Convergence Drives Acquisition and Alliance Strategies

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A guest post from Allan McHale (pictured), director at Memoori Ltd., a market research firm based in Amersham, U.K.

Allan McHale.jpgAfter the battering it has had over the last two years, the security industry has performed well over the first half of this year and is proving to be in good shape. It will need to be, because the European debt problems that came to the forefront in July cast a shadow on any  prospects that the world economy might soon return to stable growth.

The industry cannot expect all of its relief to derive from a more buoyant economy. While the emerging markets of China, India and Brazil look set to continue growing, they will not fill the gap for manufacturers based in the West. Suppliers will need to grind more out of fewer prospects. This means a continuing focus on all aspects of the product mix, but particularly delivering the type of strategic benefits to customers that reduce their operating costs and provide a measurable return on their investment. Nothing less will ensure a profitable growing business for suppliers.

The past six months have shown that security suppliers are working hard on all those strategies that can deliver new business opportunities for their customers. This has ranged from buying companies and assets, to forming alliances with other suppliers, to getting new capital to implement product development and marketing and promotion. Memoori's monthly reports show that all these activities have increased over the same period in 2009. It is a credit to this industry that despite some of the worst trading conditions and tightest money supply in the last ten years, it has performed so well.

The nine merger and acquisition transactions in June more than doubled the May number and represented a 50% increase over the same period in 2009. However, the A&E sector, which shares some common markets with security, is still down on 2009, so by comparison the security industry is performing well here.

There were two mergers in June that stand out for different reasons. NICE Systems' acquisition of eglue, a manufacturer of software for process automation, real-time monitoring and guidance, and private equity firm GTCR's purchase of Protection One for $828 million, a healthy price that confirms that nothing is being given away yet  

NICE Systems' purchase of eglue was the fourth acquisition the company has made in the last 10 months. All have been strategic buys that strengthen and enhance NICE's security and real-time decision and guidance offerings so that it can offer users end-to-end solutions that support strategic operations, particularly in public safety and incident management. The previous three acquisitions, Hexagon System Engineering, Orsus and Lambda Communications Networks, are based in Israel. Eglue, based in the U.S., was founded in Israel. Could Verint be the next target? Verint also offers IP-based video surveillance software and focuses on providing end-to-end solutions to particular vertical markets. There was a time some years ago when Verint had a serious interest in acquiring NICE, so this would really be a twist in the tale. An alternative possibility is IBM, which a year ago was rumoured to be exploring a Verint deal. It would only buy if it could see Verint enhancing its capability to deliver total solutions.

The Protection One acquisition, while much more motivated by the opportunity to drive up profit through scale and efficiency, also will seek to develop integration opportunities a through software-as-a-service (SaaS) offering to its existing clients. The Protection One deal marks GTCR's third collaboration with security industry expert Tim Whall, who previously partnered with GTCR on its successful investments in Cambridge Protection Industries and HSM Electronic Protection Services Inc.

Protection One is the third largest provider of electronic security monitoring services in the U.S. based on recurring monthly revenues. GTCR's $828 million purchase price represents a multiple on sales of 2.23. The firm must believe that traditional cash cow alarm monitoring companies offer significant opportunities to develop much more attractive business opportunities. No doubt their major rivals Stanley and Tyco, both active buyers, are similarly motivated.

Alliance activity continues at a brisk pace. June, which saw some 10 agreements confirmed,  was no exception. Alliances are being driven by the need to develop new business opportunities through sharing or combining technology and markets. However, this is now extending to new include potential opportunities to deliver greater value through integration and convergence. A good example of this was the announcement this month of a strategic partnership of CNL and ESRI (U.K.). CNL supplies physical security information management (PSIM) software. ESRI is a software manufacturer providing the backbone for world mapping and spatial analysis. The combination of these technologies will allow ESRI customers to bring their entire security estate into one system and CNL customers to leverage greater efficiencies and significantly improve their operations.

As Steven Titch noted a few weeks ago, interoperability may no longer be enough. Vendors of IP-based surveillance cameras and video management systems are upping the ante on integration certification, providing integrators and users with documented validation of more comprehensive functional integrity between their respective platforms. As IP drives more user interest in assembling best-of-breed solutions, and as standards from groups such as the Open Network Video Interface Forum (ONVIF) and the Physical Security Interoperability Alliance (PSIA) are incorporated into commercial products, vendors find they need a stronger differentiator beyond basic plug-and-play.

The security industry is in good shape but, as always, after a market goes a major technology shift compounded by a traumatic business cycle, there will be winner and losers. IP is the arbiter here and those who do not embrace it will not survive. The growing share of the security market will depend upon the convergence of security with all aspects of the business enterprise.

As a director at Memoori, Allan McHale develops business intelligence services for the electronic security and smart grid industries. During the last twenty years McHale has managed a wide range of marketing strategy assignments for some major international companies, and is the author of 40 published market studies and numerous papers on physical security, fire detection and environmental controls, and has lectured in the U.S., U.K. and Europe and on business development. This article was adapted from a July 23 post on the Memoori blog.
A guest post from Allan McHale (pictured), director at Memoori Ltd., a market research firm based in Amersham, U.K.

Allan McHale.jpgAfter the battering it has had over the last two years, the security industry has performed well over the first half of this year and is proving to be in good shape. It will need to be, because the European debt problems that came to the forefront in July cast a shadow on any  prospects that the world economy might soon return to stable growth.

The industry cannot expect all of its relief to derive from a more buoyant economy. While the emerging markets of China, India and Brazil look set to continue growing, they will not fill the gap for manufacturers based in the West. Suppliers will need to grind more out of fewer prospects. This means a continuing focus on all aspects of the product mix, but particularly delivering the type of strategic benefits to customers that reduce their operating costs and provide a measurable return on their investment. Nothing less will ensure a profitable growing business for suppliers.

The past six months have shown that security suppliers are working hard on all those strategies that can deliver new business opportunities for their customers. This has ranged from buying companies and assets, to forming alliances with other suppliers, to getting new capital to implement product development and marketing and promotion. Memoori's monthly reports show that all these activities have increased over the same period in 2009. It is a credit to this industry that despite some of the worst trading conditions and tightest money supply in the last ten years, it has performed so well.

The nine merger and acquisition transactions in June more than doubled the May number and represented a 50% increase over the same period in 2009. However, the A&E sector, which shares some common markets with security, is still down on 2009, so by comparison the security industry is performing well here.

There were two mergers in June that stand out for different reasons. NICE Systems' acquisition of eglue, a manufacturer of software for process automation, real-time monitoring and guidance, and private equity firm GTCR's purchase of Protection One for $828 million, a healthy price that confirms that nothing is being given away yet  

NICE Systems' purchase of eglue was the fourth acquisition the company has made in the last 10 months. All have been strategic buys that strengthen and enhance NICE's security and real-time decision and guidance offerings so that it can offer users end-to-end solutions that support strategic operations, particularly in public safety and incident management. The previous three acquisitions, Hexagon System Engineering, Orsus and Lambda Communications Networks, are based in Israel. Eglue, based in the U.S., was founded in Israel. Could Verint be the next target? Verint also offers IP-based video surveillance software and focuses on providing end-to-end solutions to particular vertical markets. There was a time some years ago when Verint had a serious interest in acquiring NICE, so this would really be a twist in the tale. An alternative possibility is IBM, which a year ago was rumoured to be exploring a Verint deal. It would only buy if it could see Verint enhancing its capability to deliver total solutions.

The Protection One acquisition, while much more motivated by the opportunity to drive up profit through scale and efficiency, also will seek to develop integration opportunities a through software-as-a-service (SaaS) offering to its existing clients. The Protection One deal marks GTCR's third collaboration with security industry expert Tim Whall, who previously partnered with GTCR on its successful investments in Cambridge Protection Industries and HSM Electronic Protection Services Inc.

Protection One is the third largest provider of electronic security monitoring services in the U.S. based on recurring monthly revenues. GTCR's $828 million purchase price represents a multiple on sales of 2.23. The firm must believe that traditional cash cow alarm monitoring companies offer significant opportunities to develop much more attractive business opportunities. No doubt their major rivals Stanley and Tyco, both active buyers, are similarly motivated.

Alliance activity continues at a brisk pace. June, which saw some 10 agreements confirmed,  was no exception. Alliances are being driven by the need to develop new business opportunities through sharing or combining technology and markets. However, this is now extending to new include potential opportunities to deliver greater value through integration and convergence. A good example of this was the announcement this month of a strategic partnership of CNL and ESRI (U.K.). CNL supplies physical security information management (PSIM) software. ESRI is a software manufacturer providing the backbone for world mapping and spatial analysis. The combination of these technologies will allow ESRI customers to bring their entire security estate into one system and CNL customers to leverage greater efficiencies and significantly improve their operations.

As Steven Titch noted a few weeks ago, interoperability may no longer be enough. Vendors of IP-based surveillance cameras and video management systems are upping the ante on integration certification, providing integrators and users with documented validation of more comprehensive functional integrity between their respective platforms. As IP drives more user interest in assembling best-of-breed solutions, and as standards from groups such as the Open Network Video Interface Forum (ONVIF) and the Physical Security Interoperability Alliance (PSIA) are incorporated into commercial products, vendors find they need a stronger differentiator beyond basic plug-and-play.

The security industry is in good shape but, as always, after a market goes a major technology shift compounded by a traumatic business cycle, there will be winner and losers. IP is the arbiter here and those who do not embrace it will not survive. The growing share of the security market will depend upon the convergence of security with all aspects of the business enterprise.

As a director at Memoori, Allan McHale develops business intelligence services for the electronic security and smart grid industries. During the last twenty years McHale has managed a wide range of marketing strategy assignments for some major international companies, and is the author of 40 published market studies and numerous papers on physical security, fire detection and environmental controls, and has lectured in the U.S., U.K. and Europe and on business development. This article was adapted from a July 23 post on the Memoori blog.

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I know that I insist a lot , and I get a lot and I have lost a lot . But I lost the comparison , I got my whole life thing , I can be happy that I am very happy , I am also very happy . I love , even if all of the people do not wish , I will always have . I am happy to thank those who have been blessed to support me and my friend , I bless you

What are the three men around a woman needs her husband first, her husband is a constraint,
Constraints you can not just with other men have in-depth exchanges;
Her husband is a responsibility,
Willing to pay for you,
Even if there is another big bite pressure carrying,
Afraid you worry, do not plan any of your return;
Her husband is a sustenance,
He is deeply in love with you,
Is that you can entrust a man for life;
Her husband is a washing machine,
He intentionally or unintentionally, day after day,
Mechanically, cruel to wash all of your passion;
Husband is the Recycle Bin,
He was willing to pay for you,
And your nagging, complaining, grumbling all accept,
Installed in the belly rot;
Her husband is a walking stick,
Accompany the course of life you go,
To the end of life you will have the feeling:
Her husband is being unreasonable,
Domineering, even drinking alcohol often abusive men;
Her husband is always in front of you unclear about right and wrong,
Will you marry after the door,
They no longer say The second is the lover
Valentine is not a sexual partner,
The difference is they have a real emotional component,
Emotion than the desire of the lover is a special,
Ambiguous male-female relationships;
Valentine is a woman feeling lost a supplement,
Intentionally or unintentionally to a search space to express feelings,
An attempt to derail the dream of adventure;
Although not every day together with the lover,
However, every encounter,
He can make you elated, full of passion;
Valentine is just a passing woman's life,
Added a missing emotion,
Just when you feel life is numb,
Emotional crisis,
There men in your life;
Affinity with your lover, but no copies of the men,
Is destined to meet you in the vast sea,
No you can not lie in hand accompanied by copies of the Red,
Feel a kind of embarrassment and frustration,
Because you already have another man around.
Valentine is a few sweet,
Passion and put your body's cells, precipitation
Hook out of the man.
Relationship with the lover,
Always the beginning of romance and passion,
Crazy love, love a very tough battle,
End up with loss and regret,
In the end, you will regret his own frivolous and fickle,
That you hated, however,
He was in your mind leave an indelible mark. The third is male confidant
In each woman's bones have such a complex,
Or unconscious desire - to have a male confidant.
He is not her husband, not lover,
But the spirit living in your home where the man.
He may not handsome, not necessarily older than you,
More is not necessarily a powerful or rich,
However, he must be mature, wise,
Tolerance and understanding man.
Whether you admit
In your heart there is a corner of their own.
There can be no realization of childhood dreams,
May be your adolescent's desire
You may also encountered an adolescent pain,
Perhaps life has not been clear of trouble and mystery,
More likely to be your whole life can not be made open secret.
If a man can really come into your heart,
Read your frustration,
Interpretation of your confusion,
Resolve your pain, know what you desire.
When you worry,
He is your most loyal audience, most sincere friend.
And when you happy,
He will be out of your field of vision,
For your happiness and joy.
If there is such a person come to your heart,
He certainly is your male confidant.
With such a male confidant,
Is the same as you more than a psychiatrist,
More than a spiritual diary, more a spiritual pillar.
After all, in fact, male confidant friend,
Is such a friend - he would really care about you,
You will be frustrated when
You cheer for the courage and confidence,
When you proud to remind you to face yourself,
Encounter problems in your life and work pressure,
He will seriously help you analyze, identify the root knot
Help your friend out of the woods;
Male confidant is your most hardcore of the opposite sex,
Romantic ways of the opposite sex can be friends.
He should be seeding for you,
Not mixed with any ambiguous atmosphere.
Of course,
If you really have a close relationship between the words,
That is both willing,
No utilitarian purpose.
So, your friend is a complete conquest of the mind of people,
Is to allow resonate with you, you can read,
With his understanding and tolerance,
It allows you to spend a lot of confusion of the night of the opposite sex.
Together with the male confidant,
Make you feel life is not stagnant,
Because he would float to the surface ripples lap;
He will not make you tired heart, will not make you upset.
He can understand your joy and happiness,
Can feel your sadness and pain,
Know you sigh and tears.
In front of him,
You often choose to surrender,
Because you have no way of escape, no turning is optional.
In your inner world simply can not escape,
Not bailing.

So, her husband, lover and confidant blue color
What is the difference between these three do?
Husband when you Xiaye Ban,
Home with you from the unit,
Are you ready for a delicious meal of man;
Lover then you Xiaye Ban,
Then the men to the hotel the room;
Male confidant is pick you Xiaye Ban,
Then send you to the intersection of man.
Her husband is when you suddenly giggling,
With a puzzled look at you,
Said the man you have mental illness;
Lover you giggle,
He looked at you affectionately, and asked:
The male confidant would ask:
Husband often makes you angry,
Who refused to coax you, and leave the territory,
So you cool down after the hippie smile and said:
All my fault! Lover you angry,
You want him to coax you,
However, he also coax a bad man;
Male confidant would not have even makes you angry,
He hoped that your face is always full of smile of a man. Husband when you are sad,
You will try to hide his pain,
Let him see that you have any sad man;
Valentine is in your grief,
Will show a special sympathy for the men;
Male confidant in your time of grief,
You just want to cry against his shoulder men,
You do not talk to him,
No need to comfort him,
Just want to rely on his shoulders and chest.
When her husband is asleep in you,
Gently covered with quilt for your man;
Valentine's is when you sleep,
Kiss the man in your face,
Male confidant when you sleep,
Sitting on the bed stand by your man quietly;
Her husband travels,
Reminder million asked you one thousand,
Want to say too much, and finally only two words, her husband take care of yourself;
Valentine's journey,
You will remind him that
Do not promiscuous, seduce another woman;
Male confidant travel,
You will say, really want to go with you, by your side; if her husband is a glass of water, then
So, Valentine's is a cup of spirits,
Confidant is a cup of coffee.
Although water is insipid,
It is indispensable in life;
Enchanted spirits will let you drink,
Intoxicated you will regret later;
Although the bitter coffee,
You are not aware that it's hard,
Only to its thick sweet taste. Some people say,
A woman should find a man you love to do her husband,
To find a man you love when the lover,
Find a let you admire the men were not allowed to make friends forever.
In my opinion,
There is no need to find a woman lover.
In fact,
Valentine's often the most ruthless man,
In addition to the desire among you, is difficult to have the truth.
As long as there is a woman love your husband,
A heart have a male confidant enough.
The woman concerned,
Never have the best husband,
Only the best of the opposite sex.
Women are not the best lover,
Do a man's lover,
You are like a piece of clothing on his body,
Always out of date that day,
And lovers do not have some sort of illusions,
He will not give you a higher status that day,
Although the beauty of his promise, but true, not sweet.
I advise my fellow women,
Not when the man's lover,
But I do not oppose you have a male confidant.
Provided that you and your friends the distance between the blue color is not too close,
Otherwise, do not a confidant.

Love talking about when men say the woman is authoritative; married, women to men is to say a word nine

love about beauty, the man looked at the telephone pole eye, but , but
on time
love, like a man on the foot of the winding block table, a woman, constantly turning around; married, a woman like a clock, every hour around the man and knocked Dangdang ring.
on advertising
love, the woman is like an ad, always seduce a man's desire to purchase; married, a woman has become a so good.
on horizon
love, men and women are your neighbor; marriage, men and women if the horizon is the next. wash your socks when on
, MM come to my dorm, just to sit down, suddenly frowned, sniffed his nose, looking around, finally I hid under the bed of the two pairs of socks and a few pieces of clothes and pulling through the ten days, and finally took to help me wash.
married, I was forced to wash their dirty socks, but also to help his wife threw a pack of clothes.
on swearing
love, her whole female teacher in the class who, when she was dating curse,
married, the boss said something, go home angry, cursed:
there saying
married before, a man is a language family, the face of a woman then do not say always, all lent their favor for the discussion; married, the man is a thinker, always silent face of a woman fear will get burned.
married before, a man's greatest enemy is money, in order to meet the woman asked, would not hesitate to destroy them all; after the wedding, the greatest enemy of man is a woman's desire for consumption, in order to steal a few keep their own money, willing to risk being a woman saliva drowning hazard.
before marriage, men always think, if she would marry me tomorrow, the more wonderful; married, men pray every day, every day if she is like a business trip.
married before, a man talks about favorite words are: I love you; marriage, men often ask myself: I love her?
before marriage, men want to be a pretty handkerchief for the woman wiped away tears when sad; marriage, men want to be a stopper, to live in a block when a woman nagging her mouth.
married before, a man he is a pug, women do not pull, he will follow us; marriage, a man he is a shameless dog, a woman how slight, he is not willing to go.
married before, in the eyes of men, woman is a bottle of wine, how it all intoxicating; married in the eyes of men and women is a bar, how it all tiring.
before marriage, men fear women pay any attention to themselves; After marriage, men fear women entangled themselves.
before marriage, men hope every day is Valentine's Day, he can romance his best as possible and, very gallant; marriage, men want to permanently abolish the Valentine's Day, they can not charge any tongue, peace of mind to sleep.

balcony as the indoor and outdoor space over the semi- private , often become Liangshai clothing store debris and place , in fact , you can dress up the balcony , into your sun room, small garden , so you full access to fresh air , comfortable and sunny leisure . A cup of tea , a reading , a chair , a relaxed life !

If you go to a 20-year-old, not 25 years old. - Kai-fu Lee

This article is a knife. See people feel bad, see people sad.

If you have already been 20 years but less than 25 years old, you must find love in addition to outside, so you can double strong stand on the foot on the land of things. You have to find a way to make a living. Now consider not too late.

I never thought any important degree, a genius is not Coban, but not Coban, even the bit parts are not run.

you have those thoughts floating like Piaoxu, gradually transformed into clear thinking and simple text. Gorgeous and are easy to float long. You know, enough to give pleasure to read the text, content, ideas, state, soul, spirit and wisdom, which was important. And you do not see more of those large ones of the writer of a text. Do not trivial, making a fuss. Do not think of what to write. Do not hang around in small little sentimental and moving.

I want you to believe that a warm, beautiful, trust, dignity, strength of these old-fashioned words. I do not want you

decadent, empty, confused, spoil yourself, hurt someone else. I do not want you to deal with their own mess. Control their feelings and cherish it, understand that not everyone can be emotional.

experience life, is another matter, does not mean that corruption and indulgence. Do not agree with those fake cool and alternative. They are people who have nothing to do nothing to find out his excuse for letting the real cool in the heart. You have a strong heart.

have despite the passage of time, not tormented and yield of the faith. Not because of the ivory tower in the school, only to say I love the world, this is the case, is known outside the black, dirty, ugly, it still needs to say so.

good to love, to life. Youth is so short, do not sigh and old. Occasionally stopped to rest, but do not squat down to look around. A way to go, remember do not look back. From time to time ask themselves, their doing?

Sad and aggrieved when to wail. Crying face washing, pat your face, squeeze a smile for yourself. Do not rub, or swollen eyes the next morning would be.

to their future and a lofty goal. I remember always looking at the sky. Remember looking at the sky, they also look at the foot.

any time, any person who asked you how many times have love, the answer is two. Once he loved me, I do not love him. I love him once, he does not love me. Love is always good the next time. Do not give the same person twice hurt your chances.

Do not rebel, cultural youth exchanges, and heartless people do together, and did not do a proper job, who dawdle together.

Do not Fanjian When love. Humiliate themselves to please a man you, so do not moving. A man's cigarette burns on him, the next may be hot in your body. Similarly, when the woman's blade cut her wrists, the next may cut you. Do not believe a

not ready to introduce you to the men of his circle of friends. A woman only willing to call you A man or woman no longer come to you, would not have to look for him or her. Do not believe in love on the people with the means. Do not break up blaspheming. Learn, but do not regret it. Regret is useless.

do not tear photos, burning letters, diaries tear love such a class of third-rate television shows have people doing things. Believe in love. I believe good men and good women there, also unmarried, you are still looking for a big crowd. Do not say

love the material, as appropriate. Never know the spirit is more important. Than those who watch, designer, fashion, and more beautiful is the hard-working and energetic you. If you are 20 years of age every penny spent is also asking people to come to the parents, that you can only bring out the covered brand-name of your shameless. Do not think you have put on brand-name quality, to know if there is no real meaning, coupled with gold saddle mule will not become a horse. You are young, speak your career started, create your future, but you have an adult, at least let their parents no longer become a burden, so that parents can see 20 years of hard-raising hope.

nothing will turn you into a waste, a man despised by all other waste, because this does not discount you are a non- deduction of the parasites. Do not get hold of that weird hair, wear androgynous clothes, sprayed with pungent perfume, people will pay attention to you, to understand the vision that attracted people like looking at a different monkey. Many educated people are disgusted with your alternative is not written on his face, but beyond a reasonable doubt that antipathy surely will bring you extremely negative consequences.

do not look down on working people. Do not labor shame. Land is not dirty, sweat is not unpleasant. Please respect the living conditions of those who seem not as good as you, but still honest work with their own hands for their families, because it is the only respect themselves. Always sympathetic to those at the bottom of it, because our family is in these groups. We are not precious. We must be able to support themselves, this is where your dignity.

Do not underestimate the penny. May wish to earn to earn their own look. Life a little tough sometimes, being bullied, they must get back to! But do not bear grudges.

villain's view, as they go better. There are principles of tolerance and compassion, will make you noble.
girls are carefully machine is lovely, but Do not use in scheming intrigue on this, that would be very tired.

man not too stressed, high-profile easy unassuming. But not too low-key, when the powerful are tough, but must not be aggressive.

were hurt when a friend, do not doubt friendship, but beware of those who betray you. Forgive, but not forgotten. Man kept a bit naive innocence of a friend to keep some of the chivalrous feelings. To be happy, be cheerful, be tenacious, to warmer. This character has nothing to do. But you must be loyal, hard-working, sincere respect to others, so that your life will not darkness.
pardon himself, but also the generosity of others. When you are unhappy because the small little things will not get angry or sad, you will be a lot easier.

To forgive the world and themselves.
To tell myself that I deserve to have the best of all.

have feelings
you have to do it
especially men
not a child

50亿crowd, met , met , and knowing each other , and love , and left , really , what kind of probability ah ~~~

encounter is a kind of accident if the time , when the unexpected departure of Kanbu Kai .

when you have six apples, do not eat them all, because you eat all six apples, You eat to six apples, eating into a kind of taste that apple taste. If you put in five out of six apples to eat to others, even though you lost on the surface of five apples, but in fact you have to get the other five of friendship and goodwill. You can get more later, when people have other fruits, when they will certainly share with you, you will get an orange from individual hands, the hands of that person to be a pear, you may get the last six different fruits, six different flavors, six different colors, six of friendship. People must learn to use what you have to return to you something more important and rich. So, give a kind of wisdom.

The first sentence is: good is a habit.

in interpersonal relations and the process of doing things difficult for us to put things right straight. We sometimes need to wait, sometimes cooperative, sometimes tricky. We do things will encounter many difficulties and obstacles, and sometimes we do not have to endure, hard red, we can choose to have difficulty to go around, there are obstacles to go around, perhaps doing things more smoothly. Think about it, we and others have to think about Naju Hua speak better to listen to it. Especially in China, more complex society, we must learn to think of ways to understand others, to make people think you are this person is very mature, very good, you can get things done.
Note: If you test math questions, be sure to answer the shortest straight line between two points, if you walk from A to B, clearly can be directly in the past, but everybody do not go, you'd better not go, because there are traps. Do things in China, linear thinking in many places to run into a wall, which is the Chinese way of doing things with Chinese characteristics.

fourth sentence is: only know how to stop people know how to speed up.

this is what the ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle said. If the good is a habit, then laziness is a habit. Were born, in addition to temper because of nature vary, other things are basically acquired form is the result of family influence and education. Therefore, our words and deeds are accumulated habit. Some of our people to form good habits, some people form a bad habit. So from now on we should become a good habit, so that our good behavior for granted, become our second nature. Let us habitually to creative thinking, the habit of doing things to seriously, others habitually friendly habitually enjoy nature.
Note: To be to be on time, you see the equipment installed, you install 30-year look, installed a long time to form a habit.

The second sentence is: life is a process.

Dear parents, life is to go through many setbacks and hardships, the stumbling, they may be summed up some of your own life experiences and lessons learned, why childhood Tell your child, we might have to change the child later in life.

The third sentence is: the shortest distance between two points is not necessarily a straight line.

Change the child's life advice

I ski, the greatest experience is not stop. I just started to learn skiing did not ask the coach, watching other people ski, and I'm easy, do not slide down the mountain from the top is it? So I put on my skis, Chi Liu click on the slide down, slide down the mountain from the top results I actually rolled down the mountain, and fell a number of Gendou. I found that simply do not know how to stop, how to maintain balance. Finally, I repeated how to practice in the snow on the slope to stop. Training for a week, I finally learned to stop at any slope, sliding, and then stop. This time I find myself skiing, and dare to the slopes at high speed from the top under the red. Because I know if I want to stop, turn around will be able to stop. As long as you stop, you will not hit the tree, hit a rock and hit people, you will not be killed. Therefore, only know how to stop the only ones who know how to high speed.
Note: use the car analogy, BMW can be on the 200 km, Chery was only on 120 kilometers, and why? Engine estimates comparable, the difference in the braking system, 200 km on the car can not brake, Oh, my God!

fifth sentence is: to give a kind of wisdom, the defect is a boon.

results, while important things, but the process of doing things is more important, because the good results we will be more happy, but the process to enrich our lives. The end result of human life must be killed, we can not say that our life has no meaning. There are few world eternal. Enrich your life experience is a process.
Note: life itself is no sense, but you give your life meaning kind you hope to achieve, so enjoy the process of life is a kind of significance.

People often say: happiness is an abstract feeling, the happiness of the United States as a study concluded that the purpose of scientific research institutions, happiness and age, sex and family background has nothing to do, but from a relaxed mood and health attitude towards life. Researchers through life relaxed and happy people study summarizes 10 in life to make himself the secret of happiness.
1, do not complain about life: happy people do not have more than others happy, but because they deal with the difficulties of life and different attitudes, they never ask Instead, ask
2, is not seeking an easy life: happy people are always left to feel comfortable living environment, being sometimes left the cozy feeling of life will accumulate, and never seek to change people lack natural wealth of life experience, it is difficult to feel happy.
3, feelings of friendship: making friends does not necessarily bring happiness, but a strong friendship to make you happy, friendship, derived from people feel a sense of belonging and solidarity be trusted, and enriched, well-being of people who almost have united genius.
4, hard work: focus on a particular activity can stimulate the body's secretion of a hormone Bennett some, it can make people in a state of joy. The researchers found that the work will explore human potential, people feel the needs and responsibilities, which give people the sense of fulfillment.
5, reduce the negative impact: fewer opportunities to some of the disaster, murder or other negative news, so that virtually kept the world on a good positive attitude.
6, the ideal life: happy people always try to set some goals for yourself, usually a short-term goals we will underestimate the long-term goals and long-term goals to give us more feelings of happiness, you can write down your goals so that they clearly know why live.
7, to their power: usually it is only through fun and interesting things can have a relaxed mood, but happy people from the fear and anger to get power, they will not difficulties and frustration.
8, the law of life: happy people never to life a mess, at least in terms of ideology is clarity, which helps to maintain a relaxed attitude to life, they will all to pack in an orderly, neat and orderly life people feel self-confident, and more likely to feel satisfied and happy.
9, cherish the time: very few people understand the well-being is the feeling of the time led by the nose, the other, but also to focus on disease prevention to improve the ability of the body, because every 30 minutes, the brain will consciously take 90 seconds to gather information, experience the external environment, as well as check the status of respiratory organs of the body's activities.
10, grateful: people who complain to focus entirely on the dissatisfaction of life, and happy people to focus on things that make them happy, so They feel more good things of life, because of the appreciation of life, so they feel happy.

encounter, known as the literary history of the event. Together they roam the area in Shandong, with the visit was a famous Taoist priest. Du Fu have described their day: swig Poets, domineering. Even if somewhat exaggerated, that is unrestrained - and this is the youth of Du Fu. In a Tang Dynasty era, open-minded ambitious people, ideas vibrant, wild and healthy self-confidence is considered a kind of beauty, it's free and easy as Li Bai admired, so Du Fu is also the pride of the times spontaneous. Together, they board the high-profile, generous nostalgia, Toward the world, so that people around envy, also makes people feel unfathomable.

middle age, Du Fu, from time to time exposed still mad state. He lives in Sichuan, is one of the few stable after the half-day, which thanks to his friends or old, the care of Jiannan Jiedushi Yan Wu. However, Yan Wu Du Fu are often casual. And Yan Wu met, Du Fu, often even not wearing a hat, which was extremely rude behavior. Legend of the most scary time, get drunk Du Yan Wu's seat, staring Yan Wu said: Du Fu is using alcohol to spread this completely crazy.

Du Fu has also been recalled his childhood in And, like Li Bai, Du Fu is also filled with the country and the world of fantasy. The difference is that Li Bai was already playing with toys from Chang'an, and Du Fu was pregnant with a belly dreams ready to try his luck.

politically frustrated is an unfortunate, but the root of Du Fu's plight is down and his life, his later life turned out to be the greatest enemy of hunger.

survival: half starved to death half Chengsi

met Du Fu of the Tang Suzong may not be so understood, is not how Dali from Du Fu and soon had an excuse to send him far trouble. Yan Wu men when the difference in time, Du Fu, or old habits do not change. Yan Wu Du and colleagues do not and the shogunate, dry period of the impatient, Yan Wu approved the request to resign. Yan Wu said no, Du Fu on again and again and again to report it to apply. Run into such a stubborn temper, Yan Wu probably can not stand to be worn only for Du Fu Thatched Cottage when the civilians to go back.

firm attitude, but he made some old trouble, did not speak a bit of the next, and finally to get the fire Tang Su-tsung, and ordered the trial of Du Fu. This is the prime minister to come forward and plead the censor, although the effect is not measured Du speak, but also considered due diligence, Du Fu avoid a penalty of this disaster.

politics: the negative and had to retire

Du Fu's poetry often appears

always on friendly, but as one warlord, Yan Wu is notoriously bad temper, and for the little things that are common to kill. Du Fu Tiger Suko so nothing to touch the play, despite the strict military did not immediately attack, but my mind was moving the beholder. One day, Yan Wu called his men ready to kill the Du Fu, Yan Wu's mother, either in time to save the Du Fu, and we do not see

Rebellion, the Years of displacement, chestnut oak he had picked up, dug wild taro, after struggling to Sichuan, is already a disease. In Du Fu's poetry, showing the poor people so real sympathy pity, then why should not he pay too heavy.

Du Fu Chang four walls are encountered. Even so, he is still young with a bit arrogant. In the book on to the emperor, himself unequivocally in the Han Dynasty literary talent not everyone Yang Xiong, Gao pieces below. In this view, Yang Xiong, Gao pieces reputation far and Du Fu's achievement, but at the time, Du Fu's argument, like now, like someone claiming to be comparable, and Lu Xun. Du supercilious momentum, it is not much worse than that of Li Bai.

in Du Fu's chanting, people are always concerned about the sufferings of the people to see a, kind and warm-hearted old man, difficult to control him and it kind of frivolous. Perhaps human nature is such a complex multi-faceted bar.

but luckily escaped after Du Fu actually not just leave, memorial for the house thing again chatter, very little momentum act recklessly. This indomitable temper and Ming Chen Wei Zheng Tang Dynasty is very similar, and do not stop. However, Wei Zheng situation will be, to coincide with that Lord, through the ages have encountered this rare Taizong emperor's mind clear, only the achievements of a generation Jian Chen's reputation. Nevertheless, the Emperor also often angry and yell, I do not know retreat kill this guy.

Chang arrived shortly after his father died so that Du Fu lost source of income, life is soon caught in embarrassment. He had taken herbs for sale to make ends meet, had to buy for relief and low price of grain. But these are poor can not save, no rice on a ten-day situation is not uncommon, he had to run in between the wealthy and friends, begging for a little assistance.

Rebellion broke out, the prime minister and rebel war room shuaibing lost, the court was forced to resign. Du Fu had just become responsible for plain speaking Zuoshi Yi, ascended the throne on the same memorial near Tang Su-tsung, that room is not big sin, it should still be given responsibility. More than that, see above in the court Tang Su-tsung, the Du Fu staring at this thing and hold entanglement.

Although Du Yan Wu

Du Fu Chang has a younger generation, in order to rub a meal, Du Fu, where from time to time to move. The younger generation has fared in general, to Du Fu's more, although he said any inconvenience on the surface, things inevitably subject to popular to do it. Occasionally, good luck, was sympathetic to the plight of Du Fu, hospitality he once was enough for a Du grateful.

In addition to abnormal

Du Fu's death also has a cut and hunger in constant contact. Du Fu left after guest in Sichuan, Hunan, caused by the sudden flood trapped, hungry for nine consecutive days. Local magistrate rescued by boat back to Du Fu, in order to entertain his white wine beef, rare Du gluttonous night of a back over and died because a drunk.

make friends: almost killed because of arrogant

Li Bai, Du Fu and

such living conditions, Du Fu Chang insisted for 10 years. Du Fu, etc. to get a minor official position, he had a little too late. He soon after taking office to go home to visit relatives, the door to hear the bad news son starved to death. Generation

drunken sing the description, the middle number to reflect a little sparse him mad. His stubborn stubborn, if not easy to see.

this event appears to be a turning point in Du Fu's life. Tang Suzong from the central government in a positive spirit, to the serious negative force the resignation of local government, Du Fu's enthusiasm seems faded in politics. However, a leopard change its spots, he was worried about the hardship the country chaos remains the same.

outstanding poet was so ineffective, so that future generations feel uneasy about, so people do on the death of Du Fu's explanations, and conclude that drowning, illness and other claims. However, even so, the poet's own pain and no benefit. He witnessed his pain Dianpei flourishing Tang Dynasty's decline, his great poem that is his life miserable whine, but also a brilliant end to the misery of the times.

I will eventually fall in love with a person's travel , away from the hustle and bustle of the city , away from the hypocrisy of the crowd, away from the secular world , away from all this I am familiar with , find the original dream , with nature , which enjoy meters in warm sunshine ~

free like the wind ~

I do not like the tour to go along , as I do not want to rule their life is always turning around the circle to the same . Childhood I have been to Beijing with his family was , Lushan . . . . And so place , then somehow I have a vision of travel , always clamoring for the next trip to bring my father , years later, has undergone a huge change , I do not love to see a sign area signs , and those who had to go to classic attractions, because I know where I was the only offensive thing, the crowd , scattered garbage , beyond recognition of the busy immediately to sleep

bud sets wine, Louis wine, as Fengcheng big bowl of wine. -



you Fengcheng's

(silence ...) -

raisins, dried abalone, dried radish as Fengcheng. -

days of relentless, ruthless manner, Fengcheng people to Nana will do -

many of your pigtail it?

/ p>

New Year approached, Fengcheng let off firecrackers it?


roses fragrant, fragrance, fragrant as Fengcheng tofu. -

Audi, BMW cars, as Fengcheng bike. -

days affection, and love, as people Fengcheng good mood. -



Beijing, Shanghai Fu, as Fengcheng tree. -

Hong Kong Street, Road America, as Fengcheng canteen. -

Cece see your life's Zuiaishishui % , may be authorized by the ! ~ cuwbojyi not everyone love to be called must be made to vigorous real , not all love has drawing near, called wonderful ~ ~ ~ ~ In fact, whether rich or poor , can always be accompanied with , more people longing ! ~ ~ ~ Red rolling in , who are you really people? ~ ~ Take a look at it here , maybe TA is on your side oh === > 〖 〗 you open the Web site copy and TA [ loved one ] of the name for magic match , [ # ] After calculation , we can immediately know the TA 's my heart is like you , TA is the value of life to the care of your people do ? pass it allows you to love to go on the road less ruthless than the long route ~~~~~~ I tried , really quite accurate ! ! { 1 } long text

Q1. When he's looking at you gently, you will say:

A. your eyes big and round → Q2

B. kind of you → Q3

C. you step on my feet! → Q3

D. What do you want? → Q2

Q2. When you miss his smile and his kiss, you will?

A. call him → Q3

B. a person alone, exercise blink → Q4

C. find friends → Q5

D. laundry → Q3

Q3. like the sentimental romantic songs to listen to it?

A. fear of hearing → Q4

B. likes → Q4

C. disgust → Q5

D. Fortunately → Q6

Q4. there are flowers of the habits?

A. No → Q5

B. There → Q5

C. lazy → Q6

D. Let's look a question → Q6
Q5. If a friend send you a dog, you will:

A. Surface pleased, and thought this guy kill me! → Q6

B. was so happy, long wanted a → Q7

C. to accept the embarrassment when the cheeky → Q8

D. along its Natural → Q9

Q6. If the boy with his ability to praise you how strong, how his handsome, you think:

A. men are like this. A man, he handsome? → Q7

B. He really bored → Q8

C. He very interesting → Q7

D. he drank too much → Q9
Q7. How do you deal with things before the lover left behind?

A. thrown → Q8

B. Retention → Q9

C. return or give away → Q9

D. smashed → Q8

Q8. like to go to McDonald's in something?

A. Package → Q9

B. Single → Q10

C. must use coupons → Q9

D. necessarily → Q11

Q9. like the Internet do?

A. Charles letters or very simple things → Q10

B. write articles, irrigation → Q11

C. mad chat → Q12

D . do not like the internet → Q11

Q10. how many credit cards have?

A. zero → Q11

B. one to three → Q12

C. did not know → Q13

D. a lot of it → Q12

Q11. How to fix your hair?

A. to a small salon → Q12

B. yourself → Q13

C. I do not have hair → Q12

D. find a taste hair Museum → Q13

Q12. QQ you need authentication?

A. Of course → Q13

B. → Q14

C. do not you ask what QQ? → Q15

D. QQ not or not , do not use QQ → Q13

Q13. like a fixed star idol?

A. once a → Q14

B. → Q14

C. No → Q15

D. it is very clear → Q16
Q14. When a person you love you, did you imagine the expression is:

A. giggle → Q15

B. surprised → Q16

C. expressionless → Q15

D. surprised → Q16

Q15. go to the zoo, when you select the following would you prefer to do things:

A. feed the animals → Q16

B. touching animals → Q17

C. biting animal (if the zoo permitting) → Q17

D. eating animals (only allowed fantasy) → Q16

Q16. How do you like to get along with Valentine?

A. pulled → Q17

B. hugged → Q18

C. Crimping → Q19

D. Minors should not → Q18
Q17. when tired like:

A. sleep → Q19

B. bath → Q20

C. massaged → Q18
D. Other → Q19

Q18. When you want a person with a lifetime together, you will choose the following:

A. told him → A

B etc. He said it → Q19

C. let him tell you → Q20

D. otherwise → Q19

Q19. love love with you spoiled it?

A. like spoiled with love → B

B. okay, can accept → Q20

C. laugh, generally it → B

D. very fond of, I feel this is very cute → Q20

Q20. When the wife in front of you crying:

A. helpless, not like embarrassing → D

B. I do not know how to do → C

C. coax him, but she was more sober → B

D. followed heartbreak → A

A. your heart is as a person, forever and ever as one. Since then, no matter who you are then met, with whom, you will never before on other Portrait as that person got the idea. People are very strange thing, there is no reason to meet. There is no reason for the initiation of love. Maybe love is a simple, but always think of him or a good, or that he had no problems. Perfect in your heart forever. Like

B. Who you really? The love of your life there will be numerous, ranging from 78, as many as 20. You do not know who is your favorite. Maybe some people will be you remember, but remember that does not mean love. Red teasing you, laugh at love, the waves by the earth, is also earth, love, Red bitter revenge, punishment. It should be said, this is your self-inflicted. You like Now, to see the results of this test, you should consider coming to an end is not it? When you return to simple, right?

C. So you have two unforgettable love, and even a love triangle. Who is your favorite? I am afraid you do not know, a stage idea. This is not your fault, but not their error. Of course, not my fault. Love this stuff, public that goes, rational woman and she said, comes down to the bottom right who did not mind. Hopefully you now have left that part of the experience of a mess. If not now, then relief, to give you a suggestion, the two of them do not follow anyone. Not perfect love for everyone is a torture. Than start from scratch. While the new kind of love is no longer a lover, but as warm as the sunshine of love what is wrong with that?

D. I'm afraid, your life who does not love it. Because you desire for freedom, because you pursued your love of the culture may be far more than concern for love. Perhaps your friends is the backbone of more reliable psychological. And a family man like you should be very happy. Because you can exceed the average person's eyes to look at things. Because you are too rational or because you're too unique? Combination body and mind to find a person you might be really hard. So, I'm afraid so. However, a big crowd, who can find that really fit their own individual?

Keep , can be used after a certainRecently more and more friends get married, marriage also began to prepare to Baby, and see the turn to hope to help everyone ~! Birth of a smart baby ~!

For many families, the happiest thing on the bb than birth, but, give birth to a healthy bb but a major undertaking, as if pregnant mothers in the prenatal diet must be the same, and today I am for everyone we have identified a 18 species would adversely affect the baby's food, hoping pregnant mothers Note ~

easy abortion food:

1, crab
It is delicious, but the nature of cold, there is stasis of power, so the negative pregnant women, especially crab claw, with a clear role in abortion.

2, turtle

although it has the effect of kidney yin, but the salty taste of cold soft-shelled turtle, with a strong pass the blood network, the role of stasis block, which has some of the disadvantages of abortion, especially abortion turtle power of more than turtle meat.

3, barley

is a Medicinal and Edible items, Chinese medicine, the quality of sliding profits. Pharmacological experiments show that barley has the uterine smooth muscle stimulant, may promote uterine contraction, which may have induced abortion.

4, purslane

It is a herbal medicine can be cooking food, its potency cold and sliding profits. Experiments show that purslane juice obvious excitement for the role of the uterus, enabling increased frequency of uterine contractions, the intensity increases, could easily lead to miscarriage.

of harmful to the fetus food


canned food canned food in the production process have a certain amount of additives such as artificial colors, flavors, preservatives, etc. Although these additives have little effect on healthy adults, but pregnant women, excessive ingestion is bad for your health. In addition, the nutritional value of canned foods is not high, the heat treatment, food, vitamins and other nutrients have been subject to a certain degree of damage.

6, spinach

people always think that spinach is rich in iron, with the blood function, so prevent anemia during pregnancy is as a Vegetable . In fact, not much iron in spinach, but contains large amounts of oxalic acid. Oxalic acid can affect the zinc, calcium absorption. Pregnant women, calcium, zinc content decreased, affecting fetal growth and development.

7, too much chocolate and hawthorn

pregnant women will eat chocolate satiety, thereby affecting the appetite, resulting in body fat , while the lack of essential nutrients. Pregnant women prefer to eat sour things, has become the preferred hawthorn fruit. Hawthorn excitatory effects on the uterus, pregnant women, excessive drinking can make the uterus contract, may lead to abortion, it is to eat less.

8, liver

pregnant women in Finland and the United States has put forward the advice should eat liver.

as rapidly fatten cattle in to the modern diet, add too much fattening agent, in which high levels of vitamin A, resulting in a large number of its accumulation in the liver. Pregnant women eat liver too, a lot of vitamin A would be very easy to enter the body, harmful to fetal development, even teratogenic.

9, Jiucun note 1

potatoes potatoes contain alkaloids, the longer kept by the higher alkaloid content of potatoes. Excessive consumption of such potatoes, can affect the normal development of the fetus, causing fetal abnormalities. Of course, the people's individual differences, not everyone will be abnormal after eating, but pregnant women still do not eat as well, especially not to eat long-term storage of potatoes.

10, hot condiments

pregnant women eat hot condiments fennel, star anise, pepper, pepper, cinnamon, allspice and so easy intestinal water consumption, reduce the secretion of gastrointestinal, causing intestinal dryness, constipation. Occurrence of constipation, pregnant women, the solution will be the inevitable spurts, so that increased abdominal pressure, pressure of the fetus in utero, fetal movement could easily lead to anxiety, premature birth and other adverse consequences.

11, MSG

main component of MSG is monosodium glutamate, its combination of zinc in the blood after discharge from the urine, Excessive intake of MSG will consume a large amount of zinc, lead zinc deficiency in pregnant women. And fetal growth and development of zinc is essential, so pregnant women should eat less.

12, longan, litchi

prone to cause fetal sex hot hot;

13 , pomegranate

anemia to eat less.

14, pickled cabbage

; contain nitrosamines, can lead to fetal aberrations.


eat watermelon fruit not more than 250g, limit eating watermelon, because watermelon is a diuretic, pregnant women likely to cause dehydration.

16, drinking tea

a British doctor discovered that fluoride in tea contains many ingredients, a cup of tea in the fluoride content up to 1.25 mg. If used to feeding pregnant rats, mice are born with bones found in the abnormal, although the dangers of fluoride to the fetus has not yet sure, but still does not drink tea as well. Drink tea during pregnancy, not only susceptible to iron deficiency anemia, affecting fetal nutrient supply, because tea contains caffeine, pregnant women will also increase heart rate and urination, increased heart and kidney burden on pregnant women, harm the mother and health of the fetus.

17, drinking coffee and cola drinks

the main component of coffee and cola for the caffeine, clonidine and other alkaloids.

caffeine and clonidine is an exciting central nervous system drugs. It has been determined, a bottle of 340 grams of cola drinks containing caffeine 50 to 80 mg, if the content of a drink up to 1 grams of caffeine, can lead to central nervous system stimulant, expressed as irritability, rapid breathing, muscle tremors, tachycardia, extrasystoles, and insomnia, vertigo, tinnitus. Even taking 1 g or less, due to stimulation of gastric mucosa, there will be nausea, vomiting, dizziness, palpitations and chest pain and other symptoms of poisoning. The fetus is particularly sensitive to caffeine, caffeine can act on quickly through the placenta and the fetus, the fetus is adversely affected. Some experiments on pregnant mice injected caffeine confirmed offspring prone to cleft palate, meninges, spinal bifida, no jaw, no eyes, skeletal abnormalities, short stature, limb deformities and other phenomena. For the next generation of health, pregnant women should be careful to drink coffee and forbidden to drink or cola beverages.

18, drinking

studies have shown that pregnant women and birth defects caused by alcohol is a major cause of mental retardation.

This is because any trace of alcohol can be no barrier to the fetus through the placenta and enter the body, making the fetus and maternal alcohol concentration of alcohol within the same. French, MD with alcohol addiction had 127 children born to women who were observed and found that they had a total defects: single fold, double fold is not even clear, the nose flat, inner eyelid eversion eyes, flat face and narrow, ditch fuzzy nose, upper lip thin and tight, short chin. This influence of alcohol poisoning, and facial development is not perfect about the children born to mothers drinking alcohol children's 1 / 3. Even more serious is the effect of alcohol on the brain and heart damage, heart disease in infants of pregnant women drinking alcohol, about 30%. Pregnant women drinking too much, died shortly after giving birth to a child's common. The results show that the anatomy of dead babies, whose brain is not only smaller than normal children, and the brain showed a hypoplastic or abnormal state. Many countries had fetal alcohol poisoning of children by intelligence tests and found that their IQ is below average, most of the performance slow, mental retardation, or an idiot.

Note 1: put a long blue potatoes, sprouting: This is a potato sprout bad performance. Will produce a potato sprout called solanine (also known as solanine) toxins. Per 100 grams of good quality potatoes contain solanine, only 10 mg, and become green, sprouting, rotting potatoes solanine can increase 50 times or more. Eat a very small amount of solanine on the human body is not necessarily obvious harm, but if you eat 200 mg once solanine (about two and a half to eat has become green, sprouting potatoes) after 15-3 minutes can be sick. The earliest symptoms are itchy mouth and throat, abdominal pain, and nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and other symptoms, mild symptoms who, after 1 to 2 hours through the detoxification function of its own self-healing, if you eat 300 400 mg or more of solanine, the symptoms will be very heavy, the performance of body temperature and dehydration caused the repeated vomiting, and dilated pupils, photophobia, tinnitus, convulsions, difficulty breathing, blood pressure, very few people can due to respiratory paralysis and death. So for patients with severe symptoms to hospital for treatment as soon as possible.

Therefore, potato sprout, blue must not eat.


aloe is used in some countries in Africa, abortion, and there is saffron, saffron is a top spices , but it is arctic nature. Are of great harm to the pregnancy! There is some pregnant women to address the vomiting does not eat plum, plum contains many harmful substances, toxins accumulate in the pregnant women, a direct impact on fetal development.

... Have not found I will not call you
have found that I no longer send messages to your
have found that when you QQ online , I no longer bother you , but do play the occasional deliberate evil play your video
these are not a bar , but it does not mean I do not love you. Just because I found one thing , phone numbers, read for a long time , smile again ... back to the origin by phone , I want to call you , but you are afraid you and say : ... .. but I always wait for you back ! Therefore , they simply do not hair, made ​​a will in their own doubly ...
hung almost every day Q, hope to meet you , see your shiny head like , occasionally seen , and my heart Momin 's excited, but you rarely speak to me and I could not help but take the initiative to send in the past , but no response , and sometimes only one , never back
.... you once again let me shiver , I insist on for so long , every day constantly deceive ourselves : I think the .. (at least you will answer the phone , at least , the QQ you will return one or two sentences )
I smile to cover up the pain
your heart smile to my eyes blindfolded I dropped
lonely heartache behind , perhaps you never see ....( from do you never thought about , to you I gave up the forests? ) Do you understand? Turn will be happy reading

19. I do not want it to be successful, since the choice of the distance will only trials and hardships; I do not

15, time is the master of the treatment of trauma, but not good at solving puzzles.

16. Or

20. I would not care the spirit of the emotions. Regret the loss is greater than the loss, greater than the error

9, money is bad man. Yes, many men is the case, however, money is bad for men

drama into comedy if you indulge in that it is tragic.

in? Keep in mind, is not forever?

5, if you do not read, thousands in nothing but a postman.

2, there are three things in this world can not take away someone else's:

error, so do not regret it.

13. A man before marriage, very few women feel that their own after marriage that their own

10, when your neighbor playing the piano in the middle of the night two points that you do not angry, you can call at four o'clock

even after the sad sad. Let us face it calmly, after parting the parting. Smile

12, the so-called threshold, passed the door, not the past became a threshold.

everyone around crying!

think will hit the wind behind the cold rain, since the goal is the horizon, leaving the world's only

1. Remembered, forget the forgotten. Changeable, and accept change.

change the existence of clear.

5. If the enemy makes you angry, it means you did not win his grasp

saw; forgotten, remember. However, the invisible, is not equivalent does not exist

3. Complaint is God to mankind was the largest offering, is the human part of the most sincere prayer

cry, when the love of love, meaningless to suppress their own

2. Could wear everything except tears, is the time to passage of time the feelings, the longer

13, the smallest good deeds than the greatest good side.

1, a glass of water due to drip a drop of water and become foul, and a glass of water but will not be a drop of water

4. The price of wisdom is contradictory. This is life for life jokes.

people even if no money, not much better.

11, if you just wait, what happens is that you will grow old.

9. Fish said you can not see my tears, because I am in the water. The water that I can feel you

are bad

16, would rather have done a regret, regret and do not miss.

second is hidden in the dream,

3, the horse stumbles soft and easy on the land, people in the sweet easy to wrestling.

17. True love is not particular about the show and do not pay attention to the lively downtown but do not pay attention to not pay attention to the gimmick

Third, read the book into the brain.

7, luck is an opportunity happen to hit your efforts.

into the stomach to eat one food,

away, is laziness.

8, was the calm, the loss of the indifferent, let it go and fight the inevitable.

7. Linghu said

8. Maybe some people are nasty, some people are despicable. And when I set the time as his imagination,

tears, because you are in my heart.


11. Church people all died as the result of released after examination? ? Although suddenly realized,

I know: he was miserable than I am. So please forgive all the people you've ever seen, good or

is back.

10. Happy to have sorrow, the rain, there should be fine. If rain or rain, if

6, no two sharp needles, no two people physically and mentally.

you are suffering down, or you step on the foot pain

17, the so-called eternal love, is from the roots to the hair, from flowers to flowers.

impossible to find a way for you!

wake him and tell him you appreciate his performance.

long conflict the more light, as if constantly diluted tea.

14. Everyone has potential energy, it is very easy: concealed by habits, by the time the fans

Many women

lived, forgotten. Your life, and to have been lost. Thus, the invisible,

but too late!

6. If a friend makes you angry, that you still care about his feelings

4, world without tragedy and comedy of the points, if you come out from the tragedy that hi

15. Just a few decades of life, do not leave any regrets, Laugh, cry

14, with a true friend is not endless talk about it, but do not say a word even if not

18. Life, some people continue to leave or enter. So, see, invisible; mind

12. When you were born, you were crying around with a smile; you gone, you smile

For security words, many people may have experienced a confusion, in the end what is security? In fact, the sense of security, in a word definition, a dare to give up the ability to self-favorite. This sentence consists of three parts:
1, the courage to give up the self-level.
including some of your life, principles and attitudes, the more you dare give up more, the more sense of security.
2, pet level.
addition to dare to give up self, you have to be loved, simply means that the goal is to give up self-loved. The higher the degree of favor, then the higher sense of security.
3, the extent of your ability.
This is an objective material conditions, even if you dare give up the self, also know how to pet, but you do not have the physical, economic base, then the security is not fully established. Your ability is stronger, the stronger sense of security.

insecure friend:
1, independent and fair to give
only the spirit of each independent and fair manner, so giving, in order to build a harmonious sense of security, based on one given, one based on the acceptance of security, called to rely on this sense of security is one-sided.
2, responsibility
responsibility, is a superstructure, must be based on certain types of emotional or physical, there is a sense of responsibility to promote students based on a sense of security, otherwise no roots responsibility, ultimately, become tasteless.
3, relative to white lies
metaphysical frank, white lies is the security umbrella, of course, if that becomes a lie to deceive, and that sooner or later be completely lost.

security of the enemy:
1, too free attitude towards life;
insist on free and happy people, must be very difficult to give up self. Unless you have a lifestyle, hobbies, and similar ideological level, and if you hit, you had to go Je te dis merde.
2, metaphysical frank;
people to give up the self, necessarily difficult, occasionally curved fold fold, if we insist on a purely honest, it is easy, all bets are final lose.
3, too content, too charismatic, too have the ability;
people do too good, too have a sense of security, will only bring a consequence, can not be safe, if You are too good, properly understood, the appropriate risk point of silly, and for your very helpful. Unless you can encounter the same with you a good person, have the same realm, if you hit, you had to go Je te dis merde.

this thing for a sense of security, a different understanding of each person, the reasons are obvious, but to be consistent with a deep understanding of it is difficult, it is difficult to do on plus hard. For security and practical insights, there are two ways: First, in practice, experience, good or bad to try a natural know; First, after a deep understanding of it to practice, and together seek to create it, protect it method. But not through a deep understanding of practice and never, so I recommend you first understand and then try. After practice in understanding, in practice, concluded, at the conclusion of communication, a deeper understanding of the communication, if two people can go to this healthy way, and that is the road of happiness. Finally, a reminder, here referred to a sense of security, only for two people to get along with the emotional aspects of the problem is purely an ideological discussion, real life, many people do not understand the content, the same can live a happy fast Discovery like air, not to see, you can breathe.

. A beauty of women want to use natural skin care methods, today we recommend 10 strokes.

1. the banana mashed, add milk, applied to the face. 20 minutes after the wash, you can make your skin smooth and delicate.
2. Stir the honey and egg white painted face can make skin smooth and reduce wrinkles.
3. turmeric powder and milk to mixture coated on the face to remove sunburn and reduce the hair on his face.
4. cereal, cheese and tomato juice, stir evenly coated in the face, 20 minutes after the re-use cold water wash, can help restore the tanning of the skin, the skin shiny.
5. the raw potato chips attached to the face can reduce the color of freckles and scars.
6. Cucumber juice is great Lifting of water. The cucumber juice can be evenly applied to the face to tighten pores. After 15 minutes, washed with water.

7. Rhubarb and lime juice can also help restore sun-darkened skin. Lime juice is natural bleach.
8. honey can make the skin smooth and shiny, and reduce wrinkles.
9. citrus fruit juices are a good choice to deal with oily skin.
10. ice friction with the skin can tighten pores and promote blood circulation.

two. Expensive beauty skin care products is the exclusive, general economic conditions or for the cash-strapped young people were only feel powerless and frustrated. But skin care is a long process, early care is particularly important, the following editing for a variety of skin conditions, the right medicine for you to collect the most affordable cosmetic magic, as long as we every day, there will be a multiplier effect.

1, obscure skin, lack luster
coping strategies 1: take a certain amount of salt mixed with water, stir well (high concentration), salt water in the face with a cotton pad dip gently applied, after a few minutes , **** like the rest of his face when the water evaporates, rinse with water. This will not only be able to thoroughly clean the dirt hidden in the pores can also eliminate the aging of the stratum corneum, to restore the facial shine. Sensitive skin with caution.
coping strategies 2: After washing face, hands pat the cheeks from the inside out, not too much action, causing a slight vibration of skin subject to, and for the eyes, nose and other places you can not beat lightly with a finger massage, 5 minutes each. This skin regular exercise, can enhance its own metabolism, maintain a youthful luster.
coping strategies 3: protein dissolving dead skin with the effect of the raw egg whites and yolk separated from the protein into a paste evenly applied to the face, wait a few minutes after the protein is completely dry, wash with warm water This dead skin is removed along with the protein.
coping strategies 4: Huang Bo Pi, papaya roots, pounded into powder and added Zaoren with mud, insist on attaining every morning, dry clean, facial skin becomes a color. 5
coping strategies: each face, first with warm water surface, then pour the amount of honey in the palm, rub palms on, and then his hands up in the face outside massage, massage is completed, wash with warm water clean, application may be nutritional skin care products. Insist on more than 1 week can clearly feel the face shiny. No tight feeling skin after use, comfortable and natural, long-term use, the effect is particularly evident. At the same time, twice daily oral administration of royal jelly honey, the better.
2, rough skin, large pores
coping strategies 1: Wash your face every day, with the egg white painted face, and then towel wash for a month, the effect is significant.
coping strategies 2: Jasmine is not full of fresh flowers to take liquid immersed in cold water, put it aside for a few days later sealed, blended with a little alcohol Serve. After the shot in the face wash, can shrink pores, refreshing the skin.
coping strategies 3: vinegar ratio of 5:1 with glycerol, mixed face painting, the daily insisted that face will become tender.
coping strategies 4: Use lemon mask surface covered. Will be doubled after a fresh lemon juice in water, then add three tablespoons of flour into a paste, then apply to face. After 15-20 minutes, remove; or a fresh lemon slice directly affixed to the face 15 to 20 minutes, remove, wash the face. Tighten the pores of the role is obvious.
Strategies 5: the same amount of yogurt and honey mixed together, apply a thin layer, wash with water after 15 minutes.
coping strategies 6: when the cold weather, with hot water cleaning the face, the face should be and then poured cold water to shrink pores; days of hot, add some ice cubes can also be appropriate. But if you have been accustomed to wash with hot water, it should be gradual, gradually reduce the water temperature, ice should not want to add, otherwise this will damage the fragile capillaries, so that his face appeared ugly
Strategies 7: Take a clean bowl, pour the beer. Medicinal cotton yarn immersed in the beer for about 3 minutes. Remove the cotton yarn, micro screw, apply to the face, facial skin to be completely relaxed, apply about half an hour. If the yarn is dry in the water, you can soak and then deposited in accordance with the first two steps. Remove the yarn, you will be pleasantly surprised to find that the skin becomes compact, the pores are also reduced
3, yellowish skin and more spots, uneven color
coping strategies 1: cucumber juice into juice into the bowl, then add egg white, pearl powder, amount of flour into a paste that does not flow down shall prevail. Wash my face clean, wipe the paste is tuned to the face, dry cleaning, getting water on the Skin, skin care products can be 1-2 times a week.
coping strategies 2: Daisy is rich in essential oils, Ju pigment, the skin can effectively inhibit the production of melanin, soften skin cells. One can be made from chrysanthemum flowers porridge Oral; two can be smashed with the egg white mix Fumian can whiten the skin. Or the petals of the lily lily white liquid into the bottle, sealed after the injection of alcohol, in January, with its 2-fold dilution of cold water on the skin whitening effect, especially for oily skin better. 3
coping strategies: the child with bitter bark of a stable, with 1 kg of rice, boiled egg plus 1 open cold in the morning medication washing spots, a few days later to remove the plaque.

coping strategies 4: at night before going to sleep surface covered with aloe vera juice, aloe juice or honey added to the appropriate flour, made apply to the face mask. Over time, you will find a lot of light spots on the face.
Strategies 5: After washing the face painted to the tea, and pat the face, hands, or cotton wool dipped in tea attached to the face for 2-3 minutes, then washed with water, there is in addition to pigmentation, whitening effect. Sometimes his face the color of tea is not immediately washed off, but after one night will naturally eliminated.
coping strategies 6: Apple cut trace clay, dry skin, add some milk or vegetable oil, oily skin, add some egg white, you can directly apply face; fan ketchup mask, just fan crushed tomato juice, adding a small amount of honey, then add flour into a paste to the surface covered. Ideal for dry skin, olive oil mask, the olive oil heated to lukewarm, add a small amount of honey, a piece of soft gauze immersed in the oil can be removed after the surface covered.
Strategies 7: Potatoes are rich in vitamins, can promote the growth of skin cells, keeping your skin, skin bleaching melanin, not only can whitening, and can diminish the summer sunburn. Washed and peeled and diced potatoes, put in juicer juice in the container into the third cup of fresh milk, and mix in the flour, made into a paste, can be used as a mask. Spreads in the face, 20 minutes after the wash.

QQ No.: 371765709

8. white brush on the complete package of toilet paper drying in the sun exposure, will be very white ~!


2. Pools of blood stained the carpet can be cleaned in cold water, then rub salt or lemon juice. Oh, can not use hot water because of the blood coagulation when heated, will cement the

43. diamond ornaments painted with a layer of transparent nail polish, diamond is not easy out

55. correction fluid (correction fluid) get in the hands of how to do: with orange peel or orange peel, squeeze a little juice on the skin, wipe the go in addition to

Yes, I grew up with a lot of acne are not effective, sophomore with a bottle of snow perfect Indian essence and acne-free toner, miraculously well, very useful! ! !

18. chronic pharyngitis can brush your teeth with salt water every morning, I was doing two years from broken.

73. buy soft white sugar instead of white sugar; to find a clean plastic box and put some cotton to sugar; and then put some water, not too much, nor too little, about 1:3 with the soft white sugar like; so the sugar is to prevent wetting effect of sugar frosted face too strong wear thin; until wash time to take over the direct use of it.

5. to say the Earth's people know, if the clothes are not careful on the drip oil, before doing the laundry, keep the clothes are dry, then place the drip drip on the detergent, then rub or two , wash, then there would be a mimeographed child

buy a new casserole chopping block (wooden) soaked in water for one night can crack

15. After a mosquito bites a package with a ballpoint pen drawing a few laps around the bite can itch

74. Soymilk make soy milk at home when the residue left behind Do not throw away, to wash your face every morning and evening, and the warm water is gently face consultation, washed in cold water and then later look to shrink pores that face is tender and white ah. Anyway, they told me that the oil and dry skin and sensitive people, super useful, very cool, but not very dry ~

69. sleep, nose plug, very hard to accept, in a small handkerchief covered his face (you can thin), had a moment on the ventilation of the nose.

sensitive muscle of MM can take the first body skin test, if you do not feel bad friends.

53. Luo Lisi pomade

This is nicely say, every time I keep telling people that the salt into the warm water, sucked from the nose and then spit from the mouth, many people feel very sick, the whole do not believe, but my personality assurance, three of our family has been cured.

Rose Hip Oil: not expensive, painted scars good results, including old scars, have been knock on the calf, a small imprint is now basically eliminated, but too often rub and massage.

68. massage the feet with Vaseline, then wear socks to bed the next day, to give you a pair of pink feet.

48. because both mother and love the carpet so that some of Blanket approach ~

cold nose ventilation can or bottle of water vapor cup smoked two minutes to clear the nose

49. If you sing K sang the words of the first home I remember a few cup of hot lemon honey Oh ~ ~

rubbing the face with hot rice balls to clear the pores in the garbage, you can stick to black

31. nail polish to nails after soaking in cold water, will dry very quickly

58. Chuanbei stew Sydney Bingtang Shui, the cough wonders, Chuanbei available in pharmacies, 10 grams each way, twice a day, to bustling, drink, eat my last cough month drug injections no good, then drink the sugar water is a few days to heal, and her friends listen to me using this prescription cough the two.

13. cure rhinitis remedies, nasal saline wash.

37. Overnight with water or tea tea painted long eyelashes, a week effective ~ ~ (free on Tu)

with a soft cloth, in fact, stockings can be friends, with detergent, wash clean, not to hurt the shoes!

24. even the diluted lemon juice on the hair spray, hair dryer hot air drying, the hair was slightly red wine, like dyed the same Oh!

17. long before the frostbite is always on hand, Cayao Well, still the second year and later my father did not know where to learn, later in the winter, on a day with just boil the water cannons and pepper ginger etc. a little cold water bubble point let me hand and this is the key to the water to try to heat, as long as you bear it, the more heat the better, but not boiled Ha so persist for some time, I hand no regeneration frostbite.

gray skin after a bath often drops tender. Salt is salt in general. If you want to lose weight is to cut down the location of designated circle ~

30. TX homes have put a lot of long damp tea ~ If no oil is not serious clean pot, simmer slowly roasted, Well as long as 2 minutes on OK - If you do not want to drink in the fridge to use the cold room, to find a cloth to wrap it, put a corner of the refrigerator, environmental protection than deodorant dedicated more than a ~ ~ a big one you can put the eggs in 3 weeks - so with his soft Papa the time lost - or you can use it to clean the sink! Oh well - not with water, directly in the tank walls to oil friction ~ Oh!

77. sweeping the floor when the golf ball like a plush brush is not clean. If there are rotten hole of the stockings at home, do not throw to set the broom on the water stockings wet. Then sweep the floor when the fur balls, floating dust would gradually getting on a broom stick, very clean and very easy

1 first washing their faces, making my face wet

10. Vitamin E coated eyelashes, eyelashes will become thick and long

38. summer because of hot or sweating, my back will grow small capsules of things, with full cucumber or aloe rub before bed time, do not wash. twenty-three days like

; ; ;

35. cosmetic tips:

52. the book or the data were water, wipe dry and then wet a little heavy with the book than its good squeeze put on plastic bags in the fridge and the ice cream frozen layer to make it half a chance to sleep over out of the book will become like the original Oh

81. When a bubble tea bags, apply a finish to the side one eye for 20 minutes, you can eliminate eye bags and dark circles. Large bags under the eyes of the people are very effective, best time to get up to do, and, preferably green tea or black tea.

If mouth ulcers, use of vitamin C attached to the ulcer, so it dissolves, ulcers basically fine. . .

one can go dead

nosebleeds, if the left nostril flow, breathe on the right ear, and immediately stop the bleeding! And vice versa. Do not ask me how to do two nostrils to flow, if you really suffer so much, I suggest you go to the hospital.

50. laptop accidentally spilled the water or oil to the point of what can be temporarily under the first blow with a hair dryer, and then did not sent off in customer service before Oh do not re-boot with the oh, so help repair Ha

70. eat tomatoes to help intractable constipation

27. acne very serious squeeze toothpaste in the above points, swelling fast, just 2 hours or so will wash off, or piece of skin bitten black

57. Pepsi down on the toilet floor tiles, half an hour to rub, to dirt, not to hurt the tiles, do not know will not be a luxury.

36. sucker suction is not strong: a hot water 2 egg 3 sweet condensed milk

This is domestic products, Hong Kong, there are a lot of people praise it as a general maintenance is really good

3 Do not worry in the face of grinding, let the sugar dissolve in the face of it, then start to get started face cleanser, gently massage the face with water until the sugar is completely dissolved, washed with water on it (you can also put sugar and cream in the palm before rubbing it, then used to wash with).

32. girls more vulnerable to sharp objects stockings scratch, bought and placed in the refrigerator in the cold for a while, wear, then it is not easy to broken.

59. If the length of the cat ringworm cats, the hair shaved clean the affected area, and then cast a day called

45. leg meat consumption approach, inverted and then his legs to do a bike. I was kicking a song every time, the effect is really good

56. Converse canvas shoes how to clean these?

65. lit throat dry up early cup of salt water, to swallow a mouthful slowly, a few days later of natural healing

a cup of tea stains scrub with toothpaste (in front of many of my friends said that stress is really useful)

80. used to squeeze the toothpaste seems there is also a lot of fact, I was pinching the two ends of toothpaste, and then whatever button on the edge of the desktop, hard pull, from bottom to top, piled on toothpaste In the above, this move is very useful, whether it is plastic pipe or aluminum, can be out a lot.


mascara did not quite Toner alcohol or baby oil or eye drops

19. fried fish with ginger rub the pot before the dip .. not friends

54. jujube day a sheep eye + + Longan boiled soup (a bowl of the weight is enough), the response is called a pseudo-myopia effect, for the true myopia, but also a significant improvement in visual acuity effect, I belong to the latter. However, easy to get angry to eat like this every day, so pay attention to it!

23. sticky paper exposing not down, facing the blow with a hair dryer a few minutes, can be easily taken off.

clothes stained with the ink can rub with a clean vegetable juice

14. think the next song, many sites offer online only listen, but a lot has already been downloaded to your temporary folder (C: Documents and Settings zl Local Settings Temporary Internet Files), to have to copy and paste it into another folder on it

33. with their own saliva coated in a smaller wound on the outside (in particular, abrasions, scratches, etc.), very helpful for healing wounds.

1. hiccup when the tongue with sugar! Hiccup when the nose is like a drink, burp, when the middle finger pulp pinch force with the thumb. Not the

open cooking pot of water vapor that is about the most water of

Watson's fragrant bath oils coconut

Taomi Shui (should be forced to scrub rice) under the slurry deposited on the face, dry dead skin after rubbing the face can go

42. eat more tomatoes can cure black eye, and then stay up all night eating habits no matter hard will never have another black eye will not Mianyoucaise. I do not know VC is at work, or other elements.

29. nosebleeds when you can shoot hand-dipped in cold water neck, hands the middle finger can also be hooked for some time

9. back of the Peas, with bath salts or Shanghai Sulfur Soap, persist for some time to go

47. If the eyes are sties, the middle finger wrapped with cotton thread, tie a knot after the trap, pulling the thread back and forth. If the eyes are long, then wrapped both hands on the middle finger, as above. I do not know the expression is not clear. This approach is very useful, father's mother had just sty cured. Sty middle finger with a line tied to the roots because it is the pericardium and triple burner after location. If at a later stage there are signs of pus filling out a stimulus this point, but also keep the eye with a hot towel, my sty is so good, very effective.

75. summer sandals wear heels, cream and vinegar with a cheap transfer about to dead skin rejuvenation are particularly good, so Tu Mama perennial foot heel, feels good tender ~ ~ ~ ~ effect than even a lot of frustration with Cuozai a

61. summer, people who tend to prickly heat, often with the leaves or honeysuckle boils water bath can be avoided from the prickly heat, skin becomes slippery, the effect is good

62. Alipay play money, the provincial bank transfer fee. Upper limit of 10,000 yuan per day if

Balm can dissolve many organic compounds, correction fluid, glue stick on the table, but I have not tried to do the laundry

** treatment of oral ulcers **

67. with a clear plastic bag around one end of the first nail clippers, clipping the nails can be avoided when the bombs are everywhere

; ;

6. there is sand or foreign objects into the eyes, immediately spit, spit more, then stop blink, Best test Braun's

78. 3m stickers for acne acne pus has been very, very long very useful

64. winter dry shampoo dry after blowing eight points in the point of olive oil and wipe the hair, anti-dry split ends, the next day feeling not to panic Oh, do not wipe more than 8

20. with soap and water wash tile floors, the effect is called a okay

71. 0.025% of Vitamin A acid cream: Occasionally, out of a acne, before going to bed painted Peas, and it basically disappeared.

2 has been wetting the cotton to take sugar (about half a tablespoon of the amount or you figure it out) wiped his face, where there is focus on wiping where Indian children, other parts of the course can also be used.

16. Shanghai sulfur soap can also be used in addition to a slight underarm sweat Oh! ! ! !

7. the family has a lot of cups of tea stains, you can use toothpaste brush, wipe the tea stains on a brush it off friends

39. mosquito bite, the fastest way is to use soap after cleaning the bathroom painted look

eyes into the small dust, shut our eyes and cough hard a few times, the dust will have their own eyes out.

twelve days there are very significant results, a few days off effect is significant.

26. long white Luo Buqie of frostbite of the fire burned, frostbite hot office cleaning once a day until chilblains disappeared, the students tried the second year, not long before

41. because the tea leaves that cup if tea stains can be used after wet stationery (I do not know now who still do) clean, very useful, especially porcelain.

11. with a lit mosquito coils near the wart, and slowly roasted it, and then continue until the roast stand to get farther away, about a week or so go to the root of the wart on his own. . .

34. I heard a white Luo Buqie students, there is rust on clothes where to hit every few minutes - with a little incision smashing, white radish juice to the infiltrated a little bit, then set aside a few clothes minutes to rub the laundry soap with water plus a few rust to try out ~ TX ~ ~

hot over a decade made twice a year, and never burn to do maintenance, but after the first washing hair, put a little dry this hair oil. Never burns the hair split ends, dry hair, spray shape the future and no water, no bottle to open. I originally thought that his hair is good, too disabled, or switch to other foreign brands, the result immediately dried yellow split ends. Cheap, more than three money, but be careful not to wipe too much, may feel more hair oil. Lianhua Supermarket sale small

60. recommendation loofah water, cut their own home-grown loofah vine can take, no words TAOBAO on 20 a bottle, 400 ml, fabulous ~ I love what dug Black, dug a face on the red mask with a gourd of water deposited on the first two days are basically gone, and the way pores white. Taobao directly bought a case of home

** treatment of epistaxis **

I will buy one before the summer, water on a thick coat in the arm, if dry and add a little water, so that slurry from the day, at night in the shower, wash. In this way it twice, the whole summer without any sweat sweat antiperspirant gel or something.

63. eating out, soup, put their own point of balsamic vinegar, to taste but also the effectiveness of certain anti-virus

22. talcum powder sprinkled on the surface of white sneakers, they can prevent dirty.

hepudiod: Peas disappeared after elimination pock, pock this is Fuxin Sheng, without hormones, with effects.

44. take a bath when the skin back and forth rubbing salt

1. Soy sauce, vinegar, milk, ice cream, drinks, dirty carpet, with a cloth dipped in warm water can be squeezed after the draw, and then scrub alcohol Oh

66. vaseline is a good thing .. the mouth for many students with sensitive skin can be used as lip balm, very good ..

mid-range skin care products instead of essence Moisturizer Cream

4. Tomato afraid of pesticides, scalded with boiling water under the skin to peel to the

2. Shanghai medicated soap every day red feet, wash your socks insoles mysterious, can go to foot odor.

25. stomach pain, according to the tiger's mouth hole

did pour nail polish remover nail polish

4 If you think washing is not very clean, because there may be some sticky white sugar, take a small amount of cleanser wash it.

21. super good stuff - essential balm! Insect itch, you can also go to stains, ballpoint pen and India in particular, a rub gone.

Hiccups . Back of the Peas . Bags and dark circles .

** eyes off the dust **

51. detergent Oh, it hurts like Converse shoes, canvas shoes, white rubber toe and 4 weeks with toothpaste whiten Collage is very commendable, do not remember Oh the sun, prolonged sun exposure

12. oral ulcers with white wine, and so did not feel numb, to spit. (Alcoholism big swallow too). Several times a day, a few days like

40. If the clothes do not accidentally stained with tomato juice or other fruit juice, immediately wipe with a damp paper towel, which can be removed without leaving any traces (I have experimented with a white dress).

cold cold soak in boiling water can be used Ai, feet, very good (Ai is the Dragon Boat Festival, when inserted in the door kind of plant)

frozen over dry nail polish faster

28. drink a big bottle of cola finish, you can put less likely to leak over Oh, the bottle down, water can only block the air intake

46. adhere to the morning drink warm honey and water, the skin will get better yo

3. mango turn on the gas a few seconds, then peel the skin is very good

blackhead on the nose is very unsightly, a hand to squeeze and often leave marks, in fact, in washing the face, stick some fine salt with your fingers gently rubbing the nose on both sides, and then rinse , blackhead will be cleaned, the pores have become smaller.

72. to recommend a really not very easy to use and affordable to the mask: the perfect snow

Second, you can lose weight

76. ** blackhead removal methods **

easy and cheap, exhausted very moist, I could not Alice Alice legs, skin slippery birds

79. Corn: Corn was both long in the fingers or other place like cocoon-like, Nayan smoked a day, several times, contact two or three days, like a ~ ~ reply as ever, and never relapse ~ ~ ~ This recipe is like the Yin Fang, I and my friends experience, super effective

stubborn oil deal with Mr Muscle (especially a spray of cleaning the kitchen tiles to get a rub off a few seconds

! !
a person is like a palette, with the emotional temperature of changes in their color. When passion is the blood-red; ruthless when it is pale; passion when it is pink; unfeeling when the Dai black; passionate when it is brilliant yellow; warmth when it is blue.

this world is blue, as blue as the sea. And then looked up, the sky is blue. This world is wrapped in blue, and we made the world but the main arms of the baby.

may be made by the world main blue Cliché, it would melt into a feeling, kind of in the hearts of every man and woman. Wait until you grow and mature, let you to experience the taste of them. So in this day and age, between men and women have a free partner - male confidant.

male confidant who does not love, just a friendship. This friendship is called the

woman because of ambiguous and easy to fall into each other's fantasies. Guess was: his looks, his stature, his knowledge, his taste, his sense of humor, his sweet talk. Even a flash of thought to marry a man, if not married, then her!

because the other man would heal a heart of tenderness and pain and loss. He will be grateful: grateful for her gentle, grateful for her patience, listening to her gratitude, grateful to her laughter, grateful to her understanding, grateful to her patiently.

However, ambiguity still not love. Two people do not change no matter how well-established harmony, do not fantasize about the role of conversion, or only pain and disappointment. If not masked, then more should not take the risk it! Put it as a kind of friendship, properly placed in my heart, give it a name is ambiguous touching.

ambiguous, but usually this is not to be recognized by people, because people are emotional animals, after all, a long time will be soon fell in love, in the certain circumstances, perhaps because of the irrational impulse or regret for life or injury to others to make things ~! then to regret it, but to no avail, so both men and women, if you are single, that aside ( possible to develop a better love), but if the partner already, please weight it, stop greedy. friendship is friendship, good treatment of each hard-won friendship. do not have the idea to put extra pure color of friendship. confused themselves, others more difficult. Looking back, because the so-called color friendship and hurt a person's own true love, why do ~ ~?

Therefore, do not look for any excuse to further their own ideas and explain the excess. Responsible for themselves, respect for others is the kind of ~~~!!

I can eat a person
a person to sleep ;
a shopping ;
a game ;
a person to work ;
a home ;
a trance ;
a person thinking ;
a person to enjoy passing scenery ;
regret missed a wonderful ;
a reading other people's stories ;
a person to fill the empty time;
a lonely man off the invasion ;
a person to resist the cold north wind ;
in the fall after a person who stood up and patted the dust ;
a person hiding in the silent treatment after the injury heart trauma ;
a person in the heart of the city recover lost his ;
a harsh reality in disguise to protect his own ...............

If you are not really , do not easily get involved in my journey , I can easily moved , it is easy to meet , you may inadvertently good to me I will always remember , perhaps because you do not mind a move would hurt for a long time ;

If you are not really , do not easily enter my world , I would not strong, not preparedness, every word you say I will believe that I can give you is the absolute trust ;

If you are not really , do not easily step into my country , I will stubbornly , will stingy ,
I cherish every person coming in , even if the ending head broken blood I will not easily let go , I do not want to leave yourself too much regret ...... wait for that person I will invest all my sincere

★ ☆ olive drink anorexia treatment: olive sober since ancient times, Qingwei heat, promoting appetite, -

rules Thirteen: If, purely if the encounter would not be enough wine, the bottle on the middle of the table, people add their own, Do not be silly not to waste one by one pouring, or the people behind the alcohol and how do? -

three to see the importance of the dinner. If the ordinary business dinner, an average of one dish at 50 yuan to 80 yuan acceptable. If the object of the dinner is more key, then the weight is enough to point a few dishes, such as lobster, saury, anchovy, and then to the specifications that are abalone, fin powder. -

sprinkle on the table can show a person's talent, knowledge, training and communication manners, and sometimes a humorous language, will guests impressed, virtually makes you feel good. Therefore, we should know when to say something, the language properly, witty sense of humor is critical. -

3, the guest of honor retaliate. -

Also how to reduce drunk due to headache, dizziness, nausea and other symptoms? Here also are a few foods, which is the U.S. National Headache Foundation, researchers found, we may make a reference: -

after drinking, dizziness, headache, vomiting, or unconsciousness, drunk to withstand great pain, this time to sober up as soon as possible to reduce drunk with to the pain, and prevent more damage may occur. Here to teach you the recipe for sober approach is simple, drinkers according to their own circumstances, to choose their own way, worth a try. -

★ ☆ banana drink rule palpitations, chest tightness: drink and eat 1-3 bananas, can increase blood glucose levels, reduce the proportion of alcohol in the blood, to achieve the purpose hangover. At the same time, it can alleviate the symptoms of palpitation, chest depressed elimination. -


rules XIV: Finally there must be a boring glass of wine, so do not let your glass empty. Stand it ~ -

In addition, regular or frequent drinking wine server who can try some of the methods documented in ancient books. Anonymous as in the Qing Dynasty

drinking in the protection -

rule three: just finished their turn leading mutual respect. -

★ ☆ dizziness tomato juice drink: tomato juice is also rich in particular fructose, can help promote the decomposition of alcohol, one drink 300 ml or more, feeling dizzy after drinking can gradually disappear. If a small amount of salt before consumption, but also help stabilize mood. -

sex. Before drinking, as much as possible eat a la carte, and then drink, its principles and as said earlier. Fasting is strictly prohibited alcohol, both easy to drink, easy Shang Wei. -

a look at personnel. In general, the per capita a dish is more general rules. If more men may be appropriate to increase the amount of dinner. -

common is a party to get warm when, because someone wants to leave, which leads to the result of crowd agents just quickly disappeared, so that the organizers really anxious hopping. To avoid such unpleasant consequences, if you want to leave halfway, and do not talk to everyone in eleven circles say goodbye, so long as quietly and around two or three people say hello, and then will leave. -

rules VIII: reach for the glass (beer glass), cups his right hand briefly, his left pad bottom of the cup, remember their cup is always lower than others. If their leader, got the message, point, do not put too low, or how a man called the following? -

7, leaders take their food, do not turn Jiuzhuo the middle of the disc turntable is a leading wine on the table you take their food taboo; -

★ ☆ Beverage white radish juice: raw white radish, washed juice, a little heat dose, every time a cup, 10 minutes time, three times to go to the alcohol solution. -

above the current market there have been many sober drugs, such as Sea King Jinzun, etc., then these drugs really work? After all, nothing but the so-called hangover drugs through the following two ways to achieve the purpose of sobering: one can quickly break down how to make alcohol, loss of effectiveness, or blocking of alcohol in the gastrointestinal absorption and reduce the amount of alcohol into the blood, so naturally you can achieve the purpose of sobering, but no matter what the hangover drugs, no matter how wonderful its effectiveness, there are certain side effects, can not eat, especially for those often unveils often entertaining people, or, even more so. generally do not eat, because even if you take medicine, or alcohol into the body, causing damage to the liver, the best is to drink, to drink when first while other means to sober up. -

rules eighth: peanuts for people to drink, is a good thing. Keep a clear head, it is indispensable greetings drink, a cup of yogurt, a cup of hot water, a hot towel seems you are caring. -

(a) if they really can not drink on the distinction between the first port, carrying his food bowl while eating a folder to -

2, targeting two sides, grasp the overall situation -

attention to detail -

on toast -

★ ☆ service celery juice: Wash chopped fresh celery juice, drunk as a tea, drink three times (every 5 minutes), this blush for a drink headache effects of brain swelling. -

5, toast order, prioritize -

rules XV: Note Do not drink and slip of the tongue, do not boast, not badly, not spittle flying, chopsticks thrown chaos, not chaos refers to the fingers, soup puff ring, do not fart burp, wait any longer to go to the toilet No one stopped you. -

rule XVI: Do not, -

Another point to note is that a la carte dishes, the waiter should not ask the price, or the bargain, so make your company seem a bit petty in front of customers, and customers will feel uncomfortable. -

again, some tea to be successfully implemented. In accordance with the traditions and customs of our people, as long as hands are not disabled, the guests are served tea with both hands to the. But now, some young people do not know the rules, gave the guests tea with one hand trouble. Hands should be very careful tea, the cup of a cup ear, usually with one hand grasp the cup ear, boosting the bottom of the cup the other hand, the tea side to the guests. Not filling the tea cup after cup ear the whole body hot, his hands not close, and some comrades just-do, with fingers pinch edges of the cup before the guests get aboard. This method, although some tea can prevent burn accidents happen, but it is unsightly, not enough health. Consider, for guests of the owner's mouth lick finger marks, you feel better? -

banquet etiquette -

- general reception and tea for a long time, about two hours there. Perhaps visit a few times, recognize some people, you soon want to leave. At this time, leave the middle of some skills, you can not understand. -

rule one: wine on the table although the -

Some people attended the reception, tea party, when the half-way ready to leave, will be 11 asking everyone she knows to do a walk. The results have been bustling scene, she was such a agitation, all of a sudden they finish at the advance. This bustling thing, the hardest was the banquet master of understanding, a gentlemanly person, be sure not to commit this clock error. -

rule XI: Desktop does not talk business, drink good, business is also almost the same, all inside a clear understanding of the heart, otherwise people will not open up to you to drink. -

1, do not take the initiative to implement a defensive to offensive strategy; -

banquet, it should be as much as possible about some of the most people to participate in the topic, to get the majority of people. Because of personal interests, knowledge are different, so try not to be too biased topics to avoid conceit, far apart, Shenkan boundless, there beside the phenomenon, while ignoring the crowd. In particular, try not to whisper with one ear whisper, and give them a sense of mystery, often have a -

4, Theravada eat some fat after the class, bottom of starchy food, drinking is not easy drunk; -

sober up after drinking measures -

Most guests are more

6, not to types of wine mixed with drink, are particularly vulnerable to drunk; -

Second, there are local characteristics of the dishes. Such as steamed mutton in Xi'an, Hunan, Mao's braised pork, braised lion head in Shanghai, Beijing, lamb, where the dinner guests outside, on these dishes, fresh seafood probably fits more than well received. -

(b) if satisfied that his drink, do not install the ink, then that is the rules of the -

standard Chinese dinner meal, usually first on the cold, followed by stir-fried, then the main course, dessert and then the soup, eat a little if you feel tired, you can order some desserts, and finally on the fruit plate. In ordering the program to take into account the various dishes.

----------------------------------------------- ----------------------

guests seated, do not immediately hands-feeding. The owner should be greeted by the owner to indicate the beginning of a toast, the guests can begin; guests can not rush in front of the owner. Take their food to be civilized, and other dishes to be in front of their own, and then Dongkuaizi, do not rush in front next to him, one should not take their food too much. Slowly, this is not only conducive to digestion, but also on the table etiquette requirements. Must not be large mouths, wolf, so will leave the impression of greed. Do not picky eaters, do not just stare at you like Levin to eat, or hurried to favorite dishes piled up in your own plate. Action to elegant dining, do not touch the folder when lai neighbor, not to plate the food appropriated for the table, not the soup spilled. Do not make unnecessary sounds, such as soup, when Do not eat the side, side and chat. Mouth of the bones and fish bones do not spit on the table, napkins are available hush, taken out on the dish with chopsticks. Out the food on the table, do not eat. Do not play with dishes during a meal, or with chopsticks straight people. Do not pull a hand to mouth disorder. When teeth with a toothpick, cover your mouth and the application of hand or napkin. Do not let dishes make a sound. -

2. For health reasons, for some food, but also some taboos. For example, heart disease, cerebral vascular, vein sclerosis, hypertension and stroke sequelae were not suitable to eat dog meat, avoid eating lamb and turtle patients with hepatitis, gastroenteritis, stomach ulcer and other digestive diseases are also inappropriate to eat turtle, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, less chicken soup and so on. -


★ ☆ watermelon juice drink body heat: watermelon with a goal can be heat, speed up the alcohol from the urine. -

If the banquet, table and desk chief attention to the arrangement between the top center, left turn 2,4,6 seats, the right seat for the 3,5,7, According to the subject-object identity, status, sit in affinities. -

★ ☆ drink honey water treatment headache: a special kind of honey contains fructose, can promote the decomposition of alcohol absorption, reduce headaches, particularly red wine-induced headaches. In addition, there are hypnotic effects of honey, can make people fall asleep quickly and wake up the next day will not be a headache. -

----------------------------------------------- ----------------------

3 - bite -


If you are the owner, you should arrive early and wait in a location near the door, and lead block for the guests. If you are invitees, then the host should follow the arrangements for admission. -

- ★ ☆ drink fresh orange peel water: two fresh orange Piga 1 kg of water to boil, then add a small amount of salt after shaking drunk as a tea, a cup once, 5 minutes to drink, three times effective. -

2, Peiqia King guest of honor. -

priority dishes -

thought that tea can sober up, but I do not know it was

avoid drinking tea -

★ ☆ eat cabbage heart: the heart out of shredded cabbage, one is not enough to take two, plus a small amount of sugar and vinegar and mix well pickled thirty-five minutes after the dose, this method soon hangover. -

rules Seventeen: leadership drink with you, is to give you face, how should you drink no matter how much leadership, his first dry for the King, remember ah, hands, lower cup. -

If time permits, you should wait after the majority of the guests in attendance, will be circulated to the menu for guests, and invited them to a la carte. Of course, as the official dinner, you will worry about budget problems, therefore, to control the budget, your most important thing is to do more homework before meals, select the appropriate grade dinner location is more important, so guests can also greatly appreciate your budget. Moreover, in general, if you come to pay, a la carte guests also not the nerve will allow you to decide. If your boss is also the feast, do not because of respect for him, or that his entertainment experience, catering to eat more, and let him / her to a la carte, unless he / she volunteered. Otherwise, he will not feel decent. -


be sure to toast a good grasp of the order of toast. Are asking certain guests at the meeting when he will naturally be doubly respectful, but be careful, if the presence of a higher status or older person, you should not only help busy people respectfully, it must first Venerable elders to toast, or make you very shy. -

drink preparation before -


general, if your boss to attend, you should lead to the main boss seat, ask the customer the highest level of the main seat left sitting position. Unless the leadership level of this object is very entertaining -

rules ten: clink, toast, have arguments, otherwise, I tmd Why drink your wine? -

Secondly, tea should be adequate. Let me talk about tea, generally appropriate. Tea should not be too much, nor too little. Too much tea, tea flavor too thick; tea too, nothing out of the tea flavor. If customers take the initiative to introduce their favorite habit of drinking strong tea or weak tea, then by the mouth of the stomach to the guests a good tea. Besides tea, no matter how large cup small cup, are not down too full, too full of easy to overflow the table, stool, floor wet. Not careful, will burn the hands of their own or customers, so that two sides are very embarrassed. Of course, we should not fall too low. If the tea had just cover bottom of the cup on the end to the guests, will make people think it is the bumbling, not sincerity in. -

rule five: his respect others, if you do not clink, drink yourself how much can the case may be, such as other alcoholic beverages, other alcohol attitude, must not drink less than the other, respect their own people to know. -

3, the language properly, witty sense of humor -

rule two: keeping a low profile, profound knowledge, must not be a charge on the wet bar on the large. -

second look at the food combinations. In general, the table is the best meat dishes well-established, hot and cold, try to make it comprehensive. If the table more than men, some meat or fish can be more, if women are more light may be a few more vegetables. -

rule four: can people respect a person must not be more than one respect, unless you are a leader. -

3, toast, do not swallow right away, look for opportunities Mazui with a napkin, napkin in the wine spit; -

meal to be civil. Do not repeatedly advised of the foreign guests food, Chinese food can be introduced to each other's characteristics, eat eat by him. Some people like to persuade others, food, and even for each other and take their food. Foreign guests do not have this habit, if you politely again, chances are people will resent: If you wait for someone else to their own cloth dish, it had to Russia and stomach. -

sober drug -

lunch banquet meal at the beginning, the waiter brought the first of a wet towel is a towel, do not use it to wipe her face. On lobster, chicken, fruit, it will send a little water Meng, lemon slice or twist them floating rose petals, it is not drink, but hand-washing use. Hand, can turn his hands wet fingers, gently rinsed, and then use a small towel. -

1 - seating -


★ ☆ fresh grape drink rule nausea, nausea: If you eat before drinking, but also effective in preventing drunk. -

5 - leave -

8, when you drink six drunk, put your dish in front of the vinegar to drink vinegar, let the waiter added; -

4 - tea -

drunk themselves often do not know their own behavior, not to take care of themselves, so as relatives or friends must take care to pay attention to following aspects: -

1. intoxicated persons, such as unsteady gait, should be careful not to let it fall to prevent bruises, or other important parts of the head bump. -

3. Different regions, people's food preferences are often different. For this, to take into account when arranging the menu. For example, in Hunan province who generally like to eat spicy food, eat less sweets. Anglo-American countries, people usually do not eat pets, rare animals, animal offal, animal's head and claws. In addition, the dinner with foreign guests, try to be less rigid grazing dishes, foreigners will not bite in the meal in the food in the mouth and then spit it out, it also needs to take into account. -

2 - a la carte -

picking up and leaving the reception site, be sure to invite you to the master note, an apology, not swiftly vanished. -

in urging people to drink wine on the table will often encounter the phenomenon, some people always like wine market when the battlefield, trying to persuade others to drink wine, do not drink to that amount is not it. -

5, the rhythm, do not drink too much at once fierce; -

mentioned here only for tea knowledge to our company visits, the same applies to business table. -

7, getting shot edge, sit tight in Taishan -

- and greeted the owner, should go at once, do not pull the door to the master in the big talk incessantly. Because the other day to do a lot, there are still many site visitors waiting for him (her) to say hello, too much time on your master account will cause him (her) in front of other guests rude. -

To get everyone in the appreciation of wine on the table, we must learn how the wind blows. Because communication with others, we must understand the people, both ways, in order to play the role of wine on the table. -

rule seven: his humble position, remember to add wine to the leadership, not blind to the leadership on behalf of the wine, is to generation, but also looking for someone to do the leadership, but also because you want to pretend that he is not drinking In order to give leadership on behalf of the wine and drink. A numerous liquor such as leadership, respect by beating about the bush to prepare the leadership of a person stopped. -

1, Chung Huan fun, should not whisper -



9, toast every time, filling, and then pretended not to predict with confidence handless winecup before drinking, try throwing out some, so that each can go drink a lot; -

1, owner of King guest of honor. -

4. Some occupations, for some reason, often in the dining areas have their own different special taboo. For example, the state civil servants in the performance of official duties are not allowed to an invitation to dinner, eating and drinking are not allowed when the official dinner, are not allowed to exceed the national standard meal, are not allowed to drink alcohol. Again, the driver shall not drink while working. If this point is ignored, the other party may also make mistakes. -


end of the meal, you can use napkins, paper napkin or a waiter brought a small towel wiped his mouth, but should not rub the head and neck, or chest; uncontrolled postprandial do not burp or belch ; not signal the end of the host, guests can not be left.

when ordering, be sure to know what's what. A la carte, according to the following three rules -

toast is also a science. Toast under normal circumstances should be of age, rank, both sides in order of status, must take full account of the former toast toast good order, clear primary and secondary. So that people who are not familiar with and drink, it must first inquire about the status or pay attention to how others call, which is the number of hearts to have to avoid embarrassing or hurtful situation. -

Third, the restaurant's specialties. Many restaurants have their own specialties. On a specialty of this restaurant, the owner can explain the care and respect for those who were invited. -

nine rules: If there are no special characters present, the best time the needle touched the wine order, not favoritism. -

- Tim tea. If your boss and clients need to add a cup of tea, you should obligatory to do so. You can indicate waiter Tim tea, or let the waiter leave the teapot on the table, by adding your own is better in person, it is not know what to say when the best way to cover up. Of course, when the first add tea to the boss and clients add tea, and finally give yourself Tim. -

drunk care -

dinner if you are who you should know, you should not be too active in the a la carte, but to enable the owner to a la carte. If the other kind requirements, you can point a not too expensive, but not all the food taboos. Remember to consult the views of people about the table, especially to ask A la carte, you can consult, -

3. drunk more serious, sober up and can not take goods, you should make it spit out the stomach contents, you can use your fingers, cotton swabs, etc. to make it into its throat and vomiting. If necessary, you can use warm water or 2% sodium bicarbonate solution lavage. More serious then quickly call 120 or immediately sent to hospital.

★ ☆ eliminate mouth alcohol grapefruit: grapefruit dipped in sugar to eat meat, drink on the elimination of alcohol in the mouth helps a lot. -

Most sprinkle feast has a theme, which is the purpose of drinking. Dinner when you should first look around the demeanor of expression, to distinguish between primary and secondary, not simply to drink and drink, friends lost a good opportunity, but do not let some of the sensational upset the host means drinkers. -

Chinese people are generally very particular about food, but also very particular about eating phase. With more and more emphasis on workplace etiquette, business on the table to eat and eat with more attention. Following the lunch, for example, teach you how polite at the dinner table instrument handy. -

rules Twelve: Do not install crooked, wrong thing, do wrong, do not defend themselves, consciously Monastic clincher. -

1. Religious dietary restrictions, that can not be negligent. For example, Muslims generally do not eat pork, and do not drink. Hunxing domestic Buddhists eat food, it not only refers to meat, but also onions, garlic, leeks, mustard and other pungent smell of food. Some believe in the Buddhist Goddess of Mercy in the diet is especially forbidden to eat beef, which points to serve Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and overseas Chinese compatriots, especially when attention. -

general, the seating is If the round table, then being on the main passenger door, around the subject and object position at hand, places the distance from the subject-object perspective, the more respect the more close to the subject-object position, the same respect from the left on the right. If the square table, if there is on the door of the seat, the door is on the right side of the main bit off. If the errors on the door, then face east side of the right seat for the chief. -

alcohol can hurt the liver, which is well known channel, in order to minimize the effect of alcohol on the stomach and liver damage, reduce the incidence of fatty liver. Preparatory work before the wine is very important, which is to ensure you never drunk wine on the table the key factor. In to dinner before the first bite to eat at home, something a little cushion for the stomach. It specifically eat what is good? Generally better to eat high-protein, such as eating two eggs, drink milk, soy milk, as these high-protein food in the stomach and alcohol can combine, react, reducing the absorption of alcohol. Also, eat biscuits, cakes, etc. can make the stomach a little something, because an empty stomach drink alcohol in the stomach can easily be absorbed, resulting in easy to drink. Note, do not use salted fish, sausages, bacon drinks, such as smoked food contains a lot of pigment and nitrosamines, and alcohol react not only to liver injury, and damage to oral and esophageal mucosa, and even induce cancer. -

first tea to clean. The guests came in, let sit, back-up tea. Before tea, must take the tea to wash clean, especially the long-unused tea set, it is inevitable dust, dirt, but also to carefully wash with water again. In tea, the best scalded with boiling water before pouring teapot, cup. In this way, pay attention to health, but also seems polite. If the cleaner is not clean either tea, wild tea to guests, it is impolite performance. People saw the teapot, cup stain on the trail of nausea, but also how you willing to drink the tea? Companies are now generally disposable cup, the tea cups before one-time pay attention to put the cup holder, so as not to heat hot water, so guests can Duanbei tea moment. -

6, the wind blows, to understand people -

with: a la carte Chinese food guide - three excellent four bogey -

2, put two large glass table, put a glass of white wine, put a cup of mineral water, take small handless winecup toast, ground water, to drink wine on the table eight points drunk basic subject-object, you can water on behalf of the wine, initiative; -

banquet dinner on occasion to see, to correctly assess their own strength, do not be too impulsive, liquor and try to retain some sense of proportion to speak, not to let others look down on himself Do not reveal too much themselves, select the appropriate opportunity, and gradually their edge radiation, in order to sit tight in Taishan, not someone else have a -

4, Peiqia mutual respect. -

2. keep warm, because drunk physical function decline, this time is easy to catch cold. Let's head twisted to one side of the drink to prevent them from vomiting, if vomiting, to clear the mouth of vomit, to prevent access to the trachea, causing asphyxia, or pulmonary infection. -

★ ☆ celery juice drink gastrointestinal discomfort, facial redness: it is because celery is rich in B vitamins, break down alcohol. -

★ ☆ yogurt drink irritability rule: yogurt can protect gastric mucosa, slow alcohol absorption, including calcium-rich drink to alleviate irritability particularly effective. -

in arranging the menu, guests must also consider food taboos, in particular, to food taboos for the guest of honor's attention. These dietary taboos are four -

★ ☆ drink green bean juice: green beans, 2 2, plus Shui Zhushu after drinking the soup with beans such as green beans mashed with boiled water will be a hangover effect. -

Li in the Modern medical research also pointed out that tea will stimulate gastric acid secretion, making it easier for alcohol damage to the gastric mucosa; the same time, theophylline in tea and alcohol as causes rapid heart beat, and more heavy burden on the heart. -

First, there are characteristics of Chinese food dishes. Dinner, when foreign guests, this one should pay more attention. Like deep-fried spring rolls, boiled Lantern, steamed son, lion head, kung pao chicken, etc., not food delicious, but because with distinct Chinese characteristics, so admired by many foreigners. -

rule six: their respect others, if the clink, a, I finish, you are free, side was Tatu. -

10, put away in front of a half cup of tea before drinking, drunk not to swallow, and quickly picked up the cup, drink glass of effort into the wine spit, the spit full of water exchange on the line, workable! -

4, urging people to drink moderately, to refrain from force -

Remember: a stranger must not overwhelming and chaotic toast, that would be very rude, is very respected owner. -

If you can not drink -

Last night under the big rain , leading to exceptionally cool morning .
thought should not be sweating his way to work today , the results of the unexpected outbreak of the escalator from the subway today, do not turn , had to walk from the subway onto the ground.
escalator was originally not designed primarily for human climb , so the height difference between step bigger than the usual stairs , angle a little steep , climb up some of the more laborious . So I still could not escape the sweat .
struggling to crawl , I found that seem to stand the ideological right-hand escalator has been quite deeply anchored . Although not everyone, but it can be seen that a large percentage of people on foot , when climbing the escalator is right-hand drive .
I think , been promoting the right-hand stand , this will not lead to the right and left parts escalator load imbalance , a broken side ahead of it .
A change may be from time to time the elevator up and down direction , or simply better on both sides of parts of varying intensity .
Well , I do not speak the heart.

tomato fried rice
leftover rice 1 bowl, 1 tomato, fresh eggs, one, green one.
1, Wash tomatoes, diced, light blue and green pick will net each chopped green onion leaves. Lay eggs with a small bowl back;
2, hot lard under cold pan, add soy fragrant light blue. Rice, turn the fire under slow-fried;
3, heat the oil until after the rice, pour the eggs, stir quickly to open fire, wrapped in the egg mixture evenly on the rice grain;
4, according to taste by adding flavor juice, seasonings, tomatoes under grain, onion leaves stir fry pan can be uniform.

tasty pork chop with rice
pork chops, cooking wine, black pepper, salt, flour (wheat flour), eggs, soy sauce, sugar, onion.
1, pork chop with a knife blade fluff, add cooking wine, black pepper, salt, marinated for 20 minutes;
2, dipped in flour, shake off excess flour, dip in egg mixture, taking pictures on the bread flour This is the key to make delicious pork chops 3 Steps;
3, uniform film on both sides of bread flour, fry until golden on both sides small fire, this step photos accidentally deleted
4, onion, soy sauce filament, cooking wine, sugar, water, cook directly about;
6, cover pot stew about, eggs end up like, containing a good meal, the pork chop on rice bowl.

pork claypot
1, Guo Lifang sand on the meter, the amount of their own look at it, water (because I failed to put more water) we cook more than usual amount of a half fingers on it, put the pot on the stove, the fire to boil, Gaixiao Man Manao (stirring time to time, so as not to stick pan);
2, cooking time, we marinate the ribs, wash clean small ribs, put soy sauce, chicken, salt, cornstarch and mix well;
3, rice, fast good time, first put some oil in the ribs, mix well, on top of rice, cover, or small fire, slowly cooked the ribs Wu, putting greens can be a good burning, the pot is small, a person can eat in it! !

chicken rice:
chicken 200 grams of rice amount. (The weight of rice and chicken should be based on the number of population increase or decrease your home oh)
a small amount of salt, soy sauce 1 tablespoon sugar 1 / 3 tablespoons cornstarch 1 / 3 tablespoons ginger, onion , coriander amount.
1, washed chopped chicken, salt, soy sauce, sugar, cornstarch, ginger marinate for 10 minutes tasty; (longer time points to better pickled, marinated chicken time We can handle the vegetables.)
2, as usually used as cooking rice cooker cooking, the water should be slightly less than usual, a little bit, put the marinated chicken with marinade and pour into the cooked rice on top;
3, cooked rice, add chopped green onion and chopped parsley, cover and continue to heat 6 to 8 minutes on it!
4, so out of rice, sweet rice, chicken tender, very tasty.

reluctant to share their experience:
1, chicken can be replaced with ribs, chicken, chicken wings, sausage bacon, etc. can be;
2, you like it you can also add vegetables and simmer for about in, for example, potatoes, carrots, etc.;
3, rice water should be less than usual, a little cooking water, because the material will have some rice water.

cabbage fried rice
2 eggs, a bowl of leftover rice, cabbage amount, a little chopped green onion.
1, pan heat oil, knock into the egg and gently stir fry about another old, slightly solidified;
2, Gaixiao fire, adding to the eggs, rice pot, even causal;
3, change the fire, add cabbage and green onion, stir fry until soft and cooked cabbage can transfer to a plate away from the fire.
simple bowl of fried rice, bring a ray of family warmth.
done with this method Anhai cucumber, fried rice, ham fried rice, bean sprouts, fried rice, fried potatoes, etc., as delicious. (Fried rice or bean sprouts fried potatoes do when boiled with water in advance of cooked vegetables)

spinach balls
yolk salted egg yolk, spinach, leftovers.
1, roll pieces of salted egg yolk, fried rice noodles into the pan until fragrant, remove the spare;
2, washed into the water boiled cooked spinach, chopped, add sesame oil and mix well;
3, the leftovers into the steamer steam heat, when hot mix vinegar, salt and salad oil to make soft sticky rice to keep loose. Jia Ruqie good when cooled spinach, mix well made Fantuan Zi, you can sprinkle a little salted egg yolk.

green pepper pork fried rice
materials (two copies):
1 green pepper, 2 eggs, pork 100 grams, ginger two, 2 bowls of rice
soy sauce, sugar, chicken and the amount.
1, green pepper strips, beat the egg;
2, filament chicken meat, a little soy sauce, sugar, mix well, add a small amount of oil and mix well.
1, pot heat the oil, 30% hot, add green pepper and stir fry quickly filled from the reserve after the color (fire);
2, with crude oil, put the pork, stir fry quickly to change color, the Sheng and set aside (the fire);
3, or with crude oil, pour egg mixture, using chopsticks quickly under the plan immediately after the powder into the rice, stir well and pour the right amount of soy sauce (medium heat);
4, down into the fried green peppers, pork, stir well then serve.

raw onion beef rice
cattle around 120G on brain slices, onion, pickles a little bowl of rice, water, 200ML, soy sauce, 3 tablespoons sugar 1 tablespoon and a half, salt, a little sesame oil, chicken little.
1, bovine brain chip on to the bloody red onion cut thick wire;
2, seasonings mixed into the hot pan until boiling;
3, the beef into the broth, the color after , put the onion until onion cooked, turn off the heat;
4, beef, onions, white rice and broth to the shop on the point a little bit of sesame oil, kimchi can be placed. pineapple pineapple fried rice

1 / 4 (about 70 grams), onion 1 / 4 (about 50 grams), corn kernels (about 50 grams), 2 Shuanghui sausage, green and red Caijiao the half, eggs.
salt, oil amount, oyster sauce 2 tbsp.
1, big pineapple;
2, pineapple meat with salt water soak 10 minutes to salvage; green and red Caijiao clean cut into small pieces; onion, diced; sausage cut into small pieces, wash and drain corn kernels water;
3, beaten eggs, add a little water, fry with a shovel Nongsan;
4, heat the pan, saute onion;
5, add sausage fried side fry 1 minute;
6, add corn kernels, while fried side shed a little water, stir-fry until dry water;
7, add eggs, stir evenly Jian Hao;
8, add green peppers tablets, put a little bit of salt, toss (if you usually use oyster sauce salty enough, then you can also tasty without salt, the salt must not put too much);
9, poured into the rice, stir evenly; 10, add 2 tablespoons of oyster sauce, stir evenly, add pineapple, stir evenly to all the material off the fire can be friends;
11, to do with the hollowed out pineapple bowl, and put on a bowl, color, flavor and taste of pineapple good food;
12, to see close-up, colorful, beautiful and delicious;
13, when digging the flesh of the pineapple bowl, is not it make you more appetite.
fried rice material is very casual, like to eat what you put what, ah meat, seafood, ah, ah no so-called food, if not particularly do not like onions, I suggest to put some onions, fried rice are particularly tasty, as long as the advance release saute onion, and stir over a period of time,Outlet Coach Sunglasses, in fact, no onion, spicy taste you, smell only friends;

egg sausage broccoli fried rice:
rice bowl, 1 egg, 1 sausage, a small amount of broccoli.
salt, oyster sauce.
1, Jun Jun has Zhuoshu cut the broccoli and different size and shape of the sausage;
2, Jun-jun the most good omelette, egg Riga little salt, add half of the eggshell cold water;
3, broccoli stir fry; add rice, as Jun Jun is no way to rice Nongsan;
4, while fried sprinkle water 2 times sides, add oyster sauce, a bowl and began to eat slightly;

silver fried rice 2 eggs, a bowl of leftover rice, diced potatoes, a little chopped green onion, salt 1 tsp.
1, wok heat oil, fry eggs filled out into the back;
2, by pan fried potatoes, eggs, pour the remaining oil to stir fry for a little, add a fried rice powder into a bowl of water, turn a small fire sealed lid;
3, see the collection of water added to make filled eggs and green onion and stir well turn out transfer to a plate.

vegetarian fried rice:
leftovers bowl, 1 egg, onion 1 / 4, 2 tofu, cabbage 4.
2 tablespoons oyster sauce, salt and a small amount.
1, onion, tofu, cabbage, chopped;
2, beat the egg, pour the leftovers into the mix, so that every grain of rice wrapped in egg mixture;
3, heat the pan, stir into the onions, Stir the fragrance, add tofu stir-fry for 2 minutes, add cabbage fry 1 minute, add 1 tablespoon of water, cover and simmer for 2 minutes, salt seasoning (not too salty), dish stand;
4, re-heat the pan, pour the rice wrapped in egg, fried in the fire fast, because the wrapped egg, it must be deft fried rice can be causal, then add fried onions, tofu, cabbage, stir together, add oyster sauce, stir well, you can install disc it!

spinach fried rice:
spinach, eggs, green onion, rice, salt, soy sauce, sesame oil.
1, spinach fried rice, spinach washed Shuitang fish out;
2, oil heat, add onion and saute, add eggs, stir fry, fried into the rice and spinach 2 minutes;
3, put a little salt and sugar, soy sauce, sesame oil pan.

Kimchi fried rice ingredients:
loaded with spicy cabbage, rice amount, salt, chicken, a small amount of oil.
1, spicy cabbage, cut into small pieces.
2, pan oil pan, add spicy cabbage stir fry, then add the rice, chicken and salt and stir fry pan.

pork chop with rice
(3 people) pig through the ridge 250 grams of salt 1 / 4 tsp white pepper, onion 60 grams, half a green onions, 3 eggs (of which 3 tablespoons James used to wrap meat), 2 tablespoons flour, bread crumbs amount.
soy sauce, cooking wine, taste Lin of 60ml (plus a small amount of flavor Lin sugar instead of rice wine are available, if not you can only use rice wine soy sauce, cooking wine and a little sugar instead).
1, wash and drain through the ridge, about 0.5cm thick, cut into large, grasping absorbed salt and pepper marinated for 10 minutes;
2, onion Wash membrane strips; wash green onions shredded;
3, egg beaten into the egg, three spoons to scoop out the meat wrapped while James;
4, respectively, the marinated meat stick wrapped in flour, egg and bread crumbs; 5, into the oil pan (oil should be a little more) a small fire will steak fry until both sides yellowish color (under the meat can also be pan fried, so the finished product came out better look more crisp); then cut into thick strips;
6, the soy sauce, taste Lin, wine mixture and mix thoroughly, the wok to boil;
7, onions and boil and pour into large onion, boil for a moment;
8, add pork chops, and then quickly pour the egg mixture, cover and cook until the egg mixture Gail basic solidification.
finally fell to the rice cooking on a good pork chop can enjoy.

Assorted fried rice
amount of cold rice, eggs, shrimp, crab meat, peas, carrots, corn grain amount, oil, salt, chicken, green onion amount.
1, chopped shrimp, diced crab meat, diced carrots.
2, peas, corn, carrots, heat water and cook until slightly cooked, add a little salt, eggs, pan fried and tender the next.
3, Guo Lifang a little oil, put chopped green onion blasting pot, shrimp and crab meat stir fry the next, add the vegetables over the water, with salt and then stir.
4, into the cold rice, add chicken, whole Guochao evenly.

lentils fried rice
lentils, bacon, carrot, onion and rice.
soy sauce, chicken amount, a little sugar.
1, wash the rice soak more than four hours;
2, wok heat oil, yellow onion and stir into dry after adding bacon stir Hong;
3, adding carrots wire stir well;
4, adding lentils, transferred all of the spices, such as lentils out of the green quickly filled and set aside;
5, take the casserole, add soaked rice and put it into practice all of the ingredients 4 , mix;
6, as the case may be appropriate to add water, flush with the material can be added;
7, cap, water, open fire piecemeal, stew cooked rice to serve.

sausage sticky rice
fresh peas peas, sausage, rice, chopped green onion.
cooking oil, salt, broth.
1, sausages, steamed, diced spare;
2, glutinous rice, wash, add broth or water to boiling;
3, add a little non-stick cooking oil burn hot, the next green onion until fragrant, stir fry under the pea;
4, add a little water and continue to stir fry until cooked peas, Sheng out of standby;
5, pot add a little oil, under the cooked sticky rice, cooked sausage Ding, designated casual mix; salt seasoning; finally adding peas and mix well.

rice beef fried rice blinds, venetian cooked beef, onions, one green pepper 3.
1, venetian deli to buy cattle (also considered in order to complete the most simple tasty dishes, and sometimes do not need anything else to prepare their own good), onion, green pepper, cleaned and shredded .
2, base oil pot, heat the oil into the onion and green pepper stir fry a few minutes. Then pour the cooked beef thermometer, add soy sauce, salt and a little sugar, stir fry a few.
3, then stir into the rice ready to open. Rice is best to use overnight, so not much moisture in the rice, it is easy to causal.

4, a simple fried rice or rice bowl can also be called at home with extra food, you can also try the. Tripe has four, one is the Venetian belly. Used to do pot and Mao Xuewang. There are two other outside the cell is the belly and eat grass belly, it is easy to identify, like a small honeycomb stomach honeycomb surface, grass surface domesticated hen's belly, the meat thick. Commonly used to Lu Cai, very tasty .

shrimp fried rice shrimp, onions, green peppers, ginger, onions, cooking wine, salt, oil, eggs, pepper.
1, the shrimp from the refrigerator thawing
2, onion, bell pepper diced spare
3, pick the shrimp to shrimp pot line water heat, add onions, ginger, cooking wine, will shrimp cooked shrimp stripped back
4, pot heat the oil into the eggs, fry scattered back
5, pot oil heat, add onion, bell pepper stir fry
6 D , stir into the eggs are placed in salt pepper shrimp stir well and can be turned.

Finally I got the waiting email.
Bad news, I have to go to school to get my transcript again.
Stupid mistake I have done not to keep one more transcript.
Any way, It is a good news.
Happy today.

needs purchasing power

how expensive?

so the purchasing power of life

monthly income of 3,000 yuan could be called white-collar workers, the monthly income of 5,000 yuan could be called middle age, gone.

why China is so expensive?

ladder, water prices, the prices of public services also started in 2010 the winding up. PetroChina 2010 net profit of 167.6 billion yuan year, converted all day, every day, this giant net profit of 459 million yuan a monopoly, but it still worked tirelessly to apply for financial subsidies, or even to seek natural gas prices.

China is certainly not your

public service is not entirely a commodity, more so than the product of your life, but life for these essential resources, we do not have pricing power. From the late 1990s, prices for public services, China began to implement the hearing system, and the rest of the system, as it will soon reveal the amazing Chinese characteristics, can be felt, can not explain in words. 10 years, China will have a hearing every time the program through price increases as the final conclusion, on behalf of the public to attend the hearing seems that 20% of the control 80% of the social wealth of high-end people, not your ordinary me common folk. Perhaps because ordinary, they were forgotten.

foreign trade and domestic demand, economic development should be parallel to two feet of stagnant domestic demand, the economy will hemiplegia. Hemiplegia-style economy will eventually create unreasonable price, the fact that China is not only dependency property, as well as foreign trade dependency. This is not the reason China is so expensive - because they do not rely on domestic demand, so a laissez-faire for the price to fly?

90% of the world

2009 Earlier this year, the financial crisis there is a short-lived fashion coupons for people to harm than to enter the post-2010 era of soaring prices, harm than good has become a luxury. We are to force the Olympic Games, to force the Asian Games, but not to force the spring, a strong IPO, stronger foreign trade, but unable to inhibit the price level, all seem paradoxical, but it is portrayal. How to answer questions about anxiety, so that in 2011 the economic life back on track, which concerns the right to live, but also about the dignity of life.

how expensive? We follow the current price, listed from 1 yuan to 1 billion spending program. We collected six cities in four countries the cost of living index, portray urban living experience. We give money to the hands of all levels to observe how they spend can buy anything.

should face this country, it is in power in China face a bumpy process. The age of anxiety because of the price and can not be called bad, just disturbing. Security can only have music, a country is great, because it respects and each citizen to achieve the aspirations of small and simple. Chinese people's desire in 2011 is very simple, do not expect to get rich entrepreneurship and lottery, but only with work income to live a decent life. Or at least let him see the possibilities - the face of a normal life, he has enough purchasing power. Olympic joy to the world, Asian neighbors to praise China's perseverance, resilience, execution, creativity should not be the only event in the world when it is presented.

regardless of whether wages outperform the CPI, the Chinese people rising cost of living, spending more and more expensive, is a fact.

Chinese people's desire in 2011 is very simple - the face of a normal life, he can have enough purchasing power.

Chinese nobility, and the CPI has nothing to do, and the Gini coefficient has nothing to do, all the statistics are grim but straightforward arrived in income and expenditure details, such as human drinking water, Lengnuanzizhi.

China expensive? Shenzhen in 2009 per capita disposable income of 29,245 yuan, ranking first in the country, according to United Nations standards division, Shenzhen people's purchasing power into the ranks of moderately developed countries. China is not expensive? Levi jeans produced in Dongguan in China, where the counter is worth 899 yuan, the arrogance of the United States dropped on Amazon, price $ 24.42, a RMB $ 166. Bezos spent what kind of negotiating skills, can make the same across half the globe in a commodity, the price quietly shrunk 5.4 times? China comes the question, is the world's largest real Goldbach conjecture, inference and answers are all over the world, you can personal experiences and feelings, but still do not know why.




we want to price stability, increased income, social stability and a better life, not expensive.

how expensive

soaring prices occurred in the economic sphere of things, but economics can not explain everything, as it can not explain the urgent need to revive domestic consumption in a country, why the residents would rather put the money in the bank. Chinese people know the answer to this multiple-choice questions, in the meager interest rates and the boom, the prices between the consumer or store does not matter, two options are not a good choice, then the better option to feel a sense of security that .

you are an anxiety, is stuck in the throat of a thorn, Yu Tu can not, want to swallow not only difficult to digest. Foxconn staff anxiety, experienced assembly line workers twice monthly salary after the break through 2,000, can only buy half of their hand-assembled iPhone4, Shenzhen, the country with the highest income people anxious, 29,245 yuan per capita annual income of 19,755 yuan / square meters of real estate price before ashamed, not enough to buy a bathroom. Some people have lost the right to anxiety, the United Nations statistics, there are still 150 million Chinese people rely on income less than $ 1 a day struggling to live. Prior to the lofty price, all about the vision of stimulating domestic demand are clouds, the right to life is also spending a penny of debilitating.

China really expensive!

2010, China's fiscal revenue has reached 30% of GDP, this figure has been inadvertently and Nordic Denmark, Norway, on the same starting line. The difference is, the Nordic countries being the best country in the world, people are enjoying, Rapid expansion in the total economy, the world's second largest economy, China remains the world's one of the lowest benefits in the education industry, the commodification of housing, the associated medical, social security, pension, and most people have to their burden. The reason why your price is that from production to sales and other chain of interlocking interests, reason for the high cost of living, social security is unable, to pay more than income, hard-working Chinese people instead of creating rich status.

why China is so expensive? Dependent on foreign trade, currency issuance, public service monopoly, the interests of the chain is too long, unbalanced distribution of wealth, social security weakness - the crowd split on a speech. The real, fundamental reason, you know.

RMB yuan, or that purchasing power is no longer that purchasing power.

expensive, affecting the quality of life, but also derived from anxiety, insecurity and powerlessness, and thus make the majority of people in society feel frustrated.

lighters made in China, 75% of DVD players made in China, 60 percent of the jeans made in China, Made in China spread globally in the context that gave birth to another paradox - the same paragraph commodities, domestic prices higher than abroad. RMB and U.S. dollars in foreign trade transactions are often the game to start in China exports $ 1 for each commodity, we must follow the domestic exchange rate of RMB and U.S. dollar compared with the corresponding number of additional RMB to balance the domestic market, they put in huge foreign exchange by the export of currency, all shift to inflation the way to the ordinary people who caused the purchasing power of currency devaluation, the corresponding sharp rise in prices. Chinese workers produce goods, the American harvest goods; the Chinese government to get U.S. dollars, Chinese renminbi devaluation harvest citizens - the additional flow of foreign goods, the new currency is issued to stay in China, continue to dilute the purchasing power of people hand money .

ring than the world, China's expensive, foreigners, share their feelings. British Cost of living of ordinary people are always in the hands of the interests under the control ring up - because Chinese overloaded rail freight and logistics companies in order to apply for a wagon of the indicators, the additional cost of shipping outside of even of up to 5000-50000 yuan room, where the flow of these costs is unknown, but the source is clear enough - ordinary people like you and me.

hold out 1 million buy three-bedroom, 10 billion net worth can not enter the era of Rich List, rushed to come.

your anxiety in China

good times, people look forward to the future; bad times, people miss in the past. 2011 people easily find the memory of 2003, when the CPI is uncommon term, sustainable growth in income as if the momentum balance of the price level in the loved, the monthly income of 3,000 yuan can claim to white-collar workers, those who dream of cross-monthly income of 5,000 into the middle class, exercise capacity by its own perseverance, perseverance and self-confidence to those who have inherited property. Starting point into the new decade, you are disappointed to find that middle class society is not olive that part of the most solid tough, but living in the pyramid of sandwich, the dilemma can not stay, income may not be the carts, but prices high-speed rail is definitely the way to pull away, do not give the slightest chance to catch up. Chinese people's income rose in the last 7 years 12.76%, in 2010 only a quarter of the price you can quietly go beyond that figure, so that seven years hard work come to naught.

Chapter 11

to buy a parrot, a parrot before seen standard: This parrot will be two languages, the price $ 200. The other is marked before the parrot said: This parrot will be four languages, price four hundred yuan. Which is only to buy it? Two are glossy coat, very cute and flexible. This man turn ah turn, could not decide. The results suddenly found an old toothless, parrots, scattered dark coat color, price $ 800. The man rushed to boss: the parrot would say that eight is not a language? The owner said: no. This person strange: Why is old and ugly, and no ability, it will be worth the few? Owner replied: Because the other two parrots call the parrot owner.

moral of this story is ... ... only to pay more than to get, your boss than your ability to see the real location will give you more opportunities to create more profit for him.

a small camel in the zoo asked her mother: direction. by ten days of water or food conditions. easy to travel long distances ah.

moral of this story is ... ... man is man, Unfortunately, no one used. A good attitude + a + successful teaching an infinite stage = success. Each person's potential is unlimited, the key is to find a stage full potential.

two people in the forest, encountered a large tiger. A is quickly removed from behind a pair of more lightweight shoes replaced. B sudden death, and cursed: crisis. Especially into approaching, telecommunications, banking, insurance, and even the civil service which we thought very stable and secure business, will face a number of variables.

first lesson
a man in his wife into the bathroom after a bath to prepare a bath. At this time, the doorbell rang.
with a towel wrapped around his wife quickly rushed to the door.
When she opened the door, neighbor Bob stood there.
before her opening, Bob said, After a few seconds, Bob hands her $ 800 and then left.
towel wrapped woman returned to the house again.
When she entered the bathroom, her husband asked her,

fifteenth class

moral of this story is ... ... when more Tiger comes, we are not ready to own running shoes?

sixth lesson

there was a small country who come to China, three identical tribute gold miners, gold wall glory, the emperor happy bad. But this small country who is not kind, but the one topic: the three most valuable Jin What? Emperor like a lot of ways, invited jeweler check the weight, work, are exactly the same. How to do? Messenger is also waiting to go back to report it. Great country, not even the little things did not know it? Finally, there is an abdication of the old minister said he has a way. Emperor will go to the main hall envoy, veteran chest successful enough to hold three straw, insert the first Jin's ears, ears that straw out the other side. The second straw Jin falls out directly from the mouth, and a third gold miners, fell into the stomach after the straw into, what ring do not. Veteran wrote: The third most valuable Jin! Messenger was silent, the answer is correct.

moral of this story is ... ... the positive people, like the sun, where it shines bright, negative people, like the moon, who started 15 different. Thoughts determine our lives, what kind of idea what kind of future.

a bird fly south for the winter. Days is too cold. It is frozen, lost in a field on.
when it lay there, a cow came to pull on it a pile of feces.
frozen bird lying on the dunghill, and began to feel the warmth.
does it warm over a cow dung.
it lying on the warm cow dung, the unusual pleasure, and started singing.
cat heard the bird crossing a drive over to see what happens.
down the sound, it is found under the bird dung, and promptly ate it dragged out.
moral of the story:
(1) not every shit in your body are your enemies.
(2) not every dunghill are you out of your friends.
(3) When you are deep in the dunghill, the best close your beak!

a salesman, a clerk and their manager to walk to lunch and discovered an ancient oil lamp.
their friction oil lamp, a genie jumped out.
Wizard said: prosperous! She flew away.
love. He flew away.

manager replied:

some people will continue to complain about other people's fault, blame the faults of others, they feel that the surrounding environment and people everywhere with their own against; or consider themselves In fact, they do not realize that the real problem is not from around, but from themselves. As such, must try to identify themselves, try to carefully and deeply reflect on their own.

fifth class

eagle sitting high in trees to rest, doing nothing.
a small rabbit saw the eagle and asked it, Eagle resting on the ground below. Suddenly, a fox appeared, it flew rabbits ate it.
moral of the story:
want to sit idle, you have to sit very, very high position.

Lesson 14

Chapter 13
One scholar Beijing exam the third time, living in a regular live store. Exam three days ago he made a dream, a dream is the dream of his first on the wall kind of cabbage, and the second dream is a rainy day, he was wearing a bamboo hat umbrella, and the third dream is the dream with the beloved cousin lying naked together, but Beikaozhuobei. These three dreams seem profound meaning, the next day scholar dream and quickly went to a fortune. Telling one, continuous thigh, said: out, but back to back, not the game is it? Shop owner is very strange, and asked: You have to stay this time you think about it, the wall is not high vegetable species? wearing umbrella hats in this show that you are not prepared for it? with your cousin back by lying in bed naked, not saying you the time necessary to stand up to it?

Chapter 12

moral of this story is ... ... cow dung (Je te dis merde) may enable you to reach the peak, but it does not make you stay there forever.

The fourth lesson

seven people who live with daily in a vat of porridge. Worse, porridge every day is not enough. First, they draw lots to determine who the porridge, a daily round. Ever since a week off, they have only one day is full, that is, the day his porridge. Later, they began to elect a person of high moral character out of the porridge. Power will lead to corruption, we began to think hard to please him, bribe him, and made the small group black smoke barrier gas. Then we began to porridge composed of three sub-committees and four of the selection committee, but they often attack each other, passing down, his mouth full of porridge to eat cold. Finally came up with a way: rotate the porridge,
but the porridge and other people who are picked to take the rest after the last bowl. In order not to eat the least, each share of the average as much as possible, even if uneven, it can only recognize the. Everyone happy, and agreeable, the days become better.

A master of playing before the show, his disciples told him loose shoelace. Master nodded thanks to carefully bend the Department. Turn until the apprentice after he squatted down to loosen the laces. One observer saw all this, did not understand: laces loose, the details of the performance by his haggard and tired. This enthusiasm must protect his enthusiasm, in a timely manner to give him encouragement, as to why you want to untie shoelaces, there will be more opportunities to teach him perform, you can say ah next time.

moral of this story is ... ... people can only do one thing at a time, grasp the key to understand, is the real talent.

moral of this story is ... is also seven different distribution system, a different culture. Therefore, a unit of work if you have a bad habit, it must be mechanisms, must be not completely fair and open, there is no strict Jiangqinfalan. How to develop such a system, every leader needs to consider the issue.

moral of this story is ... ... the most valuable person, not necessarily the most people can say. God gave us two ears and one mouth, so that we listen to has always been less talk. Good listener, is the most basic quality of a mature person.

A to B, said: is not the best time. B said: company will be subject to significant losses, very passive. So work hard, then do wish, more than six months of hard work, he has many loyal customers. Meet again when B asked A: Now is the time, and act quickly to jump Oh! A lightly smiles: CEOs had a long talk with me, ready to rise I do assistant general manager, I had no intention of leaving.

Lesson 8

Lesson 9
a pigeon always keep moving, to get rid of the smell of his body! It felt that every time a new nest lived not long, there is a strong smell, let it breathe, the resort had been moved. It felt very disturbed, put the troubles experienced with an old pigeon complained. Old pigeon said:

moral of this story is ... ... out of tune with the team, the problem comes from their own!

a turkey and a bull in the chat. nutrition. The next day, after eating more dung after the turkey reaches the tree, the second bifurcation. Finally, after two weeks, turkeys are very proud to stand on the top of the tree. Unfortunately, not long, it is eyeing a farmer, and farmers will be very neatly shot down the turkey.

three people to jail for three years, the warden gave them a three person required. Americans love cigars, to the three boxes of cigars. French the most romantic, a beautiful woman to be accompanied. The Jews said, he wants a phone to communicate with the outside world. After three years, first coming out of the Americans, mouth nose stuffed cigar, shouted: Then out of the French. I saw his hand holding a child, a beautiful woman hand holding a child, also with the third stomach. Finally out of the Jews, he firmly hold the hand of the warden, said: Laoshilaisi!

moral of this story is ... ... what kind of choice to decide what kind of life. Today's life is our choice by the decision three years ago, and today we will determine our choice after three years of life. We have to choose access to the latest information, the latest trends, to better create their own future.

lesson 7

moral of this story is ... ... a real leader, not necessarily how strong their ability, just to understand trust, understand decentralization, treasure, be able to unite more than their own power, so as to enhance their social status. On the contrary many people can be very strong, but because it is too perfectionist, hands-on, what people do not like myself, and finally can only do the best research staff, sales representatives, can not become good leaders.

Lesson 10

1 to romantic gifts or benefits?

Man confused: Women's Day this need in the days of gifts, is it affordable to send or romantic?
Scene: one enter the house, they gave his wife a bouquet of roses. His wife said: This bouquet of flowers have to spend much money? Might as well take my son to eat a big meal ... and ah, you owe me a platinum necklace yo! Her husband's smiling face suddenly freezing!!!
Summary: Women sometimes animal material, especially through the long years of marriage, after the baptism. Faced with this situation, the husband would rather give her benefits!

2. Romantic in the end not to the audience?

Man confused: My girlfriend and I a romantic two entirely a private matter, but his girlfriend Why always looking for a few viewers?
scene: two girls on the same day the office birthday. Early in the morning, a girl's boyfriend sent 11 roses and a birthday card, even though old-fashioned gift, or caused a small sister of joy. If another girl sitting needle carpet, and finally coming home from work, far from seeing that fool standing in front of his home holding a rose.
Summary: romance needs the audience, silk clothing must not nocturnal, vanity is a woman who can not cure the disease! in a large crowd, the ordinary gift can be worth a hundred times.

3. prank is mood or bored?

men confused: Why ordinary day, the women also like the April Fool's projects to test a man, a headache?
Scene: Mr. Chen came home and found his wife left a note: Dear, I meet tonight and students do not go home for lunch. He is so crazy call to the house about Hupenggouyou carnival. Call is finished, suddenly found his wife crept out from the bedroom:
Summary: prank funny with her boyfriend or husband is a female compatriots good entertainment. It is not only a game to have fun, but also examine the role of both the test and, if you are running out of patience, this may be

4. telephone follow-up is not trust or care about?

man confused: I did not face things with friends than go out to play, upsets the man calls his wife's Chagang no interest, she I am also concerned about sounding name.
scene: a bunch of women singing in karaoke bars, after midnight, we take turns singing the phone, the phone may have been quiet with Mary, we say that your husband you can really rest assured. Home, Mary asked her husband why not call her, her husband, every time I go out, you always ask me a few phone calls home, I feel bored, so I will not ask you out, you have great confidence that . Mary said: home is a worry, a woman that a man asked her a few home mad is an honor.

5. what color dare to rub his face is weird or fashion?

man confused: black lipstick and green eye shadow, orange blush ... why should good woman ... confused, like a face palette?
scene: in cosmetics counter, a girl try eye shadow powder. Colored green, her boyfriend shook his head; painted purple, her boyfriend shook his head; painted blue, boyfriend, or shaking his head. Girl furious: kind of description is not black eyebrows a little black, red painted red lips a little. Respected as long as there are fashion magazines, even if would like a pretty face of the monster, but also have stylish girls to apply their knowledge immediately, it is indeed not a woman makes herself up.

6. Huhuashizhe how to when?

man confused: I live in Hankou, the night I often take the tram to escort his girlfriend home to live in Wuchang, toss to retrace their nest at night party be his girlfriend and unmoved.
scene: ten at night, a couple streets in Hankou, the boy said, to see whether the bus, the girl's face down the shade immediately. So hand the boy stopped the taxi, said: , in the end how to make her happy to do it?
Summary: The woman had no independent Huhuashizhe, and still need someone to look Huhuashizhe. Men love the most sensible approach is to superimpose a hundred dollars a woman, let her a taxi home, even though she may choose to ride the bus, then the money they save to buy clothes.

7. how to deal with her friends?

man confused: his wife have some love with the sister's close friend, however, warming up with them after she turned around and told me that their will No, I really do not know how to do.
scene: his wife's close friend came to play, the husband passion for cooking. Since the days of late, he retain her stay, the next day, he kicked with his wife, said he was 花心大萝卜.
Summary: Some women will love a man in front of their own, said bad things about other women, including close friend. This is different with men, men think that if a woman is on their friends to their long friendship and face, while women are easily jealous.


Holy Land. Palau has a formal diving scuba diving license may apply for permission, where the diving environment is the world's many professional divers dream, which account for seven in the world.

Seychelles Creole food and diet is similar to Southeast Asia, that is fresh and authentic, but also very strong pungent flavor. Famous lobster and grouper here, the price is very cheap.

obtain entry visas for a period of 30 days.

pure index: ★ ★ ★ ★


You must go to the world's only underwater post office of one, in a natural marine park, located at sea level with 3 meters underwater post office in Vanuatu Postal Palace side. Its appearance looks like a submarine great soda cans from Port Vila beach, 35 meters, more than 50,000 visitors each year come here to dive, you can come here to mail waterproof postcards, a salesperson will give you a postcard stamped. Than using the traditional approach to ink cancellation stamp, but the use of datestamps embossed, printed a special tactile signs that postcards have been sent. Mailing postcards while you can enjoy watching the world's most fascinating sea animals and plants.

TOP 6: Mauritius (Mauritius) - in the Indian Ocean pearl

There is also a spectacle worthy of attention is that divers can see the sea living fossil - Nautilus. Nautilus can not grow in the human potential to the deep sea, because Nautilus is a physical structure of each frame, so it is natural diving expert, it does not have to worry about our human fear of air pressure.

If you aspire to truly pure water, then you are looking for is the paradise of Palau. Palau's Rock Islands of the Pacific's most pristine marine ecosystems, the last pure land from industrial pollution. Whether it is bright sunny day, or warm, pleasant evening, you can walk on the beach in white and delicate, feeling the world's most crystal clear water. Where the water had a strange blue-green, so pure yet strange, unbelievable, can not touch, I'm afraid they broke a hand in front of the dream.

romantic Index: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

TOP 7: Tuvalu (Tuvalu) - part of God's garden

Maldives tourist attractions throughout the whole island in a resort with a restaurant operated by the casual atmosphere, because each island is an independent hotel operators developed, so a hotel on the island in the Maldives has become a unique tourist culture.

Maldivian capital, airports and tourist hotels are located in a separate island. Thanks to inter-island boat traffic. The capital of motor vehicles are more motorcycle oriented. Very few motor vehicles travel on the island.

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is noteworthy that in Sri Lanka, nodding and shaking his head with China, meaning the opposite, that is not nodding, shaking his head said yes. Sri Lankans eat with your right thumb, index finger, middle finger three fingers pick up the food for human consumption, gifts to the locals, do not send flowers, dinner and receive gifts, should use his right hand.


Chinese citizens can sign

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island of Mauritius is a volcanic island, surrounded by coral reefs around the island's varied landscape. Is a narrow coastal plain, central plateau mountains, a number of mountain ranges and isolated peaks, the scenery is quite spectacular.


TOP 3: Maldives (Maldives) - Lost paradise

Sri Lanka visa for Chinese tourists. Go travel, you can stay for 30 days.

visa for Chinese citizens, in principle, is 30 days.

pure index: ★ ★ ★

Palau passengers carry with them for drug tests very carefully, if you must take the drugs, please bring the packaging with clear English instructions printed on the medication, otherwise it will be confiscated at customs.

Mauritius beautiful, beautiful scenery, beautiful beaches and sunshine attracted a large number of tourists from around the world. Seth northern Panpulimo Misty garden flowers, birds chirping, people like in Wonderland feeling. 100 years before opening a high king brown swaying, floating within Qingchi huge water lily. Mauritius kestrel and pink pigeon is the world's rare animals.


National Wind simple, good order, emphasis on sharing. The folks from the island may be staying with the party, food is more than friends from the same town to share the island, this family tradition, resulting in annual per capita income is only about 1663 dollars (2004) the soil is not the roadside begging the country.

Since ancient times, people called this island of Jeju, Three more than the wind, stone and more fruit trees and more, Sambo is seafood, plants and dialects. The eastern part of Jeju Island is a large grass for grazing, so many centuries the island has been South Korea's main ranch. Island, an area of ​​80,000 hectares of grazing pasture is one of the best in Asia. Jeju Island is famous in history once kept horses, and now the island is still more than 3,000 horse, horses about two-thirds of South Korea.

the island a mild climate suitable for growing citrus, grapefruit and tangerines, the island of Jeju is the national center of citrus production.


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Jeju through the whole territory of north-south highways, foreigners hold an international driving license can rent a car.

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Federated States of Micronesia


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addition to the main island of Seychelles, there are many quiet outer islands, island hotels, the facilities. More attractions in the country, do your homework in advance visit.

Federated States of Micronesia by the 607 islands and islets, is the world's wettest countries, surrounded by water surrounded by sea has become the life of all. Out by the atolls of the cloth around the island, the formation of natural lakes, lush forests, the air is particularly fresh. Take the ship, visitors can tour the island on the tour.

broad blue waters of the Indian Ocean, there are a bunch of white sand surrounded by green as the islands - the Maldives Islands. Many visitors a taste of the Maldives blue, white and green, they all think it is the last paradise on earth. Maldives has been described as God shake off a string of pearls, was also described as a Suiyu, both are apt to describe the white sandy beaches of the island like a pearl capsules, and the pearl next to the water like a piece of jade. Westerners like to call the Maldives as the

Jeju Island from the peninsula, some of the original customs of the island is still circulating. The most interesting is where you can see traces of a matriarchal society, headed, living mainly by women. The They often have to dive along the steep rock collecting shellfish, abalone, sea cucumbers and conch and other seafood, while men are left at home to take care of housework.

backward transport facilities, and expensive. By sea-based. The main islands have airports. Port Vila International Airport, there can be direct Australia, New Zealand, Fiji.

spend a lot of Fiji, filled with people wearing flowers, men and women without exception. It is said that the flowers worn on the left is that unmarried, while the flower is worn on both sides indicated that they had married. In addition to a man wearing a flower, but it's more surprising is that men actually have to wear a skirt. Dress here is called

Mauritius is a subtropical oceanic climate. Annual summer and winter, from November to next April for the summer, the coastal temperature 27 ℃, the central plateau 22 ℃, water temperature about 27 ℃; 5 October for the winter, cool season, the average temperature of 24 coastal ℃, the central plateau 19 ℃, water temperature about 22 ℃.

Fiji for the Pacific Islands regional transport hub, water, land and air traffic is developed. Department of Hong Kong an important international capital, Suva harbor, can be parked Wandun Lun. Suva Naosuo in the airport stops 737, Nadi airport can accommodate Boeing 747 and other large aircraft.


Fijians focus attention on eating habits to eat seafood, focusing on the rich dishes. Taste is generally heavier taste, like big oil, sweet love.

If the Seychelles is a paradise on earth, May Valley, is this paradise in the Garden of Eden. Praslin Island, located in the center of the May Valley is the world's smallest natural heritage area of ​​only 19.5 hectares. For which more than 7000 trees coconut trees and famous. But in addition to coconut, there's many unique plants and animals in the world, called the rare Grand View Garden. May Valley, when in the forties was a private estate, its name is taken from the then lord of the manor. It is a national park in 1966, 1983, was named UNESCO World Natural Heritage.

TOP 9: Sri Lanka (Srilanka) - the jewel of the country on the Pacific

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island full of tropical products, and coffee, pepper, spice plants, coconut, banana, mango, etc. everywhere. It is worth mentioning that this rare deep-sea fish - tuna, it is said, Micronesia 70% of world tuna production, out in the world.

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tourist destination due to the Chinese passport holders can visit visa for a period of 15 days.


Federated States of Micronesia

there so much as a small table, live car clam shell scattered on the seabed, its outlet pipe of the arm was so thick, usually, the car clam shell thickness of the meat is out of hard shell outside, when you go to touch the meat when they are smart to shrink up, if you really are a big car clam shell grip, I believe its power will not be saved for you.

Sri Lanka country also known as Sri Lanka is famous for tea, tea cultivation began in 1867 making her the origin of many top black tea.

here are particularly good ecological and environmental protection, road car on the road in the island like a walk through the national forest park, peaceful, quiet. School Bihaiyinsha, trees lush beauty. Towering coconut palms, a huge tree of bread, low yam garden, taro fields, full of nature, primitive island atmosphere.

Jeju, Korea

to travel for the purpose of tourists to Jeju Island, Korea to a visa, if you go to other places in Korea of ​​course, still need visas.


Micronesia (Micronesia) Pacific island group of three, meaning And is located in the South Pacific, Federated States of Micronesia (Chinese referred to as

Although the visa, but the same basic and visa-free period of 30 days.

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Fonseca (Sega) is unique to Mauritius, a native folk music and dance collectively. Fonseca music from Africa, current Fonseca also into singing and dancing performances to attract tourists is one. Performances by male performers responsible for the musical, is responsible for female performers dance performances. Over the years the instruments used are similar, including the use of goatskin drum of La Wana do tambourine (ravane), Mara Wana wooden sandbox (maravann), triangle, etc. Female dancers wear brightly colored dresses, to follow the rhythm of light and dance. On the island, many hotels offer Fonseca dance performances.

to protect fruit trees from strong winds of the invasion of the island, orchard built around the high stone walls.

Jeju Island is located near the line of latitude 33 degrees, but with a tropical climate characteristics, the highest average temperature in South Korea, where the most precipitation. Mild and humid climate and volcanic activity by the shape of beautiful and colorful natural landscape, it won the Jeju Island is located southwest of the Chinese, and the blue waves of neighbors, and the white sandy beaches as partners, back near the scenic Cheonjiyeon Falls, is a rare tourism and resorts.



Jeju, Korea


Palau belongs to tropical climate, four seasons are summer, sunshine every day of good weather, even in July to October rainy season, at most only the afternoon thunderstorms.

Seychelles beautiful scenery, more than 50% throughout the area was turned into a nature reserve, enjoy the ranked third.

Fiji is a free port, it is particularly large number of duty-free shops, diamond, jewelry, perfumes, silverware, crystal and other world-class duty-free prices of goods are purchased, the Government of Fiji Visitors Bureau in a duty-free shop marked, travelers can feel at ease purchase. Featured products include hand-woven baskets, coral, shell products, wood carvings, Taba tablecloths, Indian Sari, shells and so on. India's colorful production of gold and silver products, refined workmanship.

Sri Lanka

Jeju, Korea

common language is English, a common currency is U.S. dollars.

landing a period of 30 days.


Chinese citizens visa-free for a period of four months.

that Seychelles had to Tihai coconut. David coco coco fruit of the plant kingdom is the largest and heaviest seed, usually in 10 kg, the heaviest up to 30 kilograms. In the 7-9 months time, while the pulp is eaten only when the gum-like, once more than nine months, the flesh will gradually harden and mature coconut flesh white and hard, someone posing as ivory brought , its hardness can be imagined.

to Micronesia to have to participate in feature hula: the traditional hula, dance, fun, young men and women bare upper body, around the straw skirt, along with the rhythm of music, dancing, passion and dynamic. The island's most attractive places, there is a known as Islamabad and more (Nan Madol) of waste the city ruins. Located on the southeast coast of Pohnpei, is a mysterious city, with 20-foot stone bar built in, and now people can still see the remains of stone, about the remains of more than 100 buildings are still falling on the barrier reef is now the edge.

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index: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆

to Seychelles tourism without a visa, a valid passport as long as you can. Valid for 30 days.

Sri Lanka

index: ★ ★ ☆

capital Port Louis is surrounded by mountains, beautiful scenery, is a natural harbor, located in the South Atlantic and Indian Ocean trade routes between hub. Navigation in the Suez Canal before, here is sailing around the Cape of Good Hope will be passed through. City Hall, Natural History Museum, art galleries, libraries, churches and other buildings is the main city of ancient and modern, Eastern and Western styles wonderful combination. University of Mauritius to develop a large number of students of high academic achievers.

local customs and traditions of soil leaving the country for most people put on the neck of local seed shells or items made to express feelings of dismay. The more items on the neck, that popularity, the better.

as sparsely populated and beautiful scenery in Europe and America have long preferred to one of Fiji as a holiday, or even a lot of big stars will choose to honeymoon here. A small island, there are many golf driving range. Tourist resort in Fiji, they often dress casual, and tents carrying a whole case of beer, the white beach enjoy the sunset, it really is like living gods.

pure index: ★ ★ ☆

of Chinese citizens visa-free period of 30 days.

the South Pacific, such as silver white sand, boundless expanse of blue water and tropical diving view fish and watch the volcano, golf, yachting, windsurfing, beach sports and many other leisure and entertainment, so you fully relax and rest in peace ... ... tropical colors food , seafood, French cuisine, Chinese food, especially the coconut crab is quite worth a try. Taste will bring you extreme pleasure.


mid-August each year are held a week-long festival of flowers, the hibiscus flowers, or hibiscus, Fiji's national flower. Islanders make-up demonstrations during the festival held to elect safflower Queen. Wearing a flower, wearing a skirt so strange alternative behavior, so that you have been fully aware of the style of the island, while flying around the people in the high-pitched voice is totally laid-back island with a Happy mood.

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and bungee jumping is exciting, but also from Vanuatu. Peng Dike Island in Lancaster, bungee festival every year: the villagers by a large banyan tree to put up a wooden cane tied three to four meters high tower, warriors stand on top of the tower to meet Department of rattan , jumped from a height, hair touching the ground, while the flesh intact, transfer of skills.

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as mixed ethnic and cultural diversity, the food will rise by Mauritius Creole dishes, Chinese cuisine, European cuisine and the impact of Indian dishes, so a meal there are often mixed set of dishes in different parts of the case. Especially in the Indian food culture in Mauritius most affected, the Indian curry dishes, spices, and something called Mauritius was once ruled by France, so French is also a popular dish, but vegetables are Indian and African influence, this

nature's gift of Vanuatu is rich, not only gave her fertile land, and gave her a variety of tourism resources. Vanuatu's 80 islands, almost all have their own characteristics. Yi Suer, especially the island of Tana volcano, known as the world's mostly straight up straight sets, little inclined to spray outside. People often get a look at


Vanuatu in the Pacific Southwest. Is the Melanesian Islands, from about 80 islands (68 inhabited) form. Santo island is the largest island, an area of ​​3947 square km.


common sea is blue, but the sea is Fiji's color. Because numerous bizarre, colorful fish swim in the water, the sea upsets colorful. Fiji has more than 300 large and small islands, these islands are surrounded by rings of coral reefs, so the fish has become a paradise. Although numerous islands, but each is very fine, the largest island is beautiful to Levu. Far away from the Empire Airport terminal every day, many vessels to the various islands.

Santo Island, Hong Kong is the capital of Bougainville is the world-famous diving spots. In 1942 a luxury cruise ship converted by the troop transports, carrying 5500 U.S., this time into port touch their lockout on the American mines, and soon sank on a coral reef near the shore. Track this tour the coast just meters away, while the bow and stern, respectively, only 20 meters away from the surface to 70 meters deep, just a diving enthusiasts and adventures explorers paradise. There a million dollars near the Gulf, but also a good place for diving.



Pinnawela elephant orphanage in Sri Lanka Sri Lanka beautiful, including religious sacred mountains, beautiful beaches, the Dutch colonialists left the castle, houses the tooth of the pagoda, the city experienced a few thousand years, based on the huge rock the palace, and even elephants and leopards and other wild animals! Remove these, even just walking the streets there, the style can make people completely unfamiliar joy. Sri Lanka and low prices of Chinese tourists is very friendly, very suitable for holiday.

99% pure crystal clear water + 1% = 100% white sandy beaches of the Maldives, do not be surprised 99% of the Maldives surrounded by sea with thousands of species of fish, here is the fish home.

in Palau Islands, the island has many inland lake surrounded by mountains, the lake water is not clear, showing dark green. Palau's jellyfish lake has a unique non-toxic jellyfish around the world. Jellyfish Lake is said to visit the unified management, and sometimes, to open the island's Jellyfish Lake, a period of time, and then open another island jellyfish lake, this will close up to those injured jellyfish recuperate, so that both of Jellyfish Lake Palau create a significant tourism economy, while jellyfish have also been managed and protected.

Here is a famous diving

TOP 10: South Korea's Jeju Island (Jeju Island) - Oriental Hawaii

Since small, the traffic is quite backward. Largest island has an international airport, but only about one flight a day. To rely on the out islands, small vessels, may have a group of several days.


index: ★ ★ ★

many ROK foreign heads of state and government leaders have villas and hotels in the Chinese stay, access to their busy way of rest. Jeju Island also enjoy the


Lonely Planet series, there's a special introduction, Micronesia, and these include the Federated States of Micronesia, the island is not known the original of all.


main attractions are Mahe, Praslin, La Digue Island and Bird Island. Mahe Island Nature Reserve which covers an area of ​​65 hectares of Russell, has a wide range of tropical fruit trees and groups of tortoises, Russell is the island of Mahe, the largest nature reserve. Here, the Creole of ancient tradition and modern luxury facilities co-exist.


the traditional way of eating is to retain the original clutch method, do not use knives meal spoons, the guests sat on the floor, the floor covered with forest hand-cast leaves compiled from the mat.

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TOP 5: Vanuatu (Vanuatu) - dream of paradise

nude swimming is prohibited here, and who are found to be heavy fines. Forbidden to wear swimsuit in the restaurant. Maldives island mostly do not provide toothbrushes, slippers, etc., it is recommended to go to Ma Zhongguo visitors bring their own.

index: ★ ★ ★ ★

TOP 2: Fiji (Fiji) - Color of the Sea World

romantic Index: ★ ★ ★

Federated States of Micronesia

the island has still retain many traditional practices, such as the call to the deep-sea fish in shallow water,dr dre headphones best buy, in order to facilitate the ceremony to capture the magic chant, the traditional fire ceremony, etc., are disappearing in mysterious Fiji has yet traditional. Fiji's two major cultural legacy, and one flat tooth whales, called

local people who love music, almost everyone singing and dancing. Local music style called Hospitality is proud of the Seychelles national habits.

TOP 4: Palau (Palau) - blue-green diving resort

capital Male have the presidential palace was built in 1913. In addition, there was built the ancient mosque in 1656, and 1675 completed the magic of Muslim minarets, the white building on the Quran can still clearly see the inscription. Available to pay their last respects there Gu Sudan dynasty Sultan Park, which was established in 1968 the Republic of Maldives had been destroyed, although today there are only a one small building, is still relatively intact the essence of culture Gu Sudan , seemingly simple historical museum records a variety of cultures. Male, Maldives shopping center, almost all the shops are clustered here.

romantic Index: ★ ★ ★ ★

Federated States of Micronesia

Mauritius majority of agricultural land to grow sugar cane are mainly used for manufacturing in addition to sucrose, but also used to brew rum.

romantic Index: ★ ★ ★ ★

According to monitoring, sea level around Tuvalu average annual increase of 5.6 mm, the United Nations International Panel on Climate warming estimated global sea level rises twice. Because the vast majority of local residents living in one to two meters above sea level, which means that most of the island of Tuvalu will be submerged in 50 years after.

pure index: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★


in the clothing, the Islander men and women are one of the cultural characteristics of Southeast Sharon skirt (Sulu Fiji / Lavalava), girls SULU bright colors, knotted in the lateral; boys are dull colors, no color , appears to suit pants, knot in the side. And formal occasions, men wear a little upper body will likely take the color of the island clothing (Island wears); women wore one-piece dress. Most of the general population is not normally wear shoes, even if the Minister or business trip to the office to work, they also replaced leather slippers. Children playing barefoot is also a long-term view like the corner.

the end of World War II, the U.S. military did not want to take away heavy equipment, will be equipped with all dumped into the sea. Wear goggles when you look down on the float in the sea, those rollers, bulldozers, rail, crane and artillery, etc. Despite being covered by algae, coral cover, but its contours are still faintly discernible. Here there is a ten meters long and weighs more than ten tons of fish, I do not know why, as much as nine months of the year with divers in this play.

in Palau, you will re-learn what is the sea, what is the way, what is light, what is hot. God created Palau seems to show that they can create a wonderful world.

up to 4 km of white sandy beaches in Europe Beau Vallon tourist shrine. Pickled sand and fine crystal-clear blue waters each year attracts more than 100,000 wealthy people in Europe to come here. Cute children clumsy shovel a pile of sand in the castle of their dreams, or young couples in honeymoon couples enjoy in the hot sun, white-haired old people holding hands and accompanied by a sunset walk on the beach ... ... Visitors can dive accompanied by professional coaches and enjoy the ever-changing sea of ​​coral reefs, you can also rent a boat to go sea fishing, fishing on the fresh fish red grouper or boss can immediately make out the delicious local chefs and superb baked fish ... ...

center in the South Pacific in Fiji, between the equator and the Tropic of Capricorn, between the New Zealand and Australia to North America must pass through, is more surrounded by the San Bai ring coral reefs, coconut palms swaying green islands form attractive holiday island. Here full of tropical beauty of the ocean plateau beginning in recent years as tourism development, coastal areas are already developed into a modern leisure area, restaurants, clubs and bars everywhere, throughout the year shows that tourists from around the world.

Tuvalu in the local language means But in fact, by the nine founding Tuvalu ring composed of coral islands. Tuvalu is located in the southern Pacific Ocean, with a total area of ​​only 26 square kilometers, the total population of less than 1.5 million people, a tropical maritime climate, picturesque all year round, it will constitute the country's nine atolls known as the Pacific island the

TOP 8: Federated States of Micronesia (The Federated States of Micronesia) - sea of ​​virgin forest

strong local environmental awareness. Cut down a tree to be reported for each Department of the Environment for approval. In the Ocean Park area, in order to protect tropical fish, not only fishing, the locals will usually discourage tourists picking up shells.

conch, sashimi, abalone porridge, seafood hot pot, grilled fish are all square off distinctive local cuisine, Jeju, Jeju Island desirable flavor Cuisines there cakes, grilled fish, Cargill, five Mei sparkling wine, pheasant soba, Sheng crab soup, buckwheat Sliced ​​and so on.

index: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Sri Lanka




in Palau, there are several snorkeling elsewhere can not see the spectacle: the same dark red rose petals covered with hard corals, sea a hillside, in which numerous colored fish swimming freely .

Sri Lanka, formerly Ceylon, is a tropical island, shaped like a tear the Indian subcontinent, the Indian Ocean set in a vast sea. exquisite beach, mysterious ancient city, rich in natural heritage and a unique fascinating culture.

index: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★


in Sri Lanka, the most popular purchase is the tea, handicrafts are wood carvings, woven goods, ceramics and metalwork, Ambalangoda is to buy the best place masks of Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka, particularly in the jewelry stone known, Ratnapura is Sri Lanka's gem trade center. In Sri Lanka, the shopping centers, department stores, airport duty-free shops, tourist shops and markets, etc. you can buy a wide range of properties in Sri Lanka.


Jeju, Korea

Palau 340 large and small volcanic islands and coral islands, only eight islands have permanent residents. Islands located in the north to south and 640 km of the sea, the national coastline of 1519 km. Most foreigners who come here are to enjoy the scenery of the tropical ocean, swaying palm trees, gentle sea breeze, white sandy beaches, as well as underwater wonders.

Sri Lankan rice-based food, eating chicken, vegetables extra curry, chili, coconut oil, taste spicy, strong. Cook rice in their diet as a most unique, the general production method is the rice into a large jar add Shuizhu Shu. This boiled rice, Yonezawa yellow, easy to store, smell the same time, ready to eat.

TOP 1: Seychelles (Seychelles) - the most pure luxury island


in the beautiful South Pacific, In this series,

Sri Lanka

pure index: ★ ★ ★ ★


index: ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆

wearing a gorgeous, rich in phosphorus and rich due to the Nauru people; chewing betel nut, red lips and teeth of people of Yap, Palau person; thick tall Wangchuck, as well as Guam's indigenous Moro people, from among the islands between the islands full of exotic: Micronesia has some of the inhabitants of the island still retains an interesting avoidance between son and mother-in ceremony; where women, good food fat to fat for the United States, even more surprising is the holidays, marriage, joy, funeral, to send live pigs for the highest gifts, so pigs could be seen everywhere here in the free activities.

here first glance with one of the typical tropical island scene: wearing a blue police shirt and shorts walking down the street barefoot, the children in the lake surrounded by coral reefs play, fishermen pulled fresh with a net tuna. Afternoons often smoking, acid taste in coconut milk and the rest spent. In many people's eyes, Tuvalu is really like a


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Please keep your friends and relatives aroundConfinement of a woman in the history of the whole attention thing! Please keep your friends and family around

want men to be careful to take care of his wife, his wife safely through this period, for the baby to you happiness, because you love her will love her, she is good you Ye Hao, her family safe is your happiness, give you the blessing fine woman!

one month postpartum is called recovery. For example, the retraction of the uterus takes six weeks to recover to near the size of non-pregnant uterus, placenta attachment of endometrial regeneration also need the full 6 weeks; postpartum restoration of the abdominal wall tension also needs time for 6 to 8 weeks . If mothers do heavy work during this period, it is easy to suffer from uterine prolapse and other diseases.
one, the mother's personal health
traditionally considered: the puerperium can not take a bath, can not wash your hair, afraid of the wind so cold by leaving the root cause. In fact this knowledge is unreasonable.
1, Frequently changes the perineal pad and keep the perineum clean and dry. Postpartum lochia in about 4-6 weeks clean.
2, normal postpartum week can take a bath, wash your hair,Justin Bieber Headphones, but who must bear sponge bath, not a tub bath, a bath used to prevent dirty water poured into the reproductive tract and cause infection. After 6 weeks you can shower.
3, often ventilation within the room, the indoor temperature is not too high, can not be fluctuated. In the past there would be doors and windows closed, regardless of when mothers have to cover thickness is to say, this is very dangerous, especially in the summer, can easily result in maternal heat stroke. But to note the following:
① postpartum period to avoid direct physical wind blowing fans.
② Do not open the air vent facing the maternal and room temperature set at 25 to 28 degrees Celsius is the most appropriate.
③ postpartum period clothes Ruoyin excessive perspiration and wet, some dry clothes to change immediately; winter bed ready gown, night nurse immediately put up, will not be cold.
4, maternal In the past, many women blindly believed in the Mothers should brush their teeth twice a day, the choice of a soft-bristled toothbrush to gently brush strokes. Each eaten, they should rinse mouth with warm water.
as long as 2 days post-partum physical permitted should begin brushing, preferably not more than 3 days. Note the following:
① calcium intake during pregnancy, attention to nutrition, to maintain oral hygiene, to avoid damage to the teeth.
② maternal physically weak, is in the adjustment, more sensitive to cold stimuli. So, remember to brush your teeth with warm water and brush your teeth before the first toothbrush with warm water, preferably soft to prevent the cold stimulation to the teeth and gum stimulation is too large.
③ brush before bed every morning and evening and again, if the habit of eating supper, eat supper and then brush again.
④ can be used three days after giving birth refers to rinse, wash, or that the index finger on the index finger wraps gauze, put toothpaste on your fingers and act as a brush, the teeth back and forth, up and down the wipe, and then press a finger gum a few times. This approach Huoxuetongluo, strong teeth, avoid loose teeth.
5, as nails, nails can also be as usual, nails keratosis of the epithelium, there is no
6, breast-feeding before the application of warm water wash the nipple, should not use soap, alcohol, detergents, etc., so as not to remove the nipple and areola skin to protect the natural membrane, resulting in nipple affect breastfeeding.
two, had just given birth to BB's Note
1, a few hours after birth do not eat the whole egg. Although China has been the habit of eating the egg under the milk, but medical studies have shown that, within hours of birth mothers is best not to eat the whole egg. Mothers during childbirth because of greater physical exertion, sweating, lack of body fluids, digestion will fall. If you eat eggs immediately after birth is difficult to digest, which will increase the burden on the stomach. So within a few hours after giving birth, should be eating semi-liquid or liquid food.
2, postpartum should drink vegetable soup. Drink a whole lot of mothers immediately postpartum soup lactation, resulting in blockage of breast ducts, breast tenderness increased, is not conducive to lower milk. Post-partum tonic according to the physical condition, most mothers do not lack nutrients, a good idea to drink a light vegetable soup, five days after the drink the whole soup.
recommended: plain vegetable soup. Roots will be all kinds of vegetables and fruit mainly soup without any seasoning, flavor fragrance, can be drunk as a tea, the day after giving birth (Caesarean section the next day) that the role of drinking milk have excellent hair.
ingredients: bean sprouts, broccoli, Caijiao (green peppers, yellow peppers, red peppers can be), purple cabbage, gourd, peas, squash, you can each choose four or more.
production: the vegetables into the pot, add the amount of water, boiled to take soup to drink.
Note! Drink flavor vegetable soup while drinking trotters soup, fish soup, chicken soup will be influenced by the effect of milk fat.
In addition, the first few days postpartum, mothers almost always constipation problems. This is due to intestinal and abdominal muscle relaxation's sake. Therefore, the natural delivery of maternal from the day of delivery can be more fluid and eat fruits and vegetables to be improved.
misunderstanding: that mothers take on the traditional can not eat vegetables, or BB diarrhea
explanation: the old fears of diarrhea problem, often referring to the baby's stool green. Occasional dark green big baby because the food residue is digested by the bile, yellow bile and make the stool to become acidic, and excreted in contact with air, and occasionally will turn green. General breastfeeding stool easily bias acidic, it may become green discharge. In addition, some children eat formula, feces were dark green, the reason is the general formula milk have added a certain amount of iron, the iron through the digestive tract, and after contact with air, the show is dark green . Are: (1) is not fed infants may also pull the thin green stool, diarrhea are hungry. (2) mothers eat too greasy, the baby will be indigestion, pull the green stool. Therefore, the mother's diet.
breastfeeding, manure is generally yellow or golden yellow, pasty consistency even as medicine, or kind of like particles, sometimes thin and slightly green, acidity, sour taste but not smell. BB droppings in line as long as the above mentioned, and no other abnormalities, do not worry too much. So BB is not the mother of a second green stool eating vegetables, BB indigestion.
3, three days after childbirth can drink light fish porridge
mothers within three days in the production of finished or semi-liquid is best to eat liquid food. Ancient physicians advice is to eat small fish porridge, plus one to catharsis can be refreshing and delicious stir-fried vegetables; In addition, small rice, rice gruel, eggs, soup, noodles are good choices. Twenty-three days, increasing appetite, began to eat other supplements. However, poor appetite, do not eat too greasy, based on individual physical condition, morning and evening to drink hot milk, eat 1-2 eggs, then slowly re-Zhuojia chicken, fish, shrimp, meat, vegetables and meat to evenly balanced supplement iron, calcium, protein and other nutrients and fiber, in addition to also help restore strength outside the secretion of milk. Attention! Postnatal week not eat milk, soy milk, a large number of sugar such as flatulence food
4, when power active: 8 hours postpartum while sitting in bed. Such as the smooth delivery, postpartum 12 hours to get out of bed, the toilet. 24 hours of delivery can be freely, but to avoid prolonged standing, squatting or doing heavy work for a long time, to prevent uterine prolapse.
5, remember to suck the nipple as soon as possible to BB: within half an hour after giving birth to the baby sucking the nipple, this may be the early establishment of lactation and milk row reflection, to promote milk secretion. At the same time, also help the uterus contract. The first 5-10 minutes of nursing time is appropriate. You can post the first day of every 1-3 hours feeding time, feeding time and frequency of free master. First day postpartum, maternal body weakness, wound pain, the choice of lateral position to learn nursing. Most women give birth under the first two days have not milk, then do not worry about whether they have milk, as long as good health, every mother has enough milk. Even if the milk did not down, my mother also insisted that BB and more suck, because sucking is conducive to milk secretion.
6,4-6 hours to urinate mothers: maternal natural childbirth, 4 hours after giving birth can urinate. A small number of maternal dysuria, urinary retention, the reason may be related to prolonged pressure on the bladder and perineum pain reflex, the solution should encourage mothers to try to get up to urinate, it is difficult to think of ways a doctor can, if still can not urinate, should be guided urine.
7, always pay attention to their situation: within 24 hours of delivery if they feel the perineum, or anus falling discomfort, pain, your doctor should be to prevent infection and hematoma. Lochia will issue a fresh smell of blood, but if the foul-smelling, you should inform the doctor immediately, because it shows that may be infected. In addition, it is best to use sanitary napkins during the discharge of lochia or maternity pads.
8, in addition to family, friends and relatives not to visit mothers and premature babies: the mothers after delivery because just needs rest and to recuperate, relatives and friends at this time is best not to visit. If you come to visit, and time is not more than half an hour, to give the mother time to rest as much as possible. Friends and relatives with chronic diseases or cold it is best not to visit mothers and newborns in order to avoid cross-infection.
three postpartum first two weeks should not be pirated special supplement
1 and 2 weeks of postnatal primary goal is to Tonic concept is correct: the first row of lochia, post up blood, lochia, the more can not make up. Lochia is not due 2 weeks before the net, not nourishing diet should focus on the promotion of metabolism, excessive discharge of water on the body. 1 week can eat sesame oil, liver or liver (for in the morning, noon, eating), yam soup, pork ribs, red dates, white fungus soup and help the uterus and other waste discharge lochia; can drink a little bowl of soup, fish soup and other relatively light soup ; can also eat a light eater, such as meat, minced meat. Lean beef, chicken, fish, accompanied by seasonal vegetables with fried, tastes fresh and nutritionally balanced. Amount of oranges, grapefruit, kiwi and other fruits are also appetizing effect. This phase focuses on the appetizer instead of nourishing, good appetite, will eat flavored, absorption 也好. Week 2 places sesame oil pig kidney, pig peanut stew, soup and other activating blood circulation, prevention of back pain. In addition, a daily supplement of 2000-2500 ml of water. Until the third and fourth week, lochia will be a net into the tonic phase, when appropriate Garmisch cooking wine, in order to promote blood circulation and help restore physical strength.
another two:
1, oil is best to drink soup, soup of oil and more, the amount of fat in the milk will increase, the newborn digestive function is not complete and, in too much milk fat may cause your baby diarrhea.
2, brown sugar, usually drink no more than 10 days: As the grapes brown sugar contains much more glucose than sugar, so Beverage brown sugar would make the body warm and maternal. Brown sugar, high levels of iron in maternal blood can be given, brown sugar contains trace elements and minerals, can be diuretic, prevention and treatment of postpartum urinary incontinence, for lochia discharge, brown sugar, raw milk as well, analgesic effect. But do not eat too much, usually drink no more than 10 days too long to increase bloody lochia, and sweating in the summer would more and maternal body salt. If the mother drank too much in the summer brown sugar water, will speed up the sweat, the body weaker, or even heat stroke.
Fourth, a reasonable diet
postpartum tonic drink does not mean eat two lavish meals, proper conditioning, a reasonable diet is very important. Scientific data show that postpartum should be small meals, recipes to consider nutritional balance, try not to picky eaters. Late pregnancy than some of staple foods increased, but also to eat more protein and vegetables. With a balanced diet, not too greasy, otherwise the child will get fat, diarrhea, stool was foamy.
Therefore, we should focus on the scientific and rational throughout the lactation diet, should continue a balanced intake of various nutrients, so as to provide adequate nutrition for the baby's breast milk.
mothers eat fruits and vegetables, to note the following:
1. Maternal gastrointestinal weak, from a small start to eat.
2. Maternal gastrointestinal irritation is very sensitive to cold, do not eat cold vegetables and fruit. If too cold easily lead to gastrointestinal stasis, of digestive function.
3. Maternal gastrointestinal resistance is weak, we must pay attention to whether the food hygiene.
Eat less salt and seasoning: In general, the whole process of pregnancy, the increase in weight about 12 kg, the baby with the placenta weighs about 5.5 kg, and 6.5 kg, which accounted for more than 60% moisture. In other words, due to various factors of pregnancy resulting from water must be discharged slowly mothers after childbirth. Therefore, if the confinement period, the food we eat salty or contain soy sauce, vinegar, ketchup and other condiments, or eating pickled foods, canned food, etc., will cause the body's water retention, difficult to discharge. Therefore, post-natal week Eat less salt and seasoning, to achieve On the other hand, women in this period a lot easier flow of sweat, but still need to add salt electrolyte, in addition, maternal appetite has been very bad, no need to salt is unlikely, so the confinement of salt or you can use, but it must be less than usual and then some.
the role of various food and nutrition:
bean sprouts: bean sprouts contain large amounts of protein, vitamin c, cellulose, protein is the main raw material for the growth of tissue cells can repair damaged tissue when a child, vitamin c can increase the flexibility and toughness of the vessel wall, prevent bleeding, cellulose can be run through the intestines and prevent constipation mothers. Multi-purpose cooking and cooking stew, less fried.
kelp: the prevention of anemia. Kelp iodine and iron are more iodine is the main raw material for manufacture of thyroxine, iron is the main raw material for manufacture of blood cells, maternal eat the vegetables, can increase the milk content. Newborn to eat this milk will help the body's growth and development, to prevent associated cretinism. Iron is the main raw material for manufacturing red blood cells, the role of the prevention of anemia.
Sesame: Sesame is rich in protein, fat, calcium, iron, vitamin E and other nutrients, is very much needed new mom postpartum nutrition, can enhance and improve the nutritional quality of diet. Intimate small caution: the best choice for black food - black sesame seeds, it's nutritional value higher than white sesame seeds.
carrot: rich in vitamins A, B, C, is the mother of one of the best dishes
black beans are rich in vegetable protein and vitamins A, B, C, for athlete's foot edema, abdominal muscles and the body relaxation were also improved the effectiveness of
source of protein: beef, fish, shrimp, eggs, organ meats, soy products and other
calcium sources: milk, eggs, shellfish, soy products, stew soup
iron sources: liver, heart, egg yolk, beef, carp, shrimp, green vegetables, mushrooms, black fungus and other sources of vitamin
: brown rice, millet, corn, black rice, beans, vegetables, fruits
Yi Shi foods include: Black rice, purple rice, turtle, pork, lamb, beef, liver, goat, pig, black-bone chicken, pomfret, yellow croaker, octopus, eel, eel, squid, sea cucumber, octopus, black fungus, lily, spinach, cabbage, amaranth, rape, bell pepper, carrot, tomato, lotus root, red dates, pine nuts, mulberry, lotus seeds, longan meat, peanuts, grapes.
chicken, pig's trotters soup in moderation: Many people think that childbirth bleeding, should eat some chicken soup, pig's trotters soup nourishing soup. As everyone knows, if you eat every day, attend a lecture to eat, can cause bloating, diarrhea and other symptoms. The first week of the diet should be more light-based, such as eggs, soup, fish soup and so on. Nutritious soup is very rich, but first remove the top of the oil, not to salty soup. 5-7 days postpartum should be rice, soft rice, broken noodles and other staple food, do not eat much greasy stuff.
not too often drink Ginseng
From the Chinese point of view, birth trauma and bleeding, with strength in the labor consumption, would a woman in post-production is But this treatment is generally no need to deliberate, even if the treatment also must address the characteristics of taking prescription tonic stasis. The effect of qi in traditional Chinese medicine ginseng is the strongest, only in severe deficiency symptoms when you can consider using. Excessive drinking, may appear chest hold, sleep difficulties and other symptoms.
do not have to drink the broth continuously for a month
general, mothers day, 2 to 3 eggs, with appropriate lean meat, fish, fruits and vegetables is enough. Do not have enough extra milk to drink a lot of broth, milk enough to drink some broth, but do not have to last a month. Excessive fat intake not only bad shape recovery, and will lead the children diarrhea, because the milk contains large amounts of fat particles will, after your baby is difficult to absorb.

five, sitting on food taboos
cool of fruits and vegetables are best avoided (especially good is 7 to 10 days after birth the mothers), such as melon, coconut water, star fruit juice, watermelon (but summer can eat a small amount), pears (pear), hawthorn, lemon, cabbage, orange, orange, persimmon, strawberry, mango, pickled cucumber, melon, bamboo shoots, radish, eggplant, leek, garlic, eat bitter melon, vegetables wolfberry , celery cold dishes. At the same time, confinement in the summer when the summer heat can eat appropriate diet, maternal sweating, thirst, you can eat tomatoes, but also to eat the right amount of refreshing watermelon and fruit, do not blindly taboos to avoid puerperal stroke. The importance of fruits and vegetables: maternity offspring Xiewang Sheng, sweat and urine output, if it can not replenish fruit and vegetables, can lead to constipation. Especially in the hot summer, mothers should eat fruits and vegetables properly to prevent heat stroke.
exception: oranges are best avoided, but the nuclear orange, orange network (orange petals on white silk) with lactation effect. Maternal breast barrier, the edible.
the following types of foods should avoid eating:
① stimulating drinks such as tea, coffee, will affect sleep and gastrointestinal function, also neonatal adverse;
② convergence sour foods, such as plum, hawthorn , lemon, orange, citrus, etc., so as not to block the blood line is not conducive to lochia discharge;
③ salty food, too much salt can cause swelling;
④ malted milk, malted milk as raw material is the malt production, with maltose and maltol, and malt on the back of milk is very effective, it will affect the secretion of milk;
⑤ eat grass cardamom, lotus leaf, mint, chrysanthemum, raw carrots, etc.
the following one to two weeks after the birth of Chinese medicine should not be taken:
1. Chinese Traditional Medicine: Ginseng, Codonopsis, Astragalus, etc.
in just after production, should not take too much tonic effect of traditional Chinese medicine, such as ginseng. Ginseng contains a variety of active ingredients, such as central nervous system and cardiovascular function in the These ingredients can produce excitatory effects on the human body. If the new mother taking ginseng, ginseng on human central nervous system stimulant and can lead to patients and insomnia, irritability, malaise and other adverse reactions. Just experienced the birth of a new mother, a great strain, a great need for bed rest, if this time taking ginseng, but is difficult to sleep because of excitement, the impact of energy recovery, the new mother eager to fill the body with ginseng is detrimental.
2. blood medicine: Safflower, Salvia, Achyranthes, frankincense, myrrh and other
in the delivery process, inside and outside the genital blood vessels more damage, taking blood is stronger drugs may affect the subject loss of vascular self-healing, resulting in bleeding, and even bleeding. At the same time too tonic effect of drugs, as ginseng, taking too much easy to promote blood circulation, accelerate the blood flow is not conducive to the body to restore a new mother. Thus, giving birth within one week, it is best not to use the blood effect of strong drugs. The blood of some soft drugs available, which will help the uterus contract and help discharge postpartum uterine congestion, promote uterine early recovery. Angelica, Motherwort blood circulation are relatively soft drug.
3. warm traditional Chinese medicine: tuber, plant, cinnamon (may cause uterine congestion, shows pass through effect), Ginger, Pinellia, etc.
some of the warm drugs can Qi and blood, spleen Nuanwei , disperse cold, very suitable for new mothers to take. However, the drug is too hot, it will hurt the new mother's body. Because the drugs can help spicy warm dry heat, leaving the new mother get angry, there mouth sores, constipation or hemorrhoids and other symptoms. And maternal heat can affect the infant milk, infant heat increased. Too warm while the drug is easy to make new mothers increased sweating, loss of new mother's body.
4. cold diarrhea prescription: rhubarb, bezoar, Glauber's salt, senna
too cold diarrhea and other drugs is not conducive to poor health of new mothers, it must be used with caution in such post-natal medicine.
5. AIDS tired of traditional Chinese medicine: Rehmannia other
too tired of AIDS drugs will affect the new mother's stomach function, so in order to protect the digestive system to work, new mothers should avoid AIDS tired of traditional Chinese medicine.
breast-feeding can not always eat chocolate: Chocolate contains theobromine into breast milk and baby through breast-feeding into the body and damage the baby's nervous system and heart, leading to indigestion, restless sleep, crying non-stop, etc. . In addition, mothers who eat chocolate will affect the appetite, resulting in insufficient supply of nutrients the body needs. This not only affects the mother's physical rehabilitation, but also affect the baby's growth and development.
not often drink tea: and more into the soup course, increase milk secretion, but the tea contains tannic acid will affect the intestinal absorption of iron, easily lead to postpartum anemia. Moreover, the tea also contains caffeine, maternal drinking tea is not only difficult to sleep after, affecting physical recovery, caffeine can also enter the baby through the milk of the body, causing intestinal cramps or sudden crying for no reason.
not eat do not eat rooster hen: in vivo after delivery of estrogen and progesterone levels decrease, is conducive to the formation of milk. But the hen's ovaries and eggs in clothing, but a certain amount of estrogen, can weaken the effect of prolactin, which affects milk secretion. The cock with androgen, estrogen can fight. Will lead to big cock fried milk secretion, and less fat cock, maternal eating is not easy to gain weight, breast-feeding helps to maintain good body, not prone to baby diarrhea.
can not be entirely salt: Some mothers think that the first few days after giving birth would be Shang Wei salt, not conducive to good recovery, even a little salt, they also hold, in fact, doing so would be counterproductive. Because mothers are more sweating in the yard, breast secretion is also very strong, the body prone to water shortages. If you do not add salt will dehydrate the body, is not conducive to physical recovery as soon as possible. Therefore, the amount of salt should be in the dish.
can not but limited to soup: soup delicious drink, such as carp soup, egg, etc., is not only easy to digest and absorb, but also promote milk secretion. Thus, each mother in the yard are ultimately soup. But soup is learned, not in order to increase milk secretion on unlimited drink, otherwise easily lead to breast tenderness, not handled properly can cause mastitis.
lochia clean, cooking wine
can not add the role of blood wine, just for mothers after childbirth add some cooking wine can help discharge lochia. However, if the lochia has been ranked clean, the food is still cooking with wine to be appropriate, especially in the summer. Because alcohol may cause uterine contraction, lochia leaching Lek.
Mummy special attention to not eat the food
mixed seafood and beer (some people drink beer to increase milk secretion, some not): Seafood is a purine and nucleotide containing two components of food, and beer decomposition of these two components are rich in important catalyst - vitamin B1. If you eat seafood, drink beer, will lead to a combination of harmful substances in the body, increase in blood levels of uric acid to form the hard row of urinary tract stones.
reduce protein absorption eggs and milk: raw milk contains trypsin inhibitors that can inhibit the activity of human proteases, protein in the human body affect the digestion and absorption, with sticky eggs, egg white protein, soy milk can be the same combination of trypsin, the decomposition of the protein hindered, thereby reducing the body's absorption of protein.
prone to diarrhea and chocolate milk: Milk is rich in protein and calcium, while chocolate contains oxalic acid, if the two mixed together to eat, the calcium in milk with chocolate in the oxalate into a water-insoluble calcium oxalate, consumed not only do not absorb, but also diarrhea, dry hair and other symptoms that affect growth and development.
roast beef, potatoes should not be: roast beef, potatoes, because these two foods with different concentrations of acid needed to digest, will extend the residence time of food in the stomach, and lengthen the time of gastrointestinal absorption, resulting in gastrointestinal discomfort .
spinach and tofu susceptible to stone disease: tofu contains magnesium chloride, calcium sulfate, the two substances, and then with oxalic acid in spinach, two types of food can be encountered with the magnesium and calcium oxalate formation of oxalic acid. The two white precipitate can not be absorbed by the body, not only affects the human body to absorb calcium, but also susceptible to stone disease. Doctors suggest that if the two can be separated from food, nutrient absorption would be better.
carrot and orange (oranges best not to sit on) easy to induce goiter: radish will produce an anti-thyroid substances thiocyanate, the simultaneous consumption of a large number of oranges, apples, grapes and other fruits, the fruit of flavonoids in the intestine by bacterial decomposition will be converted to thiocyanate inhibition of thyroid function, and thus induce goiter.
six, post-natal mothers after childbirth movement
endocrine changes, muscle and tendon flexibility and strength decline, the joint capsule and ligaments around the joint weaken, the joints become lax in this state, If the mother too much household work too early or too much carrying a child, will increase the joints, tendons and ligaments of the burden, easy to make the wrist, finger joints and other parts of the occurrence of strain pain.
mothers should avoid working, but can be a small amount of movement. In general, postpartum 14 days you can start a simple contraction of the abdominal muscles, sit-ups and other sports, but depending on the situation, not reluctantly, not too intense. Like aerobics mother, will have to wait six weeks before they can start again. In short, post-natal exercise to persevere.
postpartum period of time washing cars, can not do their homework, such as: laundry, carrying water, carrying heavy objects, etc., otherwise it will suffer from uterine prolapse.
In addition, if at home, lochia suddenly turned bright red, it means the placenta occupies the site of the original failure to properly heal, may be because you fatigue caused by this phenomenon should inform the physician. Physicians may recommend a few days to relax.
seven, under the milk secret
1, self-confidence is the cornerstone of our success: competent breastfeeding mothers work on their own self-confidence is essential to ensure successful breastfeeding. Regardless of the female breast shape, size how, can produce enough milk to give the baby a wealth of nutrition.
2, note that Short to eat was right, both for their milk sufficient, nutritionally balanced and can not repair the strength and fat, this is the novice Mummy desired month of
3, both sides of the breast to be fed: fed only if one side, by the stimulation of breast reduction, natural lactation less. Both sides of each breast feeding your baby must suck to. Some babies eat small, eat a breast milk is enough, then may wish to use a breast pump to milk before siphoning off some of relatively thin, relatively thick so your baby to eat more nutritious milk.
4, a lot of sucking: the less the mother's milk, the more to increase the number of baby sucking; due forces the baby to suck more, just be with the baby's mouth to massage the areola. Feed the more milk secretion was more.
5, emptying the breast: mother and baby skin to be more contact with the child is sucking on the nipple of the breast to stimulate the secretion of the amount of good. After each feeding to make the baby fully emptying the breast, which is conducive to re-produce milk.
6 to maintain a good mood: the adequacy of breast milk of new mothers with psychological factors and emotional feelings very close relationship. So, my mother in any case be not rash, with calm, pleasant state of mind to face everything in life.
7, add water: breast-feeding when breast-feeding mothers often feel thirsty, this is a normal phenomenon. Breast-feeding mother should pay attention to add water, or drink soy milk, almond powder, tea (this side of La Leche League recommended), fruit juice, vegetable soup flavor. Hydration can be moderate, so will the milk supply ample and nutritious.
8, adequate rest, not too tired: because the night nurse to get up several times, sleep well at night. Of course, lack of sleep will reduce milk volume. Breast-feeding mothers should pay attention to seize the time to rest during the day can help take care of her husband or his family about the baby, they seize the time to take a nap. Also learn how to breastfeed while in the evening does not affect their sleep. Strive every day to have 10 hours of sleep, sleep time to take the lateral position, the uterus is conducive to recovery.
not tired. Children is very difficult. If you need help, do speak to the friends and relatives (mainly parents and her in-laws).
massage breast massage heat stimulation can stimulate the secretion of breast milk, mothers with a clean towel dipped in some warm water from the nipple areola direction at center ring to wipe both sides of the heat turns on each side 15 minutes massage can also meet the following ways:
circular massage the breast with both hands placed on the bottom to massage the entire breast
circular direction of the spiral-shaped single-handedly boosting the breast massage, the other hand index finger and middle finger in the direction of the spiral to the nipple Massage Shiatsu massage
open hands placed on both sides of the breast by squeezing the breast to the nipple.
10, avoiding injuries
If the mother's nipple nipple injuries, damaged, cracked or bleeding and lead to inflammation, it will affect the milk secretion. To prevent nipple injury, suggested that the mother who uses the correct feeding posture, good control of unilateral sucking time, it will easily repeated injuries.
eight other considerations
feeding feel pain is a normal physiological response
breastfeeding mother's womb can promote recovery, abdominal pain, uterine contractions when feeding performance. When contraction of the uterus, the uterine muscle temporarily ischemic, belly bulge waves of tight, stiff, and along with the lochia discharge. Therefore, breast-feeding when abdominal pain is normal.
the right way to stop breast-feeding
Under normal circumstances, should wait until the baby to release the nipple, before it pulled out. If the mother for some reason want to stop breast-feeding, you should first finger into the baby mouth to stop sucking, and then pull out the nipple.
yard susceptible to low back pain, joint pain
mothers through pregnancy and childbirth, endocrine changes, so that bone and joint, ligament relaxation, calcium deficiency, easily lead to back pain, joint pain. Therefore, should strengthen appropriate post-natal exercise, pay attention to calcium, do not overwork, low back pain after a period of time can heal.
husband to understand postpartum mood anxiety wife, maintain a happy family environment: the mothers after delivery is often anxiety, irritability, and even the family may also have excessive language and behavior, severe symptoms of postpartum depression can be. This state about 50% or more of the mothers can appear. To this end, husbands and family may think that the maternal grandmother's mother is squeamish, thing more, so many people wait on, still not satisfied, so angry, do not understand, there are family conflicts from arising. In fact, this anomalous behavior is the result of hormonal changes due to the body, caused by not squeamish. So the mothers should be understood, particularly considerate to maintain normal maternal good emotions, happy atmosphere, which is to create a good home for the children the importance of environmental conditions.
yard of cold water does not touch: the new mother's skeletal body relaxation, if cold, cold water invasion into the bone, it may fall, Cold water does not touch the yard, even in the summer, are still washing with warm water to open the water heater. In addition, such a thing to open the refrigerator, but also ask family members to do it.
sit-month period, the family is best not to accept the visit of friends: best not to accept the visit of friends and family, then the phone is the best way to love congratulations. Because the new mother needs plenty of rest, too much to receive guests, the new mother is very tired. With guests about childbirth experience, receive blessings, listening to others praise the baby ... ... will make the new mother is very excited, resulting in sleep disorders. Coming and going, it tends to bring the bacteria especially in the current disease outbreak, this would a new mother and newborn baby's health pose a great threat. If you can not afford to put off the visit, but also limit the number of a last received only 1 to 2, a visitor should be staggered when the new mother naps during the day time period. Requires guests to the door, take off his jacket, be sure to wash your hands before holding the baby, not just pro-baby.
yard banquet guests do at home, can disrupt the new mother and newborn baby's normal routine. If the family needs a dinner party, you can choose the hotel banquet, do not need a new mother to attend.
postpartum avoid squeeze breast, avoid hand-rubbed breast disorder

Traditionally, people will

Cola chicken wings:

couple of pounds of chicken wings, washed into the rice cooker, pour a can of Coke and 1 / 3 bowl of soy sauce, cover, press the cook switch, other switches automatically jump just fine.

with fried rice cooker can make a genuine Oh, and everywhere you can buy frozen dumplings, the same glossy golden dumplings crisp crunch bit off the end of drop ~

rice cooker inner pot into the little oil, spread your pot. Even laying a layer of frozen dumplings, dumplings into the water have not seen the half, cover, press the cook switch, on the other switch automatically jump pit.

good performance non-stick inner pot rice cooker, do use the plastic spoon of fried just a slight push can be easily filled, the paste will not stick pan with the bottom of the problem, is indeed a good way to lazy ha da zero failure.

Soy King chow mein:

practice: a 75 g shrimp dry surface, amount of bacon strips, bean sprouts amount, 2 tablespoons vegetable oil, salt, water bowl children poured into the rice cooker pot fall. Press the cooking switch, and switch automatically jump, open the lid into the amount of hot sauce, conditional Use oyster sauce, stir the noodles mixed evenly scattered.

PS: 1. garnish with the preferences can be freedom of play, luncheon meat, sausages, meat, carrots, chives, mushrooms, etc. Jieke;
(2) bean sprouts to eat more oil, I tried instead of bean sprouts with sliced ​​mushrooms, put 1 tablespoon of oil is enough;
3. some soy sauce To finally put a start to put soy sauce is easy to paste pot produce bitter taste.

mung bean dessert:

practice: half a bowl of green beans into the boiling water immersion to astringency, after a night soak, drain, poured into a stainless steel bowl, pour water have not seen green beans 4 centimeters. Pour in the rice cooker bowl of water inside the pot, into the stainless steel bowl, cover the pot. Press the cooking switch until the switch automatically jump, the hot sugar into the right amount of seasoning.

PS: 1. mung bean dip in boiling water first to astringency, is said to be able to eat green bean soup sugar, the body is better;
; 2. Everyone likes hard and soft taste different. If the flower is not enough green beans cooked, I felt, not soft or rotten, then cover and simmer for half an hour to see the flowering will be more beautiful Oh;
3. sugar and let cool in summer, after the green beans in the refrigerator taste Gengshuang, green beans will be more tasty.

cream mushroom rice:

little more than two cups of Mega cups of water into rice cooker pot, mushrooms and cut into slices block of bacon, add a little salt and a tablespoon of butter, press cook switch, and switch automatically after the jump, knock into a hot egg, cover and stew for a while, and you're done it!

honey apple:

This method is used to clean up the family eat the apple is the best.

2-3 pieces of peeled diced apples poured into rice cooker pot, add half spoon of sugar (that is, with a large spoon to scoop rice), a tablespoon of vegetable oil , do not add water, cover the rice cooker lid, press the cook switch, and switch automatically jump Jiuhaola.

PS: 1. like cinnamon flavor you can add cinnamon into the apples and cinnamon flavor, but it is with the oh;
2 This is like a candied apple, like, eat, use a small bowl into the refrigerator;
3. can be equipped with toast bread, cake, do filling, mix yogurt, eat, etc., use plenty.

I like the apple grain after microwave heating with bread, the bread immediately more monotonous different sweet taste.

a) cola chicken wings

chicken wings, pepper, red pepper, onion, ginger, a can of Coca-Cola

1 Wash the wings, each wing on a few designated hole, add a little soy sauce, salt, ginger and marinate for 20-40 minutes.
2 pan put oil, till 6 plus pepper stir fry out into the hot taste.
3 added the wings and deep fry golden on both sides.
4 into the cola, to chicken wings overshadowed appropriate.
5 cooking stalls to open up to change the insulation cola file, put the dried pepper, salt to taste.
6 from time to time to see the fire, when the sticky cola juice up is complete. Sprinkle with chopped green onion pan when
7 color, so that food look better.

1 pepper do not start up, easy to Hu, not good.
2 Coke is generally 8-10 chicken wings with a can of Coke. Do not put too much soy sauce
4 does not cola, then you can take the sugar instead.

(b) the secret garlic ribs

choice of materials: selection of a small row of ribs is preferably relatively thin bones. attention is best not to buy the kind with large pieces of bones and when the morning to buy pork from the earlier, or the rest are not great.

1, ribs to a pound or so, you can make a pot.

2, plus you also need some mushrooms, fresh, about five cents of it. also have a piece of ginger, also need some garlic. seasoning salt, monosodium glutamate, chicken, cinnamon, star anise and so on.

Method: ribs allows the seller to buy the time to chop 5-6cm pieces, came back clean. garlic mashed, mashed with the juice to marinate the ribs (or you suspect trouble, you can use garlic powder, sprinkle with soy sauce , the amount should be moderate, monosodium glutamate, ginger mince sprinkled on top, mix well. as before to marinate one hour and a half to two hours, the ribs, onto rice cooker, pour sauce do not come up with. add a little water add cinnamon, star anise (the kind of stew you can buy powder to use, which are full of flavor, good results, but also convenient.) mushrooms into four pieces into the pot and then began to stew, from time to time be aware that if water, dry and add water to the ribs have a can pan.
(c) Jianbao

: 1, 37-45 degrees with 100 ml of water, the half a yeast-opening, into the amount of flour, and into the soft and hard moderate dough, ferment for about 2 hours, then you can prepare filling.

prime meat and stuffing can be, all introduce a:
meat: 250g minced meat, a cut pieces of zucchini (carrots, celery, beans, etc. can, or mixed vegetables), a little shrimp, 15 ml olive oil, diced green onion, ginger, salt, monosodium glutamate, pepper, a little sesame oil, little water if vegetables, also add a little water, mix well.

filling factors: the four eggs, stir, fry, broken up, a chopped zucchini (carrots, celery, beans, etc. can be, or mix a variety of vegetables), a little shrimp, 15 ml olive oil (more if you put some scrambled eggs when the oil, there's no need to individually put), spring onion, ginger, salt, monosodium glutamate, pepper, a little sesame oil and mix well.
2, the dough into six equal parts, roll into skin, wrap the pie, and wake up 15 minutes, put across a certain space in the wok, pour about 125 ml hot water, with the >
(d) rice cooker rice cooker cake-type cake
all the tools first appeared, there should be at home, to control the component with a spoon on it

first step: the first with a napkin the two bowl of water and oil are all clean, hand-operation should not be wet.
the egg white protein separation

want sweet, salt first...
to join in the protein solution inside a small amount of salt, a little bit is enough

add a spoon full of sugar!

started to play with three chopsticks protein should tilt a little bowl, so chopsticks maximum exposure to protein, fighting more with less!

when bubbles are labeled as such, continue to add a spoon full of sugar to continue to fight, fight hard, play hard, can not rest,
has been hit as hard foam. is the protein has been stiff, and the bowl upside down, proteins are not quite down with the same cream when it can... This is the most critical step, usually fifteen minutes can get.

inside the egg yolk plus 2 tablespoons sugar.

plus 3 tablespoons of flour piled high for ordinary flour, the gluten, flour can be, is not high-gluten flour
bowl then add the egg yolk 6 level tablespoons of milk! not too much just 6 tablespoons. no child can be Wang Zi milk, milk, drinks if you can, such as orange juice or something.
using chopsticks, stir together all these materials into the gooey, color very good 看吧?? sure to stir!

with a spoon to dig to lay half of the protein foam to come, but also with a spoon, keep in mind, we must Stir up and down (not circular motion, but can not use chopsticks, chopsticks circle of flour will play tendons, so the cake will not rise), spoon half of the upper and lower protein and egg yolk and mix well... and then add the other half of the protein, Stir and then spoon up and down!

Finally, as this looks like a gooey

rice cooker plug it in, press the cook key, as long as a minute jumped up, pot while feeling a little heat when you can. This is called warm-up... into a little bit of oil in the bottom of the pot, wipe with a napkin ring, paste in the bottom of the pot to prevent the cake is not quite out.
pour the rice cooker to make the gooey!!! shock on the table a few hands, the inside of big bubbles to shake out.

into the rice cooker, press the cook key . less than two minutes, they will jump to the insulating state, not of it!

to the top of the rice cooker with a cloth to plug the holes... for boring! after 20 minutes, then a cooking button, continue to make it boring 20 minutes on it (I was home rice cooker is small, only 500 watts, the other big sister at home if the rice cooker, the time might be less on her own right.)
This is the finished cake with the cake of their own house than to buy, to a number of soft, rich egg flavor to many, but the cake house will sell very well, add the baking powder would be very fluffy.

flip pineapple cake

handle pineapple, in order to maintain the fresh taste of pineapple, can be cut into pieces or block of pineapple on the salt water soak for about 30 minutes, then cold water immersion to the salty, you can achieve the purpose to allergies.

American muffins

The first is the protein hit with a whisk Thick creamy, you can add sugar and a little salt, but lord my recent weight loss, less sugar it, remember we have to put some fresh lemon juice, and I did not buy electric hand mixer, hand played tired death.

hand, after all, playing hard or not enough, the next with the electric.

next step is to stir the egg yolk and corn flour into batter, then put some baking soda fermentation. can hold, so it's not very fluffy muffins, but very tender. put a soda is very fluffy, but very dry and I party a little bit.

then put before the fight protein mixed into the rice cooker. cookers first polished prior to use butter.
rice cooker boring 20 minutes, when open, by the Hong ah! but like an oven, the oven is actually a principle and The then spoon up pressure of a pressure, a shape out of the way the whole.

another boring 10 minutes, pour out, watch has a good, hot butter after baking, the golden! praise! then The other side of butter, in turn, continue to use the rice cooker baking.

to 15 minutes, you're done! look, with a sweet lemon, delicious.

(five ) Hakka salt chicken

material: a few slices of ginger chicken 2 onions 4
ingredients: salt / oil / chicken several
first Wash the chicken, dry control water, prepare a few slices of ginger.
other chicken dry inside and outside the touch after the first oil again cast the chicken, then salt, chicken, whole chicken to help spread the salt and chicken in their hands, up and down in the whole chicken inside and add a layer, placed next to the stand! enough time, then you can put more than an hour.
clean the rice cooker in the back of a thin layer of oil, add ginger, put the marinated chicken on the rice cooker, cover, plug, press the gates until the rice cooker automatically trip, opening the lid, turn the chicken with chopsticks a body, then Press the gates, the rice cooker automatically trip to OK.
defense into the onions, boring five minutes.
chicken plate and the bottom of the pot of oil and after the precipitation of salt chicken sauce and pour over the top, Although some coke at the bottom of rice cooker, but instead make chicken more fragrant.
the chicken taste fresh and delicious, not greasy oil

(VI) salt Shredded chicken

Ingredients: chicken one.

seasonings: a tablespoon of oil, a tablespoon of soy sauce, a tablespoon of soy sauce, Salt to taste, a little sugar, rice wine, a bottle.

Ingredients: onion segment, ginger.

1) First, open the chicken cage, hanging light water;

2) Salt to taste, salt the chicken as long as the body and absorbed within the cage like a touch, put the two piece ginger chicken stuffed inside the cage, the seasonings and mix thoroughly marinated chicken about 20 minutes;

3) into the chicken fat in a rice cooker, about two onion in chicken fat pad on the feet like overturned into the pan, pour remaining sauce into the pot also;

4) plug-jump system such as rice cooker, heat 10 minutes to open the lid up;
5) and let cool about such as who will be shredded or chopped friends.

focus Tips Tips:

1, chicken and more flexible wood, if only with a half only, to use with a side of the sternum, so tight when exposed to heat chicken breast, dry taste.

2, to avoid eating those greasy chicken skin, chicken can be frozen after the tear, you can simply peel chicken to chicken and let cool.

(g) yogurt
Material: stainless steel can be stamped inside the pot 1, a rice cooker, 2 liters of fresh milk, lactic acid powder 2 grams (add amount of sinensis vary by brand vary), a thick cloth

production steps:
1. first sterilized with hot water all of the equipment, then milk into the stainless steel inner pot; then the inner pot of fresh milk heated to 45 ℃ to turn off.
2. the lactic acid bacteria in milk powder by adding heat, stirring cover the pot.
3. arranged in the rice cooker in the thick bottom.
4. and then stainless steel pot on the cloth.
5. To prevent overheating, so the rice cooker lid to open the half, and then plug insulation.
6. 6-10 hours until the milk into a pudding-like can be eaten or placed in the refrigerator.

advantages: have a rice cooker a family show, one can produce 2-4 liters of yogurt.

drawback: the program is relatively complex, but easy because of the holding temperature is too high and fail, because more than 50 ℃ or more, can easily be burnt to death leading to viable fermentation failure.

1. rice cooker does not really need water.
2. plug-in insulation can be, do not press the switch to cooking.
3. Do not be with the aluminum pan inside the pot, pan, pot because the two materials met acid oxidation, other temperature pot does not have this concern.

(h) Pizza

1, and the surface, a small amount of butter will be heating the open, with a small amount of self-raising flour and egg mixture, then add milk and flour (flour and milk to little by little plus), knead the dough. Surface should not be too soft, fermented for 20 minutes.

2, evenly coated in the flat chassis a little olive oil, the dough will be sent after whooping level chassis in smoothing from the inside out, as far as possible within the thin outer thick.

3, in the bread evenly covered with favorite side dishes such as ham, corn, green beans, carrots,dr dre studio headphones, green peppers, and so on. Topped with tomato sauce, stir in the cake of a century along the brush on a layer of salad oil or butter, you can make crisp taste. The edge of the brush on a layer of liquid egg yolk, then it would have cooked the golden results.

4, will be coated with bread and butter into the warm rice cooker, the cooking button press, and other eight are ripe and then cut into the cheese, continue to be cooked, cook the whole process takes about 30 minutes.

(nine) garlic shrimp
go to the supermarket to buy prawns, noodles, peanut oil, garlic. These can be had.
the chopped garlic, the more pieces the better, and then laid on the plate, paved, more than garlic, at least to cover the bottom plate. The fans into the hot water in the soft, then remove garlic to spread on top, clean the shrimp, put fans on top. Then salt, chicken, a small amount of wine, peanut oil into the dish, peanut oil is slightly more, or not very tasty. But not too much, will be tired. Ah, if not put it in words, peanut oil is probably pave the bottom plate on it, so fans of oil stains on the can. If it is to put fans looked down peanut oil, and probably about it. Complete the above steps, the plates go into the rice cooker steamed, steamed out to eat can be a

(X) Jennifer mushroom seeds black-bone chicken stew washed
the above items, then black-bone chicken with rice cooker, add water and heat. About 30 minutes later, the water boiling. Continued heating, note the time variable lift the lid open steam. Salt, ginger, lotus seeds, mushrooms Jane. Continue heating for 20 minutes, may be appropriate to add a small amount of water to maintain water level. Period, the body can use chopsticks to flip the chicken to uniform heating. Pan, sprinkle a small amount of diced green onion. Heating process can be used in a small box at the top of steamed eggs, also good to eat. Basically, the first night after eating chicken, then leave a small amount of chicken meat and chicken stand, the next morning to do a delicious chicken noodle

(k) ribs
1, braised: choose the soft side of the big row, beat the meat the same loose, add some salted for 10 minutes, rinse, drain into the pan will take about each piece, two white can. Then will come the big row of pan into the pot, add soy sauce, cooking wine, star anise, ginger, onion, (I also added grass can not remember the name of a fruit and spices), you can add appropriate sugar, water, boil over medium heat 40 minutes, add chicken can last. Burn out a large row of very tender, tastes great!
2, steamed:
sure to choose the soft side of the big row to cut the thin, making the meat with a knife blade loose, the right amount of salt put on a chip, trickle-down wine, add soy ginger and other spices personal preferences, placed inside the rice cooker with cooking, rice is also cooked a big row, relatively easy way.

(l) rice cooker sweet and sour octopus

octopus, sugar, vinegar, soy sauce, salt, ginger, garlic, green onion


* cutlass clean and cut into sections dealing with (I use section of the supermarket's frozen octopus, as buy fresh), cast the right amount salted 10 minutes;

* pot to about one centimeter thick oil, octopus pot heat oil, fry both sides Golden (in the bottom section of pave octopus, fried to a switch jump, flip, fry, with the former method. is not enough, then add the oil, which really weary of the process - slow cookers fried things);

* Jianhao octopus section plate with a flat spoon scoop out the back, left the oil pan to heat, the next green onion, ginger, garlic until fragrant, then the next section of octopus, octopus adding just have not seen water, then pour the right amount of soy sauce (soy sauce is best) stew burned;

* until the sauce dries quickly when the sugar, white vinegar, then simmer for a few minutes off.
PS thicken like to use fresh flavor can be friends with.

(m) rice cooker Pork practice

materials: pork, fennel, ginger, onion, sugar


1 , piece of pork into the boiling water, boiled, shredded ginger.
2, Guo Lifang a little oil, the first ginger until fragrant, pour the pork, fried, frying fat in the oil until the meat until the surface a little coke.
3, pour wine, fire a few fried, pour the rice cooker.
4, into the water, overshadowed by the amount of meat, pour the soy sauce, put some salt according to salty, onion knotted together into the pot, press the cook key, wait until consume most of the water, put into sugar and then continue to cook, running out of time when the soup, you can pan, pot found at this time there are a lot of oil, and the fat on the meat itself is not greasy!

This year is 2007, I spent my happy 24th birthday! Thin recalls his elementary school 18 years ago the situation was, and now every time I go downstairs and show that the elementary school playground, a kind of seen and heard before, sometimes it is really feeling and social development was really fast! 18 years ago, my primary school, when children are generally the most popular entertainment to that of Western art, men and women to participate, and that degree of enthusiasm, it seems that indeed was the money that's sad. It is indeed different, and every time I went to a show on the school playground, the hairs one by one 2,3-grade children, a class will be sitting around the table tennis table, some take the PSP, and some started to get out of line NDSL playing the game! Look at his 20-year-old man, also a game dinner, still have not seen a pocket NDSL and PSP. Children now being much more than we do! I am happy for them psychology, they can live in a more exposure to the priority of the new era of new things, so that intellectual development is very beneficial ~!
but now the students do? Speaking of students now, really Renxiaoguitai. What is Renxiaoguitai it?
This is perhaps today's society, the tragedy of family education, because there are quite a considerable number of parents in children's education as the role is a robot production experts only! They formed one after another impetuous society metastasis.

production of educational experts, one of the moral decline of etiquette ------ style education! What is the moral decline
etiquette? ! Teach children not to eat them and allow them to study so simple! ! Especially now that the children, most of the etiquette and ethics do not know exactly. In the schools do not respect teachers, home to not respect their parents, friends on the outside do not respect, common! One is the In fact, they are right, wrong is wrong parents --- volume educational experts! And this deep-rooted education intensified sick! I remember I was very young, because I was a boy, my parents always taught me, no matter where you go, must be the same man as a gentleman, whether in school, in society, at work, must Let the girls, girls on the train before the first to open the door, let them go their own first and then get on the train, eat together, you first point to take the initiative to let the girls eat, go out to play, to know how to send the girls home with elevator when the first hand to block the elevator door, the girls or old people go in, then go boys, and girls and there are contradictions, you can choose not to get along with her, but do not their hands! ! These details are more than good manners and a traditional manifestation of national spirit, in our generation of young people, parents, a child must have had a profound education! ! Even if these are only very subtle performance! But now? I often pass the school downstairs and saw the boys playing girls, the boys there is a very nasty verbal abuse female students! My mother kind of school they have become ordinary. What insults such as what female students: Then the teacher called the parents, called the parents strict discipline and correct children's vulgar language. A result, many parents say: There is dinner, I and many parents who have children together to eat, they met a similar situation, children like to eat their vegetables, their parents are always these dishes placed in front of their children, said: However, this approach is selfishness in abetting doctrine own children! People living in their own lives and the world is not! And and the whole social life. Now he want to eat anything, just in front of family or friends in front of elders in front of Cook before him, let him eat your fill! This is not love his behavior ah! ! Production experts do not know the truth! ! ! You love him, not to eat him, put on, but let him become socially useful, self-worth, we have very good people!
I remember once I was home eating my grandfather, my cousin in a house, my cousin the 5th grade, but who do not know and learn, look like with the old eyes oblique light looked the other words, never look the other way, because me and my uncle, his father a good relationship! So I definitely want to criticize her. I called her over, serious criticism, telling her that this view is wrong people, is very respected other people's behavior, whether it is to see who, and who is talking, the eyes should look directly at each other, but not from the head with a crooked than light to see others. This is very rude! The results not only did not criticize her mother listened to her! But I am very happy!
Another time I eat out, is a child, the hotel rooms inside the flowers secretly hidden in the bag, ready to take away. The child's parents and my family relationship is very, very good! Was my mother found out, my mother took the child called up, he was severely criticized. That this behavior is a thief, if you like you can call Mom, Dad to buy, but do not take people's stuff! ! The results of this child's father actually said: ! ! I am just listening to, simply surprised! ! What kind of education parents! Loss of his parents also are college students! !
these examples may be around in our lives is very common! In my childhood, basic seldom see this kind of education now? ? Everywhere! These educational activities one by one terrible example, is increased for the contents of the prison! I even fear that they were all the country's future production of these experts to destroy! !

production experts deny the emotional education of two-state -------- education!
Speaking of emotion, he includes a lot of things, personally think that cover a person's interests, personality and ideas combined! Now the kids do great But their personalities are not the kind of personality I said! I think that personality is an independent understanding of things, understand and comment on the personal ideology of! ! Because today's patronage of the production experts to support their children grow up and go to college. Almost no attention to a few people will be the child's emotional development. Production experts tend to believe that small children will not have their own awareness, or simply that these children are naive sense of childhood, growing up will mature in the future! This view is entirely wrong! ! No matter what the child, in a small time have their own ideas! And children are very wanted their ideas to be sure their parents! ! If the parents simply blindly believe that these are children's naive ideas later mature and sensible words. That this when their parents are wrong, that wrong is not only the individual child is denied his feelings, but denied he was thinking of the future development of the personality system! ! ! But the parents in China may more than 90%! These experts, production volume is the result of: children of their home, after all, like them, inherited their parents' awareness, realistic, thought the death of! So take a look at most of the students or office workers are young, one by one walking corpses! Vigor all exhausted it? ? Completely their own thoughts and ideas! Completely put their own personality! That is the same as a body to walk! It reminds me of the 54 sports and 64 sports patriotic young man who is really great, a vivid and energetic, dare, dare, dare! And have their own ideas. This is youth! !
have to mention this one --- Han. Although I do not like him, that he wrote some things simply triple door fallacy (he advocated in the triple door inspire no one is perfect, one can not in many ways superior. To promote individualized. I just think he wrote This book is for him to do good science defended very simple example, Marx and politicians, but the outstanding violin virtuoso and composer, etc., though not the world to do everything perfectly all the people, but involve two or three people who do a perfect field, there are many! so that Han is directly science is not good excuse for him! But I also agree with his individualized.) but did not say his book aside, he dares to present such a book published this society, courage in such a society the idea of ​​his own personality to show it all , and not to comment on what he said or not. This spirit is very young he has a sense! In fact, I did not imagine a more qualified and the same critics who comment on who is going. But people can not calm the impetuous society.
Now there will be such as the Han people? I would like to deny such feelings in production specialist education, the young people who may be less and less!
thinking correctly guide a child's personality is necessary for forming a child is not necessary, rather than deny their thoughts! ! (Parents of the children's Taboo: ---- denied humane system of education!
people living in the world, and people get along or get along with people and animals, should have the human touch,cheap dr dre headphones! Help the disadvantaged, caring for society to be green! I saw many parents lead their children to the streets, to see the old street beggar, begging, or people with disabilities, children to parents: they are so poor, give them some money now! Many parents will say now: In fact, many young people do not rule out the name of school, bereavement guise of street begging, that likelihood may have been a hoax, but for some of the older old beggar, ragged clothes, if they really have money, they will be under the scorching sun heat, or braving the cold rain and snow in the street begging you? Money to do small business, or rest on our laurels, that does not have to go make their own Fanjian eat this much suffering! ! In all fairness, such as you, I am old, or a little money in the case, would go sit in the street beggars who sit by it? The purpose is to make yourself rich environment a little better! Make their old age in quiet environment. Why go degrades yourself? Do this simple truth that no one understand? Elderly self-esteem is the strongest! You, I may have grandparents who are, how strong they may be self-evident self-esteem! To an old man sitting in the street by people to give up self-esteem of discrimination and cold, and sun and rain, there are conditions which have a certain life of the elderly will do! ! As a member of society, not the living conditions of poor people, saw the street to buy eggs of older halogen old lady, saw the old man selling newspapers, saw a street vendor selling their own series of slippers, gray-haired uncle and so on. In the past to buy an egg, buy a newspaper, even if you do not like to see, do not like to eat eggs, go back to my parents to buy food, this light is only a dollar for you, I is not much help, but they it may allow them to survive. Why not point out to advocate one kind of generous love in society do? This is for children from a young age can help other people know how to help the weak! This effect on the cohesion of the nation's future is very helpful! ! But now experts are mass-produced children's education and how! ! ! With some ridiculous language to persuade their children to become a real selfish people! The nation's hope for the future lie? ? ! !
children naturally love animals, I have met many mothers with children on the streets, met a dog who led, or saw a poor stray cat! Children want to go to touch the dog or cat, the results of his parents said: back. Later? May love living in this educational environment, the children will all lose! Or raise small animals, people know the animals themselves can know who in good faith, and who has malicious! I just met in the street cats and dogs, as long as the mad dog is not the kind of drooling, I would go to touch, never bitten! ! Because they know that you are good, not malicious! Production experts to love a child born with a childlike innocence to the harsh rub out, so that they become advocates a CD man! After that is a heartless machine! ! ! ! Or after the production of these experts old, confined to bed to get up, they do not touch their children Lianpeng, the answer really is: They may understand! No love of the national future is very optimistic!

production of four experts in education, self-deny-style education ------!
I remember when I was young, basically after the 3rd grade, did not see a classmate's parents pick up. I live in the school, I go see the school gate every day at noon or afternoon pick of the parent block is full, even to grade 6 are transfers. Blocking the school door was packed, like Jacky Cheung's concert will be the same! And parents are receiving the basic help children endorsement package, to take things. We went to school, are a family and then pass away, take up their bags and go home the students talking and laughing! Now? Has received a junior high school to be, and usually are not allowed and students play. On how to do an independent life after college? ! Not trained since childhood to live independently, how later independently based society? ? ? But now the family arranged doctrine is very popular in the country! Parents arranged to college, but also arranged to find a job! Find a job also arranged to improve work status and social status, with the job status after the next generation will have no trouble reading, looking for work! We rely on parents live, by the ability of parents to pave the way for us to work the road! Our children grow up is also arranged by our live, relying on our parents to previous position of our work after our own children to pave the road work! This continues, this nation will grow into a family environment, this is a competitive advantage and reduce the damage to society overall national level! For those parents who have never had any social skills of people, is not fair! ! Lead to a virtuous cycle of social being trampled! !

production experts ------ only the right of education of the five-state education!
their elementary school my mother, many parents in the first grade school teacher found the time, called the class teacher for their children as a an official post. When the teacher asked why the time. Their parents answered: I say this kind of thing widespread family! Society in the development or in the back I will not speak! For the reality is, everything is full of ugly, human rights and social standing rules of the game lies in the people who have money! Although it is true, but such a trend can not impart to the kids who! Although this is the reality! ! ! But everyone knows this reality unhealthy! Not optimistic! ! Is a human back! ! Training their children from the small to become a future society the only chauvinists! This is tantamount to China continue to inherit one kind of pathological social status to the next, and then the next generation, even after later! Our generation has been no change of social status, we are eager to social status in the next generation of pathological changes in the future will be, look forward to the next generation of social equality and harmonious society is! So in education, we should not leave this on behalf of the slightest shadow of darkness and then the kids who! ! Because we rely on their understanding of new and good social life and their own way to change the current social situation! Achieve real harmony! Clean! Even if the next generation can be completed, the next generation, let them see the present social status of the objective, while retaining their own hearts and will never sullied the fair, pure, white side to change this situation! ! This will be true after the arrival of a genius! ! ! On education, not a realistic thought to instigate the kids! Day of their education is to study hard, after an officer on the money! ! This will put today's society into mainstream education is more dark and desperate to go! Reading test from the University of good people out is corrupt, bad people after reading it is petty theft! A childhood burdened with the power and realism of children walking, at best, the future of a social cancer cells!

experts as production is terrible! They are not responsible in the manufacture of the social burden of the future, genetic make this cancer to the next generation! When will we wake up? ! When will we have a rational view of family education? ! When will we have reason to treat their children? ! When will we care does not name the next generation to the next under the guise of excellent living environment, in essence, is merciless to create the next generation inherit a sick society molecules!
parents are, your child is not a machine, but a real flesh and blood human ah!

In addition to those below that, there is the most important thing is the courage to understand and correct their mistakes!

one, with confidence and grace

man to the twenties, the heart will begin to learn to operate their own, and it is reflected in their thoughts and conservation on. Self-confidence is the most important quality a man, self-confident man would you fight like a seagull in the storm. Seagull have to say only one sentence, A confident man, always able to infect others, whether those people are friend or foe. For other people have confidence in you, you must first confident. Self-confident man can overcome all difficulties.
a gracious man like a sea, do not refuse to drip, which encompasses rivers. Grace to a man more popular, not only to fight the immediate world, to give others can benefit enormously. Is the so-called Grace happens to thousands of men look chic.

Second, develop the habit of reading and writing

man to the twenties, you start to go into society, and in the process of interaction with others, conversation and self-cultivation is the best to conquer others. A man of knowledge must be always reading, a wise man must always writing. No matter how busy their own, should take time to look at reading, writing articles. Because it can change a man's thinking and behavior. A man to change their thinking first thing to do is to read a good book, read a book like to pay a good friend, he can help you properly take its own way. School life is the most colorful, is the best time of writing inspired wisdom.
men like reading and writing, will be able to cultivate a good attitude. Because knowledge and wisdom is boundless ocean, but like reading and writing persistent pursuit of the man was able to do. Pursuit of a man's thinking, but also a man of action, never give up the pursuit, kept the men in the incentive to fight. In this battle, so a man can experience the baptism of wind and rain, to grow into a towering tree. Reading made them calm, writing made them mature.

Third, we should try to find the true life,north face jacket women, goodness and beauty

man to the twenties, the we must learn how to face life. What is Be kind to others, is to treat their own lives. Sometimes a bit of goodwill you will be able to bear a good fruit, make your life become so happy.
philosopher said, Yes, life is like that. Do not always thinking about his own misfortune, this can only make your life even more unfortunate. Do you think As long as you lift the rise often to see the sun, you can feel the warmth. In the warmth of optimism catch a good life, you can find natural beauty.

four, and thoughtful people to make friends

man to the twenties, it has to start with the purpose of of to choose friends. The connections in the community is very important, your circle of friends will be your life plays a big impact. Men to make friends, many friends of pay, not pay bad company. The so-called friends of those that help you friends, and these people often own very good. Pay more friends of a person's life, work is very useful. But the real critical friends is not easy to make, because a friend needs you to pay a great deal of sincere, heartfelt sincerity.
thoughtful friend, he knows you have him as a friend. If you just use him, he will not mind you as a friend to look at. Sometimes friends and no purpose, you just think this person is thinking, it is worth you intersect. But often these thoughtful friends, the most difficult times in your stretched out his hand to you. Friends, is a man's life in one of the most important element. To make himself a man like a man who really did live, you have to make friends, friends of more pay.

five, must get rid of their bad habits

man to the twenties, you have to get rid of their own bad habits. Is to develop bad habits, good habits is to develop. Have a good habit to develop their own, that is, get rid of their bad habits. If a man to the twenties, the body there are various bad habits, it is a very bad thing. These bad habits will hinder the development of your life, life will not lose a lot of glory, the cause will be difficult to achieve even greater success.
If you still love to sleep late, then wipe the first morning sun never shine on your smile. If you go to now always drag on, then you will never be able to stand in championship position. If you still do not take the initiative to learn and work, then your future can only be a bleak gray. I believe that no man wants a gray life, all the men are expected to get a colorful life. To make your life so colorful, the men to the twenties, you have to get rid of their bad habits.

six, learn patience and tolerance

man to the twenties, it has to learn patience and tolerance. In society, often you can not accept many things, but these things you had to accept, which requires your patience. In fact, also in tolerance, patience others people, a man can be tolerant of others will become a great degree. Successful man is also often a man can bite the bullet. Loneliness of the man from the lonely, a man of patience in order to better the outbreak.
for those who say we are fools who say For those who accuse us of people for no reason, do not argue with them, because this will only make yourself become angry. Its to hurt others, it is better to forgive others, tolerance is the best treatment of other wounds panacea.

seven, keep a good attitude, attention to their body

man to the twenties, it has to learn to adjust their attitude, attention to their body. The body is the capital of revolution, state of mind is the Detector. Men in order to obtain more wealth will have a strong physique, a man richest man would want to do long-term optimism has a positive attitude. Diet, regular exercise, plenty of sleepy eyes, to ensure a healthy body. Do not hesitate, hard work, so that attitude is everything.
you do not have to jog every day, in fact, it will not take you long time, just need persistence and perseverance. But you must always look at your body to exercise, walking is a good choice, this will make you powerful. You can not have cold water bath in the winter, in fact, that's no big deal, because I have insisted that a winter. In the winter, but you must always wash your face with cold water, do so not only can prevent a cold, but also to keep a clear head. You can fail, but you never have to maintain a triumph of mind, you do not overcome their enemies.

eight, always keep your smile, your business card to become politely

man to the twenties, the To keep your smile. Smiling, that you are a good people, all people are willing to deal with good people. Do not anguish written on your face, this will only make people far away from you. What kind of person you are, others through you smile and say hello to judge. Which to judge the hearts of the people the impression that you play a very important role.
often said that Polite people, know to care for others. Others will because of your courtesy and concern, and give you the opportunity to succeed. Man's business card is smiling and polite, it is the passport to a successful career man.

nine, to pursue their true love of a woman, your life will not regret

man to the twenties After eventually they very eager to love. This is a very normal thing, do not suppress their feelings from the heart of this. The most stupid a man is the most lovely time when he fell in love with a woman's time. When you fall in love with a woman not know she would not fall in love with you, you must choose an appropriate time to his confession. As he chose to accept also choose to reject it depends on the fate between you and your efforts. Men must understand that women most desire is certainly a man in love with her.
such a thing can not force love, men must understand. Do not get your love because of friendship let you easily lose, with a woman he once loved as a friend is a rare thing. The reason why the sanctity of love, because it is the most willing to choose, it reflected the respect and trust between people. Therefore man must respect your love of the woman's choice, the choice is to believe her happiness and her own decision. As long as you have to pursue their true love of a woman, then you will not regret a lifetime.

ten, all paid for their own career

man to the twenties, be sure to order your own business to hard work. The most important thing is the cause of a man, not the cause of man can not be counted as a real man. Cause of uncertainty to a vigorous man, but it must be some success, to make himself proud. A strong devotion to the man, but also a winning attitude and a strong sense of responsibility as men. Win hearts and strong men, from mediocrity. Strong sense of responsibility of men, from fear difficulties. Man because of his successful career and become tall, to gain people's respect and trust.
as a man, we should all pay for their own cause. To be successful you have to pay, and pay it means you have to lose something. If you do not want to cause any price, then you'll lose something more, and finally nothing.
XI love with the business is jointly owned

man to the twenties, you should strive to be the cause of love with the double harvest. People often say that a man will lose if you chose to love the cause, if you choose a career will not get love. I chose not to think so, I would think the more sweet love, man, the more successful career. In fact, this is different from love and career, love sensation of a man, that does not interfere with their career success. A man must love moisture do not know what love is than a man taste a more mature, more attractive, more great work determination.
twenties men, do not believe that those extreme people said. As is often said that The difference between marriage and love, just a few more Only through marriage in order to make a thorough understanding of men and women what is love. Love is mutual understanding, mutual encouragement and mutual support. Help each other in their daily lives, help each other in their careers, make love with the business can double harvest.

twelve, we must strive to do better than women

man to the twenties, in any things we must strive to do better than women. Even in some women can not do better than things, have to work hard and do as good a woman. This is not to say where a man born to be stronger than women, but to say that men should naturally do better than women. As long as the woman worked for, it is easy to go beyond the man, so man should know to do better than women is a natural thing. In today's society, women are gaining in status, the woman for the first time have the choice men of power. So if you as a man can not do better than women, then how can a woman choose you?
women often said that So a man not only in their own areas to do a great job, but also in the field belonging to a woman doing the same job.

XIII efforts to help his wife to fulfill her dream man
to the twenties, if you are married, then please You must strive to help his wife to achieve her dream. One theory, The dream of a woman and a man from life will not be together and disappear, so will only become more intense. Such a strong woman's desire and dreams may not appear in front of you, but your mind must understand.
wife is the heart of a man's life, his wife, to live is happy, man must be concerned about. Do not think his wife to take home, is the service for you. Every man's wife will be concerned about her husband, every man must learn to care about his wife. Most concerned about the wife thing, than concerned about what her dream is, how do to help his wife achieve her dream.

fourth, learn to brave some of shoulder to assume their responsibilities

to the twenties, after a man , to learn to brave some of shoulder from to assume his own share of the incumbent. Filial piety is the responsibility of a man, a man loved his wife and children is the responsibility of a successful career is a man's responsibility. Nothing more than a man's family and career responsibilities. These responsibilities and is more heavy, but as a man you have to bear from their own shoulders. There is no reason, just because you are a man.
men have the power to cry, but no power Kuchu voice. Men have the power to cry, but no power of their parents in front of his wife and children in tears. Men have the power to give up, but no power to give up family and career responsibilities. As a man, you have no choice, you can choose to bear, with your shoulders to bear.

fifth, never give up, believe they can do it

man to the twenties, you must be never give up. The reason why people give you, it is because you have to give up his first. I believe as long as you do not give up, no one will give you or no one can give you. I believe he is a man's source of strength to overcome everything, do not believe that their man is no reason for the success, because his foot has been the cross to the grave failure.
have a slogan, saying There is a slogan, saying Yes, I think, I believe that every man can do it believe in yourself, you can do it.

1, when other people do not like to disturb their own time, do not want to shut down, give us a way to make their numbers into an empty number.
enter ** 21 * 999999 #, at the time of the call dial key. When someone calls your phone number when you become an empty number.
enter # # 21 #, then press the dial key to normal.
PS: This feature is no charge for moving companies, cell phone number should be a loophole. Can the spot test, if you feel good to be transferred to friends, after the one that makes you sad do not want to answer her / or his phone when it was used.

2, identify the phone quality is good or bad
press * # 06 # and then your phone will be a sequence number to you, you count to the number of seventh and eighth.
If your number is the seventh and eighth below the corresponding two numbers, then your phone quality is good or bad on the set.
0,2 or 2,0, is a poor phone
0,8 or 8,0, is a good little phone
0,1 or 1,0, is a very good cell phone 0,0 on behalf of the originating company, is best quality mobile phone (original phone)
1,3 A tournament thanks to Jiang on behalf of the production is very, very poor mobile phone

, invisible backup battery power is low
your cell phone, in order to allow it to continue, press * 3370 # key, the phone will restart after the start, you will find that electricity consumption increased by 50% . This part of the hidden reserve capacity you have to run out of charge, and recharge time, invisible backup battery also charge the next time of low power consumption can also use this method. Know that in case of emergency if the phone is running low is very useful.

2, falls on car with a remote control car has?

your car with a remote control to open it? If you can, you will one day fall in the car with a remote control car and the spare remote control and at home, you will find a cell phone really easy to use mobile phone to call family cell phone, your cell phone to take away from the the door a foot, while the family holding the remote control on his cell phone rang next to the lock button on the remote control, here you can open the door. This method whether you drive too far away from home are working.


emergency phones around the world can call a common emergency number is 112, where if you find yourself The areas without cellular coverage, and you have encountered an emergency situation, use your cell phone to call 112 to be sure, because this time your phone will automatically search all available networks and establish an emergency call. Particularly interesting is that even if your phone is locked in the state of the keyboard, you can also call 112. Try it!

4, cell phone stolen?

there a way to get the thief does not take too, hey! View the phone's serial number, just type * # 06 #, 15-bit serial number will appear on the phone screen, cell phone around the world each has a unique serial number, serial number of this record and save . One day, unfortunately if your phone was stolen, call the phone provider, and provide the serial number of your phone, they will help you a mobile phone screen, so even if the thief changed the SIM card, still can not use your mobile phone thieves are becoming useless. If every cell phone holders around the world are doing, so steal the phone does not make sense. In Australia, police and even the establishment of a stolen cell phone database, if your phone is found, it can be returned to you.

routine maintenance must be used:

1, do not wait for dead cell phone battery was charging.

general idea is that we will have a cell phone's battery power to recharge all the good done and basically wrong, because we previously used most of the nickel-metal hydride rechargeable batteries ( NiH) batteries, NiMH batteries have memory effect if the so-called hold complete power rechargeable battery life it will lead to rapid decline. Therefore, we will use the last drop of power began to charge. But now the phone and IA products generally most lithium (Li) batteries, and lithium batteries, then there is no memory effect problems. If you still run out of power until after the charge, then it will make the lithium battery inside the chemical reactions and life can not be reduced. The best way is nothing to charge it to full grid at any time to maintain the best condition, so that your battery can be used for long long time Oh. This is a message from the vendor that has been, and after the test itself derived.

2, when the phone is charging, do not answer the phone! !

because the phone is charging, incoming calls would be potentially dangerous. India has a 31-year-old business manager in the insurance company of young people, ten days ago in cell phone charger when then also answer the phone, and after a few seconds a lot of current through the phone, this young man has been dropped to the ground,Men North Face Jackets, When family members found, fingers burn, weak heartbeat, and has lost consciousness. By the emergency to the hospital, the doctor announced to the hospital died. Mobile phones are currently the most commonly used modern invention. However, we must also be alert to the risk of death to the instrument.

3, left a cell phone, do not use

recipient cell with only one cell when compared to 1000-fold difference in emission intensity even more so ... ... people often say mobile phones to pay attention Oh ... ... ... ... ^ 0 ^, where yesterday from a mobile phone operators to obtain a very important message is that when you find the phone's signal strength have only a the time frame would rather hang up or switch to public phone talk. Do not be in full flight, muck, Sweetie, let them go, endless ... WHY? We all know that electromagnetic waves mobile phones has been a worrying problem, while the design of mobile phone reception in order to retain areas are still very poor call quality, will enhance the emission intensity of mobile phone electromagnetic waves when the recipient cell with only one cell when compared 1000-fold difference in emission intensity even more than the electromagnetic strength up to 0.6W (Watt) .0.6 W Just how strong? I can not specifically describe it your head will Shiyao adverse effects, but can be replaced by two examples to compare :

1) the speaker of about 4 centimeters in diameter of small radio at maximum volume and then attached to the ear, like noise energy generally 0.25W, less than 0.5W.

2) 0.1W output intensity of the fingers on the front of the laser (equivalent to a fiber network? D Link energy) within a few seconds you will a burning feeling, you can long endure both of these conditions do?

3) How do you confirm 0.6W electromagnetic waves close to your ear will be fine it?

4.12593 + phone number = trap

Do you take friends from overseas phone + phone number with the 17951 format In the phone book in? rather than a single call? then charges will be from 0.39 yuan per minute into 1.3 yuan per minute, and I passed them to the 1860 interpretation of the query is stored in the phone number if the inside? system will not recognize . It is not possible to obtain tariff concessions, must press on the keyboard every time 12xxx. Shenzhouxing user so? M-Zone users, GSM is the same. If you are a China Mobile user, when you know that China Mobile set up for you below the trap, it will no longer be surprised why your calls the same as if they had wings fly away. With 12 593 + phone number you can offer, but if you advance the fight, rather the way of the direct dial billing. If you are roaming, the two billing methods can vary as much as 7 times! When I learned that this billing, I really do not know how to express my anger, then hit 10086 consultation, if not take the initiative to ask this rule, the job number for the 6608 Miss did not tell me this billing.

5, mobile phone charges parasites
somehow useless messages set-up is strongly recommended that everyone have a look at yourself in the move, the most simple way to unsubscribe from the monthly fee of parasites to steal your phone! China Mobile was forced to launch a new business 3.15, if you are Chinese mobile phone users, type the number What SMS, which SMS service provider whether it is out of the dark with a monthly fee deducted from your phone; type the number

6, do not hurry to join in just 1 minute

often when we called just in time to before 1:00 the end of glad, but in fact not the case, according to a China Mobile's staff said, in fact, when you call to 0:55 has been considered a minute, so 0:55 to 1:00 call time is actually is 2 minutes count your money ~

7, a cell phone feed, please remember not to make any keystrokes, especially off (one by any action, the water immediately board will follow the flow of string), the correct way to immediately open the cover, directly to the battery scored a direct forcing power, can protect the water board is not invasive.

this knowledge is very important, so tell you, so that we can phone a little longer. Learn a science now! After the rainy day ah!

8, how to make cell phone batteries back to life
When your mobile phone battery time shorter (memory effects or aging), you would buy a cell battery to replace it?
next time you encounter this situation, please save your money, tell you a very effective way to give it a try:

1) the battery wrapped in newspaper before being placed in plastic bags, wrapping up well into the freezer for three days (the newspaper to absorb excess moisture)

2) three days after the decentralization of two days at room temperature out
3) two days after charging the battery, fully charged, yellow phone wrap test (estimated to save 80% -90%)
the Message from the well-known battery manufacturers engineers said, according to friends that tested the effect quite efficiently.
As there is no effect, anyway, useless battery faster, but everyone has refrigerator, friends may wish to try it!

9, to be CPR to your cell phone now!

phone is always off? Clearly or fully charged the power did not take long for any electricity?
some doubted life is not the end of the phone?
Do not worry, it's just temporary,
the battery is removed with an eraser to the contacts on the battery (brass piece) wipe clean, then put it back on the phone, you will find really amazing! It is actually alive! Also stars as the new ones!
really useful, provided you a reference!

10, teach you how to eliminate the cell phone screen scratches

whether we often encounter the phone screen There are scratches and I do not know how to handle the situation?
tell you a nice recipe ....( see on TV a few days before the)
squeeze the toothpaste in the wet rag on the amount of force after the phone screen scraping Smooth over face firmly wound around back and forth you will find ..... .....
phone screen scratches will not disappear .... it is amazing it ...!! ;
more amazing things .... in the toilet paper with a clean cloth or clean the screen after the mobile phone will become .. oh ....
brighter professor of chemistry at National Taiwan University said: Principles of toothpaste it is just brushing the aids with friction effect (patch effect) and to remove plaque, clean and polish the tooth surface, the use of the phone screen above will have the same effect.

Sunday there is an important basketball games to play, do not know that time can not play are the problem. In fact, I used to be trained, but did not exercise too long, universities and work in the last three years, I basically spent the first 2 years, and also remember the big 4 playing league that year, people on my evaluation is compared to 1 into the school that would be great, turn the speed was not fast before the speed was not fast before. Although I do not love smoking, drinking, but the muscles are not engage in sports because of the long-term shrinkage of degradation is very serious. -

weight was 129 pounds, with thin, like a monkey, come back later in the mother's water under the oil soup Mengcuan Tai a 140, until now 145, to restore the sport after two games a week to ensure that basketball, a football field. However, the subsequent injury is, in fact, I expected this. I have a bad habit, do not like to do warm-up exercise, and it's starting out, so starting from elementary school to stay in my body hurt a lot, ligament injury that is commonplace. The situation is a lot of muscle strain. Think about possible or not their usual diet, and environmental reasons. After all, I do not 16.7 years old guy, and one day a football down a basketball. Up at night's sleep the next day Pishi not, continue to engage. -

So, ah, ah years of age a man, who said the 25 lived on the decline, really? It seems really have to give yourself mind you later, add meat and fish do not drink all day every day in air-conditioned room do not have to go out. -

hey, person, one back, the turbid water fortress teeth are last night also Pishi no children, also out of the morning walk in a circle, thinking games to kick the afternoon , noon down in bed for a while, it inexplicable that the knee pain, had never had such a situation, initially set the air conditioning blowing more, that look like a slow, when the game completely and found no way to force , still limping walk; the most depressed, even if the ligament injury, it would not always have a reason Well, I did not hurt by any campaign, is to swim a 5-week swimming, are legendary exhaustion into the illness? -

I had just returned to Changsha Nazhen

Love is everywhere, whether in reality or network, true love is there, mainly to see how you deal with it, nothing exciting is really love, in love with a person, not going to care about romantic love and love many ways, the love of each person in different ways, do not know enough, greedy, and will lose a rare love, some say love is not long, I think that is wrong, love, have a long time, because you do not have to do to protect true love, when love will only lead to short-lived, and will not think long.
love someone to trust each other

love a person to understand each other

love a man who wants a lot of heart to love a person inclusive

be broad minded
love a person to respect each other's thinking and assertive

to love a person behind the generous support of his (her), rather than blocking

love a man to face him (her) can not accompany you, do not have complained, to use the smile on his (her) that I am very, very happy

love someone put their heart and the vulnerability of grievances covered up, do not let him (her ) know

love someone ~ ~ ~ ~ too much love, maybe some people can not do it

important point is that selfless love to regret, love to clean and pure , there is no trace of impurities, willing the willing for his (her) to do anything, when you fall in love, when we should let him (her) happy, as long as he (she) happy happy, is the most important! !

fact, sometimes separated only discovered how much I love him.
In fact, many boys do not know, a girl in the red after they turned their anger has continued to weep.
In fact, many boys do not know, the girls never really go to students their gas, because she really like him care about him.
In fact, many boys do not know, girls only like boys of their whining, they would like people playing their own temper.
you know, if she does not like you, she would not have to care about you care about you, afraid you do wrong.
you know, if she does not like you, she did not you get angry at you like a baby will not let you coax her, she is lady in front of others.
you know, if she does not like you, you are simply not capable to let her cry, so she will not even get angry more than 2 days.
And all this just because she likes you, and all this because you care about her enough not to understand her.
result, you often quarrel, do you think her bad temper, she thinks you're not accommodate her.
So, you are always cold, you think she does not like you, she thought that you care about her.
So, somehow you always miss each other, perhaps passing itself is a sadness with frustration and happiness.
To know that the U.S. is still a poignant, sad and brilliant and beautiful vicissitudes, it is more beautiful.
Because she likes you, so she get angry at you occasionally, often spoiled for you.
Because she likes you, so she will be angry with you; but because like you, she was not going to get angry for a long time.
you know, every girl's heart is made of crystal, crystal clear, but easily bruised and broke.
you know, every girl is undefended, you are so easy to break into her heart, leaving only hurt when walking.
she never knew, this world did not let her cry, because she was crying really worth that simply could not bear to let her cry.
she will be very reserved, she will be very proud, she will be very cold, she always said your mouth away, but my mind has told you to leave.
you open your ears, even if you open your heart, listen to the call of her true heart, not her mouth duplicity.
she will look at you turn around, then she turned around to follow you, when the sideways and over, you can not see her tears, torrential in the face of the heart.
If you like her, would you please accompany her; if you like her, more than you pet her; if you like her, please her more.
If you like her, you go to listen to her inner voice, that is shouting - Please hug her.
in love, always hurt each other, as if to prove his love was so intense love to vigorous.
However, there is no love, who is right; love, even more than I do without you I am less than you.
you love her, she loves you, so it is sufficient. Do not try to hurt each other, more vulnerable to each other grief.
you love one another, you need is warm and sweet and is happy is happiness, not hurt.
do not use silent war, not to each other, not to say anything, then do not leave it indifferent.
To know that you go when your eyes from the fog, her eyes suffused with tears. The more quiet the more mass
war, this is the Cold War also hurt each other - regardless of how the complex, there have been those wounds, wipe it away.
Please give her a hug, embrace with your heart to resolve her grief and tears.
she likes you, she will not refuse you embrace, she will turn cold and afraid of your silent quiet.
Please remember, Do not love the people declare war, because the harm caused by the Cold War, than you expected.
Also remember, if you like her, there is nothing you can not accept, as long as you like her, like her all these.
then all her little temper all the bad temper all the foul problems, in your eyes are like a baby.
also remember that she likes you, she really needs is not your turn, spoke of her mouth not her truth.
she just wanted you pet her, hold her like you, even if not an apology.

day to do a practical, in January to do something new, a year to do a major event, make a meaningful life. -

If you want success before the age of 35, if you are targeting 25-year-old, then you have only 10 × 365 = 3650 days; If you are targeting 30-year-old, then you have only 5 × 365 = 1825 days. Therefore, you must be creative in their strongest in recent years, pay close attention to every day, early success. -

The first refers to the number

the above 4 points clearly written, can not rely solely on memory, must be in black and white. May wish to write twice a day to read aloud the contents of the plan. -

quantify specific, that is, if a number can be used to describe a target, be sure to write the exact number. For example, you have to be achieved within three income, we can quantify the $ 1.5 million, 100 million yuan, 500,000 yuan and other specific numbers. Second refers to the form of indicators, that is if the target can not be directly identified with a certain number to describe, it must be further broken down, with all its manifestations of digital indicators to supplement the description. If you want to buy a house aim should specify: how much area a few rooms of a few rooms, how much the price, location, house orientation, the surrounding environment requirements. -

really implement their own plans to reach development aspirations and of being a successful person, and only about 5% only. You want to own goals for effective management, the overall goal down into one easy to remember the goal, imagine your target into a pyramid, the top is your goal in life, you set goals and to achieve set targets to do Everything must point to your life goals. -

with Decomposition of quantitative goals in the process is counter-clockwise, push down to the present from the future. Achieve the goal of advancing the process is clockwise, from the present into the future. -

target the more specific the better old saying, the gentleman a day three times daily. Do you regularly check your goals? On the one hand to check if they are to achieve the desired goal, the other is to continue to motivate themselves with the target. -

sewing machines and 20 workers), the development of the annual income of $ 12 million, with distribution hundred boutiques across the UK, they are exclusive modern, chic, affordable fashion, wrinkled shirt, flashing tight sportswear and so on. Famous boutiques such as Later, her business scope across many countries, the United States alone there are 320 dealers, has become one of the ranks of wealthy million members. -


Whenever we Chinese people have a very good problems, do anything to be a boom, so do not only increase your own business risk, but also not easy. I know that the Jews of this kind of business is not. If a Jew in a place opened a repair shop, then the second will be the Jews who came here to open a restaurant. If a Chinese person in a place opened a repair shop, then the second came here in the Chinese people, often also opening a repair shop. -

No matter what goals

achieve the overall goal of the first according to the conditions, the decomposition of the overall goal in life is 5 to 10 years, several long-term goals, then the conditions under long-term goals will be decomposed into a number of 2 to 3 years of medium-term objectives, and then continue to be broken down into a number of 6 months to 1 year of short-term goals, short-term goals and then will break down each goal into months, months to quantify the target goal into several weeks, weeks into a number of targets on target, and finally, followed by specific what should go into now. -

④ Result-oriented - focusing on results -

psychologist William James of Harvard University study found that a person is not motivated, the ability to play its only 20% to 30%, and when he was excited by its ability to play to 80 %. Thus, even the perfect personality, lack of motivation, it is difficult to achieve wealth goals. The creation of

you want to have the heart to determine what you want the wealth of numbers. If the general said, -

29000 × 24 = 700800; -

I have seen a 1995 U.S. government report: only 12% of the company can really achieve the desired goal, the remaining 88% of the company, in pursuit of the target process in the middle of a problem. For most people, can really implement their own plans to reach development expectations and was a success, and only about 5% only. This rate is alarming, and why the vast majority of companies and individuals have failed? Due to their lack of effective management of the target. -

icon to make life stages of development objectives can be achieved, it must be broken down to quantify the specific target action plan, so he knows what to do now should be the target, the target have a realistic basis for action. -

new generation of designers Pierre Cardin, the ancient sea heat, Saint-Laurent, An Jialuo, also have launched a bundle of different styles of mini series. This year, Queen Elizabeth visited the United States, arrived in New York when her ship, the British fashion group organized a mini skirt big show. At this time, even the most conservative high-class boutiques, has quietly cut their skirts products. 50 years ago, a famous fashion designer skirt for Pardew derided the Special won the victory over the world. -

700800 × 60 = 42048000; -

following figures are 80-year-old writer Bing Xin Xie birthday counted: 80 × 365 = 29000; -

goal is the starting point of our success is the yardstick to measure success. So, how to set up goals? -

in China, now the society is done from a planned to a market-based economy, which many think gives us the space, and numerous business opportunities. As long as every young person to grasp this opportunity and courage to step ahead, both small and rich, the rich, rich, you will be able to get rich. -

② Measureable - can be quantified -

condition: -

give you little suggestions: -

(3) sustained, without interruption, even in the low life or career will not ring true, do not give up. -

1993, when I keep the ball rolling for a few years in the community, but without success. This year, I met my current partner Zhou, who was Schindler Elevator Sales department, paid at the time considered a family. We analyzed the situation at that time, Comrade Deng Xiaoping's southern tour, after a steaming hot, so we work together to offer a real record company elevator. Schindler began sales agent, Mitsubishi Elevator equipment. At the time of Beijing, as we lift this small number of agents in the industry we be a step ahead. After six months hard work, the company is on track. Now look at our competitors to Beijing only come up so much. I often think, if I now do the lift company, but also as the year developed so fast? -

really and truly want to better what you are willing to pay the cost of the effort and how much you need to exchange money in the world is not doing nothing. -

constantly set new goals is a process of self-challenge, but also a continuous improvement process. Constantly set new goals is a process of self-challenge, but also a continuous improvement process. If I had to earn $ 500,000 in content with the target and not move forward, there would be real hit Elevator greater development. Therefore, the goal is to achieve a gradual, growing process. A need to constantly set new goals for themselves, constantly inspired by new goals to improve themselves. To earn the amount of money on the number of objectives, a past average annual income of 50,000 people, if he is in the new year set itself the goal is to increase the $ 50,000 annual income reached $ 100,000, so as a milestones, this is reality. If he has no pre-bedding, wanted in the new year, the annual income of 100 million, then I think he is not talking about the goal, but to get rich, it is not a question of success, but like with luck, such as the lottery. This possibility too little, too small, it will kill people. -

⑤ Time-limited - time period -


pyramid formed by the five-story, top layer is the smallest, most central. This layer contains the overall goal of your life. -

Chinese saying goes: one step can not keep up, step by step to keep up. -

5. start leading a small step, a big step ahead in life -

(2) planned every day, every night should make arrangements for the next day and the day of self-examination program implementation; -

If we simplify a little, you can effectively target the core conditions summarized as two: one is quantitative, one is a time limit. -

a determined person will find their own way. I think the school before the age of 25 exploratory stage; 25-30 years of age to understand what you want, cut into related industries to start a business; in the 30-35 years old, is the start of the critical period; 35-45 years old is the great development harvest stage. -

many people set a goal, but he did not succeed, this is why? They themselves would feel confused:

we have to analyze why. -

immediate action to target smaller ← ← ← small target goals -


broken down into specific action plans, has been a backstepping to the present by the future, he is now clear what should be done: -

① Specific - Specific -

If you want to succeed before the age of 35, you must be well established before the age of 30 your life goals. -

This process can be carried out. -

quantify the target

Chinese saying goes: one step can not keep up, step by step to keep up. -

the core of the blueprint of life, -

20 1950s, when young British street fashion, wearing a strange black garment, Qizhemotuo rampage when a young woman from Wales, the 玛丽奎恩特trendy young fashion design fashion clothing became negligible. Born in England in 1934 玛丽奎恩特 Prince of Wales Arbor Manchester Witness, she was the daughter of a teacher. 16 years old she went to London, studied at the London School of painting gold lines, in the millinery business after graduating from the studio of Eric began her design career. Her design objects, not just for the time draw attention to the girl fashion. There is no characteristic was the girls dressed, usually wearing a mother's generation, old-fashioned clothes. Mary said: -

4. goals established early in life early success -

So I suggest to prepare the young people out of business, we must analyze their own strengths and weaknesses, one step ahead to find business opportunities. 6 daily, monthly, every year, ask yourself: -

I reached their targets without the fine care and management, the goal is to end not the fruits of success. -

35-year-old millionaire before you want to do? Recently a popular saying that 35 years ago, belongs to youth, Even looking for work, many units is also based on the age of 35 as a threshold. Therefore, to achieve a breakthrough in the youth years, reaching a career, you should be in time for the youth, Eileen Chang said: -

the feasibility of developing a plan to achieve the desired, and immediately, you get used to -

now popular -

start leading a small step, a big step ahead in life. In the highly competitive era, how in the first emitted between peers? The method is a little bit better than others to learn martial arts, this little bit of work will often at critical moments, so you more opportunities than others. In any industry as long as they think one step ahead than others, we can gain an advantage in your industry at a competitive advantage. -

(1) set goals, write down your monthly plan of life; -

set a fixed date, must be before this date to get the money you want to hand, there is no timetable, your boat will never be -

Here is the realization of each layer to achieve the larger goal of a smaller target. -

time limit is determined by your goals, there must be a clear time frame, can be specific to a certain period. No time-bound targets, is not a valid target. You could easily find for itself an excuse for delay, becomes the target date to achieve within the foreseeable future. -

outlined the blueprint of life -

1955, the young 玛丽奎恩特 and her husband Alexander Pullen Kate Green in London's famous King's Road, opened its first Their target is the youth-oriented, 玛丽奎恩特 launch of the first pieces of clothing, later the famous Although the industry was the two of them very small, and it is fashion nobodies, but the weak shock, just the future of the fashion industry indicates a strong earthquake, which is a landmark step. 50 years of wandering in the calf length skirt down, Dior in 1953, but the skirt hem cut several inches in the press in a major upset on the burst. At that time, little-known 玛丽奎恩特, but its intense point of view, and began the new era of fashion revolution. She was the battle cry is:

1965, the era of miniskirts and the universe of young women swept the world, 玛丽奎恩特 further skirt hem to knee four inches, the British girl's dress has become the envy and follow objects. This style is known as the Not contain the new fashion trends, young people enthusiastically welcomed the mini skirt, middle-aged women also amazed eyes to accept this change, a variety of mini-style equipment came into being. -

③ Achievable - can be achieved -

So, my experience is that people set goals, generally have a vision, that in his heart to have an overall, general goals. This vision should be achieved in stages. The milestones must be specific, clear and actionable. People can not expect all of a sudden become a billionaire, but when you achieve a goal of 10 million, when the target is not hundreds of millions of fantasy and fantasy. In this constantly self-confidence is based on achieving milestones, and gradually built up. -

, and regardless of how much each goal should be broken down to you should do to make your actions and your future now desire, a dream to link the target have a realistic basis for action, otherwise, Your wish can now conclude that unlikely. -


42048000 × 60 = 2522880000. Xie Bing said, human life, such as 80-year-old living on the composition of the ten-digit seconds. And now you've extracted a lot of time in your life may be in stock only nine digits, eight digits or less. I can not conclude that you are established, but I dare say, many people do not count yourself as a writer this posting, which potential energy is not accurate to put myself through a few numbers say so. Many of our people in the grocery shopping when the consumer when the shops in the business when the reckoning is very small, sort of a few dollars and cents, can also operate in life, why we do not carefully calculate this life account of it? -

people have a tendency to achieve a goal once, there will be a disheartened feeling, no longer work, then sit back and enjoy. All aspects of modern society, human development to provide a wider space for development, so an enterprising person should be in achieving goals, and then set new goals for themselves. Also, you do not wait to go after a goal to develop a new target, but should be always full of goals in mind, to complete a goal, you know what the next target, where the direction to move forward, not just to the first target destination. -

translation: the gentleman is not rhetoric, work efficiency is quick smart. -




23. Had not changed, is that too carry on. -



translation: work hard not satisfied to teach the others do not feel tired. -

4. Gongzi thick, thin responsible person, is much resentment carry on. -





42. known as know, I do not know as I do not know, that is knowledge. -






translation: setbacks and failures, not from an objective to find an excuse, not the responsibility to others, and later developed for the phrase -


Translation: Gentlemen always blame themselves, from their own shortcomings, to find the problem. Villain often fired at someone else to look to find other people's shortcomings and deficiencies. -




11. Gentleman hidden device in the body, until the occasion. -


45. insatiable, indefatigable. -


7. Do unto others, do not impose on others. -








43. diligence and neglected in play; line into Si, destroyed over. - Han Yu -

27. Unjust is doomed to destruction. -


49. Jade is not cut, not a device; people do not learn, do not know. -


58. Learning without technology, but also non-science. - Song? Yang Wanli -

38. Remarks to three Winter, verbal assault cold in June. - Ming Dynasty proverb -


2. everything is Yu Li, Yu is not waste. (Moderate)
3. Love and know the evil and hate and know good. (Book of Rites)
4. 玉不琢不成器, people do not learn do not know. (Book of Rites)
5. School, then know enough to teach, and know the storm. (Book of Rites)
6. Oppressive than a tiger. (Book of Rites)
7. Blood is thicker than water. (Book)
8. Full stroke loss, to benefit him. (Book)
9. The mountain nine yards, short of success. (The Book)
10. Good medicine tastes bitter to the mouth, Zhongyannier help line. (Economic and)
11. Road trip, Things. (Book of Rites)
12. Shamed. (Book of Rites)
13. Civil and military way, a relaxation. (Book of Rites)
14. The poor are changed, change, General long. (Book)
15. People are the foundation, the solid victor. (The Book)
16. Reciprocity, to reciprocate. (Book of Rites)
17. Blinders, but Tarzan. Beans, two ear, not hear thunder. (Crest)
18. One size fits all. (Book of Rites)
19. Huang Huang can not be all day. (Book of Rites)
20. A single spark can start a prairie fire. (The Book)
21. Lip service to, blame the disaster and its people. (Book of Rites)
22. Sensitive and eager to learn, help in the field. (The Analects of Confucius)
23. 温故而知新, can be a teacher. (The Analects of Confucius)
24. Learning without thought is labor lost, thought without learning is perilous. (The Analects of Confucius)
25. Learning and when learning of the hive! (The Analects of Confucius)
26. Gentleman friends through literature, to the Friends of Fu Jen Catholic. (The Analects of Confucius)
27. Gentleman expansive, villains often sad. (The Analects of Confucius)
28. Exert ourselves to forget the food, excellent music to forget, I wonder if old age is coming. (The Analects of Confucius)
29. To complain directly to Germany reported that Germany. (Confucius)
30. Gentleman himself, the villain seeking Morohito. (Confucius)
31. Making phone calls in Germany and chaos, a small leak will sink a great ship. (Confucius)
32. Different ways, non-phase plan. (Confucius)
33. Ji Sun in fear, is not? Yu, also within in the Xiao Qiang. (Confucius)
34. Do not worry about poverty, unequal distribution, not scarcity and suffering from anxiety. (Confucius)
35. No poor, and non-widowed, security no dumping. (Confucius)
36. Insatiable, indefatigable. (Confucius)
37. Unrighteous rich and expensive, to me, such as clouds. (Confucius)
38. From which people can not be so aware of. (Confucius)
39. Not in its place, not their government. (Confucius)
40. Death has always been, the people can not stand. (Confucius)
41. Love to see his raw, evil desire of his death. (Confucius)
42. Politicians are also. Sub-commander to positive, what am not correct? (Confucius)
43. Name is not correct, then the words ring true, the words ring true, then nothing will be accomplished. (Confucius)
44. The body is not to make the trip; its body is not correct, although that is not from. (Confucius)
45. A word and the country prosperous, a word and the state funeral. (Confucius)
46. Gentleman's shame over his words and his deeds. (Confucius)
47. No person not known suffering, suffering people do not know. (Confucius)
48. Emulate, see not outdo them. (Confucius)
49. See justice is not without courage also. (Confucius)
50. Who can be killed can not be humiliated. (Confucius)
51. Road to listen to the way that virtue is abandoned (Confucius)
52. Erudite, Atsushi, cut asked in recent thinking, which carry on Jen. (Confucius)
53. Ye are three friends, Friends of the straight, Liang, Friends of Tamon, benefits carry. (Confucius)
54. Had not changed, is too carry on. (Confucius)
55. Which do not seek a gentleman to seek food, which do not worry worry about the poor. (Confucius)
56. Doing my part in the division. (Confucius)
57. Public evil, will be observed Yan; the public good, will police Yan. (Confucius)
58. Loss by three music: music arrogance East, Le Yi travel, music pleasures, loss carry. (Confucius)
59. Gentleman Samuel Wells Williams: fear of fate, fear of adults, fear sage words. (Confucius)
60. To have friends from afar, pleasure it! (Confucius)
61. People without thought, he must worry about. (Confucius)
62. Gentleman Yu Yu Yi, villain Yu Yu Li. (Confucius)
63. Thirty, forty and the perplexed, 50 to know fate, while the ear 60, 70 and I act, without transgressing. (Confucius)
64. 识时务者为俊杰. (Confucius)
65. And the good man home, such as irises and orchids into the room, long and not smell their fragrance, that is, carry on with technology; and poor habitat, such as into the Baoyuzhisi, for a long time and not smell the smell, but also carry on with technology. (Confucius)
66. Winter, and then withered after the known pine also. (Confucius)
67. Gentleman learned while participating province almost have on, the wise and free than carry on the line. (Xunzi)
68. Three rows, must be my teacher. (Confucius)
69. True to its word, line must be fruit, fruit must be believed. (Confucius)
70. Sensitive to the issues but cautious in speech. (Confucius)
71. No words to lifts, not to reject an opinion. (The Analects of Confucius)
72. Lost time, day and night. (Confucius)
73. High ideals, no survival for victims of benevolence, there are killing themselves to pay the price. (The Analects of Confucius)
74. They come, the security. (The Analects of Confucius)
75. There are corrections, if any, Tsutomu. (The Analects of Confucius)
76. Known as know, I do not know as I do not know, that is knowledge. (The Analects of Confucius)
77. Hear the Tao, Xi may be dead men. (Confucius)
78. Army may have won the handsome, man can not seize chih. (Confucius)
79. Do unto others, do not impose on others. (The Analects of Confucius)
80. Eyes of the beholder, the wise see wisdom. (The Analects of Confucius)
81. A gentleman's love of money, in a proper way. (The Analects of Confucius)
82. Eat three square meals a day and do no work, difficult to carry on Kazuya. (The Analects of Confucius)
83. Ritual purposes, and as expensive. (The Analects of Confucius)
84. Prudence and love, so people in order. (The Analects of Confucius)
85. This can be tolerated, what can not? (Confucius)
86. Listen to his words and deeds. (The Analects of Confucius)
87. With friends, keep their word. (The Analects of Confucius)
88. I participate on provincial Wu Shen. (Zeng)
89. Poor without blame, rich but not arrogant. (The Analects of Confucius)
90. A gentleman of the wind, Renzhi grass, the grass on the wind, will fall down. (Confucius)
91. Gentleman oblige, not adult evil. Anti-villain is. (Confucius)
92. Devout, studious, Shou Shan Road dead. (Confucius)
93. Bird will die, the Ming sorrow; one is going to die, his words would be good. (Confucius)
94. Who can not refrain from Hony, long way to go. (The Analects of Confucius)
95. Child in Qi Wen, (The Analects of Confucius)
96. Choosing the good from it, instead of its poor. (Confucius)
97. Perplexed wise, benevolent is not good, brave fear. (The Analects of Confucius)
98. Compassion, everyone, shame evil heart, human, respectful of the heart, human, non-heart, in everyone. (Mencius)
99. Everybody can be Yao and Shun. (Mencius)
100. Moral support from many Unjust. (Mencius)
101. Days as location, geography and better. (Mencius)
102. Near and refers to the far away words, good words also. (Mencius)
103. Sage, with its Visible, people Manifest. Today its intoxication, people Manifest. (Mencius)
104. Yang Xin Mo good few desires. (Mencius)
105. For what Habitat for Humanity office, ignored the people and for also? (Mencius)
106. Riches can not ***, and rank can not move, force can bend. (Mencius)
107. A good man who's suffering in the division. (Mencius)
108. Adults who lose their innocence of a child who has. (Mencius)
109. For and the world, a world, but myself? (Mencius)
110. To force to convince, non-convinced him; virtuous person, the heart Yue and Cheng service men. (Mencius)
111. No compassion, non-human also; no shame evil heart, human also; no politely refuse the heart, non-human also; no non-heart, non-human also. (Mencius)
112. Yang Zhu's Road, refused to pull a hair and benefit the world. (Mencius)
113. Taishan to over rely on the North Sea, not that I do also, but can not have. (Mencius)
114. Fold technology for the elderly, non can not, not to have. (Mencius)
115. Hardships for the worst. (Mencius)
116. Filial piety; 幼吾幼以及人之幼. (Mencius)
117. People are the boat followed the king of light. (Mencius)
118. Right, and finesse; degrees, and then know the length. (Mencius)
119. The poor are spared to reach and the world economy. (Mencius)
120. Goldenthal mountains and small world. (Mencius)
121. Day to drop any so people, we must first suffer their aspirations, workers of their bones, their body skin hunger, depletion of their body ... (Mencius)
122. I Cultivating the moral spirit. (Mencius)
123. Somewhat good, the next will be very Yan. (Mencius)
124. My life career, with knowledge has no limits. (Zhuang)
125. Minbuweisi, but since the death of fear? (I)
126. Along hear the voice, never in contact with. (I)
127. I was totally disheartened, and died also followed. (Zhuang)
128. Civil use, if the villain at the turn of Gan-li (Zhuang)
129. He is a right and wrong, this wrong. (Zhuang)
130. Depository real conceivable manners, food and clothing enough to think of honor. (Pipe)
131. Statecraft, we must first enriching. (Pipe)
132. States Xing, your division and will re-Fu. (Xunzi)
133. Orange Health Huainan was orange, was born in Huaibei, compared with orange. (Yan Zi)
134. Misfortune relied upon by Fu, Fu Xi disaster by volts. (I)
135. Appreciating a wise, knowing those out. (I)
136. Rumors stop wise. (Xunzi)
137. World affairs, will be in fine, encircle the wood, was born in Haomo. (I)
138. Nine of the units, from the tired soil. A thousand miles begins with one step. (I)
139. To mention a thousand miles, ulcer in the colony. (Han Feizi)
140. Home of the resurrection, (grandson)
141. Ten trees, takes a hundred years. (Pipe)
142. To give in order with. (I)
143. Unexpectedly, by surprise. (Grandson)
144 without leaving the whole world to know something.
145. near the fire does not save much water. (Han Feizi)
146. Trickery. (Yan Zi)
147. A calamity not to cover Dade. (Tso)
148. Sweep own door. (Spring and Autumn Annals)
149. The police have to Understand, this one can know the old police (Spring and Autumn Annals)
150. Ranging from few to seek, arrogance is offensive (Mandarin)
151. Be prepared to think is well prepared, be prepared. (Tso)
152. Bichou not move outside, not inside the lift to avoid the pro. (Tso)
153. Piece of cake speech? (Tso)
154. Who is known to have been to die, a woman makes herself. (Warring States)
155. Against the mouth of the people, even in the anti River. (Mandarin)
156. Good horse period of almost a thousand miles, almost unexpected Ji Ao (Spring and Autumn Annals)
157. Words without the text, line and near (Tso)
158. Multi-line does not justice is doomed to destruction. (Tso)
159. The skin, the hair stand? (Tso)
160. To err is human too? (Tso)
161. Greedy days of power, appropriation. (Tso)
162. Eye for an eye person in his body.
163. bait, there must be dead fish.
164. Qing father die, Lu has not been difficult. (Tso)
165. Traveling thousands of miles by half 90.
166. short step a thousand miles.
167. excel rather than blue. (Xunzi)
168. Will be out, Jun Ming has not.
rivers east to the sea, when re-Seogwi? Young idler, an old beggar. (Han Dynasty (Xi)
Bao Jianfeng from sharpening out, plum blossom from the bitter cold.
pen off the surprise storm, poem into ZZZZZZZZZ. (Du Fu)
do not cut pseudo-body pro-elegance, turn Ru Yi is a multi-division division. (Du Fu)
Bo Concept, and about to take, thick and thin of plot. (Su)
erudite, interrogation of, the deliberative, discernment, persistent work of the. (((Sima Qian)
person does not suffer from known, unknown people are suffering. (Confucius)
nothing ventured, nothing gained? (Later Han)
not plug does not flow, more than not. (Han Yu)
not know the truth, just because in this mountain. (Su)
fear clouds block our sight, since the margin at the highest level. (Wang)
not to the rules, no order prescription Park. (Mencius)
mined flowers into honey, the purpose of doing sweet. (Luo Yin)
Depository actually know manners, well fed, well bred. ((Liu Xie)
police have, you can Understand, now you can know the old police. (((Li Bai)
Chen heart a stone needle, do not guide side refused to break. (Wen Tianxiang)
thousands of junks sunk boat, sail past the million trees ahead of the spring wood. (Liu Yuxi)
live and learn a lesson. (Ancient proverb)
a short foot, inch a director. (Qu Yuan)
Dead Before the Ship Even Sank, long the hero tears s garments. (Du Fu)
Till death do us part, wax torch ashes tears dry. (Yin)
too proud horseshoe illness, Chang spent every day look. (Meng Jiao)
Spring beauties extra duty, an affair to. (SY Weng)
春宵一刻值千金. (Su Shi)
good example from the board, from the evil such as the collapse. ((Qi book)
through-if bent, the most delicate, if clumsy, big debate if Ne. ((Du Fu)
Nung, a thousand miles of cicadas Juan. (Su)
when off constantly, anti-troubled. (Han)
Like father, like son. (New Book of Tang)
Enlightened many, unjust so few to help. ((Liu Xie)
east sunrise rain, said there is no clear sunny. (Liu Yuxi)
read a hundred times, its meaning from the present. (Three Kingdoms)
study break rolls, getting God. (Du Fu)
reading of the law, in the sequential and progressive, familiar and precise thinking. (Xi)
read a trip. (Liu Yi)
unjust is doomed to destruction. (Tso)
Ercao body and were all off, not flowing river. (Du Fu)
everything Yu (pre) is established, not Yu (pre-) the waste. ((Mandarin)
only non-school without the broad, non-chi no to school. (Zhuge Liang)
Come Yishui Han Feng Xiaoxiao, a warrior to Come Nevermore. ((Mencius)
flu thought to serve the country, drew his sword from Artemisia Levin. (Ang)
Gaoshanyangzhi, Kageyuki behavior. ((Confucius)
ancient into a major event, not only super talented people who also perseverance and ambition. (Su)
audience device maker who is good, the audience patients who were good doctor. (Song? Ye Shi)
flies, Riyuerusuo. (That ((Poetry Poetry)
sea of ​​memory friend, your neighbor. (Wang Bo)
sea the moon, 天涯共此时. (Ling)
suddenly, such as spring night, Arcadia 10000 Pear Tree open. (Cen)
would be extremely Ling, list of small hills. (Du Fu)
Misfortune, blessing of the Forest; Fu Xi, the V pot. ((The Analects of Confucius)
listen to others, the dark side letter. (((The Analects of Confucius)
out of talent in every generation, leading the trend for hundreds of years. (Zhao Yi)
fair without and foul within. (Liu Ji)
proximity and easier access, sunny flowers is easy for the spring. (Su Lin)
knows nothing, doubts nothing. (Fu Xuan)
broken mirror do not change light, fragrant orchid refuses to change. (Meng Jiao)
Kyushu angry relies on wind and thunder, immobility study miserably. I advise God re Dousou, eclectic talent. (Gongzizhen)
spared no efforts in dying. (Zhuge Liang (Cao Zhi)
gentleman oblige, not adult evil. (The Analects of Confucius)
gentleman expansive, villain long worried. (Confucius)
worries which do not worry about the poor gentleman. (The Analects of Confucius)
Junzizhijiao light is like, if willing to turn villain sweet wine. ((Wang Bo)
old people, high aspirations. Martyrs old age, mistakes, and apologized. (Cao)
Pear courtyard Rongrong months, catkins pond light wind. (Yan Shu)
Sweep own door. (Spring and Autumn Annals)
road will be long now, happiness of the up and down. (Qu Yuan)
proof of the pudding, time will tell. (Yuan Dynasty? War debt of gratitude)
Fallen flowers are not heartless things, into Chunni more quadrangle. (Gongzizhen)
falling clouds and lonely duck to fly, relaxed and a total length sky color. (Wang Bo)
full stroke loss, to benefit him. (Book)
plum snow for whiteness, but the snow plum incense. (Romero slope)
Mibu there early, there are few grams of the final. (Book)
sensitive and eager to learn, help in the field. (Confucius)
the road is no friend Mo, who Bushi Jun world. (High fitness)
Murdoch Sangyu late, micro-Xia is still sky. (Liu Yuxi)
Mo lightly, the first white boy, empty sadness! (Yue Fei)
wood show in the forest, the wind will destroy it. (Old Tang)
million sticks of dark green red point, moving spring do not need more. (Wang)
the skin, the hair stand? (Tso)
蚍蜉撼大树 ridiculously overrate themselves. (Han Yu)
their song Mi high, and Mi few. (Song)
their body is not to make the trip; its body is not correct, although that is not from. (The Analects of Confucius)
queer Appreciation, doubt phase analysis. (Tao)
eternal rise and fall of many things, long, endless rolling in the Yangtze River flow. (Ji)
thousand miles begins with one step. (I)
the front nor the ancients, but not to those who post. Concept of heaven and earth has passed, sad but Tixia alone. (Ang)
the vehicle in front of the overturned car of Kam. (Han)
learning of the past. ((Xunzi? Quan Xue)
blue, taken from the blue and green to blue. (Xunzi)
Castle not cover the river from flowing eastward. (Ji)
Natural beauty carving. (Li Bai)
poor are changed, change the pass, long-General. (Book)
poor are spared of the ROC. ((Sima Qian)
Everyone must die, to retain loyalty according to annals. (Wen Tianxiang)
person who has not been, over and can change the hell. (((Huainanzi)
three-shift light chicken just before dawn, when it is excited, man. Hair do not know Diligence early, the first white square regret later reading. (Yen Chen)
army may have won the handsome, man can not seize chih. (Confucius)
Mo so close, white, young head, empty sadness. (Yue Fei)
tire of high mountains, deep water tire. (Cao)
mountain is not high, but the immortal name; water not be deep. (Liu Yuxi)
high mountains on a small, get to the bottom. (Su)
a broken wind Piaoxu, life experience drifting rain Ping. (Wen Tianxiang)
Mountain darkly, vista. (Lu)
young hard life thing, Mo-inch power to idle time. (Du Xun)
body Jisi Come to God, spirit, soul Come as a ghost male child. (Qu Yuan)
body phoenix Flying without wings minds think alike. (Yin)
students as odds, death is also a male ghost. (Qingzhao)
students are also invited to sit, knowledge (wisdom) has no limits. (Zhuangzi)
wire saw wood off, dropping water. (Song? Luo Daikyo)
sage 1000 taking into account must be a loss; Fool 1000 taking into account. There must be gains. ((Later Han)
not important to prime a day can no longer morning in time when encouraged, Time and tide wait for no man. (Tao)
is neglected, and Gains. (((Baozhao)
who can not but yi, long way to go. (The Analects of Confucius)
who was friends to die. (Historical Records)
Dreams of all knowledge, human sophistication that article. ((Bai)
hates few when goes to use the book, do not go through I do not know is difficult. (Lu)
slanting crosswise water clean and shallow, subtle fragrance floating on the evening. (Lin Bu)
who inch of grass, reported in the apartments. (Yu rural)
water is clear there are no fish, no people to the police only. ((Confucius)
stone hills, can learn. (((Historical Records)
days as location, geography and better. ((Peng Duanshu)
rise and fall of every man's duty. (Gu)
days are often, not Yao survival, not for jie death. (Yin)
Wanwusangzhi. (The Book)
to be banned from the bridge, and to those who still can recover. ((Du Fu)
Suffering dared lotus country. (Lu)
civil and military way, a relaxation. (Book of Rites)
article together for the book from time to time, songs and poetry combined to make something. (Bai)
Wen Road has, industry specializing in surgery. (Han Yu)
ask to have the misery, like a river flows to the east. (Li Yu)
asked him was so clear, as there is water flowing. (Xi)
Hengdao to the day since I laugh, hepatobiliary fate of two Kunlun. (Tan)
Xiao Xiao Lamu boundless, endless rolling to the Yangtze River. (Du Fu)
to do anything about, familiar to swallow to return. (Yan Shu)
no intention of suffering Zheng-chun, term Qunfang jealousy. (Lu)
My life career, with knowledge has no limits. ((Liu Bei)
Blood is thicker than water. (Book)
sunset is magnificent, but near dusk. (Yin)
first and worry about the world, after the world to enjoy. (Fan Chung-yen)
Lotus Just Buds, stand on top of already dragonfly. (Yang Wanli






translation: do not put half-step, step, accumulated, you can not walk a thousand miles away, not to small streams coming together, we can not form a river into the sea. -




Translation: With the fault not corrected, this is really fault. -

60. Learning is like less, I still fear the loss of the. --.



5000 years of Chinese history, the essence deposited three thousand words

28. Person who has not been, over and can change the hell. -





translation: to see good people, for fear of too late to learn from him, to see good things for fear of late can not do. See the wicked, bad, like access to the hot hot water, have to leave immediately, to avoid too far. -

50. black hair do not know Diligence early, the first white square regret later reading. -



Translation: if you work hard to do, everyone can be a great saint like Yao and Shun. -

Translation: If I had some success, others do not understand, but I never feel angry, wronged. This is not also a gentleman of performance? -

36. Words are not guilty, were enough to hear the ring. -





Translation: I know that know, do not know should not know, not fraud, this is a wise act. -

19. Not blaming Heaven, do not blame the people. -





10. Two concentric, the benefit payments; concentric words, its smell, such as blue. -



52. Science can not have. -





48. strong in its own strength in the hand, Mo to boast in front of people full. -



translation: any one thing, not because it is a small, inconspicuous bad things to do; the contrary, for some small. But good for other people's good, not because it is not meaningful to do it. -



Translation: Reading must be repeated several times to read, so as to understand the meaning of the book talking about. -

22. The villain had also Pitman. -




translation: want to see farther and more extensive features, you have to be on the floor. Would like to learn more and deeper knowledge, you have to work harder than the original. -



translation: facts, not guesswork; failing to arbitrary, not capricious, feasible then the line; act to be flexible die plate; everything not to complete the task. -





translation: each do one thing must be done until after repeated consideration. -

15. Wu Italy, will not, without solid, not me. -


Translation: Gentlemen's biggest strengths is to use a noble, benevolent heart to treat others. -


translation: mental effort, a closer look with the eyes, a mouth to read, do all three areas is the real bit of reading. -


33. Gentleman great peace with people. -





Translation: People pass a school, if I spend hundreds of kung fu, will be able to learn through. Ten people can grasp, if I learn a thousand times, will certainly be mastered. -

translation: bad things do too much, will eventually self-defeating. -

9. For Ne in words, and a gentleman sensitive to the line. -




Translation: people are likely to make mistakes, made a hunting wrong, as long as corrected is still the best people. -

2. Small and whom not to be evil, do good deeds, but not as small. -




5. Oblige a gentleman, not adult evil. Anti-villain is. -




12. Full stroke loss, to benefit him. -






6. Emulate Yan, see also do not outdo them. -



translation: know their shortcomings and try to learn who is smart, good person to ask but complacency is shameful. -



translation: business or academic success is work hard, industrious and enterprising. Too fun, relax the requirements will be nothing; a man to act, we must think carefully about, well thought-out will be successful. Willful, careless, casual only lead to failure. -



53. learning and when learning of pleasure it? -




29. A calamity not to cover Dade. -


translation: Learning knowledge for fear of lagging behind to catch up and afraid to lose. -

translation: that their own mistakes than someone else's smaller, less complacent than others shortcomings. -

8. When Jen, keep in the division. -


translation: the gentleman is committed to do, to establish a fundamental, -



translation: love learning, but not half-hearted. -


41. Learning without thought is labor lost, thought without learning is perilous. -


46. a short step, a thousand miles, no small streams into a mighty torrent. -




translation: do not work hard to learn young, old and can only regret, sigh. -



translation: Learning a new study of knowledge and often have learned the knowledge, continuous learning, study, knowledge and accomplishment will soon be improved, such a person can become a teacher. -





translation: ten million kinds of classic speak the truth, obey their parents, fraternity brothers, the most should be done. -



30. Person, one can of, have one hundred of; 10 of them of people, has one thousand of the. -
















56. young idler, an old beggar. -



37. Medicine and help patients suffering from mouth, good advice and help reverse at the ear line. -


61. people without learning, its walls are still standing. -





translation: person who does not learn, just like the face of the wall stood, what was invisible. -







translation: three people together, there must be someone in a certain area which is worthy of my learning, that he can be my teacher. I selected him to learn the advantages, shortcomings and deficiencies of his, I will learn a lesson, there are corrections. -


31. Shamed. -


26. Think twice. -





translation: a good and useful, then let the listener even in the three winter cold also feel warm; the contrary, harsh vicious language, hurt the feelings of others and self-esteem, even in the days of June, the Great Heat, will people feel cold. -





translation: much more from reading, writing articles to be described from the flower, the same as there are fabulous. -

34. Everybody can be Yao and Shun. -


translation: the villain must be the fault of their own cover. -

Translation: Even though you are a strong, but there must be a stronger person than you, so do not become complacent in front of others, they boast of their own. -

40. With people for good and evil, fortune his move, -



54. 温故而知新, can be a teacher. -


20. Not anger, not II had. -


3. See as less than good, see the poor as probe soup. -










translation: to see someone in one respect than their own strengths and advantages, will humbly ask, conscientiously study and try to catch up with him, and he reached the same level; see there was a defect or deficiency, it is necessary calm reflection, see that he is he did not have defects or deficiencies. -


1. Gentleman to self-improvement. -


16. Three rows, must be my teacher, choosing the good from it, instead of its poor. -







57. Read a hundred times, its meaning from the see. -




Translation: Even if there is a gentleman of excellent to superior skills, but also do not go around showing off, show off. But in the necessary time to display their talents or skills. -

translation: encountered should do good, not hesitant, even if the teacher in the side, it should be rushing to do it. After the development of the phrase -


translation: make a mistake, do not anger others, and do not repeat the second time. ) -


translation: the young do not know when to seize the time to study diligently, to the old school like it was too late. -



17. Gentleman himself, the villain seeking Morohito. -


18. Gentleman expansive, villain long worried. -




translation: learning not only will not feel confused thinking, learning will not only tired but dream no gain. -

47. For a grander sight, a higher level. - Don? Wang Zhihuan


59. studious and not II. -



32. To 五十步笑百步. -



translation: re-work rush, there are active fault is the primary responsibility -

Translation: Gentlemen mind cheerful, ideologically candid clean, comfortable appearance of action also appears to be very stable. Villain heart desires too much, psychological burden, and would often worry, worry, appearance, action also appears uneasy, often sitting uncertain, ataxia look. -

21. Small bear, a great ship. -


24. Gentleman works in this, Li and Dawson. -





1. regulate the family, country and the world (University)

translation: Trinidad embankment, because ants in holes, may thus fall out burst; accomplished by high-rise, the gap may emerge because of the chimney and cause a fire destroyed Mars. -



51. those who know less than eager to learn, shame the next person asking for complacency. - Lin Bu


Translation: Gentlemen do think that much less is shameful. -


translation: people working together, they are hard enough to force the metal broke; concerted efforts of people express the same opinion, persuasive, people like the smell of fragrant orchids smell, easy to accept. -

25. Gentleman's shame over his words and his deeds. -



13. Is it not resentful, not have a gentleman or Down? -


translation: without jade carving, jade can not be useful; people do not go through learning, do not know how common sense. -


translation: Learning flexible use of knowledge but can not, can not be called learning. -

35. Little knowledge of the dike to collapse the cave ants; hundred feet of room to sudden clearance of the tobacco burning. -


Translation: As a gentleman, should have a strong will, never ending fighting spirit, and strive to strengthen self-cultivation, to complete and develop their academic or career, can do only reflect the will of the day, a gentleman does not live up to give the universe responsibilities and skills. -


44. read three to: that the heart to eyes, mouth. - Ming? Zhu Xi -



translation: know what is shameful behavior, that is brave and good performance. -

translation: they do not want (pain, disaster, calamity ...), do not take it imposes on other people to go. -




translation: the knowledge learned, at the appropriate time to review it, so that their knowledge has a new understanding, this is not a very happy thing? -

translation: should not do, even if wanted to do, but insisted quit, called On the small bear, not Ren Xing, will affect the overall situation, the bad event. -


translation: Bitter but good treatment of drug benefit; good advice does not sound pleasant to hear the words of exhortation but ignored the benefit of human behavior. -







55. study break rolls, getting God. - Don? Du Fu -


14. Promises must be kept and action must be resolute. -


translation: complacency on the results already obtained, will be incurred losses and disasters; humble and always felt his own deficiencies, can benefit from it. -



translation: the gentleman is always good or benefit from others' desire, wholeheartedly encourage others to achieve good will and legitimate demands, will not look at the world with a cold. Or reform package, and not in others have failed, error or suffering waves. Villain opposite, always -


translation: evaluation of a person, can not be denied because of that negligence on his credit. -


translation: to say, it must be trustworthy; determined to do, it must be firmly resolute to stay here. -


translation: Learning can not stop. -

translation: good thing bad thing is their own doing, the scourge of happiness are all attracted by his words and deeds of. -


translation: to criticize the views of people, there is no sin. Hear the criticism of others to carefully reflect on their own, wrong on the correct, error-free as other people on to their advice. -

39. One thousand by Wan Code, filial piety, first. -


First, try to praise the child. Child has a certain self-confidence, will be willing to learn. Make every day feel his children in learning has made some progress, even if it is to correct a shortcoming.
Second, more attention to children's learning content and the actual degree of progress. Parents should ask their children more than what the recent study, mastery of such a system.
three, children often develop a few easy reach of the small target. This can make children feel able to do, children have self-confidence, which will help children play potential.
Fourth, to stimulate children's desire to learn. To seize life's opportunities for children to practice.
five, to help children establish a sense of responsibility. Let the children learn to wash dishes, wash a handkerchief, put my bed, appliances, live up to their share of responsibility.
six, in front of the children set a good example.
seven, try not to talk in front of the children of teachers, especially teachers, do not belittle in front of children.
eight, set the family to learn the rules, and throughout implementation, to form good study habits, activity habits.
nine, to guide their children good to ask questions. To train children to ask why.
ten, to make the emphasis on school children, the children try to avoid non-attendance to happen.
how to cultivate a spiritual child:
one mode of education, For this, do not know how much the teacher smacked back to the classroom. She touch a teacher fired her classroom, she would just look at ants fight.
someone asked her why she did not listen, she said: say ah, ah practiced repeatedly, trouble again! then stand out because of outstanding results. In a nationwide contest among the best chemistry. Graduated from university, there are 7-8 well-known universities sent invitations. Finally, she chose the Massachusetts Institute of Technology graduate.
This case reflects the shortcomings of the current school of traditional education. The traditional model of education is largely an education, they ignore the individual differences of children, for students to develop a unified goal, the same material, do the same exercises, requiring the same pace, the same papers. This will inevitably lead to the honors have enough to eat. Forced the children to talk back and forth, back and forth to practice, just let the children feel uncomfortable and weariness, so that the child's curiosity, learning initiative disappeared, the original spiritual loss of a child to cultivate a Gaofendineng learning machines are considered good.
This girl was lucky enough to enter the Beijing eight in the Junior class, the school to be good training for children with extraordinary intelligence, said a relaxed learning environment, children can play the advantages of personality, so that this problem has become honors students.
Second, relaxed environment, children play in the personality strengths
Beijing eight and a boy, elementary school homework is not love, his truth is: we need to do? Later, my mother helped to imitate his son's homework every day font. Mom said: duplication will erode the child's creativity. It is said that the child's teacher to set the children's class of
more mean is this: This boy has a small cousin, almost a child and his intelligence. Little brothers to see who has been climbing walls approach than the more, the result is a draw. But the homework is often because the wrong cousin wrote a word on the penalty to write 100 times. Later, he was the punishment of confiscation of energy.

practice is not possible, and perhaps the sea tactical short-term child will get a high score, but it will increase the child's burden. The amount of child work to acquire knowledge for the purpose should be to properly review in order to deepen the impression. Because the school assignments based on the standard of most of the students, so the child has mastered the knowledge of the premise, can charge many children do not do their homework. Do not force a child to do the simple repetition of the title, so will the child's learning strengths and worn as a defect, resulting in the child's emotional weariness. Less to do the subject so the children learn to focus on the ability to develop the child's potential will be significant. To accomplish this, we must have peace of mind, not to score look unique.
Third, the expectations are too high, so that children are generally miserable
numerous achievements, but the parents eager to succeed in life, they thought the child into the brand-name schools. The schools are all top-notch elementary school, high school students each year are promoted to focus on more than 95%. Junior high school for three years, all the school triumphantly last contract first, and ultimately did not obtain the ideal high school, and stay repetition.
triumphantly as we can imagine this situation in his school. Into the key focus of the school or class can enjoy high-quality teaching resources, of course, has its benefits, but if long-term gap between children in the kind of great learning environment, children are more likely to lose confidence. If such children as triumphantly to an ordinary secondary school, there would be no such troubles. A network called painstakingly
people, he said: operations. often did not remember the word before the class finished, the previous case that did not have mathematical content. do a late night, exhausted, a new curriculum will affect digestion. operations, on a temporary and teachers in touch, do a few little problems, and concentrate on the subjects really understood. But he felt, which shows that he failed, and my heart is hard to accept.
Some parents Succeed, Wang Cheng-feng, unwilling to face the gap between their children, the child's expectations are too high, only the child confused exhausted. According to the actual situation of the child to develop learning objectives, let the kids jump up to pick the peaches. Like the friends of the children, learning objectives should be set to master basic concepts, let the children do first point is relatively simple questions, such as exercise books on the Class A title, but also in less quantity, the title really understood . In fact, in the A class on basic concepts reflected in the title, do not understand is that the subject is more critical, examination questions the basic concept holds considerable weight. Only in this way to give them step by step, down-forward.
Fourth, make the best use, let the children enjoy learning
every child is a separate entity, because the growing environment and their own reasons, not only the variation in levels, learning styles will be different, which requires us to have flexible education, wit, make the best use. In this way, children will be in a pleasant state of mind, to learn as a pleasure, to improve learning efficiency.
To charge many children choose their own learning. If the students like to enhance their knowledge through discussion, and some students like to think quietly alone. For the former we should try to create an atmosphere of discussion, while the latter, we should give them a quiet learning environment. Some children like to help by word-building memory of English words, while some students are good at reading to increase vocabulary. For the former we can give children the books on word formation, the latter shall provide a comparable level of English and have fun reading material. Some children like to do the excerpt, and some children are used to re-read favorite article, which can achieve the purpose of improving writing skills. Therefore, the latter do not necessarily have to require that children extract and provide the appropriate extra-curricular reading the same books so that children can achieve learning objectives.
To grasp the child's psychological characteristics, according to the child's interests and hobbies, find the right way, and guide children. If like Starchaser, can explain to them how successful the stars, in order to stimulate the children motivated and heart; such as individuality, self-control are the corresponding strengths of children, allowing them to develop their own regulations, so that the child feel they are respected, it is more able to consciously abide by the; appropriate for self-control is weak, but like a supervision to develop the children good habits.
five, individualized, every child can become useful
Nobel Prize winner Otto? Wallach just in secondary school, his parents chose a literary way. A semester, the teacher gave his comment was: son's interest, so he switched to painting. Wallach composition can not be good, but not polish, is not keen understanding of art, performance in class is the last first, get the comment was: disappointing, the future will be difficult attainments. suggested that he switched to chemistry. Wallach switched to chemistry, the potential is activated, and eventually won the chemistry Nobel Prize.
successful expert Robin said: , as parents, should have clear understanding of their children, to understand children's strengths and weaknesses, and tap the child's potential, abilities, weaknesses, every child can become useful.

good parents want a child to create a good future, the spring to draw attention to the following:

one: the child as an equal member of the family, respect for the child's personality, the dignity of the child independent thinking, freedom of choice. Let the children choose not to say that parents do nothing, parents can guide can help you analyze, the final choice in the hands of children. If the child is the wrong choice, she will assume responsibility, once the sense of wrong, she quickly corrected. If you do choose to help her, even though, she will not necessarily do well; If wrong, she will hate you because of your responsibility.

II: patient carefully listen to children's views, to make friends with the children, the family can not engage in Particularly when the children about the things that parents must discuss with their children, listen to the views of children, on the advice to accept, not to explain the views. When parents make a decision on something at home, they should seek the views of children, which is conducive to the healthy growth of children, the children will feel that they are equal members of the family, the family in the future will be positive for the sake of the other ability but also conducive to the completion of things.

three: for the children to understand, in-depth understanding of the child's inner world of the child's desire to respect the child's choice, to support the child's legitimate demands. As well as to the children open their mind, let the children know their parents thinking, emotions and feelings of parents towards the child's trust and understanding. This is true not only help parents become their children's friends, but also help parents better guide their children grow up.

four: over-growth of children put into use in practical, reasonable way. Do not make the evaluation of the child's behavior, issued instructions to try to guide children to think about. Be more concerned about the child's thinking and behavior, for the problem, through conversation, negotiation, communication and achieve mutual understanding, and finally obtain a fair and reasonable answer.

five: do children's friends, does not mean to give up their principles, to accommodate the child's error. We emphasize to the children the freedom to develop interests and hobbies, but not laissez-faire. Should take some measure, put forward strict requirements. The child is indeed wrong, it can not accommodate any, must be seriously noted and make the appropriate explanation, so the next repeat. If your child the courage to admit it was wrong. To use their own behavior, style and make an example to the children, and guide children to form good character.

six: the idea of ​​active mind and children sharing. Communicate with their children, the purpose was to promote mutual understanding to their views and demands clear to children that parents let children understand the meaning, is communication. In fact, just this is not enough, because it is only one-way, the purpose of just let the children know their parents, asked parents of children can be expected. These parents ever thought: Do you require that children listen and understand your point, but you have to understand the child's mind? Communication, ask their parents to take the initiative to express to the child's inner world, while more than listen to the voices of children, mutual listening, mutual understanding. Thus, in order to understand the hearts of the children are thinking, then

best not to say the following ten words of the child:
1. Why are you not to like ----- children were compared, it is likely to increase their instinctive hostility, and even heart.
should be clear to your child's specific requirements. focus put you want him to change bad behavior.
2. how can you be so naive
then stabbed the child only knowing students treason, make things worse.
to be pleasant, patient and unreasonable, in order to achieve the intended purpose.
you really stupid enough to home so that their hearts these words can be greatly harmed. some so inferior, do not make progress.
parents encourage a positive and effective help is so that children develop good habits and life skills to master the basic method.
4. go away, I can make them quiet for a while
people feel is superfluous, not to name the resulting loneliness.
if you really want to stay alone for a while, you can patiently explain to your child: I am happy with you, but too busy now, please forgive me.
5. less wordy, shut up
kids think their parents is not my opinion seriously. If this trend continues , no child will become assertive, strong dependence, think of himself as a nonentity.
6. honestly do, or --- -
empty threats will ultimately harm the prestige of the parents. the child but will continue their bad behavior. Look at how you do.
The best way to choose is based on the actual compensation of specific penalty means.
mother begging you award regardless of fear there with education, punishment can not make. children do not eat soft and hard, but do not say my mother please. say this means that parents surrender, the child will be more strips from the heart, as you
8. I can not hack
and children talk to their inferiority complex revealed. the vast majority of parents of the child's sense of inferiority by induced.
parents if assertive, optimistic, then the child is confident in the future.
; 9. Zousi you
When you say this, that you no longer get any good solution. This is one of lying can not be honored. children and will not stop his activities.
10. you roll it, want to go where ultimatum
then let the children can not cope with, although he did not want to run away from home, but do not want this bow. wayward child may boast a back hero, really ran away from home.

should be clear that the child's fault, even in the criticism when the parents should make him feel the love and concern.
your child, no matter who you tube?
your child, you do not love who love?

please do not forget the gift every day to children:
1. let the children unrestrained
2. to teach children to care for others
3. from the heart laugh
4. recognition must have skills to encourage children to self-confidence
5. to bring art into the child mind
6. smile, let the children manners
timely concessions 8 to show their children the opportunity to
9. teach children appreciate what he has
10. let the children acquire new skills
11. teach him to control his behavior
12. to teach children to understand responsible for their actions

outstanding teachers to the Chinese American parents 10 recommendations:

say Ganai concerned about your child's growth

Hot last night saw the Golden Chicken 2 , 2 as a good-looking on rumors basically believe.

2 1 basic continuation of the routine : memories, messy story , guest stars , a feeling , emotional men and illegal , and finally ATM audit found that large sums of money .

2046 , the old comrades Akin chat with a young man , memories of her past . about the whole process

recalled that two major events , one in 2003 of SARS , the second is to introduce the Part mentioned that her baby 's health Qindie .

baby his father is Jacky Cheung , A King , a cousin . Zhang called, Arkin played cousin Zhang cousin thing was caught committing the time that Atkins gave birth to a baby , so let Akin to a senior watch as a gift for that baby . Ending when the lens appears to chat with the young Arkin gold watch wrist , and other details of the show know that Akin is a youth born the year her cousin Zhang doll with the descendants , but descendants of knowledge. Future generations in a hurry to go , no Akin to recognize him .

end of the episode is when there is a 50th anniversary return of Hong Kong , set off fireworks . It is said that Hong Kong's reunification in 1997 , 2046 50th anniversary does not seem right . Do not know , maybe what I exposed the details . Why not put the story back more than a few years it? See It difficult about writers .

yard piece appeared in 2046 in Hong Kong are all dressed in white , looking a little glare , do not know what to consider . Is not the general public that the laboratory 's scientists have to wear white clothes , then all-white clothing looks more sci-fi flavor , then across time and space in the yard with the white pieces have more clothes, feeling ?

ah . Sum up , is not very nice 2 .

to lunch .

Zhang Zilin was rumored that Liu Xiang's rumored girlfriend, won as the first The first brand campaign in China face. Shooting the scene, wearing low-cut halter dress, a black long hair, Zhang Zilin filling oriental female intellectual beauty.

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each step on Super League, wants an increase in popularity here, there is a step back!

Beckham decade - Video ------ visitors please help Beckham top

the following articles from more exciting
[ ,],[mood -----> 80, with a narrative of his share of grief. --- ≯ Recommend
80, the so-called non-mainstream -> to those of you after reading
80 how to face their own love -> to those who after reading
80 you need to What a game -> reading for
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Learn to stand by a love, and philosophy of life and realize some of the very interesting , this may be tarried one day a year , perhaps a lifetime , but just do it , regardless of the results how, then no regrets , because had to cross , too tired , too sad , and finally you will know what love is .

when you stand in the window to see landscape , they would become the eyes of others, landscape and when you stand by love for a worthy time to hard work , maybe that person also stand by you, a quietly encounter , one suddenly the back , perhaps become a lifelong tarried .

snow filled the air in the winter , all life quietly , year after year the end of the beginning of the cold to win the fragile life , also gave birth to new life , new life waiting for that crash on the germination of spring thunder of the orders , the re- start the new Year , for a love , I will continue to wait , I have been waiting for the arrival of whom stand by love .

[REVIEW] you do not agree, how can you not agree! You know that my son is? It was a dragon flying in our village ah ...
before watching TV, always feel wonderful drama. Can now find life so much less drama bizarre. Of course, the bizarre case of life not everyone can get.
I have a friend, call her Yingying it. We together from primary school. My mother and her father is a unit. So our relationship is particularly good. She is a particularly beautiful girl. Nice to have a large primary school aged boys for her to get her picture glass smashed the school's Hall of Fame (she is a good student city, so there are photos posted on the Hall of Fame). It stands to reason that the girls are princesses, it should be tempered a little squeamish. Her character may be the same as men. Curse when angry, happy time laughing. To friends, ye will do, but if offended her, her mouth can also damage the Mai Tai people dead. We say such a good Cotyledons unfortunately, did not like that lady! Pie Piezui people:
I do work a year earlier than her business. She graduates looking for work when we just quit the company's accounting. She has also studied this, I let her come to apply. This is just great, we are in a company.
our company a total of seven men. 4 2 sales plus a technical director. Woman 10. A typical wolf little more meat. In addition we are also in charge of other singles. I noticed a man arrived in the company. In fact, several so-called white-collar workers did not wear suits and ties every day, trim work. In addition to the official opening of the General Assembly, we wear the more casual. He can suit every day. Comb the eight winds are blowing chaos, shoes to be able to illuminate shadows. I almost took him as a candidate in charge of. Later, we cooked up after listening to most in this dry time of the king she said Tuesday, his 79 years of strangers, and now said no place had a girlfriend. Out from the village, working especially hard. I heard, Yo, rare animals, hey! Since that is out of this rare animal to do that rare thing, I have never seen this life.
Yingying finally come to work. Wearing a small pink skirt, white short-sleeved shirt lotus leaf. They do not speak, it is definitely lady! Our company has a group, I see her on the line on and
her whisper, said: I am not mad! I said:
Yingying just arrived that day, I can see the rare animal's eyes changed. If the animation is played, it can pop out of both eyes is absolutely heart. Lunch time, Yingying pulled me to the corridor to go with her smoking. I saw her smoking to gas, say changed? go! if the surface of the little habits that even that can not accept, is also married off! Yingying saw smoke, then the face on the green. Over the sentence: I know that this is a precursor to her angry. Rushed to pull her. I know that she is afraid to fight first came on my face ugly.
afternoon, I'm afraid not Yingying turned angry, asked her on the Internet, the results did not return to me a long time. I looked back at the computer Yingying hold a negative one arm sitting face it. I am not so narrow-minded she combined the people, ah! As to the now angry? Was going to go again, see Nayan went, she went to the corridor, I would have with out.
two in the corridor to see the pursuit of
Yingying, a look of gloomy smoking a cigarette. If let's use the machete, it is definitely a woman to go out knives to injure the Crash. See me, she did not polite. Directly scolded: Said: As I get angry ah! he just talk to me online and
it! Gossip mood came. Hurriedly asked: know him are?! Even children have something to do it?! I asked him, your child and I have anything to do ah?! people say: I want you to be my girlfriend and we can this year to get married August 8 . Hearing this gave me gas laugh! I asked him, who am I to do your girlfriend ah?! he actually said: I know it must be very surprised, but you may rest assured, though you do not deserve me, but I will never look down on you and you do not have low self-esteem.
small to large, can not chase the boys Yingying by a theory, had by the dozen. I remember elementary school, our class boys in order to Results of the whole school year 8 classes, the number out of a total of more than 40! ! Please! It is a primary ah! ! Yingying heard of anyone jumping high school because the police are coming. Later the boys to pull down, give him a mouth up Yingying (also called the police to the scene of Yingying). Said: parents the kind of person. University part-time model out to the studio, the first thing is to ask every time the parents get the money to eat. She likes clubbing, the idea may be older parents do not agree. Yingying hard to put them dragged frequented bars, opened a large sofa sat a family of three. Attendants were stunned. Yingying and her parents said: relationship and I want to come because the atmosphere is not hypocrisy. a lot of things I would note, and I are good friends with. take care of each other have, you need not worry. provided to others not allowed to call, and not drunk. Home before 1:00. Yingying said that every time when things are especially proud of, but also said with a smile, even her father that day it has a few twist.
so big, I guess few people will hear: Let alone Yingying. Her face looked depressed I asked: .
three Yingying's boyfriend is coming to work
seen this point, I will discuss and Yingying,Outlet Coach On Sale, simply ignore him, he said did not hear anything on when. QQ can not reply his love Zhashui Zhashui it, so we went back.
Yingying boyfriend first introduce it. Yingying height 171CM, but his boyfriend was 173CM. Yingying and later with his boyfriend, a pair of high-heeled never bought shoes, a change of water movement, which is to go to work, good exercise every day wear, but also buy a small scoop of flat shoes in addition to height, her boyfriend to be a very good man. they have company, or a different industry, the company's regional director. Yingying larger than 8 years old, very mature. both at a fast 2 years. has come to the point where gonna get married. Yingying's character is very mature, unlike the children never like causing trouble. and spend their own money. Yingying never touches her boyfriend that does not rely on him not to spend his money, but particularly good for Yingying, a novel gadgets or buy a new mobile phone is always to Yingying. Yingying is not installed, you should buy me. Anyway, a few thousand dollars to buy things that no one can afford, not large, but once her birthday, her boyfriend gave her a Cartier diamond-studded bracelet, Yingying is the people who know what's what. receipt without further ado, the next day back to paying the money he gave her boyfriend! she was and I said: or not good. Marriage will not necessarily be together for life, not to mention no end! So that real time to separate the tangled! Do not feel bad ah? ! Back when I saw a good many glances! Sent not cry! a small house near the company, could have been rented. Yingying moved here after work to live, so I right, or a business trip when her boyfriend came to live with her.
Yingying is a typical multi-talented. had When the university entrance exam to test art schools, home life and death can not agree, there is no report into her sophomore year when we get a new what the city attractions, just in time for summer. Yingying's friends recommended her to doing master of ceremonies. Yingying from the primary dance, art had to apply learned while Shihai chaired the results directly to that people when she hosts a show every night and later when the annual holiday travel season will do chair Yingying . In her words: White to play but also money in the morning to sleep late night bus back home, fool not to!
is it to do over Nazhen his boyfriend to open a company product launch, the company had their own introduce people to do, but he saw Yingying boyfriend will ask her to go after. anyway, also holidays, more money is the point. Yingying went according to his boyfriend, later described, the material will not be afraid Yingying back did not expect people to directly take up the folder, but is entirely lecture style, a casual glance at the long list of speakers. boast of Yingying grin. conference finish up, they have even met. and then later, in his male intimate friends, careful concern for the offensive to take care of romantic Yingying also surrendered.
four understand the enemy, to carry forward the gossip style!
trouble that day that things end, then nothing new has happened while it touches, I must take This effort quickly find out the status of rare animals, which the company is a good woman more, want to know what to what, you do not want to know can know.
is to catch the lunch break, this is the best time to gossip, a woman with , nothing more than fashion, star, man. men together, that is football, stocks, woman. is gossip, Shui Yebie say who 9738. I pretended like to ask the king of chat sister: ) in suits and ties every day, certainly work very hard, right? Several of his company's technology, we the best! The technologies are generally large projects with him to
's. 30 is not about a girlfriend. You said touching his salary into a month how can a 5,6 one thousand, and also not against the year-end bonus points and getting better, day by bus to work. , Noon to 6 dollars for lunch. I Nazhen tease him, that you keep this money ready to marry a wife ah? Guess he say? People say: I gave my mother ah! This year, this little man! This is going to marry more than peace of mind that can ah! All the money to the family. Hey, he seems to not smoking, drinking, right? You wait for it! Chen ah (My name is Chen), you are a child, do not understand men (Wang sister four years older than me). I tell you, even if he one day get married, money, or to his mother! If this was a sensible woman has become, if the cunning that his mother, who later married his mother to endure waiting to pack it! over (back to talk about what our company has become larger project manager have invited us to a meal. nothing more than to eat a meal, sing a song or something) I began to have asked him, you do not go to dinner ye ah? People say: My mother is Miss KTV, let me go, afraid of bad habits. I listen to this, the feelings we all learn bad ah? ! Was also not called him. You may never find out before someone else to do ah? The XG is not fancy you, right? ! I just see him wearing spotless every day, curious of everything! You did not come to the company Nazhen XG good I think, also specifically introduced him to a girl. The girl had just met feel very good XG (XG can have 180 or so, not long handsome, but with that height coupled with a suit, also quite like), XG did not say no, two people on the So in the first. Results 2 weeks after the girl to call me, good suspension and I did not broke off!
asked me, called me to introduce you to what people ah? ! I said how is it? Others said the girl, the first back to the meeting and asked me if I was a virgin, if you said, we first talked, although I think you are good enough for me, but if you can first pure, then I would look, as then, to see if you can not let my mother satisfied, Yingying so beautiful (Wang sister is very warm and kind of straight man, the first back to see Yingying said a fairy, not that she had a baby and other children to see Yingying first glance, that to see who Xiangshui. to face with thick armor-like Yingying have trouble shy), but not bad ah! How can you say so, and people talking! People girl not the nerve to get angry. Later, to meet, as long as food, has always been a vegetarian, bowls of rice. Once the girl said to eat KFC, XG eyes stare and said: That you money! I did not need to ask you something so expensive! (KFC expensive? I really luxury!) Once again the girl was a friend, please go out and play, not so with her boyfriend, the girl took him brought. The results go to bars at night, do not sit down, XG took the girl away. Out after that: So you this is not decent woman, even to this place! Virgin said that it was lie to me! Gas to the girls call him: you fucking crazy ah! Two of them pulled down! Give me a call the next day I almost did not even curse! Really thankless! I know what can so to speak XG ah! Chen, you may do not like him ah! Wang sister, do not angry ah. Are thing of the past, I Lai Lai I, also mentioned this useless. Eat dinner, I ask you this Dayton ah! Five-year, deliberations, strategies
at work, I returned home with Yingying (not in her boyfriend) and I come to inquire into the case today reported truthfully. Q: ! He is not to be virgin? ! Sister already
not it! He then told him directly nonsense: sister slept with people, you go to find a virgin! That his mother is your own thing ah! You do not give yourself a point discreet ah! I am afraid to do have done know ah! Moreover, if he can because this away from me, and I value it! Internet every day, and I speak on behalf of ancestors told me 18 introduced! His history, let him speak with the emperor-like! He is from the rural areas, and is said to cry on the day of birth influence than others. Regardless of eight and seven of his aunt's cries from the extremely sure he amount to anything. His father seems to be that what the village cadres. He grew up studying the village to take him almost as Confucius had! Was admitted to the university, the village is flying dragon, a blind date did not regard the threshold of a step. People say, I was the dragon, have to find the Phoenix. You are the loach, forget it! ! Long! ! That you are his eyes of the Phoenix now? ! I am his mother does not like when a quail! People say, see me later that I was the only person who can be worthy of him. Of course, there are many places is not good enough. He will try to help me correct! He said he knew he was my boyfriend certainly not good, so I cherish the opportunity he gave me! Fuck! ! Either you do not care for him, I also came to this company together, get attention, I jumped up as early as the curse of his XX! When he came back to let him take you to not be finished. Allow animals to see. This is something I have not and he said that. Estimates that the words he certainly did not let me. He was anxious to go to work I do not! I hardly managed to find a good job, but also with you. I do not want to lose. our company with a large project for a long time and finally negotiated the! everyone especially pleased the old rules, the evening meal with everyone celebrated when the work director, said: Yingying is also considered to take wind, though late, Yingying and do not pick us ah! Ying go, you quickly join in: How come so long never spoken. Today we know more about! Go! But start with the good, if I let you sink more available to me to find someone responsible for the lift back! We had to rush this live dry ah! My mother was a lady, not a good place! You can not go! Your mother worked in that ah? ! Otherwise go together? squeeze squeeze also sat down, we often go to the hotel we began to spend time with a la carte, to wine Wang sister sitting next to me, taking advantage of downtown coax Yingying asked: The XG will not chase you do it? He knows. Hear not, the pieces of Charlie snapped Crash! Let your girlfriend heard that, you definitely hit the cracking of thunder snapped! You also catch people that Yingying, people can wear high heels, carrying you away! How it? Fear of eating on the floor ah! a's.
rare animals never to eat dinner, did not say a word. bite on the bow, but he is very strange, all the food up, he would immediately end to his face, bite. taste the finished No expression, just put yourself in front of. If frowned, to put far he is the first time and we eat together, we started to see him all looked at each other, do not know how. to see him after every dish all this, we also face ridicule not to cover up. touches head, his face a bit overcast. on to six dishes Hu brother could not stand, said one: , you do not try. Next time you do this eggplant point, I do not like. Li and other colleagues whisper said: So how ah! I give a lift, a bar with you? Chen and I live with, you can squeeze under the car does not? Come on! This rental house, right? Expensive? Could have been rented out, and I work to live up to it. She lived in that building is. If there are points to her door around the district, so we have a new district in Columbia Road in front of the sound with Hu thank on the next. we got, along with rare animals down. I think he also the next, and quietly pulled Yingying, asked: Go ahead! You lived the good. We can not get married buy a house. : frown, simply stood up, condescending, said: First, I have a boyfriend. Second, I do not like you. So can you not be so self-righteous it? ! What you see his eyes worse than you now? ! So I am sure better than your boyfriend. I did not feel
Hello. Do not just hope you and I talk about that. I love doing love go, and you are does not matter. Since you do not like how I say you are not allowed. Away from me into it? I thank you! ! Today also and I eat! Is not that agree with it? You just joined the company that day also smiled at me so! Is not that like me? If I know you can so I started to cry! I talk to you a P, ah! You said his mother forever, I can because you base the company back, ah! Today you eat on one ah! Want to eat today, as you say I do not lords had to sleep one by one with a back ah! ? You must be pure ... ... ... ... how can you say ... I slept with someone! Despise you quickly roll! Sister do not send it! ... I would also like to see you mom it ... ... my mother ... mother ... the sad ah! ! ! ! ! He hugged him and then kick you do not let go I see how you do! ! Yingying said two words: Fortunately, today, wearing a skirt!

burning oil, see the bubble on the line

poured on top, to hear Puchi Puchi's voice, then sprinkle with chopped green onion, fragrant, and Ma and spicy boiled fish was finally completed

that just half of the chili pepper with the shop in the face

mung bean sprouts, in fact, what food can be it, as you taste

the spine cut into small pieces

the head, tail cut off

on the half filled with dried chili pepper stand

into the fish bones, cook for 10 minutes

which split from the head

preparation: fresh chili, dried chili, pepper, garlic, ginger, onion

container filled with good

under the rib pieces, and cut into pieces, pay attention so as not to cut off the fish bones

then poured into the ginger, garlic, fresh chili, onion, and two spoons of Pi bean paste stir fry a few

to spine

swim bladder can be left ....

beginning piece of fish, fish is also very particular about the film, from beginning to the end of the knife by oblique direction into the knife, do not get reversed, or fish in a small thorn was cut off, would not be able to eat fish , the film when you can fish off by way of a series under the knife, this film was out of the fish will be butterfly-shaped.

poured into the container just

poured into a container just put the bean sprouts

plus wine, pepper, salt, ginger, garlic, starch began to pickled fish, marinate at least half an hour

pour oil, add dried chili, pepper fry, do not fry too long, we should not paste the

into the water to boil, put some salt

fish go fish go fish bones, fish bones

missed this, Pi bean paste

then into fish, boil, cook for two minutes, do not cook for a long time, or fish tender will be hard.

! !

boiled fish is my favorite dish to eat, go out to eat, then, to be honest, those outside the oil boiled fish oil 99.9% of all saliva (that is, people eat, the restaurant again that the oil filter recycling .} So do yourself at home, or better, and clean and sanitary,North Face Down Jackets, doing fun, eat at ease.
first prepare a grass carp to the scales to the viscera washed to clean up the fish when a fish's attention black film to a clean,

the bean sprouts over the water, in fact, but you can, but in order to clean point, I had a little bit of water.

Buddha said: I ask you to pass through this piece of wood, the most coarse chop a tree back on the most solid house to do Christmas, but there is a rule: you can not turn back, but you can only cut once. -

after day, Goku asked the Buddha: What is marriage? -

Buddha asked him: he found the best looking you spend it? -

Wukong and confidence to go out. -

Wukong replied: If I put it off,North Face Down Jackets, it immediately withered. Even if I do not pick it, dry it sooner or later. So I was in it in full bloom, live in it the edge. Wait for it to wither when the find the next one. This is my second flower he found the best looking flowers. -

affair looks beautiful, but it will wither and eventually nothing. -

At this time, the Buddha said eloquently: that is marriage. -

most likely to be missed is the situation. -

Buddha asked him: This is a most beautiful flower? -

one day, Goku asked the Buddha: What is love? -

Buddha was once asked him to go into the woods. You can go back and forth, in the best way to take a look at the flowers. -


life is constantly looking for happiness! -

Wukong said: When I crossed the field, I have seen this many beautiful flowers, I picked it, and concluded that it is the most beautiful, and when I Later, they saw many beautiful flowers, I still adhere to the most beautiful flower in my unwavering belief. So I pick the most beautiful flower back. -

Wukong do so, and after a long time, he brought a large and not too thick but not too high depends on the tree back. -

Buddha asked: Why not bring it out? -


Wukong replied: I am looking for two hours that it would be most the most beautiful flower in full bloom, but I brought back under way to adopt it gradually withered down. -

Buddha said meaningfully: This is the situation. -

so Wukong effort. After a long time, but he came back empty-handed. -

over three days and three nights, he did not come back. -

Another day, Goku asked the Buddha what is life? -

At this time, Buddha told him: you have to understand the true meaning of life. -

reading this, how will you understand? -

Buddha said: I ask you to pass through this piece of fields, pick one of the most beautiful flowers, but there is a rule: you can not turn back, but you can only pick one. -

Buddha asked him how he came back empty-handed? -

Buddha was once asked him to go into the woods. You can go back and forth, in the best way to take a look at the flowers. -

Buddha said: I ask you to pass through this piece of rice, pick one of the largest and most golden ears back, but there is a rule: you can not turn back, but you can only pick one . -

two hours later, his heart back in high spirits but a little bright color Yan out of flowers. -

At this time, Buddha told him: that is having an affair. -

so Wukong effort. After a long time, he was holding a more beautiful, then come back. -

Buddha had walked into the woods to find him, finally found Wukong has set up camp in the woods. -

Another time, Goku asked the Buddha: What is happiness? -

Buddha asked him: this is the best to spend it? -

happiness is always looking to get satisfied. -

Buddha asked him how he cut such a tree only to come back? -

Wukong said: When I walk in the field, when, had seen several strains of wheat particularly large especially brilliant, but I always thought the front may have bigger and better, so do not pick; However, I continue to take the time to see the wheat, do not always feel good, as previously seen, so I finally have nothing to pick. . . -


Wukong said: When I crossed the woods, when seen through trees at a very good tree, this time, I have learned the lessons of the last pick wheat, see this tree good, we chose it, I'm afraid I do not choose it, you will miss the opportunity to tear down trees and empty-handed, although it is not the best one I met. -

Wukong another day to ask what Buddha is having an affair? -

experienced the frustration of love after marriage attitude for significant change occurs, will choose a suitable, but not the best. -

At this time, the Buddha said meaningfully: This is the well-being. -


Wukong pointing to the edge of a flower, said: This is the best looking flowers. -

Wukong with the previous lesson, and confidence to go out. -

1. I am young and need you advice, but do not need you pointing.

2. I have many times and a pass, scrape clothes, did not work either.

3. tired, that is, a person eating plate after plate of food feelings.

4. road to success is always in construction.

5. You say, do you want to die, or want to live?

6. morning, sunny, bright smile, I grant you roses, I hand a fragrance; evening, withered vine trees, looked sombre, you my rose, my hands more than hurt.

7. I Niangshui prodigal son Basil, who gave me gold? I changed.

8. so shameless, so insensitive, you should be very light weight bar.

9. determined to marry the motivation to love.

10. mature not mind getting older, but the tears in the eyes round and round but still keep smiling.

11.'d rather get fat, fine, do not want to thin identical.
12. from heaven to hell, I'm just passing world.

heartache 1

1. for their own good points, because life is not long; the people around him better, because the next life may not be able to meet!
2. I'm sorry is a sincere, it does not matter is a kind of grace. If you paid a sincere, but not grace, it only shows the other side of ignorance and vulgarity!
3. if you know where the world will make way for you.
4. I love you, long time, so you have a long time now, I want to leave, than the long, long time even for a long time ...... 5. pure, is a fiction. Chaos is beauty.
6. a person has only one heart, there are two atria. A lived happiness; a home to grief. Do not laugh too loud, or will wake next to the grief.
7. the world's farthest distance is not the distance from tree to tree root growth but with branches in the wind can not depend
8. Apple's most brilliant moment that hit Newton's head in!
9. love people forget time, and time is people forget love.
10. breaking up is not love, those high-sounding reasons, not want each other better, but want to better their point!
11. tired of life, from less than half survive, less than half from the comparisons.
12. Do not let yesterday take you too much today!
13. If we say that beauty is a letter of recommendation, then the good is the credit card!
14. do not eat a woman in this world and perhaps several, not jealous of the woman not even a no.
15. to lose something, in fact, have never really belong to you, do not regret.
16. no matter how luxurious wedding as representing a happy marriage, two people live or not live life and dinner on several seats, the number of jewelry no association.
17. flowery Meijuan also no match for Homecoming
18. advertising is telling people, paying the money so to spend
19. the third, the division of the remainder only

20 . Most of the time in life, commitment is synonymous with restraint, but since we aspire to bondage.
21. the role of force is mutual, in addition to the power of love.
22. Many people in the restructuring of their own prejudices, thought he was thinking.
23. life, there are too many alternative choice. Society is just like the dead, always people involuntarily, insincere.
24. We are hyperopia, blurring the nearest well-being.
25. had I so love you and love you so much, I have been stuck in time, love is over.
26. if you go first, do not blame me when it turned back to also You
27. as long as your feet still on the ground, they do not take themselves too lightly; as long as you live on Earth, it do not take yourself too much.
28. If you want to test my patience, please put your patience ready.
29. Everyone is singular ... to go when ... when is ..... 30. In our love, I love you always played the role, breaking up do not ask when Why am I breaking up, ask yourself.
31. .. life --- class friends leave school friends .. friends .. .. mixed with enough of school friends and old friends .. .. .. sorry friends died ...
32. can not it can not be together, together, in fact, life was not so long ...
33. records of aliens in ancient times there,north face jacket men, because something must
34. a person close to the location is only so much you can give only so much in this small circle, some people want to come in, there are some people had to leave
35. a lot of people, because of loneliness and indulgence of one person, but more because indulgence one person, and lonely life.
36. you know God is not fair you can choose to love me or not love me and I can only choose to love you or love you more
37. everyone feel very much a matter of fact it will always be short and you have not see
38. mother said best not to miss two things, the last one home, car and a love you.
39. the time is still, is our flies.
40. I allow you into my world, but you should not in my world, walked up and down ...

heartache 2
1. and love quarrel, and the stranger speak heart.
2. listening to sad songs, happy to see the show.
3. you relied on but I like you.
4. this winter does not surprise me ... ...

5. some things turned around a lifetime.
6. initially did not know the end is not to recognize.
7. waiting for your concern, until I closed the heart.
8. his heart has already transformed the season, and you also stand him a promise that day.
9. I was crossing the street, where you were.
10. finish the same street, back to the two worlds.
11. think about you some happiness, happiness was a bit sad.
12. You are my guess of what to do, I think of you irrelevant.
13. sleep is the last smile when?
14. What is happiness? Is to cover up their grief for everyone smile.
15. unfortunate people to be more strong.
16. well said to me, you too.
17. as the most memorable, is never remembered, but never forget.
18. Who Who really seriously, who for whom distressed.
19. thank you for the unfeeling, so I learned to give up hope.
20. When the tears streaming down, just know that separate is another to understand.
21. the day you go, I decided not to tears, eyes propped against the wind force does not blink.
22. I really love you, close your eyes, thinking that I could forget, but shed tears, but did not deceive themselves.
23. Sometimes, love is kind of hurt. Cruel people, choose to hurt other people, good people, choose to injure themselves.
24. fish bait, it is because the fish love the fisherman, it was willing to use their lives to Bo fisherman smile.
25. I put down the dignity and the personality down, put down a stubborn, just because does not fit you.
26. life is most regrettable, than simply give up that should not give up, stubbornly, insisted should adhere to.
27. the face of happiness, others see. Who can feel the pain of my heart.

28. Do not say love, a promise is a debt owed!
29. did not give up is not a die heart.
30. after the pain had not felt the pain, and some will only be a cold heart.
31. really sad from the last.
32. I want to cry, but I do not know how to tears.

33. in wandering between forgiveness and despair, the feeling is the only injury injury injury!
34. longing for a taste, like drinking a cup of cold water, then drop by drop cemented tears.
35. like a man is not wrong, it would be wrong in like a dislike themselves.
36. I won all but lost you.
37. can not refuse to start, could not resist the end.
38. waiting ..... may not be easy; hurt ...... but easy.
39. rain drenched the air, tired of sad, I remember in the fairy tale has been slowly melting.
40. the Bowl, when people say that unusual

five, reading ability --- to develop insight into the world of vision

four leadership --- leadership of the first condition, with the benefit of others heart

success is due to their trust, if the truth is this, the relationship between parents and children is also true, and now as a child of your parents, remember, we must believe in yourself to believe your children!

as an officer is not happiness, wealth is not happiness, then what is happiness? My teacher told me: happiness is not how much happiness is the ability to perceive happiness! A perception of happiness is not the ability, whether he gets more, he will not be happy; a happy person can perceive, no matter how ordinary, he is happy.

leaders are not born, but nurture, and 3-year-old is the child's emotional development before the critical period, so parents do not want a child at this time the smart development, communication and learning missed the best time to observe others. Children learn to communicate, whether in kindergarten or school, will be companions of love, her friends will certainly, and this can be good for his future lay the foundation for interpersonal relationships. If you can not become leaders, will also become a popular person.

language acquisition primarily through access to a lot of comprehensible input to achieve, and listening to comprehensible language input is to obtain the most important channels. Therefore, counsel for the child should the child of English listening ability of cognitive strategies to give enough attention.

achievements of ten children are not the basic ability

1. training, self-care ability

in life's journey, in order to achieve the goal, maybe you have to do some do not want to do, give up some of his own deep fascination with things, so feel a certain The However, to live and goals, we can not try to get rid of all the Who wants to be a success if the lack of self-control, like car lost steering wheel and brakes, is bound to

we have to remember that there is no

eight, on the economic capacity --- the key to a better future (a little)

seven English language skills --- the global village era, basic conditions for survival

leadership training to enhance the need to rely on, one aspiring leaders need the opportunity to hone his leadership. Let their children participate in sports teams, Boy Scouts. Extra-curricular activity groups and other community organizations, but they just get in there, yes, politics of experience. But children should also be within the scope of its interest to strive for leadership.

nine, self-control self-control --- a powerful force

seen from the performance of their child's education
1, if you children like condemning someone else, because usually you are too much of his criticism.
2, if your child things like complaining, because you always find fault with him.
3, if your child likes confrontation, because you are hostile to him and forced.
4, if your child is not good, because you are a lack of compassion for people.
5, if your child is timid, shy, because he is often mocked, insulted.
6, if your child does not tell you the truth, because your child's Retroflex Suffixation to catch, turn the old account.
7, if your child does not distinguish right from wrong, because you are authoritarian, autonomous and did not give the children an opportunity to reflect.
8, if your child is very low self-esteem, because your child always disappointment, not to encourage patience.
9, if your child is jealous, sensitive, fear of injury, because his family did not tolerance and warmth.
10, if your child does not like yourself, because you are his lack of acceptance, recognition and respect.
11, if your child is not motivated, work hard, because you are asking too much for him he can not do.
12, if your child is very selfish, because you are too spoiled for him, to what to what.
13, if your children do not understand parents' efforts, because you did not teach him to understand others.
14, if your child back, to escape, because of your contempt and was hit.
15, if your child is lazy and dependent on, because you do things for the kids and decisions too much.
16, if you are a child control, because you are not subjected to strict discipline, always begging children.
17, if your child is lying, deceiving, because you're not tolerant, like punishing a child.
18, if your child is cold, attacking others, because you have too much of his irony and cold.
19, if your child violence, because you used violence to deal with children's issues.
20, if your child will not strong, fear of difficulties, because you do not give him the opportunity to exercise.
the above three conditions to explain your family education in the you are serious problems of family education must be the expert guidance of the!

1, others to pour, do not dry-looking, use the hand help to show courtesy
2, other people talking to you, then you should at least be able to take can not people say the sentence, the next sentence you do not, or blindly saying 啊啊 ah, 是 是 是.
3, was staring at you when not to look directly at each other, pretending not to notice. 4, bad mood, even the best skin care products and cosmetics can not remedy the skin.
5, sleep well, people will speak incoherent, unresponsive, prominent black eye.
6, others release toxic gas Otherwise, the leadership will add fuel to fire. (tx think this is not a lot of good. we look like, or to the specific circumstances of a specific analysis of the spread ~)
8. woman palms facing up to life a man can not ask for money. 9. withdraw after dinner, said:
11. Do not tilt the chair seat to
12. Duanwan to eat, do not pick the plate knocking chopsticks bowl
13. remember the last door to close the door
14. anyone to go say: do not expose people's weaknesses
18. listen and when the eyes do not waver. This appeared to be very rude.
19. pour tea after someone else, do not spout against the others
20. station-station, to sit.
21. encounter the kind of inside out can open the door, pull instead of push. (Several students feel this more demanding .... Well, please ignore the automatic right ...) 22. Said it must be done. Can not do, do not promise.
23. not because they are cheap not money, amount of money but also time spent,
24. the house was when the light hand out to close
25. The world does not believe in tears.
26 . Instead of spending an empty mind to keep a man, let a man take an empty mind to retain their
27. the people are poor go rather short
28. hold rice or tea to others, if in the interval of the people, not from front of others after delivery, and delivery from the others around the back
29. they have the skill is really capable
30. learn to gently learn to listen
31. to others at home, people do not sit on the bed
32. clink wine on the table with others, their cup must be lower than the other, especially the elders or other leaders, toast, when to stand up, to show respectful
33. sunny umbrella, saturated with dry food --- a rainy day is always good.
34. If you ask someone if others do not answer you, do not stop the death of the nerve to ask.
35. dinner time try not to sound
36. time to pick up something or squatted shoes, do not stick up ass bent over --- we are girls
37. others to criticize you, Even if he is wrong, do not distinguish first split, so we all calm down and explain
38. doing things to stop, whether it is binge eating favorite food or losing his temper
39. to a friend's house after dinner to take the initiative to help clean up the table ----- master cook dishes has been very hard, can not also allow the owner to clean up afterwards
40. life will meet a wide range of people, you can not with everyone together film, but one thing is universally: How do you treat others, how others will treat you
41. had great hospitality, housekeeping had small
42. back to the fist is more powerful in order The fight back
43. who live in this world, we must first learn a Flowers will make
46. life-long learning, not just learn book knowledge, but also to learn how dealing with people, society more complex than you think
47. Do not talk with the boss or other colleagues in a non-colleagues your mood is likely to be someone else's words against your evidence
48. to do things, well your part, you do bad is dereliction of duty
49. just wrong to buy, nothing wrong with selling . Do not merely look petty.
50. Sometimes alone is normal, do not be afraid, it has to swap
51. a true friend, but I wonder if you have good fortune encountered. With or without experience, do not deny it. Do not calculated to others, especially not calculating their favorite people. Of their favorite people, do not use means to get
52. The most courageous thing is to recognize the truth of life after still love life. Do not be afraid to deceive, but to know the world exists to deceive
53. To borrow money, and my heart to have a bottom, is to think of the money is from him. So take forever to get the money he can afford the loss of range. Figures within withstand even come back, but also heart had prepared. They can not afford to lose the number, you can not take
54. Best friends, unless he could eat poor food, and it would be best not to have economic relations. Many valuable friendships are ruined on the money.
55. a gentleman can be moral in the matter, but not pay attention to things
56. away from home be able to be tolerated, take a step backward
57.'s time to wipe the table to wipe their direction
58 . call the phone the first thing it must be fed, hello; hang when the other party if it is older, or your boss, then the other side hung up and then hang you. If you own is the elders or superiors, it would take the initiative to hang up, do not let other people over there call
59. A hundred times not to be unfaithful
60. Do not spit throwing things, if not the trash , throw trash on the carry home
61. read more beneficial for the mind, you will see a wider world
62. are you going to adapt to society, not society to adapt to your
63 Do not let others know their true thoughts, to laugh in front of people laugh, cry tears of a person hiding
64. Do not walk hand in his pockets
65. to do simple things complicated and complicated things simple do
66. the opportunity to leave only those who are prepared, the sky will not fall
67. Whatever the conditions, carefully brush your teeth, especially at night
68. morning, eat some breakfast, did not Breakfast cup of water is also necessary to
69. less people right and wrong, his own management firm
70. you are priceless
71. girls, and boys go out to their own pay
72. to our own responsible for the actions, not blaming Heaven by people, think before doing should not be out of trouble to learn to solve their own
73. To people before the dignitaries, who must first suffer after
74. If it is spring doors, whether it is pulled or pushed, first out backward. If someone should take the initiative behind the door a good help to prevent the door bounced back photographed others. Others for their own door must say thank you.
75. be polite to everyone, whether superiors, elders, waiter or street picking up trash old man.
76. Do not jump the queue. You win, just waiting for that few seconds. But you lost, but it is certainly the quality of your people. (If it is in a hurry, the row in front of you people to explain the situation this time, most people will take the initiative to make you stand first.)
77. Not to pursue the last laugh, look to see who the last laugh .
78. pouring, filling, pour pour half. China is pouring in, filling, and to show respect in foreign countries, or foreign guests, especially red wine down, no matter to whom, it must be less than half the glass, about one-third
79. Night from a friend's house back home after going to tell a friend, you at home. People do not care whether it is polite off. If you have friends at home, send a text message asked whether or not home
80. From the outside came back home to do a hot meal if you can not immediately eat, we should adapt to temperature The best Kou warm warm teeth, I heard that this can prevent you grow old toothache, tooth loss as early as
81. dinner, each dish on, so that the leaders and elders first Dongkuai, or take the initiative to turn food to the front of them
82. others sleep, try to lower the walk, work or speak volume.
83. saving is good, but not stingy
84. hand do not fight smiling people
85. unimportant little things do not care about the past let it past it.
86. to speak when others keep their distance and not close to other people
87. talk or multi-use apologize for the word class, multi-purpose
88. can not be interrupted while someone is talking, listening to the views of others, even if it does not agree to have a mild nod to show respect
89. public places, cell phone ring tones, message alert tones softly some, it is best vibration. Do not happily talking on the phone to increase the volume, dancing, destroyed the tranquility of the surroundings, so that other people had to notice you, it is very rude.
90. and everyone is talking about things when the phone rang, to tell my colleagues: I'm sorry, you start with, I received a phone call
91. go out to visit others. Owner to send you, must say: Please stay, do not send the.
92. the first into the elevator, to be pressed the button, so people come back. Out, if you are a junior, is the younger generation, if the time is not too fast, then you go out on other people out.
93. someone very dear to her, or very expensive for what you get, it is best not to accept. Civil use, sometimes, the material will destroy the precious friendship.
94. classmate invited him to dinner, some time back around again, please.
95. When you find someone to help and not help when you apologize, then think about ways to compensate. For example,
96. mentees to when you inquire about your school, you ask a new employee to your unit or department, even if you hate this place, it is best to objectively evaluate it, do not bring their own subjective bias, described it in with the Do not want to, you can also say: the fact is not like that, some time you will understand. Nothing in the school, to the very subtle relationships in society, you casual word, the ears will be blown lead.
97. Diyan smoking friends to other people, to be handed two, then other people smoke, to take away from their Flanagan;
others to fire, the rope with both hands up to the point After kissing the other hand said that it has a good point;
lighters do not give three consecutive ignition, when the third person to point, goes out in the name of the point
98. and take their food, if the folder before anyone else, and folder you want the dish on the other side of someone else's hands, it should be for people to be good clip, rather than from below or above through
99. men and women walking together (right-hand line), let the girls walk in own right, because the right is safer.
100. men and women up and down stairs, the boys have to go below. (Tx is also said men should walk on)
101. Eat meals, because let girls be seated.
102. boys and girls in the elevator, the girls advanced, blocking the door to the boys; out of the elevator when the boys first, blocking the door, or hold the elevator door key first step, letting the lady first.
103. leave a room or meeting room, boys should take the lead, first open the door.
104. playing time, if their car stopped, neither rushing to take a back.
105. men and women together, if the girls led the computer or weight, the boys motioned to take the initiative to help carry. the future child's basic ability

life of the road is tortuous, a person no matter how smart, how good, without the support of others, achieved outstanding success is unlikely. Without the support of others, and even ways to get high intelligence can not find. Smart parents should be aware that the child if they feel the exchange is a pleasure, no matter whom communication can ease physical and mental consistency, the same inside and outside his circle of communication will be more and more, his future with the blending of social will become stronger. However, smart parents should know that no matter what, children need families to understand, help and support.


Second, the philosophical thinking skills --- to develop a child's first step will be thinking

in the child lead the way on the process of reading, parents should keep in mind that you only take the two major tasks: the first is to make children like to read; first The second is to teach children how to read.

six, the overall basic communication skills --- ability to cradle

teach children practice

in a community society, losing to other opportunities, I have the opportunity to others more than to win, so, compared to the target on the first, and strive forward, More importantly, should be to try anything mentality. Do not forget, in your child's fear of failure, the child more opportunities for growth are being deprived of you. We can not because of his fear and obsessed with the first, and virtually tied to the child's hands and feet, but should foster the children after a fall, can stand up, and the ability to move forward again.

First, the ability to accept defeat --- a bridge to success

build a healthy base, if have a healthy body, the effect on the greatly reduced, a healthy body, heart out. Therefore, the small people on training hi Gert.

2. into a law of rest, the ability to manage work and rest

law, is the management, one know how to manage people, you know how to control life, not, work and off the clear, flat into the daily routine of law, not the road to success with big impact.

3. nature, respect for life the ability to

children know the secret of nature, raw speech, Paul's will, is to cultivate a sound personality of the main child the one hand, good situational child to enjoy nature to teach the other children and respect for life can be.

4. new things, the solution has the ability to

social force, but the family is concerned, training children how to ? Road got to get through or work? its solvability in the ability of living children, is truly a group.

5. living a good human capacity in training people who live

the base, not home more and,Outlet Coach On Sale, in the upper and can work with harmony. Therefore, training a child who is not suddenly the.

6. sheet capacity, the ability to share training
E generation capacity of more the more kids table, and even the elephant often unexpectedly; their poor form self is not to eat. Children's table capacity, training people to share meaning Gert, is not a matter of non-child.

7. to help others, the division's ability to

nature is good for all children than adults and teach in the shape of the line, the children's interaction with each other naturally possessed interesting, Chennai adults do not like idea of ​​their own community Expressed, each shaped in the child's line.

8. Pui Fun, show the ability to have multiple children into

like planting a big, big too dense, and not a show, high above, and any accompany the man loneliness.

9. compliance training is not the ability to

liberal democracy is not, and it is my efforts to pursue the direction of a free and democratic society to be anchored in people's law-abiding to defend, and then training a child to comply with the sentiment is one of the important work of education.

10. in the main on the ability of

who are not in this way, the child's curiosity is the force of things, from exploration birth. Child

philosophical thinking, and always skeptical spirit, do not put everything as a matter of course-like treatment, and should not be too much to look at things in an intuitive, not

Third, the ability to perceive happiness --- you can develop the ability to self-change happy

confinement, a woman a second chance!!! {fellow men, do not be shy, be sure to keep ... share
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confinement a woman's life is the best opportunity to improve physical fitness. If you do not sit on the child, will be buried later health risks. Chinese people pay attention to confinement, do not think it is superstition Oh, many pay attention to are justified.

one life to pay attention to:

1. must rest a month or month and a half. Postnatal weeks, in addition to eating and toilet, the other time must be in bed. If used to sit up or walk, may lead to uterine prolapse.

2. prepare two or three width of about 30 --- 40 cm, length 12 laps around the abdomen, half white gauze. Postpartum bear tie cummerbund to prevent visceral ptosis. Visceral ptosis will lead to women's diseases, as well as prominent belly, body ugly. Athletic also tied to significant improvement of the status of prenatal belly. Spirituality can not be a general athletic and corset belt instead. Because they are not only ineffective, there are counter-productive.

3. only two weeks before taking a bath sponge bath with warm drinks. Approach is to boil the water and rice wine each half, add a little salt, wet with a towel, wring dry, rub the body. The third week you can shower, bath after the full moon. (Cis-producer)

4. Wash up to be put to use boiled water to warm before use. You can use skin care products.

5. prohibited shampoo. Because the scalp can not catch a cold.

6. not carrying a child. Otherwise visceral ptosis. Lying on the side when feeding feed.

7. not for the kids a bath, or can lead to back pain and tingling hands and feet. So, to give children a bath when LG and others.

8. to have a quiet, comfortable environment. Close the curtains when the sun is too strong, protect the eyes. Not hair, because postpartum body pores are open, the hair can lead to head winds and joint pain, etc., even the fans do not shake.

9. can not climb the stairs during the month, within six months postpartum is not heavy lifting, to avoid visceral ptosis.

10. Do not cry, or premature aging eyes will, may evolve as glaucoma or cataracts. Less reads the newspaper and television, be sure to let the eye rest.

Second, the diet should pay attention to:

1. Eat small meals.

2. postpartum two weeks, is strictly prohibited to drink water, beverages and soups, milk can not drink. National Cheng Kung University because it will drink a bucket, will gain weight, will easily get rheumatism or neuralgia. Can be used instead of rice wine to boil water (store bought bottled wine). Practice the number of bottles of rice wine is poured into the pot, not stamped, the fire after boiling for 15 minutes. Then the cooked rice into the thermos of water use.

3. not to salt, cold food, sour things can not eat. (Reason, very long I will not say.)

4. Within two weeks to avoid eating vegetables and fruit. Can eat carrots. Within a month of eating less fruit and water.

5. two weeks, fish and meat forbidden to eat, you can eat liver. Because the fatigue of the body can not fully absorb the fish, meat nutrients, the results of too many nutrients will only increase the burden on the body, resulting in Should be the third week of eating.

6. with sesame oil, ginger and rice wine cooking food. Jiang to burst through.

small S confinement method, no wonder her body is so good! (Afraid to lose, or reproduced better)

the plan according to Dr. Chuang Shu-chi of Taiwan's confinement theory, I will practice one by one, and promptly put the feelings and experiences to share with you sister.
key words:
1, water does not stick (with water instead of plain water, rice wine)
2, not into the grain of salt (less salt)
3, ground tie cummerbund
4, meditation rest

Second, Then quickly gave birth to my sister pregnant, Lily introduced her with the book, said the good results. I know she has a child six months old, but the recovery of her body very well, did not see a birth to a child. In this way, we sisters three, are sitting with a month of this method, not only to restore the body's good, better physical than before.
author Zhuangshu Qin, Ph.D., is Taiwan's leading experts in obstetrics and gynecology. She suggested that women are three times in a lifetime opportunity to adjust their size, so as to restore youth, beauty and health, that is menarche period, after production, menopause. The most important thing here, after this stage of production. During this period, your body is like an open door can be accumulated during pregnancy excess water and toxins (this is also the main reason for post-natal weight gain) from the body, and then make the proper nourishing your body more healthy.

1, confinement in three stages: a row of two three up
specific tone is divided by week postpartum month, week, according to need, eat different food:
the first week, the main is to excess water and toxins from the body, and lochia, biochemical soup every day to drink, eat sesame oil, fried liver. Be careful not to drink (otherwise the effect of drainage gone), thirsty to drink thirst quencher beverage, such as litchi, hawthorn slice, etc., or boil the rice wine. Any dish can not turn on the water, boil with the rice wine instead. Not salt (salt water will stay in the body), can not put vinegar (vinegar will soften the bone), can not put soy sauce (the same reason salt).

second week, primarily to enhance bone and lumbar kidney function, to restore the pelvis. Eat fried kidneys and gutta-percha powder, help relieve bone pain tailbone, etc.; (the other: if Caesarean section, but also drink one week biochemical soup). Taboo above, do not eat pickles, pickles, taste was soup.

third weeks to a month, this time, the row has been drained, mainly sesame chicken to eat up the body. Always remember, drained toxin can eat sesame chicken absorbed by the body, or accumulate in the body, as excess fat. Because the pre-frail, the Chinese say virtual free fill, eat can not absorb, will only increase the burden on the body.

all of the above foods, must use a lot of rice wine (not cooking wine and rice wine, salt and the process is different there), ginger, sesame oil, brown sugar.

2, while the confinement period, not hair, cold. After the gang has to wear shoes (can not wear slippers, or heel pain problems falling). Wash with warm cooked rice after washing up, do not take a bath, cooked rice with the same brush. Tie cummerbund, the best their feeding, the body's recovery will be better. After a month of starting movement, and so forth. I have a baby before
110 pounds, 135 pounds when born. 8 pounds 5 a child born two birth 4 days, 113 pounds, a month to 110 pounds on the restoration of midnight. But when the body is loose cross, no muscle, stomach loosely. But to bring their own children very tired, plus the occasional exercise (time to exercise Burongyia), 6 months, body weight has become 98 pounds, is also slowly coming back to good shape, others fail to see my birth children. No after-effects like wider hips, but the stomach of the pregnant Xiao Wen Chen not go on.
fast when students have swollen legs, hands and joints are also some pain and swelling, but the children end up, basically like
up. After students, tailbone pain, in the second week after eating Eucommia powder, the two. Some people do not think salt
too hard, in fact, I usually eat on the light flavor, not salt during the month did not feel like how
. Think to the future health and body, one month does not count salt and what? Comfortable with it than lose weight.
Third, confinement series of articles

1, rice water
month in Beijing Ai subsidiary information on beauty, there is a rice wine, water can be seen everywhere, everywhere should be used . The water they sell relatively cheap, to 240 yuan / box, 30 days to sit down on the child, to 10 boxes, that is to be 2,400 yuan. However, according to data presentation, this is actually the rice to boil water, not stamped, so full of volatile alcohol. The entire month of period, maternal use this water to replace all water diet, including vegetables, soak rice, cooking, cook, take a sponge bath, and so on and so forth.
special note here, this is not domestic, said fermented glutinous rice wine or fermented rice, is a special month of rice wine, alcohol content of 15 degrees looks like.
2, biochemical soup
biochemical soup is good with a pair of traditional Chinese medicine, its main function is to lochia uterine discharge as soon as possible, to help it return to normal position and shape. Slightly larger in the pharmacy, you can buy.
3, sesame oil (black sesame)
sesame oil, during the month of this in almost all the dishes are used. To prevent skin aging and anti-cancer effect
4, athletic
long 1500CM, 15CM wide band of white, need to prepare at least two. Ai Lady to sell two $ 100, I plan to go to the pharmacy to buy, if not, with a bandage on the sewing machine made according to specifications.
5, Eucommia powder. Taking the second week postpartum.
Fourth, the method of making a variety of meals

1, mothers drink:
material: Hawthorn meat, lychee shell, adding ten times the Goddess of Mercy string rice water, boil boil, filter out . Add brown sugar Stir in the container in the refrigerator. Drink when heated, no more than 500CC, do more at once. Hawthorn meat, lychee shell, Guanyin string can be individually selected, can also be used with.
2, biochemical soup:
material: angelica, Sichuan dome, peach kernel (to core), roasted ginger, Zhi Cao (Honey Licorice).
practice: A wine 700cc, adding drug material, simmer for about 1 hour, about left 200cc, this is the first time, pour the wine back.
B second and then add rice wine, 350cc, and the first time the same cooking method, about remaining 100cc.
eat: the A and B together, one day three times a finish. Along the middle to drink seven days a Caesarean section to drink for 14 days.
3, nourishing soup:
if Caesarean section in a week to eat nourishing soup prenatal, postpartum and then eat two weeks (post-cooking rice wine).
Material: heart-shaped date (date to buy red heart-shaped) with hot water pre-(post-partum with rice water) 280cc
practices: Wash with water dates to knife to open 7. In the container, the hot brew, the seal overnight. The next morning the steam steaming device. After boiling with text such as steam for one hour.
eat: the dates out, peeled and seeds, edible at any time of day. Soup can be divided into two or three times after dinner when the tea. Add sugar or brandy can be.
4, barley rice: add rice, barley boiled rice, boiled rice wine.
5, sesame oil, fried liver of the method (the practice of the same kidney)
materials: pork liver with rice wine washed, cut into 1 cm thick, weighing 10 kg should take 60 grams ginger (with skin biopsy ) of body weight per ten kilograms to take six grams. Sesame oil, weight per ten kilograms take 6cc. Rice, each weighing ten kilograms with 60cc.
Practice: ginger with sesame oil, stir fry, into the light brown, ginger picked up first place in the prepared rice. Oil heat, fire, and then put down liver, with salty fried foods, then pour the rice wine to boil Jin Zhao Jiang.
eat: liver suitable for breakfast, lunch food, more weight can be divided into 3 - 4 times after eating;
Note: fresh kidney, one day, dry and cut in half with the rice wine , remove the white urinary gland. To clean the kidneys oblique cracks in the surface, then cut into small pieces 3 cm.
6, sweet glutinous rice porridge
materials (copies of three days): glutinous rice, longan meat, brown sugar, rice wine, water 2000CC.
practice: the sticky rice with dried longan meat into the water, cover and soak 8 hours. The dip of the material to change the fire boil over low heat seal cook 1 hour. Flame, add brown sugar and stir food.
7, bean soup:
materials (copies of three days): red bean, ginger skin, brown sugar, rice wine, water 1500CC.
Method: water red beans into the rice, cover and soak 8 hours. Shredded ginger, red beans into the already soaked. Fire boil, turn the fire to cook for 20 minutes (stamped). Flame, add brown sugar and stir edible.
eat: two bowls per day are available at 10 o'clock in the morning and 3:00 pm each bowl.
8, sesame chicken:
buy the old hen's a whole chicken, the chicken is cooked with the ends of the foot should not be discarded.
Materials: 100 grams of chicken, ginger 10 grams to 100cc `` rice wine sesame oil 10 cc, inferior race, and so on.
practice: Heat pan, pour sesame oil, the oil is hot, add sliced ​​ginger (do not peel) until fragrant but not fry ginger until the ginger from the pot to move the side to cut the fried whole chicken down the pot, until the chicken cooked 7 minutes, prepare a good wine to pan around to the middle of the shower, after all into, cover pot, wine opened, that is, to a small fire, cook for 30 40 minutes is like.
eat: hot food, picked up the oil slick, the rest of the wine is placed in thermos of soup, slowly drinking. The meat is eaten with rice.
9, peanuts trotters: (milk is insufficient, in the third week postpartum edible)
materials (copies of three days): peanuts, to film to shoot, shrimp, trotters about, amount of skin ginger to handle mushrooms, 15 grams of rice wine, water, 2500CC, sesame oil 80CC.
practice: mushrooms in water 10 times the amount of rice wine soaked, shredded stand. Peanut rice into boiling water, to film, to shoot. Heat sesame oil, put ginger burst through. Scoop into the pot trotters skin discoloration. Add peanut fried for a while, then put trotters and ginger, and finally add mushrooms, shrimp and rice water. Stamped boil, slow cook about 8 hours. (This time a bit longer, can reduce it.)
10, oil meal:
materials (五日 copies): rice, to handle mushrooms, carrots, pork, shrimp,
amount of skin ginger , amount of sesame oil, rice wine, water 1000CC.
practice: glutinous rice wine washed clean, wipe it dry. The washed rice wine by adding cold water soak 8 hours, drain, dip in the water to be placed in another container within the reserve, not drained. Glutinous rice water to be overshadowed. To handle the mushrooms and shrimp just soaked into the rest of the water. Soaked mushrooms into strips. Skin ginger and pork, carrots are cut into thick filament. Into four key pan heated sesame oil, fry the ginger into a light brown. Add shrimp, mushrooms, pork, carrots, saute out. Re-heating the pot, put three tablespoons of sesame oil, heating, under Scoop sticky rice when coupled with other materials fried. Good material put into the steamer will be fried, add soaked mushrooms, shrimp rice water, overshadowed all the component materials. You can eat steamed.
11, Su-stew:
amount of mushrooms, lotus seeds, red dates, wolfberry, Chinese yam, Garmisch wine stew Su Lan. These materials can be used alone, can also be used together.
five meals usage (weekly program)
the first week (1 - 7 days)
breakfast fasting: biochemical soup 100CC (three times to drink a cup)
breakfast: a bowl of sesame oil, liver , barley rice bowl.
10 points: a bowl of bean soup.
lunch fasting: biochemical soup 100CC (three times to drink a cup)
lunch: a bowl of sesame oil, liver, barley rice bowl.
3 points: a bowl of rice porridge.
dinner fasting: biochemical soup 100CC (three times to drink a cup)
Dinner: Su stew bowl.
night snack: a bowl of bean soup.
taboo foods: raw food, weak, white radish, pickles, pickled cabbage, prunes, miso soup, Japanese tea, oolong tea, beer, fruit juice, milk, water, water. Vinegar, safflower oil, lard,beats by dre studio Ferrari and Lamborghini, butter
the second week (8 - 14 days)
breakfast: a bowl of sesame oil, kidney, vegetable bowl, a bowl of rice porridge, barley rice bowl, Eucommia powder a penny.
10 points: 1 bowl of bean soup.
lunch: a bowl of sesame oil, kidney, vegetable bowl, barley rice bowl, a money Eucommia powder.
3 points: the oil rice bowl.
dinner: soup bowl, a money Eucommia powder, vegetarian stew bowl, a money Eucommia powder.
night snack: a bowl of bean soup.
taboo foods: raw food, weak, white radish, pickles, pickled cabbage, prunes, miso soup, Japanese tea, oolong tea, beer, fruit juice, milk, water, water.
third week - the fourth week (15 - 30 days or 40 days)
Breakfast: sesame chicken bowl, a bowl of rice porridge, barley rice bowl of fruit.
10 points: a bowl of bean soup.
Lunch: sesame chicken bowl, a bowl of vegetables, fruit.
3 points: a bowl of peanut stew
trotters or prime dinner: a bowl of soup or stew factors, vegetable bowl, barley rice bowl.
night snack: a bowl of rice oil.

taboo foods: raw food, weak, white radish, pickles, pickled cabbage, prunes, miso soup
1, from the second week, to eat a small amount of vegetables, but to be more moderate choice of vegetables, and red vegetables as possible, such as carrots, Missy. Amount after the third week of relaxation, mild vegetables can be. Cooking with rice water should also be adjusted.
2, fruit with melon, peaches, grapes, papaya appropriate.
3, post all the food and drink, must eat warm, not cold to eat. (Except fruit)
4, above the
six, the confinement of life
1, quiet rest 30-40 days postpartum
the most important thing is the mother and sister, her husband's relatives, and of course her husband, etc., should be working together to take care of mothers, let her leave the room, do not let her get up any work, regardless of wealth, or the first few production even a miscarriage, all must be the same careful! Natural producers should rest thirty days, caesarean section, spontaneous abortion or induced abortion, and even more days of rest to be extended to forty days or more!
bed two weeks to two weeks postpartum uterine contraction fastest time, this time the uterus during pregnancy because the fetus can make it be very large, once produced, the uterus into a vacuum, because no longer subject to internal organs oppression and become very loose, if the post that often sit or walk, because the relationship between gravity will cause the uterus and internal organs loose bad contraction, causing visceral ptosis, and the roots. So two weeks after childbirth, in addition to food and the toilet, the rest of the time, whether day or night, should be bed rest.
3, ground tie cummerbund to prevent the During this period tied with gauze abdomen, to adjust the size of the goal!

postpartum period must pay special attention to prevent the athletic to be tied to ground during the contraction of the abdomen and internal organs to prevent sagging, and if the original body is the visceral ptosis were also tied to ground while the abdomen during confinement bring about improvements. .
used athletic as a long white band, about 1200 cm, width 15 cm, each must be prepared two to replace. Be due to post-partum heat up, easy to sweat, sweat should be athletic if open, and the abdomen dry, cool and then sprinkle some of the lip with no re-secured. If the sweat is more serious, shall replace the clean athletic, tied Act refer to the If the corset is generally a stick or a panty, not only did not prevent the effect of visceral ptosis, but internal organs may make blood pressure is not smooth, so that internal organs produce flatulence caused by deformation or breathing difficulties, or lower abdomen prominent size, please pay special Attention!
cummerbund tied to law
1) Size: as used in athletic breathable white gauze, length 1200 cm, width 15 cm
2) usage: for mothers their homework, because they do not dress pants (after the first tie athletic wear underwear), flat against the skin, sweat easily, each required to prepare two to replace
3) function:. a. to prevent visceral ptosis (not applicable generally corset ) b. abdominal contraction, eliminate belly
4) began to tie the time: natural birth - postnatal day 2; caesarean section - 6 days (5 days with a corset); miscarriage - after the second day
5) day demolition, re-tied the time: to be removed before eating three meals a day, re-tied before a meal; sponge bath before removing, take a sponge bath and then tied; postnatal 2 weeks 24 hours tied, loose the weight tie; the first 3 weeks after the day tied at night removed
6) cleaning method: cold wash sperm wash, rinse off the net, after drying can be, do not use washing machines, because easy to fold
7) cummerbund tied to law and split method:
a. supine, lying down, put up the knees, feet flat on the bed, above the knee, thigh and abdomen as possible at right angles; raise the hips and the buttocks underlay 2 mat
b. hands on the lower abdomen, palms forward, the visceral to the , overlapping the first seven laps winding around a circle and a half each to move up 2 cm high ring, spiral bound up, and finally overwhelmed the navel after taking the lead with a safety pin inserted into the fixed and can be tied to each foot
d. 12 laps, if the abdominal circumference is greater be connected with the three athletic into two to use
e. too thin, hip outstanding athletic who can not stick to the belly should be subject to the mat and then tied a towel to be removed athletic
f. side of the split, while the system volume back to a solid round-shaped back
4, is strictly prohibited shampoo, but need to use the correct method of cleaning the scalp
the uterus during pregnancy increases the burden is not put into words, just look at the size of the uterus before and after know, therefore, to make the uterus as soon as possible after production restitution. However, if the uterus as soon as possible to restore function, the most important thing is to completely discharge foul blood within the uterus, the uterus can become if you vacuum, the hormone secretion will be particularly active, the function will be more than pregnant uterus before the better! And wash your hair, it will seriously affect the exclusion of postpartum lochia, as long as the scalp, a cold, foul womb of blood clots immediately condensed into easy to discharge, even if not allowed to dry immediately, Moreover, with a hair dryer to blow head is very easy to cause head wind and headache. The blood of the womb if cleaned of waste, it is likely to cause hormonal imbalances and endocrine
coordination and, thus, many concurrent symptoms, so do not fully comply with postpartum thirty days must wash your hair, so no end of trouble !
particularly strong, however, maternal metabolism, it must be the correct way to clean the scalp, as follows:

# clean the scalp of medicinal alcohol, resisting law
The warm, then wet cotton flower , will separate the hair, wipe around the scalp, a little hand massage head, then brush to comb the dirt off, so will feel more comfortable, this method can be clean every day, before meals, or comb the hair with a soft comb , so that the head blood flow, keeping the brain fresh.
5, two weeks can not take a bath, but the correct way to take a sponge bath
required in order to avoid the cold, can not take a bath in two weeks postpartum, but the correct way to use a sponge bath, shower with effect from the third week, one month before Bath.
# sponge bath method
rice with boiling water and water half and half, adding 10cc of medicinal alcohol and 10 grams of salt, blending with a sponge bath water, with a wet towel, wring, for maternal wipe the sweat of her stomach and place, morning, noon, night of all time, if the winter is very cold, then just once. Wipe clean even without a cool cast of the lip, stomach if the tie cummerbund, cummerbund should be timely replaced.
facial cleaning and maintenance

wash and brush your teeth without medication with alcohol and salt, but the need to use warm water, for the prevention of head wind or a headache, never use cold water; In addition, face maintenance, you can use for their own facial cleanser and skin care products.

local disinfection
can tea (ie tea to tea filter tea) into the right amount of salt mixed with the medicinal use of alcohol, and then this water to wash ying Department and anal m , a convergence effect.
6, not hair, whether hot or cold
postpartum body pores, the pores are open, including the scalp, and then a blowing wind, whether hot or cold, the pores will immediately reduced, it is likely to cause myalgia, headache, head wind, or cold.
7, have a comfortable environment, at room temperature maintained at 25-28 degrees Celsius
mothers have a comfortable environment, so the summer is too hot or too cold in winter, air conditioning is required to maintain room temperature at 25 Celsius -28 degrees, but they can not pay attention to the wind blowing! They must find a way to completely block the air the wind, not blowing toward mothers, and mothers required to wear long pants, long sleeves, hat, gloves, scarves, and wear socks to wind!
8, can not touch can not touch cold water, cold water
mothers, to prevent the phenomenon of cold or have pain, it covered the sponge bath, wash, wash, brush your teeth or shower after the third week postpartum, are required to use heat water.
9, not carrying a child
most important work after childbirth without it, is the peace of mind down, enjoy eating and sleeping. At this point the body's functions are in rapid recovery, so of course, not heavy lifting, but not carrying a child, or the body can easily produced visceral ptosis. Moreover, the newborn baby, bones, organs are not yet fully developed, better try to make him sleep, he would often hold negative impact on him.
10, lying on his side when feeding
As for breastfeeding, but also lie down in bed, put the baby sucking on his side of the trunk, can be leaned maternal and infant and maternal and put on the back of a large pillow support, but be careful not to block the baby's nose, to avoid suffocation.
on breast milk after every woman in the production, some will secrete milk, the secretion of breast milk should be very adequate, but if not taking the baby, they can not secreted, even if the baby all at once absorption, milk supply is still endless, because this is the maternal instinct. So if the baby breast-fed, of course, is very good. If the baby's feeding small amounts, they should be full every time the rest of the breast are squeezed out, in order to stimulate the secretion of the next r room enough milk.

maternal breast-feeding if for any reason the temporary do not personally, we should also accumulate in breast milk squeezed out of the old milk house will accumulate in r breast lumps or cause mastitis produce the best six in the postpartum months can be fully lactating, which is most in accord with the principles of natural parenting, not only to protect the mother, but also reduce the chance of future occurrence of breast cancer.
If milk or insufficient light, may wish to complement the third week postpartum peanut pig; In order to make rapid secretion of milk after childbirth can be the first time in the post-implementation
# by bell (nipple stimulation) Act
a. rest after the resumption of postpartum (after cesarean section and other local anesthetics back clean and) began to press the bell every four hours (to stimulate the r head), until the milk coming out so far.
b. stimulate r head in three ways: 1. let newborn babies sucking 2 3 use a breast pump, please help novice father in order to control suction.
c. Note: Each room on each side of r should not exceed 15 minutes, but fixed once every four hours to stimulate the r head, do not break up until the milk coming out of an endless supply.
12, can not be stressed in front of their child's bath
not carrying a child during the month, the same reasoning of course can not be bent to back baby shower, if you can not do, then post-partum back pain and acid hands and feet Ma phenomenon must be followed, so it is best to arrange the pre-baby care, or discuss with the President, by the President to help Beckham postpartum than a bath, so the feelings between parent and child but also enhance it!
13, no heavy lifting, climbing stairs
six months postpartum were not put too much items to avoid back pain caused by visceral ptosis, and on the stairs during the month should be prohibited.
14, not tears from the eyes of aging women
start, so the post-natal eye care is very important. Maternal non-tearing, vulgar says: carry all the responsibility at this time, leaving women to An Xinjing support.

mother crying, then if the eye at an early age, sometimes evolve into eye pain, glaucoma or cataracts cause. Of course, my mother should try to make themselves feel cheerful, do not worry about chores, to always smile, be happy.
15, can not watch TV and magazines and watching TV should be minimal maternal
books, newspapers, if we look at, then every 15 minutes required to make 10-minute rest. Best to listen to soft music, while your eyes rested on the one hand adjustable mood, eliminate nervous tension.
16, the eye massage
maternal eye fatigue, three meals a day before meals and at bedtime can be a towel stained with hot water (heat can be a little more), wring the towel in the eye a few minutes, re-implementation of the eye massage.
# eye massage
a. Close your eyes, open your elbows, hands the middle finger from the bridge of the nose by the amount of bottom-up push on the middle of the hair.
b. on the brow with the thumb under the abdominal cavity, with a beat, rub, but not down to the eyes.
c. two middle fingers remain in the hair pressed down, getting to the thumb pressing on both sides, until the end of eye at the top.
eye massage to lie down for the most ideal, if not convenient, you can sit on a chair, rubbed my eyes when the pressure to be the root roll up our sleeves, shrink the chin, neck to force. If eye fatigue, pain pressure up there, but they still continue to massage until the pain so far.
drink rice wine that is tied to athletic small S to do it during the confinement to learn about

seven prenatal preparations (implementation of the head)

1, family members responsible for purchasing all kinds of herbs, including the biochemical soup of the month of beverage material and the material. As follows:

A. Biochemical soup Ingredients: Angelica (full), Chuan Qiong, peach kernel (to core), roasted ginger, Zhi Cao (Honey Licorice). According to the above prescription to buy, 1X14 copies, respectively wrapped. (Seven have been enough, but suddenly decided to prevent the need of caesarean section, is much more ready)
B. Eucommia powder: 21, respectively, wrap.
C. Hawthorn meat, lychee shell, Goddess of Mercy series, three copies of each wrap.
these items on sale in pharmacies, and if not, please go to the hospital Zhao Shuren open. Please get ready in advance 2 months (to prevent premature delivery)

2, ready to athletic, to the supermarket to buy rice wine, sesame oil, brown sugar, barley, lotus seeds, red dates, wolfberry, Chinese yam, glutinous rice, longan , measuring cup, wine pot cooking.

3, production date, and her husband go to the hospital, the family home ready to post the first days and drinks, food, etc., bottles and containers to be used immediately after production on.

count: biochemical soup, rice water, month of drinks, sesame oil, liver, barley rice, glutinous rice porridge, and all the food the family can be a little more prepared in the hospital around the microwave to eat.

eight, summed up doing the Month elements:

1, the yard must eat a light, salt and MSG can not hold, because the baby's kidneys have not fully developed, which is the quality of milk and mother's weight has a direct relationship, insist on not going fast, the thought of their body and baby, also put friends

2, two weeks prior to the main detoxification (liver and kidneys help to detoxify), must not eat nourishing and hot stuff (knuckle of pork such as Woodcrest Hill and so on), because the new mother after birth, the people are very weak, this time to absorb not only nourishing to the essence, and only president of the fat, but this time looks very difficult to lose fat, hot food is not good for milk, baby eating easy constipation;

3, try cooking with sesame oil, sesame oil has the effect of fat reduction, not long fat than oil;

4, fruit must not be forgotten, but can not be pirated two weeks before, the reason and 2 are the same, eat cantaloupe, papaya , grapes, watermelon, do not rush to eat something, because too cold watermelon sex;

5, any cold liquid food to be heated before eating, or not conducive to uterine homing, can not stimulate the stomach;
6, the first 4 weeks you can make the effort (such as chicken, etc.), beginning the second month and everyone else to eat, but still have to pay attention to light, otherwise the baby can not stand, and he is easy to swollen;
7, no sugar snack foods to the use of brown sugar, helps to lochia discharge;

8, the yard is a breakfast staple rice gruel; Chinese staple food is barley and rice (with drainage barley consumption swelling of the effect) do not eat rice; dinner staple food is fish soup. Soup (ginger with sesame oil burst from the skin and then fried fish pieces, fish with soft flesh of the fish, add Shuizhu Shu, to the white soup can), light, and milk good tips oh;

9, moisture added: drink milk, eat melon for either pregnancy or maternal weight loss and have reduced the effectiveness of swollen, but also improve the quality of milk; instead of water to drink rice wine to boil, boil the rice wine , let all the alcohol can evaporate.

1, the partition will not be the first shoe, leaving a little space so that shoes can leak into the bottom ash, sink and gas stove top mounted light. Given the location of the bathroom floor drain must first think well, a good amount of size. Drain the best side in the brick, the brick in the middle position if so, how to tilt either brick, floor drain is not the lowest point.
2, bathroom, air-conditioning outlets were not designed to switch. Especially the bathroom water heater, a pair of level switch with a plug appropriate. To go off electric, pull the plug dangerous
3, sun angle on tile part of the treatment, in the final analysis is to look at worker level. If the level of good workers, plasterers, tile tools and wear better, they should not hesitate to choose the practice of grinding 45-degree angle. In effect, as long as a good grinding, grinding 45-degree approach angle of the sun angle is the most beautiful! If the level is indeed not very good worker, then you still choose to use positive angle of it, because the mill's bad practice not as good as 45-degree angle with the angle of the sun's effects.
4, line up the pipes after the water pressure test is also very important. Test, we must all be present, and the test for at least 30 minutes, conditions permitting, the best one hour. 10 kg pressure, without any reduction before the final test.
5, when the steel doors steel doors must be considered a good size frame protruding walls to inform the installer, making the final frame and had finished the wall tiles are flat, so not only beautiful, and good health to do.
6, carpenter and mason's Door package is to tie the tiling, including door pocket of time to consider the following ground (the ground side of the door either side) is also tiled cement mortar or other thing, because if you paste porcelain Door Nail good before, has packages to the ground, with cement in the future, if cement and Door stained, moldy water will cause wood Door
7, mattress below and must be breathable mattress. Bed board is generally best to use cedar board
8, do the paint as much as paper tape
9, buy a lamp to note: generally try to use glass, stainless steel, copper or wood (shelf), and generally do not buy anything above iron What other plated coatings, ah, ah what kind of paint, easily fade.
10, as with ceramic basin basin, glass basin downright Health
11, water reform plan to be their own good, ask them to open the straight-line Cao. Watching them draw their own line, the whole line open by painting Cao. Each have their own acceptance Caixing.
12, water must be good, be sure to test the water!
13, a lot of construction in the verbal agreement into the gap checkout slaughtered, must be written in black and white, increase or decrease in prices of items are sure to ask, write it!
14, on the ground if mounted floor, the ground have to re-do the cement layer to re-smooth.
15, the kitchen door, or the decoration of wood to make wooden hanging rail doors for good.
16, the living room as much as possible to install the power plug.
17, is still to be done outside the shower toilet partitions. Not trouble the easy way to pull a shower curtain, the actual inconvenience, water everywhere.
18, do door and door frame of the wood material to choose carefully the material.
19, before installing the cabinet must be sure your home's water is OK.
20, kitchen floor tiles will not pick white.

21, paying particular attention to the ceiling smooth putty before wiping Dulux
22, the number of living room lighting should not be too light, simple is better, or like the lighting shop!
23, to buy the things you need to install those sellers will be required to install, it does not include installation, after installation, it must adhere completely to pay money! !
24, decoration, your previously collected business cards manufacturers carry
25, Lvkou Ban protective film is best removed before installation.
26, the shoe is best to use shutter, anti-odor. You can leave a shoe outlet side, to plug bake shoes.
27, where the cooking can be a small security lights.
28, it is convenient restaurant exhaust fan can also be safe, so when you eat hot pot or do not dirty barbecue house hall ceiling.
29, the door is best placed to arrange a debris of the cabinet, can be placed above the shoe. The common things, such as umbrellas, bags, scissors, coins, and so eat of the drugs in there, so it is convenient.
30, there is no need to use your ceiling, as not too worried about moisture and cooking fumes, moisture-proof gypsum scrubbing brush is recommended to use waterproof paint, a passenger guard my house to do so, very beautiful. If you must use Lvkou Ban ceiling, it is recommended:
1, not too expensive.
2, using the net color, especially the kitchen ceiling, white on the good, and white unless color and decoration style of match, it will easily inconsistent.
3, his grasping mind, do not believe selling the vision of smallpox, their eyes Barbara soil.
4, staring at himself in the scene, while income is important, do not let them slack, or leave the black seam, how to look how ugly.
31, third day of the main hole and continue to paste tiles, range hood and vent water heaters to pre-lay, and if so then perforated tiles affixed good, is not convenient. Therefore, the decoration must be selected before the hood, stoves and water heaters, etc., to determine the hole size.
32, although taking into account the custom-made cabinets look good, but not durable, comprehensive online views and experiences of some students, the use of cement to do to counter the framework of internal and external sides of paste porcelain, marble countertops, wall cabinets and counters wood door or chosen to do. Out of the cabinet to do so durable, moisture-proof. And the cost is small. Many neighbors said looked good, I did not blow.
33, well after the Door, plasterers plaster line to start the installation, wall Pihui project. My family had relatively smooth wall, approved 2-3 road on it. Pihui granted when a gray polished once, and then paint brush after brushing but also polished, and finally twice with ICI paint brush, the whole wall look smooth and flat, really good. Upon completion of the ceiling wall, carpenter started wardrobe. The wardrobe is 18cm Albert card Daixinban do outside paste veneer, although there is no furniture store to buy so good-looking, but durable, quality should be better than buying. I am not afraid of standing container board. Buy probably will not work. Backplane is relatively thick, thin to buy that.
34, when other students in the tiling must note the following:
① best he can in the field.
② some of the less perfect tile can be attached to the future of some workers to see the location, such as cabinets, sinks, mirrors behind, but also pay attention to tile, brick, etc. Do not waist was attached to the above position of workers, or What you can not see the future, but also wasting money.
③ wall tiles, floor tiles in the paste before the flood damage must be enough time.
④ Be sure to drain plug with something good out of cement down to prevent clogging. My family out because the cement floor drain is blocked, it took 30 management office to find clear, get up a lot of small mud.
⑤ at the scene, the workers will not be too wasted tiles. Tiling my family when not at the scene, then go, wasted a lot of brick, very sad, all sweat Mimi Yeah.
35, a wall of long, high. Such as a bathroom with four walls, each wall should measure out its long, high. And then deduct a window and door area. Finally, count the ground area. After you put a good amount of size, you can also get to sell tile sub shop, they will help you re-match. Plus 5 percent-losses on the line.
36, the best is a two bedroom dome light control, and a door, a bed, a bed of winter save up and then turn off the lights.
37, the socket must be considered a good location, height, interval. Even first play location having steel cassette, put away after a cassette is found just by television cabinets, microwave, desk block, the first two had to move the location of furniture, high, and eventually found not only ergonomic height, but can not be bought a good fit stainless steel cabinet legs, only customized aluminum feet.
38, just around the corner in the hallway like the one installed, that there are bright effect.
39, when mounted lights did not consider the placement of the table, the table now is not in the middle of light.
40, bathroom tiles do not use too much pigment, one easily dirty, and secondly, a long time too dull!

41, outlet to more equipment, furniture to buy outside the ground to be considered safe to dirt, kind of room to look, in principle, to adhere to.
42, Lvkou Ban did not need to buy high-priced, very cheap Lvkou Ban the effect has been far better than PVC, the more money I can not see significantly different results. Buy Lvkouban particular attention to the keel and not Lvkou itself (Lvkou goal is not easy to tamper too much), usually on the keel complete ghost.
43, brick color is difficult to find satisfactory, I did not find, but the two kinds of color are not satisfied with staggered mosaic sub 45-degree angle I was able to achieve satisfactory results. This is indeed the bricklayer himself put forward good suggestions.
44, playing in the balcony on the top cabinet on the back of the cabinet, then a layer of foam board insulation with water works well. Balcony door is best to use the same type of fire board. Balcony environment is bad.
45, if no suitable molding may wish to order, custom-made quality also seems better than the sample. More personalized and customized.
46, bathroom floor cabinets with stainless steel legs are huge profits, the back of the store to find some place to buy cheap price mad.
47, install the door latch head to pay attention to some wax, wax on and then crashing too late. If you do not smoke, then also pay attention to the door handle to prevent wall damage.
48, Paco floor well, I like only to remind the owner to talk directly to the price and the salesperson to talk about than the price better.
49, matte paint is high and the light beautiful
50, if the re-decoration will use putty instead of talc products.

51, installation and air leakage protection switch junction box of the project can not be provincial, but not on the outside to be on the interior, the original will want to save wages outside the junction box with the old, electrician recommended on the interior ones, and He now found this valuable suggestions.
52, and air leakage protection switch to use the brand name. I use the Want to buy the real thing is simple, direct phone check MGE headquarters phone number, and then played to ask the local branch number.
53, Under Counter Basin Above Counter Basin than delicate, nice, good clean. Basin faucet with the audience to pay attention to, taking into account the thickness of the basin edge, leading to the mouth longer.
54, without any modification of the wall angle is also very beautiful, but to find a painter in the advance stage and the painter clearly put forward. Ding Jiaoxian angle helps to play a straight line.
55, online slots before the cement surface of the putty surface treatment is important, for no solid surface with a clean ball handling is very appropriate.
56, make plaster suitable for a large hole on the wall, of course, if the hole is too large or need to use cement.
57, frosted glass, not stained with the back of ten million to protect the paint, is difficult to clean!
58, Caipen leading back of the hand switch must be used, that must be not easy to keep clean fingers, the hands are turned up when the oil is also difficult.
59, the price of luxury auto racks too much water, and found some of the more well-known brand is not on the structural design but better than the brands, prices are much lower.
60, could be considered safe on the ground of the metal socket, the socket 100 is very expensive, but very convenient, usually flush with the ground, feet a foot on the socket can pop up. Suitable for large living room. Or security in the dining room table below, to insert pot (to prevent hanging back and forth when moving wires)

61, storage room. TX has been said, but I did not do doors, looks very beautiful, and easy to put dirty clothes cupboard.
62, starting bed frame (the so called it). I am a professional company to buy the fabric bed, bed, and spent 350 yuan plus a such a thing, end of the bed there is a pull handle, bed board will turn up, exposing the bottom of the storage space, Terrific Oh!
63, is not practical double-pole towel rack! Current and single-pole uses the same basic look inside layer will not be hanging pole and then drying towel
64, that is not practical cabinet inside the trash can, as on the outside. There do not install the door and the table plate of the trash bin, open the door when the summer will be very smelly. Trash or on the outside good.
65, the table next to the small cabinet, and can be placed on some stuff, very convenient.
66, on I think the mop bucket less demanding in terms of performance, can assemble one yourself out, covered with tiles and match the surrounding environment or the mosaic that is beautiful, and save money.
67, the bathroom can nail nail point of hook to hang something.
68, designed a bathroom cupboard to put clothes, no longer have to worry about bathing forgot to clean clothes.
69, suffered a severe practical washing machine with dryer, in addition to a year, only the yellow mold-day, and the evil giant. Thick clothes, towels or drying quit, let the sun more than a good consumer disinfection. Even been overdrawn, you need to save the point of silver.
70, even in the laundry room to do a laundry pool, used to hand wash something. Originally thought to use less, so buy a very cheap Terri leader. Did not think this is really convenient laundry pool, became my most frequently used a home washing area. What rag ah, socks, ah, to towels, ah, all in which to wash, even the most hands there too.
71, fitted with lights is not really practical, not the decoration finished now opened. There are just SHOW guests to look at lighting, I simply forgot their own also installed a this thing. When the original is to open PARTY under romantic, now do not have much chance of opening spotlights.
72, most fitting experience is actually as simple as possible, less pollution, less money, peace of mind.
73, useful stuff:
①-designed storage room.
② North Terrace used to wash dirt sink. Differences between the bathroom sink and kitchen sink washing dishes and vegetables.
③ bathroom to wash your hair you can pull out the leader. (Wash basin was never the TX exceptions).
④ easy to clean the floor and the right cleaning tools.
⑤ kitchen work table lamps.
74, to buy their own toilet must be a good amount of pitch, or go buy a return that is really ... ...
75, posted WeiChu tiles after a good amount of what did not dry before the best level to see the lowest point is not the place to drain, or other dry and then passing the buck and decoration team, a lot of dead cells.
76, ledge stone with the Great Wall of beads Angeles, is a 800X800 tiles. Manufacturers cut good milling, Mason posted. Pattern did not look good also
77, bathroom shower room must be large enough size, and use transparent glass, so there does not seem cramped shower.
78, should not use white cement tiles pointing hook. No month into a black seam, ugly death. The results they have bought their own hook pointing agent, that tired
79, artificial stone cabinet after the next board should pad the results found no installation, and now can not cut the meat in the above, have promised to give me equipment almost two months have not installed (only to polish a).
80, do not believe the spell of the designer. Of course, you can visit more than several decoration companies, from each design to extract the real useful things, the key is you want to pretend to look like home improvement.

81, if the floor drain installed the original developers have the kind of harm smell of the
82, attached bathroom floor tiles after a good test the water, if water is relatively slow immediately rework. Our household's water is relatively slow, then relented a bit, now it is always a little bath water, and made hundreds of our main Guardian silver shower head is idle, it always wondering how to remedy.
83, fitted wash basin and mirror to be considered good, put brush cup rack, towel rack relative position.
84, to consider when buying a mirror the mirror front lamps, if you do not want to install a temporary mirror front lamps, mirrors the size of the mirror to be able to cover for the best line of headlights reserved.
85, put the washing on the balcony to be a small cupboard, easy to put some debris, such as washing powder within the debris. Both beautiful and practical
86, must be looking at doing upstairs upstairs dripping water .... otherwise, get a hanging cabinet, the wall is a mess ....
87, do not blindly follow buy online, I later discovered that some of their own to buy cheaper than the bargain.
88, TV wall must set a few more outlets, TV, DVD .... a put, you will find enough outlets.
89, change the water well in the future to be considered before the installation of a large sample of wash basin, for example, the left or right pots pots, water and drainage that is located where. Otherwise, changing for the better after the discovery phase of the wash basin is fit!
90, on the curtains, we had better put your stay a size goes, the boss shows no less size. If less, then how come the. Or watched him cut his cloth.
91, the decoration of the construction process:
(1) approach, tearing down walls, walls.
(2) bathroom, kitchen floor to do 24 hours off water tests (required the developer to complete this task).
(3) cutting trough, water reform and acceptance.
(4) seal groove hidden underground water renovation project, closed water leak test started without waterproofing.
(5) bathroom, kitchen wall attached disk.
(6) Woodworking approach, suspended ceilings, plaster moldings.
(7) packages Door, window cover. Making wooden cabinet frame.
(8) simultaneous production of wooden doors, door style and platen.
(9) wooden panel paint brush dust (edible vegetable oil).
(10) window leveling laying marble countertops.
(11) trim panel, pasted, fine line production and installation.
(12) wall of primary treatment, grinding, leveling.
(13) utensils, door seams paste adhesive (protected side).
(14) ICI at least three times the oil the wall.
(15) furniture painting approach, eye patch and paint.
(16) dealing with corners, laying floor tiles, wood or composite wood flooring, waterproof marble bar, the baseboard.
(17) lighting, sanitary ware, handle, door lock installation.
(18) cleaning health, tiles fill joints, dismantling.
(19) decoration preliminary acceptance within the company.
(20) three formal acceptance of appointment, delivery owners.
92, the valve back together before the flue must be clean to ensure the valve can switch freely and able to open to the maximum, otherwise it will affect the effect of smoke hood. Ceiling can be installed to remain two not installed, so the hood and try and correct installation of the ceiling and then installed.
93, so much in the living room and dining room ceiling can not do not do.
94, take the line in order to better air-conditioned spaces, the power as much as possible closer to the air, so air-conditioned to see a length of cord, leaving a trace of regret.
95, the house in person to measure and record the various sizes available, can be Broche size chart size and then re-covered wire marked the final size will directly affect the decoration and furniture purchases.
96, the small size of line is not good if the election is not always black walnut atmosphere, then the need for trade-offs, or to accommodate actual or dedicated their own ideas, of course,beats dr dre headphones, the best do both
97, began looking for decorators. In terms of personal experience, if not particularly large family and intend to simple decoration, the guerrillas seem to find something more cost-effective. After installation it is best to introduce others, you have read and agree to the eyes, especially the feeling of the person in charge of the decoration is even more important, responsibility and appreciation of how, some of the former is more critical, because if only a stripped-down, in fact, those who live almost fooling the will to do, but the quality is good or bad may depend on a sense of responsibility.
98, the main furniture such as sofas, wardrobes, dining tables, chairs, cabinets, etc. in advance to see more of the best also, if the running around on tired, you can find a few good large-scale home shopping plaza shopping, the basic trend to see it, so then you have to do is slowly according to their desired style filter out the right things. Some people take a good style, some people have accurate grasp of color, it does not matter, anyway, there is time to consider, if you wait until cleared decoration, furniture, help wanted to see the steps and then reluctantly accepted the inevitable end will not really like it.
99, already optimistic about the best furniture to size down, and then to the room's decoration of the virtual future.
100, buy something necessary documents be sure to keep the move on the latter may exist back, a replacement is absolutely useful. In particular, some important items of the store receipts, brochures, etc., because a lot of things have a warranty period, evidence lost would be more trouble.

101, the process of construction projects are sure to increase or decrease the price they asked for and then write it in black and white.
102, check for the necessary construction of protective measures, such as entrance doors to use pearl cotton wrap, window and floor tiling good must be properly protected.
103, as much as possible to communicate with construction workers, to determine whether he understands your intentions. Put themselves in respect of every teacher's work, respect, the importance of people feel at home, then began to live it more responsible to do so? There is an old saying not to ask (But if you are faced with treacherous cunning bully who, it would have to retaliate, argue) in particular to some of the edge of the project is the need for several types of co-ordination, responsible workers with each other and coordinate their respective duties, Otherwise, we pass the buck back and forth, all pass the buck. I like Mason to help me solve some of the carpentry of things, and electrical and solve some of Mason's problems. Because each teacher's experience is different, as long as he is willing to help you find a way.
104, do not do the best furniture fixed, because it no longer may be some changes in the layout. If we do we must grasp the quality, or endless troubles.
105, be sure to change the water carefully, one costs money; second, if not the ceiling from the floor must be laid down in water, if water problems big trouble.
106, according to their actual needs and reasonable arrangements for wiring, so as not to waste (especially the cloth with a lot of lights and lighting if not practical, we must also try to avoid the series to use, waste electricity), but some places can not be Province, for example, next to the bathroom mirror, and often with a hairdryer and razor; well inside or below if the shoe has a socket is also good, shoe device can bake, I am now very sorry that no cloth lines.
107, the bathroom as wet and dry area, if the area is small with a pedestal like (special glass basin was dirty, lazy caution); conditionally set a waterproof cabinet incorporating a small debris is best, put everything certainly does not look good on the outside.
108, wood glossy white paint brush than when the nitro-polyester good (this is to listen to seasoned painters speak).
109, the cabinet must be selected carefully, to look at several of the quality, we go to do a solid strong as this one are easily thousands of ocean, but also related to the stove and sink, etc., they still do not blindly greedy cheap good. But best not to do in the cabinet table or inside the trash can; if there is limited funding, basket, basket seasoning, rice bucket of what you can do all of these accessories in the cabinets sell the company in general is very expensive.
110, wardrobe rather than not less, rather large not small, women remember! Hanging space to be able to put up the dress.
111, bad handling glass or mirrors in the vicinity of the best things to buy, or Be ready to transport methods.
112, curtains all the best in furniture, appliances and then customized approach to match the overall style tone. However, before cleaning the track can be installed.
113, change the gas pipe is best done before tiling, or may damage the wall. Best to let the gas company to draw a diagram or on the wall as an indicator, because the cabinet company to be required in the cabinet body openings.
114, cabinet installation time is longer, ranging from 4 to 5 hours, as many as 2 days, must be psychologically prepared. Installation can be used to check whether the material is that you set (you can see through the hinge hole cabinet material). Installing kitchen cabinets before the first clean look, because once installed cabinets, no way those dead ends and then cleaned.
115, furniture installation is best looked at in the next, especially as the wardrobe of the laminates are several holes selected, I was not looking at the results too small a distance between the layers, hanging clothes stretch not open, even after adjustment.
116, taking into account the formaldehyde pollution of the environment, such as spider plants can be placed in the green room, furniture in all the open doors the emission of odor, but also buy a special spray to eliminate the smell of things to come.
117, installation of combustible gas, booking gas ignition.
118, brush wood of the time: the best Puwan other room painted tile or wood floors. If you have to brush it, the best have the room cleaned. No floor tile or wood floor room, the room a lot of dust, then brush wood, then brush off the dust easily attached to the wood surface, wood products, have spiked sense does it feel, which although can be higher label of sandpaper and then brush it again to solve, but in the end it feels to feel the brush and the overall effect will be deducted RBI hit. Room Puwan tiles and then brush, then the air of dust content much less than the shop front, with virtually no brush again after the dust attached to the wood surface of wood products. This is so because when they run into a small decoration Wu case, I had decided to buy in Canada Wood had seen it like a brush effect, and feel very smooth, feels like my home-improvement Howley, like wooden doors. Only because of the above, the results of the effect to play a lot of discounts, it has been a matter of regret Xiao Wu. And plus I like the organization buy the paint process, the students also appeared in this home. So here remind students to pay attention to it. I do not know whether other wood case, but according to the principle of same reason, so here remind students to pay attention to it.
119, on up painting: painting teacher pay is so dry and then batch finished wall putty, putty dry after painting. After brushing the paint if no reason is necessary to install lighting and a variety of electrical switches. Ask someone to install lighting and electrical switches to remind the teachers to pay attention to this and installed a clean Sin before hand, so that when installed will not be a dirty wall. Thus saving a touch-up painting processes the. Of course, soiled walls, the decoration is to make sure the paint division team to pay up painting again, that is to get clean and dirty walls (if the paint companies, they also allow teachers to pay to make paint, If you pay attention to what a lot of paint division will be left in the part after brushing the wall paint, which is the remaining part of the paint used to make paint). Just note, do not let install lighting division to pay smeared walls, you can pay less to make a trip to the paint division (at least half a day), but also facilitate a lot of our own, then why not? Sometimes, with people easily, also has been easy. In general, paint the walls will be wood finish brushing before, this is to avoid the Wood in the process of dry brush will paint the walls of the wall impact. Of course, in actual operation, you can also Puwan after tile (floor tile wall putty prior approval has been good) painted wood, and other dry before whitewashing wood finish, but to do so, of course, will affect the duration. If the fear of affecting the duration of the case, but also in the air to minimize the effects of dust, then a lot of points to be diligent about cleaning the room of the health of the.
120, the decoration team selection: The first choice guerrillas or formal company, I think is not important, the key is to give you the head of the construction team is serious and responsible, the decoration of the skills of workers, of course, the quality of the decoration and prices.
First, find the decoration companies not more than four, for the most part, so, if your time is very rich, it is another matter. And decoration companies to talk about this before, must be clear that you have to do renovation projects, you can call the company reported that all the decoration items, compare prices and comprehensive after taking into account the following factors to decide which items you want to outsource Which item of decoration companies do.
the decoration of the people, the decoration of the offer as low as possible, of course, contrary to the views of decoration company. Sometimes the decoration company to Mohr-McClune, will offer some of the weight is relatively low, this way, the quality of the projects and the quality of materials is more difficult to guarantee. Fitting so many, you want to single item is the lowest, it is unrealistic. And decoration of the offer, not only the number but also depends on the contents inside, the materials used in this project, specifications, brands and so on. You know, the decoration of each offer, in fact, are of great stress.

121, the construction? Since I am in no hurry to move in, so plan to find casual workers: the neighbors a good home please artisan, may be I look for the object: a mason, a carpenter, a plumber, a painter. Design step by step step by step, I believe it slowly and deliberately.
122, to use every penny wisely: look at the decoration materials, they must be dazzled look, there are so many good things, and it seems every one looks the same, the economy can withstand . May be a short period of time necessary to purchase these things in place, the economic pressure is really big. Most people at this time is often in disarray, the result too much over budget the last one, the second is to buy good quality stuff at the United States, then buy something is uneven.
My view is:
one pre-determined price, after the election materials.
excess of the expected price of 10 percent-of material goods, do not waste time. Business buyers always fine too. I am doing a detailed schedule of materials needed in the future blog post will be posted for your reference.
Second, province to province, the spent flowers.
the most expensive place is carpentry, kitchen cabinets.
most prone to water quality problem areas are transformed, kitchen water.
123, the cost of furniture than to buy some furniture. 500-700 yuan per square meter general furniture.
124, covert project was not the most important place to save money: water circuit transformation, water treatment.
way to do is to ask B & Q, B & Q now have individual decoration services: such as water reform, since the purchase of materials, water per meter of $ 40 per meter circuit is $ 20 for half a year warranty. B & Q on the first floor in the east of the detailed individual services and offer announcement, we do reference
125,, the easiest way is to use online resources to collect, retain, finishing the integration, the future will be useful when .

126, in order to save time, improve efficiency, decoration materials on the market each have a harvest, a detailed and practical procurement schedule and budget is important.
Program list by room category purchase is easier to implement: each took to the streets to see things the same room, to facilitate comparison and comprehensive
together, likely to have success.
one hall project
Second, the living room project
Third, the restaurant project
four master bedroom project
five children
six housing projects, study projects
seven main Health Project
eight, nine passenger Health Project
kitchen project
ten, balcony engineering
XI Yin Taiwan project
are listed in the plan to put my own post like the following table, for reference: data in the table as an example.
This list is more convenient for procurement planning, pre-construction projects may be appropriate, by job re-classification of the merger, into masonry, carpentry, electricity, water, paint and other re-watch. The right side of the table can also be added in the If (three batches of three wall paint brush; shoe with Albert plate, brush polyurethane varnish), etc.
127, home theater rear speakers, the sound to be embedded wires in the living room below, this is very important!
128, add a sink on the balcony, decorated to embedded pipes. Balcony sink is very important, gardening, washing hands.
129, toilet, kitchen need background music, sound audio wires embedded before the renovation.
130, both sides must be left socket on the balcony, hanging lanterns, when the New Year, good power.

1: the bathroom is divided into wet and dry zone 2 wet areas of the floor drain on the better
2: If you burn natural gas water heater attention to the bathroom to have adequate ventilation settings
3 - 4: If you do not know, then you can ask a professional friend to accompany the master now lie more.
11: hydropower, or find professionals to help themselves because the functions in this respect he is to inform those who design their own needs to be transformed in the transformation of migration, but if there are problems when the house until you have installed the line problems and have to re-do the demolition of the wall is a very big head thing.
12: toilet water to depend on their choice to tile bathroom floor tile is a professional waterproofing has to do this at time of purchase, but you can rest assured water to do well because of design problems in the choice of size If you encounter after the designers got the idea he would not cut off the bricks to fill the ground so that you destroyed the original design of good waterproofing, floor tiles, floor tiles are of course so early you can find out, but not your home is to live for decades we need a long-term guarantee so you must pay attention to the design of the bricks in the pavement without being destroyed
19 when the combination is now bought ready-made cabinets are the most direct is because the family The water issues need to be close to create the design, of course designers in addition to water designed to inform the designer must determine their own homes who are often under the kitchen cabinet so to better determine the scale so that when you cook at home more comfortable with the cabinet panel recommended to choose such a large load to bear safe

white cement tile grouts and usage is not the same, but the masons are usually filled with white cement tile grout filling method, so era, gone sealant, sealant, and a little bit better to be pointing to the wall instead of doing the paste. Also, the cabinet hinge, pool water, so use a good switch, while the cabinet fabrics, pool cell body, bolt can be used in general, of course, if you will not care about the money.
If not a big package, I suggest to buy building materials as much as possible to homes in the East, was home, B & Q and other places to buy can be returned. 131, at the entrance of the light switch, it is recommended to use sensor-based. Black day to go home, save the dark.

132, shows a basic construction, water, electricity transformation
(a) the construction team on the water before entering the construction of a minute test, before they are allowed to change tubes.) and can knock down the plaster layer, load-bearing walls for installation on the
(c) in the buried line pipe Such as the need to change the original line, and can not use
(d) circuit to be buried in the dark wall of the best
(e) strong electric

133, waterproof
(a) kitchen, Wei
(b) 30 cm from the wall to do it twice, more than 30 cm can do it again, wrap need water at the door pocket door.
(c) waterproof finish to be dry, a Redo waterproof layer. Where leakage is most likely to

134, tile
(a) in the selection of tile owners of tile required for quality finds its way: first look at its color is uniform, non-variegated black spots and holes the line; followed depends on whether the standard of its size, the amount of tiles with the tape measure the length and width, measure the size of the trademarks to its factory the same size, then the amount of its diagonal tile, such as diagonal line, the tile is positive; then depends on the flatness of the tile, the most simple and effective method is to tile the same brand of two overlapping positive and negative, such as two stacked significant gap between the tiles or you can rotate the tiles uneven; last look There is no color tiles, and is out a few samples of the same type of tile, compared in the light, such as do not see color differences can be ordered.
(b) After the paste can not have a whole piece of brick tile hollowing (partial hollowing the entire piece of brick can not exceed 20 percent), if the entire piece of brick hollowing be rectified, under normal circumstances, posted 100 per brick, brick wall tiles are allowed to have a hollowing, to allow two brick tile is hollowing, but must rework, rework the main material (already counted in the loss of) from them, such as Over this range, the main material from the construction side is responsible.
(c) Normally, the level of tile degree of error of 2 mm is allowed, the gap be the same tiles, bricks and tiles should be flat on the corner (allowed error of 0.5 mm), kitchen, wall tiles in addition to health bricks and tiles should be flat on the corner, the need to level degrees (allow 1 mm tolerance) and vertical (allowing 2 mm error) to achieve, bathroom, balcony to the floor drain tile should be considered, you must first put away the slope, if there is no special reasons, there is water.
(d) in the wall and floor tile Puwan required after the

135, anti-termite
(a) and finish the wall after garbage collection trough, a comprehensive anti-termite (ie, whole-house spraying of termite drugs)
(b ) After entering all the plates in need of anti-termite treatment (specifically for anti-termite wood like to do)
(c) before the need to shop for wood flooring wood floor to shop floor to do a termite treatment
(d) termites spray to wet the drug is better (you can clearly see the wet)

136, the calculator is also a design study, and now the calculator has multiple functions to set the decimal point, making computing time will have different standards, so we need to bring a calculator yourself, there are now calculated on a cell phone functions, but function is not necessarily good.

137, to prepare their own two good neutral glass, plastic (1 clear, 1 white), U.S. General's recommendation, B & Q for sale, 49 a. In the installed bath room, sink, cabinets, security doors when they need it. While the general factory installation package will come with glass, plastic, glass plastic, but most of them poor quality, the future is easy to change color or moldy.

138, if not a last resort, do not use toilet seat shifter. This stuff is very likely to cause clogging toilet bowl water.

139, kitchen Lvkou Ban, hood top two, a good hole must be completely installed so hood up after security. An up my family's early and later time and remove the hood to install, dismantle dismantling equipment, workers are engaged in out of shape, has become a seamless ceiling ceiling of the seam.

140, if in order to unify beauty, kitchen and bathroom doors are installed, and that soon after installed in the door marked with ground glass joints where glue. I do not have time for the processing, water workers are not careful, a lot of water splashed on the floor bleeding to the door frame, the following part of it has little black (mold) of the.

141, must be tiled balcony! King balcony to angle around to shop, shop to live with the railing to the balcony with the high. My family view balcony to balcony wall angle and the life is not paved, but to prepare a bucket of exterior wall, they periodically refresh ... ...

142, sealed in the wall before the water reform must allow the master to provide detailed decoration water map.

143, as if ready to brush the wall color, the transformation in the power line when necessary to take into account for the problem. Changed a lot of my family line, air-conditioning outlet bit all changed. But in order to save money, not for the whole line, but wiring. This wiring must be installed where the whiteboard for future maintenance. Later, brushing the wall paint color, etc. only to find how these white glare, regret ah ~~~~~

144, which is the lowest level I made an error, I assume that the 1.5 m bed width is 1.5 meters, forget the thickness of the bed there. Very accurately in bedside lamps to stay well back of the wall socket. As a result, there is no socket to be blocking the way to use.

145, started before the captain to make analysis of the wall decoration how to deal with the need to shovel out all the original powder. In particular, ready to paint the wall engineering companies outsourcing to students. My family is contracted out to paint companies, such as carpentry finished painting the walls look gray to know the original is bad, it is best to shovel out the whole re-Pihui. However, woodworking has been done, to shovel the ash out of the original bad operation. Finally had to brush the surface of a layer of glue Pihui 108.

146, increase the line will certainly be re-wiring. But from the nearest terminal branch wiring. The increase is not allowed in the original wire connector on the wiring.

147, air-conditioning control switch only in the power supply side. Added line on the road is not allowed.

148, change the location of phone and network lines, they can out of the original fabric of the line to continue to use. However, if the improper construction there will be many hidden dangers. So it is best to box from the room for weak lines.

149, the transformation of the workload measurement circuit, generally in accordance with the wiring in three different ways were measured.
(1) play slot pipe (measured by the length of trunking, if a tank more root canal, according to the number one half pipe the other half included in the overhead line).
(2) overhead line (wearing tube not play slots), calculated according to the length of pipe.
(3) for cable, according to how much even if the number of replaced (replaced the line to tell the construction team do not throw).
(4) weak transformation, according to the first method. The difference is who is to pay attention to weak-line purchase. Owners will have to buy less wire prices.

150, fixed the toilet to the floor, hit the screw with it? There is convergence at the base and the pipe, to buy what were sealed and the outside is better: the toilet is fixed with the expansion screw. The interface between the base and the pipe at the inside with a special sealant toilet. + Out of white plastic with white cement slurry deployment. When the toilet is generally purchased with a special sealant.

151, buy the materials themselves must first calculate the approximate amount. To buy water when the material to do the latter anyway, thinking about painting with the sea chart in the end how much material came out, so what little trust the foreman, the result was found to buy water 5 meters, the actual use 27 copper head one, actually bought a 40, should the remaining 13, seven short of the actual remaining six. Under repeated questioning from other sites back up foreman Detailed calculations of the pre-circuit their own material, the calculated results and after comparing the foreman of the requirements: from 30 m to 12 cable meters, network cable from 20 m to 13 m, other issues such as insulating tape, plug both large access was I correct ... ...

152, if the old water pipes under the ground, in addition to the drop when the switch is often damaged, do not hesitate to be laying a new, do not save, to ensure safety .

153, the kind of retraction on the bathroom walls, the glove do not waste space, and posted a very good very nice tile. Of course, tile union that trouble to say

154, sun angle tile lines do not use the income side, 45-degree angle to grind bricklayer splicing was beautiful, of course, you do not choose Tijuana workers lazy way to do things.

155, aluminum pipe, when installed must be sealed cement workers under the supervision of the construction standards to allow expansion space for hot water pipes. Short plastic tube not closed strong, and loose some of the good thing.

156, hall bathroom on the ground if the ratio is high, the transition can be used to solve the door stone.

157, plus move the sewer pipe mouth, then in the new and old sewer pipes should be checked before the entrance of the old sewer butt is smooth, this time a lot of money to clear the bit to avoid future trouble.

158, Lvkou Ban did not need to buy high-priced, very cheap Lvkou Ban the effect has been far better than PVC, the more money I can not see significantly different results .

159, buy Lvkou Ban particular attention to the keel and not Lvkou itself (Lvkou goal is not easy to tamper too much), usually on the keel complete ghost.

160, brick color is difficult to find satisfactory, I did not find, but the two kinds of color are not satisfied with staggered mosaic sub 45-degree angle I was able to achieve satisfactory results. This is indeed the bricklayer himself put forward good suggestions.

161, under the supervision of the ground water repellent to use my bricklayer but not directly in accordance with requirements of throwing on the ground, it can even do! It is not the best yourself, do not bother but assured.

162, the slope of the bathroom floor before tiling to consider the good, the slope is not in accordance with national standard to achieve the effect of rapid drainage, and if you use a deodorant or a thin floor drain floor drain will be greatly increased drainage problems. Some people say that steep slope and pretty, I think it is nonsense. On the contrary larger slope water to quickly run a clean is a very refreshing thing.

163, platinum-point doors fire with the LG panel, the effect is good, but if we might consider fitting tailor-made finished door. Hand-made door is not fine, for reference only.

164, sink a large market brand-name price is not cheap, brand-name quality crazy bad.

165, the balcony door is best to use the same type of fire board. Balcony environment is bad.

166, bathroom vanities to do when the first cabinet to consider the size of the basin so that the future good fit.

167, the glass is heavy stuff, the best buy in the vicinity, or Be ready to transport methods.

168, install the lock bolt head to pay attention to some wax, wax on and then crashing too late. If you do not smoke, then also pay attention to the door handle to prevent wall damage.

169, matte paint is pretty high and light, do not listen to the painter, and if a bad brush matte painter said that its technology must be bad. Similarly, if a good painter, said polyester polyurethane is not cheat your

170, with insulating tape and raw materials do not buy in the store, large supermarket quality was much better, and full weight, conversion down the price is not expensive.

171, if the re-decoration will be used instead of talc putty finished, no big reason is that finished product easy to use putty. Fired the painter, especially after his own experience when diy - talc tone putty sick of it.

172, installation and air leakage protection switch junction box of the project can not be provincial, but not on the outside to be on the interior, the original will want to save wages outside the old junction box use, recommendations on the interior to get a new electrician, he now found it very valuable suggestions. On the interior door is not ugly, it really easy to use!

173, large interior design company directly to workers on site clearance work package may be more appropriate, and better technology, tools, more

174, and air leakage protection switch to use the brand name. I use the Want to buy the real thing is simple, direct phone check MGE headquarters phone number, and then played to ask the local branch number.

175, the audience delicate pots pots than on stage, good-looking, good cleaning.

176, basin faucet with the audience to pay attention to, taking into account the thickness of the basin edge, leading to the mouth longer.

177, the hole before installing the toilet is a big, large floor drain cover can fall off, if your floor drain has been installed and the toilet is not installed, do pay attention to the floor drain cover, or the floor drain cover it up elsewhere custody 也好.

178, buy silicone, then the absolute best all imports of GE, GE followed by Shanghai packaging. Of course, if the kind of place in a very important element 7,8 can also be used, for example, aluminum window frames with internal Anjiu levels of silica waste to plug the whole. But use the bathroom all the GE silicone kitchen, value for money!

179, triangle valve should not be omitted, and save much money, if the valve, then triangle, triangle valve can be installed in advance of copper joints are not leaking, if not installed, only the last copper fittings installed on the faucet to take over the child when it was installed to check whether the internal leakage, the total leakage due to pressure some time to test out the final installation of internal and leading it more secure.

180, even the diary has been renovated to do about those things, their own can do it, do not, but also with the idea, please decoration companies to communicate more with the designer, please construction team to communicate more with the workers, because the realization of your ideas, to rely on them.

181, fitting the biggest problem is communication!

182, is not the place, type of kitchen cabinet door designed, BH. Should be designed L-shaped.

183, general decoration, decoration companies, excluding the formal management fees, taxes, fees accounted for 75-80 percent sign materials, wages account for 20-25 percent sign.

184, in the kitchen to go outside the ground water, since home improvement is to give a time bomb, who state clearly whether Shashi Hou for his trouble.

185, if the separate tube wear, but in a tank, the impact it? Effects can endure

186, ask what between the dining and living room separated by the most cost-effective package door pockets, side bag only 6 cm or contaminated with white, height 2 m is not significantly large High crude.

187, respectively, to strong and weak electrical transmission pipe, can be separated away the best, keep the distance 10 cm or more, but it can be difficult, because most families to save money and open a slot. Weak sound the same line can penetrate the tube.

188, inside furniture, paint and paste board can do a good job and opened the door and ventilation doors and windows at home, only to non-pungent odor. In fact, you are using a good wood core board, do not deal with furniture inside.

189, PCT board and the cabinet can be wood core board 15, the back of the five available folders, Wuli. Package doors and Tizi use nine per cent. Different processes with different materials.

190, PPR pipe not only for cold water pipes, also applies to hot water pipes, and even clean drinking water pipeline. PPR pipe interface with hot-melt technology, are completely integrated into the tube together, so once installed pressure test, no leakage. PPR pipe and will not scale. PPR pipe scale never known, never rust, never leaks, high water of green materials.

191, paint board is good, the advantages of both wood and composite.

192, do not print for a long time on the wet artificial stone, unless you want to dry a printing table; not take long wet cutting board on the table. Wood wet sometimes fade; rub the stain with a steel ball, like hand squeeze pimples.

193, can use an ordinary gas meter cupboard door sealed in it? Need to use the shutter-type door it? Regularly check the ventilation opening on the line.

194, clear contracting the tx Please note that you must verify the renovation team to open a list of materials. There may be certain about their estimates, I too believe that they, and the results to buy wire and cable management almost doubled.

195, the size of certain planned sanitary ware, the best sketch in advance, calculate the size.

196, buy the product the students pay attention to the door, if you want to pursue results matching panel with a business package Door, then you may have to be Henzai knife it!

197, Re: installation of water pipes before they take the leading and basin, sink have bought?
not, just make sure where is the basin faucet, bathtub faucet, washing machine what's on the line leading, leading 99 percent sign and fell into the water are in line with international norms, as long as workers are not careless, all right. If you own basin cabinet, basin bought in advance, or optimistic about the size. Determine the amount of units in front of the sink a good size, front loading station to buy Haojiu Xing, do not forget the audience or on stage. Distance between hot and cold water pipes with cement tiles must be sealed before the 15 cm accuracy, and must be parallel. If you have bought, it is best put something, such as sealed after the unload.

198, if an 8-core cable at the same time take the phone and network, will not interfere with each other it? Not. 1,2,3,6 hit the cable module, 4, 5 playing on the phone module, and the other two easily. Right in saying that my experience: 10M 1236 100M to be used with the fact that the speed to 10/100M that we will not feel any difference if using a 8pin line, then some program-controlled switches signal will cause the network signal interference in the home environment generally will not have any problem. But rest assured that I can recommend such a separate route to the future, leave margin, cable is very cheap you say?

199, check the distribution box must be properly installed.

200, fitted bath and shower faucet lesson taps connected to the tube is embedded in the wall, I have repeatedly told them to get accurate dimensions, do not install when the time is not on. The results left the hot and cold water spacing is 15 cm, can be hot and cold water pipes are not parallel, the results of the water feeding the electrical charge of the force was the placement. Yesterday I found that fb GROHE thermostatic mixer coating even be forced cracked. We can be installed if the leader, the first installed it. Should be the first leader to buy back, and then install hot and cold water, tiled bar. Oujia bought a very early lead, is Oujia master to buy.

world super hard to find the prescription for the parents keep
super hard to find the world's prescription, as my parents keep

; ;
1, high blood pressure: The ear of corn on the need to boil water drunk as a tea, half Jiyu.
2, bronchitis: large tofu drink water, drink more consecutive days; magically eradicated; explain Buddhism to provide permanent air

3, arthritis: Beijing Doctors: Zhang Jianming
field lines wrapped around the joint with Mama, the use of layers, 3 for once, in exchange for a few times, joints gradually improved.

4, red dysentery: Shanghai Doctor: Li governance
sesame seeds 120 grams, 120 grams green beans, mashed the two drugs, blunt, 1, 3-5, Jiyu.

5, Diabetes: Shanghai Doctor: Masan Lin
a vegetable gourd seven points, plus 1 for each money alum, boil 1 day, 3 21 days Jiyu gourd boiled, without salt.

6, stomach: Shaanxi Province: Rui Shi Dan
12 package, Cyperus rotundus half a catty, research side 20 minutes, 3 times a day, each time a package, two Jiyu.

7, esophagitis, laryngeal dumb: Junxian stream doctors: Kim Tae
burnt briquettes 2, put boxes broken basin, catch into 2 two sugar water, boil 20 minutes on the fire , morning and evening to drink three days Jiyu.

9, pneumonia: Taiyuan: Liang Zhengxintai
purse eggs stewed fresh Houttuynia a few days can be more.

11, rheumatism: Xi'an Doctor: Lee Fu
cream loofah vine 500-1000 grams, drying surface, 3 times a day, 1 2-3 grams of brown sugar, water, blunt .

12, numbness, sciatic nerve pain: Xi'an Doctor: Zhong Ming
six pounds of chicken, duck manure jin, drying up a warm vinegar 1 kg, and then into the bag, the one couch will be good or couch several times.

13, pain: Lanzhou: Yang Xiaozhong
leek half a catty, boil drinking water, vinegar, salt, without refueling, 3-5 days Jiyu.

14, dizziness and headache: Shaanxi, MD: Wang Baokui
Xanthium two and a half, add brown sugar, 1 two, Jianshui drink, 7 days Jiyu.

15, toothache: Henan doctors: gypsum powder 1 Chen livelihood
two, two and a half Jianshui ephedra drink, two Jiyu.

16, chest pain: Luoyang Doctor: Liu Guangbo
star anise burning ash, Aconitum two to send money to boil a cup of water immediately under the pain.

17, cough: Luoyang Doctor: Huang Zhijun
within the sesame oil into hot orange to eat three times a day, every 1-2 months, three days is good.

18, asthma: Shanxi Changzhi: Zhang Zhili
two half almond, honey and a couple of years Shuijianbi no cure asthma.

19, full Duteng: Baotou: Wang Yan Ming
a drying surface with millet and water mixed with food.

20, hepatitis: Huaxian old doctor: high Zhiming
with pig gall to drink the water boil to open, once cured.

21, Shao Baitou black hair: Chinese Medical Association
(1) Bo shell fitted pillows, pillow six months from the black.
(2) Polygonum two or three, add brown sugar, black sesame thirty-two boiling water three times after eating. Ate a half months later, gradually darken gray hair.

22, face mole removed point method: Luoyang: Talk on
lime, white base of each half, into a paste with alcohol, points out that a half day in the mole.

23, psoriasis: Lanzhou Doctors: Zhu mind
(1) with their own urine wash 7 days Jiyu.
(2) knifed elm even wipe out the water for seven days.

24, women, infertility: (from Guangdong Medical University Chang Xiaowei Huiyang new recipe)
six money Angelica, white peony seven money, Chuanxiong three money, two money safflower, peach four money Zeeland four money, Wolfberry one or two. Pangolin four money, habitat eight money, Cyperus rotundus four money, Shuijianbi menstrual clean every day, even for three.

25, amenorrhea: Qinghai doctors: Chen Yan
Motherwort twelve months, plus a bowl of rice wine, medicine or dose Jiyu.

26, irregular menstruation: Xi'an doctors: yellow one hundred copper
rose ten, Jianshui add brown sugar, wine, and even served half cited the more.

27, through the pain: Nanjing doctors: Xu Zhixiong
cottonseed a new tile for drying grain mill served three money immediately relieve the pain. (Special effects)

28, vaginal discharge: Nanjing doctors: Gao
ginkgo fifteen, stewed rice, glutinous rice food, once a day, seven days recovery.

29, under the strange laws of milk: Shanghai doctors: Li Aiyi
black students study seven seed saponins foam water delivery, an hour from the next.

30, more than blood: Shandong doctors: Ai-Ying Li
Lianpeng shell burning ash, served on the second, every second money, hot alcohol dose, seven days Jiyu.

32, stool bleeding: Jilin: jin Zhu Zhang
fried tofu mixed with sugar and yellow food stand only.

33, impotence disease: Henan doctors: Zhang Shaojie
actinolite, medlar three money, add brown sugar Shuijianbi wonders.

34, the night crying children: Henan doctors
gall three money. Usage: After research into the fried thin foam, coat the drug in children around the navel. You can safely sleep the night crying children rule.

35, one hundred insect ear: Shaanxi doctors: Jiao Guangrong
hundred insects from cat urine out of ear. (Wiping a cat nose cat biting the garlic from the urine)

36, Clear beriberi: Anhui doctors: Li Wenlin
with smoked cigarette butts, were caught in the toes, three days recovery.

37, remove sweat: doctors: Zhu Yumin
with tung flowers on a boil water for my feet, three days recovery.

38, dry foot rule: Hebei: Huang Tao
pounds of salt, six pounds of water, boil the cooking of coolish feet, seven days Jiyu.

39, foot corns, gill Monkey: Hubei: Huang Hao
pockmarked with a large, cast smashed affixed with tape, a Jiyu.

40, hemorrhoids effects: Sichuan: Wang Zewen
nitrate twelve skin, wash the affected area to boil half a catty Ash meters, external hemorrhoids treatment effects.

42, rule fire (burn) injury: Changbai Mountain in Northeast: Taoist
sheep Stan seven set on fire, drying surface, coated with sesame oil to reconcile the wound, applied three times a day, and to relieve the pain without leaving scars, three days Jiyu.

43, snakebite: Kunming Doctor: Li BH
pipe oil rub the wound, and then pipe the oil would be washed down with water to drink, such as sleep soundly, that should drink plenty of injuries, if feel bitter, that is, light injury, should drink less.
; ;
44, enuresis, under the shower:
bar with more than five years of sunflower Rangzi two feet, drink a bowl of water to cook, a Jiyu.

45, enterobiasis: Xinjiang doctors: Wang L
oil wiping the anus with a pipe, insects from the dead, and never recurred.

46, open the smart recipe: to provide doctors for the foam
dried lotus stems, with fleece-flower root, blunt as tea boiling water, for a long time is smart, though also the soul of wisdom to the fool also.

47, rule Tongshen edema: Sichuan: Su Guifang
red flesh watermelon, wheat bran buried, the chaff with fire lit, so the fire out after eating watermelon, eat a, 3 -5 days of recovery.

48, urination: doctors
sorghum pole skin, the older the better, boil water, not salt, two days Jiyu.

49, stool knot disease: Henan doctors
pound spinach, lard (large oil) 1 two, put the pan fried food, three days recovery.

50, rhinitis: Henan doctors
brick and tile on the Green Bu, drying crush into powder, thrown into the nostril, three times a day, three-day dig up the roots.

51, body itching: Henan doctors: Kim Tae
Nepeta boil wash the affected area twice dig up the roots.

52, bed-wetting: Luoyang doctors: Son Ji Chang Road, four armed
, wash foam with new tile drying research boiled water, taken twice a day, every second money, seven days Jiyu.

54, otitis: Wuhan ear: The East is Red
snakeskin one, sesame oil bubble one day oil ear drops Jiyu.

55, common eye diseases: Luoyang: Zhou Ximing
black beans twenty-two, white chrysanthemums seven money, boiled smoked eyes effect satisfactorily.

57, after the illness, without a word:
service turtle urinary Jiyu: Turtle wiping his nose with garlic from the urine. (Prescription)

58, enteritis: Sanmenxia doctors: Lee one hundred seedlings in
Jianshui feet with a sieve Luo, twice recovered.

61, take back sore :**** doctors: Ha Bai
Gentiana three with money, TCS and two milk transfer money to study surface wipe that is good.

62, white mouth sores: Xi'an: white population in the two river
money research side (urinal residue) thrown into the mouth 3 times a day, two days Jiyu.

63, to sleep more than a dream: Kaifeng Hospital
Angelica, habitat, safflower, Achyranthes all three of money, product shell, red peony, licorice the second money, Campanulaceae, Chuanxiong one half the money, peach four money decoction. Two can safely sleep and dream less.

64, fish bone from the throat of card: (prescription)
slow light vinegar to drink one or two, the fish bone that is soft to swallow; such as severe leg of the duck can weigh down to spit juice, poured into the fish bones from the mouth of the patient. (Another bone with the dog saliva)

65, hair loss effects method: Yunnan doctors: Li Xiao Bai
boil water, wash your hair with mulberry leaves, three days Jiyu.

66, insomnia: Guangdong doctors: Lee Jianshui long
peanut leaves at night to drink, three-day dig up the roots.

67, paralyzed: Henan doctors
Cassia sticks, peach branches, willow, Chun-chi, eggplant sticks, were chopped together Jianshui three barrels. With a big tub of dip, such as heating up the cold wash. Bed after the cover is so sweat shelter, wash several times Jiyu.

68, under the surface of acne: (prescription)
Manjing foam sub-study. Add cream applied every night for several days Jiyu.

69, the surface of Black Star: (prescription)
coriander (aka cilantro) decoction to wash every day, a few days removed.

70, Diao Inclined: (mouth crooked eye oblique) (prescription)
bad left the castor research crooked painted left and right crooked painted right, complex is simply pass on them.
71, hernias:
money out of two white, brown sugar, one or two. Joint research to fine, wine delivery, served on the second, morning and evening. Half Jiyu.

72, Vitiligo:
green walnut skin drying research with foam, sesame oil reconcile, wipe three times a day, half dig up the roots.

73, purpura wind: (prescription)
sulfur 3, litharge 3 minutes of research to fine flour, paste the affected area with vinegar.

74, to eliminate many problems the new law: (effects prescription)
Hairy girls face lift because of the annoyance. Local pharmacies are selling.

75, never drunk law: (prescription)
camphor, two tea Pueraria half drink alcohol before the anti-drink drunk, drunk drink hangover.

76, a cold (special effects prescription)
10 ginger, white radish 10, add brown sugar, decoction, after serving sweating. A Jiyu.

77, motion sickness: (prescription)
vinegar 1 two, boiling water, 2 2, drink mix on the front of the car, can stand only.

78, solution gas poisoning: (prescription)
with tea, a good bowl of vinegar mixture, taking three times at intervals of half an hour and a half hours later, completely cured.

79, up only nosebleed: Yinchuan doctors: Ma Haimin
fever with head and ash, inhaled, can stand only, male female hair, female parent hair.

80, stand only bleeding wounds: Urumqi, MD: Ren Wansheng
feather gray coated surface, stand only bleeding, not infection.

81, Hydrangea Wind: Henan doctors
flavescens 20 grams, 15 grams of Kochia scoparia, decoction, external washing, twice daily.

82, food poisoning: Henan doctors
a handful of green beans, raw licorice three money. Add water to cook several dose.

85, obesity: Henan doctors
sulfur bitter 5 grams brown sugar 20 grams to one, blunt 7 days, special effects.

86, children forty-six Wind: Henan doctors
Myricaria foot long, fire the middle, two out of oil, then drink a half cup. (Secret)

87, edema: Henan doctors
mole cricket (day cricket, cricket cents) five, foam drying research, blunt boiled water before eating 6 grams.

88, night blindness: Henan doctors
white water to cook goat liver, goat cooked food without salt material.

89, myopia: Henan doctors
habitat 20 grams of aspartame, 60 grams, daisy 40 grams, Zhike 90 grams, fried yellow three drugs after inquiry into the foam, twice daily, each 20 grams.

90, against measles: Henan doctors
River willow (willow river),wholesale Coach bags online store, parsley, 50 grams. Decoction to wash the body.

91, flat wart: Henan doctors
cow saliva, coating the affected area.

92, gallstones: Henan doctors
cuspidatum 60 grams, capillaris 30 grams, 15 grams of rhubarb. Decoction, twice daily.

93, hyperostosis: Henan doctors
shark 60 grams, 90 grams Eucommia, Achyranthes 90 g, shark drying research into 12 packages of bread, a pack a day, taken twice a day , Eucommia Achyranthes fried with salt, fried water 24 times, a surface delivery service.

94, acne: Henan doctors
white Chan 30 grams, 10 grams of salt. Spend two hours each day Topical drug soaked, paint the affected area.

95, smoking, alcohol law: Henan doctors
South Guayang drying surface with flush drunk as a tea, do not want to suck up to (quit). Horse sweat, scrape kerma Khan, 25, stirring with 500 grams of water are to drink (alcohol).

96, Indigestion: Henan doctors
Gallus gallus a black ugly 5 grams. Drying research into a fine foam, 1 day, water delivery service.

97, body odor: Henan doctors
ancient alum 10 grams, five grams of sulfur, Sophora 6 grams, snakeskin 5 grams. Spend drug research into thin foam drug coated ginger pieces dipped in the affected area twice daily.

98, heel pain: a Henan doctors
hair, made of cloth insoles, shoe pads, half more.

99, thick blood lipids: a two Henan doctors
peanuts, vinegar half a catty, bubble seven days after taking it 3 times a day, every time you eat 2.

100, bad breath: Ren Kou Henan amount of white doctors
. Each take one and put your mouth to chew, 3 times a day.

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six internationally recognized health drink (only the six):
1. green tea (cancer) (soften blood vessels) (sieve mouth water after a meal with tea, can prevent dental disease)
2. Red wine (small), red grape skin (anti-aging, anti-free radical) (to prevent heart disease) (to prevent heart suddenly stopped Bo) (morning not strenuous exercise)
3. milk
4. yogurt (to prevent harmful bacteria , growth-promoting beneficial bacteria)
5. bone soup (longevity)
6. mushroom soup (increase resistance)

health food:
1. corn, polenta (to prevent high cholesterol )
2. buckwheat (to prevent diabetes) (high fiber, to prevent gastrointestinal cancers) (Taomi Shui can wash pesticides)
3. tubers (prevent constipation) (lowering blood sugar, blood fat, the absorption toxins)
4. Oats (to prevent diabetes)
5. millet (sleep) (morning polenta, millet gruel at night)
6. Sesame
7. legumes (soybean Action Plan: a vegetables and a bean, add an egg, meat)

prone to misunderstanding:
1. (soy milk is more beneficial than the absorption of the nutritional value of milk is not inferior to)
2 (carrots beauty!!)
3. (bitter, anti-diabetes)
4. (tomato pigment, resulting tomato tomato heating elements, prime raw tomatoes not tomatoes, tomato scrambled eggs; anti-reproductive system cancers, bladder cancer)
5. (allicin, garlic cut into thin air in 15 minutes to produce allicin, can not be heated; cancer)
6. (black fungus, can prevention and treatment of myocardial infarction, better than Aspirin better)
7. (peanuts in red, increased blood clotting, easy myocardial infarction, so it is best to eat peeling)
8. (pollen, disinfection, peeled, desensitization, and consumption, can prolong life; can be used in the face beauty, eliminate all the spots, wrinkles, acne; food can also help treat constipation

not only to maintain their own but also tell the parents the information ~ ~ ~ ~ honor my parents for their health and longevity ~ ~ happy life

just ten minutes but you can make you and your parents live at least ten years ~ ~ ~ [turn] {~ Peking University Professor Qi ~}
health lecture notes to see live at least ten years after the ~ Peking University Professor Qi lecture notes ~
healthy life expectancy should be able to reach 100-175 years old, why have not reached it? The main reason is that we do not attach importance to health care, do not know how health knowledge. Many people die of ignorance, it is very wrong ah!
we know how to care it? Victoria International on a declaration, the declaration has three milestones: the first is called a balanced diet, and the second is called aerobic exercise, and the third called the state of mind. The three milestones, the international community has to know, and many of us do not know. Three milestones of the title will not change, but the content will change at any time.

A balanced diet

following the first question I say, balanced diet. The so-called balanced diet, drinking and eating two categories.

1, : people do not put milk; fifth bone soup; sixth mushroom soup.
Why mention mushroom soup? Because mushrooms can improve immune function. The same office, it was old and cold, it was old and not sick, why? Immune function is not the same. Mushroom soup can help improve the immune system, so is health care.
Why mention bone soup? Bone soup with one kind of gelatinous material longevity, so the world has a bone soup Street, and China does not. We investigated a bit, most recently in Suzhou, Nanjing and the city has, Beijing or not.
Why mention yogurt? Because yogurt is to maintain the flora balance. The so-called maintenance of flora balance is so beneficial bacterial growth, and to eliminate harmful bacteria, so eating yogurt can reduce the disease. Yogurt is very popular in Europe, many of us girls like yogurt, but they do not know what good
yogurt place. We are very surprised that China is very low sales of yogurt, and milk sales lot. We do not deny the role of the milk itself, but it is not the same as compared with the yogurt.

have soy milk, the latter say.

green tea: in all the drinks, it is the first cancer. Drink green tea, can protect the teeth, but also the blood vessel is not easy to break.

why green tea health effect? The original green tea which contains polyphenols, and polyphenols is cancer. Second, please note that green tea fluoride. The fluoride effect? Ancient people have long known that Cao Xueqin wrote Jia's Dream when people write to take tea after dinner mouth. Su also recorded his every meal to take tea in the lower mouth, the purpose is strong teeth, but he did not know the role of fluorine. The Japanese are now clear, and fluoride can not only strong teeth, can prevent cavities, eliminate plaque. Three minutes after a meal, teeth plaque will appear. Now many of us have bad teeth, not only do not take tea mouthwash, not even white water rinse, do not know where the problem lies. Now, some people began to tooth 30 years old, the age of 50 lost teeth on the whole. Third, the green tea itself contains tannin. Tea tannin is to improve the toughness of the blood vessels so that blood is not easy to break. Many people come to Beijing for treatment of cerebral vascular accident, four people died in the hospital every 1 in cerebral hemorrhage, it is very dangerous. Cerebral hemorrhage did not rule of law, afraid of anger, an angry one pound the table a stare, cerebral vascular collapse, and that I have seen too much. If green tea would not be drunk, so I am now a morning tea to drink. Why? I joke with people that are afraid to air my son.

you, you have this early age to drink, to shoot a few under the table when you stare at the eye are not afraid of a few. First green tea anti-cancer, the second can be strong teeth, the third cerebrovascular difficult to break, why not drink it? If you do not know how to drink tea, please immediately corrected, because the international trend is to drink green tea has. Some people resent me: drinking tea sleep how to do? --- Who told you to have tea before going to sleep?

wine: anti-aging, blood pressure and blood cholesterol. Therefore, the rich drink red wine, grapes do not have money spit grape skin, as health care.

second drink red wine. Why mention red wine? Many Chinese people do not know, Europe has long been known, and they drink a little red wine every day, men and women, why? Originally a kind of red grape skin reversal of alcohol. This reversal of alcohol is the anti-aging, one that anti-aging, people drink the. Reversal of alcohol or antioxidants, red wine drunk people is not easy to get heart disease. Second, it can help prevent sudden cardiac arrest, we call abrupt stop. Under what circumstances will arrest the heart? The first had had heart disease, the second has high blood pressure, and the third has a relationship with food. What food? Too large, tough, too sticky, hot food, easy to cardiac arrest. High blood lipids, but also make cardiac arrest. Red wine there is a role that can lower blood pressure and blood cholesterol. World Health Organization said no more than 300 ml. If you exceed this amount is wrong, no more than this amount is good. Some lesbians raised: how do I not drink? You do not drink, do not eat grapes it? Grapes do not spit grape skin will not it? But I tell you, there is no reversal of the white grape alcohol, so you do not lectures will not buy grapes. No reversal of the white grape alcohol, eating is quite unlikely, buy red grapes. Now, Europe has emerged a red grape cakes. I experimented, the red grapes clean, eat, when to swallow leather, very comfortable, all right. Therefore, the rich drink red wine, grapes do not have money spit grape skin, as health care.

longevity, money and power are not the principal, the main thing is to understand health care.

the body's normal internal environment is alkaline, vegetables and fruits are alkaline substances. All countries, all countries with high levels of health, consumption of vegetables and fruits are great. You do not care, would a la carte, useless. Some people joke that those guilty of corruption do not shoot, put him to eat dead food, I think is not exaggerated. Others resent me say: I do not how to solve food and clothing? Some people told me that, health care to We know that China is the most powerful emperor, well not that, say the Qing Dynasty, 13 emperors, wen 19-year-old dead, Junji 23 years old, Xianfeng 31-year-old, 38-year-old dynasty, but has lived for 89 years Qianlong . Special care will Qianlong in the Qing emperor in the longevity champions. We checked Qianlong information, first, he particularly good exercise; Second, he ate cake evaporation, with the thickness of the grain; the third, his good tour, the most famous is the next south, so he lived for 89 years. There are 818 monks on the survey, more than 30% of the monks to live to 90 years old, the youngest one is 65 years old. And there is nothing right? Their diet is worth our attention, we can learn it! Therefore, to longevity, money and power are not the principal, the main thing is to understand health care. If you do not care, money and power are not guaranteed, so the United Nations do not die of ignorance was said.

2, As you know, the best Asian food pyramid. What is Pyramid? Is to cereals, pulses,north face down jacket, vegetable species for food basis.

corn, buckwheat, potatoes, oats, millet, diet is more important than medication.

at international conferences, never mentioned rice, flour, not to mention Western fast food. Cereals in the first mention of the old corn, it is a American Medical Association made a survey and found that very few Indians have high blood pressure, arteriosclerosis, is to eat the old corn to eat. Later, the study found that corn contains a lot of lecithin, linoleic acid, Valley steroids, vitamin E, prevent hypertension and arteriosclerosis. Since then, the Americans changed the corn to eat. Americas, Africa, Europe, Japan, China, Hong Kong, Guangzhou in the morning eat a corn soup. Now, many people in the lecithin, it is hoped not atherosclerosis. But he did not know where the old corn lecithin containing up to, and do not spend more money. An old corn in the United States is $ 2.5, while in China as long as the dollar, much cheaper. But many of us do not know, do not eat. I would have changed drank polenta, and I have been insisting in the United States. I am 70 years old, energetic, full of energy, loud voice, quite unashamedly, and his face does not wrinkle. Why? Polenta drink drink, believe it or not. You drink your milk, I drink my polenta, we see who live longer.

grain buckwheat is the second mention. Why mention buckwheat? Many people now are The buckwheat is precisely the I asked the university students: What is buckwheat? They do not know, I know burgers. Buckwheat contains 18% cellulose, easy to get people to eat buckwheat gastrointestinal cancer, rectal cancer, colon cancer is not easy. We take the office who have cancer, colon cancer, many. You want to eat buckwheat?

grains for the third point is the sweet potato, sweet potato, yam and potatoes. Why? It is the original Absorb moisture, lubricate intestines and difficult to get cancer, colon cancer; absorption of fat and sugar, is not easy to have diabetes; absorption of toxins, less prone to gastrointestinal inflammation. I also investigated in the United States, the United States is to make it into a potato to eat a variety of pastries, eat less. Want people to eat more potatoes, the staple food in the can with a potato.

grains which have oats, long known abroad, many Chinese people do not know. If your high blood pressure, eat some oatmeal, oatmeal, oatmeal, because it fat, lowering blood pressure.

last thing to mention is millet. We are millet plus rifles fought victory ah! After returning home I asked: In fact, Have such a big advantage you do not eat!

we must understand that diet is more important than medication, which is Li said. Therefore, Li wrote in the Why do not we get food to solve the problem, have to take medicine? 10 drugs nine drugs, have not heard of medication to health care, the emperor did not do, Han did not do, you and I are not possible. But I have to declare: I am not against medication, I am against indiscriminate medicine, I suggest that medication,

of yellow, the most suitable is the milk.

then say, Our survey found that Chinese people lack of quality protein. So, sports competitions, we win the old ball, big ball victorious. Why? A hit on a golf course on a somersault kick. Now, our medicine is much higher than the United States, but our bodies are not as good as others. Chinese lack of quality protein, high-quality protein, not how to do? Ministry of Health has proposed a After I spoke, and some students say, become a

He said you do not talk about the amount, I'll give you the amount of plus points. Who told you to increase the amount? 300 mg cholesterol, one egg is right, why eat half a catty? Also made out of Twelve soy protein is equal to twenty-two lean, mean thirty-two eggs, equal forty-two rice, should you ate? The United States on August 15 each year as the country's Americans do not lack quality protein, soy nutrition they think the flower, the king of beans. What are the advantages

milk? Containing the oligosaccharides in milk, it can be absorbed 100%, and soy milk also contains potassium, calcium, magnesium, calcium content than milk and more. There is no anti-cancer substances in milk, and soy milk, there are five kinds of anti-cancer substances. In particular, the isoflavones, specifically the prevention, treatment, breast cancer, colorectal cancer, colon cancer. So for us yellow people, the most suitable is the milk. I am not against people drinking milk, but in order to prevent cancer, be sure to drink milk. Some people stopped to drink milk, soy milk, and this method is not necessarily good. You can then drink the milk, add a little milk properly.

radish, pumpkin, bitter gourd, tomatoes, garlic, black fungus and pollen, are beneficial to health food.

below, on The first international conference to mention the food is carrots. Why mention carrots? China's Do not see things at night, especially night blindness, eat well. Moreover, long-term eating carrots is not easy to get cold. Americans believe that the carrot is a beauty dish, keep hair, skin care, keep mucous membranes. People do eat carrots beauty from the inside out, this concept of beauty should be internal and external harmony. In Urumqi, someone invited me to eat dumplings, carrots filling, they called the name of the Russian dumplings. I finished, I felt beautiful. First, it raised mucosa, is not easy to cold; second, that it fit; Third, it is a bit anti-cancer effect, but the eyes are particularly good. Carrots also are not afraid of high, how high temperatures without loss of nutrition. Now, Europe has emerged a carrot cake.

Aquatica is the second mention of the pumpkin. Why Tinan melon it? It stimulates β-cells to produce insulin. Therefore, people who eat pumpkin is not easy to get diabetes. Bitter melon should also be mentioned, it was tough, but the secretion of insulin-like substance, easy to eat bitter people who have diabetes. Pumpkin, bitter gourd, our age, people must eat.

also mentioned the International Conference on tomato is tomato. In the United States, the Red Cross made of tomato seedlings to promote each family are planted tomatoes, tomatoes, aimed at preventing cancer. This is five or six years ago, they know. Not easy to get cancer eat tomatoes, you know? Prevent uterine cancer, ovarian cancer, pancreatic cancer, bladder cancer, prostate cancer. I ask you: how to eat tomatoes? Some say: That is not easy, to wash raw chanting. Others say to put slices of sugar, then drink beer. If it is such a food, I tell you: ride it! Inside there is something called tomato tomato pigment, which, combined in one protein, is difficult because of fiber wrapped around it, it must be heated, heating elements to a certain degree of tomatoes come out. I tell you, fried eggs, tomatoes, the most valuable. There is tomato soup or tomato soup is a good egg. Please note: raw tomatoes are not cancer.
garlic, cancer of the king. I say just a how to eat garlic, some people say: too warm to eat. --- What are you how warm? I tell you, the role of zero heating garlic! Shandong Province, Northeast favorite garlic, a prosthetic to eat, and said not to eat garlic cancer. But few days he served cancer, and why? Now the world knows how to eat garlic, only we do not know. Tell you, we must first slice of garlic, a piece of sheet, exposed to air for 15 minutes after eating, so eat garlic to be useful. The original, garlic itself is not cancer, Allicin only cancer, but cancer of the king. That day, I see people eat garlic, he took a bowl of noodles, then quickly put the garlic peeling out, a one to eat, not eat up to 5 seconds. Not even 5 seconds, what is the use of garlic that you? Is of no use. If you do not follow my method, it is quite unlikely. Many people do not eat garlic, because it is flavored. Do not worry, eat hawthorn, eat peanuts, tea, and then chewing a good point, no flavor. Foreigners eat garlic every week, why not eat it! When eating dumplings, dipped large minced garlic (sliced ​​or mashed at the end will do) vinegar is very good.
then talk about the black fungus. What role do black fungus? Now one to the New Year, myocardial infarction are more numerous and increasingly early age, young age of only 30 years old. Why New Year, the more myocardial infarction? Two reasons: one is the thick blood coagulation constitution, that is, high fat; the other is because the New Year to eat foods particularly hypercoagulable. We remember the people called thick blood coagulation constitution. Hypercoagulable hypercoagulable physical person with food, so the New Year many people, especially myocardial infarction, and age. Although he did not rule
myocardial infarction, but it can be prevented. Some doctors tell you take aspirin, and why? Aspirin makes the blood is not sticky, not myocardial infarction. However, aspirin's consequences? Consequences of retinal hemorrhage. Now many people retinal bleeding, I advise you not to eat aspirin. Aspirin is now Europe has not eat, eat? Eat black fungus.
black fungus has two roles, one of which is that blood is not sticky. The role of black fungus, is found in the American Heart specialists. He found that after all the Europeans, who have money and rank have changed the black fungus eat, and eat aspirin.
what kind of person is coagulation constitution? The answer is short, thick, fat people, especially menopausal women compatriots. Moreover, A1 blood type are more likely to become thick blood coagulation constitution. Also, the shorter the neck the more likely the high coagulation thick. Prevention of myocardial infarction, First New Year do not eat Hesse Hu; second drink plenty of tea, blood circulation; third do not get angry, and his blood thick. Thick blood also easy to drink liquor, drink to drink red wine a day does not exceed 100 ml.
If you eat the peanuts, do not eat, really eat, peel and eat. You see we Chinese peanuts, such as spiced peanuts, fried peanuts, fried peanuts, all the skin. You go to Europe to see, no skin of peanuts, people know not to eat the skin. Some people said: I tell you, peanut skin was increased platelets, used to stop bleeding, we do not eat in the elderly.
there, watching TV to pay attention, good TV to watch a moment, the TV does not look bad. Why? Sat there a long time, hemagglutination degrees will rise. I am particularly worried about? Already short, thick, fat, no neck, still menopause, blood type is A1, Hu eat Hesse, then a angry, and drink liquor, eat peanuts not skinned over, he tolerated myocardial infarction, my doctor had improperly .
Here to talk about pollen. Former U.S. President Ronald Reagan had suffered gunshot wounds, had had a malignant tumor, but he was so great age, is still alive, but had senile dementia. Why did he live long? Pollen play a significant role in his possession. Now, Europe and America are popular from the pollen came. After returning home I investigated the history, that we were very early. Wu eat pollen, the Empress Dowager Cixi eat pollen. As you know, plant pollen, sperm, conceived of life, the most abundant nutrient in the plant where the best thing. Ancient times, but we ignored it. Pollen in Japan, most used, regardless of how old people are using it beauty, the French model are also using it.
According to historical records, treatment of prostate disease drug ingredient, the first is found in the pollen, and if pollen cure, medicine can not solve the fear is, the last is renal failure, hematuria, and renal tumors. So to early treatment and not wait until renal failure. Second, many people gastrointestinal disorders, particularly female compatriots, resulting in habitual constipation. If you take a laxative, easy to get cancer, colon cancer. Pollen has a name called
Third, pollen also has a fitness function, to maintain shape. This is the pollen of the three major roles.
pollen is good, but to pay attention to, is not able to eat pollen, and must have a choice. They might, not only do not care, but also to get that sick. Have to take plastic bags to sell in the streets of pollen, a large pocket a few dollars, several kilograms. You look, the cheap, said Professor Qi good to eat pollen, buy several bags. Home to eat, became very sick the next day, hundreds of flowers to the hospital. You find me, I live this responsibility. You remember, the pollen must have three conditions to use.
first broken. If there is no broken pollen, nutrition is hard shell wrapped, can not be absorbed. Broken by the high-tech processing needs. You grind, heat, the nutrients are destroyed, but not entirely broken. Must be high-tech means, broken completely, particle size uniformity, low temperature preservation of nutrition to be useful.
second disinfection. Pollen is the wild, easily contaminated, should be disinfected. Also pay attention to disinfection. Steam steam on you, come back a few atmospheric pressure steam, dead bacteria, pollen is ripe, the nutrients are destroyed, but why eat it? Therefore, disinfection can not use high temperature and pressure.
Third, desensitization. Pollen is the protein, may cause allergic reactions. Some one spring day old coughing, sneezing, pollen allergies. So, you have a choice. Pollen allergy rate is generally low, therefore, products made of pure rape pollen mixed pollen is better than the mess. But most importantly, the product must undergo desensitization treatment of pollen to eat.
pollen must have broken, disinfection and desensitization which three to use.

to eat animals, the smaller the animal the more nutritional value.

finished plant, come to talk about animal issues. You attend the banquet, if there is beef, but also pork, should eat pork, beef, too many problems. First there is mad cow disease, the second foot and mouth disease, the third bad cholesterol. If there is another pork lamb, mutton; have another chicken and mutton, chicken; have another fish, chicken, fish; fish shrimp there, then eat them ah. It is not polite, the smaller the animal protein as possible, simple and popular nutrition depends on the size of the animal. International Conference, said, the best flea protein. Fleas, though it is so small, it can jump 1 meter high, you believe it? If it is enlarged to the people so much, it does not jump to the moon? So, a few American doctors wondering how to eat fleas it.

now WHO (World Health Organization) suggest that you eat chicken and fish. Why no mention of shrimp it? Not not mention, but the shrimp is too expensive, not easy to spread. If you have shrimp or prawns well. I now hold such a principle: if there is a principle: If you have shrimp, I ate two shrimp, two more than you have a stomach protein than beef. Very popular fish, fish protein for 1 hour can be absorbed, the absorption rate of 100%, and beef protein 3 hours to absorb.

fish, especially for elderly frail people are particularly suitable. Of course, the shrimp better than the fish. Japanese long life, longevity areas in the sea of ​​Japan, is the place to fish. Particularly want to eat fish, shrimp, in particular to eat whole fish (with headband tail), because the active substances in fish and shrimp head and abdomen. You will not buy fish buy shrimp? Should only buy fish shrimp, whole fish and eat the whole shrimp. This head has learned.

There is also a principle of eating: eat to master volume, not better. Eat Qicheng full, life can not stomach to eat Bacheng up, and if eating holders is full, that the two become redundant, waste, useless. So, do suggest that you eat golden 0.618: non-staple 6 4; coarse flour and rice 6 4.

now, humans eat animals, eat too much, and uneven thickness of the grain. One of my patients, breath eat six large buns, 20-year-old got the stomach to expand, diagnosis, either to die, either gastrectomy. The results removed half of the stomach, I am here every day to run. Eat must be appropriate, especially to the elderly do eat Qicheng eat.

material balance has a law, I will brief you. Birth to 5 months old breast-fed is best, more than five months, breast milk also die, need 42 more than the food. Old people need to get more. How to do? Fortunately, France has called Clement, Ph.D., he went to study in Africa found that the Lake Chad area of ​​indigenous people health and longevity. Locals fishing from the lake to eat a thing. They take the bag and eat the thing, and then drink the soup with the thing to do. Clement put the thing back in Paris, a test, the original is a microalgae, and is spiral, named call on Spirulina. I would also like to stress that
here. Spirulina 90 years in the domestic hot after a while would be finished. In the 30 years abroad, year after year hot, unabated. In 1984, Professor Qi Changjing letter to the Central, the proposed attention Spirulina research. At that time, Song Ping comrades handwritten instructions. Country At that time, hundreds on the production of Spirulina manufacturers can produce international quality spirulina health products, but a few. People than we are stupid? Spirulina commissioned by the quality of national quality inspection department, functional authority, Beijing University of Life Sciences, led by Professor Liu Zhaogan did a sampling. Samples from the market to buy back, and the results most of the unqualified. Spirulina 55% should be protein, and some samples of the protein all can not even come out, God knows what is! Many people buy poor quality, fake Spirulina, get that sick, strange Spirulina is not good, the valuable things to destroy.

So, choose what kind of Spirulina to eat, do not eat than eat the problem is much greater. Otherwise, not only do not care, Waste of money, there are life-threatening fix.

Spirulina choice, the first is selected algae species. Why is Thai rice with other rice different? Kind of good. Spirulina is the same, a good multi-nutrient algae species, the poor can not. Second, the election training environment. Spirulina is very strong adsorption capacity. Some manufacturers use the river water, lake support, and there are several rivers are clean? That heavy metals, chemical toxins Spirulina gone full breath, which can eat up care? Such a thing China Central Television reported, the domestic newspaper also exposed, but now there are a lot of people buy cheaper plans. Such a person, it may die of ignorance.

health effects of radiation on our lot, there are four ways to prevent.

first drink green tea; second to eat vegetables, turnip; third eat spirulina, but to choose the right; fourth eat algae Fook. According to their economic conditions, choose one, it is not eat apples and oranges.

Second, aerobic exercise is not recommended

morning exercise. 0:00 to 3:00, unshakeable to sleep.

experience of a principle: the morning of the elderly is not recommended to do strenuous exercise.
I suggest you exercise the evening. International regulations, and, after a meal 45 minutes before exercise. The elderly, walking on it, once for 20 minutes.
morning to get up on time, 6 points --- for your reference.
window of time, 9 am to 11 am, 2 pm to 4 points. Why? Because after 9 am sinking of air pollution, pollutant reduction, there is no dust phenomenon. Members note that the morning open the window, not in the window of breath, or carcinogenic substances, dust material have come to your lungs, and easy to get lung cancer. From abroad, warned that the 6 am to 9 pm, is the most dangerous cancer-causing moments.
say that sleep problems. We argued that if the night did not sleep well, you should take a nap. Nap time is half an hour after lunch, it is best to sleep for an hour, slept too long, the body no good. Do not cover thick quilt. What time at night to sleep? We never advocate early. If you sleep 7 pm, midnight on the up and toss, it does not work. We stand at 10 pm to 10:30 sleep. Because one hour to one and a half hour into the deep sleep, is the most scientific, it is midnight 12 am to 3 points, 3 hours unshakeable, what they do not dry. 3 hours this is a deep sleep. If this 3 hours sleep, and it certainly refreshed the next day. If you go to bed after 4:00 am, it is light sleep. Will sleep and not sleeping, a big difference. Before going to bed a hot bath, water temperature 40 to 50 degrees Celsius, will make high-quality sleep.Third, the psychological state
longevity of the biggest advantages, that is, from a young age like to laugh, to old, still laughing, so live long. Laugh, international health has become a standard.
care of the third milestone is the psychological state of the problem. If the bad state of mind that you exercise and eat for free, which is very important.

easy to get angry tumor, the whole world know. Stanford made a very interesting experiment: the nasal tube resting on the nose so you breathe, and then provide a nasal tube on ice for ten minutes. If the ice does not change color to show you calm; if ice white, and that you are guilty; if the ice purple, and that you are very angry. Out of the purple ice water 1 to 2 ml to mouse marked, 1 to 2 minutes after the mice died. So easy to get angry tumor, this is a very serious problem. I advise you, why did not you get angry, do not be angry. If you really wait any longer, I tell you, you look at the table, not more than 5 minutes, more than five minutes to be a bad thing --- the blood become purple.

Psychological Association presented five ways to avoid the anger: First, avoid; second shift, people call you, you go to play chess, fishing, did not hear; third release, but be careful: people call you, you went to criticize others, this is not called the release, the release is to find close friends to talk, or else put in their hearts to get sick; Fourth, sublimation, that is, the more people that you are not good, the more you do; Fifth control, that is, how do you call me afraid, this is the most important method.

international conference has given us a warning, let us drink green tea, soy, sleep, regular exercise, do not forget to always laugh.

How clever man refused to seduce good bubble text: Su Qin
years of marriage I am a married woman, about to turn 30 years old, and her husband lived a quiet life, like any other couple living in the same small occasional friction, but get along pretty well. More homely husband and I loved him very much cherish family.
but to make some friends recently, including a 40-year-old middle-aged men obviously have a crush on me, motioned to me from time to time, or beating about the bush. As a friend is concerned, this person is really good, other people also said that good of others. If I were unmarried woman, then this person is considered a good target. But I'm married and love their husbands, love their families, I do not know how to politely refuse him without injury to his face (because of his other friends have also seen her interesting to me)? Or how to get along with both a good friend, but also grasp the scale? He told me I have been enjoying a bit of praise, but the reason they told me that progress downward is not right. Or, my heart felt faint, perhaps the 40-year-old married man, he saw me a little bit mature, a little modesty, a little conservation of the women wanted to conquer, to show their affordability. So how do I take, how to handle this relationship?

In fact, you're right, some men are naturally inclined to conquer a woman, see a conversation as long as the charming elegance of a woman he wanted to share her feelings. Of course, these men have their lovers, or even have a wife and son a lot, but people are always greedy, especially the more decent of men, the more hope to reap thousands of pet world!
So, you have always maintained the mentality of denial, which is good, because even if you hooked, but also a segment with him night stand, you got to the final rift with husband's heart, this thing is worth it a!
However, as you said, you enjoy your praise him, this is certain, is a man of few women to escape the praise, always praise a man a woman's good, it means that This man will slowly into her heart. So, even if your reason tells you can not go forward, but you still will not help people who expect to meet with him!
Obviously, from your narrative point of view, this man is a very psychological understanding of women veteran, secretly hands, beating about the bush, this mode moves so familiar style, showing that he used this trick and I do not know how much you get normal woman, with the now popular, then, this is a This class of men, is the real killer of the family, this world, this looks like a decent number of women to men to die to live, have to say, these men may not stick, open the head, the future is unclear easy cooking!
the current circumstances, does not know he and your husband do not know? If you do not understand, then to introduce her husband to his understanding, or, at a friend's party, as much as possible while you attend the couple, this is primarily a hint of foreign people: my wife and a very good relationship.
addition, you can talk to him a lot of sweet talk about his deeds with her husband, once again prove to him: I told her husband's feelings indestructible!
If he got the message, would secretly withdraw troops, do you honestly from pure male friends. I do not know if he was interested in, still step teaser, and that such a friend, not worth mentioning. Even if he is a good reputation of the man child candidates, but compared with their family, the loss of a friend, nothing!
course, the key issue is: you are not willing to completely sever the homes he's thinking about you.
Yes, the woman is often the case: Although you do not want the real thing with his achievements, but do not want him come quickly withdraw troops. Woman hope we can enjoy some free love and favor. Thus, women often fall into the trap of a man!
So, now you can not overcome his problems, but you can not beat their vanity issues. Although,Outlet Coach Audrey Collection, as a man, he is very attractive, but someone else's husband, or do not touch the good, touch, and the future is to run into a wall!

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[more care, more humble] from now on, smarter, do not ask other people want you, love your? If you naturally want to love you or will you say, but from your mouth and say it, people will be very proud and do not care about you. Some people do not care too much, too much care about something, go with the flow, to the best state of mind to face, the world is this: often the best care in the face of things, we do not value the most.

[AC] quarreled with is kind of long, unavoidable dispute. Some lovers quarrel frequently, but year after year, are still together, never betray; some lovers, never quarrel, outsiders are Mu his sweet, but lightning broke up; quarrel is crazy exchange, Ken left quarrel always love you. But patience, gradually will become a time bomb, one day suddenly exploded, destroying all feelings are transient.

[psychological] really anxious Zen said, leave angry; thermal problems, cold treatment; dare to tackle tough problems, not Ying Peng; do not look for a job, afraid of something; to go straight, bend Shui live; dry dirty work will rest; do things, sub-priorities; the last thing, do not regret it; front matter, Mo comparisons; get, will lose; lost, go by it; frustrated when not carried away; frustrated, not sad; often have wide and good mood; more confused , Changle Oh; do everything, just normal.

others have, you do not have to envy, if they work hard, you will have; own, you do not have to show off, because the others are struggling, will have. A little more fun and less trouble, whether rich or poor, high or low status, knowledge, shallow or deep.

never to envy someone else's life, even if that person looks happy abundance. Never to evaluate whether other people happy, even if that person looks helpless. Happy people drinking water, Lengnuanzizhi. You're not me, it turns out I walked the streets, the hearts of music and pain.

Management Psychology] [value of 8,000 yuan a person, do not bargain only willing to pay him 7,500 yuan. Even save a 500, actually cool his heart, a better opportunity, people Bajiao left. On the contrary, very much love to pay him 10,000 yuan, he will come up with twice the capability for you to dry their lives. Remember, two people would rather spend the money to recruit a good man, do not use a person's money to recruit two far from satisfactory.

love is not a vanity, to bring it up to show off in front; love is not a beautiful clothes, wear on the outside for everyone to enjoy; love is not a task to have to explain to friends and family. Love is a thing you, you happy or not happy, only you know.

vast majority of people, most of the time, can only rely on their own. No background, did not encounter any elegant, did not read what the good schools, which are no harm. The key is, you determined which way to go, what kind of person wants to be, how to prepare to start their own laziness. To move forward, I believe the dream and stick. Only in this way, you have a chance to prove themselves and find what you want dignity.

psychology, most people only have safety people angry. Because in that safety within. You subconsciously know each other will not leave you. Nonsense is a dependent.

Once the flow of deep water

Do you often Henbuxiaxin

attitude adjustment: When you feel as good as people everywhere, do not self-esteem, remember you are only ordinary people. When people ignore you, do not be sad, everyone has their own life, no one can have with you. You can cry, but crying you have to pull ourselves together, could lose everything, do not lose the smile.

gave all the girls] [1 favorite thing to buy their own efforts, do not expect a gift. 2. You can find cheap clothes, but remember the higher grade than this price. 3 In the QQ, remove the ex-boyfriend's phone number, to avoid the nerve vulnerable when approached him. 4 weight loss is to a better life. If weight loss and loss of life because of the fun, it is better to give up. 5 focus on the heart, but does not neglect appearance.

McDull said: There are things that speak out, do not wait for the other party to comprehend, because the other is not you, do not know what you want, wait until the last can only be sad and disappointed, especially feelings.

more mature friends, the more rude dialogue; the more mature friends, the more wretched behavior; the more mature friends, the more jokes do not care about; more mature friends, the more you come out to play control you; the more familiar friends, meet less the more thoughts; the more familiar friends, you have a wrong left his face no more to curse you; the more familiar friends, is not happy when he thought of the first the more a person is you.

[Why do we often unhappy? ] 1. No faith. 2 random comparisons. 3 lack of beauty. 4 hard to charity. 5. I do not know enough. 6. Anxious. 7. Often blind. 8 non-assertive. 9 weight gains and losses. 10. Is numb. 11. Too hasty. 12. Very greedy. 13 vertical desire. 14. Not free. 15 small reading. 16. No repentance. 17 more plot. 18. Less candid.

many couples quarrel, is basically a mental road map: 1, because some words and deeds of men, women are angry; 2 men began to explain, I thought: you need it so surprising? 3. A woman constantly trying to emphasize not the things themselves, but the man's attitude; 4 men want: they began settling old accounts are finished forever, a woman thought: now how such an irresponsible man; 5. They forget why quarrel the service but who also do not want to be soft.

psychological skills: do not want to do the outset refused People always try to maintain a consistent image in the eyes of others. We promised something, always try to complete, otherwise it will produce psychological stress, lose the trust of people. Is the so-called light promisee Guaxin. I do not want to do, we must reject from the outset, do not drink alcohol on an all.

will no sound. Once the deep feelings of people will become weak.

If you can do things as exercise,Outlet Coach Sunglasses, while enjoying the busy, the frustration when the growth to suffer when the harvest, when the unfortunate nightmare of the past success when, then your life will feel very relieved, very comfortable!

that person, suddenly does not contact you, normal; that person, suddenly they contact you, also normal, it shows nothing.

to do things, for they are not cruel, nor cruel to others. So, you are always sticky gooey, do not always have the heart to refuse others, always not resolved to give them the better, always lingering indecisiveness of the past, unable to extricate themselves ... ... you have to hard time, otherwise you'll never live not their own.

no secret to success, if any, only two: the first is to uphold in the end, never give up; The second is when you want to give up, please come back to the secret according to the first do. - Winston Churchill

[Fang] cypress (dried drug), pepper kernels, Pinellia, 90 grams. The drug fry 500 ml water 250 ml, into the honey a little, and fry 1 - 2min, when boiled with a little ginger juice into the mix thoroughly, rubbing no hair at 2 times a day.
[side two] alum, turmeric each decile, the alum, turmeric made into pills, each 4 - 5 grams, 2 times a day.
side three] [salt 15 grams of the salt by adding 1500 ml of warm water, stir, wash your hair once a week - 2 times. Long-term application of this method to prevent hair loss.
[four] pija three square, walnut 2, Oriental Arborvitae 30 grams of the drug were soaked pound snow hair, and smooth their hair lotions do not fall off. The parties in particular for kidney pattern baldness.
number of Biota orientalis] [square 5, the Boye dried small study, in order to oil the spring, grow hair brush dipped in each killer after man soup with pig bile shampoo. This particularly applies to women, hair loss side.
【6】 plantain side 200 grams of rice cool amount, the plantain baked into a whole plant carbon, immersed in vinegar, a week later, the lesion treated with the drug daily vinegar 2 - 3 times.

【7】 black bile square 1, locust bean amount, the locust bean into the bile of the ox bile, filled with beans can be soaked in Cassia, oral administration of 9 grams each time, 3 times a day .
[Square 8] Oriental Arborvitae 240 grams (drying), Angelica (systemic) 120 grams of the drug were research for the end (avoid iron), water paste as the pill, such as the Indus sub-major, each serving a 50 - 70 pills, sooner or later, to take wine or salt soup the next.
[square 9] sesame flower, cockscomb 60 grams, 1.5 grams of camphor, white wine 500 grams of sesame flower, cockscomb pieces, then soak people wine, sealed 15 days later, filtered and then people wine in camphor , so that melt back to cotton wool dipped in wine Tucha hair loss areas, paint a day 3 - 4 times. This particularly applies to neurological side hair loss. [ten] sesame
square stems, Ching Ming Liu (Ching Ming Festival mining willow leaves) of 90 - 120 grams, decoction shampoo, and rubbing the scalp once every 1 - 7. This particular side for seborrheic alopecia.
side eleven [1] pig gall, bitter bile pig warm water into the basin and a half after mixing, shampoo or wash the affected area, the grease-like scales clean, rinse, day 1. This particular side for seborrheic alopecia.
[twelve] live side centipede 3, will live centipede with vegetable oil 3 - 4 days, first take the raw wood chips soup shampoo, washed with centipede oil coating head to side ten [more

three] Ruddle, Ruddle study of the fine flour, twice daily for 3 grams of warm water, even for 2 - 3 months.
[party] fourteen medlar 15 grams, 50 grams of rice, the medlar, put the casserole in the washed rice congee consumption.
side fifteen] [Polygonum 30 grams, 50 grams of rice, crystal sugar, put the casserole in the fleece-flower root fried, take the gravy, the dregs, and then release the rice and sugar to rice congee Serve food . This particularly applies to hair loss side long unhealed.
[side sixteen] brier shoots 100 grams, Husun ​​ginger 50 grams of the drug juice boiling water to cook one hundred brush, in particular for the party after the hair loss disease.
side seventeen] [sub Husun ​​ginger lettuce each 100 grams, the drug is the end of the first not to damage the germinal Bamboo Knife wounds after rubbing them with this drug for the degree of hair growth.
[square eighteen] weeping willow leaves 500 grams of ginger juice 100 ml, the weeping willow leaf shade in the end, add ginger in iron absorption within the pound, to take liquid rubbing the affected area. In addition to the side for hair loss, but also with the government off the eyebrow.

side nineteen] [mulberry, Mama of 500 grams of rice boiled one hundred drugs to take boiling water bath hair.
[at twenty] Shu Jiao 500 grams of raw Pinellia, Drynaria 250 grams, the end of the crude drug research, impregnated with liquor 7 days, topical rubbed the affected area 3 times a day, until the hair growth. Or fried dried ground pepper mixed with sesame oil and a mix, rub in hair loss sooner or later the scalp, usually a week after it began to grow out the hair, if hair loss a long time to hold on for some time.
side twenty-one] [pig iron, 100 grams, 500 grams wax pig fat, pig fat in the pig iron into the boil, wash the affected area first with vinegar, hot air cloth wipe, and then oil coated.

side twenty-two] [raw Pinellia, each 300 grams of ginger, sesame oil, 1,000 grams, the drug powder, sesame oil dipping to a half, when the first order with ginger rubbed the affected area, after the drug coating of oil day 1, once every three months, namely, the Health eyebrow hair loss. 23-
[] lime, white wine of 1500 grams, the stir-fry coke lime water, soaked with liquor of a half months later, to the residue, each drink 10 ml, 1, a long time the new Fat rehabilitation.
[at twenty four】 castor 2,500 grams, the castor bean by adding juice bottles, juice storage whichever half cup each into the rice porridge, eaten frequently self-pleasure.
side twenty-five] [Angelica, Bo Ren-500 grams, the total study drug powder, water and honey for the pills, such as the Indus son big meal swallow every 6 - 10 grams, 3 times a day , in January for a course of treatment.

treatment of hair loss remedies Collection
1. vinegar 150 ml, 200 ml of water heating. Hot wash, day 1. Wash often effective.
2. Sangbaipi 120 grams of water to cook, to the residue to wash hair, heal up.
3. Vinegar 3.50 ml, Mexico 2. Ink block in vinegar with research into a thin paste, rub the affected area 3 times a day.
4. Chuanxiong 5 grams, Radix 20 grams of walnuts 30 grams. Behalf of the tea decoction were broken.
5. raw sienna 500 grams, research into Ximo after the screening. Morning and evening meals, each serving 3 grams, even for 3 months to heal. Indications young hair loss.
6. fresh Oriental Arborvitae 30 grams, cream 15 grams of mulberry leaves, flowers downtown sheep 3 grams Drynaria 12 grams, 10 grams Speranskia, saponins 3 grams. Into powder, placed in a large jar, with 75% alcohol soaked, not too Yaomo alcohol to the degree, the bottle sealed, 7 days can be used. When to use gauze to filter out some liquid, applied with cotton wool dipped in the affected area 3-4 times daily, until the cure.
7. Polygonum, raw red cedar, black sesame, Eclipta, Ligustrum lucidum, habitat, 30 grams of dried tangerine peel 15 grams Chuanjiao 9 grams, Daqing salt 13 grams. Add water 3000 ml, 1500 ml fry, take the concoction, add black beans 500 grams, cook until beans have all been absorbed light concoction until the beans dried, Juefu 60 each, 3 times a day, cure side stop.
8. Tianma, Radix, Rehmannia, white peony root, angelica, papaya each 33 g, dodder seed 50 g, Chuanxiong 17 grams. Of research into powder, and for the pill, pill per 10 grams. Take 1 pill each morning and evening, warm water.
9. ginger skin (drying), 30 grams of ginseng, a total fine, the ginger hair cut at the dip Yaomo rub on it, every other day. This side is mainly used for hair loss caused by psychological factors.
10. raw tuber, Vitex, Bozi, 15 grams, a total fine, in order to hamper the chicken fat (ie, black-bone chicken fat), and of, one thousand pound under study, in canopic jars sealed, remove the Hundred Days Tu pleasure Department, San Wuri the hair growth. This side is mainly used for hair loss caused by deficiency and wind-dryness.
11. Health and 15 grams of astragalus, Codonopsis 12 grams, Angelica, 9 grams Atractylodes, Arctium, gelatin, Poria, Citrus aurantium, cassia twig of 6 grams, 3 grams of licorice. Cook 2 times, the liquid mixture. 1 day, 2 pm service, 15 for a course of treatment.
12. fresh switchgrass, sesame stalk, Millettia the right amount. Jianshui shampoo, daily morning and evening 1. Liquid can be left, within the re-fried and then poured into the dregs.
13. leaves, chrysanthemum, wind, mint, wormwood this, nard, Agastache rugosa, Vitex, Nepeta ear of 9 grams. Jianshui Washing the affected area once daily, once every 2-3 times. Fumigation can be repeated every half months later.
14. habitat, 30 grams of fleece-flower root, black sesame stems, each 50 grams of fresh switchgrass. Decoction, hot Washing the affected area, washed the affected area covered with a dry towel for half an hour. 1 day, 3 times a shampoo, 5 days for treatment.

a hair loss medication, hair loss treatment for external use are:
scattered germinal Zi Rong: ginger skin (drying), ginseng equal parts, research into Ximo, fresh ginger, cut off , dip Yaomo paint the affected area, treatment of alopecia areata.
germinal liniment (, white moss skin, one hundred, Chuan Jiao, ginger, Bauhinia skin of 6 grams, a week after taking vinegar leachate Waicha affected area, three times a day, for alopecia areata.
Second, herbal lotion (
Third, treatment with oral medication for hair loss:
two to pill (, holly child into powder, Eclipta Aogao, made pill, 10-20 grams each morning and evening empty stomach. Liver or kidney, Jiufu white hair black, and kidney physical.
wolfberry wine sinensis (
four topical hair treatment shampoo drug are:
soy fried (After the hair is dry shampoo for painted hair, hair dye is safe and nutritious.
daughter to make white hair was still dark side (
5, treatment of oral medication has white hair:
UFA wine (Winter, Schisandra, Notopterygium, turtle shell with 25 grams total for the thick end, into the bag, immersed in 10 kg around the 15th of sorghum liquor, meals, each serving a 10 ml.
six white hair black square: black sesame, black beans, raw fleece-flower root of equal parts powdered porridge, a little sugar, sooner or later, the amount of boiled water.
seven, Chinese medicine treatment of hair loss: Hair loss is a symptom of skin disease, Chinese medicine, dermatology is an integral part of the motherland, although the formation of specialized disciplines in ancient times, but the skin disease and alopecia areata hair loss information can be scattered subjects books.

hair and internal organs are closely related:
1. the main blood vessels, the main gods, the heart of the health of the; heart, Chinese in the face, hair is more than blood.
2. LIVER blood, hair is more than blood. Nutrition from the blood, hair, hair so thick when young filled blood, the color black and shiny; old liver blood deficiency, the hair becomes pale, easy to fall off.
3. Shengqing spleen. Diet can temper the subtle, fluid on the lose in the lungs, other organs and lose distributed in the body metaplasia of blood nutrients, and of course the hair to get nutrition.
4. lung, its in the hair. China is the meaning of glory exposed. From the wing and dry hair can be inferred rise and fall of lung function, it is because the lungs can Lung disease can occur when hair brown and easily broken.
5. kidney, in the hair. Although hair nutrition from the blood, but life is rooted in kidney. Rise and Fall of kidney, the performance of the hair on the outside. Chong Sheng Shen Qi young adults, thick glossy hair; frail elderly, people with weakened kidney haggard and hair loss is often easy.

hair loss dialectical theory of governance can be divided into the following types
1. liver and kidney deficiency: labor injury, liver and kidney deficiency caused by excessive lust, skin dystrophy, the hair dry off. Expelling nourish liver and kidney, skin Ru Yang, Fang Yin Zi plus Zhibai Dihuang Angelica subtraction. Composed of: Angelica 20g, habitat 30g, Rehmannia 30g, Chuan Xiong 10g, white peony root 15g, fleece-flower root 15g, Asparagus 10g, flax 10g, Zhimu 10g, Treats 6g, Chinese yam 15g, paeonol 10g, Alisma 15g, Poria 20g, Shan cornelian cherry meat 15g.
2. darling Huo-wang: long the blood hot dry wind. The hair dystrophy, dry off. Pinggan Xiehuo cooling for the treatment of the principle, available habitat 30g, paeonol 10g, Scrophularia 12g, Huang Qin 15g, red peony root 20g, pearl 30g, Chai Hu 15g, Gardenia 15g, Cimicifuga 15g, Radix 10g, chrysanthemum 15g decoction.
3. bedridden deficiency or excessive blood loss and blood loss: blood loss is not as nutrient deficiency skin, resulting in under Cou close the pores open, Feng Xie take advantage of the wind Sheng dryness, loss of wing hair, haggard off. Kidney ⒀ ⒁ ugly woman with plague-po Ying take along the enzyme-order? G, Curculigo 10g, Epimedium 10g, Dodder 30g, Psoralea 10g, Cistanche 10g, antler 15g, Radix Astragali 40g, angelica 20g, red sage root 30g, 30g habitat , Rehmannia 30g, ginseng 10g, decoction.
4. labor sad spleen: depression is labor sad spleen, moisture transport and disorders; endogenous heat,north face shoes men, the steam caused the hair dystrophy, loss. Expelling nourishing the heart and spleen, dampness heat, use Poria 20g, Atractylodes fried 20g, Coix Seed 20g, Ze muddy 15g, Amomum 10g, Menispermaceae 6g, angelica 20g, red sage root 30g, Pueraria 30g, Oriental Arborvitae 10g, red peony 15g, Huang Qin 15g, decoction.
5. seborrheic alopecia: due to excessive intake of high fat, high protein, dietary excess, or Yongnaoguodu due. Available angelica 20g, habitat 30g, Alisma 15g, Sophora japonica 10g, Cimicifuga 15g, wind 10g, Health Hawthorn 30g, decoction.
6. In addition, hair loss treatments available outside:
1). Arborvitae Leaf 60g, licorice 10g, decoction outside the wash.
2). chip ginger rub.
3). Tribulus terrestris 15g, fresh white skin 25g, Nepeta 10g, leaves 10g, wind 10g, ginger 3g, licorice 10g, decoction shampoo.
traditional Chinese medicine prescription hair loss prescription

[a] consists of: habitat Rehmannia 20 g 20 g 20 g angelica black sesame Oriental Arborvitae 15 g 30 25 g Radix restraint Eclipta 20 g
usage : first medication about one hour after cold water immersion boiling line, was converted into a slow fire to boil, boiled for 30 minutes following each dose can be decoction 3 times.
Function: nourishing liver and kidney, black hair growth to be. Indications: Hair loss and premature graying.
subtraction: liver and kidney deficiency worse (mostly for alopecia areata), plus 20 grams of wolfberry, dodder seed 20 g, Ligustrum lucidum 20 g, Schisandra 10 grams; Sheng blood heat by the wind (mostly seborrheic alopecia ), to cultivated land, black sesame seeds, plus free oneself 10 grams, white moss Leather 20 grams, 10 grams of Kochia scoparia, Sophora 15 grams, Dan 10 grams, 10 grams Chuanxiong, centipede 3 (powder clothing); and gas stagnation and blood stasis, add 10 grams of safflower, peach kernel 10 grams, Chi Shao 15 grams, 30 grams of Millettia.
] [prescription two components: Radix angelica Bozi whole fried saffron
system usage: research on the drug powder and absorbed, encrypted transfer service, each 10 grams, 2 times a day.
function: kidney and blood, blood circulation network. Indications: General bald.

flow of Chinese medicine treatment of hair loss 17 prescription prescription

[1] alum, turmeric equal parts.
system usage: control pill into powder. 4-5 grams each time, 2 day service.
indications: alopecia
[2] Ruddle prescription amount.
system usage: research to fine. 2 times a day, 3 grams each, blunt boiled water, even clothes 2-3 months.
indications: alopecia
prescription [3] sesame flower, cockscomb 60 grams, 1.5
grams of camphor, white wine 500 g
system usage: the sesame flower, cockscomb pieces, soak liquor the seal, 15 days after the filter, then manipulation of camphor dissolved into the wine. A cotton swab dipped in wine, application may be off
indications: alopecia
nerve [4] Polygonum prescription 30 grams of rice, 50 grams of crystal sugar.
system usage: made of rice consumption, long service effective.
indications: long-term hair loss prescription refractory
[5] Polygonum, Astragalus, Codonopsis, yellow sesame, Placenta, 30 grams, medlar, psoralen, Angelica, Rehmannia, dodder seed, Achyranthes The
20 grams, Biota orientalis, Sophora, Salvia, cooked Zao Ren, Bozi, Polygalaceae, 15 grams, cooked tuber, Morinda, Epimedium, Zhigancao 12 grams
system usage: A total of research to fine, refined honey for the pills, such as mung bean. 10 grams per serving, sooner or later 1. Early hair loss, 1-2 agents can be more.
indications: alopecia
[6] Polygonum vine prescription 20 grams of Pueraria 12 grams, habitat, Chan Yi, Xin weed flower, Angelica, Epimedium, Lithospermum, dodder seed, 10 grams
system usage: syrup 500 ml, 3 times a day, each time 50 ml.
indications: seborrheic alopecia
prescription [7] Angelica, Huang Jing, Biota orientalis, mulberry real son of 15 grams, flax, walnut meat, fleece-flower root 20 grams, 10 grams of Cordyceps
system Usage: Shuijianbi day one. Liver and kidney deficiency, dizziness, ringing in the ears were added wolfberry fruit, dodder seed, raspberry, 15 grams; wind Sheng dryness, itching, scaling plus habitat 15
indications: alopecia
prescription [8] Ligustrum lucidum, Eclipta, aspartic, Ophiopogon, Polygonum each 18 grams, Rehmannia, Salvia, 30 grams, Rehmannia, Bozi, 20 grams each, Radix 60 g, 15 g Uncaria, Campanulaceae, fried Polygalaceae the 9 grams, rhubarb 6 g, Poria 12 grams, 3 grams of licorice
System Usage: Shuijianbi.
indications: alopecia totalis
prescription [9] Dodder, Hawthorn, 30 grams, 15 grams treating diabetes, indigo 20 g
system usage: A total of research for the end. 3-4 grams each time, 2 day service, wine for the lead.
indications: alopecia
prescription [10] Angelica, Chrysanthemum, 30 grams Rhizoma, Rhizoma, Gastrodia 24 grams, 18 grams papaya, Rehmannia, dodder seed 60 g
system usage: total fine the end of the refining honey for the pills, each pill weighs 9 grams. Dose after a meal.
indications: alopecia
frightened prescription [11] Rehmannia 24 grams, Shan Yu, yam 12 grams, Dan, Alisma, Poria, 9 grams, 30 grams of Schisandra
system usage: study of fine, refined honey for the pills, 9 grams. 2 times a day, each time a pill.
indications: Women deficiency hair loss prescription
[12] Dodder, Rehmannia, Cistanche 60 grams, psoralen, complanatus son, Tribulus terrestris, habitat of 30 grams of wolfberry fruit, black sesame seeds 45 g System Usage: research to fine, refining pill, each pill weighs 9 grams. Daily morning and evening for 1 pill.
indications: kidney yin deficiency hair loss prescription
[13] black sesame seeds, Ligustrum, Eclipta, 30 grams, 10 grams of mulberry leaves, white peony root 12 g, habitat, mulberry, fleece-flower root, 15 grams
System Usage: Shuijianbi.
indications: kidney essence deficiency hair loss prescription
[14] black sesame seeds 500 grams, 60 grams dried mulberry leaves.
system usage: powder, honey for the pills, such as almond large. Daily morning and at night a long and effective service.
indications: alopecia
[15] black sesame prescription amount
system usage: fry into powder, 20 grams per serving, 2-3 times daily doses, sugar transfer service, long service effective.
indications: longitudinal
hair prescription [16] Vitex, blue suitcase, lotus seed, tuber 30 grams, broken gray hair amount of
system usage: total small study, wine impregnated, sealed After loading the bottle, half will be drug out, with black-bone chicken fat to reconcile.
indications: alopecia
prescription [17] black sesame stalks, willow branches, the system uses the same amount
: decoction.
her hair. Indications: alopecia
how hair so the hair becomes thick black
1, black hair thicker - Taomi Shui shampoo. Cooking every day will produce Taomi Shui, please Taomi Shui left, packed in a container placed on two days, let it ferment. Then used to wash your hair three days washed once, not three months, your hair will be thicker, black.
fermentation will have a sour taste Taomi Shui, do not ignore it, adhere to wash, rinse with water after washing. Note Taomi Shui shampoo when you can not use shampoo.
2, changing the hair becomes dense - water with ginger hair. Take ginger, two, washed and chopped, boiled in hot water in an hour. Until the water boiled yellow, you can remove and discard the ginger. Wash your hair with this water, you can germinal hair.
so the hair becomes thick and black and therapeutic approach:
(1) barley: barley, wheat, also known as rice, wheat Mou, waxy wheat and so on. Of sweet, slightly cold. Contains protein, fat, carbohydrates, calcium, phosphorus, iron, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, cellulose, etc. Effect of heat diabetes, Qi W, the tonic, strong blood, beauty black hair and so on. The nutrient-rich, easy to digest, eat the body can fit.

Then severe cold, it will be OK!!
As long as you do as I wrote the following, whether children, adults or old cold, do not need to eat any of the drugs, can quickly cure a cold.
just some cold symptoms, such as a physical feeling of cold or headache, dizziness, heavy head or the body's fatigue and pain, or the total flow of water nose, or throat pain must have been a timely manner.
discharged as soon as flu virus that causes Western virus, the virus has no cure, so you do not have to think about using medication to solve, the best and most effective way drink a lot of warm water a day, drink several cups of warm water, and more on the toilet several times, is the most effective way to discharge the virus. Such as sore throat can significantly increase a little in warm water a little salt, a touch of warm salt water to drink that can quickly relieve throat pain.
1, discharged as soon as the incentive for a cold cold cold, cold hands and feet as long as the situation is definitely cold, and cold air is discharged as soon as the key to cold. Cong Jiangsuan diet is ranked in the cold the best food, and some people like to use a few slices of ginger with a spoonful of brown sugar to boil water to drink cold, some people like to boil water to drink with a few onions to sweat cold, when cold and cough, in the brown sugar, ginger, garlic and boiled with water, add stray, drink to relieving, just cough. In short, whether it is used Cong Jiangsuan relieving, or eat a blazing pot relieving, can increase body heat quickly, so that the pores open, sweat excreted through the cold.
method is to use warm water and a row of cold feet sweat, the effect is the same well, by the severe cold, brown sugar, ginger can be sipping water, while their feet must use barrel bubble, easier to sweat. Ai Qing can take 1 / 4, sprinkle crushed and put into barrels in brewing with boiling water of the open, then add warm feet, soak the body sweating, then drink warm water, cold as soon be able to discharge.
2, we must ensure that adequate sleep and rest as long as there is a flu-like symptoms, and must be timely rest, which is to reduce the disease, the body to restore the key. Usually after a lot of water, drink Cong Jiangsuan warm water several times, after relieving sweating feet again as soon as possible and rest the next day will be able to recover the basic body.
3, aching muscles after a cold how to do?
aching muscles indicating the body alpine heavy, be sure to drink plenty of water several times ginger, brown sugar, ginger can put in more. Once put 6 to 8 can be.
4, after a cold fever how to do?
fever after a cold look at the temperature of hands and feet. Although body temperature has exceeded the normal body temperature, but is still cold hands and feet, indicating the body's cold is still heavy, still need to drink water, brown sugar, ginger, fever plus 1 2 onions cooked together, is conducive to sweating. If the temperature is high, cold hands and feet are no longer made, this time to stop to drink a lot of ground ginger and water to drink warm water. General fever in the night, many people do not like to drink water at night, afraid of urine, affects sleep, as long as the fever, do not control the day or night, to drink plenty of water, which is the rapid cooling, rapid discharge of the most effective virus method. When you are feeling hot, several cups of warm water to drink down, then the urine a few times, can clearly feel the body sweat easily, as long as a sweating, body temperature can be quickly reduced to normal. Then rest, quilt cover, to prevent the cold.
5, the day after a cold treatment is critical.
general emergency after dispelling the previous day, sweating, polyuria approach, the basic body the next day you can return to normal, but the body is relatively weak, the day of treatment is critical, related to the issue of whether the rebound. First look at the tongue, if the tongue is still white, ginger, brown sugar, the day drink water to consolidate a bit, while still drink warm water. Second, the diet is critical, this day of light-based diet, you can eat eggs, pork and a variety of levels of vegetables, not fish, shrimp and other food lit, do not eat yams and other food tonic , after eating these foods, especially children, will re-heat. Third, this day of rest is also very important, do not be too tired. The next day the body was significantly
If fatigue, weakness, can eat eel, tonic and not get angry, only burn when the eel stewed eel or spoil the broth, do not Add ginger, garlic only put a small amount of seasoning on it. Adults can eat angelica powder, twice a day, a half a teaspoon or slightly more than usual amount that can quickly restore their bodies.

cough predators
; ; ;
the treatment of cough remedies
recent 51 , cough and cold temperature changes more easily, will now share this side with you, better look out the body, not cold!
1. Cough and cold radish radish a light blue, light blue 6, ginger 15 grams of cooked turnip first three bowls of water, add a light blue, ginger, cook left a bowl of soup. Even the residue once served. Xuanfei of the table, Huatanzhike. treatment of cough, phlegm bubble, with chills, body aches and so tired.
2. KM cure colds and coughs brown sugar, brown sugar, ginger 30 grams, 15 grams of fresh ginger, red dates 30 grams to three bowls of water and simmer till more than half. Ton service, after serving Jiyu sweated out. dispels wind and cold. cure colds and coughs, cold stomach irritation, diarrhea, post-natal exposure to cold, overcast and so evil.
3. Coriander soup flat cold cough coriander (cilantro) 30 grams of malt sugar 30 grams, 100 grams of rice. First wash the rice, add boiling soup. Take three large rice soup spoon and coriander, caramel steam for 10 minutes after mixing. hot time served, pay attention to shelter from the wind cold. hair Hantou table cough caused by cold treatment.
4. White turnip white turnip honey cure a cough, cold, 30 grams of honey, white pepper 5, ephedra 2 grams. Wash the radishes, sliced, placed in a bowl , pour honey and white pepper, ephedra, a total of half an hour steaming hot serving Dayton, bed see Khan Jiyu.
sweating cold, cough and phlegm. Governance cold cough.
5. Sheep honey cream cure consumptive cough Fei Wei cooked suet 250 grams of cooked sheep marrow 250 grams of white sand honey 250 grams of ginger juice 100 ml Rehmanniae juice 500 ml.
suet fried, so boiling; times to sheep marrow, and keep boiling; times to honey, to yellow, ginger juice, do not stop stirring, the number of micro-Huoao boiling cream into a day fasting warm wine notes 1 spoon, or do fresh ginger or porridge also.
tonic lungs, expelling of poison. rule Yin fever, Gu Zheng labor hot, Consumption thin, coughing Fei Wei , and lungs and soothing effect.
6. Fritillaria cough fresh pear fresh pears lung abscess
500 grams of Fritillaria end of 6 grams, sugar 30 grams.
Peeled pear profile open to the nucleus, and sugar to fill the late mother of pearl, taken together on the bowl steamed. sooner or later eating.
phlegm, relieves congestion of the table. with a cough or lung abscess, Zheng Jian, chest pain, chills, cough, fever, dry mouth, throat, sputum, pus and phlegm, or yellow stench.
7. Cough
Yinma hot whey milk 300 ml fresh horse, the amount of sugar.
Horse milk will boil; drink when you add sugar.
According to reports, horse milk, adjuvant therapy.
8. Rock sugar bird's nest bird's nest porridge rule Deficient Cough
10 grams, 100 grams of rice, sugar 50 grams.
Immersed soft warm place to nest, put off the dirt pile, and then continue up into the water bowl hair. Take upper washing clean the rice into the pot, add water Sandawan, stir to boil, switch to gentle boiling down would be a good pure fat bird's nest into the pot and boil the rice with about 1 hour, add sugar melted Serve.
Yin lungs, cough and phlegm. cure lung deficiency chronic cough and cough injury Yin.
9. Yin Yang bird's nest bird's nest pears 5 grams (water immersion), Pear 2, Fritillaria 10 grams sugar 5 grams Pear dredged the core, will put the pears with other shamisen , cover bowl tightly enclosed place, ranch cooked. take.
Yin dryness, cough and phlegm. rule for many years phlegm cough, shortness of breath.
; 10. Cough expectorant saliva radish pepper 1 carrot, white pepper, 5, 3 slices of ginger, tangerine peel 1. Water were boiled for 30 minutes on Decoction 2 times under the gas Phlegm. cough, phlegm.
11. Cough and phlegm lungs rather drink milk soy, sugar. Grinding soaked soy sauce, boil sugar drink a day to drink a bowl of fasting. ; spleen width, the moistening water pinch; Qingfei cough, phlegm. treatment Malnutrition thin, Hyperactivity cough.
12. Cough and phlegm and asthma tofu tofu sugar 500 grams of brown sugar, white sugar of 100 grams tofu were digging a nest, into the red, white sugar, into the bowl boiled in every 30 minutes once finished, even four times. heat, fluid, moistening. cough Tan Chuan.
13. Corn Corn cough orange peel, orange peel and the amount. Total add water to cook, 2 day service. Cough of sputum. treatment of cough, phlegm.

14. Carrot soup
radish lung cough, lung 1, 15 grams of almonds. Water tomatoes 1 hour meat Yin Tang. Clear
; heat phlegm, cough and asthma. chronic cough forever, and sputum shortness of breath.
15. Red cough syrup tonic eggs
50 grams of sugar, 1 egg, fresh ginger amount.
First eggs into the bowl, and stir well. sugar bowl of boiling water, hot red eggs, mix, then pour the ginger has been twisted to take, and mix thoroughly. twice daily for 1 second.
complement deficiency. rule Cough.
16. Sesame Bingtang Shui cure night cough
raw sesame seeds 15 grams, sugar 10 grams.
Put a bowl of sesame seeds and rock sugar, water brewed into tea. lungs, fluid. governance is more than the night cough, cough without phlegm.
Note: sesame seeds 1, 50 grams of ginger, were pounded services broth also the effect.
17. Sesame oil fried goat goat governance Jiusou
60 grams of sesame oil 30 grams of salt a little.
The sheep liver slices, sesame oil into the pot to Bacheng heat, and salt and stir fry the next goat Serve.
lungs cough. chronic cough is more than.
18. Steamed Pear Honey Pear chronic cough and throat
a large, 50 grams of honey.
First nuclear Pear dredged, filled honey into the heating steamed a day to eat one each morning and evening, ate a few days.
Health and body fluid, cough and phlegm. Dryness of the rule Yin Cough, dry throat, dysphoria hot.
19. Bird's nest bird's nest fungus cure a dry cough, night sweats, 10 grams, Tremella 15 grams of crystal sugar.
Will be measured again with water bird's nest, then immersed into hot water 3-4 hours, and then choose to go soft, then add hot water soak 1 hour and serve. tureen filled with canopic jars or into the bird's nest, white fungus, sugar, stew cooked. take.
; complement deficiency, Yin Yang, retreat and Hot. cure a dry cough, night sweats, or other lung yin deficiency.
20. Raw yam yam porridge spleen Yifei 30 grams of sugar, a little would be fine sieve yam roll, transferred to cold water, and cook while stirring, two or three boiling and tries to add a little sugar to taste. Service food. Spleen diarrhea, kidney revenue intake. governing workers injured cough, diarrhea, spleen, and all frail wasting disease of 21. Grilled candied yam yam governance lung deficiency chronic cough, 1,000 grams, 10 dates, suet small 100 grams sugar 350 grams, sweet-scented osmanthus sauce. Wet starch a little lard. (1) yam washed into the pot, add water to drown as the degree of yam, stir-cook until the yams more rotten when picked, peeled, 6 cm long knife Generative .3 cm wide rectangular . shoot flat. dates to the nuclear stand-minute halves (2) within the large bowl coated lard, bowl rafts rafts and then a layer of candied yams, sandwiching a layer of sugar, suet D, layer by layer up to the sized, sprinkle with sugar, fasten cover plate, cage steam for about 1 hour, then remove, turn into the tray (3) wok fire, filter the broth into the tray, put water 100 grams, 150 grams of sugar and a little sweet-scented osmanthus sauce boiling, water hook less starch, yam pot and pour on top. kidney and lungs. Cough cure lung deficiency, Spleen diarrhea, Shenpi body tired, weakness, long food Bushenqiangshen.
22. Pork almond itchy throat cough Decoction lean pork, 50 grams, 10 grams of almonds, littoralis 15 grams of boiling soup to drink. 2 day service . Qingfei, phlegm, fluid. cough with scanty sputum, thirst, dry throat, itchy throat and so on.
23. Jujube honey peanut soup cough and phlegm peanuts, dates, honey, 30 grams of water were fried very bad. Decoction, 2 day service. ; Cough and phlegm. with cough, phlegm (body weight loss, bowel, Sternocostal support full, dizziness, shortness of breath.
24. peanut sand Ginseng cough with little phlegm peanuts, gingko nuts, lily, littoralis with 25 grams of crystal sugar Water fried juice, add sugar a day 1. lungs and phlegm. Haruhisa less sputum, shortness of breath and throat.
25. Polygonatum sugar cough and asthma ; Polygonatum (Chinese herbal medicine) 30 grams, sugar 50 grams.
will Polygonatum washed with cold water, foam, set the casserole, then add sugar, add water amount would be set pan on the stove, boiling with high heat, then simmer the mixture gently boil until thoroughly cooked until the Polygonatum times a day, eating fine yellow Decoction.
lung, spleen, Yijing. Dryness of lung deficiency with treatment of cough, dry cough without phlegm, spit slightly negative, eat less dry mouth, kidney essence deficiency, etc..
26. co-Sydney Tang Yin and lungs Lily 25 grams, Sydney 1, sugar 20 grams. soaked overnight with water lily, day lily with water into the casserole with the , plus more than half a bowl of water, cook 1 ½ hours, until the lily has been bad, add a block of Peel for Sydney and sugar, cook for 30 minutes and serve. Ziyin Run lung, heart rather Cough. lung deficiency chronic cough who eat, ordinary people the power consumption is also beneficial to lung and stomach.
27. Tremella duck Yin Qing Fei Tang Tremella 15, sugar 25 grams, the duck one. white fungus with rock sugar tomatoes, duck into boiling water a day for 2 times . Yin Qing Fei, thirst quencher and fluid. Dryness of cough, sputum rule Yin little throat, thirst embolism.
28 Zhu Li Zhu Li porridge power in the phlegm 30 grams, 100 grams of japonica rice boiled to make porridge, cooked into the Pro Zhu Li , stir well. safe to eat. heat, Phlegm, Anticonvulsant. Tanhuo wind-heat treatment, Hyperactivity cough, phlegm, yellow.
; 29. ​​Mangosteen Mangosteen Hyperactivity Tang Qing half a persimmon, persimmon 3, sugar 30 grams, add water bowls and a half Gong Zhu to a bowl and a half, and then under the rock sugar to drink three times a residue .1 talent finished. Qingfei heat to pyrophlegm, stop coughing. Tanhuo infantile pertussis and cough embolism.
; 30. fig Bingtang Shui Hyperactivity cough figs 30 grams of crystal sugar. Wash the figs net, add water and sugar tomatoes 1 day, even for 3-5 days to be received markedly. expectorant qi, lungs cough, detoxification intestines. Hyperactivity cough, hoarseness, throat sore throat, constipation , hemorrhoids and bleeding.

31. Zhifei Hot cough cane juice sugar cane juice, carrot juice of half a glass, monocrotaline 100 grams. Lily first boiled, and then get into the two juice before going to bed take a day 1. lungs cough, Health and body fluid, Anshen. governance Hot cough, bronchitis weak after the illness who is best.
32. Naitang pan fish live carp a cough swelling, ham pieces, bamboo shoots, mushroom pieces, onion, ginger, cooking wine, salt, vinegar, , remove the internal organs, rinse clean, cut into tile shapes, with onions, ginger oil Chaoshao Dianfan put together a few, add wine, salt and other spices and then added, , mushroom pieces, etc., about 3 minutes stew poured into the pot and serve. serve liquor will be lit under the pot boil, accompanied by ginger, vinegar consumption. cough swelling, nourishing the physical. for cough, asthma, Chest fullness of the patients taking 33. for a long time eating 60 fried peanuts cough and phlegm or boiled peanuts a day to eat, continuous, recovered after the disabled. lungs, phlegm. treatment of chronic bronchitis. Note: There are virtual fire real fever Wu Shi.
34. buckwheat soba uneasy cough egg white, egg and the amount. buckwheat noodles with egg white into the group. hard rubbed the chest several times a day, effective. ; heat under the gas. with the governance of chest full abdominal distension, cough, anxiety.
35. Lily Honey Hyperactivity annoying cough ; New Lily 200 grams, honey. steamed with honey bar soft lily. always with one, swallow liquid take. Qingfei rather God obstruct the lungs with heat treatment, depressed cough.
36. torch fire coke sugar chronic cough Tansheng glutinous rice sugar, torch fire focus (ie greasy old pine, split into thin strips of light into coke ash) and the amount. torch fire survivors focus as possible. Chiao even try to eat with sugar, ate 3-4 days Jiyu. lungs only cough, phlegm and asthma. rule Cough, phlegm,chanel handbags, shortness of breath.
37. Jianhua Tang phlegm just gas pain ; Jianhua 2 soup or a tea. Qi pain, cough and phlegm. with cough, phlegm, etc. Note: Jianhua, a cactus flower climbers King flowers, prolific in the South each year from May to October, the large open white flowers, each flower more than one-oak, pick cut and dried, is an excellent dried vegetables, sweet and delicious soup.
38. Qiu Li Gao Qiu cough and phlegm, 20, dates 1000 grams, Xianou 1500 grams, 300 grams of fresh ginger, rock sugar, 400 g , honey, 400 grams, honey. first pear, jujube, lotus root, ginger, smashed juice, heating Aogao, under the rock sugar dissolves, then honey harvests. may be taken morning and evening are free. Qingfei Reduce Pathogenic Fire, refreshment, and moistening fluid, Chufan thirst, dissipate alcohol poisoning, illnesses and self-cultivation. with rule consumptive cough, dry mouth Tianjin loss, thirst, and alcoholism and other virtual trouble
39 . Yifei cough bird's nest bird's nest Ginseng 5 grams of American ginseng 5 grams saturated with water first bird's nest, pluck feathers debris, wash, dry to water vapor, along with American ginseng into the candle cup, into the Bacheng full of boiling water, cover, stew for 3 hours. drink. moistening Yin Yang, Jiang Huo Qi. with treatment of lung and stomach yin deficiency caused the cough, hemoptysis, hot flashes, night sweats, cough and asthma for patients with cardiovascular disease is more appropriate.
40. candied orange peel orange peel cough and phlegm, the amount of sugar. fresh wu skin or dry out the skin soft foam amount, washed, cut wire, into the aluminum pan, add about half the weight of sugar leather bucket, add water or over a barrel for the degree of skin, boil, then cook over medium low heat to dry, the leather bucket filled out on the tray, to be cold, and then withdraw into the skin of about half the weight of the sugar bucket, mix well. food.
lungs, dampness, phlegm, fluid. phlegmatic cough, etc..
; 41.
candied grapefruit fresh meat, phlegm and asthma pumping meat 500 grams, 250 grams of honey, liquor amount.
; the pumping flesh, core and cut into pieces, placed in jars, pour white wine, seal dip stuffy overnight, then poured into the aluminum pan in the remaining liquid will boil dry, add honey, mix well and serve. Daileng , reserve bottling.
lungs, cough, phlegm. cough cough Tansheng or elderly, etc..
42. preserves double Jen kidney Yifei sweet almond 250 g walnut 250 g, honey 500 grams sweet almond stir-fry until the first yellow (not coke), on the aluminum pot, add boiling water 1 hour, then under the walnut, the sauce will Griddle, add honey, mix well, then boil and serve. 3 grams per serving, 2 day service. lungs kidney. regular consumption, lung and kidney deficiency can be cured of chronic cough, asthma and other long.
43. lard, cream honey tonic lungs ; lard 100 grams, honey 100 grams, respectively, the two taste boil over low heat to boiling, the cease-fire air temperature, total mixture and mix thoroughly Serve each time a spoon, 2 day service.
lungs cough, tonic. governance Dryness cough.
44. large garlic cough Cough of garlic 1. garlic, peeled, pounded mud every night before going to bed after washing feet, spreads at two foot Yongquan (foot must be coated with Vaseline), top cover layer of gauze, Zuxin strong excitement when thrown, such as the foot without discomfort, may even apply 3-5 times.
detoxification, cough. with cold cure cough, dry cough and whooping cough in children.

45. faba bean flowers Bingtang Shui cure hemoptysis spent nine grams of crystal sugar. Total add water to cook. day 2 or 3 times. with convergence. rule hemoptysis.
46. spinach turnip juice treatment Ge blood ; water spinach (water spinach, water spinach) whole trees with root 2, 1 white radish, honey. Wash spinach and radish, were pounded Jiao Zhi cup. with honey tone service. Hyperactivity induced hemoptysis.
47. honey, one hundred Tang Phlegm in blood 20 grams of honey, one hundred 25 grams, white-haired 20 grams of melon wilt 25 grams first decoction on the shamisen, to slag juice, stir well and then transferred to honey, 1 day, 2 times service. ; lungs cough, heat to stop bleeding. Phlegm in blood and pulmonary tuberculosis with chronic cough.
48. sour pomegranate pulmonary tuberculosis cough ; sour pomegranate (sweet is void) 3 grams of pomegranate seeds removed, broken, twisted whichever juice every night before the last dose, or chewing garnet swallow liquid. pomegranate juice a small child drugs, not drinking too much. heat convergence lung. with pulmonary tuberculosis, cough, sleepless nights, and chronic bronchitis.
49. Phlegm turnip turnip sub-sub-(sub-menu cover) 15 grams of raw or cooked, raw stone He last 9 grams. the first white mashed turnip son a bowl of soup, delivery service, health stone He fine, half an hour later, then this side 1. eliminate phlegm. with the governance of phlegm coagulation disorder, according to > introduction, more than a young prime phlegm, spit after condensation by exogenous at Shang Wan, stop eating no less than the diaphragm. use this side later, feel Shangwan Dayton open, can eat or drink. Note: According to reports, one child with a decoction of vegetable turnip sputum places to stop drinking, much efficacy. the vegetables turnip child into powder boiled water, drink water, to refer to explore the spit, spit phlegm also places to drink, and decoction same effect. ;
50. snapper steamed Yin lungs fritillary Fritillaria female, 5 grams, a turtle (about 500 grams), chicken broth, 1 kg, onions, ginger, pepper, cooking wine, salt and the amount would be turtle slaughter, to head and internal organs, cuts back would put the steaming basin turtle blocks, adding mother of pearl, salt, cooking wine, pepper, onion, ginger, 1 small cage steam o'clock. hot take. Ziyinqingre, lungs only cough, fever in addition to steam. rule Yin cough, fever, and sweating.
51. expectorant cough fresh ginger mustard mustard 80 g , 10 g fresh ginger, salt would be washed, cut into small pieces mustard, ginger slices, add water Siwan fry bowls, seasoning with salt. 2 times a day service, once every 3 days effective. declared lung cough, dispelling wind and cold. treatment of cough, with headache, stuffy nose, sore limbs, etc..

; ; 2005 when Guilin, rural nurse gave me a prescription, is a bad cough, (she stressed that the more the better long use) as long as eight dollars on it, and while my own on friends with, and very useful, I remember only drink twice a not finished enough. is for everyone!
Mangosteen is a! Other units of g, because it is light!

Mangosteen a Houttuynia 50 g Rhizoma Imperatae 15 g basil stems 15 Sanger White Paper Lily 50 grams 15 grams 15 grams chrysanthemum licorice 15 g Radix 15 g boiled medicine

; boil medicine is that, bowls of water boiled a bowl of water, one is electricity, electricity is generally automatic, more convenient if the gas is used to burn, then just beginning with the raging fire, water, opened a small fire, they control the time like I do not know can not pour out to see the rest of almost a bowl of water on it, if the water continues to cook more.

4. The amount of forehead ===

A: went to off-duty time, loose people. (Also the time to work, home)
B: your feet hastily walked side, the grass ah. (You go so go there on foot you?)
A: tonight something, go first. (Today, a little hurry, go ahead)
B: something? Karma abduction went wild Zuomie steal uh? (In a hurry? Have to do a bad thing?)
A: serious things, no you have to decline. (Serious things matter, I can not be so bad you want to)
B: real system? (Really?)
A: trouble with you about, really line in a hurry, flash friends. (Not interested in talking to you Chetan down, really in a hurry, go ahead.)

Well go

two common words (phrases to use these words)
to sai2: with, the use of means, as with the Mandarin.
words: needless to = do, do not make needless polite needless = = You're welcome to make use not
NIE mat1 = No, do not need to make what-kind = do not need polite, do not give him that kind
/ = money laundering, money makes needless to handle this = reckless enough to choke someone else's choice to =

1, Sing, you have to Wude busy ?------------------ tonight Sing, do you free tonight?
2 I think about you listen to music, flying buy le ---------- I think about you listen to concerts, tickets are bought
3, estimated to serve you, your co-drying Heart water le ------------ called, you guessed it, meaning you are together, right?
4, the problem, the Department of Pin-to meet? ------------------ No problem, there to meet it?
5, the system blocks friends -------------- -------- your family in your neighborhood which blocks it.
6, whiz, there or be square ----------------- a - words for the set, there or be square.
7, feeding, ear Development Corporation, while bit? ---------------- Hey, here is the ear Development Corporation, who you looking for?
8, 唔该, the next total Liao / Liu total ,------------------- Wugai Excuse me / Please find what Liao total
9 Please back up the phone Liao Health ---------------- Please Mr Liu came back to serve me give me a call.
10, ----------------------- I know I will serve to tell tell him / her

Class 8
jacket (jacket) Coat (coat) shirt (clothes) T-shirt (knit or cotton T-shirt) Pants (pants) skirt (skirt) shoes (shoes) slippers (slippers) boots (boots) high shoes (high heels)
bottom shirt (underwear) ; underwear (underwear) collar too (tie) purse (wallet)

1, was busy (at leisure, free) baa (what)
Cantonese: D too busy Zhongyi do you not?
Mandarin: when nothing like what to do?

Health (strange, unfamiliar)
sentences: ah good mother, then five wild talk with strangers.
meaning: my mother said do not talk to strangers wild.

folder (hightail)
sentences: people will go wrong frame clip wild Well.
meaning: those who do wrong will be hard to escape.

Weather Glossary 1

3. take care
take care of your own country: you take care

6, stealing uh abduction (trickster)
sentences: you the Air, then a priest and Department of degrees steal uh Shui
(You see, the priests and here trickster)

6 frozen (cold) dung3
best on cold days, hot pot. A cold day is best to eat hot pot.

6. Simmons === Aberdeen a child

fat per hao3 (the female tease)
Citation: Department of Baiyun Mountain was Chengri degree of fat per.
meaning: Baiyun Mountain has often been in that tease.

Guangdong results: the results I have to be together I
country: we will not have results with

4, look for night (last night) to endure the night (stay up) Eye Training (trapped)
Cantonese: seeking to endure late night, Ikea good eye training.
Mandarin: stay up late last night, is now very sleepy.

bad (ask for)
sentences: Test poor, your own bad Karma system.
means: examination so bad, is you ask for it.

8. Minimum fine female === daughter

fishing side of the line (do what the industry)
sentences: exclusive fishing side of the line you do ah.
meaning: what industry you do this for a while ah.

10. Chengri send you my temper, department because I think you know me ah!

6, large wok, disadvantages (bad) fat guy (not passing)
Cantonese: disadvantages le, I Exam Nutty Zuo, my grandmother certainly Wubi go.
Mandarin: Oops, I did not pass the exam, my mother certainly will not let me go.

the world's most remote from the
but not life and death

I stand before you, you do not know that I love you

7, there is a road patterns (orderly)
sentences: do Mieshi pattern must have a road
(do must be done methodically)

5. Little === kids

words: eye mediocre (staring eyes) Eniao (urine)

1. road swing lost (lost) dong6sed1lou6
tart fruit on the streets with front swing Ying lost road. Tarts and Ying lost when shopping
; ; ; ; 2. Haonai no see (I have not seen)
willing to see no resistance, you left ah tall / big left ah. so long not seen, you are taller / grow up
3 Ping Shao Shao (cheaper)
D fruits of your Karma, Ping Shao Shao friends. The fruit is so expensive, cheaper friends.
4 Does the sound (does the next)
How much does the sound system of Beijing Zip ah? I ask how much Beijing's zip code.
5. take one (King meal to eat)
meals Qianqiwuhao go to the hotel to the hotel alone Do not eat dinner meal
King ; ; ; ; 6. begging people hate (annoying)
D wildcat Chengri catch me, I really hate people begging Department ; these stray cats all day with this I am, really annoying
; ; ; ; 7 ride (car ride) yeo4cé1ho2
BoA to buy a BMW with me to ride. BoA to buy a Mercedes-Benz to take me to ride.

communicative language

4. ga me kick up a fuss when you talk with me call you do not attempt steady, always leave the Department Karma! you have to turn my steady Lai ah!

11. there is no one talked with you, love to talk about a system timing Karma I Ga timing with your system Well buried together, Wu De Karma! you should have a more people love you Ga

12. really love a person, free from the system should serve Karma! you agree to go away completely occupied.

word explanation: Jinbo eaten back basket boasted ruminate over the fountain
black body movements 2
1 to1
dragged out of the panda to play 50 big board. The panda out of play 50 big board.
2 pull lai1
to sunlight on the white line your degree Lalacheche Whatever! You white world where Lalacheche Whatever!
3 support cang3
If you want to cry and called, Chuli and do not hardcore La, Di Dao I am a good acridine red meat!
If you cry cry out, not hardcore, and see I'm so distressed Ah!
4 pick (pick) gan2
Maili Maili pick the Air acridine, ten mosquitoes arrived acridine two good ghost! A look came over to pick, 10 yuan two good value Ah!
5 to hug hold pou5
Department Amao exclusive drink song. To hug the exclusive k is A Mao song.
6 run (pick) zeb1
ground run to the treasure, ask Heaven to Wu Dao. On the ground and find the gems, ask Heaven to get.
7 tied bong2
Jiu favorite yellow tie up the big play sm. Jiumei favorite yellow tied to playing sm.
8 Volume gūn2
Yi Jin Bao If the first temptation to smooth hair! Yi Jin Bao far end of the temptation to smooth hair!
9 package bao1
aphrodisiac restaurant package sitting package air-conditioning, eat Well tease Wuxi money. Aphrodisiac restaurant sit package air conditioning pack, just do not eat money.
10. kick (lift) kid3hoi1
Junior Panda buy Coke bottles, opened the lid found

1, raw guts Well stranger (no guts, metaphor timid person)
sentence: You are willing to big friends, Why is a stranger Well Health bile Karma?
( You are so big, and how it has to be so timid?)

loose sung1 (open, unlock) Flash sim2 / write pit3 (speed left) pops pek1 Friends (knives to injure) and pops the wine (the wine cut) the grass cou2 ( on foot)
girder loeng2 (people who commit obstruction) (all, show)
do not attempt was on, when the secrets ngap1 secret bei3 Ji kap1 (lightly that can not really)
steal uh ak1 abduction free dissolute dong6 (idle, wandering) dead snake eel sin5 be too bad laan6 lift toi4 oil jau4 (very calm)

the world's most remote from the
distance between trees and branches with root growth, but not wind dependent

[essay - the most distant from]

10. === Aberdeen, a small stool chair

7, there is a road patterns (orderly)
sentences: do Mieshi pattern must have a road
(do must be done methodically)

2, capture chess (chess) Tibo (play)
Cantonese: the same class friends to sing K, catching chess or Tibo.
Mandarin: a group of friends to sing karaoke OK, play chess or play.

13. Well I fastened separately Karma, because the Department never even have friends separately Karma!

waves shirt (dry clothes) eye fan3 (trapped) showers loeng4 (bath) an old water seoi2 (one hundred yuan)
a grass cou2 (ten yuan) a written pit3 ($ 1,000) a mosquito man1 chicken (one dollar) a skin pei4 (10,000) beans carry / bucket zero (a small amount of money) ;
chicken pieces seoi3 (a little) more (so much) loaded with rice (Tim Rice) Well begging to / Tim Well Tim Rice (Tim does not add rice)

6, stealing uh abduction (trickster)
sentences: you the Air, then a priest and Department of degrees steal uh Shui
(You see, the priests and here trickster)

1. === Knee knee

open OT (overtime)
sentences: OT tonight, but also to open up.
meaning: have to work overtime tonight.

morpholine (quickly)
sentences: Zuomie things have also morpholine ah.
mean: do anything to be Kuai Diana.

Yellow: called you agree to the swimming public swimming pools, called the flooding. Because the public swimming pool swim, swimming only in a style, on the Department bomb, with a bit, playing the next play next.
Zhang: If the system master can type, but the bottom line fell into the degree to potential use.
Yellow: Why is Hong Kong's generous pool ghost force it?
Zhang: do not attempt to ask, ah, many people take advantage of Hello quickly dip under. Sun on the water front all other array, you will find a pool of water had to stand knee brother ye! Dip your toes to you, next.
Huang: Actually, I have used many people in Hong Kong, to dip into the water is good. But unfortunately the Department generous system, then water, you agree generally water, do system heated! You Chengri Pool degree, you will find someone, the body Well, eye mediocre.
Zhang: Oh! Your pool Eniao, civic-minded! From fine to my Daddy taught me great Jiala, urgency, to isolate the pool acridine Well!
Yellow: I degree, an opportunity to take advantage of it, talk with your Aberdeen ah! Yo come under the adult pool on the pool for children, capture is a pool and do not learn to swim, then I heard the Department ah!
Zhang: Department of capture is particularly mouth water ah! Want Huishimieji ah!

2 Thunder (thunder) hang4lêu4
Lei Xiaoming good shock line. Bob is afraid of thunder.

3 snow (snow) log6yüd3
Guangzhou never even have snow. Guangzhou has never been snow.

the world's most remote from the moment it is not

nowhere to be found but not yet met
it is doomed to meet

3. Recite the head === idea

9. Daozi === knife

7. === Aberdeen, the youngest son of fine

8 hot yid6
good hot ah, buy food under the La branch popsicles. Hot ah, buy root popsicles to eat

7 cool lêng4song2
sigh good cool air conditioning. Blowing air is cool.

Guangdong care: Take care of yourself
country: Take care of yourself

5 good days (fine) hou2tin1
today a good God, I walk along the streets to go to friends. The weather today is sunny, we go shopping it,

the world's most remote from the moment
nowhere to be found but have not yet been met had been destined to be together

6. I would, >

7. I usually walked Ga street department, you must turn to chase me ah! I do not want the glass with the rear view mirror system whether you catch the Air University degree behind me, ah!

cable oil (advantage)
sentence: Some people claim Chengri oil on the bus.
meaning: Some people take advantage of the car all day.

8, kind of lightning (do not appreciate it, good intentions are when anti-malicious)
sentences: Well appreciate it even matter, really kind of lightning Department
(even if not appreciate a really well-intentioned anti-be When malicious)

2. break
Guangdong: I parted friends
country: We break

10 rain béi6yü5
good rain ah, my shelter from the rain to go to the mall first-degree friends. Very heavy rain, ah, we went shopping to shelter it.

5, show (concert performance) take the chicken (missed opportunities) Bu (booking) Flying (ticket)
Cantonese: a XXX show next month, thousand odd microphone away chicken. Remember that early D BU Fly.
Mandarin: XXX concert there next month, do not miss. I remember early booking ah.

7. lovelorn
Guangdong: romance both feel really so sad
country: lovelorn feel really sad

kicked (one take)
sentences: the old degree system will fine kicked five friends.
meaning: the boss is away, one must bear all things friends.

2. I hope you all around ga women

3. I Li m if the Department can be really great when the sun Ga, can temper tantrums, but you are tied endure a month a few days I cover.

the world's most remote from the life and death

Well I
on prices before you but you Do not know I love you

A: Wow, you are good pieces of shirt type ying4?, wash a few junior Boyd? (Wow, your good clothes, handsome ah, how much?)
B: you agree it was expensive, a few old water friends. (Not expensive, only a few hundred pieces)
A: If you agree a few old water Chung was expensive, you're tied with m ah. (Few hundred said not expensive, you are really rich ah)
B: You say m smile friends. (Do not joking)

arrived dai2: arrived with, count, cheap (in addition to the meaning of the verb but also have adjectives)
word: hilarious = = you deserve it you deserve arrived in the number of arrived arrived = Good = accounts Shanghao cheap Diming = Yongming to accounts

Environment / Building vocabulary
1 country (rural) hêng1ha2
d dress up like a country cousin Panda today. Panda dressed like today's country cousin.
2 Lane (alley) hong2
listening to a lot of miles of single robbery occurred Lane. I heard a lot of this happened Lane single robbery.
3 Empty House (vacancy) ged1ngug1
Panda has been no inter-Kat House rent. Panda has been no vacancy among people rent.
4 veranda (balcony) ké4leo2
Panda ring arcade-degree air tight shirt. Panda Hanging clothes on the balcony.
5 bathroom cung1lêng4fong2
Panda degree on time every evening, they are all bathroom concert. Panda in the bathroom on time every evening, are concert.
6 sets (tables) toi2
kind you have to run free under the Tai-La, chaos into a ghost! Please pick up your free under a table the matter, chaos to death.
7 drawers (drawers) guei6tung2
drawers Biren panda chewing gum. Panda's drawer was sticky gum.
8 comb (sofa) so1fa2
a Leonardo da Vinci the Air will know your system cheap thinning hair wild friends, to see that your sofa is defective Da Vinci pillow zem2teo4
9 Panda will have private money put d ring pillows degrees. Panda will have put their own money in the pillow.
10 nets men1zêng3
mosquito bites if you Do not want to serve must remember off the nets. If you do not want to remember that under the mosquito net mosquito bite will.

arrived dai2: arrived with, count, cheap (in addition to the meaning of the verb but also have adjectives)
word: hilarious = = you deserve it you deserve arrived in the number of arrived arrived = Good = accounts Shanghao cheap Diming = Yongming to accounts

5, Health and Safety White made (fabricated out of nothing)
Citation: Department of Health and safety do not attempt Karma White made behavior
(out of nothing bad behavior)

2, ghost against another (fight against each other, pejorative)
sentences: I Wude ghost against another Karma
(we can not fight against each other)

2. The first view of the Air ===

5, Health and Safety White made (fabricated out of nothing)
Citation: Department of Health and safety do not attempt Karma White made behavior
(out of nothing bad behavior)

4 days (weather) tin1si4
system do not attempt a hot day when stem Street La. So hot weather or not to go out for the better.

3, Buddist wake tail (insight and strong, smart, one that will understand)
sentences: series a real wake up the end of Buddist Karma people
(He's a smart man)

4, Ten Questions nine Do not be (repeatedly asked repeatedly did not answer)
sentence: Why is it personal Gan Karma? Ten Questions nine Well should
(how this man so ah? repeatedly asked repeatedly did not answer)

5. I am angry with you about Ga, do not attempt thousand odd really ah!

turned wind (wind) fan1fung1
today turned the wind Oh, want to add pieces of shirt friends. Today wind Oh, wear a clothes bar.

2, ghost against another (fight against each other, pejorative)
sentences: I Wude ghost against another Karma
(we can not fight against each other)

8, kind of lightning (do not appreciate it, good intentions are when anti-malicious)
sentences: Well appreciate it even matter, really kind of lightning Department
(even if not appreciate a really well-intentioned anti-be When malicious)

1. I want to check your phone ah you agree, but I bought it with the D shirt. sing k, as they are all my hobby Li Ga Ga!

1. leave
Guangdong: Forgive me for not only leave
country: forgive me away

3, Buddist wake tail (insight and strong, smart, one that will understand)
sentences: series a real wake up the end of Buddist Karma people
(He's a smart man)

4, Ten Questions nine Do not be (repeatedly asked repeatedly did not answer)
sentence: Why is it personal Gan Karma? Ten Questions nine Well should
(how this man so ah? repeatedly asked repeatedly did not answer)

the world's most remote from the
than the distance from tree to tree root growth
but with branches
can not depend on the wind

3, a large move early (early in the morning) playing shout Road (yawn)
Cantonese: Why is it you call a big play towards the long road?
Mandarin: Why do you yawn early in the morning?

[essay - the most distant from]

9 maximum temperature today héi3wen1
temperature 35 ℃. Today the maximum temperature is 35 ℃.

8. Chengri I have to lose weight, then, in fact, I most want to hear you say with me:

9. I have no sense of security, the Department because I love you too! Well I can not you, ah!

to sai2: with, the use of means, as with the Mandarin.
words: needless to = do, do not make needless polite needless = = You're welcome to make use not
NIE mat1 = No, do not need to make what-kind = do not need polite, do not give him that kind
/ = money laundering, money makes needless to handle this = reckless enough to choke someone else's choice to =

6. sad
Guangdong: you either leave, I'm so sorry.
country: you leave, I'm sorry.

fraud Jiao (spoiled)
sentence: I am a good student Jiao Italian fraud.
meaning: My students really like a baby.

word explanation: Jinbo eaten back basket boasted ruminate over the fountain
black body movements 2
1 to1
dragged out of the panda to play 50 big board. The panda out of play 50 big board.
2 pull lai1
to sunlight on the white line your degree Lalacheche Whatever! You white world where Lalacheche Whatever!
3 support cang3
If you want to cry and called, Chuli and do not hardcore La, Di Dao I am a good acridine red meat!
If you cry cry out, not hardcore, and see I'm so distressed Ah!
4 pick (pick) gan2
Maili Maili pick the Air acridine,Coach handbags purses, ten mosquitoes arrived acridine two good ghost! A look came over to pick, 10 yuan two good value Ah!
5 to hug hold pou5
Department Amao exclusive drink song. To hug the exclusive k is A Mao song.
6 run (pick) zeb1
ground run to the treasure, ask Heaven to Wu Dao. On the ground and find the gems, ask Heaven to get.
7 tied bong2
Jiu favorite yellow tie up the big play sm. Jiumei favorite yellow tied to playing sm.
8 Volume gūn2
Yi Jin Bao If the first temptation to smooth hair! Yi Jin Bao far end of the temptation to smooth hair!
9 package bao1
aphrodisiac restaurant package sitting package air-conditioning, eat Well tease Wuxi money. Aphrodisiac restaurant sit package air conditioning pack, just do not eat money.
10. kick (lift) kid3hoi1
Junior Panda buy Coke bottles, opened the lid found

1, raw guts Well stranger (no guts, metaphor timid person)
sentence: You are willing to big friends, Why is a stranger Well Health bile Karma?
( You are so big, and how it has to be so timid?)

thanked write this girl!
Because writing good, so I stole the. Really know a lot ... a lot of good people for your little ... Sometimes, my other half is not necessarily the best, but it must be the most suitable for you ... choose the right person Please cherish; inappropriate, do not force ... happy, please go hand; unpleasant, let go may be the best choice. Please Do not break up as a burden, after all, love! Did not betray it or not, is not only suitable for ...
Why not Aimi Lai Lu Tao Aixia Lin, how in the south and Yaoyao engagement when hugged Yang Xiaoyun?
Father once said to me over

No man can you rely on life.

mother once said to me what if a man has in his case like you, is really like you, not a variable, if he started nothing, then have a lot of that usually abandon you.
do not look after her mother said
worse than my house, not if we are much better than at home, absolutely not.

fat aunt said
men to homely, if one wanted to home, then no matter how beautiful, is someone else's husband, not yours.
someone else to me and say, women have lost their day, is the man to leave you that day.
bones of some things, keep their own experience of slowly.

a spending money like water, a stingy to the extreme.
at the dinner table, everyone is their own self-analysis of urban stress disease, rich and poor father said,
rich and poor like his two fathers, and love to pull the money brings.

bones are Xuzhi Sen Lu Tao admit defeat, the skill, but small land Yaxun large monasteries hidden in the city.
, he had contempt for the land Yaxun, not knowing he had the children raise their twenty years, their heirs and no man without the slightest respect.
but in the end of the story, he called the land Yaxun dad, and he said he would have been so called.
He just called Xuzhi Sen Xu Jinglei.

there a little early if Xuzhi Sen, also Xulu Tao will not fall in love with Charlene, Lu Tao bones in front of the Mile is the inferiority complex, he does not understand Mile, he would deserve to be rich girl that they Kengpian, he does not Aimi Lai, because they are not one of the world.

Xiao-Yun Yang and south rent when talking about two people living in the courtyard have had a child, said Ash, and jujube. However, Lu Tao and the Mile, there is never shared similar experiences.

more and more like the Lu Tao Xu Tao, when Charlene had lost their sense of beginning, she found the man said to her, driving the car do not forget to write your name, she was angry, because he became and that the club no longer different from men, she found him slowly away from their world, no longer work together, when complaining about not liking each other, but his fame, but I'm just a nothing into salesman, he bought a detached villa, I still have nothing.
such a feeling, did not have had the Lu Tao, Mile can all of a sudden a male college students spend a month living expenses, open sports car to school,beats by dre pro, you can play at once rented a house like this for Lu Tao, too strange.

Mile open A3, Lu Tao open A4, at that time they began to Juanqimei.
however, generally depends on the genes a person's character, the other half is the initial memory.
psychology teacher told me that one year old to see big, old look old.
later I finally understand genes from one generation to experience life on the combination of the first memory is that they struggle to the environment.

is printed with a bird, who first saw his birth, who put as a mother.

more and more like Lu Tao Xu Tao, but he is still the Lu Tao.
he is not a businessman, he was more than Xuzhi Sen as Miss Yaxun, Xuzhi Sen is a businessman, land Yaxun just do their own work, and buildings.
Lu Tao just wanted to construction, but he hopes the success of closer distance.

final or Lu Lu Tao Tao, he chose not spiritual Xianer nor Mile, because he is essentially not rich, he lost everything.
hope he is never Xuzhi Sen Xu Tao, although once more similar.

say that many people struggle, seemingly the same, in fact, they are not in the same plane, like Hanako and Lulu, Lulu Chinese children do not understand, because he was born to Beijing, do not understand North drift lonely and insecure, but the pig know. Charlene
remember the first time to dream of Utopia, when Lulu's words, now returnees can not find work.
she admired Charlene, Charlene has also been humble like the envy Mile. Charlene is also an independent school
Xiao-Yun Yang, children leave their destroyed men, women facing the lights of Beijing to issue two gorgeous women cry, but did not take long, they have to compromise in life.
Yang Xiaoyun not find a more suitable than the south, Charlene's stubborn mother advised her not to start too inflexible, and finally her mother and father, or remarried, do not do a single woman.
is a two woman lying on the night, Charlene said, do not forget anything you want because it fell on the end of today, Xiao-Yun Yang rhetorical Road, or I'll even worse!
lens shift, Charlene Lu Tao hand in the countryside and lingering, no longer insisted on before the stubborn.

women can not rely on men, but can not be completely isolated.
men can not rely on others, but also need someone to pull one.

there was a group of pictures, talking about the many people seemingly in the same plane, in fact it is only visual only, the reality is that they are in a different plane, some easy things for some people and some feel out of reach.
like seemingly everyone in the same struggle each, closest to the South China sub-Xiao-Yun Yang, Mile Healer Xianer are rich girl, Charlene Lu Tao are born poor and small farmers, but the same high-spirited ambition. Lulu and the pig are the north drift.
on the Mile is an easy task, perhaps a lot of people are unable to reach a lifetime.

good match words very old, but it really makes sense.

have two words for marriage is the most important, it is common ground.
love you mean love yourself, because we have very similar

be you and me, attracted by very different life, just a moment only, who can never love someone more than yourself.

such as distant and south, after all, two people in the world.
story first, Lu Tao Lu Tao mother about to meet in the tea room.
Lu Tao is the first sentence? how do you choose such a place, ah, this is not such as McDonald's does to children
hundreds of dollars of tea I drank, what I can not ah?

did not take long, he and Xuzhi Sen touch for a long time, he had twenty million times, do not buy things change for pay without blinking.
he has changed.
Xuzhi Sen Lu Tao analysis around the woman, he said Ling Shan and Mile are good, Charlene makes you unable to brake. This is the type views
Xu, Lu Tao and are essentially different.
Because Lu Tao is not a wealthy background, he does not understand the rich girl who lives far away and the heart. Charlene
he understood, because they are very similar to the growth environment

people at the beginning is good, sex is similar to learning phase far.
Because Lu Taosheng home in the land, so he is similar to love Charlene.

Charlene Lu Tao of love is not the Mile, because he is not Xu Tao.
even if he had to move closer to Xuzhi Sen, even if he and Charlene have been separated.
Finally, he called the land Yaxun father, married Charlene.

south flash marriage because he thought married a young married woman, everything is different, it will by a new beginning.
like school pupils, ready for new stationery, that life can be different from this.
like the new millennium, but also a remarkable day, but was too many people with too many expectations.
south always felt that everything will be fine after marriage, and like all of the materials are ready, made out of rice will certainly delicious.
fact he did not work really hard for the entire family is Yang Xiaoyun not the south. Yang Xiaoyun
favorite film of the mother, Su Xiaoming play, philistine her surface, the first look I do not like her, but she is very pragmatic, she is making money for the family, Xiaoyun's grandmother is her mother, She has plans for her to buy a hearing aid.
philistine because of her, she used old houses for a 128 square meters of new houses
and Charlene Charlene stubborn fight for the mother but also to what? Charlene finally persuaded a woman like her can not be too stubborn, or rely on to find, but she chose the man with the contempt that has remarried.

Stefanie a song called similar, perhaps alien can have instant mutual attraction, but can spend or similar.
love you mean love yourself, sex is similar to learning phase far.

psychology teacher said, the feelings of childhood and love at first sight, as the divorce rate as high as 1 / 5 to enrich the fly.
have married parents, students, Fujian is the first time we met that night, but also over twenty years, had four children.
her happiness and loneliness.

remember pig and Lulu who do not understand the meaning of utopia, which is their common.
heartbreak Utopia, the South China sub-Ling Shan Lu Tao Millay live in equal portions of the space, has the same large space, this is indeed utopian. This utopia we live are classified in one day after the dissolution of the track, Hanako bought a 160 big house, the south is still in the youth home and Yang Xiaoyun, Lu Tao went to France.
Taiping's slogan is what is it? Everyone has clothes to wear, everyone has Kinda, but in the end of the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom is just a disillusioned idealist.

like a utopia where we have equality of all individuals, in different environments and under the action of genes have a different life.
colleagues different life, it was opened Alto, Audi was open, and people house, homeless.
This is the driving force of progress

people with the world people, why have met meet.
mountain stream event Concert

the case at all times who did this beautiful world we are all orphans in search of their own kind, to find after they find that they are not alone, not a monster, not a person struggling. Charlene
This is the meaning of Yulu Tao can not be replaced.
In the process he increasingly Xu Tao, Xu Tao and Lu Tao is always in the struggle, Charlene Lu Tao is the original state.
he saw Charlene will feel at ease, knowing that he is still Lu Tao.
When Charlene is gone, why he would be a loss, because he could not find himself.
Lu Tao and Tao Xu equal, let him confused.

remember the last say south? Charlene Yang Xiaoyun you always want to learn, in fact, not the same as you and Charlene!
is that they are not the same, just like Yang Xiaoyun and Charlene's mother's mother is not the same.
Charlene stubborn single mother had no money, Yang Xiaoyun's mother is make money.

The Mile is her rich girl, I remember those Xuzhi Sen Lu Yaxun business partners and even go with the Lao Zhu Lu Tao say?
If my son can have your son like half of the Offer.
everyone in the training class, look for similar, marriage is to find similar, similar brewing process.
how high people's children are similar Mile, but she does not like.

Everyone wants to live like the emperor a few years, can not do so he wanted his own life and spiritual continuity.

this film, my favorite mother Yang Xiaoyun, He Cuifeng, as well as land Yaxun.
still Ling Shan, she is still small, there is always the adult world behind the deterioration has not yet started to her.
she was like before the injury of the Mile, love a person in his own way to her.
she does not require any of Lulu's brother is good, his return to Taiwan, leaving only a beautiful smile.
Otherwise it? Lulu, a rich girl and her brother can be such a farm kid together?
say? My father asked me to buy Audi or Mercedes-Benz, villas to buy in Beijing or Shanghai a few days you have a jewelry show to accompany me and see.

land Yaxun is truly worthy of the heart, he lived every day are on their own, displeased his unsuccessful.
So he is really strong, he does not need who sustain their lives.
he can not own children, Lu Tao on a treat.

Charlene Lu Tao and love their own, because they are each other's body found his shadow, so Charlene was willing to humble love landing Tao, let him realize his dream.
Lutao Cheng Gong, she began to feel also a success.
only later became a successful Lu Tao Xu Tao, not Charlene.
and Lu Tao are fighting for themselves but also for Charlene, because they do have similar goals.

the film's biggest loser was Xuzhi Sen, he deliberately success, but in the last remorse, he finally knew the hand of his most want to give up, and love, including love and affection.
he struggled alone for decades, wanted to own a similar back, into the Lu Tao Xu Tao.
but he ultimately failed.

human nature is good. Of similar learning phase far. Otherwise would teach sex is moved. Way to teach, your order special. Xi Meng Mu, choose neighbors at the child does not learn, off loom. Sinus Yanshan, a righteous side, to teach five children, were all Yang. Support not taught at fault. Lax in teaching, teacher is lazy.

support not taught at fault.
land Yaxun and Xuzhi Sen, after all, land Yaxun won.

if there is a sequel, Lu Tao pat on how to train their new 00, the land Yaxun and Xuzhi Sen, and He Cuifeng it not once Charlene Lu Tao Yang Xiaoyun it?

growth story is always similar, both ancient and modern. Because humans are the same.

China very contented child's parents, that he did not say anything for money to give him rent money, so the Chinese sub is also very contented.
south of the south's mother know when the flash marriage cried a what? You this child, who gave out after you cook who gave you your clothes? South like his mother, right? Yang Xiaoyun said the same of similar words.
Charlene's mother left her stubborn father finally remarried, Charlene is taking the same road.
Yang Xiaoyun's mother was the most pragmatic and understand everything, and Zi Yang Xiaoyun almost the mirror after the accident, said Yang Xiaoyun if you are without fire, and no one will pity you, you will only become more pathetic!
she really like her mother, nothing to understand, what not to do and what you can do, like make money Lu Tao is one thing, but to insist upon their Lu Tao of change for him. Bear and Comrade Xuzhi Sen
rice compared to what businessmen do not like a professional, he is a chef born, Oh, Mile with him, so business is business no match for Xuzhi Sen.
Mile's father can be delivered to the business Mile, a love for her loss of hundreds of millions of fantasy.
Lulu actually not so hateful, she is actually the least greedy, she was praying, I also love Chinese children, but I know I can not greedy, I can not what should be.
her father's dying wishes and farmers' grain and Xuzhi Sen bear exactly the same as actually say.
most importantly, the family forever.

the first door I said though the growth of environmental education are very different people, but human nature, the most essential of the most important thing is the same.

family forever Why?
lonely struggle in order not to similar.

added one after another so much, then go up and, finally, I want to say?
biggest struggle I know the truth, and people are different, others one day to spend a million, you blindly follow the trend, while ignoring the others one day make one hundred thousand and the day you make a hundred.
not someone else's dream, someone is always someone else, Ye Hao father and son, husband and wife worth mentioning, friends, more so.
Xuzhi Sen Lu Tao to help realize their dreams, help Lu Tao Mile is not their fight, but to never know the treasure.
Charlene Lu Tao to help realize their dreams, Charlene just feel insulted personality, a person must really love the way you want to respect her.
money is very important, a friend is more important, but their most important.
do not lose friends for money, not to friends, lovers lose themselves.
have a rich dad is dipping, is married to the rich scenery.
But you need to know, compared with the loss of self, all less than one mention.
while, no one will realize others and self.

not to criticize this film, Lu Tao
to the main line, lay open the older generation's values, and Zi Yang Xiaoyun Mile south Lulu different life.
Perhaps you are Zi, so you do not anger Lu Tao of life.
Perhaps you are Lulu, so you do not understand with the nature of Mile. Charlene
Perhaps you are, so you do not understand Lulu's change of heart.

However, there will always be around children Mile Lulu Yang Xiaoyun south China, but you do not understand their lives.
there will always be Lu Tao and Charlene.
you only know yourself, so you too are looking for similar, expect sympathy. It's like once
Lu Tao Lu Yaxun do not understand, but also disdain him.
you call landing Tao, Lu Tao and then what are the differences?

first step is to accept the growth of the world's complex, individual diversity. And in understanding the complexity of the world, after the insistence of the same self.
find a group of like-minded friends, can Harmonious roar of the partners are to adhere to self-efforts.
and successful but also to better adhere to the self.

one of the greatest enemy is himself, which is the universal truth.
Whether you are after 80 or 00 after 90 post-doctoral Queen Mother.

This is a five thousand and sixty sequel to the story after Miss Yaxun and Xuzhi Sen, seemingly Xuzhi Sen won, but because the choice of Lu Tao, on behalf of this new era of choice, he respected land Yaxun, just sympathy Xuzhi Sen .
land Yaxun is really strong this do not need anyone's recognition and support, but in the end he does not accidentally get this has been looked down on his son's cry of his life was finally complete.
Lu Tao is a Pisces, Taurus land Yaxun is a typical, practical work hard, diligent life.

Hanako this world Lulu Yang Xiaoyun, a Mile distant south, there are Charlene and Lu Tao, a land Yaxun and Xuzhi Sen.
you want to be free to choose their own model, but also respect other people's choices.
things actually natural selection, there are always several people will be eliminated, there are always some competition victories continue to multiply.

like pop music there has Faye Wong Eason Chan, Gigi Leung has a Stefanie, have a mei Chao Chuan. There are also literary
Eileen Chang Chiung Yao, there are also Han Guo has also Lu Xun Yu.
their competition, enriching everyone's vision.
You can choose you like to receive

everyone adhere to the self, and respect for others. Live in peace, world peace ...

I was an orphan, perhaps the result of son preference, may be frolicking in the bedroom can not be responsible for the product.
is Zheye my pick to go home.
implement the policies of that year he was back to the city from the countryside, watching the station's garbage I met a nice, quiet little girl, many people around, he came up, then that baby smile on his gem.
He gave me a home, and gave me a beautiful name, Tao yao. Later, he said, I had that smile, worthy of the Recipe, Shining.
Zheye life extremely mournful, his parents were returning scholars, did not escape the cultural catastrophe that field, the anguish in both pass away, Zheye naturally can not escape, exiled in rural areas, and fell in love for many years girlfriend s gone. He has since left alone, until the 35-year-old picked up when I return to the city. I called Uncle
tube Zheye.
childhood in my memory is not too unpleasant. Just get rid of one thing.
school, class a few naughty boys called me Pick me up from school the next day Zheye specifically asked that several boys: Who says she is a wild species? Little boy saw the tall burly Zheye are afraid to speak, Zheye sneer: Who then say next, so I heard, I Zoubian him! It was whispered, she is not your health, that is, wild species. Zheye smiled back holding my hand: but I also baby than her daughter. Stand up and do not believe what I see, who has her beautiful clothes? Whose shoes bag than her look good? She ate bread and milk every morning, you eat? Children were suddenly discouraged.
Since then, no one called me over the wild species. After the big, think of this, I always laugh.
my life than the general orphans, to be much luckier.
My favorite place is the study. A room full of books, large, bright window is Zheye under the desk, the sun, he focused on working like a backlit silhouette of the imposing paintings. I always find their own books to read, to find the nest on the sofa. Separated for a while, Zheye will look back at me, his smile, more than the warm winter sunshine outside the window. Get tired, I was lying on his shoulders, quietly to see him drawing the author.
he smiled: I grew up have done this line?
I curl one's lips: just do not tan so dark, dirty, dirty, also died.
ah, I forgot to say, Zheye is a construction engineer. But the wind and sun is also destructive to his appearance. He always genteel and clean, quiet demeanor.
intermittent, is not no woman want to get into Zheye life.
eight years old when I had once, Zheye almost gonna get married to a woman. That woman is a teacher, a smart and beautiful. Do not know why I do not like her, always felt her face smiling like posted up, Zheye in her sweet and gentle smile to me, is not, then laugh to ourselves, hey presto gone. I am afraid of her. One day I watch a picture book on the balcony, she asked me: do your parents father and mother? One did not see you? I stayed, looked she did not know what to say. Her tongue twice and said, this child, stupid, no wonder they do not want you. I Zheng Zhu, suddenly Zheye livid face came, he gets my hand, said nothing on the back room.
a boring night I cry in the quilt. Zheye came in, holding me, not afraid, Yao Yao cry.
that woman was not goodbye, we came home.
and then later I heard a good friend of Qiu non Zheye asked him how good they scattered? Zheye said that a woman's heart is not straight, married her, Yao Yao will not have a better life in the future. Non-Qiu said, you still forget Pleione. Year-old I firmly remember the name. I know that after a big, Pleione is Zheye then girlfriend.
we have each other. Zheye handled everything well, including the smooth and healthy through my adolescence.

king with me not there, I was born and the old king has been king hate
I was born late, I hate early
Jun Jun students are not with me, I was born Jun old
hate students have the same time,
good day I was born and the king of king is not there, I have the old ruler of Health
Jun horizon I leave, I separated the Cape
Jun Jun is not there I was born, I have the old king
of Health Butterfly actively look for flowers, grass habitat every night

I was admitted to the university, due to school far from home, you live on campus, the weekend and returned home.
Zheye sometimes ask me: have a boyfriend yet? I always smiled and remained silent. The school does have a few fairly well the boys always like I turn around, but I also dislike a: a tall, handsome touches, but unfortunately the results of third-rate; B homework well, eloquence is very good, but the appearance is normal; C homework looks good, temperament, just like a Mangfu ... ...
I rarely speak and male students. In my eyes, they are naïve, one in front on the side of too late to want the best performance out too the traces, the loss of the stable.
two-year-old birthday, Zheye send me a gift is a ruby ​​ring. Such sporadic jewelry, Zheye already started to help me buy his argument is: big girls need to have a few decent things decorative. After dinner he accompany me go shopping, what I like, immediately bought.
back to school, the sensitive, I find students like to talk behind me. I do not mind. Because of his personal life, people have become accustomed to talk of. Until one day a good female students to pull me in private: they say you have a lot older than you boyfriend? I am baffled: Who said that? She said: It is said there are several people to see, you go shopping with him, very affectionate too! No wonder the poor young man that you despise them, and turned out to be near the Fangxiong! I Lueyisisuo face slowly turn red, smiles after a while: they misunderstood.
I did not explain. Sit quietly reading, his face does not fade the heat a long time.
weekend home, as usual, clean-up. Zheye room very clean, he often wears a sweater on a ride at the edge of the bed. It is a brown rice, turtle neck, had the time to buy is a fancy gray Jixin Ling, I picked this one. At that time Zheye said with a smile, well, according to you, it appears that Yao Yao is too old, I should point do I dress younger.
stack of TV drama I dress slowly, bits and pieces of trivia sake of a smile.
next time I found Zheye state of mind is very good, walking gait nimble wind, and occasionally heard him hum some of the songs, somewhat like when I was admitted to the university look. I wonder.
Friday I received Zheye phone, asking me to go home, go out and have dinner with him.
shave his clothes. My suspicion: someone to help introduce you to his girlfriend? Zheye laugh: I have old man, and talk about a girlfriend, you Qiushu Shu, there is also a friend of many years, one will you call her aunt leaves on the line.
I know it must be Pleione.
road Zheye told me some time ago by non-Qiu, contacted him and Pleione, and her husband died a few years ago, the re-see and feel all you can, if not unexpected, they are ready to get married.
I relaxed and be with, began to feel cold feet, slowly up and spread.
to the hotel, I looked Pleione objective: extra baggage, but not bloated, there are still a bit young brow charm, and the same age than women, she no doubt still have an advantage. But with the handsome Zheye stand, she looked much older.
she told me very good, very friendly, a Aiwujiwu look.
to home Zheye asked me: Do you think Ye aunt how? I said: you are planning to get married, and of course I said yes.

eyes open until midnight before I fell asleep.
back to school I was sick. Fever, insisted on not Kenla class, speak, top-heavy, and finally stumble in the classroom.
I wake up in the hospital, the hanging bottle, Zheye sitting next to the reading.
I tired smile: This is where I am? Zheye strained to touch my head: finally woke up, turn viral influenza pneumonia, you are the child, not always careful. I laughed: to be sick, be careful what way?
Zheye addition to the work, is in the hospital. Often wake up from sleeping, immediately search for his people, to immediately see, to feel at ease. I heard him and Pleione phone: Yao Yao was sick, I did not empty these days, so I told you she was a good contact. I am sad smile, if I'm sick, let him abandon me every day, so why not long illness, I can not afford.
hospital stay for a week and returned home. Zheye in the door I put a sofa in the evening on lying on top, a slight movement he Jiupaqilai I visit.
reminds me a little less time on my little bed on the Zheye room, bathroom on the middle of the night I want to, on their own way up, but soon heard Zheye always, help me open lights, said: Yao Yao careful ah. Has been to my primary school, before their sleep.
yelan bought a large handful of flowers and fruits to visit me. I politely thank her. Her cooking is very delicious, but I could not eat. I went back to the room early to lay down.
my dream. Dream Zheye and Pleione finally married, they are very young, Pleione look very beautiful white dress, and I act so much the sub is actually the flower girl role. Zheye pleasant smile, but just do not look back at me, I clearly heard the bride's bouquet of lilies floated on the fragrance ... I sat up and shoved it, woke up. A long while, then lay back, close your eyes desperate. I heard Zheye
darkness came, and then opened the bedside of a small lamp. He sighed: what a dream? Cried so much. I pretended to sleep, but the tears just as leaky faucet, dripping down his eyes to the ears. Zheye warm fingers again and again to draw those tears, but how can not stop.
this disease, lingering over ten days. Other recovery, and I Zheye have lost a large circle. He said: still home to live in it, so many people a school dormitory, air is not good.
his motorcycle accompanied me every day.
face against his back, suddenly my heart is always happy suddenly sad.
later yelan never never been in our family. After a very long period of time, I was convinced, Pleione, and that female teachers are also the same thing of the past.
I successfully graduated, office.
me happy, serene living, not next to the greedy, just me and Zheye. Since I can not say anything, then this status quo is good.
but God refused to give me such a long-term happiness.
Zheye halo to the site. Diagnosed with advanced liver cancer. My heart pain Ji Gong, but still very cool to ask a doctor to know: how many days? The doctor said: a year, maybe a little longer.
I Zheye take home. He did not stay in bed during the day I go to work, make a part-time care, noon and night, by myself to take care of him.
Zheye smiled and said: Look, all I drag, and her boyfriend should have been out on a date yet.
I laugh: boyfriend? It is not long and arduous journey only lightly.
dinner every day and I Zheye out for walks. I took his arm. Get rid of weight loss than in the past, he is still tall Toshihaya,North Face Jacket Sale, the outsider, is this not a Tianlun map, only I, in the beautiful appearance visible under the cruel truth. I was sober sadness, I clearly see my Zheye final day by day in the fast disappearing.
Zheye very quiet life as usual. Reading, design drawings. Part-time that day, he has most of the time delay in the study.
I am more like study. The meal is always a cup of tea, and Zheye relative to sit down game, play a game of poker. He then helped organize Zheye information. He provides a stack of stuff do not let me move. I am curious. Last day to take advantage of his absence peek. It was a few
Big thick diary.
yao, she is really my lonely life of a Jieyuhua. old men hope her life as lonely as I do. I still did not cover the remaining goodwill. the impact of such a large. year of life left. I do not fear, but Yao Yao, she is my event. I'm dead, how to make her healthy and happy life, is my primary consideration. > I brought a diary book, rustled the tears fall. It turned out he is aware of, that he is aware of this.
a few days, the pile of the book disappeared. I know Zheye been handled. I know he knows he did not want my mind, but he did not know I already know.
Zheye is the second year in the spring to go. Death, he held my hand and said: You have been trying to personally handed the hands of a good boy, seeing him wear a ring just for you to go, too late.
me smile. He forgot, my ring, twenty years old, he helped me buy.
desk drawer with his letter a few short: Yao Yao, I went to, I can think, but not always with me in mind, you can calm and peaceful life, is my greatest comfort . Uncle.
I did not cry pitch darkness.
wake up at night, I seem to still hear him say: Yao Yao careful ah.
finishing debris in the study, I found a corner in a cupboard full of dust, pottery, very simple and interesting letter, I take it out clean, stay, and that what the above does not decorated, and only four of Yan: Jun me not, I was born old monarch has. Hate students, while a good day and the king.
this time, my tears, only unbridled raging down.

1, Plato (BC 427-347)

ancient Greek sages, advanced form of emotion. He was the first communist elements in his monumental book 81 years old, happily laughing at a wedding on the occasion passed away.

2, da Vinci (1452-1519) Italian genius

ah, so you can introduce him: genius! A small guy and have the same last name DiCaprio (Leonardo) is a genius of epic proportions. He is an artist, mathematician, physicist, physician, or engineers, architects ...... who designed helicopters, aircraft, hot air balloon, siege devices, and the city defense system, drainage system He also studied human anatomy, proportion, perspective ... ... 24 years old, was accused of having an affair with the man acts by its denial, died in France in 1519. However, the identity of their comrades, later generations have been recognized as basic.

3, Elizabeth I (1533-1603): Britain's Queen Elizabeth

how young people are not lucky, three years old, the mother is father Prince in, She inherited the throne of a very slim chance, unless the front of the brother and sister are all non-repeatable to turn her, and all this so happened, his brother Edward ascended the throne 10 years old, 16-year-old premature death, and her sister Mary to the throne, soon depression end, so young and beautiful and 25-year-old Elizabeth embarked on a liberal England of Britain. But unfortunately, in order to consolidate her throne, maneuvers at the time of power between Spain and France, to give up marriage, and finally to the identity of non-repeatable and eventually died an old maid, the result is the rise of the British Empire.

4, Newton (1642-1727) The great English scientist

some say, because Newton, the single all over the world who will no longer alone. Letter idea! And Clinton, they are the father's posthumous child (nonsense ah, a posthumous child a mother do that, huh, huh), he was born, is no exaggeration to say that changed the world.

not say he hit the apple of God, and his cook's watch, and to open a hole big cat of his brother's wife, anyway, history is always more mass the more Xuanhu, but never change the fact that is: He is the founder of modern mechanics, the discoverer of gravity, analyzed the composition of white light, and Leibniz discovered calculus simultaneously ... ...

Newton's life, almost no close and woman record, he completed the great lonely life, find solace in religion in his later years (It should be stressed: science and religion can co-exist), March 1727, he was buried in the famous Westminster Cathedral.

5, Voltaire (1694-1778) French modern thinkers

not on the guillotine of Louis XVI in front, read Voltaire and Rousseau writings, he said: the two men destroyed the French. Indeed, the 18th century is the century of the French, is the world's first revolutionary plots, and Voltaire, who is the spiritual leader of the revolution.

his monumental 99 volume Huang Huang, and a married woman's lover Emily were living 20 years, until the latter died childless, in 1778, 84-year-old Voltaire's death, the church refused him buried in Paris, 1791, the French Revolution broke out, his body was re-interment in the Pantheon in Paris, and to make the line a state funeral, in Rousseau's tomb next to his heart, was put into a box, stored in the National Library in Paris .

6, Beethoven (1770-1829) German musician

Yes, ah, you see, Beethoven's hair, it truly anger, and his cynical eyes, cold-wai. Is this rage, he wrote a magnificent

Beethoven's life is full of pain, love, flow, and middle-aged deaf, he had countless love women, but they would prefer to marry someone else, because he looks ugly? Or humble? Difficult for us to know, we know that he is more angry, then write more beautiful music, fortunately non-yeah yeah? Who can say where?

7, Jane Austen (1775-1817) British writer living in Austin

old England, he finally became old maid. the same trouble, and the novel different is that Austin's mother did not see her daughter finally married that day.

Austin smart and beautiful, is said to have infatuated the young romance is the reason she did not marry for life, some say she may be lesbian, very close with his sister's relationship suspicious (her sister Cassandra Jane de la Si Qianzeng burned most of her letters), but these are not test, can test only, found a novel Elizabeth Darcy, but Austin did not find that one belongs to her 42-year-old , she died young.

8, Nobel (1833-1895) Swedish scientists

maximum lifetime achievements Nobel invented dynamite was not, but made such an award, regardless of nationality, both men and women only on the size of your contribution, which makes all future generations the great scientist (writer and pacifist) are enveloped in his aura, under Nobel Prize only a will, it won fame in front behind the generations to come. This is the best money can buy anything, I think so.

Nobel is not no love before, but unfortunately people are loved children of satisfying all Lingjia others, as that did not set the final mathematics prize because his rival was a mathematician, in fact, mostly Nosey fiction, I can say only one sentence: Nobel not so stingy.

9, Mr. Jin (1895-1984) Chinese philosopher, logician, infatuated

if talented woman on China's first modern, non-Huiyin none other than the three best men for life are unique in the world for her suffering: a broken leg (Liang) for Bo beautiful smile, loss of emergency vehicles to hurriedly fall, to find another beautiful woman, too slow aircraft, their first to fly down (Xu), this last one, is our Mr. King, for her, life is not married (think after the death of Lin and Liang have second wife), and with the rival neighbors, make friends for life, a situation, the three continents who were heard of.

for birthday, give seat alike.

later years, had set the old man of this reporter 'absolute privacy,' he thought for a long time, only slightly sad to say: all my words, should be with her, I can not say --- - I have no chance with her, so I do not want to say, is not willing to have such a thing!

10, Vincent Van Gogh (1853-1890) Dutch painter Vincent van Gogh's paintings

can shoot regardless of what kind of price, all has nothing to do with him. 37 years of his short life, full of humiliation and bitterness, numerous fire and understand, many times refused to dispute, let him into the madness of obsession, until July 1890 that evening, he raised his pistol pointed at his temple ... ...

1888, he was visiting a handful of friends, Gauguin, and soon the two had an argument, while angry, Van Gogh cut off his ear Gauguin was scared, he was sent to a mental hospital, four weeks are filled with confusion, and no one can understand the anger ... ... Six months later, Rao has to take care of his brother because of grief over Van Gogh, mental disorders also soon died, he buried in a tomb next to his brother.

we go not to the rainy season. So, when most of the meadow.

Photo Sharing:

Tashi taught us to meet a Tibetan greeting Anyway, the day after we saw the Tibetans are greeted with the phrase.

Southern Cross swim Gedan

finished lunch, we continue on the road

Tashi told us before the into the temple to I quit after a break up.


Tashi told us that across the river in Sichuan, after the riots last year, requiring the roof to be inserted every Tibetan flag to the table loyalty. And across the river in Yunnan do not plug in Yunnan Tibetan side more obedient. Specific reason, I now not want to understand.

two main temple in the swim after he took us to a behind the Temple, no other visitors to this temple wall Vice figure, it drew six reincarnation. I asked Tashi can take this painting, he said to go through the temple inside the master consent to it, I found a long time n finally found in the temple gates is through a little monk, asked if he could take pictures, he shook his head . Unfortunately, I had to go. (Sometimes really admire his honest, in fact, secretly shot at a person should not detectable, but not on their own over that hurdle.)

we ate there Benzilan famous Jinsha River fish soup, fresh fish is good to eat. But that is a little high, 1 kg of 6,192 yuan. Zhang fish would want to make pictures, the waiter would not let us shoot.

after breakfast, Tashi took us to the Gedan Hut. Gedan Hut known as

Yesterday I asked Tashi

we went on the road, after a period of Yunnan in Sichuan province after the repair of roads. At 1:10 or so to Benzilan this place. Benzilan a high profile in the upper reaches of the Jinsha River, Yunnan-Tibet Cha Ma Ancient Road as the pharynx on the city.

Tashi seek complete blessing, I could see death staring motionless statues, called a few times

also Tibetan,

why your followers believe you created such a devout Buddhist, but also by so much suffering? Why few of these senior monks of the Tibetan religion in the form of wealth collected through your golden Buddha was plated, the magnificent temples of cultivation? This is the only Tibetans suffering in poverty and continue to believe their faith? If you think my ideas have questions, can I call a living Buddha and out of dialogue. . . .

which is the highest section of the White Horse Snow Mountain Pass, where the altitude reached 4292 meters. Shangri-La and Deqin this section is the dividing line.

reincarnation? Baidu me to copy some words on Wikipedia and a diagram:

can see from the pictures, two in front of the main temple there are many white houses, the white house is the family temple monks practicing their money to cover. (Seems to have money at home because as a monk General Tibetan monk, the home to support his charge, such as living expenses, etc., when his practice to help the family pray, so the status of monks in the home is relatively high.)

across the wide threshold, into one of the main temple hall. Other companions and bar very pious to seek happiness in the hall of the solemn environment, I stood in front of Sakyamuni Buddha, I suddenly felt a lot to keep up, he said, the entire space as if I was the only there with the two statues Like peace, other people's activities and sound are gone, this space is only the sound of my heart:

for tomorrow morning to see the sunshine Jinshan, we Deqin county after dinner, go to the hotel to stay over there flying Temple. Expect tomorrow to see the legendary sunshine Jinshan. . .

Moon Bay

way through a very beautiful place with Omega (Ω), known as Moon Bay, after you see the photos really like to know where this symbol Ω.

six were: first, Heaven, two, Shura Road, three, earth road, four beasts, five hungry Road, six, hell.

all beings in samsara world. Only Buddhas, Bodhisattvas, Rohan was able to jump out of the Three Realms, does not enter the cycle.

herein on three, three good way, because of their jobs (good and evil two industry, which is cause and effect) than good it is; the next three for the three lower realms, because it is the job all the more tragic sinking of life and death in sub- beings, the reincarnation of the way, not six.

Baima Snow Mountain

Well, in fact, done everything to the Tibetans out of the six clutches of reincarnation, there are also Christian heaven and hell theory.

(forgot most of the dialogue, and you only remember a few of these.)

so-called transmigration by: to describe their feelings like, go to the back and forth, like a wheel of the swing, in which six of the cycle, no there is not over, hence the name six reincarnation.

What is six

over the Moon, the car would climb all the way along the Yunnan-Tibet Highway, the road across the mountains is very beautiful. Better still pictures speak.


​​how they understand the cycle of the Tibetan people, he said to me after the talk we explain what Hut is six reincarnation.


Deqin county away from the thick fog 10 we came to the top viewing platform, overlooking the flying here and Meili Snow Mountain Temple (the Meili Snow Mountain, I'll explain later). Also in the observation deck stands thirteen Baita, on behalf of Meri 13 peaks.

flying Temple

Gedan Hut

during the rainy season when the lake will rise to flood discharge during the dry season, the lake narrowed, most of the region into swamp and meadow. Zhongdian is the most scenic characteristics of the plateau, is one of the largest grassland in the county.

Hut and we separated, not coming with us to Temple, and his vacation to end.

pictures see attachment. (This figure with that much like the temple map)

morning I did not feel a headache yesterday. There should be no altitude sickness is a.

six cycle

1. open the original image, duplicate the layer, fill pure black, overlay mode.
2. New Hue Saturation layer: saturation -85.
3. New Brightness and Contrast layer: contrast +10,
4. New optional color, red: 0, +30,0 , +100. Yellow: 0, -15, -100,0. Intermediate color: 0,0,0, +5.
5. Stamped Filter - Render - Lighting Effects: points of light, intensity 21, Focus 24, gloss 0, the material 69, 0 exposure, the environment 8,
6. stamp, plus text-decoration

1. open the original image, the new layer (Ctrl + Shift + Alt + N), then stamp the visible layers (Ctrl + Alt + Shift + E),
2. into the channel, copy contrast to relatively strong the green channel, and then increase the contrast, white white, black, black, or with a brush (overlay mode) Ctrl + Green channel copy, extract constituency
3. the sky material delay in, the establishment of the mask, rub the figure
4. establish layer, soft mode, make the sky look better,
5. to do the water reflection, Ctrl + T vertical flip, the establishment of the mask, with a brush to draw their desired effect , Multiply mode effect better, because figure varies,
6. color, adjust according to personal habits, good with the optional color,
7.Shift + Ctrl + Alt + E, stamp shown in Figure layer, layer mode Multiply, and then mask the darker corners of pressure, mainly for the water pressure dark, so the screen more balanced,
8. Filter - Noise - Add Noise, number 3, Gaussian distribution, color, make the characters and the same grainy sky,
9, the final fill the sky material

Photo Name: PS in turn hand-drawn pictures,
1. open the original file, according to their own feelings through color adjustment to adjust the film, and then resurfacing, dermabrasion value not too much, (Neat image plugin)
2. a new layer, color FEE7D6, (according to the film character's skin color to set ), the layer mode to Overlay and 25%, 20% with a brush the skin on the face and neck light coating,
3. features of the detailed work, cutting out the mouth, the emergence copy (Ctrl + J), with Smudge tool to smear on the lip, the lip skin becomes soft and delicate (not too much strength)
4. Create a new layer to the lips and face color, color FDC1D6, the layer mode to color, with a brush in the side of the lips and face painting,
5. with the Dodge tool, the range is the high light exposure of 25% to draw the lip of the high light, with the Burn tool, the middle range, exposure 20% enhance lips contrast,
6. a new layer, color 8E1A25, brush pixel is 3, draw the inside of the inside, then draw 2 pixels outside the lip lines (some lines to build high-light mask Dodge some)
7. circle the emergence of the nose, copy, use the smudge tool around the gentle refinement of the nose, then use the Dodge tool range is a high light exposure of 20%, to strengthen the high-light the next part of the nose, then color 422B2D, 2 pixel brush to draw the nose contour (lines light up with a better tool if to make up for the next)

1, open the original image material, the first hook with the pen tool to figure out, press Ctrl + Enter the path to selection, press Ctrl + J to copy characters to the new layer.
2, press Ctrl + M to adjust the curve of the cutout character, values: 47,60
3, create a new layer, fill color: # 0A6A60
4, the figure on the skin to the head of this half to pull out, to the new layer.
5, the foreground color set to green, (water color mapping can be set according to need), set the background to white, select the menu: Image> Adjustments> Gradient Map. Adjust the images are monochrome chiaroscuro.
6, Filter> Artistic Effects> plastic packaging, data adjusted according to individual needs to be done, the main effect is the extraction of high-light some of the water, so the plot is very water do people imagine the face of high light adjust the density and degree of evacuation, according to the characteristics of the water, people can receive the information the eye is the only high-light the darkest part of the other part is transparent.
7, select the layer 3 copy, press Ctrl + Alt + Shift + ~ to bring up high-light selection, press Ctrl + Alt + Shift mouse click on the layer 3 copy, so the people outside the constituency to lose, then the new map 4 layers filled with white.

12. Double-click the path layer pearl, set the layer mode, Projection: structure - Multiply, black, 28% opacity, angle 120 °, distance 0, 0 extension, size 5 pixels, the quality - variegated 0 . Bevel and Emboss: structure - embossed, smooth way, the depth of 120%, direction, shadow - angle 120 °, Multiply mode, white, opacity 33%, shadow mode Multiply, blue, opacity 36 %.
13. shape with rubber trim tool, add a mask, opacity 32%, coated beads, the beads and the hair below the actual situation with,
14. Create a new layer, arranged in different sizes with snow brush screen, adjust the snow layer styles, Projection: structure - Multiply, black, angle 120 °, Use Global Light, from 7 to expand 5%, size 1. Within the projection: Multiply, black, 12% opacity, angle 120 °, distance 7, blocking 10%. Outer Glow: structure - color filter, opacity 73%, lake blue pixels - soft approach, the size of 5 pixels, the quality - 50% range. Bevel and Emboss: structure - Outer Bevel styles, methods, smooth, 281% depth, direction, shadow - angle 120 °, Use Global Light, height 30 °, high light pattern color filter, 75% opacity, shadow mode Multiply, black, opacity 75%

8, hold down the Ctrl key and click on the layer 4 switch into the selection, press Ctrl + Shift + I invert the selection and press Delete to delete, clean, delete a few more points.
9, the layer 4 to selection, select the layer 3 copy, point mask button (which can hide the shadow layer). Then brush the excess high light on the character wipe, 3 copies of the same layer mask is also set up, wipe the excess high light.
10, layer 3 is set to Drops material to find online.
11, it is best to find the water black background material, if it is white or other colors of the water background material, can reduce or reverse the saturation of the background to black, set the color filter layer properties will Black masked, leaving only the white transparency of the water, when the collage to see the direction of the water to find a suitable location collage up to take advantage of the mask to the interface between water, people place the root handle.
12, the background color of the final deal.

Photo Name: making a horror movie,
broken glass brush: Broken Glass brush
blood brush: Blood stain brush.
1, press CTRL + U to adjust hue / saturation, color tick, value: 220,26, -9
2, change the eye color, use the Lasso tool to select the eyes. Then adjust the hue / saturation, color tick, value: 117,47,7
3, using a 13px -15 px brush in eye shadow around the drawing, set the black mode to Multiply, opacity 25 %, flow 25%, draw around the eyes, the same method to modify the lips.
4, create a new layer, fill color # 31425e,
5, broken glass pen to draw.
6, add layer styles, projection, Multiply, Opacity 75%, angle 120 °,
7, CTRL + E Merge layers, with the lasso tool to select the broken area, change the opacity to 80 %, duplicate the layer, adjust the mode to Multiply,
8, Filter - Render - Lighting Effects, points of light, intensity 53, Focus 69,
9, the last brush to draw some blood and then blood

Photo Name: Photoshop creative synthesis poster printer,

1, the background copy layer, use Pen tool to pull out the first part of the eye, Ctrl + Enter, the path to transform into a constituency with a straw, draw around the color white of the eye, the eyes fill, 2, the new layer, using the pen tool in the copy of the layer outline to the people portrayed, and the boundary path switch, press Ctrl + C, Ctrl + V to paste the new layer
3, select the generic Stamp tool, the edge of the forehead hair slightly modified, after the completion of a copy of the layer, and turn into a Smart Object layer.
4, Filter - Stylize - Emboss, angle 135 °, height 3, number 142, Filter - Noise - the middle value, the radius of 2. Change the layer blending mode [overlay].
5, add a black and white adjustment layer, and load line of the path just described, by Ctrl + Shift + I reverse and fill the black, so that part of the screen, only to become a black and white portrait images.
6, select the Clone Stamp tool, eyes and ears will be slightly modified.
7, with the pen tool, hair and eyebrows were selected together, then cut to the color layer on the layer. Ctrl + C, Ctrl + V, and a copy of the other layers of the eyes closed.
8, cut to the Channels palette, copy the red channel, Filter - Blur - Surface Blur, radius 2, threshold 33%, after holding down the Ctrl key, point toward the red color version of the thumbnail look.

8. eclosion circle replication of the eye brows with the smudge tool on the soft skin around the eyes, thinning eyebrows, and then use the Dodge tool range is a high light exposure of 15%, to strengthen the high light under the eyes, with better tools the middle range, to deepen the lines around the eyes,
9. with the smudge tool to smear some of the detailed eyes, look softer, with some better tools to enhance black eyes, with the Dodge tool range is a high light exposure least 20% of high light to enhance eyes and make the eyes look brighter,
10. color 080101, 3-pixel brush, draw eyelashes part (the line Dodge tools to deepen the color depth can be used to make up) eyelash line can also be used paths and some other methods tick,
11. with the smudge tool to apply the prettier eyebrow, brow a little rough spots slightly darker color, apply diluted down along the back, then two pixels with a brush in front to draw eyebrows eyebrows lines, so eyebrows more structured,
12. Smudge tool to choose the hair brush, (according to hair texture to set brush shape), applied the process to be applied along the hair texture, not too much force, to be applied uniform,
13. hair brush coated with a normal part to convergence, (hair must be applied carefully)

15. New soft coating, copy the background layer, selection foreground color (blue lake), R = 133, G = 244, B = 244
16. Create a new layer, brush hair range, 17. New color layers, foreground - # 6fc8c8, R = 111, G = 200, B = 200,
18. new color layer, brush hair and beads on top of snow, available eraser, set low opacity, transition. Hair coloring range of local, multi-layers can be more natural.
19. loaded brush Star decoration interface,
20. blue soft brush to the whole layer of skin, plus cold tone and unity of the screen. New independent group of skin color, the new skin and soft layers, line brush hardness to 0, the foreground color to blue lake. To the faces, light and dark being of high distinction, used in blue and pink. Multi-layers of paint on the natural transition.

Photo Name: PS to the landscape watercolor effects,

1. Duplicate the background layer. Filter - Blur - Gaussian Blur, Radius 10.
2. set the layer blending mode to Double-click the layer name to open the right mixture of options. In the advanced hybrid, cancel advanced R and G channels,
3. The use of color balance the image of the curve, according to the picture to determine
4. A new layer, select the repair Brush (J), select level sampling. Of large freckles or blemishes, imitation removed.
5.ctrl + shift + alt + E, stamp all the layers, the skin part of the tick, you can choose their own way, I personally prefer the pen tool, but you can also use the polygonal lasso tool to Note that to deal with the skin, so to remove the eyes, eyebrows, lips, nostrils. Anti-selection (ctrl + shift + i) Remove all but the skin, excess parts.
6. Filter - Blur - Gaussian Blur with a radius of 20. Set layer opacity to 75%
7.CTRL + J, duplicate the layer 3 filter - Other - High Pass, a radius of 4, mixed mode to

Photo Name: tune out the brilliant color photos,

1. Open image, duplicate the layer, use the Lasso tool (more detailed, clean) the hook out of the skin, (channels can also be), replicated the hook out of the skin,
2. Image - Adjustments - Optional color, neutral colors: -49, -5, +100,0
3. on the part of the tick, copy, image - adjustment - optional colors, neutral colors: +35, -37, +64, + 22
4. hook pants, copy, image - adjustment - optional colors, neutral colors: -29, -48, -31,0. Ctrl + L Levels adjustment pants sense of light, color scale: 0, 0.81,175
5, tick hair, reproduce, need not be very clean, the edges a little background color, can make hair even more integration, tick the background,
6. color, image - adjustment - optional colors, Neutral colors: -30, -47, +100,0.
7. Select the background layer, (no hair, no skin, no pants that layer), press Q to enter quick mask, select the gradient tool, black to transparency, gradient from upper left to lower right pull, that have elected black range, and you can press Q to exit Quick Mask, Levels: 0,0.32,255
8. the same way to the left light tune out, according to Ctrl + A, Ctrl + Shift + C, Ctrl + V, all the layers are copied to a layer, into the top, superimposed, the color more vivid,
9. details of some (whites , eyes, lips, slippers, nail) color, add in the final map lighting effects, feel the car drove up,

Photo Name: Classic movie posters made,

1. Duplicate Layer, New Adjustment Layer-channel mix, gray channel, red +64%, Green 2%, 10% blue, monochrome
2. New solid mixed layer, select 575 046 colors, blend mode to Color,
3. New Curves Adjustment Layer, ① - input 68, output 32, ② - input 114, output 68, ③ - input 208, output 197,
4. create one solid layer, select 443B25 color, blend mode to color, press Alt-click mask,
5.Ctrl + D to restore the default background color, Ctrl + Delete to fill the black mask the background color, 6 to change the picture in high light and dark parts of the color transition to enrich the color, use a brush inserted in the mask
need some color, 300 pixels, opacity 10%, flow 100% 7 fonts arrangement and design

1. a picture with the white side of the picture landscape plan, as do the edges with a white border spillover effects
2. hue saturation: saturation +80, adjust the impressionist effect,
3. editor - Define Pattern.
4. to build a white fill layer, 50% opacity, to build a transparent layer
5. pattern stamp tool, brush the main diameter of 200, comes with the brush wet media brushes 45 election, mode normal, opacity 100% , Impressionist in front of check,
6. in a transparent layer pattern stamp painting, large long-term time King strokes, whereas the small details of the multi-stroke, adjusting the opacity of the layer above to view strokes,
7. Copy Background layer to the color filter - splash, 71% opacity, layer mode to Overlay
8. Filter - Texture - textured, opacity 100%,
9. filter - distort - spread light 37%

Photo name: a magical picture effect,

14. draw the hair texture, the new layer, layer mode to Overlay, choose a pencil to 1 pixel, (picture size to the value determined according to figures), along the hair color is DFDFDF draw smooth texture lines
15. horsetail some choose the brush tool, brush lightly with a fork along the texture of some of the painting, the color layer model above,
16. Create a new layer, the normal mode, select the brush tool, pixel 1, opacity 60%, 80% flow, the color is white, draw dynamic forehead hair,
17. clothes and necklaces with the smudge tool applied in some softer, and then choose to use the Dodge tool, the range is the high light , exposure 20%, clothes and necklaces to enhance the high light
18. synthesis of the whole image sharpening, sharpening value is 8, with the Dodge tool to highlight some of the little processing, the overall color correction, the ( can be modified to add some background light, highlighting the theme)

1, open the original image, copy the layer
2, curve adjustment, the value RGB: 109,99
3, hue saturation, value: 0, -39,0
4, color balance , values: 0,0, -34
5, optional colors, neutral colors: 0,0, -20,0
6, a new layer, fill d7b26c, layer mode overlay, opacity 56 %,
7, the clouds pull material into the figure, the top into the artwork, soft light layer mode, the outside part of the sky in addition to wipe out, back layer (Ctrl + Alt + Shift + E)
8, optional color, black: 0,0, -14, -5
9, a new layer, fill 0d1d50, layer mode exclusion, to copy a layer, filling 52%
10, curve adjust the value RGB: 128,155
11, color balance, value: +24, +7, -64, filling 70%
12, Levels, value: 29,1.00,227, filling 58% 13, an optional color, neutral colors: +16, +12, -11, +5
14, back layer (Ctrl + Alt + Shift + E), color balance, value: +24, +7, -64, filling 38%
15, back layer (Ctrl + Alt + Shift + E), opacity 46%, filling 48%,
16, Ctrl + E Merge Visible, Sharpen about

Photo Name: the real picture transfer plaster statue,

6. Create a new layer, Ctrl + Shift + Alt + E back layer, Ctrl + Shift + U to color, layer blending mode to
7. Create a new layer, Ctrl + Alt + ~ to bring up high-light selection, fill color: # FBF4C4, layer blending mode to . Create a new layer, Ctrl + Shift + Alt + E back layer proper look at the details of the modification, the final sharpening what

Photo Name: Old tune a simple way,

1. open the original image, hue saturation: saturation -55
2. to be the red channel of the curve compared to the value and extent according to the picture, doing the color contrast of green channel, blue channel reverse contrast,
3. hue saturation: saturation -35
4. Duplicate the layer, Filter - Other - High Pass, I use the value is 250, mixed mode to Multiply,
5 to be a gradient map adjustment layer, black - white,
6. Filter - Blur - Gaussian Blur, Radius 4, can increase the image of mystery, given rise to people,
7. the picture uncoordinated blue saturation -100, brightness -100,

Photo Name: black and white retro color,

11. curve brighter, so that the face full, the output 138, input 118.
12. eyebrows, the eyebrows and top of the circle with the skin with a lasso tool, the emergence 5, copy a layer, the Duplicate the layer and move down in order to achieve eyebrow shaping effect, stamp eyebrows, this must be very careful
13. began to adjust your eyes, choose the part of the eye ring out, copy the layer
14. pen circle to do eye shadow region, copy a layer, the curve of pressure dark color to adjust,
15. then uniform color eye shadow, color balance (middle tone): +50,0,0. (Shadow): +20,0,0,
16. The details of color adjustment, the upper eyelid 1 / 3 part, Hue Saturation: 0, -40,0
17. Circle the details of the upper eyelid eyelash root Department, under the eye before eyelid 1 / 3, press the DELETE key to delete the selection, the exposed high-light position,
18. remove the extra part of eye shadow, feather 40
19. circle detail on the inside corner to the eyelid 1 / 2, press the DELETE key to delete the selection, so that exposed Highlight
20. circle the eyes out, copy the layer, emergence 1, part of desaturation whites, mottled back, Hue Saturation: 0 -50,0
21. whites details of the adjustment, curves adjustment to increase the light,
22. eyes bright tone reproduction curve after layer, brush pen on the back half of the left eye, showing some shadows,

1. Duplicate the layer and adjust - to color,
2. curve adjustment, increase the chiaroscuro, the input 114, output 186
3. Duplicate the layer, Filter - Brush Strokes - ink outline the stroke length of 5, 10 look-strength, light intensity of 10, falling into a soft light layer mode, adjust the opacity,
4. Filter - Gaussian Blur, Radius 2.0 pixels,
5. Filter - Brush Strokes - spray, spray radius of a color, smoothness, 3,
6. add the light brown solid layer, Figure Cen Enchanters of color, adjust opacity, not transparency, some as small as possible,
7 points out of a solid color layer and the layer in front of the eye to hide it, the new layer with the brush in the lanterns, trees, tiles, etc. with the appropriate color layer,
8. to restore a hidden layer, change the layer mode to overlay, to see the effect to tune the details,
9. the overall effect on the screen to fine tune, until satisfactory results, no specific steps vary

photo Name: oil painting effects,

1, doing the figure ahead of the graph: Image - Adjustments - Auto Levels, Auto Contrast, Auto Color adjustment,
2, open the original image, copy the background layer,
3 , the new hue saturation adjustment layer, red: -80, yellow: -80 blue: +32
4, color balance: -20, +20, +50
5, curve adjustment, value: 38, 36
6, hue saturation, blue: -45
7, optional colors, blue: -10, +20, +24,0, blue: +20,0, +10,0, neutral colors: (black) +5, black: (black) +5
8, load the blue channel selection, making the curve adjustment, the value: 74,119
9, brightness, contrast: 0, +10
10, seal all the layers, (Ctrl + Shift + Alt + E), to carry out resurfacing and other simple images softened,
11, to start the background copy layer Sticky copy, mixed mode Soft Light, opacity 25%
12, re-stamp all the layers, marked with lighting effects, filter - render - lighting effects, opacity 50%, other values ​​to default values. Add a mask, the exposure over the place back rub,
13, brush on your favorite brush, add text, complete

Photo Name: elaborate water on the woman,

1. open the original image, Ctrl + U, Hue Saturation, Hue -79, Saturation 22, Lightness +17,
2.Ctrl + M, tone curves, the red channel, slightly raised up some,
3. Create a new layer, set the foreground color to: # F9DA06, background color set to black, go to Filter> Render> Clouds, Ctrl + Alt + F to enhance look, layer blending mode to painting, brush size 6, Sharpness 0, the type of simple brush, add a layer mask, and some of the people some of the ground below with a black brush wipe out
5. Create a new layer fill color: # ADF871, layer mixed-mode to

1. Create a new layer, brush with history, a long loose brush 20,
2. the whole first sweep again, just painted,
3. 7 of the brush to draw with the edge and detail, and then 1 brush to draw facial features and clothing items,
4. taut mouth painting style changed the face details
5. with the blur tool to draw facial details
6. copy layers, filter - Artistic Effects - Painting painting, brush size 5, sharpness 15, brush types - simple
7. Filter - Texture - textured, texture - canvas, zoom 84 percent, highlighting 5, light upper right

Photo Name: crack - Football Baby tutorial,

1. Open the image, duplicate the layer,
2. simple dermabrasion, choice - color range, with a straw point their skin color, the color tolerance of about 103, Ctrl + J to get a new layer, Ctrl Click to choose, add a mask with a brush (the foreground color to black), remove the hair around with some,
3. Filter - Blur - Gaussian blur, pixel 1.7, reducing the opacity of the layer, to achieve natural dermabrasion effect,
4. options - color range, with a straw draw hair color, the middle of straw + increased with the selection, the new curves adjustment layer to increase the contrast, according to the picture properly adjusted,
5. Mouse Left-point curve 1 mask, there constituencies, the new Levels adjustment layer Levels: 16,1.11,214
6. New Hue Saturation adjustment layer, red: -54, Yellow: -100 7. create a new group, to incorporate all of the above adjustment layer to facilitate the finishing trim,
8. New Group, for the hair color decoration, the new layer with a brush (white), hardness 0, Fig. properties of soft layer model,
9. Create a new layer with the pen tool hook lines (Pearl path), arbitrary lines, neat point, straighten hair, make hair chaos in the orderly,
10. with brush tool , F5 shortcut key to bring up the brush settings dialog box, 13 pixels, hardness 100%, 105% pitch, dynamic shape, smooth, the angle 0, roundness 100%,
11. switch to the path panel, select the point of the right triangle described side of the path, to determine,

9, back to the Layers panel, foreground to white, the new layer, Alt + Del keys, will fill the selection white.
10, cut to just the copy of the hair, eyebrows and layers, the first for relief effect, sub-black and white. Data reference value before the eyes, eyebrows and hair contrast with the great change, a little out of tune with the body, add a layer mask, to cover up unexpected places.
11, load line of the path previously described, according to Ctrl + Shift + I, reverse selection, draw around the color, use the eyedropper tool, slightly modified the original hair.
12, as some of the details of the parts, using brush and imitation stamp tool, the modified back and forth and you're done friends!

Photo Name: young people in dealing with a delicate skin,

Photo Name: Photoshop,

Photo name: bring up the photo a soft blue and yellow - a simple way,

1 First he took a shot a good picture.
2 with mask mask part of the sky.
3 Add the sky section, and placed in the bottom of the screen can be adjusted.
4 new layer to the third layer, mainly to adjust the picture tone.
5 changes on demand is not transparent, change the layer properties to Soft Light.
6 In order to find oil in the texture effect, in color and then add a layer above the layer of material amend
7 layer properties to Soft Light, opacity changes on demand. This opacity is 86%
8 add mask, according to the need for appropriate trade-off screen content.
9 in order to strengthen a sense of texture, then create a new layer, filled with gray.
10 In the Add Noise filter to Gaussian and check the color, the number of custom.
11 layer to Soft Light.
12 according to the screen needs to be adjusted with the appropriate mask.
13 Noise, Add Noise - number 400, Gaussian distribution,

Photo Name: commercials of color and design,

1. open the original image, create a curve adjustment layer, click the V to paste, to get the layer 2, mixed mode to Multiply,
3. open sky material, Ctrl + A Select All, Ctrl + C copy, Ctrl + V paste, Ctrl + T to free transform the appropriate size of the pull position , Blending Mode to Overlay, with a rubber or brush on the mountain and lake blue clouds wipe
4.Ctrl + J copy the sky layer, Ctrl + T right , mixed mode to Overlay and wipe the mountain and some overlap in the sky,
5. copy layer in the sky layer to enhance the texture of clouds in the sky,
6. stamp visible layer (Ctrl + Alt + Shift + E), Filter - Blur - Gaussian Blur. Radius of 15, mixed mode to Soft Light,
7, add the hue saturation adjustment layer, saturation -35, so the picture is more gentle,
8. Add channel mixer adjustment layer, the red channel +100,60 , -8, green channel 30. +100, if the intensity high, the beginning of the curve can be used to adjust the brightness level down, you can change the channel mixer adjustment layer's blend mode br>

Photo Name: sea beach,

1. sketched with a pen in the back of a wing shape,
2. in the current working directory into the path 1, double-click the work path.
3. the path into a selection (Alt + Enter), copy the layer, Feather 3 pixels,
4. filled with white, select the appropriate intensity of use of the smudge tool, the appropriate edge of the painting.
5. Duplicate the layer and fill different colors, combined with differences between layers 1 can regulate the transparency of the Oh layer properties,
6. in accordance with the previous method of production of the second wing, adjust the transparency of the right can black and white gradient adjustment layer and mask adjustment,
7. Create a new layer draw a circular selection, using the brush circle in the constituency, adjust the appropriate degree of transparency,
8. Duplicate the background layer paste into the new Alpha channel, in addition to other places outside the top left corner filled with black, using Filter - Blur - Radial Blur: number 90, blur method: zoom,
9. select Alpha channel (the channel on hold Ctrl), in Fig. floor area a new layer, fill light yellow,
10. with a pen to generate the beam path, the path into a selection, yellow and white gradient fill color,
11. adjustable transparency, light rub with the eraser at the bottom, is light becomes natural,
12. people who sketch with a pen in the light path, the path into a selection, the edges of strokes with a painting, adjusting transparency, combined with the eraser and smudge tool will achieve better results and spend Several halo effect will be better

Photo Name: make a crumpled old photograph was,

1. to find a fold of the background, will need to produce photo drag the background layer, resize and cropping, border and background to the match,
2. adjustments - hue saturation, the whole map: saturation -35 degrees, brightness +10,
3. adjustment layers into a soft mode, the effect of the old photos out,
4. hue saturation, the whole map: 0, -80,0
5 Duplicate the layer, hue saturation - color: 340,24,0
6. create a new layer on top, fill it with black,
7. Filter - Noise - Add Noise, increase in the old sense, the number of 25%, Gaussian,
8. Blending Mode to Multiply,
9. Image - Adjustments - RP,
10. to remove the border of variegated, Select the rectangle tool to select the inside edge of the border, DEL key to delete the profile part of the variegated,
11. clashes with the eraser tool around the variegated character

Photo Name: Fun color - color thinks,

1. open the file, copy a layer copy of the
2. Select the duplicate layer of free transform to change the shortcut key ctrl + t to make the characters more slender face shape
3. by Merge Layers (ctrl + e), the use of cutting tools to upload images from a new composition, cut off the extra part,
4. Image - Adjustments - Color: Red - 70, -20, -20, -50. yellow - 40, -20, -30, -80, white -0,0,0, -50. halftones -0, -5, -5, -5
5. according to curve (ctrl + m) adjust overall color, RGB full-channel - output 214, input 174 and blue channel - output 131, input 124,
6. Image - Adjustments - Color Balance (ctrl + b), the shadow -10,0, +15. High light - 10,0, +2.
7. Around the mouth with a seal tool to cover the skin evenly,
8. With a pen to circle dark bags under the eyes and face, the emergence 60, curves to brighten the constituency Dodge reduce bags under the eyes and facial muscles are not relaxed expression,
9. continued emergence constituency 60, curve brighter, so that the face full, the output 146, input 113.
10. circle to highlight some of out, feathering 60

Photo Name: post-look Raiders,

1, turn on the background material and the printer, the printer to pull out, copy came in the appropriate position gracefully.
2, open the leopard material, drag the appropriate adjustments come in good size and angle, with the pen tool to pull out of leopards to the new layer.
3, with the pen tool tick printer paper outlines the path to selection, press Ctrl + Shift + I invert the selection and press Delete to delete,
4, the paper layer to the stroke, then Jiameng version to In addition to excess,
5, the top layer of paper to create a new layer, right front foot leopard with a black pen to draw the shadow, the shadow of printers and paper, due to lower transparency,
6, more need to add the final advertisements and text to complete the final results.

Photo name: bring up the nostalgic landscape photographs,

1, open the original image material, press Ctrl + J to copy the background layer to layer, point channel panel, select the blue channel, image> apply image, layer as the background, mixed to Multiply, Opacity 50%, RP tick,
2, back to the Layers panel, create a curves adjustment layer, and blue channels: 44,182, red channel: 89,108
3, create a new layer, fill it with black layer blending mode to Multiply, Opacity to 60%, choose the Elliptical Marquee tool constituency middle section, press Ctrl + Alt + D Feather with a value of 70, and then double-click the Delete key to delete, then play on words to complete the final effect.

Photo name: bring up the photo a beautiful red and yellow,
1, open the original image material, Ctrl + J to copy the background layer to layer, press Ctrl + Shift + U to color, Execution: Filter> Blur> Gaussian blur, number 4, layer blending mode to Screen, the layer opacity to 27%.
2, create a new layer, press Ctrl + Alt + Shift + E back layer, layer blending mode to color. 3, create a gradient map adjustment layer, purple - orange, Alt + Ctrl + G with a clipping mask.
4, create a brightness / contrast adjustment layer, -5, -21
5, create a Smart Sharpen adjustment layer, set to the default value, number 46, radius 0.8, Gaussian blur,
6 create a Levels adjustment layer, 8,1.00,255
7, create an optional color adjustment layer, Red: +17, -8, +16,0, yellow: -54,0, +10, + 18, White: -5,0,0,0,

Photo Name: publicity to create beautiful ice-blue tones,

1. open the original image, duplicate the layer,
2. a new blank layer, fill it with black, copy the following into the background,
3. a copy of the coating to adjust, select the lasso tool, the large half-length figures ring out, emergence 30, Ctrl + Shift + I Invert Selection, Delete remove,
4. create a new layer. Blending mode to So heavily black and white photos, this color is very beautiful embellishment.
5.Ctrl + L tone good order, the image compression darker, 116,1,255
6. a new layer, add text, add every piece of text is best to create a new layer, so that more of the layout flexible,

Photo Name:

1. open the original image, the maximum contrast of the blue channel copy,
2. and further increase the contrast with Levels, the purpose is to just let the stone there are many levels
3. the adjustment of a good blue Copy to copy the layer inside the channel and you want to add color, I used the deep orange
4. to copy the red channel to the base map layers, using masks to remove the sky and stone, leaving only grass and to add color with the Gradient Map
5. open the material lightning ball, copy the red channel contrast to just the largest file
6. Select the layer blend mode to Overlay and adjust the location and size, making it a light source, remove some extra stuff (to decide), then use the radial blur filter to handle about radiation, allowed the formation of emitted light beam
7. to copy the base map of the channel inside the red channel to enhance the contrast, so grass high light revealed more clearly, and then select Paste to a layer of high optical parts inside, filled with white, the layer mode to overlay, then use the mask to remove the white part of the sky, leaving only part of the grass, the grass appears to be bright light of the light sense
8. Select Layer 1 and then invert the mask, get the sky constituency, adding curves and hue / saturation adjustment layer and adjust their personal preferences like color and purity
9 Finally add some posters elements, so fake posters that look real, the use of color, I try to choose a stone and gold to the color of sand, so the color has been echoed

between Photo Name: citing the exchange of ideas and creative master,

8. In order to make figures and screen colors have echoed to the character's point of lip gloss on the lips, create a new layer, select the Linear Dodge blending modes, add 90753D color, choose the brush on lip gloss, powder point pen, pixel 39,
9. enlarge the lip gloss reflective parts of the draw, observe, constant adjustment, the overall picture look good after lip gloss, this time the screen has a echoed, color become rich, not overwhelming, just bring out a product,
10. If the product directly with the body in the model, and people tune in to lust after, or with the mask color to the product directly to the plug out of the product can.

Photo Name: Wizard of supernatural effects,

23. remove the pupil part
24. with a curve to adjust eye color, so that the same
25. plus eyes high light
26. circle the lips, emergence 2, high-gloss lips curve adjustments to adjust the lips color
27. adjust the nose Liang Gaoguang, adjust shadow highlight
28. with optional color palette as a whole, the middle color -0,0, -2,2.
29. Yanping Heng fine-tuning the use of color, (high light): 0,2, -2.
30. liquefaction along the hair pull, combined with lens flare, light 182,35 mm focus,
31. plus, where appropriate, final flash brush complete

Photo Name: ink effect to your photos,

1. Duplicate the layer and into the channel, copy the red channel, a copy of the red channel curve adjustment, input 100, output 3,
2. with a brush or selection tool, the characters and filled with white flowers,
3.Ctrl + click on the red copy to make it into a constituency, remove red copy, return to the Layers panel,
4.Ctrl + C copy, Ctrl + V paste, figures and flowers Cutout complete,
5. method I: New Fill Layer, R = 255, G = 128, B = 173, the layer to color mode,
6. Method Two: saturation coloring, New Hue Saturation adjustment layer, color playing in front of hook, Hue = 345, Saturation = 60, Lightness = 0, the new curves adjustment layer, 237,255; 188,130
7. Method three: the new color balance layer, the middle tone - Levels: +100 , -54, -20 / +100, -35, +43
shadow - Levels: +11, -7, +3. New optional color adjustment layer, red: 0, +21, -23, - 5. Magenta: -100, -45, +32, -1
8. gradient maps use the new Gradient Map 1, layer to color

Photo Name: Ps-painting effect,

[a] on the stairs, a total number of the next few levels there is 10 enough, (remember the 11 pm to 3:00 most spiritual), began to go upstairs to the first four stops to look back, to 7 level in looking back, and then to the 2nd floor, the stairs and then look back, you see her.

[seven] night sit cross-legged eyes, get rid of all the outer edge, to make ourselves into meditation, breathing body adopted method (Note effort into the gas, put gas infuriating, then transported infuriating effort on two hands). Hands of the little finger Kamimagari ring finger, thumb pressure on the middle finger, middle finger bent palm grip, and the two index fingers together in prayer for straight seems like even. And then brought the effort to mention gas, so gas up full of the brain, eyes closed for the concept of condensate heart. Note to the dead (or Yu Jian's ghost) face shape, and behavior, action, and then brought up infuriating effort to mention gas, can not make the sound of the soul that is ordered to, so as to hell. If the eyes open, then the ghost disappear.

[eleven] this is just folklore. The crow's eye students buckle up, use hot water to boil about regeneration to swallow (not bite), we can all see life, but the Ravens might retaliate. Moreover, this method does not seem to crack the art, in case you later want to see again, sorry, no way.

[sixteen] in the street, the best place is dim, your feet apart, head down, looking between the legs from behind, then do not be shocked to see you, because many people may follow you.

[eight] days with the Ravens soaked eyes, and then the water applied to the left, the Japanese painted dozens of times over. After three days, the evening can be hell. This is called

[seventeen] pen cents and Diexian game, although not playing, but you try.

[nine] the dew collected during the Ching Ming Festival, joined Willow sealed within three days is not visible, then it spread over the eye, they can have some time to see ghosts.


[eighteen] midnight mirror combing their hair, or spiral Xiaoping Guo, when your hair cut off or peel off when the gaze in the mirror, you can see a picture of the most primitive .

! !

[thirteen] in rainy weather, dig out a wet mud on their heads, and then hide in a corner often peep out of an accident or traffic areas.

[four] 23:00 to 3:00, in bed, do not sleep start, beds bed position to the end gracefully, not against the light, lights on will do. Number of beds at the end of four seconds to look, then look at a number of four seconds, successive one of which is you and her (his) face to face.

[fifteen] in the streets at night, preferably a crossroads, and a pair of chopsticks to bring a broken bowl, beat the fastest squatting, then you do not get distracted, after a while when you open your eyes , you can see on the streets hungry in your Wanbian observation.

[three] middle of the night, staring at the mirror in the bathroom turn off the lights for 5 minutes, open lights, open the open the moment you will see, in fact, she has been standing behind you.

[five] stand 2 or 3 floor looked out the window, there is a balcony outside, the best kind of start to see the right and then left to sit right to see every frame 4 seconds left, including one, You will see that there is a hand lying on your balcony.

[fourteen] the midnight hour of midnight, took off his shirt, then his chest for some time near the surface V, then the body will fail gossip, you can see the spirits of the dead.

[six] at midnight, when the three pulled out their hair, and then ignited in the bed eleven, do not sweep dust, and then sleep, the subject was able to touch you, but do not open eyes, because That is your soul, if it scared away, you miserable.

dug in a little puddle on the ground and then put on the glass, spy on them, until the day before the end of the evening light, the last one will be able to see the picture of hell.

[two] one is the best time to go home in the district (also 23:00 to 3:00 the Spirit), in addition to lights, the district of the alley and began walking, take 4 steps back to look, go 7 step back look, walked 10 steps, and then to look at other people's windows, you see her standing there waving to you.

[ten] choose a bridge (the need for the river below), a straw cap on the head, when in the morning mist (five in the morning before, preferably between one to **) squatted on the bridge without moving , we can not say anything, and then offering the three front cone fragrance, so will be able to see the bridge or bridge ghosts. However, this method is more dangerous because the ghost can see you, even the land that you are God, you will come to worship, and when you have a movement or sound, then the ghost may be against you.

Author: NB fried duck eggs


reproduced, later to find that the province, facilitate more convenient to own. Welcome reproduced ah!
specific composition ratio of social security:

pension insurance: you pay per month for units 21%, you pay 8%;
Medical insurance: you pay per month for units 9%, you pay 2% plus 10 dollars of serious co-ordination (ill hospitalized coordinating major piece of pipe);

; unemployment insurance: you pay per month for units of 2%, you pay 1%;
injury insurance: you pay per month for units of 0.5%, one point you do not get their money;
maternity insurance: you pay per month for units of 0.8%, you do not get their penny;
housing Fund: Unit 8 percent per month for you to pay, you pay 8%
more so doing, the unit each month to pay for your social security ratio should be 21% +9 % +2% +0.5% +0.8% +8% = 41.3%
you pay each month for your social security ratio should be 8% + 2% + 10 block + 1 % +8% = 19% +10
temporarily remove the block you pay 10 dollars aside, the proportion of units to pay and you should pay for the 413:190 ratio, which is that if
your monthly Social Security payment for his 190 dollars, then the unit will be to play on your Social Security account into the 413 dollars each month for your social security account
additional money should be on is 413 +190 = 603 dollars
So in case you can not see, the unit cost of delivery of social security is 2 times more than you, so you pay a monthly Social Security fees do not feel bad when
ah ~ you know you pay a lot more units than it had, in fact distressed units.
saying that the three risk a return to gold and five insurance payments, where we should have seen, in fact, said the three lakes on the risk
a gold equivalent to five full insurance payments, but the full insurance is paid from your personal insurance (unemployment + pension + medical + provident fund) to
say, five insurance payments from your unit to pay insurance (pension + healthcare + unemployment + Injury + birth + Provident Fund) for the. The full insurance
Kim said as a perfect insurance is just that up nicely it.
addition unit for you to pay social security, in fact, did not work but have income of persons or units in a unit but do not pay social security staff can
to pay their own Social Security, but only individuals to pay pension + medical insurance, birth injury ah ah ah unemployment fund it, you do not personally have to pay up.

Here's what is social insurance contributions under the base
we already know just to pay a monthly flat rate and you pay social security is almost the 413:190 ratio, and that what now
out a problem: his monthly pay social security fees and anything to do with this ratio, social security costs in the end are what determine how
we may not be noticed, various provinces in early July every year publish a > determined, Nanjing announced in July this year, the minimum base is 1189 yuan, which is what this means, meaning that as long as they are
Nanjing rules for workers to pay social security units per month for each employee to pay the money at least of 1189 × 41.3% = 491 million, while workers at least have to pay each month
1189 × 19% +10 = 236 dollars, so you should pay each month and the unit costs of social security came out.
But now a new problem came out again, Nanjing wages vary greatly Yeah, it was a month to get 1000 people a month could get
10000, 1000 and do get called to take 10,000 have to pay the same social security costs?
Please note that this 1189 is the lowest base, there is the highest in 1189 on the base, the highest base in Nanjing this year seems to be more than 8000 specific I forget, anyway, if you pay 1189 yuan per month in the following, the unit must be in accordance with 1189 yuan for you to pay 1
189 × 41.3% = 491 dollars, and you own at least a month to pay 1189 × 19% +10 = 236 yuan, 1189, as this is the minimum social security contribution base
significance lies: the month even if you take 1000 or 800, you must also be according to the minimum monthly
according to this 1189 pay!
but if your salary is higher than in 1189, for example, you get 3000 a month, that unit to the Bureau of Labor Insurance when you pay (your
units and you pay social security fees are deducted labor bureau, oh ~) should be on the labor bureau, said: The standard deduction of social security fees. You pay 3000 ×
41.3% = 1239 yuan, and you personally pay every month on 3000 × 19% +10 = 580 元
means that if you pay in 1189 yuan, by 1189 every month you pay; if you pay in 1189 yuan to
, then every month you pay according to your actual wages, unless your base is even higher than the maximum salary, If you take
10000 a month and the maximum base is 8000, you and your unit will have to pay in accordance with 8000
here to expose the shameless practice of some companies, these companies each Hello to the thousands of monthly wages of might, but they report to the Bureau of labor
move when your base does not go according to your actual wages reported, for example, if you get 3000 a month, they go
Bureau of Labor may say that you took only 1189, and then only deduct your monthly Bureau of Labor 1189 × 19% +10 = 236 yuan, you probably have a very high
Hing, because the less money you think you buckle, you actually get our hands on more money
wrong! If so your company is too outrageous! because the company paid 2 times your money, therefore you pay less and they
pay less! if 3000 real wages in accordance to your computer, you pay them every month of the 3000 × 41.3% = 1239 yuan social
premium, in accordance with 1189 to count the words, they pay you every month 1189 × 41.3 % = 491 yuan! so in fact you eat a big
loss! formal company will only pay as you go to the actual labor bureau reporting and deducting money! only the testimony of those who control your company will not pay
in accordance with minimum standards for how much you pay!! do not think that your Social Security monthly fee deduction, the better!! may
You have been shamelessly bullied by a company and you still knew nothing!!!
To determine the units of your base pay in the end how much is simple: If you buckle 300 a month social security, your base
is almost 300 ÷ 19% ≈ 1578 dollars, you pay to see you is not the number, if you pay significantly higher than in 1578, for example, you actually get 3000 a month
or 4000, it certainly has been the company to bully you, and after being bullied you can go to the local labor inspection
brigade sue you unit, a quasi-general a report, but the best time to leave evidence (such as pay slips, etc.) to find
good to go further, otherwise you sue the company after having failed to make a general - - +
again shows that the proportion of various parts of the social security constitute not the same as if you were not in Nanjing that your contribution rate is likely to
than 19%, but certainly not too unfamiliar, for example, your base may 20% or 22%, but certainly not 30% or 40%! so
Although the proportion of 19% in Nanjing, but foreign students can also be roughly calculated by the base of their own
Here are some of these social security charges and the specific circumstances is how to use
already said, the social insurance = + pension + medical insurance + maternity insurance, industrial injury insurance, unemployment insurance + housing +
first talk about the pension insurance fund Well
This insurance generally must pay at least 15 years to retire to a pension for life, so the students want to take the pension in their retirement
sure before 15 years ago began to pay, the other is almost identical in Nanjing under the
If you go to pay pension retirement age of 15 years, then wait until you retire, when countries will keep your personal account on the 8
% of all back to you
pension you may ask, you pay a flat 21% gone?
that you do not expect the State will be forwarded to you, you retire to your personal money away, the state put unit 21
% you pay all the money designated to the state pension fund in co-ordination, and from this money and you never no relationship
You may will say: I rely on! it was my money why not give me
because the state is so when the provisions of the
refund back only to the individual to pay his own personal deduction of money to pay the money for his units all contribute to the country of - -

Here we look at the time of your retirement pension is to figure out how the
pension algorithm is very complex, because the state base pay every year to become one, a good example: If you are 30 years old
, your current base pay is 3,000 yuan , while the retirement age is 55 years old if, then you must start before the age of 40 you pay
pension insurance, and if you start from the 30-year-old cross, handed the 55-year-old is 25 years, that first affirmed the You can enjoy the pensions of
, followed, after 25 years if you pay 3000 base pay has become a 6000 (I said if), then you 55 years old when the first of each
months can get the 6000 × 20% = 1200 block of basic pension, which is to your country, in addition to your person account of a
money in 25 years has accumulated a lot of the base pay Average look good, (3000 +6000) ÷ 2 = 4500, then what you
25 years in personal accounts should be 4500 × 8% (you pay the proportion of individual pension insurance) × 25 years × 12 个May
= 108000 dollars, then in addition to other pre-1200 you can get a month 108000 ÷ 120 = 900 blocks, so you 5
5-year-old can get at least a month beginning 1200 +900 = 2,100 yuan of pension, of course, to each country's base is still rising,
this year in addition to your own 900, you get every month after retirement, more money than 1200, your pension
gold of course more and more
So pay old-age insurance to pay the better, the more you pay after you retire to enjoy the more, and the state each year after adjusting
base money will you get more and more, and now years after the 1000 pay 1500 is likely to take the
here to introduce a metamorphosis of the policy is to pay no matter where you are social security fees, etc. When you retire you can only go back to your account the location of
enjoy the local retirement benefits, such point of view, the high place in the base pay social security but retired back to the low base to enjoy the pension side
Gold would be a big loss of people, why do you say? me give you an example, if you're young in Nanjing
work, pay social security for 20 years and then retired, but if your account in Heilongjiang, you must return to enjoy the pension
Heilongjiang gold if you pay in Nanjing for 20 years, the average base is 3000 (I said if), and when you retire Heilongjiang
base pay was 1000 ( I said if), then you can enjoy retirement when the treatment of 1000! This is loss of! a
words, if you place in the rich pay back Social Security when they retire, but poor place to enjoy social security, that You pay a lot of life to enjoy, but very few
! pay 3000 may only enjoy 1000! This is a terrible thing, but no way, the state is this
policy, so please all current accounts in the western where such a low base but the base in Beijing or Shanghai and other places of work to pay high social security
students attention, and you either pay social security in the west, or on the accounts before retirement moved to Beijing or Shanghai, or you are doing a huge loss of life that the trading
Perhaps you will say, if my account in Nanjing, then I pay in Heilongjiang not like the thing for 20 years, in place with low base pay
, retired back to base when a high place to enjoy high welfare. wrong! you think Nanjing Bureau of Labor would casually let you enjoy what
?! general case Nanjing You will find a reason to refuse directly into! that time you s wisdom wrong: in Black Dragon River
not enjoy, in Nanjing, also can not enjoy!
but some places have some of this situation ease the requirements, such as Nanjing, allows you to five years before retirement from the low base
place back to Nanjing, then continue to pay 5 years in Nanjing, Nanjing, high base, after which it only allows you to enjoy the pension back to Nanjing and this estimates are not the same policy everywhere, in the future intend to switch to the best students now go to your local labor bureau
clear out this issue, so your retirement occurs when an unexpected accident!
Here to talk about the risk of national health insurance policy
pretty good, it is important for many hospital reimbursement
said before the unit monthly health insurance you pay is 9%, your personal health insurance probably pay every month 2% plus 10 dollars
serious co-ordination, the other just serious co-ordination Whether you are hospitalized, and that 11 per cent in the national health insurance every month to your account on your own to play
2% , according to 1189 yuan per month if you are a minimum base pay social security, the 1189 × 2% = 23.78 yuan is
national call your own money each month, you can accumulate the money to buy medicine or direct credit card see out the remaining 9%
countries considered to take care in the
pool fund in accordance with the provisions of Nanjing, if you start from January 2007 to pay medical insurance, Then in February 2007 you can buy medicine or see out credit card
, from July 2007 onwards you can be reimbursed the cost of hospitalization, and reported quite complex, for example a good
If you August 1, 2007 in the hospital, lived in Nanjing, the best three hospitals, hospital use are within the scope
Medicare medicine, surgery + hospitalization and other expenses spent a total of 5,000, then the reimbursement of the medical center when the first net of 1000, which is steps from the
price, the rest of the 4000 health-care centers are reimbursed for 4000 × 86% = 3440 yuan, your personal As long as pay 4000 × 14% = 560 yuan
can, with prices starting at 1,000 yuan before you spend 5000 to pay 1560 yuan on their own as long as can be, and this 1560 yuan
also available from your deduction of health insurance card (if you usually do not use that card), so in fact you can not spend much money
hospital medical insurance for our young people more important than old-age insurance, too, after all, his mother a doctor-patient expensive, this is the most important social insurance
the meaning of the provisions of Nanjing Medical Insurance
but must pay at least 25 years to enjoy life after retirement, so if you retire at age 55, that the most
late age of 30 must begin to pay health insurance, work injury insurance

Here to talk about the risk in the general practice with less, I have come not many need to remind you If you are at work on time or when the work
out what happened, the risk to the lingua franca of the
but in practice many people do not pay attention to save trouble evidence, they can not enjoy the work injury insurance lead, which is a great pity
If you work when they were hit by a car, you should start alarm, let the police to investigate the record and photograph collection of evidence, police management at the end
After the accident what would you open a Certificate of Authenticity and the like, you can get this to work-related injuries reported requests for a
If something happens to you just do not find people to run and what the witness does not alarm that no evidence in the case generally not been adopted as
injury there is a statute of limitations, if you sunrise July 1, 2007 a work injury, you unit must be immediately reported to the police evidence and the accident issued by the
testimonials, and you go out after work injury records to the doctor or hospital unit, called the unit holding the material to do injury to
identification, your unit must on August 1, 2007 effective material before your testing center to the injury, if you are out of work-related injuries from
day from more than a month, and that injury may be identified not up, if you go to the unit you identify,
that you can take your materials to the identification center identification, preferably do not exceed one month, otherwise a lot of trouble following a lot of trouble to talk about maternity insurance

; This is a good example, if you are a girl, monthly salary of 1,000 yuan, January 1, 2007 began to pay maternity
insurance contribution base for the 1189, and you pregnant in March 2007, end of December 2007 gave birth to a child, was discharged in January 2008, then you
to rush to hospital after a marriage certificate (an unmarried mother can not be reimbursed) + one-child certificate (child's general health claims can not 2) + medical + examination and construction of the size of card the cost of hospitalization and surgery, all invoices + list + hospital discharge summary all of these materials to the
to the company, check if you are pregnant, when it took 500, when a child hospitalized + surgery spent 2000 in general, public
Division within the provisions in the Medicare basically can give you all the claims, reimbursement of the money after you include: 500 block of inspection fees +2000
hospital surgery +1189 yuan / month × 4 months = 7256, 1189 yuan / month × 4 months which is specifically for the reimbursement of health care centers subsidized
girls, only girls get the reimbursement in order to maternity insurance reimbursement for the state when girls must be given four months of average wage, so you have children, then not only claims but also
not spend four months of wages earned ! If you base pay than high wages, such as to get 1000 to pay the 1189,
then you have earned it
maternity insurance to pay at least a year to enjoy, remember Remember
In addition there is a problem, the boys have to pay maternity insurance ah ~ Can you boys enjoy the maternity insurance it?
If you're a boy, your wife did not work or work units did not pay the insurance, and her children's When you pay maternity insurance has
by more than a year, then you can be reimbursed maternity insurance oh, but to the previous examples, for example, you can only check
reimbursement check fee 500 block of ambulatory surgery +2000 half the fee = 1,250 yuan subsidy of 1189 yuan / month × 4 months salary you will not enjoy the
! This is only reimbursed when girls can enjoy oh ~
the same cost, reimbursement girls be able to get 7256, the boys can only get 1250 for reimbursement, which is probably rare in China , began to find units a year in advance to pay maternity insurance, you can make it!
If you marry my wife and boys, it is best when children married a year already paid maternity insurance and pay the base also better than her Oh, the girls themselves high wages! but if she is not insurance, it does not matter, you can give her maternity insurance reimbursement for it, but you do not
subsidies take four months wages, but you can only get the cost of the newspaper back half.

unemployment insurance, unemployment insurance, this is want you to pay a full year to enjoy, generally pay a year to take 2 months to pay 2 years get 4 months, but more than a lifetime to get the most
24 months a good example:
If you January 1, 2007 began with Insurance, January 2008, you are dismissed by the company, then you can allow the company to get you 2 months
unemployment insurance, if you are in the year 1189 base pay insurance, you can get at least 2 months more than 800 dollars
or you January 1, 2007 start pay the insurance, in January 2008 and the company you contract expires, and you do not want to renew the contract if
you can also leave the company before you allow the company to pick up two months of unemployment insurance is more than 800 pieces That contract expires or the company laid off, you can get 2 months of the year according to the ratio of unemployment to require companies to give you
do, if the company does not give you do you can go to report it, a report a standard.
But the contract did not expire if you resign yourself go, that even if you pay full year are not entitled to unemployment insurance
as long as their resignation, let alone pay a years, is 10 years to pay unemployment insurance to resign when you can not get a penny. Housing fund is a good thing ah
Well, if You pay 200 a month for the fund, then the company has a month to play 200 on your account, when you buy a house
which is 400, and if you pay 50,000 lifetime, you account is 10 million, and such a good thing we must not
To reject ah.
fund can be used to buy a house, the loan, renovation or something, if you can find their own home land to build a house, that house
money can also be paid from the fund in the If you do not have this money, and finally retired when all the money seems to be able to come out
[Advanced chapter] of the supplement [5KB]
is that and Nanjing different place to go, and the devil are not allowed to non-payment of medical insurance, social security center that a package that includes pension
unemployment, work injury medical care to ask companies with revenue of fertility, it touches on fund can be paid from time to pay, because it is under the jurisdiction of the central fund

specific composition ratio of social security:
pension insurance: you pay per month for units 22%, you pay 8%;
medical insurance: units per months you pay 12%, you pay 2%;
unemployment insurance: you pay per month for units of 2%, you pay 1%;
injury insurance: you pay per month for 0.5 units %, you do not get their penny;
maternity insurance: you pay per month for units of 0.5%, you do not get their penny;
housing fund: you pay per month for 7 units %, you pay 7%
additional housing funds: unit per month for you to pay 8%, you pay 8% (this is only the general benefits of good will and some state-owned enterprises
, and the ratios of the company set for myself, even if the general fund company to pay a very moral a)
another to say that social security and the relationship between a transfer tax to pay a transfer tax
in time, is that part of the personal deduction payments deducted before calculation taxable base, but one thing to note
, provident funds and supplementary fund more than 12% of the parts (individuals and businesses to pay part) need to be considered in the taxable base in the above example, say fund
7%, add Fund 8%, add up to 15%, 3% of individuals buckle gold that would be considered part of
in tax liability, while businesses that 3%, although not from the individual wage deductions, but still to calculate the taxable base in
, that is, individuals for the cost of a transfer tax money pays the bill.
medical insurance to use this one, goes to personal accounts for around a different way
Nanjing kind of love that is included in the monthly means, there are many places for the year included specific
so, the annual health insurance is the annual April 1 to March 31 the following year, while changes in social security contribution base is also
determined in mid-April on.
Medical Insurance Bureau in April 1 per person per year in Social Security withholding base of personal health insurance (that is, that 2%) into the individual health insurance card
account, but this time there are problems, and 4 1 May, when the then Social Security base has not been established, according to the Medical Insurance Bureau can only
base year to forecast that the individual health insurance payments, then the difference between how to do it? That is the second year of April 1
to make up a small count, or less likely to give such a large segment of
look would be very troublesome word, that we for example someone
2004 average monthly income of 5,000 yuan, 2005 average monthly income of 4,000 yuan in 2006, income of 6,000 yuan
Medical Insurance Bureau in April 1, 2006 to the amount of time into personal accounts, social security center has not yet approved the 2006 pay fee-based
number (that is, the average monthly income of 2005), the Medical Insurance Bureau, or the 2005 base pay (which is 2004
-year average monthly income) to calculate the annual amount of personal accounts,
is 5000 * 2% * 12 = 1200,
but in fact this person this year, the amount of personal accounts should be
4000 * 2% * 12 = 960,
so much to this of 240 yuan will be April 1, 2007 when the deduction. At the same time April 1, 2007 into the account of the new year, a
Kim is still 960 yuan (in fact, should be 6000 * 2% * 12 = 1440 million), less to the $ 480 in April 2008 January
back up.
so because most people are not the same base pay each year, so almost everyone's account every year in March and April when the total number of years
see the amount of the account is different, this is the Medical Insurance Bureau in do when the annual cost accounting generated.
injury there is a statute of limitations, if you sunrise July 1, 2007 a work injury, you must immediately report the unit, the police issued
identification evidence and the accident book and you go to a doctor or hospital after injury medical records to the unit, called the unit holding the material to do injury to
identification, your unit must be August 1, 2007 effective material before your injury to the testing center, if you are away from
the day of injury than a month, and that injury may be identified not up, if you do not give you identification of units that can hold your own
materials testing center to identify the best and do not exceed one month, otherwise a lot of trouble a lot of trouble
have added this point, there are two ways to report injuries, one unit of reporting, on and above the same love that, within 30 days of a
effect, there is a personal declaration, valid for one year, but due to injury or other reasons, the more the longer the lack of evidence
, personal statements, then the process will be delayed because they do not know a lot of time and effort.
maternity insurance, abortion, childbirth, multiple births, premature birth, and can specifically look at the following link, although
Shanghai's policy, but in all parts of similarities. Shanghai and Nanjing
may have different policies, the company will not control this aspect of reimbursement, and pregnant women by health care linked to directly hook

production in reproductive examination during hospitalization, health care co-ordination within the scope of overall Medicare payments are, of course, at their own expense item (such as advanced than
ward, at their own expense drugs etc) or to themselves.
Health boy, after his application for maternity grant to Medical Insurance Bureau, Insurance Bureau to 3000 dollars
Social Security piece, to give three months of base pay plus two weeks of income
childbearing, multiple births, more than half of
If a plus on an average monthly wage income is greater than the maximum social security contribution base, then only pay social security contribution base that the Department of
points, the rest of the
such person by the company to pay on a monthly average wage income of 10,000, the Social Security cap for the 7392 base.
then the monthly income of social security to 7392, the remaining 10000-7392 = 2608 is paid by the unit.
(although I think this, in the cloud Tell me what you is not easy to come across =。=。。) In fact, there are two key areas:
1, full payment before birth 1 year
2, social security contribution base so that the normal reporting
students, especially female students, do not you think that's the base level of reporting does not matter, even to lower his base salary
hand the number of high Fortunately, this time to see the problem now!
This is why there are so many women workers low wages, but would rather stay in a place of social security declaration giving birth in full and then quit the
reason, the one small place is not like the case of unmarried women are not employees, two to maternity insurance is a lot of income supplement.
For example, a normal salary of 3,000, but the declaration of social security base count her year-end bonus awards, etc. Other income,
then the monthly average may reach 5000, this time that children take a few months is the revenue in January 5000.
If you do not have this money, and finally retired when all the money out of seemingly can not come
seemingly, is absolutely!
and fund loans to low interest rates than commercial loans and more, this is a big advantage. (Zhuanzhai)

beer sauce chicken wings
ingredients: 10 chicken wings 1 onion 1 ginger beer, a chili pepper 3 star anise 3 bay leaves 3 20 soy sauce 3 tablespoons (45ml) soy sauce 1 tablespoon (15ml) sugar 1 teaspoon (5 grams) of sesame free
1) pot into the water to boil, add the chicken wings washed until the water is boiling again, skim with a spoon floating foam and continue to cook for 2 minutes, remove and drain; 2) green onions cut into 5 cm long segments. Peel the ginger into a large. The star anise, pepper and bay leaves into the box material or seasoning packet (if not, can also be in step 3, directly into the pot); 3) into the oil pan, heat the oil until 7 started a little smoke into the when placed in chicken wings, fried yellow double-sided to keep the fire and pour into beer, a large spring onion, ginger and material packages. Transferred to the soy sauce and soy sauce, cover and cook for 10 minutes; 4) opening the lid after adding sugar, into the fire, the sauce is dry. Sprinkle pan containing a little white sesame seeds after-hours.

] [lotus root soup cavity (three materials, a pot of soup)
ingredients: Lotus 2 (about 500 grams) of tibia 500 g ginger 6 water 2000ml
spices: salt, 2 teaspoons (10 grams)
1) wash the tibia chop block. Lotus root, peeled and diced. Ginger slices. 2) the pot into the water, heated to boiling after the fire, into the bone cavity blanch 3 minutes, washed with water to remove the surface of the floating foam. 3) into the Tang Bao in the bone cavity, disposable enough enough water, cover and heat to quickly heat up the fire, open the lid with a spoon to skim foam. Add ginger, cover and transfer small fire burning for 30 minutes. 4) into the lotus root pieces, cover and continue to use small fire burning a half an hour. Can be transferred to the salt before eating.


raw fish-flavored pork: pork loin 300 g black fungus 10 shoots 200 grams diced green onion 1 tablespoon (15 grams) ginger 1 tablespoon (15 g) minced garlic 1 tablespoon (15 grams) chop pepper 4 tablespoons (60 grams)

seasoning: soy sauce 1 tablespoon (15ml) vinegar 2 tablespoons (30ml) cooking wine 1 teaspoon (5ml) sugar 1 tablespoon (15ml) salt 1 / 2 teaspoon (3 grams) sesame oil 1 / 2 teaspoon (3ml) water 3 tablespoons (45ml) water, starch 4 tablespoons (60ml, 2 times with)
1) Shred the pork loin . Black fungus hair with warm water after 40 degrees washed and shredded. Bamboo strips. Cong Jiangsuan mince. 2) pork in a bowl, mix water, starch transferred after curing for 5 minutes. The spring onion into the bowl, transferred to soy sauce, vinegar, cooking wine, sugar, salt, sesame oil, water and water Stir starch reserve. 3) The burning oil and pour into wok, heat until the oil 7 into the time, into the pork stir-fry pork color off after birth, with a shovel shovel to the side of the pot, pour the garlic and ginger and chop pepper, fried a fragrance, and pork mixture. 4) wire into the bamboo shoots and mushrooms, stir fry 2 minutes, pour a good tune juice, stir fry 20 seconds from the bottom up, until the soup is slightly sticky to pan.

raw fish-flavored eggplant:
two meat 200g eggplant cooking wine 1 teaspoon (5ml)
ginger sweet bean paste Duojiao the end of white vinegar chili sauce sugar salt chicken (the little)
1) Wash eggplant into strips, soaked into the salt water, dry control moisture. Add meat, stir wine reserve. 2) into the oil pan, to be 60% hot, add eggplant bar, fried fish oil spare a minute. 3) pan some oil, stir-fry until heated into the meat off the students, with a shovel shovel to one side. Late into the ginger, Stir the fragrance, then add sauce. 4) turn into the eggplant, chop pepper, sweet sauce, vinegar, sugar and salt, add a little water or chicken broth, cover and simmer for 2 minutes, you can adjust a little chicken.

head soup ingredients: 1 head (about 500g) soft tofu 1 box mushrooms 8 3 ginger 3 green onions 1 teaspoon salt ( 5 g)
1) Wash the head, split the middle, the head dry with a paper towel dipped in the surface of the water. Soft tofu cut into 1cm-thick chunks. Mushrooms with warm water for 5 minutes, wash the stalks. 2) Pour oil in frying pan until the 7 into a hot, into the head with the fire double fried yellow (about 3 minutes per side). Will be placed in the pan side of the head with a big pot of oil saute onion and ginger, pour in enough boiling water over the head did not. 3) and then add mushrooms, cover, simmer for 50 minutes the fire. 4) Sprinkle the salt, add tofu and cook 3 minutes.

fried shrimp] [
shrimp 500 grams ginger 2 green onions 1 small red pepper 3 cloves garlic 1
cooking wine 1 tablespoon (15ml ) soy sauce 2 tablespoons (30ml) sugar 1 tablespoon (15 grams) vinegar 2 tablespoons (30ml)
1) cut off after the shrimp have to wash, drain backup. Wash and cut green 3cm long pieces. Garlic, peeled and chopped. Ginger Houqie Si. Wash the red pepper stalks cut into small pieces. 2) the pot into the oil, heated to 70% hot, add onion, garlic, ginger and red pepper flakes until fragrant. Then add shrimp, stir fry or two, transferred to the cooking wine, soy sauce, vinegar and sugar, stir fry until shrimp turn red body, can continue to fry for another half a minute.

pesto carrots cost $ 2 ---
Sichuan Cooking ingredients: carrot 2 garlic (also known as garlic) 4 garlic sauce
about 10: salt 1 / 2 teaspoon (3 grams) pepper 1 / 4 teaspoon (1 gram) pepper powder 1 / 2 teaspoon (1 gram) soy sauce 1 / 2 teaspoon (3ml) MSG 1 / 4 teaspoon (1 gram)
practice :
1) Peel the carrots into a diamond-shaped pieces, Leek cut into small pieces oblique washed, chopped garlic, peeled with a knife, do not use garlic press, or fried easy to paste pot, taste did not use garlic crushed good. 2) into a saucepan heat the oil until the oil 5 into hot, add chopped garlic flavor blasted, crushed garlic becomes golden yellow seen on the add carrot, stir-fry carrot soft Sprinkle the salt, pepper, pepper powder, soy sauce and MSG, stir evenly. 3) Pour garlic segment, you can pan fry about 15 seconds.

Shannon Ruannuo Pork - Pork then find a new way to do
raw materials: pork 500 grams of cinnamon 1 star anise (also called aniseed) 3 pieces of ginger 5 red dates 6 (also hold)
seasoning: soy sauce 2 tablespoons (30ml) salt 1 teaspoon (5 grams) of sugar 3 teaspoons (15 grams)
1) pork cut into 2 cm sized pieces, peeled and sliced ​​ginger. Pot into the oil, while oil into the cinnamon and star anise when cool flavor Stir over low heat, after, into the fire, stir into the pork color, continue to stir-fry 2 minutes until the oil. 2) into the soy sauce, sugar and salt, fry all the seasoning mix evenly, continue to stir fry for 5 minutes for color and tasty. Then pour boiling water (water must ha), not seen water to the meat surface, boiled skim foam. 3) into the red dates and ginger, cover, turn simmer 40 minutes, during the pot to pay attention to the water, not enough to add a little boiling water. After 40 minutes open the lid, tune into the fire received soup, this will be a layer of thick rich sauce wrapped in each block on Ha

Pork Fried octopus
ingredients: octopus (300g) a high degree of white wine 2 tablespoons (30ml), 10 pepper, 2 tablespoons of salt (6g); practice:
1. knife at a slight angle, scrape off the scales, and rinse; 2 will be cut into diamond-shaped section of the fish at a slight angle , add salt, pepper, white wine, mix well; 3 covered with plastic wrap, marinated in the refrigerator for 1 hour, turning halfway mix 2; 4 pan add little oil, heat to 50% heat octopus with kitchen paper towels to dry the body of water, wrapped in a layer of dry starch, and then shake off excess starch, into the pan; 5 octopus fried flavor, yellow bottom, gently turn it over, fry the other side; 6 to both sides of the yellowing can be fried.

marinated fish cake ingredients: grass carp 1 (about 2 pounds) pepper 2 tablespoons (30 grams) salt 1 teaspoon ( 5 g) ginger 2 red pepper 10 tablespoons (30 grams) minced garlic 2 tablespoons (30 grams) large onion into a small cooking wine 1 tablespoon (15ml)
frying ingredients: soy sauce 1 tablespoon (15ml) 1 tablespoon vinegar (15ml) sugar 1 teaspoon (5 grams)
practices: 1) the grass carp to the scales to the organs after the clean. Cut head,Ferrari and Lamborghini, and then the fish cut into uniform small pieces of about 6 cm, into a large bowl. 2) into the onion, ginger and garlic. Use scissors to cut dried chili into sections, then into the pepper, cooking wine and salt, mix gently grip (careful not to let the fish bone spurs hand). 3) catch fish marinated with spices together in a sealed bag, seal the mouth, into the freezer room preserved for 7 days. 7 days after ~~~~~~~ 4) 7 days later, thaw out the marinated steak (lower temperatures can be thawed in the sun, the daily high temperature is thawing). To the semi-thawed fish, the fish sauce will be stripped, placed in a small bowl aside. 5) The pot put a little oil, heat a small fire to Qi, the next steak kang fish. (Kang Wuhan say, I think the Mandarin translation, the meaning should be close to fried). Kang to the double-sided golden fish after fish. 6) salted small material into the pot, add the soy sauce, and sugar, and a little cold water. 20 seconds after a large fire, the fish back in the skillet, cover and burn for 2 minutes, open the lid fire sauce, then cooked into the pan until a few drops of vinegar to enhance the keeping of delicious steak. Sheng late sprinkle some sesame seeds.

sweet and sour fish
raw materials: fish 1 carrot 50 g peas, root ginger 1 onion 1 garlic 4 cooking wine 2 tablespoons (30ml) salt 2 teaspoons (10 grams) dried starch 2 tablespoons (30 grams) tomato sauce 4 tablespoons (60ml) water 100ml sugar 2 tablespoons (30ml) water, starch 2 tablespoons (30ml) white vinegar 1 tablespoon (15ml)
1) fish to the scales, to fins, eviscerated, washed and cut in two-sided fish several times, with 1 teaspoon salt and cooking wine marinated for 30 minutes. 2) Wash the peas, carrots go Piqie Ding, onion, ginger and garlic are chopped back. 3) the marinated fish on dry starch double shot, wide pot into the oil, the oil 8 into the hot, into the pot, fry until both sides golden remove and drain the oil into the dish after gracefully. 4) Pour a little oil in the pan, the flavor will be after Cong Jiangsuan broken code, into the carrots and peas, fry for 2 minutes, add tomato sauce, and 1 teaspoon of salt, sugar and water, Drizzle vinegar, boiled transferred to water, starch, starch. 5) good fried sweet and sour sauce to pour over fish.

silk] [hot and sour potatoes
materials: potatoes 2 red pepper 1 small chili pepper 8 little chopped green onion 3 tablespoons vinegar 1 tablespoon soy sauce
(or hold) sugar 2 tablespoons salt 1 / 2 teaspoon
order to enhance the flavor, you can selectively add chicken and a little sesame oil.
approach: 1) Wash potatoes, cut back on the bottom first, repair flat after flat on the menu board, the first cut into pieces, Houqie Si. Prepare a pot of water, drops a little vinegar, soak the potatoes into the wire for a while, then rinse and drain. 2) Heat the oil into the pot, add pepper, until the smell when you smell pepper (do not fry the pepper paste), turn off the heat, picked up without pepper. 3) once again open fire until the oil temperature 7 into hot, add red pepper, add chopped green onion smell after a spicy saute, then stir into the potatoes wire fry 2 minutes. Transferred followed by vinegar, soy sauce, sugar and salt fire fry 1 minute, add green pepper and continue to fry wire about 1 minute.

raw materials] [Fried Mushroom: Mushroom 750 g cucumber 1 onion, ginger, garlic and 1 teaspoon (5 grams × 3 = 15 grams) red salt 1 teaspoon pepper 6 5 grams (soaked for mushroom) salt 1 / 2 teaspoon 3 grams (for cooking) sugar 1 teaspoon (5 grams) soy sauce 1 tablespoon (15ml) sesame oil 1 / 2 teaspoon (3ml)
1) will choose to open mushroom, into the salt water soak for 20 minutes, washed by piece. 2) the pot into the water, the fire heated to boiling, add mushroom pieces, cooked to the end of white smoke pot and continue to cook for 2 minutes, remove and rinse with cold water and drain. 3) brushing cucumber, cut into diamond-shaped tablets (see chart). Sri Lanka into the hands of the mushrooms, squeeze a little water. Onion, ginger, garlic finely chopped back. Red pepper with a clean paper towel, do not wash. 4) Pour the oil in the wok, heat the fire heated up to 50%, into the late Cong Jiangsuan and red pepper, stir the fragrance, pour the mushroom of fry 1 minute, transferred to the soy sauce, salt and sugar stir fry 2 minutes into the cucumber slices and continue to fry 20 seconds, the pan before Drizzle a little sesame oil.

Private Dishes Ingredients: 2 tomatoes, cabbage and a half trees tofu 5 end of the ham 1 onion 1 teaspoon (5 grams)
Seasoning: soy sauce 1 tablespoon (15ml) allspice 1 / 2 teaspoon (3 grams) salt 1 / 2 teaspoon (3 grams) sugar 1 / 2 teaspoon (3 grams)
1) the cabbage first pick into pieces, wash and drain, torn by hand into small pieces. Wash tomatoes cut. Ham slices. Tofu into cubes. Ginger finely chopped. 2) pot add oil until the oil 7 into a hot, add onion ginger until fragrant end, into the tofu, do not flip with a shovel. About half a minute, I heard tofu issued a This tofu is so fragrant, not easy to scattered and fragmentary. 3) fried tofu leavening, add soy sauce and five-spice powder, then add cabbage, Scoop a little soft, salt and sugar. Pour tomatoes and ham, stir-fry until slightly out of tomato soup off the fire. Such as the soup too much, a little water, starch can also be transferred.

raw fish raw roll: 100g rice 100g fresh grass 50g dried mushrooms 3 celery ginger 1 / 2 tablespoons (3g)
salt 1 teaspoon (5g) sesame oil 1 teaspoon (5ml)
1) dried mushrooms clean with warm water until soft, Diqie filaments. Celery to the leaves, washed and chopped. Grass carp meat into thin slices. Ginger, peeled Houqie Si. 2) The rice pan is clean. 1500ml pot add water, boil with fire, pour in rice, stewed low heat after boiling for 45 minutes. Changed after the fire, into the fish, mushrooms and ginger and cook for 4 minutes off the heat roll. 3) Add chopped celery, salt and sesame oil seasoning.

fool version Xinjiang hand pilaf
ingredients: lamb chops 500 g carrots, 2 onions, half the ginger 3 Hawthorn 10 15 pepper sauce rice bowl
: cumin powder 1 teaspoon (5 grams) salt 1 teaspoon (5 grams) soy sauce 1 tablespoon (15ml)
1) wash the rice, water soaked for 30 minutes. Peel the carrots into 1cm big Ding. Onion, cut into same size small. 2) pour into the lamb chops and ginger pot, skim foam after the fire to boil (be sure to write clean, because one would have to use this soup), and then continue to cook for 2 minutes remove and drain. 3) Heat wok into the oil until the oil 7 into a hot, add half the onion saute (the other half of onion, leaving a will be used), into the lamb chops fry for 2 minutes, see the surface becomes golden brown, add the soup just cooked lamb chops, lamb chops have not seen the amount of soup can be, transferred to soy sauce and salt, into the feed bag (+ pepper + cumin powder hawthorn slice), close the lid switch to medium heat and simmer 20 minutes. 4) Open the lid, clip the material packages, the rest of the carrots and onion into the pot, cook 1 minute, pour the soup with the rice cooker, soup, not too much to just not all the materials subject to . Drain the soaked rice, lamb chops on the tile (when no more than rice, soup, if more, some filled with a spoon). The rice cooker lid, press the cook key, and when it automatically pops up when ready, open the lid with a spoon stir the rice from the bottom up to remember a few.

steamed carp
ingredients: steamed fish soy sauce 1 carp 2 tablespoons (30ml) salt 1 / 2 teaspoon (3 grams) cooking wine 1 teaspoon (5ml) water in mushrooms 3 shallots 3 bamboo shoots 50 grams ginger 10 grams
1) carp to the scales eviscerated, washed, knife tilted 45 degrees, the fish cut several times, about 2 deep cm, the interval between each blade 5 cm. 2) raw fish sprinkled with salt and cooking wine opposite, his hand open, marinated for 10 minutes. Sliced ​​mushrooms soaked. Wash the bamboo shoots, cut into thin slices aside. Onions cut into sections, ginger slices. 3) scallion shop at the plate, put fish in the fish of the incision, put half of children films chopped mushrooms, bamboo shoots, ginger, and the other half-filled house in the belly. 4) topped with steamed fish soy sauce, then cut a little scallion and ginger Sisa in the fish surface. 5) steamer Riga water, add fish, cover with a large steam after to take the heat and continue to steam 8 minutes. 6) Remove the wire can be sprinkled with red pepper.

raw vegetable chop pepper green beans: string beans, meat, diced green onion, minced garlic, olive dish chop pepper salt, sugar, soy sauce, cooking wine chicken
1) Pour a little wine in the meat, stirring spare. 2) choose to go green beans ribs, washed and cut into pellets. 3) into the oil pot, heat the fire heated to 7 points, into the green beans, stir-fry, Sheng out of standby. 4) go down into the oil pan, the spring onion and garlic flavor burst, into the meat, stir fry until off students. 5) filled out the skillet and pour in the back of the green beans, vegetables turn into rugby, chop pepper, soy sauce, salt, sugar, stir fry 2 minutes, transferred to a little chicken to the pan before.

raw bacon braised tofu: tofu bacon 1 North 1 box oyster sauce 2 scallions 2 tablespoons (30ml) sugar 1 teaspoon (5 grams) salt 1 / 4 teaspoon (1 g) white pepper 1 / 2 teaspoon (3 grams) 2 tablespoons water, starch (30ml)
1) bacon into the pot of cold water to high heat for 10 minutes, remove and cool slightly, slice reserve. Tofu cut 2cm large pieces, into the frying pan, over medium heat fry golden brown both sides. Green onions, cut into segments. 2) Pour a little oil in a frying pan, into the fire heated up to 7 hot, add onion until fragrant, then pour into bacon, tofu, transferred to oyster sauce, sugar, salt and pepper stir fry evenly, pour in water ( over half of the ingredients can not) cover the pot with the simmer for 5 minutes with open lid, Drizzle water, starch and stir all can.

Beijing Sauce wire
raw materials: pork loin 300 g onion 2 eggs 1 (actual amount: half egg white) wine 2 tablespoons (30ml)
1 teaspoon dried starch ( 5 grams) tomato sauce 2 tablespoons (30 grams) oyster sauce 1 tablespoon (15 grams) flour paste 2 tablespoons (30ml) sesame oil 1 / 4 teaspoon (1ml)
1) the tenderloin is cut into 3 mm thick slices, then cut into 3 mm wide filaments. Bowl, transferred to wine, pour half of egg whites, stir, and then transferred to dry starch, stir, marinated for 10 minutes. 2) remove the green part of green onions, just take the light blue, washed and cut into 4 cm long segments, then cut in half, cut into filaments, into the dish gracefully. 3) the oil pan into the fire to 80% hot, there is a slight smoke after smoke, into the pork, and quickly slip loose with a shovel, Scoop pork color, remove and reserve. 4) to stay a little pot of low oil, tune into a small fire, first into the tomato sauce, then pour the oyster sauce, and finally into the sweet sauce, stir fried pork back into the wok, quickly turned into a fire fried, pork is hung so that each sauce, pan before Drizzle a little sesame oil, you can.

fried egg
Ingredients: 1 egg, fried onion rings, or a salt 1 / 4 teaspoon (1 gram)
1 . pan coated with a thin layer of oil, heated to 70% hot, put down the fried drive (or chopped onion rings). 2 to knock open the egg into the fried drive (or onion rings), the transfer into a small fire slowly fried in the end the Ministry of stereotypes, even sprinkle some salt until golden brown color, egg freezing can.

Kung Pao chicken flavor [home]
ingredients: chicken breast 250 g of 4 green peppers fried peanuts 50 g onion 2 teaspoons (10 grams) 1 teaspoon ginger (5 grams) minced garlic 1 teaspoon (5 grams) pepper 15 dried red pepper 6
spices: salt, 1 teaspoon (5 grams) cooking wine 1 / 2 teaspoon (3 grams) of dry starch 2 teaspoons (10 grams) rice vinegar 2 tablespoons (30ml) soy sauce 1 tablespoon (15ml) white sugar 2 teaspoons (10 grams) water 2 tablespoons (30ml) water, starch 2 tablespoons (30ml) sesame oil 1 tablespoon (15ml)
1) Cut chicken breast 1cm size small, add salt (1 / 2 teaspoon), cooking wine and stir dry starch, the pickled for 5 minutes. Onion cut into slightly smaller than the grain chicken, chopped ginger. Diced green peppers. 2) garlic ginger in a bowl, Sprinkle the salt (1 / 2 teaspoon), sugar, rice vinegar, soy sauce, water, water, starch transferred into the juice aside. 3) Heat up a saucepan, pour the oil, then add a little sesame oil, pepper into the cold while the oil until the pepper flavor, color slightly darker, into the chili until fragrant. 4) into the chicken fry color, the green peppers into tablets, stir fry for 10 seconds, a good tune into the feed juice, stir fry 1 minute, pour the fried peanuts can be.

homemade cake
Rouchao material: Kerry 300 pancakes 300 g cabbage tenderloin 200 grams red pepper 1 onion half a
sauce: 1 tablespoon cooking wine (15ml) starch 1 tablespoon (15 grams) soy sauce 1 tablespoon (15ml) rice vinegar 1 teaspoon (5ml) sugar 1 / 2 teaspoon (3 grams) salt 1 teaspoon (5 grams) MSG 1 / 4 teaspoon (1 gram)
practice: 1) pancakes shredded, washed and shredded cabbage, red pepper Wash stalks diagonally into pieces. Loin meat texture along the wire cut, transferred to cooking wine, soy sauce and starch mix well preserved after 5 minutes. 2) the pot into the oil until the oil 7 into a hot, add onion slice loin into the wire until fragrant, stir fry pork color after Sheng out of standby. 3) the pot then add the oil, heated to 70% hot, add red pepper flakes, wire into the pancakes, stir fry 2 minutes into the soy sauce, then stir into the cabbage wire continues to Caisi softened, pour into a little vinegar, add salt and sugar, fried pork, stir fry evenly thrown into a little MSG can

raw chicken sauced noodles: chicken thigh meat 1, 2 eggs, mushrooms 3, 5 mushrooms, lily 15g, soy sauce, 2 tablespoons (30ml), water, starch 6 tablespoons (90ml), salt, 2 teaspoons (10 grams) sugar 1 teaspoon (5 grams), 2 slices ginger, green onion amount
1) pot of water to boil, add ginger, add boneless chicken thigh meat, skim the Last, into the fire to cook slowly until the fully mature chicken (with chopsticks can spike), remove and let cool, split the chicken wire spare hand. 2) dried mushrooms, lily, dried mushrooms were cold blisters spare. Fungus bubble, will be attached above the sand gently rub off, do not cut off the bottom of the hard part. The fungus and chicken cut into the same thickness of wire. Mushrooms soaked hair, gently squeeze out some water, cut into Ding spare. Yellow cut into 4 cm long pieces. 3) egg beaten into the egg with chopsticks. Amount of oil into the pot, heated to 70 percent, into the fungus wire, mushrooms, lily flavor Stir together, then pour hot water over material not, close the lid with the heat and simmer 10 minutes. 4) Add salt, soy sauce and sugar. Thicken into the fire (water, starch slowly in one hand and draw a circle along the four weeks into the pot with one hand while holding the spatula, while starch into the water while slowly evenly.) Subject to the pot of gravy becomes thick, the egg fluid in a circular motion slowly into, and use spatula to push up from the bottom of the uniform, so as not to thicken the gravy sticky bottom of the pot. 5) The amount of chopped green onion to pan sprinkled, poured into the cooked side.

cumin chicken wings
Ingredients: chicken wings cumin coriander
1. Wash chicken wings , with the tip cut open a hole about two centimeters (depth and chicken), so tasty and instant.
2. amount of soy sauce, salt, white wine, sugar and a small amount of cornstarch, mix well and marinate for about half an hour.
3. Ginger, coriander add chicken wings and mix well.
4. chicken wings every 10 minutes or so to flip, make sure both sides are able to fully tasty.
5. oil into the pot, pan, ginger, garlic until fragrant picked up thrown away.
6. thermal transfer of small, slowly fry the chicken wings into the golden pot, fry the other side to turn golden.
7. sprinkle a few drops of wine, then cover and cover a few seconds.
8. just add water and pour the juice marinated chicken wings (chicken wings and half to swamp), sprinkle a small amount of coriander, stamped. Boil simmer stew.
9. about five minutes after the sauce on the plate.
10. sprinkle on the chicken wings a little cumin powder, coriander leaves to put a few decorative pieces.

sesame chicken wings Ingredients: cooked wings in eight small white sesame seeds 3 tablespoons coriander 1 clove garlic 1 red pepper seasoning: Salt Pepper amount of a) wine 1.5 tbsp soy sauce 1 tablespoon honey 2 tablespoons shrimp paste 1.5 tbsp lemon juice 1 large
key practices: 1) chicken wings with a knife a few spikes, sprinkle with salt and pepper 2) pot, put sliced ​​onion and chopped pepper and a), spices, boiled into chicken wings, add water (immersion can), cover cook for 8 minutes 3) film on both sides of sesame chicken wings, baked into the oven (200 ℃ oven for 10-15 minutes) 4) served in a dish, add some parsley that available.

raw chicken wings: chicken wings worse Square
spices: salt, ginger
1, chicken wings with salt code first look, marinate 2 hours (you can order tasty chicken wings on the program twice)
2, the pot of water to boil add onion ginger chicken wings, fire to boil, simmer for 8-10 minutes, remove chicken wings to cool.
3, the cold through the chicken wings in a clean container into worse Square, with appropriate flood chicken wings, cover and seal, place about 4 hours Serve (summer to be the fridge)

BBQ chicken wings
mint ingredients: chicken wings
marinade: soy sauce, 2 tablespoons sugar 1 tablespoon diced green onion 1 tablespoon garlic the end of a spoon, half a teaspoon of salt, saute half a teaspoon of sesame seeds, half a teaspoon of sesame oil, half a teaspoon of black pepper, 1 tablespoon honey, 2 tablespoons
pepper marinated chicken wings with marinade overnight, prepare a pot , which spread aluminum foil, put the rice, tea, sugar and mint, grill rack, marinated chicken wings on the code, open fire, until the sugar began to turn red and smoke, and then transfer a small fire, close the lid, about 50 minutes , bright red flesh is good to smoke. Need to turn the middle side of chicken wings. With a piece of aluminum foil folded into another square and put it into a good smoked chicken wings, pour marinade juice into, preheat oven 200 degrees bake 15 minutes, remove upside down, then bake for 15 minutes just fine.

mushrooms mushrooms steamed chicken wing is ready, chicken wings, sliced ​​bamboo shoots if there is such a better place.
The main ingredient of salt, cooking wine, monosodium glutamate, pepper, (sugar, a little sesame oil), starch and mix well, turning from time to time, two hours after the code steamed dish on the tray, preferably 30 minutes if using pressure cooker can be up to the soft and tasty steamed up

balsamic vinegar chicken wings
materials: chicken wings, 8 garlic ginger 1 1 small dried shiitake mushrooms 5 eggs, 2 vegetables a seasoning: oil 2 tablespoons a) 1 tablespoon soy sauce 2 tablespoons wine vinegar 3 tablespoons sugar 2 tablespoons
practices: 1) dried mushrooms with warm water, soft boiled eggs, 12 minutes after soaking in cold water stripped shell, green vegetables into small pieces, into the blanched in boiling water 2) Add 1 tablespoon of the oil pan, pan fried chicken wings into the paint after removing 3) plus 1 tablespoons oil, saute garlic, ginger, add chicken wings, mushrooms, eggs and a) of the spices, add a little water, cook 10-15 minutes 4) to almost closed after the soup, served in a dish, cooked on around vegetables.

orange wings
ingredients: 12 chicken wings, orange 2
Seasonings: Orange Khan 2 / 3 cup sugar 1 tablespoon salt 1 / 4 teaspoon sesame oil
marinade: soy sauce 1 tablespoon cooking wine 1 teaspoon chicken powder 1 / 2 teaspoon salt 1 / 2 teaspoon
practice: ;
1. Wash and drain chicken wings, add marinade and marinate for 1 hour.
2. Orange Peel remaining orange juice Khan filament.
3. Heat the oil to chicken wings and fry until golden brown.
4. seasoning melted, add orange peel, boil chicken wings, you can dish up.

off the bone grilled chicken wings: ;
material: Wings in 7, 7 carrots, mushrooms seven crab, wild rice stem 7 (also with your favorite vegetables)
Marinade: 1 tsp oyster sauce, honey, 1 spoon of salt 1 / 2 spoon, allspice amount, salad oil 1 teaspoon black pepper amount
practice: 1, cut the chicken wings in two joints, the joints can chop fried chicken gristle what 2, 3 out of two bones, marinated chicken with marinade to 1 hour (the hours are long and better) 4, 220-degree preheated oven 5, the carrot sticks, crab, mushrooms, wild rice stuffed chicken wings in article into the baking pan, brush the surface with the marinade into the oven 220 degrees bake 15-20 minutes

garlic chicken wings flavors
Material: 12 chicken wings , minced garlic 6 petal (better if there is garlic powder), pepper to a small
, 4-5 pieces of pepper, two spoonfuls of soy sauce and salt into a small, large half a teaspoon of sugar, allspice spoonfuls
(eat can increase the amount of volume), cumin and fennel into a small, two spoonfuls of tomato sauce.
practice: 1. Wash chicken wings, pat with a knife blade, so you can better tasty, will join
the chicken wings in sauce, mix, pickled 3-4 hours, if placed in the refrigerator overnight, the taste will be better;
2. signed with two sub-rubbed a little oil, the chicken wings strung, small microwave oven a few minutes into the Well, of course, according to their preferences or grilled or fried, will be the same good taste.

garlic sauce chicken wings
burning materials: chicken wings, potatoes, carrots, onion
practice: 1. the amount of oil , pepper, soy pan, remove, add pepper, onion fry pan, pour chicken wings (Billy has been good), stir fry for a little while.
2. into Korean sauce and garlic and stir fry chicken wings
3. After the onions into the potatoes, carrots and other vegetables for stir fry, then pour a small amount of water, micro- once cooked stew a little sauce (more sauce like the students may reduce the intake point wide-juice is also very delicious).

cups chicken wings
Ingredients: chicken wings
practices: Wash chicken wings, fried in the end to put in the Chao Shao water vapor, to prepare a cup of soy sauce, a cup of Cong Jiangsuan, aniseed, a glass of wine (white wine will do), pour in the chicken wings. Burn ten minutes, the sauce is thick, so that entry into the chicken wings in sauce. Show wine, material incense, fragrant chicken. Gorgeous dish, meat and soft rot.

mess with grilled chicken wings taste
Ingredients: chicken wings, salt, brown sugar, garlic, honey, soy sauce, cooking wine, Korean chili powder approach:
1) chicken wings and a pick tendons cut with a knife scuffing to the meaty bones separated. Add spices grasping uniform, sealed, refrigerated marinade into 12 hours.
2) put the grill chicken wings, spread aluminum foil placed in the oven on, oven 200 degrees bake 30 minutes, every 10 minutes in the middle of the surface of chicken wings brush the remaining marinade sauce.

· do not recommend the use of Chinese chili oil, chili powder, color is not red, and too spicy.

[1 Floor]:

raw green pepper chicken wings: chicken wings, horn peppers
Ingredients: anise, bay leaves, cinnamon, garlic, a little (no taste okay), Sichuan Douban (Laoganma also replaced), chili, pepper (to taste), soy sauce, cooking wine, sugar, salt, monosodium glutamate
practice :
1. Wash the chicken wings, from which Zhancheng two parts
2. green pepper, cut circle
3. the amount of chili segment, pepper, soy sauce, cooking wine flavor by adding chicken wings, marinated for 10 minutes
4. preparing ingredients: Geranium 2, octagonal one, two small pieces of cinnamon, half a diced garlic (not even a) ;
5. Heat the oil, add watercress, saute
6. constantly stir into the chicken wings,
7. chicken wings change color, add soy sauce, sugar
8. add ingredients stir
9. until the wings 9 mature, add green pepper rings, stir fry.
10. tasted the stir fry until fully cooked chicken wings, green pepper pot can be a tasty (salty enough that according to their own taste with salt).

[3 Floor]:
beer, chicken wings
Ingredients: Ginger scallion chicken in some beer, soy sauce, sugar lemon skin Ding Xianggui

a will chicken wings, washed into the water next stitch Remove the cold water and then cooled. knife cut the chicken wings on a few small hole about 3 cm, convenient tasty.
two of beer into the pot (to be able to cover better chicken wings, like the red dot into the soy sauce may be appropriate to put,) put the two in the bottom of the pot with the lemon chicken wings hold him down, put a small piece of 3, 4 cloves and cinnamon pieces and ginger, it is best to use cloth with. stew low heat 15-20 minutes (if soup is not enough to put beer, turn on the water can not remember). into three sugar.
three summary chicken wings with chopsticks can be easily summarized into, you can change fire received soup, (the lemon out) to be closed soon dry, sprinkle with chopped green onion, monosodium glutamate. konjac pan ~ ~

raw chicken wings: chicken wings, the wings 8, Konjac one, half a carrot, onion 2.
(1) 4 tbsp soy sauce, cooking wine and a half tablespoon; (2) cooking wine 1 tablespoon oyster sauce 2 tablespoons sugar 1 tablespoon pepper a little water 1 cup; (3) Water a little starch.
1, chicken wings, washed, drying, seasoning mix (1) marinate for 20 minutes;
2, konjac slices first, then Each program in the middle of straight Mito, and then remove one end of the penetration from the middle out, make tie knot;
3, cooked carrots peeled, sliced, onion cut into small pieces; ;
4, to 4 cups oil pan, add color, remove deep-fried chicken wings, tossed away the oil, leaving 2 tablespoons fried onion, carrot and konjac, and add seasonings (2) boil Gaixiao fire, burning into tasty chicken wings;
5, until the soup is slightly closed dry method, Drizzle a little water, starch, starch, soup can be filled out when the viscosity.
[6 Floor]:
honey chicken wings chicken wings
300 grams, 50 grams ginger foam, spring onion, ginger, chili sauce, rice wine, soy sauce, honey, chicken powder, starch amount.
1, chicken wings, washed, cut from the joint; hot ginger slices.
2, burning half pot of water, add onion, ginger, rice wine, chicken wings under the boil for a short 10 minutes, remove wipe dry, coated with soy sauce, honey, rice wine, starch Ban Cheng sauce, pickled half an hour.
3, the chicken wings in hot oil until golden brown, neat code on the disk. .
4, frying pan get angry, heat olive oil, the next bubble ginger flavor Stir, increase the half glass of water, put chicken powder, honey, chili sauce, rice wine, soy sauce, water, starch, starch, burning open, pour over chicken wings on top.

agate wings
Ingredients: chicken wings 3 on the water, mushrooms two, three ginger, a whole onion. three whole garlic, bay leaves 3, star anise half. one-third of the wine bottle (big bottle). cooking wine, sugar, salt, monosodium glutamate
1. first chicken wings, washed in a bowl, Add salt, cooking wine flooded half an hour.
2. put more oil into the whole green onions, fried garlic into gold with the yellow, the flavor out.
3 into the half-cooked fried chicken wings, into the wine, ginger, bay leaves, star anise. mushrooms. just have not seen chicken wings, add salt, monosodium glutamate. sugar. three spoons, covered with small fire twenty minutes 4. openings fire sauce, come up with ginger, the dish

raw chicken wings: 12 chicken wings, longan 200 g, 75 g peanut oil, red wine, 100 grams, sugar 20 grams soy sauce 10 grams, 4 grams of salt, MSG 2 grams, 10 grams of water, starch, sugar, a little color, soup, 1,000 grams, onion 15 grams.
1, to the hair wash the chicken wings, soy sauce, salt and pickled.
2, set the fire pan, put the oil pan, until golden brown under the wings until golden; pot stay in a little oil, set the fire pan, add 10 g onions, stir-fry flavor, add soup, red wine and chicken wings, salt, sugar, sugar, color, tone lust taste, the chicken wings till cooked, de-bone, neatly code on the disk.
3, longan with the soup pan, around the chicken wings around. The remaining scallion stir the fragrance oil, the burning wings of the filter into the soup, water, starch, starch, pour in the chicken wings on top.

cola chicken wings and chicken wings
put into the pot along with Coke, of course, soy sauce, soy sauce and cola 1:3 which, burning 20 minutes Remove from heat, ok, so!

grilled chicken wings
raw materials: chicken wings, onion, ginger, garlic, star anise, pepper, cinnamon, soy sauce, salt, sugar, cooking wine, vinegar number.
Method: draw Jidao easy tasty chicken wings, into a large bowl, add the spices marinated for 6-12 hours, turning 1-2 times. You can marinate the night before, bake the next day. Then the oven temperature to 400-425F with a baking mat aluminum foil, bake 18 minutes (microwave fire opposite the front 10 minutes 10 minutes)

curry chicken wings
Ingredients: chicken wings
accessories: cooked potatoes, green beans
spices: salt, chicken, curry powder, cooking wine, soup, water, starch
practice 1, Wash chicken wings, potatoes cut into pieces hob, green beans, wash and drain water;
2, wok into the oil, oil four into the heat, add curry powder Stir flavor, Pour chicken wings, potato stir-fry, add salt, soup, chicken, green beans simmer 20 minutes, the pan before the water starch hook thin gravy, you can pan.

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