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Identity and Access Management, ASIS Style

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Users and vendors talk enterprise directory, physical/logical integration

Physical access control has a new best friend: identity and access management (IAM). And IAM isn't coming to the party alone. It's bringing enterprise directory integration and single physical/logical credentials with it.

That seemed to be the case at the ASIS International Show in Anaheim, Calif., last week. Discussions and demos of cards, card readers and door panels are standard fare; the twist on many of them was how this equipment can now integrate with more sophisticated software deeper in the network and the resulting capabilities for enterprise security and business objectives.

At HID Global's ASIS strategy briefing, William Phillips, vice president and chief security and safety officer for CNA Insurance in Chicago spoke about the company's new credentialing program, which crosses 36 states, more than 1,000 readers and 65,000 transactions per day.

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