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JCI logo.jpgIt's not just the IBMs, CAs, Suns and other heavy hitting IT firms that talk about authoritative data sources and roles-based policies. Johnson Controls, probably best known for wide-ranging building automation and physical security solutions, is talking "integrated identity management access control architectures" and their potential for improving security while cutting costs.  

Brandon Arcement, manager, global security technology for Johnson Controls, gave a webinar in early May entitled "Enhanced Identity & Compliance Management Delivered Through Systems Integration." His audience: physical security specialists.  His key point: linking logical and physical identities across disparate systems saves time and money while improving security and increasing compliance.

As part of our effort to explore physical/logical identity management convergence, Security Squared's Sharon J. Watson talked with Arcement on May 19 to learn more about Johnson Control's perspective on converging identity management across the IT and physical security worlds.

What follows is an edited, abridged transcript of our conversation.

Sharon J. Watson: What kinds of customers typically are you talking to about this kind of integrated access control architecture?

Brandon Arcement: The ones that really feel it, that know there has to be a solution out there, are the ones with a lot of disparity in their access control systems, or a lot of manual processes and a lot of labor spent managing identities. Those are the ones that feel it the most and say, gosh, there's got to be a solution. But quite honestly, there's value in it even for those customers who may not realize they have an issue. There's an ROI for [them]. A lot of people didn't even know they could be saving money, they didn't realize how much money they were spending.

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