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Part 2: HID Global on PIV and PIV Competition

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FIPS-201 PIV and Competing Standards
Given the utility of smart cards, and the presence of a U.S. government-backed standard detailing the Personal Identity Verification credential, we've been exploring how/whether nonfederal entities could utilize PIV.

In Part One of this interview, Security Squared spoke with Kevin Graebel (pictured), product
Thumbnail image for Graebeljpg.jpgline manager, HID Credentials, for HID Global. We discussed how FIPS-201 mirrors best credentialing practices and began talking about how native PIV support in Windows 7, the latest PC operating system from Microsoft, might influence adoption of PIV-compatible credentials in nonfederal settings.  That's where we pick up in Part 2, which looks more closely at the role of card "edges" in credential selection as well as factors that could help PIV-I and PIV-C gain wider use.


Kevin Graebel, HID Global: Right now a lot of the federal government agencies that are using a PIV credential are not using it for applications outside of the federal government. They would typically carry one card for their PIV uses, but they might carry a second card for access control into their building or other applications that their organization might be using.

But if nonfederal organizations decide to adopt the PIV standard for their card edge communications, they might do so because of the native support in Windows 7.  If third-party application developers start to see greater adoption of the PIV standard outside of the federal government, they might choose to adopt that in their applications as well. So they can follow the wave, they can take advantage of some of the success the government is having in

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