One Person, One Identity, One Credential: Converging Logical-Physical Identity and Access Management - Part 4

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Part 4 -- The Human Factor

Technical tools and tricks exist to integrating the many different components--human resources (HR), enterprise directory, identity management and physical access control systems (PACS)--that drive converged identity and access management (IAM). Yet humans have a great deal of control over how--and whether--identities are managed. This last article in our four-part feature examines the human issues in achieving converged IAM.

While the technological tools available to manage logical and physical identities continue to grow in sophistication, they are just that: Tools designed to help humans create effective identity management strategies--and there's no getting around the extensive, people-focused methodology necessary to create such strategies.

"When you look at what identity management really means, there's a lot more to it than just defining identities: there's roles and business rules and processes around it," said Greg Thornbury, vice president for Dallas-based SecureNet Inc., a systems integrator that has been implementing converged IAM solutions for the last nine years.

"It doesn't do any good at all for me to push changes to an identity sitting in a database across the U.S. if I still have someone who can walk in tomorrow and manually create an identity and violate those business rules and processes," he said.

"Identity management is a process, not a technology," agreed Guy Huntington of Huntington Ventures, an identity management consultancy that has worked with Boeing, Capital One, Kaiser Permanente and Toronto Hydro.

That process begins with figuring out where identities currently exist, understanding how they are being created and by whom, what the de facto procedures are for managing them. Streamlining these practices means involving a myriad of enterprise functions, said Huntington. "I have to put everyone around the table and figure out who owns all these identities," he said.

"Understanding how many identities you have for single individuals really outlines the scope of the challenge," said Dan DeBlasio, director of business development for identity and access management, Americas, for HID Global.

Enterprise identity creators include HR, IT, physical security, plus business units. Other identities may be owned by third parties who often access the enterprise virtually or physically: trusted customers, contractors, temporary workers, repair, delivery and maintenance workers; custodial crews; visitors and guests.

ARCHREV.jpgSecurity itself may be credentialing some of these identities via the PACS and card management system. "A lot of people with passes [to your enterprise] aren't in your IT systems," said Huntington, echoing several vendors who said clients have realized the same fact after reviewing identities.

Just what should be the ultimate authoritative identity source may depend on human factors. Many physical and logical identity management solution vendors, from CA, Sun Microsystems and IBM to Quantum Secure and AlertEnterprise, prefer to tap an HR-owned data source.

However, some enterprises prefer identity management solutions to tap Active Directory, Microsoft's widely used enterprise directory tool, or a similar Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) based tool, in lieu of HR systems.

Using Active Directory as the primary data source means IT owns the initial onboarding process for an identity, argued Dave Hansen, corporate senior vice president and general manager, CA Security Management. "That's not IT's role," he said. "It's absolutely critical that HR owns the onboarding process."

Yet HR departments in his client base--energy, health care, food processing, critical infrastructure and governments--often are reluctant to permit a direct link into a live database, said SecureNet's Thornbury. In those cases, SecureNet might be given access to a database copy or do batch updates, but eight of ten times finds itself tapping Active Directory as the authoritative data source for enterprise employee data.

"We've done it both ways. It's great to connect straight to HR--that's truly the originating point for a lot of that data," said Thornbury. "But in other cases, it seems like HR doesn't keep up everything the way that IT does from an employee location standpoint.

"A lot of what we do as an integrator is work with our clients and do a lot of listening to find out what is the best authoritative source," he said. "You're going to find in a lot of organizations that answer is not going to be consistent."

Whatever the authoritative identity data source turns out to be, it's rare to find a company that has only one such source. Different divisions may run different HR systems. Many vendors say contractor data is usually in a separate data source, and visitors may be run through a PACS or separate visitor management system.

Rather than trying to create a single data source, what's critical is creating processes that include enforceable rules for creating, maintaining and terminating master identities in the designated authoritative data sources.

Identity rules and roles

Rules for creating, provisioning and managing the logical/physical identities as they change over time are influenced or defined by regulatory bodies as well as by internal needs and practices.

Roles-based provisioning tools can help enterprises see how their identities are behaving. CA, IBM, Sun and others offer data mining tools in their identity management suites that examine user actions and then suggest which sets of users might be grouped under roles as well as help define those roles. In the future, new users automatically can be assigned a role that, by definition, contains all their logical access rights.

Further, these logical roles can be associated with predefined physical roles in a PACS. Then, when PACS are integrated with each other and to the enterprise directory, "physical access rights can be automatically given" by the PACS based on data in the enterprise directory, said Brandon Arcement, manager, global security technology for Johnson Controls, based in Milwaukee, Wis.


Roles-based provisioning greatly simplifies meeting compliance requirements because a manager can certify that a role is correct and that the right staff members have the right roles, instead of trying to match staff members to various applications and their functions, said Daniel Raskin, chief identity strategist at Sun.

However, some business unit managers want more control over roles than predefinitions always allow, said Eric Larsen, director, product management for Lenel Systems International. He said that's especially the case regarding project-specific privileges.

Other vendors noted clients rarely start out knowing all the rules they'll need to associate with roles, whether within applications and systems or facilities, such as only permitting someone onto a factory floor or airport tarmac after they've successfully completed safety training. "What's important is that you install an infrastructure and an architecture that allows you the flexibility to create and customize rules," said Arcement.

Some IBM Tivoli customers start without any rules, instead deploying data capture tools to see how users are interacting with an application. That data then helps them decide what rules should be, said Joe Anthony, program director of identity and applications security management, IBM Tivoli, Austin, Texas.

Championing converged IAM

Rules that help an enterprise fulfill its regulatory compliance obligations are a clear, powerful driver behind IAM convergence. Yet the IAM process also offers an array of benefits that have different appeal to various enterprise audiences.

 "We used to go in selling the IT people the value of the security, and it turns out what they are more interested in is SSO [single sign-on], password management and auditing capabilities," said David Ting, CTO at Imprivata. He noted the physical security leaders like the ability to incorporate their access data with the IT rules and policy data.

Huntington and others point out converged IAM most benefits security when logical and physical security alerts are monitored and correlated from a centralized console. Otherwise, convergence is not compelling, said Jasvir Gill, founder and CEO of AlertEnterprise, which integrates physical, logical and control systems.

 "The reason is integrating IT and physical access is not good enough," said Gill. "Unless you are doing risk analysis across all these environments, people really don't see the value," he said.

Industries with the toughest security and compliance reporting requirements, such as finance, transportation, power/critical infrastructure, health care, are among the early experimenters with converged identities, vendors agreed.

In other markets, converged identities may take awhile to make inroads. "When customers come into Sun to talk about the problems they need to solve, they're still sitting there saying how do I get my provisioning infrastructure set up, how do I just start to do roles," said Raskin. "Most organizations haven't completed single sign-on and are just starting federation, let alone getting into these more complex things."

Yet even less regulated industries running a patchwork of identity solutions could benefit from identity convergence. "A lot of people don't realize how much money they're spending, trying to manage a lot of disparity in their access control systems," said Arcement.

Fluid boundaries

Forward-thinking enterprises also want to take advantage of a more IP-centric physical security backbone that can be integrated with IT systems, said Anthony at IBM Tivoli. "We're starting to see more convergence of the organizational structure, and that's when we see people looking across the different boundaries and trying to make better sense of the data available to them," he said.

"Part of the discussion driving this is that people are trying to take both sides of their house to a new level," said CA's Hansen. He and others noted that desire usually involves competition between physical security and IT security experts, with some nascent jockeying for control of the whole.

Physical access control integrated with logical access control may turn out to be just one piece of that w hole. Lenel has launched a green initiative involving ALC, a sister UTC company, and Cisco Systems, which is running and analyzing the proof of concept project. According to Larsen, it involves a PACS integrated with a facility's IP telephone network system as well as its building automation energy management system. A visiting employee comes to the facility and requests office space at a kiosk. The integrated systems then activate the assigned space: his phone number is transferred to the IP phone; printers activate and the building automation system adjusts the room's light and temperature based on a predefined profile in the PACS.

The system can also use intelligent video monitoring and analytics to check conference rooms, determining when they're empty; the PACS then notifies the building automation system to turn off the lights and other room resources.  "It's taking it all to the next level," said Larsen.

Converged physical-logical identity and access management is a young concept. Yet it is a logical outgrowth of the IT and physical security systems many enterprises of all sizes and industries already have invested in. Converged IAM is a way to get more out of those systems and improve business, compliance and security practices. It is undoubtedly a major project, yet it can be handled in stages. The open questions are how long it will take enterprises to embrace the concept and whether IT/physical security will drive the process or be forced along for the ride. Whichever the case, it's sure to be an interesting journey.

Part 4 -- The Human Factor

Technical tools and tricks exist to integrating the many different components--human resources (HR), enterprise directory, identity management and physical access control systems (PACS)--that drive converged identity and access management (IAM). Yet humans have a great deal of control over how--and whether--identities are managed. This last article in our four-part feature examines the human issues in achieving converged IAM.

While the technological tools available to manage logical and physical identities continue to grow in sophistication, they are just that: Tools designed to help humans create effective identity management strategies--and there's no getting around the extensive, people-focused methodology necessary to create such strategies.

"When you look at what identity management really means, there's a lot more to it than just defining identities: there's roles and business rules and processes around it," said Greg Thornbury, vice president for Dallas-based SecureNet Inc., a systems integrator that has been implementing converged IAM solutions for the last nine years.

"It doesn't do any good at all for me to push changes to an identity sitting in a database across the U.S. if I still have someone who can walk in tomorrow and manually create an identity and violate those business rules and processes," he said.

"Identity management is a process, not a technology," agreed Guy Huntington of Huntington Ventures, an identity management consultancy that has worked with Boeing, Capital One, Kaiser Permanente and Toronto Hydro.

That process begins with figuring out where identities currently exist, understanding how they are being created and by whom, what the de facto procedures are for managing them. Streamlining these practices means involving a myriad of enterprise functions, said Huntington. "I have to put everyone around the table and figure out who owns all these identities," he said.

"Understanding how many identities you have for single individuals really outlines the scope of the challenge," said Dan DeBlasio, director of business development for identity and access management, Americas, for HID Global.

Enterprise identity creators include HR, IT, physical security, plus business units. Other identities may be owned by third parties who often access the enterprise virtually or physically: trusted customers, contractors, temporary workers, repair, delivery and maintenance workers; custodial crews; visitors and guests.

ARCHREV.jpgSecurity itself may be credentialing some of these identities via the PACS and card management system. "A lot of people with passes [to your enterprise] aren't in your IT systems," said Huntington, echoing several vendors who said clients have realized the same fact after reviewing identities.

Just what should be the ultimate authoritative identity source may depend on human factors. Many physical and logical identity management solution vendors, from CA, Sun Microsystems and IBM to Quantum Secure and AlertEnterprise, prefer to tap an HR-owned data source.

However, some enterprises prefer identity management solutions to tap Active Directory, Microsoft's widely used enterprise directory tool, or a similar Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) based tool, in lieu of HR systems.

Using Active Directory as the primary data source means IT owns the initial onboarding process for an identity, argued Dave Hansen, corporate senior vice president and general manager, CA Security Management. "That's not IT's role," he said. "It's absolutely critical that HR owns the onboarding process."

Yet HR departments in his client base--energy, health care, food processing, critical infrastructure and governments--often are reluctant to permit a direct link into a live database, said SecureNet's Thornbury. In those cases, SecureNet might be given access to a database copy or do batch updates, but eight of ten times finds itself tapping Active Directory as the authoritative data source for enterprise employee data.

"We've done it both ways. It's great to connect straight to HR--that's truly the originating point for a lot of that data," said Thornbury. "But in other cases, it seems like HR doesn't keep up everything the way that IT does from an employee location standpoint.

"A lot of what we do as an integrator is work with our clients and do a lot of listening to find out what is the best authoritative source," he said. "You're going to find in a lot of organizations that answer is not going to be consistent."

Whatever the authoritative identity data source turns out to be, it's rare to find a company that has only one such source. Different divisions may run different HR systems. Many vendors say contractor data is usually in a separate data source, and visitors may be run through a PACS or separate visitor management system.

Rather than trying to create a single data source, what's critical is creating processes that include enforceable rules for creating, maintaining and terminating master identities in the designated authoritative data sources.

Identity rules and roles

Rules for creating, provisioning and managing the logical/physical identities as they change over time are influenced or defined by regulatory bodies as well as by internal needs and practices.

Roles-based provisioning tools can help enterprises see how their identities are behaving. CA, IBM, Sun and others offer data mining tools in their identity management suites that examine user actions and then suggest which sets of users might be grouped under roles as well as help define those roles. In the future, new users automatically can be assigned a role that, by definition, contains all their logical access rights.

Further, these logical roles can be associated with predefined physical roles in a PACS. Then, when PACS are integrated with each other and to the enterprise directory, "physical access rights can be automatically given" by the PACS based on data in the enterprise directory, said Brandon Arcement, manager, global security technology for Johnson Controls, based in Milwaukee, Wis.


Roles-based provisioning greatly simplifies meeting compliance requirements because a manager can certify that a role is correct and that the right staff members have the right roles, instead of trying to match staff members to various applications and their functions, said Daniel Raskin, chief identity strategist at Sun.

However, some business unit managers want more control over roles than predefinitions always allow, said Eric Larsen, director, product management for Lenel Systems International. He said that's especially the case regarding project-specific privileges.

Other vendors noted clients rarely start out knowing all the rules they'll need to associate with roles, whether within applications and systems or facilities, such as only permitting someone onto a factory floor or airport tarmac after they've successfully completed safety training. "What's important is that you install an infrastructure and an architecture that allows you the flexibility to create and customize rules," said Arcement.

Some IBM Tivoli customers start without any rules, instead deploying data capture tools to see how users are interacting with an application. That data then helps them decide what rules should be, said Joe Anthony, program director of identity and applications security management, IBM Tivoli, Austin, Texas.

Championing converged IAM

Rules that help an enterprise fulfill its regulatory compliance obligations are a clear, powerful driver behind IAM convergence. Yet the IAM process also offers an array of benefits that have different appeal to various enterprise audiences.

 "We used to go in selling the IT people the value of the security, and it turns out what they are more interested in is SSO [single sign-on], password management and auditing capabilities," said David Ting, CTO at Imprivata. He noted the physical security leaders like the ability to incorporate their access data with the IT rules and policy data.

Huntington and others point out converged IAM most benefits security when logical and physical security alerts are monitored and correlated from a centralized console. Otherwise, convergence is not compelling, said Jasvir Gill, founder and CEO of AlertEnterprise, which integrates physical, logical and control systems.

 "The reason is integrating IT and physical access is not good enough," said Gill. "Unless you are doing risk analysis across all these environments, people really don't see the value," he said.

Industries with the toughest security and compliance reporting requirements, such as finance, transportation, power/critical infrastructure, health care, are among the early experimenters with converged identities, vendors agreed.

In other markets, converged identities may take awhile to make inroads. "When customers come into Sun to talk about the problems they need to solve, they're still sitting there saying how do I get my provisioning infrastructure set up, how do I just start to do roles," said Raskin. "Most organizations haven't completed single sign-on and are just starting federation, let alone getting into these more complex things."

Yet even less regulated industries running a patchwork of identity solutions could benefit from identity convergence. "A lot of people don't realize how much money they're spending, trying to manage a lot of disparity in their access control systems," said Arcement.

Fluid boundaries

Forward-thinking enterprises also want to take advantage of a more IP-centric physical security backbone that can be integrated with IT systems, said Anthony at IBM Tivoli. "We're starting to see more convergence of the organizational structure, and that's when we see people looking across the different boundaries and trying to make better sense of the data available to them," he said.

"Part of the discussion driving this is that people are trying to take both sides of their house to a new level," said CA's Hansen. He and others noted that desire usually involves competition between physical security and IT security experts, with some nascent jockeying for control of the whole.

Physical access control integrated with logical access control may turn out to be just one piece of that w hole. Lenel has launched a green initiative involving ALC, a sister UTC company, and Cisco Systems, which is running and analyzing the proof of concept project. According to Larsen, it involves a PACS integrated with a facility's IP telephone network system as well as its building automation energy management system. A visiting employee comes to the facility and requests office space at a kiosk. The integrated systems then activate the assigned space: his phone number is transferred to the IP phone; printers activate and the building automation system adjusts the room's light and temperature based on a predefined profile in the PACS.

The system can also use intelligent video monitoring and analytics to check conference rooms, determining when they're empty; the PACS then notifies the building automation system to turn off the lights and other room resources.  "It's taking it all to the next level," said Larsen.

Converged physical-logical identity and access management is a young concept. Yet it is a logical outgrowth of the IT and physical security systems many enterprises of all sizes and industries already have invested in. Converged IAM is a way to get more out of those systems and improve business, compliance and security practices. It is undoubtedly a major project, yet it can be handled in stages. The open questions are how long it will take enterprises to embrace the concept and whether IT/physical security will drive the process or be forced along for the ride. Whichever the case, it's sure to be an interesting journey.

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Wuhan dry noodles

cooking materials (three copies)


ground pork (200 grams), thin noodles (250 g), the end of radish (50 grams), chopped green onion (1 tablespoon), cooked white sesame seeds (1 tablespoon)


sesame oil (1 tablespoon), sesame (3 tablespoons) , chicken powder (1 / 3 tablespoon), soy sauce (1 tablespoon), vinegar (1 tablespoon), Pi bean paste (1 tablespoon), chili oil (2 tablespoons)

oil (4 tablespoons), salt (1 tablespoon)


; ;


1, Heat 2 tablespoons oil, add ground pork toss, pour Ruluo Bo dry at the end, stir well, to the minced meat becomes white, into a bowl of boiling water.


2, add 1 tablespoon sesame oil, 3 tablespoons of tahini, 1 / 3 tablespoon chicken powder, 1 tablespoon soy sauce, 1 tablespoon vinegar, 1 tablespoon Pi bean paste and 2 tablespoons chili oil, stir well, make sauce.


3, half pot of boiling water, add 1 tablespoon salt, stir into the noodles to float loose in the heat and simmer, two consecutive points water.


4, picked up the cooked noodles, rinse with water several times and then drain the water, noodles, cold river rushed after the excess starch.


5, Heat 2 tablespoons oil, pour the cooked noodles, stirring with chopsticks scattered, so that each root noodles are coated with oil, and smooth without adhesions.


6, will be poured into a dish of noodles, topped with hemp sauce, sprinkle with chopped green onion and 1 tablespoon white sesame seeds cooked, you can serve.

Today, at a friend's room to steal a game . Is a special game to practice reversing Share practice drills so that everyone came to see their own idea of ​​how to reverse
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Fate with us the opposite. ...

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never remember whether intoxicating night of moonlight

never remember whether the night's sky
Canruo flowers

I remember when you came
I have a kind of surprise

heart, such as bud-like bloom
season because of you if all the
are waiting and looking forward to

moment of encounter

you like a ray of sunshine

gently bathed my heart I thank you
into my life

every day full of sunshine

share with you always tell endless stories
share with you always talk about different topics
share with you always digging endless inspiration
and you always have to play endless exchange potential

my face every time you access Taotao not absolutely
I realized that the eternal bosom of the most difficult to find the face of every content
times reluctant to say goodbye when I realized the Brief Encounter
feeling and regret

we just want to open their hearts to confidentially
We just want to explore with colleagues can not say we want to talk with friends
can not speak candidly reveal their relatives
we just want to unspeakable thoughts, is not it?

this emotion and love is different with different family, and friendship different,
this is perhaps that between the sun and the stars between the moonlight,
between love and this is perhaps friends and between lovers,
This is perhaps the true meaning of Pink and blue color it!

Although people say that red (blue) male confidant is the ideal state,
are works of fiction, is a fairy tale life,
Let the purifying effects of emotional continuity,
let us create a timeless human emotions,
Let us work together to complete a beautiful fairy-tale life

in this materialistic age, in this noisy society impetuous,
even walking Wu Wu, Even world phenomena, let us smile with each other,
with the blessing of each other, with the expectations of each other, take a good life every day,
every minute, every second, okay?

.................................................. .................................................. ................

My heart is a castle, you planted jasmine, they are growing strong, because you are the castle's gardener. One day, you leave the castle, weeds began to spread. I keep waiting for you to come back huge ghost town, do not let me wait too long, otherwise the castle will be overgrown with weeds, a barren one.

isolated bridge, brown, yellow leaves, lonely, quiet, gentle or violent, or the wind, the taste of rain, loneliness, rely on and tie him down, the morning mist, losing their leaves, leaves with no slow rhythm of the rhythm slowly, slowly falling. It turned out that dream is autumn.

if I can, I hope time will always stay in the autumn.

off the light, put or windows open, my heart is a deadly calm before the raging waves. I'm not sure my heart from the waves finally hit the ripples would be. Just a feeling, feeling the heart has been quiet for too long, fear has been revived once again the time is right?

wait is fear and anxiety, especially the wait before the loss of the target. If you love someone and have been separated, just as with their separation, the inner part of the body the time to come off as dry cocoon, as to let go. Therefore, the heart will hurt, not feeling faint on the experience, not a verbal pain and said he felt the slightest illusion has nothing to do with physical pain. But really want to, in the study, in memory, the heart will really waves of throbbing, suffocation, choking feeling, feel oppressed dizziness, and can not express. Pain, can not I had really happened with trillion. It turned out that the heart really hurts.

used after a person, pretending to a wonderful and strong, teeth, let them look fragile and vulnerable. But when it quiet enough weight, the self would be inexplicable sorrow up until the crying.

sitting on a moving bus, drooping eyes, half cover the hair, it seems to play into the tragic drama of one. The repeated passing scenery out the window, can not distinguish reality and loss, tell the total past smoke.

ups and downs. Look at the street children of people in pairs, like who and who will be the most fortunate in that right? You can hold hands and grow old. Like, who and who after the separation, who would forget who, who will remember who?

all unrelated, related, everything had been concerned, but also care of, are ultimately in the past.

thoughts but only wind, but only the fall of sadness, infected me. Then, inexplicably sad.

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stasis caused by excess fat, vitamin deficiency.
not a vegetarian does not eat meat, but also do not eat oil.
Vitamin Features: see water-soluble, more than 40 degrees decomposition.
fruit: an apple vitamins is equal to 5 cents apple the size of the content.
not yogurt, which makes blood vessels blocking the thickener.
water can dilute the pesticide can not be washed. Lipids are acids, alkali vegetables.
raw and cooked with foreigners eat meat, but others are raw vegetables, raw vegetables, the best skin. Vent anger raw vegetables, vitamin supplements.

Western saying:

medicine cataract eat livers, hot water + vinegar, smoked eyes. Vinegar is stasis.
bite to eat the old tongue, is a precursor to the brain stem.
liver and kidney origin, anger Wang impotence.

calcium: a woman of high blood pressure 3000 mg of calcium a day, hypertension, 4,000 mg of calcium every day man. Normal 800-1200 / day.
calcium can soften blood vessels, prevent hardening of the arteries, old eating antihypertensive drugs, vascular sclerosis, calcium supplements lower blood pressure, cancer.
milk calcium, but to make up the baby.

· impotence sickness source. Ten nine renal deficiency.
impotence: cold hands and feet, fatigue, gynecological diseases.
blood by gas circulation, dead is breathe. Gas is kidney.
kidney beans to eat well.

diet: milk (milk lit), chili, cold drinks, so the times and the food.
Now do not smoke opium, and change the pumping flour.
Now do not drink milk, yogurt has changed.
1 day back rub their feet to stimulate the kidneys secrete adrenaline. Governance woman cold hands and feet.
movement - called luck moving blood sports, dancing running called activities.
campaign purposes - early transfer and lung, liver and kidney late transfer, often tune stomach bile.

100-175 is a normal healthy life
four cornerstones:
1. peace of mind
2. balanced nutrition:
3. the right amount of exercise
enough sleep every day, insomnia, less live for ten years.

tendons on the reaction in the liver is sick. (Medicine called tendons, nerves called Western medicine.)
Insomnia, sleeping pills - mental illness. Mental illness 70% - 80% are caused by insomnia.
12 hours 12 个 sign of the Zodiac, a two hours.

medication every day is to eat poison.
disease is to eat out, you can also eat back.
own best doctor is the best hospital is the kitchen, the best medicine is food, the best treatment is time.
the Union: to good health, good food to eat first.
second line: in order to stick the body, calcium eat first.
scroll reads: diet medication wins

2 stroke ears blood pressure during the day.

cause of hypertension in the kidney, the adrenal glands secrete adrenaline, epinephrine regulation of vascular tension, much secretion, vascular tone - high blood pressure, less secretion, blood pressure low.
high blood pressure is kidney-borne diseases, and the kidneys do not. Anger big, angry love, love to eat meat, love to drink is easy to get high blood pressure.
antihypertensive drugs of renal injury, renal failure to be transparent clarity, clarity of patients through 10, nine and a half is a drug-induced intoxication, 8 is the result of long-term service antihypertensive drugs.

antihypertensive drugs is long, dilation of blood vessels, the men would prostatic hypertrophy; woman a happy on wet his pants.

· liver to eat fat. (Fatty liver - cirrhosis of the liver) Beijing 70% of children under 15 years of dyslipidemia.
· heart to eat vitamins. Beijing children under age 15 more than 70% of arrhythmia.
· spleen eat carbon dioxide.

disease - to the hospital is a doctor, not to see patients. But now all see patients, not the doctor.
Bianzheng differentiation of the disease.

Introduction ----
a healthy part of the concept, the four cornerstones of health: 1, peace of mind; 2, balanced nutrition; 3, moderate exercise; 4 sleep.
Second, the human cause of the disease: 1, poor lifestyle; 2, unbalanced nutrition.
Third, the human cause of death: 1, poor lifestyle; 2 poisoning.
four TCM theory: smile every day, doctors have to hang one day laugh away from the disease and medicine.
five, five internal organs, health programs:
1, anger liver: Liver is green beans, and liver opens into the eyes, liver and the main blood vessels, liver detoxification facility is a human. Medicine and food in some of the ** to go through the liver detoxification, so do not eat the medicine, food as medicine to take. (Boiled green beans tips: green beans in cold water pot, cook (7-8) minutes, like beans, open non-open, the deepest red color when the soup, the soup poured out a drink, the best, then when the water boiled beans porridge to drink.) big anger, more can be eaten raw bell pepper Liver (cold food, dinner). Liver head, like acid. Eye cataract patients and the general are mostly liver problems, +10 _-20 with hot smoked eye drops of vinegar (daily 10-20 minutes) a week after beginning to bear fruit.
2, happy sad: the heart opens into the tongue, the heart of the Red Bean is up, the best summer make up the heart, bitter gourd is the pure heart of fire, is the heart H.-S. tongue ulcers, mouth ulcers and gum on the gastric fire is Sheng. (Not easy boiled red beans, soup ibid.).
3, thinking injured spleen: soy Spleen Spleen opens into the mouth (boiled beans to eat).
4, sadness lung: lung skin, into the nose, lungs suitable for autumn, white turnip Nourishing raw, cooked intestines, lungs like kidney beans (kidney beans boiled to eat).
5, fear of renal injury: kidney bone, into the ears, leg pain in the elderly, many are kidney, tinnitus is the kidney. Black beans, kidney, kidney suitable for winter. Sesame is kidney (black beans boiled to eat).
enough hot water at night, rubbing his hands sweating while lumbar kidney, to supplement the kidney.
6, gallbladder negative: (23-1 points) is the gall bladder in season: Insomnia is the gall bladder disease, the whole melon juice health drink before going to bed, is conducive to sleep. (3-5 points) is the lung in season (before going to bed raw white radish), tongue bite to eat old precursor to the brain stem, long eggplant can be eaten raw clear fat, blood pressure (sesame paste, vinegar and salad), drink a variety of beans porridge with milk instead of milk, as long as food science, people can lower blood pressure, lipid-lowering!
six, in order to eat healthy: eat a variety of mixed lettuce → hot → beans.
seven, conditioning time: early transfer and lung, kidney late transfer, often tone the stomach.
eight diet during the taboo: spicy, milk (indicating excessive fat), cold drinks.
nine classic adage: Sick eating the first treatment, the best doctor is yourself, the best hospitals in the kitchen, the best medicine is food, the best treatment is time.
two weeks ago, I went to see Professor Zhang's clinic, he said that I have received into the lungs Big Chill, the joint of the large intestine, gall bladder and cause adverse, asked me if I was not an athlete.
reminds me of junior high school volleyball team, training to the six o'clock class every day, we sweated together to get the watering hose sub showers, cool thoroughly, and we have to give up, I guess this cold that way. I am now as he opened the prescription, Yazi hot water every night for an hour, while sweating, while the whole melon juice to drink. Meanwhile beat the morning of the lung, gall bladder flap at night. Green pepper salad a day, a long eggplant. Bladder cupping every three days (full back) Oh ~~~~~ Three days later, I began to sleep is having peace of mind, the palm is not so hot, and sweat less, but also gastrointestinal smooth comfortable. Windfall weight also reduced kilograms.

are: average, only more to the average. Balance: balance.

one day laugh laugh three doctors to hang. One day three laugh laugh, away from the disease and medicine.

· lung eat bad white, white radish Nourishing.
lungs raw turnip, cooked intestines.
intestines bad, to be cooked to eat.
White (kidney beans) lily, white fungus.

sick reasons:
· poor nutrition is not balanced lifestyle
·: excess fat, minerals, vitamin deficiency.

people eat grains only Fengdeng - Canon of Medicine.
food separated from beans, beans do not leave a woman for life, because there are soy isoflavones protect the female hormone secretion.
gooey red beans per day in five.

· bad to eat the liver Liver mung bean
improve the liver's detoxification ability.
Helvdoutang, boil 56 minutes, it seems to open slightly open at the time to drink green soup Liver, clear fire, diuretic.

Zhang Wu of the most comprehensive health lecture notes

cerebral infarction due to antihypertensive medicine to the food.
antihypertensive drugs dilate blood vessels, vascular wide, slow flow rate, blood pressure drop, then eat more and more, sooner or later one day stretch out of control blood vessels.
If you eat more - collapse, and cerebral hemorrhage.
If you eat less - block, stroke.

hypertension, diabetes is to eat out. European doctor's prescription are recipes.
Medicinal and Edible.

Western saying:

· spleen is not good to eat soy.
· heart good to eat red beans.

1. the peace of mind:

called knots, called the trend Zhang leg.
arteries, veins, capillaries of 10 million km, a half circle around the earth 2, the equivalent of road. First vascular access, will not be sick. 24 hours
blood flow and vascular wall friction on the raw waste from the blood vessels to the capillary blood flow increases, the resistance increases, have cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease.

rebound hypertension, when seasonal or angry can be a little medicine.
eggplant juice +10000 mg of calcium can rescue the paralysis, cerebral thrombosis. Thrombosis of the opening.

ancient healing sequence: food - acupuncture - moxibustion - the wine - the inventor of Western medicine
Socrates said - to eat.

23-1 sub (rat) bitter bile duct mouth head people, going up the heat, excitement, insomnia.
1-3 liver reinforcement (with utter sincerity) the main purpose of liver disease on the eye are caused by the liver.
3-5 lung rest of the night coughing, asthma will be late at night dies. Before going to sleep at night to eat turnip, cough. Lung skin sores. Anger Wang, reflected in the lung, skin drying
11-13 Heart Heart blood, Heart pharynx . Leukemia patients often inflamed throat, take antibiotics, and finally get leukemia. Heart disease, response to the tongue.
spleen spleen flesh and limbs. Ringworm
kidney impotence kidney bone bone and joint pain, bone and joint pain in winter

and treatment of the kidneys do not: eat black kidney, heart eating red.
winter to eat black beans, black sesame seeds (soy milk, porridge), black beans, red beans + + + medlar yam porridge, dinner. Tune kidney.
eat mixed lettuce, eat ready meal.
metabolism of cholesterol because of poor liver and gallbladder.
people with high cholesterol do not drink milk, milk with high fat high protein.

blocked blood vessels -
block in the heart called the stem, called the tumor capillary blocking in mind, call blocking tumor in the liver, blocking the uterus called fibroids, blocking the breast is called hyperplasia, blocking the thyroid called nodules, block is called acne on the face, blocking the skin

liver and spleen, heart green beans red beans kidney
lung white beans (kidney beans) black beans
acid bitter sweet and spicy ; salty
tendons, blood, throat flesh, limbs, skin bone
mesh tongue mouth nose ears

· green face shows love to drink, love angry, big temper.
· bad heart blush.
· stomach and the face sallow
· asthma pale
· renal failure who face the dark

healthy diet and health illnesses
Traditional Chinese Academy Professor Zhang Wuben
Introduction ---- part
a health concept, the four cornerstones of health
1, peace of mind
2, balanced nutrition
3, moderate exercise
4, adequate sleep
Second, the human cause of the disease
1, poor lifestyle
2, unbalanced nutrition Third, the human cause of death
1, poor lifestyle
2, poisoning
four TCM theory
smile every day, doctors have to hang one day laugh away from the disease and medicine.
five, five internal organs, health programs
1, anger liver: Liver is green beans, and liver opens into the eyes, liver and the main blood vessels, liver detoxification facility is a human. Medicine and food in some of the toxins through the liver to detoxify, so do not eat the medicine, food as medicine to take.
(boiled green beans tips: green beans in cold water pot, cook (7-8) minutes, like beans, open non-open, the deepest red color when the soup, the soup poured out a drink, the best, then add water, beans When boiled porridge to drink.)
big anger, more can be eaten raw bell pepper Liver (cold food, dinner)
Liver head, like acid. Eye cataract patients and the general are mostly liver problems, +10 _-20 with hot smoked eye drops of vinegar (daily 10-20 minutes) a week after beginning to bear fruit
2, happy sad: the heart opens into the tongue, red beans the bushing, the best summer make up the heart, bitter gourd is the pure heart of fire, is the heart H.-S. tongue ulcers, mouth ulcers and gum is Wei Huo-sheng on.
(not easy boiled red beans, soup above)
3, thinking injured spleen: soy Spleen Spleen opens into the mouth
(boiled beans to eat)
4, sadness lung: Lung skin, into the nose, lungs for the fall, white radish raw Nourishing, cooked intestines, lungs like kidney beans
(boiled beans to eat).
5, fear of renal injury: kidney bone, into the ears, leg pain in the elderly, many are kidney, tinnitus is the kidney. Black beans, kidney, kidney suitable for winter. Sesame is also kidney. Calcium kidney.
(boiled beans to eat)
night fever blisters feet, rubbing his hands sweating while lumbar kidney, to supplement the kidney.
6, gallbladder negative: (23-1 points) is the gall bladder in season: Insomnia is the gall bladder disease, the whole melon juice health drink before going to bed, is conducive to sleep
? (3-5 points) is the lung in season (before going to bed raw turnip)
? tongue bite to eat and old cerebral infarction is a precursor to
? long eggplant can be eaten raw clear fat, blood pressure (sesame paste, vinegar and salad)
? in the elderly two half-day to eat meat enough
? breakfast, lunch meat. Dinner do not eat animal protein, drink a variety of bean porridge
? Sick need better structured, and then began to calcium
? Use soy milk instead of milk
just eat scientific, not fasting, people can blood pressure, lipid-lowering!
six, eat healthy in order
eat a variety of lettuce mixed with hot → → → beans
seven meat, heart and lung conditioning time
tone early, late transfer kidney, often stomach tone 8, during the taboo
spicy diet, milk (indicating excessive fat), cold
nine, the classic maxim
> to good health, good food to eat in order to first body rod, first eggs to eat.
sick eating the first treatment, the best doctor is yourself, the best hospitals in the kitchen, the best medicine is food, the best treatment is time.

Zhang Wu of the health knowledge lecture series (a)
first class
Everyone wants healthy living, today, we also aimed to health lectures, lectures ago, I would like to ask you a question: who should be the highest life How much? Minimum should be? Some people say: the highest is 150 years old, minimum 120 years old. In fact wrong, human growth cycle is 20-25 years, life expectancy is growing 5-7 times, that is, human life should be a minimum of 100 years, the maximum is 175 years old. With the continuous improvement of living standards, more and more centenarians, people live a hundred years is not a dream, today we began to explore this issue. In fact, people live to a hundred is not difficult to see if you want to want to live so big. Oh, here's some people laugh, and who want to live so much Yeah, the key is how to live? Has a healthy body to live to a hundred. Currently, people are most concerned about is that medical treatment is difficult and expensive. Everyone wants healthy, healthy body comes from where? Health from the four aspects of daily life, the words of the modern health of the four pillars: first, the peace of mind; second, balanced nutrition; third, the right amount of exercise; fourth, adequate sleep . Article promotion is usually quit alcohol limit, I put it into plenty of sleep, why? Only Chinese can talk about health, because the Chinese for thousands of years of history. Therefore, Chinese medicine, sleep is good or bad, largely determines whether a person is a healthy body. People in the popular saying:
talk about the four cornerstones of health, a lot of people know, but few people really understand why do this? First emphasized the first question: are the four cornerstones of a healthy order, meaning that Chinese characters are sequential, which word in front, behind which the word, why use the word, are justified. Why talk about this? Because a lot of talk about health, the newspaper every day registration, but the people are very confusing, because what the newspaper has said, people do not know that statement is true, what should be a letter. One way to tell you: article, because, never mind inside the health accounts first. what state of mind, there is what kind of behavior; what behavior, what have the results; with modern words: that the establishment of a harmonious society means that people have peace of mind. peace of mind and physical health Why are there so deep with it?
from a physiological point of view, relying on people alive five organs: liver, heart , spleen, lung and kidney. For example, those who died in hospital the certificates for the single, if liver problems, liver failure and write. heart problems, write heart failure, these five organs to maintain a person's life are indispensable, One of the most important are: blocked, the heart stops beating. shows dirty blood, blood problems, blood from the liver is out, if there is a myocardial infarction, indicating that no liver detoxification, filtration efficiency, flow of blood is dirty, blocked, and thus lead to myocardial infarction onset. a lot of people fall ill myocardial infarction, in almost all birth before the death of a gas, breath did not come up on the attack. so people an angry, put the liver to destroy the final analysis, people are To: However, eight feet in bed you sleep days. Yeah, remember, is you, always you, not you, never you, not to fight. hope you listening to after school, in the future life and work not to get angry, anger will not solve any the problem can only get a sick body. Finally, we get two sentences: relations to be mentioned here.
following focus on nutrition issues, just said, there is a sequence of Chinese characters, such as balanced nutrition, which is the standard of writing, the first balanced nutrition in the post, achieve a balanced, only nutrition. When we look at the newspaper, if you see the title reads: argument, then we do not read, which is written in layman and only be balanced, can talk about nutrition. to ask you a question in the following: . Marxism tells us: the world is the common link, the causal laws of the world's universal law just mentioned, people should not get sick, this is a result, it certainly has its reasons. why? World Health Organization warned us, cause human disease: 1, poor lifestyle; 2, unbalanced nutrition; include: 1) excess 2) deficiency. surplus refers to excess fat, minerals and vitamin deficiency is the lack of means, this is the reason, will not eat , will get sick.
that dinner, I ask you, we eat three meals a day, then what is the purpose to eat it? was said to live, some people say is the desire of other people from the health say: I tell you: First, remember - to sustain life; Second, remember - prevention of disease; the third, but also to keep in mind - treatment of disease. I ask you, cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure diabetes is not to eat out? disease since we can eat out, why not go to sick to eat it? is also not difficult, there is nothing unachievable. five thousand years of Chinese health essence, a rule to leave future generations Five Steps disease; first step, the food, the diet Developed countries have already started, the patient came, the first list of open restaurants, a few months and then later referral if the diet is not effective then the second step: acupuncture, the scraping , cupping, massage, and massage and if not effective then the third step: Acupuncture Step 4: namely, wine, wine for the long hundred drugs, if used these four methods, the patient's situation did not pick up, and finally medication, In China it is now, one up on prescription, where the three-drug, drug where you soak in the day, month and soak in the drug, the drug in the mid to soak in the health, it is impossible, the invention of Western Person: Mr. Su Bo carats at the end, when the invention of Western medicine, doctors have warned the countries and people over saying: Ask a question: we eat three meals a day, to eat what? People live by the five organs, provide energy, that energy is eating something to offer. Can be modern, we gave the head eat, to the mouth eat, like to eat what you eat every day. Five organs and people, also have their own preferences, likes to eat green liver, the heart to eat red, yellow spleen eat, eat white lung, kidney eat black. What are? Varieties are called ah. Chinese pretty great, by the look and smell, said the disease will be able to be very accurate. In fact, that is by looking at these five colors to judge. For example, said, liver bad, love to eat meat, love drinking, love angry, and his pale greenish; a bad heart, his face red; stomach or not, the face is yellow; asthma face is whitish; renal failure who face is blackened. By observing the color of your face to know what disease you have, which is called Chinese white black red yellow and green. May be present, regard the red yellow white black propaganda was disfigured, green, green tea has become a; red, red wine has become a; yellow, became the carrots; white, became the oatmeal; black, a black fungus.
talk about specific examples; the SARS period, selling crazy white radish, white radish that people eat to prevent SARS. But many people only know one, I do not know the other, ate stew, in fact, from a nutritional point of view is Yangfeihuoxue raw turnip, cooked food is the intestines. If you eat the right way, that is equal to ride it. Kidney eat black, Chinese have a saying; The kidney. Chinese have a saying: I ask you, how many people usually eat when the kidney is to eat? Older, the more losses the kidney, the more disease. Liver to eat green, green beans. We all love Helvdoutang in the summer, in fact, the bean is the Liver, liver is the detoxification of the liver's detoxification capacity, the fishes body good. Eat red heart means red beans, when the two beans have medicinal value? A lot of people cook green bean soup for summer, hot weather, the beans cook sucks, drink boiled soup, in fact, this approach is wrong, put it plainly, this is the craving, the solution can not be toxic. The correct way is: cold boiled green beans, boil for 5-6 minutes when the water has not boiled mung bean blossom, green bean soup to pour out the deepest color of the soup this time, treat it as a drink, have a Liver detoxification Qushu role. Together with the rest of the bean water, congee drink. Hope Helvdoutang later when you do, it can be called Why do we eat beans for you? Spleen eat yellow, soybeans; lung eat white beans, kidney beans; kidney eat black beans, black beans, not the fungus. To give an example of inappropriate rural livestock are fed with black beans, kidney foot, only fresh Yeah! ? TCM school in one sentence: eat beans separated, especially lesbian, life do not leave the beans, speaking from the organ, is conducive to the five internal organs; from about nutrition, beans in a substance called This substance can stimulate ovarian secretion. China's health study a few thousand years of history, the world's nutritionists have come to China to study nutrition, they return home to teach the colored people adds to the growing Chinese milk and rice pudding. And most of us Chinese people to drink only when in Laba rice pudding. Hope from now on, eat more whole grains, so as to health.
Here to talk about taste issues; acid Liver, bitter Yang Xin, sweet and to support the spleen, Nourishing spicy, salty Yang Shen, that is, what flavor should eat a little, which would not favor a lifetime do not change. For example: acid Liver, we all know that vinegar to soften the blood vessels, and why? Because it is Liver, blood, so to soften blood vessels. How to reflect the balance? Acid Liver, liver injury is too acid. China is the world's major powers liver disease, and China's Shanxi Province is the largest province of liver disease, where people are particularly jealous. Ten years ago, the Ministry of Health has a notice: the threat of death in China's three major diseases were cerebrovascular disease, cardiovascular disease, cancer. Cancer ranked first in the liver. Finally, a lung cancer. In early 2007, the Ministry of Health circular, the threat of death in China are the three diseases; the first cancer, cerebrovascular disease is the second, third is cardiovascular disease. Cancer in turn divided up; first one is lung cancer, lung cancer from the last decade, rising to the first, not surprisingly, at present, ten restaurants, nine hot, spicy Nourishing, but too spicy lung injury. Last year, the Ministry of Health there is a statistical report, southerners incidence of lung cancer and nasopharyngeal cancer, and ten years ago, an increase of 167% compared to the back indicate a long Southerner living in the north. Why? As you know, Sichuan, Hunan, love to eat chili, because the South heavy moisture, pepper moisture, can be the solution hot, but if in the north, arid eat chili, it is easy to lung injury, please we must remember: one soil support people not one soil to support everyone.
liver to eat fat, too prone to fatty liver fat, weight will lead to cirrhosis, death, actor Fu Biao's death is an example. Heart to eat vitamins, vitamin deficiency disease because, spleen eat carbohydrates (staple) pulmonary oxygen, kidney eat protein, minerals and water. Here to talk about the problem of protein, the modern standard of living, a lot of people to maintain health, health care products began to eat, which is very good, but if you do not know, blind to eat, on the contrary was able to get that disease. Remember: We are Chinese, and foreigners of different physical, health care products in foreign countries are not necessarily suitable for Chinese people to take. Here let me talk about how to eat
: a central four , only you can save itself.
Chinese medicine as Now, hospitals are based on disease treatment. High blood pressure, the doctor gave you to open antihypertensive drugs. Why is high blood pressure, he cares; high blood sugar, give you open hypoglycemic agents, why is high, regardless of him. The result, more and more complications, this is reality. As mentioned earlier, there is a sequence of Chinese characters, such as; Five internal organs are sick, with symptoms manifested, if you know the truth, by conditioning on a very good solution. Liver on the sick, the reaction in the body is muscle, doctors called For example: insomnia, sleeping pills western open is the prescription for the disease, there are a few people to eat well? Not as a result, eat more and more drugs. Ministry of Health statistics have been, the people who live in a mental hospital, 60% - 80% of people are into the long-term use of sleeping pills.
internal organs all have their own working hours, such as :23:00-1: 00 is the hour of midnight, the gall bladder work; 1:00-3:00 liver work; 3:00-5:00 lung work; 5:00-7:00 is the work of the large intestine; 11:00-13:00 is the heart of the work (this time a lot of people a heart attack); if the insomnia, it is a problem with gall bladder, bile is a tube head, (one more bold, and finding ah, ah want to head), with utter sincerity, anger large, heat lamps, so sleep well, sleep. Liver reinforcement, the spirit of good, so the doctors called Any system of mental illness, are on the liver disease. Spleen meat, such as long ringworm, is sick of the spleen. Lung disease reaction to the skin, the elderly get up, skin itching, spring is a multi-season. Because anger Fan Fei, the most prosperous Spring anger. As long as the anger down, it will not itch.
17:00 - 19: 00 is the work of the kidney, renal bone, renal deficiency, bone and joint pain. Now people have a lot of bone and joint disease, the elderly and young people have. Work that is tired of young people, older people that is on the age, bone and joint pain is normal, in fact, impotence caused by pain. Western medicine treatment of bone and joint pain are anti-inflammatory analgesic drugs, traditional Chinese medicine treatment of bone and joint disease is the blood circulation of the drug. Imagine, oral anti-inflammatory analgesic, by the intestine to the stomach, the largest drug strength, maximum stimulation of the stomach, then through the blood, and then up to the heart stimulates the heart, to stimulate the brain to stimulate the brain, and finally to the joints, there is much drug strength? How much joints can help? Joint disease is not cured, how many people's stomach because the medication to eat bad!
features five internal organs in sick on the same reaction: liver disease on the response in the eye, eye injury, except all the rest of the liver disease was the, cataract, glaucoma, myopia was on the whole liver, and cataracts after surgery to see things clearly, but recurred 2 years later, why? Surgery or disease, not found at all.
Here's a simple way to treat cataracts, add in the cup boiling hot water, ten drops of vinegar into the eyes smoked every day, some time after the cataract is good. Heart disease, the reaction on the tongue, red tongue tip of the tumor, with scalloped, medicine called Firelight, the phenomenon associated with palpitation, Western medicine is called Flustered that insufficiency, the heart does not panic even after taking medicine, but the insufficiency of the phenomenon is still not resolved, in fact, out of the question or the liver, spleen disease on the response in the mouth, cheeks long ulcer disease is on the spleen, tongue ulcer is long on heart disease, which is two diseases, the two therapies, lung disease reaction in the nose, such as chronic rhinitis. Kidney disease response in the ear, such as: tinnitus, should eat black beans. Get what disease, what to eat rice, good conditioning, good health, and do not have to take medicine.
the sum of five thousand years of good health is the essence of traditional Chinese medicine, in the final analysis is that both diseases, blood imbalances, and goes that step, there are five kinds of human disease, heart disease have poor below from the Western revisit what angle; Western medicine is a disease, a disease, many types. Western said: People alive to rely on blood circulation, blood found in veins, we usually go to the hospital, blood tests are the first, if the blood in question, the test results in accordance with prescription, if there is no problem, the doctor will ask you where uncomfortable ? For example, you tell her you left hurt, he will let you film for, if there is indeed a problem to shoot the film, which long things, we must deal with surgery; if the film is not the problem; doctors can do about it, the open point of painkillers. Let you go home to eat for some time and then return visit. Blood circulation in the veins, if the vessel is broken, blocked, called tumors, skin eczema, broken blood vessels; mucosal blood vessels broken, blocked, called the cyst; the uterus called fibroids; breast is called hyperplasia; heart in the name stems; serious is the cancer of. Perennial flow in the veins of blood, will produce garbage if the diet, there is no time cleaning up litter, blood flow will accelerate, the impact on the vessel wall will increase, giving rise to hypertension. Just as the river narrowed to a half of the river, the water will accelerate the impact of the river will increase the same, but very few people die because of high blood pressure, the top three diseases that cause death without hypertension, sentence is called high blood pressure is not terrible, terrible is a complication. Easily lead to long-term use hypertension drugs myocardial infarction, cerebral infarction and renal failure, three kinds of complications, these three diseases are to death, in other words, the death of hypertensive patients, the vast majority of long-term use of antihypertensive drugs cause poisoning and died. Because antihypertensive drugs is the dilation of blood vessels, when the expansion to a certain extent, the hardening of the arteries, causing cerebral hemorrhage or cerebral infarction. Shanghai health department conducted the survey, Shanghai every 12 seconds a person died because of medication. Eat antihypertensive drugs easily lead to kidney failure, a Health Ministry statistics, due to renal failure and dialysis of the people, 10 people in nine and a half is a drug-induced intoxication, in which eight patients with long-term use of antihypertensive drugs caused if the person got the disease, only 100 within one or two years - 2 million allows you to spend no more, life is difficult to keep. Premier Wen Jiabao was at the NPC session said, Hope that we will raise awareness of disease prevention.
I was asked, and blood vessels blocked, how do? Need to clear. Find someone to look at the reasons: vascular congestion, medicine called stasis, many doctors called free radicals, prevention and nutrition science is called the product of too much fat metabolism. Nature is a thing of a thing down, look at all things, all of this vitamin can be solved, followed by minerals.
Let me talk about vitamins. Vitamins from fruits and vegetables, some people may think, and how leaving a shortfall of vitamin Yeah, I eat fruits and vegetables every day, ah, ah how leaving a shortfall of vitamins? Let's look at the characteristics of vitamins: 1, see the water-soluble vitamins; 2, more than 40 degrees decomposition. I ask you, is there to do so: first, to buy back the vegetables soak in water for some time to do? Again, wash the skin when the first cut of vegetables and vegetables? Next, cut wire, wash again? Three times down a lot less of vitamin. Cooking, the vitamin when the temperature has again broken down, imagine how many vitamins can be absorbed by the body do? Lack of vitamins can not do?
talk about fruit. Apple, for example in general, people are doing so: first wash, then peel and eat. Tell a nutrition knowledge; an apple in the vitamin content of apple is equal to the size of the amount of 5 coins. Vitamin is to maintain the element of life, we are thrown into the essence of things, and also talk about nutrition? Can not the disease? Some people had said; Ask yourself, pesticides, water can bubble out of it? Of course not! Just head that a clean only. Drinks contain preservatives, how we drink it? Have additive composition of milk, we do not drink every day? Even in medicine we eat are also chemical composition, family home of the detergent is chemical composition, not in every day use? Why are we only looking at fruit and vegetables?
not my father, this 86-year-old Hu Jia Lou, who lives near the Fragrant Hills each or two weeks to one or the Summer Palace, ride go, life is movement. What is health? Life is brought out, and do not pay attention to three meals a day, can not have a good body. Hope you listening to after school, starting today, to switch to alkaline washing, economical and healthy.
suggest that you eat every day, the President was to eat some (can be eaten raw) food, to eat the skin, the skin piece to eat. From the Chinese medicine, raw can vent anger, speaking from the Western, you can make up the vitamin. That is, raw and cooked with the previously mentioned, if you do not want to have cardiovascular disease, so from today onwards to eat lettuce and prevent diseases. If you have already got sick, not eating now loose.
Chinese medicine, health care principles: clean, tune, up. Clear that the removal of blood in the trash, and liver are related, liver eating green, which vitamins, that is, raw bite, bell pepper is the best dish livers. Myocardial infarction to clear it? How to do it a tumor?
raw eggplant strips. Raw eggplant is not in doubt was poisonous? I tell you that the Government says: You can bring our country's long eggplant, rice enough to eat people in your country, eggplant is a floc to ban full. But it has a hidden beholder did not tell we, Chinese people that is all skinny, stomach, lack of water, eggplant is oil, if people only eat a little fat will be absorption, so do not even grab all carry move, let alone a war. But the Chinese smart, eggplant with garlic oil to resolve the problem, so handed down the sentence: toxic and can not be eaten raw eggplant, to put the garlic. Eggplant is the most we eat today, lectures, and later to change to eat raw eggplant, because eggplant oil, can eat fat, washed Houqie Si put vinegar, salt, sesame salad to put dip or cut into strips sauce. 50 years, people eat eggplant, because then the standard of living is low, the body no oil; today, people's living standards improved, high cholesterol is quite common, the Ministry of Health pointed out: high cholesterol has become a hazard to the health of the Chinese people the importance of factors. Eat eggplant, lipids even higher. Comrade Jiang Zemin said, Remind older comrades, raw eggplant, add a little large, or the stomach can not stand. Re-emphasize one point: the aforementioned bell pepper livers the best gall we can innovate, bell peppers mixed with eggplant, cabbage mixed with eggplant, etc. If the prevention of diseases in a week you can eat twice.
following that tone, tone refers to the self-aligning, kidney, kidney eat black, red heart to eat, that black bean + beans + yam + jujube 10, and not over 10 or get angry, if gay men with prostate disease , and lesbians have urinary urgency, coupled with chestnuts. Chengyu drink, very good, the principle: is the kidney beans, red beans Yang Xin, Chinese yam spleen, nourishing the jujube, chestnut tone of the prostate. If the times? Mixed lettuce eat before dinner, then eat the ready meal, the staple food porridge. Now that's health.

people should not get sick.

· acid Liver, liver injury is too acid.
· bitter Yang Xin, berberine, bitter gourd cultivation. Pharyngitis eat bitter gourd raised spleen
· sweet, too sweet injured spleen. Beverage drink will hurt the spleen, the children puffiness,
· hot Nourishing, too spicy lung injury.
decade ago - the death threat three modern disease: cerebrovascular disease, cardiovascular disease, cancer (liver cancer 。。。) Now - the threat of modern deaths of the three diseases: cancer (lung cancer...), cerebrovascular disease, cardiovascular disease.
Now the highest incidence of lung cancer, because of too much spicy food.
South lung cancer, nasopharyngeal carcinoma, the highest incidence. Beijing Heavenly Stems, eat chili will hurt the lungs, have rhinitis, and later will have to nasopharyngeal carcinoma.
fall not eat spicy food, because of Hyperactivity. Yang Shen
· salty, salty and kidneys.

people aim to eat:
· life-sustaining treatment of diseases, disease prevention

2. balanced nutrition: colors, flavors mix with the thickness

bell pepper livers best.
raw eggplant build-rule, very strong adhesive force can be oil, cure blood viscosity, thrombosis gone. Eat raw eggplant is equal to lipid-lowering drugs.

who live by the five organs - liver and spleen heart lung kidney
which, most importantly the liver, anger liver damage. Liver involvement, the body suffers.
bad liver, will be reflected in other organs, such as myocardial infarction. Previous myocardial infarction, heart stopped in the post. Out blood from the liver, liver bad, not cleaning, it blocked the blood vessels, the myocardial infarction.

XVIII information
Wo Ersen rule
the information and intelligence first, money will keep coming.
author: American entrepreneur s · m · Wo Ersen
Comments: how much you can get often depend on how much you know.
Tamara Tamara is Jiekeleida experts Fupei He invented a radar, it's the biggest difference with the other radar is not transmitting the signal only to receive a signal, it will not be the enemy counter- radar devices found.
Comments: Good possession by persons unknown, who were kept in the dark is nothing to hide.
ninth, supervision
Koike Theorem
more intoxicated, the more immediate thing is to seize and hold.
author: Japanese management expert Koike King
Comments: narcissism is not easy to clear, self-righteous do not like criticism.
Heller rule
When people know their own achievements when someone checks will redouble our efforts.
author: British management scientist h · Heller
Comment: Only in situations of mutual trust, the Authority will become the driving force.
XX control
Yokoyama law
the most effective and continuous control is not mandatory, but trigger the individual's internal self-control.
author: Japanese sociologist Yokoyama Ningfu
Comments: There are only positive consciousness, no self-determination have no initiative.
butterfly effect
This consists of a very small they will cause, after a certain period of time, participation in the role of other factors, develop into a very large and complex consequences of the phenomenon known as the
Comments: hospice who Shenshi, like small ones Shenwei.
Ash rules
admit a problem is the first step.
author: U.S. entrepreneurs m · k · Ash
Comments: The more you are dodging the issue, the more problems you will be gripped tightly.
twenty-first, the law provides

Locke advice given should be less, once set, they will have to be strictly observed.
author: British educator John Locke
Comments: Jane is easy to follow, it certainly strict line.
hot stove rule
When people hand to touch a hot stove, it will be
Comment: Crime and Punishment can match, France can be compared with the period of treatment.

Xxviii, PR
Mary Law
if not broken, do not go to repair it, so self-defeating.
author: American entrepreneur 玛丽凯阿什
Comments: The reason to get clever clumsy, often because no clever can already get.
Frisch Theorem
not satisfied with the staff, there is no satisfied customers.
author: Munich, Germany, business consultant Frisch
Comments: coordination and external relations, coordination of internal relations from the beginning.
feeding effect
zoologist certain animals to procure the food they grow up to give the behavior of their parents as nurturing.
Comment: the benefits to others who also often benefit the most people.
Shicui Horowitz Theorem
If you obtain the benefits of helping others, it is not to help others.
author: American social psychologist g · Shicui Chavez
Comments: motives, behavior distortion.
29, talks
Ao Disi law
In every negotiation, you should be prepared to make concessions to each other.
author: U.S. negotiator j · s · Ao Disi
Comments: fight, less than ten feet; so, more than inch.
a home or at home in their most familiar environment, and conversation were most confident and calm.
Comments: No bottom strength, confidence is always pale.
Nirenberg principle
a complete, successful negotiations, each party is a winner.
author: American scientist talks Nirenberg
Comments: always wanted to own the upper hand will inevitably irreconcilable.
than forest half a lifetime of trouble due to too fast to say
author: American humorist bilin

Comments: 1, no veto power, voice can easily be denied. 2, the matter should not give concessions, but others give to you more easily.

Fourth, the coordination of the combined effects of amino acids

protein composed of eight amino acids the human body, as long as there is a lack of content, it can not synthesize seven other proteins.
Comments: When are indispensable, the
former Soviet MiG-25 MiG-25 jet fighter developed in many parts compared with the United States are lagging behind, but the designers to consider the overall performance, it can lift, speed, emergency response and so became a world-class.
Comment: The so-called best overall, but the best combination of the individual.
run effect
new assembly machine, through a certain period of use, the friction surface finish and more traces of processing encrypted together.
Comments: To achieve a complete fit, to be both necessary to let go.
five guiding
Potter Theorem
When subjected to many criticisms, often only remember the beginning of the lower number, the rest is not listening, because they are too busy thinking about the beginning of arguments to refute the criticism.
author: British behavioral scientist l · w · Porter
Comments: staring at the total failure of subordinates, a leader of the biggest mistakes.
blue Stearns Law
work with a friend, than in the
author: U.S. management expert blue Stearns
Comments: Respectable not amiable, and finally hard to respect; entitled to no prestige, and often loss of the right. Gilbert Law

most compelling signal the crisis of work, no one told you how to make.
author: British manpower training specialist b · Gilbert
Comment: The real dangerous thing, no one talk to you is dangerous.
authority implied effect
a chemist, said he would test a bottle of odor transmission speed, 15 seconds after he opened the bottle, the front row of students that raised their hands, said he smelled the odor, while the rear others raised their hands one after another, have said he has heard that the bottle actually nothing.
Comments: you believe in superstition, blind will follow blindly.
not walked the streets. 2, irrelevant features, advantages not excellent.
Gute Lei Theorem
every exit is another entrance.
author: U.S. management expert W · Gute Lei
Comments: a target on the basis of the next goal, next goal is the continuation of a target.
XIV plan
Levin Theorem
those who hesitated to program delays, usually because of their ability not sure.
author: French management scientists Levin
P · Comments: Without the ability to plan, the only time to regret it.
law before the construction of the wall should know what the ring to go, what ring to come.
author: American thinker W · P · Frost

Comment: start clear boundaries, and ultimately will not make things to go beyond the boundaries.

A. A household the night before the slaughter of chickens to chickens, casually said: eat fast, this is your last meal! The second day, see the chicken and left a suicide note had been lying: God has eat rats drug, you do not want to eat Lord, the God of his mother not to be trifled with.
When opponents know your decision, you can make decisions in their best interest. - Nash equilibrium
so confidentiality, information security is very important
B. says: I always opened my eyes, is to allow you to always be in my eyes! Water said: I always flowing endless, is to be able to embrace you forever! ! Pot says: instant are his mother, and also so poor! ! !
constraints have changed, the original income, all of a sudden turned into a cost. If the shelf life on the pot, the cost is naturally very high.
C. Why do men hate the old?
Economics Ghosn has a well-known rules can be explained - repeated the same pleasure, the satisfaction it brings will continue to decline; the same pleasure to repeat the first and second greatest satisfaction obtained. D. Men and women, who are more likely to emotionally hurt?
so-called injury, it should be is to spend too much, too little gain, which is produced losses. A business loss, the main reason is not competitive, if the lack of absolute advantage, then, to explore your own strengths. For example, Chinese textile companies to sell to the United States and Europe, natural Shoudaoqinlai, if you must sell cars to Europe and America, it must hurt. If a person can not count losses, it should not hurt. Of course, to achieve this state is difficult, and only we can do some state-owned enterprises.
E. Why not polygamy or polyandry?
polygamy or polyandry would break the balance of the market, some handsome and wealthy bachelor might lead to monopoly, which, like telecommunications, railways, like, all day was BS-ing. Ranging from endocrine disorders, while in a harmonious social dislocation. Monogamy has become a Pareto optimal.
F. plane, Crow said to the crew: to the Lord to glass of water! Upon hearing pig study, said: Lord have come to the glass of water! Crew cabin to throw pigs and crows, crows with a smile on pig said: stupid, right? God can fly! External factors is a constraint, its capacity is a constraint, often more important. Therefore, the success of others can do, not their own can achieve success.
G. gibbon chimpanzee accidentally stepped on the stool pull, gibbon gentle to help her carefully cleaned after they are in love, someone asked how they come together, and chimpanzees, said with emotion: ape dung! Are ape dung that!
path dependence in economics says that you present the choice is a choice before you decide if you want to change the path, the cost will be high that you do not want to change.

~ ~ ~
About literacy principles
Blue Stearns when you climb, the ladder must be kept clean, otherwise you may slip down.
author: U.S. management expert blue Stearns
Comments: there are degrees of advance and retreat, not only to the dilemma; Chongru are forgotten, parties can Rain or shine.
Lu Weisi Theorem
humble not themselves want to get bad, but totally do not want to own.
author: American psychologists h · Lu Weisi
Comments: If they want to get good, it is easy to think too badly of others.
Toledo Theorem
test whether a person's intellectual superior, but only his mind can hold two opposing ideas simultaneously, and harmful to the life skills to act.
author: French social psychologist h · m · Toledo was
Comments: thought to the contrary, may be complementary to each other.

XXII, the law reform
Kemei Ya
There is no perfect thing, so everything has room for reform.
author: American social psychologist m · r · Kemei Ya
Comments: informality in general, in order to stimulate creativity.
Davidoff Law
not innovative people can only ever be a performer.
author: former Soviet psychologist Davidoff
Comments: Only the pioneers who was most qualified to become a true pioneer.
effects from eating cubs
U.S. Silicon Valley is extremely competitive, so companies are actively exploring their own Achilles heel, all companies together to survive is: come up with a better look at their products to beat the original products. Some people have dubbed this behavior
Comments: 1, they do not force yourself, others will sooner or later force you. 2, the courage of the past a paragraph, have the confidence to open a new chapter.
xxiii, new ideas and innovation
Schon Theorem
only fell really believe it, it fascinated the hands can flourish.
author: Massachusetts Institute of Technology professor Schon
Comment: Only letter of no doubt, in order to persevere.
Geneen Theorem
real error is afraid to make mistakes.
author: U.S. management expert h · Geneen
Comments: afraid of the wrong people, often mistakes the farthest away from him.
Cabernet Theorem
give up is the key to innovation.
author: former general manager of American Telephone and Telegraph Company Cabernet
Comment: In the not learned to give up before you know what the fight will be difficult.
XXIV evaluation
Kiplinger's advice
The success equally.
author: British writer, Nobel Prize winner in literature Kipling
Comments: If you do not understand what failed, then the understanding of success is one-sided.
Schwartz thesis
all the
author: American Management Psychologists d · grams Edwards
Comments: if bad in the good, will eventually be good enough.

e, performance

XXV, competition
Tinker Law
If you are in second place, you always want to strive to fight for first.
author: British scientist Harold Tinker
Management Comments: To go uphill, must look upward.
Lu Nien's law does not necessarily fast
race win, lose fight, not necessarily weak.
author: Austrian economist r · h · Lu Nien
Comments: unprepared, weak and strong not arrived, surprisingly, can win the weak and strong.
Smith principle
If you can not beat them, join them you will go.
author: former chairman of General Motors Corporation USA r · Smith
Comments: Improved competitive people, people get the most cooperation.
XXVI, marketing
Theorem Al-Bader a business success, thanks to the requirements of the customer know to what extent.
author: Hungary, Total Quality Management International Limited, consultant 波尔加韦雷 什阿尔巴德
Comments: see the needs of others, you are half the battle; to meet the needs of others, you the success of all.

ice cream ice cream philosophy must start from the winter, because winter fewer customers will force you to reduce costs and improve services. If you can survive adversity in the winter, the summer would never be afraid of competition.
author: Taiwan's well-known entrepreneur Wang Yung-ching
Comments: adversity and good, good times better.
xxvii, theorems
Britt goods not for advertising, like the girl in the dark Song Qiubo delivery to the young man, tenderness of this love only she knows.
author: British advertising expert s · Britt
Comments: To, by extension, the first widely advertised.
Burnett Theorem
only occupy the mind, will capture the market.
author: Leo Burnett USA advertising experts
Comments: The popular will is interesting, favorably be fascinating.
Latour Law
a good name might not help poor product sales, but a bad name then make a good product unmarketable.
author: Norman French German branch of the company responsible for Susan Latour
Comments: name of art is the art of success.
Hess's law
advertising more than 12 characters, the reader's memory to be reduced by 50%.
author: Australia advertising homes h · Hess

Comments: forget the equal abandon.

Second, the theory governing
hedgehog hedgehog
heating in cold weather to move closer to each other, but maintain a certain distance, so as not to hurt each other.
Comments: Keep a close an important method, but maintain an appropriate distance.
dace minnows from individual to individual effects
weak and often gregarious and a natural leader with a strong person. Minnows will be a slightly stronger control behavior behind some removed, this fish will lose self-control, action is also occurring disorders, but other minnows are still blindly follow as before.
author: German zoologist Horst
Comments: 1, under the leadership of the tragedy is always making. 2, under the most boring thing that is the worst they follow a leader.
Lei Baofu law
you start to establish cooperation and trust us to keep in mind when language:
1, eight is the most important: I admit I made mistakes
2, the most important The short response is: you did a good thing
3, the most important six words are: your views on how
4, is the most important five words: we together dry
5, The most important words are: Thank you
6, the most important word is: we
author: U.S. management expert Leibao Fu
Comments: 1, the most important words is: try; 2, the most important word is: You
Luobo Theorem
for a manager, the most important thing is not the case when your presence, but when you do not present a What.
author: U.S. management expert r · Luobo
Comments: If you want to listen to your subordinates, then when you are not around when they do not know who to listen to the.
Third, communication
Steiner Theorem
where that survived less, where you hear the more.
author: American psychologists s · t · Steiner
Comments: Only good to listen to others, in order to better tell their own.
Fei Sinuo Theorem
People have two ears but only one mouth, which means that people should listen more and speak less.
author: United Airlines president and general manager of the British l · Fei Sinuo
Comments: put too much, and said it will become an obstacle to do.
complain effect
all companies in the work of people complain that the company or the owner must be better than no such person or such person buried in the stomach to complain to the company far more successful.
author: University of Michigan Institute for Social Research
Comments: 1, complaints are the catalyst to change the irrational status quo. 2, grumbling, though not always right, but take seriously the complaints are always right.
lightning rod effect
In the top of tall buildings to install a metal rod, metal wire and buried in the ground with a metal plate connected using metal rods of the point discharge, the clouds brought the power and ground power gradually and in order to avoid the lightning protection of buildings and so on.
Comments: good sparse to pass, will be able to lead safe

Fifth, staff
Polk Theorem
only debate, the only possible birth of the best ideas and best decision.
author: Johnson, general manager of the United States James Polk
Comments: No friction will be no running, only high-controversial theory.
Wedgwood Theorem
even if you have a strong-minded, but if you have ten friends and the opposite view, it is hard to waver.
author: University of California, Los Angeles, United States economist Yiwoweiqi
Comments: 1, when there should not listen to stereotypes, not after listening to both non-assertive. 2, different opinions are not afraid of starting, I'm afraid the final today.
XVI decisions
Falkland Law
not necessary to make a decision, it is necessary to make a decision.
author: French management scientists D · L · Falkland
Comments: When I do not know how to act, the best course of action is not to take any action.
Wang thesis
indecision can certainly be wrong to exempt the opportunity, but also lost the opportunity for success.
author: Chinese-American entrepreneur Dr. Wang An
Comments: indecisive to make good by the good or bad, determined to pull through the crisis.
XVII perform
Gray Nernst theorem
outstanding strategy must be coupled with outstanding execution can be effective.
author: U.S. entrepreneurs H · Gray Manchester
Comments: real good dry better, more real solid and good.
Jide Lin law
the problem clearly written, it has been resolved in half.
author: U.S. General Motors management consultant Charles Jide Lin
Comments: disorganized thinking, could not produce orderly action
d, control

Thirty, contact Leonard Franklin
get along with people good or bad depends largely on what way we deal with people.
author: U.S. scientist h · h · relationships Franklin Leonard
Comments: submitted in a proper way, to lay the dealings; to go without, there are often difficult to travel.
taboo effect
for customs or other personal reasons, for certain words or actions scruples, Sekihisa a taboo.
Comments: to know what other people do not like, than what other people want to know is more important.
Friedman Law
When a person needs to meet the needs of another person, they will tend to like each other.
author: American psychologist n · w · Friedman
Comments: There are benefits and interests complement each other, will have to meet the needs and the mutual need.

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I believe we will help you welcome friends collection !

Some people have no chance to see, and so have the opportunity to met, but hesitated, but not as good as each other.
has not had a chance to do some things, and so have the opportunity, but do not want to do it again.
some words buried in the hearts of long time, no opportunity to say, so have the opportunity to say when, said it did not exported.
some love has no chance to love, and so have the opportunity, do not love the

many opportunities to meet some people, and always find an excuse to shirk, imagine the time has no chance.
some words have many opportunities to say, but thinking about the future again, to say the time, has no chance.
have many opportunities to do some things, but it delayed day by day, want to do when they found no chance.
some love to give you many opportunities, they do not care do not care about, like the time had no chance to attach importance to love.

Sometimes life is always ironic.
I, may be turned.
that good forever, I do not know how on the loose. After much deliberation finally turned himself was not sure what had separated from each other's causes. Then, you suddenly wake up feeling is so fragile. Withstand wind and rain, but can not stand the ordinary; wind and rain with the ship, they each scattered fine. Maybe just a fit of anger, perhaps only because the small things. Sweet fantasy and good, or when the reunion hug, while tears at that time will beat the other side, also grinning. This is a beautiful picture.

did not expect is that a not actually a lifetime.
Thus, each have their own lives, their love with other people. Have love, it is now independent of each other.
even in the same small town, nor did meet again. One day at a certain moment, walking in the same street, can not see each other. First sigh, and later frustration.

maybe you very happy, because to find another suitable person.
Maybe you're not happy, because this may be your only man gifted with the true intentions to you.
long, long time, not each other's news, they no longer think this person is not going to think of these things!

274, for the human secluded delay Sentences, words do not startle. (Don? Du? Value of the river water as the sea above the potential short talk) -

291, Cold Mountain Temple outside the city Suzhou, midnight bell to the ship. (Don? Zhang? Midnight Bells) -

262, even war in March, letter worth than gold. (Don? Du? Spring Hope) -

296, faces of the people do not know where to go, Love and be loved. (Don? Coming back? Title capital Nanzhuang) -

301, Birds of Shan Kwong Yue, Tan Ying empty heart. (Don? Often built? Title after breaking the Temple Temple) -

314, one thousand Amoy 10000 Luk, although hard, Chuijin Until this beginning to the gold. (Don? Liu Yuxi? Waves) -

204, Jiang Liu heaven and earth, whether in the mountains. (Don? Wang? Han River Pro Pan) -

225, waterfalls three thousand feet, the suspect Galaxy nine days. (Don? Bai? 望庐山瀑布) -

371, God pity Youcao, human re-Reaching. (Don? Yin? Reaching) -

224, Taohua Tan thousand feet deep, not as Wang Lun gave me love. (Don? Bai? Gift Wang Lun) -

315, overlooking the Dongting landscape color, silver plate Hitodo screw. (Don? Liu Yuxi? Look Dongting) -

197, bamboo flute why complain willow, spring is not degrees Pass. (Don? Wang Zhihuan? Liangzhou words) -

253, Chapman heard barking, 风雪夜归人. (Don? Liu Changqing? Every owner of Fu Yung Shan snow places) -

263, Wuchu Dong Nam crack, heaven and earth day and night float. (Don? Du? Deng Yue Yang House) -

218, with two tire to see only Jingtingshan. (Don? Bai? Sitting alone Jingtingshan) -

386, asked the flower in silence tears, Luanhong to fly swing. (Song? Xiu? Butterflies) -

236, Tingbei cast chopsticks can not eat, sword and look around the heart at a loss. (Don? Bai? Difficulties in traveling) -

202, Qin Shiming Han Guan, Long March were not yet. (Don? Wang Changling? Wong Zao) -

317, talk and laugh with ru, contacts without STOMATOLOGY. (Don? Liu Yuxi? Lou Shi Ming) -

387, worries and toil can rejuvenate, Yi Yu body can die. (Song? Xiu? Ling official transfer order) -

266, exposed from the white tonight, is home next month. (Don? Du? Moonlight Yi She Di) -

256, fish out the rain, gentle breeze swallow oblique. (Don? Du? Water removal threshold heart) -

320, a few early birds are warm-tree competition, someone's new pecking Chunni Yan. (Don? Bai? Qiantang Lake spring line) -

240, Invitation to ask from the east, another Italian who is short with long. (Don? Bai? Jinling taverns do to stay) -

196, For a grander sight, a higher level. (Don? Wang Zhihuan? Teng Guanquelou) -

357, stopping to sit love Fenglin late, Leaves red flowers in February. (Don? Mu? Mountain Line) -

376, ask to have the misery, like a river flows to the east. (Five? Li Yu? Poppy) -

356, cold water days of order the night, to see cows lying Vega. (Don? Mu? Qiu Xi) -

237, want to cross the Yellow River ice Sechuan, will be posted on the Taihang mountain snow. (Don? Bai? Difficulties in traveling) -

340, Japan oblique Shenxiang deserted, when you see the pear pieces to open. (Don? Dai Shu-lun? Off Willow Creek Road House) -

342, a decade sword, frost edge has not been tested. (Don? Jia Dao? Swordsman) -

310, row Yi-clear sky on a cloud, he quoted poetry to the Bi Xiao. (Don? Liu Yuxi? Autumn term) -

330, forever and sometimes do, sorrow was everlasting. (Don? Bai? Everlasting Regret) -

233, Gufanyuanying blue sky to do, only see the sky the Yangtze River flow. (Don? Bai? Sent to Meng Hao-ran Guangling) -

333, life make life difficult for water Gorges cloud. (Don? Yuan Zhen? From thinking) -

319, the article together for the book from time to time, the lyrics together for the things which make. (Don? Bai? And per nine books) -

348, Kunshan Stick Phoenix called, weeping hibiscus exposed Pandan laugh. (Don? Li? Lee with harp lead) -

334, Kai Yun Shen Court early on, an atmosphere of Wind. (Don? Xu Hun? Xianyang City West Late Vision) -

259, good rain knows the season, when spring is here. (Don? Du? Spring Night Rain in) -

300, winding Department, the Buddhist temple flowers deep. (Don? Often built? Title after breaking the Temple Temple) -

255, shooting people get shot horses, we must remember. (Don? Du? Before Wong Zao) -

308, diligence neglected in play, with lines into the Si and destroyed. (Don? Han Yu? Into learning solutions) -

346, why not with a man named Wu hook, receive Guanshan 50. (Don? Li? Southern) -

361, Till death do us part, wax torch ashes tears dry. (Don? Yin? No Title) -

261, flu flower splash tears, hate birds startling. (Don? Du? Spring Hope) -

232, relative to the sides of Castle Peak, Gu Fan one day side to. (Don? Bai? Look Tianmenshan) -

353, 24 bridge moon night, partner in where they teach flute. (Don? Mu? Send Yangzhou Han judge) -

241, three and a half off Castle Hill, the one in the water sub-Egret Island. (Don? Bai? Teng Jinling Phoenix TV) -

251, thanks to welcome Executive broken heart desire, lashing Li Shu is sad. (Don? High fitness? Fengqiu County) -

246, wide cross tide, the wind is Yifan hanging. (Don? King Cove? Times Beigu under) -

377, cut, and chaotic, is sadness, not a good feeling in their hearts. (Five? Li Yu? Wu Yeti) -

311, Former Yan Wang Xietang old, flying into the homes of ordinary people. (Don? Liu Yuxi? Wu Yixiang) -

298, asked the name shown signs of shock, said the name of Recalling Past content. (Don? Ik? Glad to see younger brother has made another addition) -

350, I have not Ecstasy move, soon the world the white cock. (Don? Li? Caused by alcohol line) -

260, sneaked into the night wind, moisten things silently. (Don? Du? Spring Night Rain in) -

354, Red Feizixiao a ride, no one knows to litchi. (Don? Mu? Over Chinese Qing quatrains) -

326, do not worry Anhen students are quiet, when silence speaks. (Don? Bai? Pipa) -

222, a toast to invite the moon, the film into three. (Don? Bai? Next month Duzhuo) -

379, to do anything about, familiar to swallow to return. (Song? Yan Shu? Huanxi Sha) -

360, Dongfeng will not and Shuro, Dongjak-locked two spring Joe. (Don? Mu? Red Cliff) -

365, Zhuang Shengxiao fans dream of butterflies, Wang Tai lust care azalea. (Don? Yin? Zither) -

285, an unusual line of wine at a debt, life rarely live to seventy. (Don? Du? Qujiang) -

276, Xiling Snow Chiaki with windows, doors Wu Wanli ship mooring. (Don? Fu? Quatrains) -

258, Xiang Wu Yunhuan wet, Seiki Yubi cold. (Don? Du? Moonlight) -

257, study break rolls, getting God. (Don? Du? Feng Yun gift Wei Zuo Cheng twenty-two) -

318, the wild fire in the spring revival. (Don? Bai? Fu was the original ancient grass off) -

316, Hill is not high, but the immortal name; water not be deep. (Don? Liu Yuxi? Lou Shi Ming) -

299, who is the inch of grass, reported in the apartments. (Don? Meng Jiao? Song of a Wanderer) -

293, Torrents of Spring rain late to acute, Nowata no boat from the cross. (Don? Yingwu? Chuzhou West Stream) -

231, I'm Born with, daughter cleared also come. (Don? Bai? Cursive) -

304, 蚍蜉撼大树 ridiculously overrate themselves. (Don? Han Yu? Tune Zhang Ji) -

278, Dead Before the Ship Even Sank, long the hero tears s garments. (Don? Du? Shuxiang) -

347, but not every year Liao sea, the article where the cry autumn. (Don? Li? Southern) -

325, Cao Cao sadly mixed shells, pearls falling into a jade plate. (Don? Bai? Pipa) -

384, ulterior motives, between care landscape. (Song? Yan Shu? Tippler Ting Ji) -

217, meaning wandering clouds, sunset so human. (Don? Bai? Song Youren) -

223, the two sides could not cry ape sound, boat these ten thousand mountains. (Don? Bai? Early onset Baidicheng) -

370, sunset is magnificent, but near dusk. (Don? Yin? Le Youyuan) -

378, withered Bishu west wind last night, the tower alone, Wang Jin Wandering Road. (Five? Yan Shu? Butterflies) -

306, day Street light rain run as crisp, very thick grass near but no. (Don? Han Yu? Spring rain) -

220, Hirano do with the mountain, river flow into the Wild. (Don? Bai? Crossing Jingmen farewell) -

195, Sijun as the full moon, every night by Seiki. (Don? Ling? Fu obtained from the king of the men) -

229, sky and laughed out the door, my generation of people How can it be basil. (Don? Bai? Nanling other children to Beijing) -

288, no pen and paper meet immediately, with Chun pass phrase cheap rate. (Don? Frontier? To Beijing every so) -

277, piece should only be the sky, earth that was heard several times. (Don? Du? Gifts flowers of State) -

385, worse than orange snow sticks pressure, cold shock shoots Ray For budding. (Song? Xiu? Jane movie A element) -

368, Li Kam former country and family, as the thrift failure by the extravagance. (Don? Yin) -

383, first and worry about the world, after the world to enjoy. (Song? Fan Chung-yen? Yueyang Tower) -

205, moon pine photos, rock springs high. (Don? Wang? Mountain Autumn Dusk) -

227, Yanshan snowflakes as big as I, patches of blown Regulus units. (Don? Bai? Northerly line) -

214, I raise my eyes to the moon, bow their heads and think of home. (Don? Bai? Nostalgia) -

363, when you meet difficult Bie Yinan, wind flowers residual weakness. (Don? Yin? No Title) -

284, deep see Vanessa wearing a flower, a little water dragonflies flying sections. (Don? Du? Qujiang) -

275, Ercao body and were all off, not flowing river. (Don? Du? Play for six quatrains) -

210, Moonrise shock blackbird, when the Ming in the spring stream. (Don? Wang? Birds Stream) -

271, the new song we'd high-thousand feet, evil should be cut Wan bamboo pole. (Don? Du) -

374, sentimental court only on the spring, is still photos of people falling off. (Don? Zhang bleeding? Bailee) -

290, Zhichun tonight partial gas heating, new Chongsheng through green screens. (Don? Liu Fangping? Moonlight) -

332, Chun Sang Zhe oblique shadow community scattered, and everyone supporting the return was intoxicating. (Don? Wangjia? Sheri) -

265, also poetry invincible white, floating in the air without thinking group. (Don? Du? Spring Yi Li Bai) -

244, Do not you see the Yellow River water to the sky, pour into the sea never to return. (Don? Bai? Cursive) -

219, spring known not bitter, not sent willow green. (Don? Bai? Lao Lao Pavilion) -

228, all pregnant Yixing strong thinking fly, want to embrace the moon on the sky. (Don? Bai? Xuanzhou Xie farewell tert-school book goes) -

208, dry grass eagle eye, light snow to make horseshoe. (Don? Wang? View of hunting) -

375, wide sea diving, the days of His Career. (Don? Monk? Cloud view) -

327, with the world people meet, why have met. (Don? Bai? Pipa) -

209, straight Smoke in the desert, river down the yen. (Don? Wang? So to Frontier) -

331, try to burn three days full of jade, wood is subject to the seven-year identified. (Don? Bai? Promise) -

323, the long-awaited, still holds partly concealed. (Don? Bai? Pipa) -

211, Advise you to enter a glass of wine, west of Yang Guan reason people. (Don? Wang? To send $ 1.2 to Anxi) -

239, I Jichou heart and moon, the wind until Yelang West. (Don? Bai? Wen Wang Changling Zuoqian Longbiao, send away with this) -

281, always wandering butterfly dance drama, Jiao Ying just sings itself. (Don? Du? River, the only solution to find flowers) -

243, cloud-like clothes to spend like tolerance, spring whisk threshold Revlon. (Don? Bai? Qingping tune) -

200, Kuang-day low wild tree, Jiang Qing-yue neighbor. (Don? Meng? Places Jiande Jiang) -

329, would like to make pair of lovebirds in the day, willing with branches on the ground. (Don? Bai? Everlasting Regret) -

280, it is a good view south, falling season stimulated jun. (Don? Du? Southern Every Lee Ku-year) -

335, crystal curtain moving breeze, the full frame of a hospital fragrant roses. (Don? High literary style? Shanting Summer) -

355, by asking where there are restaurants, cowboy Yao Zhi Heng Fa Chuen. (Don? Mu? Ching Ming) -

337, Zuiwo battlefield Jun Mo laugh, few people back to ancient expedition! (Don? Han? Liangzhou words) -

338, black hair and do not know Diligence early, the first white square regret later reading. (Don? Yen Chen) -

307, where the cloud cross-Qinling family, pro-blue snow off before the horse is not. (Don? Han Yu? Left off show moved to the Blue Sun Xiang) -

273, Xiao Xiao Lamu boundless, endless rolling to the Yangtze River. (Don? Fu? Climb) -

289, suddenly, such as spring night, Arcadia 10000 Pear Tree open. (Don? Frontier? Snow song sent military judge here) -

272, Autumn often a stranger thousands of miles, a hundred years on stage alone and sick. (Don? Fu? Climb) -

213, Sichuan Road difficult, extremely difficult. (Don? Bai? Quiet Night) -

294, too proud horseshoe illness, Chang spent every day look. (Don? Meng Jiao? Davydenko after) -

321, squandering For beautiful eyes, Asakusa can not horseshoe. (Don? Bai? Qiantang Lake spring line) -

339, mined flowers into honey, the purpose of doing sweet. (Don? Luo Yin? Bee) -

349, Sky Goddess Lianshi Department, a ground-breaking funny autumn. (Don? Li? Lee with harp lead) -

351, thousands of miles Yingti green shiny red, water, wind Murayama Jiu Qi Guo. (Don? Mu? Jason Jiang quatrains) -

309, the world has horses, and Maxima. Maxima often, but horses do not often. (Don? Han Yu? Ma said) -

283, between river waves and days Chung, stuffed with ground overcast clouds. (Don? Du? Autumn) -

305, teachers are, so the preacher by the industry are also doubts. (Don? Han Yu? Teacher said) -

238, holding the soil can still plug the Yellow River, the north wind and rain wreak difficult to cut. (Don? Bai? Northerly line) -

268, article eternal things, gains and losses Cunxin know. (Don? Du? Even questions) -

199, 春眠不觉晓, heard all over. (Don? Meng? Spring) -

247, Qingchuan distinctly Hanyang tree, fragrant grass Parrot Island. (Don? Cui Hao? Yellow Crane Tower) -

216, here one is not, alone Peng Wan Zheng. (Don? Bai? Song Youren) -

336, year spent similar, each year is different. (Don? Liu Xi Yi) -

215, Natural beauty carving. (Don? Bai? Poetry) -

328, smile hundred pro-life, Palaces Prostitute no color. (Don? Bai? Everlasting Regret) -

367, Chun Mo spent a total war hair, an inch of Acacia inch of ash. (Don? Yin) -

286, day sing to be drunken, youthful companion well and return home. (Don? Du? Hear the government troops close Henan, Hebei) -

248, Seimei no rain even though the color, into the depths of the cloud also Zhanyi. (Don? Zhang Xu? Mountain detain a guest) -

381, slanting crosswise water clean and shallow, subtle fragrance floating on the evening. (Song? Lin Bu? Hill Park Mei) -

343, two years was a double-Yin tears. (Don? Jia Dao? Poem after) -

287, flower diameter never edge off the sweep, before King and this Peng opened the door. (Don? Du? Off to) -

369, Blossom Hill Road, Dan Miles, old and young in the Qing Feng Feng sound. (Don? Yin) -

230, Choudao the flow of water, toast Xiaochou worry even more unhappy. (Don? Bai? Xuanzhou Xie farewell tert-school book goes) -

250, half dead soldiers before military health, beauty account will still dance. (Don? High fitness? Yan Ge Xing) -

226, Dapeng with the wind, moved nine miles. (Don? Bai? On Li Yong) -

221, not the autumn wind, Yu Guan always love. (Don? Bai? Midnight Wu Song) -

203, Luoyang, ask friends and relatives, such as phase, a Bing Yu Hu. (Don? Wang Changling? Hibiscus House sent Xin gradually) -

198, tree-edge of the village together, Aoyama Guo oblique. (Don? Meng? Over the enemy village) -

324, a large string Cao Cao as pelting rain, honestly, such as a small string murmur. (Don? Bai? Pipa) -

270, stars with the wide plains, large Jiang Liu Chung month. (Don? Du? Tour night book pregnant) -

235, Hing intoxicated put pen to paper shake the saying, poem into a windy Ling sea. (Don? Bai? Jiang Yin) -

364, both young women Sue cold tolerance, frost in mid-fight moon. (Don? Yin? Frost on) -

269, agile one thousand poems, Falling glass of wine. (Don? Du? Not seen) -

312, thousands of junks sunk boat sails into the trees ahead of the spring trees. (Don? Liu Yuxi? The beginning of every pay Lotte Yangzhou) -

252, spring known side warm tonight, a new Chongsheng through green screens. (Don? Liu Fangping? Night Moon) -

292, Spring City fly everywhere, Cold Food Dongfeng Yu Liu oblique. (Don? Korea? Cold Food) -

322, Sunrise Flaming Red, Spring River, such as blue-green. (Don? Bai? Yi Jiangnan) -

372, broken birds warm wind, heavy shadows on high. (Don? Du Xun? Erotic resentment) -

254, while the rich meat smell the road with frozen bones. (Don? Du? From Beijing went to Fengxian County Yonghuai Baizi) -

295, if the flowers to be bright Shanglin, look out all the flower. (Don? Yang Juyuan? East early spring) -

201, sand battle to wear shining armor, not broken Loulan not have. (Don? Wang Changling? Army line) -

382, ​​sand and birds Ikegami dark, cloud-breaking months spent Nongying. (Song? Zhang Xian? Henbane) -

345, the desert sand like snow, like hook Yanshan month. (Don? Li? Horse poem) -

249, the road is no friend Mo, who Bushi Jun world. (Don? High fitness? Do Dong Da) -

373, An Yin a word, twist off a few stems to be. (Don? Lu Yan for? So assiduously) -

194, sea the moon, 天涯共此时. (Don? Ling? Moon Huaiyuan) -

380, pear courtyard Rongrong months, catkins pond light wind. (Song? Yan Shu? Meaning) -

264, would be extremely Ling, list of small hills. (Don? Du? Wang Yue) -

358, ten years to sleep Yangzhou dream, won the brothel heartless name. (Don? Mu? Removal pregnant) -

359, Yan Long cold moon in the water cage sand, near Bells Qinhuai restaurant. (Don? Mu? Park Qinhuai) -

302, do not plug does not flow, more than not. (Don? Han Yu? Original Road) -

206, owned by Low-noise female bamboo, lotus move lower fishing boat. (Don? Wang? Mountain Autumn Dusk) -

267, pen off the surprise storm, poem into ZZZZZZZZZ. (Don? Du? Send the twelve white twenty) -

341, birds residential pool tree, monk knocked on the door. (Don? Jia Dao? Problem Li Ning seclusion) -

313, east sunrise rain, said there is no clear sunny. (Don? Liu Yuxi? Bamboo) -

362, the body no phoenix Flying wing minds think alike. (Don? Yin? No Title) -

352, Southern 480 Temple, the number of towers in the misty rain. (Don? Mu? Jason Jiang quatrains) -

297, tonight on Ming Wang to do, I do not know which family feeling of anxiety. (Don? Wang? Fifteen Night Moon) -

207, to the water poverty line at, sitting watching clouds from time to time. (Don? Wang? Zhongnan other industries) -

245, An Nengcui eyebrow bow powerful thing, so I am not happy color. (Don? Bai? Yin Tian Mu sleepwalking do to stay) -

234, great ambition there, sail sea. (Don? Bai? Difficulties in traveling) -

344, who knows dishes on the menu, 粒粒皆辛苦. (Don? Li Shen? Benjamin agriculture) -

303, Almost all the material level is not the Ming. (Don? Han Yu? Send Meng Higashino order) -

366, where when a total of Ku, but then when the Evening Rain. (Don? Yin? Yeyujibei) -

282, do not cut pseudo-body pro-elegance, turn Ru Yi is a multi-division division. (Don? Du? Play for six quatrains) -

242, the Nocturne in the news Willow, who can not afford to occupy the original situation. (Don? Bai? Spring evening in Los Angeles heard flute) -

279, homesick step up on the Qing Xiao, Yi-brother to see the cloud day sleep. (Don? Du? Hate the other) -

212, alone in a foreign land as a stranger, every festival pro. (Don? Wang? September 9 Yi, Shandong Brother) -

go to bed, you `women at a disadvantage?
people's minds, there is always this idea: a woman on the bed, the men will be an advantage, a woman at a disadvantage. Even two people break up, people are always sympathetic to women, that this woman is a disadvantage, and paid a lot of their own love, precious youth are dedicated to that heartless man. Men always unconsciously play such a role, as villain, villain, traitor, heartless, damn, suffer a thousand knives of children ... ... and so on.

children inside the last feature film, there is always a good man, a villain, always grab the princess to the devil, the devil never seen a woman robbed of what the prince to go, stories of people thought so specified: If the Devil had to grab the Prince, that the prince does not account for a great deal of it? Fails, it does not make the audience's tears, and so must be Ao Jietuo robbed the Princess, His Royal Highness the Prince had to make 齐科菲尔德 save.

the evil of the old society, women did not choose the right partner, children generally matchmaker Yue Qin, are also to bring photos or portraits of each girl, so pick a man to be married, this one-way the choice of natural advantages in the man, only in a passive position of women, are being selected object, regardless of their own is a blind man is deaf or is lame is the lack of acting Abduction hundred and fifty, only in time to see the wedding , saw not satisfied, so the only, and all thanks to the world how you want that? Is to marry a wooden child, you have to sleep with him forever, then, this is the woman's life, you do not want to recognize, not a.
now to a new society, free love, men and women are equal, and now feminism intensified, much should the past several thousand years of oppression by the years are still in the back of the trend. Today, women find the object criteria: children car Ocean room, had long as Fei. This man fell into a selection of people, which we do not complain, good for a few years the results of an unguarded moment parted, but also reach out to 青春损失费 children, co-author on the light in this world there are young women, a man that youth had not called, is not it?

get a long time after all, raised the status of women, equality, and also accounted for half of the sky, which benefits the country and all mankind is a good thing, but do not want to throw it on the dead remains of the old society feudal ideology, the old feel that they suffer, a man advantage, then you talk about is called not called to take advantage of not uncomfortable enough to suffer? A tango, you are not happy when no one forced you to be happy Nada guns, so do not flattered his mouth and shouted after children at a disadvantage, and romance, love, bed, which three things as long as the child is not forced in, who did not take advantage of no who suffer, sweet talk is priceless, love is priceless, the body, even more priceless!

husband 80 which , beginning from the text and less compulsory education free of charge , incompetent institutions of higher learning of the assignment coincided with enrollment , a five- off , killing six ,硕博have , read it slowly for several years , round is into , liabilities of thousands. Seek their livelihood , their homes, south to Shenzhen , daytime and candlelight until dawn , ten round , build thousands. Property market boom , no dwelling place, home buyers down payment of inadequate , then cast the stock market , reduced to million the following year , with depression as illness , hospital week, join together to disease -free fruit, because of arrears is by courtyard. Find health insurance , are not serious illness of rules , refuse to pay , but unfortunately also sick . Friends of the pity of , donated a bag of Sanlu milk powder , eggs, a few pieces . The next day, soldier .

A very good introductory information, Hu sorted out, reproduced for everyone to share.
Whether you are novice, we strongly recommend carefully read through. . .

Canon official information from the author: Takahashi Ryosuke

Author: worked in advertising photography studios, publishing houses, is a freelance photographer. The magazine as the center, active in the advertising, stage, food and other broad areas of photography. From the perspective of the general enthusiast article written widely welcomed. Published more than on cameras and photography books.

since the birth of digital SLR cameras, the entire photography industry has undergone tremendous changes. We can use digital SLR film camera can not do a lot of jobs that this is an undeniable fact. Shooting itself thus becomes easier. Many digital SLR camera inherits the basic structure of film SLR camera, the operation also has a lot in common. Are used for the Canon EOS series SLR film camera users, the master operating Canon digital SLR camera does not take too long. For those who have been able to grasp a small digital camera for people who just have to learn digital SLR cameras and knowledge of the unique mode of operation, so they want freedom to shoot the photos is also not difficult. We can say that anyone can easily learn to use digital SLR cameras. As can immediately confirm the shooting finished, the user's photographic technology will progress rapidly, even in a short time into the intermediate level. Moreover, the characteristics of digital SLR cameras is the ability to replace the biggest lens, which makes the broader world of photography. The EOS DIGITAL series cameras can use lenses and other accessories are very rich, so learning to use the series SLR photography is no better choice. People with a variety of handy body and the lens will be more than 60 models for the user's photographic career, provide strong support. If the book is placed in hand, watching science, I believe in a very short time we can not lose to a professional photographer shooting pictures.


the first page:
01 digital SLR camera charm
02 remember the name of each part
03 preparations before shooting the first to
04 Try to shoot
05 digital SLR camera lens structure principle
06 structural principle
07 holding the camera way
08 machines to understand the basics of composition
09 take good portraits - portrait mode

second page:
10 to make even more distinctive landscape - landscape mode
11 zoom in on small objects - Macro mode
12 shooting fast moving objects - sports mode 13 shooting night scenes and characters simultaneously - Night portrait mode
14 do not use flash photography - flash off mode
topics learn to take the opportunity to shoot a variety of subject
15 the structure of digital SLR cameras principle
16 AE Av, Tv, P mode
17 understand Aperture
19 shutter speed control focus and auto focus to understand

third page: 20 What is the ISO sensitivity
21 about white balance
22 flexible use of exposure compensation
23 bracketing the use of
24 understand the difference between the metering mode image sensor cleaning
25 26 to use flash photography
27 Picture Style
28 on the light of knowledge

in composition to build on the fourth page:
feature flexible use of real-time display function
digital SLR cameras Digital SLR Camera's unique charm lies in its overwhelming the system scalability and perfect quality. Here we adopt a digital SLR camera and small digital cameras are compared to understand the characteristics of digital SLR cameras.

photo a drastic expression

■ digital SLR camera

■ compact digital camera image sensor

The size of the device is completely different

■ 35mm film

■ full-frame image sensor

■ APS-C size image sensor

■ compact digital camera's image sensor

image sensor area
effect on the impact of virtual digital SLR
cameras and compact digital cameras compared to not only look different, more important is the basic structure of its interior there are fundamental differences. The main difference is for receiving light, the image of the image sensor size difference. 1/2.5 inch-type typically used with image sensors compared to compact digital cameras, digital SLR cameras generally use the APS-C size image sensor has approximately 13 times the area. Therefore, also in the electronic performance has many advantages. Icon photo imaging visual effects The main difference lies in the different background blur effects, and can be replaced lens digital SLR camera at this point compared with the small digital cameras, also has a very distinct advantage. Image sensor size differences blur caused by lens focal length and has a very large relationship. The smaller image sensor size, lens focal length is shorter (preferably wide), which makes it difficult to obtain a satisfactory background blur effects. When shooting using digital SLR cameras, it will feel different with the usual photo, image sensor size which is different from a direct link.

lens can be replaced to a large number of lens digital SLR camera

bring endless possibilities of digital
originated in the film SLR cameras SLR cameras, so by replacing the lens also has to meet a variety of shooting needs. The small digital camera lens and body as a whole, simply can not replace the lens. Regardless of how high magnification zoom lens, always has its limits, especially its wide-angle capability is weak. Digital SLR cameras can use lenses from ultra wide-angle to super telephoto lens a variety of lenses, the number of genuine Canon lens on more than 60. Number of lens aperture according to their brightness and features have been detailed in different categories. Able to take advantage of these lenses, digital SLR camera is the real charm. When you want to slightly enlarge some of the subject or would like to shoot the whole scene, just replace the lens can easily get the desired effect, it can be said that the biggest advantage of digital SLR camera one.

■ digital SLR camera

■ compact digital camera

left are using digital SLR cameras and compact digital cameras from the same location obtained the same subject for the photo shoot. And the structure is not good at wide-angle compact digital camera, compared to the use of ultra wide-angle lens digital SLR camera to a broader range.

will not miss the opportunity

quick shutter response to capture instantaneous dynamic
compared with small digital cameras, digital SLR camera is an advantage throughout the action short delay the process. Compact digital camera is usually observed through the back of the LCD monitor after shooting, in the strict sense, the picture is not taken to the moment you press the shutter button the screen, but slightly behind the picture, this is because the LCD monitor observed on the screen is converted into electronic signals generated, it will have lag. The digital SLR camera is the optical viewfinder to see the actual image, so the electronics will not have the time difference, the current observed image with the actual subject of the action there is no difference. And regardless of the shutter and other mechanical structure or function of the speed of autofocus, digital SLR cameras have an absolute advantage of the speed with instant shutter will not miss the opportunity of high performance. Even a small digital camera is difficult to shoot a scene or character of the movement of the moment expression, digital SLR cameras can easily capture. At the same time, because better performance image processing, digital SLR cameras shooting interval is shorter, to a certain period of time more pictures, so be subject to continuous high-speed movement to improve the best photos probability. As noted above, digital SLR cameras in various functions and performance of digital cameras with small differences, the design features to ensure not miss the opportunity to capture the moment.

■ digital SLR camera

■ compact digital camera compact digital cameras

by observing the back of the LCD monitor for shooting, the picture can not be with synchronize the movement of the subject, the composition can not achieve the desired effect. In the digital SLR camera using the optical viewfinder and even the image above to timely observe the facial expression recognition. Bear in mind the camera at the beginning of each part of the name
use digital SLR camera to shoot, let us first understand the various parts of the name of the camera. Correctly grasp the camera name and function of each part, the first step is to improve the level of photography.
Preparation before shooting the camera in control after the name of each part, can finally begin preparation for the actual shot. Check that the camera should be in all parts of capabilities at the same time, to adjust the various parts to ensure the comfort of use.

check camera package kit

check the package contents are complete,
keep a good product warranty card
Although purchased camera Everyone would like to start immediately after use, but the content must first be carefully packaged to confirm and finishing. Connecting the camera cables and external equipment, a variety of camera and lens warranty cards and other particularly vulnerable to loss, it is best to check back into the box after a good memory. CD-ROM software after installation and warranty card should be kept together. Camera (lens) of a warranty card only, should be noted that a good close up.

for the battery charger into the battery

optimistic about the correct direction within the battery into the charger. Confirm the insert in place to ensure good contact contact.

the plug in the socket to replace the battery charger connected to the power cord, plug the power cord into the power outlet.


charging the battery charging time varies types of other details, please refer to the appropriate instructions. Green indicator lights that charge completed.

the battery into the camera turn on the camera battery compartment cover, insert a fully charged battery. Should make the contacts facing into the camera inside is inserted after the confirmation in the right direction.

tips must know tips
If the battery is not the battery, let alone digital SLR camera to shoot, and not even move about impossible. Therefore, the digital SLR camera, the battery is one of the most important accessories. While using the battery does not require any special technology, it is recommended or should frequently clean the battery contacts with a cloth case or whether there is damage to the battery checked. In addition, battery performance will vary with temperature, when the temperature is too low can not play its due performance. In the winter, or when shooting low-temperature region, if carrying a spare battery should be taken to avoid direct contact with the external temperature of its environment. Even though some cells with specific cell shape similar to, but it is also prohibited. Non-specific cells in the most severe cases may result in damage to the camera body, buy a spare battery be sure to select the correct model of the original product purchased.

installed remove the lens cap lens

remove the body cap and lens cover, ready to install the lens. Installation process should be taken to avoid dust from entering inside the camera.

aligned lens mount lens embedded

white flag with a white flag body alignment, slow and steady to the lens mounted on the fuselage. Installation should be taken to avoid tilting the lens.

rotating the lens locking

lens into the body after rotating the lens clockwise to lock. Rotate the lens until you hear the voice of a fixed pin in place.

tips replacement lens attention point
outdoor changing lenses, so that the body should be able to replace the lens down

is one of the characteristics of digital SLR cameras, but because of the replacement lens, the machine will be exposed inside the body, so it is impossible to avoid when outside the entry of dust. Even if the camera with the dust removal feature, it should be the body lens mount facing down, the rapid replacement of the lens to complete the operation.

EF lenses and EF-S lenses marked difference between the installation

EF lenses and EF-S lenses slightly different structure, in order to avoid mistakenly installed in the EF-S lenses do not match the camera body, set up a dedicated white flag. EF-S lens should be aligned with machine side of the trunk of a white flag securely. Also note, EF-S lenses can not be used in addition to other than APS-C size Canon EOS series digital cameras. The EF lens can be used for all Canon EOS series digital cameras.

installation EF lenses

align the red marks card into

an EF-S lenses aligned

white logo card into the camera

initial set

powered battery and lens installed, you can turn the camera power supply. Power switch position and shape of the models vary, should be carefully confirmed.

set start date and time the camera should first set the current date and time. Correctly enter the current date, time, which makes the photo after finishing work become very easy.

Press the MENU button to display the menu

completion date and time settings, press MENU button to display the menu. All set operations are carried out through the screen.

the language set the language settings to Chinese. Purchased the camera when the default language set to English, it should be After all the show selected will be changed to Simplified Chinese text are displayed.

insert a memory card format

turn off the power before inserting the memory card, you should first turn off the camera. Note the location and shape of the power switch varies by camera model.

the memory card into memory card slot (Note direction)

apply the camera memory card inserted in the correct direction. Of the memory card affixed with the label side facing you into the camera.

off the memory card slot cover, turn the power

the memory card is fully inserted into memory card slot, close the cover. Taken to ensure that the cover is securely closed.

Press the MENU button to display the menu

open the power switch to turn the camera, press the MENU button to display the menu. In the initial screen using the four-way controller feature set selected items.

from the menu, select Down selection box when using the four-way controller.

Select In the formatting process, must not remove the memory card.

formatting is complete when the progress bar disappears, the menu screen, the formatting is complete. The time required for formatting the memory card capacity and because of the different types and slightly different.

tips are very delicate
memory card camera used to record images of the memory card , no matter how small its volume, in fact, are very sophisticated electronic products. Because small, need more attention, in his trouser pockets to avoid forgetting the tragedy directly thrown into the washing machine. Also note that the memory card and camera circuit connection between the use of the indicator lights during data processing, no matter what the situation there, do not open the memory card slot cover or remove the memory card. This may not only lose the stored image data, and may even lead to memory card is damaged, so be very careful when using a memory card.

preparation before shooting 4
in mastering the various parts of the camera after the name, can finally begin preparation for the actual shot. Check that the camera should be in all parts of capabilities at the same time, to adjust the various parts to ensure the comfort of use.

adjust the viewfinder diopter


camera viewfinder diopter adjustment is not the time of purchase, the situation may be due to differences in the user's vision which led to the viewfinder shows blurred. Should be adjusted according to their vision.

use the knob to adjust

observe the viewfinder, rotate the knob to find the clearest position.

can see the bottom of the viewfinder can show whether the information is clearly visible as a standard to be adjusted. When the eye fatigue, visual acuity may change, so should remember to adjust the method of operation, at any time to adjust.

installation strap through the strap and the strap loop body

the front of the strap from the strap ring on the outside penetration and out, and then through to four fixed fixed ring.

relax some strap lock, strap from the top of the penetration

the strap lock strap is slightly relaxed, leaving some room for the strap end top strap lock from the inside penetration.

inside the strap lock out a little retrace

the strap through the strap lock part, piercing the back strap lock back off the lower side.

taut strap

complete length of the adjustment, tighten the strap, with four fixed fixed triple strap ring. End of the operation.

ready it!

so that all preparatory work is done shooting. Improve the level of photography and there is no shortcut, just as complete as the preparatory work to fully understand the function and configuration of the camera, a solid grasp of the correct use is important. In the next lesson, we will actually use the camera functions at the same time, a variety of basic photography skills to illustrate. First, let's try to shoot 1
Once you master the basics, you will find a digital SLR camera is not so difficult as imagined. As long as the correct focus and press the shutter button, a new world will be displayed in front of you.

try to shoot automatic mode

the shooting mode is set to fully automatic mode. The so-called automatic mode, means that all functions are automatically set by the camera very easy to use shooting modes.

the lens focus mode is set to This auto focus can play a role. Remove the lens cap

Remove the front lens cover, to complete filming preparation. Lens cap is spring-loaded, press both ends of the locking part can remove the lens cap.

the camera at the subject

observed with the right eye viewfinder, aligned want to shoot the object. Look in the viewfinder, should not be far away from the viewfinder, the viewfinder should be observed closely aligns the eyes.

half-press the shutter button to focus

basic object when you want to shoot into the viewfinder, the gently press the shutter button to start the automatic focusing function to focus.

focus is on the subject

can see the hope in the subject while shooting, the camera issue,

Press the shutter button to shoot!

state of the shutter to adjust the composition, and then press the shutter button. Point shooting is complete!

after the completion of shooting, the LCD monitor displays the image just captured. Preview image in the display disappears after a period of time, when image data has been recorded to the memory card.

Tips dark scenes, the flash will automatically flash

When the subject is dark, and built-in flash will automatically pop up flash. Even in outdoor conditions, if the brightness is insufficient or is backlit, sometimes automatic flash, which is a normal phenomenon.

first to try to shoot 2
Once you master the basics, you will find a digital SLR camera is not so difficult as imagined. As long as the correct focus and press the shutter button, a new world will be displayed in front of you.

viewing photos taken

press the playback button to play back after shooting

can press the playback button to watch the film image. Playback image will first display the most recent photos.

use four-way controller, shown before and after photos

If you want to confirm before an image, use the four-way controller left and right keys switch. Choose an image to the left before, right after the image selection.

to enlarge and move the display position

want to zoom in to display the captured image, zoom in by pressing the button marked magnifying glass to zoom. Zoom position or multi-function control through the four-way controller button (varies by model) to move.

delete photos

when you want to delete photos, you can display the photo in the state press the delete button, then use the Arrows and other options Press the SET button to confirm the deletion.

tips can also use the speed control such as a turntable or the main dial to operate or move the image around
selected zoom position of the operating methods vary by model. In the back of the fuselage with the Quick Control Dial models can use the dial to switch back to the images. Another model with multi-function control button you can use mobile multi-function control button zoom position, but it also has the characteristics of the action can be oblique. Second, we can use the shutter button is located above the main dial to switch the image can also be set to 10 units, etc. to jump. Please carefully read the instructions of the models, master the methods of operation.
■ with the Main Dial to switch images

■ image with the Quick Control Dial switch

tips everyone can use a common appreciation of the TV for playback when

order to appreciate the photographs, not only through the camera LCD monitor for the back, you can also use the home TV. The use of television, then we can all enjoy and share photos with family and friends to share the joy. Connect the TV and the camera, using the included video cable to plug into the TV or other video device input terminals, connect the camera. When using the TV to enjoy photos, and using the camera on the back of the LCD monitor during playback, same as some of the photos can be enlarged or screen scrolling.

The structure of digital SLR cameras and photography principles

Principle photography

Data logging data logging process
principle is: the image sensor → → image processor memory card. Image processor, up to the stage for the completion of imaging, data storage memory card just to play the role.

image sensor converts the light signal to generate a fundamental part of the required image data. But at this stage has not been completed imaging.

image processor

image sensor according to the data transmitted to generate digital images. In this section a variety of image processing.

bear the memory card to save image data generated by the task processor. In this part of the image is not associated with the operation.

What is the recording quality?
so-called quality, is the image data generated by the image processor, the size and quality.

transmitted to the image sensor data, processed in accordance with the specified form, get in line with the demand for quality.
image processor for image data obtained by the sensor without processing, and storage records directly to save the form. After the computer needs to adjust the picture quality.

compress the image data size to save for a certain record in the form of storage. Processed by the image processor, do not use the computer for processing.

Example: EOS 450D recording quality (12.2 million effective pixels)
recording quality mode records the number of pixels Use
JPEG Large / Fine 4272 × 2848 pixels A3 + print
JPEG Large / Normal ; 4272 × 2848 pixels A3 + print
JPEG Large / Fine 3088 × 2056 pixels ; A4 print
JPEG Large / Normal 3088 × 2056 pixels of A4
JPEG Large / Fine ; 2256 × 1504 pixels L size print
JPEG Large / Normal 2256 × 1504 pixels L-size print
RAW 4272 × 2848 pixel post-processing
RAW + JPEG Large / Fine 4272 × 2848 pixel post-processing
※ (image quality recording modes and record the types of pixels varies by model) 1
lens structure principle role of the lens for digital SLR cameras, film cameras for its very important. It not only bears the image forming light work of collecting, but also bear the focus and so on.

Lens with image stabilization lens anti-shake function is generated according to hand-shake compensation exercise by moving part of the optical lens, thereby eliminating the jitter arising from the screen shot. The agency can prevent hand-shake to get the high image sharpness, and because the optical system of real-time mobile, it also has to increase the stability of the viewfinder and auto focus performance imaging advantage.

built-in image stabilization lens body is marked with Image Stabilizer (Image Stabilization) abbreviation IS. The lens of

What is EF-S lenses
EF-S lens is designed for use APS-C size image sensors of digital cameras designed special lenses. Image circle (the size of the lens image) is smaller than the normal lens, the lens has to reduce the size of the advantage. EF-S in the

EF-S 17-55mm f/2.8 IS USM

EF-S lenses including wide-angle zoom lens EF-S 10-22mm f/3.5-4.5 USM, standard zoom lens EF-S 17-55mm f/2.8 IS USM, EF-S 60mm macro lens ; f/2.8 USM Macro and other merchandise.

Tips lens hood function installed in front of the lens hood with lens block stray light function. Although the lens surface with a coating to prevent reflection, but in the strong backlight conditions, the best to install hood to avoid the chaos reflected light. Recommended installation is often the best.
machine method
holding the camera with the right posture support machine not only allows us to successfully complete the shooting, but will greatly affect the quality of pictures taken. To prevent hand-shake, the camera should be to master the correct method of holding machine.

the basic method of holding machine

lateral support machine

held in the horizontal machine, boosting the bottom of the left lens from the camera to remain stable .
gently tighten the arms to prevent the camera shake.

machine tips the wrong way to hold his arms like wings as

open, upper body in an unstable state. Do not just use the arm to support the camera, you should use the whole body to maintain stability.

vertical support machine

machine in the vertical hold, hold the camera above the handle of the hand can also be located at the bottom. But when the hand holding the handle at the top of the arm is easier when open, so pay special attention.

holding machine tips the wrong way at the top of the arm

open the This support unit is very unstable. It can be said with no difference between using a single handset.

shot from low in the lower center of gravity when shooting left knee should be supported on the ground, with the support arm, right knee, which prevents the emergence of vertical hand shake.

real-time display mode shooting

real-time display mode for shooting, more prone to hand-shake. Should clamp arms, support the camera from below, in order to maintain stability. Understand the basics of composition
If you already know the basic operation of the camera, the next step is determined by observing the viewfinder composition of the photo. Composition in general there are several key elements: the subject's position, the screen anyway, the income range of screen size.

determine the picture composition of the picture a sense of direction and the wide screen when taking pictures
theory and composition to consider when drawing constitute the same screen. Photographer can imagine the camera's viewfinder into the canvas, and how to balance a picture placed on the subject has become critical. Sometimes we just drawing canvas when erected, and sometimes cross over it, like taking pictures when we can choose vertical or horizontal position. Also, the subject placed the photo in which positions are completely dependent on the photographer's own, should be based on the size of the subject to arrange the situation in and around the screen. In addition, the wide screen when the flu is an important element of composition is to shoot into the whole picture or just part of the subject will be enlarged, different options will make the overall atmosphere in the photo is very different. Composition is not a specific value can be used to measure some things, but according to the photographer's own

horizontal photos to show the broad sense

this picture is in accordance with the basic techniques of landscape photography - landscape mapping method taken. Landscape photographs of the natural human field of vision similar to give people in a sense of stability. In this photo, near the ship and the background contrast, produced a pleasant tension.

vertical screen of depth can be demonstrated with a vertical intercept

landscape, the picture often gives a feeling of loss of balance, but sometimes have unique effect, giving the left a deep impression. In addition, the close-range and long-term sense of distance is even more exaggerated demonstrated, the formation of a sense of depth in the picture.

shooting range will change the overall impression photo shooting range

different photo gives the impression that there will be very different, which is called Shooting distance and the type of lens used will make it change dramatically. Case diagram in vertical photographs taken close to the subject a little far with some of the photos taken from the effect on the landscape is completely different.

we use vertical and horizontal compositions were shot in the left part of the red box. Although the location, the model exactly the same, but different because of the angle of view, the impression is completely different.

■ horizontal shooting, the screen wide

vertical shooting close-up portrait portraits making good use of portrait mode
easily take beautiful pictures of people. Not only will the camera automatically select the focus point and picture quality is also set to figure more suited to shooting mode.

camera settings and image processing to make people more beautiful style

; compared with the conventional fully automatic mode, portrait mode, the camera set has two characteristics. A feature is the use of aperture effects blur the background. Portrait mode automatically set the aperture using the lens close to the smallest aperture (aperture blades fully open, the amount of light up through the state). Aperture effect by improving the degree of background blur to highlight the characters, make the character more visible. Another feature is the use of photos on the photo style to adjust color, softer skin texture. In addition, the exposure is relatively bright side, make the skin look more white. Although not a major change in tone, but the characters will be slightly pink skin, so that people become more healthy and more dynamic.

Portrait / EF 70-200mm f/4L IS USM
(F4 / 1 / 400 秒 / ISO ; 100 / White Balance: Auto / Picture Style: Portrait)

Tips During the use of bold portrait photography composition
composition, the most important thing is to figure which arranged within the screen positions. In addition, how to intercept people is a big headache. If the ordinary shooting mode, it is easy to fall into the stereotypes like ID photos. It should be bold in cutting, or carefully find the right camera angle, try to take pictures of people with artistic style.

■ shooting close-up head can be cut off when shooting close-up
, such as the upper cut off the head can be more prominent facial expression. Should also be on the left or right to stay more than a certain white, so you can make the composition more coordinated. To stay more than white there is no fixed way of requirements, but preferably in the lateral side of the people leaving the face more than white, for a more natural effect.

■ Yang low angle shot low angle changes the composition
Yang shoot people, this is a good idea. You can get full artistic effect. If used in conjunction with wide-angle lens will be more effective.
the scenery is even more distinctive landscape mode
using scenery mode, the camera settings to ensure that from near and far for a wide range of features for sharp imaging. It also has the green, red more vivid features. The overall impression is more clear picture, sharp.

aperture effects to reproduce the bright sharp picture overall landscape

scenery set the camera mode, aperture value slightly larger (horizontal aperture blades closed), to allow close-range vision for all in focus. Aperture and focus is the relationship between the scope of the content will be described in detail later, just know that this is the first aperture has the features on it, and portrait mode, you can get the aperture effect is completely the opposite effect. In terms of picture quality, not only improve the sharpness, but also part of the meticulous details of the performance, and enhanced green, red, blue and other color tones, sky and trees to make even more colorful. For these reasons, even in a slight cloud conditions can also shoot more clearly seen than the actual visual pictures. Although the use of relatively large aperture value (less the amount of light), but because of the ISO sensitivity is set to automatic, the camera will automatically adjust sensitivity, it is usually able to appropriate shutter speed. But such scenes in the evening, due to insufficient light, may cause hand shake, you should use a tripod in order to give full play to the effect of landscape pattern. In addition, in this mode, no matter how dark environment, built-in flash does not automatically flash. All shooting settings are needed for landscape photography.

landscape mode / EF 17-40mm f/4L USM
(F8 / 1 / 160 秒 / ISO 100 / White Balance: Auto / Picture Style: Landscape)

composition landscape photography tips basic requirement is to maintain the level of
During landscape photography, you need to pay special attention to the screen is tilted. But through the viewfinder to determine whether the tilt screen is a very difficult task, if coupled with such wide-angle lens can cause distortion, and even level of image are not available. This time should be built using a tripod to ensure the level of instrument, such as the level of the screen.
before talking about the composition should first ensure that the level of the screen, it is very important.
zoom in on small objects, macro mode, macro mode setting
a variety of tiny easy to shoot the subject. Can be applied to shoot flowers, insects and various small objects around, etc., can be widely used is a convenient shooting modes.

prominent theme zoom in on small objects

Macro mode is for shooting small objects shooting mode. No increase in tone in special treatment, but the camera settings are made subject to change. Aperture values ​​are not adjusted too much, if you use a dark full-aperture camera lens. If it is relatively bright lens, the aperture value of the basic minimum to the intermediate zone in the range of automatic settings. This setting can emphasize the use of blur effects before and after, so the focus part of the more visible, you can highlight the theme. In addition, given the hand-held shooting situations, macro mode, ISO sensitivity set to Auto (ISO sensitivity is set too high) to prevent hand-shake phenomenon. As the built-in flash is set to automatically flash, even if the subject is shrouded in the shadow of the photographer can also get the right brightness. Macro photography is widely used in plants, insects, nature photography and filming around small objects around. Even the capture, small objects can also be used macro mode, not a question.

macro mode / EF-S 17-55mm f/2.8 IS USM
(F4 / 1 / 500 sec / ; ISO 160 / White Balance: Auto / Picture Style: Standard)

Tips with the use of macro photography, the lens will further enhance the effect
To zoom in on small objects, the mere existence of the standard zoom lens or certain restrictions. If you want to shoot some of the bigger, the best close-up shots or use a dedicated macro lens. Macro shooting distance of the lens focal length varies, but most of them have a 1:1 (other times) the maximum magnification, and can be close-up shots.

■ EF-S 60mm f/2.8 USM Macro

maximum close-up shots for other times of the Compact Macro lens. Can be used for general photography from macro photography to a variety of purposes.

■ coins close-up photos

about coin diameter 28mm macro lens after shooting through the zoom to that size. At the same time the image is very sharp.
shooting fast moving objects and motion patterns
sports shooting mode combines high-speed moving objects for various functions, so that anyone can enjoy the fun of sports photography, senior shooting mode. For all moving objects, so also good for shooting children or pets.

good at capturing the irregular movement of the objects best sports photography partner

shooting fast-moving or things in the past is the need superb photographic skills and rich experience. This includes continued focus on moving objects and to ensure the technology does not appear to shake the ability to obtain sharp images. The camera movement patterns in both areas has helped us. Auto Focus function will track the subject is moving, continuous focus. Point selection is done automatically. Meanwhile, in order to instant freezing subject movement, the camera automatically uses high ISO sensitivity to ensure a higher shutter speed. And sport mode also uses a continuous function, improve the ability to capture the moment of opportunity. When the subject into the picture after pressing the shutter button to start auto focus. As long as the subject within the screen, keep pressing the shutter button you can track the status of the subject Continuous auto-focus. When determining the opportunity comes and hold the shutter button is pressed, so the continuous shooting moment, can increase the chances of capturing the moment. To take full advantage of these properties should be used with telephoto lens anti-shake function to get the best results.

movement patterns / EF 70-200mm f/4L IS USM (F8 / 1 / 2500 秒 / ISO 400 ; / White Balance: Auto / Picture Style: Standard)

tips to ensure that the subject in the viewfinder Location

In order to ensure the smooth, continuous focusing of moving objects, the subject is always in need to the center of the screen. Slightly closer to the subject can be enlarged to improve the ability to respond to more than one focus, thereby enhancing the ability to capture autofocus system.
all models of the central AF sensor is most accurate, so use the central part of the viewfinder will be easier to track the subject in focus. While shooting night and night portrait mode
people is the integration of night photography and portrait photography of these two different types of photography as a shooting mode. Both the characters and the background bright image, can avoid the usual flash when shooting the drawbacks of the background completely black.

Night Portrait mode set by the camera flash + slow shutter components. Darken the background when flash photography is due to the phenomenon caused by high shutter speed, and Night Portrait mode in order to obtain more background light intensity, using a low-speed shutter, so I can avoid this phenomenon. In addition, in order to avoid the shutter speed is too low, ISO sensitivity is set to automatic, the camera can be automatically selected according to the conditions surrounding the ISO sensitivity. In order to ensure a more dark scenes can easily focus, flash before shooting, AF-assist beam firing, more than the manual focus mode to ensure proper co-coke.

Night Portrait mode / EF 50mm f/1.8 II
(F2.8 / 1 / 8 秒 / ISO 400 / White Balance: Auto / Picture Style: Standard)

Tips ; with a different background color, the color will change portrait
Night Portrait mode automatically according to surrounding light white balance settings. However, due to differences in light sources, which also has a digital camera are not good at dealing with certain wavelengths of light, so the overall tone occasionally slightly distorted picture. If the color is not natural feeling after shooting, set the white balance can freely choose the shutter speed-priority AE mode shoot again.
■ Night Portrait shooting

the camera is attempting to correctly compensate for background light, resulting in flash illuminates the figure was slightly blue and white face.

choose white balance shot in the preset white balance options, This ensures that the character's normal colors. Although the background color slightly red, but the characters are very natural tone.

Do not use flash photography flash off mode, flash photography can
Although the dark scenes of a subject for bright imaging, is a very convenient feature, but according to shooting conditions and environments of different places, the time may be taken do not want to flash. At this time you can use the flash off mode.

when you do not want to use flash flash reassuring shooting mode

flash off mode to full Auto mode feature, based on a combination of various functions is to set the shooting mode, automatic mode with the biggest difference is that the flash is flash. Automatically according to the situation with the automatic flash mode different, no matter how dark the subject's surroundings, the flash will not flash. Because it would not suddenly flash, so it will not damage the atmosphere, can be used in concert, art galleries and other occasions. And because the only light source used to shoot the scene, so when you want to shoot more photos with the atmosphere of the scene can also be used. In the flash off mode, the flash will not auto-focus assist light flash. When the subject is too dark, sometimes difficult to accurately focus will be the case, should grasp the premise of this feature to be applied flexibly. However, in concert and other similar subject is illuminated, and the scene with sufficient brightness, autofocus will be no problem to play a role.

Flash Off mode / EF-S 10-22mm f/3.5-4.5 USM
(F5.6 / 1 / 200 秒/ ISO 800 / White Balance: Auto / Picture Style: Standard)

Tips alone is also effective when shooting night scenes
any flash because the flash will not, so it can be used for night photography. Unlike the overall landscape pattern contrast as strong, so even larger difference between light and dark of night, you can also get natural imaging results.

color photo style using the standard model, with proper contrast and good versatility.

topics: learn to grasp the opportunity to shoot a variety of subject

predict the subject's next move to select the most appropriate shooting mode and equipment

shooting no matter what the object, there is the best shooting opportunity. One of the most representative is sports photography. In fact, we shot around a common object, there are Children and portrait shooting, we tend to make the model a fixed position and then gracefully to shoot. However, if we slightly change the timing of pressing the shutter button can often take to the unexpected expression and gesture. This photo even if some out of focus, composition is not perfect, and should not be deleted. It's that survive will become memories. Also, in the shooting of pets and animals, cute pictures, use the burst mode will receive better results. Such animals can be photographed yawning or bored to look like tongue, showing the unique cute animal side. Capture in the streets, if only to observe the line of sight is normal, but set his sights on the sky and ground, then perhaps you can find a more attractive subject, or other windfall. Just a little change in perspective can be very creative photo shoot. When shooting landscapes, if consciously take into some of the characters, then also make photos more interesting. In this photo taken when using a zoom lens will be more convenient, and can photograph the subject in a larger telephoto zoom when shooting people and pets to show its mettle. When shooting with telephoto zoom lens as well and the subject to maintain a certain distance, so that the object being photographed can be more relaxed, so easy to shoot a good expression. If shooting in the streets, it is best to use a small standard zoom lens. Because it looks not so dramatic, it is easy for the photographer into the surrounding environment. However, such small changes, freeze-frame key moments of the shooting the next time it will naturally be greatly increased.

26, love is innocent of the kite, pull the most people who care about ...

50, she may not know what they want, but she do not know themselves what is ...

20, I like something for nothing, I can not like something for nothing!

14, has been working like mad to catch now mad back ...

29, at the time, I like some music; listen to some music, I miss some time ...

43, love, the next life and then end with many happy match; married, often suspected of making the last generation Nie Yuan!

47, there are some things, bad for the heart; some pain, for silent forget!

7, and lonely affair, and well-being missed ...

18, I just want to when the audience, because the infection did not want too many earthly noise.

23, the red line on guys, we have one half, eventually we: to pull off ...

13, in addition to love, and friendship; in addition to men there is a woman ...

17, had the happiness to see you, I also lost hope ...

46, the so-called fate, love, success is the reason, an excuse for failure; so-called marriage, that is, lovers and eventually became a The man said once able to achieve things ...

21, I use a person's dedication, to treat two lonely people.

36, if in the wrong direction, to stop that progress.

2, say too much as silence, to think too much I will be sad ...

31, hurt after a, well, be far behind?

1, through which right and wrong, the result in the end is a tragedy ...

24, the ideal husband's condition: 1, 2 with the out with the back ...

6, so lonely, Lengnuanzizhi. Treat yourself, life is only 1!

33, looking out the window appeared in front of scene after scene, like a flash slide show. Mouth up, sneered laugh at themselves ...

8, sensitive people, most are not happy ...

34, the so-called

35, love a girl, rather than for her to give up her happiness, it is better to keep her happy for her efforts!

37, was the pursuit of happiness, so efforts; people with happiness, so give up ...

30, that night, I smoked a lot of smoke, smoke into your face. I play a wave, everything has become a thing of the past ...

9, the world's most courageous thing is to smile, to listen to the love between you!

25, a man with smoke, with beer, and will have a story; woman money, with good looks, and will have a tragedy!

39, some people never came back to go over. Therefore, waiting and hesitation is the world's most ruthless killer.

11, some say most frightening parallel lines, but I think the most horrible thing is that intersecting lines - obviously they had common ground, but it will at a later time away from each other, and further and further away ...

42, I smile. I am sad or happy at any time, I only smile ...

4, read the situation was sad, lonely only love ...

3, silence is the fear of an excuse, reason to smirk was wronged ...

15, a woman not be silly, to the world where so much happiness and good? !

40, always makes me humble Nizushenxian oath, even to say over and over again ...

27, meet, did not have time together; together, but too late to hand; hand but no time to love; love has no time to spend ...

38, is not a game you love, tears are not acting, moments of happiness is not beautiful!

12, know, you already know. Do not know, you do not need to know!

32, time does not make people forget the pain, but people get used to pain.

5, some people fear, though long gone, but never refused to take away part of his memories ...

44, the wound is to give people a disgrace, its adherence to the illusion of ...

28, in this era of confusion, what am I to prove the value of my existence ...

49, maybe one day, in the noisy city, you and I pass by. I stopped, staring away in the back, tell yourself: That man I once loved!


52, wedding day, you have to do my best man. Because we promised: to join into the marriage hall

48, in the future, want to see some optimism; for people to see more pessimistic ...

10, do not ask me if I loved you because my love had nothing to do with you.

22, work, take a step backward; love, take a step back empty ...

16, seems used to waiting, simply waiting for that will come ...

19, looking at someone else's story, his tears flow; listening to other people's songs, humming his own solo ...

45, if there was happiness, happiness is only momentary fragments, short, short ...

51, tired of the loneliness of a man, a man to accompany me to really want to spend!

4.11 nights , suddenly feeling particularly bad mood , do not know why , do not know anything !
do not know what they want , he suddenly thought of the first basic human needs: to eat ! ~
so that Pippi would I want to eat claypot and shrimp ... ...
but it was late, did not want to disturb the cat monkey , and forget , go back to say it! ~
4.12 am , I was curled in bed to see Stephen Chow , the cat monkey door shouting : fast to get up, I bought a Pippi shrimp ! ~
hey ~ ~ life is so happy ! ~ My lovely Phi Phi shrimp ! ~ ~ ~

If the house is small, it can be GOGO
a room (good love oh )

(*^__^*) hee hee ... ... stolen at a friend's space , style, very good, very like !

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First, for change
brother asked me to marry enchant 50 20 rmb fat envelopes to use.
took to the bank for 1k, sb is extremely bad attitude, said, I am very ferocious asked, 1k
sb said, I, cheap!!!

Second, why is it called the bank
just go to the hospital next to the cheap line of money, a lot of people in front of cash machines, we are in the line up the sun.
but strange is inside the operating room has only one customer.,
so I went to a window, for that long and die like a dog to take 800 staff said.
that person actually comes out of the ATM machine to take, I asked him why the card is not on the counter to take?
5000, he said the following are taken to ATM machines, said it was to save time, improve efficiency, shunt, I was stupefied
, and diversion?
I asked him, now line up outside the ATM long row of old, there is not a person, which saves what effect
Which document provides below 5000 can not get over the counter? Other banks can!
that dog thing is cheap line file, I said show me! He can not even come out, anyway, is not to take.
I looked at the sun in the queue of people outside, look inside to see the newspaper slut blowing air conditioning, gas is not one to play, I decided on the whole
a whole to him.
I said yes, then take 5000! When he was finished, the 5000 to me, and I took a hundred, that stored 100!
teller machines can not save money, so he do. Waiting for him after finishing the 100 block, I retook the 100, that deposit 100!
Something that the dog once a deposit and you can not say it?
I said I made my own documentation requirements, and can only keep 100, how to, no good? I once kept 100
, a memory 100. slowly a lot of supporters around the circumference, we said a good dry!
immediately next to someone like me did it.
out the last of their leadership, self assertive to say: you disrupt the financial order, my alarm. .
I said I was saving ah, the bank is not the place to save money is it? You can not save document provides a one hundred? Show me!
Next to a lot of people support me, loud blame them. What kind of leadership that
final say sorry, in future we will improve the working methods. Convenient for everyone, and so on and so on .......
when I turned away, told him that I now know why you are building the line, because you're cheap!

III. Merchants Bank counterfeit
2 days before I went to Merchants Bank to take money (for the company to take), the results point and found a fake copy of the 100, because they are learning with a professional financial
will occur before the case company (send money from the bank to get a good salary, it was found to have fake copy), so
own special attention. After that, I said to the counter lady: Miss, you have this money problem.
Miss: What problem?
I said: fake
lady: No, you left the counter.
I was on fire: your eyes have a problem ah? Your eyes to see what I left the counter now?
So I have had an argument with her attitude can be bad friends, as if I deliberately put the money for like, my sharp-tongued ~
I said: Do you have experience copy machine problem ah? False alarm is not copied in the past ah? So good, we
alarm at the discovery of counterfeit money management - not to say that what hit 110 ~!
noisy uproar when the Bank has a Bank out ~ ~ ~ do not ask me the first time, training and preparation

a sentence: you leave the counter of the cutting? Can not leave the counter to prove that our fake copy is sent to the!
I *! I felt was ridiculous: he is out to solve the problem it? 2, then do not say put the blame on clean Caesar ~ treatment, you look up how to do it this time ~
Bank started a little a solution? You mention a solution.
I was also a drop of gas a little bit dizzy, without thinking: a fine of 10! Blurted out ~
Bank: 1 lose 10 it is unlikely, or else so be it, how to make a fold? I thought forget ~
results of the last president to take the money and that opposite the counter lady said: you better remember this face the future, do not play even
what bank irregularities, often sent to counterfeit money, most are relatively large numbers of accounts on
not easy to find.
last president grinning my door ~

Yingchu Fourth, ABC's VIP
from a few months ago, Hohhot Agricultural Bank of China put forward a VIP window, only the business for more than $ 5W there once I get
1W dollars, the team was a small window The long, VIP window empty, I went to VIP window to do, the staff asked me to take
much, I say take 1W, she said directly, 5W to small window the following line of business, I say, that I take 6W, she said, 6W can, I propose 6W cash, I get a W, the rest of 5W and plug back and said: I keep 5W. staff directly fainted.
Fifth, all withdrawals
Another time in a bank, a Party grants to 140W credited into account, I shall go to the bank to do because there is no bank
card, I intend to do the money transfer cards keep up the results the staff actually said, do to copy ID cards, they
copier is broken, should I go to copy my rage, saying, well, not saved, 140W all the withdrawals! today You reported the evening program, tomorrow I have to take! bank's business director at that time his face had changed, and then, a little girl smiling
said: You used the card, I went to your copy, You wait a while... ah, when
psychological feeling on the balance...

VIN-vehicle identification number, for example: 1G1BL52P7TR115520
code bit 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12-17
VIN 1 G 1 BL 5 2 P 7 TR 1 1 5 5 2 0
Section 1: Production country code
1 S Japan United Kingdom United States J
2 Canada ; K
3 South Korea, Mexico, Switzerland, T L V France China 4 Taiwan, the United States R W Y Sweden Australia Germany
9 Brazil Z Italy
No. 2: Automobile manufacturers code
1 Chevrolet Chevrolet B BMW M Hyundai this is not to say modern
2 Pontiac Pang Dike B Dodge Dodge M Mitsubishi Mitsubishi
3 C Chrysler Chrysler M Mercury Mercury
4 Buick Buick D Mercedes Benz that are understanding of N Infiniti Infiniti
5 E Eagle Eagle N Nissan guess
6 Cadillac Cadillac F Ford Ford
7 GM Canada General G General Motors is also a common shorthand for this is the full name in front of
8 Isuzu Suzuki ; H Acura Acura T Toyota Toyota
A Alfa Romeo H Honda Honda V Volkswagen Volkswagen
A Audi ; ... J Jeep ... V Volvo ...
A Jaguar Jaguar L Daewoo Daewoo ; Y Mazda ....
L Lincoln Z Ford Lincoln Ford
Z Mazda ....
G = General Motors brands all belong to: Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, Oldsmobile, Pontiac, Saturn
No. 3: Vehicle type code
different vendors have different interpretations. Some manufacturers may use the top three with a combination code that particular brand.
TRU / WAU Audi
1YV/JM1 Mazda
4US/WBA/WBS BMW WDB Mercedes Benz
2HM/KMH Hyundai
VF3 Peugeot
SAJ Jaguar WP0 Porsche
SAL Land Rover
YK1/YS3 Saab
YV1 Volvo
No. 4-8 (VDS) characteristics of the vehicle code
different vendors have different interpretations.
No. 9: Parity
0-9 or X (Roman numeral 10)
No. 10: Model Year
B 1981 K 1989 V 1997 5 2005
C 1982 L 1990 W 1998 6 2006
D 1983 M 1991 X 1999 ; 7 2007
E 1984 N 1992 Y 2000 8 2008
F 1985 P 1993 1 2001 9 2009
G 1986 ; R 1994 2 2002
H 1987 ; S 1995 3 2003
J 1988 T 1996 4 2004
No. 11: Assembly Plant
different vendors have different interpretations.
No. 12-17 bits: car factory serial number
Note: VIN does not contain I, O, Q three letters.

early autumn days , cold nights
memories really slowly hit
love is like leaves
why do they separate

gray days alone, the old city where loss

really lonely heartbreak but also try to be brave through grief

would like for you to put on a cold day coat
no one to care for their
hurt you more than I told you in every

you want a good night
my inability to cry

let my thoughts
autumn away my tears away I have been quietly waiting

similar in location

beg God to get wet my eyes
frozen my heart I no longer struggling luxury
back to me
→ → ◆ ° ;

despise each other

also always free down

also cited as most know has not hit a pole down


Chi stuffy summer

willful and is


not a bad thing

find a small crush explore the subtle emotions between people

this summer seldom log

want to reach a height of


I started looking for a quiet

arbitrarily put love



a cute smile


I even smell its gentle

so cute

a smile like

wrote many letters

like Dongguan unexpected showers

own beautiful place



find two or three friends Joking things

stop here

fate of the free


mutual flattery with

do not violate my heart

had today when I did not expect

Life is too short

are used or not used inside the hidden rules of the circle

circle so few people able to talk to



line and why not , and Huan

this summer when I first came


can slow down the pace

this obscure people and things

on what kind of conservation must be

thoughts across the traces of it

so wayward

I like the rustle of strokes on paper

were always busy

improve the cultivation of the body rise is more important than complaining

I think just a Chi

Iraq is the next class beauty. Large classes, when to go to the phone number, a time about out, late autumn night, a small edge of the woods. Beauty said: I am cold. I said: we together running, Running on the warmer.
Then, there is no then the ... ...

fellow men for the majority stated: In fact, in many cases, difficult to tell in the end that suggests boys are girls or some kind of casually said, especially just contact with the pure male and female friends ~

hand ...
a woman when dating I, quietly, and I said: so and so everyone thought we were friends, men and women do, True too. I said: Yes, ah
, we are not afraid of the shadow body crooked, so they said go.
Then, there is no then the ... ...

mm a year to call me, and cried: My boyfriend said we two now In fact, I comforted her the best
said: Do not listen to him, he nonsense ....
Then she hung up

stated: This girl is also not a good class. . .

ah. . . . n the day before about the confession a few days I just go out to eat supper mm, eating supper and
stroll in the campus, and then send the I's first kiss. . . . Has wandered more than eleven. . According to the time they should have locked the door dormitory
a. . . In approaching their floor when she suddenly said, if the lock will not go back today (Note
meaning, not go back), but I heard these words after the first reaction fart fart Britain Britain went to their door pull
a little door, the door opened. . . Then I am happy to say, no not the lock! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
then. . . Then not long before the no. . . The mm is my most favorite one. . . . sigh

fellow men for the majority stated: just tell the truth a few days, it's that actor has just sent an open ~ ~ FK amount of boys face so pure, you want him to how to do?

hey, when there is a mm invited me to do in her class when her dance partner, I said, I still have not learned
then again, it no longer then a

which I have just graduated from a computer repair
MM me very depressed and then I held up my buddy with nothing to play live and then the computer problem ah
all very depressed and then I held up my buddy to play with live
then that I eat pizzahut mm have to say please thank me very depressed and I
I live with the man kicked delay
then I really go to eat or money
her very depressed and then I wasted my buddies play with live
then she dragged me to the staff let me go shopping
very depressed and then I held up my buddy to play with non-live
then I send him home very depressed delay
then I told my buddy to play live
then she pointed to the door an A6 That is to say his father with the
very depressed and then I held up my buddy to play with live
and now very depressed and then I talk to my buddy playing live on a small wooden JJ

senior when my sister gave birth to a child, I intend to buy a gift niece
class shopping experience just when a mm,
mm volunteered to help me choose, then stroll
then stroll ah She asked me the boys are not very concerned about long-Doudou
girl's face I looked at her face, left several Peas, say nothing, I can walk to your right and then she went back to school

I remember times to accompany a Taiwan ppmm shopping for dinner, and then she said to the hotel tired and made a break
then I said well, and then to the hotel there is dust on her hair to bathe the
then I turn on the TV to see that Chinese men's basketball team field world championships in Spain, began more than a dozen of China's leading points!
mm asked me to help her massage the feet, but the game is too intense I did not attend to her called her the results later by
mm bathed with me sitting next to me looked bored while she went back to the game Unfortunately, the Chinese team was still

Disclaimer: This is the wrong actor. . . Have not seen the pigs do not eat pork before! XXX film where the story is not all so play it?

friends thing, very shy,
like a girl long time not tell the truth, then people say that girls themselves: the students I see you like I said ,
friends shame shame to say: ah? Sorry ah, I'll be careful not to make people misunderstand the
then there will be no majority then the

fellow men for the state: the difficulty of this technique implies too high! Insincere bad boys that makes it easy for you to accuse him of ~


and I almost said I was very excited to play CS it overnight, and she lying in the cafe night, after several years to understand her Resentment eyes


to say the my own for a long time contact with the MM plan to repeatedly
confession and then finally found the courage to call

unspoken moment in
ignoring his good ~

PP Shimei said he wanted me to introduce his girlfriend, about the entrance to the library tomorrow morning, I see, and then the next day to the library Hall door
mouth, did not see her girlfriend, I saw a new dress to wear no return. I Dahushangdang, walk away, and so came too late
aftertaste ... ...

fellow men for the majority stated: brains turn of the boys is difficult to spot slow to react girls on the spot like the best hint to give points, but not for the boys on the spot and sped away ~ ah ~

ah. . . He moved here. . Then say a. . . Oh. . . I really admire his then eq. . .
is another mm, I have been in and her friends say that I like her to chase her like that. . .
have time to participate in a training with her out to dinner I said, she said, forget, or go hiking together. .
was already four more than in winter, dark relatively early, we reached the top when the sky is already dark. .
her spectacles is not enough, the dark can not see, let me pull her look. . Then I honestly pulled down the sleeves of her
. . . (Note: It is pulling the sleeves !!!)。 . . .
then. . . On nothing and then this. .

I think you suck a
coconut thing
is my buddy and MM with two people smoking inside the coconut
Ah blowing
MM once prank choked to
water from the nose out laughing

Ah Fu Zhang also the presence of my other buddies Yuning 4,5
then choke on nothing and then the. .

I have to contribute a similar
high school students, the University wrote to each other, the contents of the letter are not
Han overstepped the bounds of a particular university vacation home, I'm going to computer City, buy parts, put her name out, my heart parentheses
also under a strange, how a girl like visiting this place parentheses completed. Then I mess in the market in dirty air turn
long time, she told a long time. . . Later, after a few years so I
back off taste, the people that used to like you, then you stand it so do not come, to give up
. Young girls can not wait for the past ah. . .
gentle giant of a girl ah. . . Squatting corner crying a while to go. .

16 this beauty with a good brother for a long time, the two do not say, then leave, the woman called the man to her house to play cards
rent, went and found a great promise Curie freshman on the two of them, then played two
people enjoying themselves. Woman was made, let lose each other in the body painting of the turtle, you can easily find a place to draw
this brother laughed, a lot of the Forecast, the woman is painted on the back of the hand palm
turtle, also draw a very small place that is not afraid for a while, then hit the woman, said the storm, and this brother brother
say that I go back. . . . . . The next day, another woman about a man out to dinner, eat a meal that continues to play cards
finished, ah, not satisfied! Man very happy and went, two people in the house, and
repeated something the night before. . . . . .

fellow men for the majority stated: This man is gay. . .

15 floor
as a married person, these things seem vivid ah ... ...

just go to college that would, I stayed the summer do tutoring, leisure boredom about the class one of my favorite movies PPMM to eat McDonald's, she finished with my back to the dormitory, very seriously asked me: was very nervous, and very serious with her but said: , know that after graduation I came to understand why she ignored me

comes back Ha, he is the best, and now my wife is very happy with the floor, too

20 pure a
a certain period, MM 2 I invited him to dinner, eat at 10 pm, and then they asked me not to sit at his hotel, I said the rain will not go. And then a taxi home. Just undress bathing, MM called to say, two people in the room scared to stay by, I taxi to the hotel, then watching TV while chatting to accompany MM, then 11:30, and thought the situation go back , stay on it ... then go take a bath, a bath out of 2 MM a person lying in a bed has been good, and I spent the next ... to ask where I sleep ah. 1MM which said two-bed whatever you pick a chant.
was really sleep through the morning of the .........
hindsight, even the solo was pure, I did not have much experience, it did not go to Flying word up.

30 F
Kenzo he is now, never had a love of the experience.
In his senior year, because he has been a regular classroom, study hall, noted that the classroom has also been a
self-study on the girl. And Coincidentally, the girl sitting in front of him every time. He more and more like her, but he was within
not to have any moves, just silently watch her back every night.
second semester senior, has not the self-study, in order to love the girl, he is still a daily study hall.
When he told She Youmen secret after the unanimous decision of the other six buddies to help him take the first step.
So, that night, seven people went to the classroom. However, no matter She Youmen how to encourage him he is the courage to go
a critical first step, She Youmen reluctantly said: br> He inevitably through the night, hard to decide the next day anyway confession to his beloved girl.
next night, he was scheduled to see her. After an upsurge of emotion, such as needle felt, and so the process of sitting, the inner child fierce battle two villains
1800 rounds, and finally, the romantic knight victory.
He handed the girl a note: note, began to pack books, finished, stood up and turned to him: I have a few pages of the book Mo Kanwan. I will patiently answer.

Later, the girl told me that the weekend go to my house, my house no one.

I thought I was too far from home, also cut into my playing basketball, direct rejected.

good now regret ah, loss.

Fortunately, the second half of high school I got the hang of.

46 F
that would just graduated, one company dinner late into the night, the leaders said that MM was drunk, so I took her home, probably because I told her fellow reason.
taxi to her door, she said I drank too much, and who insecurity with the money, a MM today and she is not living, let me live in her today, do not go back.
I said: all right all right, you see, the thing I like the drink, say rental car front door, my three steps back.

MM took my arm off to open the door that you secure it too far, it wants to go back tomorrow.

I said no no, I really do not, do not be too polite, I really did not drink, so you see I speak later on down the river ~

wood with..

Then I thought like, I really hope that day I drank too much.

A relationship from the outset, it seems there is no self-confidence , but would like to firmly grasp the power is not enough , they did not want to leave open the heart severely courage , who will give me the antidote Who can help me let me clear about ~ ~ ! Outcome is bound to leave , that is how involuntarily and helplessness , the ultimate defeat of reason and selfish passion . My world has no future , with just more memories , I was inside that live forever in the memories of the losers ! !

2012 is not a legend by the latest information on Secret Linzhi Airport River 2012 is coming, you understand ... ...
------------------------------------- --------------------------------- United States and Britain have a large number of high-level resignation, the voice of Jingxian Zetas insider
(This post did not arouse our attention, read the original post, with up to 43 pages)

[Zhuantie] in the past since
leave within three weeks all the executives, there are about 15 people last week. I am very careful to track the movements of the stock market, inadvertently discovered in the year, so many people never submitted his resignation, let alone a month. It is worldwide, and is truly compelling telecommunications companies. Zain Telecom (zain telecom), France Telecom (france telecom) and STX (syntel) two days ago, the CEO resigned. Telecom companies will be seriously affected sunspots, so they may know what is going to happen. I find only 50 to submit his resignation to the list of companies, but there are more people, including board members and other company executives.

course the economic situation is still very bad, but since the collapse of the housing bubble and Wall Street has been such a bad situation continued, and more than one year of time. This trend is new (I think it is TREND), and there will be more noteworthy trends in ---- the number of police chiefs resignation reached a very alarming figure. And, perhaps related to this is that more than 120 members of the British Parliament, is to retire. GodlikeProduction listed on the site before the 50 following the resignation of the CEO and CFO:
1. Sun Microsystems
2. Royal Bank of Scotland
; 3. Bank Leumi of Israel
4. Lenovo
5. Wellpoint (on March 1)
6. Ingersoll -Rand
7. Gasco
8. Syntel
9. Motion Picture Television Fund
10. GrainCorp
11. Connaught Plc
12. Netplay TV
13. AgResearch
14. Zain Telecom
15. Ethan Allen Institute
16. Fahrney-Keedy Home & Village
17. Nordzucker 18. France Telecom
19. TransWorld Entertainment
20. Parlux
21. Medical Developments International Ltd
22. PBR (on March 1)
23. Aeropostale
24. Cook Islands Tourism
; 25. Uranium International Corp
26. San Francisco AIDS Foundation
27. Borders Books
28. YTB International 29. Western Australia Business News
30. Bergen Group Rosenberg
31. Phumelela
32 . Bartow Regional Medical Center
33. NV Energy (CFO)
34. Shanda Interactive
35. NB Power
36. Empire Aero
37. Argentina Central Bank
38. Hong Kong Exchanges & Clearing (CFO)
; 39. Arbitron
40. Lihir Gold Ltd
41. Meredith Corp
42. Red Bull
; 43. Golden Harp
44. Endo Pharma
45. Nuplex
; 47. Mirada (chairman)
48. Remedial Offshore
49. Abercrombie & Fitch Co
50 . Commerce Resources (CFO)

Does any comments and views?

following quote from the Voice of
Zetas] [Zhuantie cited
------ -------------------------------------------------- ------- [president to resign]:
from the first year, the company had a very clear pattern of flight. President and Chief Financial Officer, there are other noteworthy staff (referring to senior) suddenly submitted his resignation, regardless of whether they have to go to other companies. Many people are given a very vague reasons for his resignation, he quickly left, or even replace them have not decided who is good, so that the board of directors or senior management to fill the gap. This situation was first found work in the stock market, and recognize that this pattern is very unusual.

[Zetas explain the Voice of ----view of this, the Zetas that the CEO and CFO know about their relationship by Planet X and it is about to transit the Earth's rumors, and they want to be free to move in a short time to their safe place.

2010 年 2 Feb. 6: With the recent attention of the police officers without authorization by the sudden resignation, there are such things more dizzying丨 pieces. Although the kind of CEO turnover is a common phenomenon, especially in the period of economic difficulties, restless shareholders, the Board decided to show some leadership in cutting-edge action. But in leaving the company size and industry leadership (people's identity), the recent wave of resignations unusual. The Financial Times was looking at the page (approved by the Financial Times referred to someone and something, is to weigh repeatedly.), Will notice that the stock resignations extraordinary. These are involved in public policy, international influence, or the overall economic situation of large companies. They are not street grocery store, or small local bar. Therefore, the post commented that he was Many people are suddenly resigned, and there is no alternative position at hand, or their reasons for resignation vague. What is happening then?

police officers are being taught and was told the town in the near future storms 丨 丨 pressure disorder and what measures need to be taken; and the company's leaders get the message is different. Many of them actually heard of the coming catastrophe rumors; view of most of these people have a variety of channels, has confirmed the above rumor is based on facts, not theories and speculation. This confirms not only raised eyebrows, or for a while remained silent, and let silence speak for themselves, but pass out of the message. Many people believe that the preparation they need to have in place, and pretend all is well, this way, people can not tolerate. These people are ruthless means to climb right to the throne, and before the individual, regardless of They foresaw the people to maintain their illusion of a one Cean ----- good time not only in the economic collapse. They understand what will happen, want to withdraw from the stock market will be out of their wealth, and wealth into these more substantial material; moved from the coast to inland areas, so do to the unsafe place to live. Simply put,Coach bags outlet, they just want to get free mobile move.

-------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------- (with google maps to find a find, really there, but do not know the date, should be up to date. coordinates 29 17 01.57N 94 20 57.96E Nyingchi Mainling Tibet Autonomous Region in China, the base altitude of 3,000 meters, the following screenshot I have enhanced brightness and contrast)

from foreign websites, foreigners said that the construction base to meet several conditions:
1 in the highlands or plateau region
2 away from the town
3 must have a dedicated airport
4 underground fortifications or mountain fortifications 5 ground people tongue is small, but the warehouse will not be less
to find with these conditions for three days, finally found, the entire Himalayan region where the only special construction

2012 Ark base
google earth coordinates:
29 17 01.57N 94 20 57.96E

In addition, there is a nearby place was blacked out of.

(google Why out of China? in the end the Chinese government's Internet censorship mechanisms hurt to google for? fact that google map because the Chinese government is building google forced to withdraw from the Chinese market !!!)
--------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------ read 2012 Although news reports said floating, but the fact is sufficient to prove the film's realism forced people to believe that 2012 prediction real. Although every nation in the history of mankind there are many predictions of the end of the world, although most are not credible, but this prediction did not seem so simple.
First, start with the global geological circumstances: the Pacific tsunami of 2005 may be a preview of global catastrophe, the next is the spate of earthquakes worldwide. 512 is from our recent earthquake, the earthquake in Taiwan, as well as Italy, earthquakes, etc., the extent of the earthquake frequency is much higher than the previous decade.
Second, the global increase in extreme weather anomalies, alternating rain and snow, accompanied by heat and cold. Early last year the snow has never happened before, but in recent years, more and more strong typhoon intensity, of the dangers of the land is also growing, resulting in casualties is huge.
Third, to analyze from an economic point of view: If Noah's Ark really built, it is not difficult to explain the global financial crisis. How much the global financial crisis trillion of wealth evaporated, and the capital is eternal, then this great wealth where to run it? Naive to think that we can build a Noah's ark. The following evidence to support:
1, said the film, a ticket value of 10 billion euros, which is not difficult to understand so many super-rich in order to purchase tickets, flight of capital for the purchase of tickets, more money running , and the formation of a financial crisis. Today's dollars devaluation is another proof of the fact that the euro purchase of tickets.
2,2007 onwards, the global precious metals rose, though it was the global economy is hot, but the non-ferrous metals rose has far exceeded its supply and demand, the construction of Noah's Ark is not spent a lot of metal so as to cause precious metals in short supply. The world's biggest iron ore demand in China, the country, while China is precisely the construction of Noah's Ark land.
3, from the financial crisis, the global developed and developing countries were eager to put forward an economic stimulus plan, hundreds of billions of dollars is on the economic stimulus plan, why the international community such a high degree of consensus, is not foreign dignitaries who under the guise of economic stimulus in the taxpayers' money to build their own ark it?
4, the global financial crisis, some countries made the world more than gallium economic collapse, while the values ​​of Chinese will survive, only shows the wealth of the world are continuing to focus on China. The Chinese are using this great wealth building Noah's ark.
four, has recently been mentioned several times so dense G-20 meeting, whether the heads of the Ark in the competition for seats to heated debate? Why then not to mention the eight countries, but the big wide to twenty countries, probably because of construction in China, while most of the world's resources are concentrated in the hands of the development of China gallium. Gallium these countries one way or another, can Ark made up more smoothly.
five escalation of the war in Afghanistan, if the developed countries under the guise of gallium to the war in Afghanistan, bordering Pakistan, China to transport important materials in Tibet? If the Taiping period, such large-scale material transport people around the world will certainly be suspect.
six, China time for the opening of the Qinghai-Tibet railway in July 2006, why the Chinese ** hurry winter soil regardless of the dangers for many years to repair the railway so it? What took so the price has only a single repair it? Is it because a large number of materials not only carry out it?
seven, if Noah's Ark recycling, then who are eligible to board the boat?
First, heads are sure to be on board, and when humans to have not a lack of leadership.
Second, a variety of science and engineering scientists, such as architecture, computer, medicine, agriculture, climate, geology, physics class.
Third, a variety of super-rich, they are a higher price of tickets is enough to prove that their minds above the ordinary.
Fourth, the global high intelligence collected by young people, such as high IQ organization Mensa Association.
Fifth, a small part of the genius of art, such as Michael Jackson, unfortunately dead, dead very strange!
----------------------------------------------- ------------------------------ media disclosure of the Himalayas, a mysterious Indian airport project, the construction of 60 airports in the region! expected to be completed in October this year.
Global Times - World Wide Web on April 12 reported that according to transport facilities, is committed to Everest climbers to build a shrine.
The airport will cost $ 71.7 million, in the Shigatse region, this project will help develop the local tourism market, more travel enthusiasts will have the opportunity to visit (5 Panchen Lama from) the land of the ancient residence of the Panchen Tashilhunpo. Shigatse is located in the transfer of highway between China and Nepal, It is reported that, The airport in April last year to start in October this year is expected to be completed. 2020,
Source: Global Times
Mount Everest for the impact of the best , so closely planning 60 airports, is it always the case in the region over the throughput of the Yangtze River Delta and Pearl River Delta? why it is just in time before 2012? Have built a fast one year, why China has not disclosed its own, got to the final to India to disclose?
last question, why is the airport called

This total includes four

1. teach you how to give birth to a beautiful baby
2. man's life and how best to birth a son
3. good enough for a lifetime of vitamins ABCD
4. girls, come to save you the [pelvis]!

here, I tell you a secret: women during pregnancy, if there is conscious eating certain foods, her unborn child's growth and development will play an unexpected subtle the role of science and deployment of sophisticated diet, can help you to exceed and to get rid of defects, a bed of roses to help you give birth to a beautiful baby.

diet tips will allow you to have a beautiful baby
; we will prenatal and postnatal care guidelines, one by one to introduce you to the appropriate diet solutions.
improve partial black skin color bias
some black parents, pregnant women can be more eat foods rich in vitamin C. Because vitamin C on skin melanin interference effects, which can reduce melanin deposition in the future babies delicate skin white and tender.
these vitamin C rich foods are tomatoes, grapes, oranges, cauliflower, melon, onion, garlic, apple, prickly pear, jujube and other vegetables and fruits, particularly apples the best. Apple is rich in vitamins and malic acid, eat to increase hemoglobin, not only make the skin becomes thin white Hongnen, more women of anemia has an excellent tonic effect, is the fruit of choice for pregnant and parenting.
farewell rough skin, rough skin
If parents, pregnant women should always eat rich vitamin A, because the vitamin can protect the skin epithelial cells, so that future child's delicate skin and shiny. Such foods such as animal liver, egg yolk milk, carrot, tomato and green vegetables, fruits, nuts and vegetable oil.
foster shiny glossy black hair
If parents early white hair or slightly yellow, off. So, pregnant women can eat more foods containing vitamin B family. Such as lean meat, fish, liver, milk, bread, beans, eggs, seaweed, walnut, sesame, corn and green vegetables, these foods can make a child improve hair, not thick, black, and shiny gloss.
If parents a head is not high, you should eat foods rich in vitamin D. Vitamin D can promote bone growth, prompting the body increased, this effect especially for his baby, the baby is most obvious. Pregnant women should eat more during pregnancy, iodine-rich foods, such as kelp and other marine products, to complement the needs of the fetus to iodine, to promote the synthesis of fetal thyroid gland, is conducive to a good fetal brain development. Particular type of food is the best kelp, seaweed is rich in protein, fatty acids and calcium, iron and other trace elements. Not only can eat kelp iodine, can also promote metabolism, increase body resistance to infection, play a role Bunao brain.
good vision
poor vision or myopic Parents often have such worries baby on their genetic eye diseases. In this case of pregnant women can eat more foods rich in vitamin A, such as animal liver, egg yolk, milk, cod liver oil, carrot, apple and so on. Especially in the liver vitamin A is the largest carrot can also promote an increase in hemoglobin, thereby increasing the concentration of the blood, is commonly used in nourishing our people share.
other pregnant women in the diet during pregnancy should also note the following points in life:
After three months of pregnancy, fetal brain cells and fat cells of the During this period, pregnant women must pay attention to increase the protein, phospholipids, and vitamin intake, you should eat milk, eggs, lean meat, liver, fish, beans, products and vegetables to ensure adequate food supply, soy help fetal mental development.
calcium and vitamin D intake should be sufficient. Pregnant women, severe calcium deficiency may affect fetal bone, teeth, composition, and may even lead to fetal abnormalities. Note added iron and other trace elements, should eat vegetables, shrimp and so on.
honey for pregnant women is an excellent health care, pregnant women often eat honey, not only to complement a variety of nutrients, but also through the moistening it, so that pregnant women feel happy and enhance the body's digestion and absorption.
some food unfit for consumption for pregnant women, such as: raw chilled foods such as bananas, stone flowers, wood and other children; spicy food such as: cinnamon, pepper, cloves, pepper; impact of functional foods, such as water chestnut, rabbit meat, fern, large hemp seed and so on.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ men must see, must know ------- This is the best opportunity to understand your own
childbearing, the continuation of human events. Previously, people are basically locked in his wife, who this task, but in fact her husband is also a pivotal one, so there are men about family planning, some of the male reproductive knowledge is very necessary.

men do not cap

childbearing age have a saying that you are familiar with it: Rhapsody, a flower, a woman 40 rubbish. After listening to a female friend is certainly uncomfortable, but if referring to reproductive capacity, down really have a point, you have convinced yo. Secret is that women have a strict reproductive clock, once the age of 35 years of age or 40 years of age, not only the fertility decline, and fetal birth defects (such as Down's syndrome) will increase the risk, but increases with age resulting chromosome caused by mutations. For over 50 years of age, stop menstruation, ovulation stops, and missed the birth has become an ironclad fact.

man? Is another kind of Do not you see life, 90 years old to have children or even a hundred news have also been reported. Chinese ancient books have long been Abroad is not uncommon, such as Sweden have a live 120-year-old man, 85 years old remarried, and gave birth to eight children; former Soviet Union, one called Ahanheer. Buha Virginia farmers, 112 years old married and have children, this is probably the old man on the birth of the world Guinness record.

not difficult to understand, a man's reproductive life is uncapped. Scientific basis for it? Munich, Germany, 60 to 89-year-old expert in elderly men and 24 to 33-year-old young men called the 20 observed objects were detected by their semen, and made a comparison, the results show that older men's sperm is not aging, but sperm density (on average 120 million sperm per milliliter) was also higher than young people (average per milliliter of semen is only 078 million) a chip. It seems, with a healthy and strong to describe the old man's fertility, is not too much.

key one: man's best growth years

between the ages of 30 to 35 year-old father born children the best.

Although men have a father's life-long ability, but favorably health point of view, there are still the best age. To sperm quality, for example, although older men's sperm is not aging, density or even higher, but activity has decreased significantly, but the momentum does not move with abnormal sperm counts increased by 20% the speed of a sperm metabolism The decline in metabolism also generates a lot of waste, imagine the negative impact on future generations.

In addition, men had a 35-year-old, male hormone the body began to decay, on average every year, the amount of their testosterone production fell by 1%. Thus, like women, men have reproductive biological clock, but a man's reproductive clock greater flexibility Bale.

male reproductive biological clock according to the law, the French geneticist who studies have shown Morrison, aged 30 to 35 year-old father of children born to the best. The reason is: a man's sperm quality in 30 years of age reached a peak, and then for 5 years to 35 years of age, after the decline in the quality.

as men age, their sperm, like eggs will not occur as genetic problems, and let eggs greatly reduced ability to conceive. The older man, the worse the quality of sperm, the more genetic variation, disease, strokes provoke disaster more likely. So far has found that about 20 different diseases and the aging father. Thus, men want to father, or as soon as possible as well.

key two: six months after quitting smoking before birth

too much will lead to sperm abnormalities, the same long-term smokers of normal sperm reduction in the number, an average reduction of about 10%. Support those who smoke 21-30 a day, the incidence of abnormal sperm was significantly higher; smoke 30 or more, a higher incidence of abnormal sperm. Longer smoking, the more abnormal sperm, and with the steady decline in the number of normal sperm, sperm motility is also reduced. Colleagues also found that stopping smoking six months after the sperm will be back to normal.

In addition, some people had more than 5,000 pregnant women were analyzed and found her husband smoking 10 or more per day, significantly increased fetal mortality, prenatal; smoking more, the mortality rate will be higher. And her husband smoking women, the proportion of birth defects in children than husbands do not smoke around 2.5 times higher.

Therefore, men should have family planning to quit early, the wife should try to stay away from smoking and the environment.

key three: a drunk to be three months before the recent male birth

worldwide decline in semen quality due to problems with the world attention. Many experts believe that some men drinking smoking lifestyle is leading to decline in semen quality, reproductive health, one of the main poor. According to many clinicians, a lot of men seek treatment for problem drinking and smoking did not agree that in preparation for birth control before the right can, and ignore this unhealthy way of life stage effects on the body.

studies have found that patients with chronic alcoholism testicular atrophy may occur, resulting in semen quality. Thus, drunk once again for the harm sperm is not a day or two to restore, if you want to return to the sperm quality before drinking at least three months. Experts believe that there are men of family planning, at least three months before the drink after his wife pregnant in order to ensure the health of the fetus.

key four: to son, man to many efforts

According to Japan's her husband by adjusting the appropriate changes in diet or physical activity and energy consumption, it is possible the sex of their children birth control.

results show that: the husband semen is slightly alkaline, the wife more than boys; weak acidity, the wife more than a girl; neutral, boy or woman the same chance. If the body has accumulated more acid, a boy born in the Y sperm can than X sperm viability was lost more quickly, in this case the children born to a very few men.

researchers pointed out that her husband would like a boy, should stop the fierce campaign to reduce energy consumption, to maintain the alkaline body fluids; In addition, some of the daily intake should be more alkaline foods such as fresh vegetables, fruit. For a girl, may be appropriate to increase the amount of exercise and often make indoor physical labor, so that a slight acidification of body fluids, and some day you can eat more acidic foods such as rice, fish, meat, poultry and eggs.
couples of childbearing age to optimize the best combination of

eugenics depends on both men and women, it emphasizes the best combination of couples of reproductive age is most critical. French scientists have praised the optimal combination of age is the best: women between the ages of 25 to 30, men 30 to 35 years old; the same time, the best birth to have a husband and wife age difference, that my father than a mother big 6-7 years old or so.

reason: this stage of the women physically and mentally mature, high-quality eggs, the male sperm quality but also in peak condition, and a five-year high-quality, described as perfect match, If pregnant fertility, fewer complications, childbirth high safety, premature, deformed children, and the lowest incidence of Chi Daier, more children born healthy, intelligent.

recent years, the eugenicist who have noticed some Lake, Chai Clain Chomsky's father than the mother, large 18-year-old Marie Curie's parents also vary as much as 14 years old.

a mystery, although in still being explored, but the advantages certainly contributed to the age of two: some older father, intelligence is relatively mature, and passed on to the next generation. password
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~ [good enough for a lifetime of vitamins]

dry eye: Vitamin A, carotene
bad breath: Vitamin B6, zinc
teeth are not strong: Vitamin A, calcium, iron
lips dry and peeling: Vitamin A, B2
anemia, hands and feet cool: Vitamin B6, folic acid, iron
fatigue, poor energy: lack of vitamin B1,dr dre headphones sale, B2, B6
excessive hair loss, dandruff too: Vitamin A, B6, zinc, calcium
brown hair bifurcation: Vitamin E, iron
black eye: Vitamin A, C, E
appear pigmentation, Melasma: Vitamin C, E, folic acid
wrinkles appear earlier, and more: lack of Vitamin A, C, E, selenium
inelastic skin, dull: Vitamin B1, B2
dry skin, rough pores: Vitamin A, B6, zinc
growth retardation: Vitamin A, B1, B2
poor vision, eyes sensitive to light, dry: Vitamin A, B1, B2, selenium
sweating, night sweats: lack of vitamin D, calcium, iron
purple tongue, mouth rot: Vitamin B3 , B6 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~ girls, come to save you the [pelvis]! Let your hip bone the way to smaller PP! Boys actually need! Love Rocker his legs have been deformed pelvis, oh! Rocker his legs to stop it!
last night in bed watching
fact, many of us in real life there is a distortion of the pelvic problem, today's young people na, love clever his legs, I am also. There are not walking with the correct sitting posture and so on, will lead us to the pelvis deformation. The most serious is that had a child after the pelvic support during pregnancy are significant, severe deformation, so the birth of a child to become a great ass, and often is, after the birth of a child, mothers will have a series of bm problem, there is now girls are cold hands and feet, what dysmenorrhea, related to the pelvis is not correct. Now you realize the importance of our bodies pelvis, right!
first half of the set is presented in a number of cattle Seoul correction tools, such as some type of correction bandages, body sculpting pants, there are some special cushion and so on. Set is the focus of the second half, make a well-known in Japan zhenggushi his mother is Japanese orthopedic specialist, so he gave us a very simple but very effective in several actions, the effect is soon to see See.
scene, three female stars, there are two birth to a child of the. Before the start of the trial were all their body temperature and the amount of the circumference of the hip bone, so in his guidance, five minutes later, almost everyone around the number of hip bone are reduced by 2 cm! ! ! And the temperature has increased a lot, but then I did it again, did not compare the amount of my hip bone, but I think my body is a bustling, until the feet, super comfortable! Usually I am the representative of cold hands and feet before going to bed have to take a bath, hot into bed to sleep.

start main topic: This action is before going to sleep every day to do
1. Lying on the floor (the bed is too soft), legs spread, shoulder width, feet were placed outside the eight. Hands straight at your sides, relax the whole person. . . Relax. . .
2. Regularly shake your feet and do what we usually say Then you will feel very relaxed here, the pelvis, this action probably like to sit 1 minute.
3. With our arms, our bodies hold up slightly, hands shoulder width, body is straight, then only the heel and palm of the ground. Repeat 2 of the action, shaking legs, say Do 10 seconds.
4. Lie flat, feet outside the eight straight, slowly lift distance of 30 cm with the ground, several 10 seconds, forced down, repeat 3 times. Then, repeat Step 3 above, it is warm, your body begins to feel warmer.
5. Like just now lie flat, within eight feet, lift his legs, was 30 ° with the ground the way, and then hit you hard with each other the second joints of the thumb Bigfoot (Bigfoot is your thumb and foot junction) that joint. Must be hard, although it will hurt, knock look under 10, down. Then repeat.
6. Finally, the focus here! Or just the position, within eight feet, force each other off to Bigfoot thumb, off to try to open the same time within the eight, by the Thigh must be hard! Then maintain this position, lift the legs and the ground was 30 °, tens of seconds, then it is hard to put down, repeat.
OK, done, easy!
You may wish to compare the amount of volume before and after your hip bone circumference, is the stomach, protruding on both sides of the body where two bones, you will feel incredible! ! Of course, this action is only a temporary closure of your pelvis, do not think it will allow the pelvis to do something smaller, I continue to do so a month, will maintain this size. If you are the kind of unconsciously, people have to Rocker his legs, it must do every day to save your pelvis slightly deformed.
back quickly tell the side of women have it ~ ~ I wish we all health every day! PS: Do not Rocker his legs slightly! Must be overcome! !

martial door

Suzaku Gate

screen doors screen doors is a gate of Xi'an city wall, located in the south wall between the door Hanguangmen and Suzaku. South Gate called small screen doors do not, is the Republic of newly opened gate. 1926, to commemorate the martyrs of Shaanxi 1911, Mr. Wells not to screen and repair. Do not screen doors for the first single openings, four-door House Street, outside the Red Poppy Road.

Jianguomen Xi'an city wall a gate, the south wall is the most eastern one. Opened at the founding, in order to commemorate the founding of New China in this great historical event, named Jianguomen. Door way for the founding of the road, outside the T-junction with the Ring Road.

liberation gate door is a wall of Xi'an, formerly the main entrance, known as the small North Gate, located in Xi'an Railway Station is the former. The door opened in the Republic of the liberation period in 1952 due to expansion of the railway station square and removal, as Xi'an city wall a gap, re-connect in 2005, leaving the Xi'an City Wall Completed. Jiefang Road, within the gates, outside the city of Station Square.

Suntech gate door is a wall of Xi'an, located in the north west wall liberation door, opened in after the founding. And martial door, Shangqin door, the door is still common that the Confucian respect for Kim's Suntech Road is within the gates, the city outside the winding mountain path to the West Railway Station.

Hanguangmen Hanguangmen
a gate of Xi'an city wall, the south west is Chang'an Imperial door. Han Tang shrink build a new town was built, the closure of the Simon hole, hole to retain the East Gate, after the full closure of the Northern Song Dynasty. Hanguangmen now openings for the dual-type traffic island, sweet and well within the gates, outside the city of Han Guang Road.

still frugal door

Wenchang Xi'an city wall a door is the gate, opened in 1986. Located in the south wall Yongning Gate (South Gate) and the Peace Arch between. Here the walls built Kuixinglou Building, is the only city wall of Xi'an has nothing to do with the military defense facilities. Xian Ming and Qing government and the Confucius Temple, built in the Science Museum next to the wall this side of Forest of Stone Tablets, also Kuixinglou Building built in the wall above. Kuixinglou Building this new feature under the gate was named Wenchang door. Is within the cypress gates, outside the city for the literary road.

Peace Arch is a gate of Xi'an city wall, opened in 1953, is located in Wenchang, south wall between the door and Jianguomen. Doors open at peace after the founding, in order to express the people of war-torn China of the desire for world peace, hence the name Peace Arch. Ready-made door to peace road, outside the city of Yanta Road. Peace Arch and the train station, big bad city, Big Wild Goose Pagoda in one axis.

Do not

martial door is a gate of Xi'an city wall, north wall is the most western one, opened in after the founding. And Suntech door, Shangqin door, the door is still common that the Confucian respect for Kim's Now three-way gates in the northwest, outside the city for the workers and peasants road.

Anyuan door is the North Gate of Xi'an City Wall, the Ming and Qing Xian north of the city gates. Located in Xi'an City, north and south axis. An inheritance is far from word Han imperial court of the Central Plains to the remote ethnic minority appeasement policy of appeasement, hoping the court indebted to ethnic minorities in remote submission. Transportation for the island is the north gate, the city is outside the Ring Road - the Longhai railway viaduct, off the road for the North Main Street, said the road to North Avenue door.

Wenchang door

Yongning door is a gate of Xi'an city wall, is often called the South Gate. Yongning door is the oldest in the gate of Xi'an, the longest one in use, built in Suichu, then it is the Imperial City in the south east three gates of an original called security door, Tang Jian Han Jian reduction When reserved for Metro South Gate, Wing Ning Ming Dynasty to the door. Yongning door transportation around the island now, there are outside the South Gate Plaza, South Main Street door, then outside the South Gate Centre Street.

Peace Arch

liberation door

Yongning door

Suzaku gate is a gate of Xi'an city wall, the Imperial City is the South Gate of Tang, as representatives of the four images in the south named Suzaku. Ha is the central city of Suzaku Avenue. Sui and Tang dynasties, the emperor often held here in celebration. Are not in the south wall screen doors (small South Gate) and Yongning Gate (South Gate), with door to large insurance Kat Lane, outside of Suzaku Avenue.


Jian Xian city wall the door is still a gate in the liberation of the north wall between the door and Shangqin door, opened in after the founding. And Suntech door, Shangqin door, door co-martial, said the Confucian respect for the Kim is still way within the gates, outside the city to the East Railway Station winding mountain path.
尚勤 door
Shangqin door is a gate of Xi'an city wall, north wall is the most eastern one, opened in after the founding. And Suntech door, martial door, the door is still common that the Confucian respect for Kim's Now within the gates Shangqin Road, outside the city into a T-junction with the Ring Road.
Simon Andingmen Xi'an city wall, opened in the Ming and Qing Dynasties. West of the Imperial Tang Andingmen the door, Han Tang build a new building shrink when preserved. Expansion of the Ming Dynasty when the position slightly to the south wall. West Street is now within the gates, outside the West off Main Street.
Yuxiang Gate
Yuxiang Gate is a gate of Xi'an city wall, known as Little Simon, is a west wall, north of Simon. Republic of China, the Shaanxi provincial governor, General Sung Che-yuan Feng to commemorate the historic achievements, special to open this door, named Yuxiang door. In 1926, surrounded by the northern warlords Liu Zhenhua 8 months old Xi'an, Xi'an to make more than 40,000 people starve to death, until the rate of General Feng Yuxiang Liu Zhenhua Hou Xian National Army was able to beat the siege. There outside the door Yuxiang Yuxiang Square, the road to Daqing Road, door to Lianhu Road.
Changle Gate
Changle Gate East Gate of Xi'an city wall, opened in the Ming and Qing Dynasties. Because the capital Nanjing in the east of Xi'an, Off the road outside the East Main Street, East Street door.
Zhongshan Zhongshan Gate of Xi'an city wall the door is a gate, also known as the small East Gate, Chaoyang Gate in east wall between the door and Changle. In Feng initiative, in early 1926 opened the door, Zhongshan, in honor of the national revolutionary leader Sun Yat-sen named. Now within the gates for the East New Street, Shing Mun Road into a T-junction with the Ring.
Chaoyang Gate is a gate of Xi'an city wall, east wall is the most northern one, opened in after the founding. Gates toward the sun because this is the first day the gates to see the sun, so called sunrise door. Gates in the East Rd, outside of Changle Road.

Anyuan door

Suntech Doors

more funny is that the people actually to expand the inquiry body as a result of market reforms. More than a few people in the market inquiry body, the result is to make several institutions involved in carving up dinner with the privilege, the market shares of high price-earnings ratio also proved this point. Increasing body of course is a technical improvement, but no punitive measures, boosting the interests of institutions will become the chain's grasshopper.

2010 full year total of 531 companies in the A-share market financing, financing 1.02752 trillion yuan; A-share market IPO company has 347 total financing 4883 billion, more than 2007 had set the historical record; A-share market to implement a major reorganization of assets 47, the amount of 133.8 billion yuan trading. 2010 will raise the world's first stock market, IPO over the previous three years combined, and almost out in the stock market ranks the world's worst. Beginning of 2011 continues this pattern, although the money is still tight, but the pace of issuance of new shares has not changed.

institutions (including large organizations) are not responsible for their offer, because in this market, compliance costs are too low, but not worth the credit. Exposure of the Zhejiang No. 1, a collection of gold exchange asset management plan, Which China Trust and other companies have been punished? Scenic mountains and rivers are not even say, the Sponsor and its underlying securities company can even continue through the streets, to be honest who ridicule the industry, companies continue to issue the invitation to fraud.

2011 Earlier this year, CSRC Chairman Shang Fulin at the national work conference on securities and futures regulation, emphasizing the expansion of direct financing, the first is to expand the Third Market. That we must concentrate on the work started to extend the pilot Zhongguancun, accelerate the construction of a unified national OTC market regulation, regulatory reform and further promote the bond issue, a significant increase in the size of bond financing.

expand new Third Market trading, cultivating the Third Market makers, mainly high-tech innovation in China in order to solve the financing problems of SMEs, the GEM can not accommodate the large number of SMEs in the appetite, it takes three board shunt. However, the amount of financing exchange market did not become smaller, less than two weeks after the New Year time, 16 IPO, raising 24.26 billion yuan, this rate the whole year will reach 576 billion yuan IPO fund-raising, more than crazy 2010.

shares break first, because the size of listed companies and funds, market confidence is not matched. 2010 policy change, inflation seems to have become the stock market, the cost of reform to solve a powerful weapon, the stock market is becoming China's economic restructuring in the financial conveyor.

mechanisms for issuing new shares not break the results of market-oriented reforms, but rather exploit the consequences of unfair distribution mechanism is the inevitable consequence.

damp breaking A-share market weakness is typical signs that SMEs have high price-earnings ratio, market blue-chip is the perennial losers, the expected profitability of the bank is super-sucking machine trillion, just after New Year's Day, can not wait to launch the refinancing program. Accordance with the 2009, 2010, bad loans as well as concerns about bank refinancing in 2011 the scale of not less than 2010, the massive influx of funding will continue to replenish capital, the relaxation of foreign investment into the stock market incentives will also be continuously introduced, the government hopes will lead to stock market funds, and out of the property market. But the reality is the opposite.

China IPO mechanism is to be a word that we learned from the market, nothing is learned. Main reason is that distorted market incentives, creating a mixed, dignitaries and entrepreneurs flourishes situation.

that break new shares to reflect normal market, to help a market recovery rational argument is nonsense. China experienced several broken damp shares, which once let the market senses it? By 2010, not the ultimate reason to the madness. A reference material, 1993, fund-raising rush of new shares 21.2 billion, is the sum of all previous years three times, the second year of A shares fell 22 percent, and the emergence of new shares suspended; in 2000 jumped to 83.5 billion new shares and fund-raising high, 70% higher than in 1999, 2001, A shares fell 20 percent, and the emergence of new shares suspended; 2007 shares surged again to a record fund-raising 44.7 billion yuan, while the A shares inception to 2005 shares for all years before raising a total of 490 billion yuan, a year worth more than a decade, appeared in 2008 the biggest ever in a bear market A shares fell 65%, and the emergence of new shares suspended; the beginning of 2011, two weeks, an average of 16 new shares more of an issue price of 44.10 yuan, price-earnings ratio 77.88 times, 13.29 times the issue of book value in excess of 2010, 30.32 yuan, 54.96 percent and 10.33 times the average.

's sphere of interest in high-premium, the underwriting sponsor, listed companies, accountants and law firms get what they want, as long as the issue of high prices, will be able to reap excessive profits super-raised, super-raised part of the cost of greatly enhanced. New shares issued at a premium or high, or a large area of ​​the break, the fact is very clear warning failure of China's stock market pricing mechanism. Do not admit it is touch with reality, recognize the fact that strengthen supervision and punish fraud on the pricing of irresponsible companies and organizations, raised funds to eliminate excess costs, the market will be back to normal.

Friday morning at eight , twelve and his party , together with the driving of the two coaches , two separate car to the examination room .
in driving test cars , the broken Yeah , open half bad , cart . Wait until the examination room , on-site repair .
Driving a new look at other people 's cars , new and regular .

9 o'clock opening test , test in the waiting room , there are four live television broadcast live video exam .
embrace a small driving school , the beginning of three people, all failed. Other Driving has failed .
was driving with the other participants in the study , found that several other actions are not the same driving school , some times more than we operation , plus on the test if the tension , so it is easy to mistake.

waiting room of the security test real cow , always talking in loud voices that comment big batch of trainees , although the practice right, but the attitude is bad , it seems the same as the treatment of prisoners . The results provoke our coach , the coach of security trouble a few , all participants loudly applauded , have supported the coach's act of justice

examination of electronic pile , skid , hit the shot out of bounds or have voice error , need to re- years, there are two opportunities . Uneven ground that the examination room , easy car skidding , so be careful.

following is the usual practice to note down the coach's methods for examination of the human need to reference :

the other hand, sales in China due to the current minimum grade of gasoline has reached 90, in most cases (that is, the owner is not car (Note: In Europe because they have very strict environmental requirements, oil label is really high, it is necessary to exclude the majority of cars directly imported from Europe), in particular, there is no need to use China-made cars more than 97 gasoline.
I now give you a useful list, you can press a single oil:
9.5 compression ratio in the following: 90
10.5 compression ratio between 9.5: 93
compression ratio in 10.5 above: 95
If you are not the owners of a more intense driving, you can then lower level. However, in that case, you will need to occasionally (about every 3000--5000 km) add some injector cleaner. Even so, more than pay more than one liter of oil can cost more money!
you the owner, not to the PetroChina and Sinopec became their misleading use of the car owners who cherish their psychological, and successfully created the most profitable company in Asia (and because listed in Hong Kong so few Chinese people enjoy the dividends of China's oil)! Even earn so much dirty money, they kept saying that the loss of refining it!
their refining losses it? If you come to understand the big flicker, it is really possible, but certainly not now!
■ fuel octane grade that is a monotonically rising curve, and the compression ratio corresponding relationship between the non-function. The higher grade of fuel oil combustion, the slower, lower combustion knock, the engine needs a higher compression ratio; the other hand, low-grade fuel combustion speed, combustion knock a large, relatively low compression engine.
■ Low grade gasoline burn faster, the ignition angle to lag; slow combustion of high-grade fuel, ignition advance angle.
■ In addition to other instructions, OEMs will be marked inside the fuel tank cap fuel grade recommended.
■ OEM recommended engine oil grade can meet requirements.
■ If the fuel in the field, you can add high-level grade of fuel, low octane fuel to avoid engine damage.
Beijing market is the sale of gasoline unleaded gasoline, and other labels are 90,93,95,97. The calibration of these figures is the gasoline octane, gasoline antiknock behalf, and the cleanliness of gasoline unrelated. Do not refuel the owner by the
antiknock gasoline octane number of the evaluation is that the gasoline grade. It is actually a standard gasoline antiknock antiknock gasoline ratio. Standard gasoline is isooctane and heptane composition. Good antiknock isooctane, the octane number as 100; heptane antiknock poor, prone on the gasoline engine knock, the octane number as 0. If the gasoline grade 90, then the label containing iso-octane petrol and 90%, 10% n-heptane has the same standard gasoline antiknock.
from an economic point of view, when the extraction of refining of high purity iso-octane gasoline to do is for money. Usually contain a certain purity to extract the multi-component alkane isooctane and then adding anti-knock additives, which can significantly improve the antiknock gasoline. We can vividly described as
Because most cars now use fuel injection engine, in which the catalytic converters on gasoline additives are very sensitive to lead poisoning of antiknock additives will make it fail, the Beijing market, the sale of leaded petrol is no longer a.
car engines at the design stage, based on the compression ratio set by the fuel of the label. Engine compression ratio is a very important structural parameter, which said compression piston beginning the next stop point of the gas volume at TDC and the piston end of the volume of gas compression ratio. From the power and economy in terms of compression ratio should be the bigger the better. Compression ratio, power, thermal efficiency, vehicle acceleration, maximum speed, etc. will be increased accordingly. But by the cylinder gasoline combustion knock material properties and the constraints of gasoline compression ratio can not be too great. Engine compression ratio and high-end cars, luxury or not, are not necessarily linked. Simply put, the higher the compression ratio can be used transportation fuel label. The higher grade of fuel oil combustion, the slower, lower combustion knock, the engine needs a higher compression ratio; the other hand, low-grade fuel combustion speed, combustion knock a large, relatively low compression engine.
label but also to fuel the engine ignition timing problems. Low-grade gasoline burn faster, the ignition angle to lag; slow combustion of high-grade fuel, ignition advance angle. For example, an engine 93 in accordance with specification requirements should be added to gasoline, gasoline is now 90, joined the need to use timing lights, adjust the ignition timing lag once to twice. If you do not follow the OEM recommendations, the use of low-grade fuel, not the ignition time adjustment may cause difficulty in starting the engine; acceleration, the engine has the crisp sound of metal crash; long-distance traffic, turn off the engine when the ignition switch jitter or does not stop running.
then choose the higher grade of gasoline is not better? No. Gasoline grade selection was based primarily on the engine compression ratio. Compression ratio, ignition timing and other parameters have been set up in the engine computer, and the owner as long as strict accordance with the requirements of select gasoline shows absolutely no problem. Hyundai Motor's engine computer program, the poor against the explosion of gasoline set for micro-adjustment of the adaptation process, while the high-grade gasoline is not the appropriate procedure. Therefore, the blind use of high-grade gasoline, resulting in motion will not only speed up the weakness of the phenomenon, and its advantages of high antiknock not play, will result in a waste of money.

everyone in the end what grade of gasoline that used, reproduced an article riders, only for reference.

car drink oil, the compression ratio the final say. Generally the greater the compression ratio the higher the grade of gasoline demand. Typically, the compression ratio should be used in the 7.5-8.0 motor gasoline, No. 90-93; compression ratio of 8.0-8.5 should be used in motor gasoline, No. 90-93; compression ratio of 8.5-9.0 should be selected in motor gasoline, No. 93-95; compression 9.5-10.0 95-97 should be used than in gasoline. Specific use your car in the end what grade of gasoline, has stated in the manual, follow the instructions fuel is wrong.
the above passage, almost as PetroChina and Sinopec in the cylinder compression ratio for automobile gasoline label correspondence with the standard answer to most of China's car owners will do so.
However, there really is so?
Last year I went to the United States, found that most gas stations oil from 87 to 93, in general, 87 for the Regular, 89 number of Silver, and 93 for the Gold. Simply do not 97 and 98 petrol, in fact, most people use or Regular, which is 87 oil. But also in television shows and magazines often have articles reminding consumers not to over-demanding gasoline label.
But in China, PetroChina and Sinopec have repeatedly asked for more than 93 drivers to use gasoline, saying that gasoline will be phased out 90. Even in some areas to reduce that to stop the supply of 90 gasoline. People can not help but feel that question: Is China's car than the United States still fine to eat it? To know in the U.S. Mercedes-Benz, BMW and many people use 89 octane it!
regret to tell you, ladies and owners, yet you have been fooled!
First, I admit that oil companies say is not wrong in principle, but they give the numbers are very misleading!
so-called grade of gasoline that is actually a standard gasoline antiknock antiknock gasoline ratio. The higher the grade, the stronger the antiknock performance. Standard gasoline is isooctane and heptane composition. Good antiknock isooctane, the octane number as 100; heptane antiknock poor, prone on the gasoline engine knock, the octane number as 0. If the gasoline grade 90, then the label containing iso-octane petrol and 90%, 10% n-heptane has the same standard gasoline antiknock.
then, usually under what circumstances the car will knock it? Tell you it, the higher the speed, the more prone to detonation. As China has the lowest grade of gasoline to 90, so in general, only when the speed is very high (at least to the red zone), it may have knock. In other words, if you saw the green light is not a foot pedal to the metal in the end on the
why oil companies would want us to use the old high-grade petrol? The key to the production costs. In China, in fact, did not have much (to say no) oil cracking method is to use multiple high-grade gasoline to produce! Previously, the label can add a small amount of gasoline, tetraethyl lead to significantly improved anti-knock gasoline, and later due to pollution is too serious, so it is prohibited by the state. Then, they switch to the manganese additive (at least this additive has long been banned in Europe), plays exactly the same with tetraethyl lead role. However, the factory oil prices is calculated by repeatedly cracking, that is, the so-called 90,93,95,97 grade of gasoline, etc., but adding different amounts of manganese additives in products only, between them The only difference between the real cost to twenty-three cents in pennies, but they differ in the retail price on their own ... you know. That is, they sold 90 more gasoline, earn less money; and sell more high-grade gasoline, then the profit will be fan-fold increase, so there will be more and more gas stations posted Notice that there is no 90 out of gasoline sold.

! !

[ turn ] Oh, very funny picture !

[ turn ] a very funny picture Oh!


1. if you have him, please you as little as possible to let him jealous. You should know that he can refuse all you girls to the requirements of the point just to your peace of mind.
2. if you have him, you loyal to him.
3. if you have him, please do not take someone else's good to compare with him, although his mouth does not speak, but his heart will be very hard to accept. Since you have chosen him, do not find fault with his minor shortcomings, he would have his own way to love you, because he is him.
4. if you have him, please point your left statue in front of friends made, because then other people can only joke is you and not him.
5. If you have him, please talk to him before you do great things to discuss to discuss, though you are his ..
6. if you have him, you kick the ball to him when he wiped the sweat from his face. This is better than he was hunched over as you are willing to tie their shoes difficult.
7. If you have him, you would say: 8. If you have him, he was drunk after you give him to prepare a cup of milk or a cup of honey, then let him sleep quickly after a wipe. Instead he kept calling him a drunk.
9. if you love him, you think of ways to help him quit smoking, rather than to throw him cigarettes.
10. if you love him , please reply to his text messages or phone, because I do not know if you see you, how much he fears and miss .....



1. If you have her, please do not ambiguous and the other woman. If she has this, you will like it?
2. If you have her, please do not supervise her at anytime, anywhere, not annoying like constantly asked her where. Some things do not ask much, do not control much, because everyone has their own space, even if the couple is. You have to believe her loyalty to you ....... 3. If you have her, please remember all of her love, remember her every wish, remember the taste of her, remember she did not eat anything, remember what she was allergic to remember what she was afraid, remember her pain, not only to remember her birthday but also remember the birthday of her family. ....( if the brain can not remember, you remember in the notebook) (preferably set to bank card password )........ 4. If you have her, do not look at those old roadside beauty, at least not in time with her to see ~
5. If you have her in when she needs you as much as possible as soon as possible back to her side, because she needs your shoulders. Even if you can not reach, no matter how busy have to return a text message or telephone.
6. If you have her, make her sad when you give him a shoulder (not Pareto), then you can coax a child the same as patting her gently : stink face, not too macho. Love is equal, the real understanding and mutual understanding son.
8. If you have her, please remember that all of her commitment, since to say, do not abandon.
9. If you have her, please you have been holding her hand, do not easily loose, give her happiness!
10. If you have her, when she did not pay attention to your feelings because, while the other boys broke into boisterous after a long time to find you an apology, please do not blame her, you only have to say : !

boys and girls:
If you have another, please Jane in front of you every minute, will you be faithful, trust . If you betrayed any point, and perhaps regret will accompany you for a lifetime.
have their own loved ones, and really love each other, looked at a certain turn, no, love does not turn turn ......

One day, Big Brother into the parking lot, parking is automatic, the manager shouted at him: , brother to a roar, , Big Brother sweat down, shouted to the , 93 to save money, not the Mercedes-Benz BMW no need to add 97 , Big Brother is sister to see extraordinary temperament, with his parking place to a see the brother of the Phaeton, is sister walked away and said the left.

One day, hosted a ** senior brother, drove to his home to pick him up, brother respectful of the door open, officials came closer, said, On the A6 out of it cars pulled out alive, ah, >

One day, brother married a friend of important friends, like to take a heavy truck, big brother kind of person, though very heart of your car, but also generous loan, the car after a friend, brother proud to ask to wedding car, your car discharged into the marriage last a dedicated team pick on the elderly and the older children had.

I always treasure the feelings , then I always thought you is not important , so I never do not care how you feel and even , sometimes inadvertently hurt you until much later , I found that you actually I remember the most is not the youth off the home page .

~ * World Chih under
; a stupid Sheng on earth `` `
``. to scold stem .
& bitter ] `` * '
; ~ ~ scars ,

17. We are not quite perfect, but we have to accept the imperfections of their own. In the lonely, comfort yourself; the lonely, give yourself warm. Learn to be independent, bid farewell to rely on, say goodbye to the weakness of their own. Life is not only warm, life is not always the way flat, but as long as you have confidence in ourselves, to know their value, understand the value their own, all the world is not perfect, you can be comfortable with.

24. love it too late, get married too early; not spend it, earn it too difficult; no mood to play it, work it did not graduate; with too tender with 80 with 90 together after too old ... ... is you?

4. If one day you say you want me, I will say: too late ...

5. to give a kind of wisdom, the defect is a boon: When you have six apples, they should eat five others out on the surface, you lose five apples, five people actually get the friendship and goodwill. When people with other fruits, they will certainly share with you, you will get an orange, a pear, and finally you may get five different fruits, five different flavors, five different colors, five people friendship.

34. a few very high-handed, you like to NOT true? 1, you are not allowed to bear the sad, my shoulder is what furnishings. 2, you are not allowed to stay up late, tired to stay up all night do not understand? Are you tired I would feel bad. 3, allowed you to get up early, breakfast, etc. I do end up in front of you again. 4, allowed you cranky, my heart is so big, filled with all you. 5, allowed you to do the world's first happiness of the people, because of you I am the happiest.

37. cloudy, do not it will rain. Break up, not necessarily the most sad. Hate, not necessarily a lifetime. Disappointed, not necessarily despair. Face, not necessarily the most difficult. Alone does not necessarily unhappy. Have, not necessarily stay together. Silence, not necessarily cold. Lost, not necessarily no longer have. Failure will not necessarily give up. Miracle, not necessarily does not appear. As long as the seconds do not despair, the next second there will be hope!

23. Life is not if, and only the consequences and results. The reason why people are not happy, it may be wasted by their own. Too obsessed with a person, a situation, one thing, the number of youth to waste ... ...

16. Woman: I already have a boyfriend. M: I do not mind, I still like you. Others comments - good lovestruck man. M: I have a girlfriend. Woman: I do not mind, I still like you. Others comment on - wipe! Shameless primary three.

20. Workplace three laws;: either endure! Or ruthless! Or roll!

33. love, we all believe the lies.

35.: ❶ Life is like a pressure cooker. Too much pressure on yourself when ripe. ❷ you think I will watch you to die it? Absolutely not, I will close my eyes. ❸ world's farthest distance, not the ends of the earth, but I am in telecommunications, you Netcom. ❹ saliva is used to Shuchao Piao, rather than in terms of reason. ❺ problems start to find the cause, not a strange planet has no gravity constipation.

49. to put ten men and a woman on a desert island, after three months, see a man who made a sedan chair carried the woman playing a woman charming and moving, a face peach! Then put the ten women and a man on a desert island, after three months, see the women around a coconut tree, there is a stone's throw up, have to take fruit funny, thin man monkey, clinging to tree would not die down!

10. ❶ small raccoon is not your Lord, you play not fun. ❷ Life is too short to be sexy. ❸ or forbearance, or cruel. ❹ The Union: may seem about; second line: But not necessarily. ❺ some things do not resent this, the surface subject to secretly resistance. ❻ the courage to admit, determined not to change. ❼ man is a dog, who pulled who has the ability. ❽ oath is just a temporary slip of the tongue.

46.1. because money-dirt, so the flowers are always inserted in cow dung. 2 men want to lock the zipper wallet women, women want to lock a man's pants zipper. 3 men engaged in a woman's belly is big, man or men engaged in a big belly. The former because of fertilization, the latter because of alcohol. 4 bathroom mirror mounted purpose: to let people Sa Paoniao look in the mirror. 5 in tears and in the doubly wound, the effect is the same.

44. We all like a clown, playing five balls, five balls is your job, health, family, friends and soul. This is only a five ball made of rubber, will fall to bounce, it is working. The other four balls are made of glass, out on the break. This passage is worth considering.

50. What are unreliable these days, and only depend on themselves, referred to as: I ... by!

26. guy: / p>

27. there will always be a man, perhaps he is very good, he looks good; is he nothing, do not look nice, but we are loved him; we are paying for him, as he waited , as he himself did not even know themselves. When we ignorant, there is always so personal, let us his Fanjian many years. Finally came to their senses, looking back: the man than this, but our

Zhou quotations
1. a man to buy a car, take 10 million to a man with only 99,998 yuan, he sent two dollars! Suddenly, he found the door a beggar, beggars on the past, said: I also bought one to help.

2. This is the world's most difficult feelings, there are two: one is a man always cry for you only know how to shed blood. Second, only know how to bleed a man, actually, for you shed tears.

22. refrigerator has five eggs, first to the second said: hey ~ ~ you see the first five eggs are hairy scary eh oh ~ ~ good ~! The second to the third said: hey ~ ~ you see the first five eggs are hairy oh ~ ~ awful awful eh ~! The third of the fourth, said: hey ~ ~ you see the first five eggs are hairy ... oh ... the fifth egg heard: roll ~! I was kiwi ~! ! !

31. three things in life: learn to learn to calculate the closing learn to give up. Theory in three words: Forget it! It does not matter! In the past years! Society Sanle: helping others contented own entertainment. Learn three do not: Do not take someone else's mistake to punish myself not to take their mistakes to punish other people do not take their mistakes to punish themselves. Life three hate: a hate-free Hong Begonia two hate hate Dream shad spiny three unfinished

36. a woman love that lies 5: 1. tell me about you and her story, I will not angry (angry to be finished) 2 old couple, not what Valentine's Day gift (do not buy you're finished) 3. I think I really do not fit you (I do not like you) 4. I do not want a boyfriend (flash side of it! your spouse is not to my standards half) 5. my heart worried about a person (that person is specifically for people like you fictional)

28.'s troubles on the 12 words, let go, things too hard, see through, forget it.

Loser Fenfen QQ: 605654542

29. If you have 100 million to buy suites it, our collection of love; you have 100,000 to buy a car right, drive our love; you have 1 million to buy diamond ring it, the witness of our love; you have 01,000, went to the countryside it, we love flying; you have 00100, candlelight dinner time to eat it, we love the romantic; you have 00,010, then buy bottles of water it, water our love.

3. learn these: 1. someone who was arrogant, you are open-minded. 2 others show off eloquence. You have to think cautious. 3 people desperately explicit, but you keeping a low profile. 4 people you fight I fight, you are far from wrong. 5 others to go straight, you have the financial side in the round. 6 others compete head-breaking, you have to retreat. 7. Other people can not afford to take place, but you resilient. 8 people arrogant, you do not explicitly do not show off. Low-key: the attitude, but also wisdom!

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13. cabbage, radish, seaweed, noodles, tofu happily go to a restaurant. People ask: Why go?

14. to forfeiting nine cattle tigers only force, to favorite girl written a love letter, he finally added: I replied well the papers and wait for your acceptance letter! ! ! Before long, reply to, and believe only two words: quota is full. Crawford did not give up, but also sent a letter: that I signed up to the next how? This reply is: wait for the next school term to say!

25.. Rabbit anti-hunters with guns to shoot, suddenly out of a black bear, the hunter had a chance to shoot it was flew, and after a half-hour black bear hunters who still flutter in the Hunters wonder: this is swollen what's going on? Suddenly he saw the black bears have sheets of cloth around his neck that read: Baby Bear.

8. a person often have the same dream, the dream always find that you have found the secret of major world can wake up to remember anything. Finally one day, he determined to make the secret digging out, so he put a pen and paper side of the pillow, and then go to bed. When he was dreaming, it seems to take advantage of non-awake when awake, to write down a secret world. Wake up, see the paper read: big banana is a banana peel is also great!

11. not a shortcut, otherwise it will Baipao; do not take the long road, otherwise it will be late; do not go evil ways, otherwise it will go to jail; do not go the underworld, otherwise the knife; do not just want to, pay no less; Do not worry was to be, we must quit impatient; do not expect anything in return, to the to the natural; Do not worry be, calm the mind, it would not get mad; not afraid to laugh, laugh to see who is old; not install know, do not know I had to ask.

32.Don 't say you love me unless you really mean it, because I might do something crazy like believe it. ------- Do not say you love me, unless you are serious, because I may make some crazy things, such as ...... I believe you.

41. correspondent interviewed a grandmother! Reporter:

42. [pun] 1. good people always say that I simply, in fact I know they are just embarrassed to say I SB. 2, the young, if love, let alone forever, that treasure. 3.TT, before I always knew that a browser, or something else was to know the name. 4 military quilt quality is good, not completely hide the quilt cell phone signal!

30. Why is the gangster street wear Qiuku boys, girls wearing stockings Qiuku street is? ? Why do boys wear boxer briefs to the streets is abnormal, that is, girls wear boxer shorts? ? ? Why do boys wear a vest is superior bladder Lord, girl wearing a vest is the harness? ? Why ah! Why!

18. people have to travel, especially girls. Knowledge is very important to a girl, you see more, you will naturally open-minded mind, broad vision, it will affect your views on many issues. Travel well-informed people, especially for girls, it will make their own confidence in the material world is not lost.

21. let you see through the seven life sentences: 1. the past and not come back, come back no longer perfect. 2 If not strong, weak to whom? 3. With mixed feelings, to see the complexity of life, take a complex way. 4 with the indifferent attitude of the students would have a good go with the flow. 5 occasional recall the past, I feel that my life in retreat. 6. Look, wait, failure, life is so tangled. 7. Not to us, but you is more suitable.

47. the most physical pain you have experienced a few: ❶ dinner bite his tongue. ❷ fell asleep in the car first hit the glass. ❸ play the clip, clip hand. ❹ sitting in a chair rocking chair, fell down himself. ❺ left foot right foot mixed results fall. ❻ hit the corner of a desk or cabinet, huge pain. ❼ tear from hard paste body. ❽ zipper pull clothes clip to the chin on the meat. ❾ step on the stairs suddenly Caikong fall. Have experienced, and that invincible!

6.. Why not Did you want me? !

7. only three days of life, who live in yesterday's confusion; live in tomorrow's people waiting; live in today, the most practical. You can never predict what tomorrow unexpected and much earlier, so we can do is do our utmost to have a good day. Remember: Today is always the people who died yesterday, expect tomorrow.

19. I have been to your world, unfortunately, only passing through it; you live in my heart, is actually unable to escape the hateful. I am your passerby, but you become a resident my heart sad passing ...... can not find the reason, you poor me, I am not qualified to evaluate.

43. girl immaturity: 1, to love as the most important things in life; 2, by the clothes to show his temperament; 3, easy for men to change their blind; 4, everyone telling their own emotional experience; 5, kept asking her boyfriend, error; 10, as the lovelorn end of the world

40. a woman, not too beautiful, too beautiful vase will be called; woman, not too intelligent, too intelligent and will be called the invisible killer; woman, can not be too sexy, too sexy to be called through the streets ; woman, can not be too gentle, too gentle to be called not assertive; woman, can not be too tough, too tough to be called tomboy; woman can not be too cute, too cute to be called naive. Sad to say women do!

45.] ① wisdom of an expert who could thoroughly understand, it is indisputable. ② open-minded people take to heart, it is not fighting. ③ enlightenment who knows God, it is not urgent. ④ Houde, in serious and humble, it is not noise. ⑤ reasonable person let go, it is not crazy. ⑥ confident person you work hard, it is not wrong. ⑦ Shigeyoshi people to make the world, it is not alone. ⑧ passion for fame and fortune were light, so not just. ⑨ quiet pedestrian far-reaching, it does not fold. ⑩ contented people often happy, it is not old.

48. men and women are different: 1. a woman unable to withstand the old man unable to withstand the poor. . 2 women desperate to get married. Desperate men and women will divorce him. . 3 women do make men feel bad lover, wife to a man a headache. . 4 woman special skill is like a baby, man special skill is lying. . 5 after a man loves a woman writing poetry, a woman loves a man will dream, men and women will love to do ....

39. [and girlfriends have to do the same thing 7] ① throw off her boyfriend, the best shopping partner; ② with beauty and fitness, for the beautiful work; ③ trash each other's emotions; listen to each other nagging; ④ went together to the examination; we have health; ⑤ watch the show with the animal in nature; with loud screaming. ⑥ Mei Mei self; ⑦ sing ktv, we must point tracks. Children's shoes, you have done these things?

12. three days of examination, since no prior review, in the history of the exam, most will not see the title, got up and left the examination room. Teacher was very surprised, I said: We young people should be more concerned about the future ... ...

9. If one day we amnesia, and forget like a. If one day we are speechless, unable to express. If one day we are blind, and never see. If one day we lose, never going up. If one day we lose the trust, and no longer deserve to be believed. If one day we can not communicate, can not tolerate, not pouring, can not extricate themselves, lawlessness ... what we have left?

38. This city is large enough to tolerate all your quirks and habits. People are busy in their own lives, to respect the privacy of indifference that pair. Very good, all right, then good, okay, we all say, so you say. Those who find you complain, the dumping end of grievances, but also leave you move on, you do not care how, because you just pretend to have listened. ---- The world is so big, so we can alone!

15. Dumb to restaurant: give me a rolls, some bread and a good word. The waiter brought rolls and bread, Dumb Q: I want good things it? The waiter whispered: Do not eat the rolls!

1, (boarding, the flight attendant welcoming MM in the machine door, up a handsome ... ...)
flight attendants MM: What would you block? > lined up behind the passengers fainted.
2, (boarding is completed, radio sounded ... ...)
flight attendant: take off the ... ... A stewardess had repeated aloud, still shaking his head to indicate the results of B flight attendants hear.
At this moment the passengers came over, leans stewardess B ear, said: -_-!!
4, (aircraft finally
flight attendant: ; male passengers silent. (Probably the first time to fly, he was a little nervous.)
Flight attendant explained: it, we will promptly help you! MM
flight attendants can not wait to return seat, call bell rang. MM stewardess looked back and saw the male passengers stood up, mouth facing the call bell yelled: do not drink. a glass of orange juice, a cup of Coke, a cup of coffee, but also ... ... for drinks in the ... ...)
flight attendant: Apple taste of it? ; flight attendants: ; At this time, a passenger asked the flight attendant pointed out the window: Passenger: the radio came the voice of the captain happy ... ...)
! My goodness! ! If passengers scared bad, even the flight attendants also fear a loss, the cabin was silent ... ...
After a long pause, and finally came the radio the captain's voice:
Had a little accident, just give me the coffee crew time, accidentally spread the coffee on my shirt, do not believe your point of view, all wet! flight attendant: Then I want 'and fish'. (no remaining leaves to root) complained: ; flight attendant: I am a waiter, but I'm not gibbons! But there is one just finished signing letters to the flight attendant to passenger Coke.
flight attendant: ; passenger anger Answer: I'm going to a Coke, you will be crazy? Radio ... ...)
original, flight attendants MM should say: sit, and close the overhead luggage rack. ding-dong ~ restaurant and her boyfriend dating, so broadcast news came as
Tips ... ...)
; passengers crazy ... ...

Two years ago, accidentally see your thought process , I discovered today ! So I think you inadvertently , you live right? I think
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; eternal magic of one of the secrets (Dermatology
1, skin itching: fresh chives and Taomi Shui, according to a weight of more than 10 with a good, first soak two hours and then boil together, to leek washing itches or bathing, an effective, not washed over the body with water, once daily, and even wash three days more.
2, psoriasis, tinea capitis, stubborn psoriasis: a pig, punctured, the bile on the small bowl, add alum (such as soybeans large), to be melted with bile paint the affected area 2 times a day, 7 days This side treatment of psoriasis for many years, stubborn ringworm effect magic.
3, a variety of dermatitis: a raw egg, put the whole egg in vinegar soak 7 days and then remove the egg to break the painted surface of the skin with egg white, 2 - 3 times, 7 days more. avoid wine, spicy thing.
4, scabies, malignant sore,north face shoes men, sore unknown: a white feather ashes, into a paste with sesame oil, daily suffering painted outside 2 - 3 times, once every 5 - 7 days with excellent results.
5, eczema: a camphor ball, soaked up within 3 days after half a catty vinegar, paint the affected area with vinegar three times a day to cure. effects.
6, Snake sores: a small group with a pipe down the oil (or smoked a cigarette filter 3), with the amount of water and mix thoroughly, coating the affected area, day 3 once every 3 to 5 days recovery.
7, sweat stain ringworm: single head of garlic (or small garlic) smashed, wrapped with gauze, dipped in vinegar rub the affected area (to the local heat rub with a slight tingling), three times a day, with 5 to 7 days.
8, warts: each with purslane * 20 grams (40 g fresh product), Radix * 15 grams, a bowl of decoction taken orally, and left a small amount of treated, the second day, once every 10 days to remove warts.
9, vitiligo: Take dew (preferably with a leek dew on the leaves) a pound, adding snake shell * 5 grams, into a jar, buried underground over a half months after the removal, water, coating the affected area three times a day, once every January to February, while available purslane * 30 - 60 grams, a bowl of decoction taken orally, the second day.
10, urticaria, prickly heat: the amount of fresh leek juice plus alum, coating the affected area every day, and rub to the skin redness , fever, three times a day, 2 - 3 days Jiyu.
11, athlete's foot, I'm feeling: a pound of vinegar, add peeled garlic, one or two, alum a money bubble 3 days with Vinegar hands, feet, a 5 minutes dip wash after a day, once every 10 days, will not be issued.
12, hands, feet sweating : alum * 5 money, hot water, 2 pounds, with melted dipping hands and feet, a 10 minute dip station after its natural dry, once daily, five days after the hands and feet sweat normal.
13, hand, foot and cracking (chapped, rough): raw suet or lard one or two of honey or sugar 3 money, pound evenly paint the hands and feet, day 2 - 3 times, usually 7 days more. and then paint a few days later without recurrence. 14, frostbite is not broken: 10 pointed pepper, ginger and a half two, half a catty white wine, dip into the bottle along with 3 days after the beginning of frostbite, swelling and itching of skin paint the affected area 5 times a day, with special effects. once every ten days to half recovery dig up the roots, no recurrence.
15, frostbite has been broken: the old cotton (more stale the better), burning ash, paint the affected area with sesame oil and mix thoroughly, three times a day, until the paint is good, not fat.
16, tulip style, onychomycosis: vinegar 1 kg, add a peeled garlic two cigarettes silk (ten), soak in vinegar with two hands later, once for 10 minutes, the second day, wash with water after dipping, used in conjunction with the 10th have effects. (This side is best used in large dog days of summer) 17, boil, boil, carbuncle (unknown throat, take back): raw potato mash, coated surface of the skin, cloth, for a day, five days can be more general.
; 18, corns, warts: first, the external surface of the skin with a sharp knife to the old leather trimmed away. and then coated with cool oil, smoked with a cigarette fire, to insist on a little pain when removed after the fireworks, the second day, once every 10 days off after a half months is not made.
19, burns: amount of live worms, add a little sugar into the water, coating the wound three times a day, once every few days with cool pain, myogenic function, and does not leave scars, special effects.
20, Meteors, erysipelas (more patients in the lower limbs, skin redness, swelling, heat, pain accompanied by chills, fever, headache): first one or two of fresh melon skin, burning a bowl of soup and Waicha orally twice a day, 5 days to reduce swelling and pain, heat and detoxification.
21, mosquito bite injury (swelling, itching): You can use garlic, ginger rub, or vinegar, toothpaste, salt water, cigarette ash and mix thoroughly coated by adding human saliva, can be effective immediately itching, swelling detoxification.

; ages of two magical secret (Surgery)

; ;

1, arthritis, frozen shoulder (including rheumatoid sex, rheumatoid arthritis): Edible fine salt 1 kg, put the pot stirring, add onions to be, ginger 3 money, together with a cloth, wrap the affected area while hot to the cold salt; once daily, once a weeks, there is dampness Herd effect.
2, injured workers, low back pain: the leaves * one or two, the crab fried yellow one or two, dip a pound of white wine, wine, coated with three days later the waist, 2-3 time, 7-10 days, can cure many years of back pain.
3, renal deficiency, low back pain: silk seeds half a catty, fried yellow research into powder. liquor delivery service, every time money, the second, served Jiyu This side can also cure back pain postpartum women.
4, sciatica: eat a pound of fine salt, sizzling Hou Jiayi leaves * one or two, wrap the affected area with a cloth to salt, cold, day, once every 5-10 days (salt can be repeated every day use).
5, cervical pain: sheep bones (raw, cooked may be) twenty-two, smashed fried yellow, dip white wine 1 kg, three days after wiping the neck, a three times a day, but generally 15 days, can cure.
6, bone spurs (hyperostosis): a dog bone or three, smashed fried yellow dip white wine 1 kg, three days after the affected area with rubbing alcohol (preferably with food this wine cup), three times a day, needed a half months more.
7, leg cramps: * twelve mulberry fruit, a bowl of soup a drink, the second day, 5 days recovery.
8, numbness of the limbs: the old loofah bars * one or two, a bowl of soup once a dose, the second, and even served a week, with special effects.
9, inside and outside the hemorrhoids: a large snail per day, will cover removed. borneol * 1 money into the five minutes after taking anal painted cement water, 2 times a day, 7 days recovery, avoid drink, spicy thing.
10, an injection agglomeration: the potatoes cut into half cm thick slices and wrap the affected area, then hot towel cover, the second day, a 20-minute 2-3 days lumps dissipate.
11, body odor: pepper, pepper, 50, and research into a powder, then Add borneol * 2 money, and mix thoroughly with alcohol, a day to take a small group coated surface and with adhesive tape and paste it, for one day, once a half months to eradicate.
12, crooked eye and mouth (facial nerve palsy): eel blood painted face, painted on the left left askew, and with the palm of your hand from left to right repeatedly wiping, every 2 minutes, the second day, the right anti-distortion is done once every thirty-four days that is.
13, prolapse of the rectum ( took off his stool when rectal solution): each with leek half a catty, 2 pounds of boiled water, wash the anal opening, the second day, wash three days.
14, stiff neck (as a pillow or sleeping position discomfort caused by neck pain): leek juice heated neck rub, rub seven or eight days 2-3 days to cure.
15, quit smoking: dry pumpkin vine * one or two, a bowl of fried Tonga amount of brown sugar a serving a day. three times, 7 days and never want to smoke.
16, alcohol: a live eel, put a bottle of liquor within the dip two days after the wine, 1 1-2 2, three times a day, the wine is always served after do not want to drink a drop of wine.
17, alcohol is not drunk: Pueraria * 1 money, in boiling water before drinking a cup of drink and then drink, alcohol can understand, so people will not drunk.
18, scabies (old rotten feet): sizzling tofu, wrap the affected area with cloth, for one day, cure bad feet eventually becoming shut.
19, lymphatic system: snail shells fried research into a powder, wrap the affected area with sesame oil and mix thoroughly , for a day, once every 7-10 days.
20, longevity health wine: magnet, fleece-flower root *, jujube, walnut, medlar * the one or two, dip white wine or rice wine jin, two days later by regular drinker eat this wine, such as the consumption of a variety can make the elderly face ruddy, and enhance resistance to disease, aging effects are delayed.

eternal secret of the three (medicine)
1, since the beginning of a cold: light blue (with whiskers), ginger piece 5 money, water bowl fried open, add a dose of hot red Tong said (ginger without dose), and immediately to sleep, sweating Jiyu.
2, multi-day cold: Use the same first day, and additionally, in the evening before going to sleep, with garlic mash, apply two Zuxin (Yongquan, every way of the sole can be deposited large bean), cloth, thrown off the next morning, once every 2-3 days Jiyu.
3, headache (all kinds of headaches can be): a white radish juice, two drops for each drop of the nose (both nostrils two drops), twice a day, once every 4-5 days and can dig up the roots. Jichi pepper, pepper.
4, dizziness (lightheadedness, dizziness): a duck, bean 20, stir boiling water, the morning flight, one day this, for 7 days with special effects. avoid drink, spicy.
5, insomnia, dreams: hot water before going to bed with a half-basin, plus twelve feet vinegar soak for 20 minutes, and light blue 1-2 raw root.
6, dry cough (cold or other causes may be): raw black sesame seeds 3 money (about a spoon), crystal sugar, were broken open water morning flight, and 3 days recovery, eating fish.
7, cough with sputum (including acute airway inflammation, bronchitis, children, bronchitis): white radish twenty-two, pear, twenty-two, a bowl of water with chopped cooked add appropriate amount of sugar consumed, the second day once every 3 days. phlegm. the same with Article IX use.
8, old bronchitis (chronic bronchitis): take the winter frost after playing gourd vine * one or two, licorice * a money, water, a bowl of decoction dose, the second day, once a half months to 20 days to cure. avoid alcohol, spicy things, the best and with the use of Article IX.
9, chronic cough (cough caused by emphysema and bronchitis): alum one or two, and research into a powder with the vinegar into the paste every night before bed to take soy freshman group deposited Zuxin (Yongquan, two feet are deposited), cloth, thrown off the next morning, for 7 days with special effects.
10, asthma ( children with asthma): dry earthworm * half a catty, fried yellow research into powder, with sugar water, blunt, a 2 money (about half a spoon flour) the second day, served Jiyu. Avoid spicy food thing.
11, stomach pain , spit acid, ptosis of the stomach, gastric inflammation: the first time in twelve garlic, charred skin, plus a bowl of water to a boil, add sugar fasting food, the second day, 7 days to cure.
12, stomach, 12 fat ulcer: egg shell 30 Chaojiao research into powder, wheat flour, half a catty Chaojiao, even with the shake, morning and evening meals available. boiled water, a 2 money (about half spoon), the second day, the general a pair of drugs can be more serious illness need two to pay.
13, hypertension, high cholesterol: celery seed * one or two, wrapped with gauze, put 10 pounds of water decoction, early, middle and late drinking a cup. not afraid spicy, could, early in the evening eating raw garlic 2, have lower blood pressure, blood lipid effects.
14, heart disease, coronary heart disease: first one or two of peanut shells, green beans 5 money, a bowl of soup dose, a the second day, take a half months.
15, gastroenteritis, diarrhea: each with two Chaojiao wheat flour and a half, plus the amount of sugar and mix thoroughly with water, before meals, clothing, the second day, 2-3 days of special effects. Jichi persimmon, banana, greasy.
16, dyspepsia (indigestion with children): 4 two fried chicken skin nap research into a powder, sugar water before meals with a blunt, second day, a 2 money (about half a spoon ), children half, one can be served, Jichi snail.
17, chest tightness, inflatable: * 5 white radish seed money, a bowl of soup served three times a day, 3 days along with consumer product gas effect.
18, neurological decline: 1 Porcine two, add a spoon of honey, steamed food, once daily, ate 5-10 days.
19, anemia: chickens, ducks, the the blood flow in a clean, white paper, dried bunched up into powder, with wine, transfer service, a half-spoon flour, the second day, and even served a half months. avoid kelp.
20, heat dry mouth: reed rhizome *, the green beans 5 money, plus a bowl of water to boil, add appropriate amount of crystal sugar, reed rhizome to eat bean soup, served on the second, even for 3 days. fluid lungs, down as antipyretic.
21, Chronic hepatitis: each with Rhizoma Imperatae * twenty-two, a bowl of water service burning soup three times a day, which normally takes a half months service, avoid spicy things.
22, gall bladder, kidney, ** stones: with Gallus gallus domesticus, Corn 50 grams, a bowl of soup a dose, 2-3 times a day, even for 10 days. Jichi liver, fat, egg yolk.
23, acute and chronic renal inflammation: 4 double about snakehead one, to the scales, intestine, green tea 2 money, pack strapped into the belly with a line inside, plus a bowl of Shuizhu Shu, fish soup, day one, ate 10-15 days avoid alcohol, salt , bananas, sexual intercourse.
24, cholecystitis: melon seeds, mung beans all five money a bowl of soup, one dose. three times a day, once every 10 days.
25, diabetes: a pig pancreas, skin melon 1 two, plus Shuizhu Shu, less add some oil, salt and spices (Do not add wine, sugar) eating, day one, ate 20 days.
26, poor memory: a goose egg, into the bowl add the amount of sugar, stir well, steamed morning flight, ate five days, there are clear educational function of the brain, have effects on memory enhancement, avoid eating seaweed, pepper, animal blood, wine, green beans
; 27, difficulty in urination: willow leaves a two, a bowl of soup a dose, the second day, 2-3 days to pass the urine unimpeded.
28, unable to control urine **(**,) : Intestinal pair, washed and dried, fried yellow research into powder, with a wine delivery service, every time money, three times a day, served Jiyu bogey ginger, spicy.
29, urinary frequency (urinating more) : Health and leek seed * 3 2, and research into a powder, each 2 money with warm water, the second day, which normally takes 2-10 days served. avoid strong tea, milk.
30, constipation (dry stool guitar , bowel problems): a bowl with the cooked pumpkin, add lard 5 money and eating the right amount of salt, once daily, once effective, three days can be more.
31, dysentery, diarrhea: each with two of garlic, peel and cook a bowl of water, fire burning within the air serving soup, the second day, 3 days to anti-inflammatory detoxification, treatment Jiuxie unhealed particularly effective.
32, snore: pepper 5-10 tablets, a glass of water before going to bed with open blisters until after a dose of cold water (under the pepper satisfied), even for 5 days will no snoring.
33, hiccup: a small bar with a fingernail, light smell, that is only.
34, motion sickness: car when cutting a piece of ginger with the mouth, or a patch to the navel (this provision pregnant women, disabled), to teach for severe motion sickness can be used with the two parties, with special effects. 35, stroke: 1 day to drink only two raw celery juice, half sick light clothing, who served from January can be more seriously ill, avoid eating lamb, duck.
36, neuropathy (also known as epilepsy, epilepsy sheep , crazy disease, Fox Tai Sin): * 3 two of dried peaches, cut into fine knife, divided into ten parts, each one, with a light at the onset of alum water delivery service, the second, 5 Tianyi treatment , once every 3 courses.
37, Hyperthyroidism: Dioscorea bulbifera * 9-12 grams, with three bowls of water to cook into a bowl, once a day; the other available 50 g 1 kg white foam, served a two, 5 - 8 weeks significantly reduced metabolic rate.
38, chronic enteritis: 1 egg, white wine and a half two, mix, every night before bedtime

above recipe is collected from any of the above symptoms, the treatment for you friends in the reference.


with a new subsidiary, unless it is a better understanding of their own, or, better depth interviews, simple to understand each other's background, such as past work experience and company background, job, family background, personality characteristics, preferences, In addition, I also prefer to know their direction in life and career planning. Also easy to talk about their own personality characteristics and work requirements, let the other be prepared, but also to increase mutual understanding, but also narrow the distance between the two sides (communication is equal, often information is also needed, etc.) which kinds of interviews may take a lot of time, but this is worth the cost, the employer must not rush to ignore this part!

my understanding, narrow management refers to management of subordinate supervisors, leaders of the team management; I think the management in two parts, one is the We talk about the focus on The tubes were divided into three levels:

Second, how to take a good subordinate?

some supervisors, are strong, demanding their own, very assured of subordinates, always feel they are doing well, do not trust their subordinates. The result is: did not play to their subordinates think, not to be trusted, while the boss and tired.

teach - with - push - put + Spherical


for these three levels, just recently I saw a word is to summarize the central idea:

After Greenhouse grown flowers, and always want to go through wind and rain outside, so he can grow. After all, people are growing up in frustration!

insert a digression here, in the previous course in experiential learning, and use five words summed up the whole process of different stages of learning, is the

son opened the gate, then, there is lots to talk about. That too much is not necessarily a good thing, or you experience it yourself slowly!

A greedy heart, it is difficult to do justice, and strict, but also easy and subordinate or lateral inter-play between the conflict of interest. In fact, as long as the clear Only their acquired knowledge and insight, the real your own, and greater value. At the same time that real wealth is only more to share more, not less broken. So, in fact, without lust of what is good.

often chat with friends, they will say: Many laws, the nature and reason, plainly on the word, but can really read, figured, and can be done at ease, really need to go through and experience, and in which continuous review! To their own insight.

3) patient treated under the questions. Some subordinates good school, to get started would be faster, some more passive subordinates, vary. Study to make improvements if they are affiliated, to congratulate you! At the same time also try to deal with their questions patiently and let them know.

there are many benefits of their experience of it! Many people hear more, it is easy to mistakenly think that they are


I used to have encountered some bosses, many things have refused to teach me, and very conservative. They will have a monster, is:

Second, that under the Tonghua Think about it, a truth, you make the other understand, must be figured out their own, so with a subordinate (or help others), is definitely a also long wisdom! Haha! Ah - big profits!

4) In the process, if subordinates do not understand, to Shoubashoujiao, once to him personally, and ask each other whether he understands, or so he repeat or operating time. Overall purpose is to let the master!

course, even if we encounter a good boss, that is our blessing, but not ideal if you encounter the boss, in fact, exercise is a good environment for our oh!

1. to do their work is the premise of their own part to work well, at least I will not trouble to others.

4. help one another. Do not see the same level, flies well on schadenfreude. We are a boat, someone flies well, not necessarily what their benefits. Why not make the cake bigger with it? Friction is to spend no cost and most effective.

third, with a good subordinate, he will have more spare time to do other things, for example, have more time to his family, more time to maintain the relationship with friends, have more time to go to recharge study at the same time, they can have more time to consider the future development of the team or department issue, not approaching such issues, and come to worry! Oh, a few more much more attractive - the benefits of the more fun ah!

What does that mean? Take the top of the but no experience. But have been working for for a 2-3 years, he has gone through some things, we understand some of the truth, which is in the Then there have been working without a short time and already have experience with a subordinate, he better understand the relationship between these three and some of the possible events, then he heard these three words, it is stage, because he has experienced before. And then to the throughout the shorter the time!

subordinate official added, generally at the different levels and personal characteristics, cut methods are not the same, the general order is:

4. put forward their own ideas and opinions, there must be sufficient basis for not racking our brains, and do not simply tell you to judge concluded unless you and your boss have enough understanding between.

Because subordinates will experience many different events in mind, these different ideas, that would affect his thinking, so always pay attention to under the circumstances, it is important to help the self-aligning. So he really understands one of the reason, one after another to help him untie knot.

2) testing the waters, a preliminary understanding of: the specific allocation of a new subsidiary to do things, you can probably talk about the requirements for the first time not too specific (unless things hurry). Then let go to subordinates to do. In the process can be observed under the habit of thinking and behavior patterns, as well as its shortcomings (for example, in a matter of completion of the process, you can see some people careless, no concept of time, lack of experience, self-righteous, work standards too low and other shortcomings). Because it is thoroughly investigated, so he must be patient, while allowing subordinates make mistakes, and distribution of this work can be completed once, and he can handle it.

But also can understand the (This can be seen the

1. affiliated with the benefits of good

1) allow subordinates to follow you to work with, such as participating in meetings with customers and so on. In the process, so that he gradually feel the way you work.

5. obey the leadership decision-making arrangements. Clear Decision-making power in the boss there, we must obey the arrangements. Right there in the boss, and the responsibility on him. You do not take on the responsibility, do not embrace this chaos right.

along with the same level of feelings and experiences:

ways actually really varies, each has its own characteristics, there is no fixed format and approach, but there will be some common ground, before my experience with the course of learning, as well as their own experience , experience, and one word can be summed up with two words:

3. Do not be jealous of others, everyone has their own color out of the place, there is no good or bad in others, only the location has not put on the difference.

first, with subordinates, the most direct benefit is easy to make yourself! You do not have to help him Haha!

Thus, after several rounds, under the able in the shortest period of time to master the essentials in your hands to work, shorten the time to get started. Meanwhile, in the process, in fact, not just under the progress, growth process, but also as the boss of your progress, growth process.

one and the boss does not contend;

(d) At this stage, the subsidiary has to work independently. You can also free up more time, they also have a higher level of upgrade it!

stumbling block.

In addition, on the same level of experience, can also refer to

one management?

course, sometimes due to various types of relationships may not do so, then analysis of specific issues.

As the saying goes, Corporations, or department worth mentioning, family rules, state law of the land. If there is no system of constraints, or ignoring the system of management, then a strong team can only travel skirmish figurines. The boss will loose out undisciplined team in the end, problems will still find you, or your own bear bad fruit. The managers themselves loose again!


In addition, the fact the boss is not necessarily bad if you like to understand, perhaps not objective enough you see it, each person is certainly a bright spot and dark points, but the angle from which you look at it.

then take a good subordinate what good is it?


we can not ask others to make a demand on the requirements of yourself! If you take the emotions, with negative negative thoughts to work, can not do a good job. If you do encounter a bad boss, then as an exercise bar. The most important thing is to figure out why they do this work? They have to get what? If you find out these, as long as the boss does not hinder you get what you want, then what to do with it! Therefore, career orientation is very important!

We do not naive to believe that the boss will do a good job, it will bring to people everywhere to consider their own ... .... Do not!

course, in addition to interviews, the better the company and the department's basic structure and circumstances of a brief introduction, let him know his position in the company, and flat on the lower level who is so. The other side as soon as possible familiar with this new environment, easier to let it into the work as soon as possible to eliminate strangeness.

1. make plans. You have to have their own plans, so that people do not easily upset your arrangements. If they do not plan, do not blame others direct their own mess Luo. Do its own!

(a) Can not immediately get started for new employees.

Fourth, how to live in harmony with the same level?

In fact, the opening has been described as a key point: non-rivalry with the same level! Why rivalry? Or is the name of, or is for profit, do not just to emphasize, highlight their talents, the emphasis on individual heroism. These are the

2. to see the advantages of others, there must be humble heart to learn (to learn of their own).

3. Management

As previously mentioned, with subordinates in the process, but also their own process of continuous improvement and progress. Because in the process, it is easy to highlight his own shortcomings. Please be sure to face and address these deficiencies and shortcomings, brave face it and correct it. This is the greatest gift God gives you!

three no power struggle with subordinates.

often heard friends complain about their superiors, complaining about their next directive are not clear it! Not planned it! Making slow it! And so much more!

mentor's wisdom requires us to constantly experience, constantly sum up, in order to become our own.

remember once to attend a course or seminar, there is a student teacher asked: and then punched in the above very big Turned to a smile to everyone, said:

1) lead by example, words and deeds. This principle applies to everyone and all the stages, to remember their own good, and subordinates will naturally follow a good job, but the length of time is different.

went for many, many, many! Some may be I have not encountered before, anyway, too many people to experience their own and experience it.

time with the management of the Very good!

in my work and continuous learning experience, summed up his own a little bit of experience to share to you:

at this stage should focus on Subordinate everything to the main character, you are the director. This time, glory and pressure are of him. The only way to learn to subordinate themselves, instead of Also, you can not all matter, behind the scenes support and proper guidance is needed. But be careful to give subordinates face, do not let embarrassment in front of subordinates. He began to work independently, you need to establish their own credibility, so as the boss you have to support him.

So I reiterate that theory without practice! And: Practice is the sole criterion for testing truth!

Third, how do the

there is a very persistent. Willing to teach, nor do not trust subordinates, but very strong, always subordinate to do with their own methods. The results also make subordinates feel disgusted, knowing is right, but will have a mental rebel, and the boss will unconsciously work against, so everyone's cooperation will be unpleasant.

2) provided that they have to set an example. A good example and adhere to long-term habit, people first set, after a person, people always see, can not hide. Sometimes encounter very polite, and do not speak do not know the severity of the subordinates feel that they have a problem in this case, the effect is not necessarily very direct criticism. So, when your role model is very important. Slowly, he will be like your normal polite and understand ways of the world, but this is not anxious to believe that your subordinates will slowly get better, to believe that he will continue to progress.

7. empathy. In fact, this point applies to all of the subordinates, on the same level, the boss of the family, friends, etc., etc., should be a habit. Only used to empathy, to full multi-angle look at the problem objectively, can easily see the nature of things.

the words, has its order, while also vary,Men North Face Jackets, because the incident vary, due to stage-specific, varies by environment, in short, to be flexible to use, and must not cured.

3. let the boss know your ideas and arrangements. In many cases, supervisors may be due to busy, do not take care of all subordinates. But this does not mean you can go its own way. With the appropriate way to report to superiors, let him know what you are doing, what ideas. He more you know, the more assured you will deal with their own things, your space will be larger.

6. respect for the boss. In fact, between people, are supposed to respect each other. Remove all levels of classification, the individual person is equal. But according to This is nothing dialectical.

respect the original, please indicate the source! Thank you!

2. with a subsidiary of ways

Managers have this bad habit, easy to make Also easy to exaggerate their personal capacity, not freeze a little of the role of the team.

2. to boss choice. Supervisor is required to make decisions, the best to the 2-3 choice, and to clarify the advantages and disadvantages of each choice, and prepare a plan they think best, so that supervisors can make decisions within the shortest possible time. In this way, doing more than the previous effort, the latter will naturally very smooth.

Finally, thanks to always supported me and care about me, who are you to give me strength; thanks to my people to fight and frustration, is that you planted me; thank turned to me and asked my opinion of friends, is that you gave me, Thanksgiving!

As a wise manager, should be well. Neither too everything themselves, it can not be too lazy too early to let go. In fact, many times, managers, the surface is easy, in fact, done a lot of things behind, not lazy at all. Furthermore, the lazy boss, subordinates are likely to follow suit, so not conducive to team work hard together.

4) Be careful not to cram under the set with you! Many 80,90, is very personal, unless you let him understand why this, or thrust upon counterproductive. Patient to set an example and slowly make demands, he will feel your love.

a lot of people say to me, now under the very bad band, especially after 80,90. Indeed! Before talking about this issue, I would like to talk about If a person is simply not quite sure why do they need? Or why do so, it is difficult to do well. (Actually, this is a self-aligning process, and then explained below)

3) in about understanding the characteristics of subordinates, the later account of the work, whether it is work, work intensity, work requirements, it is necessary to gradually increase (the gradually increase the Oh! and the process still continue to observe). And the next instruction to be more specific, the work content, work objectives, work standards, time to complete the detailed requirements should be, under the direction of the more clear, under the impact of the work done will be more in line with their own standards, the more peace of mind.

two sibling rivalry is not with;

the same time, in fact, there are some up management approach:

Collection down to get it - sooner or later
after the resignation of five insurance payments how to deal with? Add to come on down - sooner or later be immortal

generally have to pay old-age insurance 15 years, to retire to a pension for life, so be sure to want to take pensioners in their own began 15 years prior to retirement pay. If the retirement age is under 15 years of pension pay, then wait until you retire, when countries will keep your personal account for 8% of all pension back to you. That unit you pay 21% go? State the units for you to pay 21% of all the money designated to the state pension fund in the co-ordination. State, when the refund back only to the withholding of the individual's own money, to pay the money for his units all contribute to the country. Retirement when the pension is how come. The algorithm is very complex pension, the state base pay every year to change once: If you are 30 years of age, your current base pay is 3,000 yuan, while the retirement age is 55 years old if, then you must be 40 years of age you before the start to pay pension insurance, and if you start from the 30-year-old cross, handed the 55-year-old is 25 years, then surely you can enjoy the pension first, and secondly, if you pay after 25 years of 3000 to pay fee base has become 6000, 55 years old you can get the first month 6000 × 20% = 1200 block of basic pension, which is to your country, in addition to your personal account on the money in 25 also accumulated a lot of years, the average contribution base look good, (3000 +6000) ÷ 2 = 4500, then 25 years you this personal account should have 4500 × 8% (you pay personal pension ratio) × 25 years × 12 months = 108 000 dollars, in addition to other pre-1200 you can get a month 108000 ÷ 120 = 900 blocks, the age of 55 a month so you can get at least 1200 +900 = 2,100 yuan of pension, of course, each country's base still go up, so besides your own 900, you get every month after retirement, more money than 1200, of course, that your pension will pay more so that the better old-age insurance to pay, the more you pay after you retire to enjoy the more, and the state each year to adjust after you get the money base will be more and more Now take 1500 years after the 1000 pay are possible. However, no matter where you pay social security fees, etc. When you retire you can only return to your permanent residence enjoy the local retirement benefits, so in areas of high base pay social security retirement back to the low base, but the place to enjoy the pension people would be a big loss. Why? If you are a young man in Nanjing work, pay social security for 20 years and then retired, but if your account in Heilongjiang, Heilongjiang, you must return to a pension if you pay in Nanjing 20 years The average base is 3000, and when you retire until 1000, Heilongjiang's base pay, then you can enjoy retirement when the treatment of 1000! This is loss of! words, if you pay social security but in the rich parts of the retirement poor place to enjoy the time back to Social Security, you pay a lot, but to enjoy life's little! Exchange 3000 may only enjoy 1000! This is a terrible thing, but no way, the state is this policy, so all current accounts However, in areas with low base in Beijing or Shanghai, where the base work to pay high attention to social security, and you either pay social security in the West, or in retirement accounts before the move to Beijing or Shanghai, or else you're doing one of life's pen huge loss this deal. Perhaps you will say, if a place in the low base pay, retired back to base when a high place to enjoy high welfare. Wrong! You think the labor security department will let you enjoy casual it? General this case the Government would find a reason to reject you directly to transfer! That time you s wisdom wrong: in Heilongjiang not enjoy, in Nanjing also can not enjoy! But some places, such as the situation has eased some of the provisions, such as Nanjing, allowing you to retire five years before the place back from a low base in Nanjing, then continue to pay 5 years in Nanjing, Nanjing, high base, after allows you to enjoy the pension back to Nanjing and this policy is estimated that every place is different, there are people who intend to transfer the best go now to your local labor bureau to find out the problem, so your retirement occurs when an unexpected accident!

units per month to health insurance you pay is 9%, you pay the monthly personal about 2% plus 10 dollars of serious co-ordination, just serious co-ordination hospital, and that 11% in the national health insurance every month to your account to play on your own 2%, according to 1369 yuan per month if your minimum base pay social security, the 1369 × 2% = 27.38 yuan. Is the national monthly call your own money, this money can be accumulated credit card directly to buy medicine or see out the remaining 9% of the country count on to take in the medical pool fund. As a rule, if you start from January 2008 to pay medical insurance, then starting from February 2008 to buy medicine or credit card you can see out, starting from July 2008 the cost of your hospital can be reimbursed. If you August 1, 2008 in the hospital, lived in Nanjing, the best three hospitals, health care during hospitalization are used within the scope of medicine, surgery + hospitalization and other expenses spent a total of 5,000, then when the reimbursement First Insurance Center 1000 deduction, which is the starting price, the rest of the 4000 health-care centers are reimbursed for 4000 × 86% = 3440 dollars, as long as you personally pay 4000 × 14% = 560 yuan can, plus 1,000 yuan before starting, you spend 5000 to pay 1560 yuan on their own as long as can, and this 1560 yuan can buckle from your health insurance card (if you usually do not use that card), so in fact you can not spend much money hospitalized . Medical insurance for our young people more important than old-age insurance, hospital doctor, after all, it is too expensive, and this is the significance of social insurance. However, Nanjing provides medical insurance must pay at least 25 years to enjoy life after retirement, so if you retire at age 55, then no later than the age of 30 must begin to pay health insurance.

injury insurance
with less, if you need to be reminded that when at work or to work out what happened when, on the lingua franca of the risk. However, in practice, many people pay no attention to the preservation of evidence out of trouble, resulting in injury can not enjoy their own insurance, this is a great pity. If you work when they were hit by a car, that should start alarm, let the police to investigate the record and photograph collection of evidence, the police will give you processed after the accident to open a Certificate of Authenticity and the like, you can take this to requests for reported a work-related injuries. If you have trouble on the run and not just people looking for what the witness does not alarm, that no evidence in the case will not be adopted as the general work-related injuries. Injury there is a statute of limitations, if you sunrise July 1, 2008 work injury, you must immediately report the unit, the evidence from police and accident related injuries identified after the book and you go to a doctor or a hospital medical records to the unit, called the unit holding the identification of these materials to do work-related injury, your unit must be August 1, 2008 effective material before your injury to the testing center, if you are out of work-related injuries from the day more than a month, and that injury may identification is not up. If you do not give you identification of units that can hold your own center identification materials to identify the best and do not exceed one month, otherwise a lot of trouble a lot of trouble.

maternity insurance,
Nanjing from June 1, 2008 from the implementation of the new policy. First, increase the proportion of reimbursement; the second is when the cards must present a marriage certificate and medical insurance cards and other related documents, all of the costs of the cards from the beginning to the end of your birth child, the hospital medical center with real-time settlement, individuals only need to take fertility Insurance costs are not insured. As for the payment of maternity benefits may still need to apply for units to come forward, you can consult the specific labor and social security department. Look at the old policy, because it is in July, before the New Deal the cards in June provided the still by the old policy implementation, some comrades may also need to know. For example, if you're a girl, a monthly salary of 1,000 yuan, January 1, 2008 began to pay maternity insurance, payment for the 1369 base, and you pregnant in March 2008, end of December 2008 gave birth to a child, 2009 discharged in January, then you have to rush to hospital after a marriage certificate (an unmarried mother can not be reimbursed) + one-child certificate (general health can not be reimbursed 2 tires) + medical + hospital building size card check and the cost of all invoices and surgery + list + hospital discharge summary of all materials submitted to these companies, check if you are pregnant, when it took 500, hospitalized children when surgery took 2000 +, in general, within the provisions in health insurance is basically to You all claims, claims the money after you include: 500 block of hospital inspection fees surgery +1369 +2000 Yuan / month × 4 months = 7976, 1369 yuan / month × 4 months this is especially for the reimbursement of health care centers girls subsidies. Only girls can get reimbursement to the state of maternity insurance reimbursement when girls must be given four months of average wage,Bests by dre studio, so you have children, then not only claims but also can not earn money four months of wages! If you base pay than high wages, such as pay to get 1000 is 1369, then you have earned it. Maternity insurance to pay at least a year to enjoy, remember remember. There is also a problem, the boys also pay maternity insurance, maternity insurance can enjoy? If you're a boy, your wife did not work or work units did not pay the insurance, and her children when you pay maternity insurance has more than one years, then you can be reimbursed maternity insurance, but before the case, for example, you can only be reimbursed 500 inspection fee +2000 block half the inpatient surgery = 1,250 yuan subsidy of 1369 yuan / month × 4 months' wages you will not enjoy it! This is only reimbursed when girls can enjoy the same spending oh, reimbursement will be able to get 7976 girls, boys can only get 1250 for reimbursement, which is probably rare in China, policy. So, the girls plan to have children before the best bit, starting to find a unit to pay a year ahead of maternity insurance, you can make it! And boys if you marry my wife, it is best when children married a year already paid maternity insurance and pay the base salary is also higher than her own girl Oh! but if she is not insurance, it does not matter, you can give her maternity insurance reimbursement, but you do not pay subsidies to take four months, but the newspaper only cost you could get back half.

unemployment insurance,
to pay a full year to enjoy, generally pay a year to take 2 months to pay 2 years get 4 months, but a lifetime to get up to 24 months. Nanjing unemployment insurance standard 601 yuan monthly urban minimum standard is 518 yuan. If you January 1, 2008 began with Insurance, January 2009, you are dismissed by the company, then you can allow the company to get you 2 months of unemployment insurance, if you are in the year 1369 base pay insurance, then you can get at least 2 months more than 1,000 dollars or you January 1, 2008 began to pay the insurance, in January 2009 and the company you contract expires, and you do not want to renew the contract, then you can also allow the company to leave the company before you pick up 2 months of unemployment insurance is more than 800 pieces. That contract expires or the company laid off, you can get 2 months of the year according to the ratio of unemployment to require companies to give you to do, if the company does not give you do you can go to report it, a report a prospective. But the contract did not expire if you resign yourself go, that even if you pay full year are not entitled to unemployment insurance as long as his resignation, let alone pay for one year, that is, 10 years to pay unemployment insurance to resign when You can not get a penny.
housing fund,
fund if you pay 300 a month, then the company has to your account every month to play 300, you buy a house that is 600 a. If you have a lifetime to pay 50,000, you account is 100,000, and we must not reject such a good thing ah. Fund can be used to buy a house, the loan, renovation or something, if you can find their own home land to build a house, build a house for the money that can be paid from the fund in this if you do not have money, looks like you can finally retire the money all taken out. For a job at a perfect insurance how to do?
five insurance: pension, unemployment, work injury, medical, maternity
a payment: fund
payment standards: old-age (in 20%, personal 8%)
; birth (in pay)
; injury (in pay, individuals do not pay)
health care (in 10% , individual 2% * base +3)
1.5% Unemployment Unit Individual 0.5%)
Fund (the highest this year does not exceed 12% of the previous year does not exceed 10%, individual units each half)
1. Pension can be interrupted in the middle interrupt does not matter, and finally the total number of years, but the more you pay, of course, the more pension Dora. formalities for the transfer : the transfer of a single play in the old units, new units to continue on the line
2. While we must pay unemployment insurance, but has little to do with us (if you are a graduate of the school, part of cadre status, personnel files can be stored ), off constantly it does not matter, we can not receive unemployment of unemployment benefits, unless the crazy, the cadres and workers as to the identity, according to the treatment of workers after retirement pension. unemployment insurance only in the streets of the registered unemployed to apply for (workers identity of the file on the streets, on the cadres of personnel or unit identity)
for transfer procedures: do not apply to the new unit to continue on the line.
3. medical insurance is more important, requirement is interrupted for more than three months on failure, three months later to see a doctor have his own pocket, do not care for minor illnesses, serious illness will suffer, interrupted more than three months into the new unit back on.
each have a book on health insurance , lifetime use, regardless of whether the change unit, the unit should be a certain percentage of money each month into the book, you can always extract personal purposes regardless.
each have a blueprint on health insurance, that is, medical book, provides outpatient medical costs 2,000 yuan or more parts can be reimbursed, for example, spent 2500, only 500 claims 50% -70% (in different hospitals, different reimbursement), if the patient was reported on more. doctor's time to tell the hospital to open The list of health insurance, hospital to bring.
4. provident fund unit to give you money and keep your own money to fund your account, such as salary of 3,000 yuan, the unit gives you 300, your net of 300, so your monthly provident fund account should have $ 600, can only be taken once a year, go to fund centers of the need to buy a house or housing repair can be self-created or commissioned the unit to take.
for transfer procedures: first, to open the new unit account, take account to the old unit, so the old units of the original account of the money into a new account.
will fund units issued in June annually, each employee's statement, show your account is now money In addition, every year around April next year is to adjust the pension Unemployment medical base time,
June every year fund next year is to adjust the time.
say that now on the market following a number of non-standard situations 1. a lot of units do not follow my wages to the insurance and provident funds, such as Beijing, according to the average wage, the individual at a disadvantage, so when looking for work to ask.
2. Now many people are unemployed pension provisions and serious illness is tied, or not on, or both together, and must file only to the talent on if the individual talent, we must take individual units of money and pay the money himself, with a lot of, It is said that the minimum standards, have to pay more than a thousand a month, but not much money to personal accounts, suggested that if relatively young, the body good, but temporarily unemployed, do not have to pay, to the unit and then later on it. 3. the rich can not on the pension insurance, the poor on the best, expecting the money can be a bit old-age pension. Some people say that they exist with, but the state pension or have guaranteed, will increase the economic situation, .
4. Some of the units file is not in the unit, do not give, is wrong because the file and insurance are not linked
5. foreign accounts of the same, should give all the insurance and provident funds, and accounts does not matter the future, if go to other cities, are to turn

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简介: 黑龙江省第一家免费录音新概念的KTV包房,时尚高


地址: 哈尔滨 果戈里大街161号

地址:道里区 西12道街





地址: 哈尔滨 道里区抚顺街218号 
电话: 0451-84548886


地址: 哈尔滨 通达街211号




地址: 哈尔滨 学府四道街学府小区3号楼0层8号 



机场高速零公里 335路,59路,Outlet Cheap Coach Bags,20路,345路,穆斯林小区下车。就是去飞机场高速路的入口处。到了周末都是人,往那一走就看见了。


15、万山红量贩式KTV 营业时间:14:00-2:00
黑龙江省哈尔滨市 道里区 新阳路


地址: 哈尔滨 河园街8号

场次    时段        小包       中包      大包
阳光场 09:00-19:00 8元/小时 18元/小时 28元/小时
黄金场 19:30-24:00 38元/小时 68元/小时 88元/小时
午夜场 24:00-06:00 28元/小时 38元/小时 48元/小时
场次 时段 VIP 豪华VIP 超豪VIP
阳光场 09:00-19:00 48元/小时 88元/小时 368元/小时
黄金场 19:30-24:00 128元/小时 188元/小时 368元/小

地址: 哈尔滨 果戈里大街248号

3于家烧烤:通达街附近,特色,于家三绝 烤毛肚,鸡脖子 在通达街西大直街往东走,第三个街口右转,500米,右侧即是,可以打听一下,一般出租车都知道

地址: 哈尔滨 南岗区复华四道街27号 
电话: 0451-86241424



地址: 哈尔滨 果戈里大街299号

地址: 哈尔滨 花园街276号




哈尔滨秋林最出名要属几样食品- 红肠、小肚、大列巴面包


电话:0451-82731555 82729555
地址:南岗区 宣化街369号


地址: 哈尔滨 河沟街4号  

电话:0451-87013131 87013232
地址:香坊区 亚麻街132号

19 大和美食 谁说哈尔滨就一家日本料理可以吃 在中央大街15道街上 推荐:蟹子寿司,牛肉饭,咖喱饭



在道外江边上,白天沿江走走,再去看看猫啊,狗啊 鱼啊,花啊,渔缸了,鸟了,乌龟了。 军工门口 70路

地址: 哈尔滨 新阳路248号

老道外 沙锅狮子头 扒肉 坛肉 熏酱 道外 北三道街 六道街南北都有。草市街大全烧烤,自助餐巴伐利亚新吉商城、红旗大街)、汉斯(中山路、军工大门)

地址:香坊区 香站街37号


够时尚 够潮流



地址:南岗区 邮政街147号


20、时尚量贩式KTV(另一分店 北十四道街10号 )


营业时间: 周日休息。我推荐芝士蛋糕    总汇三明治,份足味美,非常适合情侣约会  朋友聚餐  休闲小憩,因为老板娘是台湾人,她老公是一个黑人,去那里的大部分都是工大的留学生,当然慕名而去的中国青年也很多,店里面显得有点紧促,不过食物很棒,就是对于学生有点小贵。
2 嘉强烧烤:安松街(安国街新阳大厦KFC斜对面街上)特色:炸弹,鸡脖子,推荐吃法,建议吃10元以下的炸弹,有味, 大补 啊



地址: 哈尔滨 果戈里大街167号


地址:道里区 中央大街7号


地址: 哈尔滨 大成街42号

地址: 哈尔滨 长江路151号盟科汇5号
电话:0451- 88885588 88886677






地址:南岗区 宣威街副2号



地址: 哈尔滨 南岗区中宣街24号 
电话: 0451-82640909



地址: 哈尔滨 和兴路清滨胡同27号夏末酒吧


先锋石材,建材板材 在 景阳街 三马附近 新马路上有

26避风塘 中央大街金谷大厦楼下 推荐:干炒牛河 鸭下巴 每日一煲汤 蛋挞

电话: 0451-53921948 0451-53921938
地址: 南岗区西大直街508号(近学府路)


10 安升街牛肉蒸饺.原址在天津包子旁边,现搬到安广街快到抚顺街上,在宾朋饺子上面.味道可媲美任何一家道外的小吃

地址: 哈尔滨 上游街5号

地址:道里区 中央大街36号

地址: 哈尔滨 地段街100号


,高清背投电视 .特色全天免包厢费 .欢迎您的到来。并配


地址: 哈尔滨 南岗区工大复华三道街

电动工具 水暖建材

地址:南岗区 果戈里大街167号
电话:0451-82617999 82660800
地址:南岗区 中山路228号文平街2号

地址: 哈尔滨 田地街24-1号 


地址: 哈尔滨 南岗区和兴路清滨胡同27号 

地址: 哈尔滨 西大直街86号(哈铁文化宫)


地址: 哈尔滨 南岗区果戈里大街68号 
电话: 0451-82622739


地址: 哈尔滨 龙江街38号-40号


11 鸿翔路上的铁锅炖鱼 百一大地锅 建议炖一个小时以上再吃,越吃越香,好地方~!~

地址: 哈尔滨 光芒街140号(河沟街与建设街) 南岗区
电话: 0451-82617070 82603737



地址: 道里区抚顺街

8 安国街亚美尼亚烤肉:安国街上,安升街附近.西餐很便宜,平均每人消费30-40元.特色:罐羊,罐牛,大串

哈达水果蔬菜批发市场 学府路,军工大门坐车104 距离比较远 建议座空调或者在太平桥终点上车找个座位。 

道外二十道街哈尔滨鞋城 有精品屋     205需要往前走 不到两站的距离,军工门口92直接到    建设街鞋城   比较贵    地段在哪儿摆着那,摊床费必须由你买鞋的出。最近鞋城搬家到了红旗大街上了距离黑龙江工程学院正门很近,就是以前的交专。



地址: 哈尔滨 西头道街42号 


地址: 哈尔滨 南岗区国庆街48号 
电话: 0451-86031139


地址: 哈尔滨 经纬街38号

地址: 哈尔滨 三里屯北街15号楼门平房


电话: 53656000 0451-53651000 045153651000
地址: 哈尔滨休闲娱乐 南岗区木介街2号(中山路口)

地址: 哈尔滨 复华三道街60号(颐园�酒店对面) 

地址: 哈尔滨 南岗区学府东四道街270号学府小区4栋7号 
电话: 0451-86634400

11、迪加迪量贩式KTV (道里店)
电话: 0451-82800118
地址: 石头道街18号
简介: 迪加迪娱乐有限公司是一个新型的艺术与娱乐为一

地址: 哈尔滨 道里区中央大街36号(宝丰药店对面) 
电话: 0451-87650515

电话: 0451-84513424 84513454
地址:道里区 地节街65号


地址:南岗区 学府路四道街4号0层5号
地址:南岗区 十字街105号



对讲机 卫星接收器
中山路沃尔玛超市对面 巴陵街,从军工大门坐92,从红旗大街坐14 13 208都能到,


地址: 哈尔滨 复华三道街54号(颐园村宾馆对过) 

   LV 、DIOR、CHANEL 、Hermes 、Gucci、Ermenegildo Zegna、VERSACE ~~
     DKNY、 ENERGIE 、Armani 、 等40余个国际品牌入驻~~





电话: 0451-84515888 0451-84525888
地址:  道里区民安街63号
简介: 金色海洋量贩式KTV12月16日盛大开幕,营业面积

地址: 哈尔滨 中央大街36号


地址: 哈尔滨 幸福路98号


地址: 哈尔滨 法院街30号


地址:南岗区 辽河路

地址:道里区 经纬四道街5号



地址:南岗区 一曼街18号

道里店:经纬六道街25号,电话84219088 84229088
文昌店:文昌街22-38号(鑫鹏酒店对面),电话 82666669
八大碗酒店 南岗区河沟街42号 53676287 (冬天屋里冷)
百事成鸿翔食街 南岗区鸿翔路61号 82340006、82340005
百事成花园食街 南岗区花园街251号 53603666、53605558
百万庄园 南岗区中山路169号 82611111、82613666
煲王之家 道里区新阳路393号 84601949、84623333
北来顺饭店 道里区友谊路51号 84613530
比萨麦 道里区尚志大街154号 84676811
波特曼西餐厅 道里区中央大街西七道街 84686888
巴蜀川菜馆 86471030
哈成路328号 55112212
红旗大街196号 82343712 82343713
学府路83号 86686226 86682669
避风塘(工大) 86418833 (还没黄啊)
彼得小餐屋 二校区西门 82293379 82340647
川友水煮活鱼 (追女生带她去吃不错)
经纬六道街19号 82530886
安道店:安道街110号 84204010
宽桥店:宽桥街18号 82538816
花园店:花园街69号 84289886
川菜王 南岗区南岗区吉林街69号 53626752
大丰收 (贵)
南岗区一曼街283号(三中对面) 53646824
鼎鑫 (老板竟然是个女的)
宣化店: 南岗区宣化街236号 0451-82704888
华侨店: 邮政街320号(华侨饭店左侧) 0451-53604262
嵩山店: 嵩山路95号(海关斜对面) 0451-82333918
大清华饺子新阳店:84217588 84217688
大清华饺子友谊店:84693988 84641516
大清华饺子平公店:82712225 82712221
大清华饺子和兴店:86337775 86337776
德莫利炖鱼(中央大街) 84699997
达兰特 送餐电话 86419136
东方饺子王 道里区中央大街39号 84653920 (黄瓜虾仁的饺子好像是80一斤,贵的吓人,我妈都不舍得吃)
东方饺子王(奋斗店) 南岗区奋斗路338号 53669880 )
东方饺子王(景阳店) 道外区景阳街213号 88301333
东方饺子王(新阳店) 道里区新阳路233路安发桥下 84297677 (熏酱好吃)
东方饺子王(中山分店) 南岗区中山路214号 82604272
豆捞海鲜火锅 南岗区鸿翔路51号 82321919、82320909
多伦多美食城广场 南岗区和兴路191号 86341777、86342777 (不好吃)
哈尔滨市南岗区文昌街196号 82676699
福成肥牛火锅 84655169
福兴楼: 86201411 86412606
福成肥牛火锅城 南岗区文昌街47号 82661102
傅氏小吃 南岗区宣化街综合楼5号 82732969
富都大酒店昆仑分店 南岗区鸿翔路15号 82344001、82344002
哈特店 南岗区贵新街84-90号 86221888 86223888
世纪店 南岗区华山路87号 82308282 82368282
革新街 南岗区革新街194号 82644848 82644646
道里店 道里区花圃街20号 84597373 84597488
长江店 南岗区长江路71号 87007088 87007488
狗不理 南岗区奋斗路338号 53652066
怪味楼 南岗区阿什河街101号 53678777、53679777
过把瘾四川火锅香坊总店 香坊区菜艺街46号 55631166、55641166
过把瘾四川火锅宣庆分店 南岗区宣庆街9号 82342235、82321366
hamamas 88581660
宏鸣订餐电话 86204444 86205555
汉斯烧烤 (名片丢了,但军工那个金汉丝2楼有个大哥,很猛,吃饭找他还有小弟给你服务,我俩差点结拜,晕)
中山路店:中山路254号 82669999,82669998 一曼街店:87526677
银行街店:银行街53号 53633503
洪福粥铺 洪福粥铺在西桃源对面,已经是西大桥那边了 (3块钱就能吃饱)
南岗区嵩山路副99-9号 82283569
哈工大第一餐厅(2区) (1区那个我补课时候好像还欠那钱呢)
B1公寓地下(绕到后面) 86282793
哈特 86218153 骨伤科医院 86356875
韩成狗肉火锅 南岗区黄河路与宣庆街接口 82725975
韩国土大力 南岗区繁荣街夏华小区c4栋5-6号 86235414
好旺角酒店 动力区和兴路31号 82131156
好运水鱼 南岗区龙江街40号 53660110、53660111
红羊海鲜酒楼 南岗区宣庆街70号 82314166、82314198
红羊酒店 南岗区邮政街136号 53659289、53659935
红运肥牛火锅城 南岗区宽桥街89号 82534188、82534588
宏琳火锅 道里区中央大街副198号 84200608
宏鸣火锅(宣化店) 南岗区宣化街336号 82704444、82714444(据说老板要和老板娘离婚)
华隆野味蛇王 南岗区宣化街329号 82701111、82729999
华梅西餐厅 道里区中央大街112号 84617368、84675574 (接客的老头没了)
灰姑娘火锅城 南岗区文府街25号 82648839
会友轩 道里区索菲亚教堂左侧 84676010
建大餐馆 86282591
南岗东大直街323号大世界商城六楼 53668383 (很贵的快餐)
金迈海味村 86214688 86214588
姐妹石锅烤肉 地址:道外区南三道街132号(三八冷饮厅南行50米) 88328158
吉隆乳鸽 82305533、82320033
嘉膳楼 南岗区西大直街484号 86466888、86466818
君悦美食娱乐广场 道里区新阳路346号 84520888、84530888
可鑫 86223624
凯帝海鲜渔港 南岗区赣水路189号 82321508、82321608 (贵,社会人和当官的还有美女比较多)




地址: 哈尔滨 西大直街408号

地址: 哈尔滨 南岗区中宣街24号 
电话: 0451-82640909

知音酒楼 南岗区花园街  88009898
赵记老铺 哈尔滨市香坊区菜艺街副89号(24小时营业)电话55664636
分店:哈尔滨市开发区汉水路405号,电话82295923 82382147
真露传统韩国料理 南岗区开发区昆仑商城六顺街39号 82339929
周家菜馆 道里区西十四道街60号 84682626
紫荆阁大酒店 南岗区和兴路149号 86333777、86333888、86333555





地址: 哈尔滨 西大直街100号

地址: 哈尔滨 南岗区大顺街14号(近康顺街)


13、缘份天空休闲歌吧 营业时间:14:00-2:00
黑龙江省哈尔滨市 道里区 安宁街





地址:南岗区 果戈里大街238号


地址: 哈尔滨 民安街205号   


地址: 道里区石头道街18号


地址: 哈尔滨 南岗区人和街159号 
电话: 0451-82601313



地址: 哈尔滨 和兴三道街82号


地址:香坊区 三大动力路乐松购物广场3层


5 同和居 新阳路安发桥桥下,著名的松涛阁浴池旁边.老字号,一个字好!!特色:原味牛肉汤,水爆肚,炸馒头片!!!

地址: 哈尔滨 南岗区果戈里大街65号 
电话: 0451-82667723

29 师大西侧门 铁板鱿鱼 野摊 就在师大西侧门街面上 味道相当棒

地址: 哈尔滨 邮政街267号



地址: 哈尔滨 佟麟阁路2号民旅饭店对面

地址: 哈尔滨 南岗区宣化街329号(近金紫荆) 
电话: 0451-87029111


地址: 哈尔滨 安顺街298号 

28 西大桥哈特商务酒店对面,曲线街,有一家“刘客烧烤”,他家的,排骨很好吃!


电话:0451-81581111 53921938


地址: 哈尔滨 道里区中央大街(近西十道街)


地址: 哈尔滨 花园街380号

2、 金色年华KTV


景阳商城,位置当然在景阳街了。在八区冰球馆附近。坐车7、107、108、109、207路在中财雅典城站下。 或者坐23、66、106、110路在中财雅典城站下,然后从南极街走50米到景阳街即是。

24小刚烧烤 中央商城附近东风街上 电烤肉串 吃了10多年了



电话:0451-86269999 86267999
地址:南岗区 文昌街151号




地址: 哈尔滨 林兴路2号



18 安发桥下炭火楼 安心街上 没啥说的 要吃就早点去


地址: 哈尔滨 南岗区龙江街40号(近东大直街)

主题包厢-- 百老汇 



地址: 哈尔滨 果戈里大街248号 
标签: 餐饮休闲 餐饮美食 餐厅 淇淋/冷饮 饮料及冷饮服务

地址: 哈尔滨 道里区上游街5号

地址: 哈尔滨 河园街2号

4 安发桥往南岗方向教化下桥处,工大高新园(安发桥公交车站台前方出口右转)对面烧烤店,很醒目.店不大,特色:烤鸡头!!!




地址: 哈尔滨 香坊区香站街37号 
电话: 0451-55630666



地址: 哈尔滨 南岗区复华四道街92号 
电话: 0451-86217774

27 通达街盒饭 适合于半夜快餐 营业到天亮 比较不错有南美盒饭(扒肉,红烧肉)晓慧盒饭(肉段,扒肉)

地址: 哈尔滨 南岗区宣化街副444号(马家沟旁) 
电话: 0451-88856888

12 红霞街朝鲜小吃,红霞街靠经伟街附近.就叫朝鲜小吃.只有三样牛肚,腰子,牛肉.晚上去的话要仔细找,因为他家没有霓虹灯.


电话:0451-53633370 53633380
地址:南岗区 果戈里大街332号

透笼、哈一百、曼哈顿           军工门口 座车    53路    买卖街・南马路・南平街・烟厂・工程大学・文化公园 比较快         袜子    耳包    内衣    日用品   洗发水   在 买卖街上 有的是

36、魔力盛会商务量贩KTV CEO商务会所


地址: 哈尔滨 河园街5号

地址: 哈尔滨 道里区兆麟街21号 
电话: 0451-88822777 8882999

地址:南岗区 马端街226号

17 余府香辣蟹 在大成街和宣化街,皇朝富豪海鲜附近 我推荐试试香辣虾爬子和丰收大炖菜


地址: 哈尔滨 和兴三道街92号 

地址:香坊区 红旗大街179号(农垦大厦右侧)

地址: 哈尔滨 复华四道街45号

地址:南岗区 颐园街2号华融饭店B1层

地址: 哈尔滨 道里区东风街68号(近通江街) 
电话: 0451-84635999

地址: 哈尔滨 南岗区长江路31-33号 
电话: 0451-82800118

9 安升街天津包子,安升街市场里,在安升街和安平街口附近.是我和我同事共认为最好吃的包子之一.便宜的很,4元12个.吃暴你的胃!

15 邮政街帕弗尔斜对面,安家土菜馆 推挤菜:牛肉烩菜,干炸小排,特色鱼头,安家千层肉.其他菜品质量也不错.非常值得一吃

地址: 哈尔滨 南岗区果戈里大街161号 
电话: 0451-82666466

地址: 哈尔滨 果戈里大街70号

地址: 哈尔滨 东大直街92号

道外12道街 丝挂,旋网,拉网,鱼竿,鱼钩。灯具道外也有。自行车配件也有一家卖。

地址: 哈尔滨 联发街30号


地址: 哈尔滨 南岗区复华三道街(近工大)  


电话:86656999 86640999
地址:南岗区 征仪路336号

地址: 哈尔滨 南岗区和兴三道街96号 
电话: 0451-86373730


地址: 哈尔滨 西大直街(哈铁文化宫旁边)


25尹记餐馆 花园街福龙休闲宾馆对面 推荐 豆角,排骨,小鸡炖蘑菇,红烧肉

地址:香坊区 嵩山路4号

电话: 045182878555
地址: 黑龙江省哈尔滨市珠江路25号




地址: 哈尔滨 天顺街22号

地址: 哈尔滨 赣水路副222-6号


电话: 0451-84676778
地址: 道里区西十三道街62-64号金帝商场侧面
简介: 首创“主题式包厢”,在您专属的欢唱空间里开启


地址: 哈尔滨 西十道街16号

地址: 哈尔滨 满洲里街2号(北方剧场楼下)

地址: 哈尔滨 松北区银河小区10栋一门市(商大人工河一侧) 
电话: 0451-84015498

几个人买一样东西 去批发就ok了 一个寝室 买一箱 火腿肠分了,比在校内买能多吃几根


地址: 哈尔滨 果戈里大街俄罗斯河园7号


地址: 道里区 通达街431号
地址:道里区 中央大街2号

地址: 黑龙江省哈尔滨市嵩山路72号

地址:南岗区 闽江路188号

地址: 哈尔滨 南岗区印度风情街 
电话: 0451-82648818

地址: 哈尔滨 抚顺街335号

地址: 哈尔滨 黎华小B区59号 




地址: 哈尔滨 大民兴街207号


地址: 哈尔滨 通河一村5号16室 

地址: 哈尔滨 大顺街46号

地址: 哈尔滨 道里区中央大街166号 
电话: 0451-84686688

电话:0451-82302788 82326188
地址:开发区 康顺街27号

地址: 哈尔滨 昆仑商城天顺街24号 
标签: 餐饮休闲 餐饮美食 餐厅 淇淋/冷饮 饮料及冷饮服务

道外马克威     学府路 服装城(距离学校比较远,203在红旗大街上坐车能到,能订做衣服,同时也卖面料,面料哈尔滨其它地方没有卖的,窗帘,床单,被罩比较全)在服装城做西装比较好。  
秋林地下   红博地下   金街国贸城


30 新疆大串两处 一是道里菜市场楼下 二是透龙街透龙市场交通银行街口
31 士翔烧烤,道里银都店,道里安国街店,南岗人和街店.特色毛肚,烤羊排(净排),疙瘩汤!推荐吃法:毛肚可沾陈醋吃


计算机,电子产品 船舶电子大世界,好像没有人不知道,教化广场(据说是全国最大的盗版市场)   哈工大 正门对面。


地址: 哈尔滨 太平南四道街11号



地址:香坊区 赣水路68号万达商业广场三层


13 火车站美味坛肉 天竺宾馆楼下 不写上它,说不过去,遭天遣的!没吃过的,遗憾呀


地址: 哈尔滨 红军街38号 

电话:0451-87002345 87003456
地址:南岗区 开发区嵩山路68号

地址: 哈尔滨 南岗区昆仑商城丽顺街23号

地址:南岗区 自兴街


地址: 哈尔滨 衡山路万达广场

地址: 哈尔滨 经纬六道街23号

电话:0451-82270331 82270332
地址:南岗区 大顺街9号
简介: 东方金柜是一家连锁经营的量贩式KTV,音响地道,

地址: 哈尔滨 和兴三道街100-2号


电话: 0451-87029111
地址: 哈尔滨 南岗区宣化街329号(近金紫荆)

地址: 哈尔滨 学府四道街3号楼0层2号

午夜场 24:00-06:00 88元/小时 128元/小时 368元/小时

洗发水也可以到曼哈顿去拿货,告诉老板 拿货我要一箱 海飞丝 有多少我也不知道不要吓着人家。

1重点推荐!快乐窗咖啡屋,地址: 南岗区木工街2号104室,电话: 0451-88581660,

地址: 哈尔滨 果戈里大街河园酒吧休闲区 

电话: 0451-84617222

地址: 哈尔滨 阿什河街帕弗尔宾馆7楼


星期六维修师 电脑耳机,随身听耳机,鼠标,计算机主板换电容,优盘,mp3。

地址: 哈尔滨 南岗区复华四道街 
电话: 0451-86427494

20 和风拉面 儿童公园门口,中央大街十三道街两处 推荐:排骨饭(甜口)

地址: 哈尔滨 太平南四道街15号 



7 中央大街休闲小站里的”热带雨林”可以一试!!

地址: 哈尔滨 长江路31-33号

哈尔滨阿什河街     坤宇106号   顺达102号    杂牌手机配件果戈理大街442号

地址:南岗区  西大直街508号大鸿图商务酒店四层

旧货调剂市场(东西很杂很多,工具在那里买比较合适,因为都是以前的国企下岗职工在卖从厂子里带回来的东西)   星期六 星期日     205    92都到 和哈尔滨鞋城距离很近 道外二十道街。

地址:道里区 民安街副61号


地址: 哈尔滨 南岗区果戈里大街297号



16 小赖水煮鱼 经纬十二道街65号 看名字你就知道吃什么了

地址: 哈尔滨道里区中央大街30号 圣安娜咖啡酒吧



地址: 哈尔滨 南岗区果戈里大街238号 
电话: 0451-55556677


电话:0451-82803777 82803888
地址:南岗区 长江路112号

地址:道里区 民安街57号


地址: 哈尔滨 繁胜街57号

地址: 哈尔滨 大成街42号 

电话:0451-82826833 82826922
地址:南岗区 先锋路军区二干休所


地址: 哈尔滨 南岗区学府道街4楼0层5号 
电话: 0451-86634898


凯帝鱼头火锅广场 香坊区高科技开发区红旗大街166号 82327188、82327288
肯德基(花圃餐厅) 道里区中央大街187号 84634307 (这两家店我相当熟悉)
肯德基(中央餐厅) 道里区中央大街79号 84634307
快乐老家”重庆特色火锅城 南岗区中山路168号(申银万国证券楼下) 82896696
昆仑大酒店(原哈尔滨锦江大酒店) 南岗区铁路街1号 53606688
黄河路副73-1号 82310000
粮店小吃 86418203
刘府川味楼 86202299
辣婆婆总店 82310000
老昌锅烙 道里区西七道街2号 84610333
老都一处 道里区西十三道街62号 84615895 (唉,原来是我们老陈家的,伤心啊)
老广众烤肉店 南岗区宽桥街99号 82555777、82555888
理想乳鸽王(昆仑店) 南岗区昆仑商城大顺街8号 82345577
铃兰日本料理 南岗区汉水路458号 82331768、82330768 (可他妈的贵了,我还吃不饱)
罗杰斯餐厅 南岗区东大直街 53627555 (高中时候见网友在道里店吃过)
南岗区清滨路7号 86300313
道里店安发桥街37号 84553111 (有个服务员可�了)
道外靖宇街248号 88987777
马家馆 南岗区鸿翔路39号 88261693
毛毛春饼店 道里区尚志大街88号 84616803 (比较贵的春饼)
南岗区奋斗路157号 82646814
梅龙镇 南岗区昆仑商城汉水路450号 82315161
民航大厦餐厅 南岗区中山路101号 82306188-3108
明月美食广场 南岗区鸿翔路31号(昆仑商城) 82308111、82302111、82333318
磨盘山饺子城 82802200
牛记饼中王 道里区西十四道街62号 84678700
潘记粥铺(总店) 南岗区革新街47号 82615510 (脏)
胖大姐四川火锅 53633423
哈尔滨分店南岗区先锋路 82549900 82546292 (贵)
千手佛 南岗区一曼街125号 53678888-8000
清香阁美食广场 道里区花圃街8号 84563811、84563911
清真回味香 南岗区复华小区D5栋1楼1号 86214474
青竹园 南岗区贵新街 86479439
日月潭 南岗区东大直街127号 82546111、82546222、82546333
双盛 86257711
复兴街与复华四道街交界 86421905
尚居饺子城 86417588 86417048
萨拉伯尔 南岗区华融饭店三楼 53621881 (去一次老后悔了)
三乐豆花饭庄 道里区尚志大街1号(儿童电影院侧面) 84631255
三乐四川豆花饭庄分店 道里区经纬街194号 84215888、84216666
三乐四川美食开发区店 82302555 (以前我以为豆腐拌松花蛋呢)
双福京味楼 南岗区中山路111号 82622020、82622121
双福楼酒店 南岗区奋斗路37号 82614014
双福美食街 南岗区昆仑商城天顺街10号 82307988、82307588
双龙鲍翅 南岗区昆仑商城汉水路425号 82328888、82345588 (不好吃)
双龙美食城 道外区南极街136号 88378888、88388888
顺峰肥牛火锅 南岗区文昌街107号 82688888、82666666 (老甲的店,他是真会享受啊)
尚居饺子城 86417588 86417048
南岗区赣水路35号 82353688、82353788
道里区西六道街32号 0451-84572280,0451-84372260
南岗区文府街48号 82619911
泰峰 86255555
天辅食轩 道外区南极街118号(八区体育场门口) 88326666、88327777 (环境不好)
天鸿美食城 香坊区红旗大街200号 82308328、82308318
天天渔港 道里区中央大街西六道街 84652993、84652995 (据说是社会大哥开的)
天天渔港 南岗区宣化街2号 82618882
天天渔村 工程街 84634888
南岗开发区嵩山路99-6号 82365978 82367978
王记酱骨头炖菜馆 南岗区昆仑商城鸿翔路59号 82315878、82306344
王记酱骨头炖菜馆 南岗区中山路252号 82612228、82605558
吴记酱骨头炖菜馆 南岗区西大直街308号 86347232、86331802
南岗区西大直街514号 86343588 86343688
繁荣街(复华) 86235049
82340258 82340268 82340278 82340288 82340298
南岗区昆仑商城大顺街2号 82321777 82310777
西苑 86417114
兴丽园 嵩山路(二区东门) 86282394
小渔船 86223377
小月 86240555 86241555
仙鹤楼 86228894
香香 86412023
小牛馆 地址:南岗区巴山街97号(和平村后门附近)
西格玛饺子城 香坊区菜艺街136号 82306830、82306831
希尔西天山涮蘑王 道里区兆麟街108号 84641648-2200 
小肥羊(动力分店) 动力区和平路54号 82667588、82667688
小肥羊火锅 道里区通达街209号 84521888
小肥羊火锅(香坊) 香坊区香木街16号 55659666
小肥羊酒店 南岗区宣庆街46号 82704838
新疆阿凡提家乡风味 南岗区宣化街461号 82528833、82528855
鑫鹏酒家 道外区北头街105号 88376480
鑫鹏酒家 南岗区文昌街59号 82669166
鑫鹏美食城 平房区祥里街副6号 86807969
兄弟法式面包坊 南岗区国民街43号 53603876
宣庆烧烤 南岗区黄河路46号 82365271
颐园� 86246666 86210644-3777
南岗区汉水路421号 82332323、82332020
清滨路61号 88路到门口 86349555
和兴路94号 86377758
一品香辣蟹 南岗区鸿翔路16号 82616193 (又是个女的爱去的地方)
宇翔美食广场 南岗区学府路199号 86668222、86668111
玉泉狩猎场风味菜肴 玉泉狩猎场 53848053、53846427 (太远了)
运通美食城 南岗区文昌街105号 82658888
知音酒楼 86351666(晚上一定要打电话要不肯定没地方,锅包肉、凉菜特好吃)

非会员75元/小时 会员150元不限时
非会员30元/小时 会员68元不限时


地址: 哈尔滨 平房区友协大街203号 
电话: 0451-86528999


地址:道里区 西四道街16号(中央大街口)

地址: 哈尔滨十一公寓学子商场对面



地址:南岗区 平公街50号-总店 人和街159号-分店

地址: 哈尔滨 南岗区和兴三道街15号 
电话: 0451-86309158


地址: 哈尔滨 经纬八道街40号 

地址: 哈尔滨 田地街112号

地址: 哈尔滨 香坊区三辅三道街25号 
电话: 0451-55150722

道外旧货市场 最好周六 周日去人才多。就在道外满汉楼往里。 205   70   92都到道外旧货市场 东西多比较杂乱。小心被骗。



地址: 哈尔滨 果戈里大街河园酒吧休闲区

红旗家具城,有空去逛逛吧,多近的地方。太平桥家乐福对面黎华家具装饰材料城,新吉家具商城 名流家居 哈尔滨家具商厦 信恒经典家居 。

地址: 哈尔滨 长江路55号


地址: 哈尔滨 哈市红专街66号

哈站站前二楼 北北楼上 上电梯就看到了。市区内没有比那便宜的,也得找,零售也要小心啊。



14 建设街,大直街和花园街中间 福来坛肉 推荐:米饭,坛肉,凉菜,鸡脖子

地址: 哈尔滨 南岗区复华街繁荣街口 
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article is excerpted from

1949 In December, I sit in Fujian Fujian Military Medical School joined the army after graduation to participate in counterinsurgency in northern Fujian, the fall 1952 transferred to the capital Beijing hospital, in radiology and medical engineering. Beijing Hospital liberated on health care tasks as a central directorate. Radiology diagnostic and treatment equipment are many, are continuing to introduce, develop, expand. 1959 Hospital work needs, the organization recommended me to apply for college, when I was admitted in the fall of the country was the only set of institutions, medical engineering Medical Engineering, Beijing Institute of Business. Enrollment more than a month, I was school, school teacher Dean rushed to tell me immediately tidy up, the original unit in a hurry to find you the car downstairs in teaching. I went down to see the

into Zhongnanhai, the early completion of this particular task, I am a lifetime. 1964 I graduated from college still return to Beijing hospitals. 1969 as head of health care need to set up the Central People's Liberation Army 305 Hospital, located in the Zhongnanhai next to the hospital directly from the Central Guard Bureau leadership, the organization I was transferred to 305 on the hospital again, re-join the army, still engaged in radiation and medical engineering, who is also related work within the care at Zhongnanhai. This out more opportunities to Zhongnanhai, the other for Premier Zhou health care in the central leaders and Professor Hu also have more cooperation. I never thought of that, later into Zhongnanhai, the first 17 years after 1976, Chairman Mao, I was transferred to participate in the medical group, he actually spent 100 days and nights around the elderly, including Tangshan earthquake guard next to Chairman Mao spent sleepless nights, stayed with his old died.

when I returned to the engine room, Dr. Li to see the first thing I asked: See Chairman Mao is also very satisfactory for a smooth check, interest,Beats Headphones, apart from his magical invisible and can penetrate the human body became interested in X-rays, with a thick accent, Hunan, Professor Xiang Hu asked the X-ray rationale. Finally, and we again shook hands, thank us for him to do the inspection, we get to the door of Chairman Mao.

two weeks and one day after 7:00 am, Today's task done by us, Professor Hu respected, is one of the pioneers of China's academic radiology, skilled. Beijing hospitals often ask her consultation, check-ups for the head, but as Chairman Mao physical examination she was the first time. Her to remind me after the machine warm-up is good, the items to be checked once again operating, just in case, like all parts of the camera a good condition. Gastrointestinal angiography barium sulfate adjusted insulation, everything is ready, the arrival of Chairman Mao on the other. About half an hour the phone rang, said Dr. Li Mao in a moment.

This is the first time into the city of Chairman Mao X-rays, the hospital received the mission leadership attaches great importance to Professor Hu received a Beijing hospital discussion on how to complete the task. Zhongnanhai was no large-scale X-ray machine, you need to install a large Zhongnanhai X-ray machine. Under the leadership of the Ministry of Health, Union Hospital, selected borrow a Siemens 500 mA three balls Twin X-ray machine, was considered more advanced, higher degree of automation, you can do a variety of X-rays needs.

we do chest and film, she soon left the examination room. Jiang sensitive to light, sitting on the sofa very few words. Photos done, I and Professor Hu health groups in Zhongnanhai, the Chairman Mao and Jiang Qing's test results to write reports on different parts of the examination were to write several reports, the last two signatures. Seal the photo with the report to Dr. Li, to complete the task.

out Qinzheng, see the blue sky and white clouds across the Yingtai, weeping willows, sparkling in rows against the background of ancient buildings, Zhongnanhai it very beautiful.

Zhongnanhai Guard Bureau with the co-leaders exploration decisions, according to the needs of the task and equipment installation, the final selection of X-ray machine installed in the Zhongnanhai Qinzheng on the east wing, where the residence of Chairman Mao from the Fortress more past, the power supply also meet the requirements. Equipment installed by the Union Hospital and Beijing Hospital, Professor Xu Haichao Yixiang Wu comrades and me. In the Guard Bureau, Beijing Hospital, Union Hospital, together, the relocation of the machine installed less than a week. After repeated testing, the machine works perfectly normal on the report, waiting for Chairman Mao checks.

Jiang Qing, Chairman Mao left

9 pm, Chairman Mao in the health care practitioner under the guidance of Dr. Li, and Jiang Qing up, security, secretarial staff and so make way for our 5 person house. First met Chairman Mao, Professor Hu and I are very nervous. Chairman Mao saw our embarrassment, entered the house first and we shook hands, asked our names, where people working in the length of time, and then told us about the machine can not function and the domestic production of such machinery, as a kindly old man, began laughing in check, we feel relaxed a lot. The first film chest radiographs, and then for a bed according to the lumbar spine films, the last to do gastrointestinal barium meal, barium meal done routinely when chest first, then gradually barium meal examination. When Mao swallowed the first bite, said: next to the gently helping him slowly turning, an important part of the screen under the spot film captured a few photos, the whole process very smooth. Please check later Chairman Mao mouth facial, take a break on the sofa. I hasten to hold a bunch of photos over the X-ray film clip, to establish a temporary flushing chamber, when the red light next to see a picture of contrast, clarity and taste of the X-rays, there is joy unspeakable, indicating To take pictures of Chairman Mao by his body, weight and different position, according to my visual estimate given voltage, current, distance, time, etc. are appropriate. Chairman Mao's physical examination to proceed smoothly, many people paid hard work, some clinical experts are awaiting the results of this inspection.

Dr. Li informed me that Chairman Mao would like to know before checking the contents of X-rays, process, told us to write a report. To this end I and Professor Hu, Chairman Mao door from start to finish, step by step process to write inspection reports. Report to Dr. Li, he said after a good forward to see Chairman Mao. I might return to school, waiting for notification, they can not account for recent school leavers, to prepare a good job at Zhongnanhai.

car directly to the Beijing hospital, at the dean's office to see Dr. Dean and Dr. Li Mao's health. Dean, after a brief introduction, Dr. Li will talk directly about the mission, said recently in Zhongnanhai as Chairman Mao once X-ray examination, the contents of the digestive tract imaging, chest and lumbar spine film, etc., told me to prepare, please Concorde Radiology Director Professor Hu Maohua check for Chairman Mao, I help her.

Peugeot 308RCZ in the design is very creative . It inherited the tradition of Peugeot concept design and design elements , and bold use of successful practices and the future of the popular elements , unique personality .

as Peugeot 308RCZ is designed is to create a driving of the car , the designers in the car's body weight up and down a lot of effort , focus on reducing vehicle weight. Eventually, the car uses aluminum suspension components , carbon fiber trim , a polycarbonate rear window and other related components , to control their weight at 1200 kg, a good balance between their driving , safety and other various properties.

car design style is also very smart , in addition to bulbous wheel arches guard and 19-inch wheels , the most significant features than the curved top / rear windows . Polycarbonate used to make the car 's shape is molded into the glass using traditional security often can not molded style.

Peugeot 308RCZ using 1.6 l THP turbocharged inline four-cylinder engine . After a series of improvements in this engine ,beats by dre pro, the power was improved by 43 horsepower from the original 175 horsepower (128KW) was raised to 218 hp (160KW). Thus, the maximum propulsion , driven by the car engine can provide 300 Nm of torque and can achieve the car in seven seconds 0-100 km / h acceleration , top speed reached 235 km / hour .

In addition , look at the interior , obviously , this Peugeot car will lock the Audi TT rival , which has used chromium alloy , aluminum and leather products, high-end cockpit .
In terms of security , with the 308 hatchback cars , this RC Z is equipped with a lane departure warning system and directional bi-xenon headlights and Peugeot 's emergency communications system .

. . .

home common sense: focus on you and your family's health
one, 8 Do not eat food overnight, poisoning
two bedroom must not be placed within the 11 flowers
three, must not eat four kinds of fruit and vegetable skins
four, the four most expensive scraping fat vegetable juice

one, 8 Do not eat food overnight, it will not waste food poisoning
is a virtue, many people have become accustomed to leave at night to eat leftover meals the next day to enjoy. If overnight but there are some foods eaten on the potential health hazards. The following information for everyone to do a little sorting, we should all pay attention.
white fungus white fungus soup overnight is an advanced nutritional supplements, but one night, will reduce nutrients and harmful ingredients. Because both the indoor cultivation of basswood or white fungus white fungus cultivated field contains more nitrates, such as cooked up by the relatively long time, bacteria break down the role of the nitrate will be reduced to nitrite.
drink this soup, nitrite naturally into the blood circulation, blood hemoglobin in the red blood cells are able to carry large amounts of oxygen for the body needs. However, nitrite is counterproductive to the body in the normal hemoglobin oxidized to methemoglobin, the loss of ability to carry oxygen, resulting in a lack of normal human hematopoietic!
2, Geye
Geye because it takes too long, vitamin Most have been lost, and tea protein, carbohydrates, etc. will be bacteria, fungi breeding nutrients, so people often think Geye can not drink.
3, overnight egg
If the egg is not fully cooked, then overnight after the consumption of immature egg yolk, in the case of improper preservation, nutrition, something easy to breed bacteria that causes such as gastrointestinal discomfort, flatulence. However, if the eggs have cooked, and properly sealed with low temperature, generally no problem.
boiled eggs are usually cooked twice, the first pass cooked, the second time to crack the shell, plus tea accessories cook, so the eggs are certainly familiar. But those half-cooked eggs, egg yolk was semi-liquid form, can not eat overnight.
to tap water overnight, boil 3 to 5 minutes, nitrite and chloride content of harmful substances such as a minimum, the most suitable people to drink. Overnight
drink water: nitrite in the human body can form carcinogenic nitrosamines. Experts have found that the nitrite content in water than the raw water is high. And repeated or prolonged boiling of water more than 24 hours, nitrite levels were significantly increased. Boiling water for 24 hours after the nitrite content was 1.3 times when just boiled. Our residents have fond habit of boiling water, is burning now it is best to drink or drink the water that day, do not drink the water boil too long.
5, leafy
overnight as some green leafy vegetables contain more nitrate, cooked too long if placed in the decomposition of bacteria, the nitrate will be reduced to sub- nitrate, a carcinogenic effect, the heating can not be removed. Health eat: usually the highest nitrate content of leaf vegetables, melons, vegetables, lower, middle class roots and cauliflower. Therefore, if the purchase of different kinds of vegetables, should be eat stems and leaves, such as cabbage, spinach. If you plan to do some hot food to eat, then the next day, do minimal leaf vegetables, melons and vegetables to choose.
6, overnight soup
Cantonese like soup, drink endless soup into the fridge the next day boil the drink. This soup overnight health of the body please eat: The best method of preservation is not soup seasonings like salt, cooked with a clean spoon soup spoon out the day to drink, drink endless, the best tile pot is stored in the refrigerator. Leftover soup served in a long time because of aluminum pots, stainless steel pot, easy chemical reaction, should be served in glass or ceramic dish.
7, should not eat seafood products
overnight food fish, seafood, green leafy vegetables, cold dishes.
fish and seafood is easy to produce, after overnight protein degradation products, can damage the liver and kidney function.
Green leafy vegetables contain different amounts of nitrate, cooking or taking too long over, only vegetable will be yellow, sour, reduced nitrate but also by bacteria of toxic nitrite, a carcinogenic effect. Salad due to processing time been more pollution, even if refrigerated, overnight has changed after the most likely, should the current system is to eat.
8, household goods

lo mei and lo mei bad and bad goods are Shanghai residents like to eat seasonal vegetables, many people still prefer to eat the rest of the bad stock the fridge and lo mei kind of approach has great food safety risks. Prevent food poisoning, spring and summer goods do not eat lo worse overnight.
bulk lo to eat that day, not overnight. From food safety perspective, this is unhealthy, if possible, overnight is best not to eat the bad goods. The food experts have warned that, even if the food in the refrigerator, is not absolute The refrigerator is easy to breed mold, and psychrophilic bacteria.

two bedroom must not be placed within the 11 flowers
many people like to keep in their bedroom some flowers for decoration, add beauty, the mood is understandable. Plant flowers in the bedroom not only beautiful, but also clean air, good for the body. Spend a lot of people do not know chaos is not raised, there are many flowers are harmful, not only without the times, but also a serious life-threatening, the following are eleven kinds of bedroom should not be raised flowers, be sure to arouse the attention of .

orchids, lilies

two flowers of its aroma will stimulate the nervous system, it is over-excited, very easy to cause people to sleep.


it comes out of the rich flavor will make some people have chest discomfort, breath and breathing difficulties.

coniferous trees and flowers

its aromatic smell of the body's gastrointestinal stimulation, not only affects the appetite, but also make women feel upset, nausea and vomiting.
hydrangeas flower

it emitted particles, such as skin contact with people, will produce an allergic skin reaction.


it at night to stimulate the sense of smell will emit a large number of particles, smell for too long, high blood pressure and heart disease will feel dizzy, depressed discomfort, even sicker.
tulip flowers

it contains a poisonous alkali, man, if exposed too long, it will speed up hair loss.


it can secrete a milky white liquid, exposure over time, lead to poisoning, caused by drowsiness, mental decline and other symptoms . If pregnant women close to it, will cause abnormal fetal tone.

L., Evergreen

dumb chant its juice contains enzymes, the human body is very unfavorable. If a child wrongly lead to swollen vocal cords, and even cause dumb.

mimosa flowers and tulips such as people if exposed too long, can cause hair loss.

leopard flower smell it emitted particles on the human body is also very good, cause that makes some people dizzy.

red back Gui, Codiaeum, tiger Cimei

these types of flowers and trees, with the body to produce serious adverse reactions, which is addressed flowers of cancer, not planted.

three, absolutely can not eat four types of fruit and vegetable skins
most people feel like wash fruits and vegetables, eat do not eat the skin is just a taste issue, unrelated to health. Can be proved, this idea wrong, if the skin of some fruits and vegetables to eat, or cooking, when not dealing with a clean skin, will give your body is tolerated.

1. persimmon persimmon skin

skin texture as well, generally people do not spit to eat persimmon skin. However, according to medical studies have shown that immature persimmon, it can cause damage to the stomach mainly in the persimmon tannin meat, and mature persimmon, persimmon tannin will focus on the skin.


for sweet potato skin potato skin more alkali, eating too much can cause gastrointestinal discomfort. (Necessary to improve the quality of sex eight criteria) brown or black spots of the skin but can not eat sweet potato, sweet potato by the black spot due to this infection, can cause poisoning after eating.

potato skin potato skin contains no benefit to human health glycoalkaloids into the human body will form a cumulative poisoning. Because it is chronic poisoning, being asymptomatic or obvious symptoms, often do not attract attention. Particularly long shoots, and skin color blue potatoes, with more toxins, should be absolutely prohibited for consumption.

4. water chestnuts, water chestnuts, skin

born because of the fertile Mizusawa, gathered leather on a variety of harmful, toxic chemicals and biological waste. Therefore, raw or cooked food should be peeled, otherwise it will cause unpredictable disease.

four, the four most expensive scraping fat vegetable juice
heart of beauty in everyone,Outlet Cheap Coach Bags, with beautiful white skin is every woman's wish. The most common vegetables to contain trace elements and minerals, trace elements and minerals which can help you improve the skin, with white skin and good color.


tomato juice, tomato juice: 2 to 3 per person per day to eat a tomato, to meet one day vitamin C needs. Drink a few glasses of tomato juice, you can get a vitamin A needed day and night half. Tomatoes contain a lot of citric acid and malic acid, beneficial to the body's metabolism, can promote gastric juice production, enhance the digestion of greasy foods. Tomato Vitamin P to protect blood vessels, prevent hypertension, and can improve heart function. Against the tomato juice on the apple juice, pumpkin juice, and lemon juice, can play a role in weight loss. In addition, the consumption of a variety of tomato juice can make the skin fit.


Cucumber juice Cucumber juice: drink a lot of the benefits of cucumber juice on the human body. Can regulate blood pressure, excessive stress and preventing cardiac atherosclerosis; can calm the nervous system and robust, enhance memory; damage to the gums and the prevention and treatment of periodontal disease also have some effect; elements are contained in a variety of hair and Nails need, can prevent hair loss and nail splitting; more powerful diuretic; with less fat and sugar, is an ideal diet drinks.


celery juice Celery juice: celery flavor fragrance, can enhance a person's appetite. When the weather is dry and hot, early morning wake up drink a glass of celery juice, feel much better. In between meals drink celery juice is also the best. Celery juice can be used as a laxative and diuretic and blood pressure medicine. As the celery roots and leaves are rich in vitamins A, B1, B2, C and P, so the celery juice for vitamin deficiency, especially those who drink.


white white juice juice: cabbage for the promotion of hematopoietic recovery, hardening of the arteries and prevent anti-carbohydrate into fat, to prevent the deposition of cholesterol in serum with good effect . White juice in vitamin A, can promote the growth of early childhood development and prevent night blindness. White juice contains selenium, in addition to help control amblyopia, but also help to strengthen the body's white blood cells and resistance to bactericidal toxic heavy metals on the body. When the infection of the gums caused by periodontal disease, the consumption of cabbage and carrot mixed juice, not only for the supply of a large number of human vitamin C, also can clean the mouth.

from the production point of view, the level of Disney's animation is indeed compelling, people saw the film all the animals have a desire to immediately grasp the sense of touch over (Of course, cockroaches, flies excluded). However, there is no back story on the special, relatively simple. Of course, watching 3D movie, more important is the visual impact and enjoyment, the other can only be relegated to second-line thing. To maintain a consistent dialogue touches on the American humor. Although far from the overall atmosphere particularly tense, but to also feel a degree of relaxation. From the thoughtful, the film also reflected, or about to have some philosophy of life (of course, is talking to children), emphasizes that each person's success through personal effort, not innate talent to achieve. The only regret is that some Chinese dubbing, of course, I do not deny the film's Chinese voice is still very good, with a lot of words with Chinese characteristics (I remember as if they had a promotion for Sister Lotus), but should still soundtrack sounds more interesting.

long,Coach bags sale, the story of several characters - four guinea pigs and the image of a mole really cute. If matched with some of the plush toys on sale at the scene, I think it was a selling point. Guinea pig in the film that eventually became famous a few federal agents (but excluding Mole, Mole Oh actually spies are generally synonymous, in the film is also so designed). So, this tells us that around any animals are likely to become a future qualified agents, that time can not be reused before the eyes see them,

While watching the film

3D movie should be the future direction of development of the film. For now, I think 3D movies may not show the kind of momentum of the screen. If the 3D film technology further forward, the film will be the future of a fully 3D (Oh and about the evolution of modeling tools). If you add some sense of what the film should be the 4D of the future. All in all, this film is worth a cinema experience of.

end of the movie market bustling, and the brightest hero after another. With Hollywood, domestic, Hong Kong and Taiwan, spy war, love, science fiction, martial arts, and disaster, comedy, nonsense, etc., people are overwhelmed. But according to the type of film to points, it is only a film rather special, and that this 3D live-action film The 3D film, though not the first time to see, but as this live-action version of the film and has the complete story the first time. Of course, in order to enjoy this for the first time, the price to pay is not cheap (with discount tickets discount tickets also double the normal). However, on the whole, I think it was worth it (after all, in addition to the cinema, most people in the hands of the current equipment (need, what kind of look cool, wear silly glasses), it could not look through online download) .

PS: the day I used the basis. Today, a handful of Internet search using Baidu, Zhu A really original guinea pig is the Netherlands, the English name guinea pig, a pig's cousin, ah, and rats simply do not take sides. Therefore, the This fact and the So, this also tells us, do not be fooled by the name of some surface, be sure to look at their essence. Of course,

Share article: a cruel misunderstanding, confusion of the happy feet. When the fate of the deadlock was finally opened with the price, it was too late
take her mother to come home with dignity, the result is a departure from our original intention.
married two years later, I discussed with Mr connected to her mother from the countryside to spend their remaining years. President is very small my father passed away, he is the only sustenance mother, his mother grew up in a support for him through college.
I said yes again and again, immediately to her mother to pack out a room with a balcony to the south, you can sun, the raising of flowers or something. Mr.
standing sunny room, did not say a word, suddenly raised his turning in circles in my room in my claws for mercy, the President said: When my husband and I had a dispute but refused to yield, the President took me lifted up above his head unsteadily, until I scared for mercy. I fear the joy of this fascination.
mother in the countryside used to temporarily get rid of. I used to buy a bouquet of flowers placed in the living room, her mother could not bear it later: Can not eat! Sometimes, I see something to buy packages of home, she asked how much money that this amount of money, I - honestly answer, her mouth would suck more rings. Mr. twisted my nose, said:
mother could not understand my husband up and do the best breakfast. In her view, the big man to his wife cooking, how can the truth?
breakfast table, her mother's face is often overcast, I do not see installed. Mother put chopsticks confused jingling sound chaotic, it is her silent protest. I do dance teacher in the Children's Palace, jumping already tired enough of a morning warm blanket, I do not want to throw away only to enjoy, so I am my mother's protests dumb.
mother even music to help me do some household chores, she made me even more busy. For example, she collected all the garbage bags, said the other had enough to sell waste plastic, waste plastic bags and made at home everywhere; she was not willing to use dishwashing detergent, in order not to hurt her self-esteem, I had to secretly re- wash it again.
time, I was washing dishes at night secretly saw her mother, her Mr. dilemma, and afterwards, did not Mr. talk to me one night, I like a baby, lie, he did not talk to me. I fire, and asked him: In those days, Mr. fare well, do not know who first funny good fun.
mother to prevent her son for breakfast, breakfast burn hesitate to assume the Mr.
mother looked happy to eat, look at me with eyes I did not try to condemn the wife's responsibility. To avoid embarrassment, the way to work I had to buy a package of milk to kill themselves.
sleep, sir asked me a little angry: Finally, Mr. sigh:
morning, drinking my mother burned the porridge, a sudden burst of nausea, stomach everything rushing out running, I am desperate to keep them up to suppress the Bay, but still did not hold him down, I threw under the bowl and ran into the bathroom, vomited splinters.
When I gasped when laid down flat, see native dialect mixed with complaints about her mother and crying, standing in the bathroom doorway, Mr. angrily at me, I dry mouth Zhang could not speak, I did not mean to . My husband and I first started a heated argument, her mother first saw us staring, and then got up and hobbled out to go. Mr. bitterly look at me, her mother went downstairs to recover.
accident usher new life, her mother suddenly ruined the lives of
three days, President did not go home, even the phone. I was upright, since the mother to think about, I wronged myself enough, but also how do I like?
somehow, I always want to vomiting, no appetite to eat anything, plus a mess of the family, and I feel bad to the extreme. Later, or colleague said: I understand why I suddenly vomiting that morning, a trace of happiness tucked Resentment: President and as someone who's mother, how come they did not think that it?
in front of the hospital, I saw the President. Seen just three days, he was haggard and a lot. I wanted to turn left, but he looks like me feel bad, do not hold back, I call him.
President followed the sound to see me, but do not seem to know, eyes hide a hint of disgust, they stabbed me in the cold.
I tell myself not to look at him to see him say, hand stopped a taxi. At that time, I think Mr. Xiang shouted: I hope that's not possible. In the taxi, my tears was slow to fall.
Why let the love a bad argument to such an extent? After returning home, I lay in bed like President, like his eyes full of disgust. I hold the quilt corner crying.
night at home with the sound turned drawer. Turn on the light, I saw the face of Mr. tears. He is money. I looked at him coldly, quietly. He loved me but not, holding books and money left in a hurry. Mr.
perhaps is intended to completely leave me. Really sensible man, so clearly love and share the money. I sneer a few tears,
next day, I did not go to work. Would like to completely clean up your own mind, looking for a good talk time, Mr.. Mr.
find a company secretary looked at me strange, said:
flew to the hospital, Mr. find when the mother has to go. Mr.
have not look at me, his face stiff. I looked at her mother skinny pale face, the tears could not stop: my God! How could this be?
until buried her mother, sir, did not say a word to me, even all look at me with deep disgust.
on accident, I learned about from others mouth, stumbled after her mother went out to go to the station, she wanted to go home, she walked faster, Mr. Prada, across the street when a bus head-on collision over ... I finally understand the President's disgust, if I did not vomit that morning, if we do not quarrel, if ... ... in his heart, I was indirectly killed his mother, a sinner. Mr.
moved into her mother's silent room, full of sound all night back to alcohol. I have been guilt and poor self-esteem was overwhelmed, he wanted to explain, he said that we wanted to have children soon, but looking at his cold eyes and took all the words are swallowed back. I prefer Mr. call me or hit me meal meal, although all accidents are not my intent.
choking the life one day at a repetition continues, more and more time to go home late Mr.. We stalemate, even embarrassing than a stranger. I tied the knot his heart.
time, I pass a restaurant, through the transparent windows, I saw a young girl, Mr. and sitting face to face, his hair gently as the girl Lelong, I understand everything.
first stay, then I entered the restaurant, standing in front of Mr. and gazed at him, eyes do not tear. I did not want to say, have nothing to say.
girl look at me, look at my husband, stand up and wants to go, my husband hold her hand, and then doing the same, never show weakness at me.
I can only hear his heart beat slow, what about beating on the verge of death-like pale edge.
is that I lost, if the station continues, I will be with the children and the stomach down.
that night, sir, did not go home, he lets me know this way: With her mother's death, our love has died.
he never came back. Sometimes, I came home from work and saw the wardrobe is too passive - he came back to take some of my things.
I do not want to call him, still trying to explain to him the original idea of ​​something, everything is completely lost.
me a life, a person to the hospital for examination, often saw a man leaning on his wife to do careful physical examination, my heart will be broken like look. Colleagues advised me to knock down the vaguely Well, I must say vertical, I made mad to give birth to this child, her mother's death can be considered compensation for it.
I came home from work, sitting in the living room, Mr., a room full of smoke, coffee table arrayed with a piece of paper. No need to look at, I know what is above. Mr. was not at home more than two months, I gradually learned to calm. I looked at him, took off his hat, said:
While I understand the side button coat, said to myself:
hang coats, dead eyes of Mr. Siding bulge in my stomach already. I smiled, walked over, drag over the paper, without even looking, sign their names onto him.
I can not control the eyes, tears, I said: Mr. slowly lying to me, tears penetrate the quilt. In my mind, a lot of things very far, far away to even if I fail to get a hard run. Mr.
do not remember how many times told me life, I can not forget.
we draw the heart in each other deep scars. My, is unintentional; him, is deliberate.
look forward to bury the hatchet, but the past has not again!
addition to stomach the thought of the heart when a child is warm, while the President, my heart cold frost, do not eat anything he bought, not any of his gift, do not talk to him. Starting from the signature piece of paper, marriage and love in my heart all die. Mr.
sometimes try to back bedroom, he came, I went to the living room, sir, had to return to her mother's room to sleep.
night, sometimes from the President's room came a slight groan,Sale Chanel Boots, and I said nothing. This is his habit of playing tricks, as long as I ignored him before he pretend to be sick, I will obediently surrender his concern for how, and he grabbed me laugh. He forgot, then I would feel bad because there is love, now what else should we? Mr.
groans intermittently until a child is born. His children almost every day to buy things, baby supplies, children's products, as well as a favorite book, a bag, reach his room filled. I know he is such a way that moved me, and I have been unmoved. He had to shut in a room with a computer
not turn a night in spring, severe abdominal pain so I shouted, President rushed to a stride, as if he did not even undress to sleep, such as is the arrival of this moment. Mr.
I ran downstairs on her own, hailed, along the way tightly clutched my hand, I constantly wipe the sweat from forehead. To the hospital, I go out on her own maternity run. Lying on the back of his skinny but warmth, a thought suddenly entered the study in: this life, who would like him love me? Mr.
escorted the delivery room door, looked me in, nice and warm eyes, I endured the pain of his smile.
out from the delivery room, Mr. and son looked at me, eyes wet smile smile ah ah's. I feel a bit his hand. President looked at me, smiled, and then, slowly and wearily fallen limp. I shouted his name ... the pain ... Mr. smile, did not open tired eyes ... ...
I thought never shed a tear for the President, the fact is, never had such intense pain tear my body.
doctor said my husband's liver cancer is discovered late, can persist for so long that he is an absolute miracle. When I asked the doctor discovered? The doctor said five months ago, and then comforted me: President of the liver had been found in the five months ago, his groaning was real, I actually thought ... ... the 20 million words on the computer, is the son of Mr. message addressed to:
child, for you, I have been adhering to, so look at you and then fall, is my biggest wish ... I know that your life will have a lot of fun or frustration, if I can accompany you through this growth process, which is how happy, but Dad do not have this opportunity. Dad on the computer, your life's problems one may encounter to write down, so when you encounter these problems, you can refer to his father's advice ... ...
... ... children, finished the 20 million words, I feel like to accompany you through the entire process of growth. Really, my father very happy. To love your mother, she was very hard, is the person who loves you, is my favorite person ... ...
his son to the kindergarten to primary school, secondary school, college, work and other aspects of love, unavoidably both wrote. I wrote a letter to Mr.
dear, you are married to the greatest happiness of my life, forgive me for the hurt you, forgive me hide the illness, because I want you to have a good mood wait for the child's birth ... ... my dear, if you cry, that you have to forgive me, I laughed, thank you always love me ... these gifts, I am afraid there is no chance to give their children, the trouble you for a year I sent him several gifts, packaging gifts are written on the box the date ... ...
back to the hospital, Mr. still in a coma. I hold over my son, on his side, I said: smiled. Son nestling in his arms, dancing pink little hands. I

so I define human nature: people meet their development needs exist and the process tends toward self-improvement.

standard definition: human nature is human existence and development to meet the needs of their own process for good closer.

existence and development of the contradiction between the needs and conditions of external manifestations of human decision

eventually almost equal outside, there is no oppression, complete relief, no pain, full of free and happy - blissful.

different standards of good and evil come to different conclusions. For example, from the perspective of the interests concerned, to be sure who killed the emperor Qin Shi Huang is that the evil, the emperor unified the war benefit the people, he affirmed that good. However, the standards of history, Qin Shi Huang unified territory, the end of the world melee, killing each other and promote unity coins, centralized, can be understood as good. Shang Yang's about to kill hundreds of people Sidou, small is evil, big and that is good, because people can not establish legal majesty from killing each other at every turn.

So I said Mencius,

from human nature is the law of this perspective, the Buddhist is the air that makes sense, because although the law is an objective, but not the specific material existence, it is empty.

V. Conclusions.

whether Buddha, Marx, or Mao Zedong, their needs are the highest level of human needs - self-actualization needs. The relief of human suffering is ultimately their most ideal, they think that the greatest self-existence. All paid and efforts are to achieve their ideals and vision - self-actualization needs, which is self-serving. And they are therefore to obtain the maximum number of human beings and the greatest degree of respect, which is self-serving. It is in this extreme self-realization, the greatest degree of respect that they reflect the value of life. That is the manifestation of self-interest.


life, and in the place associated with the external life of the body, it will benefit him and harm his two roles, resulting in the concept of good and evil. All living things are there while avoiding disadvantages, there are self-serving nature. So, if all life is not associated with the external life of the body occurs when it is not matter of good and evil. (I, doing nothing, so to talk about human nature is neutral, good and evil does not matter.) Occurred even associated with the external, it is not necessarily harmful to the body to seek outside his role in life, that is evil. But first of all seek not to be hurt, first of all self-serving. As for whether it will harm him if he would be evil, by the existence and development of demand and the contradiction between external conditions of the decision.

human formula: X-advanced human civilization = self-serving nature.

pure humanity that - representative, I.

which Buddhists say human nature is empty, without refutation, fallacy. But the law is not specific in terms of substance, Buddhists talk about human nature is empty reasonable. Han Feizi's a good human interest point of view, biased.

simplify the expression: human goodness.

existence and development of the contradiction between the needs and conditions of external manifestations of human decision

What is self-serving nature? First do no harm, does not destroy the existence and development of their own lives, is self-serving. If the damage and destruction of their existence and development of life is not self-serving but sinful. Organism, the first benefits or reduce, avoid its evils, self-interest is not simply understood as giving benefits. Naturally seek to harm and is not destroyed, not to be limited, on the basis of their own existence and to seek more favorable conditions for development, which is self-serving nature.

according to Maslow's hierarchy of needs theory, we know that human existence and development needs, divided into five levels: physiological needs, safety needs, social needs, aggregate demand respect, self-actualization needs.

people are basically good, said - representatives of Confucius.

existence and development needs, is fundamental within the life of human movement, is the fundamental driving force of human social development.

What harm him? Is injury, damage, and limit the presence of other life forms and development. No harm, no damage, other life forms do not limit the existence and development, is altruistic.

because of their existence and development of demand-driven, self-serving nature of all life forms are. Person's good, evil, greed, fear is a manifestation of self-serving nature.

human existence human nature can not be determined, but human existence and behavior of humanity to follow.

self-interest is not sinful.

is no evil of. Everyone is not evil.


----------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- -

highly developed productive forces - to eliminate the inequalities to eliminate exploitation of people - according to need -

simplify the expression: human goodness.

First is the self-interest,

self-interest is the existence and development needs of the fundamental movement reflects the inner life of the law.

more wise men of all religions and all the great saints of the ultimate ideal. Regardless of the ultimate ideal of religion is no pain, free and happy, or Marxist-round development of freedom - to achieve the status and the premise is the same: that the existence and development will not be restricted, not by the destruction and damage. Everyone will not be hurt, damage and restrictions.

self-interest is one of the basic characteristics of living things. Self-interest is not the same as selfishness, selfishness is their own interests regardless of other, regardless of external people or the environment, animals and plants. Self-interest can be in their favor at the same time help others or benefit society, beneficial external environment, animals and plants outside. But also can be self-serving altruism, altruism can also be a way or means to achieve self-serving. So self-serving and selfish, or different, because selfishness is likely to be neither altruistic, but also detrimental to their own.

is the difference between humans and animals is the social, the production, creativity and spirituality of the different degrees. As a living body,Beats By Dr Dre Solo, the first is to maintain and develop the individual's life, so life will eat down to grab on external resources. As a normal life can not sustain the existence and state of development, stop means the end of life on death. Their existence and development needs, is a fundamental body of all forms of life within the movement, all the motivation the resulting. Therefore, all living things are self-serving nature.

ultimate ideal of Marxism and all religions the same thing - the ultimate is good

Buddhism, practice is the desire by removing people, the breaking of the material attachment, self-transformation, thus changing needs, to resolve this contradiction. Marxism is very rich from the development of productive forces, production of material and spiritual products, and create conditions to meet human needs. From one hand to meet the conditions for this to resolve this contradiction. Both are run one of its extremes, but no matter what extreme enforcement, ultimately limits of reasoning, the objective is

that human nature is evil - representative, Xunzi.

human nature Why complicated?

good concept, but we dedicated to humans. Because people are different and the general animal life forms, is a productive, creative, spiritual and civilized life of the body.

Human existence and development of demand is the driving force to promote human evil, existence and development needs is a fundamental body of the inner life movement is to promote fundamental human and social development force. Existence and development of the movement reflects the needs of the law is self-serving nature. Human existence and development is to meet the needs of the movement reflects the good deeds of the law closer.

- fully meet people's needs - freedom to achieve the comprehensive development.

all religious values ​​and ideals:

good and evil is based, altruistic and harm him and that the two roles.

and there are two levels of exercise:

ultimate ideal of Marxism:

from the definition of human standards:

existence and development needs and conditions is the contradiction between the society and all forms of life and a fundamental contradiction.

to know human nature, the first out of good and evil, to that good and evil, the prophet of interest.

about human nature and history of the thinkers are the following types of view:

----------------------------------------------- -----------------------------

If resolution is not clear,

not harm him, is altruistic, not evil, that is good. Not to be hurt is self-serving, self-interest is not being hurt.

to know human nature, the first out of good and evil, to that good and evil, the prophet of interest.

, the harm he played the role of the party is evil. Not self-harm, that is good. For example, I called someone A The other one, I did not call him, no harm to person B, he would think I was good. If there is a person that I called a C that A is a hammer, is he out of the mouth of foul smells, is to safeguard the interests of C, or to seek the interests of C, then C is even more that I was good. Most people understand the good, the last a narrow situation. So good and evil is relative, the interests of different positions, different conclusion.

Not only that, we should define human nature, must also be able representative of the pursuit and development, reflecting the advanced civilization of people of different animals.

the main body of the victim's side

human nature is human existence and development to meet their own needs during exercise reflects a fundamental law.


from self-interest is, in fact, all forms of life are good deeds.


meet all the conditions of the definition of human nature. In line with the materialist worldview, can indicate the direction of human development.

Mencius never said that people are basically good, the good is said of Confucius and future generations. Mencius about human nature to perform good deeds.

good, evil, greed and fear are only external manifestations of human nature .--

to know human nature, the first out of good and evil, to that good and evil, the prophet of interest.

life on life with the external environment of the body or association, it will benefit him and harm his two roles.

human society must follow certain laws of development, people have a common humanity.

man is a living body, and is highly social, productive, creative, spiritual kind of advanced life forms.


materialist view of the world: the world is material, the material is movement, movement is regular. Change the substance of the material and physical interaction between the physical or chemical. The law is unchanged. Material change is awareness. Awareness based on material production, and attached to the material. Awareness of body movement-driven life, the role of external substances, and then people change the world. Driver awareness when people change the world, just change the material status, physical or chemical change in the state of the change. Movement which changes are physical changes in the state. Can use to change the world and follow the law, not against the law.

that religious ideals and the ultimate of the ultimate ideal of Marxism is the same,

What does this mean? Shows no one harm, and limiting the damage.

law can not determine the presence and movement of material, but the movement always followed the laws of the material. The same person can not determine the existence of human nature and behavior, but human existence is to follow human nature and behavior. Anyone who is for good, evil will eventually cease to do evil. Good starting point is human, but also individual human behavior and the end of an ideal society. Both the innate human desire, the ultimate refinement of human values. The fundamental goodness of human life movement's ultimate law. So human nature to perform good deeds, good deeds is human nature.

good, evil, greed and fear are only external manifestations .-----

Briefly human goodness is self-interest, while avoiding disadvantages, benefits or reduce as far as possible to avoid evil, benefits or reduce as far as possible to avoid evil.

good, self-serving nature of the unified and advanced civilization. Good is not just spiritual needs. Good, the social nature of man and the external harmony. Fundamentally, good, in fact, self-interest of a living body.

and diversity of people's demand, while the needs of different people there are differences. Meanwhile, people in the role of demand and the contradiction between the conditions, the

human nature is the biggest puzzle of why people would be extremely complex performance, in particular, a great contrast of good and evil. This is all the sages did not explain clearly.

human goodness that - representative, Mencius.

existence and development needs, is fundamental within the life of human movement, is the fundamental driving force of human social development.

advanced civilization of the people is reflected, is civilized, with only close to pure self-interest of the animals. With the multiplication sign, is the embodiment of human nature complex.

another movement is a fundamental process: the movement is to meet the demand, to meet the needs of existence and development.

As mentioned by Mr. Y on the Buddha, Marx, Mao Zedong of some great relief for the suffering and struggle of mankind's behavior is the greater good, I definitely recognized. But Mr. Y said they get in return and pay is not proportional, does not reflect the self-serving nature, a contradiction. In actual fact, their behavior the most extreme manifestation of a person's self-interest and high civilization of perfect unity.

the above understanding, the only In line with the materialist worldview, can indicate the direction of human development.

how to tell? Human formula: X-advanced human civilization = self-serving nature.

that human nature is empty - the main schools of Buddhism.

human goodness is to maintain the trend of good deeds, do not be evil, or evil to the certain conditions, to stop evil.

standard definition: human nature is human existence and development to meet the needs of their own process for good closer. Simplify the expression: human goodness.

only with Role in the conflicts among the people, and the level of diversity of demand (demand in two broad categories: physical needs and spiritual needs of human needs five levels: physiological needs, safety needs, social needs, respect for the needs of self-actualization needs.) differences in the needs of different people, combined with the advanced civilization of people, (production, creativity, spirituality, civilization and nature.), so human nature is extremely complex, and a great contrast between good and evil.

we say that people are productive, creative, spiritual and civilized life of the body. Creativity do not say, Buddha, Marx, Mao Tse-tung's theory of their own to create their own system, there is a strong spirituality, their ultimate goal --- to achieve an egalitarian, there is no exploitation, no oppression, no pain, only a comprehensive free development of a happy world - the state of perfection, is the highest manifestation of civilization. In them to a great extent reflects the advanced civilization of people.

we say: the existence and development needs and conditions is the contradiction between people's fundamental contradictions. All other contradictions which derived. Individual case, such a society, all forms of life are true. This contradiction determines the external manifestations of human nature. Solve all the problems of man and society, is to solve this contradiction.

Confucius say people are basically good, evil human nature Xunzi said, are the two most influential, controversial and most intense point of view. I pure point of view of human nature, human nature does not matter in fact, good and evil, is neutral. Mencius, human nature to perform good deeds, is what I think the most scientific one. Confucius saw the others, and Xunzi saw the demand, Han Fei saw the benefits. I, doing nothing, so to talk about human nature is neutral, good and evil does not matter. Mencius said that human nature is only good deeds can integrate Confucius, Xun Zi, Lao Tzu, Han Fei, the correct understanding of Buddhism on the part of human nature.


good human interest that - representative, Han Fei Zi.

to know human nature, the first out of good and evil, to that good and evil, the prophet of interest.

we know, do not be evil is --- good.

only rule is Law can not determine the material existence, but the motion of matter to follow the law. Definition of human nature, must be the essential attribute is the human body in motion this law of life, must be the same, must be objective, must be permanent.

First, This reflects the fundamental law of motion is - self-interest. Existence and development needs is the fundamental driving force of human social development.

definition of human nature, must be the essential attribute is the human body this life, Also representative of the development.

human goodness is to maintain a trend of good deeds, like water by gravity, although up spray faucet (analogous to evil), but the water spray always turn down to a certain height, is a downward trend remain. Spray water up the need for a driver, who will also need a driving force for evil.

but all fathers are unable to explain the complexity of human performance, in particular, why the great contrast between good and evil.

human nature is human existence and development to meet their own needs during exercise reflects this fundamental objective laws.

this movement is reflected in the law - for good closer.

the limit when the reasoning we find the final target state is - good

one day, when you come Huaqiang North, ah! Is, is called the China Huaqiang North! !
SEG door you're standing, there will be at least three waves of people come up with your warm greeting, the first is the simplicity of rural women look like thick, and a look that says China five thousand years of ditches vicissitudes of civilization, they are an opening on the Road: invoice! Invoice! Or have strong accent: digging vote! Digging vote! Then or rhyme: ah vote vote! Vote! If you first came to the city, you will wonder: What does that mean? ? Sales invoices? What are they selling the invoice? I can tell you, these rural women, in fact, magical wand, as long as you can think of an invoice, they all are, and were skilled, clear division of labor, and even not satisfied can return refund!
you continue to move forward, then, there will be a tie in the shirt inside the pants of young people carrying a black briefcase, in through your side, you rub shoulders with out of date, suddenly a low voice, mysteriously say to you: computer! Computer! You have not recovered, he immediately pulled the brush soon, opened the bag, inside an IBM or a Lenovo notebook. You casually ask how much money he will definitely make you a spot, reported that the price of heart! Of course, he also part-time agents of various brands of mobile phones, as long as you can think of, some of the market, he has!
Well, even if you do not immediately go out and buy the laptop, although you want to go back Quhan him some, but not so you call the export, will have at least three people took come warm to say to you, not to DVD? Pirated software, DVD! Ah! Yes, there is Tinto Brass's beautifully packaged album, absolutely Edition! Price of say, are interested can go upstairs to see the goods!
Well, you finally himself curious, followed the man Qiguaibaguai, came next to a small room upstairs, you will be shocked to discover, there has been a lot of people selected in Montreal, as the markets in general, so pick your own finish and not searched for many years wishing to purchase the disc, like a thief hides in his arms, like out of the room, into the street.
Huaqiang North flow is still rolling, tumbling cats and dogs are everywhere, or jumping around the magical villain, but also gentle coat pocket stuck the pen culture who, in the side of the stall design signature, well, you pay tens of dollars, and finally very affordable to get an album, finally after the biggest names in children can be like those stars, big hand wave, Shua Shuashua a few strokes, check out a people taking a closer look, turn 180 degrees to see, turn 360 degrees to see, can not tell which is the name, that is the name, or even do not see the words of the name is, of course, that may be just sign alphabet one.
ah! Huaqiang North is really busy weekend, hot body exposed feminine waistline Samsung MM jumping dance, to sell you what they are or what the camera like MP4, mobile phone stores all sound great door, so that the whole streets as if into a huge disco, no matter where go is boom! Thunk! The roar of the subwoofer, shock your heart to tears. Do not worry! Here is the Asia's largest electronics market in the SEG, the daily turnover of electronic products, in Asia, second to none, closed around the clock outside the plant's production, assembly, where you can buy the whole of China The cheapest electronic products, although the city's spending is notoriously high, but you have to know, whether in Beijing, Xi'an, Chengdu, Urumqi, even Hohhot, Harbin, and even distant Africa, the Middle East, the electronic products shop where things are picking here, you will understand, or even understand, what is the world's factory!
may be destined, perhaps go with the flow is so that he has a bond with Huaqiang North!
Huaqiang North Road Shenzhen one of the most prosperous commercial district, where the concentration of the country's largest electronic market, and the cottage is the country's largest mobile phone market, parallel imports, the number of daily flow in the millions. Every staff member here seems very busy, because the business is really great.
Huaqiang North does not matter who looks like, not have their own shops, but also in business, any business is not working but also work here, they may be the bottom of society, but they are also part of this bustling city. They chose the lowly and dirty was alive, some people choose to live noble and humble, human nature is reflected in everyone's face.
In this, pay tribute to every noble soul, you let me see the dignity, the dignity of you is.
one, not obsessed brother, brother is SEG!

Second, the fortune-teller to
we generally Shennan Road, Hongli Road, Huaqiang North Road between called part of it. Hotels in San Ting about a hundred meters long across the street, often a dozen fortune-teller here to solicit business, they wore nondescript Sengfu, glib sitting business, many from out of Huaqiang North pedestrians will patronize, it seems that business was OK!

Third, the real figure standing direct 1
beautiful women to sell cosmetics is not clear whether the parallel, perhaps simply is fake, they probably can not afford to open a store or even their own counter, but they use their feet in the business to the street, all the rest of the women are shopping their potential customers.

Fourth, another direct sales person, younger brother to pay tribute to them!

five, he was handsome gas, signs that read He unemployment yet? There are other stories? We do not know, do not want to disturb him, I hope he get back on the air-conditioned office building, on a Mac to create their own works.

six, do printer repair guy
This young man is very handsome, robust, his face tired but resolute, his business is his hands, maybe once a company's computer engineers. Young man, you will live a rich life with you, you are not the poor than anyone else!

seven performers child

the child about seven years old, frail, but the face of the rivers and lakes gas. Very strange, he does not allow me to shoot him firmly next to a thirteen-year-old child was his companion, and I was hiding in lane railings and candid fellow who found, then only this photo.

eight, sell old cell phone eavesdropping

the elderly are the most shocked I am one of the subject. Looks about 60, feet, a pair of plastic sandals and slippers, clothes though cheap but very clean, Liangbinbanbai, his face tired and vicissitudes. His family what happened? Such a great age of retirement should be quiet, Hanyinongsun, grandchildren, rather than standing on the street so those who can not tell to sell something.

other people to sell these things can smile home, to sell their own goods, but the old man is obviously inexperienced, he did have standing, holding a piece of brand, he did not to speak, perhaps, He's age has been difficult to make money in this way.

nine, cooperation

two performers who left a leg disability, to the right of very thin, two people are very hard to sing. They gave me ten dollars, to express their respect.

everyone has the ability to choose self-survival. Like 80, we encourage each of it! ! !

ten phone eavesdropping device counterparts

I could not successfully photographed, they found me and immediately turned up the hands of the brand.

XI one-legged beggars and direct

the name of a beggar who left leg disability, his own show was a bit presumptuous of prosthetics. In fact, his body is very strong, almost tyrannical begging tone, I suspect he is not a leader of beggars.

twelve, one-legged calligrapher

nothing to say, respect!

XIII, armless calligraphers 1

this young man of Hunan, surrounded by posters of his life made a note. He was originally a Beijing restaurant chefs, kitchen gas explosion because he never lost his arms, a lot of people go throwing money at the box in front of him, he always smiled and said: You take me one word it, very cheap.

fourteen, he poured ink on their feet.
this young man how to find out how to look like the PS. Hey

fifth, he wrote a Young man, bless you!
This word is really good,,,, unfortunately the people of the moving

XVI food is not easy ah!

The woman is a pseudo-disabled, to listen to a full-time inspectors clear the ground a small advertisement sister said the woman told her husband, two daughter in Shenzhen begging. Women disguised as a beggar disability is rare, and this position will be tired, crooked to the side of the butt, butt should move forward before rejection, but also has been bent back. I secretly staring at her, until she found, looked at me with such a look. Old sister, you are fifty years old at most, and consequently earn a little dry to eat, you are so tired it?

XVII two Qizhe looks are a hardy couple, I saw a beggar in today considered one of the highest income. But the fact that they have not even the fellow, the man is from Henan, Anhui woman is, but also is not a paralyzed woman, legs and feet very neatly,dr dre beats! Full-time inspectors clear the ground a small advertisement sister said: These two individuals to almost two weeks, and replaced several former partners, are elderly, may this man looks good (a typical hard phase), so it was that woman long-term employment now!

eighth, the eye is not enough ah

This is a sanitation worker, apparently not long to Shenzhen, forgot to play out the hands of the old long soot, his eyes fixed on the milling He came from in front of any female. I really want to loudly remind him: .

XX East-meets-girl look

very happy,,,

twenty-first, dissatisfaction

this black guy is Huaqiang North to meet, perhaps the country from which the staff sent Shenzhen. He was very friendly, I took a lot of sheets of his photographs, may be to eventually tired, staring at me askance, said he was unhappy at first, I was shocked, but he then made a friendly face. Well, this time we can see the disadvantages of a Leica, if the D700, a show of hands grasped.

XXII, considerate husband who pinched his wife's shoulder, enjoying the sweet wife. I finished it was her husband found out he was a bit unhappy, I immediately thumbs up to him, then made a pinching gesture, he smiled, his wife asked him laugh what, he smiled and gestures to explain, said as he refers to me. His wife smiled, two people are not young, but no difference in love with young people, they are very sweet and happy.

xxiii, two people face a little bit mean. Her character should be very rude, do not face is valid and good ones too, I shot her when she was wiping his shoes by hand and found that I actually did not stop her being shot in the hands of indecent, but his mouth in the skin shoes to rub on the Ha breath! Alas! Leica capture is not ah!

XXIV chosen because this was an air of fun, do not know what they are looking for, in the middle of the mother or daughter is very interesting.

XXV, her mind seems to have been lazily, have not seen her who to call, and sat almost half an hour, and finally stand up on the bus go.

XXVI, the next one - a full-time inspectors cleared the ground a small advertisement Sister

This is my sister who mentioned several times earlier. Do not know from the beginning of Shashi Hou, Shenzhen is now popular to small ad to the ground, I met an attached leather moss, but that guy is very wary of any camera can not escape this occupation guerrillas, I did not shoot him. Sister said: After the paste, we work at six o'clock.

xxviii, is advertising

suddenly in urgent, go to Cyber ​​upstairs bathroom, actually find this ad: , cross-sex friends, asked 20-year-old boy. Write text on top of the urinal on the sign, turned out to be gay advertising, should be a person do the trick. This photo is taken there is a episode - I just took out a camera, a toilet seven or eight people have exclaimed:

29, self-reliant who are worthy of respect.
who know the background which store?

thirty, rewarding

Please respect this couple!

XXXI, begging the little girl who

this little girl came up to me asking for a handout, I said to her: one kind of disproportionate to their age face replied:

XXXII, followed by a more than 30-year-old women with children continue to beg. Neatly dressed woman, she was not begging, but ordered the little girl to keep money, but also kept quietly snapped a few. I do not know what she was a child, and if the mother did not know this experience will give what the child's future? If it is not the mother or relatives, because she is ashamed of her dirty degrading it?

this photo I chose a deliberately vague, photographs of children looked back to me.

poor child.

xxxiii, he sang Farewell My Concubine. He sang about in the winter count. He sang Elixir of Love. He sang Love Song 1990

xxxiv, this is the SEG!

35 Vision SEG!

XXXVI, everything is all too familiar with the train did not stop
time to move forward we are still open
crowd stood waiting

site xxxvii, see this picture below, that foreigners, or point of civilization.
problem may not be civilized. Chinese people are far too many problems.

38, previously filmed an arm that no write .. write a good issue to share ...

nice words written

thirty-ninth, the door to ask for money to be transgender woman in the world buddy

40, in fact they are four-piece band, and there are two, the first time I heard them sing that, you look like!

XLI Shaolin! Shaolin! I feel a little real skill! This is not white, and money, but also give you a rosary bracelet!

2. Seven years after graduation, finally picked up a big project, made a thirty meters chimney, two-month period , cost three hundred thousand, but to Loaning. Finally finished at the end of last year out. Today people to come to acceptance, to be criticized, to die, not get paid. Damn! Drawings look backwards, others to dig a well!

52. One day an elephant in the bath. Suddenly there is an ant came to this elephant said. You stand up. Started to stand up. Ant! You sit down and go. Asked the ant the elephant did not understand Yeah you want to do. One will stand up and sit down for a while. Ant replied! I lost my underwear to see is not what you wear to steal

13. Xiao Ming:

14. a story: continue to tell the story:

15. a man just learn a foreign language, walking in the streets that day, accidentally stepped on the foot of a foreigner, the man said hastily: m sorry too. five.

16. monk wrote a letter to Dear Wukong Monkey King: I This letter is written very slowly, because I know you see the word offensive! We had 2 times this week under the rain, the first four days under the second next three days! Huaguoshan you been? I had very bad in heaven, because there is no gravity, so the stool, urine, tears and snot all out for it, do not you bitter? We are here to eat beef noodles very good, another day you come with us to eat hot pot restaurants West! Guanyin your sister to be born, because they do not know a boy or a woman, we do not know if you want to be uncle or aunt! I send you the clothes you get it? When I was afraid to go to send overweight, cut down so the buttons on the pockets of the clothes! Is late to write here, I am free to play here, remember not to drink plenty of water, or to the urine does not come out here, very hard to accept! P. S had wanted to send money to you, but the envelope has been glued!

51. Kuangzhui bees butterflies, snails, butterflies married. Bees puzzled: Where better than me butterflies he replied: whatever the outcome, have their own house, which, as you live in a dormitory

50. Panda birthday to all of us said: I promised two wishes, one can cure my black eye, the other is the hope that a color photo

17. a patient to the doctor complaining of indigestion: I recently very normal, what to eat what pull, pull to eat cucumber cucumber, watermelon eating watermelon pull, how to restore normal? Doctors silent a moment, that you can only eat shit up.

9. somebody raising a pig, tired, abandoned, then return pork to know a few abandoned reactive. Day, the car turned a lot of bending abandoned pig, late-night call his family, asked: ;

45. to go hiking with friends, to the summit, a girl beautiful mountains and rivers face shouting: motherland ah! my mother! a crush on her boys quickly followed shouted: motherland ah! my wife's mother!

46. before I bought two puppies, called the think of your

47. Wukong Tang later met by the monster off, he had to read the magic spell to call back to help Goku, and soon the air came a voice: .

6. small Xin: Dad, why my name inside the three payment? Dad: You life in the missing gold, so take the name of Xin, like some life in the water, it's called Miao, some life in the lack of wood called a forest. Small Xin: Dad, you said that Guo Jingjing sister lives in missing?

48. mice to facilitate, see also bears, scared say a word, the Bears saw a mouse, said: Bear asked: [When the toilet paper of the rat ..

55. a meteor across the night sky, I quickly make a wish, hope you can become prettier. Who knows just finished Xu wish meteor I was embarrassed not ?!!

1. There once was a man Jiao cool. He died. Funeral that day. His family cried: 'Ah ... cool ... cool Ah. 'Passers-by did not understand. Asked: 'What are cool Ah. 'Family members cried:' Shuangsi ... ... Shuangsi!!

10. elephant accidentally stepped on ants, ants are out in force, have climbed to the elephants. Elephant shook himself, the ants were all fell down. At this point there is one in the elephant's neck, falling ants called loudly,

59. sophomore year, all quarters of the girls like Zhou Hua Jian's songs, a tape was borrowed by us to go. Day, capped with the girls asked: Zhou Hua Jian I do? Girls bunk answer: in my bed too! Silent two seconds, and then all fell to the bed.

8. turtle injured Let snail to buy medicine. Over 2 hours. Snail has not come back. Turtle anxious curse: fuck do not come back I was dead! When the door came the snail's voice: I do not say you are his mother had!

41. a man to jump, just shouted back to his wife: negotiators, said:

42. Chief Secretary carpool with elevator, the Secretary put a fart after the chief said: said:

43. a Lanmao mad pursuit of a mouse, and finally got married in every possible way the cat harsh care of mice, rats quickly fat, mouse is moved: said:

44. Every time the mirror, I encourage their psychological always talking to himself: with my endless creativity. to set off the beauty of this world! In fact, I really, really very creative ...

53. production team bought the only jackass, but a few days later he died. just a mare in heat. production team of staff on call to go on a business trip production team captain. , but the jackass is dead. is to buy the first jackass or you come back?

54. small beetles: Mom,north face down vest men, why do we have to eat shit it? Beetles mother: the child, when to eat disgusting how can you say such a thing

11. day on the computer class, there is a row of students computer crashed. Then a student stood up and said:

12. a monkey eating peanuts before going into the bottom a chance to eat first. This manager explained: It has been fed peaches, pull out the results of Peach, monkey scared, and now we must eat a good amount.

49. just chat with friends, which comes to you, you know? I and they had a falling out, and almost beat them, because some of them say that you monkeys, and some that you like the gorilla, too much! Did not see you as a pig!

31. I spent 80,000 to buy a Western Zhou pottery, called yesterday to part identification, experts said gravely: >

32. son: ah, and then what.

33. a prisoner and executed, the bullet is crying:

34. father telling stories to his son: ? 'son replied:

35. beetles and mosquitoes love the first meeting, beetles: medicine, Chinese medicine, pinched pills

5. some say, turtles father, mother and son of a bitch turtle family decided to go hiking, they took a brick-and two cans of chicken sea, they went off to Yangmingshan. Hard to climb ten years, finally arrived! They sat on the floor, remove the equipment, preparing a meal. Results, but found no band can opener! Son of a bitch: ! Turtle mother: , the son of a bitch still see traces. Parents regardless of the turtle! Old couple decided to start. Pie is ready to open out to eat ... ... Suddenly, the son of a bitch Cong Shuhou stuck his head ... ... son of a bitch: years, until finally I had it! I hate people lie to me!

4. doctor asked the patient how the fracture. Patient, I think there are sand shoes, shoes on leaning poles shaking. TMD has a bastard through there, thought I was electrocuted, he took a stick they gave me two sticks!

36. a man always find a girlfriend, but unfortunately went to fortune-telling. telling the master said: You, the first half doomed, no women; not the man's face lit up: That I should have a right later in life? fortune teller said: hey, to later life you get used to a person's life

7. a couple friends sitting on a park bench on love, women suddenly want to fart. Of the men said: I Faculty Valley birds, not like you to listen to. Men really than hear. Thus, women in the Female: not unlike the valley like a bird? M: fart too loud, not hear!

56. see the meters of sand inside your ah !!!

57. girl must-see stories: bats that reborn in God and God can promise you that the three conditions, the bat said, used to suck blood. I also sucking it,

58. restaurant flies fly on the toilet, said: fishy Zhuxiu you chase all day, I am popular hot drink all day, come now! Toilet fly: different phase for the plan, eat in good dim light you've seen a few beautiful ass?

60. to see a dog on the road over an ordinary dog, to go on the momentum Xiong Xiong questioned it: I am dog, what you are? Ordinary dogs look at it dismissively said: idiot, look, I was undercover!

38. three mice were tasting the United States, Japan, China, wine, drink American wine rats, go down three steps on; mice drinking Japanese sake, go to step 2 down; mice drinking Chinese Erguotou , holding a kitchen knife, shouted:

39. in a restaurant meal, a waited a long time customer call waiter asked, ? have to wait?

40. day of cattle to the donkey out of a problem, ask Donkey brains, or could not answer. Cattle curse: the first ass really, Nanzuonvyou it!

18. someone to go to Shanghai on business lost a dollar in the street, police said: He can not help but sigh,

19. One day an ant under the sun, I suddenly saw an elephant leisurely walking, busy up straight front legs, next to the rabbit hurriedly asked you doing? Ant said:

20. earthworm a very boring these days, cut into small worms took their two went to play badminton, earthworms good mother think this method, put his playing mahjong cut into four paragraphs to go, Dad would like a worm like, put his cut into the minced meat. Earthworm mother cried and said:

21. ... rabbit tortoise and the hare ran quickly in front of the turtle saw a snail crawl .. very slow very slow .. and said to him: you come, you are right .. and then my back. . .. After a snail on the table .. .. turtle saw an ant said to him: Come on you .. so ants will come up. Ants up after the snail .. .. see above for his phrase

22. One day, a fire, the father and mother escaped, leaving only one son still inside. Mother is very tense in the house shouted: .. Come out - have a fire, but also stay inside .....

23. personal to the river fishing the first half wearing a leaf - the fish did not bite, he changed the pieces of bread - the same long time did not fish on the hook - no way - he had to replace it the same as earthworms or fish bait half did not Under ~ ~ ~ He angrily threw into the water out 100rmb cursed :

24. at the same table cold, runny nose, but he forgot to bring a handkerchief, and have continued to nose forced inhalation nose. Writing on the blackboard the> language teacher suddenly turned a lot of noises: Teacher and> said:

25. patient dentist, said: pull.

26. eat it?!

27. Cowherd and Weaver met a bath down to earth, shaking ZZZZZZZZZ interpretation of a love story, this tells us: there is no opportunity to bathe at home, so be sure to go outside shower to wash .....

28. Xiaoming toilet back to the classroom with a teacher said:

29. one always put the ring fart at work, colleagues said he could not resist: , he replied:

30. The female mosquito is: home is not a good thing, one is brought up eat shit

37. someone to eat beef noodles do not see a piece of beef, they pointed to the bowl and asked the boss: how beef is not beef noodles? boss said dismissively: Do not be too serious, do you expect from the wife eat cake in a wife do?

3. a drunken man accidentally fell from the third floor, attracting passers-by crowd, a police came: What happened? Drunk: do not know, I am also just arrived.

toxic roadside snack: a few parts do not eat poultry; do not die of ignorance!
revealed the top ten than street drugs also poison snack
seems very popular street snack, especially in the winter, you know these snacks are very harmful to your health it? below take you to 10 Secret street drug snacks.

1, Spicy

Criticality: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
public preferences were: ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆
key words: hydrogen peroxide, formalin waste oil poppy painkiller
PPA counts revealed: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
public preferences were: ★ ★ ★
Keywords: , skewers

Criticality: ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆
public preferences were: ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆
Keywords: stray cat dead meat. Pink ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆
public preferences were: ★ ★ ★
Keywords: ferrous sulfate alum dump
counts revealed: Black bean ferrous sulfate chemical

; 5, the oil line cake

Criticality: ★ ★ ★
public preferences were: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Keywords: aluminum exceeded dichlorvos waste oil
counts revealed: fritters Bacheng excessive black dens of aluminum actually delicious fritters with smoked dichlorvos

6, pancake fruit
Criticality: ★ ★ ★ public preferences were: ★ ★ ★ ★
Keywords: cooking oil tartrazine expired ham
counts revealed: street peddlers with trench

7, roasted sweet potatoes
Criticality: ★ ★ ★
public preferences were: ★ ★
Key words: chemical drum spots revealed bacteria counts
: chemical drums changed when the oven roasted sweet potatoes

8, seafood stalls

Criticality: ★ ★ ★
public preferences were: ★ ★ ★ ★
Keywords: mercury poisoning formaldehyde
parasite counts revealed: seafood mixed with formaldehyde

9, fried chicken wings

Criticality: ★ ★ ☆
public preferences were: ★ ★ ★ ★ Keywords: tapioca balls smell chicken wings
counts revealed: fast food chicken wings and spicy chicken wings actually stink made

10, buns

Criticality: ★ ★ ☆ public preferences were: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Keywords: pork neck meat of dead pigs
tumor blood counts revealed: unscrupulous traders do buns with pork filling with tumor

poultry these two parts do not eat meat
is an essential food in our lives, but most of the parts of animals can be used for human consumption, but some part of it is how you can not eat , otherwise it is easy to give birth to health problems, pigs, cattle, sheep and other animals on the thyroid gland, adrenal gland, lymph node disease is three

birds' sharp fin The macrophages can devour bacteria and viruses, even cancer-causing substances can be swallowed, but can not break down, so the birds 'wing tip' is the filth of the

Rabbit rectal glands, taste very fishy, ​​if not removed when eating, the rabbit will be difficult to swallow.

fish .

do not die of ignorance


in United States, almost every family tomatoes, tomatoes, aimed not cancer. This is just 5,6 years ago, they know. Cancer may not eat tomatoes, you know? Not uterine cancer, ovarian cancer, pancreatic cancer, bladder cancer, prostate cancer. This is not just to eat these tomatoes, I ask you, how to eat tomatoes? Some people say that's not easy to wash raw chanting. Others put the slices of sugar, then drink beer. If it is such a food, I tell you, ride it! Not cancer. Inside there is something called tomato tomato element, it combined in one protein, fiber wrapped around it is difficult to come out. It must be heated, heated to a certain extent it out. I tell you, fried eggs, tomatoes, the most valuable. There are tomato soup or tomato soup is a good egg. Raw tomatoes are not cancer, please pay attention. garlic garlic

there is cancer of the king. I say just a how to eat garlic, it was said: that thing too warm to eat. What are you hanging heating? I tell you, heated garlic zero! Shandong Province, Northeast favorite, a prosthetic to eat, and said not to eat garlic cancer, but cancer of the few days he served. Why? Now the world knows how to eat garlic, only we do not know. Tell you, the original must first cut it into pieces, a piece of sheet on the air for 15 minutes, it combines with oxygen to produce allicin. Garlic itself is not cancer, Allicin only cancer, but cancer of the king. I see people eat garlic the day, he took a bowl, peel the garlic and then quickly put out, a one to eat, eat less than 5 seconds into it. Not even 5 seconds, what is the use of garlic that you? Not at all. If you do not follow my method, it is quite unlikely
garlic flavored not worry, eat hawthorn, chewing peanuts point, then eat a good taste of tea, no. Foreign eat every week, and why we eat it!

the following about the black fungus.

black fungus do? Now one to the New Year a time to suffer a myocardial infarction, increasingly early age, has 30 years of age. Why New Year? Two reasons, one is thick blood coagulation constitution, is fat, high. We remember the people called thick blood coagulation constitution. Hypercoagulable hypercoagulable physical person with food, so the New Year many people, especially myocardial infarction, irrespective of age. Myocardial infarction, although they can not cure, but it can be prevented. Some doctors tell you take aspirin, and why? Can make the blood is not sticky, not myocardial infarction. But the consequences of what the consequences of aspirin is retinal hemorrhage, retinal hemorrhage is now a lot of people. I advise you not to eat aspirin. Aspirin is now Europe has not eat, eat? Eat black fungus. Black fungus has two roles, one of which is that blood is not sticky. The role of black fungus found in U.S. cardiologist, he got the Nobel Prize. He found that after all the Europeans, who have money and rank black fungus eat, and eat aspirin. What kind of person is the coagulation constitution? The answer is short, thick, fat people, especially menopausal women compatriots. And blood type AB are more likely to high coagulation thick. The shorter neck, the easier high coagulation thick. First New Year do not eat Hesse Hu; second drink plenty of tea, blood circulation; third do not get angry, and his blood thick. Thick blood also easy to drink liquor, drink to drink wine, such as lychee wine, red wine, etc., does not exceed 100 ml.

If you eat peanuts,

do not eat, really eat, peel and eat. You see we Chinese peanuts, spiced peanuts, fried peanuts, fried peanuts all the skin. You go to Europe to see, not all skin of peanuts, people know not to eat the skin. Some people said: Who said that, I tell you, there is no nutritional peanut skin, it can only rule hemagglutination films, increased platelets, used to stop bleeding. We do not eat in the elderly. Note also watching TV, good TV to watch a moment, the TV does not look bad. Why? Sat there a long time, hemagglutination degrees will rise. I am particularly worried about? He had short and thick fat, no neck, still menopause, blood type is AB, Hu eat Hesse, then an angry, drink liquor, eat peanuts not skinned over, he condemned improper myocardial infarction my doctor had. Here to talk about the pollen

had once been shot President Reagan, had a malignant tumor, he was so great age, is still alive, but had senile dementia. Pollen play a significant role in his possession. Now Europe, the Americas were popular from the pollen came. After returning home I investigated the history, that we were very early. Wu eat pollen, the Empress Dowager Cixi eat pollen. As you know, plant pollen, sperm, conceived of life, the most abundant nutrient in the plant where the best thing. Ancient times, but we ignored it. Please do not buy the pollen in the street, the street selling pollen crusty, not broken. Broken to have high-tech treatment. Second, pollen is the wild, easily contaminated, should be disinfected. Third, it is the protein, must desensitization. Pollen must have these three to use: treatment, disinfection, desensitization. Pollen in Japan, with the most powerful, no matter how old people are using it beauty. France, no one model without it. Once, I urinate every night three times a month, I look good, eat pollen, a month back to normal. Literature, pollen cure rate of 97%. As with pollen cure, medicine can not solve, and finally renal failure, hematuria, and renal tumors. So to rule Do not wait until early renal failure. There is also a gastrointestinal disorder, female compatriots and more habitual constipation. Many people take a laxative and is very easy to get cancer, colon cancer. Pollen has called intestine police, eat pollen, the police can maintain intestinal order. Third it is fit and maintain shape. The role of pollen of the three can not be ignored. Plant issues to talk about so much.

Here to talk about animal issues. Radio said four legs to eat than to eat two legs, and eat more than two legs is better than eating legs. This concept is not the same in Europe, if you attend the banquet, to note that if there is beef, but also pork, should eat pork. Beef too many problems, first with mad cow disease, the second foot and mouth disease, the third bad cholesterol. Now the United States thirty thousand women had lymphatic cancer, eating hamburgers to eat out. So they are great controversy, has killed tens of thousands of cattle, we should be careful to eat. If there is another pork lamb, mutton; have another chicken and mutton, chicken; chicken and fish, eat fish; fish shrimp, prawns ah. It is not polite, the smaller the animal protein as possible. Simple mass animal nutrition depends on the size, who can not read the formula used. I did not say that mice do. International Conference, said the best flea protein. Although it is fleas so small, it can jump 1 meter high, you believe it or not. If it is enlarged to the body so much, it can jump the moon. Therefore, several American doctors wondering how to eat fleas it. United Nations, WHO now recommends we eat more chicken and fish, shrimp, why not mention it? Not not mention, but the shrimp is too expensive, not easy to spread. If you have shrimp or prawns well. I now hold such a principle: If I ate two shrimp to the shrimp, the two than you have a stomach protein than beef. Very popular fish, fish protein for 1 hour can be absorbed, the absorption rate of 100%, and beef protein 3 hours to absorb. Fish, especially the elderly frail people are particularly suitable. Certainly better than the fish shrimp. International survey, the world's most famous longevity areas in Japan, Japan's longevity areas in the sea, and sea life is the longest place to fish. Particularly want to eat fish, shrimp, in particular to eat whole fish (with headband tail), because the active substance and the active substance in fish, shrimp head and abdomen. See you will not buy fish, shrimp should only buy fish, and eat the whole fish, whole shrimp, which is major problem, the bigger the better

not buy fish there to eat the principles of eating to master volume, not better. Internationally prescribed, eat 70% full, life can not stomach to eat up 8 percent full, and if eating 10 percent full, 2 percent did not use it, is waste. 0.618 suggest that the international community so golden: non-staple 6 4; coarse flour and rice 6 4; plant 6 animals 4. Humans eat the animals too much now, and uneven thickness of the grain. One of my patients to eat six large buns, 20-year-old got the stomach to expand, diagnosis first to die, and second gastrectomy. The results removed half of the stomach. 70% of the elderly in particular to eat bread.

material balance has a law, I will brief you. Birth to 5 months old breast-fed is best, more than five months, breast milk also die, need 42 more than the food. Old people are even harder. Thanks to a French physician named Corey Clement, he was to travel to Africa to see Africa's Lake Daze of people than our health and longevity. What did they eat? Eat seaweed, dried it and eat the bag, and then drink seaweed soup. Paris to get a medical experiment, turned out to be seaweed, and is spiral, and called spirulina. This Spirulina is found in 1962, and finding a sensation around the world. Why? It is 1 gram is equal to 1,000 grams of various vegetables synthesis. Queen was the only emperor, the Olympic champion eat, others eat vain. Many years later found that particularly good thing, particularly rich in nutrients, the most comprehensive, most balanced nutrient distribution, and is an alkaline food. I tell you why Japan is the world champion long life, they consume 500 tons of spirulina for one year, they travel to China each have with it. We asked them, why take Spirulina? They say, 8 grams of spirulina can sustain life for 40 days. Now space food, no pie with dumplings, all Spirulina. Spirulina is very famous in the world, so you if nutrition is not good, do not forget these things, it can balance the diet. It is particularly important number of patients, the first is cardiovascular disease, it can lower blood pressure, blood fat; second is diabetes, the disease is the lack of protein, vitamin, it is difficult to cure, spirulina supplement vitamins, and spirulina The biggest advantage is that no complications of diabetes, sorted normal diet. Diabetes lack of energy,North Face Jacket Sale, but not sugar, dried spirulina is sugar, there is energy intake after a dry sugar. Diabetes blood sugar instability, with gradual withdrawal after Spirulina, Spirulina and then gradually stopped, and finally take the diet. Europe has fully overcome diabetes, we also can, but must meet the treatment. Third, gastritis, gastric ulcer, Spirulina has chlorophyll, a recovery effect on the gastric mucosa. Fourth, hepatitis, hepatitis international no, why? Dining the people. Shanghai Medical College, conducted a survey, the family has a high transglutaminase, transglutaminase others also high. We poke chopsticks in a bowl. So call each family to pay attention, the best Dining. Note that many people seem to be healthy, you see he is a carrier. Spirulina can not replicate the virus, and liver cells can restore a large number of amino acids. It has choline, can restore liver function, improve immune function. Spirulina also radiation effect. Soviet nuclear explosions, Japan experts to the rescue, holding is Spirulina, which a strong anti-radiation effect. Now many women do IT work, computer work, some four months pregnant woman after the abortion, and some babies born as frogs, there are reports of Beijing Maternity Hospital with a tail. Radiation gives people a great impact. Recently published paper, Harbin last year found 1,500 cases of leukemia in October, also found 36 cases. Preliminary determination due to home improvements, and formaldehyde. Great risk of house decoration, the international regulations, renovated housing must be six months before admission. Harbin's report is more than 4 to 5 years of age. Housing renovation for the elderly, pregnant women, children, the most damaging. Please do not underestimate radiation. Spirulina purified, it is plain that a very small algae called rehabilitation, can anti-radiation. It is through the Medical, Military Medical identification, approved by the Ministry of Health, is now exported. Radiation is the only algae rehabilitation. So people who work at the computer, you can drop a little algae rehabilitation cast, you can also eat algae rehabilitation. Its anti-radiation, anti-tumor, anti-virus, anti-oxidation, and improve immune function.

me to summarize, we have a great impact of radiation on, but there are several ways to prevent: the first drink green tea, the second to eat vegetables, carrots, eat Spirulina third, fourth eat algae rehabilitation. Algae rehabilitation is the best. According to their economic conditions, choose one, it is not eat apples and oranges. Radiation is exposed to everyone. International warned: Do not put appliances on the bedroom. Especially damaging to our microwave, it has to us within 7 meters of radiation. And while a variety of electrical appliances do not open. Another TV, another refrigerator, but also microwave ovens, cooking on the side you have cancer is very innocent ah.
aerobic exercise

has a very principle of experience, do not the morning exercise. Suggest that you exercise the evening. International regulations, and, after a meal 45 minutes before exercise. And the movement of elderly people walking on it, 20 minutes. To lose weight do not have this method, a half hour to an hour before meals, eat 2-4 spirulina, and appetite waned, and lack of nutrition. Europeans to lose weight all with spirulina, the domestic eat Dora not a solution. The second is the time to get up the morning, the provisions of international 6:00, for your reference. Window of time the provisions of international 9:00 to 11 am, 2 pm to 4 points. Why? Because after 9 sinking of air pollution, pollutant reduction, and no reflux phenomenon. Members note that the morning open the window, not where the big breath, as carcinogens, reflux material have come to your lungs, and easy to get lung cancer. International warned that the 6:00 am to 9:00 is the cancer most dangerous time. Get up early and go to bed early good health, can not be generalized. Your stomach at night at home, a carbon dioxide absorption, respiratory tract of toxins than 100, then went to a small woods, the woods all morning, and carbon dioxide. Morning exercise, basal blood pressure is high, the basal body temperature is high, adrenaline is 4 times higher than in the evening, people with heart is easy to go wrong. To the sun must be out of the woods, sunlight reacts with chlorophyll to produce oxygen. Woods full of carbon dioxide, easily poisoning, easy to get cancer. Huang Di Nei Jing says, I recommend early hours in summer, winter, do not go out the morning workout, evening workout instead. Is not to say what kind of person are spouses, good health, a large majority of people do not fierce play. Some people got up the Proton, once a myocardial infarction. The international community is to say, people over the age of 70, slowly, the first touch of the arm moving moving legs, and then a massage the heart, take a two minutes before them. This was not a heart attack. Therefore, different ages, different seasons require different treatment.

nap problems mentioned below. International regulations, does not nap nap without controversy. The Japanese do not advocate the last nap, but if we stand did not sleep well the night should take a nap. Nap time is half an hour after lunch, and the best sleep for an hour, sleep too long on the body no good. Do not cover a large quilt. What time at night to sleep? We never advocate early. Early hours of the concept to make it clear that if sleep 7:00, 12:00 Scrapped on up, it does not work. We stand for 10 to 10:30 to sleep, because the international conference scheduled for an hour to a half hour into the deep sleep is the most scientific, which is 12 points to 3 points, 3 hours unshakeable, what they do not dry. The three hours of deep sleep. If this 3 hours who is good, it certainly refreshed the next day. If you go to bed after 4:00, it is light sleep. Will sleep and not sleeping is not the same. We stand for 12 am to 3:00 unshakeable, and a hot bath before going to bed, the water temperature 40 to 50 degrees, which makes high-quality sleep. I do not play cards against you, but against the 12 to 3 am playing cards. Shenzhen night, killing four young men playing cards, newspapers have reported.
mental health status

third milestone is the psychological state of the problem. If the bad state of mind that you exercise and eat for free, which is very important. Temperament and blood, if you get an angry long slow blood flow, may not know what causes cancer. Easy to get angry tumor, the whole world know. Stanford made a famous experiment, take a nasal tube resting on the nose so you breathe, and then let a nasal tube on the snow for ten minutes. If the snow does not change color to show that you calm; if snow white, and that you are guilty; if the snow becomes purple, and that you are very angry. Out of the purple ice 1 to 2 ml to mouse marked, 1 to 2 minutes after the mice died. And the purple of the ingredients of ice out. So easy to get angry tumor, this is a very serious problem. I urge you, why did not you get angry, do not be angry. If you wait any longer, I tell you, you look at the table, not more than 5 minutes, more than 5 minutes to be a bad thing, the blood become purple. This experiment has already won the Nobel Prize. Psychology will move people to avoid the anger of five ways: First, avoid; second shift, people call you, you go to play chess, fishing, did not hear; third release, but be careful, people call you, you go criticize others do not call release, is to find close friends to talk, release them, or else put in their hearts to be sick; Fourth, sublimation, that is, the more people that you, the more you do; Fifth control, which is the most important one way, is how do you call me afraid. It is important that we do best, Comrade Xiaoping, ups and downs and never seek redress. Comrade Xiaoping African president asked what a good experience, he said, saying: Endure temporary calm, take a step backward. Patience is not an end, is strategy. But most people can not just say you fly into a rage. Small leak will sink a great ship ah. Europe has a learned classic: the rationale should be hard to stop, the difficulties of the people should be thick, the difficulties of the issues slow, difficult as the power should be wise. Four in the first sentence means, it is difficult not to speak the truth first. Philosophy deep, very useful. Romance of Three Kingdoms in the three gas Zhou Yu Zhuge Liang, Zhou Yu Leng to mad. Or you Laizhou Yu Liang Lai? Concluded that the Laizhou Yu, his volume is too small. Angry people great harm.

now the international community has the latest statement, all animals are not laughing functions, only humans have this feature. But human beings do not make good use of it. Some say the monkey will laugh, elephants will laugh, you seen it? But really to see the cry, when slaughtering cattle will shed tears. Ancient said: smile, ten years less. Not refer to age, is the state of mind. Smiling, healthy often. The role of laughter is very large, we all have this instinct, why not smile? We are very serious and Asian peoples, and with the level of a relationship, section chief, the Director will laugh, a laugh that the Secretary will not, deal with foreign guests Bengzhuo a face. Now the central leadership has changed, you see how good President Jiang smile. United States set up the club with a smile, laugh became a sign of health. Laughed, wrinkles gone. So many patients are not laughing. The first migraine, back pain after the second not, because when the microcirculation exuberant laughter. General is not pain, not pain. Had migraine do not worry, laugh like, do not believe you can experiment. And sexual function is not reduced, reproductive function is not reduced. You see people 92 years old Romanian woman also gave birth to baby fat, people laugh every day, ah. We are now more than 30 years of age do not have a baby, face, of course, not every day Bengzhuo birth. Also, always smiling on the respiratory tract, gastrointestinal tract are particularly good. You can experiment, you start feeling the belly laugh, laugh three times a day, three times a stomach rumble, no constipation, no gastrointestinal cancer. Exercise your upper and lower extremity exercise, when exercise stomach it? No chance, only laughter can exercise the stomach. Laughter in the international arena has become a health standard, I investigated many times, laugh a second Nobel Prize has been released. Smile for the pituitary gland, resulting in embryonic brain, it is a natural anesthetic. Do not worry if you got arthritis, directed at the joint laughed, while not hurt. There are so many benefits, why do not we laugh?

recent survey in Beijing over human life you know the old man or old lady long long? I tell you, old lady man longer than old man live an average of 6 ½ years. Occasionally run into an old man, I asked you how a person exercise it? He said that I deserve That's right, the old lady have to practice together, piles in the streets of exercise. The biggest advantage is that many of the old lady from a young age like to laugh, to the old, still laughing. Every time I have taken note of lectures, laugh all female compatriots, fellow men, or not laugh. Are bad for six and a half years, when are you laughing? So now everyone is quick laugh. Today to the people you can live several more years a few laughs. How to say some people do not laugh. The higher the level the less laugh, what can I do? Not only did not laugh, there is a logic: Normal tears are salty, the tears of diabetic patients is sweet, bitter tears of grief, there are peptide hormones. Long time no Is not the tumor will have ulcer disease, chronic colitis. So, if you sad, tears must be

international conference has given us a warning, let us drink green tea, soy, sleep, regular exercise, do not forget to always laugh. Hope that everyone should pay attention to a balanced diet, aerobic exercise, and attention to your mental state, the cry cry, laugh when the laugh. I believe we will be able to cross the 73-year-old, past the 84-year-old, 90,100-year-old will be alive

good lungs and phlegm pears, apples to stop diarrhea and nutritious.

effective weight loss of cucumber, kiwi fruit inhibit cancer.

blood to help face tomato, lotus root Chufan wonderful hangover.

good qi orange phlegm, kidney warm leek knee waist.

addition to flatulence digestion radish, celery can cure high blood pressure.

diuretic row toxin cabbage, cauliflower eat less cancer.

swelling diuretic melon, green beans detoxification high efficacy.

fungus engage in casual blood stasis cancer, kidney swelling yam consumption.

loose silt Results iodine kelp, mushrooms contain cancer cells.

pepper fend off the cold and dampness, onion spicy ginger for colds.

trotters up milk fish, liver goat liver good eyesight.

kidney waist eating walnuts, dates Jianshen Spleen eat.



mainly to adjust the product mix, consumer orientation guide to ensure that state revenues. Current consumption tax collection include: tobacco, alcohol, and alcohol, firecrackers, fireworks, cosmetics, oil, precious jewelry and jade jewelry, golf clubs, luxury watches, yachts, disposable wooden chopsticks, wood flooring, car tires , motorcycles, cars and other items, some items also further divided into several sub-headings. Price of consumption tax within the tax practice, only in the taxable consumer goods production, commission processing and payment of import in the subsequent wholesale, retail and other sectors, because the price has been included in the consumption tax, therefore no longer subject to excise tax, the tax ultimately borne by consumers . In the consumption tax on January 1, 1994, after the formal introduction, some people think that the consumption tax is the additional goods tax will cause price increases, in fact, this is a misunderstanding. According to the tax system design, the collection of excise tax is imposed the original product tax or value-added products, is to levy consumption tax, the original of these products have a more substantial decline in the tax burden, in order not to cause decline in revenue due to tax reduction, need to drop some of the tax burden imposed a consumption tax by then to be filled. Therefore, a consumption tax is the conversion of old and new tax revenue, although consumer goods consumption tax or value-added tax, but basically to maintain the pre-reform tax levels. Consumption tax levied on a small number of consumer goods should not be a factor in rising prices. Consumption tax consumption tax the taxpayer is a taxpayer China in the production, processing, retail and import the These include: in China in the production, processing, importing taxable consumer goods, retail and state-owned enterprises, collective enterprises, private enterprises, joint-stock enterprises, other enterprises, administrative units, institutions, military units, social organizations and other units, self-employed persons and other individuals. According to consumption tax is the taxpayer. Consumption tax is a national policy to reflect the consumption, production, processing, retail and import of a tax levied on taxable consumer goods. Consumption tax in China is engaged in the production and import tax under the taxable consumer goods units and a turnover tax levied on individuals, is a specific consumer goods and consumer behavior in a specific part of a collection of indirect taxes. The characteristics of a consumption tax, consumption tax to the tax law, specific products for the tax object. The country [1] home based on the macro-industrial policy and consumer policy requirements, the destination, a focused selection of some consumer goods consumption taxes in order to appropriately limit the consumption of some special consumer demand; 2, according to the different products with different design rate, the same product the same tax; 3, the consumption tax is the price within the tax,North Face Jacket Sale, the price components; 4, the consumption tax valorem rate and from the amount of fixed and ad valorem from the amount of combined taxable are three ways to tax valorem rate method of calculating the tax payable = Sales X applicable rate is necessary to implement a fixed method of calculating from the amount of tax payable = Sales amount X unit tax. 5, part of a consumption tax levied unity 6, shift the burden of excise taxes are passed on to the final consumer those who scope of consumption tax levy consumption taxes include five types of products:

The first: some of the over-consumption on human health, social order and ecological environment, cause harm special consumer goods, tobacco, alcohol, firecrackers, fireworks, etc.; the second category: luxury, non-necessities, such as jewelry, cosmetics, etc.; third category: high energy and high-end consumer products such as cars, motorcycles, etc.; first four categories: non-renewable and alternative oil consumer, such as gasoline, diesel, etc.; fifth category: the meaning of certain financial products, such as automobile tires, skin and hair care products and so on. March 21, 2006, China's Ministry of Finance, State Administration of Taxation jointly issued a circular on the consumption tax items and rates for transfer

consumption tax (Consumer tax) is a consumer Consumption tax (consumer behavior) of the amount as a taxable transfer of a variety of tax referred to. Government taxes to the consumer, can be collected from wholesalers or retailers. Sales tax is a typical indirect taxes. Consumption tax is the tax reform in 1994, the turnover tax in a new set of taxes.

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State Administration of Taxation on tobacco products excise tax policy made a major adjustment, the CPI cigarette excise tax from ad valorem tax rate of 45% to 56%. In addition, cigarette wholesale segment also has an ad valorem levy tax rate is 5%, the new policy from May 1, 2009 implementation date. Criteria for the classification of cigarettes be adjusted after the policy change, the CPI cigarette excise tax from ad valorem tax rate of 56% to 45%, B cigarettes from 36% to 30%, cigars from 36% to 25%. At the same time, the original criteria for the classification of the B class of cigarettes have also been adjusted, the original line up 50 yuan to 70 yuan, per standards in Article (200) to allocate the price of 70 million (excluding VAT) and above (including 70 million) for the A cigarette cigarette, lower than the price of cigarettes for the B. 5% of the wholesale segment to levy the ad valorem tax policy changes most notably in the wholesale segment of cigarettes had an ad valorem levy tax rate is 5%. Ministry of Finance, State Administration of Taxation in the document clearly, in the PRC engaged in the wholesale cigarette business units and individuals, wholesale sales of all brands of cigarettes specifications, must be according to the wholesale cigarette sales (excluding VAT) by tax rate of 5% of the wholesale segment of the consumption tax. Consumption tax rate table items (2009) tariff rate of one cigarette
1. Cigarette
(1) A cigarette
(2) (B) cigarette
2. Cigar
3. Tobacco
45% plus 0.003 yuan / branch
30% plus 0.003 yuan / branch
30% two, wine and alcohol
1. liquor
2. wine
3 Beer
(1) A beer
(2) (B) Beer
4. other wine
20% ethanol plus 0.5 yuan / 500 grams (or 500 ml)
240 yuan / ton
250 yuan / ton
220 yuan / ton
5% three, 30% four cosmetics, jewelry and jade jewelry
1. silver jewelry, platinum jewelry and diamonds and diamond jewelry
2. other precious jewelry and jade jewelry
10% five, firecrackers, fireworks and 15% of the six oil
1. gasoline
(1) leaded gasoline
(2) unleaded gasoline
2. diesel
3. aviation kerosene
4. naphtha
5. solvent oil
6. Lubricants
7. fuel
0.28 yuan / liter
0.20 yuan / liter
0.10 yuan / liter
0.10 yuan / liter
0.20 yuan / liter
0.20 yuan / liter 0.20 yuan / liter
0.10 yuan / liter seven, 3% of eight automobile tires, motorcycle
1. cylinder capacity (displacement, the same below) in 250 ml (250 ml) following
2 cylinder capacity of 250 ml or more
10% nine, cars
1. passenger
(1) the cylinder capacity (displacement, the same below) of 1.0 liters ( containing 1.0 liters) following
(2) the cylinder capacity of 1.0 liters to 1.5 liters (including 1.5 liters)
(3) the cylinder capacity of 1.5 liters to 2.0 liters (including 2.0 liters) of the (4) cylinder capacity of 2.0 liters to 2.5 liters (including 2.5 liters) of
(5) the cylinder capacity of 2.5 liters to 3.0 liters (including 3.0 liters) of
(6) cylinder capacity of 3.0 The taxpayer's specific tax period, by the competent tax authorities of tax payable according to the size of the taxpayer were approved; not pay taxes in accordance with a fixed term, you can pay-per tax. Taxpayers to 1 month or a quarter of a payment period from 15 days from the date of expiry of tax returns; of 1, 3, 5, 10 or 15 to a tax period, Since the expiration of five days from the date of payment in advance, at times within 15 days from the date of May 1 declaration of tax and tax liability settlement last month.

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consumption tax definition of consumption tax, taxpayers consumption tax features of consumption tax revenue range of the latest consumer tax levy consumption tax items and tax of cigarettes into the standard to adjust the wholesale segment to levy 5% ad valorem consumption tax dollars tax based on consumption tax is a tax method excise tax aspects of the production aspects of import-retail sectors of special consumption tax consumption tax consumption tax, meaning Japan's consumption tax consumption tax accounting treatment of the PRC Consumption Tax Provisional Regulations on Consumption Tax define a consumption tax on goods in general value-added tax base , select a small number of taxes levied on consumer goods, then,

whole. The adjustment of new golf balls and equipment, luxury watches, yachts, disposable wooden [2] chopsticks, wood flooring and other items; abolition of the The scope of a new consumption tax levy, to smoke any tobacco products for the processing of raw materials, regardless of what materials to use, belong to the scope of the collection items. A cigarette under the tariff, B cigarettes, cigars, tobacco four sub-headings. Cigarette tobacco is cut into all kinds of tobacco, according to formula requires mixing, add sugar, wine, spices and other accessories, with a white paper plate, brown plate, coated paper or tobacco sheet by machine or hand-rolled cigarettes common type of cigarettes and cigars. (A) A cigarette A cigarette is the one big box (50000) Sales price of 780 yuan (including 780 yuan) or more of cigarettes. Different packaging specifications according to the sales price of cigarettes per large box (50000) conversion. (B) B B cigarettes cigarettes is one big box (50000) sales price of 780 yuan cigarettes. Different packaging specifications according to the sales price of cigarettes per large box (50000) conversion. (C) refers to the drying cigar cigar smoke as raw materials or in air-cured and flue-cured tobacco as raw material, tobacco or cigarette paper, cigarette tobacco sheet as inner foreskin, and then as a tobacco cigarette outside the foreskin, by machine or by hand rolled from tobacco products. Inside the foreskin of the materials used by the different volumes can be divided into whole-leaf cigars and cigar half volume. Cigar collection includes a variety of specifications, types of cigars. (D) of tobacco leaf tobacco is cut into the filamentous, granular, flake, or other end-like shape, then add accessories, after fermentation, storage, without the suction roll can be used for the sale of tobacco products. Scope of the collection include tobacco leaf production for the processing of raw materials in bulk without rolling tobacco, pipe tobacco, such as Mo co smoke, smoke at the end, hookah, tobacco yellow red and so on. Second, the tariff consists of wine and grain alcohol liquor, potato liquor, wine, beer and other alcohol, alcohol, six sub-headings. (A) food liquor liquor refers to the grain sorghum, corn, rice, glutinous rice, barley, wheat, millet, barley and other grain as raw material, saccharification, fermentation, distillation method brewed liquor. (B) potato potato liquor liquor refers to the sweet potato (sweet potato, sweet potato), cassava, potato (potato), taro, yams and other fresh and dried potato as raw material, saccharification, fermentation, distillation method brewing liquor. Liquor brewed with beet, potato liquor tax cf. (C) refers to the rice wine rice wine, rice, indica rice, rice, yellow rice, corn, wheat, potato, etc. as raw materials, heating, saccharification, fermentation, pressing wines. Due process, the different ingredients and sugar, rice wine into dry wine, semi-dry wine, semi sweet wine, sweet wine four categories. The collection includes a variety of rice wine brewed rice wine and wine materials exceeds 12 degrees (with 12 degrees) of the soil sweet. (D) refers to the barley beer beer or other food as raw material, adding hops, the saccharification, fermentation, filtering the wine brewed with carbon dioxide. Beer, according to different methods of sterilization can be divided into beer and draft beer or ale cooked. The collection includes a variety of beer, packaging and bulk beer. Cf non-alcoholic beer beer tax. (E) Other means in addition to other alcohol wine food wine, potato wine, rice wine, beer other than alcohol for more than 1 degree in a variety of wine. The collection includes bran liquor, liquor other raw materials, soil liqueur, copy wine, fruit wine, sparkling wine, wine, and so on. 1 bran liquor refers to a variety of grain bran brewed liquor. Brewed liquor with the tares, cf bran liquor tax. 2 Other raw liquor is bad with vinegar, sugar residue, sugar, water leakage, sugar beet pulp, powder residue, potato skins and other waste, grapes, mulberries, acorns and other fruits of benevolence, wild plants and other substitutes, and sugar cane, sugar brewed liquor. 3 soil liqueur is used sticky rice, rice, yellow rice as raw materials by heating, saccharification, fermentation (fermentation by the starter), using the press to brew alcohol the wine does not exceed 12 degrees. Alcohol wine more than 12 degrees should be taxed. 4 Copy the wine refers to wine, rice wine, alcohol is alcohol-based, add fruit juices, flavors, colors, herbs, supplements, sugar, spices and other preparation or brewed liquor, such as various preparation of wine, cook wine, Zibu and so on. 5 fruit wine is the main raw material in a variety of fruits, fermented filtered wines. 6. Sparkling wine refers to the juice, flavor, pigment, acid feed, wine (or alcohol), sugar (or sweetener) and deployment, plus red wine made of carbon dioxide at 1 degree above the degree of the wine. 7. Wine is in accordance with standard medical and health department, the liquor, wine is wine-based, or prepared by adding various herbs brewed wine. (F), also known as ethanol alcohol alcohol, refers to the raw materials containing starch or sugar, the saccharification and fermentation, distillation method of production of alcohol content above 95 degrees in a colorless liquid; can also be ethylene cracking gas oil as raw material, made of synthetic methods. Scope of the collection including the use of alcohol distillation and synthesis of a variety of industrial alcohol production, pharmaceutical alcohol, consumption of alcohol. Third, cosmetics, cosmetic modification of daily life for the beautification of the body surface supplies. More varieties of cosmetics, materials used vary according to their category can be divided into two types of beauty and fragrance. Beauty like a powder, lipstick, nail polish, rouge, eyebrow pencil, blue eye oil, eyelashes, and complete sets of cosmetics; aromatic perfume, perfume essence and so on. The collection items include: perfume, perfume essence, powder, lipstick, nail polish, rouge, eyebrow pencil, lip liner, blue eyes oil, eyelashes, cosmetic sets, and so on. (A) the perfume, perfume essence refers to the alcohol and flavor as the main raw material mixture prepared from the liquid aromatic cosmetics. (B) powder is used in cosmetics cheek gloss. According to a powdered form, bulk and liquid. Senior powder puff velvet box with color, color powder compact locket containing some rouge and rouge flutter, should press the (C), also known as lipstick lipstick is a cosmetic finish on the lips. Lipstick color generally red-based, but also white (commonly known as the white population), there is a color lipstick is the use of acid dyes eosin modulation made. (D) nail polish, also known as (E) Apply on the cheek rouge is rubbing on the skin cosmetics. There are massive silty rouge, transparent rouge rouge cream and emulsifying ointment form. (F) is a modification of the eyebrows with eyebrow pencil cosmetics. A pencil and push the tube two. (G) is a modification of the lips with lip liner cosmetics. (H), blue-eyed oil is applied around the eye socket and eyelids in cosmetics. It is based on oil, wax and pigment as the main raw material is made. Colors blue, green, brown, etc., the most widely used because of the blue, it is commonly known as Eye shadow, cream eye shadow, powder eye shadow should be in accordance with blue eyes oil tax. (I) Name eyelashes called The products form a solid block, emulsify. Color to black and brown. (J) refers to sets of cosmetics, cosmetics supporting a variety of purposes from a series of boxed products. Generally use the refined metal or plastic box, box standing with mirrors, combs and other makeup tools, versatility and ease of use features. Stage, theater, film and television actor cosmetic makeup oil, cleansing oil, paint, hair spray and hair bleach, do not belong to the scope of the tax items. Fourth, the skin and hair care products for skin and hair care products skin, hair, from moisture, protection, the role of clean products. The tax items include: vanishing cream, face oil, toilet water, hair oil, hair cream, perm water, fine hair, facial cleanser, scrub, fire bureau ointment, mask, massage cream, shampoo, conditioner, soap, shower gel, hair spray, mousse and other types of skin and hair care products and so on. (A) cream is an Cream variety, according to paste structure, properties and different uses, can be roughly divided into the slightly alkaline, slightly acidic silty cream and cream of drug and nutritional four. (B) the surface oil, also known as . (C) the toilet water is an aromatic skin care products, bactericidal, deodorant, anti-itching and chill effect. It is based on alcohol, water, flavor as the main raw material mixture preparation. The main difference between toilet water and the fragrance is: toilet water flavor with less than 5% (5%) less than the amount of alcohol, but the concentration is low, and to add a small amount of cinnamon oil, oil of Agastache rugosa raw materials; large amount of perfume essences, 5 % or more, with less alcohol, but at high concentrations. (D) of hair oil, also known as (E) is an emulsified paste hair cream hair care products, according to their body structure can be emulsified into (F) is to make the hair curly perm of water daily to keep hair chemicals. For perm (or perm) called perm agent; for the cooling process is called cold curls agent. Setting lotions are taxed according to perm water. (G), also known as fine hair dyes, hair is used to make the hair to maintain a certain color and sheen of the product. After the hair dye according to the length of retention time, fine hair fine hair into temporary, semi-permanent and permanent hair fine fine categories. (H), also known as shampoo shampoo solution or shampoo, shampoo. Generally use alcohol sulfate triethanolamine mixed with ammonium hydroxide, salt, 12 acid isopropyl amide, formaldehyde, polyoxyethylene, lanolin, fragrances, pigments and water as raw materials. Hair pieces, hair powder, shampoo should be taxed. (I) soap (including liquid soap), also known as make-up soap, which is an aromatic smell doctrinal senior detergent. Based on animal and vegetable oils, caustic soda, rosin and flavor as the main raw material, at a certain temperature by chemical (saponification) reaction from. The more varieties, according to their composition can be divided into general soap, greasy soap and soap three kinds of drugs. Collection range from a variety of soap. (J) refers to a variety of other skin and hair care products listed in this name with other moisturizing skin and hair care products feature a variety of skin and hair care. Fifth, precious jewelry and jade jewelry items in this collection include: a variety of gold and silver jewelry, and by mining, grinding, processing a variety of jewelery. (A) gold and silver jewelry, including: where the gold, silver, platinum, precious stones, pearls, diamonds, jade, coral, agate and other rare materials, and other noble metals, synthetic gemstones and other jewelry made of pure gold and silver and inlaid jewelry (including man-made gold and silver, gold and silver jewelry, etc. synthesizer). (B) the type of jade jewelry include: 1. Diamond: Diamond is entirely from a single element carbon, mineral crystals are made of crystal, is the only gem composed of elements from a single gem. Diamond is octahedral cleavage, that is, octahedral crystal surface plane of the four directions, generally ladder-like. Chemical properties of diamond is very stable, not easily soluble in acid and alkali. However, in pure oxygen, heated to 1770 degrees, it will decompose. In a vacuum, heated to 1700 degrees, it will be broken down into graphite. Diamonds are transparent, translucent, there are opaque. Gem-quality diamonds, is colorless and transparent, flawless or minimal defects, can also be a slight yellow or very light brown, the color is the most precious natural pink, followed by blue and green. 2 Pearl: seawater or freshwater mollusk shell body into small impurities, the mantle will be secreted by stimulated a pearl quality (mainly calcium carbonate), it will be wrapped in layers of small impurities, has become a small beads, is the pearl. Pearl color is mainly white, pink and pale yellow, with pearl gloss, surface faintly shining rainbow like iridescence pearl. Run the color white, light skin and bright, fine round shape, the larger the value of the maximum size hard. 3. Turquoise: Turquoise is a gem from the color, is a fully hydrated phosphate of copper and aluminum. Formula cual6 (po4) 4 (oh) 8? 5h2o. Turquoise transparent to opaque, the lower part of thin translucent. Polished shiny glass surface for oils and fats, oils and fats bleak for the fracture luster. Turquoise stone types including Bosi Song, the United States and Mexico, turquoise turquoise, turquoise and Egypt with wire turquoise. 4. Lapis Lazuli: Lapis lazuli is a sodalite family minerals; lapis lazuli of the formula (na, ca) 7-8 (al, si) 12 (o, s) 24 (so4), cl2cl2 · (oh ) 2 (oh) 2, which is often part of sodium for potassium replacement, is part of sulfur to sulfate, chloride, or the replacement of selenium. Lapis lazuli types, including Persian, the Soviet Union Spain lapis lazuli or lapis lazuli, lapis lazuli, Chile. 5. Opal Stone: Opal is a mineral in the class, molecular formula sio2? · Nh2o. Because opal beads neatly arranged in small sio2 the same as the grating, when white light after diffraction in the above shot, scattered into the color spectrum, so the opal stone changes with eye-catching colors, especially red than those of the most valuable. Opal stone types, including white opal stone, black opal stone, crystal stone opal, fire opal stone, opal stone or jade drops of colloidal opal stone, boulder opal stone, opal stone gangue or matrix opal stone. 6. Olivine: Olivine is a self-colored gems, the general common colors are pure green, yellow-green to brownish green. Olivine is not colorless. Formula: (mg, fe) 2sio4. Types, including chrysolite olivine, topaz, olivine, fayalite, 7. Feldspar: Feldspar by Mineralogical classification is divided into two main types: K-feldspar and plagioclase. Formula are: kalsi3o8, naalsi3o8. Feldspar types include Moonstone or adularia, sun stone or sand stone of feldspar, elongated stone, amazonite, or Amazon stone. 8. Jade: jadeite (also known as Emerald), nephrite. Jadeite is a silicate of sodium and aluminum, formula: naal (sio3) 2. Nephrite is a silicate of calcium and magnesium water, formula: camg5 (oh) 2 (si4o11) 2. 9. Quartz: Quartz is a color of its stones, pure quartz is colorless and transparent. Formula sio2. Types, including quartz crystals, iridescence or color red quartz, rutile spots or network rutile quartz, amethyst, topaz, smoke quartz or smoky quartz, QUARTZ, Aventurine, Blue Line quartz, milk quartz, blue quartz, or Sapphire Quartz, Tiger Eye, Hawkeye, or falcon eye, cat's eye quartz, quartz with a star or stars. 10. Chalcedony: also called cryptocrystalline quartz. Formula sio2. The type of chalcedony, including Moonstone, Chrysoprase, red agate, carnelian meat, blood stone, light green chalcedony, agate, onyx, jasper, dark green chalcedony, chrysocolla chalcedony, petrified wood. 11 garnet: the crystal and the shape of pomegranate seeds, the color is very similar to the name. Garnet of the general formula r3m2 (sio4) 3. Garnet types include almandine, pyrope, mafic garnet, spessartine, andradite, calcium chromium garnet. 12. Zircon: the color was red, yellow, blue, purple and so on. Formula zrsio4. 13. Spinel: the color yellow, green and colorless. Formula mgal2o4. Spinel types include red spinel, ruby-colored spinel or spinel ruby, purple or garnet color you like spinel, pink or rose-colored spinel, orange spinel, blue spinel, sapphire spinel spinel or sapphire, alexandrite, as the spinel, black spinel, iron, magnesium and iron magnesium spinel or spinel. 14. Topaz: Topaz is a fluorine aluminum silicate, orthorhombic. Formula al2 (f, oh) 2sio4. Topaz types include brown to yellow brown, light blue to light blue, pink, colorless, and other varieties. 15. Tourmaline: boron silicate complex, which may contain one or more of the following ingredients: magnesium, sodium, lithium, iron, potassium and other metals. Proportion of these elements in different colors are different. Tourmaline types include red, green, blue, yellow and orange, colorless or white, black, variegated stones, cat's eye tourmaline, color stone like tourmaline. 16. Chrysoberyl: the case of spinel-group minerals, aluminates class. Main component is aluminum beryllium, is orthorhombic. Formula beal2o4. Chrysoberyl types include alexandrite, opal, alexandrite cat's eye stones and other variants. 17. Beryl: Beryl is colorless in its pure state of; different variants of the reason why there are different colors due to the presence of trace metal oxides. In the presence of chromium or vanadium oxide usually becomes emerald, and aquamarine color is due to ferrous oxide formed. Cesium beryl is due to become the presence of magnesium, and gold colored beryl is formed by iron oxide. Formula: be3al2 (sio3) 6. The type of beryl include emerald, aquamarine, maxixe type of beryl, golden beryl, cesium beryl, and other transparent species, cat's eye beryl, beryl Stars. 18. Corundum: Corundum is a very common mineral, in addition to star gem, only to translucent to transparent variant called stones. Formula al2o3, including chromium oxide red, titanium and iron oxide blue, iron oxide yellow, chromium and iron oxide orange, iron and titanium oxide green, chromium, titanium and iron oxide purple . Corundum types include ruby, star ruby, sapphire, Chromic sapphire, star sapphire. 19. Amber: an organic substance. It is a resin containing some of the petrochemical resin of ancient trees. Formula c40h64o4. Amber types include Haipo, pit amber, clean amber, amber pieces, fat amber, cloudy amber, amber foam, bone amber. 20. Coral: It is another gem of biogenic material. It is dendritic calcium coral skeleton with a very small group of marine animals and the formation of hyperplasia. 21 Coal Jade: Jade is lignite coal, a variant of (mainly composed of carbon, and with hydrogen and oxygen). It is made by compaction from drift wood, drift wood from sinking to the seabed, buried into the fine-grained silt, and then transformed into hard shale, known as the Jade is amorphous coal, on a rough surface was dark and shiny, polished surface of the glass luster. 22 shells: the amorphous, with oil sheen to waxy luster, hardness 2.5. 23 Synthetic corundum: refers to contrast with the natural corundum, have the same physical, optical and chemical properties of artificial materials. 24. Synthetic: refers to contrast with the natural stones, with basically the same physical, optical and chemical properties of the artificial gems. Type of synthetic gemstones, including synthetic rutile, strontium titanate, yttrium aluminum garnet, rolling gallium garnet, synthetic cubic zirconia, synthetic sapphire, synthetic spinel, synthetic rutile, synthetic alexandrite, synthetic diamonds, synthetic emerald, synthetic Europe Park, synthetic quartz. 25. Doublet stone: also known as composite stone, which is a bonding of two different materials made of precious stones. Doublet is based on the type of stone used when bonding the material nature of the division. The types of doublet stone garnet and glass doublet stone, emerald substitutes, opal stone substitutes, substitutes Star sapphire, diamond substitutes, other imitation stones composite stone. 26 glass imitations. Sixth, firecrackers, fireworks, firecrackers, also known as firecrackers. Is dense with layers of paper wrapped gunpowder, then the drug leads, made an explosive. Fireworks, pyrotechnics refers to the general Department of dressing materials, built-in pharmacy, fireworks lit jet, showing a variety of colors, some of them changing into a variety of scenes, a small sub-ground and aerial fireworks types of large fireworks. The tax items include a variety of firecrackers, fireworks. Usually divided into 13 categories, namely, Fountains, Spinners, Spinners, rocket type, Roman Candles, incense class, small class fireworks, smoke type, shape toys, firecrackers class, friction gun type, the combination Fireworks class, Display Shells. Sports on the paper used in issuing the order, firecrackers drug lead, not follow the tax items. Seven gasoline gasoline is a light petroleum product categories. From natural or man-made oil through desalination, early run, catalytic cracking, blending derived. Is a colorless to pale yellow liquid, flammable, highly volatile. According to the production unit can be divided into straight-run gasoline, cracked gasoline and the like. The blending of gasoline made of a variety of purposes. Use can be divided into motor gasoline, aviation fuel, gasoline and industrial fuel starter (solvent naphtha). The tax items include: motor gasoline, aviation gasoline, starting gasoline. Industrial gasoline (petrol solvent) is mainly used as solvent, not a scope of the tax items. Eight diesel light diesel oil is a petroleum product categories. From natural or man-made oil through desalination, early run, catalytic cracking, blending derived. Inflammable, explosive, volatile than gasoline. Divided by use of diesel light diesel oil, heavy diesel oil, diesel fuel and diesel oil for the military. The tax items include: light diesel oil, heavy diesel oil, diesel oil, light diesel military. Nine, car tires car tires is used in a variety of vehicles, trailers, special vehicles and other motor vehicle on, the tire. The tax items include: (a) light passenger car tire; (b) load and the bus, trolley bus tires; (c) mining, construction and other vehicle tires; (d) Special vehicles tires (referring to driving with no pavement or snow, high desert off-road tires); (e) motorcycle tire; (f) of trailer tires; (7) truck tires; (8) other motor vehicle tires; (i) vehicles and agricultural tractors , harvester, tractor universal tires. (Since December 1, 2010 from agricultural tractors, harvesters, tractor tires are not special consumption tax, design speed not exceeding 50 km / h, the total work the engine cylinder capacity not exceeding 50 ml two-wheelers. (B) Motorcycle: maximum design speed exceeds 50 km / h, the engine cylinder capacity exceeding 50 ml total work, not more than 400 kg Dry weight (with tricycle cab is empty and the quality of special vehicles not subject to this restriction) The two and three-wheeled motor vehicles. 1. Wheelers: equipped with a wheel and a driven wheel of the motorcycle. (1) ordinary car: ride-frame, double seat, rim base diameter 304 mm, to adapt to the highway or city driving motorcycles on the road. (2) mini-car: sitting or riding style frame, single or double seat, the basic rim diameter greater than 254 mm, to adapt to the highway or city driving motorcycles on the road. (3) off-road vehicles: riding style frame, the direction of the wide-type, off-road tires, the remaining vertical wheel gap and big ground clearance, to adapt to travel in off-highway motorcycle area. (4) General racing: riding style frame, the direction of the narrow type, seat side, the engine is equipped with high-power high-speed, dedicated on the runway at the speed of a motorcycle race. (5) mini-car: sitting or riding style frame, the basic rim diameter greater than 254 mm, equipped with high-power high-speed engines, a dedicated track on the speed of a motorcycle race. (6) off-road racing: off-road performance, with high-power engine, the game speed for non-road areas of a motorcycle. (7) special vehicles: a modified after the completion of specific tasks for the two motorcycles. Such as clear the way cars. 2. Tricycle side: the side of the two-wheel three-wheeled motorcycle with side car. (1) Common side tricycle: tricycle with a side of the structure for carrying passengers or cargo motorcycle. (2) special tricycle side: with special equipment used to accomplish specific tasks while tricycle. Such as police cars, fire engines. 3 is tricycle: equipped with two symmetrical front and fixed rear compartment three-wheeled motorcycle. (1) General is tricycle: a tricycle structure is used for carrying passengers or cargo motorcycle. Such as buses, trucks. (2) special is tricycle: with special equipment used to accomplish a specific task is tricycle. Such as capacity tanker, dump truck, refrigerated truck. XI cars cars is driven by the power plant, with more than four wheels and four non-track non-wired, mainly used for sending the vehicles and their belongings. The tax items include: (a) car: is used for sending personnel and their belongings, and seats arranged in two-axis between the four-wheeled vehicles. The collection includes miniature cars cars (cylinder capacity, that is displacement, the same

Recently, the Zhejiang Calligraphers Association hosted a Exhibition invited to participate in my work, but I think they are Asked two young Indian friends (my opinion they are the innovative school), they said there have been many creative new ideas when asked to apply for the First proposed a Want to come is probably different from the past of the

concept? Reflect the special properties of the object form of thinking, from perceptual knowledge to rational knowledge is the distillation of the language is concise and accurate definition of the basic characteristics of the object. Connotation and extension of the concept, the concept is not eternal. Popular in the 1960s in Europe and America there is a school of art called Apparently's So to understand the Since the concept is a seal is a seal in the form of the carrier, through the art of carving a unique performance language, to create beauty in form, the form of the pursuit through the realm of beauty and culture. Seal in the form of so-called carrier, means carving art is printed in square inch above the surface, the object is not a moment to enjoy the original contract but out of the printed seal cover extension; the so-called language of artistic expression seal, the seal is a seal method , knife, the rules constitute the common aspects; so-called pursuit of state, refers to the art realm, ruled out the practical function of the seal (but in fact with the objective function is still there, the general words of the aesthetic is a special kind of ). From concept to the contemplation of such a seal to explore today, I think not escape out of it. Despite the rapid creation of today's seal, the existence of the old form, style, genre of the withering-style destruction, whether that is a pioneer Ye Hao, avant-garde Ye Hao, probably carved or printed, stamped seal still enjoy the way of extension, creation tools is still largely dominated by Daoke, basically carved mainly by Seal, despite ever-changing forms, the artistic language is still the unique art of seal carving method, knife, the rules many aspects of composition. Us to analyze, and seal does not exist any enrich and change, but there is no content to abandon the concept of the seal and start all over again thing. If we use the

seal to the study of contemporary creative mind, it is necessary to seal the history of creative ideas to do a review. Carving creative idea is updated constantly changing, the more recent time, the faster pace of change updates. Han printing (broadly defined, including the Warring States and Wei Tang and Song of the practical seal) in the manufacture of the seal is far from a conscious creation, creative ideas, let alone have a seal. Descendants of the Han ruled out as a seal printed on the usefulness, from an art form, the aesthetic point of view to understand the characteristics of the ancient Indian art of carving has become. Han printed carving art, the seal of its shape changes have a decisive impact, and shape of changes in the seal, and stamp out the practical features and manufacturing methods change, fundamentally, the ancient Indian art of the seal is subject to stamp implementation of the. Overall speaking, the Qin and Han era is far from a concept of what art, practical things that people in the manufacturing process, naturally in accordance with the laws of the United States, but being specific to each chop, then reflect the ancient system Indian craftsmen's ingenuity and business, can be said that Han had no intention of creating art in carving carving art.

scholars involved in governance and India, from the Song, Yuan started, Ming and Qing peak. With a knife stone carving creative way to open up a vast space, creative ideas began to seal a qualitative change. Qin and Han dynasties of India and seal carving art is associated with the production of hundreds of years to author and seal for the creative team of the Indian schools of the Ming and Qing, is to borrow the seal forms, active seal creation. I Qiu Yan Yuan Dynasty in the literati seal such as Wen Peng, HE Zhen, Su Xuan, Zhu Jian, Wang Guan, who set an example in the creation of seal, Qiu Yan implement my point of view, the concept of the creation of the Qin and Han were printed from theory to practice set up. Han's creative ideas were printed in the history of the seal has an important role, it is laid in a typical Chinese carving art print basic set of aesthetic style, clarity of the stone carving art of the language law by the seal, knife, the rules and other aspects, to explore a genre characterized by a variety of techniques styles. At the same time, India were a great era of the Qin and Han have limitations, the pattern is printed on the Qin and Han literati seal this stage of the creation of basic basis, is limited to creative forms of barriers and shackles shackles of creative thinking, they advocate the so-called stone gas mottled appearance is rotten copper, bookish emphasis is the core of Confucian doctrine, red and beauty, they are reflected in the Qin and Han printed vivid simplicity of classical art to create beauty and fresh spirit into the seal as the representative of schools to become part of the lack of angry mode.

Ming and Qing Chinese literati printed copy mode to fall back blindly, not only with the beauty of calligraphy from, but also with art (the time being to use the word, refers to India and outside the United States ) out. Since Deng Shiru creative ideas from the seal has undergone change (its origin can be traced back to the early Tang Cheng hundred years distant, Cheng Zhu Printing has been a breakthrough for the Chinese printing mode). Represented by Deng Shiru, the publisher of the predecessors of the late Qing break for two:

first printed pattern is a breakthrough in the Han, the calligraphy The creation of the United States into a carving, made the slogan printed out from the book. Deng Shiru has a unique personality to the small seal without the Deng Shiru previous publisher, the Seal-style noodles in India is almost not reflected Deng's publisher and later as Xusan Geng, Wu Hsi, Zhao Zhiqian, Changshuo, Huangshi Ling, Qi, etc. Seal personality in the seal can be fully promoted, become an important basis for the formation of seal-style, in the late Qing publisher printed from outside India, Indian art from the book of the revolution, is to break through the Qin and Han were printed for the predecessors is of a destructive nature, they are inherited, such as Qi Whitehead said, effect, this art is the aesthetic and the corresponding author, though it is satisfied that the writers are taking to improve and extend the literati, rich carving creative forms, such as Zhao Zhiqian, Huangshi Ling India from outside India are outstanding, but its nature is to destroy the

Second, Deng Shiru publisher represented by red and Chiang Kai-shek broke the literati aesthetic. Ming and Qing publisher, engraved with a knife Ye Hao, Ye Hao cutter, the blade features are pursuing different lines of solemn or astringent situation, a knife in the stone surface of reproduction stone mottled Tongyin means, Deng Shiru leave Chinese literati sought India's dignified, subtle and deep, showing a full, clear, fit and style, with a knife late astringent previous change to , and later intensified Qi along the path of Deng Shiru, select the pungent Jun Lee single-handedly stormed this very natural and rustic charm and less gentle lines of the blade is engraved with the red and the beauty of Chiang Kai-shek out of tune. On the surface of the state of affairs in India, also a departure from the Chinese-style changes, side pen began to make Deng Shiru seal, small seal into India, Changshuo began to form with the side of the interjection of the engravings on drum into India, Qi began diagonal lines, arcs lines on the printed surface of the plane split, which is a characteristic of the art form of Chinese flat straight row of stacked tone printed lines and the damage can be said for today planted a hint of a new seal. To the Qi from Deng Shiru, or claims that create a village air, anger, wild gas, the so-called stone with the bookish scholar far, and it is this non-vulgar meaning of antiquity forged with the Qin and Han dynasties, and it to the model of Han and India were brought to life.

carving knife on the importance of Qi is a concept of innovation. Literati seal the first weight is the word law, where the snow fish once said: However, modern people have knives and stones. by no means inferior to the knife placed in an important position in the word law. Relatively Deng Shiru, Zhao Zhiqian, this is a new concept of carving, which is printed out from the impact of the book, not only from books out of print, but also from the knife out from the produce (Changshuo said when using a non-engraved knife moment of the production means), from the process of skill out of it.

seal is a relatively new concept, is being compared with the old there. India from outside India, and India from the book were printed out than the Han is a new concept, and printed out from the knife, from the production of the book than the Indian ambassador to seal from the more expressive, but also new ideas, compared to , printed out from the book became old concepts. Had no new word anymore. Han mirror inscription We do not have to hurry and comment, comment, or left to future generations as well. Through the current publisher of exploration for, the concept of change along this line seal, creative ideas for innovation to sort out the current sum, will be some interesting findings.

First, the generation of some of the publisher of Deng Shiru has printed the book out of creative ideas from the occurrence of the doubt. They saw the works of the late Qing and modern publisher, everyone has their own style that is unique seal into the Indian Act (calligraphy), used a knife and tricks of the composition of the combination of factors such as composition, of which the key calligraphy, since Deng Shiru accomplished from the publisher and the carving style calligraphy styles are unified, coordinated, can be said that the carving style calligraphy style is the cornerstone. Writing style and seal formation indicates that the art of maturity, but from another point of view, both the calligraphy style creation of the foundation seal, but also a self-limited, this limits the formation of self-enclosed, so the creative self-repeating, even self- numbness, restricted active and creative thinking to explore new forms of work. Publisher exaggerated view of the new generation of senior publisher of the creative style of the negative, given some of Qu Yuan, Why should the formation of style as the pursuit of artistic creation? Present some of the publisher is not creative writing or little attention to Seal, the same seal can create wonderful works, but also as explain this? ... ... So they reverse thinking: creative calligraphy style of the carving has a restraining effect, the formation of personal style mean the loss of creative vitality, marking the beginning of self-duplication and loss of artistic creativity. Art and craft production is the creation of the different nature of non-repetitive, contemporary art creation, had not the old-style paintings, such as Jin Nong Hua Mei, Itabashi Huazhu the same form of composition, there is a realm of painting to pursue, with non-repetitive, carving Why do you still

style for Seal carving style is based on rebellion, on the carving to calligraphy based on the negative, this creative concept seems to have surprised the late Ming and early Qing reincarnation. But things are not so simple, this is not a simple cycle, the late Ming and early Qing calligraphy and seal it with the obvious meaning is that due to limited Chinese printing mode, and today a new generation publisher of the carving to calligraphy-based negative,dr dre headphones for sale, in the form of creative ideas and works of calligraphy on the seal to break through the constraints, and seek to build a printed surface of the form of more free space, is a kind of calligraphy and the art of exclusion of strengthening. Publisher will create a new generation of art in the seal into the implementation of the concept, they set aside five years of the Ming and Qing schools of India, has set aside a profound impact on the older generation publisher of Changshuo, Huangshi Ling, Qi, but also began interested in the success of contemporary middle-aged to avoid the impact of seal, and strive to create a party in a form of printed features, printed with a state party to show, the pursuit of non-repeatable seal creation.

publisher effort to break a new generation of India were Han, printed out from the limitations of the book, but not the seal of the Qin and Han styles aside, put aside the various styles of calligraphy On the contrary, not only more extensive printed from outside India, try to find and can all be transformed into an art form to take India into the seal creation, and more in-depth India seeking Indian, in the ancient remains of seals, especially those in the past the seal is not being taken seriously in the search for new creative style form of inspiration. A party can be printed from the Qin and Han dynasties, one printed text to get inspiration and create new works of one form can also be printed on ancient pottery, brick Wei Wen, sacrificial use of talc and India reflected the characteristics of different materials in seek enlightenment, you can also print from the Song and Yuan charge, gold seal Liao, Western Xia and India to hold these Not only from the Qin brick tile, stone statues, bronze decorations to get into the draw, but also from all forms of calligraphy, especially those ignored by the people of the Creation of a new generation of carving and even with great exploration adventure, not a certain mode, or can be said that the disorder, and to form a fresh and creative vision with the impact of orientation.

In our study the creation of contemporary carving knife problem, may wish to look at calligraphy in contemplation of analogy with a sense of the situation. The ancient art of calligraphy, in strokes, the word law, the rules, the various factors in Mexican law, the core of its strokes. The ancients of the strokes is extremely important, not only addressed the ancient books on calligraphy, the text is very much gesture and very brilliant, but there are some beautiful legends, such as grave-diggers steal strokes, the dream of God granted to strokes, etc. . For the word method, because the gesture is born in a subordinate position, Zhao Meng, For tricks, literary emphasis on the For the use of ink, such as children seeking dark eyes, depending on the ink up into irregular submerged. If the ancient calligraphy more intrinsic importance, to reflect a culture by the quality of ink, then a clear preference for contemporary calligraphy heavy forms, by moving in the form of the pursuit of aesthetic realm. With this concept of change is consequential change techniques, contemporary forms of calligraphy to enhance the performance with a more direct relationship with the tricks of the role of Mexican law, for strokes, most people's understanding and pen center, the eight out of the front of the class is very different from the traditional method, is but to effect and informal into law, the unscrupulous.

we look at the carving, and calligraphy of the Ming and Qing literati different although the blade on the seal has been positive and fruitful to explore, but In theory it is the first re-word method and the relative neglect blade. The reason there are about three: First, the word law is the traditional method to follow in order to explore was the stone knife, then the results are subject to certain time into French process; second word pictures of the heart, as they think as it were, and to a certain process operation with a stone knife nature, the former labor center, which labor, starting from the concept of literary theory, character and natural light heavy knife; the same three and calligraphy, works of intrinsic importance, the performance by Seal cultural quality of the lettering literary factors seal the first place, and set the blade on the secondary performance measures. The concept of a new generation of carving a change, proposed a Qing Dynasty are also very different. As the first form, and form a direct relationship between the characteristics of the production means (of course including a knife) reflects an important role to enhance the performance of the work force for the purpose of breaking the traditional knife, cutter all the French, and regardless of Zhe, sent Anhui , Changshuo, Qi, etc., a knife and the knife skills and non-use, with the calligraphy pen, like the unscrupulous, but to effect.

due form first, the performance of the supremacy of the creative tendencies in the past and seal the most important one, that seal method must be correct, loss of six books Publisher indifferent to this new generation show the way, right into the printed text is wrong, a liberal, contingency, accommodating, and perhaps even lenient to allow typo appeared in a variety of exhibition contest, a variety of newspapers and publications, we find that there is significant seal method error, but works better printing surface. Fragrance law is wrong criteria for judging the place of ambiguity, resulting in some of the printed text is often mistakenly hit the newspapers of the altercation quarrel. Strictly stand to learn from the text with word art of carving the principles laid down, obviously tied the creation of art forms, the old standards obsolete outdated, new printed text is wrong to judge the standard has not been a consensus, into India and also in a text disordered state. All in the form of services, services for the Indian side effects, printed text can be put into different periods, different body of the book, different styles mixed together, unified in form as long as you can. Sometimes for the sake of printing surface surprising results, specifically to take some of the unusual, the unfamiliar, or when the customs body of the word, typo into India, perhaps by ancient writing training deficiencies caused by the blind, but the fundamental reason lies in carving creative concept, aesthetic view changes. Worse still, some form of writing began to emerge from the text of the seal in the form of constraints, loss of words after the Indian side, the Indian side of the line and block as an art of face phenomena have in common.

stone printed materials accessible to the creation of stone knife approach hundreds of schools created a seal of prosperity. However, Qin and Han dynasties in India were a large unit, the knife is to depict the various French-oriented image of ancient India, with the creation of the concept of change, knife techniques and the resulting lines of the United States are bound to change. Today's creative carving deep thinking, changes in the form of a new, although still the main stone knife creative method, but is already feeling the lack of a new generation of publisher and ask the question: Why only use Daoke stone? Why not catch a knife in the stone surface of the copper can not copy bad years? Why must appreciate the red ink pad lid seal impression? ... ... Some authors try to print engraved after the end suppressed mud, and then the same as the extension of ancient lute to create rubbings of the results; some authors use other materials to the engraved brick, stone by not trying to get the special effects , and so on. With the carving work is no longer simply read on the case, and the walls of the exhibition hall has become an important concept of the aesthetic approach, and began with the creation of giant printed there, and many of the giant Indian writing is not printed with natural wood and stone with other materials instead. Seal means to create not only Daoke constantly varied, but simply to work as a carrier of the tradition of stone some changes. Some other so-called creative even completely torn off the old seal in the form, there is neither the shape of words, do not engraving tool, and it does not seal in the form of new things, like the

there is a line called the art of calligraphy, the ancient art of calligraphy strokes regarded as a form of linguistic aspects of the first re-location of the strokes produced by the rich has rich calligraphic gesture lines as the main body of the United States. The carving art in the intake side is printed with calligraphy means of Seal-based shape, produced a knife through a rich variety of lines, so there are seal called a to The seal of the inherent characteristics of the current seal also begun to explore new waver. Was thinking: Why can only be Daoke seal out of the line, why be limited to this single expression? In the loss to India and face the big stage, you can enrich the performance of method, performance is more impressive program, the current calligraphy, especially in modern calligraphy, give full play to the ink changes through submerged-based and flying white and produce a rich picture, Relative to break the limitations of the line, why can not break through the line seal? Then try to start the creation: the text may be brick, printed pottery, talc Indian inspiration, and some works of Indian side chose not to make smooth, carve the line is no longer confined to the old saying bound to pay attention to the performance of the knife beginning and ending gesture, but using a variety of techniques to get to the surface penetration of the line, become blurred and uncertain, the edges blurred lines and mottled uneven printing surface together form a picture, line melt in the face of the United States into the United States, one-dimensional alignment of the two-dimensional surface, but also through the rich and varied, with the art form of composition of the plane, so that the printed surface of the aesthetic sense of three-dimensional, wide space to extend.

current seal is a big testing ground for the creation, each author has their own laboratory to carry out their own tests and full of life not without confusion to explore in advance the primary form of coexistence with the disorder. Han were printed for the machinery of denial, out of print books from the negative, on the formation of a mature style of personal denial of the inherent blade programs, seal method is the standard error of the negative, the negation of the line ... ... Indian and non-Indian, knife and non-knife, seal and non-seal the boundaries blurred in this exploration into innovation up, the current exploratory seal carving creative destruction is the old method of artistic expression and aesthetic characteristics of fixed formula, which were characterized by the seal The current changes in the incidence of seal creative concept and development is not an isolated phenomenon, it is in literature, music, art, calligraphy and many other literary categories of creative ideas and methods of expression in the context of changes occurring, there is the inevitability of its own law of development , but also its social and historical necessity. Its salient features are two: First, the destruction of the set of habits, and second, promote self-awareness. Seal in the contemporary creation, indeed there were many touching and thought-provoking new forms of good works, created the concept of change as fundamental characteristics, we can even say that this seal carving revolutionary impact on sports development in the history of the historical role is a full of vitality and hope to explore. But we should also see that there are quite a large number of out of ignorance of history and tradition of blind followers, there are many poor bear, turnoff of the so-called innovation, creative thinking of many people in a superficial level , resulting in the creation of the total catch by tidal waves, we have to abandon the old look new, has become a fashion habits, and innovative work style has been updated who soon replaced by fast-changing cycle of dizzying.

here, there are some people can not help but issue a Seal formation or loss of personality, can be designed without the constraints of objective law do? Destruction of the old program, so that anarchy is permanent? The new order will gradually formed and is generally accepted? The dissolution of the line of text will make carving into arts and crafts, sculpture, prints, there is no damage to the old a degree? Carving art with or without different from other categories, independent artistic language? Completely destroyed the seal, such as personality, carving art is still alive? The new stuff is a good thing? Destructive is revolutionary it? The altar is in the current printing performance of ... ... All the history to be an extension of time to evaluate, regardless of how the phenomenon of chaos, from the level of theory and development point of view, the current seal of exploration work undoubtedly played a rich form, deepen creative thinking, promoting seal development. Of course, this Nishajuxia, cohabitation status, take time to clarify the pool and filters to purify. From disorder to explore the accumulation of a lot of material for the theory of order, summary of the law, the future should be concern. History can not be cut off or abandoned, all new, occasional historical and contemporary phenomena are inevitable in the future will go to writing this history, and are subject to objective laws, all against the law and thinking and Walker, will eventually be eliminated.

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reproduced, later to find that the province, facilitate more convenient to own. Welcome reproduced ah!
specific composition ratio of social security:

pension insurance: you pay per month for units 21%, you pay 8%;
Medical insurance: you pay per month for units 9%, you pay 2% plus 10 dollars of serious co-ordination (ill hospitalized coordinating major piece of pipe);

unemployment insurance: unit per month for you to pay 2%, you pay 1%;
injury insurance: you pay per month for units of 0.5%, you do not get their penny;
maternity insurance: you pay per month for units of 0.8%, you do not get their penny;
housing fund: you pay per month for units of 8%, you pay more than 8%
, so doing the unit every month to pay for your social security ratio should be 21% +9% +2% +0.5% +0.8% +8% = 41.3%
you pay each month for your social security ratio should be 8% +2% +1% +8% +10 block = 19% +10 block
; temporarily remove you pay 10 dollars aside, the proportion of units to pay and you should pay for the 413:190 ratio, which means that if
your monthly Social Security payment for his 190 dollars , then the unit will go on playing your Social Security account into the 413 dollars each month
increase your social security account on the money should be 413 +190 = 603 dollars
so you can not see that in the case, the unit cost of delivery of social security is 2 times more than you, so you pay each month when the social security charges
Do not feel bad Yeah - you know you pay more than unit much of it, in fact distressed units.
saying that the three risk a return to gold and five insurance payments, where we should have seen, in fact, said the three lakes on the risk
completely equivalent to one gold and five insurance gold, but full insurance is paid from your personal insurance (unemployment + pension + medical + provident fund) to
say, five insurance payments from your unit to pay insurance (pension + healthcare + unemployment + injury + birth + fund) for the. The full insurance
Kim said as a perfect insurance is just that up nicely it.
addition unit for you to pay social security, in fact, did not work but have income of persons or units in a unit but do not pay social security staff can
to pay their own Social Security, but the individual can only pay pension + medical insurance, birth injury ah ah ah unemployment fund it, you do not personally have to pay up.

Here's what is social insurance contributions under the base
we already know just to pay a monthly flat rate and you pay social security is almost the 413:190 ratio, and that what now
out a problem: his monthly pay social security fees and anything to do with this ratio, social security costs in the end are what determine how
we may not be noticed, all provinces City, released in early July every year a The Nanjing announced in July this year, the minimum base is 1189 yuan, which is what this means, meaning that as long as they are
Nanjing rules for workers to pay social security units per month for each employee to pay the money at least 1189 × 41.3% = 491 million, while workers at least have to pay each month
1189 × 19% +10 = 236 yuan, and units per month so you should pay social security fees on out.
But now a new problem came out again, Nanjing wages vary greatly Yeah, it was a month to get 1000 people a month could get
10000, do get called to get 1000 and 10000 have to pay the same social security costs?
Please note that this 1189 is the lowest base, there is the highest in 1189 on the base, the highest base in Nanjing this year seems to be more than 8,000
, specifically I have forgotten, anyway, if you pay 1189 yuan per month in the following, the unit must be in accordance with 1189 yuan for you to pay 1
189 × 41.3% = 491 dollars, and you own at least a month to pay 1189 × 19% +10 = 236, $ 1189 as this is the minimum social security contribution base
significance lies: the month even if you take 1000 or 800, you must be a minimum each month according to according to
This 1189 pay!
but if your salary is higher than in 1189, for example, you get 3000 a month, that unit to the Bureau of Labor Insurance when you pay (your unit and you
pay social security fees are deducted labor bureau, oh ~) should be on the labor bureau, said: . > 41.3% = 1239 yuan, and you personally pay every month on the 3000 × 19% +10 = 580 元
means that if you pay in 1189 yuan the following, each you pay month by 1189; if you pay in 1189 yuan to
, then every month you pay according to your actual wages, unless your base is even higher than the maximum salary, if you take a month 10000 and the maximum base is 8000, you and your unit will have to pay in accordance with 8000
here to expose the shameless practice of some companies, these companies may be given a month's wages of thousands of Hello , but they move to the labor bureau report
when your base does not go according to your actual wages reported, for example, if you get 3000 a month, they
to Bureau of Labor may say you took 1189 block, and then only deduct your monthly Bureau of Labor 1189 × 19% +10 = 236 yuan, you probably have a very high
Hing, because the less money you think you buckle, you actually get our hands on more money wrong! If this is your company too outrageous! because the company is that you pay the money 2 times more, so you pay less and they
pay less! according to your actual salary of 3,000 to be considered They pay you every month of the 3000 × 41.3% = 1239 yuan social
premium, but according to 1189 to count the words, they pay you every month 1189 × 41.3% = 491 yuan! so in fact
you eat a big loss! formal company will only pay as you go to the actual labor bureau reporting and deducting money! only the testimony of those who control the company will not
how much you pay to you in accordance with minimum standards pay!! do not think that your Social Security monthly fee deduction, the better!! may
You have been shamelessly bullied by a company and you still knew nothing!!!
to determine the unit for you The base pay in the end how much is simple: If you buckle 300 a month social security, that is your base
about 300 ÷ 19% ≈ 1578 dollars, you look at your salary is not the number, if you pay significantly higher than in 1578, for example, you actually get 3000 a month
or 4000, it certainly has been the company to bully you, and after being bullied you can go to the local
unit labor monitoring group to sue you, usually a report a standard, but the best time to leave evidence (such as pay slips, etc.) to find
good to go further, otherwise you sue the company after having failed to make a general - - +
again note that , the proportions in various parts of social security is not the same, if you do not pay your proportion of Nanjing that is likely to
than 19%, but certainly not too unfamiliar, for example, your base may be 20% or 22%, but certainly not 30% or 40%! so
Although the proportion of 19% in Nanjing, but foreign students can probably figure out by the base
their social security costs following introduction of these specific circumstances is and how to use
already said, the social insurance = + pension + medical insurance + maternity insurance, industrial injury insurance, unemployment insurance + housing + first talk about the pension fund
; this insurance are generally required to pay at least 15 years to retire to a pension for life, so the students want to take pension
sure before his retirement 15 years ago began to pay, the other almost in Nanjing This is also required
If you go to pay pension retirement age of 15 years, then wait until you retire, when countries will keep your personal account pension of 8
% of all back to you
; you ask, you pay a flat 21% gone?
that you do not expect the State will be forwarded to you, you retire to your own money away, the state put the unit you pay 21
% of all the money designated to the state pension fund in co-ordination, and from this money and you never no relationship
You might say: I rely on! Why that is my money
because the state does not give me such a requirement is the
money back when the only person back to his own personal deduction to pay the money to pay the money for his units all contribute to the country a - -

Here we look at the time of your retirement pension is to figure out how the
pension algorithm is very complicated, because the state each year payment will be the base of one, a good example: If you are 30 years old
, your current base pay is 3,000 yuan, while the retirement age is 55 years old if, then you must be 40 years old before you began to pay
pension insurance, and if you start from the 30-year-old cross, handed the 55-year-old is 25 years, then surely you can enjoy the first pension of
, secondly, if you pay after 25 years The 3000 base pay has become a 6000 (I said if), then you
55-year-old when the first month you can get 6000 × 20% = 1200 block of basic pension, which the state to give you, in addition to your person account of a
money in 25 years has accumulated a lot to look good average base pay, (3000 +6000) ÷ 2 = 4500, that What you these 25 years, personal accounts should be 4500 × 8% (you pay the proportion of individual pension insurance) × 25 years × 12 months
= 108000 dollars, then in addition to other pre-1200 you every months can get the 108000 ÷ 120 = 900 blocks, so you 5
5-year-old can get at least a month beginning 1200 +900 = 2100 yuan pension, of course, national base year is still to rise, This year in addition to your own 900, you get every month after retirement, more money than 1200, your pension payments will of course
; So to pay old-age insurance to pay the better, the more you pay after you retire to enjoy the more, and the state each year after adjusting
base money will you get more and more Now take the 1500 cross 1000 years after the
here are likely to introduce a policy of metamorphosis, that is, no matter where you pay social security fees, etc. When you retire you can only back seat of your
account enjoy the local retirement benefits, such point of view, the high place in the base pay social security but retired back to the low base to enjoy the pensioners party
it a big loss, Why? me give an example, If you are a young man in Nanjing
work, pay social security for 20 years and then retired, but if your account in Heilongjiang, Heilongjiang, you must return to enjoy the pension
gold if you pay for 20 years in Nanjing The average base is 3000 (I said if), and when you retire Heilongjiang
base pay was 1000 (I said if), then you can enjoy retirement when the treatment of 1000! this is loss of! a
words, if you place in the rich pay back Social Security when they retire, but poor place to enjoy social security, you pay a lot, but a lifetime to enjoy the little
! Exchange 3000 may be Enjoy 1000! This is a terrible thing, but no way, is this
national policy, so all current accounts and other low base in the western parts of Beijing or Shanghai, but in areas of high base pay
work students pay attention to social security, and you either pay social security in the west, or on the accounts before retirement moved to Beijing or Shanghai, or
you're doing a huge loss of life of the trading
; that perhaps you will say, if my account in Nanjing, then I pay in Heilongjiang not like the thing for 20 years, where the low base pay
, retire back to the base of a high place to enjoy high welfare. wrong! you think Nanjing casual labor office will let you enjoy what
?! general case directly to Nanjing will find a reason to reject you turn! that time you s wisdom wrong: in Black Dragon River
not enjoy, in Nanjing, also can not enjoy!
some places, but this situation has eased some of the provisions, such as Nanjing, allowing you to retire five years before the
place from a low base switch back to Nanjing, then continue to pay 5 years in Nanjing, Nanjing, high base, after which it only allows you to enjoy the pension back to Nanjing.
policy in various parts of this estimate is different in the future intend to switch to the best students now go to your local Bureau of Labor
clear out this issue, so your retirement occurs when an unexpected accident!
Here to talk about national health insurance policy the risk
pretty good, it is important for many hospital reimbursement
said the unit before you pay the monthly health insurance 9%, the monthly pay of your personal medical insurance is about 2% plus 10 dollars
serious co-ordination, the other just whether you are serious co-ordination hospital, and that 11% in the national health insurance every month to your account on your own to play
2%, according to 1189 yuan per month if your minimum base pay social security, the 1189 × 2% = 23.78 per month, call your state is
personal money, the money you can accumulate credit card directly to buy medicine or see out the remaining 9%
countries count on to take in the medical pool fund
in accordance with the provisions of Nanjing, if you start from January 2007 to pay medical insurance, then from February 2007 onwards you can buy medicine or see out credit card
, from 2007 July you can be reimbursed the cost of hospitalization, and reported quite complex, for example a good
If you August 1, 2007 in the hospital, lived in a Nanjing, the best three hospitals, with hospital insurance coverage are within
of medicine, surgery + hospitalization and other expenses spent a total of 5,000, then the reimbursement of the medical center when the first net of 1000, which is from the Step price, the rest of the 4000 health-care centers are reimbursed for 4000 × 86% = 3440 dollars, as long as you personally pay 4000 × 14% = 560 yuan
can, with prices starting at 1,000 yuan before you spent 5000 to pay 1560 yuan as long as you own it, and this 1560 yuan
can also be deducted from your health insurance card (if you usually do not use that card), so in fact you can not spend much money hospitalized medical insurance for our young people more important than old-age insurance, hospital doctor, after all, is too damn expensive, and this is the most important social insurance
the meaning of the provisions of Nanjing medical insurance, however
must pay at least 25 years to enjoy life after retirement, so if you retire at age 55, that
at the latest since the age of 30 must begin to pay health insurance, work injury insurance

Here to talk about This risk is generally used less in practice, I have come not many need to remind everyone that if you at work or when work on the
out what happened, the risk to the lingua franca of the But in practice, many people pay no attention to the preservation of evidence out of trouble, resulting in injury can not enjoy their own insurance, this is a great pity
If you work when they were hit by a car, you should quickly the police, let the police to investigate the record and photograph collection of evidence, police management at the end
open after an accident what will give you a Certificate of Authenticity and the like, you can take this to the unit requires a
If work-related injuries reported you out of trouble on the run and not just people looking for what the witness does not alarm, that no evidence in the case
generally not been adopted as the
injury injury there is a statute of limitations, if you sunrise July 1, 2007 a work injury, you must immediately report the unit, the police issued
identification evidence and the accident book and you go out after work injury records to the doctor or hospital unit, called the unit holding the material to do injury to
identification, your unit must be August 1, 2007 effective material before your injury to the testing center, if you are out of work-related injuries from
days from more than a month, that injury may be identified not up, if you do not give you identification unit,
that you can take your materials to the identification center identification, it is best not to exceed one month,cheap Beats by dre studio, otherwise a lot of trouble Here to talk about a lot of trouble
maternity insurance
This is a good example, if you are a girl, a monthly salary of 1,000 yuan, January 1, 2007 began to pay maternity insurance contribution base for the 1189, and you pregnant in March 2007, end of December 2007 gave birth to a child, was discharged in January 2008, then you
to rush to hospital after a marriage certificate (an unmarried mother can not be reimbursed ) + one-child certificate (child's general health claims can not 2)
+ medical + examination and construction of the size of card the cost of hospitalization and surgery, all invoices + list + hospital discharge summary all of these materials to the company to pay
If you are pregnant, they can check it took 500, hospitalized children when surgery took 2000 +, in general, public
Division within the provisions in the Medicare basically can give you all the claims, reimbursement to you later money include: 500 block of inspection fees +2000
hospital surgery +1189 dollars / month × 4 months = 7256, 1189 yuan / month × 4 months, which is specifically for the reimbursement of the medical center
subsidies for girls, only girls get the reimbursement to the state to
maternity insurance reimbursement when girls must be given four months of average wage, so you have children, then not only claims Do not spend money, but also can make four months of wages! If you base pay higher wages than, for example, take 1000 to pay the 1189,
then you have earned it
; maternity insurance to pay at least a year to enjoy, remember remember
In addition there is a problem, the boys have to pay maternity insurance ah ~ Can you boys enjoy the maternity insurance it?
If you're a boy, your wife did not work or work units did not pay the insurance, and her children when you pay
maternity insurance has been more than a year, then you can be reimbursed maternity insurance oh, but to the previous examples, for example, you can only be reimbursed 500 block check block
check fee +2000 = inpatient surgery half of the 1,250 yuan subsidy of 1189 yuan / month × 4 months salary you will not enjoy the
! This is only reimbursed when girls can enjoy oh ~
the same cost, reimbursement will be able to get 7256 girls, boys can only get 1250 for reimbursement, which is probably rare in China So, the girls plan to have children before the best bit, starting to find a unit to pay a year ahead of maternity insurance, you can make it!
If you marry my wife and boys, the best time to marry a baby has to pay a maternity insurance and pay the annual base salary is also higher than her own girls
Oh! but if she is not insurance, it does not matter, you can give her maternity insurance reimbursement for it, but you do not subsidize
4 months take wages and the cost of the newspaper you can only get back half.

unemployment insurance, unemployment insurance, this is want you to pay a full year to enjoy, generally pay a year to take 2 months to pay 2 years get 4 months, but more than a lifetime to get the most
24 months a good example:
If you January 1, 2007 began with Insurance, January 2008, you are dismissed by the company, then you can allow the company to get you 2 May
unemployment insurance, if this year you are in 1189 base pay insurance, you can get at least 2 months more than 800 dollars
or you January 1, 2007 began with Insurance , in January 2008 and the company you contract expires, and you do not want to renew the contract if
you can also leave the company before you allow the company to pick up two months of unemployment insurance is more than 800 pieces
That contract expires or the company laid off, you can get 2 months of the year according to the ratio of unemployment to require companies to give you
do, if the company does not give you do you can go to report it, a report a quasi- .
But the contract did not expire if you resign yourself go, that even if you pay full year are not entitled to unemployment insurance
as long as their resignation, let alone pay for one year of , is 10 years to pay unemployment insurance to resign when you can not get a penny. Housing fund is a good thing ah
Well, if your monthly for the fund to pay 200, then the company has a month to play 200 on your account, when you buy a house
which is 400, and if you pay 50,000 lifetime, and that your account is on a 100,000 This thing we must not
To reject ah.
fund can be used to buy a house, the loan, renovation or something, if you can find their own home land to build a house, that house
money can also be paid from the fund in
If you do not have this money, and finally retired when all the money seems to be able to come out
[Advanced chapter] of the supplement [5KB]
and Nanjing is that different place to go, and the devil are not allowed to non-payment of medical insurance, social security center that a package that includes pension
birth injury with medical unemployment asked corporate income, the fund can be paid from time to pay it touches, because it is attached to the provident fund center within the jurisdiction of
specific composition ratio of social security:
pension insurance: you pay per month for units 22%, you pay 8%;
medical insurance: units per month for you pay 12%, you pay 2%;
unemployment insurance: you pay per month for units 2%, you pay 1%;
injury insurance: you pay for the unit of 0.5% per month, you not a penny to get their;
maternity insurance: you pay per month for units of 0.5%, you do not get their penny;
Housing Fund: Unit 7 percent per month to pay for you, you pay 7%
additional housing fund: you pay per month for units of 8%, you pay 8% (this is only the general benefits of good will and some state-owned enterprises
, and the ratios of the company's own, are generally Even if a fund company to pay a very moral)
social security and another to say that the relationship between a transfer tax to pay a transfer tax
in time, is that part of the personal deduction payments deducted before calculation of the taxable base , but one thing to note
, provident funds and supplementary fund more than 12% of the parts (individuals and businesses to pay part) need to be considered in the taxable base in the above example, say fund
7%, 8% supplementary fund, add up to 15%, 3% of personal deduction of part of the gold that should count
in tax liability, while businesses that 3%, although not from the individual wage deductions, but still should be considered in the
tax base in other words, the personal cost for this will pay a transfer tax.
medical insurance to use this one, goes to personal accounts for around a different way
Nanjing kind of love that is included in the monthly means, there are many places for the year included specific
so, the annual health insurance is the annual April 1 to March 31 the following year, while changes in social security contribution base is also
determined in mid-April on.
Medical Insurance Bureau in April 1 per person per year in Social Security withholding base of personal health insurance (that is, that 2%) into the individual health insurance card
account, but this time there are problems, and 4 1 May, when the then Social Security base has not been established, according to the Medical Insurance Bureau can only
base year to forecast that the individual health insurance payments, then the difference between how to do it? That is the second year
of April 1 to make up a small count, or less likely to give such a large segment of
word look would be very troublesome, for example, that we have someone
2004 average monthly income of 5,000 yuan, 2005 average monthly income of 4,000 yuan in 2006, income of 6,000 yuan
Medical Insurance Bureau in April 1, 2006 to the amount of time into personal accounts, social security center has not yet approved the 2006 pay fee-based
number (that is, the average monthly income of 2005), the Medical Insurance Bureau, or the 2005 base pay (which is 2004
-year average monthly income) to calculate the annual amount of personal accounts,
is 5000 * 2% * 12 = 1200,
but in fact this person this year, the amount of personal accounts should be
4000 * 2% * 12 = 960,
so much to this of 240 yuan will be April 1, 2007 when the deduction. At the same time April 1, 2007 into the account of the new year, a
Kim is still 960 yuan (in fact, should be 6000 * 2% * 12 = 1440 million), less to the $ 480 in April 2008 January
back up.
so because most people are not the same base pay each year, so almost everyone's account every year in March and April when the total number of years
see the amount of the account is different, this is the Medical Insurance Bureau in do when the annual cost accounting generated.
injury there is a statute of limitations, if you sunrise July 1, 2007 a work injury, you must immediately report the unit, the police issued
identification evidence and the accident book and you go to a doctor or hospital after injury medical records to the unit, called the unit holding the material to do injury to
identification, your unit must be August 1, 2007 effective material before your injury to the testing center, if you are away from
the day of injury than a month, and that injury may be identified not up, if you do not give you identification of units that can hold your own
materials testing center to identify the best and do not exceed one month, otherwise a lot of trouble a lot of trouble
have added this point, there are two ways to report injuries, one unit of reporting, on and above the same love that, within 30 days of a
effect, there is a personal declaration, valid for one year, but due to injury or other reasons, the more the longer the lack of evidence
, personal statements, then the process will be delayed because they do not know a lot of time and effort.
maternity insurance, abortion, childbirth, multiple births, premature birth, and can specifically look at the following link, although
Shanghai's policy, but in all parts of similarities. Shanghai and Nanjing
may have different policies, the company will not control this aspect of reimbursement, and pregnant women by health care linked to directly hook

production in reproductive examination during hospitalization, health care co-ordination within the scope of overall Medicare payments are, of course, at their own expense item (such as advanced than
ward, at their own expense drugs etc) or to themselves.
Health boy, after his application for maternity grant to Medical Insurance Bureau, Insurance Bureau to 3000 dollars
Social Security piece, to give three months of base pay plus two weeks of income
childbearing, multiple births, more than half of
If a plus on an average monthly wage income is greater than the maximum social security contribution base, then only pay social security contribution base that the Department of
points, the rest of the
such person by the company to pay on a monthly average wage income of 10,000, the Social Security cap for the 7392 base.
then the monthly income of social security to 7392, the remaining 10000-7392 = 2608 is paid by the unit.
(although I think this, in the cloud Tell me what you is not easy to come across =。=。。) In fact, there are two key areas:
1, full payment before birth 1 year
2, social security contribution base so that the normal reporting
students, especially female students, do not you think that's the base level of reporting does not matter, even to lower his base salary
hand the number of high Fortunately, this time to see the problem now!
This is why there are so many women workers low wages, but would rather stay in a place of social security declaration giving birth in full and then quit the
reason, the one small place is not like the case of unmarried women are not employees, two to maternity insurance is a lot of income supplement.
For example, a normal salary of 3,000, but the declaration of social security base count her year-end bonus awards, etc. Other income,
then the monthly average may reach 5000, this time that children take a few months is the revenue in January 5000.
If you do not have this money, and finally retired when all the money out of seemingly can not come
seemingly, is absolutely!
and fund loans to low interest rates than commercial loans and more, this is a big advantage. (Zhuanzhai)


I like the idea of converging physical and electronic Identity management worlds. We have been doing so for a number of years (at least at the system level) and are finally taking that to the next level where issuing ID cards will also drive creation of Email accounts and inclusion (if appropriate) in the enterprise white pages directory.

Students and employees are driven directly by the Registrar and HR systems, but the "guest" population is finally being brought under control.

It is nice to see the "industry" starting to catch on to this.

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