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Larry Lien, vice president of product management for PSIM vendor Proximex, talks about the issues of sharing data across physical and logical security lines

Here at Security Squared, we're working on a feature story about truly centralizing security operations, for an enterprise view of risk that encompasses physical and logical systems, data and events. Late last week, Sharon J. Watson interviewed Larry Lien (pictured), LienCrop.jpgvice president of product management for Proximex on the topic.

Yesterday's portion of the interview looked at the building blocks of centralizing security operations. In today's segment, Lien talks about the interest in connecting logical systems to PSIM solutions (which integrate data from physical security systems) and the operational obstacles to doing so. He also discusses how security organizations are becoming more enterprise oriented.

What follows is an abridged transcription of our conversation, edited for clarity and length.


Sharon J. Watson: How much interest do you see in connecting Surveillant [Proximex's PSIM solution] to LDAPs and Active Directory and other IT systems?

Larry Lien: It depends on the organization. I'll tell you the extreme, and then I'll tell you where most companies are.

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