3, then the input F (,) number, such as 23 to enter only in F (,) type F (2,3) will be able to get 2 / 3 -

Tel -

35 ... ... Ctrl + = ... ... ... ... ... ... subscript -



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^ l (in English state lowercase L not a number 1), the replacement box does not lose anything, click Replace, delete friends put a lot of line breaks. -

19 ... ... ... ... F ... ... ... ... search -

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Word startup parameter Profile -

contact name -


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1, 1 set text format. -

After the preceding paragraph

tilt Ctrl + I-


1. make a good document, through the text. -


in the Word program window, double-click on different locations, you can quickly achieve some common features, we summarized as follows: -


QQ number -

31 ... Alt + Ctrl + T ... ... ... ... ...? -

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2. input data to complete -

Double -

First of all: the Explorer set to show all files and folders; -

11 ... ... ... ...] ... ... ... ... enlarge -

quickly convert documents into images -

often inserted in the document to your company's information -

I once accidentally discovered in this way, select the subject you to the next word, and then in the English state Hold down Ctrl, click BASKSPACE next to the + / = key on it. Just press Ctrl marked at the same time hold down the Shift, you can try. -

36 ... ... Ctrl + Shift +> ... ... enlarge font -

Word to paste only the text from the page automatically remove the graphics and layout -

in the status bar of the Double-click again, then turn off the feature, but the

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If the document is added to the header (footer), move your mouse over the header (footer) at the double, then activate the header (footer) to enter edit mode, edit it; at Double-click the blank document, the start Double-click the blank space in front of

ruler, then start the -

42 ... ... Alt + letter ... ... ... on the menu to open the menu -


the work set to open online, but can not modify the 'read only' how do ah? -

Tour Image -

3, click the Format Painter button. -

insert date and time shortcut keys -

/ w: Word to start a new process, independence and the process of running Word. -

selected paragraphs of these sections, click the center button, then click the kind of original alignment button (if the original is center-aligned, first click on another alignment button, then click the center button on the line a), is not all of these spaces disappear? -

2, in the open box in the category bar Then click on -

replace the text into a picture -

fast paging method -


easy to understand the role of a toolbar button -

folder is shared as read-only -


edit the word the word is often closed to adjust the size to meet the editorial requirements -

to input 2, and then re-election, press ctrl plus shift plus + on it .-

in WORD type three equal signs and press Enter. . . Oh, it is double dash. . . -

The full-width punctuation

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adjusted according to the contents of the form table size -


role on which the mouse click. -



39 ... ... Alt + Ctrl + O ... ... ... just show a large map -

1, open word, click the Tools menu bar -

6 ... ... ... ... S ... ... ... ... save -

this method can change the font size of the micro-~ -

will be more - (two dashes) This is the user wants to see, but also produce more step for deleting ---


33 ... ... Ctrl + D ... ... ... ... ... format fonts -

This first picture shows the box, need to see when the stay, you can display! -


1, first enter the Arabic numerals (eg 1234), all selected, click the pick Stanford), is ideal for accounting friends. -

office -

contact name -

12 ... ... ... ... N ... ... ... ... New Document -


3 ... ... ... ... X ... ... ... ... cut -

/ q: do not display a splash screen. -

8 ... ... ... ... Q ... ... ... ... Left -

Note: Some input method does not support this feature, type a tag name to click the space Caixing. -

addition to the parameters required for the normal, we can in the Word shortcut icon on the right-click, and then in the -

17 ... ... ... ... O ... ... ... ... Open -

simple table to adjust the width -

move your mouse over the top into a vertical scroll bar arrows, two-way pull double-click, then quickly document window into two; -

40 ... ... Alt + Ctrl + P ... ... ... Diagram showing the general -

use the Format Painter -

open the


selectively delete the file menu of recently used files shortcut. -

number keys CTRL + representational -

20 ... ... ... ... H ... ... ... ... replacement -


/ semi-conversion with: Shift + Space -


create a rectangular selection: -

1. make a good document, through the text. -



1. set the table, select Table - View - Tools - Forms - Insert drop-down form field -

's address -


First the picture to the clipboard, then open the Replace dialog box, in the it must be half-width characters, c to lower case), click replace. Description: Click here to principle, -

quickly adjust the length of horizontal header -

quickly changed the font superscript or subscript method: -

A: Page Setup - Headers and footers, select Different first, and then select the small arrow in the page header, the format - borders and shading, select None, that as long as the footer


27 ... Ctrl + Alt + Shift +? ... ...? -

! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

use Word to split--


selected to modify the text, press ctrl +], or ctrl + [to change the font size! -

selection box type in the toolbar of the

Bold Ctrl + B-

's address -

/ a: General plug-ins and templates ban starts automatically. -


/ n: start Word does not create a new file. -

32 ... Alt + Ctrl + Ctrl ... ... ... ...? -


29 ... Alt + Ctrl + E ... ... ... ... ...? -

our commonly used method of operation is: select We set the first print the odd pages. And other odd-numbered page is printed, it will turn the original has been re-printed paper into the printer, select the setting This print command through the two-sided printing can be achieved. -


2, the other as one thousand two hundred thirty-four, A, B ..., child, the ugly ..., Roman numerals and other conversion, refer to the law. -

if in step 3 to double-click, then use the Format Painter can be unlimited, until once again click the Format Painter (or press the Esc key) so far. -

compared two methods, the latter is more convenient than the former. -

in WORD2003, if you insert the picture too, will affect the open and rolling speed. In fact, we can change the picture display to change the browsing speed. -

3, in the -

batch convert full-width characters to half-width characters -


1, open the header / footer view, click the Insert Page button, insert the page number (in this case all the page numbering is continuous) 2, switch to page view, the need to count from one page insert a continuous Section Break (Insert - separator - section break - continuous) 3, again for the header / footer view, click Format Page Numbers button, the page numbering - the starting page number is set to 1 -

we usually use the computer when the print materials may have missed, Word is the most common use of Office software. Sometimes we have to use Word to print many pages of documentation for the format requirements or in order to save paper, will be two-sided printing. -

34 ... ... Ctrl + Shift + = ... ... ... superscript -


restore the default settings

simply open a new blank document in WORD, when there is not an empty document, but I used to play a document -

the table in Excel format to copy the pictures into Word -

Position the cursor to a separate location, press -

28 ... Ctrl + Alt + Shift +! ... ...? -


CEO, wanted to CTO (chief technology officer). But I feel that China's Internet without Netease, is not it a few years behind?





But, what to do.


Chenlei Hua said,, mail system is now free to use all his company Pacific Century re-written. In addition, I have to prove my design.


Chenlei Hua is on a good this user, and Ding was officially break up. Ding said he could not agree with Chen Leihua to do so. Chen Leihua are still very good friends.


Beijing nice and warm in the winter sun shines on the Ningbo boy was Ding, Ding her body full of energy, which is a invincible strength, the strength of youth. -

in dispute and the Huang Zhimin Ding constantly feel tired,


angry over, Ding blame, not southerners northerners so easy to control. / p>


However, Ding to hire competent in the middle when the anxious distress, to Beijing Ding Huang Zhimin only an assistant in October 1999 left the Ding. -

Chenlei Hua said that, not that he is not optimistic about the






I have not been Netease

I am not good at, NetEase has to be CFO after the placement plan.


in Guangzhou and Shenzhen, many people are not convinced the technology Ding, many of the -

The most important thing is not at stake.


Ding seen no less than five times, Ding is also the first person to do anything.


in time for the financing everywhere, in July 1999, CNNIC published the third ranking of China's Internet Survey, to 12,799 votes topped Sina, Netease votes 9044 sheets, ranking fell to fifth, NetEase product started more votes than those of NetEase. -

No, of which six months, recruited 130 individuals, which were 15% to 20% of the people to be replaced, is a normal thing.


especially in the January 1999 announcement of the rankings, Netease votes 6029 Zhang, Sina only 1 469 votes, a difference of 5 times, not only that, free e-mail system was started by Netease and 263 of . net, respectively to 5019 and 4883 vote vote CNNIC ranked third and fourth. -

Ding want to be quiet when the problem will fly back to Guangzhou, one or two days. Beijing correspondents are to blame? Sina Netease products more than doubled -


NetEase Beijing Great Wall Sheraton Hotel at the soul-stirring, however, this melodious song has not yet come to a close, Ding closest technology partners - -





the most important cooperation is the development of free e-mail system. Ding said the free e-mail system, the whole thing is he wants out, with the structure I realized, later, he felt that I was right in this structure. Chen Leihua said Ding know a lot of things, is a systems expert, but From a programmer's point of view, there is nothing more important than the process. -


Ding: insight. -

Reporter: Netease next strategic objective of e-commerce it? -

days in 1998, did not share the concept of Netease, Ding said, because may share the things ah A few people only 10 companies, how things might have shares, they and I develop software, I paid just wages.



Netease really melt into the capital in the end of November 1999, 10 million the number of units of U.S. dollars, accounting for about 10% of the shares of NetEase, this financing in December 1999 and officially in place. -







Chenlei Hua said he ultimately did not get 100 million. pulling forward.


Huang Zhimin for Ding said: with you I do not have experience.



about Chenlei Hua, Huang Zhimin to leave and share the problem, Ding lit a cigarette, in my impression, Ding is a non-smoker. A smoke pits too fast, he coughed twice and asked me pumping pumping, I say no pumping. -

year later, Ding conversation up more English words, Netease office put a lot of magazines, almost no one is in Chinese, I do not know whether this lack of Liuyang background and Ding are also very Worship the Internet. -

2000 年 1 月 CNNIC published the fourth of China's Internet Survey, Sina ranked first with 63,918 tickets, Netease ranked second with 57 164 votes, still no more than Sina, but that Ding Lei, Netease technically always in the leading position, and that Asked people to do the president -

in Ding view, quarreling because: NetEase Internet software companies to switch from a -

to Beijing, NetEase first task is to recruit people, and the second task is to recruit people, and the third task is to recruit people, but one bad move. -

but do not want others seem to worry him, for him to worry about, news that Netease will soon in the United States, and on the city, Ding can pay out the baton. -


Chen Leihua go -

hear Netease upcoming news, can not help but think of reminds me of executive vice president Li Qin taught me the words: matter whether the talk is not reliable, let's put the facts down. -



2000 年 1 18, late at 10:45, NetEase Beijing community 576, 614, Guangzhou, Shanghai 64, NetEase Chat Room 403. Ding proudly said: How many Chinese sites behind us with a 'virtual community' that the words, I tell them, this is called 'virtual community'.





Chenlei Hua said he had initially wanted the shares, and the. At that time, I have not heard of stock options to say.



Ding snuffed the cigarette and sighed:



accounted for most of my shares -



had suffered, he may feel good to do.



Huang Zhimin, said he left because there NetEase, NetEase to Beijing after that, the direction of the blurred, less innovation and breakthroughs.


Huang Zhimin October 1999 left the NetEase, NetEase employee placement since October 1999, Huang Zhimin not regret this point, he said, is to wait until the allotment, -

first interview in January 1999 Ding, Ding second interview in January 2000, a year later, Ding dress has not changed in January not consume more than 2000 yuan, only two pairs of shoes lifestyle has not changed, although this year, he did not know the value of the company doubled the number of times. -



Ding lofty ambitions indeed, someone willing to buy the 9-digit Netease, Ding sign an agreement, then if he could immediately become one of China's youngest millionaire, And I also have a company that shares in the company can do the technical work I like, but I do not sell,Kobe Bryant and Lebron James, I do not want to immediately go fishing, because I was so like Internet, and do not want to abandon further development of the induced people the opportunity.


Reporter: AsiaInfo free e-mail free e-mail and Netease, which is better? -

midnight, Ding still struck his IBM laptop in work, get the last things, the Ding lit a cigarette, their piled on the chair, try to make themselves comfortable and began to think of themselves this morning from 9:00 to 2:00 the next day's work intensity is at the end of any day. -


Ding do not feel very successful, he had no time to take care of his girlfriend, no time to honor their parents, no time travel, no time to disco hall, not the time to bars to drink, do not have time to sit down and chat with friends, enjoy life another style. Ding feel that they have lost a lot of things, Ding envy Taiwan some entrepreneurs, well, life has gone well. -

Huang Zhimin Touyemeihui away. -





Chenlei Hua said: , but these can not be used in people who, I admit, from start to finish, Ding did not lie to us, can only say that he was far-sighted than we are.


Ding: their as ours. The 21st century with their system spent $ 20 million, created when it is used by 119 million. The 21st century had completely collapsed, NetEase e-mail system has never been a complete breakdown. -

12-story office building in the New World, Ding must think I have been to. Chen Leihua said Ding in business negotiations, and no doubt always use this tone, opponent can not believe it. But I really have not been to the New World 12 layers. -

year later, Ding's temperament has not changed, still does not look like a general manager. Ding's Chinese side of the card, printed only two words Ding, no title, only one side printed in English on the CEO's words. May be confident that no one in China, Ding who do not know, but not easy to say in the United States. -

1999 July has been an upward trend of the first setbacks of NetEase. -

Reporter: NetEase in 1998 earned five million. In 1999, the NetEase loss or profit? -

financial resources of the Internet business is less than the dismantling of the engine car. -

1997 years, Ding and Chen Leihua met in Netease BBS, Chen Leihua South China University of Technology was still second-year students. Master -



Interview Notes -


90-minute tape has not been used up, Ding said: Ding last interview, two boxes of 90-minute tape runs out, it has not come to a halt. Ding may have felt the last time I wrote was to focus on Ding said that he is not a good record in the heart of the trouble people, will challenge the mind only, so there is no trouble to tell. -

not say a bad relationship, they lived in Beijing a $ 2 000 a rented two-bedroom; Ding for Huang Zhimin is quite discouraged in Guangzhou, Huang Zhimin, director of the market, to Beijing, Ding him do site director, the overall control of editorial, design department and other core departments, is responsible for the content of the site; Huang Zhimin is quite faithful to the Ding, NetEase -


Ding Ding


Ding: From the competitive point of view, do not think they are terrible, they have not done what extent, but still people among them, said a month turnover of more than 10 million, said two weeks Registration 20 million users. -



Huang Zhimin Ding trying to convince to accept this way of working: No one would you as a Team Leader.


dialogue with Ding -

Ding did not want to do


Huang Zhimin Ding think not too concerned about losing face. Ding Ding is, is Huang Zhimin Huang Zhimin, different positions, different face. -

Ding said he was not concerned about the findings. , his staff will be very concerned about this result, peers will care about this result, the media will care about this result. Hard to find the middle - Ding said a few words of the first things to him, until August 1999, domain or Netease ... he suddenly stopped, story over these years to say.



Reporter: The new opponent frightening? -




or real. -

Ding: advertising revenue of $ 2 million figure audited. -

Guangzhou NetEase successfully, but suffered a courtesy to the Beijing Ding truly feel famous in Beijing, so the market in Beijing. Ding Lei, Netease decided to move to Beijing. -

just settled down in Beijing, Ding began to run financing, but from April to July, gains very little, only in place until August or September.


first fell from the fifth -

Ding and NetEase


Ding need not a job. Unconditionally pay to the cause, the work will have to consider the -



Ding Chen Leihua at this time is to understand software into a company to do for the NetEase, NetEase programmer's sense of accomplishment through the sense of achievement to reflect, and in many cases, this may not be able to immediately feel a sense of accomplishment.


1999 in mid-January, rushed to Beijing from Guangzhou to attend the awards ceremony CNNIC Ding wander among the great happiness, his face was filled with himself smile. Ding less than 28 years at this time, less than 2 years old at this time of Netease, this time only two CNNIC ranking, NetEase won two domestic sites first. -

1999 January, only 12 employees throughout the NetEase, NetEase troops on the north of the -







Ding: In China, Netease first made the online auction. Auction Great Wall Computer, 10 days to do more than 100 million in sales, earned 20 million, but the current e-commerce in China is not mature, but also take time, NetEase will not be rushed to do it temporarily, just tried it, but to preparation. - who made it -


How many shares should be. -

Ding and Chen Leihua

Ding Ding is still confident. -

regardless Huang Zhimin Ding opposition continue to see for yourself the working methods of each editor, found the problem immediately to testify. Huang Zhimin think, Ding way to do so he did not work; Ding think, he is constantly working to promote Huang Zhimin, Huang Zhimin kept to teach how to manage. -

Huang Zhimin gone, Chen Jianfeng did not wait to live. Chen Jianfeng was hired from Sohu Ding, Ding and believe that to strengthen weak parts of NetEase marketing. Ding invited Chen Jianfeng three months, Chen Jianfeng did three months in NetEase. Finally, Ding said, Chen Jianfeng, and NetEase does not match.



Ding and Huang Zhimin

Huang Zhimin and the contradictions arising from the management Huang Zhimin Huang Zhimin Ding often over subordinates. -



Ding Lei said: p>


Ding: 1999 losses, but still quite NetEase's advertising revenue satisfactory. As parents raising children, before the age of 17, is bound to lose money to send him to school. -


: -

1999 April, Ding and Chen Leihua one thing for the last technical fallen out. In Chen Leihua view, arguing not quarreling is not important, he did not want to NetEase. -





Reporter: Netease free e-mail in 1999 has sold how many? -

this market will become complicated and confusing speculation, and speculation will make everyone feel should boast. Undesirable. Everyone in a class, the old smoke for a few people lying, we all learn to talk big. Do not like. -

After three months of hard work, in July 1999, Ding Lei, Netease has finally got its first financing agreement, amounting to more than 100 million U.S. dollars. Strictly speaking, this is a loan agreement, the loan must be based on the success of the next financing under the premise can be converted into investment, if the next financing is unsuccessful, the money to repay. -

Finally, Huang Zhimin Ding speak on: one side, you do not want to overhead.


Ding said that Netease is still a lack of a middle management team. Technical background, Ding said these words, and did not show excessive fear and worry. -

youth shine, Internet shiny, but no matter how fresh the space here, there are always people to organize themselves to work, Ding is obviously not good at these, not good management of the Ding How far can the NetEase band? IT companies there are too many smash hit, and soon disappeared example. -

Ding convince Huang Zhimin, but he still stick to their practice, because quickly solve the problem.



This time Beijing, Ding unprecedented attention, public opinion was already tired of Sohu type of Good friends reputation, not public business history, the legend of slightly mysterious, shy face, not the words of the organization and the concept of packaging ... ... so these form the perfect combination of networking young hero. -

Ding busy recruiting in Beijing, Chen Leihua busy in Guangzhou to register their new company. -

Reporter: How much advertising revenue NetEase in 1999? -




Ding: NetEase e-mail system does not sell, because the target changed NetEase, NetEase and energy are limited, as a NetEase will continue to improve the mail system, but only in order to strengthen their free e-mail system NetEase. -

do companies coming and going, not too concerned about heart Ding, but Ding Chen Leihua's really let go, p>


, but did not melt into the NetEase has been money, this is a very interesting thing.


Huang Zhimin Ding admitted smarter than him, than he is able to recognize Ding focus on any one thing is


Ding: The Chinese -

face photographers, Ding kept pressing the hair with a baseball cap, uneven pressure, comb, comb a few times, still not satisfied, then a hand to management. Ding has been worried about:



Reporter: NetEase continues to lead the force that? -


Reporter: Netease learning targets? -


2, the combined cell contents

needed, and sometimes want column B to C to merge the contents of the column, if the line is relatively small, can be directly with the

solution is: in the C line, insert an empty column (column D if there is no content, operating directly in the D column), in D1, enter , C, and the two columns. Select cell D1, bottom right corner of the cell with the mouse to point the small box column B and column C of the merger. Then do not just put the first column B and column C delete, first copy the results in column D should look, and then Time you delete B, C, D columns of data.

The following is a With AutoCAD drawing, some people like the coordinate point is stored in EXCEL, draw the curve in these parameters when invoked. Stored data format merged into column C, enter in C1: = A1 &All content merge (Figure 3-4).

merge the contents of different cells, there is a way to use the CONCATENATE function, this function is the role of certain text string into a string, the specific operation for the . For example, suppose in a river ecosystem survey worksheet, B2 contains ,
Figure 3 Figure 4

! Practical ah ! ! ! Thank you

9, bulk delete blank lines

sometimes we need to delete Excel workbook in the blank line, the general practice is to Blank lines eleven identify and then delete, if the number of rows a lot of work to do so is very convenient, we can use the Insert a new blank line, then press Ctrl + A to select the entire worksheet, right click the have a drop-down list box, in a typical drop-down list box, select the column br> All the data are selected in the case, click the Data one of the blank cells, while the other columns of data and blank cells are not affected, you can copy this column and paste it to a blank worksheet, by the above method will delete all blank lines, then This column copy and paste the worksheet corresponding to the original position.

1, editing skills

1 editorial skills

(1) fraction of the input

If you enter Input fraction

(2) the sequence quotes), then enter

(3) Date of input

If you want to enter, To enter the current date, click

(4) fill streak

If you want to join in the workbook beautiful horizontal stripes, can use the alignment of the fill function. First fill in a cell,
Figure 1

(5) more than one worksheet, enter the same content

several worksheets the same data filled in the same location, you can select a worksheet, and then hold down the Ctrl key, then click the bottom left corner of the Sheet1, Sheet2 ...... to directly select the input the same content multiple sheets, then in any of them a worksheet, enter the same data, then the data will automatically appear in the table selected among other work. After input finished, press the Ctrl key on the keyboard, then use the left mouse button click on the selected multiple sheets, remove the contact sheet, or in a form input data will then appear on the election in the other worksheet.

(6) is not continuous cell filled with the same data

select a cell, hold down the Ctrl key, right click the other cells, all these cells will be selected the. Enter data in the editing area, then hold down the Ctrl key, hit carriage return at the same time in all the selected cells have emerged in the data.

(7) to display the formula in cell

data in the table if the majority of work is generated by a formula and want to quickly know the formula for each cell in the form to edit You can do this: Left-click Then each cell division on the show. If you want to restore the display of calculated results, it then set
Figure 2

(8) select the text using Ctrl + *

If a worksheet has a lot of data table, you can select the table by a cell, Then press Ctrl + * key to select the entire table. Ctrl + * the selected region: According to the selected cell to the surrounding radiation involved in the data cells have the largest area. So that we can easily and accurately select data tables, and effective method to avoid dragging a large range of cells selected screen Luangun phenomenon.
(9) to quickly clear the contents of the cell

If you want to delete the contents of the cell content and its format and comments, can not simply apply the selected cell, then press the Delete key way to go. To completely remove the cells, using the following method: you want to remove the selected cell or range of cells; click the

5, draw the function to do image

teaching friends will encounter problems drawn function curve it! If you want to quickly and accurately draw a function curve, you can use EXCEL chart feature, which enables you to draw the curve of both standard and beautiful you will ask, is not difficult to learn it? In fact, this bit is not difficult, can be very simple, do not believe you told me to try.

to draw the y = | lg (6 + x ^ 3) | curve, for example, the method is as follows: In a blank worksheet, first enter the function of self- variable: in column A cell A1 enter difference column input method to enter the first two values, the number of variables from the set with a number of steps between, and then select the two cells A2 and A3, so that the two into a rectangle with black borders, then This is a black rectangle with the mouse to point to the lower right corner of the small box input function type: B1 cells in column B of the general type of functional form of written expression, y = | lg (6 + x ^ 3) |; in cell B2 enter the , B2 Genei Ma calculated on the results obtained this time, and then select cell B2, so that the cursor is pointing to the lower right corner of the rectangle B2 place to complete the function value is calculated.
Figure 7

draw a curve: Click on the toolbar, the 7), and then in the Note: How to determine the initial values ​​of independent variables, the step between data points is how much this is according to the specific characteristics to determine the function, which is the ability for users to test and if found to function very soon value or see the trends, given the data points do not necessarily have to be arithmetic, and can be arbitrarily given.

from simple to complex logarithmic trigonometric functions, exponential functions, are EXCEL can be used to draw curves. If available, you can also use EXCEL to complete the determinant of the matrix of calculations, a simple integral operation, the use of iterative function value (such as x ^ 2 = x ^ 7 +4 , can be iterative method, to calculate the value of x), etc., all things related to computing, to help find EXCEL, it will give you a satisfactory answer.


Excel custom format by default a lot of useful data format, and can basically meet the requirements of use, but some special requirements, such as highlighted some important data or information, setting display conditions, it is necessary to use a custom format function to complete. Excel custom format using the following general model: a positive number format, negative format, zero format, text format, in this general model, including text section and a three-digit segment: the use of data greater than zero positive number format; less than zero data using a negative format; use of zero-zero data format; use the input of the cell body of the text, we can also use the condition test, add descriptive text and color to expand the use of custom format general application of the model.

(1) use of color in a custom format to set the color section, simply add the paragraph with enclosed in square brackets the color name or color number. Excel recognize the color name: [black], [Red], [White], [Blue], [Green], [blue] and [magenta]. Excel also identify Press [Color X] specified color, where X is a number between 1-56, representing 56 colors (Figure 5).
Figure 5

(2) add description text After the input digital data to automatically add text, use the custom format as: Excel input digital data relative to the location to add text.

(3) can create a conditional format using six symbolic logic to design a conditional format:> (greater than or equal greater than ),>=( ), ( not equal), bad if you think these symbols in mind, simply use the > = numbers using the format specified in the corresponding segment, the remaining numbers using the format in paragraph 3 if the condition contains only a test, depending on the circumstances will have a specific analysis.

custom format general model is equivalent to the following formula : [>; 0] positive format; [
Here's an example: select one, then click The #, # # 0.00); , will be displayed in the cell shows $#,## 0.00); [blue] color. If you enter br>

another example, assume that the ongoing settlement of accounts, you want to use the blue more than $ 50,000 account balance, negative values ​​are shown in red in brackets, the rest with default values color display, you can create the following format: 0.00_) used in the preparation of the budget, need to g to kg, tons, then you can define the following format: _k_m
In addition, we can use a custom format to achieve the purpose of hiding the input data, such as the format Hide all the input values. custom format only changes the appearance of the display of the data, does not change the data value, that does not affect the calculation of the data. flexible use of a good custom format function, will give a great deal of practical work convenient.

6, Custom function

Although Excel has a lot of built-in function, but sometimes may also encounter some of the non-functional calculations of available and if a company uses a special mathematical formula to calculate the discount on products purchased by If there is a function to calculate how much more convenient? say below about how to create such a custom function.

custom function, also called user-defined functions, Excel is the most innovative and attractive features one of the following modules in Visual Basic to create a function in the following example, we give each person the amount by a factor, if it is working meals at work, hit tickets; If overtime work meal, hit 15% off; if it is a rest day to eat, hit% off First open the * tatol ElseIf rr = > Then close the editor, as long as we enter in the appropriate column rrr (F2, B2), then the amount even after the kick off out (Figure 10).
Figure 10

7, matrix calculation

Excel's powerful computing capabilities, not only simple arithmetic, it can also be an array, matrix calculations.

(1 ) arrays and matrices is defined

matrix is ​​not a number, but an array in Excel, an array of fields occupied by a unit, the unit field with large brackets, such as {A1: C3}, and the general unit for Domain A1: C3 distinguish Set selected unit when the first field, press Shift + Ctrl + Enter key to braces that is automatically generated, an array of fields to be confirmed.

a cell is a variable, a unit of the domain can be as a set of variables. for computational convenience, a set of variables to an array of the best name for example A = {A1: C3}, B = {E1: G3}, etc. The name of the array setup steps are: an array of fields selected , click enter the name on the line.

matrix function is Excel-specific modules for matrix calculation. use the calculate the product of all elements of the matrix corresponds to the sum.
Figure 11

(2) matrix array of basic computing and computing

matrix calculations are very different, such as the following example, A and B are defined array, as the two arrays are 3 × 3, the output is 3 × 3 cells. matrix calculation results of the first selected output fields for the 3 × 3 of the range and then enter the formula. If you enter and . br> In a worksheet, the data is often both, there are text, so that input back and forth in English will need to repeatedly switch between input methods is very cumbersome if you want to enter something great regularity, such as all words in this column, next column are all Chinese to explain, you can use the following method for automatic switching. is:

(1) Select to enter the English column, click the Select the Click English automatically switch between input methods.

3, the conditions shown

we know, the use of If function can be achieved in accordance with the conditions shown. A common example is when the teachers in student achievement statistics, scores below 60 want to enter, they can appear as This effect, using the IF function can be easily achieved. Assumption results in cell A2, A3 to determine the results in the cell. Then in cell A3 enter the formula: = if (A2
For example, if you type: = if (A2
If you enter = if (A2
another example, the formula: = if (SUM (A1: A5> 0, SUM (A1: A5), 0) this style on the use of a nested function, which means that when A1 to A5 and large at 0:00, returns this value, if less than 0, then it returns 0. there is little to remind you: The above symbols are half-angle, and IF with no spaces between brackets.

10, how to avoid the error message

enter the formula in Excel, sometimes not properly calculate the results, and in the cell displays an error message, the generation of these errors, some due to the formula itself, and some are not. Here's introduce some common error messages, and proposed ways to avoid mistakes.
1) :####

mean error value: Enter the data into a cell or cell formula is too long the result is too large, so that the results show no less than in the cell. or the date and time format the cell to do subtraction, there has been negative.

solution: increase the column width so that the results can be fully displayed. If it is subtracted from the date or time had caused negative , you can change the format of the cell, such as to text format, the result is a negative amount of time.

2) error value: # DIV / 0!

meaning: trying to divide by 0 This error is usually generated the following situations: the divisor is 0, the divisor used in the formula in an empty cell or a cell containing a zero value cell reference.

solution: Modify the cell references or used as a divisor of the cell type non-zero value.

3) error value: # VALUE!

meaning: the text-input mathematical formula items if you use it incorrect parameter or operator, or when the automatic correction function can not be corrected formula formula, will produce an error message # VALUE!.

solution: when the formula or function should be required to confirm the operator or parameters are correct, and the formula refers to cells that contain valid values, for example, cell C4 has a number or logical value, and cell D4 contains the text, then the formula = C4 + D4, the system can not convert the text to the correct data type, which returns the error value # VALUE!.

4) error value: # REF!

meaning: delete the formula referenced by the range of cells.
The solution: restore the referenced cell range, or re-set the reference range.

5) error value: # N / A

meaning: no information can be used to be performed calculated in the model, the user can enter in a cell # N / A, to show that is waiting for data that contains any references to # N / A value of the cell will return # N / A.

Solution: waiting for data on the cell filled with data.

6) error value: # NAME?

meaning: the formula used in Excel can not recognize the text, such as might be lose the wrong name, or enter a name has been deleted, if not the literal string enclosed in double quotes, will produce this error value

solution: If you are using a name that does not exist arising from such errors should be sure to use the name does exist; if the name, function name spelling errors should be corrected; text string enclosed in double quotes; sure all areas used in the formula references the use of a colon (: ) For example: SUM (C1: C10). Note that the formula in the text enclosed in double quotes.

7) error value: # NUM! meaning: An invalid argument to the worksheet function, or is the result of the formula is too large or too small to be expressed in the worksheet.

solution: Make sure the function parameter type correctly, if the formula result is too large or too small, it is necessary to modify the formula, it results in -1 × 10307 and between 1 × 10307.

8) error value: # NULL! meanings: in the formula to insert a space between two ranges to represent the intersection, but these two areas there is no public cell, such as input: . the style can be changed to to tell EXCEL to perform the action specified by the user. macro is similar to a computer program, but it is completely run on EXCEL being, we can use the macro to complete the boring, repetitive work often. macro to complete the action faster than users themselves done much faster, for example,cheap Beats by dre studio, we can create a macro, for each row in the worksheet, enter a date, and each cell in the center-aligned date and format of this border-line applications, we also You can create a macro in the do not know when you can find a macro to help. In fact, you may rest assured boldly go with, if only with the time, just run this macro, the system will put the operation and then execute again.

below shows the macro applications, as long as the If you want the recorded macro and then edit it, we should have some knowledge of VBA.

* set a table for each job requires a fixed form of the header;

* set the cell has its own style into a form;

* every time you print a fixed page setup;

* frequently or repeatedly enter some fixed content, such as row-formatted business address, list of other;

* create a format table;

* insert sheet or thin, etc..

be noted that, EXCEL the macro and the macro in WORD some differences, for the recording operation, it will remember the coordinates of the cell (ie, all references are absolute), so with the position in relation to the operation, be extra Note that if the relative use relative references, can be by means of the Offset method, such as the following statement: ActiveCell.Offset (1,0). range (little, if we really use them, you will find it to have more content and more flexible application methods.

12, the chart application skills

Excel offers 14 standard chart types, each of which has a variety of combinations and transformations in many types of charts, graphs use is a better? according to the different data and different requirements, you can choose different types of chart. The choice of the chart in the form of the same data, followed by feeling it considered the effect and aesthetics. Here are some common rules.

area map: shows change in amplitude over time when There are changes in several parts, and the sum of those parts of you interested, they are particularly useful area map you see the individual parts to make the changes, but also see the overall changes.

bar: formed by a series of horizontal bars, making for a point on the timeline, two or more items of the relative size of comparable, for example: it can compare each quarter, any of the three products in sales. of shaped figure on the worksheet for each one is a single data point or more because it's rows and columns with the column happens to be transferred over, so are sometimes used interchangeably.

cylindrical Figure: a series of vertical bars, usually in a period of time to compare two or more items in the relative size, for example: quarterly or annual sales of different products compare, in several projects in different sectors of the allocation of funds, the annual number of various types of information, etc. bar chart type is used widely, many people are using the chart from its beginning.

Line: is used to show trends over time, such as: data over time is an increasing trend, and the other in a downward trend over time, we can line chart, to predict the future, such as: speed - time curve, thrust - fuel consumption curve, lift coefficient - Mach curve , the pressure - temperature curve, the fatigue strength - Rotation curve, transfer the power penalty - distance curve, you can use a line chart to represent, more generally in engineering applications, if there are several situations in which a data line chart where there are several different lines, such as five athletes 10,000 meters during speed changes, there are five line, can be compared to each other, can also add a trend line to predict the speed.

stock chart : is a three data series line graph, is used to display a given time one kind of shares the subject of high, low and closing price by the highest, lowest drawing lines between data points forming vertical lines, while the axis representatives on the closing price of a small scale. stock chart used for finance, commerce, etc., used to describe commodity prices, currency exchange rate and temperature, pressure measurement, of course, describe the stock price is the best at the.
pie chart: number of data used for comparison in the form of a percentage of the total value of the most useful sum of the bread, each with a wedge or slice the number of representatives, such as: sales of products that account for different percentage of total sales, total funding for each unit of the proportion of funding, collection of books in each category and how much, etc. Although the pie chart can only express a data column, but because the expression of clarity, but also to learn good , and therefore in practice more than used. If you want more than one series of data, you can use the ring diagram.

Radar: Shows how the data center or other data changes by each category coordinates from the center of radiation from the same sequence of data connected with the lines you can use the radar map to draw the associated sequence of several internal, it is easy to make a visual comparison, for example: you have three with five same parts of the machine, the radar chart can be plotted on each machine for each component wear.

XY scatter plot: shows the number of pairs and the trends they represent the relationship between For each number on a number is plotted on the X axis, while the other is plotted on the Y axis. had two points in the vertical axis, intersecting at a mark on the chart when the large number of such was drawn after a graphic. Scatter the important role of the function can be used to draw the curve, from simple trigonometric, exponential, logarithmic functions to more complex hybrid function, you can use to quickly and accurately draw the curve, so in teaching, scientific computing will be frequently used.

There are other types of charts, such as Cylinder, Cone, Pyramid, just a variation of bar and column charts , with no outstanding features, but with a relatively small, there will not enumerate here is to note: These are just a chart of general application, and sometimes a set of data can be used to express a variety of charts, then should be selected according to specific circumstances, to some charts, if a data sequence drawn as a column, while the other is drawn into a line chart or area chart, the chart will look better.

in EXCE in L allows it to create such a combination of charts, but if you want to create a combination of chart types EXCEL does not allow, for example, can be a two-dimensional map with a mixed three-dimensional chart, this combination is not possible, the system will displays an error message. how to build mixed-chart it? click the You define the form of these internal still not satisfied, you click the

1. editing skills
2. the merger of the cell contents
3. conditions show
custom format 5 Draw function image
6. custom functions
7. matrix calculation
8. automatically switch the input method
9. Batch delete empty lines
10. how to avoid the error message 11 macros using
12. icon of the application skills

Excel advanced tips for using



Baike card

Overview of the passive voice passive voice in English than Chinese to be more use to general, many textbooks and examinations as well as practical applications are often related to this issue. In general, when the action under stress who do not have to perform or ambiguous to say the performer, the multi-use passive voice. Note that in many places and Chinese are different. Note: Which language is not Also note that English is the dynamic often by Some special phenomena, such as: known to man (mankind ...... know), on foot walking (Americans sometimes by foot), in carriage (carriage ride), and so on. There are fake active, passive real usage of a dozen commonly used words, and so heavy to carry and not so heavy to be carried and other idioms. For such cases, be aware of the complete control by dynamic, accurate answers to exercises is critical to be dynamic to be involved in a variety of verb tenses change issues. English tenses have been very complicated, how to remember their passive form? Must first clear the Both non-passive tense forms. In addition, with the original object with the intransitive verb, reflexive verbs and verbs have no passive form. Even so, there are infinitive, gerund, word, and their composite structure is dynamic, coupled with the modal verbs, auxiliary verbs and their questions-and negative-type doping from, is really a headache, confused. The following formulas on the verb do, for example, that do did done the past tense past participle to form summary of a variety of formulas when the state is dynamic. Some inspiration for you. Of course, the passive voice can be summed up as be done when the state of the composition of the passive voice active voice passive voice table TENSE present tense be + V. V.sam is are + V (pp) general the future will be going to + V.will be + V (pp) is now in progress am is are + V.ingam is are + being + V (pp) general past ① was were ② V.edwas were + V (pp) is now complete have has + Vpphave has + been + V (pp) past perfect tense had + Vpphad + been + V (pp) over the time was were + V.ingwas were + being + V (pp) modal verb modal verb + V. modal verb + be + V (pp) passive voice (present tense) becomes the active voice passive voice, active voice sentences into passive voice sentence the object in the subject, active voice sentences into passive voice sentence the subject of the action sender. Passive voice of the formulas: general now, over use of be + V. past participle, be a person, when, a few changes. Tense have (has) done, been added to the middle of the passive. General in the future shall (will) do, do as the passive change be done. Future non-passive, shall (will) be doing, is now complete for the same, have (has) been doing. Now, had to be doing, passive be added being done. Love to help, there is a proper arrangement, be changed with the new subject. Help after being denied not, the main question before a home help. Subject is precisely the question words, word order bluntly main front. Help increase the general intelligence be done, will be among more than two-Bin Bin changed. Bin becomes the main compound object, bin fill, fill the corresponding main change. 1 present tense is am are + PP (past participle) 2 simple past was were + PP 3. General the future will be + PP 4. Now the time is am are + being (stationary change) + PP 5. past continuous was were + being (fixed) + PP 6. now completed have has been + PP 7. pluperfect had been + PP the second sentence , the number of change The following details of example. Generally are in the past with be done, be a person, tense and several changes. Example: 1, Active: The children gave the foreign guests a warm welcome. Passive: The foreign guests were given a warm welcome by the children. Children warmly welcome foreign guests. 2, active: People regard him as brilliant. Passive: He was regarded as brilliant by people. People think he is very talented. The above two cases are generally be done when the state used the example, be a person, when, a few changes, foreign friends is the third person plural, simple past tense, so as brilliant a passive after the Passive: This speech was delivered by comrade Wang. (Was delivered that simple past is dynamic) This lecture is the king's speech. There was a serious train accident near the border. Two people were killed and twelve were injured. Border, very serious train accident, two killed, twelve injured. A person who is truly honest is called a straight arrow. Outspoken are the real honest people. A note was passed up to the speaker. Was handed to the speaker to a piece of paper. John was elected president of the class instead of Harry. George was elected class president and replaced by Henry. Volcanoes are described as active, dormant or extinct. Volcano is described as living, sleeping, or dead. The soldier was killed, but the train was saved. The soldiers died, but the train was saved. He was thought to be clever but dishonest. He is considered very clever but dishonest. (People think he is very clever but dishonest) The first zoological garden in the United States was established in 1874. America's first zoo was established in 1874. Families were often broken up; wives were taken away from their husbands and children from their parents. The family is broken up, his wife and children being taken away. The information is urgently needed. Need this information. Most environmental problems exist because adequate measures for preventing them were not taken in the past. The majority of environmental pollution problem exists, because in the past did not take appropriate protective measures. Tense have done, been added to the middle of the passive. (Past perfect tense had done are also included). Example: 1, Active: We have studied English for 3 years and on at the spare-time school. Passive: English has been studied for 3 years by us and on at the spare-time school. (Have changed with the new subject has ) We have learned in the evening and off for three years in English. 2, active: They had produced 100 tractors by the end of last year. Passive: 100 tractors had been produced by the end of last year. To the end of last year we have produced one hundred tractors. 3, active: They have set up a power station in their home town. Passive: A power station has been set up in their home town. They built a home power station. 4, active: They have warned us to be careful of rats. Passive: We have been warned to be careful of rats by them. They have reminded us to pay attention to rats. 5, active: People have piled plastic bags full of rubbish in streets. Passive: Plastic bags full of rubbish have been piled in streets. People put plastic bags full of garbage piled in the streets. 6, take the initiative: We have used nuclear energy to produce electricity. Passive: Nuclear energy has been used to produce electricity by us. Nuclear energy has been that we used to generate electricity. 7, active: No one has ever beaten him at tennis. Passive: He has never been beaten at tennis. On tennis is no one of his opponents. (No one comes to the whole negative and some questions in the negative, see negative one about) The person who owns the gun may try to deny that he has used it. But anyone seeing the smoke knows the gun has just been fired. People have guns will strongly denied that he fired his gun. But to see any gun smoke (the smoke to take the gun) will know just fired his gun. Today is Cilia's wedding day, she has just been married to Bob. Today is the Xi Liya's wedding day, she and Bob had just married. The subjects of these lectures have been announced by the lecture committee. Speech Committee has announced the subject of these lectures. Past perfect tense is the same: Active: Somebody had cleaned my shoes. Passive: My shoes had been cleaned by somebody. Some people have rubbed my shoes. Active: When I returned I found that they had towed (tow) my car away, I asked why they had done this and they told me that it was because I had parked it under a had been towed away. I asked why this had been done and told that ... it had been parked under a I asked them why they do it. They told me that because I parked in Active: They had build three ships by last December. Passive: By last December three ships had been built by them. To the end of last year they had built three ships. Research had been centred on the improvement of natural building materials before synthetics were created. Create synthetic materials before the research work focused on improving the natural building materials. He did not say if all those steel pipes had been examined. He did not say that steel is not tested. After plastic had been created, engineers were given a much wide choice of materials. After the invention of plastic, the choice of materials engineers have a broader way. General in the future shall (will) do, the passive change to be done that do shall do or will do by the change shall done or will be done. Example: Active: We shall build several big modern power plants in our city next year. Passive: Several big modern power plants will be built in our city next year. New Year city will build several large modern power plant. (Shall do in the subject shall be changed with the new will, do to be done.) Initiative: I shall send my second boy to school next September. Passive: My second boy will be sent to school next September. New Year September I I will send the second son to school. Active: In order to fool people cheaps and swindlers will make such bricks out of lead covering the . Active: They will ask you a lot of strange questions. Passive: You will be asked a lot of strange questions by them. They will ask you a lot of strange questions. Leads to a passive sentence by the object, in general, if the personal pronoun you, me, him, etc., can be omitted, someone no one to help by leads. If it is a noun can not be omitted, but also can be omitted in English today. Active: The Chinese people will make more space explorations in the future. Passive: More space explorations will be made in the future by the Chinese people. The Chinese people will be more in the future space exploration. Similarly After a period of use, the batteries should be changed. Battery for some time, should be replaced. Usually, the electricity is on for 24 hours. But tomorrow it will be cut off in the day time. Often day and night power outage during the day tomorrow. More peaceful uses will be found for nuclear explosives in the future. In the future will find more ways to peaceful use of nuclear explosions. More hard work will be needed to make this wonder come true in a short time from now. From now on to make a reality of these miracles in a short time need to do more hard work. make ... come true ... ... a fact that; come true up to do guest (see formulas sense of the verb). The machine will not be used again.. This machine can not be used again. Will more gas be needed? Need more gas it? But if it is normal in the past when the future how to handle it? Please note the following formulas: simple past in the future, the past will occur at some time. Initiative should (would) do, be done on behalf of the passive prototype. Future non-passive, now complete for the same. Initiative: A few days ago we were still not quite sure whether we should carry out the new plan ahead of time. Passive: ... whether the new plan would be carried out ahead of time. A few days ago, we certainly can not No advance implementation of the new plan. Active: I did not say that we would change the equipment. Passive: I did not say that the equipment would be changed. I did not say, we will replace that device. Active: My supervisor told me that he would give me a special tutorial a few days ago. Passive: My supervisor told me that a special tutorial would be given to me a few days ago. A few days ago, my mentor said he would I have conducted individual counseling. Active: I never thought that be would bring me the information so early. Passive: I never thought that the information would be brought to me so early. I decided I did not expect him so early will give me information. Future non-passive, shall (will) be doing, is now complete for the same. have (has) been doing, the action is about to be said at some point in the future or a stage in progress' is now complete for that one - behavior in the past. Continued to the present, may have to continue. Two tenses are not the passive voice. Patients; We hope your company will soon be sending an engineer over to check this equipment. (Future time) we hope that your company sent an engineer to check earlier this equipment. In a ffew minutes our passenger plane will be flying in the stratosphere. (Future time) a few minutes later, our aircraft will be flying in the stratosphere. We hope scientists will be tapping new energy sources to meet the need for power. We hope that scientists will develop new energy sources to meet energy needs. (Future time) What will you be doing this evening? What will you do tonight? (Future time) I have been living in Anshan Since 1980. (Present Perfect time) since 1980, I have been living in Anshan. How long have you been studying English? How long you learn English? (Now complete in progress) We have been waiting at the airport for the because of the thick fog. As the fog, we have been waiting at the airport all day. (Present Perfect time) Since then, applied mathematicians have been coping successfully with many problems in astronomy. Since then, applied mathematicians successfully handled many astronomical problems. (Present Perfect time) no more than to be dynamic. Now, had to be doing, plus being done passively be carried out or in the past, now all be carried out when the person, when several forms plus doing. Be dynamic with being done is be in the form of, being a constant. Now in progress and past time is the key dynamic is dynamic, easy mistake. For example: Active: The workers are repairing the main building of the Northeast Engineering Institute. Passive: The main building of the Northeast Engineering Institute is being repaired by the workers. Northeast University of maintenance workers are the main building. Two reservoirs are being built at the same time. The construction of two reservoirs at the same time. The nasty question is being considered by the committee members. Committee members are considering the difficult issues. Equipment and foodstuffs are being flown to the flood stricken areas. Equipment and food are airlifted to the disaster area. The building of another fly-over is being planned. They plan to build another overpass. We could not get through because the February 19th Road was being repaired. We make life difficult for two. Nineteen road maintenance it is. Love to help, there is a proper arrangement, be changed with the new subject. With modal verbs and auxiliary verbs, etc. is how to deal with more complex dynamic. To be subject to change with the new, the words such as can, could; will, would; shall, should; may, might; must; ought to; need requires; have to have; be going to; to be to; used to ; seem to; happen to so. For example: Active: We must keep this in mind. Passive: This must be kept in mind. We have this in mind. Active: We can put the refrigerator in that place. (Refrigerator = freezer.) Passive: The refrigerator can be put in that place. We can place on the refrigerator. Active: We shall not use the washing machine again. Passive: The washing machine will not be used again. We can not then that a washing machine. Shall use the original predicate is a dynamic subject with new changes will. Active: We shall take more measures to prevent corrosion. Passive: More measures will be taken to prevent corrosion. (Shall change will) we will take additional measures to prevent corrosion. I ought to be criticized for it. I should be criticized for this. All this has to be solved with great care. All too seriously addressed. The lobby is going to be rebuilt. Hall will be rebuilt. The exhibition is to be opened tomorrow. The exhibition will open tomorrow. Another example: Active: We shall have to adopt a different attitude. Passive: A different attitude will have to be adopted. We will have to take another approach. Active: You are to leave the bag here. Passive: The bag is to be left here. (are to change with the new subject is to) you should be on the parcel here. Active: They used to start these engines by hand. Passive: These engines used to be started by hand. In the past they hand start the motor. Active: We are going to paint the wall green. Passive: The wall is going to be painted green. We intend to paint the walls green. Active: You needn't type this letter. Passive: This letter need not be typed. (Ought to, need is the same auxiliary verb) you do not have to type this letter. Active: John seems to like Mary very much. Passive: Mary seems to be liked very much by John. It seems very fond of Mary John. Active: The boy happened to meet her in the street. Passive: She happened to be met in the street by the boy. The boy happened to her in the street. Initiative: It must have disappointed him terribly that people told him they didn't want him. Passive: He must have been terribly disappointed to be told he wasn't wanted. People told him they do not need him, which must have made him particularly disappointed. Active: You should bear in mind that he wasn't present. Passive: That he wasn't present should be borne in mind. or It should be borne in mind that he wasn't present. You should remember him did not attend. Active: You should have taken those books back to the library. Passive: Those books should have been taken back to the library. You should have these books go back to the library. Active: They may have left it in the sun. Passive: It may have been left in the sun. They may have had it in the sun. may increase the completion of the infinitive or the completion of the physical body, said, The infinitive can be completed with the completion of the body or body once said, However, if the can or may in the past tense and the infinitive that could and might be finished or complete body with the body, can be used for a variety of structures. Ken, No, Chen, doubt can be. It can't have been lost in the post, can it? It can not be at the post office lost it: (Disjunctive Questions) to help after being denied not, doubt that a home help before the Lord in the negative sentence is dynamic, the negative adverb not - be added after the first auxiliary verb, auxiliary verb is not placed after the other. Also in the interrogative is dynamic, the first auxiliary before the subject place. Example: Why has (one assist) not anything been (two assist) done to end the strike? Not the first auxiliary verb has to be placed after the first - the auxiliary verb has to be anything on the subject before. Must not be written as: why has not been anything done to end the strike? Or why has been not anything done to end the strike? Why not take some measures to end the strike it? The exercises will not be done in class. Can not be written as : The exercise will be not done in class. we will not be in class for practice. In what other way could (one assist) information about Mars be (two assist) obtained? What other way to get information on Mars it? Why had he been imprisoned? Why he in prison? Need she be told about it? Need tell him? Active: No one has ever equalled your record. Passive: Your record has never been equaled. no one to refresh your records. Subject is precisely the question words, bluntly word order where the main subject of the first question happens to be a word or words to modify the subject by the question, the statement later use word order. Example: What (subject) could be dropped from a satellite? Satellite dropped on what things? What measures (subject) are being taken to develop this new science? (Subject to doubt what the modification of the word) what measures are being taken to develop this new science? What kind of device (the subject) is needed to make the control system simple? (subject to doubt the word of the modification) what device to the control system to simplify? what has been done to improve the techniques? measures taken to improve these technologies? (what exactly is the subject of the sentence) should be noted that some students We study diligently and She could see herself clearly in the mirror. are hard-line into a passive, and intransitive verb usually does not know that there is no be dynamic. About intransitive verb. Reflexive verb, cognate object verbs. Copula. Sensory causative verb, verb phrase to be dynamic. Active sentences into passive sentences followed by four steps: 1. The original active sentence into a passive sentence the subject object 2 into a passive form of the verb be + past participle is, and pay attention to the person with the subject of several changes, and verb tenses remain unchanged. 3 of the original active sentence on the subject if required by the back with its accusative form (Note the accusative pronouns), such as the need may be omitted. 4 other components (attributive, adverbial) unchanged. Modal verbs of the passive voice one,cheap Coach handbags, to understand the passive voice, modal verbs Feelings concept of the passive voice, modal verbs lovingly describes a passive action reflected the feelings and attitudes. Junior for the passive voice of modal verbs are can, may, must, need, should, etc., respectively, General Question directly to the declarative sentence in the passive voice, modal verbs in advance, such as: Must this work be done at once? of this work must be done immediately do? Should your homework be finished before six? your homework should be completed in six it? (b) by a special interrogative word questions with general composition of the passive voice interrogative, such as: When must this work be done? This work must be done at what time? Where can the lost book be found? this book can be missing where to be found? (c) Disjunctive Questions modal verb form with some additional questions such as: This bridge can be built next year, can't it? the bridge can be built next year, is it? This book shouldn't be taken out of the library, should it? this book should not be out of the library, is it? (D) negative sentence followed by the modal verb can not or never, but must form a To needn't. such as: This work needn't be done at once. this is not necessary to do immediately. This dustbin shouldn't be put here. this trash should be placed here. Third, the passive modal verbs Feelings The general answer interrogative voice Feelings of modal verbs in the passive voice interrogative the answer should generally retain the original modal verb, but must form answer application must. such as:-Should my exercises be finished today? my job should be completed today, you?-Yes, they should. Yes, should be completed today. (No, they shouldn't. No, not at completed today.)-Must his exercise book be handed in at once? his exercise book must be immediately turned over to you?-Yes, it must. Yes, it must be immediately turned over. (No, it needn't. No, do not immediately turned over.)-Need he be operated on at once? he must immediately do surgery?-Yes, he must. Yes, he must. (No, he needn't. No, he does not.) do not have the passive voice case 1) intransitive verb or verb phrase without the passive voice (ie, the moment the majority of the verb): appear, die (die), disappear (disappear), end (vi. end), fail, happen, last, lie, remain , sit, spread, stand break out, come true, fall asleep, keep silence, lose heart, take place. After the fire, very little remained of my house. more: rise, fall, happen is the intransitive verb; raise, seat is a transitive verb. (wrong) The price has been risen. (for) The price has risen. (wrong) The accident was happened last week. (for) The accident happened last week. (wrong) The price has raised. ( on) The price has been raised. (wrong) Please seat. (for) Please be seated. in order to correctly use the passive voice, you have to pay attention to what the verb is transitive, which is intransitive, especially the word ambiguous verbs tend to have two uses. to solve this problem only in the learning process more attention to the accumulation of 2) can not be used in the passive voice transitive verb or verb phrase: fit, have, hold, marry, own, wish, cost, notice, watch agree with, arrive at / in, shake hands with, succeed in, suffer from, happen to, take part in, walk into, belong to This key just fits the lock. 3) non-passive verb voice (keep except): appear, be become, fall, feel, get, grow, look, remain, seem, smell, sound, stay, taste, turn It sounds good. 4) the transitive verb with a cognate object, reflexive pronouns, pronouns with each other, not for the passive voice: die, death, dream, live, life She dreamed a bad dream last night. 5) When the object is the infinitive, rarely used in the passive voice. (to) She likes to swim. (wrong) To swim is liked by her. Some verbs can be used with a double object in a passive structure, the active structure of the indirect object into a subject, direct object remains in the back of the predicate; direct object becomes based language, the indirect object is usually combined with prepositions before for / to ★ He was asked a number of questions at the press conference. people in the conference reporters asked him many questions ★ They are taught a lot of things in the kindergartens. They were taught in kindergarten to a lot of things. ★ A new MP4 was given to him as birthday present / gift. as a birthday present he received a new MP4. Get + past participle form of the passive voice Get + past participle can also form the passive voice , the structure of the sentence in this action to focus on results rather than the action itself, such as: The man got hurt on his way home. the man on the way home injured. How did the glass get broken? how broken the cup? well-known scholar Professor Zhou Haizhong in the paper wide, usually limited to oral and informal written language; but it has used more and more the trend is a vibrant linguistic phenomenon. remind some verbs followed by infinitive without to as object complement, but the change After a passive structure to add passive one, the use of passive voice: 1. the present tense of the passive voice form: is / am / are + transitive verb past participle Our classroom is cleaned everyday. I am asked to study hard by my mother. Knives are used for cutting things. 2. simple past passive voice form: was / were + transitive verb past participle A new shop was built last year. Dinosaur eggs were laid long long ago. 3. present perfect passive language state form: has / have + been + transitive verb's past participle This book has been translated into many languages. Many man-made satellites have been sent up into space by many countries. 4. general the future composition of the passive voice: transitive verb will + be + past participle A new hospital will be built in our city. Many more trees will be planted next year. 5. contains a modal verb form of the passive voice: modal verb + be + past participle transitive verb Young trees must be watered often. Your mistakes should be corrected right now. The door may be locked inside. Your homework can be handed in tomorrow. 6. now proceed to form the passive voice: am / is / are + being + and object verb past participle Uncle Wang is mending my bike now. → My bike is being repaired by Tom now. They are planting trees over there. → Trees are being planted over there by them. 7. infinitive of the passive voice: to transitive verb + be + past participle There are two books to be read. → There are twenty more trees to be planted. Second, how to active voice into passive voice? the active voice to passive voice is simple, you can follow the following steps: 1. the object for the active voice, passive voice of the subject; 2 verb becomes tense; 3 into the active voice, the subject of the object by the preposition to form a prepositional phrase on the passive structure of the predicate after the verb (sometimes by the phrase can be omitted); Example: 1. Bruce writes a letter every week. → A letter is written by Bruce every week. 2. Li Lei mended the broken bike this morning. → The broken bike was mended by Li Lei this morning. 3. He has written two novels so far. → Two novels have been written by him so far. 4. They will plant ten trees tomorrow. → Ten trees will be planted by them tomorrow. 5. Lucy is writing a letter now. → A letter is being written by Lucy now. 6. You must lock the door when you leave. → the door must be locked when you leave. Third, the use of passive voice should pay attention to several issues: 1. intransitive verb is no passive voice. What will happen in 100 years. The dinosaurs disappeared about 65 million years ago. 2. Some passive verbs with active meaning is expressed. This pen writes well. This new book sells well. 3. causative verb or verb sense to omit the infinitive, not with the active voice to, but becomes

Overview of the passive voice passive voice form of the table do not tense the situation is somewhat passive voice verbs can take the double object Get + past participle form of the passive voice to remind

voice is a form of the verb, which represents the relationship between subject and predicate. Voice in two ways: the active voice and passive voice. If the subject is the executor of the action or that action is completed by the subject, use the active voice; if the subject is the bearer of the action or that action not by subject but by other people to complete, then use the passive voice.

90, thank God I have, thank God I do not have.
91, the world has always been painful, with no exceptions.
92, others make you so much pain, as that their cultivation is not enough.
93, if you do not give their own troubles, others never to upset you. Because of your own heart, you let go.
94, good discipline yourself, do not control other people.
95, does not forgive all living beings, beings do not forgive, is suffering yourself.

96,Moncler Vest Women, let alone the poor people, she is more pathetic, his practice and how? They know how much his life?
97, reward and not enough people would often hear wrong; reward enough people had never heard of right and wrong.
98, you never want to thank you adversity beings.

99, you never have to forgive all living beings, no matter how bad, and even he hurt you, you have to go, can only be really happy.
100, most people only had three things; self-deception, deceptive, being bullied.

101, to enjoy themselves too, not to appreciate the advantages of others.
102, the heart is the biggest liar, people can lie to you for a while but it will lie to you forever.
103, to seize a thing when you hold hands, you can only have these things, if you are willing to let go, you have the opportunity to choose another. If the dead person's heart run your own ideas, unwilling to put aside, his wisdom can only achieve a certain degree only.
104, people afraid of you, not a blessing, people bully you, not a disgrace.

105, not someone to make me worry, but I take someone's words and deeds to trouble themselves.

106, do not bother to misinterpret other people's good, you should be a good place to go.
107, the world of things, as those who have been intended, that is, of course.
108, my wealth, not because I have a lot, but I ask for very little.
109, you must pull to eat, people must learn to revel down, otherwise constipation.
110, often think that someone else pay attention to you, or want others to pay attention to your people, will live in more trouble.

111, I can cook for you, but I can not eat you. Everyone is everyone eat dinner, each death is a personal matter.
112, look down on others is easy, very difficult to settle themselves.
113, you just live your own, do not have to mind someone else's twisted and wrong.
114, if you are ready to get married, tell you a very important philosophical quote, you must accommodate each other's shortcomings to be patient, there is no absolute happiness in the world successful marriage, happiness only comes from the infinite tolerance and mutual respect.
115, if you can ride in peace one day, it is a kind of good fortune. How many people today see the sun tomorrow, how many people today have become disabled, how many people today have lost their freedom, many people today have family members dead.

116, right and wrong, and gains and losses, until the final result, in order to assess.

117, prefer themselves to forgive others, not to let others to forgive you.
118, when you to face things with heart trouble, you will think everything is karma, the world will become ugly and hateful.
119, prefer to give Long as Buddhas, sentient beings do first horse cattle.
120, although we can not change the world around, we had to change themselves.

121, when you start living tomorrow, when it was a dispute with you, you let him win, lose with this win, just text the concept of nothing. When you let the other win, you did not lose any. The so-called win, he has won to what? What? The so-called lost, you have to lose what? What is lost?
122, most of our lives are wasted in the written language to fathom.

123, you do not often feel that they are unfairly treated, you should want to, he has been very good for me, this is the practice of martial arts.
124, people can violate causality, others can harm us, beat us, slander us. But we can not and hates others, and why? We must maintain a complete nature and a pure heart.
125, contact with any person, to always ask myself, I have nothing against his useful? Benefit him. If I can not personal ethics, knowledge and the power of self-cultivation, to benefit people, equivalent to a debt owed.

126, if a person is not suffering the feelings of sympathy for others is not easy. You need to learn the spirit of mercy, he will have to suffer.
127, most people in the face of the other great power, wealth, big, air force, have no choice under the circumstances and forbearance, what a bear it? True tolerance is, even if he bullied you, apologies to you, and nothing but you, you have enough strength to deal with him, and you are able to tolerate him, that his nature, like me, a moment of weakness, or in harsh environments are argued nothing, you do not have to arguing with him, in such a state of mind under the circumstances and tolerance that is the real patient.
128, if we look at the raw scrape from the tired look, then all sentient beings, who never did my parents, siblings, relatives and dependents? Who is the enemy of my enemy has not done? If there is grace, all grace with me; If there is injustice, all of them with me injustice. What we have scores like this closeness of the other do? Stupid again on the wisdom, the wise, when everyone, there are stupid, when smart people may become stupid, stupid people who may become wise. Worst people, have done many good things, but not always bad; good people have done many bad things in the future will not necessarily good. So we thought over and over again, the so-called karmic, Xian Yu, the many different concepts, they will naturally vanishing. This is not chaos, nor is it good or bad I do not know, but we are not to start.

43, thinks people who have wealth, the wealth is owned by.
44, the situation is distressing because the Executive, the Executive down situation, you can get comfortable.

45, revel not and just procrastination, but the best, destiny.

46, not too sure about their own views, with such less regret.
47, when you are honest with ourselves, the world got on no one can deceive you.
48, hurt other people with the means to cover their own shortcomings, is shameful.
49, filled with envy, do not mind frankly, speech is not correct people who can not be regarded as a handsome person.

50, speak more jokes, humor attitude of doing things, like this day would be a little better.

51, live in other people's applause, was not withstand the test of people.
52, do not bother to speculate on other people's ideas, if you do not have the right to judge the wisdom and experience, there is usually wrong.
53, to understand a person, just look at his starting point and destination are the same, we can know whether he was sincere.
54, the truth of life, just hidden in plain tasteless into.
55, not a bath person, hard wear perfume is not fragrant. Reputation and dignity, is from the real ability. Virtuous natural incense.

56, and its exclusion has become a fact you go, you might as well accept it.

57, stress is a necessary process of growth can be bold to accept adversity, life will be increasingly of the strong.
58, you would like to thank those who tell you shortcomings.
59, conceived for people who never lonely.
60, if you like to see as shortcomings of others, such as the discovery of their exact shortcomings, then your life will be extraordinary.

61, to forgive, is to give his mind to leave room for maneuver.
62, time will pass, so time is running out for your trouble now!

63, you are deliberately simple things look very serious, it looks like you will be very painful.
64, intentioned people who never distorted, incurable.
65, people are not bad, but nothing bad habits, everyone has bad habits, just shades of difference in terminology. As long as he has for good heart, he can be forgiven to forgive, not to him as a bad guy.

66, said a lie, to fabricate a lie to make ten, why?
67, in fact, the beauty of the people, but nothing with his love.
68, the world is not a never to be defamatory and has not always been a remarkable person. When you more than words, other people want to criticize you when you less time if other people want to criticize you when you were silent, others or to criticize you. In this world, no one not to be criticized.

69, praise us, praise us, this is not the teacher. Will tell us, directions, and this is the mentor, with whom we will progress.
70, you now have will be with you the death of others, then why not now to Oxfam to those who really need it?

71, white day, doing nothing, just as guilty of larceny as.
72, silence is the best answer defamation.
73, respectful of the people is a solemn yourself.
74, with a selfless love, we have it all.

75, hatred can never overcome hatred, only tolerance can overcome hatred, which is to the eternal reason.

76, you accept the complaint even better than, for immutable fact, other than to accept you, no better solution.
77, not because of living beings Yu Yi, brought their troubles. Not because of the ignorance of sentient beings, and the pain yourself.
78, others say we are not good, not angry, sad. Pleased to say that we do not have good, this is not good, there is good, good in and bad, to see you will not use?
79, the error is revealed when you can not get angry, do not think willful or noisy, you can hide or overcome your weaknesses.
80, do not often feel that they are, unfortunately, the world's suffering people than we need more.
81, stupid people, always wanted others to know him. Wise man, but strive to understand themselves.
82, to be accidental, and take for granted. So you have to, revel unchanged unchanged revel.
83, as long as the face of reality, you can go beyond reality.
84, each individual conscience is the most fair judge, you deceive others, but always cheat your own conscience.
85, who does not know how to self-love, there is no ability to love others.
86, work is only in school life.
87, sometimes we have to ask their own calm, we pursue? We live for what?
88, not because of a little dispute, relatives and friends far away from you, and not to do a little resentment, forget the kindness of others. 89, the courage to accept criticism from others, just can adjust their own shortcomings.

read every day, you must become more excellent (article from

1, not to speak of an offensive, not lethal, does not boast has been able to, not Young people evil, natural can be your enemy.
2, a shortcoming often see other people who themselves is not good enough, because he did not have time to review his own.

3, non-daily There, do not listen to no natural, non-every day, do not listen to there, right and wrong every day, see how you do?
4, if you really love him, then you have to tolerate some of his shortcomings. ;
5, to overcome the fear of death, you must accept all of the world will die of the concept.

6, though you hate a person, but can find the benefits of his merits, as this way we have very good people, the world is really too little.
7, honest face of your inner conflicts and blot, do not deceive yourself.
8, causal never owe us anything, so please do not complain.

9, we really like are the advantages, but also hide a bit, this is called conservation.
10, who reason for suffering, is the pursuit of the wrong things.

11, when you are happy, you want to, this happiness is not eternal. When you are suffering pain when you want it is not eternal of.
12, know themselves, yield themselves, change themselves, to change others.
13, do not waste your life, you will regret it in the local.
14 , did you go, when there is no trouble.

15, every injury, is a mature.

16, when You know, when confused, not the poor, confused when you do not know when is the most miserable.
17, arrogant people have saved, low self-esteem of people do not save.
18, you do not have unhappy people, you should always review their fishes. dissatisfied people are suffer yourself.
19, you have to accommodate those views with you different people, like this day more comfortable. If you always wanted to change his , it looks like you will be very painful. to learn how to put him is you have to learn how tolerant he is.
20, acknowledged his greatness, that is, acknowledge their stupidity.

21, a person can not be from the heart to forgive others, then he would never have peace of mind.
22, heart filled with their own views and ideas of the people, always hear other people's voice.
23, destruction of people as long as the word, to cultivate a thousand words, you multi-port mercy.
24, when you advise someone, if not consider other people's self-esteem , then even the words are useless.
25, not in your wisdom mixed with arrogance. Do not make your humble heart the lack of wisdom.

26, do not have to go back to curse you people? If there is a mad dog bites you, do you have to get down to bite him one do?

27, jealous of others, not to to an increase of any benefits. jealous of others, it is impossible to reduce the achievements of others.
28, never waste a minute, think about any of you do not like people.
29, How many people want to leave this world, he will say the same sentence, this world is really helpless and sad ah!
30, love is not a charity, not just charity. feeling is no formula, no principle, no reason to follow. but people are still persistent and the pursuit of death.

31, please use the compassion and gentle manner, your dissatisfaction with the grievance that out, other people are likely to to accept.
32, who is brave and create opportunities. waiting for the opportunity to fool people.

33, can not do that, not true wisdom.
34, to listen more carefully to how people say, do not rush to express your own views.
35, the same bottle, why do you have to install poison? the same mentality, why do you want full of trouble? ;

36, not something we will always think he is good, it is because you know very little about him, and he did not have time to get along together, when one day, you deeper understanding, you will find that you think the original is not so good.
37, this world is only smooth, not satisfactory.
38, alive, is lucky, on the treasure. When I cry I do not have shoes to wear, I discovered that someone did not feet.

39, a little more effort to pay attention to others, reflect on their efforts on curbing, you understand?
40, For the world Daobing Jie, but the middle of the night listening to the sound Tu door. Do not just blame their illnesses, disasters will occur, see more violent death of sentient beings in your sword and how much?
41, hatred of others that he is a great loss.
42, everyone has a life, but not everyone is aware of life, and even cherish life. do not understand human life, life For him, a punishment.

Li Haifeng criminal syndicates in some cases

1998 June Irrigation Authority, to pay 100,000 yuan Li Haifeng, after the plantation to 900,000 yuan subcontracted to others, received a contract costs 530,000 yuan and Jetta sedan (money or property totaling 600,000 million), and the remaining 300,000 yuan contract fee agreement to repay the loan to pay for Irrigation Administration. Li Haifeng get 43 million and a car, laid the economic foundation of organized crime groups.

tyrants everywhere trouble

illegal subcontracting woodland of the Li Haifeng was born in Yongji Chaluhezhen Head Road Village, was a star post Yongji a worker in the reservoir The reservoir has a mortgage to the bank of the forest, lending more than 40 million in December 1997, Li Haifeng by to do work for banks,beats by dr dre solo hd, to assume the stars whistle Irrigation Authority reservoir 45 million bank loan way, without any capital investment, does not provide any guarantees in the case of property, contract the council 287.4 ha plantations.

stage at his last statement, Li Haifeng, although also luck, but the psychological barrier has been completely defeated by the prosecutor, said in despair: the organization. Most pleaded guilty Executed.

review of more than a year to prosecute

2001, the construction of Yongji Chaluhe Li Haifeng During the town funeral home, the victim had purchased 4 cars cement Liu Shilin, Li Haifeng only part payment. April 10, 2002 morning, Liu Shilin heard funeral home to the fork in the road after the completion of the cement shall ask town to find Li Haifeng, the defendant Liu W D., Qi Jinghai Li Haifeng, who instructed the subject to the Qijing Hai Liu Shilin business beat Red Star Hotel, and later brought a knife to Liu Shilin masked funeral, cremation before a spade in and said again beaten Liu Shilin Liu wishing to push cremators until Liu mercy and said never again after the cement section, Li Haifeng other people stopped, Liu Shilin detained and beaten for several hours after being put back.

1994 年 10 月 24 to 14 am, Li Haifeng and the victim in Yongji plum first fork in the road because of a trivial altercation near the town cinema and tussle, and discourage others after left 19 o'clock, Li Haifeng driving again when plum line to where the first stopped, the two continue to mouth and blows. Li Haifeng hand crank the jeep hit the head first, according to plum, its down to the ground, sent the first plum to the hospital after she died. Since then, Li Haifeng ordered a key witness perjury case, the error resulting Yongji People's Court found Li Haifeng as defense, intentional assault sentenced to three years probation for five years, Li Haifeng Li Haifeng October 20 the same year was released after four to promote its Yan a brother to cut pieces of the tree dimethyl grounds of Camp Hill, together with others to be arrested Yan Li Haifeng home of a brother, their beatings, threats, demanded money $ 20,000 and later threatened Yan a, so that a nerve Yan dysfunction of the same month, Li Haifeng, Sui Qinggui to steal the fish in its reservoirs as an excuse to make men Liu W D., Wang Ye, Hammond, cold small peak more than 10 people, will be brought to the reservoir Liu, tied to their assault, and irrigated with hot open to compel him to admit to steal the fish. then the Liu's brother, father and others beaten to the reservoir, the ears with pliers, and force them to admit stealing the fish. Li Haifeng also make cold small peak, Li Xingchun take notes written agreement, in order to blackmail compensation 50,000 yuan.

intentional injury lay the foundation for the sentence to death

the death penalty, I witnessed the whole case. 14 transferred to Jilin People's Procuratorate for examination and prosecution.

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2005 September Yongji pull the town residents Kwak, Kang Wang's own expense, in western Riverside dredging sub-village, crime Li Haifeng suspects Song Yansheng rely forces to battle the sand on the grounds that they stole him, holding shovel to cut into his arm Kwak minor injuries.

Li Haifeng move just a moment, but give the impression of infinite space for reverie, he regret it? He repent it?

8 5 March, after another few days under the rain, the sky becomes clear. 7 pm, the staff officer prosecution machine had reached the place of execution. 8:15 pm, Li Haifeng dressed in dark casual clothes, casual shoes, who strapped a white Jingsheng, was taken into custody, judicial police torture chamber, Li Haifeng facial expressions lightly. As the number of cordon set up the execution ground, the external people can not see facial expressions and eyes Li Haifeng revealing things. But one detail still could not escape the eyes of investigators. Li Haifeng execution from location to location off about 10 meters distance, 10 meters in this way, Li Haifeng suddenly looked upward, blue sky, with a sigh, and then calmly toward the execution site.

desk when filled with nearly 200 the number of file materials placed in front of prosecutors, the panel felt that each person's heart unusual case, the task extremely difficult. The face of mountains of files, the investigators did not afraid of difficulties, through the merits of the order, in a relatively short period of time handling the formation of a practical idea.

Li Haifeng death the whole day Chaluhe Sleepless

Jilin People's Procuratorate accepted the case, the hospital when he was Attorney General Wang Zhaokui other House leadership attached great importance to the Director of Public Prosecution at the Li Ye, Yang, Deputy Director personally, took command, established a headed by Yang, LEE Wing will, Zhao Shujuan, Nie Yan, Sheng-nan of handling people,

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2005 July doubt Yongji Chaluhe Li Haifeng Town, Village Road, village head, who stole the victim Liu Baoxiang contracting fish within the reservoir, and summoned the defendant Suiqing Gui, Liu W D., Wang Ye, cold small peak, Li Xingchun, Hammond, Zhang Qinglong, Jinhaitao Liubao Xiang, who will be brought to the reservoir Villa beat within the last five hours, and mining boiled, bundling and other violent means to intimidate Liu Baoxiang concocted together with Liu Baozhong, Chi Yong Huai, Wang Jun, who stole a total of more than 7,000 pounds of fish a false fact. turn 3 within the band to beat Villa force made up of a common recognition of Liu Baoxiang the fact that fish stolen, after which they ordered cold small peak, HAN Yong-large, who do Sometimes no forensic identification.

tied to the execution site looking at the blue sky and sigh

armed masked as monopolies wounding

2006 March 12, at 10 am, the defendant Sui Qinggui with Hu Jianwei, Zhang Baoshan Cui Meng went to the victim business days billion karaoke drinking, karaoke attendant to the victims during the Sui Qinggui Dengguang Li Deng made unreasonable demands were rejected, then Deng Sui Qinggui abuse and assault when the come to dissuade Cui Meng, the Sui and beating of Cui, the forensic Cui Meng, Deng Guangli constitute Sometimes no.

are smart people but also people who do no evil

2004 年 6 月 15 at noon, together with the accused defendant Suiqing Gui Qi Jinghai, Li Jianjun, Jinhaitao, Hammond and others to the victim in the bin business Longwan hotel for dinner. During the reception, Qi Jinghai, Li Jianjun, who is above the slow food by the assault, verbal abuse service. After the victim arrived at the Bin, Qi Jinghai, Li Jianjun, Jinhaitao Sometimes no cause to be beaten at the same time, Qi Jinghai, Li Jianjun, Jinhaitao, Hammond, part of the hotel facilities damage, causing loss of value 5166 yuan.

gunmen detain migrant labor force each other

Li Haifeng Jilin City Mafia is the largest ever case of a Mafia case, the number involved in the case to the public, the fact that many crimes, the organization continues to exist a long time, social influence, called the city's most criminal cases.

to lay a sudden break in the case, the prosecutor made adequate preparations. The trial, Li Haifeng plum for killing the first case, an oral defense is scheduled. In describing the plum first stopped their jeep, the first quibble that plum first interception of his vehicle armed with a kitchen knife, also known as plum after the first knife under his arm to intercept his vehicle, when the prosecutor asked him sternly Yang plum first to be hailed , he also called Li Haifeng excuse ill-founded, In the words of Yang Xuyi is pressed, Li Haifeng finally lowered his head.

Li Haifeng order to continue to expand their forces, gathered more than 20 local social workers were idle, to the defendant Qi Jinghai star hotel, where it operated, the implementation of organized criminal activity from over a hundred, oppress and injure people, the local people in the production, life have lost their basic sense of security, great resentments and the organization and its members will be seriously damaged the local economy, social life and public order.

draw national staff for umbrella

with a gunshot, Li Haifeng evil life is over.

2000 June, and Zhou Li Haifeng as Mengmou Li Haifeng Mengmou did not give September to October in the town funeral home during the construction of Yongji fork in the road, beatings and withholding of wages of workers, resulting in the victim Bao Jianxing Xiaogan workers, Zou Yonghong, who fled the unbearable site. mustered Li Haifeng Liu W D., Jin Honggang, the defendant Suiqing Gui, Yang Jiyong , HAN Yong-large, who will seize Zoumou, who, escorted back to the site after a brutal beating Martin and others, property and workers who found and removed, and armed to take into custody and forced to labor. A few days later, because workers can not stand Hubei , take into custody who is not prepared to take into custody after fleeing officers tied up the river fork.

2003 July defendant Lixing Tao of monopoly Yongji Chaluhezhen gas filling civilian industry, collusion Li Haifeng, take all measures to force farmers to stop other businesses operating in the same year 7 31, Lixing Tao found that residents of the town continues to operate when the victim Sun Guilin, Li Haifeng will notice, while tracking Sun Guilin. 11 o'clock that night, the defendant Li Xingtao phone, who told the defendant Suiqing Gui Yun Sun Guilin tank car driving route, the defendant Suiqing Gui, Qi Jinghai Li Haifeng ordered by masked armed with the defendant Jinhaitao, fork river village hospital in the Sun Guilin and wounded his wife, Shu-Hua Chen, and transport tank car smashed through the legs forensic Sun Guilin Ministry of injuries as minor injuries.

gong drum, twisting Yangko, firecrackers resounded through the crossroads town of the sky, like the New Year in general. January 20, 2009, Jilin City Intermediate People's Court sentenced Li Haifeng death crossroads town in front of the masses to the Jilin People's Procuratorate discharge firecrackers, sent a banner and firecrackers out of stock, full sound of firecrackers rang one night, the whole town fork in the road all night. Li Haifeng long-entrenched syndicate crossroads town in Jilin City and the surrounding areas all sorts of bully, bully harm people, not people Gannu vocal. The case for not only the success of the eradication of Li Haifeng syndicate this social cancer, but also for economic and social crossroads town healthy and rapid development clears the way back to town a fork Qingping world, the people returned to the river fork a Lang Lang universe.

in the process of dealing with Li Haifeng, I think he is a wise man, is a non- people who do evil. He said Li Haifeng have not aware of the law is not in the joke with him, did not realize that they will be penalties imposed. .

three trial. Li Haifeng Mafia cases, the case is complex, social impact, the first trial, 31 defendants suspected of 27 counts, more than 20 defense counsel, to attend mass more than 200 people. From 2008 to December 16 to December 20, the entire court proceedings lasted five days, nearly 40 hours.

Justice Network Jilin August 19 (Xinhua correspondent Tian Wei) at 8:40 on August 5, just as soon as the gunshot, damage the party, wicked the Police identified the Li Haifeng triad-related cases involving intentional assault, organized crime syndicate leaders, extortion, affray, illegal detention and other 17 counts, involving hundreds of facts from the criminal and illegal.

in court, Deputy Director Yang published a 15,000-word indictment as long as the views of his impassioned: Su enough to kill the law, do not kill enough vibration national prestige, the prosecutor on behalf of the Court suggest that the courts are accused Li Haifeng of capital punishment. At this point, the accused Mafia members Li Haifeng and the arrogance of being completely destroyed the prosecutor, the defendant Pingguo Lin is kneeling on the court for its clemency request.

It is understood that the use of monopoly Li Haifeng and operated funeral home mining battle convenience, money-millions of dollars, hundreds of people hurt innocent people, large case series of cases involving the Mafia involved in evil. November 5, 2006, Li Haifeng Company Mafia gang members arrested in Yongji crossroads town at the General Assembly, 23 gang members were publicly arrested. Li Haifeng Mafia gangs are involved in evil Jilin greatest impact in recent years, local people most hated gangs. In 2009, Jilin City Intermediate People's court verdict, Li Haifeng sentenced to death and fined 1.87 million yuan. After the first trial, Li Haifeng, who appealed to the Jilin Provincial Higher People's Court. August 2, 2011, the Provincial Higher People's Court reported to the Supreme Court approved, Li Haifeng eventually sentenced to death. At 8:40 on August 5, Li Haifeng, was executed.

local evil forces in order to consolidate the status of its financial sources Mafia, Li Haifeng spared no expense by providing transportation, purchase high-end clothing, gifts, etc. a variety of names, draw, public security organs buy Chaluhezhen some of the staff, some of the local forestry station staff to act as umbrella for organized crime groups. win, buy the original fork in the road Liu Shulin, director of Credit River to become the backbone of syndicate members, through various illegal means to transfer the free credit funds under the name Li Haifeng, to finance their criminal activities.

hurt innocent people to extort money

ordered his men to do Wang Zhijun money is too slow on the grounds, called the King about to fork in the road town, together with the defendant Suiqing Gui, Qi Jinghai Wang Zhijun, who will be detained, and beaten them, and asked Wang Zhijun call home to release money in Wangzhijun be Nearly 11 hours after detention, lobbied for money to the Royal Li Haifeng, Li Haifeng, who will Wangzhijun back time and blackmail the 1000 yuan.

Li Haifeng Mafia cases, the case is complex, and ultimately allowed by the death penalty, that is, its 1994 plum first cases of intentional injury.

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4. orange, wash your face at night after the puree with the orange peel or orange painted face, can make the skin against dry skin water Dangdang very comfortable
5. yoghurt + banana, attaining to shrink pores
6. chloramphenicol injection for facial skin can smooth
7. boiled protein, rub on the nose, You can get rid of blackheads on the nose, the nose may persist for some very small tender, can replace the dead skin cream
8. baby oil, can be used to makeup , effective and affordable
9. ginger, whittled pen-like, to spread light and thin eyebrows, painted once every day, gradually president concentrated
10. tea, Paowan later used to apply eye, can eliminate eye bags and dark circles, bags under the eyes of the people are very large and effective, the best time to get up to do, preferably green tea or black tea
11. finished first in a hurry with a towel wrapped hair can blow the whole, done faster
12. nail polish to nails after soaking in cold water, will dry very quickly
13. vinegar, used laundry damaged hair dye, shampoo rinse with vinegar against water (about 1:5) poured on the hair wash away over 5 minutes, then rinse the hair conditioner, hair is not as firewood
14. vinegar, tend to become dry, rough hands, foam hands with vinegar 10 minutes' skin
15. rice washing water, with the first two rice washing water wash, 0.5 days sooner or later the time will become snow white skin, and very supple
16. tofu, tofu every morning and rub the face with a few minutes a month, the face will become very moist
17. Xiyan, after washing the face to not dry, with thin salt rub the nose, you can go to Black
18. strawberries, coated teeth to make teeth white
19. cod liver oil, applied at the roots of eyelashes, can stimulate eyelash growth
20. apple, can cure eye of the fat particles, with stickers of
21. light blue film, taken out attached to the acne, about 15 minutes to douyin.
22. hemorrhoid cream, acne treatment, a small corner of the eye smooth fine lines very effective, the principle is the composition of hemorrhoids cream and eye cream ingredients the same, but technology and sophistication is different
23. VE, painted lips at night before going to sleep the next morning pink lips would toot, very easy to use
24. brown sugar + honey, add half a teaspoon of honey, a spoonful of brown sugar mill nose, one to two minutes, not too long, then wash, twice a week seems to be serious, useful
25. tomatoes, eat to cure black eye, eating habits are definitely not stay up all night working hard a black eye, it will not Mianyoucaise.
26. lash line with liquid eyeliner bad master, you can draw with a pencil first, look around, and then describe what the hard heads of the liner, will be very handy
27. acne were the most good not to eat honey, because honey stimulates the growth of acne
28. placed in a jewelry box in a small piece of chalk, you can make jewelry to keep you shiny
29. myopic eyes due to outstanding, you can RGP glasses used to contain, in conjunction with a simple massage, for a year, allowing the eye to return to normal. This is the four fingers and massage it, so that the front is generally homogeneous, then close your eyes, the eyes converge on the location of the eye and gently press down, press down after 5 seconds, then repeat. Day by half an hour. Effect is obvious.
30. painted eyelashes grow a variety of growth medium Ye Hao, oil, nor in after 10 pm, painted a more effective, because it is strong period of growth of eyelashes. In addition, only half can be painted on, and not painted eyelashes root, or easy to grow fat granule Oh. Applied to the upper half of the liquid can flow along the lash roots, but not much to long fat granule Oh!
31. perfect aloe vera gel, how to use can be, because it is promoting new skin, so similar to a hand cut. . . Face speckle ah. . . . Acne Indian ah. . . Very effective useful, now rub this on the evening after washing the face, the skin will feel tender, the effect is obvious. By insect bites can go to redness, sun damage that can calm the skin, acne help acne that can mature, then squeeze the acne, and then coated with aloe vera gel, acne quickly enough
- ------------------------------------------
1 enteritis diarrhea, eat berberine, friends with children at home, this is certainly useful to you
2 stroke, a Shi Dishui + a Huoxiangzhengqi hydrated eat
3 foot odor, feet a day with Shanghai medicated soap, wash your socks and insoles, can go to foot odor.
4 foot blisters, blisters on at bedtime in a little water and a good coating of flour, one night would be much better.
5 sweat, wearing shoes when the soles where to sprinkle lip, slowly, sweat less
6 stomach, eat some ginger, ginger also can cure athlete's foot with frostbite
7 small area of ​​skin damage or burns, burns, cast a little toothpaste, can immediately stop the bleeding pain;
8 leg cramp, pinch force may not be effective soon. Legs can be straight, so toes back hook, point to themselves, can effectively relieve cramps
9 nursing throat, eating watermelon touch salt, watermelon frost is generated, retaining the summer bathing voice
10 God of ice with six shower gel, washed for a very smooth, not like other shower gel is not so sticky and stuffy long prickly heat
11 soy sauce can be used to soak the garlic, a week after eating, can prevent a cold, cancer prevention, health and physical health
12 to prevent scar, if it is cut wounds (very thin kind), first wash away the blood still wet in the wound, and then sprinkled with sugar paste Upload rain, can be attached to , get some water every few hours to re-melt before putting the soft white sugar, the basic good after no traces, especially for people who scar the skin should be very useful
13 mosquito bites itch bag can be saliva, do not have other something when you can try, with good results
14 if on special occasions do not want to sneeze, sneeze about to play at the moment, hold down the hole people, the feeling of sneezing immediately vanished
15 headache, dizziness When, in the temple coated with toothpaste, because the toothpaste contains menthol, clove oil may have pain
16 regular push empty stomach, can take care of a lot of acupuncture and massage internal organs to help digestion, body good
17 treatment of tinnitus, ringing in the ears when the hot summer is like squatting on the ground, and immediately relieve
18 treatment of tinnitus, pinch your nose with your fingers, closed on the mouth, then exhaled hard, so that gas from the two ears out quickly and efficiently 19 summer clean mat, with dropping the toilet water clean mat, mat can maintain a fresh, clean. Of course, wipe down the mat when the best lines were, in order to penetrate into the toilet water lines mat gap, so cool and comfortable feel will be more persistent lack of sleep will make you stupid
20, one day need to sleep eight hours, can delay the siesta habit aging
21 eat spicy things, I feel we should be hot die, go out into the mouth and put a pinch of salt, containing about, spit, rinse under the mouth, not spicy;
22 Niuhuangjiedu can not eat, will be heavy metal poisoning.
23 Banlangen dead body waste can be discharged to the cells! of illness to be effective and fast friends with antibiotics, can use this method.
---------------- ----------------------------

a hair dryer blowing against the label, such as blowing hot glue marks, you can easily peel off the label
2 screens greasy than clever: the detergent, the rest of cigarette smoke on the water together, to be dissolved, and brought clean windows, screens, good results
3 idle cream, lotion-like stuff, throw a pity, can be used to wipe bags (leather or imitation leather of all can), a rub on a clean like new
4 did not air a cola drink, can be used to clean the toilet, pour flush toilet for 10 minutes, you will find very white very clean toilet
5 Balm get rid of stains, ballpoint pen and India in particular, a rub gone
6 wipe with vinegar home tap, stainless steel sink, etc., with a long time to get enough light, and in this way a very bright
7 rub with stockings clean stainless steel appliances, effort and clean, to ensure bright as new.
8 If you do not accidentally drip on clothes on the oil, before doing the laundry, keep the clothes are dry, then place the drip drip on the detergent, then rub the two, wash, then there would be sub mimeographed the.
9 with toothpaste and toothbrush, brush the silver side of black stuff, will make it a good light
10 with moldy moldy clothes, toothpaste applied to the above, dry and then wash, can wash was washed clean
11 pure white clothing (not white), washed with water, when to vote, first in the water plus a little bit (it must be a trace, adds a finish off of ...) blue pen water water into a touch of light blue, then to cast their clothes into the wash. This wash out of clothing, the visual will feel more white
12 when drying out the white shoes wrapped in a layer of toilet paper, you can make shoes more white
13 to spray white vinegar on the menu board, put Half an hour after washing, not only bacteria, but also odor
14 sticker regardless of the wall with glue, paste, paste, or double-sided tape will leave marks. Want without leaving traces of peanuts on a large toothpaste out (not selected colored) wipe the corners of the poster, hard one click. The future can be easily opened, and without leaving any traces, white walls that will not stain
15 have blood on clothes, no matter what the quality of the fabrics, the cream (any brand will do) painted in blood , put the 10 minutes, and then summarized with soap or detergent to wash
16 have tea stains on cups, you can use toothpaste brush, wipe the tea stains on a brush to washing down
17 before the summer, clothes soaked with toilet water by adding warm water, especially the bright colored T-shirts, and more bubbles for a while, so you can maintain the bright colors, and smells good
18 colors may fade dark clothes, buy a new home time, you can use a little salt and add water to soak for half an hour wash, not easy to fade
19 refrigerator freezer walls clean with oil stick on the cloth, rub evenly around the inner wall of the freezer, later when the defrost is very convenient, gently peel off the ice on the noodles
20 cook the soup, to wash the dishes will be very clean and
21 if there is no detergent in hand, you can take the place of toothpaste to clean greasy bowls and pots, as clean
22 new buy wok, taking a dip at least 1-2 hours Taomi Shui, cooking well with them, will not stick iron pan and no smell 23 suction cup suction wall hooks or a shelf, evenly coated on the sucker a little salad oil, then press firmly to the wall, it will suck more stable
24 Xiguo cleaning ball (kind of thin wire ), with a very dirty dirty, do not throw away, put it on the fire burning. Dirt will fall into a miscellaneous pieces, but also a new clean ball
26 girls stockings sharp objects more easily scratch, bought and placed in the refrigerator in the cold for a while, wear, then it is not easily broken
27 put in the room soaking the onions in cold water to remove the paint smell, just the decoration of the house can put some grapefruit skin, toilets can be put, eliminate the odor
28 will be submerged Cancha A few days later, pour in the plant roots can promote plant growth; the residue dried tea, put the toilet or drain in the burning smoke, eliminate odor, get rid of mosquitoes, flies function
29 flower arrangement when the water drops on a drop of detergent, you can spend more to maintain the life of
30 do not care if the clothes stained with tomato juice or other fruit juice, immediately wipe with a damp paper towel, which can be removed without leaving any traces
31 laptop accidentally spilled to water or oil, can be temporarily under the first blow with a hair dryer, and then shut down the computer, not to repair in the prior do not re-boot, this will help repair
32 books or materials are water wet, slightly dry , then squeeze a good thick book, put plastic bags into the refrigerator freezer floor, and then half a day out, the paper will look into the original cleaning
33 canvas shoes with a soft cloth or silk stockings, with detergent, wash clean, not to hurt the shoes
34 bags on the stains, wipe with cotton dipped in the wind spirits, good results
35 summer clean mat, with dropping the toilet water clean mat, can be the mat to keep clean and fresh. Of course, wipe down the mat when the best lines were, in order to penetrate into the toilet water lines mat gap, so cool and comfortable feel will be more durable
36 double-sided adhesive residue on the glass of the offset, with a paper towel dipped in nail polish remover , a rub on the offset printing, offset printing immediately disappear
37, when sweeping the ground with hairy balls and the like sweep is not clean. If the family has bad hole of the stockings, do not throw to set the broom on the water stockings wet. Then sweep the floor when the hairy balls, floating dust would gradually getting on a broom stick, very clean and very convenient
38 frozen 24 hours after the candle, and then into the birthday cake, lit the candle will not shed oil 39 where no matter what shoes to wear on your foot, your foot in the place painted shoes wear a little white wine, to ensure that no plastic wear feet
40 things that can fracture if the broken upper hand rubbed oil fine, fight with one-two minutes combined together.
41 out at any time in the bag with a small battery, if the skirt with a static, put the battery's positive in the skirt can be removed above the rub a few static
---------- ----------------------------------

1 fried eggplant before, boiled with water or salted out of grievances, so that no oil has
2 mangoes turn on the gas stove a few seconds, then peel the skin is very good, tomato peeling , scalded with boiling water, the skin easy to peel to the
3 common wok, fry need something, first heating the pot over the fire, pour a small amount of oil, oil heat, pour, and then poured into cold oil , becomes non-stick pan, and fried fish, Jianbao are non-stick bowl of soup or soup
4 time, put a little vinegar, beneficial to have calcium absorption
5 large bottles of Coke to drink endless, You can put less likely to leak over
6 steamed rice, add a few drops of oil generation in the pan. Stirring. Steamed rice a grain,dr dre beats pro, and good to eat. And non-stick pan. pork chop or steak
7 to do when the music first meat soak for 10 minutes with the mouth or fry cook, delicious meat will easily melted. Coke does not taste
8 residue washed black fungus, when put a little bit of flour, will wash a lot of dirt under the
9 before peeling garlic, water, dip the whole garlic, peeled and very easy.
10 boiled dumplings should add enough water until the water after adding 2% salt, then dissolved under the dumplings, can increase the resilience of gluten, dumplings will not stick at the end of sticky skin, Tang Qing Hong
11 dumplings the walnuts into the steaming pot for ten minutes, then broke down out on the cold water, you can remove the entire Peach kernel of
12 eggs into a bowl, add a little warm water Stir into the pan Fried few drops of wine to the pot, so that Stir the eggs fluffy, fresh, delicious.
13 excessive consumption of raw onion and garlic, will stimulate the oral gastrointestinal, adverse health, the best add a little vinegar and then eat the shrimp
14 into the bowl, add a little salt and food base powder, rub for a while after the catch, soak and then rinse with water, Stir the shrimp will be as transparent as crystal, cool and delicious
15 made tender beer duck, braised dishes like trotters, when simmered in water, poured from the wok cooker inside the stew, meat is more tender, more fragrant, more slippery, water vapor is also small, particularly delicious
16 wash peaches, when the water discharge point to the base surface, peach hair floating in the water naturally, and not washing hands itch, so washing is absolutely clean
17 peach yogurt, can sober up after the upset, yogurt can protect gastric mucosa, slow alcohol absorption, and calcium-rich drink to alleviate irritability particularly effective
18 Pork, the meat first ten minutes with baking soda and water soaked, drained the water after the tasty, fried out will be very tender
19 wash grapes, when put some starch, just a rub rub, grapes can be completely washed sparkling clean as a filamentous
20 sweet potato, fried taste is very unique, to good effect through the intestines with a knife sticky
21 things (cakes, Baba class) before the first blade drenched in cold water, they stick a
22 that are re-cooked rice cooking method: used chopsticks in the rice pot inside the bar through the hole more, sprinkle a little rice wine heavy stew , if only the surface of half-cooked, then turn to the middle as long as the surface of stew to
23 how to identify eggs: eggs with light according to a new, very short, completely translucent eggs, was orange red, no black spots inside the eggs, no red shadow. If you wish to measure the freshness of eggs, eggs can be soaked in cold water. If the egg is lying in the water, indicating very fresh; if tilted in the water, the eggs have been stored for at least 3 to 5 days; if straight up in the water, may be stored for 10 days. In addition, if the egg floats on the water, then the egg is very likely to have gone bad.
24 after eating fatty foods in the tea can stimulate the autonomic nervous system, promote fat metabolism
------------------------- -------------------
1 going wrong by the time the index finger tip moistened with saliva, saliva and then point to repeat this on the tip of ... action like
2 times when the fish stuck, you can take an empty bowl on the head, the holding pairs of chopsticks, bowls heart knock against the hard knock knock, knock `` `Kill `
3 of sand or foreign objects into the eyes, immediately spit, spit more, then stop blink, Best test Braun's
4 sand into the eyes do not rub your eyes or turn, immediately put into the sand of the eye closed, then cough and then opened his eyes, soon good
5 summer shower in the bath foam and sprinkled the ball will be very cool Fengyoujing
6 mosquito bite, the fastest way is to use soap after cleaning the bathroom painted look
7 slippery on rainy days, if the sole affixed to each end of a Band-Aid will not slip up.
8 was pepper delicate, Pour white wine coated surface of the skin, rub for 3-5 minutes like
9 eyedrops slightly upward, mouth, eyes so that chaos will not blink;
10 eyes into the small dust, close your eyes and cough hard few, the dust will be out on his own;
11 eating smelly things, such as garlic, tofu, and eat a few peanuts like;
12 drink vinegar when playing hiccups, see Pole Speaking of hiccups video
13, if the body on the outside, not how to do things? I tell you, according to the palm of the hand! Which palms will do just with the thumb of one hand desperately hold palm of one hand. Wonders of the hiccups, do not press the fight. There is a point, according to a prospective, by a ten seconds, half a minute, let go, it will not call back. Press was not allowed, then let go immediately after the fight, then press it. Oh to be hard!
14 stomach stitch: to raise the butt lying on the bed, hands straight, back to the sink, the most important must take the bottom elevation, and pretty soon, will play a few fart, just fine. . .
15 after eating garlic, a glass of milk, milk protein will react with the garlic, you can effectively remove the garlic, and milk, pay attention to the small mouth slowly swallow, so the milk stays in the mouth while , and the best to drink warm milk, it will be better.
16 eating peaches, the Peach clean, dry, accumulate several, including up on the pillow, you can sleep peacefully. That is evil of you, to prevent nuclear trinkets for the children good

12. that's why (you go away) meachael learns to rock halfway in front of a hair salon heard that's why (you go away) piano version!!! feel good, so it sounds That's why the More classic! (put the sound gets better feeling oh) -

51. promise don't come easy CD slowly humming along, can not remember what time the first time heard, Ruoyouruowu haunted his thoughts, like a dream.

52. lonely - nana is a black rap songs, and joined the R & B and Blues style of music, songs which have female accompaniment, melody is very beautiful. Not have a second song can transcend ... discrimination, family broken ...

53. Dilemma - kellyrowland partner with rap superstar nelly singing the song, although the style of old-fashioned song, but still nearly two months in the U.S. radio hit reelection Champion records.

54. you took my heart away the soothing rhythm, simple music and full of beautiful melodies, are best demonstrated mltr charming skill.

55. helene segara-encore une fois a classic French songs, as the rich romantic atmosphere of France, the French popular singer helene segara album, her music and her people do not have the same style. Her voice is not very prominent, but there is a charm blurred sound qualities.

56. sealed with a kiss Sealed with a kiss, classic American country music, a very romantic songs, classification of parting love, but not sad; Road bitter break up, but not deep. Acacia suffered the pain of lovers to listen to, certainly not a good feeling ...

57. Only time - enya without the sadness as the song Only Time in my heart. And when the love heart weep inexplicable extinction desolate despair of trying to hide something, but only time the only witness ...

58. I will be missing you remember the first time I hear it, just remember the melody very HIP-POP, until it was accidentally know its origin. Then sent to download, listen, over and over again.

59. civil war - guns n 'roses in the United States, a country, a rock band create such a concern for the fate (of course, can also be interpreted as anger) songs, this is not rock and roll Anti-sentence, it is a better interpretation of the rock. I think the reason why there are so rock and roll in a foreign country's position precisely because of the high number of foreign rock band has on society and the spiritual masters of the country and a deep understanding of music and exuberant interpretation. Home? Only fills the proliferation of pop music, rock and roll is not only non-mainstream, almost as Moliu the ... sad ah ...

60. Sunny came home1998 Grammy Award winning years, is now impossible find such a beautiful melody.

61. the one - Mr big in every song has a classic Naiting guitar SOLO. I think there is enough of this song lasts, even many years later, this song will cause infinite resonance.

62. to be with you - Mr big almost all of the guitar can be seen teaching the song patting with a group of young man beyond the first chorus on the stage superstar ... time always goes by, the romance and reality, Which one will be with you in it?

63. stop crying your heart out - oasis can not be called classic, but always give people a tired, do not want to say to what extent, if I die tomorrow, too ...

64. cinderella too despise the pro-episode of SHE, so I had to listen to the English version of this doctrine the first half of sugar, but found that they sing nicely than a hundred times!

65. the sound of silence is the best film Oscar for musician Paul Simon's behalf ... I believe there will be hundred of them a hundred people like to listen to this song.
66. should it matter - sissel kyrkjeb I like this low-key and beautiful woman, faint feeling, listen carefully you can hear the sexy Oh!

67. stuck in my heart the melody is very beautiful, in the middle there is a perfect chorus.

68. utopia - sweetbox sweetbox following three songs are from, and feel bad after losing to now, which my brother and sister to know where to tell the little brother to a certain under Oh, thank you slightly!!! Their songs are clever blend of Pop, music, the rhythm of the water line female lead singer Jade dramatic voice, not only fans of the imagination open, and exciting, do not be tempted not work ah ...

69. alright - sweetbox

70. one kiss - sweetbox

71. dreams come true - ses were done numerous radio background of numerous electronic music, melody rings you know you've heard of ...

72. sweet dream is like a song, Jang Nara is so lovely long, and friends can find conditions under the MV look, very good, oh ~ ~

73. back to you - bryan adams not much to say, Bryan Adams, each song so classic ...

74 . forever and ever-because i love you. Absolutely nice, because this song because dido red
75. Say It Isn't So - bon jovi tender tough guy singing the song is also very touching thing ~ ~

76. now and forever - richard max and we may rarely listen to his songs it `~` In fact, he's really good song! and we hope to share with ah!

77. angle of mine to sing a very old band, the specific name I forget, super nice.

78. dream cranberries Bailey is the famous band ... This is the first card Unfortunately, every time out of true and false ... Faye Wong to sing the song feel the ruined music hey ~ ~

79. faint - lincoln park Lincoln Park, the band name is because every day the end of the band back to the routine practice home, he will be passing through Lincoln Park drive important, their average age in his early twenties, but oh ... their music gives quite a different type of feeling

80. somewhere i belong - lincoln very fast paced and a little park alternative song.

81. *****-- meredith brooks is very pleasant and cheerful light of the genre, the name (fairy) is not good after listening to a little bit, but the whole song is a bit its own way, Teli alone will not change for anyone.

82. westlife some time, like Westlife songs, singing them every day to eat, read, sleep.

83. the power of love - celion dion Celine Dion filed (Celine Dion), we all know she's singing into the portrait is famous for her highly expressive tone, sound field broad, very there is tension, favorite songs, and perfect song.

84. a new day has come - celion dion love her and hope filled out another hot breeds life, her singing career in the eighth Zhang Yingwen album come

85. more than word *--** treme is a cover of the song countless times, with only an acoustic guitar accompaniment, but his noble qualities, but with true feelings, than the organization has a gorgeous body lively sound, of course, the song's most charming, or flawless chorus part - the gentle, rolling, gliding dies looming and the accompaniment, only the truly open mind, quality people who can write refined love songs, and only truly deserves to be gentle and lovely people around this song.

86. killing me softly with his song - roberta flack with age, inevitably this song on the gramophone era legacy of aristocratic taste, over and over again repeated She has been drunk, been unable to escape, she is more like himself, holding his chest and muttering the whole mind of his eyes all he was all his ah ...

87. can you feel the love tonight - Elton joh neat and clear articulation, courtesy of the lyrical, unhurried piano, only those with strict cultural traditions of the middle-aged Englishman to show.

88. lemon tree - fool 's gardon5 a country boy was composed of Taiwan girls (Tarcy) cover into a Chinese version, in this oriental country Piaoqi! -don mclean the lyrics have a poetic young man has a spirit of martyrs, the Dutch post-impressionist painter, Vincent Van Gogh, the great madman presented a moving one, the artist sing this song of loneliness and injustice of the world , sang the noble suffering and love, sang the inner contradictions, sing to God, quiet and always ...

90. one love - bob marley song he used to bring people happiness, and justice struggle, this life is enough to make any song in the face of death with dignity, Jamaica President participated in his funeral.

91. careless whisper - wham mighty is the first to accept China's reform and opening up of Western pop music now sounds really not a good feeling.

92. don't cry for me, argentina - maonna show off her sexy, sell sacred? but she did not hypocritical than anyone else, when she ripped people's hypocrisy when we hear a Yue Changyue good voice, and a more realistic character. Argentina's former president's wife by Vita Legend of the experience of a lifetime there - a poor family woman eventually reside in the mother country, touched with the holy fraternity of the entire country, she has done for the poor, and her sincere and selfless, has been immortalized in song .

93. two steps behind - defleppardKB Strait has not Lusi Ji his superb skill, low voice, half singing half that mature wisdom of the lyrics, and the indescribable feeling generous, Throughout the 1980s, I do not know how many people to rely on their music, completed by the youth transition to adulthood, I do not know how many people are that distant stretches of mood away, detached from reality boring dispute ...

94. no more i love you - annie lennox this person was introduced in 1995 the album ups and downs, highs in the drag on our imagination, continuing from the aesthetic to send literature to the impact of the new classical music, also lingered in between art and commerce, and communication with the earth's imagination.

95. my heart will go on - celine dio * I am convinced that even if students have heard and liked a song.

96. *** sing you now - meachael bolton this man to have easily conquered the audience, was a U.S. radio stations to the to beautify our hearing, but, we need not bother to listen to, just follow, humming, busy with their own, happiness arises.

97. yesterday once more the singer Karen Carpenter is known as the United States, Teresa, when she died of anorexia nervosa, people suddenly found that all those well-packaged, beautiful attractive hot hits, it may only deserves to be the voice of Karen Carpenter collection, she sings a long melody shine bright, even nostalgic, full of gratitude for life, her voice is always calling people to love instinct.

98. goodbye - air supply 80 years of the most popular combination of a pair, the level of their beautiful lyrics with beautiful melodies irresistible. Like this poignant and beautiful sound, sing the phrase wound the heart and lungs , seems to embrace and love sitting in the evening the wooden roof, look at the distant sunset, with the eyes of the world most sweet looking, he was like water flowing in Hua Jingjing, then do not have a lot of money, no big house, As long as there is a sung by a lover, but only their own songs is enough ...

100. hotel california - Eagles I like that voice is full of magnetic, acoustic guitar playing a simple Resentment tone, I think, another reason to like it is on the memories of lonely feelings. This song, for a hearing, hard of hearing over and over again, with the drift to the Music, but the vast solitude of the distance. . .

35. when you say nothing at allKrauss repeatedly been ranked as the world's most beautiful female voice, sitting on 11 Grammy Awards, to be many people cover over ... boy Strip also is not to be missed Oh! -

21. when you believemariah carey n 'whitney houston much to say, anyone not a way of singing. -



46. big big worldEmilia appears to be a tidy Guainv Hai, especially in singing Emilia's album is currently sold in Sweden has been the number three platinum. The first single,



26. Mystical Machine GunKula Shaker is relatively rare, Kula Shaker's music by a lot of influence of Eastern thought, which is also reflected in the lyrics, music and orchestration into. The only real sense of the band's album is heterogeneous. -

1. don't cryguns n 'roses song has been sung millions of people cry. Always the most soft tenderness of the heart where the heart throbbing with, eyes were red, but no tears leaking, more than once every one to listen to the attachment ... -


41. encore une foishelene segara a French song lyric, sadness and futility of the song, you can understand it's sad, maybe one day I will leave you way journey to find himself might one day really ... Perhaps one day ... -


36. heroenrique iglesias born in Madrid, Spain has a unique deep eyes, cold and sexy face, voice full of magnetism, coupled with his captivating appearance ... -


42. je m appelle helenehelene rolls listened to the first French song I felt so beautiful in French, French-speaking people feel lips touch the cream, ... on the memories, to the simple love I found in I love the lyrics with a touch of sadness ... -


8. imaginejohn lennon John Lennon is the world's most successful rock band **** fanatical fans were killed, his death shocked the world, in his sixties drug use, ignoring the religious and the governme-nt, in the seventies to promote efforts to study Eastern religions and fairy-tale love (with a pieces of the star is named after him), this voice sounds like a prophet's prayer, but the lyrics still stubborn ideal, perhaps Lennon is absolutely required in Thailand, too pure, but as a dream, do not you and I not there before? -

49. live foreverOasis the last ten years the UK's most popular and most critics acknowledge one of the band; live forever is my friend recommended to me, after listening to it ... I feel really good -


44. Everything i dobryan adams much to say, the absolute classic of classics. -



18. under the sea Little Mermaid (the little mermaid) episode, Zhang Shao Han can sing always feel more energetic. Then listen to original music, you know what the cultural differences between where we are. -




47. right here waitingrachard max this is a very classic old songs, singing the unforgettable love ... This is my favorite old song once, I believe that everyone has heard countless times, but still ... -

24. Sugar Ray's Someday. Sugar Ray (said to be translated as is a sunny, happy and lively. On the contrary, their lyrics Que Shibi deep, that the body has 13 tattoos, was completely like a handsome lead singer Mark McGrath rock band often very exaggerated body language on MTV in the swing, with a very very authentic The traditional rock-style orchestration, probably alive today can not find the second band in this band. -

20. without youmariah carey my favorite singer! Because she is extremely delicate in the vocal area, but her voice is really sexy and very explosive and infectious ... ~ ~ This is the only on the treble and i will always love you match the song, here are a two choral, vocal Oh absolutely reflects ~~-

37. god is a girlgroove coverage from a personal point of view sweetbox and groove coverage is to give me the deepest impression of the two female singing band, the following are a few of their songs are, like some lazy female vocals and very crisp sound, their style ... like to listen to this strong sense of rhythm, more lively songs. Think this band's style was quite fresh, but also more popular, there should be a lot of friends will like, because the public does not mean vulgar. -





48. staywilliams (Windstruck Theme Song) Special special special joy every time do not know what an upset can not help to hear this song, even our houses usually not very willing to listen to songs of a man like on this first ... -


19. fighterChristina thick powerful voice through my eardrums, decorated with shining diamond pieces in my eyes the impact of the retina ... hope that one day I can be quite the fighter ... that's an explosive song. -

15. Heal the wordmeachael kjackson he is crazy and uninhibited love for those who bear the responsibility, the young wealthy, while the sound of pure psychological strange strange man, he and creative, not to any one genre * rope, although Jackson's image now is not good, but he has made the world's great contribution to charity, this song is also the performance of his mind right ... at least the height of his music is no one can deny. -

34. the day you went awayM2M is worthy of Britney slightly, I believe no one will have the heart to hurt this girl, but the lyrics a little sad, we never know until you have a treasure it forever lost , how to bear the pain, now I have to say, I really really lost you ... -

38. shegroove coverage-



23. never say goodbyeHayley Westenra Mandolin and harp full of songs which reveal the voice of a quiet and beautiful girl image, the song was adapted from traditional Irish songs over, Hayley Westenra's voice was like silk in general, more on the singing skills has reached the perfect position, while the voice is natural and beautiful people have to admire and envy. -

5. never grow oldcranberries recently had often heard friends say that time gone then ~! feel that they wasted time in the day by day! could not help but think of this song ~!-

29. A Question Of Lustpeche Mode is easy and / p>



50. life for rentdido fresh season, fresh girls, fresh music. Life for rent, rent out the whole life, does not belong to anyone, no roots to drift, it sounds like some sad. Continued ... ... -

11. it's my lifebon jovi CS was used as background music for MTV. -


10. let it bebeatles old set a record of the history list is when the Beatles disbanded members of the mentality of portrayal. Sometimes life is about the process, as the result, let it Let it be ... -




45. all that you can't leave behind no doubt, U2 is the most popular 1980s British rock band, but I personally only like the first, could not say specifically why, and could feel the sound melody with a great bar ~~-

40. 7 years and 50 daysgroove coverage-


4. dying in the suncranberries constantly repeated up this song, the melody of a short detour, a short detour to the lyrics. Lying in this song, dizzy, eager in the sun Shuisi ... -

14. yesterday yes a day soft mellow voice, quietly with the heart, very comfortable 21-year-old Norwegian girl marlin, writing songs his own singing, a song full of romantic atmosphere of France, just as you love ear gently whisper, super nice ... -

6. far away from homegroove coverage in Germany new bands, this song has been hailed by many of today's dance music's most famous DJ's masterpieces of the essence, listening to no less than hundreds of times, the melody is very good, female good is ... -

2. fade to blackMETAllic metal band there is also a classic song, be sure that there are a lot of people are listening to this song was a prelude to learn guitar! METALLICA classic of classics, but also highly controversial works METALLICA when there is fans suicide out of this song, timid and do not listen Oh ~ -






9. yesterdaybeatles also say such a classic, radio-on-demand rate has more than one hundred million times, Johnson had heard too. -

22. Crying in the Rain is probably count on one of Europe's most viable songs, this is the first folk singer Carole King from the works of the original works to relieve a deeply subversive of the transformation of ... -

28. gone awaythe off spring is a more controversial bands. With 99% of U.S. rock band, just as the combination of students from the school, after a very long time underground, and finally reached the ground, giving the most impressive is the lead singer Bryan Holland's very tough metal of the wild singing , with lyrics and play on the things merciless ridicule. -

13. you can't say (drama

3. dreaming my dreamcranberries with Faye Wong, Li's singing, like changing lean, elegant left the original vast sky came to earth, it is glamorous with a cold, but said changes in humans and eternal, Ireland cards Bailey learned the band so legendary wizard and the vast temperament, communication of the earth and the sky of the United States, the person's story, love, history, death, society and into that uncertain and real female voice in the ... (Cabernet Lee, this is the sound of berry vines vines) -


16. the girl is minemeachael jackson. pure fairy tale like, clean people can not breathe ... -

43. here i ambryan adams it is Bryan Adams's works, I think we should have heard his first song absolute classic is no one can resist the oh. -




31. boom boom boom a friend you love to dance, this is your music, as music and dance followers, and you get to put the music. -

30. this is how we do it quite a merry dance dj mix of modern English, even personally prefer. -


32. Earth songmeachael jackson Protect Nature! ~ highest respect! - read the mv is really feeling heart block after block of ... -



39. can't get over yougroove coverage-


25. Iris Goo Goo Dolls rapid crisp guitar solo, John Rzeznik's deep voice full of vicissitudes of things, love, full of questions, followed by the outbreak, Cause I don't think that they'd understand. When everything's made to be broken, I just want you to know who I am! -

33. everybody dance now believe the Korean variety show read a love letter friend - which is not strange it is to use a lot of the background music, especially the uncle shin shake dance thrown your hands, a very simple step, music fried into your head, will live happier it! ! ! By the way, I super love that Zhang Yinglan ~~~~-

7. knocking on heaven's doorguns n 'roses (To listen to the Austrian. -




17. delicious way Mai Kuraki. I also very much hate the Japanese, but to hear the songs feel so pure music really has no borders hey ~~-






27. Elementaltears for fears. is only a singer oland Orzab it, the whole album all the songs, each track recording (instrumental, vocal,dre beats headphones, backing vocals) all from this guy one hand (mouth) is really shocked (the original world really versatile ah)! -


Pangborn reached out to the university's public safety department and together, they researched solutions, settling on Quantum Secure's SAFE suite. SAFE is physical identity management middleware sitting between the university's DataTel enterprise resource planning (ERP) software and a variety of hard assets. SAFE associates these assets--hard and soft keys, credentials, doors, equipment, documents--with a specific identity. It then manages the relationships the identity has with those assets.

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